Poll: Age-related Berenstein/Berenstain Memories?

Does age make a difference in how people remember the popular Berenstein (or Berenstain) Bears books? One of our readers — Kyle — suggested that age might give us some clues to how the Mandela Effect works.

This is a two-week poll and it’s only for those who recall Berenstain, not Berenstein. (Most people who comment at this site seem to recall Berenstein, so I’m especially interested in those who recall the Berenstain spelling.)

After this poll, I’ll run a similar poll for those who recall the Berenstein spelling, to compare the results.

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11 thoughts on “Poll: Age-related Berenstein/Berenstain Memories?”

  1. Oops, I did not read the question properly. I am the one (currently, only one) who voted “1960-1969”, and I recall them as the “Berenstein Bears”, E not A. I don’t see a way to reverse my vote; perhaps you could delete it?

    I think it would be useful to have two of these polls, actually — one for E, one for A. As it is, those of us from the “E universe” either can’t participate, or like I did, participate wrongly.

  2. Your poll is unfortunately rendered pretty unreliable even by the low-restrcition data gathering standards set. Not trying to BM, but it strikes me as an obvious detail to juxtapose the poll for viewers who remember BerenstEin so you get a notion of percentages during the time frame your poll is active. Doing one poll then the other completely splits the sample pools and reduces the quality of the statistics by a good amount.

    1. Sam Lathrop, the poll you’re describing will be featured in the future. This one was for a different purpose. I don’t always tell readers what I’m looking for with each poll, so they won’t inadvertently skew the numbers.

      However, describing any of these polls as especially “reliable” would be laughable. They’re informal and largely to see patterns of responses, to start getting a vague idea of the parameters of Mandela Effect.

  3. This seems to match when I first noticed the shift – When I went to college in the early 2000s, I visited my hometown grade school where my mother was substitute teaching. It was then that I received my first shock at the different spelling. Children born in the 90’s would be at the right age for the switch – it was like a new wave of popularity for the series and all the new books at the school library had the new spelling. At the time it was explained that the Berenstain’s had changed the title to match their real name. I must have experienced a “transition” universe.

  4. I remember it as STAIN, I was born in 1975. I would like to add tho I also remember a few months ago people online freaking out because it was supposed to be spelled with an AI and it was changed to EI so I was so confused to see it flip now, this is how I found this site, I was trying to make sense of it.

    1. This is interesting! I haven’t run across a testimony like this yet?! Someone who has an opposing memory of ME.
      We look at opposing memories everyday, but Chrissy has a memory of the circumstances of the ME ITSELF being reversed!
      We’ve talked a bit about “The OTHER Me” and wondering what they are doing. Well, Chrissy is “The OTHER Chrissy”!

  5. I’m only 15 (almost 16, just a couple of days off), but everyone in my grade that I’ve talked to remembers it as BerenstEin bears, as well as my 17 year old sister and both my parents, who are 48 and 50. It seems most 2000 era kids see it as BerenstEin, at least the people I’ve talked to.

    1. I’m 15 and most of my classmates recall BERENSTEIN. My 17 yr old brother though says this site is bull and it’s always been BERENSTAIN.

      1. Thanks, Rachel, and your brother probably has many other opinions that differ from yours… perhaps by design. It’s how siblings get along, sometimes. With just a two-year difference and in the same household, I’d be very interested in whether or not he’s serious about Berenstain. (It’s fine with me if he thinks the rest of this site is rubbish. I have nothing to prove to him or anyone else, and I’m perfectly content for people to think whatever they like.)

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