The Hum, Mystery Booms, Sonic Markers, and the Mandela Effect

This post takes this topic far out on a limb. It’s vaguely related to the topic of tinnitus, but it’s slightly different and has a geographical angle. And, I readily admit that this could take us far off-topic.

headphones-redbgI’m wondering if any of the Hums, mystery booms, or other unexplained noises correlate in any way with quantum research or the Mandela Effect.

Mostly, I’m looking at this from a geography standpoint.

These could be:

  • Where reported events (the alternate ones) tend to take place.
  • Where people were when they discovered a changed memory.
  • Gateways, portals, etc., if we’re actually sliding from one reality to the next and each is accessed geographically. (Please note that I said “if.” This topic takes us far into speculation.)

So, this topic is for discussions about potential “markers” or other correlations that connect sound with geography, and might have a bearing on the Mandela Effect.

I wouldn’t dismiss ley lines, “vile vortices,” or other theories that might have a bearing on specific and relevant Mandela Effect topics… but only if this is clearly relevant.

I’d also consider anything that seems like triangulation, but — again — only if it’s linked to something we’ve discussed, related to the Mandela Effect.

If you’d like to explore this on your own, the following are some starting points.

The Hum

The first is called “the Hum.” It’s a sound people hear and believe it’s occurring outside themselves. In other words, people usually distinguish it from tinnitus, even if skeptics want to default to that explanation.

For maps and more information, see the World Hum Map and Database. It’s impressive.

A partial description from that site: “The sound is called the Worldwide Hum. The classic description is that it sounds like there is a truck idling outside your home. For some people, it is a deep and distant droning bass tone. Some people perceive the sound as a rumbling noise. The sound is louder indoors than outdoors, and louder late at night than during the afternoon.”

Mystery Booms

Then there are the “mystery booms.” They’ve been charted on a Google map:

If you’re intrigued by them, you’ll find all kinds of information, online. My favorite may be the one that correlates the booming noises in America with Walmart locations. I’m not kidding; someone really studied that:

Other Strange and Unexplained Sounds

Finally, here’s a related, very sparse map that shows YouTube references to strange sounds:  Locations are: Bismarck, ND – West, TX 76691 – West, TX 76691 – Weslaco, TX – Troy, MI – Monroe, MI – Redondo Beach, CA – Austin, TX – New York, NY.

A Connection?

Does anyone see a correlation between “the Hum” and other strange noises, and where they occur, and the Mandela Effect?

It might be worth looking into the frequencies of those noises, if any have been recorded or otherwise evaluated.

This may be relevant… or it might not.  I’m undecided, but wanted to distinguish the Hum and related sounds from the tinnitus that 5% – 10% of people experience… and, in higher percentages, those of us who have alternate memories.

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  1. Fiona,
    The hum noise , it’s very interesting to me. Radios are another hobby of mine shortwave, scanners ect. I am convinced that it may be related to either this
    or something similar. I hear it quite bit also. ELF waves are also a possibility

    I don’t want to turn this into a conspiracy post. But we have talked about the proliferation of WIFI, and other EMF waves in other discussions on the site. But EMF exposure has exponentially increased over the last 10years. Maybe the source of the HUM?? I don’t know but I do know A LOT of people seem to hear it. If anyone is interested, there are tons of YT videos showing HAARP in action, and the sounds it makes. I know that the military has said they are going to decommission HAARP, but who knows—–and what else do they have. Mike H.

    1. Mike H, If you are a shortwave enthusiast why don’t you take a ham licence ?,it will keep you in touch with the world and could be very helpful in ME research.A question,i have noticed you often use the ‘ect’ for etc. ,do you intend to make it your unique signature ? or is it, you are doing some research as to the reactions/lack of reactions, of other participants.

      1. Vivek, I’m not sure about the rest of your questions, but many people in the US seem to use “ect” when they mean “etc.” (Personally, I still like “&c,” but I’m quirky like that.) For all I know, an alternate reality adopted the “ect” abbreviation. (I’ve often heard people pronounce the full expression as if it were spelled “ect cetera.”)

        But, in general, I’m mindful of the fact that people comment with enthusiasm, and — myself included — it’s easy to include typos. I have the luxury of fixing mine if I spot something after I’ve posted. But really, I’m far more interested in what people say, than paying attention to typos and personal writing, grammar, and spelling habits. So, I hope no one becomes self-conscious about this.

        1. Fiona, That ect is widely prevalent in US,was not known to me,since i had noticed it several times in Mike’s comments and nowhere else,i genuinely became curious,no oblique fun intended.

          1. Vivek, it’s an odd spelling, but since it’s also a pronunciation issue, I’ve wondered where it came from. I’ve seen it throughout the U.S., unlike “acrosst” or “acrossed” (for “across,” as in “across the street”) which is a pronunciation from around the Rockies that sometimes shows up in spelling… but not as often as I see “ect.” I’m sure there are others that I’m not thinking of at the moment.

          2. Vivek
            Your comment about being unaware of the alternate abbreviation , made me think about wondering why I spell certain words the way I do. I have noticed as with ect. and etc., I do the same with grey and gray. Using grey a bit more. Certain words i put an n in that apperantly do not need them. Dilemna of course, rhythmn, vacumn, volumne, among others. I do realize some of these words have never been right.

            I wonder if they could be something like bleed through memories. I seem to be like that with geographical locations also. I have a strong attraction to certain locations, even though I have never been to them. The Atlantic provinces, and the Caribbean are two examples. They just seem like places I “belong”. Just like the words, they feel right (write) to me. Sometimes my posts don’t translate so well, I hope this makes sense. And thanks Vivek , for getting me to think about the words. Mike H.

      2. Vivek
        I’m curious , what made you assume I didn’t have a HAM license? I don’t , but have often thought about it for the very reasons you bring up. One of my radios is even a transceiver , but legally of course I can not transmit. I really need to just do it , they are much easier to get now days. Less stringent requirements that is. Do you have one?

        As for the ect versus etc , I am sorry , it’s a more mundane answer. One of my weaknesses, just flip the letters on that abbreviation a lot. But you are the first that noticed. Mike H.

        1. Mike, Whatever the current age,a teen or late middle age,always consider life to be brief,do,what feels imperative.Perhaps some day, i too may go for the licence,if it is less stringent as you say,there used to be an exam and proficiency test for morse code.I guessed by your tone that you are not the mercenary type to equip yourself with such cumbersome tool as HAM,nevertheless as I said always consider life to be brief.

  2. A little more, I especially wanted anyone reading this to scroll down on the ELF link and take a look at the “Natural Sources” section. It talks about the Schuman Resonance. Mike H.

  3. What gets me most of all about the “HUM” is theres a lot around new zealand, and Hawaii.. and some around alaska.. Now it could be co incidence, but i feel there is a correlation between the new zealand changes, hawaii and alaska being the 51st/52nd states. and with the Berenstain/Stein being a predominatly “american” series of books. lots of alterations all over america.. Personally i say it would be interesting to see if any people who have experienced the mandela effect can hear the hums in those areas.. If there is a link then it would be good to know if there isnt then we can cross one thing off or maybe put a question mark next to it. According to studies about 2% hear the HUM, to my mind its worth thinking about..

  4. Thanks for this post Fiona.
    I know I sent you a sound related “other memory” in private yesterday. I am assuming this means others have as well.

    Does anyone else have an alternative sound-related memory relating to airplanes? Or an unusual sound experience that relates to waking up? I don’t want to get too specific.

    The moment I described in my private message where suddenly everything was different was in the summer of 1993. I was 12 years old. It was in Clinton, NY in the quad on the campus of Hamilton college.

    1. Betsy, yes, you’re not the only one reporting a related memory. That’s the only time I make a related post or comment: when others have shared a similar recollection, in confidence. I’m intrigued by how the results are skewing.

    2. At Betsy “Does anyone else have an alternative sound-related memory relating to airplanes? Or an unusual sound experience that relates to waking up? ”

      Music upon waking happens often. Usually songs that I know. Couple of occasions there are songs I am not familiar.

      1. Daniel,
        It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I wake up to a doorbell. It’s usually around 2 or 3, and I always get up, put on my Jammies and since I like to encourage intruders, open the door. No one is ever there. I googled the phenomena once, and I suppose it’s a dream response. Something keeps trying to wake me up. Evidently, I’m still sleeping on some levels.

      2. I hear things while trying to sleep, and also wake up with songs in my head.

        I have often heard things while falling asleep. Since this post, I listened for a hum, and while trying to sleep I heard something like they describe the rumbling of a truck idling, but in addition to that I heard what sounds like a constant sound (like an alarm clock) that sounds like a truck backing up, but the sound doesn’t move. I haven’t gone trying to pinpoint it yet though.

        Besides the truck like noises, the tinnitus (while awake), when falling aleep once in a blue moon, I’ll hear voices. Random things, nothing worth remembering so I don’t. It’s like I’m hearing people talking (and it has nothing to do with me). Mundane things, like “Travis really did well” (when I don’t know a Travis or “That’s why they fell”. Just snippets of mundane convo, nothing seemingly directed at me and more curious as I never hear anything else. When I was a child, I thought I heard the tv on like a baseball game, the crowd, and I would find out it wasn’t on.

  5. I’ve checked all the maps in my location and nothing has been reported nor have I experience this phenomenon but I can only hear sounds starting at 150 Hz. What I will report is that we started having earthquakes around 2011/2012… ppl have been attributing them to cracking but now I’m suspicious. I’ve lived in this tornado zone for 41 years and earthquakes were unheard of until a few years ago.

    This next thing I consider paranormal but I hear knocking on my walls at night. When we first moved in a thought maybe there were mice in the walls… there aren’t and it’s a loud rapping… usually in burst of 3. Knock, knock knocking at my chamber door 😉 and it’s usually at or around 3 am… which is why I’ve always chalked it up to paranormal activity… I could be on a ley line.. I’ve never seen a ley line map of my area to know.

    1. That’s not the first time I’ve heard reports of “phantom” knocks occurring in a series of three. I’ve heard that myself. I don’t know what it means, but it seems like an interesting line of research for me. Thanks! (I know: I don’t really need more shiny research objects to follow, but this sounds fascinating… no pun intended.)

      1. Ha ha i’ve got ghost. I could lead you down a serious rabbit hole. This is my real email address by the way.

      2. I watched several episodes of Ghost Adventures leading up to Halloween, and they said paranormal things happening in threes or at three AM was the spirit world’s way of mocking the Trinity. Not sure how much stock I put in that, but it’s one theory at least.

        1. Sarah, I’m sure the Ghost Adventures guys are sincere. I don’t know them personally, but have good reports from close friends who do. Everything I’ve heard suggests that they are very nice people, but they research locations. From what I’ve heard, deep historical and folkloric research isn’t their strong suit. It doesn’t need to be; they’re exploring ghosts at specific, eerie sites and have their hands full with those investigations. And, Zak and his team have remained popular because they present those investigations very well.

          (I don’t present investigations well, and I know it. However, my fans trust me to be a walking encyclopedia of history, folklore, and trivia related to specific haunts, the contexts of where they are, and ghosts in general. So, if I’m a guest speaker at a ghost hunting event, most of the people following me around will be geeks like me… and what happens around us won’t be the usual things one sees on TV.)

          Getting directly to this issue: the idea that things happening in threes or at 3 AM…? One of the Ghost Adventures producers probably heard that from someone who sounded like he (or she) knew what he was talking about, and suggested it as creepy trivia.

          In my opinion, it’s nonsense, with a couple of exceptions.

          The exceptions are:
          – If something happened at that location at about 3 AM.
          – If it’s 3 AM, sidereal time, at that location.
          – If 3 AM is dusk or dawn at that location.
          – If 3 AM is otherwise a “between” time. That’s relative to the location and local culture.
          – Or, if something extremely malicious is involved, and I’m not even sure of that. That’s spiritual, not ghostly paranormal, and it’s pretty much outside my expertise.

          The concept of things happening in threes is embedded deeply in many pre-Christian cultures, and it’s merely a pattern. Traditionally, it’s nothing dark, evil, or scary. Think of sayings like “third time’s the charm,” and — somewhat related — “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” (The latter counts three tries – the first one, the second “try,” and the third “try” which may be the one that’s the charm.)

          Celtic and pre-Celtic (pre-Christian) lore is rife with “threes.” The Catholic Trinity didn’t exist in related cultures when those stories began. In fact, many people believe that the Trinity concept was built upon the strong belief in the goodness (or at least the patterns and connectedness) of threes.

          This is far off-topic, unless it’s directly related to the Mandela Effect.

          Oh, I’m happy to discuss ghosts, but at, at, or at

          1. Ok now you have my attention…. what is a between time?
            And where can I go look up this information? I’m not really convinced in ghost, which is why I mentioned it because perhaps I’m on a ley line and that’s why my memory is not affected by the mandela…. but I’ve been researching folklore as well.. like the sidhe if the tuatha death danaan… so it’s interesting you say… between time. Between what exactly… and I’m not trying to sidetrack honestly… you know.. just educate myself and rule out possibilities.

            1. ayla, I apologize. I’ve been researching odd and quirky phenomena for so long, I sometimes use words and phrases without explaining them.

              In faerie research, we talk about “between times.” That’s not my phrase; it’s the one that’s been used in connection with the faeries for centuries.

              (Also, most faeries aren’t small and they certainly aren’t Tinkerbell. They’re large. Some, such as the Tuatha De Danann (Irish), include beings far larger than even the tallest humans. While some tiny faeries seem to exist, they’re either in the minority in the faerie world, or they’re an illusion in our reality, so we don’t notice them or think they’re fairly benign.)

              Faeries seem most active in “between times.” (I think an old “Charmed” episode featured this concept, too.) The “betweens” are things like dusk, midnight, dawn, and the “wheel of the year” transition dates: Summer and Winter Solstices, Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, and sacred/festival dates associated with them (Halloween, for example), and so on.

              The stories suggest that the “veil between the worlds” is thinner at the between times, so more spirits, faeries, etc., come through to our world at those times.

              But what if “the worlds” are literal and mean alternate realities? That’s part of my research, and where the Mandela Effect fits with topics I’ve been studying for decades.

              1. This is very very interesting… it could fit in with a lot of other folk lore as well… (native American, etc) … if we’ve always seen glimpses into other “realities” it would explain actually quite a bit. Giants, nephalim, fae. ( yes I was aware fae are not cute little happy things who grant you wishes) oh the jinn are not nice either… so hmmm lots to ponder now maybe I’m on a “door” of some kind…

              2. Fiona, For a long time i have been contemplating to ask you a question,Is faeries a less generic term than fairies? if so does it signify a specific culture or geography?.It can’t be an era since you are using it in current context,if it’s for a particular culture it’s obviously the celtic lands of Ireland,Scotland and Wales and subsequently North America.Though i get the idea that faeries are of dwarf or very tall types wheras the universal fairies are normal but very pretty and coy maidens that age very slow.

                1. Vivek, I use the “faeries” spelling because it’s the earliest version I’ve found in the English language. Generally, it seems to distinguish the topic from the popular, Tinkerbell-ish imagery. Until Shakespeare wrote “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and presented the faeries as something whimsical and teasing, the nearly universal attitude towards them was fear.

                  My own research focuses on the Celtic (or perhaps pre-Celtic) tales of the Tuatha De Danann and other “mythical” creatures of the early British Isles. I believe they’re still in our world or at least visit it. I’m unsure if they have considerable mobility and are associated with the diaspora, or if they are native to a particular land (geography), or — another possibility — if they can travel from one location to another, as long as it’s the same type of land (mountains, areas with coal mines, the sea).

                  But, this is wandering off-topic and I have an admittedly neglected website for this kind of conversation. There may be some overlap with the Mandela Effect, but — so far — if it exists, it’s not as clear as I’d like.

  6. I used to live in Southern Ontario and in Dec ’13 is when The Hum started for me. I thought it was coming from outside so I asked my husband what the noise was and he couldn’t hear it. I was really worried there was something wrong with me bc this hum is so loud. Like drive you insane loud, especially when nobody else can hear it.
    Anyways, we moved across the country to Northern BC and The Hum continued until May ’14. Since then, it comes and goes. I try really hard not to pay attention to it bc if I do, it gets louder and more obnoxious.

    1. DR, would be interesting to see how many Mandela changes you have experienced.. to see if there is a correlation, or causation.. in a totally non scientific way of course.. but be interesting to see and if its linked to where you were, and when you were there.

      1. Hi Martin,
        I’m really not sure if its linked to a specific ME but I have a very strong feeling it is definitely related. I was just reading on page 13 (Laurie’s comment) about having the hum and also high pitched ringing I experience twice a month. I would be more inclined to think that the ringing would be a “marker” perhaps.
        As for MEs, this will be the first time I’ve commented so here’s my list:
        Flesh colored crayon
        Mirror mirror
        Beautiful day in THE
        Sept 23…I always feel like I’m forgetting something important like a birthday or something but I’m not
        Thanksgiving was the third Thursday for me
        52 states
        Fruit Loops
        Forest Gump although I now have dual memory of both ways IS/WAS
        Mandela dying in prison
        Dom DeLuise dying hence Candid Camera being cancelled
        Louie Anderson dying and his cartoon being cancelled
        Peter Townsend
        Big ending differently
        Great Pumpkin showing up
        Sex IN the City
        Interview with A Vampire
        Fidel Castro dying
        Mars, no moons
        Gremlins – lead gremlin named SPIKE
        And one I haven’t noticed on the list yet but I suspect by Christmas it will be is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Hermy only pulled ONE tooth, not all the abominable snowman’s teeth

        I stumbled on this site about 6 months ago so its hard to put a date to any of these. I was born in 1980 if that helps at all.

  7. Hi Fiona,

    I never even thought about the sound of overhead airplanes until you or Mike mentioned it. I’m not sure this is what others are reporting to you but, I don’t really hear them anymore. I remember as a kid I would see a jet overhead and I was able to clearly hear the sound of it trailing it. It was cool, it was a neat way to have the relatively slow speed of sound demonstrated clearly. Now those overhead jets are silent to me. Maybe my hearing is going and this is not a change at all, just a change in my hearing. But I swear I could hear the engines of far off jets years ago and not so much today. Obviously, if a small plane or jet is right overhead I can hear it. Is this what others are mentioning?

    1. Willie, now you mention it, I do recall hearing overhead jets, as well, as a child. Not if they were really high up, but usually if I could make out the shape of the airplane, I could also hear the sound of it trailing behind. As you said, it was an interesting way to observe how sound travels. But maybe it depends on other factors, such as wind direction and surrounding terrain. And modern planes are probably designed differently than the ones when I was growing up in the ’60s and ’70s. Maybe they are quieter now, so we can’t hear them anymore unless they are very low.

  8. I have thought about this on and off for years and have never been able to come up with a reasonable/possible explanation. This is my personal experience. About 20 years ago (I want to say about 1994-1995) I was living in a small town in Lancaster county PA. Getting ready for bed one night, (no alchohol, no drugs in my system) I started hearing what I can only describe as this clanking sound-almost like two big metal doors closing on each other. I laid down to sleep, only to wake up an hour or so later and still hearing the clanking noise. I found it so unnerving that I got into my car and drove around trying to find the source of this noise, past small factories, fields, just aimlessly driving all over trying to find the source of this noise. I actually thought I was going crazy….. it wouldn’t stop, this clanking noise. It seemed to be emanating from the sky itself. I would roll down the window and it would get louder.
    I know some of you will say that I was asleep the whole time and dreamed the whole “going to sleep”, and driving around later. I have thought that too over the years. There is no way to prove for a fact that I was awake but I have never been prone to sleepwalking or such lucid dreams. This has been the only time I have had this experience. There is my two cents……


    1. Rachel, if it’s an actual sound — just nothing that consistently measured using traditional devices — there’s no reason a 15-year-old (or anyone else) wouldn’t hear it.

      Websites — including this one — are only as accurate, complete, and honest as those who compile data and write for them. No matter what anyone says, study the data (and look into their sources) for yourself.

  9. In case of anyone’s interest , I recommend the work of Steven P McGreevy , and his website
    Auroral Chorus , at which one can hear recordings of VLF natural earth music . ( Many of which sound so bery much like whale song ! ) . This directly relates to the electrostatic phenomena in the earth itself that N Tesla found during his time in Colorado . It also directly relates to the work of Eric P Dollard and his Earthquake Early Warning antenna grid .

    Subject , the brain and our experience vis a vis magnetic signals fed to the brain :
    The work of Dr Michael Persinger , as appliance available for purchase through Todd Murphy ( Shakti & Shiva Neuro stimulation devices ) , is also interesting . Caveat , Dr Persinger it would appear was a part of the MKUltra establishment , but he has been a professor for some years now in Canada .

    Present reality , the state of ‘ Modern science ‘ , ‘ Physics’ , ‘ Quantum Mechanics ‘ , I contend , is rife with fraudulent ideas . There was no such thing as The Enlightenment . In fact we do not know what is light , what is electricity , the Fourth State of water has just been observed ; Physics dominates all science and has done so since the advent of theories falsely attributed to Einstein , and electrical science has been dead for about 100 years . Pi over 2 x C as the speed of electrical induction is an unwelcome formula , as is Longitudinal Dielectric phenomena occurring without T/Time in the equation or faster than C .
    This state of affairs has given rise to the New Age ‘ Scalar Wave ‘ terminolgy ( self-contradictory term ) , the idea of ‘other dimensions’ and ‘ parallel worlds’ based on ‘quantum physics’ . Carlos Castenada and his Separate Reality was academic fraud , but so is the entire edifice of Quantum Physics .
    I prefer the concept of the Ether , the concept of Counter-space brought forward by Eric P Dollard ( as the ‘space’ within which the dielectric longitudinal ‘energy’ takes place ) , and the concept of the Electric Universe .

    I have only experienced a buzzing sound since Cell Towers were erected all over Japan where I live , and locally .


    1. Jim H,
      You’ve given me much to think about and explore. I love the term Ether! I’m not sure I get your entire meaning, but I like where I’m going with this …
      So, am I to understand this theory as we’ve been tricked or tricked ourselves all along?
      What if this is it and each noticeable ME experience is a peice of the veil lifting? There is no fourth/fifth dimension … If there is, this is it? If the veil is lifted and we can’t handle it mentally or we’re not done playing, the veil is put back or we put it back. If we’re ready and can handle it, it stays off. The idea that words are different, land masses changing, people dying or not, stars shining brighter or colors changing may not have changed at all but we are shown a little bit of what’s really going on, behind the scenes? Possible example: From the densest life we see, feel and believe in a globular planet we experience and live on with billions of stars and planets, out there. From a lighter perspective we see a dome and grid. Dare I say … and so on …

  10. Hi all,

    I haven’t yet read this page (though I intend to, of course), I’m just here to post something rather odd that happened just now (04:57 CST):

    I was reading through the video games page [1], and was in the act of copying a snippet for my database of M.E.s; just as I pressed (not held: _pressed_) ctrl-c, the computer emitted a rapid pair of tones at approx. 440Hz. Normally, I’d think that it was really odd, and get back to what I had been doing; having recently written some material on tinnitus, as well as intending to keep my ears open for markers/triggers, I figured that I maybe should post this ASAP.

    That weirded me out a bit — perhaps doubly so, since this evening (at 11:45 CST) I had been outside smoking and glancing up at the sky, when I noticed that the moon was ringed by clouds. Within the ring, it was cloudless, perfectly clear; without, it was moderately cloudy across the sky (the ring itself abutted the surrounding clouds, visually, but the ring’s density [distinctly thick] was in stark contrast to the thinner clouds everywhere else). The ring was very nearly perfectly circular, with an inside radius of approx. 15°, and an outside radius of approx. 18.75° (these estimates are based upon my knuckles’ arc at arm’s length). This lasted for approx. 15 minutes, then dispersed (over a few minutes; fast enough to realize the marked contrast to its previous stability, but hardly fast enough to raise an eyebrow at over the clouds’ apparent speeds).

    …. Mark’s comment about moderators & Battletoads

    1. Solved:

      Computer’s rapid-pair-440 solved: It occurs when fat-fingering the keys shift-end-right-arrow (it’s an oddly configured keyboard, to me). So, at least in this instance, just my nerves getting the better of me (I might want to consider laying off of the M.E.-reading for a bit…); primed for a “gotcha!” moment. 🙂

      Side note (related to the moon aside, in the previous comment’s 2nd half): caught a shooting star (presumably a Leonid) that same evening (24 Nov), approx. 20:45 CST (hence approx. 00:47 sidereal [at least, for my longitude], IAW ), traveling approx. WNW. Nothing special, as such, though the second one that I’ve seen in the past 2 or so months (previous one was probably an Orionid, though possibly a Draconid, traveling approx. NbW [a bit more northerly than NNW]); both were particularly nearby-seeming — bright, very clear (5×5, or at least 4×5, were they a radio signal).

      1. I’m sure you’re relieved to know where the 440Hz came from. It’s a relief to have a normal answer to that one.

        However, I’m about to play Devil’s Advocate. It’s something I do during all paranormal research, and people either delight in it, or mistake me for someone remarkably gullible.

        So, what if your fingers hitting the odd keys wasn’t an accident? What if you were subconsciously guided (or guiding yourself) to hit them, to bring your attention to a particular point?

        Of course, it’s a question I doubt anyone can answer with confidence. Nevertheless, I always raise these questions in a “there are no coincidences” context (something I usually take with a grain of salt), in case an array of “coincidences” emerge and indicate a pattern.

  11. Addendum to my above post (

    Now I’m hearing a tone in my left ear (this has never happened before, except for my tinnitus) at approx. 880Hz (my tinnitus being approx. 11.5-12.5kHz, in both ears); no apparent change upon shifting orientation. Currently located in/near Little Rock, Arkansas (I wouldn’t bother mentioning that, but Fiona’s sought broadly-specific details of this sort in the past, so I wanted to ensure that they’re included here).

  12. When I commented on the tinnitus post about my “sound that’s not sound” I had never heard of “the hum” but that certainly sounds like it. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone :p

    Another aural experience that I have: For the longest time, in my dreams if I turned on a radio or television, the song that was playing was White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. In the past 10ish years, when I hear music in my dreams, it’s a song that I “know” but that doesn’t exist in the waking world and it is moving and beautiful and would make me millions of dollars if I could only remember it when I wake up.

    Finally, I’ve been thinking about this one for several weeks now and haven’t had a chance to post asking if anyone else has experienced something similar. We’ve talked before about songs (and movies) that we already know when they come out, but there is no explanation for having heard or seen it before its this-timeline release. What about the opposite? How many others have experienced suddenly encountering a song or movie that is so hugely popular that there’s not an explanation for how you “missed” it before that?

  13. On the subject of sonic markers- for years, I would experience an odd little event – what was essentially a very high pitched, and very loud, and very internal whistle. It absolutely, to me, would occur literally in my inner ear, and deeper, in my brain/mind. It would typically last for several seconds, building up to literally overwhelm my hearing, and then gradually fade away. The explanation I eventually found was that of somehow detecting aberrant noise in machinery. The problem with that? That this ‘sound’ would occur whenever and wherever it felt like, was always the same pitch, volume, and usually mornings and nights. So sure, the same aberrant noise/whistle thing would happen the same way around different locations and different machines? I don’t think so. Never knew what it meant, but these comments and this post intrigue me.

  14. I haven’t read all the comments, but I’m wondering if this fits in here. This would have been in December/January of 2012. Northern Idaho. One evening my husband and I were laying in bed watching World War Z. I’m a bit of a weenie so of course I was freaked out in the first place. But all of a sudden we started hearing these LOUD booms! Now at that point in time we lived a considerable distance out in the country. It’s North Idaho and gun shots are normal from people hunting/practice shooting. But this sounded like a cannon going off, it was crazy. Never heard anything quite like it. Both my husband and I are very well educated with guns and neither of us could even come close to identifying the weapon this sound was coming from. I “joked” with him about how we just watched a movie about a zombie apocalypse and now it was really happening. However, the booming continued at somewhat regular intervals. maybe 2-3 minutes apart? It truly started to sound like a war zone. It worried us both enough that my husband drove down to highway to see if he could see something going on. He came home and said that for miles either direction it was just quite. No activity, no lights, no nothing. Just a normal night. The booming stopped short after that and we’ve never heard it since then. Definitely one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever had.

  15. I have always experienced tinnitus, but much more often over the last 5 years or so. I live in the Hampton Roads, Va. area, home to 23 (yes, 23) military bases, including the largest Naval station in the world. My family and I can all hear the loud humming frequently, even when no helicopters or jets are out training. It was very pronounced immediately before the Aug. 2011 4.8 magnitude earthquake. I hear large booms often during the early morning, between 2 and 6 am (not military connected though). Actually this phenomenon is called the Seneca Guns and has been reported on the East Coast since the first European settlers arrived. No real explanations for it so far.

  16. I started reading this page and comments and at 22.33 I started getting a high pitched noise in both ears just as I was reading the comment the lady wrote about Curious George!
    I always have ringing in my ears but it occasionally get very load high pitch noise in one or both ears that last about 10-20seconds sometimes longer, sometimes several times a day, sometimes not for ages.
    This evening I was sitting alone in the dining room. Left ear facing north, right ear facing South.
    In hear the low hum of a truck outside.
    Iv heard 3 knocks in the middle of the night that wake me up.
    Iv experienced so many M.E since I was a child, i Always thought I was going mad. They were little things so I always brushed them off and thought I must be mistaken. For example, the spelling of certain words, the colours of things. Small changes in songs that would get me and my sister into arguments.
    I used to live in the South West England and now I’m currently on the west coast of Ireland.
    You can delete this comment if it’s not what you’re looking for but I would also like to say that since finding out about this several weeks ago, there have been crazy coincidences when iv been researching about this.

    1. The 22:33 reference fascinates me in comments like this. The numbers 2 and 3 seem to keep recurring as markers, and I haven’t a clue why. (Sept 22/23 being the article that seemed to trigger effects/observations far beyond the apparently benign topic of that article.

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