Why This Site Is Changing

In 2010, this site featured “what if” conversations about the Mandela Effect. They were fun & speculative.

Then, more people learned about this site and, since 2015, I’ve struggled to maintain hosting that’s one step ahead of traffic surges.

By late 2017, the site was offline for hours – and sometimes days – at a time. That’s due to the Mandela Effect’s popularity as well as some DDoS attacks. (People either love or hate this website.)

By September 2019, after features in magazines such as Good Housekeeping and Readers Digest, this site was crashing an average of 1k times/day. Then, a movie used the Mandela Effect name (without contacting me), and that increased site traffic, too.

Yikes. I never expected any of this.

The costs

The next level of hosting would cost $399/month. And even that might not be enough.

I briefly looked at crowdfunding, but I’m not comfortable asking for funds that still might not keep the site online.

Advertising goes against my principals. I guess I’m a hippie at heart.

Meanwhile, this site has never been self-supporting. (To be clear: I don’t receive payment when a TV show or movie use the phrase “Mandela Effect,” even as the title.)

I’ve kept this website online because I feel strongly about authentic information remaining available.

People have offered to host the site for me. While that’s tremendously generous, I’m not sure they understand the risks.

The content

Also, I’m concerned about the integrity of the information on this site.

Regularly, a small number of mean-spirited people take my words (and others’) and twist them to suggest something that’s 180-degrees from the original intent. That’s not okay, but it’s out of my hands. (I shake my head, sigh, and feel sorry for them. I’m not sure why they feel so threatened by this topic.)

The immediate choices

As of late 2019, I faced two options:

1) Shrug when the site crashes, and hope the current hosting service is patient when their servers are flooded. And, if they shut down my account, this site could be offline permanently.


2) Place the content in multiple resources, so it’s available. Then, the original posts and comments remain intact and authentic. More people can learn the truth about the Mandela Effect.

The solution

Of course, I’ve chosen the second option. I’m implementing it in several phases.

Phase One

I’m putting parts of the site into books, starting with Kindle books.

Kindle Unlimited members can read them, free. And public libraries and friends can loan the book, since I’ve selected that Kindle option. (I’m trying to keep the information as free as possible.)

Meanwhile, the site is at risk of bigger and longer-lasting crashes. So, I’m rushing this as fast as I can. And putting the site in Maintenance Mode when I’m actively working on it.

Phase Two

Mandela Effect - Major Memories - comments 1
This is the first of the 15 books currently at Amazon. All 244 of the comments from pages 1a & 1b are in this book. It’s FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.

And, as the books become available, I’m removing some of the heavier bandwidth-munching webpages, starting with the Major Memories comments pages. Most of them were already 40,000 – 70,000 words long.

Readers had already asked me to turn them into books, so people could read them at their leisure and not lose their place if they stopped reading, mid-page.

Update: As of 29 Dec 2019, the first set of Kindle books is complete.  You can download them at Amazon.

Each of the 15 Major Memories comments pages are still online but now they’re shorter. If you’re just casually interested in the Mandela Effect, those comment pages should still give you the general idea of what was said.

If you’re fascinated by this topic, you’ll probably want to read the books.

Phase Three

After that, there will be printed books. I know some of my readers prefer printed books. (I do, too.) Also, libraries can own these books and share them with their patrons.

Phase Four

In the future, I may release some articles under a limited Creative Commons license, so website owners can share the original articles (but not the comments) on their own sites.

I’m still mulling that over, since the topic is being exploited by commercial projects.

Meanwhile, if you need to contact me, leave a comment at the FionaBroome.com site. I’m rarely able to reply, but I do read every comment.

Mostly, I appreciate your interest in my research and efforts to document the Mandela Effect.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Fiona Broome