Tee Shirts – ‘Old School’ Poll #1 [Closed]

After looking at off-site polling options, I decided to go “old school” with this. Off-site, I kept seeing sites that either required some kind of registration or they collect information about visitors in other ways.

Many MandelaEffect.com visitors are wary of that kind of thing.  So, let’s do this the old fashioned way.

From the following suggested tee shirt ideas, which are your favorites? You can list up to three. (It’s okay to refer to your favorites by number rather than typing the full phrase for each one.)

In about a week — unless there’s a clear trend from the start — I’ll add up the votes and we’ll start designing.

Note: I did not include all suggested tee shirt ideas, if I thought they might create problems. For example, a few expressions were also rude slang in some countries. And, while we use “ME” or “M.E.” as shorthand for “Mandela Effect” here, it’s been pointed out that many people might confuse that for the Middle East. And so on.

Here are the current suggestions

  1. 50 or 52?
  2. Australia: the land down over
  3. Berenst#in
  4. The Berenst#in dilemna
  5. conCERNed
  6. Cool Ranch Fritos (<– Not sure if we can use that, due to trademark issues)
  7. Definately? Definitely!
  8. Definately a dilemna
  9. Definately Schultz
  10. Reality E Reunion 2015
  11. Fix my timeline
  12. I’m from Universe E
  13. IN the City
  14. It’s always been THE neighborhood.
  15. It was 1980 something.
  16. Mirror, mirror. (Very plain text, small lettering, no graphic.)
  17. No, Luke. No, no, no.
  18. rEality
  19. September 22/23
  20. Team Multiverse
  21. Universe E
  22. Visiting from the E reality
  23. What if Mr. Stain is right?
  24. Where is New Zealand now?
  25. First line on a shirt: “Are you A vampire?” Second line in response to the first: “No, I’m THE vampire.” (maybe have stick figures or caricatures on the shirt saying the lines)
  26. [Just a single word] Chartreuse (on a dark pink shirt)
  27. Red (on a blue shirt)
  28. Blue (on a red shirt)
  29. Something representing the famous Henry VIII (with turkey leg) painting, and “I remember” beneath it.

In general, I’m aiming for shirts that seem deceptively mundane, or cryptic. None will say “Mandela Effect” on them, or have a URL.

Several people expressed an interest in shirts in darker colors with lighter lettering — black, charcoal grey, or midnight blue. Would those be your preferences, too?

Feel free to add your own suggestions — for phrases, slogans, and graphics, as well as shirt styles and colors — in comments.

51 thoughts on “Tee Shirts – ‘Old School’ Poll #1 [Closed]”

  1. these are my choices in order of my favs, I like the charcoal gre(a)y colour
    20 Team Multiverse
    10 Reality E Reunion 2015
    22 Visiting from the E reality

    Personally i like my idea of M.E.M.O.R.I.E.S meaning Mandela Effect means our reality is extra (spooky, special etc) since we all have different memories of similar events.. but then only because it was my idea LOL

  2. Oh it’s hard to pick just 3!
    My favorites are 3, 7, 21

    I also really like the word chartreuse spelled out on a pink shirt.

    1. I somehow missed #10 when I voted, but it’s hilarious and would probably lead to some odd looks and questions. Also partial to #4 and #8.

  3. I love dark t shirts so yes on that…. I <3 23. Just hate that he called himself Mr stain…. lol. #25 #24 #18 #20 in no particular order.

  4. Hi Fiona!

    I like mirror mirror as described
    The word RED in Blue print on a Red shirt?
    The word BLUE in Red print on a Blue shirt?

    What about just – nelson –
    make it look like a brand name

  5. My favorite is #8, maybe because I’ve always been such a stickler for spelling and grammar.

    2nd fave is #26, due to the confusion factor it is bound to inspire.

    3rd fave is #16. Would be cool to have an actual mirror or reflective foil sewn in, but that would raise the price considerably.

  6. Suggestions on T-Shirt wordings…

    1. Tianamen Tank Stand-off: Under or Away?
    2. Snow White: Mirror/Magic Mirror
    3. Star Wars: Luke/No, I am your father!
    4. Peanuts Shultz/Shulz
    5. Beren-Stein/Stain Bears
    6. Sex in/and the City

    Mandela Effect logo could be Circles within circles representing parallel universes like a shooting target .

  7. I like #3 (though it needs another N, BereNst#in), #10, and #18.

    I was telling my girlfriend about the “chartreuse” shirt, and she just paused, and asked, “What color IS chartreuse?” I asked her what color she thought it was, and she said pink or red. O_o Chartreuse has ALWAYS been just off tennis-ball color in my reality. (She’s 7ish years younger than me, we both remember -stein.)

    1. (if you want to add this to my previous comment, that’s cool)

      Also, as I’m typing this, I’m wearing a t-shirt that has an outline of Florida, and says “Michigan.” I got it secondhand, so if it’s some wider pop-culture reference, I’m unaware. I just thought the absurdist humor devoid of context was great and had to have it, so I feel like these shirts might be appreciated even by those who aren’t aware of the Mandela Effect.

  8. Oh yeah, Berenst#in for number 3 please. Not Berest#in.
    Also, please not too dark a color like black or navy blue. I wouldn’t be able to get it due to pet hair. A medium/darker grey could be nice though (unless a color themed shirt though like the chartreuse one which is my top pick.

  9. I like charcoal gray first, but also midnight blue (mysterious and evocative) and 4, 7, 8, 20 and 22. I’m drawn to the conCERNed shirt, however I’m not completely convinced Cern is really connected with ME. Interestingly, when I went to write conCERNed just now, spell check came up with suggestions that made me think that’s actually an existing meme, if that’s the right word.

    Fiona, I don’t know how fancy you want to get with the choices, but are you considering including shirts made for women’s bodies as well as the standard uni-sex tee? I find they fit me better, however I’ll buy a shirt regardless.

  10. I love all these ideas, but specifically the Berenstxin Bears related ones, and numbers 25 and 29. I love the idea of darker shirt with lighter lettering, it would be really cool if there was a black shirt with gold lettering. This is such a great idea!

  11. 8. Definitely a dilemma
    11 Fix my timeline
    20. Team Multiverse

    Suggestion 1 – Pepsi logo with a blue pill inside the red part and a red pill inside the blue part. Maybe with both pills labelled as such.

    Suggestion 2 – Blue T shirt with a red pill and with the caption ‘take the blue pill’ or the other way round but with a blue T shirt. Or have both blue & red pills on the same T-shirt.

    Suggestion 3 – Probably too tricky but a picture of a Berenstain Bear (or close to) casting a shadow and with Mr Stain written above the bear and Mr Stein written below his shadow.

    I like light colour Ts with dark writing but I think most people with prefer darker.

  12. I’ve been checking in on the posts at this site when reminded by an email from Fiona for 6-8 months now and have often been on the verge of posting some thoughts…deferred action justified by some pressing distraction- but I realize the root cause is – ugh! like right now as I struggle for precision of language and my mind races with an amalgam of multi-syllabic thoughts/concepts and my fingers can’t keep up and I know if I look at the screen I will see the red typo indicators signifying my inadequet ability to translate … It is just so overwhelming and intimidating – The ideas shared here, in volume and complexity, are so exciting and dense and inteligemtly discussed & in combination with the myriad of thoughts they incite & inspire become even more cumbersome and resistant to translation into a common verbal symbollic lexicon when run through the Rubics cube (or quantum-ly, Rubic’s Cubits) as done by the bionic man matrices of my meta brain’s data files to cross reference against all previous research and an ever- growing “junk Drawer” filled with a lifetime’s worth of “?”, dangling orphan puzzle pieces, unresolved enigmatic experiential mysteries and singularly perceived anomalies. I have always known I would one day resolve the chaotic heap of disjointed threads – with some key piece or pieces of previously obscured information seemingly unrelated to most and it would be the element allowing me to structure a transmutational context & achieve alchemical distillation of my serendipitously haphazard cache of “junk”, rendering clarity of essential and existential nature so that the elements emerge as a unified interwoven tapestry revealing THE BiG PICTURE …and the possibility of participating in the intellectual treasure hunt, of actually stumbling into a terrain rich in fertile ground upon which to to test the viability of my thoughts which have existed for so long in darkness and relative isolation & with others of like mind and mission overwhelms with excitement to the point of near paralysis on the one hand or , like now, on the other, a deluge of words trying to form and convey it all before I loose it…. I can’t breath and my stomach knots up…so I beg a little patience while I blather this out – When I get highly or over-stimulated it magnifies an inherent tendency to be wordy and I loose myself in the rhythm (is that really how that word is spelled? I swear it used to have another vowel and no second “h”)- of thought/words , but with time and acclimation and as I find a comfortable voice for things I have never written down or verbalised, This will calm down and my expressions will become more concise and focused…

    …and so as I was kind of trying to psych myself up to finally engage in the conversation I’ve been wanting to be a part of even before I came upon this site… relief and gratitude! I saw the “T-shirt” email in my mailbox . When I finished reading it and the comments posted in reply, I figured that this might be the best “get my feet wet” opportunity , a relatively straight forward and contained subject to respond to for my first post here… LOL & look what I ‘ve done to it already! UGH! ok, so I’m feeling better already (and please… edit out as much as is deemed superfulous pre-amble) and now I finally can get to thoughts on the T-shirt idea, the concept as a whole which I love! (Other thoughts I will try to express in digestible bites in appropriate threads with the hope that eventually this will help me at least get a sense of a cohesive narrative for the first time…;)

    So I like dark fabric w/ contrasting print as I usually wear black, or else earthy /rich fall colors- except I do like the chartreuse/Magenta idea.
    I also like “mirror-mirror” (which is my recollection as well) I think that having the second”mirror” written backward & upside down , ie. a mirrored reflection of the first “mirror”, fits nicely.

    & while this is sort of a reply to the “foo fighters” pop culture clues post and I believe a post from a guys named Anthony in which he defined time-shift jargon, both of which inspired the idea and set off the Pure-O jukebox in my head for the past 2 days, It could serve well as a possible T-shirt statement. From singer/songwroter Paul Simon: “Slip-Sliding Away” perhaps with a graphic of a bear wearing a T-shirt with “E” on it or “Berenst#in”, sliding down a wormhole chute…

    and speaking of the Foo Fighters they put out a tongue in cheek T playing with the black/feminist identity statements “It’s a (black/girl) THING… You wouldn’t Understand!”… Could do something like “it’s a ________ “E”-thing; Bear-thing; quantum-thing or … if you want to get a little more obscure and philosophically intertextual:
    WU or WOO- play on words- “It’s a Wu/Woo THING… YOU wouldn’t understand (unless U R from E2;)”

    Woo- term originally coined to indicate “psudoscience”, generally used to indicate subjects that are supernatural or having to do with occult/esoteric “conspiracy” theory.

    Wu- buddhist concept of “uncaused, not subject to cause; transcendental, not in time, non-phenomenal, noumenal; also interpreted as nirvāṇa,” and, quite apropos, I think, especially with regard to the whole ME dilemma/dilemna: (previous & following quotes from Wikipedia definition)

    “The term is often used or translated to mean that a question itself must be “unasked”: no answer can exist in the terms provided.The word features prominently with a similar meaning in Douglas Hofstadter’s 1979 book, Gödel, Escher, Bach. It is used fancifully in discussions of symbolic logic, particularly Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, to indicate a question whose “answer” is to:
    un-ask the question,
    indicate the question is fundamentally flawed, or
    reject the premise that a dualistic answer can or will be given
    Thank you for all of the work everyone has contributed to this site and thank you for your patience and consideration! Hoping it gets easier and more fluid , I will post some other more theory specific post and some related/relevant background/experience info soon!

  13. I think I like 22, 25, and 26. I kind of like 3 too. I also like the M.E.M.O.R.I.E.S. idea.

  14. Here’s another T shirt idea:

    Have a shirt of some color. The statement on it says “I remember this shirt being (some other color)”
    For example, a blue shirt that says “I remember this shirt being red”

  15. #2 with a map outline would graphically be awesome
    and RED on BLUE and BLUE on RED would be a great conversation starter, I think.

    There’s got to be a good way to graphically represent the Henry VIII idea, that’s the way we all remember (or don’t) that one anyway.

  16. I’m testing tee-shirt options. It looks like Teespring and Amazon are the best for shirt quality, pricing, and reliable service.

    Update: I had tried a t-shirt (apparently that’s the preferred spelling) at Teespring but I wasn’t happy with the design. A week later, I’ve found how to delete it. Whew! (No one had ordered it. I’m not surprised. It wasn’t very good.)

  17. I saw another commenter use the phrase “science (non) fiction” and I loved it. Too late for a t-shirt slogan suggestion?

  18. Okay… I’m not ready to announce this formally, yet, but for those reading this (at the site or via RSS feeds), we have some tee-shirts at Amazon. Go to the Amazon.com website and type “Team Berenstein” in the search form, and specify that you’re looking for clothing (among the drop-down category choices).

    The link in my browser when I search at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dfashion&field-keywords=team+berenstein

    I’ve created a few tee-shirts to get this started. A few are from the survey results. Several are my own ideas.

    You should see eight or nine shirts on the Amazon search results page, as of 22 Oct 2015. (As I’m writing this, none of the shirts are listed at Amazon.co.uk. However Amazon had said that it can take longer for listings to show up at their International sites.)

    — Yes, I know I typed “Team Bernstein” when I uploaded www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016ZL0CF0. That’s what happens when I’m talking with my husband while working at the keyboard. I’m looking for the merchant site option that allows me to edit the product description, but it looks as if I’ll need to contact Amazon directly. Meanwhile, yes, I’m blushing. It was a silly typo.

    Also, it seems that “Team Multiverse” is related to an actual company and they even have the dot-com domain name. They haven’t registered it as a US trademark yet, but I don’t want to take any chances. So, I’m using “Team Berenstein” instead.

    Anyway, before creating a formal article about this, I’ll be adding more tee-shirts to both Amazon and Teespring, but I expect to make an announcement at this site within the next few days.

    (Also, for those who need larger sizes, I’ll be duplicating some of the Amazon designs/concepts at Teespring. At least in the US, Amazon sizing only goes up to Men’s 3XL.)

  19. I Love #8, #21 and #26

    For a T-shirt idea I was going to suggest:
    A take on The Men at Work song: Down Under,
    I come from (The) Land Down”OVER”

    But just wanted to point out that the lyrics NOW say “A” Land Down Under and not “The” Land Down Under……… which is not at all how I remember it.
    I googled it and there it was, right there like it was waiting to freak me out!! LOL
    It’s another A/THE conundrum/dilemna/dilemma for me!!
    Is anybody else with me on this one?

  20. And, for those tracking closely with the t-shirt (or tee-shirt) project: I’ve added more shirts at Amazon, but all of them say “Mandela Effect” on them. They’re simpler, lower priced, and you can find them by entering “Mandela Effect” in Amazon.com’s search form, and selecting the Clothing section in the drop-down menu.

    This link might get you there: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Dfashion&field-keywords=mandela+effect

    Early next week, I’ll be working on Teespring shirts. Some will duplicate what’s at Amazon.com, since Amazon is testing their merchandise system in the U.S. The shirts can be shipped to international customers, but — for now — they can only be ordered from the main Amazon.com site. So, I’ll repeat some of them at Teespring. (If you’re outside the U.S. and really want any design you see at Amazon.com, tell me in a comment. I’ll make sure to add it at Teespring.)

    Also, I plan to create a post with the “name that place” (alternate geography) map large enough to see. (Ref: http://www.amazon.com/Alternate-Geography-Quiz-T-Shirt-Kids/dp/B0170HCGLQ/ ) What I did: I moved New Zealand, Japan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, and the area around Indonesia. I changed some proportions, too, based on what people had mentioned in our comments.

    Each of those countries & land masses is indicated in a color.

    I also created the mystery island west of Australia. I added a blue mass at the top of the map, indicating Arctica (or, in this reality, the Arctic, maybe). And, I changed the boundaries north of N. Korea so it doesn’t directly border Russia.

    I think that’s everything I did, and — since I haven’t had time to receive the actual t-shirts to be sure everything looks okay — I’m crossing my fingers that the shirts look good in real life.

    But anyway, my idea with the map t-shirt is to make it possible for people to play “name that place” in conversations, and see if anyone notices that the countries/land masses don’t quite match what are on maps in this reality.

  21. Thank you for voting, and thank you for giving me a way to make this site viable into 2016!

    Results from the t-shirt poll, so far:

    [I’ve omitted t-shirt ideas that received 0, 1, or 2 votes, as I’m not likely to create them. I’ve also removed those that might conflict with existing trademarks and copyrights.]

    Berenst#in – 11Available at Amazon.com.
    The Berenst#in dilemna – 6
    Definately? Definitely! – 4
    Definately a dilemna – 6
    Reality E Reunion 2015 – 3
    Fix my timeline – 3 – Available at Teespring*: US ordersUK/EU orders
    rEality – 3
    Universe E – 3
    Visiting from the E reality – 4
    What if Mr. Stain is right? – 6 – Available at Teespring: US ordersUK/EU orders.
    Where is New Zealand now? – 3
    First line on a shirt: “Are you A vampire?” Second line in response to the first: “No, I’m THE vampire.” (maybe have stick figures or caricatures on the shirt saying the lines) – 3
    [Just a single word] Chartreuse (on a dark pink shirt) – 9 – Available at Teespring: US ordersUK/EU orders. (Yes, I know some of the pink colors aren’t quite right. I’m working with what’s available.)
    Red (on a blue shirt) – 3
    Blue (on a red shirt) – 3

    So, I’m working on shirts with 5+ votes, plus a few that appealed to my humor.


    *Teespring products are available for a limited amount of time. See their website for more information.

    Amazon.com t-shirt designs are available for as long as I see interest. If there’s no interest in a reasonable amount of time (a month or so), I’ll remove them. Currently, Amazon are limiting how many designs I can upload and save. The two “brand names” to look for at that site: Mandela Effect T-shirts and Team Berenstein T-shirts.

    And, I’m getting ready to post an actual article about the shirts as soon as I have a few more t-shirts at Teespring. (The learning curve involves Photoshop and Illustrator, plus a few more resources, as Amazon and Teespring use completely different graphic formats and sizes. For graphic geeks: Amazon works with raster; Teespring requires vector.)

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