Henry VIII Portrait with Turkey Leg

Henry VIII - no turkey legMany people recall a painted portrait of Henry VIII holding a turkey leg in one hand.

It’s among my memories, too. It was a classic painting of Henry VIII, in the Holbein style (at right), but Henry is shown enjoying a hearty meal.  I recall something that looked like a turkey leg in one hand. (I thought it was his left hand — on the right side of the canvas — but I may be wrong.)

I also recall a large, opulent goblet in front of him.  I assumed it was to show that God had blessed the monarch with good health and a comfortable lifestyle.

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Multiple, Personal Memories and Quantum Computing

Playing with Light, photo by Caroline Hoos, GermanySchrödinger’s cat — a cat that, in the quantum context, is both alive and dead — is becoming far more real to many people.

In the past couple of weeks — perhaps coincident with the announcement of the breakthrough in quantum computing — people have been commenting here and emailing me with a rush of personal, dual memories.

(Example: Matt’s comment in the original Nelson Mandela thread, on 22 Nov 2013.)

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Quantum Computing, Simultaneous Realities, and Observers

Schrodinger's Flat, illustration by Gwydion M. Williams
Schrodinger’s Flat, illustration by Gwydion M. Williams

A computer that can be counter-intuitively in two states at once… two different realities, one layered over the other with equal footholds in our world…?

It’s happening right now.  And, it may make our “alternate realities” more real, as people see it happening in verified, lab conditions.  The awareness of this affects the observer, and — with the growing input of those observations — we may be changing reality.

Here’s one announcement:

Scientists run quantum computers for 39 minutes at room temperature (Slashgear, 16 Nov 2013)

Scientists have just taken quantum computing a big leap closer to consumer viability. In a paper published in Science, it was shown that qubits–the atomic particles used in ludicrously fast quantum computers–can be made to retain their “superposed” state–that is, a state of both 1 and 0 or multiple 1′s and 0′s–for 39 minutes at room temperature… (emphasis added)

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Does History Explain Alternate Geographical Memories?

A West Wing clip highlights some issues that make accurate geography challenging. While this was intended as a humorous scene, some people get lost in the political implications, and label this “liberal propaganda.”

In the context of alternate geography, political agendas (if there are any) aren’t the point.  History — and how it might continue to influence our maps — is relevant.

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51 or 52 United States?

United States on a global map.Many people recall the United States including 51 or 52 states, not 50.

The interesting point is that the memories are fairly consistent, and include Puerto Rico as a state. One teacher suggested this is a common misunderstanding. The daughter of a teacher said that she clearly recalls her mother teaching students that the 52 states included Puerto Rico.

So, is this simple confusion or a glimpse into alternate geography in another timestream?

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Ernest Borgnine

Ernest BorgnineStarting in 2011, readers remembered the death of actor Ernest Borgnine (January 24, 1917 – July 8, 2012) . He was in McHale’s Navy and ER. He was the voice of Mermaid Man in SpongeBob SquarePants, and he won an Oscar for his bittersweet leading role in Marty.

In April 2011, Cliff said in a longer comment:

I often find myself having conversations with people who do not or differently remember events from the past.

Here are a few… The death of Ernest Borgnine.

I replied:

I remember Ernest Borgnine’s death a while ago. At the time, I thought, “Wow… he had to be pretty old. I didn’t know he was still around.” Borgnine’s death didn’t surprise me until I later saw him interviewed on TV, and he is (obviously) still alive. (As of April 2011, anyway.)

He’s always had such a rubbery, craggy face, I never had a clear impression of his age.

But, when he died, I also remember being surprised that people didn’t make a bigger deal about it. I also recall no one mentioning him in the context of his Academy Award-winning performance in the movie, Marty. I thought that was sad, because that performance showed a range of talent far beyond his fame on McHale’s Navy.

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Freddie Prinze Jr. – Baby w/ Sarah Michelle Gellar

Freddie Prinze Jr.Several readers remember Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar getting married and having a baby around 2003 or 2004.

When I first read a comment about that, I had to look it up.  At the time (April 2011), Wikipedia didn’t mention either the marriage or children. It said that Freddie Prinze Jr. had dated Sarah Michelle Gellar, but they broke up.  There was no mention of children.

That didn’t fit my memories, though I can’t claim that I thought the event was as far back as 2003. (However, it was prior to 2009.)  I didn’t think about it again until I was writing this article. I always double-check my sources and try to link to them.

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David Soul

davidsoulDavid Soul‘s name keeps coming up in discussions.  Many people seem to recall him dying, years ago.

Here are some comments from this website:

Perry Ware said:

We also remember that David Soul of the 70′s show Starsky and Hutch comiting suicide on or near christmas because he was dispondant over his wife’s cancer! Even news reports of relatives and police discovering his body underneath the christmas tree. You can imagine myself and my wife’s reaction when we saw David Soul make an appearance as a cameo on the remake of Starsky and Hutch movie. We sat in silence and stunned by the revelation that Mr. Soul was indeed alive.

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Sri Lanka Location

sri-lanka-flagHas Sri Lanka moved?  It seems as if many people clearly recall Sri Lanka in a different location than where it is, now.  (See the Google map, below.)

Here’s what others have said in comments at this website:

Gurluas said:

I remember Ceylon(Sri Lanka) being directly south of India, not to the south-east.

This is a rough sketch of how I remember Ceylon’s location on the map.

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