Some Research Ideas

Halloween is on the horizon. Once again my “day job” is my top priority. Between now and the end of 2017, I’m pausing my Mandela Effect research.

ResearchBut frankly, I’ve been overwhelmed in my search for patterns related to the Mandela Effect. The data points seem almost infinite.

Maybe you can do better.

Patterns to Research

The following are just some of many patterns you could explore. I’m not certain that any of them have merit, but — for serious Mandela Effect enthusiasts — they might suggest starting points for your research.

  • The time between the actual event, and when you (and others) thought it happened. That is, are the gaps consistent? For example, if people recall John Doe dying in 1998 but he actually died in 2013, that’s a 15-year gap. Do other alt/real combinations have similar gaps? Do specific kinds (categories) of alt/real memories have category-specific time gaps between them?
  • Also related to time: if it’s possible to separate new reports from the trending/contagion that follows, do you see any patterns to when those new reports emerge? For example, are there lots of product reports at one time, and then a spate of celebrity-related alternate memories? (Connecting the dots, I’d include “six degree” types of connections, and not just among people, but also related locations.)
  • Spelling patterns such as the letters indicated by Mr. Stain. I’d look at all names (people, products, locations, etc.) with unexplained spelling changes.
  • Especially connected to products, countries’ flags and banners, and so on, look for color patterns.
  • Likewise, number patterns starting with (but not limited to) the years mentioned in anomalous reports.
  • I’m not sure there’s any way to analyze ley lines, more than already explored. However, someone — with more time and dedication to this — might find fresh ways to study this, geographically. (I’m not sure it’s worthwhile plotting these locations in relation to the CERN grid. But, if you think that CERN’s activity may be part of the Mandela Effect, that grid should probably be checked.)
  • Similar to the idea above, I’m not sure if anyone has correlated Mandela Effect events (or reports) with activity at other particle accelerators, or looked for related patterns and ley lines.
  • Biological similarities (among those with alternate memories) were never fully studied, at this site. (I’m not sure if that’s been taken up at Reddit or other forums.) The initial question was: do those with multiple alternate memories share features such as a certain blood type, a particular astrological sign, a certain ancestry/DNA, etc.

What’s Reliable?

When analyzing reports at this website, I recommend limiting your data to the earliest comments and articles. For reasons I’ve discussed in the past, I’m not as certain of the reliability of comments posted after early 2015.

Short explanation: After this site gained widespread attention (around the time George Takei started talking about the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears issue), an increasing number of comments seemed odd.

For a while, I approved them anyway. But, when the relative number of those odd comments continued increasing, I became uneasy about the unusual IP numbers — curious locations relative to the reports, and how often some were used to spam this site.

(I’m still not sure why they bothered, but I’ve never grokked the purpose of most spam, anyway.)

I also became suspicious of typos repeated through comments that seemed to come from different IPs, using different usernames, and so on.

(Initially, I tried to correct those typos to save the commenters embarrassment or sarcastic replies. Later, I didn’t have time for that, or to check for spoofed IPs. So, don’t limit your raised eyebrow moments to comments that otherwise look fine. I might have “corrected” those comments to fix what I thought were spelling errors.)

Eventually, in the interest of saving time, I deleted new comments that seemed to raise red flags. Almost all of them were nonsensical, snarky, repetitive, or — even worse — harped upon controversial themes such as religion or conspiracies.

(I’d always wanted this site to focus on the anomalies, with a secondary interest in any markers and mechanics of the Mandela Effect. For me, the initial questions were “is this real?” and then “how widespread is it?”  I’m still not ready to leap far ahead of those points.)

So, if you’re going to analyze comments, I recommend starting with Memories page 1, working forward (in time), until you notice things that seem especially non sequitur or raise an eyebrow. Generally, I think comments at and prior to Memories page 5 are the most reliable.

Of course, all outlying data points should be flagged, in case trolls & jokers were commenting earlier than I suspected.

Theories to Consider

If you’re analyzing theories & explanations, I think the most credible theories fit into one of three categories:

  • We’re in a holodeck, and the programming has glitches, like those that appear in Dr. Who or The Matrix, etc. Some events seem to repeat themselves, or appear “out of time.”
  • OR, we’re “sliding” from one reality to another. (That alt reality doesn’t have to be as dramatic as, say, Sliders, or The Man in the High Castle. Maybe the difference is a subtle as one reality having only monarch butterflies; unless you’re a lepidopterist, you might not even notice that.) So, in one or more realities, perhaps some events have already happened. They’re in the past. When you slide back into this reality, those events are still ahead, in the future, but everything else seems the same.
  • OR, it’s time travel. You briefly slip into a future time where you note several events happening. Then, you’re back in your own time (without realizing anything has changed), and “remember” some of those future events as if they’d already occurred.

Either of the latter two (sliding or time travel) could correlate with CERN or other particle accelerator activity. Or space launches. Or quirky experiments at the space station. Or something else altogether.

(Also, those three main theories aren’t mutually exclusive.)

You could also study dates to see if they coincide with things like flares at the Global Consciousness Dot. (That history is online. Some records include the locations of the eggs. You could see if some Mandela Effect anomalies are geographically related – either the event itself or the location/s of the largest group of people who suddenly remember an alternate memory.)

You might also look at report/comment dates in relation to things like the Full Moon. (Keep in mind: anecdotally, surges in accidents and other ER issues occur about two or three days after the Full Moon.)

And — going far out on a limb — there’s astrology, which is not literal in terms of science, but many attest to the behavior patterns it seems to predict. If you’re going to use this for data analysis, remember that all planetary Retrogrades (not just the infamous Mercury Retrogrades) involve revisiting past events.

Is that relevant? Could retrogrades highlight “memories” of events that haven’t happened yet? I’m just throwing it into the mix in case it intrigues anyone to travel down that quirky (and possibly unlikely) rabbit hole.

(And no, I don’t take all of this seriously. But I wouldn’t rule out anything that could lead to a useful discovery, even if it started from a “you’ve got to be kidding” premise.)

I hope this sparks your interest, and — perhaps working with others — you uncover fresh ways to analyze (or even predict) Mandela Effect anomalies.