Tinnitus and Mandela Effect… a Connection?

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The topic of tinnitus recurs regularly in our discussions. Recently, I asked about it in my one-week survey. The numbers surprised me.

23.52% of voters (1155 people) recalled Berenstein Bears, but not Berenstain Bears.

20.81% of voters (1022 people) reported having tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

What we can’t tell from that survey is whether or not they’re the same people. My software only recorded the number of votes… nothing identifying which individuals checked which responses.

However, from related comments, it seems — only seems — as if there’s a connection.  At least some people who’ve experienced the Mandela Effect have also had tinnitus, often as a chronic issue.

Correlation, significant connection, or coincidence? I’m not sure. We have far too little evidence to decide one way or the other, but I’ll admit the speculation is fun.

Tinnitus is described as a ringing, hum, or other static-like sound in the ears. Many people perceive it as an internal issue; some are sure it’s something outside that they’re hearing due to hypersensitive hearing.

According to the Hearing Health Foundation, about 5 to 10 percent of the population experiences chronic tinnitus.

I’m one of them. Until I was about 20 years old, I thought everyone heard this sound. I was absolutely astonished when I learned otherwise.

If you’d like more information, the American Tinnitus Association has an excellent website, including some recordings to help you describe what you’re hearing: https://www.ata.org/understanding-facts/symptoms.

In a 25 Sep 2015 comment, Stephanie White was one of the first to suggest a connection between those who experience (or at least notice) the Mandela Effect, and tinnitus:

I am starting to notice a connection between “physical symptoms” to people who remember the alternate timelines. I don’t know if it means anything but is there any possible way we could start a poll here – on people who might be having – ear ringing, joint pain, and upset stomach? I know that it makes no sense – but since I first found out about the alternate timelines and at first I didn’t want to pay attention in May – I noticed that my ears ring constantly – and there is NO physical reason why I should be hearing it – there is NO problem with my ears. At times the sound ramps up – at times it is like on a volume control in the car.

In an 8 Oct 2015 comment, Martin Williams gave a brilliant description, and raised an interesting question:

For me the whistle hum, it’s not all the time, haven’t had one in months. It’s like someone blowing a high pitched ultrasonic whistle but it is also a low hum behind it but the whistle over powers the hum a bit. It rises in tone just a little, but it tends to be more “mechanical” in nature rather than “natural” if you understand what i mean.. Every so often I hear it but no one else does. It does make me wonder if we are not somehow hearing the worlds slide past each other..

Mike H. and I engaged in a discussion about tinnitus, GABA (as a possible cure), sleep, and melatonin. That led to a pineal gland reference in one of Mike H’s comments:

[About melatonin] It’s made in the pineal gland. It’s what many cultures consider/considered the “third eye”. I am starting to wonder if this gland doesn’t come into play also with ME.

I replied:

The pineal gland might be relevant to the Mandela Effect. I know that David Wilcock has a lot to say about the gland and how it relates to his cosmic consciousness theories. I’m trying to catch up on his views right now, via his Gaiam TV series, and I may read at least one of his books to get the footnotes I’m looking for.

If there really is a pineal-tinnitus connection (ref. http://www.tinnitustalk.com/threads/theres-a-link-between-serotonin-and-tinnitus.275/, etc. ), that could be very interesting. In the current survey, I’ve been astonished by the apparent correlation between Berenstein Bears memories and tinnitus.

Others noted that they have tinnitus as well, including ayla, Ben, Curious Empath, Jason Hall, Jelz, K Parker, Nate, Stephanie, and many more.

Martin Williams offered another theory about tinnitus and the Mandela Effect:

I think the tinnitus is a signpost, because I think that the worlds collide and crash. Sometimes they just slide together, transferring people and even creatures (cryptids)… [perhaps] some of the more sensitive, those who experienced several slides, can hear something of it.

Note: The topic of cryptids could be relevant, but it could easily take us off-topic if we wander down the cryptozoology path. So, I’ll be cautious about approving comments that are more about cryptids than Mandela Effect. However, for those who want some cryptid trivia, this link takes you to a list of cryptids that turned out to be real: Listverse.com – Top 10 Cryptids…

S added a comment that’s not tinnitus, as I understand it, but this could be relevant if the anomalous sounds she describes are markers related to transfer points (time or space) between realities:

…if I am meditating or as I’m falling asleep, I can hear a sound that’s not sound. To describe it, I’d say it’s like a slightly detuned radio, on loud but through a wall. You know, where there’s talking or music, but it’s indistinct and covered by static…you get the feeling that if you could just listen closely enough, you could make out what the words are or what the song is…but focusing on it distorts it.

I’m distinguishing that from tinnitus because I regularly hear that kind of sound — like a radio, but not quite close enough to understand — and I’ve wondered if it’s what people hear when they think their (metal) dental fillings or orthodontics are picking up radio signals.

However, they might be right. Some reports suggest that dental work can result radio reception. Of course, Mythbusters says it’s impossible for dental fillings to pick up those signals.

For me, that “radio sound” is completely different than the “whistle hum” of tinnitus, but I can’t rule out a connection between both kinds of sounds and alternate realities. If there is a connection, I’m not sure if it’s internal — an alarm or something people might call “psychic” — or an indication of physical proximity to a transfer point (gateway)… if “physical” is even an appropriate word in this context.

In a 12 Oct 2015 comment, Daniel raised an interesting question:

Could people who experience unceasing tinnitus be a part of an experiment or “foreign” nation? Take the “Cherokee ” Nation for instance who have stated they are from the Pleiades star system.

And, in another of Daniel’s comment that day, the A/E topic entered the discussion:

Tinnitus. We are vibrating at an E frequency!!!

Listen to the viola at an E note and compare it to A note. The E is a higher frequency than the A. I’m just a little shocked after having family member play this chord and it makes a lot of sense.

We are attempting to work at a vibrational field lower than the one we are currently on (Berenstain).

On 17 Oct 2015, Daniel added this in reply to one of Stephanie’s comments:

Stephanie you are sounding really glitchy. Can you possibly pinpoint what hz frequency you’re on? Can try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riQKt7Qn0uI. Does your tinnitus change tunes?

(Wonder if listening to Gaga’s songs could be changing your frequencies. I ran into information concerning tuning at 432hz although the actual chord for A is 440hz . The Great Pyramid in Egypt is said to have a frequency of 440hz. 432Hz seems to have an additional grounding effect with a difference of 8. Like the mandated change of analog to digital, there is a push to tune at 432hz versus 440)

In one of Mike H’s comments, in which he replied to Daniel, he mentioned this:

… I think you understand the analog/digital. For example your 432 hz. Analog warm, natural . 440 hz. Digital cold, artificial. The tinnitus and frequencies , you might just be on to something with this.

I agree, and wonder how this might relate to the mandated (in some countries) change from analog broadcasts to digital. (See Digital television transition at Wikipedia.) Was something space-time involved, or perceived as a potential problem… something far removed from the popular conspiracy theories? (Note: I’m referencing those so — whether or not they have merit — we don’t go down those particular paths.)

It’s amusing to consider the fringe possibilities… but, while they sound like pure sci-fi to me, maybe they’re not so “fringe,” after all. (I know just enough about sound-related topics to be dangerous in a serious discussion. Feel free to point out the absurdities. I won’t be offended.)


More tinnitus references are scattered throughout this site, but those are the comments that seem most useful to pursue, looking for a tinnitus-Mandela Effect connection.

Is it possible that tinnitus indicates something about us, about our sensitivities, or is tinnitus some kind of marker? (If it is, it’s following me around. I generally experience tinnitus 24/7.)

Do people with tinnitus “hear” an audio marker, or something related to a conduit between realities?

What are your thoughts about tinnitus and how it might connect to the Mandela Effect?

Note:  I’m distinguishing tinnitus from “the Hum,” because the reports seem different. They might be different aspects of the same thing, but — for now, anyway — I’d like to keep them on separate pages (literally). So, I’ll create another article/topic for “the Hum,” so our tinnitus conversations stay relatively focused.

88 thoughts on “Tinnitus and Mandela Effect… a Connection?”

  1. I was one of the posters who replied to both Berenstein and Tinnitus . I have been a musician most of my life (just for fun, as a hobby now), and have always had tinnitus. It is a constant very high pitched constant background noise. And I (like Fiona) assumed everyone heard it. I don’t know about the other posters , but one that that happens fairly frequent (frequency), is that it sounds like someone turns up the volume on it. What I mean is, all of the sudden it will get much louder, to the point of drowning out all background noise, usually for about a minute or so. Then it reverts back to the constant sound. It doesn’t bother me when its just the in the background, I am so used to it. But , when it’s loud, I really can’t hear much else. I had a thought though, what IF it’s like natural feedback when the volume goes up, maybe something is happening (Mandela Effect ?), or we are to close the source or something , maybe interference (wifi, electronics —–the Matrix, LOL). I am just speculating, and these are my personal experiences. Mike h.

    1. Ooh, that’s an interesting theory, Mike H! Mine varies in volume, too. I don’t know that it ever completely drowns out background noise, but if I’m watching something on TV with a lower-quality soundtrack, I’ll switch to closed captions so I don’t miss anything important.

      I’m on the same page as you, wondering if we’re hearing something that’s a Mandela Effect marker of some kind… the louder the tinnitus, the closer we are (space/time) to a portal, gateway, or slide.

      1. I wonder if any of the posters had close relatives that may have tinnitus also? Maybe genetics come into play with the ME? My mother had it, my father had/has it also (when he was young he worked on the railroad, so I always assumed because of that, but maybe not?). Also not saying this would be a defining thing, but it might be interesting , for those that know, geographic ancestry. My mother’s side is all Scotch-Irish (grandmother was 1/4 American Indian) , and my father’s side is all Irish. If nothing else might give some interesting patterns. Mike H.

        1. Good question, Mike H. I have tinnitus. My mother had it. I think her dad had it. At least one of my children has it. If my dad had it, he never spoke of it, but he was from a generation where Real Men Didn’t Have Flaws (or anything that might be interpreted as such).

          My mother’s ancestry was Irish, French, and English, with a little Native American in the mix. My father claimed to be entirely Irish, but my research turned up some English ancestry that he either didn’t know about (or, since he was also a genealogy buff, he didn’t admit to those roots – LOL).

          1. My husbands mother hears it – his father heard it – I don’t know about either of mine.

      2. “…the louder the tinnitus, the closer we are (space/time) to a portal, gateway, or slide.”
        This is a very interesting comment.

    2. Sometimes it sounds like mine is on volume control – primarily the right ear when my right jaw is hurting – then it goes to my left ear – I guess it just wants to torment me to death.

      1. stephanie white, I can understand that TMJ issues can affect tinnitus, so the aching jaw change makes sense. Other than that, is your tinnitus usually in your left ear?

        For everyone reporting tinnitus: Is your tinnitus balanced so it sounds like it’s in both ears, or is it more in one, and does that ever change? If it does, is it related to awareness/reminders of Mandela Effect issues?

        This might be an off-the-wall idea, but… what if there’s a space-time connection to alternate realities that’s more prevalent when you’re near (or thinking about) a particular Mandela Effect issue? And what if that triggers (or changes) your tinnitus?

        This is difficult for me to articulate, since we’re dealing with something that’s more thought-based (and quantum “observer”) than anything we can locate in our normal space-time references.

        1. It’s in my left ear mostly. I thought it was completely, but when I listen really carefully I can hear it in my right ear too.

        2. Mine is primarily in my right – its progressed to my jaw – once it gets there to that point – it goes to my left ear.

          From talking to people – and that’s one beautiful thing knowing “the questions” to ask for fellow empaths – they were the ones that brought it up being in one ear and I’m like “wow” your right – I never paid attention to it.

          I honestly think they are picking up in intensity now- the pain is getting to intense – and I hope you see this Fiona – now the pain is going to our shoulders – everyone this weekend was complaining about it – and we weren’t all together throwing around stuff.

          Has anyone ever said or posted about possibly hearing themselves? I need to take the recording off my phone of me saying “I need to call my mom I am going to die” – its my voice – I never would have said it to save my life. 🙂

          And I’ve heard me three other times – I know it sounds crazy but once you can believe that we are sliding dimensions, anything at that point would have to stay on the table.

          I tell those that I “wake up” to pay close attention in their lives – because they will see the glitches in the matrix – and then they message me and tell me what they see – and it sure is glitchy 🙂

        3. Also K Parker.

          No, I do not know why I changed the name.

          Using multiple hearing styled tests I have concluded some odd data about my tinnitus.

          For starters I have had the “condition” my entire life. It is in both sides; left and right, and two different pitches. I have heard medical professionals say it is caused by anything from waxy build up to brain damage. None of these descriptions fit myself.

          Using various hearing test apparatus, I have narrowed my Right ear to the neighborhood of 8500 Hz and the Left somewhere around 9500 Hz. As the sounds can only be heard by the opposite ear.

          The modulation of the sound and volume seems to vary at times. Along with this there are times when “hearing” seems to be sensitive to the point of aggrivation; along with “smell” at times. Nothing specific as of yet seems to set this off.

          In my opinion, to truthfully experience your own tinnitus, use a pair of noise cancelling earphones or earplugs.


  2. For me I hear a low tone hum on occasions with a lighter sharp whistle at the same time, Its not often i hear it, just occasionally. To me its not quite like Tinnitus as its infrequent. Its hard to describe it. The whistle does change in sharpness.. Its like when you are at a concert and been standing near a speaker and you hear a Hum tone..but theres that tone a high pitched whistle that gets sharper Its not really loud just persistant, But i have a very good sense of hearing, always have done, some people have said they are surprised i cant hear peoples thoughts..

    for me its so infrequent, had one the other day and it woke me up, but it can happen at anytime,

  3. I don’t have what I would classify as tinnitus, but I do quite frequently hear “the tone”–all background noise suddenly shuts down, and there’s a whine/buzz/tone only I can hear. The best way I can think to describe it is kind of like the emergency warning system on the TV or radio. It usually lasts for several seconds, and then it goes away and normal background sound returns. I’ve had that for as long as I can remember. Here lately I keep waiting for instructions or warnings during that time, but so far, nothing. 🙂

    I also have the radio sound a lot when I’m falling asleep. It sounds like NPR broadcasters mostly–calm, regulated speakers. Very occasionally I get music.

    My husband has ongoing actual diagnosed tinnitus, and if he’s ever noticed any reality changes, he hasn’t said–he’s not into that kind of thing at all. Except he claims to have had predictive dreams all his life, which is really not the kind of thing you would associate with him.

    1. Hello Jade,
      It’s weird, and I wasn’t going to mention it, but I experienced the “whistle” when I was younger and also had premonitions in my dreams. Nothing incredible, I would be going about my day and get a strong Deja Vu feeling, then realize I had dreamt about that moment. It was as real as anything at the time, but I had written it off as my imagination. The “whistle” has returned recently, as of about 6 months ago’ but not the dreams. It’s infrequent and only lasts about 30 seconds at a time.
      I’ve also experienced the “static” while falling asleep. It was unnerving as a child, but my Grandmother told me it was just the sound of my own blood in my ears. I have, and still do, experience some weird physical anomolies but I don’t want to derail the topic so I’ll save them til they come up.

    2. that is a empath trait – predictive dreaming – also in Fringe it is theorized that we are picking up the memories of our other selves while we are traveling.

  4. As previously mentioned I am a long time sufferer of the tinnitus. I have volume changes and every once in a while the pitch will change but most of the time the pitch is an high E violin sound. Right now it’s very loud… there are times it’s background it never goes away and like you guys I thought everyone heard it until I was about 12 and realized it was just me…. I didn’t pay much attention to it until ten years ago when it picked up and was driving me crazy…. I went to the doctor and my hearing was in average range…. when I did the you tube hearing test I can only hear sounds from 150 hz to about 14500 Hz. My dad too says he has had tinnitus all his adult life. My father though has worked in frequency since his air force days back in 68 and his hobbies include ham radio. I was a music major and went to college on a full music scholarship but now I don’t really even listen to the radio….

    I’ve noticed when I’m going through serious life changes, that the volume is really really loud. My divorce, losing my house, losing a job… most recently my mother passed away on the 24th and the volume is crazy ridiculous.. I do have down times with it so it’s not as bad as it has been previously with serious life changes….

    I also have some anxiety, heart palpitations, and I use meditation techniques to calm myself down but there has always been an underlying feeling of… something bad is going to happen. Or something is coming…. it’s picked up the last ten years as well so much so that I have looked strongly into getting off grid. I don’t use a modern cell phone. Mine is a ten year old mini phone version… I don’t watch tv. I don’t listen to the radio unless music is playing at the grocery store or something. I try to limit my exposure to… something but I don’t know what and can’t really verbalize what the dreadful feeling is… just something bad.

    I have strong personal psychic intuition and dreams as well and I’m undecided if this has anything to do with the Eeeeeeeeeee I constantly hear…. I do pick up different things if the tones changes… I always try to stop, ground myself, and listen to what’s happening around me.

  5. I got mentioned 🙂 And it is worse now – the pain from your ears – goes into your jaws – and it isn’t just me – I’ve been talking to many of the same people who remember the changes and we are all complaining about jaw pain. My son who is 8 and autistic who has chronic ear problems, can’t tell you if ringing since he can’t talk – has been complaining since the beginning of the month about teeth hurting – which I think is his jaws.

    So I’ve added it to my list of chronic dimensional travel pains 🙂 lol. Ask anyone about the changes and mention the symptoms – and see what they say. People are like “how did you know that?” 🙂

    1. stephanie, definitely have your son checked for TMJ issues, in case relieving TMJ would relieve his ear distress. Usually, that means a visit to a dentist. (I’m not discounting anyone’s tinnitus. It’s just that when a child is troubled by something, it’s essential to rule out any normal factors that might contribute.)

  6. I have a friend who, for a short time, would hear a weird “BOING” sound out of nowhere. It was exactly like a comical “BOING” sound effect from a Bugs Bunny cartoon! It was loud enough to startle her out of whatever she was doing and she’d look around and ask, “Did you hear that?? What was that?” and nobody else had the foggiest notion what she meant. They never heard anything. She also sometimes heard a loud cracking noise, like branches being broken. She hasn’t had the problem in several years, though, so it seems to have sorted itself out.

    Every once in awhile, I’ll be awakened by a mysterious beeping noise. It’s always just a single, very loud BEEP, like an electronic alarm clock just starting to go off, and always just as I’m dozing off to sleep. It’s very annoying because it startles me awake every time. I’ve ruled out noises from outside the apartment because it always sounds close by, and yet it’s not from inside my head (or doesn’t seem to be). Sometimes it’ll happen two or three times in a row before I can finally get to sleep. Don’t know if it’s ME related or not, though, could just be neurons misfiring in some weird way. But why a beep? That’s so artificial, a man-made sound, not a noise you’d associate with some natural process. Or is it just that the sounds we think are artificial really do come from a natural, acoustic source, and that’s why we subconsciously pick them to use in our appliances?

  7. Thank you Jade, for putting into words what I experience!
    My Hubby is currently watching the Ghost Adventures marathon & the tone they use for their bad words “beep” is the same tone I “hear”. When I get it, it starts out softly, then gets increasingly louder, then lower & dissipates, almost like someone is playing with a volume dial. It happens a few times a month, but it can be anywhere at anytime. I first noticed it the summer 2013 after I had oral surgery- 3 wisdom teeth removed. Recovery was painful & took about 6 months before I was pain free. I don’t know of anyone else in my family that has it, nobody ever mentioned it, so I guess not. My dad is deaf in 1 ear, but that from his time as an amateur boxer. I’m American mutt with Russian, Sicilian & Irish roots.
    My Hubby also has diagnosed tinnitus which he describes as a hissing “noise'” in his head thats constantly there but changes in intensity. He got it in 1999 during a bout of depression when he was on medication for it & thinks that possibly the meds caused it. He’s no longer on the meds or depressed, but still has the tinnitus. He doesn’t believe in the ME & has no interest in hearing about it or anything outside the norm. He is American of Italian roots & thinks his wife is flakey lol.
    I’m starting to research geoengineering because when I’m outside & I get it, I notice the clouds are usually rippled like a washboard. Right now, I feel pressure in my head near my ears/jaw & the clouds look like a loose fish scale pattern, starting to feather out. I tried to research frequencies but it goes way over my head.

    Thanks again, this is really fascinating!

    1. Hi, Jelz,

      That’s very interesting about your husband’s tinnitus possibly being linked to his depression meds. My husband has also gone through a few bouts with depression and medication, and his tinnitus began sometime during that time. It had never even occurred to me that those things might be connected.

    1. Betsy for me it is constant – for my husband it is constant – and then do you have the other symptoms: sick stomach, headaches, dizziness, jaw pain, I believe shoulder pain should be added also – and also the feeling that you are burning alive but have no fever, waking up between 1-4 in the morning, insomnia?

      Funny thing now when I’m on facebook at that time – I look at what others are posting – and I found 2 new empaths that way. You just have to know the questions to ask them 🙂

  8. Hi Fiona. I just wanted to add that I also have constant tinnitus (I have up not focus on it or it drives me nuts) and every so often it suddenly gets blaringly loud (sometimes just in one ear). I’ve heard that this happens when you lose some hearing. I’m also 1/4 Native American and feel very connected to nature and and am highly sensitive in all aspects. This is very intriguing and wonder if it has something to do with some kind of EMP attack/experiment or even HAARP.

    1. Curious Empath,

      How do you do it? My husband told me his father, who has been dead for 17 years, at one point looked at him and said “you hear it to” – and then he gave him guidance on how to block it – he says at times he can – I haven’t ever learned that trick :).

      1. Conversations are steering just a little off-topic. I’m happy if someone can report a solution to tinnitus that works, but I’d like to wrap up that side of the discussions and look at this in terms of Mandela Effect. I don’t mind the occasional happy exchange of commonalities or tips, but if we get deeply into tinnitus “cures” (we’re not there, yet), other forums are better for those conversations. And, at those forums, you may be able to help more people who are looking for answers to tinnitus.

        At this point, I have nothing that suggests a direct connection between tinnitus and the Mandela Effect. Tinnitus could be no more significant than having blue eyes, a preference for dogs rather than cats (or vice versa), or favoring tea without sugar.

        What I’d like to explore is whether tinnitus is more of an issue among those with multiple alternate memories — even proportionate to how many alternate memories we seem to have. I’d like to know if people notice tinnitus more when they’re at this website, or even thinking about alternate memories. (That is, is it possible there’s cognitive dissonance as well as audio, and one affects the other?)

        I’m also interested in whether tinnitus is some kind of marker or signpost. I’m looking for a space-time connection between tinnitus and the Mandela Effect. That could be something as direct as geography (if turning the head makes a consistent difference, that’s a useful note) or times of day when the tinnitus is present (or more apparent).

        In the case of the latter, I’d be interested in checking it against sidereal time. (U.S. residents can use this clock by entering city & state. I think everyone can use it by entering longitude: http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/sidereal.html )

        I hope that explains why I created this article. I can see that I didn’t clearly express that, earlier, and — before we go far off-topic — I’d like to bring the focus back to the Mandela Effect and if tinnitus has any bearing on it.

  9. What if I told you, I came to check on this website…because my ears were ringing just 10 minutes ago. And Lo, you have a whole article about it. I never read this article until just now. Did not anticipate for this subject to be mentioned. I took the ringing as instinct to see “what else is new” in respect to these things.

    Side bar: was reading a fb group discussion on ME, someone brought up how flu vax were added to a fed db since the 2009 avian scare. I found someone who is not affected by any ME I showed. They used to serve the country and also… Get a flu vax every year since 2002. I wonder.

    1. with the ear ringing they had it? I don’t think we have ever discussed on our group about vaccines but there are sub groups that they talk about everything –

      Also do you have the other symptoms: dizziness, headaches, tired, joint pain, jaw pain, shoulder pain, feel like your burning alive but no fever?

      Its funny to sit and talk to people and then after you ask them several questions and you see that they are “empaths” you sit and ask them about the symptoms – perfect strangers – and they are like “how did you know that?” 🙂

    2. Wayne: So, are you saying that you know someone who’s gotten the flu vaccination since 2002, and they don’t experience ANY MEs?

      I find this intriguing. And, more than slightly disturbing.

      I, personally, have *never* gotten a flu vaccination due to a vague, undefined sense of trepidation surrounding them. And I have experienced nearly every ME listed on this site, except a couple of spelling changes (dilemma has always been dilemma, for me), and a couple that I can’t be sure of, because I have no direct experience with the subject matter.

      I’d be VERY interested to see if there was more than a casual connection between the two.

      For the record, I experience the intermittent “tone” (in the “E” frequency; I checked), I hear “static” when I meditate or when I tune out the “foreground” noise, , and I actually see what looks like TV snow or pixels in low lighting or in full dark.

      1. Wayne and PhoenixRaech,
        I stopped getting FREE vaccinations in the mid-eighties
        There could be something to the flu shot idea, but 3 who haven’t recently got shots is not enough to determine much of anything.
        Fiona, this might be an interesting topic for a poll.

        1. I agree, Anthony.

          What if – hear me out – what if the vaccines have a direct correlation to specific switches or MEs?

          It could account for people who have varied memories, say, someone who remembers SOME of the MEs, but not all. Maybe they’ve had SOME flu/free vaccinations? And, folks who remember everything differently have had none?

          It’s definitely worth looking into deeper, I think…

          1. I had tinnitus long before the one or two times I had a flu shot. It’s been over 10 years since I had a flu shot, and my tinnitus is pretty much the same as it always was.

            I’m not saying flu shots couldn’t cause tinnitus, or even Mandela Effect. Either (or both) are possible.

            However, I’m more inclined to think in terms of genetic predisposition, since I have evidence that older family members had alternate memories. (Then again, we were all in the same household, so it could have been a geographic/gateway/portal issue.)

            Of course, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. That is, the flu vaccine could be a factor, and genetics might be, as well as geography.

            1. Fiona: I’ve had the intermittent “tone” and other hearing anomalies mentioned long before the flu vaccination became en vogue, as well, so you’re right to point out that those are not likely directly related.

              As Mike H. mentioned below, the swine flu vaccination was prevalent in 2009, and – for me personally – there was a large increase of ME related occurrences during that timeframe, also.

              I do still think there are various causes to what we are experiencing, but I think that the vaccinations could very well be one of them. It’s an interesting “coincidence”, at any rate.

              1. Maybe the vaccines are used to “deaden” our memories and or emotions? Or maybe “deaden” our hearing. Just thinking out loud. I know, more ME humor. Mike H.

                1. I love the humor, Mike H!

                  Really, it’s so easy to get mired in this topic, and deeply tangled in the weird logic of just what is going on. So, I’m grateful for your wit and others’. Thanks!

        2. Also, Anthony, along this vein of thinking, how many of the listed MEs to do share? A vast majority? Some? Barely any?

          I’d be interested to hear where you fall on the spectrum.

          1. I’m going to have to rule out your flu shot vaccine theory here, I have to get one every year for work. And yes I have most of the MEs listed…. there are very few that I don’t share.

        3. Add me too that list. I never do. Now that you mention it, when everybody was getting the “swine flu ” vaccine , which was 2009, that’s when I started noticing ME increasing exponentially. Mike H.

    3. The vax thing is interesting. I haven’t had a flu vaccine for as far back as I can remember, and I have several MEs. I also don’t get adult boosters. I can’t say for sure about flu shots in childhood though. Had almost all of the standard childhood vaccines.

      For a while my husband got the flu shot every year. He remembers Berenstein but gives no credence to ME or any other change. (He has an easy time overwriting memory conflicts.)

      This could be more of a generalization about the “type” of person who is cautious about vaccines. Something to think about, though. Why is the high percentage threshold for vaccine effectiveness not good enough? Why the push for 100% compliance?

      1. Hey everyone,
        This topic is interesting! I HATE chalking things up to possible government conspiracy because it tends to lead EVERY answer to be “it’s a COVER UP!”. That being said, I NEVER get flu shots, and haven’t had a shot, at all, since a Tetanus booster around 2005. I am hesitant to even take aspirin. I don’t have an underlying fear of medications, antibiotics, or vaccinations I’m just kind of “Old School” and believe what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.
        To PHOENIX RAECH, I also see colored static in the dark. Alot like what they called “snow” on old color T.V.s that were tuned to a channel with no broadcast. I assumed that was normal?

  10. I specifically remember Bernstein bears, I loved them when I was a kid. I also have tinnitus, it comes and goes. its usually a high pitched ringing sound, but sometimes its like a kind of staticky hum. Sometimes its so loud I can’t hear the TV or anything else around me. I also have another problem with dizzy spells when I stand up, tho that could just be my blood pressure dropping, that was the only explanation my Dr could come up with, but it happens very often, sometimes every single time I stand up for several days in a row. Some of the spells are mild, but a lot of them are so bad it looks like I’m having a ceasure (I don’t think I spelled that right, lol) that is probably unrelated but I thought it was worth mentioning. I don’t know if any of this helps but I thought I would write about it just in case.

    1. Heather that is one of the symptoms – sending love and light!

      Both me and my husband are empaths, and we both suffer from the same pains – so some of the symptoms so far: ear ringing, sick stomach, headaches, joint pain, dizzy, tired, jaw pain, shoulder pain, feel like your burning alive but have no fever.

      I am serious when I say I have talked to so many people that if within ten questions they answer all this realities answers – I know they are not a empathy.

      By the way Fiona, in one reality – Charles Lindbergh murdered his baby. Just thought I would let you know.

  11. I’ve experienced tinnitus my whole life too. It’s usually always there in the background but sometimes it gets louder. It sounds like the sound when tuning into an AM radio station or like when sending a fax but higher pitched.

    When I was a teenager I also started getting inner ear dizziness and vertigo and was sent to a specialist who told me that I experience this because my central nervous system is damaged. This has had a big impact on my life.

    I like to think that the central nervous system is the interface connecting our physical body to the higher realms of existence.

    There is a definite link between my tinnitus and inner ear dizziness/vertigo and what’s going on with my central nervous system.

    A theory I’ve had previously and still lean towards is that we (not everyone) are constantly being downloaded with new information which may be a part of the awakening process that many are experiencing. Sometimes it feels like overload and that’s when my symptoms are at their worst.

  12. This may belong in the conversations related to the sky, but it’s also a sound issue, so I’m posting it here.

    In a private comment, someone asked about the sound of airplanes, overhead. I can’t say more without risking the “me, too” effect the individual wants to avoid.

    Aside from the obvious differences between jets and propeller planes, have you noticed any changes in the sound of planes when they’re overhead? Descriptions I’m looking for: Loud, soft, or even silent, resonating with anything else you can think of, also the quality of the noise, and so on… now and in your childhood.

    1. I made a comment to my friend just a couple weeks ago that I missed the sound of airplanes in the sky… you can’t hear them anymore… and I live 10 min away from an air force base.

    2. Most of my sounds is my left ear, but sometimes its in both, it feels like triangulation, as if its coming from one direction (mostly eastwards) But have heard it all around, I tend to sit facing south the way the house is set up.. so my ear is more eastwards, thats where the sounds are the strongest, but the right ear its not as loud just the left is too loud to ignore..

      I have heard funny plane noises, a sort of echo reverberation as if i am listening through a fan, I live under the flight path from america to manchester airport. (coming home once from america i flew over my house). a sort of hum then less volume, then higher, then lower.. as if somethings cutting off the sound or making it less..

      1. Martin Williams said:
        “Most of my sounds is my left ear, but sometimes its in both, it feels like triangulation, as if its coming from one direction (mostly eastwards)”

        I think this helped so much with my analysis below. I read it before going to the gym but did not quite understand it. Now my posts have inundated this page. Sorry about that but I was a bit intrigued. Possible that you do not hear it as loud in your right ear while sitting in your southward facing home because something is directing the sound from the north. guessing…

    3. Fiona,
      wanted to chime in a few posts up, and this may relate to the planes also. The last few years, my sense of where sound (spatial) is coming from is completely off. Something that may sound in front of me, is actually coming from behind me. Or I will here someone (or I think I do, that’s another story lol) say something, when they didn’t. Very often I will be sitting doing something, and ask my wife “did you hear that”, or “what did you say”? Of course the answers are no, and I didn’t say anything respectively. My hearing is fine, I have it checked every year for work, as a matter of fact I have it checked tomorrow for this year. Its very odd. This started happening around 2012, and has been getting worse. Mike H.

    4. This is something I have brought up to people in my life and no one remembers it like I do. I remember hearing aircraft going over head most of my life until recently. In the past decade (no pinpoint to when) I’ve noticed planes in the sky but no noise at all. None. This isn’t always the case but it is more often than not. I hear helicopters but not airplanes, and I live fairly close to an airport.

    5. I am SO glad someone has brought this up – it almost sounds like a sonic boom when they are entering the space overhead -then it goes back to normal plane sound then when they are going the other way another sonic boom – my husband says it has always been that way – I am sorry – if I am dead asleep that noise makes me jerk awake – it’s so loud and scary.

      And I’ve noticed fire engines and police cars have changed sounds also.

  13. Just checking in, I remember Berenstein and Mandela passing in the 80’s, among others, but not all the ME’s listed (Jif has always been Jif, for instance, but I have experienced tinnitus since childhood–didn’t even realize it wasn’t normal until I was 9 or 10.

  14. My tinnitus has been with me at least a couple of years, it may have started when I moved, but I never had a reason to look into it until I ran across this site. I also can hear something that sounds like a radio station or tv. I have had that sound on and off since I was a child.

    I also want to point out, I think a lot of the tinnitus cases are probably not tinnitus but are being categorized as such by physicians. Mine is not a “ringing” in the ear, it is a specific tone that gets changed up and down a note from time to time, like someone flipping a switch, like when you get your ears tested.

    This video is what I have most of the time: https://youtu.be/YW-kg98ibLo Just listening to it, it seems to fade in and out inside my head, because it seems to match up perfectly. It will actually seemingly stop the noise in my left ear a little bit while I’m listening. But it doesn’t last and of course this is outside your head and will annoy other people.

    1. Barbara, thanks! I listened to it with headphones, and — about halfway through the video (really just audio) — it merged with my tinnitus sound, so I it seemed like the external audio had stopped. (It hadn’t.) My YouTube settings default to playing the next audio they suggest, so it went to a Solfeggio recording, which seemed clearer than usual (less tinnitus interference). I listened for just a few seconds.

      Then I took the headphones off and the tinnitus was initially louder than before I listened to the initial YouTube link. Now it’s varying (louder, softer, and back again), and I haven’t a clue why, but it’s interesting… to me, anyway. LOL

    2. Thats very like the sound i hear the sharp whistel maybe a little quiter but it can change tones a little a little deeper, but its nearly right

    3. Barbara,

      That’s what mine sounds like and it actually shut it off for a minute here – 🙂

      And I had no problem it didn’t hurt my hearing. I can hear the hum of the ac now more than the ringing.

  15. The blogger who first brought my attention to ME (Jim Stone) has a sound file on his site that plays a pattern of noise. He was saying how interesting it was that this is what we’re all hearing for tinnitus.

    I listened to it and was surprised, yep that’s what my tinnitus sounds like too.

    I’ve had the ringing about 2 years now. It gets worse with high blood sugar but comes and goes regardless.

    Just to clarify, Jim Stone has made no connection between tinnitus and ME. I don’t think he even knows what ME means, he just knows it didn’t used to be the Berenstain Bears, etc. Most of his stuff is political in nature.

    I think I’m the only one who has no memory of these bears. Was it a kid’s show? I grew up in the 70s and don’t remember any stinking bears. Other than the Paddington Bear and of course Smokey.

    My body has been aching about a year now, getting worse in the my right foot/heel.

    Has it always been this dark so late in the morning? It gets confusing distinguishing ME from just poor memory.

    So where did I park the car in *this* timeline, I say to myself lol.

    1. I’ve been leaving work for the last three weeks at 7pm – it is black outside – and while I’m driving home which is east of me – its even blacker – Friday night I left at the same time – and it was blue skies and chemtrails – 🙂

      Um, I have no idea what happened but why for 14 other nights was it dark and it wasn’t on Friday?

  16. For full disclosure, I do have a neurological disorder that can cause tinnitus, but I hear things that I’m not sure are really tinnitus so I will share.

    I get a very high pitched ringing, usually in one ear at a time, more often in the left ear. It happens probably 5 times a day. It usually lasts less than 10 seconds, but is so high pitched it’s painful, and my hearing fades during the ringing. It reminds me of when a bomb goes off in a movie, the high pitched squeal with all other noise muted that follows.

    A different sound I hear is more like a whooshing. It kind of sounds like being under moving water. I can still hear other sounds around me, but the whooshing is over all of it, and it can be quite loud. Sometimes there’s a sensation of my ears vibrating and feeling full.

    Another sound I hear is a buzzing sound. It’s pretty much constant, and when all else is quiet I hear it loudest. It’s almost like white noise- like the old staticky TV screens but higher pitch.

    Additionally, I can hear lights (fluorescent lights drive me crazy!) and electronics. It’s bothersome. The lights in my in-law’s house make the most horrendous sounds, so it’s hard to go visit (of course I can’t use that as an excuse lol).

  17. Starting to track when the sounds gets louder and/or seem to dominate in right ear. Usually heard continuously in left ear. Couple of occasions showing louder with increase of CME (coronal mass ejections) from the sun (spaceweather.com).

    Also, I saw the data comment :}. Spouse calls me geeky at times when it comes to seeking information all the time. Im your classic “the numbers don’t lie” (Urkle voice). Math- the international language.

    Because of that statement I thought again about the Matrix and spouse said I was like Agent Smith. Thought this was an insult a little until they explained in more detail his role that I overlooked. This lead me to Keanu Reeve’s other role in Jimmy Mnemonic (have not watched so far) where a dolphin was actually a major contribution to the data security team. So of course, I looked the info about capabilities of dolphins again because we know they hear frequencies humans are said to not have capability of hearing. Sound travels faster in water…and then the following quote from a site hits me:

    ” So much of our human understanding relies on VISUAL information that it’s hard for us to wrap our brains around the idea of “SEEING” particular objects WITH OUR EARS.”

    I find that I run into more information during shifts (last possibly 10/30/2015)

    1. I recall looking at a documentary of a blind boy who used clicking noises to see and navigate his surroundings. No need for other assistive devices (cane, dog, other person, etc)

    2. Reading over Smith — starting to sound like an insult to me again. Spouse analysis was that Smith held data and eventually found out that he too was just a construct of the Matrix but broke away (earpiece no longer needed to communicate conscious thoughts). For the sake of linking info previously noted on this site: Smith became the virus having information to things previously deleted since he was deleted himself. This goes along with those 2 other post regarding deleted computer files and uses the B version instead of the A version (possible explanations tab).

      The earpiece portion possible link to tinnitus-high frequency to transmit thought. Cellphones transmitting, becomes receptor and receiver, with an unseen moderator much like eavesdropping.

  18. I dont have regular tinnitus. I do occasionally grt it for a very brief period, say for maybe 10-30 seconds. And it might occur 4 or 5 tines a year. I have mused before that perhaps ita my next life segment being downloaded, or an alteration to reality being uodated. (Long before I ever discovered Mandela Effect)

    What I do get a lot of, is vertigo. Lots of vertigo. I never got it when I was young. Im 39 now.

    I am one of those that has many of the alternate memories recorded on this site including Berenstein.

  19. Also, Id like to add that in tose brief periods that I do experience the tinnitus, it is just like Martin Williams described. Whistle-hum tone, med-high pitch with a lesser present low note.

    1. Vertigo like dizzy right? Another symptom!

      How can all of us – who never met – have the same symptoms – granted the air the water the food they give us – but we are all across the country and world aren’t we?

      One positive thing in finding people that are empaths – they know don’t feel alone and crazy – 🙂 There is a a somewhat bright side.

  20. Went to the gym today and right ear started ringing while sitting at a machine. Got up and walked opposite direction and the sound dropped.

    Got an idea to look at the position of my house. It faces east and sound is often heard in left ear. The gym’s position and position I was facing when right ear started to ring was westward facing.

    Just tried experiment and faced opposite(west) of my normal(east) sitting position and my right ear picked up the sound and left was not as loud. Spouse thought I was checking a compass setting on my laptop.( Glad they understand my weirdness sometimes. Not sure if anyone else would manage as well)

    Anyone else tried this?

    1. Sun rises in east (left ear) and sets in west (right ear) but what is there in the north?
      (If there where something in the south then perhaps when facing east the sound would be heard in the right ear. Facing west would have created something in the left…but it doesn’t. Nothing in the south…?)

      1. The aurora borealis is up north, too. It is supposed to be a silent phenomenon, but many observers report hearing sounds from the northern lights. They variously describe it as hissing, crackling, popping, humming, or whistling sounds. Not everyone hears it, but science has finally confirmed that they are not imagining it. http://www.adn.com/article/confirmed-aurora-borealis-makes-sounds

        I wonder if radio signals from the northern lights could be relayed through the atmosphere and particularly sensitive individuals might pick them up somehow. And this leads me to wonder what other noises might be heard by such people, such as thunderstorms far removed from their location, the friction of ocean waves against the sea bed, crustal movements deep underground, or the electrical/magnetic field of the Earth, itself. Tinnitus sufferers who say that the sounds seem to come from outside somewhere may well be right.

    2. Fascinating, Daniel! Except that mine is usually in both ears, equally, I’d test this myself. (I did try it this morning, in case I was wrong about it being equally in both ears, but — alas — I was right in the first place.)

    3. Its similar to what i do but i tend to move my head, as if i am a line hearing towards something, would b very interesting to check if two people with the similar sensations hear it in the same place, if so thats a i feel a significant marker, then after testing we could determine the accuracy, then move further apart and triangulate .. could open a whole new line of inquiry.. (there has been recent studies about people who can detect odours to help diagnose diseases, and animals as well, is there another analogue to that for hearing?)

      1. That is interesting Martin. I wonder how many of us have heightened senses all around. My sense of smell is extraordinary- which can be a negative, because the intensity of odors can make me headachy and nauseated. I can taste odors too, and consider myself a super taster. I also smell phantom smells which are so intense it seems they have to be real (they’re not), plus I have visual disturbances and extremely sensitive skin (touch).

  21. I mentioned in another thread that I have tinnitus symptoms as well. It’s been for at least the last few years and very frequent/constant these days but of varying volumes. I’ve yet to measure the tones or compare if it’s always the same tone. I also am of mainly Irish and Native American descent, as is my partner. I haven’t asked him about tinnitus, but he does share a bunch of alternate ME memories. Interesting there are so many with the same sort of lineage here!

  22. Well huh my house faces west and I lay with my head towards the south… when I’m awake it’s usually equal but when I’m laying down it’s usually in my right ear because I’m laying on my left side. I’m German, English, Irish and some native American.

  23. I’ve had constant tinnitus as long as I can remember. I’ve also experienced many MEs.

    Something interesting just happened though. I just noticed that from where I’m sitting, it seems to be coming from a vaguely northerly direction. How odd. I never noticed it being directional before, but then I never considered the possibility I suppose.

  24. I hope this isn’t off topic, but I wanted to mention that I have to constantly pop my ears to relieve pressure, even with no elevation change. This has been for the past couple years. The days I feel the most pressure in my ears correlate with more tinnitus. I’ve had my ears checked; my hearing is excellent, and medically they are fine. But it constantly feels like I’m changing elevation when I’m stationary.

  25. I’ll go ahead and throw my tinnitus experience into the mix. I actually answered “no” on the tinnitus survey question. I am normally very good at tuning it out, so I never identified myself as someone who has tinnitus. Going about my life, with regular activity and noise around me, I never hear it. But if I am sitting still in a quiet room and staring at a computer screen for too long, I have it. And spending time on this website just makes me more aware of it I guess. I don’t know if sitting in an uncomfortable state of cognitive dissonance makes it worse–that might be true. The 10,000 hz sound is close to what I hear. When I listened to it, the sound would cut out for a few seconds at a time.

    I might also experience something similar to what someone here described as “the tone”. Occasionally, I get sudden pressure in my ears, and a hear a different kind of tone, and all other noise is drowned out for about 5 seconds. I also hear buzzes or hums sometimes that no one else can hear. It might be electronics. I also can’t stand running the vacuum because it makes the most horrid loud high pitched noise, but it doesn’t bother anyone else in my family.

    I live in one of the cities mentioned in the hum article but I don’t think I hear any of that. I am one of those Highly Sensitive People. I’ll often comment on the muzak playing softly in a restaurant, and no one else at the table was even aware there was music playing. So either my hearing is different, I’m more sensitive, or I pay more attention to my surroundings than other people.

    1. When I worked as a baker in a health food store, I could hear the sound of the fluorescent lights in the kitchen. It was very annoying and, to my ears, quite loud and noticeable even over the noise of everything else going on. When I commented on it, though, nobody else could hear it. I often pick up on the sounds of electronic appliances, especially fluorescent tubes and computers. Once I do notice it, it’s almost impossible to ignore. No wonder so many people get “office sickness.”

  26. I can hardly believe what I’m reading on this thread … Many of you have described exactly what’s happening with me.. I feel like I’m burning up at times even when the room is cool and I have no fever… Recently I’ve noticed that several jet liners flying above my home are completely silent and didn’t understand why.. I also suffer with insomnia and usually wake up around 3:30 AM with very little hope of getting back to sleep… My ancestry is a mix of Irish, English, French and I’m also 1/16 Cherokee.

    My tinnitus started suddenly in the fall of 2012.. It sounded like someone had turned on a high pitched radio frequency sound of some kind .. I checked out the YouTube video posted here and it matched what I hear all the time.. Had my hearing checked and had the VNG test done.. They found nerve damage in my right ear and a loss of hearing but no explanation as to why that happened.. I also have vertigo which comes and goes and lately can feel my entire body vibrating at times… My anxiety level has also increased lately and have the feeling that something awful is going to happen.

    My ME experiences are very recent.. I had no personal knowledge of the Berenstein Bears books but have several friends who do and they, along with many other people, know for a FACT that the name was Berenstein! . I have no doubt that Chick-Fil-A is a very recent change from Chic-Fil-A and I also have no doubt that Froot Loops were Fruit Loops only a few years ago.

    My theory is that the Mayans were right about time, or our reality as we know it, coming to an end on 12/21/2012… I think there might have been a possible reality reset before that date by CERN scientists and that is why there are so many glitches in our current timeline… I am also an empath and adore dogs which I consider God’s greatest creation.

    My mom passed away in November of 2012 and since she’s crossed over I dream about her almost every night… Two weeks before I knew anything about the Mandela Effect and all of the changes that have taken place, I asked my mom and dad to please come through to me if they could and tell me if there was anything to fear.. My sister had been watching scary YouTube videos about various possible doomsday scenarios and I wondered if any of them might come true .. That night I dreamed that both my mom and dad walked into a large empty room where three metal folding chairs were set up… I entered the room from the opposite side and walked up to a single chair that was facing the other two chairs .. I sat down and watched my parents take seats in the chairs facing me.. Even though my mom was 91 when she died and my dad was 78, they both looked to be around 30… My mom leaned towards me and said ” THEY HAVE CHANGED THE FABRIC OF TIME.”… Then my dad leaned towards me and said ”

    When I woke up I had no idea what they meant by those statements since my question was did we have anything to be afraid of, as in an asteroid hit or a tsunami or some other major catastrophe?.. It wasn’t until two weeks later that I found out about the Mandela Effect and found this amazing site and then realized what they were trying to tell me.

    1. Kathy,

      This post literally just sent a chill down my spine. A distinct physical response that rarely happens. Spooky. While I think there’s a multitude of very real glitches, I also think 2012 is an important year. Something happened. Something big I believe, and I think we can only “cheat” fate for so long. I’ll add that while reading the post I simply approached it with my regular curiousity. The chill was not from a personal present fear, but rather an organic physical response, like my body understood what you were saying. This is one reason I come here! Thanks.

  27. It seems the intermittent tinnitus (tone/whistle hum) seems to have a somewhat directional component, Its not as if its just in one ear for me, its louder in one ear like listening to a stereo music with two speakers one tends to be louder than the other sometimes its both.. I think there are several types of tinnitus. theres the full blown like fiona, then theres the intermittent version, whether they are the same/similar i dont know. the effects are pretty much identical. but the cause may be totally different.

    I am totally british, have a family tree back to 1232 recorded, one main branch lived 60 miles away. so we didnt move too far LOL.

    1. Martin, is your family tree online? I’d be interested in seeing if we share any branches. That would go a long way towards explaining a genetic component to the tinnitus, if not the Mandela Effect as well.

      My earliest U.K. line goes to 1047: Gruffudd Ap Cydrych, in Wales. Earliest English lines, so far: Margaret Vychan (b. 1383, probably Herefordshire), married Maredudd Ap Tudor. Also an earlier Verch/Daffyd line in the Monmouthshire area (many other surnames there). My Williams line goes to Elizabeth Williams (1497 – 1568 in Whitney, Herefordshire); one of her brothers, Richard, adopted the Cromwell surname, from their mother’s line.

      1. One of the reasons is that my mums mum was a henthorn, a small village near clitheroe castle, now no more, and everyone with the name henthorn came from there.. so it was relatively easy to find. My mums dad, was a chadwick, and one of the branches there their name got corrupted to Chattox, one of the pendle witches names and she was related in a way .. Dads side came from yorkshire and staffordshire, generally all around the north of england. theres a few copies out there with Henthorn as a start..

        1. Thanks, Martin! I’ll take a look at what’s online and see what I find. Ancestry.com say they have 5k family trees for the Henthorn surname. Impressive! However, your other information gives me a good way to filter the Henthorns to find common ancestors.

          I’m fairly sure I’ve seen a reference to Clitheroe when researching my own family tree, but it’s possible I’m remembering someone else’s. (My husband’s line is one of many that trace to William the Conqueror, so I saw many English names and places before I reached the 1066 icon.)

          Clitheroe Castle looks like a must-see, next time I’m in England.


  28. I’m closing this article to additional comments, to prevent this from leading us off-topic or into medical issues (and advice) best discussed at other websites.

    In the near future, I’ll post an article that more clearly addresses speculation about sound (internal and external) and the Mandela Effect.

    For now, I apologize for cutting tinnitus conversations short. My decision is largely about the legal issues — dispensing medical advice without formal medical training and certification — that could cause problems and even close this website.

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