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Sinbad - a genie
Photo courtesy Jerry Crawford.

This topic was first raised in August 2015, around the time that the Berenstein/Berenstain topic surged in popularity. So, it may have become lost in the Bears discussions.

David S. was the one who mentioned it. He said, “I’ve noticed weird examples of this for years. E.g. a movie with Sinbad where he plays a genie but the closest thing would be Kazaam with Shaq.”

David S. was correct, in a 2014 Q&A session, here’s what Sinbad said:

Sinbad, there is a large rumor/conspiracy going around that you played a genie in a movie in the 90’s similar to Shaq in Kazaam. Can you confirm or deny the existence of this supposed film? Thanks for the AMA!

but we all look alike

Several people replied to David’s comment, and I’ve moved their comments to this post, focusing specifically on the Sinbad movie.

Also, DbD had asked whether or not this Sinbad/Genie movie appeared (and then vanished) around the same time as the Looney Tunes/Toons change. It’s a good question.

Since I saw the movie in search results — and images from the movie, as well — when David S. commented (August 2015), I’m not sure the timing matches. If anyone else has both memories and can give a time frame, that could be useful.

Sinbad looks like a genie. To me, it’s not just the missing movie that’s odd… it’s that, in this reality, no one cast him as a genie, ever. It’s hard to imagine Hollywood not making good use of obvious casting and easy marketing.

UPDATE: This seems to be the same alternate memory being discussed in December 2016 as “Shazaam.”

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  1. How odd. I found this statement, “To me, it’s not just the missing movie that’s odd… it’s that, in this reality, no one cast him as a genie, ever.”to resonate with me. I can both picture and hear him as a genie. My mind could easily swap him out with Robin Williams from Aladdin.

    1. I remember sinbad being in a genie movie just before 1997 the year I got engaged. I remember The sinbad genie thing was around the sometime as Space Jams and the Shack movie. I remember this because my husband had a dream I left him for Shack. He was literally mad. I found it so sweet being jealous over a dream. I can remember listening to late night interviewers talking to Sinbad about the genie character he played. If he thought it would hurt or help his career. Things in the interviews was always along those lines. I can remember the movie poster. Sinbad in a purple genie costume standing next to a kid as Sinbad looked down like a side eyed look. I never seen the movie I thought it looked stupid. I personally at the time had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be a good movie. That he made a bad descion excepting the role. It felt it wouldn’t be long before he would just fade away. I can even remember around 1998 acters and talk shows mentioning how it hurt Sinbads career doing playing that genie role. I never sat down and gave the T.V my full attention then.My husband did. I can remember hearing the T.V talk about the Sinbad topic as I washed dishes and folded clothes. Ladies you know what I mean doing household stuff yet listening to T.V but not giving the T.V your full attention. That Sinbad Genie movie always gave me a confusing feeling of
      being lost. I can’t exspain it fully. It made me feel that way in the late 90s
      when I first began to hear of it as well as right now when I read this comment string. It’s a very strange feeling. This is really strange. Sometimes I remember the Space Jam movie coming out first then Sinbad Genie movie then Kazzam. Then other times I remember Sinbad genie then Kazzam then Soace Jams. This I can’t explain. That’s where the confusing feelings come from.

      1. I remember this around that time frame as well. I don’t think I remembered it around the time of Space Jam…but maybe a few years before.

      2. Does any one remember that thing Michael Jackson did in space? He was like.. running around in space ships and stuff? This is also a foggy memory for me…

        1. Angela, this could be a topic for another article. (Also, I’m wondering if you’re thinking of “Captain EO.”) Let’s stay focused on Sinbad as the star (or strong supporting actor) in a production where he was a genie.

      3. I too remember this movie poster, I even also remember seeing the movie. The title of the movie was literally called SINBAD with some other mumbo jumbo after like \” Sindbad man in the lamp \” or \” SINBAD and the wish .\” It took me a moment to recall it … but yes sure enough, exactly as she described the poster. At the time my family did a lot of shopping at blockbuster video and they always had recent movie posters. It\’s easy for me to ignore word based Mandela effects. However there are some i cannot ignore. They ring hard in my memories. Such as JC Penny and The berenstien bears . Sometimes i see something and my brain says. \” Oh that can just be confused \” and then others like JCpenny twist my stomach when i see it. YES ! i literally have the urge to vomit and that is when i know something is really wrong . I also recall the death of Nelson Mandela. Though i didn\’t think anything of it till his death in 2013 because i like many others thought he was dead. This is when i became aware I was not on the right timeline anymore – without ever googling the subject. Never witnessing his death on tv because i was too young, i was only aware of his death by the lasting political backlash. This subject fueling a heated conversation over his death in the mid 90s with a few buddy of mine whom didn\’t seem to disagree with the fact he died in prison yet but instead debated about the resulting political movements, nothing strange at that time… or in that time. I didn\’t become aware of the Mandela effect on a global level till recently. I silently kept to myself till i stumbled on the effect and even more strange… I agree with this .. and i am pretty much a total skeptic of all things. The poster rings vivid memories in my mind. We arnt talking about a commonly miss sung song and no i don\’t think shaq is sinbad. I live in the city of Detroit and we are 95% black this IS NOT some basic W.B. thing. He was standing … looking down at some kid.. arms crossed… like he was annoyed yet also amused to be in the service of this child. the back round poster was pure white. I even remember the detail of his pants being not just purple but and 2 shades of purple one shade matching a little fez hat. He looked stupid the movie ended his carrier. My mother also remembers this movie as SINBAD. The actors show was also just called SINBAD. I was somewhat a fan of his show.

        Is a movie so bad they would remove it from the fabric our reality , likely not or they would have removed \” cool as ice .\” I believe the time line i came from was a crappier world, almost as if this reality you get lied to less and sometimes the good guy wins. My old reality was a overly violent, a world the apartheid didn\’t end in 1994, a world that you legally call a bowl of sugar \”fruit\”. A world that made horrible movies like this one. I am not person of faith but if anything.. i should consider myself saved and demand my five tons of flax. SO PLEASE ! Rejoice ! for you have been taken and others left behind. Clearly I can remember my first girl friends telephone number to date by heart. I can remember the mothball smell the 3rd drawer in the chest of drawers in my grandmothers bedroom. I Don\’t just remember a conversation, i recall what the person was wearing, time of day, position of stance , general demeanor as well as tone of voice 10 years after the conversation. A photo memory is impossible but i do have an astounding memory. My IQ is slightly above average and have scored high specifically on memory tests. I am the person when you go to a wedding and we play the name game, actually remembers everyone\’s name and what they would bring on a trip to Paris .. Dont just trust your memories, trust your stomach.


      5. You’re exactly right with the dates! I remember that movie! I never sat and watched it but i wanted to see it badly.i remember the promo and advertising clear as day. I feel really stange as well…

    2. I don’t remember him in any movie as a genie, but rather I remember seeing a commercial where he was dressed in flashy Arab garb (complete with gold colored curled-toed shoes) dancing in front of a white backdrop to advertise a show he was in. Also, as I recall, he always wore colorful parachute pants and a vest over his shirt which seemed very genie-ish. I agree it is a wonder he was never casted as a genie.

      1. Thanks, Steven O’Brien. This is a little close to “you’re just confused” — see Comments for commenting guidelines — but I’m approving it because… well, maybe you’re the one who’s confused. Or even experiencing the Mandela Effect without realizing it.

        I’ve gone through the entire first page of Google Image Search for each the following phrases: “actor sinbad in genie costume,” “actor sinbad,” “actor sinbad commercial,” and even “actor sinbad parachute pants.” (The latter brought up far too many MC Hammer photos. LOL)

        I’ve not found any commercial or any image that matches your description. Can you link to the commercial, or a picture from it?

  2. I do remember that! Never saw the movie, but I have a distinct memory of the poster, Sinbad in a genie costume with his arms crossed over his chest. I think there was a kid standing next to him. I don’t recall the name of the movie. I would love to know if someone has it on VHS in their garage somewhere.

    1. I remember him saying”I’m not that kind of genie”and also complaining about his genie pants riding up if you know what I mean.

    2. YEEES! I REMEMBER THIS CLEARLY! I was looking for the name of this movie a few years back and googling ‘Sinbad, genie movie’ ‘Sinbad genie child’ Sinbad Disney movie’ (just in case it was a Disney movie) but never found anything about it. I even checked his wiki and found no such movie in his filmography. If I remember correctly, on the poster, do you remember him looking down at the child (or something like that)- either side eyeing or directly looking down; either way looking towards the child?

    3. Hey there, I’ve found something rather interesting in regards to your memory of the poster for this Sinbad genie movie, that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Check this out:
      It has the same crossed arms thing going on, just like the poster you and many others recall!

      I had to do some digging around, but I also managed to find it on Amazon. There is a more detailed description of it here than on the original website:

      I haven’t been able to find anything else connected to this potential ME event apart from this unfortunately. It could be just down to coincidence, but it’s intriguing nonetheless considering they actually called this genie charm ‘Sinbad’, when it probably wasn’t even necessary to give it a name to begin with. I’ll let everyone else decide what they make of this, and in the meantime I’ll keep an eye on these pages and see if they disappear or any details change on them…

      1. Connor, this is very interesting, since the name “Sinbad” came from legends — possibly appearing around 1637 — that reference a sailor, not a genie. (Ref: ) If the actor, Sinbad, never played the genie so many people recall (and the actor insists he never did), the Sinbad-genie connection seems odd. I’m still looking for this connection in pop culture, to explain it, but I’m not finding anything convincing.

        (Note to others: I delete all comments that insist we’re “just confused” and reference either Shaq or Robin Williams.)

        1. Fiona , for the people that think we are “confused”. Has anyone brought up the physical appearances of these three?? I mean cmon, Shaquille is 7ft 1 ,dark complexion, Sinbad is around 6ft4 and lighter complexion, and Robin Williams (seriously ??) about 5ft8 or 5ft 9 and Caucasian. I know the difference in the three (speaking for myself). But I thought I might point out the obvious. I know all about Shaq’s movie , Sinbads was different. Mike H.

  3. Personally, I remember walking by a tv and seeing a preview or commercial for this movie. It could have been 1 to 5 years ago. I asked about 20 people, “What was the name of the movie where Sinbad played a genie?” Approximately fifteen people said ‘Aladdin’ or ‘Aladdin’s Lamp’, but quickly became unsure. One said I was confusing it with the Disney cartoon, and that it was Robin Williams. The rest couldn’t remember the title but admitted they remember Sinbad staring in a movie as a genie.

    1. I have continued asking people what the name of this movie was. A new answer has emerged. From severs people (some I asked before and answered like I never asked them at all) … I have gotten ‘It was called SINBAD’…

    2. This comment almost makes me think that the slide happens the moment one hears the different memory and not in the past – for that person.

      1. Another Nancy. You have cornered a topic I’ve been looking to write about. Well, more accurately that feel I may have experienced and was pondering.

        I was sitting in a bar and discussing the Mandela Effect with a person I did not know … (seems to happen when I drink) … She took my mini quiz and answered most of the questions as if this was her original dimension. Mirror, mirror and Life IS a box of chocolates being ones she knew and then became unsure. And then I remembered one I forgot and asked. “The tv show with the four girls in NY city … “. Before I could finish she responded, “Sex IN the City”. I asked her to repeat it and she did. She then said, ” I am 100% sure of that one as I watch it every night before bed. Its programed on my tv and my phone. Its my favorite show, I know that one for a fact.” So I told her to look it up. Well, she then starred at her phone for a good while, shocked in disbelief. Looked at me strange. And back to her phone. Silence for 20 minutes at least as she scrambled through her phone. Then, “What’s going on? Its not on my phone! Its not here and looks as though it never was. Google says AND. That’s not right.” Her demeanor changed and she said, ” It will always be Sex IN the City for me.” Every once I awhile I run onto her and she’s all for chatting about it but becomes disconnected, if that’s the right word, as I’m sure she’s having a tough time wrapping her head around the possible explanations, I’ve suggested. Although I gave her this site to read … I believe she’ll get to it when she’s ready.

        I guess I’m saying that when a person hits an Effect that they are absolutely sure of, the Wall comes down and then its basically up to that person on how far down the rabbit hole they should go.

        1. Anthony, a wonderful story. and a good summary of what seems to be a common psychological process of an ME newbie first “awakening” to the strangeness of reality. I know I went through a similar process as your bar friend. The quote “You have taken your first step into a larger world” comes to mind.

        2. The same thing happened to me with this. I kinda had a freak out moment when I learned about Charlie Schultz., the peanuts cartoon creator’s name is now Charlie Schulz. And when I found out Pete Townsend of “The Who” is now TownsHend. My Ai keyboard didn’t even come up with the predictive text for the word TownsHend. And if you see here, the H was capitalized automatically because it doesn’t even make sense spelled like that. . It’s too hard to find anyone else who takes this seriously in my real life and I’ve been accused of being crazy and almost being admitted to the looney bin. No pun intended.

      2. Another Nancy, that makes a LOT of sense. I believe Mandela Effects are a consequence of quantum mechanics, and in quantum mechanics, facts about the universe (quantum states) do not settle into one answer or another until someone makes a “measurement” aka an observation. In ordinary human experience, hearing or reading a fact (if you believe that fact) is an observation. And so each of us has an individual universe – each with our own unique combination of facts about our universe. We can only interact with others to the extent that our facts match. If we discover that our facts conflict, then one or the other of us must be proven “wrong” so that we can remain in the same universe. If I am the one that’s “wrong” and pass it off with “oh, I guess I was mistaken” then nothing happens. But if I don’t fully accept the change, then I experience a Mandela Effect.

          1. Thanks Fiona. Another Nancy’s simple idea that we shift at the moment of learning that someone else’s facts disagree with ours is brilliant, an epiphany that opened floodgates for me, a crucial missing piece of a puzzle. With this, many thoughts on the subject crystallized. The theory I outlined above fits well with well-accepted quantum theory (as I understand it), except where they diverge on a few crucial points. Let me try to unpack those previously unstated assumptions/hypotheses.

            First, I am assuming that quantum effects do indeed “scale up” from the subatomic scale into our ordinary world. This is not a new idea, it’s what Schrodinger’s Cat is all about, but not all scientists buy that this really happens – indeed Schrodinger himself imagined the cat experiment in order to demonstrate why quantum theory was absurd.

            Second, I am assuming that quantum measurements/observations are not necessarily the same for all observers. This is also not a new idea, it’s the basis of the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, and even more to the point, it’s the basis of the related Many Minds interpretation. Again, this is an old idea but far from universally accepted.

            Third I am assuming that measurements/observations are not necessarily permanent and unchanging. Quantum science, indeed all science just implicitly assumes that once a measurement/observation is made by a certain individual, that is the truth forever afterward (at least for that individual). You might repeat the same kind of observation at a later time, but the previous observation still stands in the records, at least for you: it cannot change retroactively.

            This hypothesis seem to be completely new to physics, though it has been implicitly floating around in lots of speculative fiction for decades at least. It follows from the assumptions that a. the Mandela Effect is real, and b. that it has a cause in quantum physics. (But, the Quantum Eraser experiments I have linked in previous comments certainly hint in this direction.)

            Fourth, taking Another Nancy’s idea and running with it, I’m now also hypothesizing that a quantum reality shift (a retroactive change in someone’s in previous observations) is immediately forced on one party or the other whenever two or more people compare notes and discover an unresolvable contradiction in their observations. (That might not be the *only* way or reason that a quantum reality shift occurs.)

            Fifth, I’m hypothesizing that quantum reality shifts happen all the time, to everyone, and always have. The vast majority of these reality shifts either go unnoticed, or have normally been accepted as simple memory errors. But when someone both notices a reality shift and refuses to simply pass it off as a memory error, then that person experiences a Mandela Effect.

            I could go further and hypothesize (as others here have mentioned) that the rise of the internet has indeed caused a tremendous increase in shifting in the past few years because it has allowed people to discover contradictions in their knowledge at an unprecedented rate. Maybe a critical mass of such reality shifts has been reached such that people are more likely to a. notice them and b. refuse to accept that so many changes could be just memory lapses, and c. realize that they are not alone and are less afraid to admit to ME experiences. Thus the current, gradual rise of ME into popular awareness.

            Obviously, this still leaves lots of unanswered questions, like how is it determined who gets shifted to another reality and who stays behind? How is society going to change if and when ME becomes commonly accepted? And of course, can we somehow control the process?

        1. Dan,
          That theory feels so right to me. It feels like a missing piece to this Mandella Effect for me. I have thought very long and very hard about what we all are going through. At times it feels as if I am slipping my grip on what I have always preseved reality to be. I am just now learning to except that most likely none of us truly know the nature of what are reality is, and the changes its capable of creating. My older sister says those of us that are experiencing the Mandela Effect are acending. That there are many realities, they are arranged in layers one on top of each other. As we ascend we slid into another layer of reality. As we fade through these layers we can be in both for a short time. When you are in the process of this acention it’s common to feel a little lost and alone.

          1. Tanny, I’m glad my theories resonate with you, especially if it helps you to feel comfortable with these difficult new concepts. Working toward understanding it can help us accept and welcome what’s happening rather than fear it. Your older sister seems wise. You can certainly look at it as a sort of ascension if you like, when we all gradually wake up and realize that reality is not at all how we have always been taught and believed. It’s a bigger, better, grander reality than we ever dreamed, that much is clear already. We still have a lot to learn about it. It will be a grand adventure. Enjoy the ride!

  4. This also resonates with my memory. If you had asked me if he ever played the part of a genie I would have told you that he did but no clue what the movie was called. This is really weird. While I do have a rather vague mental image of him dressed as a genie, I don’t really have anything else to go with it. No other actors, quotes from the movie or anything.

  5. Sorry for the double post, after I submitted it I sat and stared at the picture you used for this thread and I got the nagging feeling that this was real. He did get cast to play the part of a genie. So off I went to Google and found the first link to be to Reddit’s thread for this exact memory ( ) This was posted 5 months ago. One of the people that answered to the post shared a link to Yahoo Answers with the question and the “Best Answer” from 6 YEARS AGO!

    The person that made that post became a member to Yahoo Answers in ’08. And I snooped into their posting history and found that the poster is a female, depending on her b-day 29/30 when she asked that question. This person is 10 years older than I am. I was born in ’89 which makes her birth year ’79. And I’m assuming we’re all agreeing that this took place in the ’90s at some point. Because that’s the “look” my memory has of him as genie. So she was a young adult that either saw the trailer for the movie or watched it and was trying to remember the title when she posted the question. (

    So…6 years ago this was asked to the internet. She noticed a “glitch in the matrix” asked about it and then went on with her life not knowing that she hit the nail on the head.

  6. Oh, this is an easy one! Sinbad was in a similar movie, where he was a positive role model in the life of another ten year old kid. Only, this movie focused on Sinbad being a part of the secret service. I believe it’s called First Kid.

    1. Joe, I’m not seeing this as “easy.” In fact, it reads more like “you’re just confused.”

      For me — and I think I speak for many people — Sinbad playing a positive role model is not the same as him playing a genie.

      Unless I missed a scene in “First Kid” (and I did just check Google Images for the movie), Sinbad was generally in a suit and tie. He wore casual clothing in a few scenes. None that I recall with him in genie garb, or in full “genie” mode. I see no room for confusion there.

      And, in case anyone else posts something similar: we’re not mixing him up with Shaq, and not with Robin Williams, either.

  7. Guess I’m gonna weigh in on this. If anyone ever asked me if Sinbad played a genie in a movie , I would have said yes. I swear it would have been 95-96 timeframe. I even remember seeing movie posters. And as others have said, it wasn’t Robin Williams or Shaq that I have mixed up. It was Sinbad. Beverlady and Wrenlet have some good information posted. 6 years ago, that’s the time I noticed a lot of changes happening. Late fall 2009 onward. Mike H.

  8. I distinctly remember that too. I don\’t think I saw it but I remember seeing him with his arms crossed and the kid standing with him and his arms crossed and they were back to back. I think his shirt was orange and his vest, hat and shoes were purple.

  9. Just asked my husband if he remembers it and he did! He doesn’t really believe in the Mandela effect but I didn’t tell him that’s why I asked him lol

  10. The shift occurred on December 21, 2008; not 2012 as suspected and predicted… Why? Because the whole Gregorian Calendar was altered seripticiously in the 1st Century and for instance Jesus real birth was 4 B.C., so our Calendar is 4 years behind Astronomical references. The Shift caused alternate realities to synchronize and thus “The Mandela Effect” on Dec 21, 2008, 4 years prior to its expected arrival. Peace.

    1. Bob, can you give us a link or two, to see how this is calculated?

      The Gregorian-to-Mayan calendar calculator I used ( ) seems to place 21 Dec 2012 very solidly at Long Count (baktun) 13.

      I’m concerned that I know just enough about this to be dangerous… or at least gullible. (I looked at the Mayan Calendar Tools and was completely overwhelmed. LOL )

      I looked into the history of calendars, and — at first glance — that looks like a lengthy study. For example, I have the Roman to Julian calendar info ( and the Julian to Gregorian info (, but I’m not sure how to get from the Mayan calendar to the Gregorian, except with the online calculator.

      Is the converter flawed, and should I be using a different one?

    2. Any synchronization between the Mayan and European (Julian or Gregorian) calendars could only have occurred after the first contact between Europeans and the descendent’s of the Mayans in 1492. So even if there had been a “surreptitious change”, or even a simple error, in European calendars back in the first century it could not have affected anybody’s conversion between the Mayan and Julien/Gregorian calendars.

      Also, current the year numbering system could not have been changed in the first century because it did not yet exist. The current numbering system (Anno Domini or A.D.) did not begin until the sixth century (525 A.D.). All years between 1 and 524 are only called by those numbers historically, after they had already happened. The creator of the current year numbering system believed that it had been 525 years “since the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ” at the time he started it, although current belief is that he was incorrect and it had in fact been 529 years, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the synchronization of the Mayan and Julian/Gregorian calendars at some point after 1492.

  11. This has happened to me several times and one example that just came to mind was from the movie Tropic Thunder. When they are trying to plan towards the end I always remembered Robert Downey saying, “What’s up with the book script, script book? Spit that sh*t out man”. Now it is just “What’s up with the book script, spit that…”. I thought maybe it was just editing for the F/X channel version, but it was on HBO and it was still changed. I don’t see any reason to edit two lousy words when in actuality, when he delivers the line the original way its much funnier. Something is definitely strange regarding this theory.

  12. Hello,

    I can vaguely remember something about Sinbad and some Genie-like headwear, but I can say much more.

    I wanted to comment on other aspects of this, particularly Geographical changes, but that thread is closed. There is so much that I’m sure has changed and it has all hit me in the last 48 hours. It’s overwhelming.

    Is there a more open ended area to comment, or have you all essentially moved on from certain topics?

    1. For now, threads close after 45 days. Like this thread is already trending, people would leave comments about multiple topics, no matter what the subject of the article. Carrying on directly connected conversations became impossible. Moderating hundreds of long, random comments, daily…? It took hours.

      If you skim the over 10,000 comments at this site, particularly those left since August 2015, you’ll see what I mean.

      Now, all new memories are sent to me via email, and I update these articles (and add new ones) when I see compelling, new information.

      I have never participated in Reddit conversations, but I’ve heard good things about the Glitch in the Matrix sub-Reddit, and there’s at least one Mandela Effect sub-Reddit, as well. None are associated with this site (I’ve been here over five years) and I don’t post at them, but you may find topical threads there.

  13. I definitely remember a Sinbad movie where he was a genie and, like an earlier poster commented, complained about his parachute-style pants riding up on him. I didn’t even realize it was something that was in question. I distinctly remember watching it back around ’96 and can even picture his outfit. I even remember that at some point in the movie, she swiped the line from In Living Color and said “Genie don’t play dat.”

  14. I remember that movie! I used to watch it often as a kid, but I can’t remember the title. it took place in a city so it had that urban lonely city outcast vibe. I even remember that the genie on Aladdin was based on Sinbads genie from the movie. this is why the genie has earrings (can’t remember how many) this little factoid was on One Saturday Morning (Saturday morning cartoons on ABC, I think. Pepper Ann, Doug, Recess, etc.), which was “hosted” by the Aladdin genie

    1. WHOA… I REMEMBER THE EARRINGS! They were really over sized and funny looking on him. This was a film that did happen… So strange.

    2. I remember vaguely that it was Jonathan Brandis (Anyone remember him?) looking up at him…thought I could be wrong. BUT …I definitely remember this from a VHS rental place called KPS eventually becoming a Blockbusters back before I was around 12 i think…back in 96 or so but it was a movie from much earlier than the 90s. I remember seeing the cover of the VHS clearly as some of you have mentioned. Sinbad as a genie and for some reason Jonathan Brandis…who died at 27 in 2003.
      He was born in 1976…so he would have been 14 in 1990…which is around the age i remember him to be in the VHS cover…so what the hell…NO mention in imdb…and have tried searching for Sinbad’s movie since reading this thread….after Mandela’s memories.

      Im seriously intrigued and creeped out at the same time. Because of this…I want to remain anonymous. 🙁 sorry.

  15. I distinctly remember Sinbad as a genie. It sure if it was a movie or a show, but I can see him clearly wearing a purple and yellow genie costume. In fact, that’s the first image that pops into my head when I happen to think about him. It seems to be circa early 90s for me. He would have been doing standup and was on Different World at that time, so he was pretty popular.

  16. Yes! I remember this movie as well! Like most have said, it was in the mid 90’s, I remember it was at about the same time as Shaq’s Kazaam movie was out, and I remember thinking at the time that one movie had to be ripping off the other. I clearly remember two distinctly different movies. I don’t recall watching either of them though, only the previews and maybe caught bits and pieces if it was on TV. I think that was one of the only reason’s I knew who Sinbad the comedian was at the time, since I was only 11 or 12 when the movie was out and didn’t watch his TV show. I clearly can picture the movie poster or VHS box, and I remember like other people said, Sinbad standing back to back with a kid with their arms crossed and a lamp on the ground between them and the title underneath. For the life of me I can’t think of the name of the movie. I haven’t thought about this in 15+ years at least.

    I did find existence of a movie that seems to be a rip off of Kazaam and about the same time frame. But I don’t think that any of us are thinking of this movie.

  17. I remember this movie also. I saw someone posted online somewhere, just can’t remember where that the name of it is, “Shazaam.” Sounds right to me.

    1. Cat, I was thinking it was called Shazam as well, another reason why I thought Kazaam and Shazaam were ripping each other off.

  18. It was a TV show called “The sinbad show”. Ive confirmed this with my coworkers who remember the show but are baffled that they cant find evidence of the show ever existing.

      1. Thanks for checking, Mr. French. I’m in the midst of a busy couple of weeks, and I appreciate you taking the time to do something I should have done, myself.

  19. John O, I suspect the title of the movie is correct. Shazaam and Kazaam, sound alike, just like it would in alternate universes, if this is actually what is happening. It’s all confusing, that’s for sure.

    1. Shazaam is definitely the name I remember. I’m not completely sure if it came out first or if the two never actually existed together (Kazaam had been out awhile before I learned of it, whereas Shazaam hadn’t been out of theaters long before I saw it), but I very clearly recall thinking — upon learning of the latter — how silly that they were knocking off Shazaam with a basketball player in the lead instead of an actor, and decided against watching it. The movie was corny, but Sinbad was the best male genie character I’ve seen, and it was amusing. Now that it’s apparently not a real movie anymore I really want to rewatch it…

  20. I definitely remember this movie. I swear that the title was “Sinbad” there may have been an epitaph. For me the movie was a comedic version of Sinbad’s voyages. I don’t remember him being a genie per se, but I know I watched this movie. My remembrance is foggy but I clearly remember a scene with Sinbad in the Aladdin-type garb travelling with two kids(boy and girl) on a raft of sorts through a cavern.

  21. I do have to say, out of all my own personal Mendela Effects that I recall after finding out about this site, this one is the most freaky to me. I have kind of stepped away from this site to reflect on my memories and how maybe some memories were just my mind playing tricks, like reading words like Jif, Berenstain and Skechers wrong my whole life, or quoting movies wrong, or my geography being off, or a host of other things that I recall differently, but no, this movie very clearly existed in my memory and now all traces of it are gone. I’m at a loss, this one has really spooked me. I just don’t know how a fairly popular movie just vanishes from existence. This has made me a true believer that something just isn’t right in the world. I wonder if there is an alternate timeline somewhere where the movie Kazaam has vanished and people are discussing if Shaq was ever in a genie movie….

    1. Great whimsical question, John O! I, too, wonder if people in an another reality are wondering about their “alternate memories” that are commonplace to us.

  22. One possible explanation could be the Sinboo character from the Nickelodeon show All That, linked below. I can totally see someone misremembering him as looking more like a genie, as when I remembered the character, he was definitely more genie-like in my mind.

    Looking at it again, it doesn’t really resemble what anyone in the comments is describing, and I don’t share this “Sinbad as a genie” memory myself. I think it’s reasonable to say that there are a few people out there who might misremember Sinbad being in Kazaam rather than Shaq, but it wouldn’t be a large number, and I feel like they would remember things properly just by looking at the character. It’s possible that Sinbad could’ve appeared on another sketch comedy show dressed in something genie-like, but that would probably come up in searches, and people seem to distinctly remember this as a movie.

    1. Chesu, I looked at that video and agree: that guest appearance by Sinbad doesn’t resemble what people are describing.

      I also agree that a simple guest appearance wouldn’t be enough to “mis-remember” as a full-length movie. If it were that memorable, I think Sinbad would have mentioned it when asked directly about a genie-type movie.

  23. shazzan was a hanna barbera cartoon that featured a genie that sinbad would be the perfect casting option for if they had made a movie. therefore i suspect that shazzan may be title of the movie that this timeline/reality has unmade. does that name sound familiar? im not challenging anyones memories just suggesting the slight title variation.

    1. cretin, I agree that it could be a title that was unmade in this reality/timeline. The title — with an N — is odd, since the word has always been “shazam.” (The expression “shazam!” was invented by Captain Marvel comics in the 1940s. Ref: I’m not sure it was ferociously protected, but I did find that DC Comics has a U.S. trademark for “shazam” in comic books.)

  24. Fiona, I have a theory that what we all are experiencing is could be a government psy ops experiment implanting memories through the media we grew up watching. It would make sense because if they just do testing on pop culture memories it’s not something that people would be too concerned about to cause any riots over it. Over looking some of these things is easier for most people. The governments could try using this technology to change the whole belief system of society if the experiment was a success. I’m not sure if it’s what is happening but it’s a thought, cause I grew up watching far more tv than my husband and I have way more ME experiences than he does.

    1. Brittany, this wanders into conspiracy topics I’d like to avoid, for now. However, you’re not the first to suggest this, and I agree that some of what’s going on could be false and implanted memories. However, I’d be uneasy to attribute the possible coincidence of watching far more TV, as a cause for all ME memories. (See the hot air balloon article.)

    2. Interesting I just did a search on dogpile the imdb but its not actually on imdb.

      Kazaam (1996) – IMDb
      Internet Movie Database
      Rating: 2.8/10 – ‎19,484 votes
      Ill tempered Agent Woods is the secret service agent in … See full summary ». Director: David M. Evans. Stars: Sinbad, Brock Pierce, Blake Boyd. 3 Ninjas: High …
      ‎Full Cast & Crew – ‎Quotes – ‎Awards – ‎Trivia

  25. Oof, that was a trip.

    When I first saw this post “genie” was the strongest mental association I had with “Sinbad”. I didn’t know much about him because I was quite young during his prime and my parents didn’t like him for some reason. In fact, all I really knew was that he was in a genie movie I wasn’t allowed to see, and he was a comedian who’d had his own show for a while. When I first opened this post I could conjure up vivid images of him as a genie. I could even recall having seen advertisements for the movie, but now… I can’t. It’s all distorted, like it’s not my memories I’m seeing but just me trying to imagine what it might’ve been like based on the reports of others.

    When I realized the memories were getting foggy and distorted, I noticed I had a headache. A strange, foggy, kinda itchy headache spanning across the top of my head. Then suddenly the headache lifted and the area now feels very warm, like the kind of warmth you feel coming off of an injury (it actually feels warm and sore to the touch), and I can no longer conjure clear images of Sinbad as a genie. It’s just not there. I was so sure just a little while ago, and now it’s gone. It’s the strangest thing.

    It’s kinda funny though. I came to this site on a whim to check for updates because I had a thought that reminded me of ME. The thought was that maybe the past can change retroactively at any moment if something triggers it to do so. Now it seems such a thing has happened and my brain has expunged itself of the “wrong” memories.

  26. the name of the movie was literally called “Genie”. it slipped my mind for a minute because I’m not really a fan of bad movies, but I’m almost 100% certain that this was the name. Don’t know if its really a timeline thing or not.

  27. I remember when I was a kid waiting for a movie called Sinbad at around midday on a weekend thinking it was going to be about the sailor, cause around that time I liked Hercules, and Xena hardly watch sinbad TV show but I liked it & was excited hoping it was a movie version with the same actors,, but as soon as the movie came on I was like WTF that ain’t Sinbad lol I ended up watching the movie cause I knew there was another genie movie around the time “kazaam” & I thought im gonna compare the 2 one day and Kazaam ended up winning, Now especially since the other don’t exist lol but for sinbad the comedian to also say we got it wrong and it’s only cause he looks like Shaq thats just an insult. we can tell difference. [Edited.]

  28. I also remember Sinbad playing a genie..! I do not remember when this was. I want to say 1994 or 1995. So weird! I’m just now learning about the Mandela effect.

  29. So, I used to visit this site fairly often, many things resonate with me, although this topic – I’m sure you all know – is a bit mind bending, so I chose to stop visiting a while ago. Well the other night, I happened to visit this site and noticed the new format, much cleaner, nice! Anyways. The Sinbad thing kinda messed with me, and I even searched on Google “Sinbad genie,” which in the results page, the IMDB page that popped up was for Kazaam – starring Sinbad, and a couple other names I didn’t recognize. Click on the page… And none of those actors were anywhere in the cast listing, it was all the “correct” actors for that movie. So, I went back, typed in Sinbad+ the other two actors whose names showed up, and the movie they were all in together – wait for it – was First Kid. Strange, considering people have said that’s the movie that’s being confused here. Wait, there’s more! So today, I just happened to be watching American Dad, and I won’t explain the premise of the show, but basically the daughter Haley and Roger the alien are on a space ship of an alien species that collects and takes the bodies of various species around the world. Why does this matter? Oh, because for some reason, Sinbad is on the ship, but he’s not an alien, and he’s not collected like the other species the aliens collect… He’s just hanging out in like a body test tube thing, wearing a purple shirt, and the wispy lower body of a genie.

    So much more, and I understand if you edit this part because you would like to avoid the “conspiracy” aspect, but I have many reasons to believe this is connected to, for lack of a more concise and direct explanation, a psyop, think MK Ultra. I would love to chat about this.

    1. I couldn’t find your clip.. But mysteriously, I did find this one where he’s wearing the over sized golden hoops in his ears, and the purple outfit in American Dad. ONLY in the genie film did he EVER wear those over sized golden hoop earrings. So where did THESE GUYS get the idea from if it didn’t happen!?!?! Spontaneous? I think not.. I find it fascinating.. given the lyrics of this song which is almost all about a parallel reality. Very fascinating indeed. Seth McFarlene is not an idiot…

      1. I think I read somewhere that Sinbad has been in three different episodes. Interestingly enough, I’m watching American Dad right now and the tv literally glitched. It was a scene at night, with the whole screen black only showing the alarm clock numbers and I think a window or some other small non moving light – point being it was this still screen with only dialogue, and right at the end it sounded like it skipped, it was strange. I have noticed a ringing in my ears a lot more than normal lately as well… Could be nothing, but just a bit coincidental at least!

        1. Troy,
          That is an interesting comment about the tv glitch. I have had several experiences with glitches but not on tv, however on the radio.
          Over the past year or so, I have been listening to the radio on my long commutes to work and the radio will glitch mid-song. As if skipping a record and the song would repeat lyrics… This was not isolated, it happens on several stations and frequencies, in various songs. I’m not sure if it’s a message or something I need to pay attention to, it’s just very strange. I also almost always notice synchronicities.


  30. I’m kind of wondering if the people that “remember” a certain event also remember other events. Does anyone who remembers this phantom Sinbad movie also remember the “Great Pumpkin” arriving in the pumpkin patch? And conversely do those of us who only remember the “Snoopy” ending not know anything about the phantom Sinbad movie. Or, do people remember only one and not the other? I’m just wondering…if the memories are of a specific, different reality, do the events of that reality line up?

    Has anyone brought up the Star Wars (1977) movie anomaly yet? This one is personal to me…I -specifically- remember a scene where Luke and his friend Biggs talk on Tattooine, right at the beginning of the movie. I saw it in 1977, in the theatre. Many years later on USENET in 1996 I asked about this scene in one of the Star Wars newsgroups, where I was categorically shouted down that it was “impossible” and that the Biggs scenes were left on the cutting room floor. Keep in mind this was 1996 and long before YouTube existed, and long before Lucas started altering his own work with the “not so special” editions. There were no DVD extras..heck there were no DVDs.

    It was only recently that I came to realize that others remember seeing these scenes IN THE THEATRE back in 1977, that it wasn’t a figment of my young imagination (how could it be? How would I know who “Biggs” was if it was cut from the original release of the movie?)

    1. I’ve heard that the scene was cut, you can watch it online though. However, some have said that in some theaters the scene was left in, due to at the time limited copies of the film being produced, so some theaters got the original full length film sent to them and some got the cuts. Apparently that’s how things were done back then.

      1. KGF and John O, I need to find time to link to more existing comments. Many readers have reported missing and altered Star Wars scenes. One problem is — as John O mentioned — the movies (particularly the early ones) appeared with a variety of edits, at different times. (Here’s one that’s relevant: ) I’m not saying the scene wasn’t there, in this reality or in a parallel one, just that this is one of those memories that’s difficult to work with. What happened in this reality presents too much of a smokescreen.

        1. Hi Fiona:

          Here is a link to an article about the Luke and Biggs missing scene. They even make a point of saying that people claim to have seen this when it couldn’t have been done. It didn’t see the light of day until 1997!! The sound production hadn’t even been completed in 1977 for this particular scene…it literally was not finished:

          …and yet, I remember seeing it. In the theatre. And so do others. There’s no way that Nowhere, Ontario got the “rough editors cut.” So there it is…prior to 1997, this scene had NEVER been witnessed in it’s entirety by the public…so they say! Except for those of us who remember seeing it in 1977 that is…

          Just putting this out there. Sorry to flood the Sinbad section with Star Wars.

          1. Thanks, KGF! That’s good info, and — though it has side-tracked the Sinbad section more than I’d like — I’m glad you brought this to a good conclusion.

      2. That was always my thought as well, that perhaps there were some theatre cans that contained the missing scenes. But the same folks that swore up and down that the scenes were on the cutting room floor also swore up and down that no editions made it out with that scene in. Heh, especially where I lived in 1977…up in the cold north of Ontario in the middle of nowhere, it’s hard to imagine such a release even making it up there. I’ve never found any confirmation from LucasFilm that some releases of Star Wars were “different” and had these scenes.

        I know the scenes are on Youtube now. However I was asking about these scenes back in 1996 or so on USENET, long before Youtube even existed and long before any cut scenes had ever made it out of LucasFilm. At the time there were only VHS and LaserDisc releases available. The ONLY corroborating evidence I had was a Scholastic Star Wars “picture book” I got around 1977 as well…this also contained the Biggs & Luke picture from the phantom scene. I can’t find the darn book now. For years it was the only “evidence” I had that the scene existed….arguing with Star Wars fanatics about this scene was tiring…but these are the same people who can read the script from memory and they tell me “nope, the scene was never there.”

        1. KGF, that’s great evidence that you’d seen the scenes. And I know the futility of arguing with a dyed-in-the-wool fan with a closed mind. Anything that contradicts his/her understanding of the topic is a threat and Cannot Be Considered. (Add optional echo chamber for those last three words. LOL)

    2. I have to agree with KGF on this. I was an 11 year old kid the Summer “Star Wars” came out (in a small Mid-West town), I absolutely remember this scene. Back in those days, a movie like “Star Wars” stayed playing for months on end in a town like mine. I saw it a half dozen times that year. It was at the very beginning of the movie, I know I saw it. Now it’s not there, maybe John O. is right?? For whatever reason though, I know I saw it. Mike H.

      1. Here’s another curve ball for you…i was discussing this scene with my wife. I asked her what she remembered from Star Wars in 1977 and she mentioned an entire scene I never heard of, leaving me with my jaw on the floor…something where Biggs and Luke talk about “threading the needle” (where “the needle” is some kind of rock structure and Luke was the only pilot who ever flew through it).

        Google had very little to say about this outside of a mid-90’s game called “Shadow of the Empire.” My wife’s not a gamer, especially in the mid-90’s. Not sure where she got this from…does anyone else know of it?

      2. Oh and also I’d just like to comment with respect to the phantom Luke and Biggs scene…IF such a thing existed in 1977…IF a specific reel that made it into the theaters WITH this scene…it would be a collector’s rarity like no other. We would have HEARD of it in the 40 odd years since the movie was released. Collectors would be positively drooling over it.

        But there is nothing other than vehement denial! Consider the truly awful “Star Wars Holiday Special” that was televised…Lucas has tried to squash it out…no “original” copies appear to exist, but there are a lot of terrible bootlegs copied off of copies of VHS recordings. Why? Because it’s a rarity, no matter how awful. The Luke/Biggs scene, if it existed on a reel distributed to certain theaters would be a HUGE rarity. Fans and collectors would be talking about it instead of denying it exists!

        Just a thought…

  31. This is seriously tripping me out… Look, I can’t honestly say I REMEMBER it fully.. but, I remember it. I saw it.. Only, I can’t recall the title of it. It was Simbad, and yes, he WAS the genie.. You mean to tell me there is no record of this?? It’s strange, I feel like it happened on a parallel earth the more and more I mediate on it. I feel like my own memories have been tampered with. Yes, he, Simbad, was dressed up in a purple jeanie outfit if I do recall. In the early 90’s. I was in kindergarten. And I remember my best friend Sarah and I really liking it and talking about it. I am now 31.. Please elaborate on this??? I came to this website because I saw some one mention it on a David Wilcock video.. As I browsed your headlines, this one jumped out at me because I know its true. My memory isn’t faulty on this one.. I remember him in the outfit and even the expressions on his face, but it’s all a blur and like a dream now.. Very surreal trying to re-locate the memories in full.

  32. Has any one ever considered emailing or writing Sinbad’s Fan club, or other? Let’s find a contact address and ASK HIM DIRECTLY if he remembers this. now THAT would be worth investigating. He could at least tell us if he recalls dressing up as this for a single cameo or something.. The thing is.. I remember it being a movie and not just some clip off a show.

    1. Angela, he has replied to this in interviews. He’s said no. For him, it’s not a new topic. And “fan clubs” are often just fans, frequently unsupervised even when they are “official.”

      1. Some one mentioned above the large over sized gold earrings.. I remember that too. It was a purple outfit, even a little hat, and the large over sized gold hoops in his ears.. In the movie poster he was definitely looking down at a kid half his size, with his arms crossed, smiling I do believe… It was absolutely Simbad. This is making me want to check every child film I ever grew up on and seeing if anything is different or missing… Wow.

      2. You know, those were happy times. Very happy times indeed. I am beginning to wonder if those of us that remember this so vividly got off on some negative time line… I am dead serious. I remember the world was.. well, happier. Different. With a golden yellow sun. Not a white one that bleached out the entirety of the sky.. What if its WE, those who have all these ‘old’ recollections of geographical placements, shows, deaths, etc… WE who got off on a bad sort of time line…. I mean, look at the state of the world we live in now… I think I’m onto something….

        1. Angie, I agree that the past — whether in this reality or another — seems simpler and happier in many ways. And perhaps it was. Change is an awkward process for many of us, and our global society is definitely in a transition similar to what happened when the Industrial Revolution took hold.

          My personal philosophy (nothing I can support except for saying “this makes sense to me”) is that most realities have a similar sense of balance, good v. bad. So, for every not-so-good element in one reality, we’ll find a better-than-expected element.

          For example, in this reality: for all the awfulness in the news right now, we also have things like the breakthroughs in cancer treatment. Imagine, five or so years from now, a reality in which cancer is merely a short-term inconvenience. That outweighs a lot of the negative things we’re coping with at the moment.

          I won’t rule out a wholly negative reality that’s juxtaposed with a wholly positive reality. In theory, I suppose that’s possible. But, I think the majority of realities — at least the ones I may have been in long enough to get my bearings — have a fairly equal mix of bad & good.

  33. I definitely remember Sinbad playing a genie in a movie. I was a huge Sinbad fan as a kid. I remember the movie coming out in 1993 or 1994 though. I can’t remember the name of it, but I know I watched it several times. I’m actually kind of upset I can’t remember the name. He had big gold pants and hoop earrings. It was definitely a kids movie and was kind along the same lines as Aladdin.

  34. This has been bothering me for three days… I was totally unaware that this was even a Mandela Effect until randomly checking the articles page on this site. I have lurked a long time, but have never commented. I have not been to the site since the comments were temporarily closed after Bowie\’s death. This ME has shaken me up a bit, and I am still convinced I will find this movie somehow.

    When I first read about it, I had a very strange feeling. Initially I felt like I had way more information about the Sinbad genie movie in my head than I now feel that I have. I am left now with a lot of \”feelings\” about it that are not conclusive. It was like grasping at air as it flew away… However, the knowledge I retained seriously lined up with some of the comments I read after this realization. One thing I can for SURE remember is generally what the cover of the tape looked like in the rental store. I was shocked when I read other people remembering the same exact image as I did, yet it does not exist.

    I went to Hollywood Video/Blockbuster a LOT as a kid, and I remember seeing this tape a lot. We rented it at one point because I was obsessed with Aladdin and anything with a genie in it was prime for me. I remember the cover just as other people have described it. Sinbad had his arms crossed,wearing genie garb, back to back with a kid. Sinbad and the kid were giving each other the side eye. One thing I do not remember seeing mentioned though is that the background of the image was bright yellow, but I am not as positive about that.

    I am not confusing this with the Shaq movie which I also saw at some point. To test this theory, I watched a few scenes from Kazaam and it did not feel like the same thing to me. There is something specific about what Sinbad does with his eyes and face, and I can just vaguely see him in that genie outfit with his wide eyed sassy genie thing. I remember this movie coming out in the 90s and remaining on the shelves of blockbuster for many many years.

    Here is one additional bit that makes this stick out to me… I have never seen anything else with Sinbad in it in my entire life. I can\’t be confusing it with one of his other movies or shows. I have looked at his IMDB very thoroughly. I have never seen anything else of his. I am pretty positive of this fact.

    One thing someone mentioned remember was a funny line in the Sinbad movie about the genie pants riding up. I can\’t say for sure if this is something I remember, but once I read it, it came flooding back to me that I saw that in the trailers. However, I am not sure if this is just the power of suggestion or not. One thing I can say for sure is that my brain doesn\’t know what is up or down when it comes to this stuff. Human memory is so fascinating. I do inherently feel like I am not in the same place I started in dimension wise, but I do not have a lot of proof. I do know that things were not the same for me after I got hit by a car as a child.

  35. Two questions – Has anyone contacted any of the actors in question about their memories and more importantly, their feelings about the ME, particularly their roles we’re discussing? Tom Hanks would be my first choice of contact.
    And secondly, are we hearing about the ME in other countries/other languages? For example in the ‘Colombia/Columbia’ instance, the vowel sounds would be apparent in Spanish.

    1. Another Nancy, I’ve mentioned this before: Sinbad was asked about this, specifically, and says the movie never existed. And then he joked about being confused with Shaq or something.

      People reporting ME events in other languages are reporting them here, in English. You’d need to skim the Comments pages (thousands of comments) to find them, but they do exist.

      1. As far as i know,Sri lanka alternate location is the most striking ME,it resonates with islanders themselves which is not the case with Australia or NZ.

  36. I have been vaguely aware of the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears phenomenon for some time now, but only tonight have become aware of the Mandela Effect and it\\\’s apparently vast scope. I\\\’ve always been interested in quantum physics, alternate realities, etc. so I am happy to have finally become aware of all this. I\\\’ve spent hours reading about memories that I know to be true that now somehow never existed, and I have also read plenty that I cannot claim to remember, though I have no doubt others know them to be fact and I cannot dispute them. Now, in the hours of reading, I have tried as often as possible to recall my own memories with only the title of the thread serving as a reference point. I am shocked and amazed at how much detail so many of us can collectively recall about something that has no evidence in the current \\\’reality.\\\’ For example, I can clearly picture the painting of Henry the VIII holding an animal\\\’s leg at what looks like a banquet. I can see the clothing, the background, everything clear as day. I do not recognize any of the other paintings of him I have seen on Google, and in fact could only identify them as Henry the VIII from the reference point of seeing that one and only painting. The one that doesn\\\’t exist. I do not mean to stray to far from the topic of this thread, just wanted to give a little background before I share my (extremely strong) memory of Sinbad\\\’s genie flick.

    Before reading anyone\\\’s memories in the thread, I looked at the title \\\”Sinbad as a genie.\\\” Immediately I knew what the thread was talking about. Here is what I wrote on a scrap of paper before reading further:

    In the nineties there was a movie where Sinbad is a genie, he is with a young kid, and clearly owes the child wishes. Hi-jinks ensue. (Here\\\’s the part that really resonated for me) The cover of the box is a photo of Sinbad with his arms crossed, eyebrows raised, giving the kid a sarcastic look with his eyes. He is wearing curly pointed gold shoes and purple pants.

    So obviously when reading the other accounts, at least part of my memory seemed valid. I agree with the estimate of about 1995. It could very well have been a bit earlier, but 95 is a very safe estimate. I too have memories of seeing that same box cover every week for years. Every Friday my dad would get us a pizza and bring me to Blockbuster after dinner. This was a tradition that lasted at least 10 years in total from the start. I know that cover art so well after all those years browsing the aisles of Blockbuster and Hollywood video. I don\\\’t believe I\\\’ve ever seen the movie (at least not in it\\\’s entirety, perhaps I caught bits and pieces if it aired on television) but the genie pants wedgie and \\\’genie don\\\’t play that\\\’ are entirely plausible. I\\\’m not so sure that I know that from memory, more likely it\\\’s just obviously the type of humor a movie like this would have. I was 13 in 1995. I still watched kids movies now and then, and I\\\’m sure there are some I enjoyed, by this was not my kind of movie at that time. I had already been a big horror movie fan since before I was 10, and by 95 I was heavily into movies like Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction. I was quite familiar with Sinbad at that point too. I watched a lot of stand up comedy, and can still remember at least one special that I believe he filmed at least a few years prior to the genie movie. Aside from that, my sister and aunt had watched A Different World pretty regularly when that was airing. So there is no chance I would get Sinbad confused with Shaquille O\\\’Neal. On top of that, I have never followed sports at all. I\\\’m sure in his day I heard about Shaq secondhand, and I may have been vaguely aware of who he was, but no chance I\\\’d confuse the two. In fact I was unaware that Shaq ever acted in a similar role. Kazam is entirely unfamiliar to me. As I read the stories others had contributed I saw a few that seemed to lean towards the movie being called \\\’Sinbad\\\’ perhaps with a subtitle. That did not ring a bell for me. Further down, I came across a post that proposed Shazam as the title. As soon as I read it I felt quite sure that was the title! Another post agreed as well. After all this was in front of me, I started thinking that perhaps the box said something like \\\’Sinbad in\\\’ across the top, and \\\’Shazam: Wishes come true\\\’ on the bottom. This is a bit of speculation as only the image on the box is crisp in my mind. The text is not so clear, though I\\\’m pretty confident about the title Shazam. I actually think that in the timeline I recall, Sinbad was the star of Shazam, and there never was a Shaquille O\\\’Neal genie movie. I think whenever the slip occurred, the entire production slipped and became Kazam starring Shaq. There are probably many other differences between the films, but I suppose we\\\’ll never know.

    Thank you to Fiona for the inspiration for all of this, the input you share, and for all the work keeping this site going. And thanks to all who contribute for the theories and possible explanations, and just for being there. As fascinating and perplexing as this all is, it definitely comforts me to know there are others who remember the things I do and feel the way I do.

  37. It was called shazam, and he made cheeseburgers fall from the sky making huge Hills of them in a warehouse sinbad was the genie and shaq was not in it at all I watched it several times as a child.

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