Reality – Holodeck or World of Light?

Taking the Mandela Effect to the next step, what if we’re not talking about realities, but about experiences in various holodecks?  And, what if reality is a holodeck?

This video is in English, despite the initial French banter. If you take quantum science seriously and you’re interested in the idea of this being a holodeck, the juicy discussion starts at about 6:15 in this video.

If you have access to past Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, the two involving Moriarty are Elementary, Dear Data (Season 2, Episode 3) and  Ship in a Bottle (Season 6, Episode 12).

Be forewarned: These quantum/reality concepts may offend some people, especially those working with literal Creationist beliefs.

And, when you get to the negative energy concept, around the 15:00 point where he’s talking about Dr. Richard Feynman’s theory and retrocausality, it may twist your thinking into a pretzel.

The book he’s discussing is available at Amazon, in hardcover and in Kindle.

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  1. “High-power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere can cause Earthquakes, Cyclones and localized heating”. The paper also touches on technology used for time travel, …,_Cyclones,_Gravity_Cloaks,_Time_Travel_And_Light_Speed_Spacecraft.html

    i also realized some inconsistences in my memory about current reality facts. i blamed my consum of thc for, but after i heard about ‘mandela-effect’ i think in an other way now.
    i think, they do go back in time to change critical events for acomplishing their agenda. at the moment they change an event the following timeline will change and u will get into the body of u’re alternative identity. it is said that johnny cash remembered all his different timeline identities. i am not in the ability of, but when think logical, in the moment they doing this, u should be from one moment to the next at an other place, with the memory of u’re old timeline. in course of the fact, that the most time of the day u behave with low consiousness , u normally shouldnd realize such an time-changing event.

    1. Denksperre, You’re exactly right: when the timeline is changed, it appears that it becomes a different timeline. That is, we don’t necessarily need to worry about a blunder during time travel that could completely alter our history. Instead, that blunder would create a different timeline, leaving the original one intact.

      1. Holodeck is still in the realm of fertile imagination,holography has not arrived yet,but 3d printing is a fact and going great guns.Already customization of design is possible on individual level,can’t we assume that the universe is a 3d print out with some customized or modified copies making a stack.At least this idea of 3d print out is more realistic because the feasibility and potential already exists in a very practical form,not a cool and stylish term as ‘holodeck’ ,nevertheless very real,this ‘3d printout’.

  2. Existentialism is the most enduring dilemma of mankind,the cause of the primal melancholy coined by jack london.That we are not the most intelligent beings is a huge solace for those who believe in superior beings,be they et from deep space or spirits from another dimension.The burden of existentialism as well as the why, how and origin of creation,shifts from the 3d earhlings to those superiors.Ghost hunting and alternate memories both can converge to that end of convincing us of overseers.It has long been suspected that the rapid advancement of technology can be attributed to either spirits or aliens.Multiverse is one explanation of alternate memories,but in my perspective any evidence that suggests subordinate status of earthbound mankind should be welcome for it will relieve the guilt and fear bearing down heavily on us.

  3. Hi fiona, I have made people stare at the glitches,but nobody cares for anything or any anomaly.The only thing that interests people is easy money,people have become satiated of gadgets or other things that they had coveted for many many years.No iphone,no plasma tv,no bike,no car or even sleaze excites the people anymore, if such is the situation in india i can’t imagine what’s it like in U.S of America.But definitely people are not even amused with very obvious anomalies,when beer is flat without fizz nothing excites.Easy money holds charm because that instinct to stay alive is still intact.Any resonance? please do give your view.

    1. Hi, Vivek!

      That may be part of what’s going on.

      Equally important: anomalies scare people. I believe most people are more comfortable thinking they “misremembered” something, or pretend they don’t see it.

      A lot is unraveling, globally. People are uneasy. The reality they knew just a few years ago… it’s gone, and they’re beginning to suspect that it’s not coming back. They can’t eat, drink, or shop their way out of that truth.

      They don’t know what’s next. Shaking up their cherished memories of the past… that can be cruel for people who’ve already been pushed too far. They’re barely holding on. It may be too much to expect them to be amused, or even interested.

      Some of us are excited about quantum computing discoveries, and how that’s affecting observers so even more anomalies and alternate realities are coming into view.

      However, we’re at the innovator and early adopter end of the Diffusion of Innovations bell curve. We’re in the minority, for now.

      The majority will get here, eventually. I have no idea when the laggards will catch up.

      It’s dismaying when others won’t see what’s going on, or how fascinating this is. However, we can’t let their external cues — their roles as observers — spoil our joy in these discoveries.


      1. Hi, whatever little miracles that i manifest are mostly spontaneous,but if i dig my heels with a depth of purpose, i do get tangible results.What was lurking around the corners is taking a shape,though a very shadowy and prosaic shape.We are becoming either zombies or androids and not slowly either.As we had earlier noticed,the younger people,those in 20s are losing short term memories more markedly than older folks,and being 20ish they don’t have any real past.As the senior generation declines or passes away and more mechanisation enters the coming crop of adults may resemble characters out of a sci fi movie.The androids and zombies living off each other,the emotions we experienced may become as ridiculous as corny melodramas of hollywood and bollwood. I much prefer a bad ass jason statham than androidy matt damon. But i fear the androids and zombies will overwhelm, bad asses and good asses,by their sheer majority.These are the shape of things as i imagine them,the tangible vision of mandela effect.

  4. Thanks so much, Fiona, for this website and your calm, eloquent replies. I like the way you put this:
    “A lot is unraveling, globally. People are uneasy. The reality they knew just a few years ago… it’s gone, and they’re beginning to suspect that it’s not coming back. They can’t eat, drink, or shop their way out of that truth.”

    The reality I knew yesterday morning is gone!

    I am wondering if you have noticed any other similarities between the people who report these memories.

    I also wonder if it could be some Men In Black erased memory effect, that fades for some people. Or the reverse, the implantation of these alternative memories for some reason.

    This collection of memories just seems so small in number and random. If we lived in an alternative timeline, wouldn’t there be more that was different? Why just these memories? Random to me since I know almost nothing about Billy Graham, Freddie Prinze Jr. or Henry VIII!

    1. NowIamFreakedOut,

      Thanks for the comments. I appreciate the thought that you’ve put into this. I think you’ve hit upon some interesting possibilities in this mix, including MIB (mentioned before, but it’s still a possibility) as well as the implantation of other memories.

      I also wonder how much we’re setting ourselves up for that kind of event. I was astonished when the PTSD study related to media coverage of the Boston Marathon tragedy mentioned a figure of six hours per day. (Ref: Can you get PTSD from watching media coverage of an event? Maybe)

      Even if we include social media discussions, etc., in that six hours… that’s practically an invitation to interference by anyone who’d have a reason to alter our memories.

      However, I also lean towards the idea that we’re “sliding” between realities, and we live in more of a multiverse than many people realize.


      1. Hello Fiona,
        Please post this comment, because it might have something to do with this topic.
        Does anyone remember back in early to mid 2000s when we were asked to turn the clocks back(or forward) two hours instead of one. I remember this clearly because of the rediculous reason they gave for doing this. Weirdly I can’t seem to find anyone who remembers this but me.

  5. Mandela effect is shrouded in vagueness.The year of perceived demise is mostly tentative and the revival is usually preceded by several years,there is no mega star involved hence absence of ripple effect.We are in an age where the governments are run by the well oiled bureaucratic machinery, political ideologies and politicians have become redundant.fmcg multinationals are having a dream run,cottage industry has vanished,movie halls have closed down due to large screen tv and mobile phone,cross country and inter city travelling has become unnecessary because malls have sprung up within a mile of residential cluster.warehouses and ferrying trucks are the only requirement in this new dispensation.Even the manufacturing units and farmlands have a forlorn look with predictable precision.The residential colonies with a population of one lakh are the order of the day complete with a stadium,a mini disneyland couple of malls and assortment of various utilities.All this may or may not tie with mandela effect but we are in a robotic age.The vividness of mandela effect is the only factor that gives credibility and dread reminiscent of boris karloff twilight zone episodes.

  6. I’m coming to terms with finding this site. Good terms, somewhat like an epiphany of sorts.

    Anyone liken some of the experiences to the movie “Dark City” ? [The movie the spawned the Matrix idea and many other spin-offs]
    I saw it some time back and had to watch it again as I kept getting signals I didn’t understand.
    Briefly: In it we find a reality in a city without sunshine that’s constantly changing while people slept and they awoke leading different lives with different memories.
    This includes physical changes to the cityscape and surroundings. Buildings appear or disappear or just change accordingly to fit the new reality.
    The main character finds himself with insomnia of sorts and witnesses some changes.
    He tries to leave the city and go to a place called Shell Beach. He see postcards of it, the train goes there but doesn’t, everyone remembers Shell Beach but no one can remember going or having been there. He can’t get there.
    In a spoiler alert for any who haven’t, [highlight to read] the reality altering is done by “controllers” connected to a single mind [I think]. They are the last of some civilisation of sorts and are experimenting with us to see if what makes us tick can help them recover whatever it is they lost.
    The main character seems to have acquired the gift that the controllers have and notices that he can effect changes of his own.
    Cutting to the chase he finds his way to Shell Beach to find that it is a mural on a wall.
    He busts through a door in the wall to discover the truth of their reality – they are in the vastness of space in a terrarium. There is no Shell Beach.
    He overcomes the controllers at their own game and creates Shell Beach complete with Ocean and sunshine.
    We sort of live happily ever after in the new sunlit reality that no longer changes daily – The end.

    I think perhaps it’s a subtle hint that we can affect our own reality if we will it.
    Maybe we are living in a program or hologram or even a simulation of sorts.
    Reading between the lines some points hint at explaining our own reality.
    The single mind of the controllers is “God”
    The newfound abilities of the main character – “we are gods”

    Reality is changing constantly – it’s not fixed.
    Things will change to fit the new reality we’ve experienced.
    Memories could be planted and manipulated at the will of others.
    It might be a red herring to rely on them [memories] as truth.
    “Knowing” is truth.

    There’s more in the movie and you’d have to watch it several times for more clues.

    In another comment on this site I candidly made reference to living in a Terrarium.
    Not quite the Dark City type, but a more sophisticated one with all the bells and whistles to give us the illusion that we aren’t.

    [Edited and moved to the holodeck-related post.]

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