September 22/23… a Strange Date?

22 SeptemberVery recently, visitors have commented about strangeness around September 22nd (not just one year, but many), and how some September 22nd events seem to cross over so it later looks as if they happened on the 23rd, and vice versa.

This is odd enough and coming from so many sources, with strong reference points, I’m starting an article about it, and moving some related comments here.

September 22nd is often the date of an equinox in the northern & southern hemispheres. As such, that makes it a “between” time, generally noted for anomalies.

And, as some have noted, 22 Sep 2011 is the date CERN appeared to have proved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity incorrect. See, CNRS video (YouTube), Slate’s faulty cable explanation (YouTube), and why the speed of light matters, per Trekspertise (YouTube), which — at about 5:41 — shows that CERN isn’t the only interested party.

Other than that, here are some notes about September 22nd, in case they seem significant:

One of my related comments:

I’m suddenly seeing a series of reports related to September 22nd.

Why September 22nd…? I mean, I suppose it’s as good a date as any, but is this anything more than coincidence? I haven’t a clue. Is that date significant or is it a trail from something else related to that date, in another universe? (Maybe their 9/11 was 9/22…?) Again, I’m not sure if I’m looking for something that simply isn’t there.

If you have insights about September 22nd and related dates, I hope you’ll share them in comments, below. It’s an interesting topic that may relate to the Mandela Effect… or it might not. Only time will tell.

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  1. Hello all

    I am reeling from a deeply personal experience that has changed dates on me.
    (Fiona, please move this to the personal experiences link if you will because I could not locate it).
    On September 14, 2011 my mother had a massive heart attack and died and was resuscitated three times. She was in a coma afterward, and I flew in to be at her bedside as next-of-kin. She woke up from her coma on my birthday, September 23, 2011.
    One year later, on my birthday, my best friend and I got matching tattoos that say “All the Time”. September 23, 2012.
    I am on social media, Facebook specifically, and one of the features I use reminds you of posts you made on this day in previous years. Today, September 22, 2015, there were posts from four years ago saying “MOM IS AWAKE…”, and “They are taking the breathing tube out now”. And a post from three years ago with a picture of my new tattoo, which someone commented on, asking whose it was, to which I replied “the birthday girl”.
    How is this possible? My birthday is not a date I would mistake, especially not when something so momentous to my family and I occurred on it!!!
    I have been using this feature on my fb for several months now and nothing like this has happened before. And I also went back through my page to double check and sure enough, in this reality, my mother awoke from her coma the day before my birthday, and my BFF and I got our tattoos the day before my birthday. My mother and my best friend and I all remember these events happening on my birthday, however. Nobody else is sure of the dates.

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  2. Hi, Fiona. I’m not sure if this counts as an ME or not, but I’m kind of freaked out a little bit. I saw a post in the Personal Memories thread that literally sent tingles across my spine. The post regarded Facebook’s feature “On this Day”. This person’s post was on Sept. 22, 2012. I checked my Facebook on that day, as well, just out of coincidence.

    On September 22, 2012, I updated my Facebook status. These were the exact words: “People are acting… different. It’s weird, I don’t know how to describe it. :/”

    I remembered that day after reading the comments. People were acting strange that day. Not many people spoke to me, and there were many who simply stared at me, almost like I wasn’t meant to be there? Maybe this day could represent a shift or something because I remember feeling like something was very wrong that entire day.

    If you have any comments on this, Fiona, please let me know.

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    1. I’d be very interested in whether this date means anything to others, or if they had a similar experience on that date. I’ll check my own records to see if that stood out enough for me to comment on it, but I’m also looking for anything related to bigger, global events: GCP dots, CERN or Fermilab (etc.) activity, major headlines, etc.

        1. Thanks, Mike H! I’m seeing that announcement for 22 Sep 2011, not 2012. (ref. ) Still, it’s an interesting anniversary.

          I checked the Global Consciousness Project for that date in 2012, and there was a registry entry that lasted from the 21st to the 22nd. (See list at ) They note it as “Internat Day Peace.”

          The Daily Mail — not the most reliable source, ever — has an archive of the news headlines for that day: and the day after (reporting some news from the 22nd): I haven’t gone through them yet, to see if anything — or any patterns — leap off the screen as important.

          I definitely appreciate your research, and everyone else who’s contributing to the conversations at this site!

          1. Right you are Fiona! My apologizes, don’t want to put out erroneous information. The date itself rang a bell with me ( because of the expirament) , and of course the one site I checked had 9-22-2012 , it was a Chicago Now blogger, by a Curtis Shaw Flagg. Again don’t want to confuse people. Mike H.

            1. No apologies necessary, Mike H! To me, it’s intriguing that someone had the year “wrong.” (Maybe it happened in 2012 for Flagg.) The coincidence of dates and this curious report make me wonder if there really was something about that date — in 2012 or in 2011, as well.

          2. Mike mentioned Einstein being refuted and Fiona you are saying this happened on 09/22/2011. Thinking of it in terms of an infinite loop, which we have come to symbolize with a sideways 8 it seems that this date is the direct opposite and equivalent to year 09/22/2012.

            For instance, envision two half circles or dimensions, one sphere is magenta and the other green. (I have learned that green is magenta’s “after-image” or direct opposite) For the magenta half sphere, write dates 1985, 1988, 1999, 2001, 2012, and 2015 linearly along the base of the sphere. For the green half circle directly opposite the magenta write 1984 directly across 1985. Then continue to write the other years 1987, 1998, 2000, 2011, and 2014 linearly directly opposite 1988, 1999, 2001, 2012, and 2015.

            Next, draw or imagine an arch connecting the outer to innermost years of each sphere. For instance, draw an arch to connect 1985 with 2015 and 1984 with 2014. It should pretty much look like two rainbows, one will be upside down. The core years, or middle point of infinity where four lines meet, are years 1998,1999, 2000, and 2001.

            We can then imagine that the “steiners” where on the magenta plane and “stainers” on the green with both having the ability to switch over at the core or middle point. If I were a “stEiner” my 2012 could be seen as 2011 by a “stAiner’s” since it would be the exact opposite. Same and different all at once… in theory.

            1. Daniel, I really like reading about your theories please keep posting them.
              Its strange you should post about the infinity loop (#8). My whole life I have imagined clock faces, calendars, and time this way in my mind. Never thought anything about it. I actually thought everyone did it. But that is apparently not true.
              Too me for example every month has an opposite. Decembers would be June for example. Just as every month has a twin for example, June’s would be July. One thing I have noticed with the months, is that a lot of things happen in the March-April, and September-October frames. Much like the years you and I seem to agree on (and arrived at in a similar manner). I have always thought of colors this way also twins , and opposites.
              In my mind I stand in the center of the eight (loop) with the months, clock face(s) , time (past-present-future) colors ect. in front of and behind me. It’s just the way I have always visualized these things, I don’t know why. I am a bit curious if you or any other posters do this. Or something similar. It might have something to do with how some of us “notice”. Or how are brains visualize, and “see” these changes. Just a theory.
              Anyway just thought I was quite interesting you posted this. And your 3-11 year theory is quite interesting also. Mike H.

                1. Yes, I have read that post and was not sure how to process it. I know that 09/22 holds significance in many areas but I do not know why. Why that date versus any other? and 09/23…significance but why?

                2. Thank you, Fiona (and everyone else) for taking the time and effort to delve deeper into this September 22/23 subject. Someone commented (was it you, Fiona?) that it was the Autumnal Equinox and therefore a “between time”; I think it is worth noting that it also marks the change (or cusp) from the astrological sign Virgo to Libra. Something or nothing, I don’t know. Just thought it might be worth mentioning.

              1. Things that make you say “hummmm”. Well Mike you have provided some additional insight for me to ponder. Fascinating.

                I find there to be high periods occurring in April and December. December for me has marked phases of death and possible rebuild/construction but I am not sure this is because we have idealized it as the end of a phase.

                I had not thought about the 8 theory until this year when I listened to someone speak of red and blue shifts with regards to planetary motions. Can not say that it was instinctive for me, but I definitely related to the idea of there being a “circle of life”.

                Thank you for the post.

                1. Daniel, if the infinity loop were to be folded over on itself, the two planes would mix together. “Bending Time” , for lack of a better term. Mike H.

              2. No, Mike, I think of it the same way but I have synesthesia and this type of thought is what got that diagnosis in part (the other is a crazy thing with numbers, but I’ll let that lie).

                1. Elle, thank you for the response. I have looked up synesthesia before, and certainly visualize time in the that way. I have never been diagnosed with it though, I actually thought everyone did it, until I looked it up. Mike H.

              3. Hi Mike H,

                To say that I found your post to be fascinating would be an understatement. I’d love to read more about this phenomenon that you have experienced your whole life.

                In regards to opposites, this whole reality is made of opposites. We live in a duality where everything has an opposite. For example day/night, good/evil, male/female, light/dark, hot/cold etc. I’ve always liked the Ying Yang symbol as I think it demonstrates this very well. Nature is also made of opposites for example in the mineral kingdom we have magnesium/calcium, sodium/potassium etc. These are known in nutrition circles to be antagonists and work together in the body. That’s why when you buy a calcium supplement it often has magnesium in it and visa versa . Also, I remember my karate teacher (sensei) telling me as a kid that with every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

                My point is that it would only make sense that each month had an opposite such as the two you mentioned with December being June’s opposite.

                You may or may not be already be aware of this but if we look at the two periods between each equinox as two separate cycles within the length a full year then both December& June are the third month within their respective cycles. Therefore they are exact opposites of each other.

                Daniel, I hope I’m not just repeating what you already wrote about in this thread however I think you were referring to specific years being opposite to each other while I’m just focusing on the period between the equinoxes.

                I’m new to this figure eight theory other than the fact that it is the infinity symbol or the symbol demonstrating eternity. The two time period or cycles based on the equinoxes as I explained above fits in with the figure eight theory perfectly (again, I hope I’m not going over old ground here). So both the two equinoxes, first March 20/21 & then Sept 22/23 are at the centre of the figure eight and are at the exact crossover period into the next loop. So the March 20/21 equinox being the first, lets say entering into the top loop of the figure eight and then the Second equinox on Sept 22/23 entering into the bottom loop of the figure eight. Both periods being exactly six months in length. Now each period or ‘time loop’ within the figure eight are the exact opposite to each other one having a summer and one having a winter (hot/cold). So it would only make sense that each month within each time loop would have an opposite month being in the same position in the opposite time loop such as December & June as you have mentioned.

                1. Jason H.
                  Your thought on the infinity loop are right on the mark with how I visualize the months (within the loops). Its not the only way I do it though, and honestly , I don’t know why. Sometimes, it’s other geometric shapes, squares, circles. Sometimes in a vertical plane, and sometimes horizontal.

                  I do the same with dates, its hard to explain in words but I will try. Take todays date 10-4, it’s opposite would be 3-4, it’s twin would be 3-28. This is on a linear line—-it’s the easy “version” to describe in words I guess.

                  Hours, minutes, seconds are the same way. I visualize standing in front of a vertical circle of number (for example), as the day goes on I move up one side, and down the other. Days, a little different looks like a sine wave as go through each day. Time, like an infinite loop, I stand in the middle, past ahead of me, present where I stand (no matter where in the loop) and past behind me. I can move about the loop (in my head) , and pinpoint years, dates, and associate things, events, personal, and known public, historic events ect. with them. Everything in my mind is tied to a date or time, its how I remember things. I tend to see, and find patterns in everything. I have done all these things my whole life. As I said before, I thought everyone did.

                  I want to say I am not a numerologist or anything like that. I don’t discount those that have those beliefs, it’s just not my thing.

                  I see lots of things that happen on dates with 11,22,23. Don’t really know why. Just a pattern, I suppose. Hope this helps, I am really not good at explaining this stuff, as matter of fact I NEVER talk about it at all. Mike H.

                  1. Mike H,

                    Thanks for providing more insight on this. I’m glad I got it right with the infinity loop. It makes perfect sense that the dates 10-4 and 3-4 would be opposites. With 10-4 being the fourth day of the first month after the Sept equinox and 3-4 being the fourth day of the first month after the March equinox. Do you have a particular pattern to how you see the twin dates, months etc.? I haven’t been able to work that one out but it sounds interesting.

                    It’s also interesting that you see time within or alongside geometric shapes. I like to think of time and space as being opposites of each other and therefore working harmoniously together. So it makes sense to me that you see time alongside geometry.

                    It’s not uncommon to associate specific dates to events and visa versa however not to the extent that you do. It seems that you not only remember dates and events but can see them at will. It’s almost like you can time travel inside your own head.

                    Is there a certain pattern with the colours as far as attaching them to dates? And are you able to attach colours to future dates?

                    I wish I could offer a bit more with this post but I can’t help but to investigate a little further. I have a feeling Daniel may be able to offer more.

                    I’m finding your explanations easy to read and follow considering the complexity of what your trying to explain. Thanks again.

                    1. Jason H. , I have always called the second sets twins ,perhaps mirror, would be a better word. They are the same , but in reverse—make sense?

                      For example , linear again 3-4 , mirror would be 9-27. It’s just something I do, another pattern I suppose. Whatever the starting point is (date, time, or year i.e.), you go forward, and backward from it (in the linear versions), to arrive at the set of dates. This is for the twin, or mirror sets. The opposites are easier, at least to me.

                      The geometric shapes, are more or less in 3-D in my head, with intersecting lines being the time, date, year ect. I can visually rotate them in all directions, to focus more on the part I am thinking about. Your comment about time and space being opposites , but working together is right on the mark. Very, very important statement I feel.

                      Colors. Like a big color wheel in my head I suppose. Darks, opposite lights, blues, greens ,purples, across from yellows , reds, oranges. Pretty normal I think? But, its more like the infinity loop, you move one color through the loop, and it will have an opposite and a twin also. I don’t know why but certain years mean certain colors to me. 2009, green, 2011 red for example. Some years have no colors (to me). Its just the way I think, which I am sure sounds pretty strange. Daniel has touched on similar topics, and might be able to explain it better. I am just not that good at it. As I have stated before, I guess I thought everyone did this. I do visualize a lot in my mind, always have. I am actually a pretty scientific minded person, pretty skeptical, always wanting hard data, facts ect.(so far next to impossible with the ME). But I have always had this other side, my mirror image I guess. Its much more artistic (music), and esoteric. An odd combination I thought, but I suspect many of us on here may be like this. Sorry for the rambling, probably incoherent post, but I hope some of this helps. I want to say I am really enjoying your posts also. Mike H.

                    2. I’m fascinated by what’s being said in this thread. I don’t have anything to add at this point, but I look forward to these comments, daily.

                2. Jason H
                  Your comments seem to add more deep into what is being discussed (not necessarily a repeat). Along with what Mike H has stated, it seems that a more detailed image/theory is beginning to emerge on this site as it relates to ME. The ideas regarding loops, chi, yin-yang, patterns, cosmology, etc. are not new but it just seems to create a better picture of what we are seeing as “anomalies”. Not sure how to properly word or explain the proposed but I it looks like the jest is being understood on multiple levels (yearly, seasonal, via color analysis, etc.)

                  The above comments, along with that mentioned in possible explanations, may suggest that 09/22/2001 was indeed pivotal, a door of sorts, on many levels including yearly and monthly significance. September 22 being a date of cross over as well as 2001 being a year of a cross over hence experiencing the opposite side of memories or time. Of course, something else will emerge after this comment and either there will be more insight or feeling the need to wipe the slate clean and re-analyze everything.

                  1. Hi Daniel,

                    I couldn’t agree more that a detailed image/theory is beginning to emerge. I find this whole subject thought provoking and it will be interesting to find out how far it can evolve if we choose to continue in this direction along with Mike H and others.

                    As I assume you’re already aware the Mayans were masters of time. They broke time down to cycles of time or wheels as they called them. Each wheel was a part of a larger wheel which was a part of an even larger wheel and so on.

                    Adding this figure eight way of looking at these cycles I believe gives us a simple visualisation which may assist us (at least myself anyway) in mapping out these cycles and also the ‘crossover’ points within each cycle which we have discussed. .Being able to map crossover points such as the equinoxes and also certain years like 2001 gives more predictability in regards to when to expect strange events. And not only when to expect them but to what scale as we can easily see where these ‘crossover’ points or periods of multiple cycles meet or align with each other such as September 22 2001 as you’ve already mentioned.

                    Like yourself many people believe that a door or portal was opened on 9/11 and I’m also one of them. It’s interesting to me that September 22 was exactly 11 days after 9/11 as the number 11 is considered the first ‘master number’ in esoteric numerology which is why it is such an important number to the mason’s and other secret societies. There is the number 11 all over this event. Such as there were 111 days left of the year, the first plane to crash into the towers was flight 11, 9+1+1 = 11 and even the twin towers is a giant 11. There are many more of these too. So my point is that it makes absolute sense that this event occurred exactly 11 days before the 2001 equinox which is of course Sept 22. This will be seen by many to be conspiratorial however I am looking at this event as a portal or doorway opening up and also an obvious ‘strange event’ and on a massive scale related to and connected to September 22nd/23rd . It also reinforces the point that when two crossover points or periods meet maybe we should expect something strange and big.

                    My life took a huge turn after this event and feel as though a huge awaking process began within my consciousness and it hasn’t stopped since. It’s as if a button was pushed. Many have experienced the same thing, with this date being the pivotal moment.

                    1. The importance of such an event seems to have taken advantage of the masses by hijacking consciousness.
                      It helped to create an additional stressor such as could be send with NDE and traumatic events. Like someone mentioned it was a “look at this” type of moment. Our observation and emotional response was key to moving something and the response was pivotal. Much like that darn plane, which I refused to give much attention, which seemed to be over that particular area where people remember New Zealand to be. A trickery of sorts maybe.

                  2. Daniel and Jason H.,
                    In regards to the above date 9-22-2001. I think we have established that many things have (and always have) occurred on the 22/23 dates, and in September. We know that’s an important date—-for a multitude of reasons, across all cultures, times ect.

                    I can’t believe I am thinking this, but, what if, 9-11-01 was the distraction. To keep our eyes over” here (9/11/2001)”, while we didn’t notice what was going on over “there (9/22/2001)” so to speak. It was such a huge event, does anyone really remember much in the days following up to ——9/22/2001. Maybe something else happened also? Maybe things were changed to “save” us? Maybe the timeline was altered to help us survive? A lot of maybe’s and hypotheticals.

                    In the “when did this start for you” thread, I listed several years out of the last 30. 2001 was one of them——BUT NOT because of 9/11/01(we all know that was a historically huge and tragic event) but because there was something else about that year that I could never put my finger on . I don’t know , just a strange feeling. Mike H.

                    1. Daniel & Mike H,

                      Mike H, The more I contemplate your suggestion that the events on 9/11 was a distraction from 22/09/2001 the more I’m convinced that this is the case. Also the word ‘misdirection’ comes to mind. This would be nothing new for people in certain circles in high places.

                      Daniel, your suggestion that 9/11 was not just a diversion from 9/22 but also an added a stressor at that most significant and pivotal period is really resonating with me too. You’re ‘hijacking of consciousness’ comment really hit home with me.

                      So the masses walked straight through that 9/22 doorway feeling stressed, angry, scared, emotionally drained and on edge. And what a different world/reality we have now since this period. A lot different than the one we had before 2001 that’s for sure.

                      Just before 9/11 the big story was the missing $2.3 trillion from the pentagon. Americans were appalled and couldn’t believe that this could happen. Whistle-blowers were coming out of the wood work and speaking to the major news networks. I was still watching a lot of CNN back then and can remember people saying things like they need to go to jail. The U.S. government was definitely on the back foot and really had no answers.

                      Here’s a link to a short Youtube clip covering some of this.

                      The title of this Youtube clip is ‘9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon’


                      Imagine instead of the events of 9/11 occurring, the people became aware of the corruption within the higher circles of government and ended up getting some justice over the missing $2.3 Trillion. It may have just nudged the whole world in a new direction of responsible uncorrupted government. LOL. OK so maybe a bit naïve but the point is if we were indeed at the fork in the road which I believe we were we could have gone in a completely different direction and our world/reality could be very different today.
                      There are obviously more implications to this event and period beyond our five sense reality that we do not know. Mike H suggested maybe we were saved by this event. It certainly doesn’t feel that way but we were. How could we know? These are important suggestions and insights.

                      I have never believed that the timing in regards to the date of this devastating event was random. I also knew the undeniable numerology around it. I just didn’t know the importance of this period. I do now thanks to these discussions. Jason H.

            2. I find the comment Daniel made about magenta being green’s direct opposite or after image very interesting in light of the whole puce/chartreuse ME.

          3. “Internat Day” ? Can’t help but think about the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. Singing “a…,e, I, o, u…. a… e, i, o, u…. a, e, i, o, u…. (first verse) o….u,e,i,o,a…. etc (second verse)

            (maybe I was programmed to think of this or part of a plan)
            This one

  3. I thought it was awfully odd that the equinox was on September 23rd this year. I don’t ever remember it being so late!

  4. Hello Friends!

    September 23rd, 2015 was expected to be a DOOM date for conspiracy theorist. I never expected DOOM, rather a power shift, but I was cognizant of the date.

    Listen. The multiverse theory is fine. I adhere to it. However, I’d like to suggest to you that an entity is actively altering timelines. Those implications are deep enough, but it gets deeper. In recent years, science has discovered galaxies and black holes way out of scale. The recent black hole is a way out of scale. There are too many anomalies.

    Fiona, I know you’ll read this and you’ll decide. I’m not trying to scare people.

    The Mandela effect as my wake up call. I’ve been reading everything I can. Maybe you’ll take this comment as a cautionary tale on sliding too far down the Mandela rabbit hole. I hope you don’t.

    Something is trying to wake us up. Epic change is coming. I’m not sure what it is.

    Friends, something is coming. I love you all. Something is coming. Warm regards, Jason Thomas


    1. Hi Fiona & everyone,

      I agree with Jason Thomas’s comment on this thread about the fact that a change is coming. I feel it also. I’ve noticed things changing for a while now. I’ve watched the sun slowly change colour from an orange/yellow/golden colour in the 80s & early 90s to finally a bright fluorescent white/golden light. This is due to a lifting of our frequency or vibration in our reality/realities. There’s a lot more than just the sun changing in our skies too. I believe this change is a natural occurrence. However, I also believe that there is an entity or entities attempting to take advantage of this change and are bringing about or attempting to bring about changes of their own which would not be in the best interest of most of humanity.
      These times we’re living in right now have been prophesized about by countless prophets and also in revelations in the bible. There’s a great awakening happening right now where humanity is beginning to wake up to the manipulation and control of certain groups in high places. People are also starting to wake up about things beyond our five sense reality hence the growing popularity of this remarkable website and others. It is of no coincidence that it is right now in these days that we have at our very fingertips the most remarkable tool in the history of mankind to assist us and make possible this great awakening – The Internet.
      But let me get back on topic. Sorry Fiona
      I think it’s important to note that the 22nd & 23rd Sept occur at the same time depending on where you are on this earth. For example the time difference between the United States and Australia is 14 hours therefore on 23nd Sept in Australia it’s still 22nd Sept in the U.S. until 2:00pm Aus time.
      Keeping this in mind it makes sense that people are experiencing strange things on both these two dates.
      Just a thought – At this website we talk about entering into different realities/ time streams. So, to do this there must be an open door, a door to exit out of one reality/time stream and into another reality/time stream. It may be the case that this occurs on only one specific date each year or perhaps a cycle of years. This would explain 23rd Sept being so important to multiple religions as I touched on in the previous message that I sent. This would also explain the strange things that people seem to have experienced on 22nd/23rd Sept. Is there a connection between Sept 22nd/23rd and a doorway/portal opening?

      1. Thanks for the insights, Jason H. I really appreciate the time you took to comment.

        Also, I agree about changes in progress. I also agree that there may be people or entities that are more aware of what’s going on than we are, and some might see this as an opportunity that could serve them better more us. Since that’s an even more obscured topic (to me, anyway) than the simple existence of the Mandela Effect, I rarely think about it.

        The calendar issue is an interesting one. The specific dates — generally carrying some spiritual connection — suggests some sort of opening between times, realities, or… well, something. The building of physical portals for gatherings, especially early structures such as Newgrange and Stonehenge, is (for me) a confirmation of this, even if they’re just primitive representations of a far deeper concept.

        1. Fiona, this is much more your area than mine. But, I have been wondering that if in the past when mythological beings/creatures were more prominent in our history, if maybe there isn’t some truth to it. What I am trying to say, maybe our Earth (reality, timeline, dimension, whatever) was going through a shift in those times also. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Mayans, Celts, Nordic, ect. ect. Maybe for example black dogs, or Prometheus, or Odin really did exist, in those times. Just a though, heck at this point I am just enjoying the ride ,in a strange , what will happen next sort of way. Hope some of that makes sense. Mike H.

          1. I’ve had this exact same thought as of late. It also concerns Atlantis, and I think it was somewhere around that time that a veil was placed in front of man’s collective eyes. There’s a much deeper, richer reality we’ve been kept from. I’m mad as hell about it, because all of this relates to mind control and programming. When I think about my education and the things I was taught, my experience with “doctors” regarding some health issues…I find moments of pure, pale rage. It’s not okay what has been done to us, and what continues to be perpetrated against us, even people who are fast asleep or the Walking Dead. Sometimes I wish I could unsee what I know. Those are the musings of a scared, small child. That ain’t me. Not anymore. Each day brings us closer to the truth and a mass awakening of humanity. Count on me to be out front and ready to fight for the Eden that was always supposed to be ours. I might not make it very far. I plan on leaving this reality the same way I came in, kicking and screaming. Am I my brother’s keeper? Oh yeah. It’s what I’ve been training my whole life for. I understand that now. All of you are really really smart, but it’s not just that. You’re curious as well. It’s not a mistake that you’re here working this out. It simply isn’t. Warm regards, Jason

        2. Hi Fiona,
          Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it. You’re more than welcome for my insights. I’m really enjoying being free to express these things with like-minded people.

          Since I found this site a few weeks ago I have immersed myself into all the ideas and phenomena’s that people have experienced and are experiencing. I’ve had experiences of my own and as well as this have been ‘receiving’ deep spiritual truths since late 2001. I haven’t had much of chance to talk about this until now. I’ve noticed other people saying the same thing. I’ve been as author Gregg Braden calls it, ‘walking between worlds’. An interesting term considering the theme of this website I’m sure you’ll agree.

          It’s interesting that you mentioned the fact that there are early structures such as Stone Henge that act as portals or doorways and were built for that purpose. These structures align perfectly with certain points in our sky on specific dates which confirms this as you’ve said. I was going to mention these in my last post but feared it would have been too long. Our ancient ancestors definitely knew what we are just beginning to rediscover now. The very same groups that we have mentioned that are attempting to take advantage of the shift which is upon us right now are the same groups that destroyed this knowledge and keep it from us still today.

          Not to worry. We can wake up and rediscover this knowledge on our own. We have this website….. and we have you

          God bless you Fiona.

  5. This is probably silly compared to a lot of other things, but Lost (a TV show that featured time travel) premiered on 9/22/04. (Google confirms my remembering that.) I remember that date sticking specifically because Dominic Monaghan was in it, and he was in the Lord of the Rings films, and within Lord of the Rings 9/22 is an important date, the shared birthday of two characters, and the date that the big adventure ends up kicking off. Thought it was an odd coincidence.

      1. There’s a time stamp somewhere in the series that refers to 9/23/54. I remember being floored because it is my husband’s date of birth.

        If I go back and watch it and it has changed…

        I can’t remember what it was about, I think in a Dharma film?

  6. Hi Fiona & everyone,

    September 23rd has been a huge topic for a lot of people including myself for about a year now.
    I first came across this important date when I was seeking more information on the four blood moons in which the last of the four blood moons was on Sept 28th this year.
    Interestingly the date I stumbled across this date (Sept 23rd) was actually on Sept 23rd last year.
    First of all here’s some more than interesting facts about this date.
    • It is the 266th day of the year.
    • The gestation period for human beings is 266 days. ‘If one counts from the moment of conception, the length of time is 266 days (280−14 days)’.
    • For the first time in history the Pope visited The United States and met with President Obama at the White House on 23rd Sept 2015. Pope Francis is the 266th Pope. The 266th Pope on the 266th day and the human gestation period of 266 days. Coincidence? Some say ‘something is being birthed.’
    • Yom Kippur – also known as Day of Atonement is the holiest day of the year in Judaism. It is the most solemn of all of the holy days in the Bible, and it is commonly connected with the judgment of God.’
    • Eid al-Adha – The Muslim holiday also known as “the Feast of the Sacrifice”, begins. (Interesting that 23rd Sept is a very important date for both these religions that have a long history of opposing each other.)
    • The Equinox – An astronomical event in which the plane of Earth’s equator passes the center of the Sun. The equinox is the only day to have exactly 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

    There has been a huge buzz around this date on the internet and especially YouTube throughout the last 12 months. Many references and cripted messages in the media, movies, TV commercials, TV shows and music have been noticed. It would be easy to put all of down to mere coincidence however some are very hard to get past and there are so many. There are many YouTube clips showing these occurrences.

    A lot of these YouTube clips have been uploaded by people with certain religious beliefs in regards to 23rd Sept for example believing that the ‘rapture’ as described in the bible would take place on this date. Obviously it didn’t. Not in this time stream anyway. There are also a lot of doomsdayers who uploaded YouTube clips referencing this date believing that the end of the world would happen or at least begin on this date. Please note that I do not mean to label anyone as a doomsdayer. I’m just using this term for the sake of explanation.
    There are also a lot of connections to CERN to this date. I’ll try to find some links for my next post.

    1. Jason H, how very interesting! Really, I had no idea the date was so significant in some circles, or that it’s been such a volatile topic in online discussions.

    2. Let’s not forget about leap years. During a leap year, September 22nd is the 266th day. 2012 was the last one, and 2016 the next.

    3. I just wanted to comment about the Jewish and Muslim holidays you said happen on 9/23. This is not exactly true, though it happens roughly around the same time. Both of these groups use calendars that do not match the Gregorian calendar so the date is not the same from year to year.

      Eid al Adha did begin on 9/23 (and lasted through 9/24) this year but in 2014 it was early October and next year it will begin on 9/12.

      Yom Kippur actually began on 9/22 this year and ended the evening of 9/23. Like in Islam, Jewish holidays begin at sundown and last through the next day until it ends at sundown. Again, the date 9/23 was reasonably accurate but in the years before and after the date of Yom Kippur is in early October.

      Just wanted to clarify because I wasn’t sure if it was being implied that this date was important to Jews and Muslims every year or you just meant to say 9/23/2015.

      1. laura, I read his comment as a reference to 2015, which — due to “blood moon” phenomena and how the dates coincide with times of religious significance — has been a speculative topic among conspiracy theorists.

        But, altogether, I’d like to move away from religious discussions, and — after I think about this for awhile — I may edit out (or delete) all religion-related comments from the site, to reduce the vitriolic comments that sometimes result, and cannot be approved.

  7. According to the Book of Mormon (the basis of the LDS faith, after the Bible), the golden plates on which was writ the manuscript of the Book of Mormon, was given to the prophet Joseph Smith on September 22, 1827. While this may be coincidence, and is certainly much earlier than any of the things we’ve been discussing at this site, it is also certainly something that has had a major impact on many lives and occurred on the date in question.

    1. How very interesting, Sabrina! I’m familiar with post-apocalyptic fiction where the Mormons are the main survivors after a disaster on Earth. (Given the preparedness focus of many Mormons, that book wasn’t completely preposterous.) And, if that fiction were predictive, that September 22nd date would be even more important.

      (Note: This isn’t intended to launch a religious thread, just to share something anecdotal. Also, it would be interesting if the September 22nd date did have an unusual energy or meaning in the bigger picture, and point to an explanation for the Mandela Effect. I’m thinking of “Bad Wolf” in the Dr. Who universe, etc.)

      1. And yet Sherlock Holmes launched his illustrious career with a passionate tale of John Terrier and Lucy,who were saved by mormons in 1847 with eventually disasterous end.’A study in scarlet’ was published in 1887,the book possibly influenced the course of events for the faith.

  8. The number of my apartment is 22,my name starts with 22nd letter,a shop i purchased turned out to be number 33.Of the four numerological numbers that are contained in a birth date of any person,date day month year,3 of them in my case are ‘7’.Number 22 is considered to be the most powerful number and number 7 is known as the most important number in occult sciences.JFK was assassinated on 11/22.

  9. Just an experience to share…
    I was browsing my wrestling DVD collection and a certain tittle with a picture stuck out to me so I looked to see if, in my head I placed the right cover with the DVD. I was incorrect but sure it was the wrong year. (Wrestling DVD are ppvs generally and so Summer Slam has one every year for quiet some time.). After finding the correct picture of the wrestler, which was a different name tittle, it all came back to me. The point is I was wrong but after seeing the correct way I could addmit that. Unlike Stein, mirror mirror, Ect…
    Where we see it the right way (in this reality if you will) and are sure it the way you know it is, is the correct way.

  10. Being a film nut, in the musical film Little shop of horrors the starting voice over starts on the twenty third day of the month of September in and early year of a decade not too long before our own.. the human race encountered a deadly threat to its very existence.. just thought it was a odd coincidence

  11. “Nahhh, it’s probably all just a coincid–”
    *Realizes I discovered the mandela effect on September 22*
    *Mfw* Σ(・д・ノ)ノ︵ ┻━┻

    I’m not sure how many of you are into numerology, but I’m finding some interesting parallels. For one, 22 is considered by most numerologists to be one of the most powerful numbers (so powerful in fact that many will not count master numbers higher than 22…. a master number being a number that repeats the same digit, like 11, 22, etc). 22 is the number of manifestation, the master builder, bringing dreams into reality.

    23 adds up to 5, which is the number of change. Any day that adds up to 5 could spell change, but the fact that it comes directly after 22 means that it’s likely to be the change that the 22 day has directly manifested.

    Now comes September. September is a special month because it’s the number 9. 9 is the highest single digit number, and if you add it to any other single digit number and then add back down to a single digit number again it will always be the same number you started with (i.e. 3+9=12, 1+2=3, 3=3). This means that September is usually more powerful than any other month (even November, which is an 11), and so it makes sense that many people believe that the 22/23 combo in September is very important.

    To respond to Jason H above, 266 actually adds up to 5 as well. And wouldn’t you know it, 9/23/2015 adds up to 22.

    But that’s not all! 2015 on its own is an 8 year, and if you turn 8 on its side it turns into an infinity symbol!!! :O
    *Plays X-files theme song and slowly backs out of the room*

    *Slowly backs back into the room* sorry XD

    For reals though, 8 is a year of harvest and reaping what has been sown. The 9 year cycle that began in 2008 is coming to fruition, and will be finished next year. A new 9 year cycle will begin in 2017. If one is to believe in numerology, anyway.

    1. Great insights, K.B.! I’m not sure how this will fit with the Mandela Effect, but in terms of the importance of those dates, this is absolutely fascinating!

    2. K.B. stated “For reals though, 8 is a year of harvest and reaping what has been sown. The 9 year cycle that began in 2008 is coming to fruition, and will be finished next year. A new 9 year cycle will begin in 2017. If one is to believe in numerology, anyway”

      Seems that others believe next year will be the year of completion as well. Just read about Tishrei 5776, some believe Messiach to be returning around now (5776) and completion of Jubilee 2017 (5777).

      “It certainly would be significant if both 5677 (1917) and 5727 (1967) were Jubilee years (see YOVEL1), considering the significance of what happened in Jerusalem on those years. But it gets even more interesting, because Judah Ben Samuel also prophesied that during the 10th Jubilee Jerusalem would be under the control of the Jews and the Messianic “end times” would begin. If he’s right, the 10th Jubilee began in 5727 (1967) and will be concluded in 5777 (2017).”)

      Also, interesting prefix “sept” means 7. Shemita cycles counted in 7’s and total yovel count is either a full set of 50 or 49 years (7*7 yielding 49). The year begins with Tishrei which is usually in September.

    3. Agreed KB, september is more powerful than even november the eleventh month.The only 2 movies of 21st century that impressed me came out in 2006,First one ‘Crank’ starring Statham and the second ‘Casino Royale’ starring Craig.’Crank’ debuted in september and was indeed even more powerful than the stupendous ‘Casino Royale’ which came out in november.2006 also adds upto 8 ,what you call infinity and i suppose ME also started in this year.

    4. Like K.B. I also discovered the ME phenomenon and website on 22nd September. A few days later I realised the significance of this because of the fact that it was the day before 23rd September. I knew that the 23rd was a significant date because of all the buzz about coincidences and predictions in regards to this date all over the internet which I had been following for about a year.

      So after about a week of freaking out over the Mandela Effect as I’m sure many of us have done Fiona hits us with the ‘September 22/23… a Strange Date?’ link .The freaking out continued. Also, because I had some knowledge around this date I felt I could make a contribution to the thread and I made my first post.

      22nd/ 23rd Sept was a doorway for me personally not only because I discovered the ME phenomenon and found this sight on these dates but also because it was the actual subject of these dates being significant that I decide to get involved in the discussions on this site. I had never posted a comment on the internet before so it was kind of a first.

      I also believe that walking through this doorway is an evolutionary step that we make if and when we are ready on a conscious level (I’m doing my best not to use the word spiritual here). It’s definitely been an evolutionary step for me personally.

      I’m now wondering how many others found this site on 22nd/23rd Sept. Not just this year but any year.

  12. Fiona , There is a speech by former president George W. Bush dated 9-21-2007, which is very close the 23rd (the equinox for that year) , where he says “Mandela is dead”. Referring to a question as to why Mandela is not there. Mike H.


        Fiona, hope this works. There are many others. Just thought it very strange. Not a good speech for him by the way.

        I also wanted to let you know, the Wikipedia page for the ME doesn’t show up on any Google search at all anymore. I know I said they removed previously, and they did. But now there are no artifacts left through at least the first 5 pages. For the past several years I have been using some rather forgotten search engines, its surprising what turns up. Lycos (for example) pulls up Mandela effect for Wikipedia ,showing that it existed at one time. Google not a thing anywhere. It’s a bit unsettling.

        I know this is a lot in one post ,please feel free to move, parts anywhere you want or think would be appropriate (or outright delete).


        Mike H.

        1. Mike H.,

          That is unsettling and raises quite a few questions. The first that comes to mind is: Why even create that page with so many links to articles mentioning me and the Mandela Effect… but omit such basic information (including where the phrase came from, and this website) from the text of the Wikipedia page? It looked like an effort to discredit this theory, which seems odd in itself. Has this concept really attracted so much attention?

          (Btw, I didn’t even know about those articles until they were listed as references on that page. Now I wish I’d kept a screenshot of the Wikipedia page, because I didn’t bookmark any of them. And, even though those articles were phrased as if I’d been interviewed about the Mandela Effect, not one of those blogs or publications ever contacted me.)

          Personal note to Mike H: I did edit the rest of your comment, and I’m not approving your separate link to that other curious article, yet. The topic is slightly outside my current education; otherwise, I’d research it personally to see if I can tell what is/was really going on. A cursory look at the data reminded me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it at the moment.

          Also, I wonder if the Wikipedia page was part of the project and it became redundant. It’s been removed, and the trail is being erased.

          As you suggested, some of this seems far too coincidental. I want to understand if any of this was a “sure, why not?” moment of whimsy and a Mandela Effect reference (or two or more) was chosen at random, or if we’re just reading something into it (that really is a coincidence), or if I need to take a closer look at some of this.

          Regarding your link: Anyone can build a site and make a post that looks like it appeared online in the past. With enough cooperation, supporting “evidence” (comments, incoming links, etc.) can be created to make everything look authentic and correct. It could be part of a related event.

          It could be something. It could be nothing. Until I take a closer look at this, I’m not quite sure what to do with this information, and — until I’m more sure it’s relevant to the Mandela Effect — I’m keeping it in confidence.

          Mostly, thank you for your research and insights. I’m so immersed in keeping this site current, and a couple of offline projects, I don’t have enough time to scan the horizon for related flares and red flags. I appreciate your work and the many people who visit this site and — in public or private — share insights and resources.


          1. Fiona, thanks for such a detailed response! I know you are busy, really I can’t even see how you keep up! And I completely understand on the “other” topic, I wondered if I shouldn’t have sent that one in a private message to start with. So anything I find that has to do with it , for now, I will send to you that way. And I know what you mean about “putting your finger on it”, I had the same feeling, It wasn’t a good one either.

            I didn’t post it yesterday, because I found it after the fact, but through some of the artifacts, (is this even the right term?), using Lycos, I was redirected to Wikipedia’s page on confabulation from the ME. I actually got a bit ticked off. Within that page their were various links to other topics—-including the number “23 enigma” among others. Strange enough I suppose.

            I thought like you did ,at first. Surely we (us) here at this site wouldn’t warrant any “attention”? But after some of the digging I did yesterday, I am convinced that not only did we (you) draw attention to the ME, their is a consorted effort to dis-credit it, and hide, bury, or outright erase it. I am not buying into the “conspiracy” type arguments yet. But I am seeing things that make me question why anyone cares so much about what we “think”.

            Mike H.

            1. Fiona thanks for the information on the language. I spent most of last night learning as much as I could about it. There is more to that site than meets the 3Y3. Mike H.

          2. The only other similar site that had wikipedia page was ATS,and similarly the page was removed after some time,probably the page works on number of visitors that the site attracts.

            1. It’s a possible explanation for what happened. However, as I recall, the ATS page was about the website, so its Alexa ranking, traffic, etc., could be a factor in whether or not it’s considered important enough for Wikipedia.

              The Mandela Effect page at Wikipedia was actually about this theory, so I’m not sure that traffic was the issue, especially since the page never mentioned the website or linked to it.

              I’ve heard a variety of opinions about what happened (see my earlier comment) and I’m not sure I should care whether or not Wikipedia takes notice of us. This topic has momentum, with or without their nod.

          3. Fiona, a little more to go with my last post. These are the visits per day on Wikipedia for the ME page ,if they are to believed, and at this point I am not sure. This is for the month of September, look at that spike on the last day it was active. I pulled this redirect through Lycos search engine. That’s a lot of attention the last day it was up. Almost 3000 visits. 125 visits per hour, over 2 per minute all day long. Going to try it through various others. The number should(better) match up. If they don’t I will post again. Mike H.

          4. The wikipedia page now redirects to ‘confabulation’.

            Also, from 30th Sept:
            Sorry, this page was recently deleted (within the last 24 hours). The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference.

            17:13, 29 September 2015 Jenks24 (talk | contribs) deleted page Mandela Effect (Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Mandela Effect closed as delete)

              1. I agree, J.T. Also, I’m constantly amazed by people like Shermer who seem to quote me, out of context, without ever actually asking me to explain things they don’t understand… or perhaps choose to misunderstand. Shermer seems to have arrived late to the party (this site was online for five years before he wrote his article) and made up his mind with just a cursory glance at what’s been said here.

                If Shermer is happier believing this is all confabulation, that’s fine with me. He’s missing the point.

                I’m not looking to upset anyone or argue with them about the nature of reality (or realities), just provide some interesting speculation and apparent evidence that something odd is going on. I’d hope that people would take the time to carefully evaluate the mass of comments here. If they choose not to, for any of a variety of reasons (including time constraints or how unsettling this topic can be), that’s up to them.

                It’s been years since I could brush this off as confusion, educational errors, false memories, etc. However, if I could do that, it would probably make my life simpler and my workday far shorter. (But then again, I’d miss the wonderful comments and clever wit of so many people who comment here. I’m not sure the trade-offs would be worth it.)

              2. It’s because of people like Shermer that it took me 30 years to talk about what I had been noticing. If understand correctly his “theory” is that all of us just mis-remember things. So how exactly would you “prove” his theory versus proving the ME??

                I am trying to figure out why anyone cares what we think. Why all of the sudden? It to me a good while to arrive at my conclusion , but there is something in these pages that just maybe close to the truth. And someone noticed, and apparently doesn’t like it. This is just my personal opinion. Mike H.

                1. I agree, Mike H., and I’m juggling a few issues.

                  One is the possibility that we’re stepping on someone’s toes. Bigger, ad-supported sites might be able to take that in stride, but it’s not what I had in mind for

                  It could be that something in a recent conversation has hit too close to the truth. I haven’t had time to go through the comments to see what popped up in conversations recently, that might be distinctly different from previous topics.

                  Or, maybe it’s not what people are saying, but the amount of attention this site receives now. (Wil Wheaton is the latest celebrity to mention the Berenstein/Berenstain issue – – and that always results in increased traffic here, due to this site’s ranking at Google.) Perhaps some people were fine when this was “just another fringe site” with just average traffic. Now that it’s been just a teensy bit busy at this site, it may be on more radars and look like a potential problem.

                  Oh, I’m used to skeptical critics. I had one of the first ghost-related websites online, ever, and that drew a lot of ridicule and harsh criticism by people who don’t know me in real life and apparently don’t understand my research and my own skepticism.

                  Generally, I don’t read skeptical sites to see what they say. (The Wikipedia issue is baffling, and far more of a red flag that we may be getting too close to the truth.)

                  Of course, I’m flattered by the parody sub-Reddit group; the posts there are absolutely hilarious. One of my children and I went through some of the posts and nearly slid off our chairs, laughing. (My favorite so far may be the person who posted that “today” was Sunday, yesterday, but… wait… now “today” is Monday. Clever humor, though I’m not sure everyone would be as amused as I am.)

                  But now I’m getting off-topic, myself.

                  Back in 2010, this site began so I could research the idea that others remembered Nelson Mandela’s earlier death, gather insights, and write a book about this curious topic. That’s all.

                  It’s been tremendously rewarding as I look at how this site has expanded and — largely through the efforts of those who’ve shared their own stories — helped people feel better about their alternate memories. I feel very good about my role in this, creating a safe place for people to talk about related topics.

                  But I have to weigh that against the time (five hours, today) I now spend moderating and replying to comments. I keep thinking the activity will slow down and I’ll have more time for my other projects, but — so far — that’s not been the case. Not for more than a day or two at a time, and only a few of those.

                  It won’t be a sudden decision. I’m expecting to think about this and look at what’s going on — and my options — for at least a week.

                  Your input and others’ has been tremendously helpful. I really appreciate the time all of you take to examine what’s going on.

                  And now, I’d better finish today’s comments and get to the work I should be doing.


                  1. And, because this is as good a place as any to post this: When I was an adolescent, I wanted to be in Seventeen magazine. It was one of those starry-eyed dreams that I never really expected to happen.

                    Well, perhaps as Lily Tomlin said, “I should have been more specific.”

                    They mention this site and link to it, and mention me by name. No photo, but — since I’m a privacy enthusiast — that’s probably a good thing.

                    I’m still adding it to my list of dreams that have come true.

                    1. Congrats! It’s always nice when one of those dreams come true, no matter how or when. Mike H.

                    2. LOL… thanks, Mike H! Except that people might not understand my humor, I’m tempted to put an “As Seen in Seventeen Magazine” graphic on my author website.

                      Meanwhile, we might need to start keeping screenshots of quirky sites & references. The URL you mentioned, privately…? Was it a dot-com or a dot-info? I found nothing as a dot-com, but the dot-info is definitely odd and probably translated as a collaborative project. The wording is fine, then it’s stilted, and back again. I didn’t see any l33t speak in the parts I skimmed, and those spellings would be particularly strange if we’re both looking at the same site.

                    3. Fiona, that actually might be good for more exposure ( “as seen in” part) ! LOL, although it seems you have done very well lately !

                      As for the link, yes my apologizes , sometime my brain thinks faster than I type. Or correct. Yes it is .info. I found it quite a strange site, obvious tie ins to what we talk about here. The phrasing and wording just felt off to me. Not in a translation way, just quirky. In your post , is their an actual name for the way he/she wrote 3y3?? The 133t. I’m unfamiliar with that. But will check into. Oh and I tried to reply directly to the post , but their was no way to do it. This was the nearest one. Mike H.

                    4. Curiouser and curiouser! “L33t” is an old-school way of saying “elite,” in what was (and perhaps still is, in some circles) a fashionable way to mix letters and numbers to look like words. If you look up “l33t speak,” you can find out more. Basically, one can replace the letter E with a 3, O with a 0 (zero), T with a 7, and so on. Now & then, I still spell words that way, but for humor. On a serious site supposedly about New Age topics…? Something else is going on at there. I haven’t a clue what it is. For all I know, it’s a 3301 clue site.

                  2. I would like to note that the Wikipedia article was taken down the day this article and discussion on the possible significance of the Sept. 22/23 dates began.

                    It may be a mere coincidence, but this specific discussion has touched upon some ideas that delve into a little deeper and different territory than some of the other pages on this site.

                    Just a thought.

                    1. Brilliant, PhoenixRaech! That’s the kind of information that might help us understand what’s so sensitive that it must be dismissed as conflation. Sure, it might be coincidence, not causation, but it’s worth a second look anyway. Thank you!

                    2. PhoenixRaech,

                      I think you are right on the mark. Exactly the same thing I was thinking. Anyone who hasn’t , take a look at the bar graph link with ME Wikipedia visitor stats I posted up the page. It’s a bit eye opening. Mike H.

                    3. I doubt very much that this is a coincidence. I’ve been following conspiratorial type websites off and on for just over ten years now and I have seen this type of thing time & time again. It’s never a coincidence. When the topic gets too hot and too close to the truth strange things happen and things go missing.

                      The massive and sudden increase of 3000 visits as per Wikipedia for the ME page just after the ‘September 22/23… a Strange Date?’ was created is a predictable one. As I’ve mentioned a few times in previous posts there has been quite a buzz for over a year now in regards to 23rd September all over the internet. The number of times that this date is being searched every day would be very large. In fact a few months ago if you did a search in Google Maps using the date 23rd September 2015 it would take you to CERN. It doesn’t seem to do this anymore but I did it a few months ago and it definitely worked then. I worked out a short time later that when Google Maps doesn’t understand your search it will go by Google searches to assist. That basically means that due to so many people searching Google with 23rd Sept in relation to CERN that Google Maps took you to CERN when searching with this date.
                      The fact that the Wikipedia page for ME was taken down on the same day that the link for this topic was created by Fiona and thus creating a massive spike in visitors to this website may just confirm that our ideas around the subject of 22/23 Sept are a little too close for comfort for certain people out there. Especially in regards to this date being a possible doorway or portal, maybe into an alternative reality/time stream.

                      A discussion about alternative memories and our theories behind them are one thing, but to discover and identify a glitch, doorway or portal opening up on a specific date each year is quite another. Especially when you couple these two subjects together

                      And now with the much larger’ draw’ to this site……………………..

                  3. Fiona I don’t know why, but all of the sudden Lycos will pull up the search results fine, but will not load your page, at all. Acts like nothing is there. As a matter of fact Google was the ONLY one that allowed me to load your page last night. Technical issue with my provider, possible, I suppose. But strange. Mike H.

                    1. Mike H., I’m still watching the site issues, and appreciate your updates.

                      So many factors could be involved. It can be the ISP the visitor is using. It can be something going on with the site’s hosting service. It can be something in the sequence by which the site is accessed… the path your browser takes to get here, including what’s showing up as the “address” for (in addition to server issues). It might be some glitch in any traffic observations added to the routing. Or, hey, it could be the current Mercury Retrograde, for all I know.

                      This site has had odd issues for a few months. There are days when I’m convinced it’s an issue in WordPress or the site’s database. Now and then — especially when I’m working with not enough sleep and the private, conspiracy-related warnings surge — I suspect someone’s tacked a filter onto the site to make it easier to track what’s being said here. (That’s when I re-watch the TED talk about how the dark net is going mainstream and if I should consider that. Ref. and ) Then I decide this site is quirky but innocuous, and if Amazon and Facebook can have massive issues (even with full-time staff), our odd slowdowns and other strangeness here is probably par for the course. In general, unless I can find a simple fix for it, I choose to shrug and hope things sort themselves out.

                      If the delays and apparent outages become truly annoying, I’ll explore more options. For now, I’m in wait-and-see mode.

                      Realistically, I think it’s many factors, and they all add up to some strange-looking issues and annoying glitches.

            1. I’m hearing several theories about what happened. One is that the topic isn’t that distinct to justify its own page. Another is that there’s an effort to discredit and dismiss this topic, perhaps because we’re getting too close to government secrets. My current favorite is that the Wikipedia page might have been created as part of an online scavenger hunt, and its content was never intended to be complete or accurate, just to lead people to the next clue in the game.

              1. The all time favorite of mine is that the mandela effect lets the people give darndest of excuses to get away from sticky situations,hence the mods were shocked about the repercussions that the effect might have on the very legitimacy of wikipedia concept,so, kaput,the effect is poofed off.

                1. Brilliant, Vivek! That never crossed my mind in terms of why Wikipedia deleted the page after it had been at their site for at least a month.

          5. They’re shills. The forces causing this are invested in humanity not waking up! Think about how often people say to themself (I don’t remember it like that, but…)…and then they just write it off as a misremembrance. That’s what the folks in charge want. That’s why you have people actually misinforming and disinforming. It’s not an indictment of the Mandela Effect, it’s confirmation! The fact that people are working hard to try and discredit you and this website should tell everyone something. You’ve made a very open forum for people to discover that the nature of reality is malleable. This is exactly why our history books are incorrect, and why people actually are dying sooner in the modern era (life expectancy is decreasing). Folks are committed to keeping the curious asleep, confused and riddled with doubt. At any rate, it’s not going to work. While I’ve personally experienced a great deal of angst during my own personal awakening, and I’ve lost friends…it’s encouraging to see so many people not willing to accept the cookie cutter explanations provided by these agents of deception. Their time is running out. They know it. Warm regards, friends, Jason

          6. I don’t see why the “other” thing, whatever it is, really needs to be hidden like this. :/

            1. Niiue, I don’t have time to approve comments and answer all the emails I receive (or even generate my own emails to people who comment). Since I have to choose just one, I approve comments and sometimes include notes to the people posting them. If, in the future, I decide Mike’s link is relevant and important, I’ll share it. Meanwhile, I recommend that you focus on the content that is here, not on my occasional personal notes, and not on what I’ve put to one side, for now.

        2. Mike H
          I saw that video of President Bush saying that Mandela had already died. It help to incite my quandaries regarding the name “Mandela Effect”. Especially now with what I know on changing vowels, the “e” can be replaced with “a” to mean a “mandala”. Concentrating on a mandala can bring about a hypnotic-like trance. If like Bush said “…Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas” one could insinuate that the hypnotic trance has been killed/lifted.

          Guess none were like Bush, agreeing with Vivek. Kind of hard to not remember the facial expression on t.v. when 911 happened…

          1. Daniel,

            I have been thinking about what you just said also. Mandala. Pretty close to Mandela. I agree with Vivek also. Something strange about those two words being so close in spelling. Mike H.

            1. that’s freaky i have been tempted to type manDALA more than manDELA in the last few days, have to force myself to type it the “right” way.could be hitting the a’s are common but that doesn’t feel right..

      2. G.W.Bush has a great sense of humour,I am hugely inspired by him and folks here could learn a lot just by watching few of his clips.

        1. I agree, Vivek. He speaks spontaneously, more off-script than most politicians, and that’s probably caused him some embarrassment. It’s also made him more human than many in (or aspiring to) office.

          Especially when dealing with Mandela Effect issues, it’s key to maintain one’s sense of humor and the ability to laugh at absurdities, including those from one’s personal past. Or pasts (plural), if that seems more accurate in the context of this topic.

  13. I don’t have any coincidences or anything about this date but as I found this post it struck me as funny because I’ve noticed that every year on September 23rd I feel like I have something scheduled, something I need to do or that it’s an important date for some reason but I never know why and the day always ends up being normal for me. It’s just strange that every year as long as I can remember that date has stood out to me. And now seeing that I’m not the only one is even crazier.

  14. In reference to George Bush’s comment, I think he was speaking metaphorically. I think he meant that there were no longer any Mandela-type of people left to help lead the Iraqis against Hussein.

  15. Strangely enough Sept 22/23 are always in my mind, as it was my wedding anniversary. On my anniversary 5 years later I found about affairs. So 9/22 was the beginning and end of my marriage. A few years later we went to court and I SWEAR the original stamp on the paperwork said 9/22/11. Now when I need to reference our parenting plan, I pull out the paperwork and it’s dated 9/23/11. I am thankful to find this site!! I thought I was loosing my mind!

    I have just started my research into the Mandela Effect….. I am eager to learn more!

  16. I can really only say that *September* is a weird month for me. The first NDE that I was “conscious” of happened in September 2000 – – off the top of my head, I want to say it was the 19th, but I’d need to check a calendar, but I do remember it being right at the time of the autumnal equinox, so now I’ll have to check dates and see.

  17. September has nothing to do with 9.

    (Sept means 7)

    September was the seventh month in the Roman calendar.

    Rainbow is 7 Colors, Alphabet is 22 (Hebrew).
    22/7= Pi

    Also the 7 in the 7/11 Store logo is directly over the V in logo. V=22 (English letter)

    So September 11th is American Pi Day.
    (11/7 is half Pi actually, but x2 towers)
    V over 7, EVE, also within a white V.

    The Matrix and Special K Cereal…

    Kaf (K) is the 11th letter. One of the meanings of the letter kaf is “spoon.” The root of the word “spoon” is kafaf—to bend. There is no spoon?

    Also Kaf (11) is Kingship and Zayin (7) is Crown.

  18. Sorry I’m late to the party on this one, but I just found out about the Mandela Effect yesterday, its completely consumed me since then. Its freaky how many things mentioned on this website that I relate to and vividly remember being a specific way, but aren’t in this “reality” (BerenstEin, King Henry, Jiffy, MLK, Forest Gump, etc.); but my heart dropped when I saw this post. I attempted suicide on the night of (what I believed to be) September 23 2014, I remember the date because it was the same night as the Monday Night Jets/Bears game. I consider the event to have taken place around 3am, technically the following morning, so technically it took place on September 24th. I left a note to myself in a place that I’d never forget with the date, and I’m a stiffler for technicality, if it took place after midnight, its the next day in my opinion, I’ve always believed that. I should also say I vividly remember seeing September 24 2014 on my note, it was only a year ago, and a pretty major event in my life, I’d remember that. Well apparently that Jets/Bears game took place on September 22nd, not September 23rd, and I just checked my note, it says September 23 2014 not September 24 2014. Its possible the dates getting mixed up was a coincidence associated with the level of stress I was undergoing at the time, but none the less its a ridiculous coincidence.

    This past year’s also been really weird for me, everything’s seemed a bit off. I can’t really explain specifics without making this pages long, but everything, most notably the way people act and react to things has been off from what I’m used to. Again this could just be coincidence.

    **I should also say that I’m perfectly fine, and have regained my strength and moved on since then**

  19. This isn’t exactly a ME occurrence, but ever since I was little (starting between 2nd and 5th grade, perhaps?) September 23rd has always seemed like a significant date, for some reason, and I liked it a lot.
    Later on, I had a friend in high school whose birthday was September 23rd. I told her how I’ve always liked it and we just kind of laughed about it. I can’t tell if it has the same significance to me now as it did a long time ago, though, because now I just associate it with her birthday. I don’t really think its personal significance had/has anything to do with her or anything, though. We were sort of close, but our friendship was mainly just through mutual friends. Also, I don’t think it I ever really associated with the equinox, because I always remember the seasons starting on either the 20th or 21st of the month, ever since looking at a calendar when I was a kid. (I now know that’s not necessarily true)

    + While typing this I noticed something else. My birthday is March 12, and if you add half a year to that you get September 12, and if you then add a digit to both the tens and ones place of the date, you get 23. I thought that maybe I subconsciously noticed that when I was younger and maybe that was why it stuck out so much to me, but that is probably reaching way, way too far.

    I’m also remembering a vague memory of the date popping into my head one time, and then trying to remember just why it sounded so significant. However, I’m not sure if that was an early memory/part of the reason it became so significant in the first place, or if it’s a later memory of me just remembering how it was significant it was to me when I was young, if that makes any sense.

    Very strange, regardless. When I saw the title of this post I definitely let out a little gasp.

  20. Hello!
    I live in Charleston, SC and in 1989 we had a Cat 5 hurricane…supposedly the 9th worst in US history (according to wiki) and $13 billion dollars in damages. Oh and 13 lives lost.
    All of my life I get confused as to when the hurricane actually hit, Sept 22 or Sept 23…and not just me, most locals do too, depending on who you talk to…it is either/or, as the hurricane struck just before midnight. (I always get my cousins birthday mixed up too, because I remember its on the anniversary of Hugo, but is it the 22 or 23?) So there is a logical explanation, both dates are right I suppose but I thought it would add an interesting element to this thread.
    Life before Hugo and after Hugo…there was clearly a shift, the city had to be rebuilt, lives rebuilt, life feels different…as it does with any trauma event, Similar to 9/11.
    So, with my new view on the world I am finding it interesting and not coincidental that this pivotal event occurred on the 9/22-23 dates.

  21. I do not have anything truly memorable for these dates in particular but I have noticed a trend in my past facebook posts on these dates though. They all seem to be very positive after some sort of chaos and are themed with growth and pushing forward. I’m not sure if this is useful information for ME but I feel the coincidence was interesting enough to share.

    1. Good observation, Meaghan. Do you have a date range for the shift, and can you generalize about where (geographically) those posts come from? I’m hesitant to check astrology or media cues for anything that appears to explain that kind of change, but I’ve been seeing it, too. My observations have been over the past two weeks (last week of November and first week of December 2015), and mostly among Americans, but I haven’t noticed them coming from a particular region of the country.

  22. So, I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not, but I went through my social media posts for the last five years on Sept. 22 and I’ve realized that I have never posted anything on this date. I’ve posted things the day before or the day after but never on the 22nd.

  23. Wasn’t quite sure if this, or the tinnitus article would be more appropriate. So here goes, I always have the background pitch in my ear. At times it gets louder, then fades to the background. So today at 9:22-9:23 am (local time CST), the tone got so loud it drowned out my wife as she was talking to me. Same pattern as usual for me, loud right ear to both ears, fade out left ear, and back to the background pitch , which again, is always there. Like it’s going “through” me. It was the time (numbers) that struck me. I need to pay more attention to this I think. Coincidence? Maybe. But anymore, I am not sure. Mike H.

    1. Good observation, Mike H., as it gives the rest of us a time to pause and check for anomalies. While it’s easy for this to become a contagion rather than an actual occurrence, I’m equally concerned that we’re all so busy, we overlook key anomalies on a regular basis. Having a time to consciously pause and check for something… that’s useful, and I hadn’t thought of the 22/23 issue in that context. So, thanks!

  24. I agree completely , I get worried sometimes (the contagion)that people will think that every little thing we (or they) notice is tied to a ME. It is not. But, on the other hand I am careful not to overlook (or discount) anything either. What I need to do (hopefully others might too), is start logging these things. Nothing huge, but time, date, location, and what happened might go a long way to seeing patterns.

    The 9:22-9:23 time thing actually made me check to see if any of the colliders were doing anything, I haven’t found anything yet, but of course they could do non-public testing, and who would even know. Mike H.

  25. Insert tongue firmly into cheek:

    The date something changed?
    But what changed? 9/23 apparently.

    So on 9/22, 9/23 was changed.

    9+2+4 = 15
    1 and 5
    A and E

    Now where have we saw those two letters come up before? 😉

  26. I just discovered that the Autumn equinox date typically falls on either September 22 or September 23 (at least from 2010 to 2020). I thought that was an odd coincidence, considering all the MEs surrounding those dates.

    Actually, I was looking up the solstice/equinox dates because I was shocked that this year’s Winter solstice fell on 12/22/15. I distinctly remember the equinox/solstice dates ALWAYS being on the 21st day of the month, for as long as I’ve lived. I was very alarmed to find that the dates now vary year by year, and it’s been bothering me ever since.

    1. Sarah A., many calendars note these events (incorrectly) as the 21st. That was especially true before people became more interested in Pagan and Earth-based belief systems, which include festivals at Stonehenge, Newgrange, etc., where the correct date & time are essential.

      But, since some calendars still use the old date of the 21st, it’s difficult to attribute this to Mandela Effect as opposed to cultural conditioning.

  27. This is really weird. This is the first time I visit this website, after learning about the Berenst(a/e)in controversy. The thing is, I nearly died last 22nd of September from a cerebral edema caused by metabolic acidosis (obviously I got much better! ). I filed it as such on my PatientsLikeMe journal. And I just checked now, the event has moved to the 21st of September on my online journal. Yet I have a perfect memory of numbers (which is extremely useful for remembering passwords) and am 100% certain I filed it on the 22nd.

    FWIW I live on the french end of the France-Mali line. This is insane.

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