Which theories & explanations make the most sense?

a puzzleSo far, the two leading theories are that we’re “sliding” between parallel (or similar) realities, or that we’ve visited holodecks (and may be in one, right now) that have some glitches.

However, those concepts are broad. I’ve been trying to narrow the possibilities.

Initially, I’ve been searching for commonalities:

Locations in general, in case this aligns with a theory like vile vortices.

Location-specific memories, including alternate geography. (Locations could also help identify simple, regional media errors, including the TAPS v. Ghost Hunters issue.)

Years when more reality shifts seemed to happen, and specific dates. (So far, our polls are inconclusive, but I’m analyzing all comments for patterns.)

– On that note, a few scientists have (privately) questioned whether certain  quantum science tests (including CERN projects) may have affected the fabric of our reality.

The following comments cover even more topics. I hope they’re helpful.

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  1. Someone is changing the past for financial gain/ or altering the past and causing rifts in other areas by happenstance. I sent you one story about an arcade game here is one that hit me hard and close to home a couple of years ago.

    At my work a particular software is used to calculate data, been using it for 6 yrs.
    out of three file types a CSV was always used to calculate this data. I go into work one day and attempt
    to open one of these files to recalculate some data. After trying in vein several times, I asked the programmer what the problem was and why it would not open, he proceeds to tell me that this was never the file used to calculate this data it was always the RTF file that was used to calculate the data which is in turn is used to create the CSV file.
    I even conferred with other operators who agreed with the programmer. Causing me distress and serious confusion and embarrassment. To this day approx. 2 yrs. later I am still in
    disbelief that this was originally true. If in fact this was originally the file used to create the other why has the shock of this discovery stuck in my mind so prominently?

    1. david, what an interesting and odd set of events!

      I don’t hand code database files, and perhaps I know just enough to be dangerous trying to think about this, but this entire situation seems odd to me.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

    2. Honestly, David the part about financial gain makes the most sense to me also. I can’t help but keep going back to CERN, I have to wonder , who and why, and for what reason ,other than to prove or disprove a theory is such a massive amount of money being spent. I mean what is the end result supposed to accomplish. Not sure if my posts ever make sense to anyone but me. Very good, and interesting post, Mike

      1. Mike, your comments are very clear to me and I believe you’re on the right track with your questions and speculation.

        My current thoughts are that this reality is rapidly approaching something with steep challenges that we don’t necessarily recognize (yet), and — to those with more insights than the public generally have — reality-shifting (some variation of it) looks like the best Plan B.

        But, that’s a random guess in a sea of possibilities.

        1. Thanks Fiona , that makes me feel better. I’m a bit relived also in the poll, I voted none of the above. And it looks as though quite a few people voted that way. I did nothing special except “start noticing” all these things. Which kind of plays into my thought as to what/why this happening. Thank you again for such a well run site. Mike

        2. Fiona, I meant to comment on your thought earlier. I believe you may be right, something the human race can’t comprehend or may not be ready for perhaps. Maybe in a positive light CERN is being used to ” save” us as humans, instead of for a nefarious reason. I would really like to think that (hope?), and that it’s not for financial gain for certain entities. Of course this is all speculation, at this point. I like your line of thinking. And of course this could be a combination of several theories. This is a good topic! Great work on your part, Mike

    3. This has nothing to do with financial gain the A is a marker for every time processor in the event of an emergency to understand what reality they are in, there are so many more markers that are hidden from the public yet each letter stands for age, date, time and sequence. This information is true and has been provided for your understanding by a fellow time processor…please watch out for 2029! Be prepaired and watch out for the awakening, this is not make sense now but will soon and please stop using your cell phones they are the key ingredient of your societies collapse.

      1. Note: I have no idea what he’s talking about, but it was such an interesting comment, I approved it. If anyone understands the marker he mentions, please comment with more details. It’s a great concept, reminding me of “Bad Wolf” in Dr. Who episodes.

        1. Interesting comment indeed. So if serious, each letter we notice changed ( or date, or number) is some sort of a marker code ??? For people (or whatever) adjusting and/or changing time?? I’m grasping here. Maybe he/she could clarify a bit more. Mike

          1. After re-reading Mr. Stains comment several times, I THINK I now understand. The marker codes are used as a map of sorts, to know where they are (which timeline they are in?) I want to stress, I am not convinced one way or the other. But , this an interesting topic. Mike H.

            1. Good speculation, Mike H. I’m hoping Mr. Stain will return with more details about his theories. They’ve certainly sparked some interesting discussions.

              1. Fiona, had a little more time today to really read this. Again, not saying I’m convinced one way or the other. But I have been observing this phenomena (ME), for a very long time. Not even knowing anyone else did, long before we had the internet. I was always looking for a rational (scientific?) explanation, and still am to a degree, but only because it seems “more safe” to me. However I have learned to not discount anything, especially with something as strange, interesting, and sometimes even frightening such as the ME.

                So here goes. Time processor’s are humans/entities who for whatever reason come in and out of our timelines. Marker codes would act (if I understand Mr. Stain), as an emergency type code the processors could look for to tell which timelines they were in. Meaning those timelines most close to their home ones, would be the most dangerous, I assume? Because they would have the least amount of codes. Those timelines further away from ours would have many codes because they would be so different. It would actually be obvious to the processors after a certain point.

                Now my questions , if we are to believe this.
                1. If not for monetary gains, then what, and why?
                2. Are they here to help us ?
                3. are they here to harm us?

                Again my disclaimer, I am not saying I believe this——yet.

                Mike H.

                1. Good questions, Mike H!

                  I’m still leaning towards the idea that this is a holodeck and what seems like years is actually an afternoon’s adventure or a two-week holiday in another reality.

                  So, at the moment, the idea of Time Processors is difficult to wrap my mind around. I’m glad you’re able to take this a step further and raise such interesting questions.

                  There’s no reason these slips couldn’t be something controlled or even sinister. I may need to resume reading about Sumerian records (Gilgamesh, etc.) since that version of history might fit far better with the Time Processors concept.

                  Or maybe I need to catch up on Dr. Who episodes. It’s as good a context as any!


                  1. Fiona, I have actually thought about the “holodeck” theory also. You might be onto something, I have posted on here before about the last 5-6 years literally flying by me. Just ridiculously fast, and before anyone says “its because your older”, I don’t buy it.

                    If nothing else the ME certainly gives us LOTS of interesting theories and topics. But I really DO think something is going on, just not sure of the who, what, and why’s of it. I still believe ,in some way, the colliders are involved, possibly along with a lot of the digital technology, versus the analog technology of the past. Mike H.

                  2. Fiona, you might as well catch up with Dr. Fu Manchu and Flash Gordon and Jack London’s ‘Unparalled Invasion’.These have been very much tangible since a century or perhaps millenniums.

                  3. Perhaps the universes just adjust to paradox, and remembering differently just gets used in the process. Of course, that would generate all kinds of stuff.

                    I think a lot of that old Sumerian stuff is just a certain take on entanglement.

                    Parthogenesis, eccentric orbits.

                    Of course, that was just before self selection and consensus on what is human created winners and losers.

                    No one ever factors in ghosts. Stuff that does not stay dead kind of pops up where and whenever.

                    1. neal, I do factor in ghosts. That’s the field of study where I’m probably best known, have been a Guest speaker at Dragon Con, and so on. For me, the two topics (ghosts and Mandela Effect) segue rather well.

                      My research suggests that many (perhaps most) ghost reports aren’t about people who are popping up in this reality, per se. They’re alive and well in their own times/realities, but we’re perceiving them here. I have no idea why, but their real-time responses to comments and questions suggest that they’re not lingering spirits of the dead.


                  4. there seems to be a particular train of thought- that if contemplated using alternative terms- might just expand beyond the seeming conjecture and intangibility of any potential to determine the truth. I offer for your debate and contemplation:
                    in addition, the theoretical concept that imagines the effects of traveling through a black hole…holds possibilities in explaining the polarity anomalies, the planet may be literally being turned inside-out as we have barely the capacity to imagine what the speed of light…or dark- truly could be. lastly, if such a scenario of traveling through a “wormhole” could be grasped, how did we get stuck in it? is “IT” merely a hyperlink to a determinable destination? or does all existing and other never conceived of realities collide, compress and invert and enmesh together before we re-expand, realign with our past paradigm and exit (if there is an exit) with an intact reality?

                    1. Great questions, Kathy J! I’m eager to hear (or, actually read) what people think about these topics.

                      What resonates with me is the idea that this was entered into with the idea of a particular outcome/destination. However, some potentialities weren’t considered (or not with enough weight), and… well, here we are. I’m not sure what’s next, or which factors will take us to whatever’s next — internally and externally — but I think we’re in a bigger adventure than we’d realized until recently.

                2. So if we apply the “A” or the “E” theory in the bear debate, this would mean “A” is closer to the original time stream than the “E”? What does that mean for everyone that remembers the “E”? We fell back to a closer stream? My head hurts, why am I entertaining this?

                3. If reality is being changed for benefit than I would imagine it would have to be something a bit more larger than just making money. I think making money is a side effect. Meaning that if they’re going to change history than lets look at all possibilities including money making. I don’t think it’s the primary cause though. My thoughts always seem to drift to a WWIII scenario between the western oligarchs and the BRICS nations. I jump to this conclusion because I have a strong memory of China being much larger in land mass than what is currently considered China. I remember it being the 2nd largest country in land mass after Russia. Being an avid wargamer I can see how changing the size of china could benefit a war scenario. Just my thoughts. I love this subject.

            2. Kind of like how on the television show Fringe when they start going into different alternate realities the opening credit sequence has a different color theme to help the audience know in which reality the episode is taking place?

              1. My post is a bit removed from the context I was initially replying to: to the shifts/variances in certain letters being sign posts for travelers between realities to allow them to keep their bearings.

        2. I may have missed something, but is “Mr Stain” referencing the A in BerenSTAIN as (one of many apparently) a marker of which time stream the “time processor” finds themselves in?

        3. He’s referring to the change in letters in “berenstein”, hence his hint in his name, “mr. Stain”. The a is a marker to those who (if I’m understanding correctly) are “time processors” to be able to ascertain what reality they are currently in, by using the other markers as signs to narrow it down. Certainly interesting.

          1. If Mr.Stain theory is right that would make perfect sense.
            I hope Mr.Stain gives us more information.

        4. I know this is months late, but I just recently came across your site.
          Mr. Stain’s comment reminds me of the show “Sliders” where the lead character knows he’s back in his reality/timeframe when the front gate of his house squeaks. The squeaky gate serves as his marker for knowing whether he’s back home, or in another timeframe. Or, like in the movie “Inception” where the characters each have their own markers that lets them know if they are “dreaming.”
          And with his comment about emergencies, what if time processors are used to avert disasters? According to a lot of “prophecies” the world should have ended quite a few times already. Time processors could also be time travelers who help steer the course of history. And they use these markers to inform eachother of where they are.

      2. I don’t like the cell phones either and there may be some validity in not using them but everyone will have to find truth for themselves. This post follows right in line with my conversation yesterday with spouse which is why I agree to limiting of it use. Will eventually weed off the internet too.

        “A” does appear to be a marker of sorts and it helps determine or point out space in time. (Is time a prison ? hmmm). I previously posted my thoughts/analysis of the Ponchatoula Times and marker points to present time of 1985.

        Other years of shifts or …not sure what to call them are 1988,1999,2001 forced,2012,2015. Timeframe between 1985-88 is 3, 88-99 is 11, 99-01 is 2, 01-12 is 11, 12-15 is 3. The pattern seems to have been 3,11,3,11,3… but 2001 forced/stolen year making 2. “Processor” ‘s date falls into pattern 2015, 2026,2029. Maybe there is some validity.

        The many theories. One can begin to speculate what all of this is really about……………….?

        1. Daniel, your comments are great. Keep sharing them. Some of the calculations seem odd, but so is this subject. We don’t know what patterns will emerge as we delve deep into this study. I’m both fascinated and impressed by your in-depth analysis of shifts as they happen. I hope you’ll continue to post them. Thank you!

          1. Daniel , I agree with Fiona. Please keep posting , you caught my attention with the years. I have posted on here in several topics , and those years line up with a lot of the same ones I listed. Mike H.

            1. I like to add to my reply for Mr. Stain and Daniel. The cell phone part is interesting to me. Over the last 6 months I have toyed with the idea of getting rid of the phone——and really limiting the computer. I have kind of had a nagging feeling the cell phones, not in a propaganda way or media way, though that is bad also, but in a radio frequency (Wi-Fi, or microwave type) way, are being used to control people (including thoughts, and actions). I know this sounds insane to some of the posters, but I didn’t arrive at this idea easily. I have suspected that CERN (and other colliders), and possibly natural (and un-natural) vortices maybe some type of trigger mechanisms for the frequencies. And strange these two posters would write what they did—-synchronicity, again. Mike H.

              1. Just to slam the brakes down on this;

                Cell phones have rapidly become a widespread tool due to their filling of a crucial niche for rapid communication. There usefulness has made them popular and widespread.

                Due to this rapid expansion of a certain technology it’s a change which has happened within individuals lifetimes, you REMEMBER a world before widespread mobile phone usage, this is therefore noticeable.

                You couple this with a complicated (but completely non secretive) experiment such as CERN and draw… conclusions?

                I’d like you to hold back for just a moment and really think about whether you have a genuine reason to believe there is a nefarious connection between Mobile phones and CERN or whether your thoughts are the result of an echo chamber effect.

                I’m a fairly organized mind, I am skeptical and I prefer to analyze rather than take at face value but I wanted to respond to this comment in particular with my thoughts.

                1. Sea, you make a good point, but I’d counter with the argument that this is exactly how we’re supposed to think: That two such contrasting elements couldn’t possibly be connected. I don’t see your comment “slamming the brakes down” on this, but adding at least one more layer to speculation. (After all, if someone from the 14th century transported to our time and saw someone click something on a mobile phone, and the owner’s house lights turned on — 5 miles away — that 14th century individual would think the connection absurd. Time, distance, or apparent relative importance may not be as critical as we think, or have been conditioned to think.)

                  1. Cell phones with wi-fi direct,certainly have a potential to do good or bad.Miniature drones and wi-fi can cause mayhem if they catch on with anarchists and arsonists,and the fact that offline apps like firechat can be created adds to the grim scenario.

                  2. Thanks Fiona,

                    Is the obvious explanation always true? No

                    But this doesn’t mean the obvious explanation is never true.

                    If there is a conspiracy to use mobile phone signals to change our behavior then absolutely we’re supposed to think this isn’t the case. But we need to find some sort of evidence for it before it can hold more weight than that it isn’t true.

                    Does that make sense?

                    1. Sea, that makes sense and I’m hoping someone can provide more insights about the phone issue. Otherwise, the mobile phone conversation can swerve too close to baseless (so far) conspiracy theories that seem more fiction than fact. Meanwhile, Occam’s Razor still applies in many cases, but — obviously — not all of them.

                2. Sea, it is only my “feeling” that this MIGHT be happening. I have draw no conclusions, just a feeling. Which I realize probably has no scientific merit.

                  I have a fairly organized mind as well. Do you have any conclusive evidence in a different direction. Because I really just would like answers as to why/what is happening. Not sure about the echo chamber comment. If you mean something along outside influences , or parroting something I’ve read or heard then no.

                  I am open to any explanation on this topic. If anyone has thoughts, theories , or concrete evidence , please post. Mike H.

                  1. Hi there Mike,

                    Thanks for the response. Firstly I’d like to say that I wasn’t attempting to overly dismiss what you’d said and appreciate you not assuming a defensive position.

                    By ‘echo chamber’ I was referring to the possibility that asking people who already suspect the same things you do will generally result in responses which support your own conclusions and won’t be objective. I appreciate the difficulty in finding an ‘unbiased’ opinion and was hoping to offer a counter viewpoint. Perhaps consider me as playing ‘devil’s advocate’?

                    To answer your point on whether I have conclusive evidence that mobile phones aren’t being used to control people. I’d have to say that I don’t have anything I can particularly point to but I’d like to break this down slightly and see if we can follow the thought process of my scepticism.

                    Theory: Mobile phones are being used to control people in some way

                    Requirement 1:
                    Wifi or telecoms signals must be emitted which affect the human brain in a specific way as to result in a change of behaviour

                    Requirement 2:
                    The resultant change is desired by some group or organization.

                    Requirement 3:
                    The link must be complex or just a few non-conspiracy member experts in X waves, communication or the human brain would realise and announce their findings.

                    Evidence against 1:
                    Mobile phone technology seems like a reasonable development alongside other technologies which have emerged (radios, computers etc). Radio signals have been used for a considerable amount of time which pre-date their widespread use today and we haven’t seen early signs of behavioural change. If behavioural changes are made by radio waves we would expect to see early experimenters with this technology reporting such behaviours.

                    If small behavioural changes are being made by mobile phone use then would we see large changes around intense signals? Beyond mobile phones themselves large amounts of radio and wifi signals are not considered hazardous, Radar has been used for decades and you can approach a radar tower without any special protection or ill effects. Areas of high intensity wifi signals likewise (apartment blocks where every apartment has wifi, internet cafes etc) are not associated with seizures or strange behaviours. This does not preclude a non-radio or wifi signal being emitted by phones but a special hidden radiation seems like a stretch.

                    Evidence against 2:
                    The change would need to be subtle enough not to be noticed and large enough to be worth a considerable expenditure of resources and risk. I’m having difficulty imagining any behavioural change which wouldn’t be obvious to outside observers (most people do not feel mobile phones change behaviour) and yet desirable enough for this hidden groups agenda. Mobile phones affect people ‘somehow’ is vague enough to never be disproven. We need something testable!

                    Evidence against 3:
                    Radio and wifi signals i would suggest are well understood by a large number of groups from doctors to engineers to operatives in a number of fields. If radio or wifi signals DID effect changes in the human brain there would be applications for this in a variety of fields. Perhaps cures for some cognitive disorder or behavioural illnesses. Could we look to cure diseases? Could we use such signals to calm rioters or increase spending in shops?

                    I feel that the hypothesis is unlikely to be true for the reasons I’ve listed above. I note i haven’t linked any articles or studies and accept that. I’ve pieced this together from my own viewpoints and thought process rather than a researched rebuttal and you may dismiss it as such.

                    I would like to share a simple mantra which I use when faced with any supernatural phenomenon. “Does the world look, the way it would look, if X were true”. For mobile phone (radio) signals affecting human behaviours I’d say the answer is that it doesn’t.

                    1. Please take the following excerpt into consideration when thinking about the brain and its synapsis:

                      “Any device that can be driven by electricity can be patched into a network and controlled by computer (the significance of which shall be revealed at some point in the future)” page 36 Mind Crash by Mike Gill.

                      I think this may, and hopefully will, offer some insight into the cell phone conundrum. This was previously posted under Major Memories and seems to fit well here.

                      Small experiment:
                      When you speak with someone outside of your home and your cell phone is with you make note of the conversation for the next 24-48 hours without referring back to it at anytime. Go to your personal laptop or computer and go to Yahoo. You may find that the topic you were speaking of shows up as a main article referencing the aforementioned.

                      Another experiment for measure:
                      Pause from playing video of interest on your computer/laptop. Walk away and come back maybe 10,15,30 minutes later. Place your *attention only* back to the computer and it may begin to play the video without you touching a thing!

                      Another thing, the words that are used to get your attention are important. The English language is riddled with underlying suggestions (etymology) eliciting certain reactions. The words we use are *extremely* important as Sea has noted the tone of Mark’s response and replied in like tone with a well thought out list to support his argument.

                    2. Sea, no offense was taken on my part. I actually re-read what I wrote , and hoped I hadn’t offended you. That was not my intention. Sometimes my posts don’t always come out the way I wanted them too. You are obviously a better communicator than I am.

                      I am not sure of anyone else posting on here, but I have no one to really bounce any of my ideas (even if they are JUST ideas) off of. The people I know would probably think I was insane if I started talking about some of the things we do on here. I said in my initial post on this site, that it took me a LONG time to even be able to talk about the things I had noticed (since 1985) for fear of being ridiculed, I actually thought I might be losing my mind. That is why I chose Fiona’s site as the only place I will post. She is a very fair moderator.

                      The military has used sound based weapons for decades, and I am sure there are many that the general population does not know
                      about. As for radiation, a large study was just released last Saturday stating that long term cell phone exposure can cause cancer. This was on the cable news networks. I value your well written post and has given me things to think about, which is why I come here.

                      Now if I could ask, what initially brought you to this site? Did you notice something that led you here? I am curious .

                      Mike H.

                    3. US PATENT 6,017,302 – SUBLIMINAL ACOUSTIC MANIPULATION OF NERVOUS SYSTEMS — In human subjects, sensory resonances can be excited by subliminal atmospheric acoustic pulses that are tuned to the resonance frequency. The 1/2 Hz sensory resonance affects the autonomic nervous system and may cause relaxation, ptosis, drowsiness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency near 1/2 Hz used. The effects of the 2.5 Hz resonance include slowing of certain cortical processes, sleepiness, and disorientation.


                      US PATENT 4,858,612 — HEARING DEVICE MICROWAVE HEARING – The multifrequency microwaves are then applied to the brain in the region of the auditory cortex. By this method sounds are perceived by the mammal which are representative of the original sound received by the microphone.


                      US PATENT 4,877,027–HEARING SYSTEM — microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds. The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.

                      US PATENT 5,270,800 –SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE GENERATOR — The user can control the length and spacing of the subliminal presentations to accommodate differing conscious thresholds. 

                      May be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal.


              2. I truly wish I could just get rid of my cell phone. I hate the things, to be honest, but I have to be able to get in touch with friends and employers, and that means carrying a phone everywhere. I hardly ever use it, though, as I hate talking on phones generally. I am very aware of the multitude of people walking around glued permanently to their cell phones, talking and texting away while the world passes by them without notice. It’s like a drug to some people, and they can’t get enough of it. I wonder how likely these people are to notice any ME events, when they aren’t noticing much of anything at all. If there is a sinister plot to control our behavior through cell phones, then it certainly is working at turning a lot of people into phone zombies.

              3. CERN’s LHC activity as well as all other collider activities (and I think there are like thousands worldwide) as well as HAARP /Tesla/geoengineering technology etc… anything man made that employs electromagnetic energy will create a frequency which resonates in all energetic forms, as are currently manifest in this timeline 3/4D earth, it passes through and therefore is in and of itself a trigger. What the frequencies triger, that is a response form a single cell, a unit of DNA, a single subatomic particle and all combinations thereof to the most varied and complex of forms which may be we humans but I wouldn’t insist on that. That response, or effect depending on the energetic entities structure, could register in a myriad of ways, symptomaticlly presenting solo or in a broad range of 2+ combinations. Those responses/effects of (to reverse generalize a facial tissue with a Kleenex- I forget what thats called ) EMFs can be deliberate and directed or generalized and collateral, unnoticeable and negligible to obvious and profound, I am not certain if there are any that are really positive/life promoting, most if not all would ultimately be negative/life damaging, but , I think in the long run over time and with repeated exposure of any quality & quantity, EMF radiation is never neutral, regardless of intent. So no Mike, I for one don’t think you sound insane. We are literally immersed in an ocean of electro-magnetic radiation and have technologically “evolved” ourselves out of ever again being able to test and prove which/how/what ways & intensity/duration of if/any EMF effects life with any “real scientific” empirically obtained evidence to be able to make any definitive statement in accordance to current scientific and legal standards, practices and laws- unless, of course you are a backed with enough money & power or know enough secrets to slip/slide your way through or around all of those inconvenient roadblocks … There is simply not a large enough quantity of non EMF exposed beings with the ability to produce some kind of measurable response to create a control group.

              4. What if every dimension consists on its own special frequency. Then we all begin to enter all this technology into our space. The more technology like cell phones and WIFI have changed our frequency. This allows another dimension to seep into ours. Ghosts are just energy or beings that are from this different dimension that is seeping into ours.
                By introducing all the cell phones and wifi bouncing around us made us vulnerable and invited more intelligent beings in other dimension to come through. Thats been what we call ghosts.
                Its just a thought.

            2. (Still not sure of internet but here goes) Today while listening in on a conversation between my childred:

              You know if you press the ‘A’ button after you die it will reset the game so you can get a second chance and play him again”.

              Of course the “A” being referenced the day after I read Mr. Stain’s post got my immediate attention.

              “Say what? You get a second chance by pressing the A button? Did someone tell you that or is it just a part of the game?” After probing I find that my youngest found this out yesterday while playing the game. That was their first time ever playing it and so I am informed that they just figured it out playing with the buttons.
              2nd child:
              “No, it does not always work. It only works when you have entered a new stage. Other than that the ‘A’ button doesn’t work”.

              Flabbergasted for a second but then realize that this is not new. Children say things (mouth of babes). Deeper connection and seem to be easier conductors. (Additional proof- they would mess up the signal of the antenna by just being in the room but when they left and me and spouse remained it cleared up. Not sure if related but I found interesting at the time.)

              The name of the game is Tekken 6.

              1. To be honest Fiona, I felt some kind of way about the above post on the game Tekken 6 being reloaded. However, the order that the post is showing lead me to reconsider. It is showing after post from Leslie A.D. date today 10/20/2015. This poster references EMF which ties into an old paper I wrote regarding the effects of ELF waves (Extremely Lows Frequency)on children.

                I did not like this prior post to be mentioned because after thinking it was 1.more personal than any other post for me and 2. I didn’t want anyone to take the “children as conductors” comment to try anything stupid( Stupid with an exclamation mark! Evil, downlow, you know what).

                So what I thought was that the people/entities/being etc who would do such a thing already have. Someone/thing ALREADY knows this hence all of the power lines in the parks and possibly the misslng/abused report.

                Anyways, ELFs appear to be a direct attack to bring the frequency by which children resonate very low. Lower frequencies cause things to solidify like masses of cancer. Combine that with an increased acidic diet encouraged in western foods (lowers ph levels) and CO2 level which appear to encourage vascular endothelial growth factors, there is no wonder why we are seeing some of the things we are seeing. (Ref

                The A may be an indicator of a second chance of sorts, however if we can stop alterations in our DNA which effects/affects consciousness (memory) early we can perhaps further than where we are.

                  1. I am not familiar with Bruce Lipton but will check him out. Reading a quick excerpt (Wikipedia tag line ” Bruce Harold Lipton, is an American developmental biologist best known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person’s beliefs) about his theory on DNA, the immediate thought comes to mind:

                    Perhaps this is why the brain(matter) is currently split with a left and right hemisphere, the yin and yang of sorts. There is the logical part of me which says that I have been learned into this thinking/perception since youth making it difficult to veer from it. The other portion of my brain knows that I create my own reality but I can not help at times to think about how my perception has been framed. Because of this idea I seemed to have gravitated to reported cases of “schizophrenia” with awe. It seems to be such an unbinded state of being that speaks to that other portion of my brain which is not based on learned behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, logic and the like.

                    This other half of my brain which does not rely on logic is under strict control of itself. It creates its own imagination and confirms its own presence and will via matter/DNA. It is therefore capable of self-healing but also peril.

                    However, under the current construct/anatomy of the two portions of the brain being split, its almost like a catch 22 for one to say that our beliefs can manipulate our DNA considering that our beliefs have been framed from birth and are based on culture, religion, spirituality, socioeconomic status, etc. Most of this has been learned. **It is, perhaps, because of our beliefs that our DNA has been and can be manipulated.** Quite the opposite of what has been proposed.

                    All of it sounds very confusing. To me anyway. It is like a binding of self to the laws of nonself which is actually self. Deepak Chopra’s phrase (spoken by others before him as well) “I am the observer, the observed, and that which is observing”.

                    If the hemispheres of the brain were to become one without being dominated or influenced by logic…well that is something to fathom

                    1. Right now, I’m reading Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief,” which is supposed to be his simplest explanation — and extrapolation — related to his DNA research.

              2. Not sure if this is what you’re getting at, but my Mandela issues seemed to really flare to life after being involved in a huge car crash. Everyone who ran to the scene said they thought for sure I’d be dead, but I only nicked my ear slightly. Since, then, things have been a little strange, to say the least. Might everyone experiencing the Mandela effect be… dead?

                1. Hugh Curran, the percentage of people who’ve reported NDEs doesn’t support the idea that we’re dead, per se. I think everyone’s had multiple “close calls” — the almost-accident on the road, etc. — but few who’ve had an actual close brush with death.

                  However, I’ve seen many comments in which people speculate that in our respective “home” realities — the E Reality, perhaps (ref. Berenstein/Berenstain, etc.) — had a critical event where we might have died. Or, when the cataclysm was unavoidable, we simply bailed from that reality (a “gut response” we may not have known about and have forgotten, since) and landed in the nearest “almost like home” reality… here.

                  The continuity of some of these memories suggest we’re from — or have spent time in — the same or very similar realities, before arriving here. (And maybe we’re still cruising through interesting realities, just to test-drive them for different experiences.)

                  But, it’s also possible that some people might have made the same “getting out of Dodge” flight (ref. Urban Dictionary) to avoid death (or near death) in this reality, on a more individual basis, like a car crash.

                  1. Interesting, but Fiona I honestly do not think that the Mandela effect has to do with death per say. Why I say that is that there is still internet evidence of our previous realities… Examples being that when you Yahoo a famous quote or terms, the suggestions appear as the ones we remember from our reality but the results show otherwise! What would you say?

                    1. Mohammad, I’m trying to put this in context. I’ve skimmed the (admittedly long) thread and I need time to break this topic into individual sections.

                      Were you replying to my comment, replying to Hugh Curran’s comment, ?

                      I won’t rule out “past lives,” per se. I’ve seen enough curious evidence to believe they’re possible. (In fact, if we take one interpretation of quantum studies literally, every possibility creates a new universe/reality. So, in at least one reality, people reincarnate and are fully aware of their sequential lives.)

                      Had we visited one of them in a forgotten (or not) past, we might have carried those memories with us to this reality.

                      It’s a bit of a tangle.

                      However, like you, I don’t think death is especially relevant to our current Mandela Effect discussions. That’s an aspect of this that we may discuss later, after we take a look at other explanations and see if any can be supported with compelling evidence like clear patterns.

                      The appearance of “evidence” in this reality — contrary to events in this reality — can suggest that they’re from our recall of alternate realities. However — playing Devil’s Advocate, in a way — they might also suggest massive media reporting errors, history book glitches, or simple misunderstandings.

                      This is where date & location information will be useful. If it’s an error + contagion issue, it should track to a particular time and have a source we can find using historical records for that time & place.

                      So — for me, anyway — that’s the next phase of this research. As I see it, the rest is speculation (though I’m nodding in enthusiastic agreement with the alternate reality/ies theories) until we can comfortably rule out explanations in this reality.

                2. I had a aneurysm in 2005 and I died twice and was brought back. When I was 13 my dad died they brought him back. My older sister as well died and was brought back. My sister kept going on about feeling something was not right in her reality. Well her husband forced her into therapy. I felt it to starting in 2009. I did not tell anyone. My dad as well felt something being wrong to. Its like I can feel something wrong yet I can’t put my finger on actually what it is. They both felt the same to.

          2. Since I’m watching Stargate- the A is replaced with a symbol in the show

            Which makes my poor, addled brain wonder if the A might be disguised in ways.

        2. Regarding recent market comments (2015 reused chart from 1985?):
          Dow hit “record high” February 13, May 20, and December 26 of 1985; 2015 first break February 13, 2nd break May 19, December ?

        3. Daniel ,
          I have read, and re-read this comment for months. Your assessment of the years line up pretty well with mine. I have noticed minor shifts (don’t know what else to call them), starting in 1985 at eight year intervals, as well as your three-eleven pattern. 1993,2001,2009 (2009 for me was a MAJOR one). Mike H.

          1. Not sure how this happening here. But the previous post of mine was in reply to Daniels 7-23-15 post, not the above post from him. This has happened a few times. Strange. Mike H.

            1. Mike H., I am keeping track of this issue. It doesn’t seem to be huge, yet. However, it’s also showing up on my dashboard (where I moderate the site), as I have to use several filters even to find all recent, unapproved comments. I’m not sure if it’s a software issue, a database issue, or something else. (I may run some tests of this later, but not until the end of the year unless this becomes a massive and critical issue.)

              For now, I can move comments from one (top-level) page or article to another. I do that regularly when someone comments at the main Major Memories page instead of one of its comments sub-pages.

              However, I’m unable to link anyone else’s comments (other than my own) to different comment threads. So, when a reply lands in the wrong place — within something like the “Possible Explanations?” conversation, anyway — there’s nothing I can do. Sorry!

              1. Fiona, thanks for he reply! I know your swamped , just wanted you to be aware of it. Curious also, is their a limit to how many posts on the daily emails? I’ve noticed a lot of times I don’t get a of them. In other words posts show up in threads that I’ve not seen in the notifications. Again no big deal, keep up the great work! Mike H.

          2. Mike H. and Daniel,

            In the course of doing separate but tangential personal research, I Came across this (see Link below)”Bases” (Miles Johnson) YouTube video which all by itself is kind of interesting, its info/conclusions I am undecided about and most importantly not my point despite its MR relevant time/CERN subject Matter. Wat really caught my attention was the series of posts from mikewick77, which can be found right at the top of the comments section.


            The first post is a series of years patterns, then some “nodes” expressed numerically as years and a “Spectrum Paradox” and correlations to more years and events. There is very little in the way of verbal/word explanation, so I am guessing that if one has numerological cryptographic coded acumen or some such IDK, then what he has presented is self explanatory.

            I recalled the exchange you two had here in a similar vein-or so it seem to me to be – and thought perhaps if the two of you, or anyone for that matter, still find this numerical pattern/code direction to be fruitful you might have a look at it and report back … I remain curious but when it comes language expressed in numerical sequences I get really confused and can’t discern where or how to being to approach it. but I did have a sense of there being a potential significance to our pursuits here.
            Should you choose to pursue this tip,
            Good Luck and Have Fun!

      3. The ‘A’ marker refers to Bearenstein vs Barenstain. Hence the Mr Stain.

        Just wanted to point that out.

        1. I wonder if the A in the berenst*in bears was the Universe A referenced in the extended address section from a different post…? I do some writing with multiple universes, and in a lot of cases, since they’re all variations on earth, they just refer to a given universe by a defining characteristic, like these signposts described above.

      4. You know that’s funny and it’s hard to explain but I’ve always ALWAYS felt something about THAT year, about 2029.

        1. I do not recall 2029 as being reference to a year. I always found it strange that people connect any four digits to a date. Its time but not in the same sense. I recall what that is to be, But not what it was before that. Mr. Stain please forward.

    4. I’m going to try to explain this in the best “lay” terms I can possibly use. My terminology might be off, but this is me attempting “lay person speak” for the understanding of this situation. Yeah, this could be spooky if you aren’t a programmer or don’t know how files and programming work. But if you do know enough about programming, this isn’t a spooky situation at all: If you know enough about coding you can actually have a parent file where something is located that a sub file can be used to access it, but that sub file was never meant to be used. So through coding a coder can remove the link to that sub file for that information making it “appear” as if it had never been used. Coder’s do this when the original content that they want accessed and changed SHOULD HAVE ALWAYS BEEN accessed and changed in the parent file, not the sub file…and actually idiots who don’t know what they are doing can cause programmer’s a lot of grief by accessing sub files and messing around with stuff in there, when they should have been using the Parent file all along.

      No offense, totally not trying to sound like a jerk, just explaining how it has nothing to do with your memory being off…you can actually access and change the same data in two different files, BUT the programmer always meant for you to use File A instead of File B to do it. Hence, when you came in, the other guys (who know what they are doing) always used file A, which is why they told you that it should have always been file A and not file B, which is what you were using. In other words, though this could have a “spooky” reason behind it, more than likely this is just the kind of random idiocy that I see happen that frustrates main programmer’s to no end at every job they’ve ever had because the other 99% of the crew know how to access and change info at different points but don’t know why they SHOULDN’T ever have changed that same data at point B, but instead should have always been changing it all along at point A.

      1. Wonderbread,

        I was on the fence about approving this, because it’s rather in the “you’re just confused” category and some of the tone in your comment could sound just a tad bit insulting. However, being familiar with how coders talk, I think I correctly “hear” what you wrote and can attribute to geekspeak some of your phrasing.

        Also, I believe you might be missing a key point in david’s comment, particularly his emphasis on the shock of discovery. As I read what he posted, it’s not that the file issue was so extraordinary, but — to his own surprise — he’s had an unusually emotional reaction to it.

        From my own experiences with these kinds of memories, it’s not that the event du jour is so different from how I recall it; it’s that the discovery has such an odd impact on me.

        For example, why should I be utterly stunned when the hot and cold water taps seem suddenly reversed at a sink I’ve used often in the past? I can come up with logical reasons for the change (a recent visit by a dyslexic plumber, for instance). And, it’s not as if reversed water taps are the meaning of life or anything.

        For me, anyway, the anomaly isn’t just the reversal, but — almost standing apart from myself — noting my disproportionate reaction to the change.

        If you haven’t experienced Mandela Effect (or don’t react to it as I do), this may not make much sense. However, I think this will resonate with some ME readers.

        Also, I’m reading your comment and putting it in the context of this being a holodeck: What if the person at the controls (on some days) isn’t entirely sure which files to use, and — as some people are accessing the experience — accidentally loads the B file (the one where Billy Graham died, years ago)?

        I’m not sure if you intended that possible interpretation, but — just in case your comment is useful in this conversation — I’m approving it. And, thank you for taking the time to explain how file issues can occur and seem quite jarring to those not on the coding side of the keyboard.


    5. It’s impossible to change the past. The past, present and future co-exist. So, basically if anyone were to alter the past it would already have happened with no interruption to our timeline. It doesn’t have to be linear, because time is not linear.

      So things can happen in reverse order, effect on past comes before James enters time machine.

      1. Jeff, it’s a good idea to avoid absolutes like “impossible.” If time is a filing system, and something we (or someone/something else) constructed to keep events in an order that more-or-less makes sense, the order (or disorder) is a rather moot point.

    6. Me and my wife have had a joke for the last 5 years about how she is not my real wife. Its funny but not funny at the same time and its such a small detail over all of our life together. She could not twist her tongue in either direction when we got married and i use to make fun of her saying that the reason she couldn’t do it was because she was retarded (i know its a horrible thing to say and do not use that word any more. I have grown up a lot over 20 years). I remember clearly having the conversation with her several times. 5 years ago i was setting her up to make fun of her inability to do it and she did it with ease and swears that she has no memory of the conversation and has always been able to flip her tongue in both directions which is rare and i would (or should) know that and add to that that she remembers making fun of me because i could not do both ways only one. I know that is a small detail but it has effected me and her profoundly.

  2. I must say I’m looking forward to this discussion. I do have some ideas that I’d like to put forward, for consideration/discussion, and here are a couple:

    First, have you noticed that many of the changes are very subtle, to the point where they are audibly equivalent and thus almost orally “camouflaged” or unnoticeable? For example,
    – “Sex In The City”, “Sex And The City”
    – “Interview With A Vampire”, “Interview With The Vampire”
    – definitely, definately
    would sound the same to a listener hearing them pronounced. I mean there are infinite possible audibly-distinguishable variations that they could have been changed to instead. (Why not “Sex Around The City”, or Interviewing a Vampire”, or who knows…) I find it hard to believe this is just coincidence.

    Also, I can’t help but feel that the “motive” seems different, for different cases of these changes. The easiest example to use is the Tank Boy death at Tiananmen. It seems logical enough to posit that who/whatever has the capability to affect this kind of reality “reset” or change, might have done so in that case because the negative reaction to it perhaps went “out of control”, or beyond the bounds that They were expecting or willing to accept. (For what it’s worth, I do remember him dying in my reality, and it was beyond horrific. In fact this particular change caused me some serious social issues with a Chinese friend while visiting Beijing a few years ago, when I “remembered” him dying and she didn’t…she took great offense at the idea, marveling that I could even think her government so callous, and that I could make such a repulsive mistake. That little incident darkened my visit, spiraled me into confusion and self-recrimination, and frankly made me question my sanity.)

    1. JimboJones, I completely agree with your last sentence , I did that for years , I really thought I was losing my mind. I had started making a list a couple of years ago ,of all the things , twice or never dead celebrities, geography, media stories, ect., then one day I started looking online, which lead me to a few sites, and eventually Fiona’s. I was shocked ( and relived), that it wasn’t just me. Anyway, really good post. Mike

    2. Okay I remember learning about the tank man in high school and seeing the footage. And he died. Not only that, but I recall them running over crowded streets of protesters with tanks and it made me almost puke. I was shocked. So is that story still real? I mean if your friend was upset about tank man would they be more upset about tanks running over crowds of protesters? This is extremely concerning, I completely remember the outcomes. Now I’m being told different information. Its completely twilight zone.

      1. david, thanks for your comment. If others respond to this, I’d like to continue the discussion at the Tank Man article. Maybe anyone replying can quote the earlier comments (at this main page) when replying to them at the Tank Man post? (I’m trying to make it easier for site visitors to follow these great conversations, by topic.)

        1. As far back as i remember,and that includes going back into the previous universe with a pinkish hue,people were never so barbaric as to run tanks over a crowd.They were maverick like the citizens of Palermo throwing sleek stillettoes into the neck of unwanted intruders or like the revered fu manchu sending tiny insects and scorpions to relieve the ghosts of knighted englishmen and even while killing en masse they did it shyingly from great height,dropping a couple of nifty a bombs.But never ever they mowed down protesters,hell, they even evaded a loony,and let him climb atop their lead tank.

    3. I was thinking the same. The negative aspect of the person being killed by the tank caused problems with US/China relations or it may have caused a war and so was changed. That’s my take on it.

    4. All three of the changes you listed have the letter A involved. Interview with A Vampire; definAtely; Sex AND the City. That’s in addition to the BerenstAin Bears. The first two are older versions, the other two are newer changes. If, as Mr. Stain indicates, the letter A is a marker, there’s four of them right there.

  3. Fiona, your belief in parallel reality seems to be a matter of semantics,and that’s okay till a more appropriate term emerges.what we know beyond semantics is,that these memories are here to stay.I have tried for a pattern or patterns but it simply is not there.Perhaps we should forego the quest for explanation and concentrate on implications and a positive manipulation if possible.

  4. “I think there is something here..”

    I am really having trouble grasping this change – the change is evident now that it has been brought to my attention.. I have always been the type of person which what I considered above average memory – meaning I “remember” remembering specific details about my childhood but now – its difficult to remember – almost like still images.. but far less clear. let’s look at the state number issue – for me, and it was right in front of me but never thought much of it – these are my memories about the 51st state. When I would here Obama speak – I would chuckle sometimes because he would use the phase 50 states and I would think this guys doesn’t even know how many states we have.. sometime during my childhood in the 80’s, all that I can recall is there being big debate in the news as to which territory would become the 51st state. I remember there being celebration that Hawaii was to become the 51st state over Puerto Rico. I have this odd memory “very Vague” that I wanted the 51st to be Peurto Rico because I went there as a child with my parents. I was born in 74 and this memory seems to be from the early to mid 80’s maybe late 80’s. So if in my memory or reality is Hawaii becoming the 51st state then what were the other 50 states? I’m really having trouble grasping this because all i know if there is a strong memory about the news celebrating the 51st state and the change of the U.S. flag – I’ve tried to remember what the flag looked like but can’t.
    Now here’s what else is very strange for me. I don’t watch much TV anymore but one of the few shows I watch is “Once Upon a time”. this was mainly because the basis of the show is about hero’s and villains. I can’t help but think real world villains are trying to trying to get their happy ending and somehow the show has a seductive way of showing this – it revolves heavily around Walt Disney and the story he created with all the different stories and characters – Now here is where it get’s weird – in the latest finale – you find out about who is “author” – the person writing these “stories” that seem to have an effect on the future. Apparently with a special pen and book – reality can be changed but only by the author commissioned to recored “Time”. The 1st Author in the show is shown to be Walt Disney himself – you end up seeing who the second author is and his name in the story is Isaac Heller. During the finale you see how Isaac Heller becomes the author – He is given a letter to meet at a specific place and time – the letter is dated December 15, 1966 which is the day Walt Disney died. He arrives the next day at the location and becomes the ‘New Author” it is explained to him that there are other rhelms, doorways to alternate realities and that by being the new author he can write “new stories” but not allowed to change to future for himself – I have no idea if this makes sense but it gets stranger. Isaac Heller in real life was VP of a major toy company called Remco. So in the finale you see who the next author is after Isaac Heller which is a boy. Isaac Heller in our world died March 7th, 2015. The season finale aired for the 1st time on December 8th, 2015. This is right in line with the letter given to Isaac Heller in the show after Walt Disney’s death. Is their any connection here – how is it possible there could be a coincidence in the show and actual deaths?

  5. It seems like people are inclined to think these memory… fluctuations, if you will, are specifically related to some sort of ulterior motive or conspiracy.

    However, I think the most likely explanation if people are having interdimensional shifts (which in itself is a long shot), there is no rhyme or reason to it. It’s a natural phenomenon that happens frequently to everyone.

    I guess there’s also a possibility that time travels exists in the future and that, no matter how much travelers try not to, they invariably mess up the timeline. Those who have strong memories of an event retain those memories, while others adopt the memories of the new timeline. I prefer my former explanation, however.

  6. I know HOW this is happening. I drifted off to sleep a few weeks back, and suddenly something spoke and said something to me, as a matter of factly statement. I don’t remember what was said, now, although I did at the time; and I fully accepted what was said to me as though it were always that way.
    I believe in God, so you know, and I was awoken by God, to let me understand what had just happened to me. I sat up in bed and realized that whatever/whoever spoke to me, lied to me purposely, and I said out loud, “no, that’s a lie”.
    I wish I could remember now, but it is gone from me, good thing too. Next time though I will let you know what was said if it happens again. I believe I was protected by God.
    I personally think that CERN may be having some kind of effect upon us, while we sleep, at times, but not certain, of course.
    So as far as I am concerned, the how is explained. The why is the question that remains.
    I know this, whatever it was, it would have changed my view on something, completely, and it would have caused chaos in my life to believe that. This is certain.
    Hope this helped…Keep up the good work, and I pray God blesses you with answers to your questions.

    1. From one Barbara to another. I have heard stuff clearly while lying down too. I believe in God, and things are getting freaky these days. I highly believe CERN to be involved. I’ve had a few of these “false” memories, the Berenstein Bears, Interview with a Vampire (not the), and more. The WORST is the word definitely/definately. I am a pretty good speller, but this word has driven me nuts, my motor memory will not let me write it the “correct” way. After a few intense, focused retraining myself, I’m ok with it now, but I have said, *that* is the one word I will never spell correctly a few times in the past. I think some of it might be based on location. Supposedly there are places that deal with what CERN is dealing with smaller scales. I would look into the transamerica pyramid as one location. I was listening to how antimatter, which they’re dealing with, when let loose, can go to where other antimatter is no matter the distance, immediate. Why these things are being changed? Small things, like spelling? I think it has to do with accidental side-effects. Like maybe they changed something in the movie, and it made the author decide to change the word as a by-product. I think we’re only seeing the small side-effects.

      Anyone remember the Quantum Leap episode where Sam goes back to JFK’s assassination, doesn’t stop JFK from being killed, but apparently his wife was supposed to die too? So supposedly Sam saved JFK’s wife, and we all knew she was alive so it didn’t seem like anything had changed? Swiss-cheese brain anyone?,_Part_I_%28episode%29

  7. But there are patterns aplenty,the most striking pattern is the total reversal of status quo,a 180 degrees turn around.For example purple pink is exactly opposite to green yellow and incidentally a color after image.NZ at southeast is exactly opposite to perceived northwest location.Nelson Mandela metamorphed into a pacifist from notorious anarchist.An insignificant ‘A vampire’ became a popular ‘The vampire’.The gruesome crushing of tankman became a show of comedy as good as any humour produced at hollywood.

  8. Hi Fiona
    Can you remove all of my comments from each board? If not all then just the recent ones. I do not think they give a good message and eerie feeling.

    Thank you

    1. Daniel,

      I haven’t approved the most recent one, and I deleted the one before it. Let me know if you’d like earlier ones removed, as well.

      However, I’m hoping you’ll change your mind and let us keep the ones with the date sequences, or perhaps just the date-related parts of your comments.

      Your posts have sometimes had an eerie element, but — in general — the Mandela Effect can seem like an eerie concept. I’m not sure if it’s good to treat it lightly, or if we should examine it closely to understand it and even work with it, or what.

      I want to respect your wishes. After reading your latest ‘A’ comment, I have a better understanding of your context and concerns. So, if you tell me to delete all of your comments from the site (the comments I can find with a global search, anyway), I will.


  9. I found this site after all my BerenstEin Bears books inexplicably changed to the BerenstAin bears. Other anomalies have been noted: NZ location changed, only 50 states, chartreuse is green and not red, Tank man was not killed, Billy Graham, etc. I will say that have had more than one NDE experience, and seem to have more precognitive dreams than other people. Perhaps I am a more frequent slider, if such a thing exists?
    In any case, per the holodeck theory, one thing I have always been able to do is recall dreams with great accuracy, and in many of them, them seem to point to multiple concurrent existences. I always put this down to greater REM activity for some unknown reason. However, the frequency of these dreams has been increasing, which I find odd. In one particular dream, I was lying in a bed, with an IV in my arm. Above my bed was some kind of HD screen, with multiple little screens inside of it. Each of these was a different existence, in a separate universe. None were real, each was in fact a holodeck. Apparently, my anesthesia wasn’t working correctly and I kept waking up and my technicians kept having to put me under. I also had a device on my head that provided synaptic connections so the experience would seem real. Once my technicians adjusted my sedative dosage, I went under again, and woke up from my dream, back to my normal reality.
    Now, I understand that this is just a dream, I know what it sounds like, is no proof of anything, and is totally strange, but it has stuck with me for a very long time.

    1. Hi, Maria,

      Your dream’s description reminds me of something that I saw in my ‘teens (approximately 1989). I was hallucinating (due to a chemical effect), and understood it to be such even at the time (though it felt utterly real, more so than one might normally expect), but the contents of the hallucination struck me as highly unusual.

      In the hallucination, I was sitting in a chair (something like a bucket seat, with armrests and a headrest), centered within a polyhedral array of screens (perhaps 40 or 50, within my remembered view). As part of the hallucination’s innate backstory, I was aware of the fact that they were representative of different realities of which I was simultaneously participating (I say “representative” because, within the underlying mechanics of the hallucination, the premise was that my senses in that greater reality weren’t such that I possess as a human, nor that I could relate to in any fashion as a human) — much as one might imagine playing multiple video games at once, if one could do so (and if the video games were fully immersive of one’s sensorium…).

      Admittedly, there were some other rather odd elements in my hallucination that don’t pertain to your dream’s details (such as an infinite roulette wheel dividing two realizations of the universe from one another, and evil being a purple virus continuing to exist from a preceding universe to the subsequent one), but your multiple-concurrent-existences’-screens depiction is the only time that I’ve ever run into anything similar to what I had experienced.

      I hesitate to post this, given the hallucinatory nature of that experience, and don’t wish to denigrate your experience (or anyone else’s), much less potentially besmirch the topic with what could be construed as a euphemistically “chemically enhanced” moment… but then I consider the Yaqui and others with similar beliefs and practices; in the end, I’ll post this, and hope that it is of some use to someone.

      1. Closeted team-E, I was hesitant to approve this because — like you — the hallucinatory context concerns me. However, you’ve made some good points, and — despite the risks that some will dismiss your comment as drug-related — I think it may resonate with others.

  10. Hello everyone! I just found this website today, after someone showed me a page about the Berenstein bears (I don’t have a clear enough memory either way but the E looks somehow better to me). I don’t claim to have all (or even any) of the answers, but I’m a physicist so maybe I can help with a few things. At the very least I can be a fresh perspective to bounce ideas off of. I’ve read through your list of common memory changes and other than the bears the only one I’ve experienced is the color puce, which I think of as a shade of yellowish green, like chartreuse but a little more brownish. I also recall chartreuse being a dark red, as if those two switched completely.

    Personally, I don’t (yet?) believe that this is caused by actual time travel or alternate universes; I think it’s most likely some quirk of how human brains work that makes us susceptible to certain illusions, and these are shared by many people the same way there are common dreams. It would take quite a bit of undeniable evidence, or a clear mathematical proof that this stuff is possible, to convince me.

    I’ll start with the speculations about CERN experiments doing weird things to reality. To the best of my knowledge (which I believe is pretty good), this is not happening. Did the people who originally suggested CERN projects to you mention anything more specific, which ones in particular they suspected? I know what CERN is meant to do and how it goes about doing it, and there’s pretty much no way anyone could sneak in a secret project on the side from all the other ones. It would simply take too much effort to build the equipment, hire tens of people and many more computers to analyse the data, and everything else –impossible to keep it all hidden from the public even if they wanted to.

    What CERN (or more specifically, the LHC) does is take protons and accelerate them with strong magnetic fields so they’re going super fast, and then smash them into each other to see what comes out. There are four collision locations around the accelerator ring, each with different sets of detectors to look at different things. One of the primary purposes of the LHC was to find evidence for the Higgs boson (the final piece of the Standard Model of particle physics) , which it did. But the Standard Model is not complete: it doesn’t include gravity at all, or things like neutrino oscillations. So now the LHC has been upgraded and is looking for evidence of supersymmetry, one of the more popular extensions of the Standard Model. Every time a new accelerator energy is announced people always think it’s going to make a black hole and destroy the world or something, but it would take something a million billion (10^15) times stronger than even the upgraded LHC to do that. This is called the Planck energy –the Planck scale is where things get weird and our usual models start to break down. Anything like crossing between parallel universes would almost certainly take at least this much energy as well.

    On another note, there’s Mr Stain’s “time processor” comment. The choice of username is very suggestive of the Berenstein vs Berenstain issue, especially since he mentioned “the A” as a timeline marker. The most interesting part to me though is the warning about the year 2029. I remember a few years ago there was quite a bit of worry over the large asteroid Apophis, which had a (relatively) high chance of impacting the Earth in 2029, and also a chance that if it missed by just the right amount it could come back in 2036. More precise observations have since ruled out an impact, but for a while it was considered the biggest threat to Earth. The Wikipedia page says concern was greatest in 2004 and the threat was downgraded in 2006, but I seem to remember that being much more recent, more like 2010-2013. The earlier dates come before I would have known about this sort of stuff. I have no idea what Mr Stain means about “the awakening”, or how cell phones factor into this.

    I hope this is helpful. It’s certainly a weird phenomenon and I’d like to know exactly what’s going on, whether it’s unknown physics or just a psychological trick. Either way it’s very interesting.

    1. Versylfa, those are some excellent comments, thanks!

      Mr. Stain did a good job of raising many questions. Without more supporting information, I haven’t a clue what to think. I’m hoping he returns with more insights.

      I also haven’t looked into behavioral changes that may be tied to mobile phone usage, as that’s a path that turns murky and conspiratorial in a blink. (Personally, I rely on landlines anyway. That’s for connection/reception consistency when I’m participating in radio interviews. So, my mobile phone is rarely used… if that makes any difference. I have wondered how many other “Luddites” are active in this discussion, and may add a poll about that, later.)

      The CERN connection is odd. I also want to make it very clear that people who contacted me privately only said they were involved in physics. While I felt that their involvement in (or at least deep study of) CERN seemed fairly likely, they went out of their way to be very vague about the experiments and tests they were talking about.

      We know about CERN. However, those contacting may have been talking about other, quantum-related experiments that aren’t reported in the media.

      CERN is rather large and difficult to hide. Quantum research doesn’t have to be huge or obvious. For all we know, they could have a facility disguised as a water processing plant, or in something that looks like an Amazon warehouse, or be working in the back of an apparently empty strip mall, or a dusty basement lab at MIT. (Then again, I think JPL and its corporate counterparts have stayed well under the radar and should not be overlooked. )

      I haven’t a clue. The scientists — if that’s what they are — have used Hushmail and asked me not to reply, anyway. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m only hearing from two people; due to my experience recognizing speech syntax (from my days as an editor for MIT), the use of language suggests two people. I would not rule out pranksters trying to turn this into some ridiculous demonisation of CERN. But, I also can’t rule out the authenticity of their information.

      This subject and speculation are generally fun and fascinating. And, I appreciate your input. The Apophis topic was new to me, and both chilling and interesting at the same time. (If we’re to believe what’s reported: )


  11. I happened to stumble upon this site because of The Berenstein Bears phenomenon. I will go to my grave declaring its “Stein” not “Stain”. I too have noticed time shifts, alternate universes, whatever you want to call it. I really thought about it last night and I have always just thought I misinterpreted the news or made a mistake. It’s good to know I’m not the only person.

    I have experienced time slips in 1988, 1990, 1992, 2004, 2010, and 2013. There are moments I remember crystal clear that happened but now see that in this timeless it was a different time.

    The biggest one for me other than The “Berenstein” Bears issue are the deaths of Billy Graham and The Reagans. I remember clearly around 2000, talking to my grandmother about Billy Graham’s death and watching it on tv. Another time period later my Grandmother was talking to me about Billy Graham and said how old he was and I was flabbergasted because I know I watched his funeral on tv.

    The Reagans are in and out of timelines it seems. For one, I may sound off my rocker here, but I distinctly remember Reagan being President in 1989. I don’t recall a 1988 election at all. I was only 7 at the time but I have been a political junkie since I could talk. 2. I know Ronald Reagan passed away before 2004. I remember watching his funeral and hearing about it for weeks when it happened. I recall it happening around 2002. 3. I still can’t believe Nancy Reagan is alive. I know I heard about her passing away over a decade ago. I vividly remember seeing it on tv, hearing about etc;

    There are many other instances, like The Death of Patrick Swayze, Louie Anderson, The Berlin Wall, and others. I’m not saying I couldn’t have misinterpreted some of these events, but a lot of other people seem to have noticed some of these things too.

  12. Fiona, have you noticed how many more posters have been here the last couple of days ??? I did a quick internet search their are a half dozen other sites with this topic having a huge uptick in postings. I saw a tweet from George Takei about the Bears?? What is going on, did the Mandela Effect go mainstream and I missed it? I will admit that a lot of the posters, here and other places are really bringing some new things up and verifying many of the ones we have discussed. I’m floored at the amount of traction this topic is getting all of the sudden. Wasn’t sure where to post this, Mike H.

    1. Ah-ha! I’ve been wondering about that, myself. The posts I approve are a small portion of the ones I’ve been weeding through, this week. Thanks for the information! (And, if George happens to see this, I knew him back in the early Star Trek convention days, when I did artwork — mostly program illustrations — for Bjo Trimble’s events, and was a go-fer at them, too. Great memories of taping down electric cords in the main hall with Jimmy Doohan, and setting up folding chairs with Bill Campbell. So, I’m delighted that George is talking about this topic, too.)

  13. I do remember BerenstEin too, and BarbAra Streisand.

    But I can’t be certain enough to call this an alternate dimension/universe just yet. Being highly scientifically minded and analytical, I think perhaps some more cross-references might help clear up at least certain topics?

    For example, regarding “Definitely” or “Definately”:
    How is the word “finite” spelled? “Finate” or “finite”? Same goes for “infinite” and “infinitely”. Assuming those appear correct, then why would “definitely” be any different? It simply has a different prefix.

    1. Glenn,

      I appreciate your logic regarding the etymology and inconsistency of definitely/definately, but you’re assuming that spelling rules and root words in this reality are the same as in the reality where the word is spelled “definately.”

      In this reality, the English language is full of odd exceptions when we look at roots, pronunciations, spellings, and meanings. Some examples: Uses of “cleave” and “guantlet” – Appraise/apprise –

      Many English words have interesting — and sometimes conflicting — Germanic and Latin roots. ( ) Many websites provide lists of ridiculous spellings and pronunciations. (Example – ) Add words we’ve adopted from other languages, including French and Greek, and the topic has more twists than a pretzel. (And, for amusement, the roots of “pretzel” – 1815-25, Americanism; < German Pretzel, variant of Bretzel; Old High German brizzila < Medieval Latin bracellus bracelet ) And then there's the difference between how I spell words intended for an American audiences and for British audiences ( [link not working at the moment] )… and when I’m not so picky and write however I want.

      If you’re looking for logic and consistency, the English language is not the place to begin. Nor is the Mandela Effect.


      1. What if we drop the “ly” at the end of “Defin(i/a)tely, and stick with the actual root word, “Define” (which has neither an ‘i’ or ‘a’)?

        I’m not saying which versions of these should look right or wrong, but there should at least be consistency between them. If you perceive that ‘Definately’ is the correct spelling, then it follows that you should also perceive that “Indefinately” or “Indefinate” are correct as well. We should at least be able to be consistent with ourselves, right now (assuming the spelling of the words hasn’t changed since the thread started).

        Definite or Definate? Which looks correct?

        Indefinite or Indefinate?

        1. Glenn,

          I see your logic but feel as if we’re wandering down a narrow, peripheral path here.

          The point where I really disagree is the “able to be consistent with ourselves.” In recent months, I’ve seen many more comments where people have two memories, each conflicting with the other to some degree.

          So, I can say that both “definite” and “definate” look correct to me, but I’m someone who keeps switching between the spellings “grey” and “gray.” I’m allowing that this may have affected how I look at some spellings.

          Being a synesthete as well, I’m not the person to weigh in on which spellings look correct.

          In the past, I’ve worked as an editor and proofreader, so I’m usually aware of which spellings are common usage in England and America.

          However, that intellectual view isn’t the same as my subjective, perhaps ME-related view: Different spellings may be correct in different realities, and some of those realities may have even more irregularities and inconsistencies than this one does. One of the quirky features of the Mandela Effect is how inconsistent our memories seem to be, at least in the context of this reality. For me, that makes all of this rather fun.


          1. Fiona, not sure what made me try this. On Youtube when you force spell dilemna in the search box, a lot of videos come up spelled that way. I’m not talking about just things people have posted (those are important also), but official video releases from recording labels. If this was the incorrect spelling I would think they would have that corrected. Some of the artists even have the (supposedly) wrong spelling in the titles of their songs. Pages of this stuff on YT.

            Also wanted to see if you had gotten any of the “in private” emails I had sent. Only curious, because the last one I sent, their were about half a dozen older ones since March, saying awaiting moderation. I know your busy, I did not need a reply on any of them. Just curious if they even got through.

            Mike H.

            1. Mike H,

              Thanks for the info. And the “in private” comments will always say “awaiting moderation” because that’s my only option. Otherwise, I have to approve them (and the public see them) or send them to the trash. (At the moment, I have 120 private comments at this site, and I’ve read every one of them.)

              I’m deciding what to do about a topic you mentioned (in private), referring to my brief exchange with another reader who’d mentioned a paranormal tie-in with ME. I think that may be something to explore at one of my other websites where people are more aggressively trying to make sense of that phenomenon.

              But, for now, I’m still coping with the daily deluge of fascinating comments at ME, while trying to stay on track with the research & books that make it possible for me to maintain this site in the first place! LOL

              Mostly, your YouTube research is brilliant. It never crossed my mind to check that as a resource for some of these issues.



              1. Thanks for the reply Fiona! Thanks for clearing up how the private emails work. I actually had not been to your other websites, but going to check them out! Now I will let you get back to work ,keep up the fascinating work, Mike H.

              2. Fiona, meant to tell you there is a large article on the ME over at the Vice website. Mike H.

          2. Hi I understand I am new and all but I have some incite that may help. It is worth noting I am 18 or so years of age yet, I have many years of experience in this endeavor. We are attempting to theorize here on this platform the likely hood of multiple universes. Well here is what I know and or have currently taken as my current standard facts regarding our scenario.

            1. There are three separate realities I personally jump to.
            2. There exist’s an unknown number of plausible universes.
            3. There are currently five separate realities assessable from the reality in which this topic was placed.

            Now that this has been stated let us discuss (well first me respond if you will) why and how the particulars work regarding the varies realities I have encountered.

            1. You cant
            2 .Each domains physics differ so slightly it is near impossible to work out the particulars. (I theorize it can be done if a lifetime of studies is done and somehow kept in a place assessable from all “dimensions”)
            3. Every thing happens in threes….

            Look to the history.

            Each worlds history varies so vastly it is rather annoying. You see small changes such as (the Roman Empire falling due to Europe deceiving them during the Middle Ages in an acute yet surprisingly effective espionage.) will change the course of history for that “dimension”

            Before I get carried away with my theory and experience does anyone have any oppions on these theory’s each number and paragraph display separate lessons I have learned in the varying realities I have encountered.

  14. I’ve commented in a couple of other forums, but I simply cannot get this out of my head. For the past couple of days, since I’ve discovered this Manela Effect, I’ve been wracking my brain and realizing scads of things that I’ve previously brushed off. Mainly, that I vividly recall trying to discuss multiple universes with my mother when I was 7-8 years old. She brushed it off as imagination, but I could not let it go. I’ve always felt… connected, somehow, felt that when I dream, that’s one universe, and I’m a dream to another, etc, so forth and so on. It feels like I progress, ascend if you will, as I gain insight and knowledge. Not to a religious or better place necessarily, but one where I can grow a little more until it’s time to move into the next waking. But I don’t think it’s single to me as an individual, but more like there are certain times that a waking will occur, and some people make the cut while others don’t. So we kind of sync with the people we’re closest to, which is why our memories are usually similar. Does that even remotely make sense? It’s so difficult to put it into words.
    I can almost pinpoint the first time I noticed (noticed, mind you, it may have happened before) around 1998 and 1999. The incidents kept happening, but when I tried to talk with others about them, I was blown off with a shrug and smile. So I stopped talking about it. I concealed the feeling and the events (“waking” is how I’ve always thought of them, as I feel slightly elevated consciousness each time I realize it’s happened, which may be entirely in my head).
    When I saw George Takei’s post, and the comments that eventually led me here, I felt the most profound relief that I’m not alone, as I previously thought.
    Even now, though, considering the history I have with trying to explain this, I feel slightly self-conscious in sharing this. But if I’m going to share it, I think this is the place.
    So my theory (for what it’s worth) is that consciousness ascends to different universes for whatever reason, like waking up and stretching after a vivid dream that fades but still lingers in the back of the mind.

      1. I’m not familiar with Everworld, but based on the very quick google search I did, I think I’ll familiarize myself with it.

        It’s surprising that I’ve not heard of this, as I grew up fascinated with mythology, science fiction, conspiracies, and all other sorts of things normally outside the realm of a teenage girl. (No boy bands for me)

        I’ve had a little time to think and read theories and I think the one I most lean toward is that we “travel” or “shift” while sleeping, which would somewhat explain why I feel as though I’ve woken from a dream.

        I’ll check out Everworld. It seems right up my alley.

  15. I am curious, does anyone else on here remember the Phoenix lights happening either in 2000 or 2001? I could swear that I saw them when my family was travelling during that time. Also, I remember seeing my grandpa watching the news conference about the lights (the one where they had the person in an alien costume walk in wearing handcuffs.) in the house they got at the end of 2001. But all the books and websites say that they happened in 1997.

    1. I keep meaning to reply to you and forgetting.

      I remember the Phoenix Lights being in 2002. I grew up in the Midwest, but in January of 2002, my parents and siblings moved to Arizona. I was already an adult living on my own and in college and working, I stayed in the Midwest. I remember the Lights happening after my parents moved. I recall joking with my mom on the phone about Area 51. I would have had no particular interest in the phenomenon in 1997, when I was 16 and still living with my parents in the Midwest.

      I suspect it will be difficult to confirm this alternative memory on a “major” scale, though, as the subset of people who know about and are interested in those sort of phenomenon is fairly small compared to those who have read “those Bear books”.

  16. I wasn’t sure where to post this – some thoughts re. who experiences the effect.

    I’ve seen people refer to ‘awake’ people and other terms for those who experienced the Berenstein reality – I think a better term is ‘self-determined’.

    The common thread is those who have attempted to think for themselves and to lead their own lives, folk with self determination, free will if you like. I think this is a massive clue.

    Perhaps, and I don’t quite believe this, reality was altered (once/multiple times) and an attempt/s were made to program human kinds memories to fit the new reality – except it didn’t work for the self determined folk. There are also dozens of other ways to look at this. I’ll save that for future sleepless nights and ramblings.

    1. That sounds fairly reasonable.

      Perhaps an explanation for major events (such as parents, major life memories) is that memories can line up like an overlay. The major part of the picture matches well enough, but a few little details are off. For the most part, those little details are overlooked but some people (whether through constant shifts or changes) simply cannot overlook it.

      Personally, I think the shifts (if that’s what they are) feel natural as opposed to forced. But if we’re to examine it all, that could be explained as a part of my overlay that still matches.

    2. J.T.,
      I am in complete agreement with what you have said. I think you are on to something with this though. Speaking for myself, I know that my whole life I have questioned everything, never taking anything at face value, especially if someone says I need too, or have too. I.E. , the media, teachers, instructors, bosses. Sometimes this worked out well for me, and sometimes , lets just say not as planned. I do get tired of people that never question anything, it’s like they are walking commercials of whatever is on T.V., or the internet. Parroting the latest “catch phrase”, or newest “fad”. Because for the most part someone told them it was “cool” or “in style”. I realize people have always been like this, since the beginning of our existence. BUT, I think in this digital age it has reached ridiculous levels. The media is a powerful tool, it is very easy to control masses of people with it. Mike H.

    3. Like what a divergent is? I think someone knows about ME and just leaves clues in media for us to figure out, in a better note, if ever there will be a time where it would be possible to make experiments to determine ME, i think it would be now thru the Internet hive mind

  17. i’ve been thinking of possible explanations and so far I have come up with the following , some of which have already been mentioned in this thread. I believe it is important to attempt to think outside the box and not rule out any options otherwise we may miss part of the puzzle.
    Here goes:

    1. Morphic Resonance – The more of us that think we have these alternative memories, then the more people who then think they have them too. The more memories I read on this site, the more convinced I am that I have these shared memories too. See the work done by Rupert Sheldrake.

    2. Transported from an alternative reality – Have we hopped over from an alternative or similar reality? Maybe accidently through astral travel and/or leaving our body to return to another of our selves.

    3. Possible false memory – People generally filter the reality around them based on their own beliefs and expectations. There are numerous reports of various accidents or crime scenes with a handful of individuals describing the event with specific details left out or other aspects exaggerated or just simply incorrect. High emotions particularly fear can play a part here.

    4. Changes in the past – I’m thinking of the experiments done by CERN here as we approach the proposed limit of time and space. Is this indirectly causing past ripples in time/reality that a number of us are picking up on?

    5. A glitch in the matrix/control system – this feels similar to the 11:11 phenomena and deja vu etc. We know it shouldn’t be happening yet somehow it is. For those of us who don’t know about 11:11. It’s the increased noticing of this pattern of numbers on clocks, in the media and general life. We can also include 22:22 and 12:34 etc here. Is this a call to awakening? Is someone or something trying to give us a message?

    It may be a combination of these and I am sure there are plenty of other explanations too. Personally I think the world and reality around us is a lot more subjective and flexible than perhaps we have been led to believe from the educational system we were all brought up with.

    Going forward we are living in unusual times and I predict more of these and other effects happening in the next few years…

    1. Ricardo, that’s a good summary. We’ve already discussed issues related to false memory and Sheldrake’s work. (See my page, Terms: Comments for details.) The rest of these are worth considering on a case-by-case basis.

  18. I don’t know if it’s been discussed in the comments but I wanted to get it down before I forgot (then back to reading the comments) but I had noticed one day that some old statues and drawings from way back looked strangely like our astronauts now. I did some digging and found that this was, in fact, a theory. A possible explanation could, in fact, be real and actual time travel.

    1. The theories of time travel (or time looping) appears to be relevant. Not only ancient astronauts, but technology as well. Example: there are many ways to build a car, if OTHER paths are possible then they would be represented as well… The “ancient technology” appears clearly to be ours. This is born out from Delta wing “virmani” to ancient space suits, to helicopters, and submarines. Perhaps we should take it as WARNING that not very much futuristic technology is exemplified by past art….

  19. So yeah, this happens to me all the time. There was a scientist named Hugh Everett. He was the top man in parallel universe/infinite quantum multiverse thinking. Hugh believed in something called “quantum immortality”–that when he would die, in a car crash or something, let’s say, his consciousness would simply shunt over to the nearest parallel universe (“B”, let’s say) in which he somehow survived (or never even experienced) that crash that had “killed” him in universe A. This seems to be the closest analog to what I experience. Minor shades of difference, sure, but survival, and on we go. For me this happens a lot. Example: in an earlier version of things for me, David Tennant was a visible, out and proud gay man. Did interviews in all the press, first out gay Doctor, etc. Well, here he’s a legendarily notorious ladies’ man and not gay at all (so far as I know, anyway–apologies, Local Tennant.)

    Here, there’s a currently-running TV series starring Matthew Perry from “Friends” as Oscar Madison in “The Odd Couple”. Yeah, we don’t have that where I last came from. I’m sorry you folks have it here.

    Up the street from my house there’s this weird bit of city water pipe/valve thing in the rough shape of a camel. It’s blue. I passed it every day. It’s been blue for 20 years. Only it isn’t. Here, it’s this weird nasty beige, and upon examination, has not been painted…in about 20 years. It didn’t change, but clearly I did.

    As far as the Berenstain bears, it’s always been with an A for me. However, I will tell you there was a time where for everyone around me –including the physical copies of the books themselves–it was with an E, and I was the only idiot arguing that their name somehow had the highly improbable word “stain” in it. Nice to be back in an A universe for a while.

    Like, here, Theodore Bikel just died last month. Which impressed the hell out of me since he also died in 1985. Congrats on the extra 30 years, Local Bikel! It’s always something. Lots of little somethings.

    I keep hoping one of these universes will have the Beatles reunion. No such luck yet, but I’m a pretty bad driver, so any minute now.

    There’s also probably a universe where I had the good sense not to post this. It’s all true, for what it’s worth. I’m a real person (relatively speaking, of course). I’m pretty well used to it at this point. I don’t know anything useful and I can’t really help anyone figure this out. I’m not a doctor nor do i play one on TV. Just passing through, as it were. 🙂 Nice to see some fellow travelers who’ve taken the time to enjoy the scenery. I’m sure one day it’ll all be clear. Best of luck.

    1. Cait,

      Thanks for that comment. You’ve added some useful terms that I’ll probably use in future discussions (such as “local” for what’s in this timestream). Your attitude towards this is one I can identify with. Definitely cool and stylishly written.

      Thanks again!


  20. Any two realities that share a timeline close enough can stream-slip together. Anything that is the same between the two will merge. This is most noticeable when the merging occurs with an individual and their counterpart. During the stream-slip, one reality remains dominant, but there would be no way to tell how that is determined. It’s obvious though, because if someone was remembered as dead but revised to be alive, clearly the reality on which the individual was still alive has taken dominance.

    From my observations, it seems as though these stream-slips can only happen between timelines that are more or less the same, with only a few marginal differences. I would go so far as to reference the brane theory in that timelines that are spatially (if you can call it that) adjacent to eachother are inherently similar, presumably having diverged from eachother previously in their timelines. Therefore, they may actually exert an amount of gravity on eachother, but depending on what you think of graviton theory, this might not be something you agree with. Personally, I like to think that dark matter is the residual gravity lagging between adjacent realities.

    I haven’t yet found a way to tell if someone is dominantly a local or transient, but I assume it wouldn’t make much of a difference if they are a merger, as they would be, more or less, both simultaneously.

  21. I will most assuredly be back with more musings, LOL, but in the meantime I had two thoughts and a pondering.

    First,the pondering, to get it out of the way. Relating to a celebrity, David Byrne of Talking Heads. I’ve always liked TH, despite the fact that Byrne himself is *really* weird, in a way that seems alien. I believe he has “slid”. The references in Once In A Lifetime seem to point to it unmistakably. But it’s not even the “you may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife / and you may ask yourself, well how did I get here” bit that I mean. It’s the next verse:
    And you may ask yourself
    How do I work this?
    And you may ask yourself
    Where is that large automobile?
    And you may tell yourself
    This is not my beautiful house
    And you may tell yourself
    This is not my beautiful wife

    For some reason, one of the things that really freaked me out about Mandela Effect is Madagascar being in a different place and uninhabited. Of all the bizarre changes, that one really makes things feel “wrong” for some reason. And one of the first questions I had for myself was, how do I work this? Can I get back to the reality in which MY Madagascar exists?

    I’ve gotten past that point now. Madagascar is still wrong, but I’m also OK with being here. I appreciate the positive things that exist here. I have peripheral awareness that in other timeliness, I do better, but they are also different in larger ways. My children, my siblings, my husband…I have a sensation of ending up in the right mix, despite us getting here from different ways (it’s particularly striking to me that my husband and I share a number of alternative memories, but we are NOT the same age in this reality. He’s 12 years older. The idea that we both existed in a BerenstEin time line, as well as a fall 1985 Challenger explosion one, as well as a brown eyes Hitler one, as well as a smaller uninhabited Madagascar one, and yet also have a number of different memories the other doesn’t share, and that we both ended up here, conscious of this phenomenon, and accepting of it…It amuses me in a way I can’t even explain. Like delight in a cosmic game).

    Anyhow. My two thoughts relate to the cryptic significance of the changes comment. It’s because I rewatched an episode of NCIS the other day, in which it’s Kate Todd’s first case aboard an aircraft carrier. Part of the humorous secondary storyline revolves around her learning the coding system that identifies the location and purpose of different compartments, and how it can be used to navigate the ship. (By the end of the episode, she’s mastered it, and proves her skill by getting to the record room while DiNozzo ends up in the laundry.)

    I can “see” the changes having/being markers that identify a location, as well as your starting position and route of travel through a multiverse. I can see that my and my husband’s overlapping and diverging paths have lead us to a now. And I feel there is *some* way to suss out the code of where we came from relative to the now. I think that unlocking that code is the mechanism through which we could “work this” and control a slide.

    My second thought regarding this is that in all of the theories along the conspiracy variety that I have read, none feel totally authentic to me. I don’t feel that it’s “TPTB” doing something to us, because I feel that ultimately they don’t matter in this game. They only think they do. I feel that this is a natural phenomenon of a quantum universe.

    1. And you may ask yourself
      What is that beautiful house?

      And you may ask yourself
      Where does that highway go to?

      And you may ask yourself
      Am I right?…Am I wrong?

      And you may say to yourself
      My God!…What have I done?!
      …same as it ever was…
      Time isn’t holding up
      Time is an asterisk
      …same as it ever was…

      Yeah, I have been thinking the same thing about this song…

    2. Reading your comment I realized I am a temporal ex pat at the moment. Challenger happened in fall of 85 for me and Hitler had brown eyes. I also am a stein native .

  22. Hello all. First time poster.

    I’ve noticed weird examples of this for years. E.g. a movie with Sinbad where he plays a genie but the closest thing would be Kazaam with Shaq. This whole thing with the Bears freaked me out. I then remember an occurance when I was 14 and went to visit my family in Poland. I met a girl there named Kinga. She dated my cousin at that time. We took a group picture with all my friends there the day we left. I still have the picture. When I went to Poland when I was 19, no one remembered her but me. I went again when I was 25 and met her randomly at a pub with another friend of mine. I brought it up to my cousin and he said they still hang out once in awhile..

    Back to the Bears…it seems that it is a way for our collective consciousness to ‘wake up’ together. The theory that makes most sense to me is that the Bears had the spelling change to retroactively change things because it would be something many people would notice. It seems small, but it will be something many people will notice. It seems more of a deliberate method in order for the masses to get hit with these new reality bending thoughts. Perhaps, this is just the start of a series of events that will occur, which in consequence will conpletly warp reality.

  23. I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 35 years and always buckled them on the right side. Imagine waking up to buckling the same scuffed up helmet on the left. I have memories that don’t match any pictures and pictures that don’t match any memories. Several of the schisms you pointed out, including TAPS are strongly ingrained in my memories. I have always believed in Quantum, I am familiar with how easy it is to trick the mind, and how perceptive we as humans aren’t. My take on it is that we control our own destinies. I theorize Thou art god. I theorize each of us experience everything, every possibility. I theorize we are directing ourselves on the path with the best outcome of our own existence. I theorize we “jump worlds” because our future is already written on a path, best determined by ourselves, based on all the painfully bad decisions we experienced and rejected, or died from. Thank you for establishing a site that, in small part, makes me feel less crazy. (On the crazy note, while most of us are bothered by small inconsequential things, I theorize schizophrenics actually retain more information about alternate realities and frequently jump between worlds with lower energy thresholds but fundamentally higher personal differential)

  24. Why are people assuming that this is a new phenomenon? I don’t think it is. People are just noticing it recently because mass communication and the Internet makes it possible to notice. Hell, standardized spelling has only been around for a couple hundred years. How would someone who shifted universes in 1560 be able to even figure it out, unless they were in the tiny minority with access to more or less accurate records?

    I am not worried about CERN or cell phones, though the fact that I’ve done pretty much EVERYTHING on your reality – altering activities poll might explain a few things.

    1. Well, there are stories of people being kidnapped by the fairies to their magical realm. When they return, everyone around them has aged by many years, or even died, while the person who lived with the fairies thinks only a few days passed. I wonder if such stories have their basis in something else, something like ME, and the people actually slid into a different reality and back again.

  25. Sara, Very few people are assuming that this is a new phenomena,and even those few are just saying that cern could be a cause without denying that the phenomena might be an eternal,quid pro quo.

  26. Some remote viewers explain memories as information stored in something akin to a database, and our brain is the instrument that queries the database and retrieves/returns the information to our conscious awareness. In this case, one’s brain wouldn’t need to change locations or dimensions or “realities” to produce the effects we’re witnessing. All that would need to happen: the database either merges with another, similar one, or… something else along these lines occurs. 🙂

    Related: human consciousness/intent has been shown to affect quantum processes and marcro-events (affecting random number generators). These effects have been shown to be greater when multiple people focus their attention together. Time is experienced subjectively in such a way that its speed is quite variable. The human population is greater than it’s ever been by FAR. The internet has enabled more communication among people simultaneously than ever before, and there are billions of us sharing information about our conscious experiences with each other. What if this is having an effect on reality? What if this is causing stress on the system in some way? What if the effect of so much focused intent is actually disturbing something fundamental in the structure of the information-system that underlies reality? For example, when Princess Diana’s death was announced, random number generators recorded huge effects. As our cultures homogenize, we are increasingly focusing our attention on the same events. I wonder what effects this might have.

    We also experience time subjectively – slows, quickens depending on conscious events. What if there are group effects that affect subjective experiences in other ways as well, and what if we we, as a group, dilate or contract time in such a way as to create weak points that allow for slippages? I think it could actually be strongly related to time. Movement through time affects how much one moves through space similarly to how moving east/westward affects how far you move north/south in a given amount of time – diagonal movement effect). If we’re changing the pace at which we’re experiencing *obejctive* time, maybe this changes our path through the spatial dimension in a way that makes us… fall behind or ahead of our own reality, so we fall into whatever reality is right behind or ahead of ours (not backwards/forwards in time though, just in whatever dimension realities are lined up in, tee hee!).

  27. Oops! I just posted in the Quantum Computer page when I should have put that comment here! Can you please redirect that comment for me, maybe?

    I also have another idea for consideration on cause that’s related to the alternate geographies. It seems to me that a lot of the alternate geographies involve locations where one might find dangerous experiments (quantum computing/physics like CERN) being conducted.
    – Koreas: Seoul is ranked as the world’s “tech capital of the world” South Korea is also among the world’s most technologically advanced and digitally-connected countries (Wiki).
    – Australia: If the British (or even Americans) were going to conduct top-secret, potentially dangerous CERN-like experiments, they would most likely use Australia (which is mostly empty on it’s western side and now that New Zealand’s moved from West of Australia to East of it, you don’t even have to worry about endangering NZ-ers!)
    – Mongolia: China or Russia (each of whom own Mongolia as a territory/region in alternate realities) would likely use this land as it is far from their capitals and major cities and underdeveloped & sparsely populated, which helps keep things secret)
    – Japan: Japan (they have little choice)
    – Cuba: Guantanamo is located here, on US-controlled territory. Funnily enough, despite his promises to close it if he became president, Barack has yet to close it down and it still receives funding from the DOD.
    – the US: the US. 🙂
    – Sri Lanka: India is also heavily invested in developing a competitive tech industry (not just computing-knowledge; Chandrayaan: India’s space program researched and developed its own technology in order to explore the Moon), and I wonder if they’d use Sri Lanka for dangerous experiments that could have disastrous effects (maybe they expected black holes that would swallow things up, or dark matter that would annihilate matter in a given radius?).
    – The Baltic Sea countries I’m not so sure about. 🙂

    I find it intriguing that Canada doesn’t seem to have changed (I’m Canadian), I don’t see anything about the Middle East undergoing changes, or Africa (with the exception of Madagascar – but again, this is less populated (although I’m from the reality where it was mainly uninhabited) and underdeveloped and not close to large, “important” cities. Also, it belonged to France up until very recently, so maybe the Europeans made a deal to use it?) South America seems relatively unscathed.
    Basically, countries that wouldn’t have much involvement in CERN-like science or quantum-computing development, or relation to a country that does, seem to have fewer reports of geographical anomalies!
    Am I on to something here?!? 😀

    1. Over the years I have seen a lot of theories. But the one you presented on alternate geography , makes as much sense as any I have seen. I have been thinking along the lines of technology myself. CERN and like experiments also, but you have tied them all together quite well. So let me be the first to answer your question. Yes, I think you might just be onto something. Mike H.

      1. Mike H, on the CERN note: At least one New Age group is tracking CERN activity and — on the dates of predicted surges of activity at CERN (including last Saturday, 15 Aug 2015) — scheduling meditations to mediate the effects in our reality. We’ll need a few tests of this to see if it effects anything like GCP (, much less the culture in general. And, since this coincides with CERN activity, I’m not sure we can separate the meditation effects from the impact of what’s going on at CERN.

        1. Fiona , thank you for that information! Yet another avenue to explore. I will be checking their website, Mike H.

        2. Hi Fiona!
          I’m also wondering more and more if it’s human-focused-attention that might be contributing to this (although I’m torn between this theory and my geo-changes-based cern one.). If random number generators produce more ‘structured’ data in response to focused attention (as they do, according to the Global Consciousness Project, the old Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab and Dean Radin’s work), and if everything is information (which is what physicists tell us) then what if we’re disturbing the underlying information around us just by so many of us focusing our attention at once on one concept?

          What worries me is that we’re actually changing *random* info, unrelated to the concept we’re focused on. Analogy: in a simulation, we might be corrupting the code:
          so we all focus on the Princess Diana death & funeral event, RNGs go wild, but the coding of our reality also gets affected, some 1s turn to 0s, and that just happens to be in the bear-file. So all of sudden, it’s the stain bears and *always has been* to those in the simulation, ***except some of us remember the previous version – and I’m dying to know why and if it hints at a key to this puzzle***.

          So what happens if we accidentally make changes to the sun-file and our sun is different and not life-friendly? Or to oxygen-ratios in our air?
          If it’s caused by CERN-like stuff, we need to have that paused until we have this figured out so we don’t wake up in an ice-age, or on a planet with no nitrogen in the air. But if it’s caused by a billion people mesmerized by Gangnam Style, or the FIFA World Cup, focusing their attention on it, then that will be a harder issue to address, but I think we do need to figure this out and not assume it’s an overall harmless phenomenon.

          Although maybe the fact that some who remember Mandela also remember Jiffy and stein and others remember Mandela and Jiffy but not stein (as an example), suggests it’s more likely that different versions of reality are melding, rather than this reality itself changing.

          I’m hoping your site will draw a lot of people to share theories to we can perhaps come up with a way to find out more about the nature of this phenomenon and whether or not we should be concerned, and if we have any control over it.

          1. Vignette,

            The RNG concept is an interesting idea, but what if it isn’t so random? Now, I’m not a religious individual in even the most remote sense of the word, but in some extreme cases it seems that mass prayer is able to affect changes in the local vicinity. If enough people pray hard enough it seems that people can be miraculously cured, but what if it has to do with your idea of changing the timeline instead of an actual healing. It seems that it would be easier to rewrite history, so that it never happened instead of actually changing the current condition. Even some of the old pagan religions would use mass worship or focused rituals to affect reality.

            A perfect example would be if enough people thought hard enough and wished that Nelson Mandela was still alive and all of a sudden poof he’s alive again, but it was done by retroactivly changing history, so that he never died. Obviously some of these changes must be either random changes or are ripple effects caused by other changes. A lot of people seem to remember Mussolini looking different. What if he looks different because enough people wish that he hadn’t been born. Maybe this was brought about by cancelling his birth by preventing his mother and father from getting together, but this caused his father to marry some other woman resulting in him looking different, but being brought up the same. Maybe by some weird happenstance that we could never uncover, this caused a different individual to be working Ellis island the day that Stan Berenstain’s parents came to the US resulting in their name being recorded with an A instead of an E. Basically a change that enough people wanted to happen happened causing another change that had nothing to do with it. Now I have no idea when the Berenstain/stein family immigrated to the united states, or if they even came in through Ellis island, but I’m using that as an example to explain what I’m trying to say.

            Of course maybe it’s not a change in history that is being affected, but perhaps it is a mass slide instead.

            Thank you,


            1. Good points, Mat!

              And yes, there is evidence that prayer changes the past. One of the studies focused on remote, retroactive intercessory prayer. Summary: – Full paper: (I’ve been studying this for years, but in connection with ghost research. My theory was: If some spirits linger because they want to change something in the past, maybe we can help them with something like retroactive prayer, either to change the event that upset them, or change its impact on them. Anecdotally, we’ve had some positive results, but I need to make time for a broader study.)


              1. But Fiona,retroactive alteration is in direct confrontation with ME.That there is no confirmation of either phenomena,queers the pitch,but we have anecdotal evidence of precognition and it further queers the pitch.It is like triple salting a dud mine with:uranium,gold,oil.

                1. Vivek, you’re right. However, I’m not locked into one theory for ME, and have to consider all possibilities, including this one. I was researching the retroactive theory well before I developed the Mandela Effect theory, so — to me, anyway — the incongruities and possible redundancies aren’t as much of an issue. For me, it was somewhat of a contradiction from the start. Nevertheless, I see your point.

                  1. So we don’t know why the creation was created,or,how the ME works.But we ought to know what to do with our given lives,the twist that ME gives to the question is,not to consider life as ephemeral,the sense of lower entrotopy could be a primer for the truth of eternal nature of life.The saga of St. Comte de Germain,might be a classical example of wilful universe hopper,a Peter Pan who visits universes where entropy is neutral or even slightly negative.

                    1. Vivek, I agree with you on an earlier comment and this one …
                      … We should be looking for consequences, implications and reasons to know what to do with our given lives, (how ‘eternal’ are we?), rather than who or what did what and how … What I have discovered for me is to do everything that comes up. That’s not totally accurate and I’m having trouble articulating this without going off on a long paragraph … I guess the best way to describe what I’m trying to say is that I have recently noticed, in my life, that there have been many synchronicities leading to either desires or what I thought was a desire or an old forgotten desire, whether good or bad (seems there’s a reason or lesson), and sometimes many different events take place before the supposed desire is realized. (take good calculated risks/make wise choices – fear nothing – a true knowing that death is fiction < all these seem to belong here)
                      I also feel that the 'observation' of certain events is key, yet when it comes to quantum physics I resonate strongly with the concepts, like I know them innately, but analytically I'm … growing …

                2. Vivek-
                  Hmmm… you are a curious entity who knows much I think. This post, specifically the last sentence, has, equally with Mr. Stains post, been like a teeny tiny shard of bamboo which has embedded itself beneath the little finger nail of my meta brain and depending on activity and focus the intensity of its demand on my awareness shift between barely perceptible/easily ignored niggle to distracting irritation. Today it will not be ignored or even put on the back burner to stew some more.

                  The more I ponder, the curioser & curiouser it becomes…These are all elements over which wars have been/are perpetually being waged on a variety of levels from actual literal combat between two adversaries or by proxy with a variety of fetishized red herring constructs.

                  uranium- depleted? gold- currency? monoatomic? genetic material? oil- fossil fuel? sentient/black goo?

                  Let me say off the bat that I am not encouraging the pursuit of tangental, discrediting chimeric bunny tales down dead end irrelevant rabbit holes which foster fear confusion and distraction from constructive avenues. If you are so inclined & see it as productive activity relevant to the exploration at hand, I would ask you to consider these musings & hypothesis and give you thoughts

                  I have long had a suspicion that there is a real, tangible but very occulted relationship amongst many seemingly disparate political world events, enigmatic phenomena – world events that are hushed up, go un or under reported, from which we are discouraged in various ways from pursuing, from which we are deliberately distracted by divisive propaganda and go publicly unresolved until we forget and which remain unresolved mysteries or are deliberately left dangling as fodder for the easily dismissed “conspiracy theorists” muddying the waters even more and discouraging any true investigative efforts… I suspect what ever connects them – some overarching thing or theme- would bring into focus a sharper, higher resolution Big Picture which would come into focus. The establishment of such a body of information integrated by a common thread to connect the dots with evidence and documentation, not conspiratorial theory or coincidental causality , woven from fibers of common origination and purpose would be the stuff to unify us and would make sense of and explain a great many inexplicable phenomena and events in this reality especially including the why, who and how of the Mandela effect.

                  And ok, here’s where I get really optimistic and Romantic in my musings… going a step further, in addition to resolving ME and related experiences, I’d think the discovery of the obfuscated intersecting points and multidimensional vectors to be possibly the key to solving the mystery and purpose of the Matrix and its glitches, and the foundation of cultivating our transcendence of it.

                  The dots which I have been drawn to want to connect by strong persistent Intuitive sense and which I think are significant Re. Time related phenomena and also connect to the topic of your comment that this is responding to- “salting the dud mine with uranium, gold & oil” are:

                  Antarctica including specifically: pre – post WWII German presence esp Nazi/Hitler & reported anomalous and strange findings/ experiences/events, Ditto for Admiral Byrd, subsequent Treaty of 1959 strictly regulating activity in and around the continent and its nearby Islands…

                  Project Paper Clip, The Montauk & Philadelphia experiments

                  The Falkland Islands, pre-Falkland War activity of Argentinian Research scientists at the base on Thule Island, The underlying reason for the war, the destruction of the scientific/”mineral” research base by Great Britain after they had already “won” the war

                  The activities of Marconi Telecom/engineering company and its subsequent incarnations esp. their presence in the Falklands post War and the 25 “mysterious” (some quite bizarre and hideous)deaths of those who worked there at the time between 1982-88, their connection to the WTC & events of 9/11- They were occupants in one of the towers at the time

                  What is the real treasure in the Middle east, Probably specifically located in Iran? I suspect it is something other than Fossil fuel oil and if correct, whatever it is would shed light on the real impetus for the long and constant history of foreign interference, occupation and destabilization, disunity and war in the middle east. Again, I am suspect of the rarely explicit stated, implied and assumed interest of oil- the fossil fuel kind- Following that line of thinking, I suspect it to be a plausible cover story or at least a convenient colateral interest which is big enough to cover any loose ends indicative another story- one of great value and sensitivity to require complex machinations to protect .

                  The whole US- Iran nuclear non proliferation deal and the contoversy surrounding it – closly monitored and strictly schedule reduction to zero the creation, and possession of depleted Uranium – a country of seemingly questionable leadership but who in recent history has threatened no one, has not imperialized, occupied, ghettoized, waged war on any state or its ethnic culture but still agreed to submit to extraordinary foreign policing controls even while neighboring countries engaging in such activities receive no censure, but whom rankled at the US-Iranian agreement – leads me to wonder what lies beneath…

                  Earth’s Harmonic Resonance, Ley Lines, Fracking, Gulf of Mexico, Deep Water Horizon underwater activity and findings, Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf, multi-national ambivalent military activity in the gulf following the oil spill , The liquid black crystal/black oil schist in Paraguay, and Bush family purchase of land and villa near the location of the oil schist, A.I. and quantum computers, Iran its gold, China & its gold, the slow destruction of Japan, the lack of any noise from North Korea, Pakistan and India, central and South America…

                  Does any of this compute? Or am I just fantastically delirious from sitting in frot of the computer for too many hours? Because as I look at the current time… wow, did I unwittingly stumble into a innocuously well disguised worm hole which apparently I have been surfing for far more hours than seemed to have passed since I first sat down to catch up on things and begin to compose thoughts which have been gestating for months… Time to go baked cookies!

                  1. Great musings, but lots of topics that are clearly in “conspiracy” territory, volatile political history, and a few other areas we avoid here, so everyone plays together well.

                    That said, yes, Vivek is an absolute gem and he tends to understate his points, perhaps to see which of us pick up on them.

                    1. I get what you are saying and try to stick to known facts , those with documentations regardless of obscurity and in the face of controversial claims use the journalistic “safe” but not “spineless” criteria of having the corroboration of at least 3 independent sources.
                      I can sense your unease with issues which have potentially may be abrasive to well intentioned supporters, or garner negative/discrediting/undermining attention which then could jeopardize the integrity of your research and the community of support and shared ideas, grown person by person, here and I do appreciate, understand and respect that. [Edited]… unfortunately PC has perverted the term/concept of “conspiracy”, and regardless of any grounding evidentiary supported conferring status as “historical fact” , it is the easiest, and laziest way to silence that which threatens the appearance of a cohesive veneer of consensus reality… [Edited] Perhaps the time is not now for actively seeking to initiate the abrasion necessary for growth which involves enduring sometimes volatile and painful stages of the metamorphic process and …Perhaps I should trust your experience and wisdom to guide when it is.

                      Yeah, I am definately a fire sign….sigh.

                      Ok thank you for listening and feel free to either publish or keep private.

                    2. Fiona, Leslie has touched upon various topics and I honestly have no clues to most of them,but what I know for fact is that ethnic Iranians,the zoroastrians,since the times when Iran was known as Persia,are a class par excellence.Along with south indians these migrated persians are responsible for the might of military technology as well as software advancement of India.The soft spoken persians have certainly given a punch to strategic India and they could well be responsible for the emerging might of Iran.

                    3. Vivek, this comment takes us deeply into topics that could be volatile, so this will need to be the last word on them. (Further comments on these topics won’t be approved.) However, I agree with both you and Leslie that certain regions stand out and evoke an awe that’s difficult to explain in terms most would deem rational. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that treasure (or treasures) will emerge, perhaps in this century, that rock the world in terms of history as we’ve known it. It remains to be seen whether that will add a piece to the Mandela Effect puzzle.

            2. Hi Matt,
              What a great insight! It reminded me of studies done by Helmut Schmidt in the 60’s-80’s. He worked for Boeing Labs, but got interested in effects of human intent on random-number generators, and the like.
              He did multiple studies where he would record the outcome of the RNG’s and have them translated to either clicks or green/red light-activation. Then he’d have this recorded. For example, the machine would generate clicks/no clicks and this would be run and recorded with no observer present. A few weeks later, he’d have subjects listen to the tapes (not knowing they were tapes, but instead believing the clicks were being generated in the moment) and focus on causing more clicks. Shockingly, he actually found that as long as no one listened to the tapes between the time they were made and the moment the subjects listened to them, the subjects had statistically significant results! Effectively, they were changing the ratio of clicks to no-clicks that had been generated and recorded weeks in the past!

              This very much supports your theory!
              Here are links to 3 of his studies. He also did one with baby chicks, where he showed them having an effect on an RNG. The chicks were in a lightless room. In the next room he placed a ‘robot-type thing’ that moved according to RNG input (so random turns and movement around the room). Window in between. When he put a light on top of the robot, it spent significantly more time in front of the window, providing light for the baby chicks. When the light was turned off, the movement around the room went back to being random. Suggesting there’s something inherent in the desires of living creatures, life itself, that seems to affect random events.


      2. Thank you Mike! I know some people are saying that since this phenomenon may have occurred throughout history, it can’t be related to CERN-like tech, but I think it’s possible technology could easily exacerbate an existing problem or weakness or what-have-you, leading to this sudden amplification or increased frequency of anomalous events/memories.

  28. I don’t normally post on any site but felt like I should on this one. Yes I have noticed this effect for most of my life (over 56 years) in so many places and changes its hard to decide on a “short list” of changes. A lot of markers “Sada” listed I have as well though the one that I have not seen listed that haunts me is the memory that the Cuban missile crises ended far differently with a exchange of atomic weapons.
    One thing I have noticed over the years is the rate of “changes” has been increasing to where it seems to be almost a daily event.

    1. I agree wih your last paragraph 100%. I have noticed these “changes” over the last 30+ years, but ( for me) they are happening way more frequently. Since 2009 I have noticed a huge uptick in them, and just a ridiculous amount of synchronicity. Things that are almost impossible to mathematically just happen on their own. And as you said “daily”. Mike H.

    2. Daily, yes. It definitely seems like a daily event now. Yesterday it was a beautiful day in “THIS”(THE) neighborhood, and today it’s now the Forrest Gump “Life was like a box of chocolates”(IS).

      And these both ring true for me. I mean, the way everybody remembers them… now how they are now.

  29. Vignette, India has taken a giant leap beyond chandrayaan,now it’s mangalyaan,the mars orbiter.But what Canada has achieved is the biggest thing,as big as Cern,the D-wave quantum computer,and nobody has forgotten the,black berry.Canada should have some mystery of its own, i suggest take on lake erie as your next target of study,i am already on to it.

  30. I so greatly appreciate this site. Also, particularly this area of it dealing with possible explanations. It seems we are long past the point of denying that some of us are experiencing diffrent realities. This site has been able to pinpoint events some grand, some obscure, that illustrate that some have memories of a diffrent reality. I for one share memories of some the more obscure events. David Soul committed suicide shortly after the original run of “Startsky and Hutch” in my reality .Brian Dennehy died of a heart attack in the mid 90’s. Nancy Reagan followed her husband to the grave about a year after he passed. In somewhat of a strange note I have been surprised no less than 3 times, finding her still alive. Maybe strangest of all I can no longer say with any confidence where New Zealand is in relation to Australia. I knew it to be to the north of Oz sort of where New Guinea is currenty located. Now I just no longer have a handle on its location. I only discovered this site 2 days ago, my brother mentioned the phenomenon a couple of days ago in passing.
    Now the fact that Eli Whitney is not a former slave that invented the cotton gin for practibilty while working the fields , does make me question everything.

  31. Talking about CERN, I did read something strange today!

    I read that CERN invented the World Wide Web. Check out

    It may be a Mandela Effect as I’d always thought the World Wide Web was invented by various Universities creating their own wider local area network and then the Military taking it over.

    I only heard of CERN through the Hadron Collider Experiments. I’d be interested what other people’s memories are of the creating of the Web.

    1. Ricardo, very nice research! This kind of opens up a lot of questions for me. I have to admit, personally I am a little disturbed (even , angry??) at myself for not connecting this earlier. In all the time I have studied CERN , I somehow never heard of this. I have, and will always say, the internet is one mass propaganda tool (like all media, to an extent) used to shape, and influence peoples opinions, for any number of reasons. Good, bad, or otherwise. I am not saying CERN, or the internet are the only causes of the ME, but I strongly suspect they are contributing to it. Mike H.

      1. Thanks Mike H,

        Yes I believe the reality we are currently in has people looking to the net for answers rather than trusting their own intuition and judgement , thankfully us and our fellow readers of this website are refusing to believe everything we hear and see and are questioning the universe we live in, hopefully the answers will come!

        The two strongest ME for me are still Interview with a Vampire and the location of Australia, it certainly didn’t have Papua New Guinea and Indonesia so close to it. I did feel disorientated for a few days while I adjusted !!

    2. Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web while working at/for CERN. The internet was invented by DARPA and enabled by TCP/IP protocols invented by Vint Cerf et al. A lot of people get the two confused because their first experience of the internet was in the 90s with the web but the internet pre-dates the WWW by over a decade and represents the logical and physical networks that provide connectivity. The WWW is an application of the technology.

      1. Alex (in the UK) wrote, “Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web while working at/for CERN.”

        This is false. CERN had nothing to do with the internet or the WWW until now, let alone inventing it.

        However, now we know that they’re not just innocently ramming particles together to see what happens, they are actively making themselves more powerful in the past.

        1. The only reason I’m approving this comment is to prevent others from posting similar comments I’ll simply delete.

          The first part of Pat’s comment is incorrect; in the current reality, Berners-Lee did invent the Web while at CERN. The second wanders too far into conspiracy theories and speculation without much support.

          “A graduate of Oxford University, Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web while at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory, in 1989.” (ref. )

          Also, I won’t say that Alex (in the UK) is infallible, but his research tends to be excellent. So, the opening line of Pat’s comment was a huge red flag from the start.

      2. Ricardo,

        Although I don’t recall sufficient details with the clarity of Alex (in the UK)’s research, my memory is broadly inline with it. As I recall (arguably fallibly), the internet did come about due to DARPA, and the web as an extension thereof.

        I don’t recall CERN being involved at all, which I would have had a reasonable likelihood of knowing due to my interests, but certainly might well have missed.

  32. There is one theory of Reincarnation that states that instead of being reborn into a new body, we return to the moment of our birth. If this is true then it follows that:

    1) Our timeline would remain mostly the same, but major changes would be possible.

    2) Memories of our timeline would be on the edges of our memory, so recent changes would seem profoundly *wrong*, because we’ve lived countless versions of our lives where the timeline worked one way.

    1. Can this mean that there may be a major event or catastrophe that ended with most of the population dying. then instead of being reborn, return to our time of birth for us to find this 2nd time around a little off from what we collectively remember? Is it possible that this event will be in our lifetime since we have since see a sort of increasing ME experience. Also does it follow that those who don’t feel anything weird happening be proof that they no longer need to be reborn?

      1. Interesting Bradley
        I’ve counted 5 possible deaths for me since 2011 and one in the early 80s that I still can’t believe I was able to steer away from two 16 wheelers, that I was in between, on a highway while my car lifted up on two side wheels in a downpour. I’m still shaking from that, lol.

  33. I just found a Scientific American article from 2008 describing a study done that showed that a cellphone in ‘transmission-mode’ significantly boosts alpha-waves (referred to as “Gateway to the Subconscious Mind in the study itself) in the user’s brain. The article goes on to explain that alpha-waves are related to the shifting of consciousness of the external world to internal thoughts and daydreams, and they’re also related to sleep. (relevant quotes below, with article link).

    So I wonder if, in the 7 years since the study was done, someone’s figured out how to use this info to induce effects that would explain the ME. If our mind was put into a state similar to dreaming/hallucination/daydreams, we’d have no real way of recognizing this for ourselves.

    We could be slipping from reality to living in a constant state of semi-dreaming/semi-imagination/semi-hallucination without knowing it!

    “when the cell phone was transmitting, the power of a characteristic brain-wave pattern called alpha waves in the person’s brain was boosted significantly. The increased alpha wave activity was greatest in brain tissue directly beneath to the cell phone, strengthening the case that the phone was responsible for the observed effect.”
    “… the alpha wave is really regulating the shift of attention between external and internal inputs. Alpha waves increase in power when a person shifts his or her consciousness of the external world to internal thoughts; they also are the key brainwave signatures of sleep.”
    The article:
    The study:

      1. Now this is something! This is what a few of us were talking about above. The use of technology (cellphones ,WIFI , ect.) to influence peoples thoughts, memories, actions. As anonymous says its been 7 years since the study. Think back to when smart phones started really becoming popular, same time frame. I have said it numerous times on the site, that a very defining time for me was late fall 2009. I started noticing more and more of these ME’s. I have noticed them since 1985, but 2009 until now it has exponentially picked up. Anyone want to guess when I got my first smart phone??? That’s right, late 2009. I am not saying they are the whole cause of whatever “this” is that we are all experiencing, but I cant help but think its speeding it up or contributing to it. Again EXCELLENT post Anon, I hope you stick around. Mike H.

  34. There’s a patent (from 1974) for ‘Silent Sound” wherein a hypnotist makes suggestions/commands, and these are recorded and combined with a tone at the high end of the hearing range. The recordings are coupled and modulated and transformed to micro-wave pulses wherein the voice is rendered inaudible, but it is still processed sub-consciously by the brain when exposed to the signal. Exposure can be done by broadcast means, TV, radio, etc. Silent Sound, US Patent 5159703: affecting mood, thoughts and behavior.
    US Patent 5356368 (1992) – Frequency Following Response: Method of and Apparatus for Inducing Desired States of Consciousness with Silent Sound, US Patent 5159703.
    Frequency Following Response, or FFR, is used to take pre-recorded brainwaves of specific levels of consciousness and transmit them into the brain of an unsuspecting human via microwave transmission.
    This is a patent for “a silent communications system in which nonaural [silent] carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude- or frequency-modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric
    transducers [this would be applicable to inducement through cellphone signals embedded in the received signal when it is processed at the cell-tower for transmission to your phone – meaning you would only be aware of your friend’s voice speaking, but you would be receiving the embedded signal and your brain would be processing it]. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.

    With this it would be quite simple to induce alpha-wave states, where consciousness shifts from the external world to internal thoughts. Which I interpret as meaning one would go from experiencing the real world in a normal or alert state of mind, to suddenly experiencing a state of daydreaming where hallucinations and dreams would be experienced, without an awareness of the shift in the state or focus of awareness (external reality versus inner imagination). You wouldn’t even need that much high-tech equipment or knowledge to do this, if you wanted to target a specific individual, rather than a group, because the signal doesn’t *have* to be embedded in a broadcast(ex. phone-signal, tv, etc). Using sound
    frequencies that are inaudible to the human ear, and transmitting a brainwave-state or consciousness state, rather than a message, you could simply aim your signal-transmitter/speakers, etc, directly at the person, inducing the desired consciousness state. This method allows for emotion and behavior modification (active to passive) as well.
    This patent was submitted in 1994. Let’s think about how far technology has advanced, how much neuropsychology has developed, how much signal-processing has advanced, how much research has undoubtedly been done in the interim to further develop these technologies and their applications!

    Are we test subjects in a related experiment? I could imagine a research assistant tasked with developing neutral experiences to be transmitted/embedded, having to generate a list of 50 test-items, being up at 4am the night before his report is due to the supervisor and adding silly things like Berenstein/Berenstain to the list, as he runs out of ideas.

    But then I wonder who is in the control group and who is hallucinating? Are we being made to *see* BerenstAin, even though it still says BerenstEin? Or, were we made to experience a memory of Berenstein, which our brain proceeded to confabulate into intricately detailed associations and impressions, while in reality it’s always been stAin?
    Judging by the personality characteristics of the stainers versus the steiners, I suspect stAin is the illusion.
    But if it is an experiment, who’s evaluating the results? It doesn’t seem to make sense, unless the goal is to slowly shift what is perceived as reality (while actual reality stays the same), adding incremental changes that seem, at first to be more trivial and once those are accepted and whatever controversy dies down, more and more changes are made, which the majority of people passively go along with it and those that are on this website give up on finding a solution and accept the changes until the point is reached at which the simulated reality doesn’t have to map onto actual reality at all, and humans can be manipulated at will to suit whatever purposes are desired by those in charge of creating the illusion.

    Here’s a website where the patents are discussed:

    1. I don’t even know where to begin. This is some important information—-great work! Its a lot to process, but your hypothesis makes as much sense as anything else. I have always been an open minded person, but a skeptic also (is that even possible??LOL), I want proof or reasons of why these things are/have been happening. I have been noticing them for so long, I am to a point where I just want to know why???? Why do some of us notice? All the posters ended up here for the same reason——we noticed.

      On a side note. In the U.S. the FCC mandated that in July of 2009 all TV stations were required to broadcast digital signals. Required. No more analog signals. All stations that couldn’t afford the switch were shut down and licenses suspended, or not reissued. I know other countries around the world have been doing the same, some before the U.S., and some after. I really have a hard time believing that this was all done for the benefit of the “consumer”. Some of the reasons given were to free up more frequency allocations for , you guessed it, cell phone towers. Take a look around anymore at how many types of RF signals we are being hit with on a daily basis. Wifi, microwave, digital devices ect. ect. My usual disclaimer applies here, I am not saying these are the cause, but I think somehow, or someway technology is playing a part in this phenomena.

      Fiona I know you are swamped (LOL, understatement !). I was thinking I wonder how the “when did it start for you” survey would line up with when the posters started using smart phones (ipod, Ipads—-more wifi in general). Just a thought. Mike H.

      1. Mike
        “Why do some of us notice? All the posters ended up here for the same reason——we noticed.
        On a side note. In the U.S. the FCC mandated that in July of 2009 all TV stations were required to broadcast digital signals. Required. No more analog signals.”

        The reasoning– I think of this in terms of virus. Take MRSA for instance which has built a resistance to being treated. Also, many adults do not know that they no longer are immune to catching the measles and the like; things that they were vaccinated for in childhood. Their immunity is below the threshold and instead of getting the 2 of 2 MMR shots they had back in the day they now need 3 of 3.

        The mandate of digital, much like the widespread use of cellphones, seems to be an attempt to control something that appears to be coming down the pipe (manifested in what we are now seeing in ME’s).Somewhat contrary to what anonymous stated- the cellphones can be seen as an attempt to hookup an influence or obtain information from the inner mind/soul/thought as a defense. However, like you are saying….some of us are noticing.

        1. Daniel,
          The virus analogy is a very good one. If we assume it’s something like that, then I can’t help but wonder WHY do some of us notice? Breaking it down in VERY basic groups. I notice people that are completely oblivious to everything, they question nothing (all age groups). You know “I saw it on T.V.”, or “it was on the internet” , that’s group A. Group B, would be people who notice, but just shrug things off as bad memories, rumors , ect. Many of us were probably in this group at one time. Then their is us , group ME, we notice so much that it drove us to seek answers.

          Like I said , very basic breakdown. BUT what I have noticed with the advent of all the digital devices, signals ect. Group A is far and away the largest. I am sure you (and many on here) have noticed, but next time you are the store, public event, or just out and about—–take a look at how many people have their heads down buried in a phone. Its actually kind of creepy.

          And before anyone thinks I am some type of luddite, I am not ,I have an iphone, ipod, ipad, home computer, the wife more or less has the same. Anyway, not sure where the heck I was going with this LOL. But you bring up some good points. Mike H.

    2. By the way Anonymous, your last paragraph is brilliant! Your bringing a lot to the discussion, you have my attention with your last couple of posts. Mike H.

    3. “Judging by the personality characteristics of the stainers versus the steiners, I suspect stAin is the illusion.”

      (Taking reference materials into account such as the Bible, Upanishads, and the like:)
      What if STAIN is actually the reality and not the illusion? Like we have been duped into believing the “illusions” since being conceived in the womb? The anatomy of the embryo and its allantois and the hypophyseal portal tract hint at various questionable references that a cynic may suggest lends credibility.
      If the great creator has given man free will or ability to change one’s mind, could looking at the past change the present and frame the future. I think poster JT has placed a number of comments that if one is not paying attention it will go over one’s head. He/she seems to know more than they let on in a roundabout way. I say take what you can and leave the rest. Even in lie there is truth, have to discover what that is.

  35. I’ve started a new post on Reddit, about alpha-wave induction.
    Here are some comments I’ve made that come from there (and a proposal for a test of the theory!)
    IF the alpha-wave induction theory were correct:
    The hallucination is not the mandela-effect item, the hallucination is what we are currently perceiving as an external reality. So the books still say Berenstein in the current external reality. But we’ve been given a post-hypnotic suggestion to read the “e” in this word as an “a” in the image of the book-logo/title. Try as we might, our brain will continue to process the “e” as an “a”. (The photoshopped images were easily identified because the cursive of the “t” linking to the “e” wasn’t matching up properly – it didn’t match the original “image” of the word. I’d guess this discrepancy could be enough for the brain not to match it up to the hypnotic-suggestion-image the brain is processing as Berenstain, which is why we can see the photoshopped images as *stein*. For such a signal not to end up having messy effects where ALL “e”s are seen as “a”, you’d need a very particular image-pattern for replacement. But the FFR patent does mention targeting the visual cortex for command/suggestion-transmission, which suggests they can send visual info to be re-processed by the brain however they command it to.)

    Whether you’re the type of brain that will take the new, perceived reality and readjust the memories to be inline with the perceived (illusory) external world in order to reduce cognitive dissonance, or whether you’re the type of brain that will allow the cognitive dissonance and keep the old memories intact, will determine whether you experience the ME effect or not. Differences in tolerance for cognitive dissonance and means of reducing it (including through the fabrication of fictional reasons & thoughts that one experiences as authentic and true) have been studied for years by social psychologists. (youtube-search split-brain confabulation or severed corpus callosum and try to find a video where they ask the person *why* they’ve drawn something different from what they *say* they’ve seen. The person starts coming up with all kinds of reasons associated to preferences, memories, etc, but in fact it was because each eye was shown a different image.)

    Since there are reports of the ME from English-speakers in other countries, I’d believe this is something being done over larger populations than just North Americans. If one could find a corner of a remote location that hasn’t had the signal transmitted over that area (and by the way, the transmission could be done with speakers tucked onto google-cars blasting out the inaudible signal), then the people there, presented with a B-Bear book, should see it spelled with an “E”. They could tell you they see it with an “E”, but you’ll still see the “A”.

    I do wonder if there would be a cumulative effect. If different people would have different thresholds for accepting the suggestion, causing different people to experience the change at different times, rather than everyone experiencing it at once.

    Maybe that would be one way of testing this out. If we figure out how to separate people with high-suggestibility from low-suggestibility, then sort people with high or low exposure to media & cellphones & towers, and then see if highly-suggestible people with high exposure to media who live in closer proximity to broadcasting/cellphone towers experienced the “change” from “e” to “a”, or “Jiffy” to “JIF”, etc, earlier, that could provide some support for this theory. How to organize such a test though…. I don’t know.

    Here’s my reddit post:

    1. Anonymous , great post, please keep them coming. You are saying things ( much more concise and articulate , then I ever could) I have been wondering about for quite a while. These all makes sense to me. Not to say it’s the only thing , but certainly a factor.

      You know the low-high suggestibility in a way could be a test. I mean think about this, a lot of us who would seem to notice all end up on the same sites. So if who or whatever were conducting a test, they would know immediately who we were. And they could also adjust whatever needed to be adjusted. I know that’s way out in tinfoil land, but still just a thought.

      I don’t normally follow the reddit forum quite frankly because there is a lot of just outright trolling on there. BUT, due to the massive uptick in interest of the ME, I started following it and several others two weeks ago, just to see what people were posting. I knew right away that post was from you, keep up the great work. Mike H.

      1. Mike H. & Fiona: thanks for the encouragement and for being interested & engaged! I feel better knowing I’ve shared this info, people have seen it and so even if it’s not the ultimate cause of the ME, at least we’re becoming more aware of how preciously we should guard our sense of self. Or something along those lines, maybe. 🙂

        But Mike, I also do worry about self-identifying as resistant to accepting the facts of this reality as replacements for my own memories and experiences, in case someone is monitoring for this. But I think I’m so obviously harmless and non-influential that I wouldn’t be top of the list-of-concerns for those involved in scary projects. Also, I think it’s important enough that people start discussing these things that some boldness is required.

        Fiona: I’m starting to hope you’re deleting the emails-addresses associated with these comments…

        1. Anonymous,

          Those are some good comments, and I hope we’re regarded as relatively harmless with our amusing speculations. Giving equal weight to everything we say would be a mistake.

          Personally, I like to think of myself as a Bertie Wooster type, blathering flippantly (and, at times, attempting wit) but occasionally saying something unintentionally brilliant, or at least worthwhile. “Occasionally” and “unintentionally” being key words in that description.

          Regarding email addresses, at least half the people who comment here are clearly using fake emails. A small percent are using Hushmail. The rest use their real emails, figuring privacy is history at this point. And, the fact is, if this site is monitored — and it might be — the combination of IP number and time (both virtually stamped at the time of comment) are enough that a dedicated NSA-type person could probably track who’s saying what… here, or anywhere online. I can’t do much about those.

          My general attitude is the same now as it was in 1995: Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want seen on the front page of your hometown newspaper, with your real name associated with it. A high level of anonymity can be achieved, but it usually requires considerable effort and a collaborative smokescreen.

          But, I have serious doubts that there’s any merit to deleting email addresses. There may be a WP plugin that does that, and I could look into it. However, from a privacy point of view… well, I think Eric Arthur Blair’s vision wasn’t idle speculation, and privacy — even before hitting the “Reply” button on comments — is illusory.


          1. Fiona, Speaking of Arthurs,whatever i know about Irish i have learned from 3 Arthurs, Arthur.c.doyle, Arthur.l.jones and Arthur.h.ward,all of them contemporary mystery authors.Irish have a glib tongue,ready wit and hot temper,disregard for safe and easy life.Birdy Edwards(valley of fear)never feared death,or Jack London or Aimee Semple or John o’ hara or many others.Keeping your identity secret is the height of naivette,what with all the top 5 software corporates belonging to a singular entity,not that i am deluded enough to presume that the participants of ME are under keen observation.

            1. Vivek, this is off-topic but a fair addition to the brief discussion of the anonymity of ME discussions. I don’t think we’re enough of a blip on the radar to warrant intense scrutiny by the corporatocracy, but if we inadvertently strike a nerve or stumble onto something highly confidential, that could change.

  36. Hi Fiona, this may not be ME related, but I’d still really like your input. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong emotional reaction to things from the 1930’s and 1940’s. Movies, photos, video, books, music, etc. all make me terribly sad. Maybe it’s more of a homesick feeling, because I can’t help being drawn to these things. And it’s like I’m remembering something, but seeing it for the first time, all at once. I just zone out and this sadness comes over me. I sometimes wonder if the ‘real’ me is there in the past, and this reality is some kind of simulation.

    Is there anything in your paranormal studies that would explain these feelings? I wonder if others who experience ME have any similar experiences.

    1. Michelle,

      Thanks for asking! The most likely ME-type explanation is if you’d had sad experiences in a reality where it’s the 1930s or 40s.

      In the most likely quantum context, these are some possible explanations:

      1) You visited a parallel reality that’s not running time the same as we do, here. Perhaps they’re 70+ years behind us, and you visited that reality (one or more times) and had sad experiences, or perhaps you really loved that reality (and time period) so reminders of it trigger sadness.

      2) You visited a parallel reality that kept the 1930s and 40s aesthetics and lifestyle, and had a strong connection with it. (Easiest way to think of this: If modern created Steampunk worlds were real, and — instead of making widespread stylistic changes, in this reality — we held onto brass, Victorian manners and dress, developed more high-tech hot air balloons and dirigibles instead of airplanes, etc.)

      In terms of how, when, and how often you got there, I still default to this being a holodeck, or — as an alternative — you slide into that reality in what looks like dreaming in this reality. (The latter refers to things Dr. Fred Alan Wolf has said about quantum travel in dreams.)

      Other than that, spirituality offers many explanations, from past lives (and reincarnation), to observing from the pre-mortal state before coming here in physical form, to having a resonance with an ancestor that lived in that era (perhaps a genetic memory), to… well, I’m sure the Internet offers many other explanations.

      If it were me, personally…? My first guess would be a ME-type visit (or many of them) to that time. My second guess would be a “past lives” experience, but the two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive.

      I have no doubt that parallel realities exist, whether or not they explain the Mandela Effect. I also have no doubt that many (most?) people have some kind of resonance with selected eras from the past, which could suggest past lives in those times.

      At this point — like the rest of my paranormal research — it’s all speculation. And, I hope that it’s fun. (It is, for me.)

      I’m 100% certain that others who’ve experienced ME also share similar recognition, resonance, or an emotional connection to reminders of eras from before they were born.


    2. Michelle, There is an explanation in occult science,you may be possessing some artefact or other object that had some passionate connection with that era.There is a short story,’The leather funnel’ by Sir Arthur conan doyle in the collection,’The tales of terror and mystery’,the story is the second one,it should give you some very good insights.Book is available for free in ‘Project Gutenberg’,infact all A.C.Doyle books are free.

      1. Vivek, that’s a very good point. When I shop at thrift shops, flea markets, etc., I sometimes pick up an attractive object and quickly put it back; the “energy” on it feels wrong to me. I believe that has nothing to do with my personal history, and far more with the object itself. Traditional, occult, and New Age beliefs, as well as some theoretical physicists, have speculated about the transfer of minute amounts of matter or energy to objects.

    3. Michelle your posting reminded me of the thoughts I had regarding “Tank _ _ _”. It is as if the past, present, and future are all combined and we have the ability of experiencing them as one. When I felt, experienced, and possibly helped to create a surge in the “shifts” occurring in previous months I noticed that it became difficult for me to pinpoint the day or hour. It all seemed to merge for me and at one point it was as if I experienced an entire month within a week. It was like the news was behind. It did not take long for me to see that I needed to start to keep a journal.
      Perhaps those who knew of Tank BOY are confused when others speak of Tank MAN because the “boy” died long ago. However, he could perhaps be the same person/representation. Moving from a boy to a man somehow encourages continuity and provides a resolution for an event that brought about ill feelings, possible stress, anxiety and the like. The “external view” (hologram, illusion, etc.) seems to indicate that what we are experiencing in the form of ” ME’s” another perspective/level/dimension/time etc. that perhaps we are given the will to participate in and change. (Sounds familiar)

  37. My reality. The us has 52 states. 48 mainland, Hawaii and Alaska added made 50. Puerto Rico and Guam made 52. Canada has 4 provinces. The tanks in the square ran over all the protestors. Watched the video in history class. Sex in the city , sex and the city, depending on where I am. Phoenix lights, 2000, 2001. E not A. Taps started out as Ghost hunters, and is now TAPS. Interview with a vampire. Jupiter Rising. Christmas on 24th or 25th. Eli Whitney was black. Charteuse is red. Fruit Loops. Talladega is in Florida. The sun used to be small and yellow and dull. Now bigger/brighter/whiter. Mars does Not have moons. Several others. Shultz. . Scary- I remember an apple being teleported in 2007ish as well. Looked it up when the new story came out about teleporting light (anything) for the first time. Gone too.

    I grew up in northern VA. But I’ve lived/travelled all over mainland US. I have crazy dreams sometimes. Sometimes I have dreams of darkness. And everything I see appears pixelated (Visual snow/but colored). I also have floaters. Now. I was born 1991. I was born dead, (as they pronounced me dead due to cord issues, I came back on my own). I’ve Nearly died several times. Every time, the memory sort of fades instantly, and my life seems weird. I’ve had dreams of other deaths, and they always end with me being awake back in *this * life, in a random spot in the next day, Instead of waking up in bed. I’ve had several objects disappear. Not get lost, or misplaced, but just vanish. Like my Charlie Brown sheet with Schultzs name on it.

    I’m on a hazmat response team, and our meetings shift dates randomly. 3rd week, to 4th week, to 2nd. this has happened at least 4 times. and everyone never remembers the previous dates.

    So my explanation, like I’ve seen somewhere on this site basically stated the same, is that, as we die, we continue on into our next self/next reality, and that as we’re presented with a choice that can be life or death, and choose wrong, we’re shot into the next reality, where that choice, the build up to it, or the fall out from it, has to differ so that we can live, even though its still our character playing the game, and we retain parts of information from the previous life. and that, as reality is infinite, we constantly merge, destroy, create, new timelines with the ones closest to us, and parts of us get left behind in the *upgrade* .


    1. Liking the concept I see scary element. If what you say is the way reality work would one contemplate suicide as a ‘move on’ mechanism or as death would be deliberate it would be an actual end. From the other side, if after death we move to next reality we are still alive in due to different choices made along – does this mean we are effectively immortal and at some point in time one will be alone, last breathing , centuries old remnant of one time so great human civilization…?

      1. Wojciech,

        I see significant flaws in every step of that argument, but — going way out on a limb — I suppose it’s possible. To me, it sounds like an interesting premise for a sci-fi novel, but highly impractical (and tragic) thinking for real life.

        First there’s the control issue; you’d be taking a chance on landing at your current age in a better or at least equally tolerable reality. With no known way to steer to a better reality at a point where you want to be, I’ll take my chances with the reality I’m in at the moment. It may not be perfect, but I know most of the rules and I’m aware of the practicality (or lack of it) for various options.

        Then there’s the theoretical issue, since many people suggest that there may be infinite realities. If the starting point is “infinite,” reducing that to just one could take a very long time. Centuries is probably a low figure.

        But mostly, the concept of the last one being a remnant of a once-so-great civilization is so pessimistic and dystopian, I can’t even think in those terms. My life keeps improving, as I learn lessons along the way. Now and then, it’s an “oops, two steps back” experience, but — in general — things get better and better, and I’m happy with that.


      2. What if it is exactly like how the Bible says it is where we were all born in sin. If sin is equivalent to the mathematical equation sine then there is a possibility of there being a cosine. The sine and cosine could illustrate waves/patterns each creating a full circle or loop on their own and together as one. If we are born into sin or sine( which is the possible illusion/iniquity/injustice then death is imminent in the form we have been viewing it. However, if one is not born in sin or sine there is the possibility of having access to both/memory where immortality may come into question.
        Def iniquities:

        1. gross injustice or wickedness.
        2. a violation of right or duty; wicked act; sin.

        Psalm 51:5
        הֵן־בְּעָוֹ֥ון חֹולָ֑לְתִּי וּ֝בְחֵ֗טְא יֶֽחֱמַ֥תְנִי אִמִּֽי׃
        Behold in iniquity I was shaped and in sin conceive did my mother.

        Has anyone else noticed the many personalities who seem to always have a doppleganger/lookalike for whatever timeframe/period in history we reference? Keep finding this to be strange.

  38. I am leaning heavily towards a time string theory as explained in back to the future or Steins; Gate. Its interesting that there is a concern for cell phones when there was a huge concern for bees dying en-mass due to cell phone waves. Now those population losses don’t seem to be mentioned either way. Also I wonder if anyone had considered that even though Cern might be causing the time slips that there could also be a mule like in Issac Asimov’s foundation series. An individual or group or even hobbies who could create the same effect. If you take this further then Mr.Stains ideas of markers could be a problem since independent operators might use different methods.

  39. I was wanting to reply to a post by Daniel from 8-15-15 (posted at 236am local time on that date). No way to reply, no reply tab for that post. I was going ask him how the first link he posted was less than 24 hours old. When his post was from two weeks ago. Can someone explain this too me????? The post was about random phone texts. I am a little confused by this. Thanks, Mike H.

    1. Do you have a screenshot of that link showing posted within the last 24 hours? Sometimes redit/reddit is glitchy all by itself. I ran into a couple of glitches here as well where the wording for 2 postings on 2separate occasions got my attention , which is probably what it was meant to do, For those kind of things I take lightly because I am unsure if it is a helpful or ill-intended entity causing it.
      But I went back and checked the links for that day and none where currently showing as posted 24hours ago. Then again, it looks like we are entering another shift.

      1. Daniel, scroll back in this thread to your post. On my computer there are 3 links. It’s the first one. It’s a thread where none of the posts , were more than 24 hours old. I don’t believe we can insert links into someone else’s post, can we?? Mike H.

        1. Mike H., you’re right. No one can insert links into someone else’s posts, except me… and I don’t do that. If I want to add a link to a thread, I do so in my own comment.

          1. No one except me can change a comment, either. What you see is what the person posted, unless I’ve noted it as edited, or — when I have time and a typo was clearly unintended — I might change one letter in one word.

        2. I see that link and was typing more before I stopped myself from pressing send. Erased what I wrote and can only tell you that at this point, perhaps I am a little befuddled as well.

    2. Are you talking about:
      [–]bollykat 10 points 22 hours ago
      This is actually a copy and past report from a reddit user by the name of bollykat. Hope that clears it.

      1. Thanks for the replies Daniel and Fiona, yes that’s the one I was referring too. So another poster copied that to your original post? Not that it’s a big deal, I’m just more confused LOL! Mike H.

        1. Sorry about that. I was just giving credit to the person who suggested the two links as I thought it was helpful. (I am so late in responding)

  40. I wish to start a thread where responses to the effect are discussed, catalogued and counselled.

    I feel that coming to grips with this phenomenon and how we respond to it is of vital importance to our understanding of the universe, and possibly a foundation of understanding and maintaining our core humanity within the universe we inhabit but rarely contemplate.

    How we respond to it could not only be important to the individual but also to collective of those who experience the phenomenon, and perhaps, humanity as a whole.

    For some, myself included, it is a deeply shocking and profound realisation – I’ve finally put on the sunglasses that Rowdy Roddy Piper gave me, and yes it can be a painful and complicated business.

    By the comments here a lot of others have been equally shook up, so the next question is … what now, how do we respond to this data and it’s possible implications ?

    Also, the responses to the effect could indicate the potential nature of the effect – is it a test ? is it a signal or warning ? is it a manifestation of something from us ? – this region of explanation is implicitly tied to how we react to identifying the memory anomalies.

  41. There seems to be three main strands to the effect … geographic memory, for want of a better term ‘dead celebrity’ memory ( I include tank boy and challenger explosion in this) and key phrases in pop culture.

    Personally only the key phrases in pop culture resonate with me, so take my comments from that framework and understand they are far from fully formed.

    Could this be a test ?

    A change is put out there to see if it will take.

    Perhaps they Initially appear banal and frivolous, the name of a TV show or book (though of course below the surface there is tremendous meaning and purpose in each change) so it isn’t really that ‘important’ or too big a deal and the fact a test is going on isn’t too noticeable or critical.

    Will the market buy this version of reality ? Has brand ‘stain’ wiped out the ‘stein’ competitor ? Can the rubes handle our next Altered Reality ProductTM ?
    (naturally I’m using metaphor to describe esoteric/inexplicable shenanigans)

  42. Apologies Fiona, wasn’t sure where to stick this one.

    I’ve been thinking about the specificity of the language changes of some of the ME’s and of their importance.

    I’ve yet to drill down on the specifics, I’m pretty sure Vivek and others have done tremendous work on this, but thinking about in general terms – language is important in this and that we (and by we, I mean I) should be more directed in it’s usage. (and I am the worst to think aboutt his – my grammar and communication skills are appalling)

    It is primarily for myself to get a handle on the effect and isn’t to be taken as a suggestion or otherwise, my intention isn’t to enroach on Fiona’s and others domain or nomenclature which of course they are free to express and use however they desire. Personally I feel the term ‘Mandela Effect’ to be at this stage becoming restrictive and not descriptive enough – it takes several steps to explain and to connected to a singular phenomenon, the word ‘effect’ denotes something causing a change – which this thing may or may not be.

    In my personal discussions (to myself lying awake at night and soon in torment to my pals) I feel the term ‘discordant remembrance phenomenon’ to be useful as a reference to the effect.

    I sense that the phenomenon we are experiencing is explicitly tied to ‘truth’ and that we (and I mean I ) should speak of it as truthfully as possible – and hopefully that will help in gaining a better understanding of it, and maybe have an influence on the phenomenon itself. Call a spade a spade and perhaps it will eventually stop calling itself a wheelbarrow, the poor deluded piece of garden equipment.

  43. J.T. ,
    You have just wrote three tremendous posts! Saying a lot of how I have been feeling ( speaking only for myself , of course). I will be reading , and re-reading these posts for quite sometime. Nicely done. Mike H.

  44. [Fiona’s note: The content of this sarcastic comment was deleted. Sorry, she’s back again, using various IP numbers to get around the IP blacklist software that usually blocks trolls. I’m trying to delete her comments as they show up, but she’s posting a lot of them. Now and then, one of them — such as this — might escape my notice, at least briefly. I apologize, and I’m trying to be more watchful for comments like hers, so they’re deleted before others see them.]

  45. I have been re-reading Brian Greene’s “the Hidden Reality”, and his section on, Simulated Universes , has always struck me as a bit creepy. He talks about an “artificial sentience”. It’s a very thought provoking chapter for me. I have always wondered if in some odd way the internet, may be evolving into this. Changing the way we think and see things, in essence controlling our thought process. Hopefully this isn’t incoherent rambling, LOL.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in different types and possibilities of multi-verses. Parts are a little technical (which is why, I always have to read, and re-read some of it), but for what he is explaining, he breaks down really well, explaining a very difficult subject matter, in my opinion. It is my favorite book by him. Mike H.

    1. Artificial sentience? It’s funny you say that because I was just looking into google’s artificial intelligence quantum computer. The first two minutes of this video having to do with the Google AI talks about multiverse, quantum leaps and how two realities can exist simultaneously.

      1. Well Frexy, I don’t know if this is just more of one of those impossible synchronicities that seem to happen to me or what. But that is the exact video I happen to check out yesterday. Strange. Does it bother you as much as me?? Sentience that is? I don’t know how to describe, other than it just seems so “cold” or “grey”. It’s a really unnerving, dark feeling for me. I have really been looking into something along the lines of a “simulated universe”, or “holographic universe” for the cause of “this”, whatever “this” is. Like the “program” is correcting itself the best it can. Running out of memory so to speak. I find it impossible to communicate my thoughts on this topic sometimes, so I apologize, I hope it doesn’t sound like complete nonsense. Mike H.

        1. Hi, Mike H.,

          After a fashion, it might get somewhat murkier. This is only a conjecture on my part, mind you, but here’s my train of thought:

          The short version: in principle, quantum computing could permit an infinitude of simulations to be run simultaneously, and without necessarily running through them (instead arriving at a sort of sum-over path conclusion, though by what might feel like a short-cut, as with a spirit level — like reading the last page of a mystery, without first having read the story).

          The long version:

          If one posits quantum computing, and extrapolates arbitrarily far (along the lines of Moore’s law of doubling), then one might arguably asymptotically approach something indistinguishable from a Platonically ideal Banach–Tarski paradox (i.e.: an infinite expansion of the usual pair).

          Given a system that could map itself wholly, without loss of memory/FLOPS/etc. (assuming a coding sufficiently compact such that every point in Hilbert phase space were essentially bijective with a unique system state configuration), every possible evolution of the tensors could then be run within its own Banach–Tarski duplicate.

          Although each evolution of any given tensor necessarily spawns its own infinitude of fibers, the result is still that a manifold of simulations (now of tensors across state vectors, rather than of the original instantaneous configurations) could be represented by a manifold of single quantum states.

          (I have the odd feeling that this would end up requiring no time to perform as a calculation — but that’s really way out on a limb [as if I weren’t already so?].)

  46. I’m still trying to refine possible explanations and share them, hoping it will trigger something in someone with more knowledge or insight than I have, to help them come up with something ever closer to a testable, plausible explanation. So here goes:
    Similar to the way that particles don’t actually exist until they’re measured/detected, because prior to that the only thing that exists is a probability-waveform of finding them in a given location (see reference article below*), what if parallel universes, as predicted by physicists, didn’t actually exist as anything more than probability waveforms in the past. And what if experiments, such as the ones being conducted publicly at CERN to detect parallel universes are actually bringing into existence universes that were heretofore nothing but probabilities…

    And what if consciousness is not strongly coupled to the physical brain ( see morphic fields research, or micro-tubules and information entanglement research, or for the more spiritually inclined: see writings about the analogy of brain as radio, tuned to receive the signal that is conscious awareness. etc), and can therefore move around among these newly-existent parallel universes? This might lead to what we’re experiencing as the Mandela Effect, no?

    I suspect such research has been conducted by clandestine organizations prior to what is now being made public. Alternately, what if ours was a probabililty-universe and someone in a detected/measured/waveform-collapsed or “actual” universe started up their version of CERN sometime in the past 40 years, and our own universe became actual as a result of that?

    In a probabilitsic universe, we may only have been aware of the most probable outcome of measurements, so we’d experience our reality as rather stable (with most things having a waveform with a point at which the probability nears one, and multiple other points at which the probability approaches zero – of which we wouldn’t acquire an awareness of). But when a universe is detected, the waveform collapses into an instance of tangibility, perhaps we’re then able to experience less polarized probabilities?
    Or would it be the opposite? By interacting with parallel universes, do we join into the superposition state? Do we move from a “stable” particle-instance-type of universe reality to a waveform of all possible states? Would the probability waveforms *within* a waveform (our universe) be less polarized (approaching p=1 vs. app. p=0) or more so? Would there be a difference? Would it be detectable/measurable/calculable?

    This is still a notion with fuzzy edges, I admit. But instead of waiting until I’ve ironed out the edges, I thought I’d share it as is and see if anyone has input that might either dismiss it so I can move on to something else entirely, or add to it. 🙂

    *Quote from article: “The atoms did not travel from A to B. It was only when they were measured at the end of the journey that their wave-like or particle-like behaviour was brought into existence.”

  47. Vignette,
    I am still reading through your well thought out post, you are bringing up a lot of interesting topics to think about. I also want to say, that their are an impressive amount of well read, and highly intelligent posters on this site. I am not one of them, that’s a bit of humor, but I am being serious, I am not. I just wanted to post, to encourage you in your thoughts, you are making a lot of sense to me. Hopefully someone else can chime in on your points. Mike H.

  48. I have had a few theories some which were not linked but it could be .. that authors can sense more than one reality, and they are just writing about that reality.. thats why some authors create such “real” worlds. Just like some of us can sense/remember alterations in the timeline..

    But if there are infinite universes there must be a way for the universes to be separate they have their own frequency, so say this reality is version 1.. with a frequency of 1 the next world is frequency 1.1, now occasionally these frequencies for unknown reasons whether science in that universe or this causes a decay of the frequency.. and that allows the worlds to merge.. Because i have some memories that others have, these same people have different memories to me, so it makes me think that more than one reality is collapsing.. or it could be certain areas in space open up into other worlds. Theres been many myths of holes like fairy rings in the UK.. you fall asleep in one and you vanish for years in this world. whereas in the past people were more attuned to the possibilities they made stone circles and other place in space as “mystical” areas or as i like to think they are possible holes into other earths if we only could find a key to change the frequency we could travel to other earths. In an infinite universe it is possible that someone else created a device and are wandering the multiverse and the errors the glitches are just side effects of them travelling..

    Sorry if my writing is a little disjointed. but need to get these ideas out of my head

    1. Martin ,
      your ideas are not disjointed at all. You have some great ideas going on here. The authors one is quite original, I have not seen anyone talk about that idea. Along those lines would/could some artists be the same? Drawing and painting other realities? You bring up a very interesting idea here.

      Your other topic I like also, very C.S. Lewis like. Wood between the worlds , portals to other worlds. I actually think “frequency , or frequencies” may play a part in this whole phenomena. Now I am rambling. Anyway keep posting these original thoughts, there are a lot of good people on this site to discuss with. Mike H.

      1. Authors like Cervantes and Lewis Carroll have spawned a whole genre of mystique and adventure,studying the couple of books by the above authors, alone, might open up a world of possibilities.

        1. Vivek, I agree, a lot of ideas and theories could be spawned from those authors. I have to say , long before I ever had the courage to write on here, I would follow your posts. I enjoy them, you are one of the most well read people I have ever come across. Mike H.

      2. thanks, Sometimes my mind works faster than it should and these ideas just come tumbling out. To my mind its jumbled and disjointed because my mind jumps from one topic to the next.. the idea of the frequencies there is nothing to say that the other universes have to have the same physical or temporal laws.. one could be going a little faster. or slower or if say the dinosaurs didnt die out that could explain a lot of things,

        In the UK I went to a stone circle in the UK and as soon as i stood in it whether it was my imagination, everything seemed calmer whether it had effect or it was just in my mind i dont know.. thats why i have an idea that there are areas where one reality can bleed into another rather than a sudden change.. Thats the problem I keep saying and thinking oh its my imagination.. and dismissing my own thoughts that somethings weird.. but more and more i think something odd is going on. I question myself more and more and find myself watching youtubes and tv with a higher concentration trying to catch a change..

    2. Great comment.

      I’ve been pondering this too. Some sci-fi (and of course ancient tales and allegories like monster stories) is so band on on that it has to be more than authors being well researched and astute to patterns and trends.

      Some say it is ‘predictive programming’ and the powers that be tell them what to write – I don’t buy this for a second, it seems more that these are open highly intelligent thinkers that are having a kind of bi-directional creative process with truths beyond our current store of knowledge.

      Re. frequencies – yeah, waves are EVERYTHING and we are only just beginning to (re?)discover the sonic nature of nature. Also I’ve got a gut feeling that Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance ideas have a valid place in discussing the phenomenon.

    3. Hi, Martin Williams,

      Your conjecture about authors’ writing of sensed other realities rather reminds me of Philip Jose Farmer, w.r.t. his “World of tiers” series. Bear with me, as this will take a moment to unfold:

      Without wishing to present any spoilers for any would-be readers of his work, the series centers around a people who had developed the technological capability to create universes. Over the millennia, they had come to war with one another almost without exception. That’s when the story kicks off. Over the course of the series we meet a number of the “lords”, as they call themselves. Their relationships and names are strikingly similar, at times, to William Blake’s work (18c/19c prophetic poet).

      Well, over the decades (1965-1993), his series expanded and became rather popular (even being turned into a dice-based role playing game). This is when the plot thickens. Eventually, he tells us (not satirically) that his work might not be entirely fictional — that he had had a vision, years ago, and that the stories were essentially what amounts to his having channeled them, rather than his having created them.

      On a partially tangential closing note, the last book (“Red Orc’s Rage”, though it’s technically the 6th in the series of 7) involves the comings and goings of a psychiatric patient between our world and the World of Tiers, in a manner rather reminiscent of that of Thomas Covenant (Stephen R. Donaldson, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant), or (to a lesser degree) of Burroughs’ John Carter (Mars, Barsoom) or Norman’s Tarl Cabot (Gor), in that the manner of transportation is more astral/ethereal than the more common methods. — the narrative in which he describes his vision — more detailed description of the W.o.T., for those who might be interested

      I could post links for downloading the books, if anyone’s interested (I just didn’t want to go too far off into a tangent).

  49. Please help with the following:
    1. Could not find any real references of Berenstein being changed to Berenstain for year 2013. Only remark on Woodbetweenworlds where poster makes mention of an original name but never says what they believed the orginal name to be. What happened to year 2013?

    2. In “On this day” historical page for year 2013 there are an overwhelming number of posts referencing the number of people “killed” but references about other events are either overlooked, overwhelmed due to number of killed reports, or it was just a boring year. Out of 748 events how come so many of them are about a group of people being killed?

    3. Could 2013 be that missing year between 2001-2002 or some kind of vortex where movie Frozen came out?

    4. Why are prior reports of Berenstein change found only in years 2011-2012 (fyi-2012 I witnessed many deaths) and 2014-2015? Did I overlook anything prior to 2011 and the complete year 2013?

    5. How do these years(2011-2012, 2014-2015, and 2013) possibly line up with or link to 2001/2002? It seems to be laughing at me to see some type of trend and link them in with the 3,11 theory/ 8 (infinity loop)?

    1. Daniel,
      Not sure it will help with your theory. But I posted a reply to your years and number theory post from 7-23-15, but it showed up further down the page. Just wanted to make sure you saw it. I cant make heads or tails of the patterns. But what I wrote may help you. Mike H.

  50. Since all ideas can be discussed here. This is one that has been floating around my head for a while. It has to do with the spelling changes. IF, someone or something wanted to make contact with us, then maybe it would be through our language/words, or at least clues through language. SO, has anyone noticed how many of the big spelling changes (or whatever we call them, anomalies), have either double meanings , or just straight out apply to the mandela effect? Dilemna/dilemma (as in , we are in a dilemma) is an obvious example of the latter. Proctor/Procter( meaning, stand in for, or substitute of, as in substitute reality??) a good example of the former. I wonder if a list were made of some of these if patterns or clues might show up?? Mostly I am just thinking out loud. Daniels years/numbers may or might tie in with this also. And of course possibly after I re-read this in a few days, I will just think I am insane , again. LOL. Mike H.

    1. Interesting point, Mike H.! (And, to answer your private comment: When posting a comment here, people can include a link connected with their username. Unless it stands out as something spammy or troll-like, I usually leave the link intact.)

      1. Without offending any one, i would rather prefer simple bewilderment,than offer algorithms invented by the likes of Enid Blyton and Arthur C Doyle, let truth prevail,let romanticism be reserved for unwinding. Blyton and Doyle and Charteris and Ludlum are great entertainers.

    2. Mike H. you make a interesting point.. I remember growing up I before E except after C. when in reality there are many more exceptions. Why were we taught it when its wrong.. (i am a trained administrator and typist i have been typing for a long time, and if i am not thinking i type Definately. not definitely I am convinced i would remember spelling it wrong. Because when i worked for a local college in the marketing department I typed a press release supposed to say Important Message.. and I spell checked it, and i had actually typed Impotent Massage it would have gone to the local newspaper then to 80,000 homes, so I try not to make any spelling errors.

        1. So 4 years of being asked how is the impotent massage built into me embarrassment with spelling, what was worse was when i spell checked it since the words were proper words. it took my boss to notice it.. I did say after well it would have gotten a lot more readers.. but it made me more cautious about spelling, (i do miss comma’s in dont etc. and i have issues when typing O next to R. but i tend to get most of it right) So when definately became definitely. I started to notice.

  51. Just discovered this site and it’s amazing. Have had many shifts in my life – from some of the things you all mention to experiences where I’ll put something down, look away, look back and it will be gone and nowhere to be found (and no one else around). This used to be scary but in more recent years, I just shake my head and say, only half jokingly, “time shift, dammit”. BTW Mr. Stain’s post scared the **** out of me.

  52. I first started wondering about the dimensional shift theory because learning guitar, my friend taught me to play “Beautiful Tonight” by Eric Clapton, only to find out years later that it was “Wonderful Tonight.” That doesn’t even sound right.

    So, reading in the website last night made me think of another theory. A theory of quantum mechanics suggests that a separate reality is created for each decision we make thus avoiding any potential paradoxes that may be created by time travel. Perhaps the Mandela Effect occurs when two of these realities/universes merge back together leaving remnants/memories of the previous universe in those for which the universe is actually different. If so, this would mean that one universe would have to be dominant over another in the same way dominant genes preside over the recessive. Being a Christian, this would mean that Jesus Christ is the only constant and His death and resurrection the only commons points in all realities.

  53. Fiona , I know this is way out there , but have you ever read the CHANI project papers? It’s the supposed contact of an entity from another dimension through computer simulations( programs), it went on for over five years in the mid-to late 90’s. Then the communication stopped . The ONLY reason I bring it up is, that I have stumbled across it dozens of times over the years looking into other stuff. And IF true (which I really do not know), some of the things this supposed entity talks about are actually pretty well tied into the ME. Time shifts, jumps, the colliders. Again, not sure if it’s true (even if a fraction was—-it would be HUGE), but talking about sentience and simulated universes got me thinking about it. Especially if someone/thing was trying to tell us through clues in the language. I don’t know, it’s early and I need more coffee! LOL I would leave a link , but anyone can type CHANI project into a search engine and get dozens if hits. Mike H.

  54. The double split experiment changes light form particle to wave (and vice versa) depending on how it is observed. So the light may have traveled trillions of miles from whatever star as a wave and our observations changed it to a particle ( and maybe in the sense changing it’s past) Could CERN on observing new particles changed their past and in someway (butterfly effect for instance) have changed our past once they hit earth?

  55. Yes… me again.

    I have suspected CERN of some funky crap. First time they cranked it up: I had a vision/ vivid dream, hallucination- whatever of my going to the bathroom. I have NO recollection of falling asleep, BTW. Anyhoo-

    I had a full length mirror on the bathroom door of where I was living. I walked up to it, and well- *I* was all wrong. I am balding, dair hair, white, blue eyed. My reflection was olive skinned, a LOT more hair, and dark brown eyes! I let out a scream, and so did my reflection-

    And I was back on the couch, blinking and freaked out completely.

    Next time they cranked that damn thing up:

    Went in to check on my sleeping daughter. I shuffled my foot under the bed, and hit this clanking, multijointed *thing*. I could feel it had joints, it was metal, from the claking, and I hurt my stupid toe on it! I went back to my room, got the flashlight, looked under the bed- NOTHING. Not so much as a dust bunny in the general area. I spent some time swearing at this crapped up universe in general.

  56. What if the Mandela effect is tied into quantum immortality/suicide? If our consciousness moves to another reality to carry on after we die then maybe these are memories of worlds that we died in. Added to that, if the ME is something that affects a large number of people then perhaps there were events (bomb, virus, natural disaster, etc) that wiped out a large chunk of population and we moved together.

  57. Had a thought, Since this basically began with berenstein/stain for most of us, i am sure there are a few people out there called berenstein, they would have been joked about, made fun of, Kids being kids so wouldn’t they remember better because it is their last name. Am sure someone out there knows someone with that name or knows someone who knows someone.. could be interesting to find.

  58. Hi Fiona, I guess you didn’t approve the comment I submitted a few days ago (because of the youtube link?). In case it was because of the link, I thought I’d try offering a simpler explanation without reference to the video.

    Here’s a possibility for an explanation, maybe:
    All possible outcomes of measurements co-exist as part of our universe’s superposition state. Within the universe, we, as conscious beings, have the power to affect superposition states of photons, electrons, buckminster fullerines, and other wave/particles that exist within the universe. By observing/measuring these, they collapse from probability-waveforms taking all possible properties or paths, to particles with one path-trajectory.
    But only the ones we observe collapse.
    I’d suggest it could follow from this, that our universe’s superposition state of all possible realities/outcomes/histories as “paths” could *also* be collapsed if observed by a conscious mind. Not from within the universe (because we can’t, from within it, observe it in its entirety), but from without.

    Furthermore, we can observe some properties of a particle without looking at them all, which might collapse the various probabilities but only for the observed property perhaps.

    I would offer that this might suggest that if some of our universe’s aspects are being probed/measured/observed by consciousness from outside of our universe, this could lead to some reality-probabilities collapsing/disappearing, only to be left with ‘set’ realities that conform to the measured properties’ value.

    I think there should be a way of determining whether or not this is occurring, shouldn’t there? The least probable outcomes would be most likely to disappear, leaving the most-probable outcomes what we’d experience.

    This might be detectable if we see a decline of unlikely events in our universe (for example ratios of black-holes to stars, or values of constants…???). Anyone with a cosmology/astrophysics background care to weigh-in on this? 🙂

    1. No, Vignette, I didn’t approve it because I never saw it. I’m sorry that happened. The YouTube link probably landed it in the spam folder… which I don’t have time to read, now, due to the massive daily comment load. Actually, I have no idea why some comments land in spam, because I’ve seen other, good comments there, back when I did skim the folder, daily. My best guess: Some YouTube links look “spammier” than others, and your link was in the former category.

      I am looking at ways to have more time for this site, including Patreon. Among the options, that looks the best, so far. I’m not wholly comfortable with it, but since traffic seems to be on an upswing again, today… I may have to do something about these daily hours, soon.

    2. Hi, Vignette,

      Your question of determining whether otherwise separate realities might interact (specifically in the form of uncollapsed wave functions) and your closing statement about unlikely astrophysical events got me thinking. Insofar as the following is at all scientific, it’s very much only an off-the-cuff scenario.

      Barring more conventional hypotheses panning out, I wonder if the galactic rotational speed issue [1] [2] mightn’t be indicative of such a brush. Given speeds that should fall off more than they do, something must act as a stiffening agent.

      If we assume a plurality of universes with different universal wave functions [3] such that at least some laws and/or constants differ from one case to the next, then the question arises of the implications of their potential interaction(s). What if entanglement permits a certain degree of mixing of properties? This might be in the sense of a mean average, or perhaps more like a swapping of the two. In either case, if one’s property (such as galactic scale gravitation and laws of motion) were copied/removed from it [4] and embedded/admixed to the other, then the resulting conflict would appear to demand internally consistent causes [5], such as material that isn’t there (e.g.: dark matter) or gravitation that works differently over different scales (e.g.: MOND). The nature of entanglement seems to permit such transfer [6] in principle, almost like an artist’s rubbing (though strictly, it would be an exchange, rather than a duplication).

      If this is the case in fact, then the rotational discrepancies might well be fossils of such interaction, akin to the CMBR (in that both would then be frozen records of events). If so, then we might look to horizon of the observable universe, to see if there is any demarcation between current galactic rotation discrepancies and any presumably different rates (though parallax might present a problem for the foreseeable future), after allowing for Hubble shift. Results (whether positive or negative) wouldn’t be unambiguous, but it would certainly beg the question if findings (otherwise homogenous and isotropic) were consistent with a discontinuity over time (indicating some sort of phase shift, or equivalent thereof).

      Keep in mind that these are only idle musings on my part — I don’t have the math sufficient for such a model.

      Side note: my memory vs. Mandela Effect. When the h*ll did “homogenous” suddenly become “homogeneous”?!?

      [3] (Hartle-Hawking state)
      [4] (Related articles are easily obtainable by a search for {separate quantum properties neutron}, or any similar set of terms.)
      [6] (Counterfactual quantum-information transfer without transmitting any physical particles)

  59. I have been noticing theres a lot of anger out there about this subject, been watching a few youtubes and someone made a point it that its the 5 stages of grief, Denial and Isolation, lots of people denying it even if they see it, they deny it, then they get angry, then its bargaining, how can we fix this.. depression some on here are depressed about the changes then we have acceptance. we who have gone through them all.. Could a lot of the angry people be feeling the loss, they dont want to lose what they are used too

  60. Just a few thoughts, Insomnia is a wonderful tool for ideas LOL

    My idea that the Mandela effect a Crash together is that when an effect happens it ripples forwards and backwards through time and space. Like dropping a stone into a pool. the ripples spread out interact inter react.. Because of the nature of information we have now, we are more aware, in the past many little villages had their own time their own bubble reality, now when the world grew more information rich, the past histories got homogenised into a singular history. This can explain why we have memories of atlantis, and other lost places but occasionally a little history something remains behind and gets altered and changed into stories myths and legends.

    Now these effects can happen at anytime and anyspace So it could happen 100 years ago and the ripples are coming forwards depending on the power and the change so it changes more at the incident then fades out over time and space so some of the tiniest changes could be from the 100 years ago merging.

    So drop a 10 ton rock into an ocean.. and stand 10 miles, away you only get the slightest of ripples. but get closer 1 mile say the ripple gets bigger. I personally think the universes can either collapse into one as in the BerenstAin and BerenstEin. worlds where the majority of people have the memory. or there are minor collapses where geographically/temporarily part of this world crash into others leaving changes. Some of us who are nearer to the incidence remember more, that those living on the other side of the planet. That would explain the differences of geography we have that the worlds crash into each other. so in theory they could have the smaller Madagascar i remember as it being an we have theirs. It can also explain the travellers from other worlds a slight crash and a hole. The changes in geography is does it change in the past or the present could there eventually be a mandela crash 10,000 years ago which will change the now, or could only mandela crashes occur as the present. This could also explain why some people notice and some dont add to that closed minds, and possibly other factors genetics included.

    If an incident is big enough it can create a permanent hole, where vanishings happen more. which could explain the triangles on the planet.

  61. So I haven’t seen anything similar on this site, (yet) but has anyone else noticed differences with THEMSELVES? I have noticed differences in events throughout my (relatively short compared to others’ here) life, but most has been minor. Nothing as large-scale as say, Tank Boy/Man, as I was not even born yet. But recently I realized that my appendicitis scar was considerably fainter and I had a new, darker scar farther back, paralleling it. Also, I used to have three birthmarks (in the shape of a triangle) on my left collarbone- except now its on the right, and has a fourth, smaller mark under the top one. I chalked it up to reflection misinterpretation (up until I was 9 I had trouble with left and right and could have possibly confused the direction) But it still felt WRONG when I noticed they were on my right side.

    I noticed the switch back when I was 12 (The scar thing is new to me) and was extremely confused. Its probably also worth noting that this is the year my “deja-vu” dreams were the most frequent (I mentioned this in a comment that is -at the time of writing this- under moderation.)

    Now, the year I was 12 was in 2009. The same year that I saw some were saying was a strange year for them.

    It makes me wonder that what if whatever phenomena that is causing the ME is also merging us, maybe accounting for the dual memories some have. I also wonder if those with certain attributes are more susceptible to “sliding” or ME in general, such as the others on this site claiming to have odd psychic experiences, or even those who have noticed major irregularities (for instance: double moons, different colored skies, I remember seeing a red moon- which is completely normal except it was twice the size of a “super-moon”)

    What if these strange happenings are the norm for these realities we visit or they are warnings that something more is happening.

    1. that’s interesting I too seem to have difficulty with working out which is my left hand i always assumed it was because i went to a very strict catholic primary school ran by nuns, and the left hand was the devils hand.. So was forced to write with my right, which i write in a left handed way. I wonder if anyone else has this same problem, when someone asks me about left or right i have to pause and actually look down, same with directions, i have to recite N e S w or Never eat Shredded Wheat just to trigger the order.. I do get chronically lost, even where i have lived for 41 years i still get lost i dont know road names, now if you say the shop next to the newsagents in the town centre i know exactly where it is.. bad memory or yet another street names changing and for some reason i cant recall.. am just saying all this to confirm or deny that i have an abysmal memory LOL. (have to laugh or i will go nuts and thats no joke)

  62. I just became aware of the Mandela effect, and my mind has been totally blown. As I have pondered the parallel or alternate universe theory several things have occurred to me, and I would love to get some feedback on them.
    It seems that if we except the concept of parallel universes, then we must also accept that there are an infinity to the “infinith” power universes. All possibilities within each infinity must eventually happen until all possibilities have been played out.. Rather than repeating and playing out again, everything in the “used up” universe could slide into a new reality. Perhaps, for instance, the StEIn universe has used up all of its possibilities, causing those in its infinite realities to “slide” into the StAIn universes. Perhaps even “joining” with the self that was already in this universe. However, since there are infinite possible universes that one could have come from, and also slid into, we all slide into the next over universe from our frame of reference. We are not necessarily moving into the same new universe. This would explain why, for instance, those who were closest to Mandela, or the Tienanmen square boy didn’t suddenly freak out with an “OMG you’ve been dead for years, and now you’re not” response…the StAIn universe that they slipped into was the next one over from the EI universe they slipped from…where it never happened. Those of us who remember it happening were in a different EI universe. Since neither of those people had very much influence on our lives, it could be explained away as misremembered events.
    My husband died about six years ago. I know that if I slipped into a universe where he never died, it would certainly strike me as more than a “misremembered event”, and I would totally freak out. In fact, very little has changed from the Ei universe that I was in, to the AI universe that I am now in. There don’t seem to be major “freak out” changes like the fact that my husband never really died. Therefor, I think that perhaps we each slip into the “next over” universe of possibilities.

    1. I expect many ‘Freak-Out’ moments as time moves on. I also feel that the ‘Freak-Out’ moments will gradually become more intense.

  63. Jim Stone of Jimstonefreelance has brought up this topic as well;. He is an ex-NSA engineer and he swears that he also remembers Mandela’s death, the TV show Sex and the City he says he remembers as Sex “in” the City as well as Looney Tunes used to be Loney Toons…

    This has got to be occultic high tech of the NWO. Everyone knows they have been working with aliens and alien technology. No doubt they could be using it to make trillions as well as try and save the failed banking system. The banking system is literally a rotting corpse…it would cause a world wide great depression if they dont fix it….


  64. The first “discrepancy” that I really noticed was in 1991. This one is EASY to document and falls into a time realm. Ask any “old person” (more than 55 years old) to quote the Lord’s Prayer from memory. You’ll find that almost to a person that they say “… forgive my trespasses, as I forgive those who trespass against me.”. That line IS NOT in the historical perspective (Matthew) regardless of translation that was available when they learned it! Furthermore if it had been caused by “false memory” there would be demonstrable divergence from a unified memory. Since the wording is also different (not just a word) it cannot be a well promulgated false belief! Since the bible WAS reading material for many, and words were pointed out one by one it cant be “whispering effect” (where a story changes as it goes from person to person). To further confound me, I have the bible I learned from 40+ years ago. The wording NOW matches the modern wording. I have checked back to 1934 bibles to no avail.
    The new wording is not about “sins” or “wrongs” but instead it is about finances!

    1. This change shocked me to my core. I went to catholic school as a child, went to church with my grandparents. The lord’s prayer was something I heard and said often. I remember reading it in the bible, and in the photocopies of the bible pages that were projected on the wall in school masses. It always said “Trespasses”. Now when you check the bible, no matter what version you are looking at, it says “Debts”. Unbelievable

    2. Did a little research and found a blog at experimental theology dot blogspot dot com, dated December 2012. Richard Beck traced it back to the book of common prayer that predates the King James Version. Apparently all translations since the KJV have been interpreted as ‘debt.’ Strange though, I was not catholic, my family was very religious, but the trespasses version has always been the easiest version for me to remember. I can never remember whether it’s ‘forgive our debtors,’ or ‘forgive those indebted to us,’ or ‘forgive those in our debt.’

      Book of Common Prayer (1549):
      OURE father, whiche arte in heaven, hallowed by thy name. Thy kyngdom come. Thy wyll be done in earth as it is in heaven. Geve us this daye oure dayly bread. And forgeve us oure trespasses, as we forgeve them that trespasse agaynst us. And leade us not into temptacion. But deliver us from evell. Amen.

      1. Found the origin of “trespasses” in the Lord’s Prayer's_Prayer_in_English
        Most of the translations given say debts, but some such as “Anglican BCP[9]” say trespasses
        Below the wiki article quotes the exact version I remember (from Catholic services):
        AD 1772 Anglican BCP[9]
        Our Father, which art in heaven;
        Hallowed by thy Name.
        Thy kingdom come.
        Thy will be done in earth,
        As it is in heaven.
        Give us this day our daily bread.
        And forgive us our trespasses,
        As we forgive them that trespass against us.
        And lead us not into temptation;
        But deliver us from evil:

  65. First of all, this is NOT a conspiracy theory. This is entirely based off of facts and other scientific theories. On the other hand, though, it isn’t proven once so ever. This is still a theory, but it is backed up (you get it)
    So, this phenomenon occurs when two universes clash together, causing the two to mend together (stay with me on this) and this also causing people to “slip” from one to the other. Now, these aren’t just two separate universes. These are “parallel universes.” One common misconception about parallel universes that most people believe is that parallel universes are “opposite universes” in a sense. This is not the case. While it is very possible for there to be a universe that seems quite different from our own (assuming that we can actually hop from one to the other) not every universe can be opposite, now can it? In a sense, if a parallel universe where an opposite version of our universe, then theoretically, there could only be two!
    Now, again, none of what I’m saying is proven, and is all literally just guessing and speculation. Don’t take any of this to heart.
    In this theory, there are infinite parallel universes. And, if you were to look up the word parallel, you would find the definition to be similar to: two lines that do not meet or intersect. Does this automatically mean that two parallel universe are opposites? Absolutely not! Again, I don’t know why this rumor has infected so many minds, but I’m not saying that there aren’t opposite universe out there.
    My theory also suggests the possibility of an infinite number of universes, all of which are copies of the same universe (a lot of this is similar to the actual Mendela Effect theory, but later on I’ll get to where I changed up my way of thinking), but with slight differences here and there, some noticeable, and some not. Think of these universes as several straight lines on top of each other with space in between each one. Now, as you’d assume, since these lines (universes) are equally spaced, and are straight (which means they are parallel, hints the name) that they can never touch. However, you’re assuming too much. First of all, you’re completely neglecting the possibility of “glitches” or “anomalies” in these lines. Universes are flimsy, so think of these lines as “noodles” per say. They aren’t supposed to touch, but some of these universes like to break the rules. It is most likely that the laws of physics don’t apply in the area outside of the universes. One line may bend downward, and touch another line, creating an anomaly, which causes energy, time, and living beings to swap universes. Then the line that bent down goes back up again…I know, this sounds a little bit strange, and I know many of you may be saying that, parallel means that they literally can’t touch, at all…EVER. The laws of physics and the basic mathematical equations say that it’s impossible. Well, you’re failing to go beyond the spectrum of what the laws of math and physics say. My look on the universe if if you keep going by what the laws of physics tell you and what the mathematical equations tell you, you’re eventually going to hit a dead end. You’re going to get to a point where you’ve answered all the possible questions that you can answer, and the others, you claim that you’ll never know. The reason we haven’t answered those questions yet is because we’re stating that the laws of physics and math apply to every place in the entirety of the universe. Well, the fact is, this most likely is not the case. You have to go beyond logic every once in awhile to answer questions that were thought to be impossible all this time.
    Gravity, nuclear fusion, all these things were made back when the big bang made our universe. It only exists within our universe. Well, if our universe is still expanding, what is it expanding into? That are (blackness, or nothingness) has nothing in it, so we can assume it has no gravity, no light, no physics, and most importantly, no time. It’s not until our universe expands past that point where the laws of physics come into play. So basically, the area in which the laws of physics work is expanding along with the matter in our universe.
    Anyway, the people who were in the line that bent downward in this demonstration were instantly swapped with the ones in the line that was struck. Remember, each line resembles a universe, each with minor differences. In this theory, a universe is represented as a line expands infinitely in every direction except up and down, NOT in a sphere! Every now and then, you yourself, yes you, will switch universes without even noticing it. You may ask yourself, why don’t we feel anything or hear or even experience any disruptions when two universes collide?
    In the space in between the universes, time doesn’t apply ,so energy, living beings, even entire planets can swap places instantly (in no time once so ever) without knocking into anything along the way, because technically, it never took the time to travel to it’s no position. There is no time in the area between the universes…
    So, why aren’t we swapped with our own planet rather than just us?
    That whole planet thing was just an example. Most likely, planets and large, massive beings like those aren’t swapped, and something that big moving faster than the speed of light would most likely implode the entire universe. Again, this is where the speculation comes in. This part I’m not entirely sure about. Why we seem to be the only ones transferring from one universe to the other and not planets and large objects. For now, we’ll skip this part.
    You would not experience any “buffering time” when swapping universes. It would be instantaneous, the only way you would be able to detect when you’ve swapped universes would be if you’re looking at something, a box of Fruit Loops for example, and you blink, and all of the sudden, the name on the cereal box changes to Froot Loops. This is something that’s unique to the universe that you’ve just swapped to. That box of Fruit Loops name is what changed, along with other small things that you most likely won’t notice.
    Now, what about this scenario? What if you saw that this cereal had changed its name instantly, and you went to go tell your best friend about it, and you’re friend says: “It’s always been like that.”
    Congratulations, you have a friend from another universe! This hints at the fact that not everyone from each universe was swapped. In fact, in order for this to happen, one of two things had to have occurred. Either A, your friend is messing with you (unlikely, since he doesn’t even know what just happened) or B not two, but THREE universes have just collided! How does this occur? Well, let’s go back to our diagram of the straight lines that are on top of each other in an infinite stack of lines, each one evenly spaced. When the entire universe’s population is “swapped” with another’s, everyone is affected. However, there is another line below the line that is being struck by the one above it. This line strikes the middle line at the same time the top one does, causing one to take part of the population of the middle universe, and the other to take what’s left, and then each universe gives part of its population to make sure the collision has an equal reaction. If this didn’t happen, then entirety of everything would most likely collapse in on itself. This results in a “scrambled effect.” But, you’ll notice, not everybody from the top and bottom line got transferred to another universe. But, let’s say that you were from the line in the middle, where the cereal is spelled “Fruit Loops”, and that you were part of the certain number of people that happened to get switched to the top universe, where it is called “Froot Loops.”
    You would soon discover that not everyone in the world remembers Fruit Loops, but maybe close to half of the population does. This is because one half of the people from universe A (or the top line) never switched. The number of people who were switched could vary between just hundreds, or possibly billions of people. To the people who never switched, they’re all of the sudden hearing about all this “Fruit Loops” crap, wondering why everyone’s making such a fuss about it. To them, “Froot Loops would be normal.”
    I didn’t want to get too scientific with this explanation for the sake of everyone’s sanity while reading this. Hope this made sense to you all! I tried thinking as much into this as I could.

    1. Nathan, you spent considerable time explaining several ideas in detail. Thank you. Also, I appreciate every concept and explanation offered here, especially when people use good, specific examples, as you have.

      However, some of these phrases — to me, anyway — seemed a little critical or argumentative in tone. (Please don’t take that personally. Perhaps it’s just how my brain works after reading 50 or so new comments, so far, and the last 10 were in the “you’re just confused” category.)

      So, in case anyone else read Nathan’s enthusiastic comments in a slightly critical light, this is just a reminder: I’d like to keep our discussions light and cooperative.

      For me, conspiracy theories are those in which the Mandela Effect and related phenomena are part of some power play by individuals or groups, known or unknown, and generally to our detriment. Even if that were true, I’m not sure I could do anything about it, so I generally don’t go down that path.

      Also, in this discussion, let’s keep in mind that “facts” and “based on facts” aren’t the same thing. In addition, things that are facts in this reality might not be facts in the reality someone just arrived from. So, that can be a difficult term to use without raising some hackles.

      If we keep in mind that many of our conversations are speculative, and physics (in this reality) is just beginning to offer explanations, this can be a fascinating, fun topic.

  66. Having a thought about chartreuse and doing a little research and a little remembering a story about how the term BLUE was one of the last descriptions of colour. reading a little more i found something ODD,

    Basic Color Terms: Their Universality and Evolution by Brent Berlin and Paul Kay

    Berlin and Kay posit seven levels in which cultures fall, with Stage I languages having only the colors black (dark–cool) and white (light–warm). Languages in Stage VII have eight or more basic color terms. This includes English, which has eleven basic color terms. The authors theorize that as languages evolve, they acquire new basic color terms in a strict chronological sequence; if a basic color term is found in a language, then the colors of all earlier stages should also be present. The sequence is as follows:

    Stage I: Dark-cool and light-warm (this covers a larger set of colors than English “black” and “white”.)
    Stage II: Red
    Stage III: Either green or yellow
    Stage IV: Both green and yellow
    Stage V: Blue
    Stage VI: Brown
    Stage VII: Purple, pink, orange, or gray

    as you can see red is the 2nd stage and either yellow/green is stage 3.. Isnt that strange that some people mix up charteuse as being red/yellow or green. In “The Odyssey,” Homer famously describes the “wine-dark sea.” But why “wine-dark” and not deep blue or green?

    In 1858 a scholar named William Gladstone, who later became the prime minister of Great Britain, noticed that this wasn’t the only strange color description. Though the poet spends page after page describing the intricate details of clothing, armor, weaponry, facial features, animals, and more, his references to color are strange. Iron and sheep are violet; honey is green

    1. Martin, this is most interesting. Associating colors, with language. Sadly, I think we might actually be “regressing” in language, reverting back to a stage 1 or 2. Possibly we are “noticing” remnants from more developed stages that we once were? Stage 1 to me could be more, artificial, machine like maybe. Words that are close, but not quite, what some of us are noticing with the word changes. Dilemna for example, I will stand by that one forever. It, to me is one of the hardest to just brush off, for many reasons. I am not as good as a lot of you on here at conveying what I mean in words, so I hope this might make sense.

      And William Gladstone, would for sure be diagnosed with synesthesia today.

      And of course as I type this , a SIRIUS radio DJ, out of the blue, is talking about Marty McFly and “Back to the Future”. I give up, LOL. Mike H.

  67. Another 3 am thought not that its 3 am here but i use the term as being one of those thoughts that happen when you are not quite asleep and not quite awake when the mind wanders and “logic” takes a little holiday.

    Been thinking about a commonality We all remember things the human mind i believe has lots of secrets, that we cannot really describe, We barely know HOW our minds work.. So If there is a time line change whether from a time traveller or a crash between the alternate timelines.. since our mind can effectively travel to other places (imagination or something deeper).. it could be more immune to changes than the physical realities. Genetics and upbringing all can add to the immunity or decrease it.

    Now since the web is growing at an exponential rate and we dont actually know where all the computers are or what type of computers that are connected.. I have tablet computers, a desktop, windows 10, and 8 and 7 laptops.. yes am a tech head.. and there has been mention in the past about quantum computers, computers using dna coding(bio molecular computing is the technical term). Could it be this is where things veer into science fiction.. that as the computational powers grow, that connections like those of the human brain can be formed, you have programmes and algorithms that are getting very complex could that be able to retain more of the changes that we humans see.

    I think of the net being changed by the mandela effects that its “hunting out the incorrect” universal information trying to make it this realities history, but the information is moving faster and being stored in different places in the net what with computers and servers coming into existence and out again, that it cant get all the date information, so thats why things like the way back machine can show the change of berenstein to stain on a 80’s cartoon website.. around april 2001 to august 2001. Then after a time the information cannot be removed as its is so many places.

    As i said this is a 3 am thought (no wonder i dont sleep well).. could be a reason why we remember and why the physical things do change and sometimes the inter net information doesnt..

  68. What is interesting is that a few themes/categories of Mandela effects appear to be forming:

    1. Moving/New Countries
    2. Celebrity/Leaders Deaths
    3. Change in spellings/phrases in books/films etc

    Most of what we are witnessing can be fitted into these 3 categories. Maybe it’s because for 2 & 3 this is the world we most pay attention to.

    I think the moving countries is a major issue and if we look at the big picture where does this begin to lead us.
    My thoughts and speculations:
    1. There appears to be more landmass across the world than ever before. We are told that the world is 2/3rds water , does this still seem the case?
    2. All the continents now appear to be too close to each other, is the earth shrinking?
    3. A lot of the lands appear to be travelling Northwards, are they being pushed/pulled by something?
    4. Is Antartica getting larger ? Maybe we just haven’t paid attention before.

    So we just have more questions , I’m finding myself looking at maps of the world every few days now and it’s getting stranger and stranger. Certainly not the world I grew up in.

    On a side note, does anyone find that when you raise these questions or topics with some people , that they just don’t get it! Or they don’t react or even feel it’s important. This I find just as strange as the Mandela Effect!

    Until the next effect , take care everyone.

      1. I love Neal Adams’ expanding Earth (and Moon and other planets) theory and videos and would like to hear what he has to say, if you want to share it with us, Fiona. 🙂

        1. Alex, if I hear from him, I’ll let you know… if he says that’s okay, that is. I’m not sure what he’s working on right now, and I might not hear from him for weeks. Maybe months. (It’s an artist thing, and I completely understand. I can be the same with my emails, as well.)

    1. I find some people get angry at me for just asking the question, As if they dont want to believe there is anything different and that i am calling their entire life is a lie.. Or they find reasons as to why its not true, but their reasons are focused on “YOU are wrong”, rather than you may be right, which goes back to the first people being angry. I have to start to ask them questions in a jokey way so they dont get upset

      1. I’ve found the same Martin. There are people I’ve known a long time that id be surprised if we spoke again. There were no fights involved, I just know. I have my sister secretly asking family members some questions, cause coming from me, I’ll get the 3rd degree unless of course it’s the 5th degree in this dimension. I figure those folks will figure it out when they are supposed to, and then ill get the call.

    2. Hi, Ricardo,

      I have to agree about people’s reactions, sadly. Generally they don’t get it, react, or care.

      Of the people whom I’ve brought this up to:
      * two see it and accept it as very real external changes,
      * one admits the possibility of sliding, but figures that it’s more likely an indication of my stress level,
      * four I can’t exactly classify (their reactions were so nondescript as to fall easily into any of the first 3 of not getting/reacting/caring),
      * one figures that people are gullible (of what, he doesn’t specify),
      * one doesn’t see them at all (but attributes my observations to things just changing for commercial reasons — which ignores a lot of the issues),
      * one doesn’t even grasp what I’ve tried to convey,
      * and nobody on my FaceBook (approx. 100 friends) has yet commented on it at _all_ (I’ve brought it up a couple of times, yet not a single response has yet forthcome).

      Come to think of it, given my increasingly public stance on the whole thing (having apparently thrown circumspection to the wind), I might have to change my name here to something like “”No-longer-closeted team-E” or “Rather obviously team-E”. 🙂

  69. Another 3 am thought.. darn this insomnia.. Would the mandela effect be limited.. I know we have seen effects here on earth, but could there/would there be similar mergings on other planets. Or does the entire universe change, or just parts of it.. or a Combination of both.

    I personally think it can be patchy.. as I remember some things others dont, and others from a different geographical location have a completely different memory and some from other places have the exact memory as me. So going back to would the alteration of say BerentSTAIN, universe have affected other places.. outside out experience. The moon Example the Moon doesnt look right, but does that mean We have changed or the moon has changed.. So we moved to Moon Beta where it looks different or did Moon Beta come into the Alpha universe and replace Moon Alpha.

    Same with The physical books, Did we go into the BerensSTAIN universe, or did the books change in the BerenSTEIN universe. Did we change or just the books change.. its an interesting thought

  70. The theory about time travelling for ‘financial gain’ certainly seems logical and sound, on the surface.

    But the only people with enough power, wealth and ‘secret, esoteric information’ (Nazi Bell, Project Paperclip, etc.) in this world to be able to create a time machine, are the ones who already have more ‘money’ that they know what to do with. Remember who created the money, and who manipulates the amount of money available, and why, and how (watch ‘The Money Masters’ on youtube for more information – it’s hours long, but it explains things very clearly).

    If I can create money, why would I use my time machine just to get more money?


    Money is nothing to them. They have ‘all the money in the world’ (plus REAL material wealth, like land, buildings, vehicles, gold, silver, precious gems, crystals, etc).

    What matters is CONTROL and AGENDA.

    The wealthiest people in this world – well, it’s kind of hard to delve into these things without touching the ‘conspiracy issue’, but people have always conspired in the past, especially those with wealth and power, and they always will, until something stops them from doing so.

    The whole system is designed to enslave the masses. And masses are gladly going along with it, and always praise their chains. (The difference between ‘legal system’ and ‘law’ should be enough evidence of that)

    I am only mentioning all this to counter the point about money, and to explain why it CANNOT be ‘for financial gain’, because that is meaningless to those with already enough of it.

    If you have vast amounts of gold, would you really create a time machine and go to past just to gain a few more gold bars? No, you wouldn’t.

    You would want something else, something ‘more grand’.

    The truth is, the ‘powers that be’ (so to say) have an agenda. They do everything to serve that agenda.

    In my opinion, the human portion of that group is not in actual, full control, but are controlled from another plane of existence by the actual ‘masters’, the most sinister entities in this circle. I think ‘Moloch’ is one of those entities.

    You can think of this as ‘Hitler didn’t have charisma, but the masses were mesmerized by hidden forces every time he spoke’. Someone who met Hitler, even said that he expected Hitler to have some kind of charisma and magnetism, but he was just like any dude, almost completely zero-charisma, and was very surprised by this (OK, the word ‘dude’ was probably not used).

    It’s impossible for one man to mesmerize masses the way Hitler did, especially with lunatic raving like that. No, something more was needed, and the ‘esoteric side’ provided that. Nazis weren’t just obsessed with the occult from this side – the occult world from the other side was also controlling Nazis.

    The same thing goes on, even though names, people and groups on this side change. On the other side, the same group relentlessly advances the agenda, and uses people on this side to do their bidding. That’s why the agenda advances so steadily, despite wars being won by whomever. Allies and Nazies – in the end, it’s (or at least becomes) the same thing.

    So, knowing all this, going back for financial gain seems a bit naive.

    Besides, how would anyone move continents for financial gain? And what financial gain is there, twisting Australia into that horrible shape? (It seems like our past time alterer(s) are keen on creating SPIKES, like the one in Sicily, plus of course in Australia)

    I mean, if only financial gain was the point, surely continents could be left where they are, and not moved or changed. Something much bigger must be going on, if it requires the SHRINKING of the planet, and moving continents around!

    I think it’s something more esoteric, something more sinister, and has to do with bringing ‘hell on Earth’. I mean, it has already begun.

    You see the ‘skull&crossbones’ symbol everywhere nowadays, you play any modern game, and it’s full of ‘hell’ in one way or another (colorless despair and gloom, or just hellish symbols and environments – just play an innocent RPG like WoW, and you are suddenly in ‘Hellfire Peninsula’, killing demons with hooves and ‘Devilsaurs’, etc. or in other lava-filled worlds with zombies and undead, skeletons and whatnot)..

    The minds of the people of this planet are prepared to accept all this as ‘normal’, plus.. the thought power of billions of people is strong enough to alter reality. If you can guide them to think the same way, accept the same things as reality, it means that it’s easier to bring that reailty to come true, and be accepted as ‘normal’ as well.

    I have been shocked about many things during my visit on this planet, but all these things still feel alarming to me.

    However, as for real shock – nothing can beat the Mandela-effect..

    Besides, going to past to change things for ‘financial gain’ doesn’t really EXPLAIN anything other than a possible motive (which I hope I proved wrong in this post).

    Going to past to change things for SOME kind of gain, I completely agree with as one possibility. But ‘financial’? No. They have all the finances they ever need. Just look how much was poured to LHC alone!

    (Although in this timeline, it may be even more)

    I hope this post doesn’t come off as too ‘conspirational’, but it’s hard to talk about one thing and exclude another, because in the end, ‘everything is connected to everything else’.

    This post may be edited as needed – I just hope some of my arguments against the ‘financial’ theory can be displayed.

    1. Permashocked, I’m approving this exactly as you wrote it, but only because you made some well-constructed arguments. What you’re saying goes far down the conspiracy trail, and I won’t approve further conspiracy-related posts. Other sites and forums do a far better job of handling those kinds of conversations.

      The “possible explanations” I’m looking for at this part of the website are more about the mechanics of how ME works, not the motivation or sinister goals of those that may (or may not) be behind it.

      My view is: First, let’s document what’s going on. Then, let’s see if we can understand how it’s happening. After those two topics have been established (within reasonable doubt), we can look at the who — the powers behind it, if any.

      Personally, I’m happiest with the idea that we designed this ourselves as a game, and we’re in a holodeck. Or, maybe it’s not a holodeck and we’re actually shuffling (for fun, learning experiences, challenges, randomity) between realities by choice.

      Whether we actually control those journeys and select the destinations ahead of time is another matter, but I’m still focusing on what is going on: How much has changed, and whether it actually represents a slide from one reality to another.

      So, I hope that makes my views clear. I agree that a complete understanding of this topic will include the “who” behind it and why this exists. For now, this part of the website is more about the mechanics of what’s going on.

    2. Permashocked stated:
      “You can think of this as ‘Hitler didn’t have charisma, but the masses were mesmerized by hidden forces every time he spoke’. Someone who met Hitler, even said that he expected Hitler to have some kind of charisma and magnetism, but he was just like any dude, almost completely zero-charisma, and was very surprised by this (OK, the word ‘dude’ was probably not used).

      It’s impossible for one man to mesmerize masses the way Hitler did, especially with lunatic raving like that. No, something more was needed, and the ‘esoteric side’ provided that. Nazis weren’t just obsessed with the occult from this side – the occult world from the other side was also controlling Nazis.”

      Perhaps my thoughts would have been aligned with yours had it not been for my own investigations into my family’s bloodline. It was not until I started to delve into my lineage that I found/noticed the shifts occurring. So I first started researching 2011-2012 and then again 2014-present. It was mid 2014 that I noticed the changed from Berenstein to Berenstain. The name in itself was a clear indication to me that I had began to delve into something which was deep in meaning and significance.

      I had been taught in American schools that Hitler was “a lunatic” however it was not until I researched it myself that I found another story. The story that the victors did not want you to know. It is my opinion that such a lunatic would not have shaked hands with someone like Jesse Owens. There is a quote by Jesse saying how welcomed he was by Hiter and perhaps this is another ME considering that black men where not event accepted in their own back yards. Nonetheless, I think researching one’s own blood line is key into deciphering the “ME anomalies”. In my opinion, and respectfully speaking, the analysis presented under current tems is outwardly flawed and biased.

      1. Wow, Daniel… what a theory! I’m rather stunned by it. (I’m also muttering to myself, “Uh-oh, this looks like a new variation of Godwin’s Law.” LOL)

        I’ve been an enthusiastically involved in genealogy since… well, probably before most readers were born. (I always hasten to add: I started very young. Again: LOL)

        So, I’m interested in hearing more about this concept. Is it the act of delving back into one’s own lineage? (I can see that’s different from being an historian. Primary source genealogical records give us a far different view of history, in a “you are there” way.) Is it related to a particular blood line that might be in some families? (I’m aware that many genealogies trace back to “mythic” ancestry: the Irish to Milesians to the Tuatha De Danann, and the Norse to Odin, etc. Are those just fantasy genealogies? I don’t think so; I believe they mask deeper truths about our planet’s past… which is taking me rather off-topic here.)

        So, what about researching one’s ancestry connects us with the Mandela Effect? I’m very interested.

        1. Not sure how to word it but I will try (have erased and typed many times now).
          Take for instance, that you were told and taught one thing about your lineage but as you research you begin to find more and more discrepancies. Things do not quite add up and seem somewhat illogical. I like to analyze the heck out of stuff until I think that I have gotten a bigger picture. So mentally, I jump from point B to F, then H to C, and somehow arrive back at B only to rethink everything until it makes sense.

          So when I researched, I found a lot of things that were incongruent. This lead me through many different paths. What initially started on just my family line lead me through Scotland, laws written against the Cherokee Nation, Moorish philosophies , plenty of Biblical references, quantum science, Margaret Sanger, Arabic (Egypt “Al Qahira” means Mars and there is an entire story just in the name), Hebrew, back to the Kabala (delved there once before around 2008 but had a dream which was basically hinting that I was not ready), Phenotypes ( there seem to be some people who are here that are over hundreds of years old. There are others who seem like exact replicas and reincarnations), blood typing (RH- Arabic “to know”), Muamar K(G)hadafi, then Indian President elect Joko Widodo (looks like one of the little boys in President Obama’s Elementary School photo), Adolf Hitler, history of German scientists in South America, ….

          One thing just lead to the other but it formed within me another perception of the world which heightened around rethinking the Holocaust. It is somewhat weird that you would make mention of God wins law. Feel like I am being programmed to think this way sometimes. Nonetheless, there are things that I have noticed in children and family members which hint to the fact that we are our ancestors.

          It seems as if God has given us the ability to change things. Through thought it appears possible to change the past, present, and future. However, if our memories stay with us we could possibly be manifesting what we now see as MEs. The saying is nothing new but we realize that are thoughts can be made manifest and speaking on them makes it even stronger.

          MEs could just be indicating the shift in consciousness. Where one moves the rest follow.

    3. Seems like your overall point is that there is an additional hand at play which is puppeting iconic figures and taking advantage of weaknesses in order to infiltrate our world. Is this correct? (sounds familiar like what Hitler was saying in one of his speeches What some would call the synagogue of Satan.

      I think my major issue was being told something to bludgeon the image of someone while in my youth only to find that there was a deeper context later on. False lies we tell our children because we think the will not understand, or there is something guarding the full truth of our existence.

      1. I agree that some people do very evil things. I’m also certain that cabals exist and some have very self-serving motives. I’d like not to demonize the Mandela Effect or go far down conspiracy-related paths. However, it’s impossible not to reference these ideas as we explore explanations. Are we being told the full truth? I think archaeology has proved that we aren’t. It may be “hidden in plain sight,” but it’s not generally in our history books.

        I still believe that many — perhaps most — Mandela Effect experiences are related to quantum science and simply (or so it seems, to me) sliding between realities. I’m not sure how many of those slides occur in the waking state, and how many are in dreams (per Dr. Fred Wolf) that are so very real, they blur with our waking realities when we reflect back on them, months or years later.

  71. Possible Explanation for the Mandela Effect

    Definitions for this explanation:

    DENSITY – A millisecond of substance containing a moment of an event from infinite possibilities.
    I would also describe my definition as similar to string theory and aspects of what Nathan described above as universes.

    DIMENSION – A large portion of many Densities.

    SLIDE – To shift from one Density to the next adjacent Density.

    SLIP – To shift from one Density to any other Density (other than the adjacent Density) within that specific Dimension. This I would equate with someone who is sure you didn’t go see a movie with them and your sure you did or vice versa.

    JUMP – To shift from one Dimension to the next adjacent Dimension. What I believe some of us may be doing.

    STREAM – To shift through multiple Dimensions.

    SKIP – An immediate shift from point ‘A’ to what would tentatively (tentively?) be a final destination.

    SWITCH – The ability to shift back and forth through the Dimensions.

    TRIGGER – A trigger can be a personal event or a group event. Examples of possible triggers. CERN, Psychedelics, UFO Encounter, death, taking back your power, NDE, serious accident, shocking event, spiritual experience , thinking for yourself, having integrity, Blood moon, time travel, planetary alignment, certain year or specific point in time and I’m sure I missed many others.

    I propose from the moment we are conceived we Slide from Density to Density creating the illusion of motion and time. Normal life as we ‘knew’ it was essentially us Sliding within a Dimension. This is infinite as each adjacent Density splits off in many directions and each of those Densities split and so on. Keeping this in mind also picture the monitor in The Matrix. Each pixel would represent someone. Some move slow, Sliders. Some move fast, Jumpers. Some are bright, Physical. Some are dull, Other Realms. Some are small, some are big, some up front and some are in the back. They all have their function.

    What I would like to present to the group is that some sort of trigger started us Jumping, so now we are noticing larger anomalies. We are, relatively speaking, experiencing a rather peaceful transition. Think of those who are still just Slipping and Sliding. Will they be Streaming and Skipping to catch up with us? Imagine what their reactions are going to be. Remember when you had your first ME experience? It shakes some people up for sure, me included. Their experience would be quite different. For them the changes will not be gradual. Life will change for them in the blink of an eye and not subtlety and in explorative ways. Is this the message Stain meant by ‘watch out for the awakening in 2029’?

    Those who Switch would need sign posts or marker codes to navigate. Will we get to be a Switch at some point? That could be fun!

    As this explanation resonates best for me, I am sure if true, other forces are at work as well.

    Possible ways to speed up the experience and/or shift more frequently or have a more pleasant transition may be to eat healthy, exercise, meditate, no meat, no fluoride, no smoke, no alcohol, rest, integrity, love, etc …

    Possible ways of making the most of this incredible situation might be to enjoy your favorite movie all over again with a new outlook. Go to a concert to enjoy that dead rockstar. Eat a candy bar you never heard of. Listen to music from your favorite artist that you’ve never heard. Sit around and wait for the John Lennon come back tour. Watch the extinct buffalo roam. Make money off your friends. “Hey, I’ll bet you $50 bucks you can’t spell Berenstain.” <<< no don't do that, I'm just kidding and the joke could be on you anyway.

    I do have one other theory, that I hesitate to post as it really creeps me out ….

    It has occurred to me that we could have all died/passed on, and we are all in denial. Fiona as a ghost catcher, lures us to the site and presides over this construct of simulated earth to ease us into truth and guide us in the proper direction.

    That's just too creepy!

    1. Anthony, thank you for that comment. I especially appreciate how, at the start, you defined the terms you’re using.

      Your concepts are lovely, and I suspect you’re involved with some kind of art (writing, music, visual arts) as a profession or as a hobby. Your visions of what’s going on and what people can do with this… they’re wonderful, verging on the aesthetic in some cases.

      Of course, the last concept made me laugh, but — if it were serious — it would be absolutely chilling. (That said, I can assure you that the “go to the light” aspect of ghost hunting has never had much appeal to me. My focus there — as here — has always been, “Okay, something is going on, but what is it really…?“)

      Mostly, I’m very pleased with what you’ve presented as possibilities, and I really appreciate the time you took to create and post this comment.


      1. Anthony, I can’t possibly convey what Fiona just did any better, other than well said! I suspect a lot of people will think about your post today, so keep the ideas coming. That’s why we are here.

        And Fiona I agree with you, and always have in this aspect. “Something is going on, but WHAT is it”? I don’t rule anything out (or in) anymore. There are so many good theories on this site anymore, it’s like we need our own book of them. I REALLY like Anthony’s well thought out glossary. That might actually come in handy for reference. Of course if the meanings were all agreed upon. But it is a handy starting point. Mike H.

      2. Fiona, I have lost literally 1000’s of poems and short stories on line. I wrote a good portion of what i believed to be the accidental creation of physical reality. Losing that was tuff but the rest I usually just let it go. Computer would crash. I never backed anything up back then.
        I love music in most it’s forms. Play instruments etc…

        1. Anthony, thank you for your wonderful ideas! These also resonate with me as well. I would like to add to your comment on speeding up the experience or having a more pleasant transition…. it truly IS a matter of becoming a “better” person… in action and thought. Meaning, a higher vibrational being. Just as the earth’s frequency (vibratory hum) has increased in the last few years, and is still increasing, we are seeing more and more people “shift” to a higher vibration themselves. I believe this transition into a higher, less dense vibratory form allows us to experience more dimensions and “realities”, as many of us are now doing.

          My question then is, if this theory holds some truth, with the increase of frequency of the earth and many of it’s humans, what happens to those who remain in their lower frequency/density? Perhaps right now the bridge between higher and lower frequencies in people is short enough to allow us to experience a common reality. But then again, it hasn’t been so common lately.

          1. Hi Denise,
            I’ve thought about that often. What did I leave behind? Who did I leave behind and how are they? Some of those people here just don’t seem the same. Well, they’re not. They have grown too. Whether they’ve shifted or not, does not matter. This is about YOU! You can still interact with people. But one’s focus should be on oneself.

    2. Oh my goodness Anthony! Yes to most of this. And the last one regarding the ghost catcher is even more amusing. Never thought of Fiona as the ghost catcher for the slippers, slidders, and jumpers. Im done. If no one gets any more exposure other than what has already been proposed at this site they have had more than enough to think about.
      That is probably exactly what Mr. Stain was referring to as I find myself running into more people who are perplexed. I can only say but so much and then direct them here.

  72. Heres something that i discovered on my travels.. The phantom time hypothesis. The scarcity of archaeological evidence that can be reliably dated to the period AD 614–911, the perceived inadequacies of radiometric and dendrochronological methods of dating this period, and the over-reliance of medieval historians on written sources. The presence of Romanesque architecture in tenth-century Western Europe, suggesting the Roman era was not as long as conventionally thought.

    Since thinking about the mandela effect and people moving universes.. i am wondering this is completely out of the blue, but what if something happened, and we moved to this earth. If other universes have different time scales, could it be that we had to alter our history to fit in with this worlds age.. it may be just coincidence but would be interesting, could explain a few missing parts of history.. but just a thought..

    1. It seems that historians are plagued by a plethora of falsified documents from the Middle Ages, and such was the subject of an archaeological conference in München, Germany in 1986. In his lecture there, Horst Fuhrmann, president of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica, described how some documents forged by the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages were created hundreds of years before their “great moments” arrived, after which they were embraced by medieval society. This implied that whomever produced the forgeries must have very skillfully anticipated the future… or there was some discrepancy in calculating dates. this is one of the more interesting parts. Since we have time problems.. and people have memories of different and temporal changes.. like seeing a film years before it was created..

    2. Martin your comment “The phantom time hypothesis. The scarcity of archaeological evidence that can be reliably dated to the period AD 614–911, the perceived inadequacies of radiometric and dendrochronological methods of dating this period, and the over-reliance of medieval historians on written sources”
      made me think back to something I had said before regarding the Moorish invasion of 711. If you look up the word moor in a way it seems synonymous to taking over a vessel/ship; that being the body/consciousness. There are those who consider themselves to be Moors and some confusion about mixing them up with Berbers, but his may just be one of the many top layers of thought/history.

      I ran into a video that related to a biblical verse and seemed to help fit pieces together ( Deuteronomy 28:68
      And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.) Egypt meaning bondage

      The significance of number 711 is also of interest.

  73. In terms of the mechanics of how I think delving into the work of Joseph P. Farrell amongst others could hold some clues.

    Some speculation …

    Everything has information encoded in it – that information can be rewritten with technology. Knowledge of that technology has been around forever, yet largely hidden for thousands of years. It’s workings can be understood by studying myth, mathematics and ancient structures.

    Application of the technology involves an interaction with consciousness in some way.

    Cern, HAARP and so on play a lesser role than we suspect, perhaps they have a role but it is just a small segment of the larger machine. I suspect the layout of the world’s cities play just as large a role, along with installations we have scant knowledge of such as an enormous antennae under Pine Gap.

    This machine is being tested and we are documenting the results on this website. The results have some clues on how the machine works – think City, Vampires, Death, Was/Is, Magic/Mirror. It could likely be a weapon.

    It is also interesting that ones essence is considered in a mechanistic world view to consist solely of ones memory – eg. transhumanism and ‘uploading’, which of course is far from the reality of being human. (Are those with unreliable memory to be considered to be portrayed unreliable humans ??)

    This schism between memory and reality appears to point to an attack (or a drain) on our, for want of a better word, souls.

  74. While I was initially leaning towards quantum immortality as being the cause, I have been noticing that after I have a night of powerful and memorable dreams I experience Mandela effects and other glitches in reality more often. I wonder if our dream state can cause our consciousness to slide between realities in a similar way as quantum immortality? And if so, could lucid dreaming allow some measure of control over the reality we wake up to? After all, no one really knows where we go when we die or when we’re dreaming…

    1. Trev, The dream state itself is quite satisfying,unless it’s a nightmare.We need to control our dreams and get inspirational ideas to make waking hours as glorius as dreaming …..(time has different charecteristics in dream state).

  75. Upon my travels. someone mentioned that deja vu was you part merging with another version of you. but for some reason it never got completed..just that fraction of time when you were a doubled self..

    1. Martin, That statement is very profound. It makes the most sense of all the reasons I have ever heard for deja vu. Really excellent theory. Mike H.

      1. I read it as deja vu is a merging or realities that never really completed, that somehow it went wrong and the change wasn’t permanent.

  76. Hi Fiona,

    I don’t necessarily believe this but I’m going to throw it out there anyway as someone out there may resinate with this scenario.

    Just a thought. For over ten years now I have been hearing and reading about people on the internet who claimed that on this date and that date there would be some kind of Doomsday event in which most of us would perish. A few of these people were self-proclaimed prophets who could see the future and some have been people who claimed that they were ‘in the know’ for example ex CIA or ex this or that. On a few of these occasions when we passed that date and obviously nothing occurred a few of these somewhat embarrassed would be prophet have claimed that they were not incorrect at all but it happened on a different timeline. It has been the ultimate ‘get of jail card’ for a few of these would be prophets.

    But what if there is some truth to this? What if many of us managed to escape that particular reality before this predicted catastrophe or doomsday event and enter into another reality? A reality where this event has not happened or happened yet.

    1. Jason, you’ll find various comments relating to this, elsewhere on this site. It’s a great theory, and certainly a strong foundation for a sci-fi series, though I expect this theme has been used several times.

  77. I’ve been thinking about what all of us who experience (or notice) this phenomenon might have in common. I’m wondering how many people here have had somewhat difficult lives, experiencing loss and/or trauma. I theorize that perhaps the psyche or souls of people who have experienced deep emotional trauma could be more flexible…or permeable. I’ve noticed a theme of empaths posting here. Perhaps that allows us to “tune in” to other realities, or notice changes in our own that the population isn’t meant to notice, and most don’t. In fact, I’ve noticed that people (in my life) like my husband who have experienced almost no loss or trauma (a relatively easy life) are ones who question nothing. I, on the other hand question everything.

    Thinking in this same vein I would like to propose a question: when a loved one dies, and we experience the kind of profound sadness that is accompanied by a physical ache- Could that kind of intense longing and focus actually have an effect on our reality, or another reality, sort of as a manifestation of a signal? For example, maybe in another reality my sister never died, and alternate me and alternate her are spending time together. If I am having a difficult day locally, thinking about my sister and missing her horribly, maybe I’m somehow “tapping in” to the alternate me in that is in a reality where my sister is alive- and catching glimpses from over there, which I then experience as alternate memories.

    Looking at this from a slightly different, more sinister angle but sticking with the theme of difficult lives, sometimes I feel like the universe is working against me. I am not delusional to believe I’m important enough to merit the universe or TPTB actually conspiring against me, but what if this ability to perceive changes/shifts was an inborn quality, and one that could be regarded as a threat to the order of society/nature. If the changes aren’t meant to be noticed, we’re like free radicals out there threatening to destroy reality as we know it.

    In my life it seems like there has been tragedy at every turn. I lost my dad as a child, and two siblings in my twenties, and many more distant relatives have passed away throughout that time. I’ve experienced serious illness, surgeries, poverty, abuse, paranormal things, and I could go on. Maybe if my mind wasn’t so distracted by all this I’d be able to solve mysteries of the universe, lol. I’m kidding of course, but curious if loss could be one thing we have in common.

  78. OK. This sounds weird, but Daniel 7:25 of the Bible reads…
    And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

    This is that whole beast rising out up the bottomless pit motif.

    Now, Steven Hawking has come out and stated that information does not dissapear forever into a black hole. The information can be reflected back as gravitational information.

    Now, gravimetric information bends SpaceTime.

    Now what if that Bible verse is an algorythm for the effect of an unstable yet organized gravity wave?

    A jailbreak, as it were, overwriting reality? War in Heaven indeed.
    And the solution to the grandfather paradox being a human female incorporating gravimetric information as parthogenesis.

    Of course, that could suggest that what is called myth is just popular science.

    1. Neal
      Regarding Stephen Hawking and his statement that things do not disappear forever, there was a poster here who mentioned that they equated what we are seeing to the world being a computer-like program. This analogy looks very similar to ” gravimetrics” presented here. (Will try to find post)

      Also, as far as parthenogenesis, I have been exposed to the idea of there being multiple Adam and Eves in the beginning. Also, prior to the split of “atom” (Adam) there may have been that capability to reproduce without sex. Sort of like saying that the “original” man had qualities of both male and female or XX, but when the rib was removed and clone-like partner/or opposite was made we were given XX and now XY. Not to be sexist but, I am viewing the XX to have greater abilities, such as intuition, than XY and yet it may still be possible for XX to recreate without XY because it bears the womb. Both, however, have the ability of increasing the recessive horomones, such as estrogen(XX) and testosterone (XY), to begin to mirror the other.

      Something that I found interesting to support idea of XX actually being the more dominant is how “indigenous” people, “natives “, and others are headed by women. It is Jewish understanding that the mother is the predominant factor to determine whether the child is Jewish. If the father is a Jew but the mother is not then the child is not either. But if the mother is a Jew and the father is not the child is still a Jew. There is a matriarchal line , like many other cultures. America, as well as other countries, have been more focused on a patrilineal line and men having dominion.

      I think this is a big clue into some of the things going on. Very simply, the body language of brother and sister bear changed in the Berenstein/Berenstain books because the XX of this “dimension” will be the dominant. Before it was sister bear looking very innocent and passive while brother bear had his arms folded in a pouty/bossy manner. Now it is sister bear with arms folded and brother bear with a passive smile. We all know that the squeaky wheel gets the oil and passiveness can lead to being passed by/run over.

    2. Oh yeah, I meant to add that I am familiar with that verse as well and researched a bit into it. There are plenty more verses to explain our current situation. It reiterates the idea that the Bible is NOW. Like some would say, it is living.

  79. Theory

    I’m the only one here and everything is dissolving around me at a slow rate until there is nothing left but me, me, me.
    Solipsism with a touch of narcissism.

  80. I find the theory that we are all dead actually intriguing. What if our minds created this reality we are in right before the moment we all died. Time is relative, so in order for consciousness not to perish, our minds create an infinite amount of time for us to continue to exist in this parallel reality. We are forever frozen in time in the instant right before our death.

    That theory would explain many inconsistencies. Our memories are far from perfect, and the anomalies of history and our reality are much like a dream state interpretation of our waking reality.

      1. If one reads enough of Chase and Charteris,one finds the fear of death or mortality is the least of thoughts.Living in penury,growing old and senile or simply dying without having experienced sufficient amount of enjoyment is more pertinent.And it’s not only these thrill authors that have propounded such thoughts,many celebrities that include a majority of Irish persons have actually managed to live out such a life.Jack london,JFK,Lennon,Aimee Semple,Birdy Edwards(fictional) to name a few that dared to live, on the face of grim death.

    1. There are some who believe that we are time travelers, as in visiting this timeline from the future. And that could explain the ME effect in part. I believe in this theory, but more than anything it seems to me that we experience reality on an individual basis, as if we are each a universe in ourselves, so that would leave room for many discrepancies. Thank you for this website and to all who contribute, it is very thought provoking!

      As for the ‘we are already dead’ notion. Some of us have literally died, in terms of medical observation, yet are still around to experience ‘this’ shared reality? And it feels totally ‘real’! FWIW

  81. The parallel universes theory (“many worlds interpretation”) was developed to deny the effect of human consciousness on quantum processes/behaviors. The idea was that instead of accepting that our observation of the world influences it, it would be more ‘rational’ to say that everything that could possibly happen does happen, but each happening occurs in a different universe, automatically created every time an observation is made, so we only experience one outcome. I believe there’s sufficient evidence from more recent research to discount this denial of the interaction between mind and matter.
    But where does that leave us in terms of the ME?
    If we exist in the one reality and we witness changes to this reality, then something is causing the changes. Either intentionally, in which case we should consider asking ourselves what patterns or effects the changes have, in order to find out if we can suss out their purpose, or the changes we’re noticing are a side-effect of some other process (data-migration to a new server, as one example of a scenario for which one could argue), in which case we might still be able to contemplate what the process might be that has such effects.
    I’ve mentioned the idea of reality testing (probability values) before but I still haven’t made much headway with that. (Any statisticians/mathematicians/experimental-psych-graduate-students care to help me with this?)

    I’m wondering if anyone has other ideas for how we might get more information about what’s happening? Any remote viewers out there who can think of a set-up for RV that might provide some context? Any physicists or computer scientists with knowledge of error-correcting codes and the like, that might be able to suggest new approaches to this? Any creative-thinkers/sci-fi writers who have new possible scenarios to suggest that might account for what we’re experiencing?

    I’m not saying I’m 100% against the idea of parallel worlds existing, I’m just not wanting to get stuck on that, missing an opportunity to gain more information about what might be the true nature of our existence.

    1. Vignette, I agree. I’m very interested in other explanations, and RV might be another way to look into this topic. I’m not sure how, but RV is so very odd anyway, why not ask if people can “see” into a parallel reality? Of course, we can’t work with coordinates to set it up… can we? This gets very confusing, quickly, but it’s such an intriguing idea, I’ll be fascinated to see if others have suggestions.

      (Also, I’m moving this to the Possible Explanations thread, as I think that’s more appropriate.)

    2. Hi, Vignette,

      Your thought about autocorrecting codes got me thinking about Shannon, Leech, and information density. I have an idea or two, but they’re not terribly promising:

      If there is an underlying self-correcting code to the universe, then one might detect its presence in mathematical descriptions of field interactions [1]. Such a presence might present itself in a non-obvious setting — the 17th century Wallis formula for pi presents itself within the orbitals of hydrogen [2]. A self correcting code begs the question of how much error falls within the autocorrecting capability, before defaulting to an error; this is known as the Hamming distance [3].

      Treating variable properties as dimensions of freedom (not necessarily physical dimensions of motion) categorizes an item uniquely, and with further identifying variables identifies a specific item uniquely (rather like an address identifies a building generally by country, and increasingly specifically through increasingly local areas, until you’ve reached the exact house and number [or apartment thereof]). Although an address can be misprinted, a redundancy of multiple instances of that address permit one to check each instance against the rest, and conclude that a given aberrant address is less likely to be correct than the majority of instances in agreement with one another. This is meant to display an analogy of coding self-correction.

      Any given degree of redundancy increases the likelihood of accuracy, but also the amount of information packed into each item being verified, whether it’s a house address, computer code, or otherwise. Claude Shannon showed [4] that error rates can be caused to become vanishingly (non-zero) small.

      As the number of dimensions of freedom involved increases (perhaps awkwardly), the density of nearest neighbors increases [5] [6] [7] [8] [9].

      Harmonic resonances essentially self-reinforce (as with hitting the acoustic root tone in a tiled room), much like a self-correcting code. Such self-correcting code could arguably be evidenced by quantum energy levels, though that would be only an interpretation, rather than proof. If particles were observed that didn’t have properties appropriate for them, then it might be consistent with an overlapping of such self-correcting codes’ domains [10] [11], but proving that it wasn’t consistent with a more detailed understanding of only a single universe might be impossible. (Mind you, it _definitely_ makes me think about holodecks…)

      …. (Hamming code conjectured to be within SuSy)

      …. (Wallis formula for pi, within l orbitals of hydrogen)

      …. (margin of autocorrection before error slips through)

      …. (finite, though arbitrarily small, error rates)

      …. (d24 Leech lattice, d48 packing)

      …. (a quick overview of packing n-dimensional spheres)

      …. (greater detail of hypersphere packing [6])

      …. (a less-technical [and generally more-informative] description of kissing numbers than [6] or [7])

      …. (specific data on kissing numbers for d1-d40, and 7 nonconsecutive higher dimensions)

      …. (frequency overlap differences: beats, roughness, Tartini tone [subtractive difference])

      …. (difference tone)

      1. Addendum: due to the combinatorial nature of quarks [1], one glaring possibility would be an observation of an electrically doubly negative [triquark] baryon (and/or doubly positive [triantiquark] antibaryon) [2] [3]. By extension, I suppose that a non-exotic [q-q_bar, presumably] meson [4] [5] possessing other than 0 or abs.val. |1| electrical charge would suit, as well. In either case, such an object would normally necessitate a radical restructuring of quark theory, but could be consistent with it being alien to our universe.

        Note 1: I recognize that Wikipedia isn’t typically considered a reliable source of academic information, but I can vouch for the material currently present on the reference pages below, so I’ve simply stuck to Wiki for convenience in this instance. For in depth and comprehensive details, I’d suggest the Particle Data Group [6].






        … (Particle Data Group)

  82. Hi Fiona! I just read a post by F.J. asking about commonalities among ME-ers, or maybe among Berentstein-ers (as that seems to be the most popular ‘event’). I’m wondering if you could do a poll about sleeping habits/insomnia.
    Because I wonder whether the ME is related to a simulated reality, or whether it has to do with manipulation of our memories, I’m wondering if, in either case, overwriting/changes are made when we sleep. If we’re not sleeping when everyone else is, or if our sleep is different, is our susceptibility to the ‘reprogramming’ different, resulting in our memories not matching the new reality?
    If we could compare the ratio of Berensteiners with insomnia/regular-slee-disturbances to the general population, we could at least see if this idea can be discounted, or if there is some correlation.

    I saw your poll question about tinnitus. I don’t have tinnitus, but I do have Fibromyalgia. I read a post here recently about muscle pains and empaths. Fibromyalgia is the diagnosis given when you have a host of symptoms, including chronic pain, but the doctor can’t find what’s causing the problem and all your blood tests come back ‘normal’. 🙂
    Maybe we could look at rates of chronic-pain illnesses among ME-ers in comparison to the general population?

    The more we can find out about who experiences the ME, the more information we have to figure out how to investigate what might be happening.
    I don’t like the over-reliance on ‘parallel universes’ as an explanation. It keeps us in a powerless, passive state, believing we’re just at the mercy of random fluctuations that shift us about within a multiverse.
    Also, to me, there’s something odd about the number of changes related to language and names.
    We’re not seeing people say they remember all sheep or swans used to be black and now they’re mostly white, or other such differences (evolutionary differences that would require only the slightest difference in environment over a small time-period to bring about a drastic observable change).

    Those are my 2am thoughts for you. 🙂 Thank you for reading.

    1. As a fellow insomniac I would also be interested in seeing a poll question regarding sleep disturbances (insomnia, sleepwalking, narcolepsy, sleep paralysis, sleep apnea, etc). My sleep study results showed that I don’t really go into deep restorative sleep. The idea that without that sleep we’re missing the “updating” is both kind of scary and kind of cool.
      I Also wanted to add that I was a lucid dreamer as a child, up until I told sn adult that I could control my dreams and they said it wasn’t possible, then I lost the ability (makes me think of a glitch being corrected).

  83. Mandela Effect: Part theory; part life experience in general.

    I have noticed several persons try to brush off ME as a result of confusion from television movies. This one fact would never apply to most of my life. My rearing does not include TV. Aside from random Saturday morning cartoons or documentaries on PBS. Then came Pong, Atari, Nintendo, etc. and the bonding times between myself and my parental unit. I mostly had books, and a phonograph/8-track/cassette/radio. I was attracted to the atypical fantasy, science, math lifestyle.

    Part of my theory is this is older than some people may realize. We have time periods of being “awake” and “asleep”. During the periods of “asleep” we are simply one of the other sheeple, living day to day, “work, eat, sleep”. This either being a result of triggers or lack thereof, that in and of itself could show a pattern of timelines being more like a synchronization of phases. Similar to the theory of electricity. Furthermore, the phases here have a commonality to time/space/energy – any time something is out of phase it is corrected; otherwise, there is damaging effects. This thought process completely invalidates inifinte possibilities as the energy flow itself would need to have equal and opposite finite defined paths of energy. One could picture a semblance of a vision similar to the DNA helix of multiple strands moving in a rhythm around a central axis. From an “oncoming” view this could simply resemble a vortex.

    This could possibly help in the average paranormal phenomenon – residual energy overlay from an alternate time/space at intersecting points of phases. The Bermuda triangle could simply be a connection point to a polar opposite existence. Plus this could follow the generic ruling of our universe – nearly everything is circular.

    Just my 2 cents.

  84. I have been noticing some good book, movie, tv, and music references that directly relate to ME or are relevant in some way. Maybe you could start a page where we can collect, share, and discuss these?

    I am someone who tends to notice patterns like this in art, and I also use art, movies and music especially, for coping, so a page like this for me would be both useful and enjoyable.

    Maybe some of these artists have experienced the same things we have. I don’t know if they are using art to cope, or maybe art is a way to communicate certain things without getting into trouble. Maybe the artist is just channeling something, or we are gathering our own meaning from our personal, subjective experience of it. Whatever it is, though, it is useful all the same.

    I recently found another one I wanted to share. Foo Fighters’ “Echoes Silence Patience and Grace”, the entire album, is worth a listen or three. And at least two songs in particular, The Pretender, and Erase Replace.

    I feel like I was led to find it, by the universe or whatever. I was at a Foo Fighters show. I am very familiar with their older albums, but knew almost nothing of this one. I was kind of zoning out on this one song I didn’t really know, and I got two gentle pats on the arm from a stranger who was just passing through the crowd, causing me to pay attention. The lyrics being repeated at that moment were “who are you?” I went home and looked up the song and album. I definitely needed to listen to it at this point in my life. I think others here might appreciate it too.

    1. Well Anne, i did suggest up that some authors could access other worlds, some of the books feel so real as to be unreal that its just fiction, and Mike H i believe said other artists could have access.. and i am quite sure its possible. Where does the creative mind get the ideas from.. yes a lot could be imagination but how do you say this is imagination and this is not.. Am sure like most of us you question your own mind, and ask it is it my imagination.. or is it real.. So I say its possible that artists in all media some can connect to a another reality.

      1. Interesting, Martin. I wonder how many people in these conversations consider themselves artists, or feel a strong connection to the arts. From earliest childhood, I was a writer and a visual artist.

      2. Oh I definitely think it’s possible. I do consider myself an artist, but I can only speak from my own artistic process. I couldn’t speak to any other’s process or what realms of inspiration they draw from.

        I just don’t like to get too caught up in the language or define it too much. When I say “just channeling something” I did not mean to minimize what is going on. I think every artist is a conduit and is channeling something into their work. Whether you call that source God, creator, universe, yourself, I don’t think it matters. I think it is all the same.

  85. I have been wondering 3 am thought again.. was thinking about the Hum.. If you dont know about it at certain places around the world theres a small percentage of people who hear a hum ” Hum is what is perceived as a persistent low-frequency sound, often described as being comparable to that of a distant diesel engine idling, or to some similar low-pitched sound for which obvious sources” I am wondering if these arent Portal hums.. semi permanent holes.. if you look at, the most interesting things i saw is that New zealand is covered..could it be a coincidence… of course as with anything dealing with us Pesky humans LOL.. there could be misreporting, errors, but so many people and in places i feel have a connection and since a lot of us on here have heard a whistle hum.. thought it was interesting and the ratio of 2% of people in the areas can hear it.. one of the other curious things is the age “People who can hear the Hum are very often in their 40s or older.” which i feel is a close match to the mandela age ranges. Would be interesting to see if someone who have experienced a mandela effect can hear the hum as well..

    1. I have seen that site before and the reportings are mostly of low humming sounds. I heard a low hum sound like a truck in the middle of the night before but it went away within minutes. However, the E note (using a violin) I hear is constant.

      (Color frequency E note => dark indigo to violet, high energy, nearer to invisible spectrum…?)
      Female voice equivalent range of violin. Male voice substantially lower.

      1. Holy cow…. that’s MY vibration too. Last night I was on the reddit and Fiona had brought this up but the two Hz tones she used didn’t match my pitch…. the violin e matches perfectly to mind. How weird.

        1. ayla, the mention of “Fiona” concerned me because I’m definitely _not_ at Reddit and haven’t commented on Hz tones. So, it might be helpful if you can link to the Reddit post or add whatever surname the other Fiona is using. (“Fiona” isn’t an unusual given name. I’m sure there are many of us. I just don’t want readers at this site to think I’d said anything at the Reddit group. I haven’t.)

  86. I heard the first whistle hum for ages last night at 1.29 am in the UK it lasted about a minute but it was faint not as sharp a sound,

    1. Interesting. I was woken up by one at about 10.30 am Eastern time (US) which would be 3.30 am in the UK. It’s still with me, so — as soon as I finish moderating comments — I’ll be looking up acupressure points to see if I can (finally) get it to stop, and focus on my work.

  87. Possible explanation for multiple memories:

    We all live and reincarnate from year X, say 5000 BC.
    When we reach a specific year Y, say 2012 AD, souls either evolve through 2012 and beyond or start over at 5000 BC.

    What we could be experiencing is the effect and cause of those going through time again from 5000 BC to 2012 AD.

    Brain Freeze!

  88. Possibly when CEFN was activated to find Haggs boson aka god particle, it resulted in either…

    1. Destruction of the universe as predicted by Stephen Hawking that somehow people got ‘rescued’ by divine intervention perhaps to a parallel universe.


    2. Convergence of parallel universes into one another drawing people from different realities into this new reality or others.

    Either way, a rift in the fabric of time and space may have been created that caused a reality shift that got corrected by switching between parallel universes. Same shit but different history.

  89. So I’ve been thinking a lot about possible causes for ME lately. I am definitely (definAtely? lol) an empath and have had psychic experiences my whole life. But one of the most striking things was a dream I had recently that–I confess–could have come from browsing this site for hours. But my dream was that in this reality I was considered dead, but I was right there. At first I thought I was a ghost but then realized I had just shifted out of this reality and needed to be brought back into it. I was trying so hard to contact people from my reality and realized I had to do it like one’s typical ghost movie (moving objects, typing things into a computer, etc). When I was on the computer I found other people making posts on this site that only I could see (my new reality, I suppose) who were having the same experiences. Eventually I got through, and my family here considered me a ghost, but I was trying to tell them I was just in another reality. It was such a vivid dream. And then reading this thread I saw almost the same theory presented about who “ghosts” really are. Not gonna lie, that gave me chills.

    I know this is more of a personal experience than anything, but I definitely think there could possibly be some credence to the “ghost” theory or to people who could potentially be crossing or are maybe able to be aware of other realities/have differing memories of other realities without actually being in those realities.

    The time marker theories are interesting too. I wonder if there’s some kind of pattern. ME does seem to be focused on minor changes in entertainment/logos, celebrity deaths or other major news events repeating/happening in different years, or different spellings/meanings of words. I wonder if that is intentional and, if the time traveler/dimension crosser theories are accurate, things are so heavily concentrated in these areas of life so those people know where to look.

    I wonder if we’ll ever really know for sure.

    1. Alex S,
      Very interesting theory and post. I don’t discount anything ( and question everything) anymore. I have seen too many unexplainable’s in my life.

      Your last paragraph is exactly what I was posting about in the Red/Blue thread, you make some excellent points! Very well put. Like who or whatever wants us to notice. Mike H.

  90. Something i have noticed over the last few weeks/days is that people are putting the mandela effect into the conspiracy theory category. Now i have a problem with that. Whenever someone says conspiracy they think wild tin foil hat wearing people, and people tend to dismiss it. But to my mind its not like that.

    I wonder if a few people are creating the impression we are all nuts, when the majority of us are clever people, and skilled in our fields, not to mention our backgrounds. I wonder if some people who do think it is are in a denial phase, and they are trying to find a reason that says they are wrong, so my “false” memories must be wrong too. rather than think of the implications. Whether this is a personal dismissal, or something more i dont know.. Even some of the so called “proofs” that we are wrong are based on false assumptions… ALL i know is something strange is going on, my own pet theory is different to some, doesnt mean i am right, but from what i know and experienced its the best fit.

    Somedays i wish i was wrong about the mandela effect universe, to go back to a “sane” world. but I know something is different and strange. It does seem that more people are getting the idea that something is weird, I am not dismissing their theories because i have no real evidence that they are wrong or right. i see questions, and flaws in their ideas but that could just me being too picky. I try to keep an open mind.

    another 3 am thought i guess

    1. Martin, it’s a very good thought, in my opinion. I’m glad you raised this issue. I’ve noticed the same trend, and haven’t decided what to do about it.

      On one hand, if a comment includes good and valid insights, I want to approve it and leave the conspiracy portions out. Lately, they’ve been impossible to separate, so I’m deciding between deleting those kinds of comments and approving them, as-is.

      On the other, I’m looking at the Diffusion of Innovation curve. I’m wondering if we’re at the point where this topic is attracting a few people who are using as a place to both feel as if they’re part of the cool crowd and to get their daily adrenaline spike by leaping into conspiracy topics.

      The John D comment was a red flag, at least partly due to his (or her) use of language. It reads like papers by people involved in the American military and government.

      That gives me three possibilities:

      1. He’s an insider/whistleblower telling us something important and true.
      2. He’s an insider (or a prankster) telling us what he thinks we want to hear, while mixing in enough ridiculous points to use as “look at what these gullible people will believe” material.
      3. He’s good at mimicking speech patterns and vocabulary used by government workers, and has his own reasons for posting what he did.

      I want to believe he (and others) are sincere. However, I’m leaning towards point 2, because some of his data seems particularly odd and, in my context, sometimes illogical.

      I let the comment through because I could be wrong.

      However, now that I know I’m not the only one uneasy about the gradual (but clearly increasing) trend towards conspiracy contexts, I may stop approving those comments.

      It’s not that I’m dismissing their ideas, but other websites excel at those kinds of discussions. I don’t want to become a “me, too” website. It needs to remain credible enough to provide support to those with alternate memories… without making them feel even more as if they’re a bit mad.

      Thanks again, Martin. I appreciate you taking the time to post this comment.

      1. Martin, first off excellent post! I agree 100% with what you said. I hope people will read this post, it’s important in a “where do we go from here” standpoint. I catch myself every now and then trying to “tie everything together” as far as theories around the ME. So far , no luck. Anyway if you were here I would give you a standing ovation. Great post.

        Fiona, well said——–and as usual the “best moderator” I have seen, anywhere. Really. As for the other topic , you know where I stand. I have an open mind, but sometimes , it’s just too good to be true. Time will tell. Mike H.

        1. Some of the posts are great, some bring different views, while i may not agree to some interpretations, it is interesting to me to see the path people get to the place. I try to avoid making arguments because dealing with peoples beliefs is tricky and dangerous.

          As i said i always have questions even with the official ideas, if we dont question everything then we know nothing but what we have been told. We all know that there is misinformation accidentally spread and Disinformation maliciously spread.. Its a hard to find which it is. To me the path from something odd is happening, whether it is mass memory failings (very unlikely in my opinion but always a possibility), to a deliberate change (unlikely but not impossible). If we can find a reason on HOW it could happen we could be a step closer to finding the truth.. Some of the ideas i have been reading about they are interesting and have a few good points but i find some other points to be slightly absurd but i am not dismissing them, I Still have to question everything. its my nature. I have no absolute proof they are wrong, or right.

          Whats the answer, I havent a clue, we can only be logical and gentle speaking to others, and maybe showing them something is happening, rather than getting angry and frustrated.. I get that way i want to grab some of these people and shake them til they see things are happening.. but that would do a injustice to the people here and fiona in particular. They would be tarred by my anger and anything else said will be more likely to be dismissed. Too many questions not enough answers, We need to show that we arent tin hat wearing people, that we have logical, valid points to just show something weird is happening.. unfortunately the word “conspiracy” tends to automatically put people into that mind set.

          jsut a few of my thoughts

      2. Fiona, There’s a memorable story,The Pearls of Peace,again by the charming,Charteris.Mrs. Jocelyn Ormond former wife of Ned Yarn,speaks out her mind with such vicious and lecherous manner that the text is a classic composition, worthy of a most original author.The text rings eerily like the pranksters that are out to make fun of ME,just for the heck of it.

      3. You are right to delete those comments. In surfing many forums, you will see that there are many clever folks who get paid to derail topics, or an entire site. This happens when the community is “on to something” or is generally against the norm.

      4. It is difficult. Truth (and now it appears reality) is actively muddied by vested interests, yet this itself is a conspiracy. Discernment is the most important skill to develop at this point in time.

        To discount ‘conspiracy theory’ as a whole does tend to block off many avenues of inquiry. For example, if it is a technology (and by that I don’t necessarily mean a machine) that is bringing about this phenomenon merely scratching the surface of this avenue of inquiry gets one into the conspiracy realm.

        Breakaway civilisations, black budgets, ancient megalithic cultures, occult practicing bankers, UFO’s and all sorts of areas can come into play if one explores the possible technological underpinnings of this phenomenon. There will of course be dead ends and red herrings but at this stage no idea is too wild to be dismissed before examination. Discernment is critical and I for one am glad Fiona has a good nose for government types and a good grasp of writing styles.

  91. I’ve recently found this site and wanted to add my “theory” to the mix. First, though, I’d like to compliment everyone here, especially Fiona, on maintaining such a HEALTHY community! Many times groups such as this can fall prey to conflict and burn themselves down. My hat is off to everyone here.

    Now, for my theory. There is a unifying theory called “M” theory or Membrane theory. The basics of this theory are the that our reality is “stretched” flat and due to that stretching and flattening it vibrates, like a drum head. Also, in order to maintain the constance of information, the multiple universe theory places these flat universes beside one another like the pages in a book. With this model its fairly easy to imagine how neighboring universes that are vibrating could, on occasion, collide and “blend” momentarily. I’m speculating that these collisions could cause this “blending” of information as well and, therefor, cause these memory anomalies.

    Thanks again everyone, and I hope to have the opportunity to chat with all of you!

  92. Several comments have been made here regarding Bashar. After learning about him, I thought I would share some of his ideas that are relevant to this discussion.
    There is no time. Everything is happening all at once.
    There are an infinite number of parallel realities, and we are constantly switching from parallel reality to parallel reality. Each parallel reality consists of only a moment, and it is the movement from one parallel reality to another that creates the illusion of time. Most of the time, each parallel reality is so similar to the previous one that we don’t even notice the difference. It is easier to have a sense of continuity, but we do have the ability to move to a reality much different than the one we are experiencing now. (Learning how to guide our path through our lives deliberately and purposefully is the challenge – for me anyway!)
    We are living in a shared reality with others, but each of us is experiencing our own reality – it is not the same reality for everyone.
    I don’t know anything for sure, but I thought these ideas were fascinating!

    1. I forgot to mention an important idea. He also says that when we die in our reality, we are given the choice to continue our live in a parallel reality as if we had never died, but simply had a “close call”. This brings to mind for me not only the near misses that I have had (a near drowning, a tree falling directly in front of me, a narrowly escaped car crash, etc) but also all of the “dead” celebrities. We have simply switched from a reality in which they died into one in which they got a second chance at life. I love the idea of us getting another chance, or two or three or more, perhaps to make a better choice this time.
      Personally, I have felt certain turning points in my life, making one decision or another, and I wonder if this is when we switch realities, when we make the choice to act or think differently. I like the idea that if I mess things up I can get a second chance, but it’s also got me thinking about the choices I am making now. I’m thinking about the movie “Family Man”, and how a glimpse into another reality gave him the impetus to make changes in this reality.

      1. Jasmine, You’re explaining NDE with a ME perspective,I have expressed this idea several times in this site with an additional twist that the alternate worlds might have lower rate of entropy to enable the worthy, their full due.

      2. Jasmine – you’ve tied a lot of bows for me. I’ve been having these same ideas, especially the one about death. I’ve entertained the idea but blew it off, now with you explaining Bashar teachings, I’m kinda really intrigued. These are very similar to ideas I’ve had or learned in the past …
        Making major changes in ones life could be where these jumps occur….death works there but I think the suicide thing is a conspirator trap possibly to stay in the densest 3D reality … you don’t want that as i feel it would be like wanting to be in jail. Accidental death, close calls … as much as I dont like these ideas they are resonating positively with me in that it makes some sense and it gives answers to glitches, changes in people, and differences all together.

        1. I agree with a lot of this, though I don’t know anything about Bashar. Looking back, I have had a lot of “close calls”. I’ve also had a couple of fast and major life changes, based on a single decision and big leap of faith. I am starting to think that suicide won’t get a person out of anything (fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective.)

  93. Here are some of my theories (many I see discussed already — great minds think alike). Of these, I personally lean toward the death, intention manifestation or reentry theories, due to personal experiences.

    Prime Consciousness
    Assumptions: The multiverse consists of near infinite timelines. Each additional timeline splits off of timeline 1 (the timeline shooting straight out of the first moment in time) every time there is more than a single possible choice or outcome. You can imagine how massive this mess of timelines would be after just a single moment. Each individual exists in as many timelines as their existence is possible at once. While all iterations of an individual appear to be conscious, only one is inhabited by his/her “prime” consciousness.
    If upon death the body in question houses the “prime” consciousness, this consciousness will slip into the nearest timeline in which the individual is still living. The individual will likely be unaware of the move, as it will be instantaneous, and will go about their life unaware that in a few possible realities away he/she was just killed by, say, that red car that nearly blew through a stop light, but managed to notice and break just in time. Anything else that was different in the losing timeline will quickly be blurred in memory as new history and information presses in. The entire shift is likely to go unnoticed, unless there is a very large, or marked difference in the new reality.
    -Intention Manifestation
    Assume that intention manifestation does indeed work, but not in the way we think. We do not in fact bend reality to our will in any fashion, but instead shift timelines at will until our “prime” consciousness resides in a timeline similar to our desired outcome. We must assume that similar timelines are grouped closer to each other, as they branched from a common thread. This would explain why it is difficult to affect any huge change through intention manifestation, such as regrowing a limb, as both a reality in which technology is advanced to this point and a reality in which a limb was never lost are much further from the current timeline.
    Perhaps consciousness shifts are completely natural, or completely random, but go largely unnoticed. On that note, any theory like this would really not be necessary until now, as not too long ago humans did not possess such elaborate social networks, and could not exchange information so quickly and with such a large audience. The likelihood of stumbling upon someone with similar experiences without the help of a search tool or a forum would be very small. Even should it have happened, it would likely be brushed aside as coincidence and false memory. Without the flow of information that we have from radio, television and the internet, people would also have a much smaller world-view, and world-changing events would not be as visible to everyone at once, leading to significantly fewer conflicts of memory.

    Collective Consciousness
    Assumptions: Reality is the same as in Prime Consciousness, but no single consciousness is any different from the next.
    As each individual dies, his/her consciousness is assimilated into the consciousness of the same individual on the nearest timeline in which he/she is still alive. Memories would likely match to a large degree, but there would be minute differences that could go unnoticed.

    Timeline Collapse
    Timelines naturally or randomly collapse back into the nearest timeline, taking on the characteristics of the remaining reality. Some individuals do not assimilate properly, and have remnants of the collapsed reality appear in memory.
    The end of a timeline is caused by some catastrophe of universal proportions. The timeline ends abruptly and melds back into the nearest surviving reality. The unnatural conditions of this theory leave some people confused with mixed memories.

    Butterfly Effect
    -Time Travel
    Multiple timelines are irrelevant to this theory. Assume that time travel has recently been realized (known to the public or not), and through irresponsible travel someone has managed to change the course of history. The change would be instantaneous in the present, and would seem as though it were always that way to most. We must also assume that human memory is not completely stored in the body. Some may retain the memory of how it once was until it fades. There would of course be no physical evidence that anything was ever different. How one would go about changing something as fundamental as plate tectonics, however, is beyond me…

    Pushing Thoughts
    -Thought Control
    It has been theorized lately that some agencies have developed technology that is able to push thoughts into people’s minds without them knowing. If this technology is able to engrain false memories, as well as influence present thought, those of us with false memories may just be the unwilling victims of thought control experiments.

    Those of us who have left our bodies at any point, be it OBE, Astral Projection, or maybe even Lucid Dreaming, unknowingly reenter through a slightly different timeline or reality. Perhaps each and every time. Who are we to know for certain, when we don’t fully understand the mechanics leaving the body, and all we have to go on is our memories of the previous timeline.

    Shared Mind Slip
    Imagine again that we exist on many, many timelines all at once. Imagine that our mind is actually external from our bodies, not wholly located or depending upon our brain. Imagine that there is a veil in place, as some would surmise, that keeps us from knowing many things while we are alive on Earth. Imagine that were this veil to be lifted, we would find that all versions of ourself actually share a common mind. What if information from one of our incarnations slipped through this veil to another, and this is the out of place memories that we have.

  94. Here’s a new possible cause that’s had an experiment to prove it’s possible released in Nature recently: quantum entanglement. From the article (citation:, citation 2: : Eighty years after Einstein dismissed the idea of quantum entanglement as “spooky”, Dutch scientists say they have proved the effect is real, and that simply observing one particle can instantly change another far-away object.
    Researchers detailed an experiment in the journal Nature this week that showed how two electrons at separate locations 1.3 km apart on the Delft University of Technology campus demonstrated a clear, invisible and instantaneous connection.
    Importantly, the new study closed loopholes in earlier tests that had left some doubt as to whether the eerie connection predicted by quantum theory was real or not.

    This means that everything regardless of distance could be connected instantaneously regardless of any physical effects. Forget the butterfly effect. These particles changed just because one was observed. Think about the implications of that. We live in a quantumly entangled world. Berenstein could have just changed because it just changed. It doesn’t need a reason. It doesn’t need time travelers. It changed because the universe decided it would. This has huge implications for reality. I’m not sure how you even begin to understand how massively connected everything is based upon this. Our reality can continue to change on a whim. We just need to accept that. I begin to understand why every civilization believes in some form of a higher power. How else would you explain how massively complex our universe is. There’s something watching all of this, and making decisions on how things execute. They change the code when they want to. We get to observe the runtime 🙂

      1. Dan,
        This actually explains the ME. Nice research, and well explained. I agree with Fiona, I am beyond speechless. Things change, just because they can. WOW! No reason needed. Thought provoking, to say the least. Mike H.

    1. The evidence we’re living in a simulation is overwhelming. I think most people here are familiar with the split beam test, and how observation changes matter from a wave into a particle. I was watching a video last night and what *I* didn’t realize was as they progressed through the test, they moved the camera further down the line. What’s really trippy is as soon as the “conscious” atom notices the camera it goes back and turns into a particle before it goes through the split. Ostensibly, going back in time. Chew on that for a minute. Time is illusory and evidently so is this reality. Fiona, I tried to post two comments yesterday. Naturally, you can decide what you allow. I’m puzzled because they seemed rather benign, but anyway. Warm regards, Jason

      1. And just for clarification, it had already passed through the split as a wave. Once observed, it then somehow passed through as a particle. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Good morning!

    2. We’re way beyond Einstein.

      The article is only part of the story – reality is not changed on a whim. It is changed by intentionality. The question is now who’s intentionality , how are they changing reality and most importantly … WHY ?

    3. Great info Dan! Coincidentally I missed this post as well as others over past three weeks. Though I’m sure I checked?!?

  95. I’ve had some thoughts bouncing around in my head, please bear with me while I try communicate them sensibly.

    We’ve touched on the idea of the changes being markers of sorts. My mind keeps going back to DNA letters (ATCG). So for the sake of this example let’s talk about DNA. I would also like to add that man made DNA has already been made in bacteria. The two “extra” letters that have been invented are X and Y, but that’s just the beginning as they are trying to create artificial RNA as well as more DNA letters.

    If reliable time travel is ever invented, it could allow for genetic (or other) experiments in real time. This would be very very high stakes experimentation, but it’s not hard to imagine a future where the circumstances would be so dire as to warrant the risks of such experimenting (overpopulation, famine, climate change, etc.) Such experiments could be for nefarious purposes (eugenics, eliminating populations from developing areas), but they could also be an attempt to save us (perhaps engineering humans who require less protein, crops that feed more people, alternative energy, “stop” genes to irradicate alzeimers, cancer, etc.)
    Now, imagine that all points in time exist simultaneously. Let’s call the future point A, 2015 point B, and sometime in the past (let’s just say 1900 for the sake of this demonstration) point C. Point A (future) is where the directions/code originate, point C (past) is where the message is sent to, and point B (our presennt) is where the directions are carried out, allowing the person at point A to see the end results. Why send the directions to point C (past) instead of point B? The biggest reason would be increasing the odds of the message being delivered. For example, if a messenger is sent directly to point B, they could get hit by a bus and the message would never be delivered. If the messenger goes to point C, and makes one change (changing the E to A in berenstain for example), the message would be everywhere at point B, thus increasing the odds of the message being received. It would also allow those at point A to know when a message has arrived successfuly, as the markers would show up in their time as well. I can imagine someone who’s job it is to comb through thousands of references daily, spotting changes (directions) for scientists at point B to use, or to check at point A that the message went through. Another reason to send the messages to the past is the world being less populated, and of course in 1900 camera phones weren’t in everyone’s pockets.

    I see a lot of flaws in this idea (for example, why do some of us notice the changes), but the idea just won’t leave my thoughts so I felt the need to share here.

    I still am stumped as to what could cause georgrphic changes, but I keep thinking of how fracking can cause earthquakes in areas with no historical seismic activity, and wonder if very agressive (LARGE scale) oil/gas drilling could cause continental movement. However, I’m still leaning towards natural causes for this. I digress.

    One more thought related to why only some people notice changes: some minds are more suggestible than others. I tried hypnosis to quit smoking a few years ago, and I was never able to be hypnotized, despite my own willingness and desire to have it work. After several sessions I gave up, it just doesn’t work on me. However, I can put myself into a trance like state…hard to explain but it’s strange. Not saying I’m special, but if our minds (who notice changes) are less malleable than others, the changes just might not “take” for us (our stubborn minds hold on to the old way, or create a dual memory to deal with the cognitive dissonance).

    Not sure if any of that made sense. I don’t think this is *the* explanation, but since it wouldn’t leave my brain I thought I should throw it out there.

    1. Wow, maybe you are unto something agout the genetic changes, if the changes some of us noticed about our inners are any indication. Let’s say some unknown party could go back in time and manipulate our genes, heart, lungs, intestines; let’s say it was to give us some resistances to some virus or infection? Let’s say it was to weaken us, on the contrary? Or let’s say they failed to strenghten us? The implications are huge, and worth pondering a bit.

      The geographic changes reminds me of a PSX game called Chrono Cross. In it, humans in the future geo-engineered an entire archipelago 10 000 years into their past, maintaining it secluded to avoid huge future changes. It makes me think about how the geographic changes we have feels pretty low profile, like the way most “not quite dead” celebrities are.

      What I find interesting is that when I ask about Mongolia, or the mirror in Snow White, for instance, many people remember the “other way”, but when I tell them of the current reality, they readily accept that their memories is just faulty. It’s like a lot of time, it’s not really that this reality has completely taken over, but more that there’re residuals everywhere, and people just choose to ignore it.

      I tried self-hypnosis a few times and failed, but I don’t think it necessarly means I’m not hypnotisable. In fact, from what I researched at the time, pretty much everyone should be potentially hypnotisable, but since there is a degree of consent and trust needed in between the hypnotizee and the hypnotist needed, it doesn’t always work. I would certainly be interested to know if anyone else had tried to get hypnotized, though.

      Anyways, thoses are certainly interesting thoughts to ponder.

      1. Helene, I’ve never heard of that game, but the concept of geoengineering landmasses is something to think about. Humans have changed the earth in many ways…it doesn’t sound impossible.

        I haven’t talked to many people about this topic yet. I’ve noticed like you that most people quickly assume the new way, and even if they acknowledge a change, they don’t want to admit anything is weird about that or think about it further. My husband has been that way when I talk to him about this stuff. It’s disappointing. I was sure he would be enthusiastic and also share some of my memories. I’m glad I have everyone here.

  96. This is an add on to my above post, and
    ties in with what Dan and Jason Thomas were saying about particles changing when observed. If a change was made in say 1900, (berenstain for example) it would have “always” been Berenstein, as it would have occurred long before any of us here were born. But, if all points in time exist simultaneously, and the past was being changed, then some part of our consciousness could remember the way it was before the change, which happened before we were born, but also after we were born of that makes sense. If a particle, upon observation, can essentially travel back in time and change, perhaps the act of *observing* a change in our time causes a retroactive change in reality, and/or a divergent timeline. For most people, their memories would be overwritten by the new, dominant memory that reflects the current reality. For some reason, some people have the residual memory from before the change occurred (this of course leads to another rabbit hole- what, if anything, do we all have in common).

    I’m going off topic for a sec, but I want to mention it while I’m thinking of it: We remember an earth with alternate geography. What about alternate climate? In recent years we’ve had record breaking storms and temperatures all over the planet, one after another. These super storms and huge earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, record breaking cold/heat/droughts etc. are generally thought of as a result of climate change. Could It be that this earth, with the new geography, has always had such severe weather? I mean, the sky even looks different than some of us remember. To be clear, I’m not denying climate change, just pondering if it’s more complex than we think.

    I hope this makes sense. Also please forgive my spelling errors. I’m on my phone and errors slip by, while I think faster than I can type on this tiny screen.

  97. We live in an era when a large number of people have had miracles. Have you ever surveyed your friends? As for me, I know 4 people who have heard the name of their future mate–before actually meeting these future partners. Other people have heard from deceased loved ones. Another common one is to hear a warning about an impending disaster, eg hearing “change into the right lane quickly.” I classify these as being “mental” miracles, and they consistently guide the hearer to good things.

    But some people have also experienced “physical” miracles, too—involving THINGS, not words. One friend saw an office computer typing by itself, and to complicate things further, the computer wasn’t even plugged in. Another: my daughter was teaching an English class in Mexico, but was having trouble hearing her students because of the rowdy class next door. She and her assistant went to talk with the offending class of students. They knocked on the door & the classroom fell silent. When nobody opened the door, my daughter opened it herself. Then…she & her assistant saw that there was nobody at all inside the classroom.

    Also in Mexico (2002 or 2003,) there was a widespread occurrence of paint colors changing. Pictures of the Virgen de Guadalupe are everywhere in that country—from paintings in the home to murals on the sides of buildings. People were reporting that the Virgen’s belt was changing from black to white in some of these pictures. My own guess was mischievous vandalism…because, of course, this couldn’t be happening. As it so happened, my daughter was living in Guadalajara right during the middle of this time…and I paid her a visit.

    My daughter had a Virgen picture hanging in her house. She, a friend & myself looked at it closely. The Virgen had a black belt. It was obvious. We made comments about that, pointed at it, and in other words, focused on the belt quite a bit. Then, my daughter & her friend left the house. I saw them to the door & went back to look at the picture once again. The belt had changed to a mottled black & white color mixture…and it had changed in less than 5 minutes. Nobody was there in the house but me. I was scared silly. The darned picture was in the hall outside my room & I had to be creeped-out by it for the remainder of my stay.

    But the point is this—-that sometimes things happen that are planned, not accidental. People hear warnings to avoid accidents. And people can be allowed to see that actual, physical “miracles” indeed happen.

    By thinking that the Many Interacting Worlds effect is happening ONLY due to chance (or other forces out of our control, eg tests at CERN,) we are setting ourselves up to worry when the next “slide” will take place. Because if it happened once, it surely will again.

    In my opinion, the MWI timeline changes could be caused by the Forces of Good just as easily as accidental causes. To some, this might be a crazy idea. But to the many people who have felt some type of miracle, it wouldn’t seem so “out of the question.”

    Motive—preserving humankind from destruction and providing hope. There has never been a time in Earth’s history in which large segments of the population can be wiped off the map so easily. If the Forces of Good were going to demonstrate that their powers are even greater than the atomic bomb & other modern weaponry, then this indeed the time they should make that fact obvious to the warmongers. Multiple, obvious mass miracles (such as Berenstain & New Zealand changes) would also have a positive & uplifting effect upon good folks everywhere, as well. Everyone would know that even though threats abound, there are still forces out there that can provide us comfort, Earthly assistance, and the hint of a life yet to come after this one.

    At least, this explanation is the one which would mean the most to me. The “Many Interacting Worlds” don’t necessarily need to be ALL populated by human beings. Some could be simply pastoral. And just maybe, some of the worlds could be home to the Forces of Good, whether one calls them God, spirits or aliens.

  98. Been watching a few videos and sites.. and theres something the capgras syndrome. its strange that some people think that other people have been replaced with an exact duplicate. I wonder how many of these people actually are experiencing mandela effects. or changelings, similar idea.. How many people have been diagnosed but have experienced the mandela instead

    1. I agree. And, on the other side of things, I wonder how many “incurable” cases of Multiple Personality Disorder were actually people slide in and out at a rapid clip, and with more dramatically different features than the usual. (If there’s a “usual” for MPD, or whatever it’s called now.)

      When I researched MPD, years ago, I was astonished to find out that some people are diabetic in one personality, but not in another. How can that be…? Rhetorical question, as far as I’m concerned: It’s a different version of that person, from a different reality. One had blood sugar issues, and another doesn’t.

      I’m willing to be entirely wrong about this, but I think it bears consideration: Some of what we thought were personality disorders or mental health issues could be Mandela Effect. (But, of course, the skeptical critics will quickly point out that, as far as they’re concerned all of this is mental health issue. LOL)

      1. Hi Fiona – I tried to send you a private email, but it keeps saying failure to send: Is there an alternate route to communicate privately?

        Thank you! (No need to publically post this)

        1. PhoenixRaech, the contact form should be working fine. However, in the past 48 hours or so — including some time, this morning — there have been server issues, including a break (4 Nov 2015, afternoon) for an emergency repair.

          (I’ll delete this comment and yours in about 24 hours.)

          1. Also, I just found your follow-up comment in the spam folder. (Don’t feel offended. To keep this site running faster — pages loading more quickly — I’ve had to use a “lite” spam filter. It makes many mistakes, so I have to skim the spam folder, daily. Yours was not the only comment to land there, overnight.)

            The topic you mentioned — and one I will keep in confidence — is something on my mind for a future article. To me, it seems to explain a lot. A family member had that condition. Nothing cured it, and we couldn’t find triggers that made it more active at certain times. I felt tremendous relief when I could explain it as Mandela Effect. It may not resolve the underlying cause of the issue, but it’s tremendous to have an answer that makes sense — not just in terms of the symptoms, but also to understand why no easy cure seems available.

            P.S. Congratulations to you and your wife for finding each other. I’m so pleased when I hear about couples with such interesting backgrounds in common!

  99. Something interesting here The bizarre nature of reality as laid out by quantum theory has survived another test, with scientists performing a famous experiment and proving that reality does not exist until it is measured. I am wondering if this is linked somehow to the quantum universe. “It proves that measurement is everything. At the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it,” said Associate Professor Andrew Truscott from the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering.

    1. Martin, that’s a brilliant link, thank you! (It’s also chillingly like some of my childhood sort-of nightmares, where everything behind me had vanished, and continued to do so as I turned my head. Only what was in view was actually real. I can’t explain why that seemed so frightening, but — to a child, anyway — it was a very disturbing idea.)

      1. ‘everything behind me had vanished’ -Fiona, your childhood nightmares comment teminded me of the Stephen King movie LANGOLIRES … where the past is devoured … time is eaten away…

        1. Anthony, I’m familiar with that story. King is pretty clever at capturing nightmares in his stories, and taking them to absurd extremes, that — at least in this case (and in Needful Things) — made me laugh out loud.

          I appreciate that, because taking this kind of topic too seriously is — imho — toxic and humor is imperative.

    2. Hi, Martin,

      Although I have read a similar article recently, this particular (no pun intended) article sparked a couple of thoughts for me.

      The first thought was that although the entanglement could be viewed as backward-traveling waves of information (Transactional Interpretation, John Cramer, 1986) [1] [2], I haven’t read anything involving it in quite some time. I don’t know if that’s terribly significant, per se, but it’s a bit eyebrow-raising, now that I think of it.

      The second thought was along the lines of closed timelike curves (CTC) [3]. If one assumes an advanced wave solution (wherein a signal transmits backward in time), how would this be effected (if at all) were one of a particle pair to be accelerated relativistically after the entanglement, but before the observation? For example, if a pair of entangled electrons were arranged such that they must have opposed spins, and only one electron accelerated prior to observation, would the apparently retroactive effect (negative propagation, not complex) be expected to be unaffected by the Lorentz Transformation [4], or might it propagate to an earlier or later point than it might otherwise in an unaccelerated situation, resulting in the dependent electron possessing definite spin before the independent electron’s spin is measured (or contrarily, being undefined even after direct observation)?

      … (Transactional Interpretation, broad overview)

      … (a more detailed analysis of TI than that of [1])

      … (CTC)

      … (Lorentz Transformation, w.r.t. time dilation [and superluminal complex shifts, in particular])

  100. Okay, so…I can understand the thinking behind not wanting to allow comments that have to do with conspiracies, but I still think that it is the wrong call. I am thinking of one possible alternate (pun intended) theory as to why The Mandela Effect is happening that does delve into possible conspiracies, although this one is a bit different than most, so I hope that you will allow it. So, Fiona, have you ever heard of UFO researcher Jacques Vallee? He has a rather unusual theory about what is going on with the subject of UFOs. He seems to believe that we humans are under a control system that is guiding us, and causing our evolution (culturally, at least, and, possibly, physically, as well) to change from what it otherwise would be if we were never under the control system. He believes that UFOs may be part of this attempt to control our evolution. Vallee does not seem to want to venture a statement as to who is behind this control system conspiracy (Humans? Aliens? Spirits? Machines? Some Combination? Something else, entirely?) but he does seem to think that, if this control system is real, then it probably has the ability to physically change physical aspects of the world. This could provide an explanation for The Mandela Effect that does not require alternate universes, or time travel. (though, it is still possible that alternate universes and/or time travel are real, even if Vallee is right) When these shifts happen, the physical world may change to what the world would look like if the past had been different. This would, probably, also include erasing our memories and implanting new memories in us that are in line with what our memories would be if the past had been different. Perhaps Mandela really did die in the 1980s, but then the control system resurrected him and changed most people’s memories so that they did not remember it ever happening. However, if this control system works most of the time, but is not perfect, then there may be some times when some people’s memories do not get changed, like yours. In more extreme cases, this could even explain cases like that of Lerina Garcia, who seems to be living in what seems like a real-life episode of The Twilight Zone where she woke up one day and significant parts of her life had been drastically changed. This could be an explanation for The Mandela Effect. This could also explain the dual memories, as it might be possible that sometimes the control system gives people “new” memories, but fails to erase the “old” memories from these same people’s minds, which would cause these people to have two sets of conflicting memories. Also, since the control system would change most of the physical world during these shifts, but not be perfect, this may explain why some artifacts are left from the “old” reality, like, possibly, the TV Guide issue where The Bears had their name spelled as “Berenstein.” Reading about Vallee’s theories made me make a possible connection to The Mandela Effect, in my mind, so I wanted to put this out for discussion.

    1. Mark, I’m familiar with some of Dr. Vallee’s theories. (Ref. ) I also understand his reluctance to make any statements about who might be behind the control system (if it exists), and whether or not it’s a conspiracy.

      So, I waited a day to approve this comment, and don’t have time to edit out the portions that could lead to off-topic discussions. I’d like not to engage in conversations better continued at sites like AboveTopSecret.

      Nevertheless, the “control system” explanation could be valid, so I’ve approved this as part of the Possible Explanations thread.

      1. Lerina Garcia case is doubtful,i posted the relevant comment in ‘Are we real’ topic in July this year.Splitter, a story by Sebastian Fitzek published the same year,2008,when Lerina told her tale could be the inspiration for the fantastic account.

  101. This idea has been swirling around in my mind for some time now. I’m not really educated enough to convey it properly. That alone may taint the whole idea.
    I was discussing the Mandela Effect with my brother in October and he mentioned quantum entanglement (as in the post above, thanks for the info) which is absolutely fascinating. I don’t know if this particular idea fits in with quantum entanglement, but it definitely involves string theory.
    Anyway, so this phenomena may be a consequence of time.
    I’m sure many here have read about the holographic principle in string theory. The basic idea is that the entire universe exists on a 2 dimensional plain and that what we observe is an energy projection. (I’m not very good at explaining this.)
    So this theory can’t be resolved mathematically because the horizon where the information exists grows with time. And maybe that it can’t be resolved is the key. What if this horizon is where multiple realities are created, as presented in string theory? Time itself causes such massive changes in the information field that there is no longer room for distinct realities and they start to become enmeshed on the 2 dimensional plains? Maybe black holes are instabilities forcing parallel breaks in the projection field from one plain of reality to the next to try to deal with time/information field expansion. Maybe it’s the projections that become enmeshed. I know that I personally hold 2 entirely different memories about one event. Both seem right to me. What if people who seem unaffected don’t exist in one of the enmeshed realities?
    Fiona, I apologize if I’m posting this in the wrong spot. Maybe this has already been covered elsewhere? I don’t think it’s a very popular idea but I just felt compelled to share. Thank you!

    1. Mandy,
      Nice post, and good theory. So if I understand , would it be possible for the horizons to be overlapping from parallel universes. Maybe we are somehow approaching intersecting and overlapping areas? I wonder , obviously completely hypothetical, that if the tinnitus , or other frequencies some of us hear could be like some type of barrier? Like we are close to another timeline/universe. All hypothetical of course. But I do like your explanation. Mike H.

  102. Hi Fiona!
    I know you have been reorganizing the site so maybe this isn’t a Mandela Effect moment but wasn’t this thread called “POSSIBLE EXPLANATIONS”? It was for me since I discovered this site in the beginning of September and I believe I saw it yesterday or defiantly the day before.

    1. Anthony, it was “Possible Explanations?” but the two words took up too much space on the navbar. I needed to start a FAQs and have a link to the t-shirts (and whatever else we think of), so that’s why the name changed. The question mark already suggests that there’s a question — that they’re only possible explanations — so that was the easiest way to create more navbar space.

      1. Funny – I was so sure this was gonna be a Mandela moment. I agree, the ? represents the possibilities …

  103. Hi Fiona! Great job you’re doing. I see patterns here as far as posting. Seems things heat up and cool down.
    Anyway, I’m always amazed that you find the time you do here with a career and family. (Your husband must be a Saint or having his own ME’s lol)

    Consider the seven billion plus people presently residing (vibrating) on the planet … Now bring in infinite (time-lines, densities, dimensions, slip-streams) whatever you want to call them … Seven billion is a very small number compared to infinity. What I am suggesting here is that the odds of anyone of us being conscious on the same time-line at the same time is probably seldom and/or sporadic. It probably happens but I would think it would be fleeting. Yes, the time-lines will be very similar in most cases, but not exact. With this idea, comes the possible realization that I never knew my ‘conscious’ mother, father, brother, sister, friends, everyone here, etc, (the only way I ever knew to abbreviate excreta) as they would be off consciously doing their own thing, with aspects of what I would be doing in that density if I were conscious there.

    Statements like ‘our original time-line’ and ‘getting back to my original time-line’ become obsolete. I imagine you could slip through for a visit, but I would think the object here is to move forward or up in vibration, at least until you find a vibrational density you are happy with. [why is ‘vibrational’ not a word?].

    I’d also like to bring to everyone’s attention to a Disney Channel TV Show that started in June, called “Best Friends Whenever” … I’ve only seen previews but it seems it’s about two girls Jumping into different dimensions getting into trouble, taking from one dimension to another, stealing ideas … etc …

  104. I just wanted to share this quote from Field of Dreams:

    “There comes a time when all the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place, and the universe opens itself up for a few seconds to show you what’s possible.”

    I think some of the changes are pointers. They are there to get you to pay attention to something. In this case, the major line from Field of Dreams has changed. If you watch the movie, there are more things there worthy of noticing.

  105. I wasn’t sure where else to put this. But I believe the confusion over Home Depot vs. The Home Depot comes from not just excluding the “the” in casual speech and writing, but also because it’s officially called Home Depot in Canada. A lot of Canadians will grow up with seeing Home Depot and hearing The Home Depot in American commercials, and even Americans sometimes get Canadian channels and go to Canada and pass by Home Depots.

    1. Good information, Avenue! I’m always pleased when someone finds a reason — other than “you’re just confused” — why alternate memories could be reinforced in this reality.

      That doesn’t mean The Home Depot isn’t “Home Depot” in another (American) reality… just that the chain of stores is really called that, close to home (for many readers), in this reality.

  106. Wow! A friend of mine turned me onto this site. For some reason when most people try to comprehend the nuances and varients to the time line, they eventually become frustrated, angered, and give up on it. Is it something too confusing, an obvious impossibility to our brains auto pilot, or a fail safe installed by higher beings due to our infantsy as a species and the fact that we have not yet graduated into our time of higher consiousness, to prevent us from doing harm outside of the boundaries of space we’ve been allotted to use as a nursery to develop into higher beings ourselves? At first I believed that there was just the one “true” timeline. A single thread if you will. But the more I read people comments, think of inconsistentsies in my own memories in comparison to the above posted timeline events, and how they vary from other site patrons memories, I’m beginning to think time is not just a simple universal tape measure and is even more complicated than Einstein had ever realized.

    1. The timeline from the creation of the universe on…let’s call it the original timeline.
    2. The timeline that exists in a solar system in relation to the dominant star that all other bodies in that system circle. (Plus the beings there in). And does a galaxy have its one unique time flow or does it abide by the original time line?
    3. The timeline of a galaxy that has been destroyed by a super nova event. Is that time altered or is it actually consumed by the event horizon.
    Is the original timeline altered in the absence of a galactic body? Does it stay the same or does it recalibrate itself?
    4. The timeline that exists on a planet in relation to its creation geologically speaking.
    5. The timeline that exists and is validated by the accounts of a planet’s organisms.
    6. The one that is created when historians/rulers/pontiffs state that “it happened like this” . Our mind in confusion over the discrepancy of what it experienced and what it’s being told it experienced creates a new corrected timeline, even though it knows it does not match up. Which means the brain is now acknowledging 2 different timelines.
    7.the individual timeline that is remembered by each single spirit’s journey through reincarnation.
    8. The timeline of events that the Time Traveler experience that exists as a unit completely seperate of the timeline he is traversing.

    We can do this all day. Since it obvious that there are multiple time lines, how do they all act with each other.

    In what we refer to as the beginning of time, there were fewer beings experiencing it and doing things in these units. Yes, time was still happening, but it was far less “dense” with events. Now that we have billions of individuals experiencing this timeline, plus their own anomalies in it, does this mean that the timeline has more temporal weight than say an hour spent by few people doing less and experience less alternate time tables?
    How do timelines created by our mind’s individual account affect the true time line?
    Since we know so little about the human mind and 85% of unused neuro circuitry and the powers hidden there in, is it possible that every time we are told a version of an event are we accidentally creating a new timeline? When we are granted more use of our mind through evolutionary milestones, will there be a secret timeline decoder ring to translate multiple timelines? Is the value of an hour spent with 100 alternate timelines less than an hour spent with 1,000,000,000 alternate time lines. Are we accidentally creating timeline pollution or waste that some how creates glitches in the timeline? So many questions that I imagine only time will tell.
    Then there is the fact that some rulers/governments obviously know how the mind works, have a vague understanding of a different timeline that we are not privy to, and know how to trick our mind into believing a reality entirely different than the true time line. I won’t approach the subject of why, who, or what they have to gain. It’s quite clear that two people in the same room, and time unit can experience two different realities and thus become removed from current one and nd split off to dwell in seperate ones. It’s also seems like two or more timelines, be them natural or man made in origin can exist in the same location. And how do these theories affect the Now or does now no longer have the same meaning and has become something we can possible manipulate to suit a purpose? Does the exponential aspect of “time experienced density ” aid in the growth of the universe. Does the speed of times passing change in relation to its event density? It also appears that we can lose track of the true time line and become trapped in a timeline that is false, manipulated, or man made. I think most people in the US are experiencing events from one timeline or multiples, and being told that events happened that conflict with the memories acquired from reality. It’s apparent that there are more questions than answers. Is the true timeline degrading or being damaged in some way that allowed us to experience these random time mix ups. Are we actually frequency and energy stuck in a complex matrix experiencing an artificial physical universe that was created by poorly organized programmers, and what we are actually witnessing is not a timeline in truth, but more a movie with tons of flaws?

    Altering time:
    Time acts different in certain circumstances. Time can be stalled with idleness, drug use, and more advanced spiritual exercises. When attention is not given to time it appears to move quite fast. When focused on obsessively time moves in variety of speeds. D. uring meditation it is possible for an experienced individual to experience the singularity of its one existence. One can feel the presence and with minds eye see the time of the spirit’s birth, it’s multiple life segments, and it’s future ones, up into the spirits assent into its next phase of existence all at the same time. When experiencing the singularity it often causes a feeling of panic because of the enormity of experience and makes what I can only describe as getting the wind knocked out of you type feeling. So so much to learn on the subject. But it is quite obvious that we are experiencing something legitimate.

  107. Okay, Fiona, I have some more speculations. I have been reading, for a while, about how there are some cases of people who have very little brain matter, and, yet, they live normal, and, sometimes, better than normal, lives. This post from a dude who I do not, personally, like, but who sometimes writes good blog posts goes over some of this evidence:

    It makes me angry to hear about how mainstream scientists fail to adequately investigate these kinds of cases. We may be living in a different (and, hopefully, better) world if they investigated these cases properly. (maybe in an alternate universe…) Anyway, one of the interesting possibilities, and maybe the most probable possibility with respect to long-term memory, is the possibility that long-term memory is kept outside of the brain, and, probably, even outside of the body, itself. If we can figure out where this memory is kept, then it might give us some clues as to what is happening with The Mandela Effect. I’ve heard some speculations about where long-term memory is kept: in the spirit, in some kind of database, (some people call this database: “The Akashic Records”) etc. One theory that stands out, to me, is that of, I believe, Rupert Sheldrake. He seems to think that long-term memory doesn’t even, really, exist in the sense that we think of it, like some kind of representation that is stored somewhere. Instead, once again, if my memory is correct, he believes that the brain simply “tunes in” to the past when we want to know something that happened in the past. If this is true, then The Mandela Effect could be a result of the “tuning in” process becoming corrupted, somehow. Another possibility is that there really are alternate universes, but that we are not shifting between them. Instead, it could be that some of us are simply “tuning in” to the wrong past – a past of another universe. If this is what is happening, then it could, also, possibly explain reincarnation. People may not have lived multiple lives, but, instead, they may be “tuning in” to other people’s pasts. This could, possibly, offer an explanation as to why some people believe that they are reincarnated and, yet, they may find out that both the person and the one who they believe that they are reincarnated from are alive at the same time. I’m speaking hypothetically, on that one, because I do not know if any such cases have ever happened, but it would not surprise me if there are such cases. Maybe someone can post a case like that, if they know of one, and if that is okay with you, Fiona.

    Anyway, I had a possible synchronicity that I would like to post, if it is okay with you, Fiona, as it might be related to all of this. A number of months back, before I ever even heard about The Mandela Effect, I was chatting with this chick in a chatroom. Don’t worry, it was not sexual…well…not with her, anyway. She was telling me about her beliefs in reincarnation, and that, although I think that I remember her telling me that she is Canadian in this life, she had memories of a past life living as a Chinese woman in China during the early to mid 19th century…I think. Well, if that is not weird enough, she claimed that this was a past life in an alternate universe where significant things were different, when compared to our universe. A lot of the differences had to do with Chinese history – The Opium Wars, and such – and I could not remember most of them, but one of the differences that I think stuck out, to me, was the fact that she said that the parliamentary system of government had, pretty much, “taken over” the whole world, with only The United States government, and a small handful of other governments, not being parliamentary systems of government. Did she really live this past life in an alternate universe? Did her mind, instead, “tune in” to this past life in an alternate universe. I don’t know, but I do believe that I remember her telling me that she would like to make a manga about this other life as she remembers it. She said that it is taking a while, but, if she ever does finish and put it out, I will post a link to it if I remember to do so, and if that is okay with you, Fiona.

    1. I do believe Sheldrake’s ideas could well be at the heart of the Mandela Effect

      The whole 50 minutes are worth watching, though if you really want just highlights, I’d suggest from about 27:40 to the end. [Updated link.]

      Sheldrake is one of those few maverick scientists, one of those willing to risk his reputation (which has, unfortunately, already taken quite a beating) to ask the hard questions and follow where they lead, however unusual. If there is one legitimate scientist who I would expect to be sympathetic to the Mandela Effect and might help to put us on a path toward a theory and solid evidence for ME, it would be Sheldrake – if anyone were to have a connection to contact him?

  108. This possible explanation, that I will define below, I find fascinating mainly because I’m resisting it. So, I’m posting it and kinda hoping it gets debunked. Yet, I now realize my resistance/feelings on this WILL change depending on MY future … I think you’ll understand after the explanation.

    We all made it to the year 2029 – 2036.

    Speculation: I’ve come across information in a/the past, that suggests GE (General Electric) invents a time machine in the early 2030’s.

    We traveled back in time, maybe there’s no physical future beyond that time, maybe we could afford it, maybe we evacuated, maybe we were sent on a mission, maybe we are not done playing, there are so many reasons I cant even comprehend, making us the time travelers.

    We cannot go back to our exact timeline so we go to one close by.
    We lose all memory of what we just experienced as we go back. (deja vu?)
    We decide how far back to go(?)
    The more discrepancies, markers, signs we see the more TIMES we have gone back. Or the more changes we notice, the further we are from our original timeline. I want to go on but I’ll stop here as I have not yet thought this all the way through … maybe some feedback will help.

    I’ve also been playing with the notion that we/some of us have been ‘transported’ to the moon. (many reasons why) … and what we perceive as the moon is actually our old earth. (moon is larger, earth shrinking) …Tying up nice bows for the sun, moon and stars. (any explanation as to why I want to always capitalize the word SUN?)

    1. I’d like to add to my list of possible explanations …

      One in which a certain event, in ones life, causes one or more veils to come down. This would in turn cause one to experience Mandela Effects, psychic abilities and probably more. Essentially we have died, possibly severs times, with our souls continuing on in a physics state. To what end …

  109. Hi, all,

    I had this thought a few nights back, but got sidetracked. Posit an Akashic Record, simulation universe, or similar such. In video games (and other programs), one often finds “skins” or “total conversions” of the game, such that although it is the same game mechanically, it takes on a wholly other appearance. If one were to play such a game in multiplayer mode across a network, then the players could well experience the same game occurring, but with different data referenced for the objects.

    This isn’t meant to be a strong analogy, only a loose metaphor. The thrust of this is that we could well be accessing different data sets, while still experiencing the same single shared reality.

  110. Stephen Hawking published a paper a while ago declaring that black holes destroy matter and information. This theory was greeted with outrage because physicists realized that if the destruction of information was possible then we COULD NEVER RELY ON OUR MEMORIES OR RECORDED HISTORY.

    Maybe Stephen Hawking is correct and the CERN or naturally occurring micro black holes are destroying / altering information. Stephen Hawking eventually recanted his theory.

    One other theory I read about was the idea that schizophrenic people are not imagining people that aren’t there, they ARE ACTUALLY INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE IN OTHER REALITIES / DIMENSIONS.

    This would explain why mentally ill or dyslexic people seem to know the future. For example the “rain man” isn’t instantly knowing how many toothpicks are on the ground he is seeing the end result / future of a person in another reality counting the toothpicks.

    Both theories seem to tie into potential answers to the alternate dimensions / realities that are connected to the Mandela effect.

    1. Jose,

      On the one hand the possibility that \”Hawking was right after all\” would certainly have positive implications for explaining Mandela Effect – but Hawking himself has given up that battle, last I knew. However, the refutation of Hawking, spearheaded mainly by Leonard Susskind, led to The Holographic Principle, which is also extremely promising, possibly even more promising, for ME. (Reference \”The Black Hole War\”, as the Hawking/Susskind conflict was dubbed.)

      Essentially, the Holographic Principle (which is now very well accepted physics) says that the whole universe is actually a gigantic hologram, which is projected from the Cosmic Horizon, the far edge of the observable universe – it is the event horizon of a giant black hole which we are all *inside* of right now.

      While mainstream science accepts the Holographic Principle, most scientists (except for a brave few) still shy away from accepting the obvious implication – that we *are* in fact in a holodeck of some kind, that the Simulation Hypotheses is true. Which I personally consider as easily the most likely explanation for the Mandela Effect (in fact, it would allow almost anything you like to be *potentially* true – you just have to figure out how to \”hack the sim\”…).

      Here Susskind explains the Holographic Principle much better than I can

      Also, the Rainman (referring to both the movie character and the real person he was based on) was never schizophrenic (at least in this reality) – but instead autistic, a whole different condition. Rainman did not see people who others do not see. However, John Nash, the (real life) professor in A Beautiful Mind was schizophrenic (and also paranoid and most likely Asperger as well, a less severe form of autism). And who knows, maybe he was seeing people from another timeline, maybe one in which Soviet spies were bringing suitcase nukes into the US, as he believed. And then the medication he was on for awhile would have actually \”worked\” by blocking his ability to interact with the other timeline. I\’m not convinced on this theory, but willing to entertain it.

    2. Some of those physicists think we are basically a projection from the event horizon of a black hole. That’s very simplistic terms. There’s some great info about holographic principal. I’m not saying I think this what’s causing these hiccups buts it’s an Interesting theory.

  111. I’m suspecting it is, in part, an indicator. A group signalling to another group – THIS is what we can do, much like the USA signalling to Russia ‘THIS is what we can do’ with the bombing of Nagasaki.

    1. J.T., I’m approving this because the emergence of this (in popular awareness) could be a signal of some sort. I’m not convinced it’s a power play, but I can agree about it being a signal.

      And, I’m including the theory that Nagasaki was a message from the USA to Russia, because it’s your example of a signal.

      However, I’m uneasy about the actual reference, and want to note that my approval of this comment doesn’t mean I agree with this on all points, or that it’s okay to launch a political discussion.

  112. It occurred to me today that these things we have experienced may be meant to distract us from a larger issue, or are like tests to see how we will react to them.

  113. I don’t think anything is wrong or out of the ordinary. I think people are just beginning to think differently and observe from perspectives man has never held before. We can’t see what we can’t believe. The idea of reality being static and mind moving through it – as through the frames of a film – is much older than the space program and experiences of moving through widely varied scenes have been reported for thousands of years. It’s not aliens or a conspiracy. Reality simply isn’t what we think it is. Never has been. You know that your desk isn’t actually a desk. You know that it’s mostlyl empty space and waves, yet if it were to stop “acting like” a desk, it would totally freak you out. We know that “location” and distance aren’t at ALL like they appear, yet we keep those discoveries in books on theoretical physics and as far away as possible from our very lives. Well, now we have the internet. The cat’s out of the bag. People are beginning to think and reconsider beliefs and explore other ideas about reality.

  114. Ok this is one of my 3 am thoughts.. For theories purpose imagine multi worlds, now if we have a slide to another earth.. it should be a world were we are still alive.. if quantum immortality or you can jump from version of yourself to another one, That means by necessity that some universes do no have me in.. certain events happened and i only pulled out at the last minute or chance were i wouldnt be here now.. I think its a combination, we have the man from tuareg, the green children coming for radically different universes. If the man from tuareg came with all his documentation that means there is a physical version of the pure memory/mental version of that we experience. OR is it the same.. If you dont have a duplicate in the universe you slide to you slide physically but if you do and the differences are not too radically different you could “merge” into a single mind, or even swap with another you, So for example the Berenstain Martin is in the Berenstein universe having this same conversation with the Stain’s version of fiona and the rest of us.. There have been stories about items suddenly appearing, certain mystics whether you believe them or not, can appear to pull items from other planes. Could they be able to reach into those other earths and remove what they need..

  115. Happy New Year (almost)! Hypotheses:

    1). Several years ago I would have automatically stated: Rip in the fabric of time, since that was how these types of anomalies were explained. Now we understand that the universe may not work quite that way.

    2). The End of the Age\End of the Cycle: many of our modern experiences match occurrences found in ancient myths of practically every civilization that we know of at this moment.

    3). MIW\Parallel Universes: reality shifts explain almost every anomaly experienced, including ghost sightings, dual memories, deja vu, missing or moved objects, etc.

    4). Holodeck\Holographic Universe: explains anomalies just as well as number 3, and also addresses that we live in a Mathematical Universe (universe operates on mathematical equations). If these really are “glitches in the matrix”, then we are currently experiencing an awful lot of glitches! 🙂

  116. How do I sign up to be able to post on that site of yours? I have a long comment that might fit here, in the THEORIES section of, but I think that it would probably fit better on, given that it has to do with portals and such.

    1. Mark, that site will go live in a week or so, but you can comment at any time. (I’ve been working on again, this morning.)

      I plan to formally launch that site around Jan 10th, but relies on having time to expand the articles and site plugins, etc… and that depends on spending less time reading comments here. The goods news: I’m being firm about my new comment policies here, so I need only skim comments to see if they include the data we’re focusing on now, or not.

    1. Vivek, you’re right. I flinched a little when I read the word “hedonism,” but in the context of the angst I read in daily comments — most of which do not appear here — and what appears in the news: if people were to focus more on happiness, the world would be a better place.

  117. Happy 2016 fellow ME’ers! I’ve been mostly away from the site over the holidays, but back now, and my mind has been busy with the puzzle of the Mandela Effect.

    I was just reading a pretty good article on how unreliable human memory really is. This of course is the standard “mainstream” (dismissive) scientific explanation for the Mandela Effect.

    On one hand, I have self-studied a lot of neurology and psychology, and I generally accept the science. On the other hand, like the rest of this community, I am convinced that the vaguery of human memory is *not* the explanation for the Mandela Effect. Rather, I hypothezide exactly the opposite – that malleable human memory, along with the powerful human desire to conform, is what allows the majority of humanity, including most of us until very recently, to simply readjust our memories in accordance with the shifting reality we find ourselves in and assume that “it *must* have always been so, and I was simply wrong – anything else is obviously crazy and unthinkable.” I reasoned thusly myself at least a few times, until only a couple of months ago, when I discovered that I was not alone, and that realization changed *everything*.

    How the desire to conform to social norms can actually shift perception of reality:

    Because I accept the science of malleable memory, I have to be willing to entertain the possiblitity that I simply misremember some things. What changes the calculus entirely is the (only recently revealed) fact that *many other people share some of the exact same “false” memories*. This is a crucial bit of evidence that requires some kind of explanation from the “it’s just faulty memory” camp. If they resort to “mass delusion” as an explanation, then they are equally vulnerable to the reverse argument, that *they* may just as easily be the ones suffering from a mass delusion, that reality is *not* shifting around them – and they are motivated to conform with the prevailing and comforting belief in solid reality. (Or, of course, they might just not have personally experienced any shifts – so far. Maybe only a few of us ever shift, although I find that unlikely. Either way, there is a difference that begs for explanation – why do some of us experience Mandela Effect and others not?)

    So we find ourselves stuck at an impasse, a sort of global “he said, she said” – between those who assume that reality is obviously constant and our memories have shifted, and those who assume that our memories are correct and reality is shifting. Thus far, neither side has any evidence nor even theory that can persuade the other. (But our side is currently outnumbered and unfunded.)

    Perhaps a way to get beyond this impasse is to dig deeper, to ask further, even more fundamental questions: specifically, *why* is human memory so fallible – or to use a much less judgemental word, why is human memory so *malleable*? If our memories are highly malleable and not at all like a recording, then *why* is this so? I’m not aware of anyone who has explored this question.

    Memory is an evolved capability, just like, for example, reasoning and running and throwing objects. (I choose those three specific examples, from among countless others, for a reason.) Was evolution simply unable to evolve a reliable memory? Certainly that is one hypothesis and worth exploring, although I don’t currently buy it.

    I propose an alternative hypothesis: that a malleable memory developed precisely as an adaptation to a fluid, ever shifting universe which has always been rife with Mandela Effects. We can certainly see evolutionary advantage in the ability (of most people) to shift their memories to maintain a consistent and unchanging history and worldview that also agrees with what the society around them believes.

    To compare memory with the other abilities I mentioned: We humans are decent at running, but certainly not specialized for it – cheetahs, horses and many other species are all much better at it than we are. Our mediocre running abilities are pretty obviously a result of tradeoffs for other abilities. When it comes to throwing things, we humans are basically awesome. Only the other great apes can do it at all, and none are remotely as good at it as we are.

    Reasoning is very interesting, however. Like memory, reasoning is a purely mental ability. We humans have long prided ourselves on our magnificent reasoning abilities, because in a relative sense, we are obviously far better at it than any other species on Earth. Only the other great apes and the cetaceans (dolphins and whales) come even remotely close. However, on a purely objective basis, human reasoning is objectively *terrible*.

    It’s easy to find long lists of inbuilt cognitive biases, which we can be well aware of and yet *still* vulnerable to. We are terrible at probability, for example, way overestimating certain risks while badly underestimating others. We suffer from confirmation bias – accepting information that confirms our existing beliefs while discounting information that challenges them. We prioritize avoiding the loss of something we already have over the gain of something we don’t have, even if the value of the gain and the loss are equal. To name just three examples.

    In recent decades, psychologists have finally started to consider possible reasons *why* our vaunted reasoning ability is so “flawed”. Some early thoughts focused on conservation of mental processing power – we take mental shortcuts because usually a quick decision that is usually right is better for survival than a longer, more mentally taxing decision that is wrong in cases that rarely happened to our distant ancestors. In other words, it’s similar to why we don’t run as well as a cheetah or even a horse – to our distant ancestors, the survival benefit of flawless reasoning was not worth the high evolutionary cost of perfection. And one certainly could try to explain our flawed memories with very similar reasoning.

    However, more recent thinking has focused on potential positive evolutionary benefits to at least some of our allegedly “flawed” reasoning. For one example, there is a recent idea that the purpose of argument is not so much to arrive at the truth as to win the argument – for purposes of social dominance and cohesion.

    I think it is high time for psychologists, neurologists and evolutionary theorists to look at the reasons behind our malleable memories from that same standpoint: what survival value did a malleable memory offer compared to a faithful and permanent recording?

    I think that the reason for our malleable memories might prove to be that it is a useful adaptation for a species whose universe is constantly changing around us, or alternatively, a species whose members are constantly shifting from one alternate universe to another.

    So perhaps we have had cause and effect mixed up, as we so often do: instead of the Mandela Effect being explained by the extremely malleable nature of human memory, rather the malleable nature of human memory is explained by the underlying quantum physics of the Mandela Effect – and some few of us are, for whatever reason, are less capable of fully accepting and adjusting to the reality shifts that we all experience all the time.

    It would seem that infants are *not* born with an innate sense of an unchanging physical universe – for example they have to learn the concept of “object permanence”. This seems to indicate that other worldviews, incorporating an ever shifting reality, are possible.

    Moreover other, more shamanic, cultures (prominantly Native American and Australian Aboriginal) have much more malleable views of reality, which manifest in their Dream Planes) – though Western cultures have done a pretty thorough job of violently destroying those alternative world views that challenge our cherished paradigms, whenever we encountered them. (But perhaps, most of them simply ignored our ignorance and their consciousness escaped into alternate universes where their Dream Planes work perfectly well and European dominance never happened? So today they have their (rich, magical) universe and we have our (relatively impoverished materialist) universe. I like to believe so. Certainly, the Many Worlds interpretation and the possiblity of Quantum Immortality would lead to such reasoning.)

    This is obviouly just hypothesis at this stage. But I think it points to a direction for research. I personally believe that where we happened to be when we happened to notice a particular Mandela Effect will prove a fruitless line of research. I believe there is far more to be gained by trying to bracket *when* particular reality shifts seem to have occurred – and to correlate those shifts to each other and to the people involved. I think there might also be some value in classifying the various types of Mandela Effects – how “big” they are, and also how personally they effect, or don’t effect, the lives of those who notice them. Finally, I believe the most promising line of research would be to pin down who *we* are – those of us who either have reality shifts, or who *notice* those shifts, and look for commonalities among us.


    1. Brilliant, as usual, Dan! And, if you can suggest commonalities, let me know. I’m working with memory-related dates, birth-related info, and locations, but I’m eager to find additional subjects to survey to find what we have in common… if anything.

  118. Simply put synchronicity is a coincidence that is beyond any ratio of probability theory and mandela effect is an alternate memory that is beyond the nuances of false memory.MWI seems to be the closest how for both of them,infact MWI explains all of the esoteric sciences and phenomena including NDE,spiritism,astral planes,reincarnation and all occult sciences.Quantum physics studies are still in nascent stage to work out the mechanisms of how it happens but we at ME.COM ought to ponder over the ‘why’.

    1. Maybe that why all these flat earthers are popping up. In their reality the earth is flat? There\’s so many facets of the Mandela Effect to study it\’s hard to pick one.

  119. Hello Everyone…

    I live in the rather luxurious region of my city I reside in lately.
    And as much as it is vastly visited on many occasions: The general residence (If nothing visually) tend to know each other in some way.
    (My gratitude forehand for not asking me where this is)

    But last year around today… three days upon each other whilst walking the dog after leaving my son off to school: I have come cross this rather interesting individual claiming he was also from here from birth but excused my not knowing him to the fact that he was out of country for too many years.
    Later through sheer coincidence he opened up the subject of quantum physics (A subject I chose to specialize in). And to my surprise he kept mentioning of theories he was too sure that it would surpass me. But as I proved to be beyond novice he started making further statements that sort of did force me to reserve my doubts.

    He claimed that he had his theories for two decades now and that his investigations were held top secret. That he was working for the Americans now and was located in Israel. He said he had only 10 days that he had to handle matters but that he was using this as an excuse for handling personal matters he had to physically be present here with.

    I will have to remind you that I constantly spoke with this guy in each occasion with serious reserves. He did strike me by as one that was trying to catch the attention of an odd ball like myself… But he claimed that there was no such thing as an unpredictable future and that he periodically would jump to the future as is. And that he had many more experiments that he had to overcome before he can correctly prove his theories.
    I have a very foggy memory of the details in-spite both the fact that he gave many details and that I am actually rather good with remembering intricate details.

    He told me of the “companies/powers” controlling the world and how they would have a power shift a few times in these decades. I was to watch out for a variety of dates he stated to be VERY important (“His stating these dates alone would “prove” that he is not a fake when the time comes” was his words).
    The one date he so insisted on was 2029… Hence the only reason I am having you patient people read through my babbling.
    I have so coincidentally come cross Mr. St#ins comment here and could not pass it by.
    He also had a remark about this year… As well as 2019. But 2024 was the big boom… And not even 2024 could have prepared us for 2029. He said “prepare yourself for that year. Just keep that year in mind (I now sort of regret not fully recalling the dates as he had months stated as well).
    His last words I recall vividly was that I had to read up on Nostradamus (Particularly about the middle east) as he had too clearly already given all the answers and he was the greatest of time travelers to date. I was sure he hit hard rock as I knew the writings of Nostradamus all too well. And he just insisted on and said: “Then read them again”.
    I have not reread them since our conversation.

    Before any of you jump to conclusions about this information please show patience to read what follows:
    What this man told me that he was not sure if I was ready for is that such “travels” were only made possible through sexual intercourse. And he was doing this experiment with four specimens (One of which being his ex-wife in fact). He added that the less they were aware the better the results would prove to be.
    This particular statement was what got me to take this mans words with a rather hand-full of salt. I have met far too many middle-age guys using “Alternative” science to get laid.
    Everybody has their opinion of right and wrong and to my personal understanding I have never found this right nor acceptable.
    I had rather skeptically registered all he had said due to this very statement. But I must include that I had my doubts on rejecting his theories as some of them really had added up.

    To last test your patience please allow me a few more words of my own…
    If you would consider the universe as a multi-verse all simultaneously happening at literally the same time at literally the same space it occupies then I think that what we would claim the “real” universe would come down to the one that we are capable of perceiving. Or to put it into a different statement: That we are “tuned” to perceive.
    I would really have to write pages to correctly detail this theory but I so believe I have before me a group of rather capable individuals that can put the most of it together.

    But one of the problems where such theory to show we live the universe would get confusing or lack grounds is when we witness unobserved developments like the shaped heavens we see through the new highly improved telescopes or the past lives of the many I meet randomly on my travels throughout the world (Since unlike watching the world news I am actually in contact with a person of a history)
    The later can be formulated as “My perception can simply build such means of connecting with this person in some way.” but when I mix the two with each other matters get complicated. Like how random chatting on the internet creates sudden non existing connections through two perceptions as well as realities without the usual protocol… Which the lack of “protocol” can mean that time and space does not have enough “bend” ability to accommodate the linking.
    As follow up: I had theorized that excessive use of mobile phones at the level, complexity and full-jacket connect-ability it is currently could cause a lot of clashes in perceptions and thus create a rather interesting effect. If not a breakdown of sorts. I wouldn’t know…

    Please forgive the amount of time I have taken from your lives. But by reading these would you only be able to fully appreciate the shock I have had in reading Mr. St#ins quote listed well above.
    I do not know if this knowledge would further any of your theories. Or inspire you for any answers.

    Thank you for your time… As it means everything.

    1. Interesting comments, Black. Also, I’d also take the man’s assertions with a liberal dose of salt. Nevertheless, if you see him again, using your phone as a voice recorder might be a good idea, or at least ask him more specifics about 2029, 2024, and anything we can see now that points to it. (And then, after your conversation, be sure to note exactly what he’d said.)

      What you’re saying definitely overlaps with Mr. Stain’s comments.

      For other readers: I checked Black’s IP number against Mr. Stain’s and it’s not a match. Not even close; in fact, they’re on almost exactly opposite sides of the world.

      However, for posting at a WordPress site, almost anyone can spoof an IP, forge a header, etc. It’s not that difficult. (A classic article:

      In addition, if Mr. Stain is traveling the world for any reason, he might be behind several comments at this site, each from a very different location. Mostly, I look for writing style & syntax, as well as the quality of what’s said.

      The reason I quickly compared the IP numbers is the inconsistent mix of language (formal and slang) and spelling in Black’s comment. That raised some red flags, because his writing and message share several commonalities with Mr. Stain’s.

      (By contrast, John D’s comment is phrased very differently.)

  120. I was watching this video and put the following comment:

    “I was looking at the various changes to see if there was anything common to these changes. This may not show up consistently, but I noticed that many of the changes went from a general or inclusive tense, to a more specific or individual tense. US to ME, THEY to HE, THE to THIS, WE’RE to YOU’RE. My own view on this would be that it is to encourage the separation amongst humanity, where a united humanity would come together and see through their house of cards. Maybe it is something that you guys could look at as you come across more of these. Cheers.”

    Then in part two I wrote:

    “Further to my comment in part 1, I hadn’t mentioned the Forest Gump quote, but that too is is moving it from generalities for all. Life IS like, for all of us, to my life WAS like. Also when you think about the context of sex IN the city is general, whereas sex AND is specific. I admit that one is less obvious and is more of a subtle change.

    OK, I just got to the point where you mention they are separating us from a team and individualising. If it is not the sole reason is definitely one of the main reasons.”

    Fiona, without reading through all the comments here, is this something that you have looked at?

    1. David, I hadn’t taken this topic in that direction, because it easily verges on conspiracies. (I’m not saying conspiracies don’t exist. I’m certain that certain individuals and groups are in power positions, and using that power for not-always-altruistic goals. This just isn’t the site for those kinds of discussions.)

      Nevertheless, you raise a very good point about rhetoric, subliminal suggestions, and individuation.

  121. Putting aside the actual memory differences, I find it intriguing that people that are absolutely in agreement with me of changes, [B Bears – 9 retired schoolteachers, Thanksgiving week, Forest Gump’s line], are sometimes astonished, but not inclined to pursue the mystery. Perhaps we should keep an eye on these people to see if their interest changes, and if it does, what the factor might have been.

  122. A 1942 novel, Death and the Spider by Grant Stockbridge(Novell Page) describes a powerful spell cast by an evil and dark entity,Fulton Gray,that engulfs the U.S,making people kill each other,suggestions overwriting the sanity,and near total collapse of society,a mass hypnotism spreading in concetric circles with the perpretator remaining elusive.The story is non commital till the end as to how it was achieved,infact the whole story is shrouded in mystery and ends in a timid victory of good vs evil.ME resemblance is strong and as confounding.

  123. First of all, I am very surprised that no one has mentioned a common premise of early sci-fi called “The Butterfly Effect” concerning time travel and the terrible consequences of it. Secondly, some of Black’s comments struck me strange. Having been aware of and involved in the occult in the past, I do know that blood sacrifice and sex magick, as mentioned frequently by Aleister Crowley, give off a type of energy strong enough to cast very bad spells. [Edited: References to that kind of practice.]

    During this time, I started feeling what I can only call pockets of “time distortion”, as if there was no such thing as time. Everything was happening at once , Sometimes I would get very strong visions right in front of me of very specific, detailed events happening in the same space, at the same time, overlapping…. I don’t think any of us truly understand how this universe works.

  124. Is it possible that the historical fact differences are, when detected by the time travelling/dimension jumping entities, signals that the dimension they are currently in is about to deteriorate or collapse and they need to leave NOW?

  125. Okay, so this is more along the line of a kind of Trickster idea, and it was just something I noticed. I’ll run through a few things, and connect them – I recall Spike, in Gremlins, not Stripe. Spike makes sense because of the marketing at the time – the punk angle, primarily. Plus, it beautifully describes the character. It weas even on a poster. Field of Dreams – I am resolute in that it was “Build it and they will come.” Important, because the movie emphasized teams…and now, emphasizes the individual. Jaws- it’s “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” as in the movie, they all become a team, whereas “You’re gonna need a bigger boat, emphasizes the Sherriff wanting to bail, and isolating Quinn. “Life was like a box of chocolates” (which is wrong) emphasizes that an earlier reality was full of magic and charm. “Luke, I am your father” is both far more poetic, and also is the entire reason for the movie – the other line turns Vader into a whiny brat. “It’s a beautiful day IN the neighborhood” perfectly describes Mr. Rogers – he is saying that all neighborhoods are good, that all neighborhoods have beautiful days, because that’s what Mr. Rogers was all about – inclusivity. Also, the changed lyric lacks poetry, as does ‘magic mirror on the wall’ In these cases, there are a few things at work – a change to a clunky, lesser form of art and poetry, a change from a team idea to individualism, or an indication that this reality, or parts of it, that is now being expressed, is literally shabbier, self-obsessed. All of these glitches also share the quality of compelling one to think, to pay attention, while not actually really harming the overall fabric (I hope!). Thus the Trickster, behind the scenes, leaving little clues. I dunno, just a bit of a theory at the moment.

  126. Oh right…Having read the markers idea, it makes a lot of sense…which would support alternate realities…I’m wondering if there isn’t a bleed over between parallel realities on oh, let’s say frequencies close to each other. On a personal note, I was only mildly interested in the bears one – although I asked my roomie “That book with the bears – what were they?” she answered instantly ‘Berenstein.’ But, it was Gremlins, Field of Dreams, and Star Wars that did it for me. Those are the ones I cannot wrap my head around. Those are the ones that made me think “What is going on here?” Exaclty much like others have reacted. I find it interesting that they are considered conspiracy theorists, when there’s far more questions than answers. And I think that’s the point. I suspect that the actual reality of it all lays somewhere between hologram universe and parallel realities (one could place parallel realities under , or within a hologram universe). What came to me, a few nights ago, was a simple question, one which I ask myself during trying times, struggles and such – “what is the meaning of this, and/or “what meaning shall make of this?” And when I considered meaning, that’s when odd little bells started ringing…that’s when a pattern emerged. For instance – Looney Tunes? I loved the old originals, wtached them all the time – and ‘tunes makes no sense! It’s as if someone, or something is aying “Look! Look here – this makes no sense. We’re trying to say “The whole thing makes no sense, something weird is going on” And this thing, the weirdest thing I’ve ever come across, seems to be happening across the board, in real time, to many different people. Anyways, I prefer, at the moment, to think that maybe it’s a kind of trickster message, but that’s mostly because then it makes a bit more sense.

    1. Bryce , really good comment. I am in agreement with you here. I have posted many similar ideas. It’s as if someone/thing WANTS us to notice. Why and for what reason, well that’s why we are here in a way. Mike H.

  127. If we keep things in abeyance without adding witnesses or taking video or image,like say a chipped plaster on the wall or a cracked plastic cover of a standby mobile,will it heal by itself ?,or say we keep half a dozen 10$ notes inside a file cover for use in an emergency only,will they last till a dozen of them have been taken out?.If the tarot cards are blessed by entities for a just querent,the same should happen with spontaneous healing and perpetual piggy bank.

      1. That chick named Cynthia Sue Larson thinks that the spontaneous healing/placebo effect is due to shifting universes.

  128. I would like to preface this by saying that most of the effects do not resonate with me. Jif has always been Jif. I do remember \”Sex In The City\”, though I would\’ve swore it was on Showtime not HBO. I remember \”Interview With A Vampire\”. And it was always \”beautiful day in the neighborhood\”.

    Now, one thing I have noticed in society is that we don\’t really focus on the whys. You get in your car, turn the ignition and it starts. Why? You can invoke all sorts of names like spark plugs, solenoids, etc. That\’s how, not why.

    Why does putting a pair of cardboard cylinders with metal ends turn on a flashlight? For that matter, why does a glass bulb with a wire inside do anything?

    You can find all sorts of information as to the how, what, where and whens. But, not why. I can\’t help but wonder if things work the way they do simply because we believe they will.

    If one looks at history, inventions and ideas rarely occur from a single person. Usually there are multiple people who will get an idea for the same thing at relatively the same time, with the caveat that only one gets the recognition.

    I\’m more music and film oriented. Black Sabbath is usually cited as being the pioneers of heavy metal. However, if one were to dig you would find several bands with no relation that seemingly come up with similar sounds at the same time.

    Films are like this as well. One year everyone is doing comedies. The next year everyone is tapping into the supernatural or natural disasters.

    Certainly a lot can be explained by mere copycats riding the bandwagon but not all. It\’s almost like the is a collective conscious that we are all a part of.

    Now, apply this on a universal scale. If at a certain point, the majority believes that \”Interview With A Vampire\” is \”Interview With The Vampire\” could our collective minds not change reality to what we percieve?

    Take Schrodinger\’s cat. It states that the cat is niether alive or dead until it is observed. I\’m simply taking that one step further. It is niether alive or dead until the observer pre-determines the outcome.

    Perhaps those of us who remembers certain things differently are renegades refusing to be caged by mass mentality. Free thinkers, if you will.

    Bear in mind that I\’m not saying this as fact. I do believe in alternate worlds.

  129. This was touched on somewhere else. When looking up on Google the TV shows we remember differently, the ‘old’ memory usually appears on the first page at the bottom as an alternate choice, although that spelling doesn’t appear in the item chosen to view.
    I tried a little experiment by looking up ‘Leave it to Beever’ instead of Beaver, ‘Gilligen’s Island’ instead of Gilligan and The Andy Griffin Show’ instead of Griffith. Beever, Gilligen and Griffin came up as misspellings and I was taken to the intended site. In the Griffith-Griffin instance, I didn’t notice Griffin as an alternate choice initially, but when I went back later and typed again, I found Griffin in a few of the choices.
    So I propose this idea.. Look up ‘Faulty Towers’ instead of ‘Fawlty Towers’. When I did, I was taken to the correct spelling of ‘Fawlty’ and no alternate suggestions were listed at the bottom of the page. If enough of us do this, we could create that legitimate alternative and ultimately change the TV show’s name to ‘Faulty Towers’. [Not that I really want to do that – but as an experiment!]
    It still doesn’t explain to me how my children’s book covers have ‘changed’, but it may point towards something bigger like how our consciousness works.

  130. not sure if anyone has referenced the series “Farscape” yet but in case not here is something you all may find relevant to theories of timelines, wormhole “slips/slides”, discrepancies all tied up nicely in a theoretical/philosophical episode regarding the question of time:

    Season 4 episode 11 “Unrealized Reality” and it’s continuation in episode 12 “Kansas” (at the end of previous episode hero John Crichton says something about not being “Kirk, Luke, Flash etc… I’m just Dorothy”…hmmm)- which brings the crew back in time to mid 80’s and referenced space shuttle explosion. Episode 13 concludes the story line with “Terra Firma”.

    Interestingly, the whole “wormhole/time/space” matter is the premise which launches the series and is foundational to almost every episode and the key to all of the characters finding their way back “Home.”

    In all, the series aired in the US from 1999 – 2003 & is comprised of 4 seasons of 22 episodes each making for a total of 88 regular season episodes before it was cancelled with a major cliff hanger which then gets resolves in a mini series not yet available on Netflix where I have been watching… Also I believe the 6 or so episode coda to the series- The Peacekeeper Wars- is not easily available on dvd- the rights were supposedly bought up by some German interest & I don’t know whats up with that

      1. I did as well and am not surprised that these numbers caught your attention, Mike H. But what is the next step (in thought/theory/summation/creative leap) if there is one? Is it just smart people playing with significant numbers and those who pay attention? Do the numners have any significance beyond what “We” ascribe, lend or otherwise imbue them with? Is this just on the one side a mind f#$k & on the other an exercise in ego gratification/distraction or is there something more? I have been asking myself these questions and more for the past several months and keeping my own council… wondering if we play into the “game” here, if that is a trap of circular logic, infinite metalevels of thought, or if there are indeed clues here to understanding and markers outlining a roadmap “home” transcending the veru system we are all playing within… and now I fear I’ve gotten a bit deep- beyond just throwing spaghetti against the wall… but I think the way to anything… something so important an simple its easy to dismiss, devalue and forget is PLAY… and truely I don’t know where the next step even personally is so I welcome any thoughts, especially if anyone has watched the referenced episodes…
        NaMaste & InLa’kesh

        1. Hi Leslie A.D.

          What is the next step? That is the right question. I can tell you that from my own experience, and Fiona can attest to this, I’ve found the >next step< more than once. Each time it either brought me backwards to where I would scratch my head and say, wait a minute, I came up with this already, and probably more than once and posted about it here or the more interesting scenario would occur … I hesitate to post the details of this information because quite frankly it must be personal to each individual or you just don't get it. You get stuck not taking the journey yourself. That last statement in itself took a realization that I wouldn't let go of. But once you find an answer … your answer … I suggest getting out of your own way, stay out of your head, so the next answer may come along. Sorry for being so cryptic, but each time I discover something more mind blowing than the last, another comes along. And I don't expect it to end, it's a circle of life. While a lot of soul searching and clearing old long forgotten personal memories became routine for me, it helped a great deal. The Mandela Effect wasn't even the beginning for me, I just wasn't aware of those moments, until a time where I could comprehend what those moments meant for me. I suggest asking questions and keep asking. And when you really want to claw your way out of the rabbit hole, ask more questions and expect the answers. Keep in mind that our minds are not capable of knowing everything there is to know. And once you understand that … well …

          1. Thank you so much, Anthony, for that really insightful and compassionate response. Right after I read it and then posted response to Daniel and Fiona, a seemingly at first disturbing experience & concerning experience occurred the next morning. At first I jumped to some conclusions, but remembering your post helped me to achieve a more broadly positive and constructive perspective. Also It connected well, to a some other things leading back to the farscape episode nd then right back to here which I will post as soon as I have it all worked out suitably to be productive in this context. I am sure you will recognized your thoughtful influence when you read it!

            If its not to personal or untoward, could you please expand on/get more specific about those aspects you alluded to or left out, esp. regarding this part of your post:
            ” I hesitate to post the details of this information because quite frankly it must be personal to each individual or you just don’t get it. You get stuck not taking the journey yourself.”

            I get that and why, but I also know that little will stop me, though some events might derail me temporarily, from continuing my own journey. It is however very frustrating when you understand the dynamics of such things to be constantly told: you have to find your own path/truth… trust your self… etc… when for a long period of time all structure has been systematically demolished and it as if there has been some over arching energetic gas-lighting going on to the point where you have to create something from nothing inside a void now reflected back to you by others on a similar path as enigmatic clues meant to reveal and conceal at the same time. When you trust nothing in a trauma inspired c-ptsd kind of way, it is very difficult to achieve that level of self trust and confidence in a vacuum… you understand?

            Anyway regardless, your response as it stands had been informative & inspiring. Thank you!

            1. Hi Leslie!

              I feel how much you don\\\’t want to hear this next line but, if it was time for you, you would have found it. Be patient. Go slow when you find your next step. As a phrase I have received in meditation, \\\”slow your roll\\\”! When I slowed it down, more came in.

              Incredibly enough, I just had a new and wondrous experience that prompted me to write to you. This one left me shaken but it has passed, I AM quite excited about it. Your answers may be here but you\\\’ll have to feel it. You\\\’ll know, when you know.

              Some of those cryptic past experiences, I have already posted on this site and it seems they might be a bit of a puzzle to find. One in particular was connected to what started all of this for me without me even realizing it. I will say, with Fiona\\\’s approval, is what I found MY next step to be. It could be yours as well or it could be something else. For me the next step was to change my perception of reality. The Mandela Effect was a stepping stone. To come to the conclusion that my perception of the reality that we have been programed to believe was not changed by the Mandela Effect, seems ludicrous. But I needed something else. I found something before I discovered Fiona\\\’s Mandela Effect site. I blew it off because it was totally ridiculous. But it was perfectly ok with me that I grew up eating Jiffy peanut butter yet it never existed. I was \\\’guided\\\’ to the Mandela Effect for some time, only to \\\’accidentally\\\’ click a video that pertained to the ridiculous information I blew off. I left it again. I just wouldn\\\’t listen. Then one day I searched videos for the Mandela Effect and nothing appeared except for that same ridiculous topic. That topic was Flat Earth. I swallowed the red pill and went down the rabbit hole. I talk, it\\\’s what I do. I talk to open minds, it\\\’s what \\\’spirit\\\’ has me do. I was ridiculed and laughed at so much that I spit the red pill out. I became very depressed and didn\\\’t understand why, until one day I found Flat Earth again and I was free. And let me tell you, not as free as I AM now! Anyway, for me, it wasn\\\’t so much about the Earth not being a ball, ⚽ it was the epiphany that I couldn\\\’t prove it either way. My entire world changed, not because I studied the FE video\\\’s but because my old perception of life was crushed and a new perception emerged. It doesn\\\’t matter which of lifes truths you uncover as long as it resonates with you.

              Honestly you\\\’d think experiencing personal Mandela Effects would be enough. But for me it wasn\\\’t. Everything is connected! I rarely \\\’believe\\\’ anything anymore as absolute. The FE material lead me to questions that were answered on a more paranormal level. The strange thing about that is the answers came months before the questions.

              Advice: Cleanse Physically Mentally and Spiritually. This makes the journey more of an amalgamation rather than specific events. Get out of your head, you are not your mind!

              I hope this helps, I love you, Fiona and everyone who ever visits this site! ❤

              1. Something to chew on and believe this, some speculation rather than truth or belief … I’ve come to some discovered agreed upon ideas that are relevant here and could or should be included. Maybe just a maybe mind you, God was asked to reveal the truth about where we live and why because it was posed that there are enough human beings who are ready and can handle it. What if this truth would stop all wars and hate crimes? This world is beautiful and that would make it more so. Now without getting to deep. What if the Creator of physical reality wasn’t ready for the truth to come out. What would God do? Maybe show us Mandela Effects or other things or clues. Give to mankind what some have searched for all their lives. Parts 10 and 11 of 12 in the playlist below touch on this. But the whole, of the information by Mark Sargent is very well done. Enjoy.


                1. Leslie A.D. Fiona and all who are following this tiny potion of this Theory thread. Something that I surmised about the above playlist after I posted it … I would suggest that Part 12 talks about the Mandela Effect without ever giving examples and without ever mentioning it. The creator of these videos is well aware of the Mandela Effect. I know he doesn’t discuss it much, I assume because he’s busy with other things.

                2. Anthony, those are interesting views. I’d have to work with them in the context of time being a filing system, not anything “real,” the way that we think we’re experiencing it.

                  Also, this is wandering into theological/religious territory, so — at this site — let’s not go further down that path. However, I’m glad you’ve given some interesting pointers for those who’d like to pursue it, and discuss it in other forums.

                  1. Fiona, I was wondering if the ideas wondered far enough to be omitted. I tried to choose my words carefully, yet at the same time, I did not want to come across as being deceitful. I AM happy you approved the post.

    1. ok… So in the spirit of camaraderie, commrad-ship and since I started unearthing this rabbit-hole/worm-hole… and most especialy in the spirit of PLAY, I figured I might as well get more specifically in tune with what I sensed possibly going on in these episodes and began to re- watch episode 11 “Unrealized Reality” and put to use my much devalued and scoffed at (by family & friends) innate and college honed abilities of critical thought and pattern recognition and analysis and start to break down & deconstruct the “narrrative” textually & subtextually, etc…

      So here goes- my rudimentary semi-arbitrary starting point for methodological inquiry and foundation for theoretical/hypothetical formulation/ruminations … a bridge and springboard for this format/context of sorts… (taken from notes jotted as I paused and transcribed)

      Opening scene establishes current context of episode…opening theme & credits…to:

      Hero John Crichton (which when I was later transcribing dialogue and shortened went holy shit! how come I didn’t see this before?: J.C.) havong been floating in space outside his ship was accidentally sucked into a wormhole he’d been studying… comes to consciousness on what looks like an isolated iceberg in space. His first words:

      JC: “Kansas, in the winter. Oh Hell, I’m getting the ‘Gone to the Island of Misfit Toys’ things. Just waitin’ on the Titanic.”…
      …”Nanook? Beelzabub?”…

      Entity appears- white skinned, white hair with completely blacked eyes- sort of like the eyes of some New ahildren shown on youtube, or Black Goo eyes… hmmm…(at this point I note that I physically feel the materiality beneath me- I am sitting on a sofa on my second floor- shift, tremble slightly) Chrichton remarks on the entity’s human appearance and clothing:

      JC: “Nice threads…helps humanize you, makes it easier for me to sympathize with your problems.”…
      (here I note on his use of the colloquial “threads” of the adage, “A stitch in time saves nine” and the line from the song “Season of the Witch” “…you’ve got to pick up every stich…” and remember that I had been meaning to research their meaning but never did and if I do now all will be diverted so if anyone knows…)

      First exchange between JC and “Entity”:

      Entity: “Time”
      JC: “‘s up”
      E: “Time”
      JC : “Flies”
      E: “Time”
      JC: “Bandits”
      E: “Time”
      JC: “Wounds all heal”
      E: “Time”
      JC: “Rosemary &…”
      E & JC: “Time/Thyme”
      ?: ” ‘s up”

      As E moves towrds JC, JC pull out pulse pistol, shoots and the the blast heading towrds E is stopped mid air…

      E: “Time”…
      E: “Time is…”
      JC: “Infinite, relative…”
      E: “Time is meaningless and yet is all that exists…”

      ok enough of a start to chew on?

      Incidentially, as I was writing down the show, season & episode as a header in my notebook, I noticed as I wrote ep.11 “Unrealized…” how similiar the 11 and the notation for quotes or, in brit speak, inverted commas, looked next to each other and wonder if there is anything except brain taffy to make of that?

      would love thoughts and partiipation of others if this seems like a fun & productive ground of exploration…

      1. addendum

        ok so what I see here standing out as the meat to work with:

        Time, time, time
        Kansas- Oz ref
        The Island of Misfit toys- From Rudilf/Rudolph the Red-nosed RD- Mentioned at length I believe in other comments
        ‘s up
        Flies (as in “the Lord of” ???
        Time Bandits- Terry Gilliam of Monty Python directed & one of my fave flixs and refs Dark Matter- “Don’t touch it, it’s EVIL”
        Rosemary & Thyme- Simon & Garfunkel rendition of traditional Celtic ballad – need to research

        Is the insomnia & hyperactive mind GLARINGLY OBVIOUS? anybody want to come & play?

        1. LAD … In regards to what you are doing with Farscape, I have also done with Star Trek mainly TNG. After awhile you will find that there are Mandela Effect clues or references in other Science Fiction shows. Maybe others genre’s as well but I never seemed to be interested in anything else. Currently, I AM doing the same thing with Fringe and Continuum without taking notes. I just laugh, because that’s my sign I’ve spent enough time escaping … My guess is you are taking your path and it’s the right path because its yours. And that goes for everyone!

          I AM very grateful for Fiona and the creation of this site! Thank you Fi and thanks for letting me throw in my two cents now and again.

      2. Incidentially, as I was writing down the show, season & episode as a header in my notebook, I noticed as I wrote ep.11 “Unrealized…” how similiar the 11 and the notation for quotes or, in brit speak, inverted commas, looked next to each other and wonder if there is anything except brain taffy to make of that?

        What are your thoughts on the forward and backslash symbols? There have been mentions about seeing them on this site and not knowing why- especially since we did not type them in. I just placed a post and although I used quotes in one section the only section where a backslash was thrown in was with the use of the mandela effect in question. So of course I look up a little bit about forward and back slashes. The major thing that sticks out is that the back slash is what they say is an ESCAPE SEQUENCE. Then of course you look at the way the back slash if formed with the foot being set in what I would like to term the present with the head reaching back. The forward leaning to the future used by Mac and Unix systems versus Windows which makes use of back slash for referencing and dare I say creating a portal to escape the current and reference all fx on my system that lead up to the present like hitting the ESC key.

        Yeah, I don’t know. Not really my field maybe others can help to expound.

        1. In a mundane context, the added backslashes are probably due to a software interaction/glitch. However, I haven’t been able to identify the source, yet, and — for the moment — I’ve given up on trying to debug this. I do know that only some comments include them. Generally, they’re where inverted commas (quotation marks) would appear… but not always.

          1. The same thing often happens to me when leaving comments on youTube and the subjects of the videos I am commenting on are all at least within the same ball park as subjects discussed here related to ME.

          2. Holy glitch… I was just finished typing what I am about to retype. about to hit post when as I was looking down at the keyboaed b/c I can’t type I noticed in the periphary f my vision the moniter (right now my large screen TV) flash… I look up and the post I had just typed- all of 2 lines had disappeared and been replaced by the previous post in reply to Fiona reappeared, but when I scrolled up that exact comment was in its proper place following Fiona’s comment awaiting moderation…hmmm…

            anyway here it is again… lets see if it makes it this time…

            Berenstein Bears- B.B.- looks a lot like 88
            Froot Loops- oo, oo- 88 sideways

            ;P to the A.I.!

        2. Daniel,

          Good follow up. Unfortunately I am very computer language illiterate. The only corrolation I can come up with is from a Santos Bonacci interview where he talks about sound resonance & all languages having the same 7 vowel sounds- and pronounces them linguistically- ie. a= \”ah\”, e=\”eh\” etc… and states that there are actually 2 \”e\” vowel sounds and 2 \”o\” vowel sounds – one each with the forward accent and one each with the backward accent. I forget what they are called, tho I think one is \”gave\” pronounced grahv (long ah sound..) maybe you can pick this up?

  131. “A Stitch in Time saves nine.”

    “A stitch in time saves nine, a proverbial saying, early 18th century; meaning that a small but timely intervention will ensure against the need for much more substantial repair later. The saying was originally a couplet, with nine chosen as the number for assonance.”

    From my Mac dictionary ap:
    (Of particular note see the very last line under “origin”- The sense of a “loop”)

    stitch |stiCH|
    1 a loop of thread or yarn resulting from a single pass or movement of the needle in sewing, knitting, or crocheting.
    • a loop of thread used to join the edges of a wound or surgical incision: a neck wound requiring forty stitches.
    • [ usu. with adj. ] a method of sewing, knitting, or crocheting producing a particular pattern or design: basic embroidery stitches.
    • [ in sing., usu. with negative ] informal the smallest item of clothing: a man answered the door without a stitch on.
    2 a sudden sharp pain in the side of the body, caused by strenuous exercise: she ran with a stitch in her side.
    verb [ with obj. ]
    make, mend, or join (something) with stitches: stitch a plain seam with right sides together | they stitched the cut on her face | [ as adj.,in combination ] (stitched) : hand-stitched English dresses.
    in stitches
    informal laughing uncontrollably: his unique brand of droll self-mockery had his audiences in stitches.
    a stitch in time saves nine
    proverb if you sort out a problem immediately it may save a lot of extra work later.
    stitcher |ˈstiCHər| noun.
    stitchery noun
    Old English stice‘a puncture, stabbing pain,’ of Germanic origin; related to German Stich ‘a sting, prick,’ also to stick2. The sense ‘loop’ (in sewing, etc.) arose in Middle English.

    So, to “pick up” a stitch in sewing, if I recall correctly, is to loop back through the previous stitch before piercing the fabric to begin the next new stitch, thus “picking up” the previous stitch and carrying forward into the next… in crocheting & knitting, to “drop” a stick is a method, I believe, where by one neglects to pick up the stitch or loop from the previous row of stitches, creating one or more “free floating” stitch(es) loop(s) before then resuming the regular “pick up” thus creating the effect of “holes” in the material plane being woven”

    So to avoid holes or possibly “irregularities and the weave, one must be careful to “pick up every stitch.” Having both crocheted & knitted, I know how easy it is, especially with small needles and tight stitches to miss a pick up and yards later when looking at the “big picture” only then notice the inconsistency the missed pick up creates. Quite a metaphor for the fabric of time/space!

    1. Season of the Witch by Donovan
      from the album Sunshine Superman released May 1966

      song on Youtube:
      One truly groovy tune- makes me wanna get my \”hippie\” on & dance…;)

      song notes from recording session:

      knowing there has been some exploration here of numerological significance at ME, and to connect back to the Farscape \”thread\”, here\’s some fun explorations of the 88 meaning. 11:11. repetitive numbers from some youtube channels – I suggest keeping an open mind for relevant clues/direction/ info (411) that transcends any particular perspective- Keep what works/is constructive and s.c. the rest!
      Flight MH-370 and The Crazy 88\’s Part

      11:11 Meaning – All About 11:11 and Repetitive Numbers

      (this one references being a \”time traveler\”)

      Have Fun!

  132. ok, theses are the ones I was looking for earlier but couldn’t find, They are really good & very relevant, I think:

    WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE: The 88 Paradox
    “88 represents a dimensional rift in time… an opening, a portal..” where 2 worlds collide- also ref.s The B. Bears!

    CRAZY 8’s! Amtrak Train, Google Doodle, Tri-Delta, Tesseract, Saturn
    Good info plus research references

    TIME & SPACE: The Case of the Vanished Year – Broken REALITY
    Refs ME and B. Bears & connects to 88 & posits some theory… & Cern Film festival welcoming ages 8-88 on dates March 24-29, 2015…. The 83-88th day of the year, 3 looks like a broken 8…Author Madalyn Langolr who wrote “A Wrinkle in Time” diesd age 88, Flash Gordon issue “The case of the Vanished Year” issue #88, Flash creator Harry Lampert dies age 88- Flash referenced by John Crichton in Farscape episode #11 “Unrealized Reality”, and didn’t one of the B. Bears authors die at age 88? …

    1. Woah. I called a lifelong friend the other night whom I haven’t had a nice long conversation with in a while, and during a 3 hour or so phonecall introduced him to the vast scope of The Mandela Effect. He was shocked at a few, obviously, but he thinks very ‘out there’ like I always have, so he grasped it quickly. Oddly though, towards the end of the conversation, he seemed to…glitch? He like mumbled something like “we can find a secret way we could meet up, like if 8 people, like 8 people met at like park 8, with like 8 people, 8 8..”

      Something like that. Idk. He mumbled the number 8 a lot though..

  133. I’ve been pondering “sliding” or jumping for a while now. Is it our body/soul moving or are we stationary and it is time/space moving around us.

    As a child, I would often have these strange nearly out-of-body experiences. I would be talking and all of the sudden feel that the universe around me was shrinking or expanding. I suddenly felt very large, or very small depending. It also happened at night before sleep.

    I also had/have (it happened just the other day and triggered this whole thought process) moments with which I feel like consciousness is being pulled out of my body and then for a few moments my brain and soul cannot connect. I do things normally, I can carry a conversation. However for a moment NOTHING FEELS REAL. Since I was a child the only thing to snap me out of it was “This is real life. This is life. This is real.” over and over and over again until everything regrouped back into one streamlined process.

    I did some research and the large/small is referred to as Alice in Wonderland Syndrome and is common for children.

    The disconnectedness is also called Depersonalization. The explanation is anxiety/stress induced, however I have never had any sort of anxiety issues and I know that personally it’s not triggered by emotions.

    It made me wonder if these are merely symptoms of “sliding” or whatever is happening. If it is indeed a lucid changing from one to another. Because it is common among children, I also wonder if sliding is something so fluid and perhaps more natural than we think.

    Has anyone else felt these things? What do you guys think?

    1. Beckett, If anyone still had the faculties to feel and guys could think,all sanity(if it has survived)would collapse into a singularity.Google has aptly named its os as android,that’s what we are,ever upgraded versions of android.

      1. Why Vivek, you’re starting to sound cynical! LOL (If I’m an android — and I wouldn’t rule out that as a Mandela Effect explanation, kind of an adjunct/extension of the idea that this is a holodeck — I’m very impressed with the convincing details.)

    2. I too have experienced this phenomenon, though I cannot shed any light on it beyond what we have here. I do still some times feel that “out of synch” with external “reality” feeling. As a child and teen I did have many /more frequent or more noticed “deja-vu-y” occurrences. Once I was riding a mini-bike in a vacant lot with my father & brother watching aghast as I rounded a turn and ran straight into the wall of the building the lot was on. As I realized what was happening- too late- I tried to hand break forgetting it wa a foot break, heard sirens in the background (from the nearby parkway) and had the conscious thought, “how are they (ambulance/emergency ned) coming so soon, the accident just happened BEFORE I hit the wall and in that instant experienced the knowledge of the “deja-vu” and then hit the wall head on… weird and I have never been able to explain this one of several puzzling events.

  134. All esoteric theories of time I have come across reference Saturn.
    Saturn= Masculine, Red/fire (Venus =blue/water), kali/shiva (male & female hindu aspects of the “destroyer-god) (ie. to make room for new creation, to abolish that which inhibits growth…), Create/destroy/ Cronos/Chronos, Father Time, Twin Sun/black Sun and Ruler of the 7 celestial planetary bodies representing the physical plane, duality, The gateway of the gods on the astro=theological ecliptic, Temporality, life/death, good-god/evil-satan…

    Here are 2 good talks which explore these themes:

    Secrets of Saturn with Santos Bonacci- Oct 18, 2015

    AAE tv | Planetery Influences | The Artificial And Ascension Timelines | Laura Eisenhower | 2.27.16

  135. Substantial collaterel memory of a ME,feedback from the proximity of a topic,disregard for celebrity status of a person who inadvertently mentions an alternate version,allowing for the mob(crowd)mentality and confirmation bias, are some of the things to keep ME credulous.

  136. I heard something last night that talked about dimensions of parallel universes being like pages of a book. If the current univerese we are in rips, then the next page (aka. dimension) will bleed over into ours and vice-versa. I am just in awe of that theory right now and thought I would share to see if any of you have heard that before.

  137. I would like to add this to my prior comment regarding cell phones:
    The other day I came across Sharon Powell’s blog page Just looking at the main photo she has of Alice in Wonderland sitting with the Mad Hatter for tea of course sparked my interest and things just got curious and curiouser. Anywho, that particular article for the above link reminded me of where they say memory is said to be stored- the Temporal Lobe.

    Mrs. Powell suffers from TLE and describes perfectly what she notices in dealing with the condition. Others who have written about tinnitus, NDEs, and the like may be able to relate to what she is saying here and make a possible link to this phenomenon we are seeing. It may, for some, indicate the possibility of parallel dimension and help support the many worlds theories.

    To me….well it is extremely fascinating! I can not help but to think of EMF connections which may bounce those who are sensitive from one “portal” to the next. I am overwhelmed, at this time, just considering the many possibilities. One thing that sticks out in her blog as well is that for her, the auras and pre-ictal phase of her seizures can be excited by both good( adrenaline of seeing Christmas presents under the tree as a child) and bad triggers.

    My intentions are not to make this post” medical” nor “diagnostic” however, I think that perhaps excluding some of the conditions our culture has labeled takes a piece of the puzzle away that may be key to understanding. (Of course, each to his/her own)

    Respectfully speaking

    1. Daniel, I think you already know that I’m in agreement about EMF playing a role in some of this (and all “everyday” paranormal activity), but I figured I’d weigh in and mention it, for newer readers.

      1. Thank you Fiona. I have seen some of your paranormal write-up as well and the dangling pointer just seems to be making itself more obvious. (Tend to agree with a statement I heard that all things are electrical–Nikola? thoughts of course included. Seizures are electrical storms)

  138. All paranormal happenings due to emf,cease to be paranormal when they are linked to emf,same as the feeling of dread due to infrasound,unless of course such profound experience as time slip is encountered that is attributable to emf,but i am speaking for general population,not professional ghost hunters,though even they haven’t caused any paradigm shift of, laws of physics.The only paranormal phenomena i have faced with regularity is,synchronicity,and it is huge enough by itself.

    1. Technically correct, Vivek. In many cases, “paranormal” events are wholly explained by disorientation or other effects of elevated EMF, infrasound, and so on. The subjective experience makes it difficult to find acceptance of this.

      As a professional ghost hunter (whatever that is… I’ve been researching for 30+ years, so I suppose that counts), I believe that something extraordinary (not normal) is happening at some (not all) “haunted” locations. Whether it’s always an actual ghost is still uncertain, as is an understanding of what a “ghost” really is.

      In some cases, I believe EMF is a marker or element of the paranormal occurrence. Other factors are involved, and I believe that some (not necessarily all) unexplained events — including the Mandela Effect — may be accompanied by EMF markers, or made possible by something that involves (or creates) anomalous EMF.

      It’s a fine line. And, I don’t want to start a ghost-related discussion here; I have another website for that,

      However, I want to be certain to distinguish the variations of cause & effect regarding EMF and the Mandela Effect. I’m not ready to eliminate EMF as a marker or adjunct to the process by which the Mandela Effect occurs.

  139. There is electro magnetic field,there is electrostatic field and there is static magnetic field,the latter 2 are time invariant or in other words timeless.The electrostatic field or say static electricity is the least studied subject,at least not much is available in public domain.Being potentially devastating(as in case of lightning) the static electricity has a very secretive existence,in paranormal research emf detecters are used which are very benign tools to detect a time variant entity which in most cases are natural occurences because emf is so widely prevalent in nature even while being ubiquitous,on the other hand if a strong electrostatic field is created deliberately any paranormal phenomena may occur.Like in medical science there is diagnostic laproscopy and there is surgical laproscopy,for a fruitful paranormal result the way to go is to create the paranormal rather than detect one,again this is beyond any private enthusiast.There was a phantom comic where the phantom, just to amuse Diana Palmer’s mother took up a job with a hardware shop,a lady customer who wanted assorted goods for a jungle safari was told by phantom that the things they had won’t last a day in real jungle they were simply toys(he being a real jungle lord)he was promptly fired from the job,it’s mostly similar with emf meters,toys,though in rare cases and with really gifted person startling results have been observed.

    1. Vivek, the electrostatic component is intriguing. However, we’re wandering off-topic here, and I can tell from how you’re talking about EMF that the kind of paranormal research is best seen in real life. Apparently, my methods (and some others’) don’t convey well in text… or maybe I’m not making it clear how I conduct field research. Either way, we’re slightly (only very slightly) off the Mandela Effect topic, and there are better contexts for this conversation.

  140. Every time CERN starts up changes are noticed. Its called quantum physics/ holographic universe. If you cut one in half, each half contains whole views of the entire holographic image. The same is true if you cut out a small piece -­- even a tiny fragment will still contain the whole picture. So if you tamper with stuff at the quantum level (like CERN) you change everything universally. Start correlating CERN to sky phenomena, something exiting a black hole first time ever, floating cities, earthquakes, volcanoes, and of course the names, and movie changes. The trolls are out in full force to distract you from this. Wikipedia has taken down mandela effect on March 22, 2016 and redirects it to confabulation. Reddit is covering this up to and just put up a link April 3, 2016 stating wikipedia took mandela effect down 6 months ago, completely blocks my ip regardless of name. Youtube is keeping comments and views down on ones that show you it is happening and not your memory. People are stating they can’t see this video. Start focusing on CERN and stop arguing about if its happening. Just changed in April Swifter to Swiffer. also watch the names in all comments sections with names like: mason, ball, goat, buck, broome? etc… these names have to do with the occult if your in the know.

    1. Jon, that’s a very interesting list, but your phrasing borders on conspiracy topics.

      It also feels as if you’re targeting me in some of your hints. Since I’m the one who coined and popularized the term “Mandela Effect,” and I’ve been working for the past six or so years to bring this theory to people’s attention, that seems odd.

      Aside from my papers about folklore (including very general, occult topics), what does my surname (Broome) have to do with the occult? I understand the phonetic sound of Broome (broom) being associated with witches (one could say the same about place names like Ipswich, Norwich, and Sandwich), but what else puts it on that list, and how are you defining “occult”?

      The most popular definition is “supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena.” The popular definition of “mystical” includes “inspiring a sense of spiritual mystery, awe, and fascination.” The most popular definition of “spiritual” is “of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

      So, if I cobble those definitions together, “occult” can include anything fascinating that’s not related to material & physical things. That’s a fairly wide band, which can include everything from the power of prayer to the Mandela Effect; both of those are within my range of studies.

      You’ve included some good points, but left others open-ended with vague hints that I’d like clarified so I’m not inadvertently approving a conspiracy theory comment.

      In addition, including my name in your list raises the question of whether you might be working for those who’d like this topic (the Mandela Effect) to fade out of popular interest, as quickly as possible.

        1. Troy, I appreciate your insights and additional information. They’re very helpful in this case. (This could have been a volatile topic, so I edited Troy’s comment.)

  141. Comment #162

    This comment is a continuation of Comment #161 in the Category of Triggers and Markers, with the THEORY that when we die we shift into another Dimension. We, meaning our consciousness shifts into another Dimension where we didn\’t die. This Theory is by no means an Absolute.

    Speculation: Each Dimension is a layer and still infinite. The more we die, the more we shift and the more of the illusion of physical reality is revealed, as the WALL is broken. If true, I do not feel that this is the only means of shifting. At the densest point, of the illusion of physical reality we live on a ball (globe) in a massive universe. The more we shift or die, the more truth of what physical reality is and the more we are shown. In the words of Kurt Cobain, \”I\’m on a plane\” (Flat Earth Theory). If this is close to correct, the only question left is, \”What\’s the end game?\” There may be no ending as we would perceive it. This correlates with a recent \’dream\’ I had. I was taken to a place by Dannion Brinkley, a man who was struck by lightening twice and had died three times, (Four times in my memory. Yes, I recall getting an email stating he went home/died, yet, he is still with us. Another one of my own personal Mandela Effects.) The first place we visited was sad and lonely. There were people just sitting around mourning old friends and family wishing they had treated them better. This place to me was a trap of sorts, caused by beliefs these people picked up while experiencing one of their physical realities. A hint that we create our own reality. The second scene, and more to the point of this post, was a street where a woman was walking away with an old friend or family member. She was content with staying with this person but Dannion told me she had already gotten her gift and was gently pulled back by him. She then appeared as a small child jumping into a car. My interpretation, at the time, was that she got to talk with someone she had lost physically and it was now time for her to start over.

    Staying with this theory and adding some thoughts that others have brought to light, the more of the illusion of physical reality we shed or the more of the WALL we take down, the easier it is to create our own reality. The more Breaks in the WALL, the more malleable life becomes. And what\’s all this talk about being born again? And that one must die to be born again? Something to ponder, as if this wasn\’t enough …

    This also brings up Comment #23 where I speculated early on in my quest, that we all died with Fiona as a ghost catcher, guiding us to truth.

    Whether or not this is true, Thank You Fiona!

  142. What i can imagine is that the world might be in for an abrupt dramatic transformation of a violent kind,reminiscent of boris karloff comics,the 2 decades of hi-tec is ready to explode,could be nwo or could be just a spontaneous chain reaction.

    1. I’ve been pondering something similar Vivek. But, I AM on a path currently that if I’m afraid of something, I do it. If something massive were to happen, what’s to fear? Wouldn’t must of us in the know just shift our consciousness to something less abrasive? If we are multidimensional, there are many different multi-dimensions to choose from. Just a thought …

  143. (This is for all the people actually dealing with the ME effect)

    I will say this, I’m not sure if you can call this a study, but talking to more people and the fact that this has been going on since 2010 for me, that’s when I became “Aware” and noticed these changes. I can see why some people recall our reality compared to another reality. (follow me on this).

    What we recall has to do with long term memory and short term memory from the time we became aware.

    I’ve noticed that people who’ve had interest in subjects or have had important memories in their long term subconscious that they haven’t recently had any dealings with have a tendency to remember our old time/reality line.

    Think about short term memory as something that we use so often that we don’t actually question it. Since we see it so often. Example, I work in Marketing and Sales, since it’s something that I do day to day I wont notice any changes since I use it through out my day and often. The mind convinces itself that maybe you made a simple mistake and you just continue day to day as if there was no change at all.

    The reason the Mandela Effect is so prevalent in some people is because of the vivid memory that hasn’t been revisited in a while. Since it’s something we have had no dealings with a while prior to a certain date, we now notice these changes.

    My theory and observations lead me to believe that this reality is constant flowing and changing, that as changes are occurring it is much easier to go back to our long term memory and notice theses changes and a lot more difficult to notice them in our short term memory. A good indicator is to ask yourself. What is a subject I used to love and haven’t looked into in a while. What is an old memory of an event or instance that I considered important in the past but haven’t thought of in a while.

    Once you reach “awareness is when you start noticing short term memory changes from that your “Awareness” time on.

    I also think it goes deeper than that… I’m also saying that this shift happened all at 1 time and none of us became aware of it since we didn’t know we were suppose to be looking for it. those that experienced the ME all became “aware” at different times, so the reason some can recall this reality is because they took it as is (i.e. they made a mistake and took it as fact, so the long term memory that had the original information was overtaken by the short term memory and replaced)

    Just my 2 sense

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