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sri-lanka-flagHas Sri Lanka moved?  It seems as if many people clearly recall Sri Lanka in a different location than where it is, now.  (See the Google map, below.)

Here’s what others have said in comments at this website:

Gurluas said:

I remember Ceylon(Sri Lanka) being directly south of India, not to the south-east.

This is a rough sketch of how I remember Ceylon’s location on the map.

Vivek narain said the following, in three separate comments:

1) By the way i zapped a most die hard cynic when i queried about his memory of sri lanka’s location and showed him the current map.

2) I have intertviewed 5 persons regarding the location of sri lanka(ceylon)and asked them to draw a map,all of them drew it as they remembered and it was far far downwards,further i asked them to draw a horizontal line touching the tip of india’s extremity,the line went over the sea, all clear… and all were cynics.

3) this sri lanka puzzle has reached the point of absurdity or rather insanity.Almost everybody remembers the country located further south beyond the tip of india.Being indian i have the advantage of getting genuine feed back,and the peculiarity of sri lanka is that india is the only neighbour and people in india are aware of this sensivity and are keen enough to notice the location.Please take this particular anomaly at top priority because i presume and know that nothing like this(the percentage of me too being 100 % ) has been in your or any other site.

At an article about changing geography, I’ve posted multiple maps of Ceylon and Sri Lanka. I’m not sure if they help, or add to the uncertainty.

Do you recall Sri Lanka in another location? Share your thoughts in comments, below this article.

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Photo credit: Vivek Chugh, India.

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  1. Dude I’m Sri Lankan too but living in the west and I even visited the country over the summer, but I clearly recall maps that show it differently and this article is tripping me out, even the inflight maps seemed to be off.

    1. I was shocked when I saw Google map showing the south east location! I remember it smaller in directly south !

  2. In 1985 I prepared a trip which went to India and Sri Lanka. In my preparations, I was going to Kerala, to fly to Colombo, because that was the closest town to leave India. Sri Lanka was at the bottom of India, not at the side. Looking at the present day maps I would have left from Madras if I was travelling today. It changed not sure when but it was not represented that way in 1985.

  3. Mr.Coogan should provide some tangible evidence like photos of kerala or whatever he can catch hold of.If what he says is true then the threshold that has been tantalizingly close to being crossed can be considered crossed and mandela effect vindicated.A relief for the community, though a cascading effect,if it happens,will be beyond fiona broome’s fledgling group to manage.

  4. i have spent my life looking at maps and atlases… this is the first time i have ever seen sri lanka in that position, it used to be SSE of India not SE and there was a ‘broken bridge’ of ‘stepping stones’ going from the tip of the jaffna peninsula to the southern tip of india

    1. Miss Lyly, thank you! It never crossed my mind to look for ancient maps like that. I’d been focusing on historical maps of known, modern land masses, as opposed to maps like this. (I feel pretty silly now, not even thinking of this.)

      Fiona Broome

  5. Scientists agree to some of the lemurian claims like madagascar being part of india,but the break up period of about 88 million yrs ago excludes humans or even primates,at that period dinosaurs ruled the world and mammals were still evolving like rats or bats,unless of course transdimensional humans crossed over casually from other universes, and that makes aliens redundant,but then aliens may as well be transdimensional entities.One creature other than homo sapiens that i favour as transdimensional is my favourite salamander.

  6. The southern sea of sri lanka has been identified as the region with the lowest gravitational pull in the world,say geologists.Scientists are unable to explain the anomaly.

  7. Regarding the location of Sri Lanka, a much simpler explanation exists. Take a look at some of the older versions of the board game RISK. Note the position of Sri Lanka on those maps and compare it to the position of Sri Lanka as drawn in the post and they’re a near match. Here’s an example of a RISK map showing the placement of Sri Lanka as being very similar to your map.

    I think that some of the other geography mismatches in the area might also be explained by the game. Some people have mentioned that they always thought Australia was a more round shape–many RISK maps round out the shape. Other people report remembering that New Zealand was northeast of Australia. Most RISK maps show it as being northeast.

    For example this map shows both the rounded Australia and the northeast New Zealand

    1. John, that’s a really good explanation that may explain some confusion. I’m always interested in reasonable explanations that aren’t easy to research online.

      I never played Risk and never even looked at the game, so it doesn’t apply to me. However, I can certainly see how easily someone else could have adopted that view of geography from repeatedly playing Risk.

      Good suggestion, thanks!

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. The only indoor games played in india are,ludo cards and carrom.If 50 out of 50 people remember differently something very much akin to mass hypnotism is afoot,and it’s definitely not a parlour game,it’s a different matter that people in india are stoic to the level of being fatalistic.

  8. So, after discovering this website about a week ago, i read most of the articles and comments. I swear this article just a few days ago was talking about Sri Lanka being due south of the tip of india but that some people remembered it being off to the southeast. Now its southeast??

  9. When I was 8 or 9 years old (this would have been 1996-1997) I remember my parents had a man come to our house to install a stove top. The man installing it explained to me that he was from Sri Lanka, a tiny island right below the tip of India. I actually went to the computer while he was there to look it up and have such a vivid memory of it being a small island directly UNDER India.

  10. Among historians the location of ravana’s lanka is an enduring riddle with many of them indicating central india as most probable. Wikipedia mentions that historian’s opinions are south of india as the location(same as mandela effect adherents).In google search the brief summary of various files all mention beyond south of india,not south east india,clearly south east has not yet entered the perceptions.An additional detail that people remember is that there were 3 small uninhabited islands between india and sri lanka.People remember mythology saying that rama built a bridge, but nobody remembers it being called adam’s bridge or rama setu,this is a phenomena that has suddenly appeared since the last 10 or so years.

  11. I very distinctly remember Sri Lanka not only being just about directly south of India, but also far more triangular, instead of the sesame seed shape that it actually should be. Speaking of geography, while I was looking at a map I also noticed I thought Korea was further south in relation to China (but in that case honestly I could just be mixing its location up with Thailand or Vietnam.) India’s pretty distinct though, there’s no other land mass I could be confusing it with.

  12. I remember sri lanka being WEST of India in the Indian Ocean, and New Zealand being north of Australia, when I was a kid. I used to play the video game uncharted waters:new horizons almost religiously, and this is where they were, and I would map them out in the game, I picked it up recently, and they moved.

  13. In 1998 I did travel by hitch-hiking across India, and I did seriously considered visit to Sri Lanka. So I remember that it was positioned exactly as on sketch you linked, and southern point was at 2°N, not 6°N like now

  14. I have read this and the article about the Berenstain Bears with great interest. My interest started on a very strange night on New Years Eve when my wife and I noticed strange glowing in the sky behind the clouds. I thought it was the Northern Lights, but no mention was made about it on the news. That same night my wife noticed our table appeared to be shrinking. Now the table edges are at least six inches further from the edge of the door, and from the computer on its other edge, than we remember it. I know that sounds crazy. I am not real familiar with where Sri Lanka is, but I do remember Berenstein Bears, not Berenstain Bears.
    One night years ago I saw the Montana state flag showing a yellow background with blue seal, even though it is the opposite.. The next day it looked normal. The only theory I have is we are going into a dimensional shift, and have been for some time. The reality of an alternate universe seems to be leaking into this one, and visa versa. I am a logical person, it is hard for me to believe. Perhaps that is what those lights were on New Years Eve when our table appeared to shrink. Honestly, I really don’ know.

    1. I agree about the dimensional shift. There are many things that don’t seem right and for the longest time I thought it was just me, but reading these comments I’ve come to realize that something is collectively going on with our reality. Have you ever said or have seen a word that you know you should recognize, but suddenly it feels foreign?

    1. Surely, though, a different projection would still show the landmasses and islands in their correct positions relative to each other? I mean, it wouldn’t cause an entire island to appear to be hundreds of miles to the east of the tip of India instead of directly underneath it, or vise-versa. They might both look distorted, but not completely out of relation to one another.

  15. Well, there is a story here that Sri Lanka ones was a big country, 10 or 15 times current land size and it sinked in sea and came to current land size. May be in a alternate reality land is still intact. Like that old map.

      1. The topic is taking a 90 degrees turn towards genetic memory,a fit case for researchers baffled with dna code that doesn’t add upto meaningful utility of apparently surplus gibberish.Like a hard disc that contains diagrams and texts of obsolete technology of mid 20th century.

  16. It seems I have 2 memories of a different position for Sri Lanka: one where it is almost due south of India with the stepping stones and an earlier one where it was to the SSW of India. Does this indicate a drifting of the island in the time stream? Sri Lanka does have the highest concentration and variety of gem quality crystals and stones and I have noticed these to exhibit strange qualities of disappearing and reappearing years later in places they could not possibly have been.

  17. I find this to be very intriguing. I’m actually half sri lankan and though I’m not directly tied into the culture, I specifically remember memories of me asking my dad “Where is Sri Lanka?” and he would reply “just south of India.” Another account of me remembering it was south was when I was doing my country report in jr high on Sri Lanka which was about 2006 and I vividly remember Sri Lanka being more south west of it’s current placement… What are the similarities between all of us who share these memories is the underlying question behind all of this.

  18. Just look at……now all those who remered sri lankas old location can find piece of mind….also this can help us understand why some remeber certain things while other dont…theres something about this game thats uneffected by the dimensional shift….lastly maybe were asking the wrong question….why are these things changing what is the significance surley it has more effect on our timeline than we realize….something happen in the other dimension so signifcant that although we cant remeber the event we can remeber small things about the event…this applies to most mandel effect concepts includibg mandela…why is his life so significant someone had to make sure he didnt die in prision

    1. Some patsies are indispensable for the order of the things,i would rather stay unknown than be a pawn in the game of chess,for i have no illusion that i am an Alice towering over pack of cards.ME is overflowing with neo celebrities playing into the hands of celestial geeks who are manipulating and tantalizing the slobs with an extra 2 decades of substandard existence.

      1. Ah, Vivek… Beneath your sometimes cynical-sounding words, you convey interesting concepts. I really do enjoy them, but also hope your heartache diminishes and your optimism and hope are restored, soon.

  19. This is very weir. I remember clearly the location of Sri Lanka to be under the tip of India, a little to the east but definitely not as pronounced as this current map. I watched a film just a few years ago where Indian myths were animated and they told the story of Sita and how she dropped jewels while being kidnapped and taken to Lanka (now Sri Lanka), the jewels became the stepping stones, or tiny islands that connect Sri Lanka to India. The positions were shown just as people here remember them, with Sri Lanka south of the mainland with a chain of small islands between it and india.

    This isn’t some half remembered, hazy idea of geography I had that is incorrect, this is very clear in my mind!

  20. Was talking to a friend about georgrany changes and he was saying its probably due to technology and satellite having better imaging and mapping now fixing inaccurate old maps. However looking at all the old map images, they look pretty similar to what is shown now.

    The map of the world was much different when I was growing up. Mongolia was not a country. Korea never, ever, shared a border with Russia. It was a peninsula sticking out of china near fujiwan, where Taiwan is now. Japn was not as elongated and was much further south if Korea. Australia was much much firth south, all by itself as a continent surrounded by the sea. Indiawas much much larger. Brazil was never almost half the continent if south America. Alaska was never that large either, alaska was just bare,y bigger than texas.

    Moon was never so bright or absent be seen in daylight so easily. Payless Shoes was never shoe source, jc penny not jc Penney .

    Really need a logical explanation. How can the geography change so drastically? Did we “slide” into another world during our sleep? I can’t understand how this is won possible.

  21. Im a 30yr old sri lankan. and we as kids always drew our country directly south of india.. hmm.. if you draw a vertical line across the southern most point of india on the current map it crosses just above the center Of sri lanka!!! which i never remember… jaffna was like the closest to india..

    1. You mean horizontal line,do you still live in Sri Lanka ? if not,since how many years have you been away?.Please tell, this may be important.

  22. I too vividly remember srilanka at south… this is totally weird… first thing i am going to do when i visit my home next year is to check my old school textbooks for the maps.

  23. This is really strange…I was reading through this a couple days ago and the whole thread was about how Sri Lanka was now directly South of India instead of SE. I immediately called my mom and she couldn’t decide but thought of it as a teardrop maybe slightly East. Then I’m reading through again and the conversation has flipped…that it is now SE instead of South. And I noticed someone else said the same thing happened to him (Brain) but that was months ago.

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