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Recent and important updates about this website and its design, and anticipated changes


  • 8 Dec / It’s become increasingly likely that this site may be offline while the recent movie still has novelty appeal. I’m hoping that will involve just a few weeks, at most.
  • 7 Dec / I’m reeling from the exploitation of this research in the recent movie using the Mandela Effect name. (“Exploitation” is how the Hollywood Reporter described it, and I agree.) To date, the producers of that movie have had no communications with me, even to alert me that traffic might surge when the film was released.
  • 5 Dec / I’m facing the likelihood that – over the next few weeks – this site may be offline more than it’s available. If this problem becomes much larger, I’ll put the site in Maintenance mode, and rush the content into books you can read, free, in Kindle Unlimited. So far, I’ve compiled and published 11 Major Memories books. There will be 15 books in that series.
  • 16 Nov / With nine Major Memories books in Kindle – where you can read them, free – I seem to be staying one step ahead of the popular websites linking to the Mandela Effect. The site is still crashing at least 100 times a day, but as I keep reducing the bandwidth (by compiling the comments in ebooks), this website remains online most of the time. As I keep working on this, that should improve.
  • 6 Nov / So far, I’ve copied six of the Major Memories – Comments pages and they’re in books you can read (free) in Kindle Unlimited.  Here’s a link to the first book in the series: Mandela Effect – Major Memories 1Reducing the number of comments by about 1k has helped this site crash less often, with even more unique visitors than a week ago. So, I’m pleased and will continue placing the comments into books. Frankly, they’re a lot easier to read. Webpages that can take hours to scroll through.
  • Mandela Effect - Major Memories - comments 1
    In this book, you can read 244 early, general comments from the “Major Memories” section. It’s FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.

    26 Oct / It’s time for me to address these long-term site issues.  That’s about data accessibility and historical integrity. (Confused? See Why This Site Is Changing.) I’ve chosen a four-step solution. First, finally compile books with the most important historical information, starting with the memories. Then, put my articles into books, as well. All of these will be free to read in Kindle Unlimited, and made available to public libraries. You can also loan the ebook to friends. And then reduce the amount of content at this site and reorganize it, so it uses less bandwidth.

  • 15 Oct / Site issues continue, as media coverage expands. In addition, a horror movie titled “The Mandela Effect,” will be in theatres in early December. (I have no connection with that film, and – until Google Alerts notified me – didn’t even realize about it.) This is likely to increase site traffic, perhaps dramatically.
  • 14 Sep  / I’m aware that the site crashes are becoming a problem. Though the Mandela Effect site is usually online, I’m seeing far more traffic spikes. Some weeks, the site crashes 1k times/day. With Halloween fast approaching – and that is my busiest time of year – I’m not sure that I can address this issue in the immediate future.
  • 28 Jul  / The email volume – people wanting to share their stories, and ask for my help – make it impossible for me to answer most of those emails. I apologize, and – to respond as best I can – I’ve started adding  Mandela Effect videos at YouTube. I’ll add others as time permits.
  • 28 May / This site continues crashing when it receives increased media attention. I’ll need to make a decision about this, later in the year. Meanwhile, summer is a busy research time for me. I apologize to those who are frustrated when they want to read about the Mandela Effect, but can’t reach the site. My best advice is to keep trying.
  • 11 Mar / After occasional traffic spikes crashed this site, I’ve increased the level of hosting. However, since this site has never been self-supporting, and I resist others’ urges to accept advertising, I’m facing a dilemma. I want the history of the Mandela Effect to remain online, unaltered. But, trusting someone else with this – especially people I’ve never met in real life, despite their generous offers – makes me uneasy.


  • Nov / After numerous site crashes and some DDoS issues, I’m moving the website to different, more powerful hosting, effective Jan 2019.
  • Jan / An X-Files episode has generated increased interest in this topic, so – intermittently – the site is crashing from increased topic.