Reality, Dream, or… Does It Matter?

Mandela Effect - Reality, dream, or does it matter?If you’re interested in the many ways to explain the Mandela Effect, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf is someone to listen to, as you’re looking for answers that make sense to you.

He explores many ways to use science to explain odd phenomena. In many cases, his theories apply to Mandela Effect memories.

Whether you agree with him or not, he offers some interesting observations that may be part of this puzzle.

In this excerpt from a 2010 interview, he talks about reality and dreaming. Though his most relevant dream theories start at about the 6:36 point, to understand the concepts best, watch this entire YouTube video.

(Some of those concepts are echoed in his Flatland video.)

To learn more about some of Dr. Wolf’s theories and their connection with science, see his paper, The Dreaming Universe – Q&A

And, to delve more deeply into the quantum theories related to this, see his early, simple thesis, Dreaming Universe Paper.

In addition, the following book by Dr. Wolf is fairly old (1994), but I think it’s important to explore the history of an evolving theory, to more fully understand it.  So, if you can find this book at your public library or snag a copy for a couple of dollars, it could be worthwhile… if you’re exploring the dream/reality connection from a quantum angle.

15 thoughts on “Reality, Dream, or… Does It Matter?”

  1. Talking of reality with a quantum angle a thought has been struggling to come out.Suppose it’s a holiday and you’re given 24 hours of peace with all the choices to spend the time,to repeat the best of your memorable experiences.Also assume that you are in best of health,no digestion problems,no IBS.Taking it in a laid back manner,most expericences last for a maximum of 1 hour,in a 15 hour waking period,5 experiences can be accomodated.Now what i propose is that we take each 1 hour experience in the perspective of quantum zeno effect with a gap of 2 hours for next experience.Will we experience an eternity of bliss and become satiated?

  2. If you ask me what exactly is mandela effect, I would say,a shared ultra vivid dream,that somehow manifests beyond a certain radial distance and beyond a minimum time factor of a fortnight.A bad habit of tautology you would say,but precise nevertheless.

    1. Vivek, that’s a good point and I’d repeat my original question: Does it matter, and are we describing two different kinds of reality we experience, perhaps daily? Are both equally “real” and are they (what we differentiate as “dreams” and “reality”) just different holodeck modes?

      Where this gets interesting is where some memories (or, perhaps, dreams) occlude or crowd out conflicting memories, but some don’t. (In other words, some of us remember just one version of a particular historical event, while others have a clear or vague sense of having both memories.)

      Interesting conundrums, also wandering into semantics and perceptions.


  3. Fiona, your question,”does it matter” is the crux of this particular phenomena,and the answer is an emphatic ‘no’.Perhaps with personal glitches a lot may matter but with ME it is simply a real whodunit.As for reality,it is too ignominous and paltry and farcical a thing to delve into(quoting the essence of Wolf Larsen’s doctrine.And I get your point about persons having dual memories,does such a person exist ?,unless you mean those who are shocked by the current facts and overwhelmed by the resultant memories.

  4. When Sherlock Holmes at the start of his career(A study in scarlet) tells Watson that it hardly matters whether earth revolves around sun or moon,and now that he has learned the fact of earth’s revolution,he will have to unlearn it,it gives an insight into the brain of genius who knows the importance of an uncluttered brain.Not simply to become a financial success but for the success of any endeavor,ME so far has not indicated a firm proof of a procedure to positively change a personal situation though the excitement often reaches the peak.Let’s hope for a bright outcome out of the blue.

    1. Fingers crossed, we’ll at least find a pattern that helps us make positive changes, or steer ourselves towards very positive alternate realities!

      1. Or if it’s a simulation,the positivity or negativity would simply be a role assigned by the creator of the game.Richard Bach in Illusions explained as much,and Astrology, specially the lunar chart prepared by the Indian sage Bhrigu, millenniums ago,gives a very strong suggestion of simulation.Whether the program provides for the pixels(us)to jump out of the glass screen and urge the programmer to modify the program is a moot question.

  5. Einstein said that reality is an illusion,albeit a persistent one.I wonder if einstein was enamoured with some femme fatale to whom his statement alluded.For some, Eve Marlow and Juana Roca might be wanton women but for many they were wanted women.Cade threw away his life for Juana,but Einstein could have unraveled the mysteries of universe thru his indulgence for a similar illusion.Total subjectivity may lead to a glorious end for likes of Val Cade but for an objective genius like Einstein,limited subjectivity might inspire an illumination for mankind.Womankind is an eternal enigma.

  6. Hi Fiona,

    I just discovered this website a few hours ago and have already read pages and pages of comments, I can’t seem to stop. The berenstein bear conspiracy brought me here, and the mandela effect along with the multiple parallel universe theory is so complex I find myself wanting to research more and more stories on each! I had a recent strange experience and I’ve been wanting to share with people that could possibly understand, but wasn’t quite sure where it fit on this website. I hope I picked the right section lol, but here it goes!
    I hope I won’t be judged here, but a few days ago I was the highest I’ve ever been. I was with friends and I’m not sure how long it took me to reach this stage, but I distinctly remember the feeling of not knowing who I was or who the people around me were. Of course I recognized them and myself in the mirror. I just had this overwhelming feeling of not belonging where I was. I found myself looking at my friends and thinking that they were strangers. It seemed like a dream, or a movie that I just happened to be in. I kept remembering random memories from my childhood up to a week prior and thinking to myself “These memories are what make me, me. This is who I am. This is my life.” They insisted I slept, but when I tried I wasn’t sure if my reality was what I was seeing when my eyes were open, or closed. I wish I could explain my exact feelings into words. I felt out of my body, so to speak. When I got to my friends bedroom, I was desperately trying to make myself feel at home and recognize my surroundings. Then I had a sort of recollection moment where it literally felt like my soul reentered my body. I suddenly recognized where I was and was able to finally fall asleep later. When I awoke I still felt somewhat strange, and when I walked home I saw my dad and was still thinking to myself “.. that is MY dad. In MY current life.” I can still picture the room I was in and the feeling I felt vividly. The experience made me rethink my entire existence. I started considering reincarnation to be true, because it felt like I was thrown back into my life and I considered it a possibility to be thrown into any life at random. And your website made me think further: perhaps we could be thrown into any life, in any dimension or parallel universe, at any time. It explains how people suddenly remember things they swore were true, only to find out the people around them don’t remember it occurring. It could also explain how i recognized my friends, but they felt like strangers at the same time. Could I have gone into another parallel universe? Am i still there…? It’s only been a few days, I haven’t noticed any differences, but maybe I haven’t been looking for them. I certainly will now. Thank you for starting this website. I always felt strangely open minded and, I don’t know, always find myself overthinking my current location in the universe or my reality around me. Its refreshing to here peoples opinions on these things.


    1. This is certainly a possibility. I believe it is not reincarnation but many universes / dimensions coexisting simultaneously at once. I think we can open up parts of our brain to experience these alternate realities by incorporating many different practices. Drug experimentation of course being one.

  7. All realities become hackneyed when they are around for too long.Whether it’s or ghosts 101,a gravitating tendency for known entity is the norm for all pecuniary enterprises.That ghost hunting may be passe or the ME has peaked to,whatever it’s worth,is a moot question.The generations that take up a cue hardly matters to those who made up the framework,Wikipedia page might have some allure for some,but for me it is a vanity fair.

    1. Vivek, I’m always more comfortable when a trend isn’t popular, and conversations reflect genuine interest. I tend to back away when something becomes “the cool thing” and wait until that pop culture wave has passed.

      When I look at the cycles that affect pop trends — estimated by many to be 20 years — I’m never sure if they’re measuring from the peak of the Diffusion of Innovation curve or the last gasp of the tail of it. The latter can vary widely. When I’m waiting for the “me,too” phase to pass, it’s rather like watching paint dry: It seems to take forever.

      Pop interest in ME may have peaked with the Berenstein/Berenstain issue. If so, my schedule should return to normal, soon.

  8. Persistence of vision might be a biological marker of fluid realities,each reality might exist for a decisecond or less before merging with other reality or else quantum zeno effect might literaly stop the world and here MWI kicks in to give a semblance of seamless reality and illusion of universe as against multiverse.

    1. Vivek, I agree. I’m also looking into studies that show lingering mass — generally in the shape of the person’s body — for many minutes after the person has moved to another room. So, we may have physical evidence of fluidity within this reality, as well.

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