Mr. Stain and A or E – Markers?

AEThis topic is closely related to Dan’s exploration of anagrams (More About Recurring Letter Changes). It’s also related to our Pepsi/Chevron (beyond red/blue), since we talk about color “markers” at the latter article.

However, this topic is more about the possible significance of particular (individual) letters, especially crossovers between the letters A and E.


The most volatile, related comment might be Mr. Stain’s. Here’s what Mr. Stain said at the Theories (Possible Explanations) page, in response to a comment by david:

This has nothing to do with financial gain the A is a marker for every time processor in the event of an emergency to understand what reality they are in, there are so many more markers that are hidden from the public yet each letter stands for age, date, time and sequence. This information is true and has been provided for your understanding by a fellow time processor…please watch out for 2029! Be prepaired and watch out for the awakening, this is not make sense now but will soon and please stop using your cell phones they are the key ingredient of your societies collapse. [emphasis added]

The thread that followed was interesting, and I’m re-posting some of the most discussion-provoking responses, here. (Also, I’m linking each to the original comment, in case anyone wants to see the complete, related thread. However, I’d like to steer A/E conversations towards this page.)

Mike H said:

After re-reading Mr. Stain’s comment several times, I THINK I now understand. The marker codes are used as a map of sorts, to know where they are (which timeline they are in?) I want to stress, I am not convinced one way or the other. But , this an interesting topic. Mike H.

And, in another comment:

So here goes. Time processors are humans/entities who, for whatever reason, come in and out of our timelines. Marker codes would act (if I understand Mr. Stain), as an emergency type code the processors could look for to tell which timelines they were in.

Meaning those timelines most close to their home ones, would be the most dangerous, I assume? Because they would have the least amount of codes.

Those timelines further away from ours would have many codes because they would be so different. It would actually be obvious to the processors after a certain point.

huckleberryspin agreed with Mike H., and noted this about markers in media, in a Possible Explanations thread:

Mr. Stain’s comment reminds me of the show “Sliders” where the lead character knows he’s back in his reality/timeframe when the front gate of his house squeaks. The squeaky gate serves as his marker for knowing whether he’s back home, or in another timeframe.

Or, like in the movie “Inception” where the characters each have their own markers that lets them know if they are “dreaming.”

And with his comment about emergencies, what if time processors are used to avert disasters? According to a lot of “prophecies” the world should have ended quite a few times already. Time processors could also be time travelers who help steer the course of history. And they use these markers to inform each other of where they are.

Focusing more on the actual letters, Daniel posted the following very curious reply to something Mike H said:

Today while listening in on a conversation between my children:

You know if you press the ‘A’ button after you die it will reset the game so you can get a second chance and play him again”.

Of course the “A” being referenced the day after I read Mr. Stain’s post got my immediate attention.

“Say what? You get a second chance by pressing the A button? Did someone tell you that or is it just a part of the game?” After probing I find that my youngest found this out yesterday while playing the game. That was their first time ever playing it and so I am informed that they just figured it out playing with the buttons.
2nd child:
“No, it does not always work. It only works when you have entered a new stage. Other than that the ‘A’ button doesn’t work”.

Flabbergasted for a second but then realize that this is not new. Children say things (mouth of babes). Deeper connection and seem to be easier conductors. (Additional proof- they would mess up the signal of the antenna by just being in the room but when they left and me and spouse remained it cleared up. Not sure if related but I found interesting at the time.)

The name of the game is Tekken 6.

Mike H. amplified the “markers” concept in a comment at the Red/Blue article. (If you want to join the red/blue conversation, related comments belong there. I’m re-posting this info here because the marker concept may be relevant to the A/E issue.)

The red-blue Pepsi logo, Daniel mentions Pepsi in his “Back to the Future” comment. A long time ago, I read somewhere that Chevron logos and Pepsi logos were used as” markers” for whoever to know which reality they were in.

Red on top in some universes, and Blue on top in others.

I know it sounds crazy but what the heck , thought I would put it out there. I saw this years ago, way before Mr. Stain made his famous ( infamous) comment lol. I just assumed it was someone who was a bit further out there than me. But who knows, interesting story anyway. Mike H.

At the Pepsi/Chevron article, where we’re discussing the significance (and possible markers) of red/blue, I added a few thoughts:

At the time Mr. Stain posted his comment, I thought he was just trying to be clever and see where an obscure (and not necessarily valid) clue might take us.

The A reference might be the shift to BerenstAin. Or something related to George William Russell who wrote under the name AE. (In turn, that might reference Aeon, which — yet again in turn, might reference some of Plato’s concepts about dual realities.)

That’s the fun (for some) of a vague reference. It takes us in curious directions, which may not be relevant to the topic, but in true Dirk Gently style, might lead us directly to the truth.

And for all we know, we might be staring directly at a “You are now in Reality Q” sign and not realize it.

Vivienne said this, replying to a Possible Explanations comment by Jimbo Jones:

All three of the changes you listed have the letter A involved. Interview with A Vampire; definAtely; Sex AND the City. That’s in addition to the BerenstAin Bears. The first two are older versions, the other two are newer changes. If, as Mr. Stain indicates, the letter A is a marker, there’s four of them right there.

David E. shared this in his comment at the Recurring Letters thread:

So far, the most common patterns are the “E” replaced with an “A”. Maybe there’s a connection with what Mr. Stain said before.

I’m very intrigued with the “safe away” and “I’m safe” words. Maybe this implies this is s “safe” Universe? If the CERN theory (and other theories involving destroyed or merging universes) is correct, maybe there’s some kind of message there not only for us, but for visitors.

And, Mike H. made this observation in reply to Daniel, at Major Memories comments page 12.

Forward in time, and backward in time.

A—seems to be the future-artificial -digital
E— seems to be the past-emotional-analog
I ???

I’m sure there are many other A/E comments at this site, but those should convey what I’m focusing on, here.

(I’m trying to keep discussions more focused and in easy-to-find sections, so threads are easier to read, and the data is easier to survey and consider.)

What are your thoughts?

Can you think of other swaps between the letters A and E? Do you see other patterns and potential markers, specifically those related to A, E, or other vowels?

[UPDATE: Comments are now closed.]

60 thoughts on “Mr. Stain and A or E – Markers?”

  1. Its interesting i never noticed or thought about it before, but i must have done..the term Aether (classical element) or æther, Greek mythology, it was thought to be the pure essence that the gods breathed, filling the space where they lived, analogous to the air breathed by mortals. Ākāsa is identified as the first arūpa jhāna (arūpajhāna), but usually translates as “infinite space…”

    this stunned me, isnt that infinite universes.., In Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati, and many other Indian languages, the meaning of Akasha has been accepted as sky . and havent there been mention of strange sky events? like the moon changing, different colours.. Could be a coincidence. but still Spooky (the research maniac in me is active today)

    1. Martin, Akash is hindi for sky and means the atmosphere,the word you are searching is,shoonya.Shoonya has many meanings like:zero,singularity or black hole,space,vacuum etc.In fact the arithmatical zero,shoonya,was invented in India.

  2. Fiona,
    I’m glad you decided to do a separate article on Mr. Stain. There was something about that post , it felt sincere to me. I’m hopeing more people will have some thoughts on it. Mike H.

    1. Mike H,
      The Mr. Stain comment has always struck a cord with me as well. It does seem sincere and as if he “knows” something we all need to know. That comment along with the one on the Icke forum about the Chevron sign are very similar to me in their context, and their language is so “matter of fact”, as if to portray a sense of that we should all know what they know.
      I also find it interesting that we have yet to hear back from one time posters such as Mr. Stain or John D., whose comment I would put in the same category as Mr. Stain’s.

      1. Skepticalbeliever ,

        I agree 100% with you. That’s the very thing I thought also the Icke post , it has stuck with me for the last 6 years. And when I saw Mr. Stains post, it clicked together.

        I think the John D. post is a very important one also. Like you said they so casually and matter of factly stated what they knew. For all I know , they may be one person. Mike H.

        1. Mike H., if they’re one person, he (or she) is doing a very good job of disguising it.

          For starters, the syntax is different.

          Remember, I used to edit papers for MIT Press, etc. Generally, I worked with scientists with limited English skills. My job was to make their writing clearer, without losing the “voice” behind it. Same general use of words. Same syntax, but slightly improved grammar.

          To me, the writing styles of John D. and Mr. Stain seem very different.

          And, though spoofing an IP number is fairly easy, they appear to have posted from thousands of miles apart.

          I can tell you that John D. did a good job of appearing to be someone who’s retired from national politics, including his IP location. And, Mr. Stain used an email address that suggested a specific political agenda; that’s rather the opposite of John D’s tone. (Otherwise, I might have suspected that Vivek was behind that post, having a bit of fun.)

          Of course, anyone brilliant in the spy business — or brilliant, full stop — could manage all of this. So, nothing is certain.

          Nevertheless, in text, they look like different people. Both have some credibility, but I wouldn’t take their posts 100% seriously.

          That’s how it looks on my side of the monitor, at the moment, but I’m still undecided about both posts.

          Cheerfully, Fiona

          1. Fiona,
            Your skill set in this matter is way beyond mine! LOL! I remembered what you said about your past ;). I don’t forget , that’s a bit of ME humor. I’m here all week. Ok enough with that.

            As out there as some of my posts can get , I’m still a hard data person. Your right , their speech patterns are different , to me though they all had some sincerity in what they said. Hopefully not confabulation, I know , let it go. LOL.

            I realize too , that anyone can say anything on the internet. I’m just going with my sense of judgement on these posters. Usually I am pretty good at sensing truthfulness. If it’s true, or if the posters BELIEVE its true, well that’s another matter. I am glad you gave us a bit of backstory on these “one post” wonders. This is a really interesting article by the way, of course I could be a bit partial , lol!

            Hopefully I made you laugh somewhere in the inane post of mine, Mike H.

            1. Mike H., your comment made me laugh at several points. (My husband says the “I’m here all week” line, regularly, and I laugh every time.) And, when you used the “let it go” phrase… well, I might be about to go far off-topic:

              Right now, we’re in Florida and we visit Disney World’s Magic Kingdom about once a week. (Yes, it never gets old for us.) So, we’re often at the Magic Kingdom around 9 PM when they use projections and lighting effects to transform the castle into an amazing show. It highlights some of Disney’s most popular themes and music, leading up to the fireworks finale.

              Huge crowds gather in front of the castle and at Main Street. Every night, at a certain point, they hold up their lit cigarette lighters, their flashlights, and mobile phone flashlights, and sing along with “Let It Go.” They hug each other and sway to the music as they sing. At least half of them have tears streaming down their faces.

              This happens every night. Thousands of people. Just random people who are there on holiday, or — like us — regular visitors. It’s an amazing scene and I never get used to the scale of it.

              This also reminds me that certain phrases and songs resonate with people on a very deep level. And, in a weird way, that brings me back on-topic with the idea of “markers.”

              If a single song can affect that many people that deeply, and for reasons many of them can’t articulate, I’m certain that we interpret other things on a similar “gut” level… and that could include markers we’re all reacting to, but don’t realize it. (Or markers we see and should react to, but don’t. Or both.)

              I wasn’t until I started seeing a huge crowd gathered, every night, seven days a week, completely swept up in a song, that I realized the impact of things that — as individuals — we might take for granted or not even realize what they trigger, or even mean. Together, at this website, we’re seeing some correlation.

              I want to understand what’s going on. I think most of us do.

              I watch people’s comments. I watch how others respond.

              I recall a book that trended years ago, “Subliminal Seduction,” and I’ve attended conferences that included talks by Robert Cialdini (author of “Influence”), so I’m mindful that certain words, phrases, and suggestions can have surprising effects.

              A careful analysis of our two leading “one post wonders” (love that phrase, thanks!) might reveal something deeper… or it might not.

              The concept of hidden triggers is relevant to Mandela Effect, and goes far beyond markers. On a “lite” level, I can point to the “me, too” comments, only some of which get approved, due to space considerations as people are scrolling through comments.

              But, I’m also wary of insidious and deliberately false ideas fed into our conversations.

              Fortunately, most of the steady conversations here include sincere people sharing valuable insights.

              For me, the entire topic and what each aspect means… this is fascinating. And, though I should be working on my other projects (long overdue books, for example, including one about my insights & experiences with the Mandela Effect site)… well, I can hardly wait to see where our conversations will lead us, next.

          2. No,I’m not behind those posts,I don’t believe in spooking anyone from behind,and lately i have cultivated a mindset to avoid making fun or confrontation of any kind.However if i am cornered i do make use of the education i got from Chase,like i did with a fellow in shermer blog.

            1. Vivek, thanks. And… wait… “avoid making fun”…? * blink * The (now-deleted) Mayan-related comment that would have caused a major flame war was serious…?

              I’d be terribly disappointed if you stopped posting whimsical jibes that (I’m pretty sure) are intended only for me.

  3. I’m having a hard time understanding how the concept of markers for time processors is an explanation for the Mandela Effect. If indeed there are multiple universes / time streams, and that there are processors that travel between them, then I can understand the point of the markers as a way to identify which universe the processors are in. However, how does that explain the Mandela Effect? Wouldn’t this universe / time stream / reality always have been the Berenstain universe? So, is it that me (or Fiona, or anyone else who remembers Berenstein) a processor, but we don’t know that we are? That’s wild.

    Thank you,
    Steve M.

  4. Reba is another case of changed vowels.

    Reba McIntyre

    Reba McEntire

    The only difference between these two names is that the vowels “I” and “Y” (sometimes a vowel!) have been swapped out for an “E” and “I”

    1. Very interesting! I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that her name was spelled Reba McIntyre…. Well at least in my reality. This seems to have changed just recently.

  5. Perhaps ‘Mr Stain’ knows whats up.
    Perhaps ‘Mr Stain’ task is to make sure that the knowledge of ‘whats up’ is kept hidden.
    Perhaps ‘Mr Stain’ is deliberately seeding disinfo.

    1. J.T., any of those are possibilities, and not necessarily mutually exclusive. My attitude towards Mandela Effect (in general) is, “Wow, how very interesting!”

      Oh, I’m certain something odd is going on, and it’s not that we’re “just confused.”

      But — for me, anyway — the best path is to treat most of this lightly, and — like Alice — just remark, “Curiouser and curiouser.” It’s fascinating, whether it’s truth, disinformation, or a mix of both.

        1. Steve M.,

          You’re right. My humor doesn’t always convey well in text.

          I should make this clear: I’m convinced something odd is going on. I absolutely, positively, believe in alternate memories and I think they’re probably from an alternate (parallel) reality (or two or three).

          However, I’ve been involved in paranormal research for more years than I’m willing to admit to. Along the way, I’ve learned to avoid taking things personally when they’re related to any topic I can’t prove, one way or the other. That goes double for online conversations, where I can’t hear the person’s tone of voice when they’re “speaking” in text.

          In other words, I don’t take myself seriously, except my most deeply-held beliefs.

          I believe in the Mandela Effect. I’m just not locked into one, single explanation for it. In fact, I believe it may be attributed to multiple, separate causes, on a memory-by-memory basis… but I’m willing to be wrong about that, too.

          So, I’ll sometimes say whimsical things, and my humor tends to be dry, rather British, and frequently sarcastic. (P.G. Wodehouse is my all-time favorite author.)

          J.T. presented three possibilities about Mr. Stain’s comments. I appreciate that, because it demonstrates the different ways we can interpret what Mr. Stain said, and almost everything related to this topic.

          But, to be very clear: If anyone mistakenly thinks I’ve spent the past 5+ years researching this topic, and that I’m (currently) spending three to five hours a day sorting through comments, writing articles, and (now) creating t-shirts, just for amusement… there’s not much I can say. To do that, I’d need a lot of leisure time (and no hobbies), or I’d be even madder than the skeptical critics like to suggest.

          My main field is ghost research. (I believe in spirits and I believe in ghostly phenomena. However, I don’t believe all “haunted” sites have ghosts.) October (Halloween) is my biggest month for ghost-related book sales, media interviews, PR and marketing. I rely on that for a significant part of my annual income.

          This month, due to the time and focus has required, I’ve published no new ghost-related books, I’ve posted no new articles at my blog or ghost-related sites, and I’ve given almost no media interviews. That’s not good. Really not good.

          The blurb in the right column of every webpage, where I say that I don’t moderate comments on the weekends…? I need to actually do that. Lately, I’m at this site, seven days a week.

          I’m not saying that to attract sympathy. This has been my decision and it’s partly because these conversations are so much fun.

          Nevertheless, at the end of 2015, I’ll need to make some decisions about how to balance my career and this site. If the t-shirts are popular, that will relieve a lot of the pressure.

          If not, I’ll be looking at something like Patreon, which I’m resisting since it generally involves some kind of premium products or services. The problem: I want everything at this site — especially our conversations — to be free and accessible to everyone.

          I’m considering other alternatives as well.

          I hope that makes my position clear. I created this site because I believe in the Mandela Effect. I just don’t know what it is, how widespread the effect, or… well, a lot of other things about it. And, I’m willing to see the wry side of this.

          Like Alice in Through the Looking-Glass, I may be in this reality (and visiting several others, now and then), but I’m doing my best to be a light-hearted observer. I like to think I’m considering every relevant theory and report logically, and — I hope — with as little bias as possible.

          I absolutely love this website. I’m tremendously grateful for everyone who comments here, and the thoughts that each of you share. I think of many of you as personal friends. And, I hope that I express myself thoughtfully and with the sincerity and affection I have for every aspect of this subject, this website, and the people who participate in our conversations.


          1. Fiona,

            I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest or imply that I thought your humor was lacking or that it’s not being conveyed well in text. I truly appreciate this site and your tireless efforts to maintain it. I have had these odd memories for years now and I never knew what to make of them. I never accepted that I’m just crazy or something, and that this site exists now has been a godsend for me.

            I know you put in so much effort. I’m terribly sorry if I offended you. I believe that you do believe in the ME and that you take it very seriously. That’s why your comment that I responded to seemed confusing to me. I thought, surely she can’t be saying what I think she’s saying. And you weren’t!

            Thank you for taking the time to respond to me with such a detailed explanation. I understand now.

            Please enjoy our Halloween weekend!

            Steve M.

            1. Steve M., I’m not offended. I simply realized that I should explain my views in more detail, so there’s less likelihood of confusion when I say something in jest.

              1. I to have a odd british, dark and dry.. and surreal humour but then i am british ;), its one of my ways of coping with the weird and wonderful. Some days we just have to laugh at the world, or we will scream.

  6. For the A/E thread.

    Someone posted the following:
    A—seems to be the future-artificial -digital
    E— seems to be the past-emotional-analog

    Here are a few of my thoughts/observations along those lines:

    1. Greatful/Grateful:
    *The order of the letters changed from EA to AE.
    **Changed from present tense “eat”, to past tense “ate”.

    2. Biathalon, Triathalon/Biathlon, Triathlon
    *Letter A deleted.

  7. I found a posting by lisabauer58 at which. Sounds like a huge piece to the puzzle considering that I never seem to fit in with any group. The first time I delved into ancient reading I had an unforgettable dream. It felt like the people there were trying to detoxify me because I was not quite ready. I would like to say I will never forget that dream. Maybe others can relate. A possible resolution to ME and Mr. Stain’s comments:

    [–]lisabauer58 1 point 7 hours ago*
    I too experienced a place that I wasn’t sure why I was there. Everything looked foreign to me. It was crisp, had lots of apratments with glass railing on balconys. Lots of steel and glass. These apartments over looked a bay and the streets were perfect. Not one piece of litter to be found. Everything seemed sterile. I was afraid to walk out into the open. I was also confused. A friend I knew told me to leave right away that I did not belong there. Her voice was urgent laced with a sense of danger that would be directed towards me if I was discovered.

    I said I didn’t know hoiw I got there. How can I leave? Instead of finding out, I woke up. It was very very real feeling.

    I have been to others that was extreamly accepting of me and the envirnoment fit like a glove.

    Every community is right for the people who live there. There is nothing wrong in any place but if you don’t fit there one begins to find the community threatening.

    Imagine you are in a community of PollyAnna type people but you are not a PollyAnna kinda person. No harm, there is only diffetences. Now say you were in that community and you were overwhelmed by all these people walking around with shinning faces and PollyAnna type grins on their faces. They oviously are happy were they are but you, not bering of that type of character, would begin to see something sinister in their behavior. You might be someone who sees both the dark side of a discussion and the light side of one. The citizens of this group would feel you don’t belong because you would be upsetting the apple cart.

    Can you see its ok to be you but at the same time its ok to be them for them? In other words, you are in the wrong community. Time to find your way home to whete you belong.

    Later I understood the way home is just thinking about it. Thinking in detail of where your heart lies. In other words you have to have a clear picture of who you are and accept that real you so you may go home to were you belong. 🙂

  8. Fiona, Perhaps you have not reckoned with the possibility that upto 90 % of the thoughts might be gibberish(i consider my own comments to be mostly propagating my literary preferences but some of them are real flashes of analytical thinking),and in that case,what is needed is some brilliant flashes from the participants who are familiar with most of the site.A new paradigm of reality is worth all the trouble,something for mankind similar to the awesome fact of synchronicity.

  9. Hmmmm thinking along the switching vowels.

    A -artificial
    E- emotional
    Immature, incomplete, imitation

    O- observational?

    U- could be so many unique words that start with un.

    But if it’s frequency then it has to do with tones and music theory.
    A could be Acapella (alone)
    E enharmonic
    I implantation/ interval
    T – tonality
    U- unison

    1. Been working on some things with the Mr. Stain and John D. comments.
      Not sure where I am going with this, maybe it will help someone else with an idea. A lot of assuming here on my part, so here goes.

      Maybe the I really means I , as in you, as in Your in control of your timeline, reality ect.

      E=Emotional/or possibly Empathatic
      Maybe the I again ,really means you.

      Maybe the I, really means eye??

      Maybe the A/E aren’t even letters in the sense we use them. Maybe they are just symbols/markers. Much like the colors. There are a lot of interesting graphical combinations by changing the orientation of the letters also. Those alone could mean something. By placing them in different positions next to each other ,patterns become interesting.

      Along those lines——-A/E , is the concept of duality. Pre-paired. Everyone has 2 times lines/realities , that we drift in and out of constantly. And , for some reason they have become more porous with “bleed overs” into each other. CERN? Another collider? Nature of the universe/multiverse?

      Who knows, just wanted to get some of this out there. Maybe someone would be able to expand their own thoughts with something I have said. It’s out there, even for me. Mike H.

  10. Joel and Fiona,
    I wanted to comment on the “misspellings” also. I had the feeling they were deliberate when I first read his( I am assuming Mr. Stain is male, that may not be true). post.
    1. Prepaired———-as in everyone is Pre (since birth??) paired with two timelines. Duality??
    2. Fiona, for some reason I had the feeling he/she might be Asian, using a translator. Strangely, I had the same feelings reading the “me tell u” posts from the CHANI project . I realize , hoax is a possibility , but I just don’t get that “feeling” from it.
    3. To me, the “your societies” was a little odd also, meaning NOT their society (world, timeline, dimension, ect.) ? Kind of like “in THE neighborhood” vs. “In THE neighborhood”.

    It’s late, and maybe I am reading to much into things, but for most part my intuition is pretty good.
    Mike H.

    1. Thanks, Mike H.! I love the duality concept. I didn’t get “hoax” from it, either. Mr. Stain might be wandering down some odd paths, but a few sentences into the comment, I decided he/she was probably serious.

      A translator hadn’t crossed my mind. (Duh.) It’s been years since I freelanced at MIT, and I forgot how convenient and accurate digital translators have become. Still, a translator isn’t likely to come up with “prepaired.” That could be a mix of weak spelling skills and partial reliance on a translator, but I’m not certain that’s the explanation. (And, weirdly, I typed that “explaination” — something I hardly ever do — and did a double-take since it’s the same a/ai typo I’m uncertain about.)

      It’s morning here, so I don’t have the excuse of it being late. However, I trust your intuition as well; you’ve posted enough here that your “voice” is fairly clear, consistent, and your speculation has been very accurate.

      1. Thanks Fiona,
        for the kind words. Your explaination vs. explanation cracked me up, for some reason I do that a lot (which I thought was a’lot or a lot until spell check came along, among others)! See ,there is that AI again. AI vs. EI ,maybe its not just single letters, maybe it’s combinations, that to us wouldn’t make much sense, I don’t know ,just thinking again.
        And my post last night should have said THE neighborhood vs. THIS neighborhood. I swear I typed that, but like I said it was late for me (only because I get up at about 330am LOL). Really enjoying your articles. Oh, Happy Halloween! Mike H.

    2. I am pretty late to the party, so correct me if this has already been covered or brought up elsewhere, but could the “ai” in Stain’s “prepaire” refer to artificial intelligence? Perhaps something like, prepare for artificial intelligence? I thought I saw something about artificial intelligence in another post. First timer on the site here, just having some initial thoughts….

      1. Very clever, Kacie! Fantastic thinking!

        What if, in the same vein, the E/A change in Berenst#in isn’t the big picture? What if we’re so busy seeing the leaves, we miss the trees? What if the whole point is BerenstAIn – AI in the middle of what’s going on?

  11. I definitely think there’s something to this A/E theory and I also think it’s very significant that there are a lot of MEs related to our childhood memories of books, TV and movies–all pop culture references most of us commonly share. Not sure why that’s significant but it’s obvious to me, maybe because they’re memories deeply ingrained in our minds from an early age which makes them far more recognizable when a change occurs?

    1. Choaskitty,
      I think you just summed it up nicely in your last sentence. They are our “markers”. Whoever/whatever wants those that can notice the changes, to see them. I am not convinced everyone can, And I do NOT think we have some super powers ect. LOL, just that we are much more inquisitive, and question what’s going on (and I truly believe something is). I have run into far too many people who just assume they are wrong, for example, because the media, or internet “says so”. I say it a lot on this site (sorry Fiona, LOL), trust your memories people, you are not ALL wrong ALL the time. It’s just not possible——-almost none of us knew each other until we searched out answers as to the ‘why”, and “what” is happening. Yet we all ended up here discussing the same memories. Mike H.

      1. Mike H., I agree, and if you ever self-censor what (and how much) you comment here, I’ll be disappointed. You’re an important part of many conversations at this site.

        1. Thank you Fiona! Your comment means a lot , sometimes I don’t want to post too much, And sometimes, I don’t want to reply too much! I know how busy the sites become (it’s obvious, and I have only been here 6-7 months). Which is a great thing—-it wasn’t just us, other’s noticed things too. Mike H.

      2. A follow-up, Mike H:

        I agree. I don’t think we have super powers or anything like that. However, we might be more observant or open-minded than the average person, and willing to consider that our clear, alternate memories aren’t “wrong.”

        Are we brighter? I’m not sure a survey will reveal that. (I’m in Mensa, but — like many of its members — I think I have a talent for IQ tests, not that they necessarily reflect relative intellect. That spirals back to the tangled definitions of intellect, intelligence, and whether we’re all fairly equal and some people’s talents skew them in the direction of merely seeming bright.)

        I’m fairly certain that we’re at the Innovator or Early Adopter end of the Diffusion of Innovation curve.

        We also seem to be data hounds. (I think Daniel may currently hold the record for that, at this website. LOL)

        It’s easy to get off-topic with this, but our commonalities might be important. Surveys have shown some consistencies, like the high rate of reported tinnitus. However, that 20-ish percent still isn’t a majority.)

        The question comes back to whether or not we’re experiencing more of the Mandela Effect than others — meaning we have more, valid, alternate memories than the average person — or whether we simply notice them more and are willing to talk about them, or both.

        1. I am not good at tests like mensa i get distracted and fail, both my parents were/are high level iq’s, I like the term data hound, but am a researcher, I remember facts more than memories, I was always the go to person if anyone needed advice, because i “KNOW” everything.

          I used to have a speech problem, words would get jumbled from my head to my mouth, it would sound ok to me but it made little sense. with that speech problem i had reading problems not so much understanding but being able to speak about it. mum, dad and brother taught me, and i have become good at words, except when i am stressed or angry or upset then i start stammering and stuttering and put pauses in sentences as if i am trying to recall a word.. Because i used to have that problem words are important to me, (even now i mispronouce some words, and i have have to concentrate to say one right, i Deliberately, I find it hard not to say Deriberately plus i always say drawing as drawring. whether thats a marker as well.)

          1. Drawring… yes! I said it that way for a very long time — definitely until I was around 20 years old — until someone teased me about it enough that I consciously changed how I said it.

        2. Fiona,
          I agree with your post, there are SO many variables, and a few things some of us seem to share. I am not talking about the memories—–just us in general. Being a “data-hound” LOL, I have always had the problem of trying to classify and arrange things my whole life, which is why the ME phenomena frustrated me for so long ,I think. I like hard facts , it make’s things “safe” to me. And when I can’t fit the round piece in the square hole, I become obsessed. I just can’t stop trying to figure out why.

          I do think the data we have could be skewed. I mean no generation had the ability to communicate as fast as we can in the last 15-20 years. So we notice a ME, and it’s talked about quickly. Your last paragraph is very good, I flip back and forth which it might be all the time. But, then I think, does it really matter??? It IS happening (the ME), either way. Mike H.

        3. Well thats interesting… I’m not going to say I’m highly intelligent but my iq was tested at 155… I’m not in mensa but I think that’s fascinating observation none the less. My typing is poor as I’m always on my tablet and it loves to autocorrect… so I may not seem smart lol I consider myself to have a lot of common sense tho.

          1. ayla, depending on the test used, an IQ of 155 puts you in the top 2% and qualifies for Mensa. While some take their Mensa membership seriously, most members I’ve met have a sense of humor about it, and don’t flaunt their membership as if it makes them elite. (Or 1337. Or whatever. LOL) We have something in common, but — aside from a knack for scoring well on IQ-related tests — we’re not sure what it is.

            1. Oh ya I know I qualify … they send me stuff still all the time… I just have my own personal reasons for not doing it… they’ve been hitting me up for over twenty years when I first took my ACT. Special interest groups scare me lol.

            2. I wasn’t going to say anything on the IQ topic. But over the years I have tested between 145-150 on the tests. I never put much stock in them. I even had a high school counselor yell at me once saying “I would never amount to anything, if I didn’t apply myself”. He was right. Now that sounds harsh but he was scolding me because my ACT/SAT scores were at the very top in a few categories, and my HS grades were all over the place. He asked me why??? And I honestly told him, “I just don’t like some of them” LOL. He actually made an impression on me , I realize in this day and age , he wouldn’t have a job. But too me, back then , he was doing his job well. I actually had that problem all through school, if I liked it I did well, if didn’t, it showed—usually pretty obviously.
              I am not knocking anyone who has a high IQ by any means—-this site has TONS of very intelligent people. But I am of the opinion that there are many types of intelligence, and its really hard to measure, or put numbers on some of them. Mike H.

    2. Chaoskitty, I agree with Mike H: That’s an interesting point.

      However, I’ll add a slightly contrary thought. Most of these memories are from the mid-20th century to the present day, with a large number from the 21st century. While we have the occasional, earlier reference such as Agatha Christie’s 1926 disappearance and the Lindbergh baby’s tragic death in 1932, we don’t have much prior to that.

      Did alternate memories not occur then?

      Well, yes, few visitors to this site — or anyone we can talk with — have clear, reliable memories from the early 20th century. When a relative rambles about an event “everyone knows” never happened (or happened differently), it’s easy to chalk it up to old age. (This is part of a topic I want to write about — how Mandela Effect might affect family and social dynamics, not just related to old age.)

      My point is: we don’t have the kind of data we need to know how prevalent alternate memories were, in the past. Most visitors to this site represent a young (or youthful-thinking) demographic. So, it might simply appear that these memories are modern, pop culture, and childhood-related. (It’s the same issue we have with this site’s apparent focus on Western — especially American — references, and the English language: That matches the profile of many site visitors.)

      I don’t want to discount the possibility that ingrained, childhood memories seem the ones most vulnerable to change (or most obvious to us, anyway), but it’s important to keep an open mind about it, too. We’re drawing upon some heavily skewed data when we rely solely on first-person reports at this website.

      1. Fiona, India is at maximum possible distance from US,longitude wise though latitude is same,India has a bigger film industry than hollywood and is the largest democracy.Yet none of the ME kind of memories prevail, except for Sri lanka and Australia,many indians are bilingual that includes english and a derivative of sanskrit.Still, the only topic i am familiar with is Schulz,and i remember it without ‘t’.So the situation in India with 1.3 billion population should be perfect for feed back, but so far barring the 2 geographical anomalies none exist.

        1. Fascinating, Vivek! That raises questions about geographical connections to reality shifts, and whether there are more physical gateways in some regions.

          Since I’ve successfully used ley lines to predict locations where odd and paranormal activity will be reported, I have some theories. One is that proximity to certain locations (and perhaps “energy lines” or flows) predispose people to notice anomalies more. However, I’m not sure if that applies to the Mandela Effect, and — if I take the “vile vortices” map seriously ( — India should have a high percentage of reported anomalies.

          Odd, but I also have limited contextual, cultural references for India.

          Culturally, how readily will people in India speak about anomalies they observed? That is, is there an effort to “blend in” that would prevent most people from admitting to Mandela Effect memories?

          I’m not sure how many Americans would readily admit to believing in the Mandela Effect in a general social setting, but — online and with a fictional username — they’re more comfortable talking about these topics.

          But, if the same were true for India, I’d expect to see more regional reports here. (After all, nearly as many people in India report using the Internet as people in America. )

          Your insights are very helpful, Vivek, and I appreciate them!

  12. I’m just throwing this out there…it could be completely irrelevant but I feel like all information should be considered, even if it sounds absurd…Mr. Stain mentioned the year 2029. 2+0+2+9 = 13. We live in the year 2015. 13 years from 2015 is 2029. We all know 13 is a significant number and more often not for good reasons. Again, sorry if this is irrelevant I just thought it to be very interesting. Any thoughts? Please don’t hate me 🙂

  13. Fascinating proposition. Even if we consider Mr. Stain as perhaps not a Time Person traveler, many things would indicate what reality one was in – dates, stars, sun and moon/s, letter changes reversals, tv shows. It would comprise a reasonably precise map of different realities. can imagine a Slider (had to use that word) possessed of something akin to the tablet in Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, that operate independent of existing technological infrastructures, would be independently powered, and utilize advanced quantum computing to know where one is. Throw in tricorder like remote sensing capabilities, for testing atmosphere and soil, and you have a wonderful device for knowing where in the realities one is.

  14. I am very late to the party in this whole Mr. Stain conversation but did a little digging (starting on reddit) to find odd references to the year 2029. His mentioning the “awakening” may be a reference to predictions made by Ray Kurzweil in his books about artificial intelligence. This is my first time learning about this subject and do not know much about it to really debate it.

    Other references to the year is the “doomsday” asteroid, Apophis. His words don’t feel like that kind of doomsday shouter. I would read a little more into the Kurzweil stuff. Stain mentions cellphone use bringing our collapse, where Kurzweil predicts computers with consciousness. I’m not entirely comfortable saying maybe these people are time travelers and that is how they know such things, but that would be pretty neat!

    1. Meaghan, I agree about Mr. Stain not quite fitting “the sky is falling” profile of doomsday zealots. (I see a lot of those, and since most of them indulge in more self-serving religious/political rhetoric than I have time to edit out, I delete them. Mr. Stain’s comment was different.)

      Also, since I was at MIT, I have some clear memories of Kurzweil and his early research. If anyone is a time-traveler (now or in the future, returning to now), I’d believe him to be among them. At times, it seems like he’s had amazing clarity of vision. I definitely need to catch up on what he’s saying now. (Or then. LOL)

  15. I have read the phrase “Daylight Savings Time “, many times on this site in other threads. I realize the “current correct” saying is supposedly ( not to me , but who am I , lol) “Daylight Saving Time”. I am suggesting this as a possible marker. Drop daylight ( or not), the phrase is then “saving time” I feel this may be significant. Mike H.

  16. I feel Mr. Stain’s comment on Cell Phones being the main ingredient to societies collapse, is more closely related to people losing touch with physical stimulus. I’ve been battling this for months now. Do I deactivate Facebook or not? I’m tired of six or so people all sitting around with their noses in their phones. I often walk into that group and say, “thank god we have cell phones … otherwise we might have to talk to each other”. I get some laughs & some are in agreement, but most don’t even hear me.

    There are other interesting ideas in the latter part of this video, I found interesting and definxtly related.


    Happy NEW? Year!

    1. Anthony, I agree about cell/mobile phones. Seeing people on holiday at Disney World, but — as they walk — paying more attention to their phones than to the wonderful place they’re visiting… it’s troubling. It reminds me of Star Trek’s The Game.

      Regarding your comments, I agree as well. Some of them didn’t sound like you. (Don’t take it personally; I’ve seen others’ apparent comments that might be spoofs, too.)

      I’ve edited your original comment because I’d like not to reveal your new username, yet. Let’s see when/if “you” comment past the date that you mentioned.

      (Go ahead and start using the name you mentioned at the time you mentioned. Just avoid explaining — or giving obvious cues — that you’d commented as Anthony in the past.)

      I’m not oblivious to the possibility of efforts to manipulate the content & focus of this site via comments, spoofed or not. That’s among the reasons I’m considering a very radical change in comment policies. (Oh, I’ll still make big changes if the volume & content of comments don’t make a sharp turn in the direction of hard data points, very soon. That’s enough of a reason to revamp this site. However, it’s not the only reason.)

  17. Anthony and Fiona ,
    The cell phones (Internet ) in general has been bothering me for quite sometime. It’s actually turned into quite a monster, as much dis information as real. I agree, Mr. Stain may have meant , to put it bluntly , the phones are making us dumber, personally I agree.

    I actually almost PM’d Fiona to let her know I would still be around, but not as much. Over the years I believe I have wasted more and more time ( life) on the Internet. I’m trying to cut way down. I will still post , but only when relevant , which is a good thing anyway, LOL! I have tried it for a couple of days (which is much harder than people think), and actually ended up with much more “time”. Maybe Mr Stain meant something along “live in the moment “, use your own minds instead of blindly following whatever it ( the Internet says). I still want answers , so I will still be searching for the “truth” , no matter how much I post. And IF I ever find it, or something of importantance , Fiona will be the first to know, promise. Mike H.

  18. I am strongly bothered by the blatant change in Lucille Balls husband. Desi Arnaz? That’s not even a last name! It’s Desi Arnez, and always has been up until now. I felt almost a panic when the credits rolled and that alien A pops up.

    It seems that many E’s have be one A’s.

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