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Some time ago, a person posting as Mr. Stain left a cryptic message for us.

He said, “This has nothing to do with financial gain the A is a marker for every time processor in the event of an emergency to understand what reality they are in, there are so many more markers that are hidden from the public yet each letter stands for age, date, time and sequence. This information is true and has been provided for your understanding by a fellow time processor…please watch out for 2029! Be prepaired and watch out for the awakening, this is not make sense now but will soon and please stop using your cell phones they are the key ingredient of your societies collapse.”

Note: I copied that exactly as he wrote it, including “prepaired.”

At the time, it seemed an odd comment, but we’ve seen plenty of those at this website.  And, I’ll admit that he left something in his (private) signature that made me raise an eyebrow, because it referenced something I consider a tasteless parody/mockumentary.

This week, in the Red/Blue discussions, we returned to some of what he’d talked about, but more to conversations that his comment sparked.

I’d like to continue the general red/blue topics at that article, but the issue of Pepsi logos (and perhaps Chevron logos) and Back to the Future may deserve special mention.

As you recall the Pepsi (beverage) and Chevron (gasoline) logos:

  • Have the color placements changed in this reality?
  • Are they different in a reality many of us have visited?
  • Are they signs or signals or markers of some kind?

Some aspects of the Pepsi logo’s rabbit hole can be accessed through this PDF: (If that vanishes, it’s the leaked Arnell memo about the significance behind the new Pepsi logo design.)

I have no idea whether this is significant or not. Maybe the colors mean nothing and the logo colors are in the same sequence they’ve always been.

I’m creating this article in case this is going to take conversations in a very specific direction, not limited to the general red/blue topic.

Additional references

Pepsi-related comments at this site:

Some (not all) of Daniel’s earlier references to the Pepsi logo and a few of his Back to the Future notes: 28 Mar 20151 May 201512 Oct 2015.

Mike H’s comment (at the Red/Blue article) that sparked this tangent:

Pepsi’s own history of the brand:

Apparently, colors are important enough to try to “own.” 10 Colors that Might Get You Sued. (I can’t seem to find any news articles related to an effort I recall, where Pepsi tried to trademark “their” color blue. If you find a reference, let me know.)

Chevron-related comments at this site:

I think JM first raised the Chevron logo issue – 6 Mar 2014 and referenced a David Icke forum post. (See the thread that followed JM’s post.) The Wikimedia photo with the odd Chevron logo (photoshopped?) is at this link: , but the company’s own video of logos associated with Chevron shows the colors in the alternate order. (Also see: for possible earliest version of Chevron’s modern logo.)

And, for people who want to analyze the Back to the Future series…

I looked for articles that list ME-type references in Back to the Future (see Daniel’s comments) but so far haven’t found any outside this site. Feel free to list those you know about, in comments here, so they’re in one location.

Image courtesy lorenzo

19 thoughts on “Pepsi, Chevron, Back to the Future, and More – Beyond Red/Blue”

  1. So I’m trying to figure out what everyone is talking about with the red/blue theme. We have red/blue states. I don’t think that means anything but ill throw it out there. Pepsi and chevron look the same to me color wise but I don’t like the new shape of Pepsi’s rotated one.

    I don’t understand Mr stains comment at all. Where are we to look for the universal reality labels?? I’m sure some realities wouldn’t have some common things to this one. It’s not like a street sign , you are now in reality Q.

    On a weird personal note, I am a gardener and have often thought about raising chickens but my suburb does not allow that so last year I looked into guinea hens and was almost going to do that but life happened and you can only order chicks during springtime. This summer a pair of wild guinea fowl showed up in my neighborhood, and everyone really loved them and thought them cool…. the guineas love my backyard garden and now have 13 chicks back there. I’m wondering if this isn’t my manifestation…? Just so odd that wild guinea birds would set up house in my suburban backyard.

    1. ayla, at the Red/Blue article, we’re talking about anything related to red and blue, or colors that have changed, but mostly red and blue. Logos, sets or props or costuming in films, houses you’ve seen for years and — though not recently painted — the color is radically different, and so on.

      At this article, I decided it might be time to take Mr. Stain’s comment more seriously, whether he intended it that way or not. So, we’re taking conversations in the directions his comment sparked: Pepsi and Chevron (which also related to the red/blue issue), and the Back to the Future movies.

      But, at the time Mr. Stain posted his comment, I thought he was just trying to be clever and see where an obscure (and not necessarily valid) clue might take us.

      The A reference might be the shift to BerenstAin. Or something related to George William Russell who wrote under the name AE. (In turn, that might reference Aeon, which — in turn, might reference some of Plato’s concepts about dual realities.)

      That’s the fun (for some) of a vague reference. It takes us in curious directions, which may not be relevant to the topic, but in true Dirk Gently style, might lead us directly to the truth.

      And for all we know, we might be staring directly at a “You are now in Reality Q” sign and not realize it.

      (I love the guinea hens “coincidence”!)

    2. Sorry to go off-topic, but I have a very similar animal story that I must share.

      One night last year, I realized that I was in a position to finally get a cat. My husband and I had talked about getting one years before, but the circumstances then weren’t right for pet ownership. I briefly thought about discussing the issue with him in the near future.

      THE VERY NEXT DAY after I had that thought, a stray cat came into our backyard literally begging for help. I heard meowing outside our window, but figured it was just the neighbors being noisy. A few hours later, my husband heard the same meowing and asked if it I heard it. That’s when I knew something was up. We immediately went outside to investigate. There was a cat pawing at the backyard gate like he wanted us to let him into the yard. As soon as we opened the gate, the cat came prancing in, rubbed against our legs, and started purring. We could tell right away from the malnourishment, fleas, and scrapes on his face that he didn’t have home. Long story short, we couldn’t locate an owner and ended up taking him in ourselves.

      I truly believe this event was NOT a coincidence. The timing of this event aside, what astounds me is the fact that the cat somehow KNEW to come to our house for help. He spent HOURS trying to get our attention instead of moving on and looking for a meal elsewhere. It truly feels like we were MEANT to rescue that cat. I half-joke about the “universe conjuring up a cat for us” with my husband, so I’m very interested to learn that other people have had similar animal manifestation experiences.

  2. I thought the link about the goldenratios in Pepsi’s golden number write up was interesting as it further explains some things viewed in BTTF1.

    Copy and Paste from notes:
    6 minutes into film there is an extended shot, by seconds, where Marty and his girlfriend are coming out of the high school. There is graffiti “ozy wizard” and “OG” . “ Esau” also stands out in the graffiti. Marty is also wearing a pin blue half circle with black line and red arrow.

    “Re-elect mayor ‘GOLDIE WILSON’ “ -black man with afro on white van running for mayor(long focus) “’Red’ Thomas” for mayor on black car (hurse)when Marty went back in time-white man.

    1. Just thought about “Goldie Wilson” for mayor might have meant. If green and yellows are used as moderators to indicate change from red-blue or blue-red shifts then perhaps election of Obama to presidency from prior position was a sign of change.

    2. Daniel,
      Without getting too conspiratorial, the 10-21-15 ” Back to the Future” date, is the day before Hillary testifies before congress(10-22-15). It is a pretty big day in the U.S., it could make or break who does (or does not) become the next president. This post isn’t about politics. It’s about the dates, and the relation to the movie and colors. Red and Blue, the two major political parties. Just a thought. I prefaced the post for Daniel ( he has a theory or two with numbers) , but I hope if anyone else thinks this could be important in anyway, they will post also.

      Fiona, Daniel, Jason H. , and I were discussing 9/11, and the proximity to the 9/22-9/23 dates in that thread. Everyone was so focused on 9/11 (rightfully so), that almost anything ME related could have happened on 9/22-9/23 and nobody would have noticed. It’s kind of where I am going with my above post. Mike H.

      1. I thought about the elections the other day along with the “blue is for girls” comment, Sister Bear is bossy, currently residing in blue shift, and the other many things. Course set for Hillary to win (?)

        Jason Thomas posted intuition of something coming down the pipes soon…
        Getting a somewhat eerie feeling especially after seeing stuff like the half black out of the sun 10/17/2015 Is it pulling energy like a black hole of sorts. I remember listening to Eric Dollard who states that the stars and planets are not what we really think. Once in space they can not be seen.

          1. The surface of the sun is only 5,778 K. The corona, consisting of highly ionized plasma, is the only part of the sun nearing 2,000,000 K which can be photographed. During quiet solar periods, the poles experience large coronal holes.

  3. The post on the David Icke forum that references the Chevron sign still astonishes me every time I read it when he mentions the geographical changes of this reality (“australia has acquired a large gash…”) as well as the discovery of the mysterious island on the globe in Dazed and Confused. I’ll admit the first half of that post makes no senses to me at all, but when he gets to the part about the Chevron sign, it becomes more coherent to me at least anyway. Out of all the ME experiences I have, the geographical anomalies are still the ones that get to me the most, and the fact that someone mentioned those in the same post as the Chevron sign change in a post from 2009 is really mind-bending for me

  4. Fiona , that is THE post (the David Icke forum) I was referring too. When I read it back then, I thought WHOA, what have we here??? Wow, fascinating but what in the ?!? Strangely now in my present self, all of this stuff the poster was talking about , I understand. I suspect a few other posters do also. I feel like I have evolved a bit. That poster knew something I believe. If anyone believes what they said or not is beside the point to me , THEY believed it, it “felt” genuine too me. They hit a lot of Mandela effect topics , quite a bit ahead of the curve if you ask me. Bizzare and fascinating at the same time. Mike H.

    1. Mike H., I wasn’t sure where to reply to your private message but it definitely needed a response. So, here it is: I agree on all points. As I look at the related issues, I feel like I might be watching Bishop’s Gambit. Also, thanks for the compliments!

      1. Fiona , thanks for the reply, I was very hesitant to send it, and hoped you understood where I was coming from. That email address is fine if you ever want to just send a response that way. Thanks again, Mike H.

        1. No problem, Mike H.! I understood completely and I think you & I are on the same wavelength on that particular topic. Also, whenever you notice something like that, let me know. I like to think I usually notice that kind of anomaly, but when things are hectic here, I might miss something that should be on my radar. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the mention Fiona.
    I’ve been looking into alternate topics since the late 90s.

    According to Drunvalo the Hopi have a window for the ‘End Of Time’, it started in 2007 with the BLUE Comet Holmes, and at the end of the window we should see a RED sign in the skies. This will most likely be Betelgeuse going Supernova. This is supposed to happen by early 2016! However I think that the ‘New Age Window of Time’ is 1972-2017.

    These are called the BLUE and RED Kachinas.

  6. Theres this video regarding some mind bending ideas regarding reality, time travel and/or conspiracy through the lens of back to the future, 911, “the walk”, and “2001”

    The idea about the back to the future 911 predictions have been around more than a decade, but there is sone updated stuff in this video.

  7. If you think that video is good, take a look at this mashup of Film Synchronicities, released yesterday:
    It’s more of an Art Piece than a Doc.
    Grab some Popcorn, it’s a long one:

    Themes to look for: 42, Rainbows, Jupiter

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