Numerology Survey #1 – Birth Dates

calendarLet’s have some fun. Let’s see if our birth dates point to anything odd.  And, to analyze that, I’d like to work with numerology… sort of.

(Remember, this is just for fun. It’s the weekend, and I’m in the mood for a somewhat flippant research approach. I’m not saying that I take numerology seriously, or that you should delve into it, or anything like that. I’d also like to avoid deep numerological discussions — at least until we see if any patterns emerge. )

Important: I do not want your actual birth date. Please don’t post that.

Instead, I’m looking for the single digit your birth date adds up to, condensed according to routine numerology.

Let’s say you were born 10/10/1970. You’d add the numbers, across: 1+0+1+0+1+9+7+0 = 19.

Then, you’d keep reducing the number to reach a single digit. So, working with 19, you’d figure 1+9 = 10. And 1+0 = 1.

So, your birth date — in single-digit numerology — would be a 1. That’s what you’d post in your comment: Just “My birth date is a 1.”

Master numbers

However, some forms of numerology take the numbers 11, 22, and 33 seriously. They call them “master numbers.”  (That doesn’t apply to 44, 55, etc.)

So, if something sequential in your birth date adds up to 11, 22, or 33, or it’s part of your birth date, please post that… in addition to the reduced (single digit) number.

(And yes, I am mindful that 22 could bring us back to the Sept 22/23 issue. It’s one reason I’m running this survey: in case the actual numbers are significant/markers.)

So, if you were born on 11/11/2001, that would be 1+1+1+1+2+0+0+1 = 7. You’d post the number 7 as your comment. However, you’d also mention that your birth date includes two sequential 11s; they add up to 22.

Additional information?

Mostly, I’m looking for very short comments, just sharing your birth date number. (This survey is only for those who have at least one alternate memory. If you think the Mandela Effect is fascinating — or ridiculous — and you have no alternate memories, this survey isn’t for you.)

However, it might help if you also tell us whether you have just one Mandela Effect memory, a few of them, or many alternate memories. (Please do not list them all. I’d like this thread to be easy to scroll through.)

My birth date…? It adds up to 3. (No 11s, 22s, or 33s in the process.) And I have several Mandela Effect memories.

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  1. [Edited] so thats 3, 10’s or a 3.. (i was a taurus born in the year of the ox so that me stubborn twice over LOL..

    [Fiona’s Note: Martin, thanks for the information! But, as a privacy precaution, I’ve edited out the actual date. I’m not sure how many people use their real names here, but real name + real birth date could add up to identity issues.]

  2. Ok , here goes. 4 is my number. And I can (I’m ok with it, if you want the actual birthdate Fiona). I have 3 ones, and 3 sixes in my birthdate also. This might just be an important poll and data! I have noticed a pattern over the years ( that’s right , pattern humor) , insignificant things are sometimes the important ones in the end. Glad you are doing it——-these latest two articles are really interesting! I am following along, but this one hand typing is driving me insane! If anything , you won’t have to read three paragraphs of my rambling for me to get to the point! lol, Mike H.

      1. Mike H., thanks for the information. (While it’s not a huge privacy risk in your case, I edited out the birth date to discourage others from following suit by posting theirs.)

        Nevertheless, the sequence of your numbers was a little startling. And, I’m filing this info as it might fit a bigger numbers pattern, later.

        1. Thanks Fiona,completely understand.
          I was intrigued by what Leslie A. D. posted about dual signs. Duality ? For what ever reason I know Scorpio is also tied to the eagle. I am no expert on astrology by any means. But maybe important data or patterns? Dual astrology signs. Or future poll? Mike H.

          1. That’s definitely future poll material, Mike H. Thanks!

            The oddity of astrology has interested me for a long time: Why it seems to apply clearly in some cases, though the actual astrology:astronomy connection — meaning where the planets really are, as opposed to what astrology works with — can be weak. (Scathing contrast of the two, so readers don’t feel obliged to rant about astrology: )

            So, what information are we actually using, when astrology seems to predict events with uncanny accuracy? I haven’t a clue, but — a “gut feeling” with no evidence — it might be something that’s seeping into our reality through the Mandela Effect.

            This isn’t the time or place to launch into a discussion related to astrology, but I did want to note this since others have chimed in with astrological references.

            I’ve scheduled an astrological poll for 2 January 2016. (Being mindful of how busy I’ll be, offline, during the holidays, that article is already written and will appear, automatically, the first Saturday in January.)

            At this point, almost anything could provide patterns or markers we can use. And, as long as no one takes this too seriously (or thinks that I do) — not unless a clear pattern emerges, anyway — I think it’s fun trivia to survey.

            1. Fiona, reading through the posts so far, I see lots of patterns. Many posters have master numbers, I’m kind of amazed at how many add up to 33. Lots of 11’s also. When brought down to the single number 8’s seem to be quite rare, weather that’s good, bad, or means nothing, is beside the point, lol. These are just my impressions so far, I am sure you will have a much more clear picture when the poll closes.
              I wasn’t sure if this would fit here or not. And if you don’t want to include this here I understand. The aspect of Western Sidereal astrology kind of caught my eye. I wonder how many of these posters might have birth dates transitioning from or to the next zodiacal sign (12-13- or even 14 sign)? This might be interesting for another topic or poll? You have to scroll down to the Western Sidereal section in the link. But kind of intriguing. I realize this could be a whole website unto itself, lol! And maybe not something you want to explore here.m
              Again not my specialty, but always had an interest none the less. Mike H.

              1. Mike H., you’ve read my mind… again! LOL.

                In the upcoming astrology poll, I’ve already started asking for some (optional) sidereal information. Your link is very useful. (However, I’m in Leo per that chart, and — to me — that makes no sense. I’m as Virgo as it gets… except for the Moon in Pisces, but even with that, few of the classical Leo traits are a match for me.)

          2. Mike-
            All signs contain within their predominant manifestation a bit of their polar opposite, ie. Masculine/feminine, nature/culture, etc & as expressed by the word/symbol commonly known in english as “yin/yang”.

            This is true of everything that manifests in this primordial ooze quagmire of tough love, baptism by fire,no prep. manual given, chaotically/neutrally aligned, free-will co-creational-ly driven, service req. for bodhi- badge ( cannot pass go & collect $200 until successful completion crazy looping, 3D existence we call “reality”. Its an inherent aspect of the nature of this beast- Duality- We only “know” or perceive the nature of a thing, any “Thing”, when it is in a dialectical relationship with another “things”- that relationship being expressed as contrast. And I suspect one of our main challenges and reasons for being here is figuring out how to BE beyond duality, finding away to transcend it by traversing through it but without recreating its structure even as we use it as a tool of transcendence- embracing the paradox of that even!- and this, like everything of significance since 1986 leads me back to the debate between Kurt Godel and Bertrand Russell/Alfred North Whitehead and the significance of Godel’s theorem and B.R./A.N.W.’s meta-linguistic construction…

            Anyway, back to you and your comment… in addition to each signs duality aspect (and I believe this holds true for both tropical/western as well as sidereal/vedic astrology) certain signs are known as “dual” or “bicorporeal” 2 bodied – Gemini (the twins), Sagittarius (The Centaur), Pisces- (2 Fish swimming in opposition)- and are said to be the existential, quintessential embodiment of duality in its contradictory and paradoxical aspects striving for interdependent, balanced expression in single human BEING – its sort of specific themes of dualism magnified.

            Though Scorpio, water sign/scorpion, by its symbol and nature does not fall into the bi-corporeal category of duality, it none the less has its own very interesting expression of and struggle with some magnified aspects of our duality laden human nature. Front and center is that it is ruled by two planets- Mars and Pluto. The significance of Mars seems kind of obvious and mundane. I find Pluto to be incredibly interesting symbollically and literally as it has been in current focus energentically/astrologically as well as featuring increasingly in astronomical current events. A quick internet or youtube search of the planet Pluto should result in examples.

            For your personal entertainment and enlightenment, Here’s a link start off with.

            Have Fun! Leslie

            1. Leslie A. D. ,
              I wanted to thank you for an informative post and link! I will keep this short Fiona, lol! Save up for the next poll. But this explanation Leslie linked–would explain why my whole life I have seemed like two different people. Data hound Mike, and esoteric mystic Mike. Reading my posts, you must think I have a split personality. Mike H.

  3. My birth date adds up to 3. The day added together is 11. The first 6 numbers added together are 22. I have many Mandela Effect memories.

  4. My birthdate is a 6. The numbers of my birthday add up to 33. Hope I did that correctly. I am overwhelmed daily with the mandela effect. Driving me nuts.

  5. My number is 2 and I have the sequence of 11 in the math of it. I have many alternate memories that I’ve shared on here before. 🙂

  6. Once again my mind is blown on this forum! .. My single number is 4 but the sequence of month, day and year adds up to 22 which has always been my favorite number since I can remember.. I have even used it on all of my email addresses through the years and also in user names on various discussion forums.

    I have several Mandela Effects and also have had what might be considered a form of near death experiences, in coming very close to death several times and even having an out of body experience during one very close call.

  7. Birth date = 9.
    Number of MEs experienced = numerous.

    Might also be interesting if we examined coordinates of place of birth, to check against proximity of ley lines.

  8. Just thought I would add that my husband is a 33 (6) and my sister, as well. And just confirmed that my favorite footballer of all time and my celebrity crush (Drew Brees) is a 33 (6)…. cue eerie music.

  9. My number is 2, and I was born in November, so that’s an 11. Also, the number I came up with after adding my birth date numbers was 11, if that matters.

  10. Hi, Fiona!

    My birthdate reduces to a 9. I have an 11 as part of the date, and there’s a sequence that adds up to 22. I have several alternate memories.

  11. my birth year when added up equals 22

    all the numbers added up equal 34

    I’ve got a pretty cool birthday where the month and day match the last 2 digits of my year of birth.

    [Edited, even though this was an anonymous posting, just so others don’t follow suit and include an actual birth date.]

  12. My number is 8. No significant numbers when adding up, but I do have three sevens in my birthdate.

  13. My number is 2 and had an 11 in sequential. I have many ME’s and quite a few dual/alternate memories. Excellent idea Fiona!

  14. I just did my husband’s birthday. He is a 6 and has an 11 in his birth date, with a sequential 33. He has a few ME’s

    1. Dotchi, thanks… and I’m amazed (and a little embarrassed) that I didn’t ask about astrological signs. That will probably be in a future survey. (And, for the record, I’m Virgo as well. I have a ridiculous number of planets in Virgo or very close to it.)

  15. Oh I forgot to add. I have a lot of Mandela Effects. The one that brought me here was Berenstein. Jiffy totally convinced me though. Then I saw Mongolia (and a lot of other geography ME) and was totally blown away.

    1. Err, Fiona, I sort of asked that you removed the specific date out? Oh well, too late I guess. 🙁

      (You could edit it to read “9 is my number”) for example.

      1. DG, I have no idea how that comment went public. As you’ve seen, I’m fairly attentive to the private information shared here, and that goes double if someone mentions it (and includes my name) specifically.

        I’ve edited it now, but I’m going to have to watch the software more carefully. There is no way I’d have let that information on the website, had I actually seen it.

        (My best guess is a glitch the spam filtering software. It auto-deletes any comment it determines is 100% spam, so I suppose there’s no reason it can’t auto-approve a comment. And that means I may need to try yet another spam filter; I’ve been through four or five, so far.)

        For now, all I can do is apologize. I’m truly sorry that showed up on the site.

        1. Apology accepted, and thank you for taking care of it. 🙂 Still was interesting synchronicity, the timing of your post…

  16. My birth date is a 2. The previous number was 11. I have many ME memories kept recorded in a notebook & I’m up to 3 pages so far.

  17. My birthday date is a 4. None of the master numbers used. I have one experience pertaining to the original Gameboy Pokemon Games Red/Blue. One of the starting Pokemon is now two types, rather than his counterparts who are single type elements. For those who have played, The original 151 in my memory were all single types with the additional “dual” types being added in later.

  18. I have tried this but I am discalculate and your instructions are not clear enough for me.

    I came out with e 5 but I have no idea what to do with the last step where your example of 1+0 with the 19 sample makes no sense to me.

    1. Thanks for the note, Richard. I was rushing through that post, and I may need to correct or expand it.

      Update: I checked it and it looks okay to me. Working with individual digits in every number, the initial total was 19. Breaking that down as digits (1+9), they add up to 10. Breaking that total down (10, in digits, is 1+0), they add up to 1.

      I hope that makes more sense.

  19. Mine adds up to an 11 (making it a life path lol, which just means I have a lot of baggage) and that gets further reduced to 2.

  20. Ok, my number is 2, and there is a 22 in my birthdate. I have several Mandela effect memories but really don’t comment here much.

  21. As far as i know only the digits of the date are added to get the single digit,9 is neutral and is discounted.besides the date the single digit of day and month and year are also considered for the profiling,that makes for 4 components of the profile.

  22. My number is 5, I’m a Sagittarius in Tropical astrology.

    I’ve several ME, including being told Mandela was dead in prison, Looney Toons, the intestines being different and Mongolia being a region of China.

    1. I’m a Pisces, btw. Noticed other people were mentioning their astrological signs, so I thought I would, too.

      1. Also, I somehow overlooked that there are two sequential 2’s in my birthday (02/25), so there is a 22 in my birthday, so to speak.

      2. Thanks, Charles, and we’ll take up astrological signs in a couple of weeks. Any pattern could reveal something useful, and I’ll be very interested in these polls’ results.

  23. My birth number is 6. I don’t know if it matters, but the numbers do add up to 33 at one point during the calculation, but it isn’t the final total. I have several MEs. I’m also a Virgo.

  24. I’m a 5, with 11 in the sequence#s. Have known for at least a decade something was way off when Mr. Mandela appeared on the Oprahshow in the early 2000s, as clear memories remember him being killed in prison back in ’89. It was extra tragic as he was set for release soon after.
    Have had other effects listed here.
    An NDE too, just like the guy who also shared the same memory of Mandela. He initially mentioned it kinda nervously back during the Oprahappearance… couldn’t believe I agreed with him, and so the journey began. Took a few years to find your site; WOW, Fiona! Thanks for all your work, and congrats.

  25. Mine reduces to a “1” …and “9” is a recurring number while reducing (just something I’ve always found interesting). I share the experiences of alternate memories common to most of your discussion threads, including a couple of threads where I remember more than one alternate.

    Thanks for polling us, Fiona!

  26. Hi everyone. I am the op for the September 22/23 thread so everyone already knows my birthdate is September 23 lol. My numbers add up to 11. I have many many ME’s. My birthday falls on the cusp of Virgo/Libra.

  27. Hi, my number is 1. I have five “1’s” in my birthdate, including an “11”. Fun fact, if I’d been born the day I was supposed to, that would have add another 1 (so six) to my birthdate and it would have had two “11” (apparently I REALLY didn’t want to come out and only popped out when the doctors started to speak of a Caesarean to my mother, lol).

    I’ve spent all my night reading this site yesterday for the first time. I have several ME (the major ones you can’t get rid off easily, until now I usually routinely repressed the small ones, unfortunately). Thanks for this site (PS: not a native english speaker, my grammar is lacking, sorry in advance).

  28. [Edited] …all 12’s, if the “19” is excluded. Always liked those numbers…the 21h12 being mirrored 12’s , make me think of exchanging one world for another.

    To conform to your survey, I include the “19” so all adds up to 100=> 1
    (Yes, a number of ME memories)

  29. My birthdate is a 6.

    The numbers add up to 33 and then I combined those for the 6. If I did that right, then my husband is also a 33/6 and my sister too.

  30. My birth date number is 4 and I have an 11 in my birth date. I have quite a few mandela effect memories

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