Poll (closed): Have You Effected a Reality Change?

This poll (now closed) was for people who believe they have experienced a significant reality change (Mandela Effect).

Original post

Mandela Effect -reality changeI’m curious about your background, and whether — prior to the first time you noticed a change in your reality — you’d already been experimenting (pushing the usual boundaries) of accepted, everyday reality.

This could include:

  • Using prayer or magic to change the most likely outcome in a challenging situation.
  • Exploring past lives, reincarnation, karma, and other explanations for what’s happened in your life.
  • Other ways to facilitate (make easier) selected challenges or learning experiences in your life.
  • Attempts (successful or not) at astral travel, remote viewing, precognition, psychokinesis, etc. (Especially anything ESP-ish.)
  • Other practices (whether you believed in them or just tried them for fun) that were intended to empower you in relation to your effects on your personal reality.

You may cast your vote for more than one. Please remember that we’re looking for things you may have tried before the first time you noticed a reality shift.

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If you did something else (not in the poll) that might have had an effect on your immediate or later reality, please leave a comment about it.

Remember, this isn’t about blame or — at the other extreme — boasting.

It’s about pre-slide activity, and if patterns emerge in these polls.

Poll results

649 people participated in this poll. People could choose multiple answers; they weren’t limited to just one.

It looks like about 1/3 of respondents had used mind-expanding drugs, 1/3 had used religious intercession (like prayer), and 1/3 hadn’t made any attempts to influence reality or outcomes.

Here are the actual numbers:
poll results - other influences
215 people (15.3% of votes) said they’d used mind-expanding drugs [pink section of pie chart].
213 people (15.2%) said they’d used religious intercession methods (prayer, novenas, etc.) [blue section].
164 people had experimented with astral travel [yellow].
131 people had tried magic (magick) to cause changes [purple].
113 people had tried hypnosis or something like it [light blue].
74 people had used past-life counselling or other regression techniques [red].
134 people said they’d use other, miscellaneous New Age practices [dark green].
156 people (11.1% of votes) said they’d tested other reality- or outcome-practices [light green].
202 people (14.4% of votes) checked “none of the above.”

If you have any thoughts about this concept — that a deliberate act might have predisposed you to a reality shift — I hope you’ll comment here, too.


Photo courtesy of primozc, Slovenia

9 thoughts on “Poll (closed): Have You Effected a Reality Change?”

  1. I’m wondering if you’ve ever read the last chapter of “The Dilbert Future” by Scott Adams (the cartoonist), where he talks about using affirmations to achieve his goals? There’s some stuff in there about alternate realities that I’ve found pretty interesting.

    1. This chapter of this book changed my life. Shortly thereafter I discovered and a whole host of reality manifestation techniques and took college quantum mechanics classes that revealed some possible explanations for the mechanisms that underlie these processes.

      I feel like this is exactly what’s going on here. We can retroactively change the past by affirming a new present; reality rearranges itself to produce the intended outcome. And it has bizarre effects like the name of a series of cartoon bears changing. Or the word a color references changing to a completely different color. Or a celebrity’s death year changing.

      Manifestation is an amazing process and every time I am successful with it my mind is boggled once again. And now that I see its unintended side effects I am even more amazed…

      What’s really cooking my noodle right now: are the duplicate individuals who are natives to my new timestream the same people? How come some people seem to have come with me? I have a few friends that have exactly the same set of alternate memories as I do, and then I have a few friends who have only the memories that are proper to this timestream. What does it mean?

  2. BerenSTEIN Bears……..was looking at my kids books and they are spelled BerenSTAIN now…Real eye opener….I vividly remember the BerenSTEIN spelling…as i remember as a child being confused on the pronunciation?…..-Stine or -Steen. ….apparently that never happend as the name is BerenSTAIN….and apparently always has been????????

  3. Not for posting — just fyi, it should be “affected” in your title. Affect is the verb form. I wouldn’t even say anything but it’s in the title at the top of your page, and I really enjoy this site.

    1. Thanks, Brian, and you’re right about affect being the usual verb form. (I try to be mindful of tricky homonyms like affect/effect, which aren’t homonyms the way I say them, but they are to many people.)

      In this case, I did mean “effected.” I meant to include the concept of creating effects in one reality that might lead to (or predisposed one to) a “slide” to another reality. I also wanted to avoid the concept of “affecting” something in artifice terms. The distinction many seem small, but I’m that kind of finicky with my words.

      However, had I actually mixed up the words, I’d have been eternally grateful to anyone catching the error quickly. So, thanks!


  4. haven’t actually effected or affected a reality change,but the fact is many a time reality bends like a loop to accomodate my sundry problems.It’s almost like if i made a bet to jump off the brooklyn bridge even when i knew the east river was frozen solid,a hole would appear to break my fall.

  5. I don’t know if or how this may relate, but it is an interesting phenomenon that has occurred throughout my life. If I am out waking or driving at night, street lamps will turn out as I pass under them. Not all street lamps, but about every tenth one. When I was a child, I also thought I could control the stop lights if I concentrated hard enough. Occasionally, it feels like I still can as I have made lights that I initially thought I would miss and have to stop at.

    What makes me think this may somehow correlate to the shifts or changes hours back to my comment on the “when did you first notice the change” post. I mentioned there that I had about a decade gap in my life where everything felt very “off” or wrong. During that time, the street lamp thing stopped happening! I actually had kind of forgotten how common it was for me until earlier this year. My partner and I took our son out for an evening walk, and it happened twice! My partner commented on it, because it was very noticeable and dark on the street when they went out. I told him about how it used to happen all the time when I was young. That was when I thought about it and realized it had not happened at all that I could remember during that 10 year span! Like I said, I’m not sure if or even how this might connect to the time shifts, but I do find it interesting that it stopped during that “off” time in my life.

  6. A commenter on YT mentioned your site. I’m still wrapping my head around this. I’ve been noticing time gaps for a while.

    About two weeks ago I was certain we had 2 hours time added. Then a few weeks later I SWORE up and down and actually got mad at my husband that it was Saturday and it was actually Tuesday. That’s so not like me.

    I’v been manifesting things my whole life. I would ask for something and I’d usually find it on clearance or closeout or a superb price at a garage sale. Always what I needed.

    Fascinating blog.

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