Reba McIntyre or McEntire?

Reba McEntire’s name doesn’t look right. That’s what many people are saying, and I agree with them.

Reba McEntire star - Hollywood Walk of Fame
Photo courtesy of Neelix and Wikipedia

Oh, as someone who’s studied genealogy, I understand that her surname can be spelled any of at least a half dozen ways. However, McEntire looks wrong as I write this, and it looks even stranger on her Hollywood Walk of Fame star, shown at right.

The McIntyre (all spellings) name is from Scotland, and it’s the Anglicized version of Mac an tSaoir, meaning “son of the craftsman.”

(I’m relieved that tSaoir isn’t an anagram for Stain.)

Despite the name’s Scottish roots, the largest group of recorded McIntyre immigrants — who entered the U.S. through New York ports — came from Ireland.

Most followed the usual immigrant trail through northern New York state, then Pennsylvania, up through Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois, and then to California.

Reba McEntire ancestors can be traced back to John Zechariah McEntire, apparently born in Philadelphia, PA on 18 Feb 1818. (I say “apparently” because the records seem to stop there, and I see immigrant records in that name for the year 1819. One family came from New Brunswick.) And yes, John Zechariah spelled it McEntire, as well.

From ship’s records entering Philadelphia…

John McEntire - 1819 handwritten record

So, Reba McEntire didn’t make up a cute spelling to stand out in the crowd. It really is the name she was born with.

If the “McEntire” spelling looks completely new to you, and you were already familiar with Reba’s career, leave a comment.

26 thoughts on “Reba McIntyre or McEntire?”

    1. Looking at both options – neither option looks right – Defintely not McEntire – no way – but for some reason the McIntyre doesn’t look right either. I’m going to have to look that one up. Freaky!

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    2. It’s always been McIntyre. Always. I just did the “confirmation” google search. Freaked me out more than a little to see everything as “McEntire.” To echo another poster, this is Absurd.

    3. Notice on the comments of that page, two people making specific note that her name is “McEntire,” And how obvious it is that that should be the case.

      I’ve only ever seen it as McIntyre. Freaky.

  1. This is ridiculous. It’s McIntyre. My family loves her. She even had a show “Reba” that was watched religiously. Recently she refers to herself only as “Reba,” which is suspicious given this. McEntire looks completely wrong, and I would know if her name had the word “Entire” in it. It’s always been McIntyre to me.
    Doing a google search and forcing it to McIntyre shows that plenty of people remember it that way as well. This is like Berenstein all over again.
    I also google image searched ticket stubs, and they all say McEntire as well.
    Curiously, she mostly autographs her name “Reba.” This one makes me feel sick the more I see it. I can’t believe in this reality it’s been Entire the whole time.
    We need one place where all of these name changes are listed. There must be a code to them all. We’ve got to figure it out.

  2. Ditto Carol. I initially interpreted the title as implying that some people remembered the McEntire spelling from the past, not the current/always spelling (to me) of McIntyre. Gobsmacked. Every time I think I’m getting used to this stuff it gets me again. But, as the Sensei from the Cobra Kai would say, “I like that!” 🙂

  3. I recall things visually. Not perfect Eidetic memory, but close.
    Her name is spelled McIntyre.

    Timelines shifts are real.

  4. I liked her show too and watched every episode I could. But am I the only one to remember her name being spelled McEntyre?

    1. I left a comment elsewhere about not being sure about McIntyre, but definitely sure it was not McEntire. I couldn’t figure out what looked “right” to me. But this one is it. Hi, I’m from the McEntyre/Berenstein ‘verse. 🙂 (Skechers has always been right to me, though…go figure.)

    2. @Matti, nope me too! Her name always had some weird twist from the usual McIntyre, but it definitely didn’t have the word “Entire” in it. I was thinking it was as you spelled it.

  5. I have no doubt the name has changed.

    The name McEntire just looks ridiculous. I don’t believe I’ve EVER seen it spelled that way. It seems like a dumbed down spelling. I’m American, and while its not a terribly common name here, I think if asked, most Americans would spell it “correctly,” as McIntyre, that is 🙂
    Perhaps with the exception of children, who would probably sound it out phonetically and think of Mac entire.

  6. I have loved Reba for years–late 80s? Early 90s? You would think that I’d remember if her last name had a word in it, like “Entire”. That looks so wrong. McIntyre is closer to what I remember, but I’m not sure–it’s fuzzy. Maybe MacIntyre?

  7. In addition to all of the links and youtube videos above, the following are additional references to “Reba McIntrye,” including a People magazine article, so if it is a miss-spelling, it is a widespread error:,,20586971,00.html

    1. That was interesting Pharoah. The data suggests there has been a change in the public perception of the spelling of Reba’s last name, with the change occurring around the time of 2007 to 2009.

      The 2015 spike might also indicate there is a lot more interest in Mandela Effect than there ever has been in Reba.

  8. Reba McIntyre, definitely. My ex-wife’s Father was a Blackstock & they all saw Reba at family reunions. I can’t ever recalling it being spelled McEntire until I saw this post & then double-checked it on the Internet.

    This is one of the major differences that has me freaked out, because I am 100% sure on the spelling.

  9. This is crazy. I clearly remember Reba’s last name being McIntyre. McENTIRE doesn’t even look like a real name. I remember seeing her name and thinking it was neat that it was pronounced the way is was giving the spelling (McIntyre).

  10. I have on to add for celebrity names: Barbara Streisand. I clearly remember it being spelled like that, but apparently it’s spelled Barbra Streisand..

    1. Oh dear heaven. LOL. William McSpirit, you have a wicked (good) sense of humor! I can’t imagine anyone confusing the two. (I’m reminded of the James Thurber retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, in which he said, “… She had approached no nearer than twenty-five feet from the bed when she saw that it was not her grandmother but the wolf, for even in a nightcap a wolf does not look any more like your grandmother than the Metro-Goldwyn lion looks like Calvin Coolidge.”)

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