Quantum Computing, Simultaneous Realities, and Observers

Schrodinger's Flat, illustration by Gwydion M. Williams
Schrodinger’s Flat, illustration by Gwydion M. Williams

A computer that can be counter-intuitively in two states at once… two different realities, one layered over the other with equal footholds in our world…?

It’s happening right now.  And, it may make our “alternate realities” more real, as people see it happening in verified, lab conditions.  The awareness of this affects the observer, and — with the growing input of those observations — we may be changing reality.

Here’s one announcement:

Scientists run quantum computers for 39 minutes at room temperature (Slashgear, 16 Nov 2013)

Scientists have just taken quantum computing a big leap closer to consumer viability. In a paper published in Science, it was shown that qubits–the atomic particles used in ludicrously fast quantum computers–can be made to retain their “superposed” state–that is, a state of both 1 and 0 or multiple 1′s and 0′s–for 39 minutes at room temperature… (emphasis added)

If that doesn’t seem relevant to the Mandela Effect, browse Wikipedia’s summary of Many-worlds interpretation.

What if the Schrodinger’s cat concept were real, right now, in our timestream?

And, if that became an acceptable reality for more people — more observers — might that affect our world (reality, dimension, or timestream) so more “Mandela Effect” moments were observed?

I think it’s happening.  We’re at the very early stages of this.

Even better, I’m seeing it in comments and emails related to this website.

How real is the multiverse? How does it explain the Mandela Effect? Will alternate realities play an increasing role in our consciousness, with each nudge in the direction of accepting these concepts? (Rhetorical questions, at the moment.)

To me, this is fascinating, and — from discussions at this website (and similar forums) to quantum computing — we may be creating a reality in which more of us not only perceive but deliberately access alternate history and outcomes.

The concept has been set loose, and headlines about quantum computing are reinforcing it.  In the wild, this could change everything.  That’s pretty exciting.

Photo Credit: Gwydion M. Williams.

5 thoughts on “Quantum Computing, Simultaneous Realities, and Observers”

  1. Assuming that the law of attraction is possible, and that our mind can influence our perception of reality, we may actually influence how people starts to perceive alternate realities.
    This is a shot in the dark but anything is possible.

  2. Hi fiona, This word’observer’,has quite a history. Starting with ashtavakra we can move on to the victorian parlour game of ‘hunt the thimble’ and then there is that ostrich with its head in sand,a game of observer vs non observer.Observer, it seems, never had an easy time,double slit notwithstanding.I wonder about the world of a blind person who is not bothered to make his other faculties keener to compensate for his lack of sight.I also wonder what life will be like if we quit observing and start living like a blind man,seeing but not observing.A living kaleidoscope? Will we see all the patterns of life possible in a lifetime.

      1. An observer has connection to the information (scientific), and it does not have to be eyesight. Any observing of information will do. It is unclear whether consciousness is required to be an observer (at least to me it is unclear). How about a sophisticated computer? Could it bend reality in the same way a conscious observer could in this quantum theory scenario? How about a bird? Or are we entirely bound to our personal existence so that everything and everyone else is but a projection of their true identity from some other world, bound by our observation, where they also experience us only as a projection of their own observed reality.

        And maybe thats not how any of it works. I dont know, but i am beginning to think quite certainly that reality is much more maleable than previously thought.

  3. Quantum computing is still a far cry for an individual but i expect this site can do with utf-8 encoding.

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