Nelson Mandela – The Memories, So Far

alone-crowdThe previous post, Nelson Mandela Died in Prison?  triggered so many, varied responses, it’s difficult to find the Mandela memories in the 150+ comments that followed.

Here are some of them, as of February 2013.  (If you leave a comment at this post, do me a favor: Keep it about Nelson Mandela memories.  I’m in the process of separating the various memories into individual posts, for people interested in stories related to just one kind of memory.)

Perry Ware said:

Both my wife and I remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison. Included in this memory are the funeral snippets on TV and a legal flap over book rights involving his Widow.

Scott said:

Clear distinct memory of the Nelson Mandela funeral on tv in the early 80′s.

C. A. Low said:

I have experienced this many times. Not only Mandela’s death, but also the death of Muammar Gaddafi several years ago…

Jackie said:

I remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison. The problem is that I either just knew he did (like it was common knowledge), or it happened at a different time for me. I was born in 1985, so I couldn’t have a memory from the early 80s. I think it must have been that it was at a different time, because I remember events after he died… like a really big Oprah episode, concerts in his memory, celebrities ALL wearing his prison numbers, etc.

My experience was that on a regular day, my mom and I were doing separate things with the TV on in the background. I think I was on my laptop and my mom may have also been on hers or reading a book. I believe CNN was the channel the TV was on. Nelson Mandela was mentioned as doing something, which caught both of our ears, I guess, because we both looked up and Nelson Mandela was there… walking around, present day. My mom and I both looked at each other, wide eyed and pale. I was like, “Isn’t he dead? I remember him dying….” And she said YES, and we were both discussing how on earth he was alive and no one else was shocked. We BOTH remembered the Oprah show, we BOTH remembered a specific concert that was live and shown on multiple channels… we both remembered that he died years ago in prison.

I’m amazed that so many other people have this memory. We couldn’t have all slipped into another dimension and remember it. There must be something more logical at work… like he did die, and the forces at work just expected us to not say anything? I have no idea what the explanation is, but I know he died. You could give me a polygraph and I would pass.

Margaret said:

I also remember Nelson Mandela’s funeral and the deaths of Billy Graham, Dom Deluis, Ernest Borgenine and Mickey Roomie. It’s all very interesting.

Colleen said:

I also remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison and was quite amazed when he was elected president of South Africa. Last night I watched the movie, Invictus, and kept wondering where or when was I? I clearly remember the announcement of his death and was amazed that more people around me were not moved by the sadness of it. I also remember vaguely some controversy about his “estate”.

lorrie @ clueless… said:

Nelson Mandela-I remember somebody talking about how his spirit was soaring free from his jail cell. Bill Cosby named his TV grandchildren “Winnie” and “Nelson” and I thought, oh how sweet, he’s paying homage to a brave deceased hero.

Jasper Allen said:

I remember Mandelas funeral being on the news in the UK in the late 80′s. At the time I was just a kid and I didn’t have a clue who Mandela was.

ggameoverr said:

I too remember Mandela dying in Prison, right before he was to be released. I thought this won’t be good, the South Africans will think he was kill or something. It was on CNN Headline news around lunchtime. I was in Highschool so it was in the 80′s.

Jonathan said:

This is just WEIRD ! The more I think about it, the more REAL the memory becomes. I live in South Africa, was born in 1980 so I would have been a kid. The memory is most certainly there (SOMETHING about his Mandela’s death).

…It’s weird, like the men in black movie. I don’t believe in parallel universes, but mind altering ? Sure.

kim wing said:

I also remember reading the newspaper and all the whoopola about Nelson Mandela dying on tv. I remember the banners at his funeral. I am an adult and take such history seriously. When he was released from prison I was flabbergasted. Art bell also bought this up on one of his shows and if he hadn’t I still would have been thinking I was goofy. this happened folks.

Ron said:

I remember Nelson Mandella dying while in prison, and I also remember that his wife became president there sometime afterwards. Later on I heard a radio show with someone talking about this subject, that others too remember his death.

Inquiring Mind said:

I remember it too.

I was only a kid — I was born in 1983 — but I remember seeing something about his death on TV once when I was waiting for Saturday morning cartoons to come on. It was like a biography/memorial/documentary thing. I had no idea who he was, but for some reason it made an impression on me. What I specifically remember is that A) he was in prison at some point, and B) that he passed away.

Years later, as a teenager, I remember having a few moments of “Wait, what? I thought he died!” …But it wasn’t until recently that I discovered I’m not alone in my recollection!

Teri said:

I saw this subjected posted on another site with a link to this site. My mom and I both also “remember” Mandela dying in prison…

Fab said:

I was very young at the time but am 100% certain that Mandela passed while in prison. I recall all the press dedicated to his life and memory so vividly that when news that he was being released came over the air waves I was stunned and immediately went searching for answers only to find out I wasnt alone. I agree that there must be time line ripple effects that some of us are not aware occur. I’ve had gaps of missing time and dreams so real I can still recall how things felt when I touched them! Glad i’m not alone!

Kassia said:

Interesting on so many levels. I am in the same boat in regards to Mandela…

Kate said:

This site is freaking me out. My friend Mikey and I used to talk about the Mandela memory all the time because we remembered him dying in prison. We used to talk about jumping time lines and we really believed it because things got ‘different’ for us both, but we NEVER talked about it with anyone else because of how insane it sounds! I have since then looked for anything about it, and I found this website- I just can’t believe this.

miss_fionna said:

I remember Mandela having died in prison. But I was very young then and I don’t remember the exact event, but an anniversary of his death. It was all over the tv, they showed footage of him alive and some funeral footage too. Now I wasn’t very old, but they were definitely talking about his death.

Kate said:

My friend, who I often talked about this kind of thing with years ago, pointed out to me tonight that Nelson Mandela and Billy Graham were born in the same year.

C-Man said:

I also thought Mandela died in prison, and a couple of my friends share this memory.

J. Ezra Powell said:

I recall the asasination of N. Mandela around 1983-1985. I was a child at the time and attended a majority black school. I recall the next morning we all wore black ribbons and had an assembly. I recall the tv news showing crowds of people as there was a parade in Mandelas honor and while riding in the back of the car he was shot and killed. He had Kat been released from prison and apartide was ending. Now he lives and my memories are wrong it would seem or are they. Did I experience another reality?

Catherine said:

I remember a lot of these, Nelson Mandela and Billy Graham both dying in the 90′s.

Amy said:

I, too, remember news report stating that Nelson Mandela died — and that was in the 1980s! I distinctly remember the television channel 5 news broadcast in Boston where the TV news broadcaster, Natalie Jacobson, stated that he died. It was the main story during the 6:00 p.m. news that day. Then I was stunned, startled and confused years later when I heard another news report stating that Nelson Mandela “just died.” I actually had a sickening feeling when I heard the news report the second time because it was so unsettling to me. Because how can you remember something that is completely inconsistent with the facts that are presented at a later time? I was relieved when I heard that other people also remember a news report from many years earlier stating that he had died (in prison). Then I knew I wasn’t losing my mind. But this phenomenon just fascinates me. I wish someone could explain how this “dual timeline” really works. My conclusion is that there must be parallel universes.

stephen stockton said:

A friend and I have discussed many times the Mandela death. We both remember the same thing in detail. I think this an insight into a very important event. It could be a mis-quote from the media which has been suggested before but no one has owned up to it. No retractions -nothing. It could be a “natural” event in the fabric of space-time, a hickup so to speak. Or as we have conjectured, a “correction” by yes, I dare say it, a time traveler. It’s the internet-get over it. I have heard that a number of countries have been experimenting with time travel and it is possible a correction was made to re-direct the situation-probably unknown to us 99%.

Will said:

Yes, yes, yes! Mandela died in prison…

Alex posted this very interesting update about Nelson Mandela:

I live in South Africa and ‘Nelson Mandela’ was admitted to hospital last week Saterday.

Here’s the REALLY interesting part:

3 weeks ago a Dakota DC3 flew to Qunu where he lives with his medical team aboard. The female pilot failed her flying license, and her instructor gave the Air Force the strict orders to never test her again as she as zero ability to fly. Anyway, 3 weeks ago she flew the medical team to Qunu and totaled the DC3 on landing. Luckily everyone survived.

2 weeks ago another Dakota DC3 flys to Qunu and this time it crashes in the Drakensberg mountains killing all on board.

These weekly flights were said to be for Mandela’s health check-up’s. But when the second DC3 crashed killing everyone the media immediately denied that any medical personnel were on board!?

Last week Saturday Mandela was admitted to hospital for ‘routine tests’ at One Military in Pretoria. Tuesday the media said he had lung infection from TB that he contracted during his 27 year prison stay. Wednesday we were told he was at the Heart Clinic in Pretoria and that he was never at One Military. On Friday he was supposed to be discharged and today we were told that he had gall stones removed.

Do you remember Nelson Mandela’s death in the 1980s or 1990s, or at some other time prior to 2013?  If so, please leave your comments, below.

89 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela – The Memories, So Far”

  1. I find this all very intriguing and fascinating. I just want to ask one question: does anybody know when the earliest post of the Mandela effect was posted online? Was it in early 1990’s, late 1990’s in year 2000? Just wondering.

    1. Jonny, I’m not sure. I first heard about this in the mid-to-late 2000s, when I was in the “green room” at Dragon*Con and someone mentioned the topic to me. So, I’m pretty sure it was discussed online before that, but I haven’t done in-depth, historical research to see exactly when others began talking about this kind of phenomena.

      I remembered Nelson Mandela’s death in prison, and I can still recall his funeral on the TV. So, I did an absolute double-take when “Shadow” (the nickname of someone at Dragon*Con) said that he’d heard about people “remembering” that event. At that point, he didn’t realize that I remembered it, too. So, I have no doubt that my memory is my own.

      Also, I’m wary of people who want to think they share these off-beat memories, but they’re really picked them up from another website. There’s a continuity to comments and emails I receive, that might not be the person’s own memory. Often, it’s as simple as identical, unusual phrasing… words inconsistent with the rest of what they’ve written. While there are other explanations for those phrases — from it being in the news report “way back when,” to an implant during an alien abduction (I’m being sarcastic, but I won’t rule that out as an explanation) — I’m cautious in case they’re repeating something they simply read somewhere else.

      I’m the one who coined the term “Mandela Effect,” because that’s the memory that sparked my research. So, it’s pointless to look for that phrase much before I started this website. Instead, look for phrases like, “I thought Nelson Mandela died years ago,” and so on.

      Also look for other “memories” mentioned here, including the death of Billy Graham. That one seems even more widespread, when I talk with people (in real life) about this.

      Like you, this intrigues and fascinates me. I have no idea what it means, but… well, it’s interesting.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. Sincere thanks for your reply. The earliest date I can find thus far concerning a quote of Mandela’s death in an alternate “reality” is from 2008:

        ” 6-7-2008 @ 10:31 PM by ******”

        “I have had many such feelings.

        One day I woke up to a world in which Nelson Mandela was very much alive and walking out of the prison.

        I remember vividly his execution in South Africa — so was it simply a bad dream. I don’t think so, because I have met two other people who have very similar recollections of events and were likewise startled to see Mandela alive and well and walking into freedom.”

        I have come across an earlier post (2004), but this is just a person who speculates what life would have been like, if Mandela had died in prison. I find this post most intriguing, to say the least.

        ” December 8th, 2004, 08:39 AM ”

        ” Nelson Mandela dies in prison
        Nelson Mandela contracted tuberculosis while in prison in OTL, but recovered successfully from it. What if complications had arisen and he had died in say, 1985. Would the apartheid government have covered the fact up, or would they have announced it, and suffered all kinds of accusations of poisoning and so on. Also, was the leadership of Nelson Mandela necessary for the relatively smooth transition to democracy which South Africa enjoyed, or would the country have subsided into civil war (which looked distinctly possible between 1990 and 1994) without his leadership and the moral compass which he provided?”

        This person makes a speculative date of 1985, which is of course the date that “most” people who have experienced the “Mandela effect” have given for the time of his death in prison. I will continue to search online, and really do hope I can find a posting earlier than 2004.


        1. Thanks, Jonny!

          I’ll need to go back through my Dragon*Con notes to see when the topic was discussed in the green room. However, the person who told me about this phrased it as something that had been discussed (either online or IRL) for a while, so the 2004 date fits, and there may be something earlier.

          Thanks again!

          Cheerfully, Fiona

        2. OK this is odd, as I very clearly recall Mandela dying of something like dysentery, in prison, from the “horrible living conditions” present in the South African prison system, in either 1984 or 1985 (I was born in ’77 so I would have been 7 or 8 years old), and that his death (in my memories, at least) led to his family started a protest against the South African government for unlawfully imprisoning him and that this protest DID start a huge civil war in South Africa that went on for many years, making South Africa one of the most dangerous places on Earth to live. I remember this clearly because there were TONS of new broadcasts on the state of events in South Africa and my grandmother, who raised me, watched the news a lot. I can’t state that I really knew anything more beyond that until fairly recently….. and didn’t really think about it, but I ALSO have memories of Mandela being released from prison after a years long campaign by his family and supporters to have him released, and I can almost see him walking across a stage on tv sometime in the ’90s, waving to the cameras, as he announced that he was going to run for president of South Africa, which I was confused by, as I was pretty sure I remembered him dying years before, and that his presidency led to the end of Aparteid and the longest standing peace that South Africa has ever known…… which clearly contradicts my equally strong memories of a South Africa torn apart by war and bloodshed. I had almost convinced myself that I was somehow confusing Mandela with someone else or simply imagining that he had died in prison, up until I began running across references to the Mandela Effect fairly recently (last spring semester, I think) after running across a video on the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears phenomena (I recall Berenstein, and I read all the books, watched the cartoon, etc…) and have become completely fascinated with the subject….. it would seem that some serious glitches are occurring in this reality that so many think to be so set, solid and REAL. I accept a reality in which time is not an absolute so the idea that changes can be made to that which seems to be past to our present selves is not so odd to me, though anomalies like what color chartreuse is (I remember a deep reddish royally purple color and not the slightly greenish yellow it seems to be in this reality) have got me completely confounded.

          Something big is shifting “on the other side”, so to speak, and I, and many like me (I am a practicing witch, high priestess of witchcraft, and active student of the occult sciences specializing in divination and chaos magick) have been noticing changes in the very fabric of this reality matrix which defy explanation, even for an occultist….. including time “skipping” (a 2 1/2 minute long video I watched with my son somehow “lasting” 21 minutes, with no sense of time dilation at all, but like 15 or 16 minutes were just dropped into our timeline, for example) and the subjective experience of what I call the primordial chaos, which, to me, is the substance out of which what people call magick flows, becoming extremely easy to connect to and manipulate, which phenomena I have discussed with other witches, pagans, occult scientists and magickal practitioners, and which we all agree has become so easily accessible that our “powers” feel almost super-charged and we are all noticing that spells and rituals which used to take a lot of internal mental “work” are lately extremely easy to “move” and use…. I’ve been saying for a few years now that the magick we read about from ancient times, when major “miracles” and over the top spectacular magickal things were considered very much a part of reality, is coming “back” and that what we call the “gods” will be returning to our dimensional plane…. and the feeling is that this thing, whatever it is we are all feeling, will be happening sometime soon, though what that really means from this timeline-dimensional point of view is difficult to determine and hard to explain to those who exist possessing a more mundane view of reality. I am really digging this site, by the way, and I can assure you that I will be visiting often, now that I have found it. Namaste’ and many blessings on this New Year 2016.

          1. Rebekah, those are some interesting theories, and thank you for the details of your Mandela memories. They echo many others’.

            When you talk about a feeling that the time of miracles & gods may be returning, you’re edging into a topic I’ve been doing my best to avoid. At this time, this isn’t the site for that discussion, and other sites do such a great job, I’m not sure I’ll ever expand our discussions to the subject. But, just so you know where to look, see discussions about the various translations of the Sumerian tablets. This will lead to Sitchin, Anunnaki origin stories, and the return of Planet X or Niburu.

            (Wikipedia’s skeptical tone — and enthusiasts’ defenders of Sitchin’s theories, if not his exact translations — are the tip of the iceberg in terms of related, volatile controversy. And, since this has nothing to do with our current Mandela Effect studies, I’m staying very far away from the topic. Nevertheless, if you weren’t familiar with those topics, this comment gives you some places to start. They’ll lead to related discussions that may align with your spiritual context, as well.)

    2. Although I come from China, but I am very interested in this topic, I always wanted to find people who are interested in this topic, you can see really happy.

  2. I first heard about the “Mandela Effect” just a couple years ago while listening to Coast To Coast AM. George Noory took a caller and he mentioned it. My first thought was…he’s dead. Mr. Noory spoke about it for a few minutes, and I could really remember him dying in prison. I remember it pretty well. It was plastered all over the newspapers, magazines, and TV. I cannot remember the exact year but it was in the mid to late 80’s.

    One particular thing that I remember more than anything was (I know this sounds strange)the movie Lethal Weapon 2 coming out a year or two after his death. That movie dealt with the apartheid issue. At that time I was around 14, but I can almost vividly remember he was dead, and the movie being big because it dealt with that the issue. I do not remember any references in the movie to Mandela, but I can honestly say I haven’t seen that movie in ages.

    I also remember seeing a funeral on TV for him, and like someone mentioned on this site I remember celebrities coming out of the wood work, and shirts being sold with his number on it.

    One other very strange thing is no that I think about it I have no recollection of him ever being President. I can remember his so called death but until his recent illness I draw nothing but a complete blank. To me this is really weird because I watch the news all the time, and I am 100% positive I would have seen something about him. I am just curious if anyone else has this missing time of him being president?

    I just feel really confused about the whole thing, and I am just not sure what to believe.

    1. I have the same blank as you. I was born in 1985 and don’t have any memories of funerals. However, I clearly remember learning about him in school in the 1990s. I remember learning he died in prison and how sad everyone was because he could’ve been such a great leader or some such. I remember his picture in a memorial poster in our library. I remember nothing else about him until his I guess actual death. I remember being very surprised in an unsettling way to see the news. I remember wondering if I could have confused him with someone else. But I’m most certain I am remembering the same man. I don’t know who else it could’ve been.

  3. Just today and for the very first I stumbled upon a thread about people remembering Nelson Mandela died in prison. So I started some research and here we are…

    In 1990 I was preparing for Abitur (the german university-entrance diploma), one of my examination subjects being politics. So I’ve been reading through a whole bunch of topics. When the evening news stated Mandela has been freed from prison, I remenber vividly, that I turned to my parents asking:”Wait, didn’t he died in prison a couple of years ago?” Both glanced at me, as if I had completely lost my mind.
    Thought, I had clearly overdone learning and stopped for a couple of days, to clear my mind…

  4. First of all – today, Dec 5, 2013 – RIP Nelson Mandela… I took a picture of myself with the news story on TV in the background, just so I could prove it later, if it came into question again.

    Because both my wife and I distinctly remember (a) Nelson Mandela dying years ago, before my wife and I met, (b) his funeral being broadcast on television, and (c) his widow Winnie Mandela fulfilling his legacy by becoming President of South Africa a few years later. Clear as day.

    We had the realization that something very strange about it was going on one day when we say a news story about Mandela, clearly showing him alive. We were deeply freaked about it then, but nothing compared to how freaked we were years later, hearing from Coast to Coast on AM radio that others had the same recollection.

    And today’s news of his death brought it all coming back. I will never not get chills every time this comes up.

    1. SoCal Joe,

      Thanks for the post. It hadn’t crossed my mind that Nelson Mandela’s death, yesterday, might not appear in a later timestream. You’ve highlighted one of my own “blind spots” in this conversation: The possibility that these startling and conflicting news stories might keep happening, and we can document them as they happen.

      Of course, then there’s the “sliding” question, and whether the evidence would slide with us. However, reinforcing the current reality with physical (or at least digital) evidence… that’s brilliant.

      Personally, I hadn’t thought ahead to how Nelson Mandela’s death — in this timestream — would affect me. Like you, I’m experiencing chills, some “deja vu,” and a little shock that — in totally twisted logic — I had the idea he wouldn’t die, but — in Douglas MacArthur terms — just “fade away.”


  5. I don’t know if this helps or anything, but I remember learning that Nelson Mandela died in prison in school in the 90’s. I even remember reading the article with my class; there was a picture of him in the cell…

  6. I remember that Mandela died in prison in the 1980s. He didn’t get to live in the house built for him. I remember watching Winnie on TV coming up to the podium to speak at his funeral, and half-collapsing, grabbing ahold of the podium for balance. People claimed that she faked her grief and there were legal battles over his story. I am trying to remember who became President of South Africa, and I think it may have been Desmond Tutu, then Winnie after the controversy died down. Does any of this sound familiar? The Presidency question I am less sure about than the rest.

  7. I honestly don’t know too much about Mandela other than who he was. And when he died the other day I still really didn’t put too much thought into him. But then somehow I ended up on this website and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember an episode of America’s Next Top Model from quite a while ago, the season that Eva won, where they took the girls to Africa and to the prison he was in. I remember them giving a brief history of him to the viewers pretty much and them talking about how he had died in prison. I remember Eva going into his cell and becoming extremely emotional because she couldn’t believe she was standing in the cell where he “died”. I’m in shock, and I’m almost shaking as I type this! Anyone else recall that episode?

    1. Alexa, I recall that episode, but not the version you remember. However, I’ve seen it a couple of times, and each time it seemed not only different, but a little odd. It wasn’t just that I recall Nelson Mandela dying in prison. It was something about that episode being different from the previous time I’d viewed it, with a “cue the Twilight Zone music” edge to it.

      It stood out because I’m a fan of that TV series, and that episode stood out, even in a “what are those people doing…?” context.

      At the time, I thought I’d not been paying attention the first time I saw it. (And, that could be what happened with me.) I’m still amused to see myself default to dismissing my own memories instead of accepting that reality can shift.

      I’m glad you mentioned that America’s Next Top Model episode. Though I didn’t see the version that you did, this has given me something new to consider: The reference points, directly related to alternate events, may or may not change, as well.

      And, I’m thinking about this is more fluid, constantly-changing terms.



      1. I distinctly remember that episode also, and how somber the girls were as they toured it.

    2. I very much remember that episode! I thought the same thing, she was crying because she was in the cell where he died. Wasn’t there some fuss about the fact that one of the girls couldn’t understand the importance of it?

      1. Chandra, I’m so pleased that someone else could confirm the memory. (When people have the courage to post some new alternate memory here, I like them to see that they’re not alone with that memory… if others share it, of course.)

        In the version that I saw, some of the girls had no idea why that prison cell was so important. They didn’t understand why the model was so upset, and why it was a meaningful visit for her. (Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure the upset model was Keenyah, not Eva, in the version I saw. )

        I remember being irked because several of the girls seemed to be trivializing the visit. It amazed me that they didn’t understand the importance of Nelson Mandela.


    3. This is the SAME memory that’s had me very intrigued/terrified while thinking about this. You can look it up on YouTube where they’re fighting about who was allowed in the cell….

  8. Im a 18 year old curious clueless* person.
    Why 67 minutes off all times? Why did Mandela’s personality change after imprisonment?why did he change from wearing suits and traditional clothes to wearing the islamic* and upper africa designed shirts? Why did his wife Winnie Mandela leave him a shot while after jail, and he announced it was a mutual decision? Mmhh no answers. Now take your CALCULATOR ,Mandela may died on 1985 (1985-1918) thats how the 67minutes of helping the nation started, I think. Did winnie realised it wasn’t him? Did his personality change because it wasn’t him? Just thinking.

  9. The biggest problem with this theory is, even assuming the existence of bleeds into alternate timelines, if Nelson Mandela died in prison under Apartheid there would not have been a state funeral, and it would not have been televised.

    1. James,

      I have no idea if it was a state funeral. I just know it was televised and I saw it. At the time, it didn’t seem terribly odd, but I never thought about apartheid’s effects on what’s broadcast in the U.S.

      Frankly, the “biggest problem” — as I see it, anyway — is the lack of reliable explanations for events that so many people remember… in a timeline where, apparently, these things didn’t happen.

      We have lots of “maybe” explanations from various quantum-related studies. However, it’s still early and theories seem to be all over the spectrum.


    2. Assuming that the memories of Mandela’s death in eighties are from another reality..
      How do we know if there is even such a thing as Apartheid there? Or if they work the same as ours did.

      Alternate realities can be very alternate.

      1. Gurluas… that’s brilliant! It’s something that’s crossed my mind, but I’ve never articulated it. In fact, I’ve never really thought it through, looking at the various outcomes of small and large differences of that alternate reality.

        Cheerfully, Fiona

  10. (Hello Fiona, I’ve always viewed this site from afar and I thought that I would share something)

    Here’s a link to a tumblr post that I thought was interesting in regards to the ANTM/Mandela episode.

    The irreverent/ satirical post is basically joking about Keenyah’s apparent “confusion” of Mandela’s death. But it also has a brief clip from the episode and says a few things that intrigued me.

  11. As i remember mid 70s was the period of transition when the world started on the path of reconcilation.richard bach’s ‘illusions’,raymond moody’s ‘life after life’ gave the pragmatic glimpses of multiverse.india saw a mini revolution,when congress lost power very badly.a softening of apartheid in 83 is hardly an issue,on the contrary it could have been an oppurtune moment for the government to make the paradigm shift.psy ops thru technology were more conveninient than overt state policy.To pay a tribute i must add that wolf larsen the protagonist of ‘sea wolf’ created in 1901 still endures and may do so till our lifetime,not moral or immoral but unmoral whose only doctrine was the doctrine of expediency.

  12. Anybody remembers this death in the 80’s and is NOT from somewhere English-speaking? I have no such thing to offer but I just make the hypothesis that if this is a real alternate-reality memory, then people from all around the world should have it, not just from the USA. I have asked around me and no French Canadian have memories of Mandela’s death in the 80s.

    However, if it is a trick of the brain, then the phenomenon is more likely to be only seen in one culture. And if it were a fake news created at the time, then it is likely to only be released for instance on a single TV channel in one country. I know that TV stations and newspaper often have articles available in case somebody famous dies so that they can release the news very quickly. It has happened before that such articles were published without the celebrity being dead.

    1. Max, those are some good points. The single-channel issue is unlikely, since some people who recall his death in the 80s are from Canada (English speaking areas) and the U.K.

      The pre-written obituary/programming isn’t a match for my memories. I witnessed the funeral, the marches, the tributes… it went on for days & days. Same for Billy Graham’s death, which a friend in eastern Canada (but not Quebec) is certain she recalls, as well. (We practically had an argument about it, and she had to see that he’s still alive, per Wikipedia, before she’d believe me.)

      Thanks for the question about non-English speaking areas. I’ll be interested to see if any French Canadians remember Mandela’s death in past decades, and if they saw the programming in French. From my own visits to Quebec, I know that some American programming has been available there, prior to widespread use of cable TV and dish TV. So, we’d want to rule that out.

    2. Hi Max, I live in Turkey and I was in high school in those days. I definetly remember his death and the funeral, actually my father had given me information about him when we were watching the news together. Actually I was very surprised when I heard his second! death.

  13. Hi fiona, in the meanwhile i have also been trying to connect the dots and though no definite theory has emerged the dots have come closer.while i am not obsessed with jung he did work for 40 yrs on his concept and surmised that there were 3 dimensions to synchronicity, coincidence clairvoyance precognition.Taking cue from his work, the U.S ,weary of vietnam war and cold war,embarked on the’ project stargate’ from mid 70s to mid 90s.At the culmination of the project,the testing of all sorts was halted in oceania, by all the 3 super powers.What i imagine is that the rv,euphemism for obe did not yield results,but precognition was achieved and used in practical terms.Terrence Aym may be on to something after all.By the way if you google the top three star protagonists of mandela effect with either illumiuati or freemason alongside their name, you will find interesting details.

  14. Flight 370 proves that freelance psychics are so much hot air.Proximity to oceania is a pointer,stargate’s worthiness is another double edged question mark.

    1. Vivek, I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. I believe that many people are adept psychics (remote viewers, etc.) but don’t grab headlines or even agree to media coverage of what they “see.”

      I haven’t actually watched the Stargate TV series, largely because so many friends are in it, so that’s a distraction. However, the concept has always made sense to me, in theory.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  15. Hi fiona, psychic abilities as i have experienced are almost always extempore but many claim that they can will it or employ shamanic technique to effectively produce results,but i don’t believe them.With Stargate i mean the super secret U.S project to vindicate, clairvoyance and precognition by any means, including, employing psychics of all countries and also shamans from congo india etc

  16. Upon reading these posts of when Mandela died based on other people’s memories I thought to my self. He died a few years ago around the World Cup in South Africa, they had a huge parade for him and remember it was a long time ago. However, when I went to Wikipedia, it said he barely died 7 months ago!! I would have remembered that taking place as I had just been home for Thanksgiving the week before and have such a vivid memory of that trip and the days after since I do not go home much.

    Does anyone else remember Nelson Mandela dying around the last World Cup in South Africa?

  17. OKAY now I am really freaked out, I had just posted a comment about Nelson Mandela dying 7 months ago, as I didn’t write the date, I remember it being December 7th, 2013. After reading a comment saying he died December 5th, I quickly went back to Wikipedia and it now said December 5th.

    Now that is weird

  18. I might be going mad. I distinctly remember a huge controversy over Mandela’s wife and her “football team” after his death in the 80s. She made a claim on his leadership, and also demanded to lead the funeral service, but was challenged on both accounts as the couple were estranged. Apartheid ended due to economic sanctions not long afterwards, and Mandela received a state funeral as one of the first acts of the new interim government, both lead by… Winnie Mandela.

    Then again, I also recall Frank Sinatra “lying in state” on the front cover of Time magazine years and years before he died. That one could be deja vu, of course. But Mandela? A totally different death altogether?

    Did another member of the imprisoned ANC die just before release? That could account for Mandela’s name being linked to a political death behind bars at the time?

    More importantly, perhaps, do any South Africans “remember” Mandela’s death behind bars? They would be closer to events at the time. We could be piecing fragments of news reports together in the wrong order from thirty years ago; they might be less likely to make that kind of unwitting mistake?

    Or… you know? It could be the sliding thing, I suppose? But why Mandela, in that case? He wasn’t that relevant to me at all? I’d be more likely to notice a more local historical glitch.

  19. Hi, I’m from Indonesia. Just found out about this site through reblog post from tumblr. Woah. I thought I’m the only one. I remember in elementary school or junior high school,in topic of racism, I was taught about how Nelson Mandela was the hero guy to make a change about that in Africa and he’s already died at the time my teacher taught me about him (teacher or maybe our book said he died while he’s imprisoned..). not until last year of senior highschool or in college, I found out that he’s actually still alive and even be the president of south africa .__. I was like “did he (president) had same name like that nelson mandela?” *I thought something like a man named nelson mandela jr. But no, its the same guy .__. So I was like hmm ok maybe I was wrong with my memories.. but then I’m so surpr8sed to fin out many of you had almos similar thing.. mandela effect, huh?

  20. I remember being in high school around 2008, it was late my junior year, and learning about his death in prison, I remember learning about Desmond Tutu becoming president a few years after the passing, and later his wife. I remember distinctly because it was the first history class I ever took that I did well in. I’m only 23 so I wasn’t alive when he “died” the first time, but I’m almost positive the year was 1987. When they started talking about him being sick and dying on the news more recently I was convinced I was losing my mind and was too afraif to tell anyone.

  21. I remember that ANTM episode, and I remember one of the girls crying because they were in the cell where he died. This site has seriously creeped me out.

  22. Another one occurred to me tonight. There was an IMAX release of the Disney film Beauty and the Beast back in 2002, I went to see it with some friends and I could’ve sworn we saw it in IMAX 3D. One of the other three with me confirms that they remember this, the other two don’t recall. Then in 2011 I see an IMAX 3D release about the time 3D started catching on in theaters, and they say that they spent around $10 milllion between 2010 and 2011 to convert it to 3D and they were remarking on how inexpensive the process was. I’m sure that I saw it in 3D about nine years before, but now there’s no record of it and when I read newspaper reviews of the 2002 release, no mention of it being in 3D. It feels strange.

  23. It’s so strange reading all of these posts, I’ve been going through the Mandela Effect for the last two days. I’m 16 and I could swear I had a general knowledge that Nelson Mandela died long ago. I only really knew who he was after his death in 2013 when he was largely publicised again, yet whenever I’d hear his name, my memories told me he was a hero of the 20th century who was long passed. This is such an eerie feeling and reading all of these accounts that line up so well is just making my head spin. I really want to know what’s going on here

  24. i too, remember he died in prison. everybody wore this prison number.. it was a big deal.

  25. I feel like I bring a unique aspect to this conversation regarding Nelson Mandelas’ early death. Stay with me… I was born in 1979 and although I don’t remember what grade I was in, I do remember him dying. The unique part is a song that was written in honor of his life and legacy and played at his funeral on TV as well as on Oprahs show. Everytime the news went to a commercial, an African sort of Caribbean beat played “mandela, mandela, mannnnndela”. Does anyone remember this song? I tried finding it in shazam and a few other sites according to melody and was not able to find the song. The reason I remember this song so vividly is because my dad is a sound engineer based in Atlanta and I remember him being very upset that they released it without mastering the song, they released it so fast and he was annoyed every time it came on, he would complain about how rushed it sounded. I called my dad to discuss and asked if he remembered the name of the song. I didn’t alude to the fact that Nelson died twice because I didn’t want to seem weird. He asked immediately am I busy, I said no and he said im on my way! We both sat there as a relief and talked about how he died twice and he gave me so many hugs because he’s 65 and happy he isn’t crazy after all lol! Anyway I found this site because That song haunts my mind but I can’t find the song online and don’t know if it exists anymore

    1. Hi Michelle, this might be a bit late but I think the song you’ve described is “Nelson Mandela” by the Coventry, England ska group The Specials AKA; sometimes the song is attributed to just “The Specials” and/or also called by the title “Free Nelson Mandela”. It was released in 1984 and was a top ten hit in the UK, though, apparently it was banned at the time in a few places (i.e. South Africa- for obvious reasons)but at some US radio stations, too, due to being “too controversial”.
      You can find the original video on YouTube here:
      If you’re looking for more info. about the song, here’s a link to a December 2013 Guardian interview with Jerry Dammers, one of the founding members of The Specials/Specials AKA where he talks about how the song came to be. Interestingly, the piece references several large-scale Mandela- related concerts in ’80s/early ’90s Britain. Dammers also makes a comment about the recording being stressful/rushed due to band-related issues and says of the opening chorus, “The way the song begins – with them doing the chorus a cappella – was an afterthought. It might even be slightly out of tune with the rest of the song, since it was added afterwards. But it gives it a weird kind of lift when the main melody comes in.”
      All of that put me in mind of what you wrote about the song, Michelle, so I hope this helps!
      I grew up in the USA and vividly recall the day in early 1990 when it was reported Mandela was released from prison. It’s funny, but I remember being on the phone with a friend when we heard the news. I was about 12 and only vaguely knew who Mandela was at the time but I do- for whatever reason- have a very clear mental picture of talking with my friend about it that day. Don’t recall either of us having any confusion about him already being dead or anything at the time but it is sort of odd that the memory of that day is still so clear and vivid for me.
      I stumbled onto this website quite by accident (seriously- I was intrigued by a link on a website reviewing products from the Trader Joe’s grocery store chain!) Totally random…or, of course, totally Jungian : )! Ironically, too, in looking-up the info. about the song, since I recalled hearing it over the years and was pretty sure it was by The Specials, I discovered that it was actually Mandela’s birthday/”Nelson Mandela Day” the other day! Hmmm… While my personal timeline, so to speak, seems to put Mandela’s death in 2013, I have definitely experienced other inexplicable “time out of time”-type moments. Nice to know I’m not the only one!

  26. I remember it was the early 2000s when I was in the 5th grade we learned about Mandela and that he died in prision in the 80s. I was so shocked to hear about his death in 2013 because all these years I believed he was already dead. I mean no one really talked about him all this time until recently, so I find that weird.

  27. Hi there,

    Someone asked for a South African perspective. I know of the Mandela effect and it is particularly interesting, especially some of the weird ones. However, no South African I know of believes Mandela died before he did, he was our president to bring it into context. Our country is simply too politically orientated to not know whats going on.

    However, I think what some of you might be referring to was the death of Chris Hani, he was assassinated in prison right before the end of Apartheid and was also a prominent Anti Apartheid activist. Steve Biko might be another possibility but less likely. Please check and see if it cannot be a possible explanation.

    1. Marcel,

      Thanks for the information.

      I can only speak for myself and my own memories, since I recall Nelson Mandela’s funeral as it aired on American commercial television.

      Nelson Mandela spoke at Martin Thembisile “Chris” Hani’s memorial service. ( ) For me, that significantly reduces the likelihood of anyone thinking it was Mandela’s funeral.

      Also, Chris Hani was assassinated outside his home in Dawn Park (South Africa) by a Polish extremist who was caught shortly after the shooting. He was convicted, and remains in jail to this day.

      I recall Mandela being assassinated in prison.

      Searching Google’s links for images related to Chris Hani’s funeral (ex: ), I don’t see anything like the coverage I recall for Mandela’s death.

      My memories of Mandela’s TV coverage (from many years ago) include a small, private funeral with Mandela’s widow (who spoke briefly) and her bodyguard/companion (causing some comment). I clearly recall the large, dark tree behind them, and folding chairs with mourners. It was a small, deeply personal tribute, in addition to the related, larger scale events at the time, which did not receive the same kind of coverage on American TV.

      Chris Hani’s widow doesn’t look anything like the woman I recall as the long-ago widow of Nelson Mandela. ( )

      While there is no doubt that Chris Hani was a remarkable man and vitally important as a national and global leader in the anti-apartheid movement, he didn’t die in prison and his funeral photos (location, crowd, and wife) all look very different from the Mandela funeral I recall seeing on American TV.

      Further, Nelson Mandela was already out of prison when Chris Hani was killed. (And, in my mental associations, I would have framed my images of the 1993 funeral coverage in a location thousands of miles away from where I recall seeing Mandela’s funeral coverage on TV.)

      For others, the death of Chris Hani may explain the earlier memory.

      For me, it doesn’t, but I appreciate your comment.

      Fiona Broome

      1. Apologies Fiona, it was Steve Biko who was assassinated in police custody.

        I think it would be very helpful if you can find any South African that share the same memory / timeline as you, because that would be similar to an American today saying they remember Obama dying before he became president, and that would be huge!

        1. No problem, Marcel! Your comment was the first to mention that name, so I appreciated the chance to reply.

          I have received several comments from people who claim to be South African, and who say they are sure Mandela died in prison… but, so far, those same comments then launch into conspiracy-type rants… promptly reducing the person’s credibility to zero.

          After reading thousands (at least) comments and emails on this topic, I’ve learned which to take seriously. And, in the case of comments, I’ve (gradually) learned which to approve because they contribute to the discussion, and which are best left unapproved for now.

          If credible reports emerge from among South Africans, I’d be delighted, and you’re right — that would be a huge breakthrough.

          So far, none have. Conspiracy theorists suggest that’s because the news was suppressed in South Africa, due to the volatile politics of that era.

          I’m more inclined to think Mandela didn’t die in prison in the current reality or timestream.

          Cheerfully, Fiona

        2. This is weird, but I had a recent (as in within 6 months of today) “deja vu dream” as I call them and this post by Marcel was in it.
          The dream was mundane, it was just me scrolling on the computer, stopping at Marcel’s post and having the deja vu/ puzzled feeling of vague importance at what I read.
          I woke up straining to make sense of what was important about it but promptly forgot about it within a day. Fast forward to yesterday, and I was binging on some Michael Tsarion stuff about history/religion/spirituality and he quoted Marcel Proust. Michael Tsarion quotes everyone and the quote wasn’t particularly more special than the others, with the exception of the name Marcel. That stuck and I had a “ding ding ding” moment but again couldn’t recall the importance. Just as I was about to stop reading the comments here, I felt an urge to keep scrolling and then felt myself “slide” into my experience from my dream, (which is very different from simply remembering something) and voila, theres the post by Marcel.

          I’ve got a long history of precognitive dreams coming true, and my thought has been that this proves, at the very least, that time is non-linear, and is more fluid and malleable than we have been taught. Malleable until we reach clear “junctions” where one limited set of related choices leads to definite outcomes over another set of related choices and outcomes. The junction diverts your path based on your choices which changes your “future” experience. Until a junction is reached and choices are made, all possible choices and outcomes for that “window” are on the table. Its truly mind boggling to think about this happening to everyone everywhere all the time and the implications.
          My precog dreams manifest as deja vu IRL and I simply read them as signposts that confirm I’ve made the more beneficial choices. And as an aside, I’ve had two major junctions in my life where I was aware of my death, or to sound less dramatic, end of my path if I chose one way over another.

  28. Earlier I have mentioned that a tentative gap of 1000 miles is a general requirement for geographical anomalies,as per feedback.This site has become a behemoth,a set of guidlines has to be worked out.

    1. Vivek, I agree that the site is very large, thanks to the many wonderful comments left by readers. I’m delighted by the number and scope of comments people continue to share here.

      However, placing a 1000-mile requirement seems arbitrary and impractical, and I don’t think a set of guidelines “has to be worked out.”

      Let’s assume no one moves, ever, and no one travels. (Yes, that’s preposterous, but I’m making a point.) I’d need considerable time, daily — far more than I already spend at this site — to verify each person’s location at the time he or she posted here. (IP numbers can be spoofed, and many of my readers use services to conceal their actual IP numbers.)

      Then, for people who are widely traveled — including me — there is the question of location at the time of the memory. How can anyone verify that? (Rhetorical question.)

      We’re a mobile society, some more than others. In most cases, I’m certain of exactly where I was when I heard the news that doesn’t fit this timestream; the context informs me. However, for some memories, I’m not even sure which country I was in. When I’m on the road, one Marriott hotel room (or Sheraton, or whatever) looks like most others, and — when I catch up on the news — I’m almost always at the hotel, watching TV or at my laptop computer.

      The data at this site is largely anecdotal. And, at this point in the process, I think that’s fine.

      For now, this site isn’t intended as a wholly scientific study. If helps cast a wide net in which to gather alternate memories, and it assures people that they’re not “crazy” or alone with their alternate memories, I’m pleased.

      Geographical “guidelines” aren’t practical, and — at this stage of the research — unnecessary.


      1. Somehow it appears that zeno effect prevails over a finite length of space or a finite length of time,when the threshold of the time or space is crossed(some events may be linked with gap of time,some with space)the alternate memory sets in.I presume that most of the comments in the prominent topics of follow this fact.I’m simply pointing out a salient feature,not a statistical science procedure.

  29. I remember this movie with Morgan freeman playing Nelson Mandela and clearly said in memory of Nelson Mandela

    1. I too definitely remember 1985, tuberculosis in prison, Winnie at the funeral, banners, people wearing his prison numbers. News stories about Winnie having some kind of affair. I remember a 2.5 hour Morgan Freeman movie about Mandela where he was very convincing. It ended with a “In Memory Of.” Didn’t Angela Basset play Winnie? I can’t find any of this online.

      1. Hi, Jared!

        Thanks so much for posting the details you recall of Mandela’s death in prison. They’re very helpful.

        The movies featuring a character based on Winnie Mandela are listed at

        Morgan Freeman played the role of Nelson Mandela in “Invictus.”

        I clearly recall that Winnie Mandela had at least one high-profile affair while her husband was in jail. In my alternate memory of Nelson Mandela’s funeral, people were a little shocked when Winnie Mandela showed up with her lover. However, during a casual Google search, I found nothing to support my memories of her alleged affairs. The closest I found was this article: , but I might have found more if I’d had more search time.


  30. I was waiting to see if anyone would post this memory. I VERY clearly remember the affair ( and shock, outrage) of the South African people. And like Fiona remember the controversy of bringing him to the funeral. Does anyone remember a name, or what this man looked like ?? Mike

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for your comment! That man’s role in the funeral was so prominent, it never occurred to me to mention it here. I’m a little embarrassed, but I’d assumed that everyone who recalls Mandela’s much earlier death, also has Winnie’s companion in their respective memories.

      I want to say his name began with the letter S, but it was a long time ago. I might be wrong. I do recall him in all black (or very dark colors), including a black leather jacket. At the time, I thought that seemed a little odd, since it looked like a fairly warm day, but at least he was in black. In my memory, he was taller than Winnie but only slightly, and stocky or muscular, but not unusually so. I remember sunglasses that were very black, and his hair was natural and about an inch long; that was fairly conservative for that era.

      I remember paying slight attention to him during the broadcast march or procession to the memorial site, but his presence got my attention during the actual ceremony; at that point, he and Winnie were in the shade, on the right side of the TV screen, relative to a tree or group of trees.

      I’m not sure what he or Winnie did during the ceremony that made it clear he wasn’t just a bodyguard. It may have been a subtle cue. It may have been the way the two of them seemed a little isolated. I’d expected her to be weeping profusely, and accepting the arm (or hug) of several others in the group. Instead, Winnie and the man were separated from the others by a little more space than average among the rest of the group. However, until that point, I’d assumed the man was a typical bodyguard, and — as such — he didn’t seem that interesting to me.

      After the funeral, I remember the outcry in the media. (That’s an understatement.) It wasn’t just that she’d been having an affair, but that her lover accompanied her to all (but one?) funeral-related events. (At one appearance, he may have been wearing an African print shirt, but it also had a very dark or black background and the design was fairly subdued. At everything else, he looked like he was trying to blend in.)

      It was a long time ago, so my memories aren’t absolutely clear, but I think what sparked immediate mention in the media was the one funeral-related event where he didn’t accompany Winnie. Working with only shreds of that memory, I think those covering the broadcast “looked the other way” when the companion was with Winnie, but couldn’t not mention his absence when it highlighted the controversy. Either way, Winnie including him — and whatever she did that made the connection obvious — offended people, and it received nearly as much outcry as his death, at least in the international press.

      When I recall Mandela’s death (decades ago), what I remember most was the outdoor service. It seemed to me that it highlighted the freedom Nelson Mandela achieved. No walls, just sunlight and the respite of shade.


      1. I’m barely too young to remember the ’83 or ’85 death of Mandela , but I’ve always had that strange feeling of certainty that he was dead. I didn’t know that for sure or think about it specifically until a couple years ago and again today because I don’t recall learning about him in school. Anyways, when he was reported dead a couple years ago, I remember being agitated about that and then feeling sure that he was already dead, which was a very confusing feeling to say the least.
        The weirdest part about this for me is that after reading Fiona’s comments above about Winnie and some media outrage surrounding Winnie and Mandela’s funeral, I distinctly remembered reading about this affair-and-funeral controversy a couple years ago in an article from Infowars that was attempting to convince people about how they had bought the media’s lies and hype about Nelson and Winnie’s saintliness….if I read Fiona’s comment right, didn’t she recall that event happening 30 years ago? If so, does anyone remember there being similar controversy and media outrage after Mandela’s 2013 funeral?

  31. Fiona, I am typing this in state of shock. I actually got chills reading each paragraph. The sunglasses that is something I distinctly remember. Those trees for some reason really stick in my memory too, just like you described the group ,Winnie and the man, all framed by those trees. The black jacket, really stuck out too me, just didn’t fit, but in that time period (which I remember well) there were some questionable fashions. I am fairly certain his name started with an S also, something like Samuel, or an Africanized version. A lot of the major memory links are like this for me , very vivid. My mind has always “anchored ” everything too specific numbers, dates , or calendars. I know that sounds odd, but I really have no other way to describe it. This just get more curious , down the rabbit hole we go. Fascinating. Mike

  32. So it’s either ’83 or ’85,we are closing in as to the puzzle of the ‘year’ incidentally they are all odd numbers.Another thing is that both SL and NZ are now on the south eastern flank,little things but data nevertheless.

  33. And,following the anecdotes,we can logically derive that NM could have died a number of times in odd yrs starting ’83.Small islands adjacent to southeastern flank of larger land masses could well have been elsewhere.Persons around 95 yrs of age might be resurrected beings.’The sea wolf’ could have been ‘A sea wolf’ but Larsen was too much of a personality to be ‘A’.Retro Mandela Effect may be a fun effort to go into,and who knows what surprises crop up.

  34. Also it may imply that ‘fait accompli’ is a false notion,for death is supposed to be the most dreaded fate for a sentient being.But,there is a fair percentage of humans who are weary of life,here or hereafter or in an alternate timeline a la mandela effect.That the destiny of NM changed after his resurrection,from a branded provocateur of violent means,overnight he became the ambassador of peace and beloved president of masses,no more apprehensive of life,speaks for those, disillusioned with their fate.

  35. I don’t specifically remember Mandela dying, or even when I learned about it. But, I have “known” for some time now that he died in prison in 1985. Not sure how I knew, but I feel like it was likely something I either read in a history book or was taught in school. It’s a very definite sense of knowing. Not only was I very surprised to hear he had been alive all this time, but also that he had been politically active this whole time! I have absolutely no memory of his having been president of South Africa, or receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, or anything. When it came up in the news a couple of years ago that he was sick, I was very confused!

  36. So NM died in ’85,a reprieve of 2 yrs,and then a further extension of 30 yrs,with unprecedented perks,presidentship and peace nobel to boot.Blood money to be a fall guy for such a nerve wracking effect as ‘mandela effect’.To a perfectly innocent person,it may appear that lucifer is lurking nearby and having a hearty laugh at die hard fans of ME.

  37. It seems like nearly everyone who remembers Mandela as having died in the 1980s is from a country other than South Africa. It has already been suggested that no South Africans credibly report this recollection. Further, the accounts suggest that those who remember Mandela’s death in the 1980s were peripherally involved in the issue of South African apartheid: they were somewhat aware of it or were taught about it in school.

    It would be interesting to learn that someone who was more directly connected to the issue had this memory. For example, does anyone who was active in the boycott and divestment movements have this memory? Do any civil rights activists have this memory? Does anyone who was involved in politics or diplomacy or international trade have this memory?

    Learning that they did would help rule out false memories or accurate memories of false reports. It might also lead to greater understanding of the phenomenon. Right now, nearly every instance of the “Mandela Effect” seems to be a factual discrepancy over a detail that is of peripheral importance to the person who experienced it. Does the effect also occur with respect to facts of greater importance to a given individual?

    1. From reading through the comments on this site, stuff like this seems to happen even in situations where the person is more than peripherally involved, though it is more rare. Like somebody’s niece or nephew just vanished…her brother randomly had one less child than he did before, and nobody else could recall the missing one. As far as country-specific Mandela Effects go, Americans seem just as likely to remember being taught about 52 states as people from other countries are.

  38. Reader, As i have repeatedly said,the ME occurs beyond a 1000 miles radial distance.And what i am saying is not a sly evasion but a statistical fact.

  39. A further clarification,no career diplomat or activist will stand out with an incongruous memory,to be ridiculed and thrown out of whatever communion he/she belongs,and to top it all the,’’ is not the BBC to be known by all and sundry.Not losing perspective is a virtue,worth cultivating.

  40. my friend handed me a petition to sign, it was to help mandela get out of prison. I remember the media covering the story that he died. years later he became president.. what?? but hes dead…..
    thought i was going crazy but I know he died.
    glad i am not the only one. perhaps people going back in time to change things?

  41. I was born in ’97, so I didn’t actually experience Mandela’s death in the 80’s, but when he died in 2013 and I saw it on the news, the first thing I said was “huh… I thought i had read in my history book that he had died during the Reagan administration.” but I simply passed it off as a glitch in my own memory. Best I can remember, it was maybe 7th grade that i remember reading this in a history book. So by 2009-ish, he was still dead in my world, so to speak.

  42. this is, and has been, a deep interest, and only recently realized so many others had experienced the same phenomena; i remember *very clearly* hearing on the news that Mandela had died in prison-followed by a repeat on the following hour news report {on the radio}. The memory is quite distinct, as i marked it, having participated in the very early days of King’s actions…so Mandela’s death was no casual occurance to me. The first newscast was the 12:00 am, followed by the 01:00 am broadcast…year was, if memory serves, 1996, but it could have been ’97. There is absolutely no question in my mind that the event took place and that i did, indeed, hear *two* newscasts annoouncing he had died in prison.

  43. The only reasonable way to take Mandela’s death seriously in the 80’s is to find people from South Africa who also remember it. Preferably people who were nearby. If this phenomenon is real then it stands to reason that at least a percentage of those who live there would also have similar memories.

    1. Mark, there are so many ways to counter that argument.

      First, we’d have to assume that everyone in South Africa who has that memory could be reached with some sort of survey. If they exist — and I’m not saying that they do — that would be nearly impossible. In most countries, even census gatherers don’t personally interview every citizen.

      But, avoiding hyperbolic extremes, let’s say 5% of the population of South Africa have that memory. That may be a high figure, but this discussion is theoretical anyway. As of 2014, about half of all South Africans are Internet users (per ). To conduct a thorough survey through this website (or any other), we’d have to be sure that the 5% with that memory are among the half of those in South Africa who are online.

      Again, that’s a very steep challenge for a website that started as a “what if…?” conversation in the DragonCon green room. (I have never claimed that my Mandela Effect theories are scientific or even credible. All of this is speculation.)

      Second, you’re assuming that “sliding” from one reality to another isn’t specific to certain locations such as, say, the Bermuda Triangle. If all anomalous phenomena happened everywhere, regardless of geographic location, we wouldn’t have a Bermuda Triangle or anything like it. I suspect that some (not necessarily all or even the majority) of those who slide are doing so because — at least in part — they’re at a location (time/space) where sliding can occur. Others aren’t.

      Third, we’d have to assume that — at the time of the poll or survey — everyone who had that memory hadn’t dismissed it as “confusion,” because that’s the logical response. Or, because they were worn down by critics using repetitive and undermining language like “reasonable” and “it stands to reason.” It’s a great re-framing technique when you’re arguing, but less effective when the foundation of your thesis has no more evidential support (and perhaps considerably less) than those who’ve experienced the Mandela Effect.

      Fiona Broome

    2. Mark, None of ME memories including, Mandela or NZ or Sri lanka or Tiananmen, is reported by those living in near vicinity of the contentious issue,beyond thousand miles ME might strike.Your arguement can be tested for Billy Graham memory,US being a large nation,the vindication of distance theory or its rejection may be possible thru painstaking effort by Fiona.

    3. Mark: If whatever caused the effect has a range or some other factor that wouldn’t necessarily include people in South Africa, then there would be no reason for them to remember any differently than the rest of mainline history does.

  44. I am also from the dead Mandela universe. I remember reading it in the newspaper and thinking how sad it was that he was never able to be freed. One person I mentioned it to said that maybe it was some propaganda they used to lessen his impact on the people. It is plausible but what is there to back this up?

  45. So, I just stumbled upon this quote from former President George Bush, Jr.:

    ‘I thought an interesting comment was made when somebody said to me, Where’s Mandela? Well, Mandela is dead, because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas.’

    Now, I KNOW the Bushes have been known to say some interesting things in the past, but this? In light of the discussions we’ve been having on this site, and the things we’ve been noticing? Highly suspect…

    Here’s a link to corroborate the quote:

    1. As a point of clarification, this quote was made in 2007. Long before Mandela’s “death” in this timeline.

  46. From my perspective this article prompts three questions. What was the input stimulus? When did it occur? And ultimately what is memory?

  47. I was born in 1991 and I distinctly remember the moment I found out Mandela was alive, when I was around 20. Someone on my facebook made a post, possibly around an anniversary of the end of apartheid or some other significant event and in it referred to Mandela as being alive. I was a little bit confused so I looked on wikipedia where I found out that contrary to what I remembered Nelson Mandela had not died in prison, but was alive and well and had at some point been elected president. I didn’t have a reaction other than, “hm, okay then guess I was wrong”.

    I will reiterate that I was born in 1991, so I don’t have the memory like others here of seeing his funeral or an announcement on tv in the 80s. It’s not likely my parents somehow taught me he’d died, I asked my dad if he knew anything about Mandela and he said he didn’t know who that was. My mom is no longer living but was not in the US in the 80s and from having asked her sisters probably also didn’t know who Mandela was. Up until I read that facebook post Mandela’s death in my mind just WAS. I never questioned it, I thought he was dead like how we all know Princess Diana and MLK died.

    I was a child of immigrants with only primary school education so what I know of historical events I taught myself(from books or pbs) or through public school. Because of growing up in an immigrant family I am often mistaken about “well known” historical events/sentiments, especially those that would be passed down from your parents. So I chalked it up to that and moved on. Now that I’m reading this page one more question has come up, I wasn’t alive in the 80s, if I didn’t learn this from my parents that saw/heard Mandela had died in the 80s then how the hell was I certain he’d died in prison until I was 20.

  48. I’m not old enough to actually remember Mandela’s death in prison, (I was born in the early 90’s) but I have a vivid memory of learning about it in Social Studies when I was still in elementary school (roughly 2002). Part of the reason I remember it so clearly is because I had to write a paper about it. I had discussed the topic with my Grandpa, who had been around when it happened.

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