Star Trek’s “Mirror, Mirror” Reality

Friday marked the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek’s “Mirror, Mirror” episode.

By NBC Television (eBay item photo front / photo back press release) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Though many of the characters were polar opposites of their prime reality selves, some continuity made the concept credible.

Does it hold up, today? I’m not sure.

Of course, the Mandela Effect is (usually) more subtle than this, but an io9 article — Happy 50th Birthday to Star Trek’s Mirror Universe — raises a few interesting questions.

For example:

  • Most of us have noticed products, spellings, and events that don’t match our memories. But, how many people have noticed other people with radically different personalities or histories?
  • If you “slid” into an alternate reality, did your skills and personality quirks seem to surprise people who (in your prime reality) knew you well?
  • Do you think that people can change, from reality to reality? Or, is there a general continuity to how each of us behave, no matter where/when we are?

Of course, there are no clear and definitive answers on a broad scale. I’m still interested in individual answers to this.

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Personal note to a private comment: rs, you’re describing exactly what I’m talking about. This is an area that needs more research. I may explore this more deeply in 2018.

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  1. Hi Fiona

    I just discovered the Mandela Effect about three months ago, and I’ve been obssessing about it. I’ve watched You Tube videos about it. I’ve also read a lot about it primarily from this site. I think the replies in the comments section are pretty cool. So my request is for you to just open the comments section indefinitely so I can read about topics a lot more. Specifically, I’m quite interested about the LV thing, even though it is not strictly ME, I want to read more comments about it. TY

    1. Rodolfo,

      I wish I could open the comments section, indefinitely. Sadly, even with anti-spam software on this site, I don’t have time to screen all the comments to weed out the jokers and trolls. About two years ago, they were leaving hundreds of comments daily. Even now, I suspect that a few jokers’ comments slipped past me. (It’s difficult to “hear” sarcasm in comments.)

      Reddit has several related forums, and they’re far better equipped to sort comments of all kinds.

      For now, I’ll post articles from time to time, and sometimes (not always) open those articles to comments for a few days.


  2. If you look into the flat earth evidence, as well as simulation theory, it might connect some of the dots for you. The Mandela effect may simply be a glitch in the program that we currently experience as this 3D reality. This 3D reality is imploding, and those behind this construct are messing with us and are freaking out, as so many of us are waking up to this knowledge.

    1. Todd, I agree; that seems like a possibility. I’m not sure it’s imploding, just experiencing the occasional glitch, but time will tell. (Or not, if time is just a construct, as well.)

  3. This comes at a time when I just had the most vivid dream. I was time traveling in my dream. I traveled back in time on multiple occasions in the dream world. Each time I returned to the present, something was different. I felt I had to keep going back into the past to correct the present. I kept trying to fix the timeline I was in. My consciousness stayed the same on every occasion of going back in time and coming back to the present. What changed was my reality. I finally woke myself up from the terror of my dream when in it I opened my passport and I was an entirely different person my name was different and my style of hair and dress was different. Even my significant other was an entirely different person. My attempt to correct the present only made the present more different. When I awoke I was relieved to find my family was the same.

    1. I should have added that before I awoke, I kept telling myself that I have to “merge all of the timelines.” I was about to do something to accomplish that before waking, but woke myself up because of how real it all felt. I kept thinking, “I have to merge the timelines.”

      One other thing to mention, try recording a video of yourself and watch it. Photos are one thing. Videos are another. Watch the video. Does it feel like you? It’s the strangest thing ever. I did this recently and it was beyond uncomfortable. I’m not sure if it’s because of my self perception, or because it was my “prime” self being watched by my actual consciousness.

  4. I think that people probably can change from one reality to another. I can’t say that I have noticed anyone who is terribly different, personally -at least, not in my personal life. I did, once, however, chat with this chick, online, who claimed that she was reincarnated and used to be a Chinese woman in China in the early 1800s who died at a young age by being killed by some man. I think that she said that she only lived to her early twenties. If that isn’t odd enough, though, she claimed that this past life of hers was in an alternate universe, where many world events were different. I can’t remember everything that she said that was different, but the one thing that stuck with me is that she said that the Parliamentary system of government had, even back then, almost totally taken over the world because almost all governments used the Parliamentary system. This chick told me that she was making a manga about her memories, but I don’t know if she ever finished it and put it out.

  5. I definitely feel like I’ve entered some kind of twilight zone within the past 5 years.

    I’ve noticed some of the same changes in products and spellings, etc.. that others have been blogging and talking about but I have also noticed some changes that are of a more personal nature.

    Character/personality changes in family members for example. Since around 2012, my relationship to my sisters has progressed from friendly and congenial to weird and estranged, but my relationship to my mother has quickly evolved from a negative one to a positive one.

    Also, three good longtime friendships have ended abruptly due to abrupt changes in their behavior and way of expressing themselves. As well, the deaths of two friends and an uncle despite there being no indication of ill health.

    Essentially, I do believe I’ve entered a completely different reality from the one I’d been in. The people around me now are most definitely not the same people I knew before, hence why we no longer can relate (except in the case of my mother because now we get on really, really well.) And the people who have died unexpectedly, well, I suspect it’s because they didn’t exist in the reality I find myself in at present.

  6. This topic is timely for me. I’ve been spending a lot of time on my own growth both spiritually and emotionally. I’m getting ready to begin graduate school in January which is a big step up from where I’ve been. That being said, I feel like I’m going back and forth between my old reality and my new reality. In my old reality I let a fear of failure rule my existence, but in my new reality that has fallen away and a confidence about myself has emerged. I always knew this me existed. Other people who have known me for many years seem exceedingly surprised at my recent accomplishments though. I feel like I’m on the bridge between the two realities where things from both realities are happening. I have a feeling when I fully step into my new reality my loved ones will stop being so surprised at opportunities and talents I’m displaying.

  7. I’m replying here because every other comment place is closed. So I stumbled upon Mandela Effect after google searching remembering things differently ect. That was just a few weeks ago. I live in Australia and as such you would think I’d know where New Zealand was… this is where it began for me, my entire life in school outta school New Zealand was always on the North East Coast, suddenly I’m answering a questionnaire 2 years ago in a call centre role play type thing for a course I was doing and I get the answer wrong, apparently its on the South East Coast, I was completely rolled, my best friend was telling me I was wrong. I looked at maps and they are not what I remember.

    Little things kept happening like this. Another is about 18 months ago I was watching an episode of an American TV Show called Veronica Mars (I’ve watched it religiously whenever Im bored since I was 16) and the main character Veronica played by kristen bell makes an off comment and says “Lemme guess your the missing lindbergh baby” naturally being a fan of the show I googled that and soon learned that a baby went missing ect. ect. And was never seen again crime unsolved. I was then watching it about 4 months ago and she makes a reference about the lindberg baby again…. but says found dead like the Lindberg baby…. So I googled it again, every single article now says the baby died. I legit started to think I was losing my mind like there were so many other things inbetween this but it kept happening and no one would ever share my oppinion on anything. At family events we would reminisce about an event that we’d spoken about 100 times, but now they tell the story differently. I kept getting Facebook memory notifications for things I didnt remember, I went threw my Facebook Albums and I’ve uploaded pictures I have no memory of or I 100% remember but swear it was taken from a different angle or I was supposed to be standing in a different position, once there was a graduation party picture and I know I wore different clothes that night.

    Idk whats happening and the Mandela Effect kinda fits, but people online say its supposed to be minor things and I feel like it’s happening a lot. Like litterally I feel like I have a mental illness or something.
    & like I don’t get what the mandela effect is, like I’ve read people say its from the CERN Hydron Collider to People travelling back in time and changing things or it simply being a mass confabulation that people are having because they didnt pay attention and their mind filled in the blanks.

    I’m sorry to post this here I’m just at a loss and I have no one to talk to about this. And this site seems like the only decent one I’ve come across. IDK why no one around me is experiencing this. It feels like its happening so often lately. I’ve only found one mandela effect theory that people around me seem to say they remember and thats Mirror Mirror in the disney cartoon. I’m to afraid to even say to them Mandela Effect because when this started happening I voiced my disagreements in memories quite vocally and they seem to think I have a health issue so I stopped mentioning it. I have things in my unit I don’t even remember buying. I’ve lived here for 11 months. Like IDK if thats normal for the Mandela Effect theory.

    If anyone can talk to me about this I would really appreciate it, even if you think I’m crazy just tell me. IDK whats happening & I just want an oppinion.

    Contact via email:
    [email protected]
    Or FaceBook:

    I’m really sorry this comment doesn’t belong here. I’m just really desperate ATM & like I feel like I can’t trust my own mind.

  8. Hi Fiona,
    Until I recently discovered the Mandela Effect I thought I had been the only one who had noticed things like this. It’s been happening to me since 1994. Specifically things would change on me or would be different than I remembered. Back then it was things like people suddenly being alive that I knew absolutely had died. Mandela, Jane Goodall, and many others. Street Signs had changed and even memories of things I discussed with other people of events that happened to us changed. People would recall entirely different conversations with me that had taken place in the past, sometimes years before but often even the day before, I thought I was loosing my mind. I gradually adjusted to constant change and have lived with it now for 23 years, It was gradual at first but over the years it’s been increasing at a rapid pace for me. Now that it has a name and I see that others are affected too I feel like a new person but at the same time scared now of what all this means.

    For example today I was watching a YouTube video about the real causes of the civil war and I noticed a map showing Oregon, Nevada, and California as Union states during the war. In decades of studying history in detail, including the civil war, I know for absolute certainty that only California was a state out west during the civil war. Oregon didn’t become a state until much later after the war. Nevada as well. Now history records Oregon soldiers fighting at the battle of Bull Run and even a former Oregon Senator dying in a battle.

    Are there others who have been experiencing this for a long time as well? If so, is there any way to put us all in contact with each other. Maybe we can see if we can help figure this all out. Thanks.

    1. Sean, Reddit still seems the best place to find others. I know it’s not ideal, but Reddit is still the best equipped site I’ve seen, for discussions on a really large scale.

      Sincerely, Fiona

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