Time Travel, Per ‘Quantum Leap’

While this isn’t exactly what we’re talking about at this website, this video is useful.  It conveys a (possibly) relevant way of looking at time in a non-linear way.

Referencing different timestreams, it’s possible that — in those other realities — events in your (alternate) life are in a different sequence.

Or, as an alternate explanation of the Mandela Effect: Maybe you’re “remembering” things from the future… a future you’ve seen (in real life or dreams) due to something like Al’s time travel explanation.

6 thoughts on “Time Travel, Per ‘Quantum Leap’”

  1. That is something I have considered. I have often had vivid dreams, where I’ve known persons I never met yet seemed oddly familiar and in many odd situations. The dreams also almost immediately fade upon waking up.

    I think this phenomenon is separate from the Mandela effect but interesting nevertheless, as it may be another peep hole into alternate realities.

  2. If we integrate antagonistic but established concepts we can present some very credible scenarios.Unlike astral projection,reincarnation concept has seen genuine veridicality with murder cases solved thru the clues provided by the reincarnate.Now if we integrate this reincarnation concept with einstien’s theory of past present future coexisting and also include multiverse concept in this integration,we have a situation where ‘mandela effect’ and ‘deja vu’ can be easily explained.It’s like this,suppose we reincarnate into past and again suppose we reincarnate as ourself then obviously we will reincarnate in a different universe,the twist comes when we remember our previous incarnation sporadically.A weird theory but since we are doing all kinds of wild ones why not.This theory does time travel universe jumping and reincarnation all at one go,but at the same time is as credible as any other theory infact more so because it gives a lucid explanation of mandela effect deja vu and many other enigmas.

  3. Would this then be related to the “deja vu” feeling one gets at times. Like for example when you have a very vivid dream, and after waking it is forgotten but later in time, maybe days, weeks, or even months later while doing something you feel as if you’ve done it before and then you recall that certain dream as well as what is going to happen next. Perhaps it is just you reliving a memory from a “parallel” world?

    1. Perhaps you are given a chance to atone for the sins you committed,that is, if you had repented your acts or speeches.

  4. Future rushes to become past,at the rate of 60 seconds per minute,to be very trite,present is just incidental.This elucidation is a simple variation of block universe concept,present is too brief to create future and not in reckoning anyway.

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