Tinnitus, Revisited

Bell - tinnitusIn an earlier article, Tinnitus and Mandela Effect… a Connection?, I mentioned a possible link between the Mandela Effect and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

About 5% to 10% of the population have tinnitus, but over 20% of Mandela Effect visitors reported it in a recent poll. Was that a one-time anomaly, or should we look at this more closely?

When I asked this question, earlier, I didn’t make the focus clear. Along with many great comments and insights, some conversations took on medical diagnostic and self-help overtones. Others added several other physical complaints they suffer from, and — soon — discussions were less about Mandela Effect data, and more about health issues.

So, this article is a reboot. Same topic, but a more narrow focus: I’m looking for anything that directly correlates tinnitus and alternate memories.

Those might include:

  • Dramatically more (or less) tinnitus before or during an event that’s connected to an alternate memory. In other words, are an individual’s relative levels of tinnitus some sort of markers?
  • Tinnitus variations at certain times or locations that the individual links to alternate memories. For example, if you seem to “visit” alternate realities as you sleep during the Full Moon, or during naps around 3 PM, do you also notice a change in your tinnitus before, during, or after those times? Or, if you only notice reality changes at home, is your tinnitus different when you’re there?
  • Is your tinnitus directional, and does it seem to change when you also notice a reality shift? Is the change directional (compass directions), related to a particular location (from general tinnitus to something that “points” to a building or geographic feature), or from ear to ear? And, if it shifts, have you noticed any other, related patterns that might connect with the Mandela Effect?
  • Do the tones (sound frequencies) change around the same time as you feel that you’ve recently slid from one reality to another? Does it go up or down?
  • If you’ve visited locations associated with alternate dimensions/realities or time travel — such as Bennington (VT, USA), Glastonbury (England), Lough Gur (Ireland), Rennes le Chateau (France), etc. — has your tinnitus changed in any way?

In other words, I’m not looking for details about your tinnitus. Instead, I’m interested in any change in your tinnitus that seems to correlate with an ongoing (or recent) reality shift, or your awareness of it.

An unusual percent of people reporting Mandela Effect issues, also have experienced tinnitus. Is this just a quirky coincidence, do tinnitus changes serve as markers related to cross-reality shifts, or can we “hear” whatever indicates a recent/imminent shift? And, if tinnitus and the Mandela Effect are related, can we spot any time (day, hour, sidereal time, lunar cycle) correlations, or any geographic (or geographical feature) consistencies?

The basic numbers are clear. What I’m looking for are insights that might establish patterns related to the Mandela Effect, or — at the other extreme — identify this as mere coincidence.

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  1. Last night i had a episode, before it was quiet and no noise.. then i heard a hum then a whistle.. During that time i felt things could change.. It was around 1.30 am UK time and it was more south south west direction but only in my right ear.. from where i live it would be to north wales roughly in that direction.

    I think This Mandela sound, and Tinnitus are closely allied in tone I have never suffered from Tinnitus, Not the classic form anyway, Mine comes and goes.. to me its LIKE what i think tinnitus is. .. I was Stressed out as i had arranged a meeting with someone, but i didnt want it to go ahead but didnt want to cancel it, so while the whistle hum was going i actually concentrated …. So i focused and either it was coincidence or something else but they cancelled it..

    1. Brilliant comment, Martin, and exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you! (And I’m glad they cancelled the appointment, as well. I’m sure that was a relief.)

    2. Martin,
      I’ve been researching in that area of concentrating. Not complete, yet I feel that its not just the concentrating but the feeling behind it. Question: Did you visualize them cancelling and imagine how you would feel?
      I feel when one hears the hum or ring, they should ‘get in a good mood’.
      To elaborate, and of course this is only a theory, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night so who knows …
      … when we shift, we shift into a vibration that we most closely resonate with, in that moment. Whatever mood you are resonating that’s the vibrational density you will attract. We’re doing it all the time. Now, for whatever reason, we have these ‘larger’ shifts and jumping further along … I dont want to trigger anyone and im not trying to cause panic but i do feel here would be the place to share the following info …Don’t worry, be happy! Just incase the online reports are accurate. It’s being reported that another major shift is going to occur between the 23 – 28 of Nov. ’15. Personally, I expect more obvious changes. Maybe clear your calendar Fiona.

      1. Interesting, Anthony! So, are you suggesting that we can control the alternate reality (or related energy) we tune into, by choosing a desired emotional tone when we notice a marker (tinnitus, a skewed color arrangement on a Chevron sign, etc.)?

        I’m wincing as I say that, because I know I’m sounding dangerously like a starry-eyed fan of The Secret. (And, for the record, but off-topic: I believe that much of what’s said in that movie is true. I just think the truth is a little more complex than they suggested, which can be a sticking point for how well — or not — plain vanilla “positive thinking” works.)

        But, I really like the idea that we have some control over the Mandela Effect, or at least some aspects of it.

        And yes, I’ll keep close watch over events (and my own tinnitus) over the next few days.

        1. Hi Fiona,
          I would say I am not a fan of The Secret, but I do find the idea logical and a nice starting point. Like you, I do feel there is something more complex. I feel imagination and feeling are big, but you have to really believe it and its not easy really believe what isn’t true. One trick I recently learned was to feel something you want and put it in your past. This way there is no resistance. It already happened, so how do you REALLY FEEL about that? This worked for me somewhat just today. Last night I felt what I wanted (and I wont lie, I dont think I had one idea tuned in) I got something similar to what I wanted, with too many things to change.
          Without going further off topic, I want to stress that I feel we dont control the Mandela Effects or the Shifts or whatever is going on but I do feel we can control our own emotions and feelings and since I have found like attracts like, WHEREVER you are in thoughts, emotion, feeling and all around full body spirit, will shift you into the Density that most aligns with your vibration … just makes sense to me.

      2. Anthony I did concentrate hard, i was meeting someone and at first i was looking forward to it, then i started feeling down and didnt want it to happen, but i didnt want to cause them any problems as i promised.. So as soon as i heard it, i kept saying i dont want the meeting, all the time the whistle hum was happening.. i kept saying i dont want you to come here, and they cancelled.. this was when i was not online so it wasnt anything i said.. As i said a coincidence. or something else. I had the idea that the whistle hum was a potentiality, things could change and if i didnt it would be totally random.. but thought i would test it.. SO many questions. Glad to see anthony i am not the only one trying to see if we can manipulate things..

        1. Thank you, Martin, these are the exact kinds of insights that I’m looking for, now.

          In anecdotes, I think we’ve established that something is going on, and it’s a fairly widespread phenomenon.

          With that confirmed, I’m eager to see what else this means, and how we can affect it and our experiences with the Mandela Effect.

  2. I started to feel that the Whistle hum sound was a sign a marker, and if i could use that moment, to alter a personal event… and it appeared to happen.. I mostly hear the sounds better when its at night, but During the day as well. As far as i know there’s no schedule but will keep monitoring it..

  3. These are excellent questions… I’m going to start paying closer attention. The only thing I can remember outright is that one April morning in 2014, there was a swarm of birds in my neighbors pecan tree.. I’m not talking hundreds I’m talking thousands… I’ve never seen anything like it and they started pelting my house with pecan shells which again was strange because it was April and not pecan time…. anyway right before they appeared I had the worst migraine from the tinnitus in my ears.. it was so loud it literally made me sick and then the birds showed up (and it was strange because just the week before my conspiracy theorist friend was talking about strange animal behaviors.) So the bird thing made me scared and the tinnitus just turned down to its usual livable self but the birds were so loud they took its place… it doesn’t make any sense now even as I’m writing this out… but that’s how it happened and thankfully it’s not happened since.

    1. Ayla, thank you! This is a really useful comment.

      In ghost hunting circles, the pecan incident might be described as “poltergeist activity,” except that you saw the birds. (I also understand how bizarre that must have seemed. I have yet to finish watching Hitchcock’s The Birds, because — even though it’s an old movie with some so-so special effects — it still makes me uneasy.)

      If you go back through the earliest recorded poltergeist incidents, many of them involve houses being pelted with what seemed like stones.

      I’m seeing some fascinating (and different) comments this morning, and all of may fit — in a general, connect-the-dots way — with my paranormal research. That’s a complete surprise, but I’m not sure if it should be. (See Mike H’s comment and my reply to it… which I may move if I write an article about this: https://mandelaeffect.com/the-sun-the-moon-the-stars-and-the-sky#comment-27870 )

      If you don’t mind sharing this info, can you tell me approximately where the house was? (Keep privacy in mind. If you can tell me the nearest city, that’s good enough, as long as I know approximately where — compass direction — in relation to that city. I plot odd & unexplained events on maps, for my ley line studies.)

  4. I just had a tinnitus episode, which lasted only about 10 seconds in my right ear. Very high pitch, loud enough to temporarily drown out my hearing. What’s interesting, is right before that, I had dejavu while watching the Curious George movie with my kids (first time I’ve seen any of it). I only watched for about 10 minutes. I got up, and the ringing occurred within a few minutes of having watched the movie. It wasn’t lost on me that I experienced dejavu, then tinnitus, during and after watching a movie about curious George- a topic we’ve discussed here.

  5. I have been wanting to post this the last few days, and then this article appears. SO here goes , I have posted before about the pitch I hear all the time in the original post, so I wont re-hash that. The other night , around 3AM on Thursday, the 19th, I was awaken by what sounded like a hearing test. High frequency beep-beep-beep beep, as it faded, but the curious part is that it would fade in and out. Louder than soft again. This went on for about 4-5 full minutes. I was not half awake, it was not something like a truck backing up, I live on a very quite street —–it was a much higher pitch. I got up and even walked around my house, still heard it. Nothing needed batteries replacing. Then it just faded out, it was all really odd. Mike H.

  6. Hi, Fiona,

    Sorry to say, ma’am, but I have only a negative result for you, w.r.t. correlating (causal or acausal) tinnitus with anything in particular. Yes, I have tinnitus (career related, have had it for a decade or more), and it seems to be in the 11,500-12,500 Hz range (per a sound-check on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-iCZElJ8m0 ). In accordance with your spec.s’ sequence:

    * I’ve never noticed any correlation between Mandela Events and potential markers (tinnitus included) — though I will be keeping my eyes (or ears?) open for it, now;
    – – – – – – –
    * it doesn’t seem to vary with time or location, though whether I’m focused on it or not does have an effect on its apparent presence (or volume, perhaps?) — I’d argue that it’s increased over the years, but that’s difficult to be certain of;
    – – – – – – –
    * it doesn’t seem to be directional, even when “hearing” a change to the nearby area (I’ll expand on this, since I’ve found that some people have this and some don’t: when passing a nearby wall, car, person, etc., I can hear a really distinct difference in the sound quality [the object’s presence sort of muffles other noises, but presents with a sort of “noise” of “closeness”-feeling] — my gong fu sifu considered it to be an extremely high awareness of chi, whereas I’d/I’ve always just assumed that it was a normal not-exactly-proprioception);
    – – – – – – –
    * the frequency has always been (as far as I can tell) roughly what it is now (and has always reminded me strongly of the secondary *ting* noise of having bounced a well inflated basketball);
    – – – – – – –
    * I haven’t noticed any changes while visiting (or before/after same) any location, and I have been to: Stonehenge, a number of stone and wood circles in England, Glastonbury Tor, the Cerne Abbas giant (Dorset), a few hill forts (can’t remember which, though), numerous castles in the eastern and southern areas of Germany (including both the real and the tourist-trap Schloß Frankenstein), a large beautiful cave in Germany (don’t remember where), Fujiyama (only a station or two short of the peak) — I’ve been elsewhere (throughout U.S. eastern seaboard and Gulf Coast, Oahu, western France, the BeNeLux), but none come to mind that strike me as usually being associated with ley lines, UFOs, supernatural/paranormal, etc. (and some places I assiduously avoided, having very definitely felt a strong aversion to the thought of visiting Nuremburg, Dachau, or Hiroshima — though I have been to Bitche [France]);

    Sidenote 1: on this new page set-up, Firefox (and MSIE) shows “Enter Your Name” in both the name and the e-mail edit fields. I’d check Chrome (and others), but I’m using a friend’s computer — sorry.

    Sidenote 2: although the daily e-mail’s link to https://mandelaeffect.com/category/theories-ideas/markers/sounds worked fine, the sitemap goes only as far down as theories-ideas (the markers and the sounds sub-directories don’t appear on the sitemap).

    1. CtE, I love the description of the sound as the *ting* of the bounce of a well-inflated basketball. Mine isn’t quite that pitch, but close enough that your description resonated. (No pun intended.)

      I’m also impressed by how much you’ve traveled. I’ve visited several of those sites, and similar ones, mostly around the UK and Ireland, but — at the time — didn’t pay attention to my tinnitus to note any changes.

      Also, I’ve had other comments about the new theme and, this morning, changed to another one. (These things are noted at the Site News page, linked in the navbar.) Since I can’t check the site on all devices — not IRL, anyway — I definitely appreciate feedback. (I haven’t addressed the Sitemap issue, yet. That’s probably going to be created and updated by hand, as WP plugins haven’t been satisfactory, so far.)


      1. Hi Fiona,

        I’ve always thought of the basketball noise as a “*ting*” (complete with asterisks, and frankly [oddly]… a slight granular flavor of the silvery color of steel), but such a description doesn’t always translate well to others. I’ll be happy to continue posting any site quirks that I find, ma’am. 🙂

        As for the travel, that was career related as well, so I can’t take full credit for that (only as far as having taken advantage of the tourist opportunities while present).

        I forgot to translate that my tinnitus’s range of 11.5-12.5 kHz (seemingly approx. 40dB) is approx. F9/F#9-G9 (within approx. a half-tone of F#9), according to http://www.phy.mtu.edu/~suits/notefreqs.html (note that although these data are in equal-tempered scale A4 = 440 Hz, other A4 Hz scalings of 432-446Hz are available there). As well, the sound that my tinnitus makes isn’t a hissing or humming noise, but rather a ringing sound much the same as that in the YouTube video (very much like any hearing test sound type).

        For reference, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-iCZElJ8m0 indicates that my hearing range is ~190 Hz (F#3-G3) to ~15 kHz (A#9). I also forgot to state the caveat that when I checked my hearing range and my tinnitus’s frequency on YouTube (already not a hearing test station), it was without headphones (hence still less certainty, w.r.t. the limiting conditions).

        Given the standing debate of A = 440 (concert pitch) vs. 432 (Verdi), I took the time to check my own preference at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVoVr9UwOQM. It turns out that I prefer 440, based upon their small sample space (and assuming that their material is accurate, and that this computer accurately reproduces it).

        I’m not going to bother trying to sort out preferences of either one vs. baroque 415, Classical 430, scientific 430.54, Franco-Austrian 435, continental European 444, and/or Chorton 466 (and there are more…).

        However, since it’s shown up in other comments (I think in the original tinnitus page, though I’m not certain), I’ll mention that I’ve had my wisdom teeth pulled as well as #18 molar (abcess from #17’s pulling), one root canal, one crown, and quite a few fillings. As for potential genetic predisposition: my mother’s side is prerty much straight Norwegian (Bergen, I think) & Swedish (I want to say Uppsala, but really can’t remember), and my father’s side I know very little about (basically caucasian seeming, apparently his mother or grandmother was Choctaw, which a dentist verified being at least Nat. Amer. Ind. based upon my teeth’s curvature). Flu vaccine… I’ve been vaccinated every year for the past 20, along with all of my other not-necessarily-annual immunizations (except for this year, I’m completely up to date on everything [even smallpox], and have been the whole time); granted, maybe there’s a connection between flu vaccinations and not noticing M.E.s, and I’m just an exception — though now that I think of it, practically every school year my shot records were lost, and I had had to get the whole battery all over again.

        Of my growing list of approximately 772 M.E.s, so far (based upon entries that I’ve read here and elsewhere, and a few observations of my own): 14 are uninterpretable to me, and 344 are on topics that I’m insufficiently familiar with to say do/don’t apply to me; of the remaining 414 items, 252 (60.87%) don’t apply to me, 32 (7.73%) are maybes, and 130 (31.40%) do apply to me.

        1. This is one of the reasons why i believe there are TWO effects happening, there is the people with tinnitus, the natural form, but theres also the Mandela Hum, I think that putting them together can/could be an error.. We have people with Tinnitus that have it all the time.. then we have people like me and other posters who they just hear a whistle hum, which can be directional and very infrequent. That is not to say a person cant have both.. But it is curious that most of the Infrequent whistle hummers hear the same tones rather than the from what i recall the different sounds tinnitus can cause.. As i explained Its a two tone first is like a low level hum, as if you have been standing near to a speaker and its so loud then you move away theres a Hum.. then theres the whistle part its much sharper like a very high pitched super sonic whistle, but more a continuous high pitch tone over the hum.. sometimes the whistle changes in tone, its a little deeper at the start then goes higher.. occasionally it fades out then back in. Sometimes for me it is stronger in one ear than the other and sometimes its directional..

          Occasionally its so loud it actually wakes me up.. over the last few days there has been a very quick whistle hum.. but before i could focus it was gone.. Asking my mum she remembers me continually asking her did you hear that whistle. so it must have been a part of my life for a LONG time. A noise she never heard, but she always said i have had exceptional hearing.

          1. Very good points, Martin! I have tinnitus almost all the time… I think. Honestly, it’s been my companion for so much of my life, I’ve only noticed the one day it was completely absent. However, I need to keep a diary and see if my “normal” day-to-day tinnitus (pitch, volume, direction) changes follow any patterns, or coincide with Mandela Effect discoveries.

            I agree that putting together everyone with tinnitus, and just those who experience it infrequently (especially if it’s a Mandela Effect marker) could be a huge mistake, and I think that’s what led to the problems with earlier tinnitus-related threads. I also agree that some people have both (I may be one of them), and if we can sort the differences between the two — normal tinnitus v. anomalous/marker tinnitus incidents — this could be very useful.

            There’s far more to plumb here, including whether or not those with everyday (or at least regularly occurring) tinnitus are predisposed to Mandela Effect (or vice versa: regular ME incidents trigger tinnitus), but that’s a deep well I’d like to avoid at the moment. (And I’m mentioning the possibility with some trepidation, as I can not approve comments that return us to any self-help/medical paths.)

            Nevertheless, if we can find a correlation between variable and infrequent tinnitus incidents, and Mandela Effect transfers/discoveries, that could be very helpful… if only to rule it out as a marker.

            1. Yes, Normally i just hear the every day noises, sometimes better than most.. Its even been joked that my hearing is so sensitive that i can read some peoples minds.. just hearing what they are thinking ;).. So me hearing that noise is something unique.. and a signpost whether it is a mandela moment or something else..

              I hesitated to say it because i know where it could lead the past comment.. but i thought it was an important aside. That the truth could be lost within other things losing a needle in a pile of pins.. Similar enough looking but different.

          2. That’s just strange Martin and Fiona. I’m just reading these posts of yours after I posted about recognizing the differences between these two whistles I hear and why I’ve basically ignored this topic.
            Martin perfect description! For investigations – the continuous one for me doesn’t change tones and it hasn’t woken me up. I do most definitely have one continuous light whistle and the other comes on occasion. I’ll have to watch to see if that one changes tones. It’s as recognizable (loud) now, as I’ve ever heard it. Time to unplug …

          3. Hi Martin,

            What you said resonated with me: “That is not to say a person cant have both.. But it is curious that most of the Infrequent whistle hummers hear the same tones rather than the from what i recall the different sounds tinnitus can cause..”

            I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu and other energy healing modalities (that and EFT, primarily). After a certain amount of practice (in my case, about 40 hours) I am now able to feel the energy moving. To me, it feels like a tingling, similar to how if your finger fell asleep — but not the numbness of the body part falling asleep, it can still feel normally, it just has a “buzzing” or “tingling” surrounding it.

            Others who I know experience it differently; a cousin feels it as heat/cold, and a massage therapist felt it as an attraction/resistance. One JSJ practitioner said she could see the energy.

            So for years I’ve known that there’s a “sixth sense” which is mapped onto one of our other, existing, senses — it’s not a new feeling, it re-uses existing pathways.

            Reading your comment, I wonder if there’s an energetic component to the Mandela Effect, and whether we might be able to experiment with it. Obviously the goal of “experimenting to make the future better” but of course we somewhat have to know what we’re doing… Like the Masaru Emoto experiments with positive and negative words on vials of water — I’d not want to be one of the water molecules affected by the negative words… (I have “LOVE” all over my water bottle!)

  7. I will have to start paying attention more closely when the high pitched tones happen. I’m new to your site and fascinated by this concept!

    When they gave me a hearing test in grade school, I remember hearing strange tones and frequencies that I have never heard since.

    In the past, I have noticed that it has often happened when I was in the midst of making some kind of mental breakthrough…as if the tone was trying to stop me from making this profound realization (if that makes sense…very hard to describe).

    But last week I had a weird episode. I was reading in bed, and my six-month old kitten was laying on my chest, with his head right next to my left ear, which is his favorite spot. I usually only hear the ringing in that ear.

    The instant the tone began, he went from deep sleep to wide awake, frantically glanced around the room to try to figure out what it was, then bolted out of the room and hid. I was a bit shocked that he heard the tone…although I suppose it makes sense. My ear was facing south if that makes a difference. Any insight?

  8. Hi Fiona,
    I had a tinnitus episode yesterday. It was different than usual. This time it was a much higher & even pitch for a much shorter duration (5/10 secs?) and only in my right ear. I was doing a mundane task (folding clothes) around sunset while looking out a north facing window while the radio was playing in the background.
    Does anyone else also deal with static electricity? Should that be asked elsewhere?
    Thanks again!

    1. Jelz, I’m not sure if we’ll take up static electricity, later. For now, let’s focus on tinnitus and look for patterns that help us understand the Mandela Effect. Thanks for your data!

  9. I think I’ve discovered some things I didn’t quite understand. Honestly, from lack of interest & investigation. I guess I figured if I had tinnitus all the time, I’m not gonna make it a problem now and didn’t really want to know.

    This high pitched whistle that lasts a few seconds. I get it on occasion, I’m sure of left ear, not sure about right.

    I think my confusion helped with the lack of interest I always seem to hear a constant soft high pitch stream of sound. Its a whistle but nothing like the aforementioned. From this ill hear what sounds like music off in the distance, usually a carousel, or people talking. No one is around. I recall this sound very young and about my early teen years, I believed that it was the vibration of the universe. I would enjoy it when i recognized it. Its always off in the far distant. But not now, of course because I’m observing it piercing through me. Its not bothersome. Like I said elsewhere, I believe I camouflaged it years ago, maybe even unknowingly and made it my friend. But it is different than the short bursts.

    Continued from Moon/stars post:?
    These incites came after a meditation and checking out the moon again. The constant pitch was present. The short pitch came in while outside and I became aware of things I hesitate to post. Nothing so grandiose like a portal opening or anything, just some odd synchronicities that helped me understand the sounds.

    Now that I’m wiser, I know its not the Universe, its the Multiverse! Boom!

  10. Synchronicity is a bizarre and daunting thing. I’ve been subject to a number of the memories associated with the Mandela Effect (I.e. The Berenstein Bears, mirror, mirror on the wall instead of magic mirror, that daft tail on Curious George that I know was there, etc.) But I was unaware of your website until just this evening thanks to a discussion board. I was also driving home just this afternoon when I put together the fact that I have developed tinnitus, at what point I have no idea when. And lo and behold this is the third article down from the top.

  11. Hi all,

    Several days ago I had read Stephanie White’s original tinnitus page’s comment wherein she had mentioned that she had “noticed fire engines and police cars have changed sounds also., made note of it in my collection (not one that applied to me), and moved on.

    Tonight (well, it’s now technically this morning, really) I was outside a few minutes ago (00:00 through 00:09, CST, so 04:00 through 04:19 sidereal) having a cigarette, and an ambulance passed by a few blocks away. The main street is rather long, so it took a good 2-3 minutes getting past. This gave me time to wonder what was going on, since it seemed as if the tornado siren was going off in the direction of the ambulance’s approach.

    As the ambulance eventually got near to my street, I realized that the standard ambulance siren noise (“reeee–owww… reeee–owww…”) wasn’t accompanied by a wavering tone tornado siren (“oooo–oooo”, air raid siren style, as you’d hear in the original movie of “The Time Machine” [curious coincidence… or more of a Jungian synchronicity?]), but rather that the ambulance’s siren was itself emitting both of these tones.

    Ambulance sirens have _NEVER_ made this sound in my experience, and the air raid sound has always ever been reserved solely for just that: air raids & tornadoes.

    No apparent accompanying jump in tinnitus (or any other apparent trigger(s)/marker(s)), I’m afraid.

    1. Brilliant, Closeted team-E! I hadn’t caught that reference, the first time through… or, apparently, several times after that.

      I may need to create an article about this, if others have similar experiences.

      Fascinating! (And thanks for taking the time — no pun intended — to note the sidereal time. I’m not sure if it will be relevant, but it’s worth checking, just in case.)

      1. Closeted team-E, and Fiona,
        I don’t want to sound “me too” on the siren’s, but I totally agree with this. I don’t know if it was an industry standard change or what. But about 5-6 years ago(yes, those years again), I started noticing the “new sound”. We live just three blocks from an assisted-living home for the elderly, so I hear sirens ALL the time. Many routine calls for falls and things like that. The part about THIS anomaly that bothered me the most, is at one time I asked my wife why they sounded so different, expecting her to agree with me. And I quote “they have always been that way”. Go ahead Fiona, hit the button, cue the “Twilight Zone” music, as the camera pans to me and my dumbstruck look, Mr. Serling reading as the credit’s role. That’s what it felt like at the time. Although lots of things have happened like that since and before. This might/could tie in with Closeted team-E’s wife story on page 13 I believe. People changing, or maybe a new topic. Of course, I don’t really like blaming any and everything on the Mandela Effect, but this one is curious. Mike H.

        1. Update on siren-change:

          Where I live currently, it’s only a matter of a short time (hours, maybe 1-2 days) until the next emergency response vehicle passes by (it’s a city, not a great area thereof, so…).

          On Thu 26 & Fri 27 Nov, I heard a 3 more sirens, but in each case there was too much background noise to really get any detail. Yesterday I caught a break — quiet background — and could discern no changed duotonality (don’t panic anyone: I’m aware that that’s a logically extended word of my own, not a real word that’s missing from the dictionary).

          Don’t quite know just what to make of that.

  12. For what it’s worth, I too suffer from tinnitus. Many times I will experience 2 phenomena with this condition.

    the first would be what I refer to as a “Doppler shift” as my regular tinnitus morphs or changes from the usual background ringing to a more directed and certainly noticeable frequency change. Usually this happens in only one ear. It will start in one ear and pass over to the other side.

    As I now think about it, the frequency is always towards a higher frequency never a lower band. This frequency change then “shifts” or passes from the ear it started in over to the other ear similar to what you would hear like a train passing you blowing its horn (i.e. the Doppler shift). It is very pronounced and you certainly notice when it happens. It is as if somebody dials in a new radio wave frequency into your body/ears.

    I have on occasion asked my wife when she was present if she noticed anything in her hearing at these times but she does not. So, if it were a “universal” beam of whatever being projected through the environment, she should have noticed it as well.

    Usually I do not notice the time as I do not carry a cell phone or a watch, but one distinct event I recall was when I was in a hospital ER room with a clock. I was there for something non-life threatening. As I was seated on the small examining table, my wife were awaiting the doctor to come in. After several minutes of light chit chat with my wife, I got the aforementioned sensation. It is very noticeable when it occurs, so she looked at me as to why I had this puzzled looked on my face. I described what was happening (in my ears). I also looked up at the clock. While I do not remember the exact hour, I do recall that it was 44 minutes past the hour. She (as do I) also sees repeating numbers in her life so I mentioned that to her as well. She shrugged it off, but I thought it was strange and made a mental note

    So the 2 phenomena I have are the Doppler shift and the very pronounced frequency change.

    I also am a “SLIDER” meaning that I frequently have street lights go on or off when passing beneath them on foot. I hope this helps your research.

    1. David, your post reminded me of something a friend once told me that he suspected.
      He suggested that people who are not ‘TETHERED’ to TIME will be more prone to noticing the Mandela Effect. Meaning those who are always in a rush or those constantly checking their watches, making sure they wake at a certain time, going to bed on time … get here and there at specific times … time to take your meds … etc … will not see it … It made sense to me as I was out of work with no responsibilities not caring what time or day it was. I actually understood that we created time and so forth … I never have a watch and the Cell has been staying home when I’m out for the most part. (when I’m out without my cell I notice more stuff and talk to more people, ).

      1. I am quite the opposite, i have to have things at a certain time, certain day.. I hate things not being ontime. i detest being late, always make myself go earlier..its not quite obsession with time not as bad but i like the routines ..

        1. Martin, I understand. I like routines. I don’t like people to waste my time. I don’t like to waste others’ time, either. I regularly advise people that, if I’m not at least 15 minutes early for whatever-it-is, something unexpected delayed me, and it’s probably something major so I won’t show up at all.

          1. I even have an internal alarm clock, i say i want to wake at 5 am, i will wake at 5am.. with no alarm clock in the real world.. i am usually accurate when it comes to time, on occasions i do lose track of time (we have a lot of clocks here but that are almost all stopped batteries windup all stopped)

  13. Just had another one 7.03 – 7.04 27/11/15 right ear slightly lower pitch but fluctuating towards north west towards Blackburn UK direction

    1. [An aside, to Martin: Sorry, I accidentally deleted one of your comments that had landed in the spam folder, and I couldn’t recover it. It was the one about the Beatles’ song being covered by another group, in the same year or so. My reply was going to be about that era and the differences in copyright & trademark enforcement. A slightly earlier example is Warhol’s Campbell Soup can artwork – Wikipedia link. If he hadn’t produced those paintings back then… well, today, I doubt that any art gallery would touch that kind of work. While some of your references might have been Mandela Effect, it could be difficult to untangle them from the casual sharing of music in earlier eras.]

  14. I don’t get the ringing in my ear but every now and then I can hear what people are going o say before they say it, like a secret I already knew. Also sometimes I can hear when people are going to speak. Am I crazy or does this happen to others?

    1. meagan, is it possible you’re telepathic and you’re “hearing” what people are thinking, right before they actually articulate it? That’s rare, but I’ve seen it a couple of times. Not enough to run to the press with it, but enough to convince me that it happens, now & then.

  15. Fascinating stuff as I just showed up to check out the latest Mandela related posts…and now this tinnitus thread got me to thinking. I have noticed this ear ringing thing in me for the last 2 years (since I woke up) and I do get the odd high pitched sound every so often. I even jokingly call it “the mother-ship download” because it is just so seemingly random but has been occurring pretty much regularly. BUT NOW that I have some basis for recalling it I plan to be mindful of conditions WHEN it happens next….just when I thought I knew too much already, NOW THIS !!!

  16. Thought I should post this. A preface, I have said a few times on here my wife doesn’t know about the Mandela effect , and I like it that way , to me she is “safe”. But , every now and then she says or does something that makes me wonder. Sunday night sitting in our living room about 7pm CST, she looks over at me and says ” do you hear that high pitched noise “? I did , but I always do when it happens. But now I have a bit of proof someone else did/does also. So I asked her , ” did it start gradually, get a little louder, then drown out everything , and then sort of fade out through the other ear? Right to left side? She looked at me, and actually had a nervous , scared kind of look, and asked how I could know that. I had to tell her that I did hear it ( which I did). I asked her if it ever happened before to her. She said no. Remember , she has no knowledge of anything on this site, or anything like topics we talk about. Our interests are very different. Maybe everyone keep one eye open for any strange ones (MEs) this week? Don’t know, maybe some of those that haven’t noticed before are starting too? Or maybe they can’t suppress what they know is happening also, but didn’t want to admit? I don’t know, but this episode was strange. Mike H.

    1. Mike H
      I was on the phone when I heard it (left ear). The conversation started at 7:25pm CST. Im more than likely south of you. The phone conversation lasted 1 and a half hours. It was probably closer to 8:20 when I heard it. It lasted 5-10 secs.
      As I write this, the one that’s sustaining is with me now 5am. More dominant than normal. I haven’t notice it since the last time I was watching for it.

      1. Thats very interesting Mike H and Anthony. two people miles apart both hearing a similar sound and at a similar time.. makes me more convinced that its a location as well as a temporal connection, depending on where you are and the spin of the earth.. could that be a correlation. since the time zones are a human construct, so for example if mike was 30 minutes away according distance on the globe.. that could pin point a location. IF it is a specific location then the next test would be to get a few more around that area.. to get closer .. to a local.

  17. Fiona,
    I am not sure where to put this, it’s a work in progress. But I am curious, is their any type of correlation with the posters on here, and these reception maps?

    Depending on atmospheric conditions , these can expand a bit. For example the Japanese signal will reach Australia
    It’s just a starting point, trying to figure out which way to go with this (probably a dozen or so directions, as of now). Mike H.

    1. Very interesting, Mike! And — side note: I’m steadily impressed by the attention and work some of our community put into this topic. You’re definitely one of more dedicated, and I appreciate it.

  18. I don’t know if the subject of GWEN towers has come up in this discussion yet but I was wondering if any of the tinnitus suffers on this site might live near one … There is a GWEN tower just four blocks from my home and after doing some research on them, I think it’s most likely the reason why my tinnitus kicked in about three years ago.

    The GWEN towers were erected by the US military during WW2 but were not is use until they were recently reactivated for cell phone tower use.

    Here are a few links explaining what they are, where they are located and the possible ill health implications involved.


    Since so many of us a have tinnitus and are also experiencing Mandela Effects, I wonder if there might be a connection with the EMF waves being emitted from these towers and what we are experiencing.

  19. For some reason, whenever I get an intense episode of deja vu, I wind up here. It happens often when i read a news article and think “this happened before”. I get a feeling of ASMR and a dull ringing in my ears, somewhat like there is a muted television on nearby.
    I shall have to pay attention the next time I get a high pitch ring. I do get them from time to time but it is not chronic nor as frequent as the ASMR.

  20. Hi Fiona, this will not be as scientific in description as others you’ve received, but I hope it helps your research. I’ve had episodes of tinnitus as long as I can remember. I’ve wondered about a correlation between tinnitus and the alternative memories/shifting realities for about 6 years now. Location does not seem to affect the experience or outcome; I’ve lived in many places both overseas and in the US, usually near military bases but not always.
    I have noticed directional changes where the high pitched, silvery ting, or vibrational noise, begins in either the left or right ear and shifts. Sometimes the noise will just linger in one ear. Recently I’ve come to believe that the sound usually comes into my ear from NNE, which is the direction from my house to an inlet of the Atlantic ocean, about 800 ft. away. The actual noise itself can be deafening and leave me temporarily unable to hear on occasion. The louder and more severe episode I have, the more radical the change in my reality. Severe dizziness usually accompanies the more severe episodes. The experiences were nearly constant and pronounced during my daughter’s year long Iraq deployment 5 years ago. She also experiences tinnitus and strange experiences, but won’t really discuss them and chalks it up to sleep deprivation. Again, I hope this helps. TM

  21. Interesting stuff here.
    I can’t ever remember NOT having tinnitus.
    I always thought it was the sound of silence and that everyone could hear what I could.
    I discovered recently that I was the only one that could hear the sounds I hear.
    It’s very hard to describe accurately all the different sounds so here goes.

    There is always a high pitched sound – almost like a sound on the edge of the threshold of hearing –
    sometimes it could be likened to a ringing sound, and other times it could also be described as a hiss [a bit like a high frequency tape hiss
    Sometimes it’s deafening, sometimes it’s accompanied by additional noise, a lower pitched hum,
    sometimes it changes pitch to a high tone [from a hiss]
    Sometimes it sounds like Cicadas,
    sometimes it sounds like crickets

    Always there’s noise, always it’s one or a combination of the above.
    I haven’t noticed any common theme or connection but that’s only because I haven’t made an effort to make notes about it.

    Now that I understand there is something actually called silence I long for the day when I experience it.

  22. I have decided to start keeping a log of when I have tinnitus episodes. They don’t happen often, are usually only about 3 to 10 seconds in duration, and nearly always happen at night, as I am dozing off to sleep. I used to ignore it, but lately I can’t help but think, “Something has changed, or is about to change.” I could be wrong, of course, but by keeping track of it, I’m hoping to notice a pattern of some kind. What if a bunch of us all have tinnitus at the same time? That would surely indicate something significant, I should think.

    1. Brilliant idea, Vivienne! I’ll try to pay more attention to mine, and keep a journal noting when the levels change. A coordinated study — comparing our notes — could be fascinating.

  23. Something odd, at 7.15am on the 14th december 2015 near manchester. I heard the hum but it was deeper in tone but it was surrounding me no direction but no whistle.. I have been looking at if there is a constant emotional state running at the same time. From my own experience no.. doesnt seem to have a emotional link in me.

    Time is another variable, I can hear it at any time, not just at night, but night when its quieter you hear more but thats the only constant, I live on the edge of a town so there is hardly any noise even during the day, so again for me it isnt a temporal event.

    Direction is the third variable, While most of my whistle hums appears to happen in an eastwards direction sometimes when i am on my side a couple of time the sound came from below me, since i live on the ground floor, and thers nothing but land under me, thats an odd occurrence. But the whistle hum can be from any direction, majority is eastwards as i said. It has happened to me when i am out but the external noises can mask it.

    To go with the time, from what i remember and asked my mum, i have always asked since age 5 or 6 that there was a “whistle” and did people hear it, i am 42 now. some years theres none, other years its every week, so there is no consistent time of year No real pattern as far as i can see. Unless there are factors i dont know.

  24. The ringing in my right ear has gone from a low almost undetectable noise to a sort of rumbling the past two days. A rumbling, fluttering type sound and it’s not just at my home, it happened while I was out shopping today. Anyone experienced anything similar the last couple days?

  25. I have had tinnitus for as long as I can remember. I’m 57 now and have used hearing aids for almost 9 years. The tinnitus I have is not one tone, but a wide variety of high pitched tones. There have been times – very rarely, when the tinnitus stops for just a few minutes. It feels so strange to experience the quiet. I have not really paid attention to the rare times the tinnitus stops, but I will in the future.

  26. Last night (1/3/16), I was playing a video game and heard some sirens outside. For a moment I had a very strange feeling and couldn’t remember where I was, and then it was over. However, a few minutes later I did have a short episode of tinnitus. Hopefully I don’t have a tumor or something. And perhaps the event could be explained that I was too heavily immersed in my game to bring myself back to reality immediately, and the tinnitus was unrelated (I also felt the pressure in my ear change a few minutes later, so an ear infection is a possibility). Still, I thought it was worth noting.

    I’ve also had tinnitus occasionally throughout my entire life. I used to refer to it as “the bells”when I was a child.

    1. Also, as several people before me have mentioned, I always hear a low staticky noise. It sounds like tinnitus, only much quieter. I figured this was normal and caused by slight vibrations in my ear cilia as they are picking up minute noises. However, perhaps this isn’t normal at all.

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