Nelson Mandela Died in Prison?

Original Mandela Effect articleAccording to some people, Nelson Mandela died in prison, long before his loss on December 5th, 2013.

That’s where the name of this phenomenon – and my original Mandela Effect website – came from.

I’m the person who first popularized that phrase, and here’s what I said, back in 2009, slightly updated with newer information.

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I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison.  I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow.

Then, I found out he was still alive.

My reaction was sensible, “Oh, I must have misunderstood something on the news.”

I didn’t think about it again for many years, until – in the VIP suite at Dragon*Con – “Shadowe,” a member of the event’s Security team casually mentioned that other people “remembered” when Nelson Mandela died in prison.

That caught my attention in a hurry.

One thing led to another, and I discovered a large community of people who remember the same Mandela history that I recall.

Others have similar “false” memories.

Mandela Effect: Billy Graham, too?

One of the next earliest conversations was about the death of Billy Graham.  (He was alive at the time people started reporting that.)

Some claimed that people were confused, and actually recall Mr. Graham’s retirement announcement, or perhaps the televised funeral of Mr. Graham’s wife.

Those who clearly remember the announcement and funeral coverage… they disagree heartily. (Billy Graham died in Feb 2018, long after his funeral was discussed on the Mandela Effect website.)

However, it’s not just deaths.

People have told me about a variety of odd conflicts between their vivid memories and the world they’re currently living in.

The “vanished” Star Trek episode… that never existed

During Dragon*Con 2010, someone insisted that he remembered a Star Trek episode that – according to one star of the show – was never even filmed.

The person who remembered the alternate episode wasn’t weird or wild-eyed… he was a very normal person, and only referenced the episode as part of a routine conversation.

I was there when he heard that the episode never existed.  He was stunned, and quickly tried to find a logical explanation for his “faulty” memory.

Berenstein Bears, “Like, I am your father,” and more

And then, when people discovered that there never were any “Berenstein Bears” books, and no movie included the line, “Luke, I am your father” … the Mandela Effect went viral.

These aren’t simple errors in memory; they seem to be fully-constructed incidents (or sequential events) from the past.  To many of us, these seem to exceed the normal range of forgetfulness.

Even stranger, other people seem to have identical memories.

But what’s going on?  And what’s causing it?

My favorite sci-fi explanations include the possibility of parallel realities, quantum science, real-life “Sliders” experiences, and alternate history.

But, of course, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the Mandela Effect. Some could be faulty memories. Some could be errors in news reports, and online pranks.

But others…?

Nobody knows, yet.

If you believed that Nelson Mandela died in prison – long before his passing (in this timestream) on 5 December 2013 –  or you have similar memories of a “different” past, you’re not alone.

It’s called the Mandela Effect, and you’ll find many fascinating, related reports, if you look for them.

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544 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela Died in Prison?”

    1. Fl is trying that stunt as well. Never heard of Ca doing it tho.

      I notice… I do not find out about a lot of news, that given my wide reading range, I *should*.

  1. How do you explain a dream where you see that some of the lug nuts on one of tires on your car are missing. You wake up and out of curiosity just go to the car to check … guess what … rear tire has 2 missing lug nuts!

    How about this dream where you see one your co-workers falling ill. Next day at work you casually ask the co-worker if everything is fine and come to find out that he has been recently diagnosed with cancer!

    Many a times, out of the blue, I start thinking about an old friend, colleague, business vendors who I haven’t heard from in a while, and within hours or days, I get an email, phone call from them.

    Mysteries of the unknown and untapped powers of our brains!

    1. that sounds more like some type of premonition/psychic ability than the timeline/AU shifting. but interesting none the less.

    2. The lugnut thing could have been you seeing it out of the corner of your eye but not realizing it and then bringing it back up during dreaming. After watching a bunch of Derren Brown episodes I can completely see that happening. (BTW he is awesome! =P )

      As for the phone call thing I used to do that. I could think about someone and they would call me out of the blue. I had not talk to them in years and they call right at that moment?! I don’t do it anymore. Maybe I am not in tune with the universe as I once was. =(

  2. In 2004 I strongly remember John Kerry winning the election, when I went to school the next day I found out he lost, but I strongly remember him making a huge speech about it.

  3. I recall the asasination of N. Mandela around 1983-1985. I was a child at the time and attended a majority black school. I recall the next morning we all wore black ribbons and had an assembly. I recall the tv news showing crowds of people as there was a parade in Mandelas honor and while riding in the back of the car he was shot and killed. He had Kat been released from prison and apartide was ending. Now he lives and my memories are wrong it would seem or are they. Did I experience another reality?

  4. I just found out that Gabe Kaplan is also still alive and I distinctly remember it being announced (YEARS ago) that he died. I can remember comments about him going to the big class room in the sky and permanently going to detention.

    Does anyone else remember Gabe Kaplan dying?

  5. I remember a lot of these, Nelson Mandela and Billy Graham both dying in the 90’s. Andy Rooney and some other people dying much earlier than is official. I am most disconcerted by personal experiences of places in my home city changing; places that I’ve walked several times and recently it feels like the entire direction and layout has shifted around. Even accounting for normal things like buildings being torn down and new businesses springing up, there are oddities, like East – West streets being North – South and bends in the road being straight. And I can’t find construction projects to account for these changes.

    But the worse part, as I was looking up the island status of Honduras and Costa Rica (which I remembered as islands, especially Costa Rica), was Jamaica. I was very into geography as a child, always sensitive to the stupid American stereotype, and I swear, I swear Jamaica was rather large and right next to Trinidad and Tobago, even bordering it like a Haiti/Dominican Republic thing. But now, it’s a very tiny island far north of T and T.

  6. I, too, remember news report stating that Nelson Mandela died — and that was in the 1980s! I distinctly remember the television channel 5 news broadcast in Boston where the TV news broadcaster, Natalie Jacobson, stated that he died. It was the main story during the 6:00 p.m. news that day. Then I was stunned, startled and confused years later when I heard another news report stating that Nelson Mandela “just died.” I actually had a sickening feeling when I heard the news report the second time because it was so unsettling to me. Because how can you remember something that is completely inconsistent with the facts that are presented at a later time? I was relieved when I heard that other people also remember a news report from many years earlier stating that he had died (in prison). Then I knew I wasn’t losing my mind. But this phenomenon just fascinates me. I wish someone could explain how this “dual timeline” really works. My conclusion is that there must be parallel universes.

  7. I distinctly remember America having 52 states, for one main reason. There was a Simpsons episode where for some reason or another Bart was in charge of the school, and in addition to renaming America “Bonerland”, he merged North and South Dakota together. I think it was the principal who was doing some sort of pop quiz and one of the questions was how many states America had, he wrote 52 before Bart told him that there were now 51 due to the Dakota merge. I’m positive it wasn’t brought down to 49, but can’t find the episode to check.

  8. This may seem insignificant but when I was in elementary school I clearly remember two of my friends getting mad at each other and then proceeding to attack each other with plastic lightsabers until getting in trouble, but neither of them recall the incident, even though I remember it clearly.

  9. I wonder if you’ve considered deja vu? Do you think that it is related to having experienced an event in an alternate reality and then reliving it in this reality?

    In the movie The Matrix, they referenced deja vu, saying that it meant there was a glitch in the Matrix. “It happens when they change something.” ( They depict it as seeing the same thing happen twice, but in my experience, I just start feeling like I’ve experienced the same series of events sometime in my past. And I can usually determine when it stops feeling familiar. Most of the time, it’s in conversation with somebody. I’ll say to them, “you said that before…we did this before.” Then they’ll respond, and I’ll say, “and that’s what you said next!” Then we’ll move on, and it won’t be deja vu anymore. It’s always an unnerving experience for me. I’ve always thought I must have dreamed the situation or just something similar enough to trigger the feeling of familiarity, but who knows…

    1. Krista,

      What a fun addition to this thread!

      I’ve long theorized that some parallel realms are on a different timeline than we’re currently in. So, if that’s true, it’s possible you’ve slid into realities that are in our future… and then you bounced back here again.

      Now, if you could just do that with lottery numbers, right…? Ah, I think we’d all like that kind of slide!

      Before the Mandela Effect became such an important part of my research, one of my main focuses was ghost research. Since exploring the concepts behind the Mandela Effect, especially parallel realms, I’ve begun wondering if EVP is recorded from a nearby, parallel reality that’s from 200 years ago, or something like that. And, perhaps apparitions are people dreaming their way into our time stream, witnessing things, and then returning to their own realities in time to wake up. If that dream/slide covered a brief time — weeks, months, or just a couple of years — it might be an easy explanation for deja vu. (It might also explain doppelgangers such as when Shelley saw himself, and others saw him, too.)

      I’m really glad you posted this, because it adds a new aspect to this discussion. And frankly, it’s a fun one to explore.

      Thank you!


  10. Matti,

    As someone who remembers Mandela’s death, I can assure you it was not a mistake and it was not a vague memory. I recall the details clearly. I saw it on TV, and the coverage I saw extended about a week, as was appropriate for someone of Mandela’s stature. I can also clearly recall watching his widow making what seemed to me a rather strained show of grief, and I can recall having a conversation with my family about it. This was not a single event that I’ve misremembered. It was a week of interrupted programming on the TV, the Time magazine cover, Newsweek, and so on. Lots of memories in lots of different contexts, over many days.

    It’s not just an, “Oops, I must have misunderstood something I heard on the radio.”

    When I later learned that Nelson Mandela was alive, I could not figure out what was going on. I would never have mentioned my memories to anyone — because I had no explanation for them, and nobody wants to think they’re that kind of forgetful (let’s keep the word “liars” out of this dialogue, please) — except that someone else broached the subject first.

    I literally stopped in my tracks. I was walking across the Dragon*Con green room with an afternoon snack, and someone made a general reference, saying something like, “It’s like the people who remember Mandela’s death.” I nearly dropped what I was carrying. The relief was massive… I wasn’t the only one with this weird, extended, detailed, and baffling set of memories.

    A group of us discussed this — mostly theoretically and as a quantum experience — and, after that, I started paying attention to identical “different” memories shared with me.

    Since you obviously haven’t had one of these memories, I understand your skepticism, and I’m trying to be patient with how far off-base you are with some of your phrasing and assumptions. (Leading with a link to that Cracked article — itself loaded with generalities and at least one false implication — actually struck me funny.)

    Like many people who’ve experienced alternate history, I’ve studied false memories, mind control, influence (especially Cialdini), subliminals, and the power of persuasion. I’ve attended conferences on the subject and read endless books and papers, spent hours talking with Steve Hassan and others, partly because I think mind and memory issues are interesting, and partly because I want to understand the various reasonable explanations for the phenomenon we’re discussing at this website.

    I would not be surprised if some comments at this site may be attributed to the “me, too” impulse. I can’t verify every memory or every individual who visits this site and leaves a comment.

    However, I believe that the larger reason topics explode here is that someone has the courage to say, “Err… here’s another one. Am I alone in this?”

    That’s immediately followed by a wave of relief from people who’ve been waiting for someone else to mention that particular topic.

    Even when you already have one of these alternate memories — like the Mandela one — there’s still a tendency to think, “Well, yes, but this other memory is different… I must be misremembering that one.”

    We know how crazy this can sound to others. I remember a friend doing her best not to raise an eyebrow when three of us were talking about the Mandela Effect at lunch one day. She kept saying things like, “This is so interesting. I’ve never encountered anything like it, of course, but it certainly is odd.” She was reasonably and appropriately skeptical.

    Then I mentioned that the second most popular theme in my email (only part of the discussion is at this website) is the death of Billy Graham.

    My friend kept eating, and half-joked, “What… some people think he’s still alive or something?”

    Thank heavens the other person with us had a smartphone. We had to go to Wikipedia and a couple of other sites to prove that, yes, Billy Graham is still alive.

    These memories aren’t like “forgetting.” Except at sites like this, we aren’t “spreading it around.” We’re not covering our shortcomings with vague memories, filled in with others’ suggestions.

    Applying Occam’s razor: Since we know that parallel realities exist, it’s a lot simpler to assume that there are points where we slide into different realities and don’t realize it until something — like Mandela’s death — seems completely wrong with our clear memories. Maybe we slide in our sleep, just for the duration of that night; some of Dr. Fred Wolf’s work supports that idea.

    Whatever it is, it’s not something we can shrug off and say, “Whoa. I got that really wrong, didn’t I!” These aren’t vague memories. We don’t “make stuff up.”

    And, with the likelihood that there are as many universes as there are potential outcomes for any situation, I don’t think there’s much insistence that one version of Mandela’s death or the position of New Zealand is the only correct alternate memory.

    What I see instead are people who’ve read enough alternate memories here — whether it’s about the position of NZ or something else — that they become increasingly comfortable about sharing more and more details.

    I’m not seeing anything where anyone is insisting that we all have to remember the Simpson’s episode, or Billy Graham’s funeral interrupting a particular show. I don’t think anyone missed the announcement that the Christopher Reeve commercial — the one where it looked like he walked — was computer generated.

    We each have our own, clear memories. What makes this interesting is that so many of them match each other in minute details, while others share their alternate memories in completely different contexts… and everyone’s pretty comfortable with that.

    We’re not making things up. We’re not liars. We’re just happy to find other people with similar memories, so we can chuckle and find relief in the realization that we’re not alone.

    I’m sure that — for some people — it’s more comforting to think that none of this is true, that sliding isn’t possible, and all of these alternate memories are false.

    For the rest of us, after the initial “Whew! I’m not losing my mind” phase — during which people use words like “amazed,” “stunned,” and “shocked” — this is fascinating. We really don’t have anything to prove to anyone else; we know what we remember, and it doesn’t match what’s in the history books.

    So, if and when you encounter one of these alternate memories… well, you know where to find us. We won’t suggest that you’re making it up.


    1. Okay, here’s the thing: what other celebrity deaths from the 80’s you remember with such clarity and detail? Or, say, the falling of the Berlin Wall? The collapse of the Soviet Union? Freddie Mercury’s death?

      Do you get snippets of memories and a lot of mixed up emotions or do you remember every program and newspaper article you saw and read about it? If so, could you put the memories about the even on a timeline? You could with Mandela’s death, right?

      The thing is, false memories are often less vague than real ones, and I quote: “Chris was soon told that one of the memories was false. Could he guess? He selected one of the real memories. When told that the memory of being lost was the false one, he had trouble believing it.”

      If you still don’t believe me, I propose a test: find a few people who you haven’t talked to about Mandela’s death over the internet. Don’t meet them, don’t call them, just ask them to write up what they remember happened. Give them a week and ask them to add new details every day (even “I can’t remember”s). Do this yourself, as well. At the end of the week, send them to a non involved party and have the memories posted on the site. See how much matches.

      You can try the experiment again after everyone’s read the memories. See how much contradictions you can find with what they said before and what after.

      The thing is, I believe in alternate realities. I think it would be amazing to be able to observe them, but realistically I know it would take a lot of energy. And be immensely complicated and not something that could happen by chance (have you heard of any time travelers?).

      And I repeat: no one lied, at least not intentionally. I urge you to read the last two links I posted before (maybe using Cracked as a credible source was my mistake, but they do link to useful sites and articles, so read those instead). Find a psychologist and ask them how false memories work, if you must.

      I just urge you to find out as many alternate explanations as possible before you go with the sliding into alternate realities thing.

      And also, Occam’s razor: the simplest explanation is always the most likely. Alternate realities is not a simple explanation, sorry.

    2. I wasn’t going to post this, but just in case there are others.
      I remember John Goodman (Roseanne, Coyote Ugly) dying around the early 2000’s.
      When Mandela died, my first thought was hmmmm that’s funny I thought he’d BEEN dead. I just chalked it up to not knowing history.
      When the Malaysian flight went missing and they were showing maps all I could think was wow Australia is a WHOLE lot closer to Asia than I ever thought, once again chalked that up to being terrible at geography. Although I don’t believe that now ( well I’m still terrible at geography but Australia HAD to be further south).
      My biggest one, the only that I am certain of is the Berenstein Bears.
      I’ve had wonky experiences with movies. Or catching and episode of a show that I NEVER watch, and the next time I happen to watch the show months or years later it happens to be the exact same episode. Could just be coincidence.
      One time I ran into a friend that I hadn’t seen in years. For some reason I brought up and old boyfriend of hers. She looked at me like I had two heads and claimed she didn’t even know who I was talking about, funny thing is I only know the guy because of her.

  11. I vividly remember Madonna having a baby boy with Sean Penn, and the tuxedo the baby wore at an awards ceremony for Madonna- I have always been a huge fan of Madonna and was shocked to learn she never did have a baby with Sean Penn, but I KNOW it happened!

  12. I have a personal incident recently – last year I suspect it was around October 2011 I remember vividly a discussion in my kitchen with my partner about removing a piece of wood that had been annoying him. I remember insisting I didn’t want it removed but he did it anyway – I remember seeing the glue squiggle underneath. So I was bemused the other day when I walked back into the Kitchen and noticed that the piece of wood was still there. I did a double take – I remember the conversation about removing it, I remember it being removed. I asked my partner and he remembers none of it….

    BTW I live in New Zealand and it’s always been to the east and south of Australia. (although being further north would be warmer)

    I guess if we’re all merging timelines (as I’ve read a few theories about) then this should start happening more often. I do have recollections of events and disagreeing with others about the details but eventually dismissing the issue as faulty memory.



  13. I just popped onto this website to find numerous references to “The Nelson Mandela death event”. This is very cool.
    A friend and I have discussed many times the Mandela death. We both remember the same thing in detail. I think this an insight into a very important event. It could be a mis-quote from the media which has been suggested before but no one has owned up to it. No retractions -nothing. It could be a “natural” event in the fabric of space-time, a hickup so to speak. Or as we have conjectured, a “correction” by yes, I dare say it, a time traveler. It’s the internet-get over it. I have heard that a number of countries have been experimenting with time travel and it is possible a correction was made to re-direct the situation-probably unknown to us 99%.

    1. Stephen, that’s one of the best comments I’ve seen about this topic. Thank you!

  14. definitely remember mandella dying in prison… can remember vividly where I was when I saw it on tv.

    the tank boy is pretty significant if that is a correction, although i do not remember him being runover.

    just to share something from my personal life that I recalled as I read through this, was a football grand final that we played in as kids…
    for some reason, I remember us not even making it to the grand final, but a number of players from my team and a few of the parents recollection of it was that we won the grand final that year.

    I should probably look into it more and try and find newspaper clippings, see if anyone has grand final medals etc…

    maybe small corrections like that are made as well? perhaps to give confidence to young kids who grow up to be bad?

    1. Shane, that’s a good memory to research, about the grand finals. I’m very interested in the personal memories like that, as well as the broad-scale ones like Mandela’s death in prison, and the tank boy incident.

      A certain number of unsupported memories can be attributed to confusion and forgetfulness. However, I maintain that most people can look back on them and then recall that enough other things were going on, confusion was possible. Those confused and forgetful incidents are very different in quality from memories covered for a series of days, reinforced by extensive TV coverage, etc.

      What I’m looking for — in addition to the large-scale media memories — are more personal ones, as well. My friend whose school now looks completely different, and it’s a much older building… that’s the kind of thing that fascinates me, as well.

      Frankly, I think this is going on far more often than we realize, but — over time — we begin to attribute it to forgetfulness. I think “sliding” may be far more routine than I thought when I started this research, and many of the “slides” may be to realities nearly identical, so we explain the minor differences as our own, flawed memories. The moments when everything’s normal and then we say, “Wow… when did that store get that sign?” or, “I could have sworn he won at Wimbledon last year, too,” or even, “I know I left the keys on top of the dresser last night, as I always do,” … those are the ones that are harder to track because our default is usually, “I guess I was mistaken / forgot / didn’t really notice.”

      In forums like this, we can find others who share the same (or similar) memories, and that can be a relief. The smaller events — like your grand final memory — is more difficult to confirm. The door opens when we have support from others with shared memories of an alternate history. This can reduce anxieties related to the smaller, personal memories that don’t fit the current time stream, either.

      As long as we know that other share the big memories, we know that the smaller ones might not always be “forgetfulness.”

      1. thanks for the reply, if I get time, I will try and find some evidence to see which group is correct regarding the final.

        I do wonder if it runs deeper and is creepier than that, for example, we lost, and the other team was in the local newspaper because they were the victors.

        but then, this sliding occurs, the result changes, and the actual papers themselves change to suit the new timeline??? medals appear/disappear in peoples attics etc..

        and so if I were to look now and find evidence proving one groups recollection of the finals were correct, it wouldnt prove anything anyway because the evidence has modified.

        RE-mandella in prison. I remember the persons home I was in when the news first came on the TV. That is to say, i was around 12ish, and we were visiting family friends, we were just playing and being kids, and then we were asked to quiet down and the adults turned up the TV to watch the news.

        It really knocked me over when I heard he was released from prison… due obviously to the fact that not only did I remember him dying in prison, but I also had all this other memory pertaining to the event where the news was broken to the world. weird stuff. thats for sure. I do not understand how my mind could have fabricated such a thing.. nor why so many others have a similar memory

        1. at one stage recently, 15 years on from the year of the final, I was almost in a heated argument with one of the parents of one of my team mates regarding the outcome of that football season. amazing how we both had such different recollections, and so solemnly stood by them.

          like you say, I eventually conceded… putting it down to bad memory… but come on! what kid would forget winning a grand final??!

        2. Shane,

          That’s exactly the kind of detail that intrigues me: that you remember being told to quiet down by the adults.

          When everyday people have faulty memories, it’s usually just the memory. They’ll say, “Wow… was that in 2002? I thought it was 2003… but now that you mention it, I remember that was the same year Fred left for college, so you have to be right.”

          In other words, they don’t have supporting memories like the ones I have, and that I read here. For me, it’s not just that Mandela died, but my memory of his widow’s reaction, issues about the rights to his biography, the march/procession, and so on. Being a political activist, I recall wondering what Mandela might have accomplished if he hadn’t died, and I was sorry for the time he’d lost by being in prison.

          That’s what intrigues me about so many of these memories. When I first got involved in this, in a Dragon*Con discussion, it was astonishing that so many people were volunteering memories related to the Mandela event, and those memories matched mine exactly, though — from my other work in paranormal research — I’d deliberately not mentioned them.

          In my email, I’m accustomed to people repeating what I’ve said about haunted sites, as if it’s their own story, too. Though it might be, in many cases… well, the percentages… not so likely. I also watch for identical phrasing. So, in real-life discussions, I’m pretty guarded about what I say. I don’t offer details, and deliberately wait to see what others volunteer in terms of their stories.

          So, starting as a bit of a skeptic about the “sliding” concept, what made me a believer were the peripheral memories that matched mine. And, at this website, I’m especially intrigued by the number of people who — rather than just asserting that Mandela died — post rich, supporting/related memories.

          It’s fascinating, and I’m hoping to be able to study this, full-time, in 2013.


  15. It was only a few months ago that I realized Patrick Swayze was dead. I swear I remember him recovering from the illness that killed him. I was convinced by a friend that I was getting him mixed up with David Hasslehoff, but I don’t have specific enough memories to prove it one way or the other.

    On the subject of near-death experiences: when I was born, I had one large kidney and one normal-sized one, and I had two ureters on the larger kidney and one on the normal one. (Normal people have one on each kidney.) I had lots of hospitalizations up until the age of seven. There are two memories that are apparently “false” from that time.
    In one, I clearly remember lying on an operating table and looking up to see doctors and nurses crowded around me. I believed, vehemently, that I had gotten surgery until I was ten and my mother explained to me that I had never had surgery. I even would have said I had a scar until that day, but there’s no scar.
    In the other, I was given a teddy bear. I still have him. In my memory, I was given some sort of full body scan and then taken into another room with my mother and the doctor. When the doctor came to a point in the conversation where he didn’t want me to listen, he sent me back into the room with the scanners and told me a nurse had placed two teddy bears on the machine and to pick one. I picked the one I still have today. But according to my dad, I was given a catheter and it shook me so badly that, to calm me down, a nurse held up two teddy bears and I chose the one I have today.

    Not sure what it means — especially about thinking I had a scar, when I don’t have one — but it’s interesting.

  16. I forgot to mention that I also have constant, frequent dreams that have small things mentioned in passing that are part of the next day. It ranges from as small as seeing an earring that’s given to me by a partner the next day to dreaming that my cousin was in jail and waking up to find that, not only was he in jail, but both of the cousins I shared a bed with had dreamed it as well and “knew” when they woke up, like I did, that he was in jail.

    That second one is sort of recurring — every time my grandfather was hospitalized, I dreamed about it the night before. Every time my father went to jail, I dreamed about it, and every time my sister went to rehab or jail, I dreamed about it. I even had a serious anxiety attack the day she tried to kill herself — the times matched up exactly with my attack and her being made to drink charcoal, which apparently gave her a severe anxiety attack, too.

  17. I am (or rather was until now!) certain that Billy Graham had died. I was only talking about him the other day in passing to my partner and we both agreed that he was a bit of a looney! I remember seeing parts of the funeral on TV and in the papers (UK Times if I remember rightly!!).
    It was a big deal to the Evangelicals in the States and I definitely remember there were a lot of people mourning him – it felt more like the funeral of a monarch/state funeral.
    There was a white sheet over his coffin with a gold eagle on it (or certainly some gold symbol) as it was carried by the bearers.

    1. Brilliant! Thanks, Chris! That kind of detail — the white draping with the gold eagle on it — is exactly what can help people say, “Oh. I do remember that part. I thought I was just misremembering someone else’s funeral.”

      One of the biggest challenges (and surprises) in this field is that most people want to explain things to themselves, logically, and it can take a bit of work to get they to trust their memories.

  18. Awsome website.I found this after trying to get my head around two distinct memories i have from the 80’s that appear not to be true.
    Firstly i remember Alec guinness passing away some time around the late 80’s only for him to pop up again years later.I had a friend a few years back who remembers my version of events exactly as i do.
    Secondly,and most importantly is the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle.I was in my final year of junior school and there was a TV set that was swithed on in the dinner hall to show pupils what had happened.I know every detail of that room,the position of the TV and various people including a girl that i fancied who spoke to me for the first time ever that day.That day however was in 1983 and NOT 1986 as other websites would have me believe.There is no way in hell it happened in my later school in 1986 because certain people,including that girl never went there.We also never had that dinner hall with the TV set which was used at other times to show us educational schools programs.

  19. Interesting site! Tried to research this online a few years ago – only found 1 decent reference at the time.. it was from a description of a computer game. (!) I recall it said he died in ’88 or ’89.
    I’d like to know more about the NDEs of anyone who has experienced these memories. I find that connection intriguing.
    – The value of old books/atlases/encyclopedias/vhs – even old copies of mags, is huge.
    (I wish I had space to save some)
    – While the wiki site is good for info, the content can be provided by anyone as I understand it…
    Just tossing this 1 in as an oddity, could perhaps be related to timelines or just the genes – I just caught part of the new-ish sitcom Betty White is in.. while she is amazing, I noted she has better posture and seems to carry herself better (‘younger’) than when she was in The Golden Girls (which still airs at those odd hours of the morning when nothing else is on). Just me?

    1. I remember Alec Guinness passing, and for me the Challenger explosion was in either 1984 or 1985, because I saw it on TV when I was living in a dorm I only lived in from 1984 to 1985.

  20. It actually fits in with what is called the PUP… or Psi Uncertainty Principle. A concept posited by Thomas Campbell as part of his reality theory. Which states that no actual paranormal event can be truly recorded to an extent that causes a paradigm shift in modern science or indeed the world at large. Any attempt to mess with reality won’t work on a grand scale basically. Reality and the fact it is constrained is why we are here.. .to learn from mistakes and intent. If mistakes and intent could be rectified by just changing stuff… there is no learning or growth factor. The only way that reality could change is if it were for the good of the whole.. or benefit the growth potential to lower the entropy of the evolving consciousness. So in theory… this could be possible.

    Our free will reality that took a certain path that maybe led to a bad outcome that was detrimental to the good of the whole and could have been bypassed to an alternative outcome where Nelson Mandela didn’t die. I imagine the death of Mandela could have caused many possibilities that may have been bad (not have fixed apartheid in SA) or it may have fixed it by causing a martyr out of him… fixing it for the wrong resaons… who knows. Regardless… this may have been a change that was made. But because it is just memory based changes and only happened with some people… it can’t be corroborated and proved.

    Maybe this goes on all the time.. like fixing a bug or cleaning a hard-drive.. putting it in order. Maybe sometimes in tiny increments and maybe big ones… like Mandela.

    The book Tom Campbell wrote is called My Big TOE. I suggest you read it.

  21. Hi. I’m from Brazil and was born in 1993, so I’m too young to have memories of Mandela and too not american to know famous figures you guys talk about.

    But I have quite a few memories about things that either didn’t happen or shouldn’t have happened. When I was a kid, my mom said to me the Tank Boy had been run over and it was quite a surprise to discover, those days, that he hadn’t. When I was a kid, also, I asked my parents what was the biggest country in the world, and they said “It was Russia but Russia doesn’t exist anymore”. That happened more than once and I doubt my mom, a teacher, would mistake Russia for the Soviet Union when she lived in the Cold War.

    But what happened the strangest was that I remember studying some subjects in kindergarten like mixed races names, first aid, poisonous plants and national holidays when everyone older than me says they studied that “back then”, in the days of the dictatorship that ended in 1985. My college professor said she studied the mixed races names and told us we were too young to have studied it, but I had. What bugs me the most, though, is that my mother says she waited about a decade for me to be conceived and born. That would make one of me to have been born back in 1983, where those studies could have been possible.

    What if…? My mom says she doesn’t remembers Mandela dying in prison, but, what if…

  22. From a Dec. ’09 search.. it was printed in a Marvel comic book series, not a spacegame. Note, when I clicked the link it re-directed me to an updated wiki-post, which does not include the quote I copied in ’09:

    Strikeforce: Morituri – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    QUOTE from link in Dec. ’09:
    “In an issue of Strikeforce: Morituri, there’s a statue which reveals Nelson Mandela died in 1989. Creators Writers. Peter B. Gillis – Strikeforce: Morituri #1-20 (December 1986-July …”

    It certainly is an interesting plot line to say the least. I wonder why they took out the reference to the statue. I guess another reason to keep that printed material..

  23. Yes, yes, yes! Mandela died in prison, New Zealand is in the wrong spot, and the Bay north of Quebec has grown to be massive – it was tiny in my world! The wall fell in 1995, I was a senior in high school, and they broadcast film footage of people breaking it down with sledgehammers. The tank boy was run over in the square, and when I was 8 years old, the sky was filled with giant floating lights all over the world – I remember that I could see giant floating city-ships. My family was standing around outside, looking at the lights swirling around the bottom of the ships – red, blue, white, purple, all in a pattern. Then my mom told me to go inside and go to bed. At this point, it’s become a reality that I’m no longer in the same place, or that I’m even the same person that I was. I probably have transferred positions with myself over a dozen times, now that I think back. The real question is, where are we all going in this timeline/paradigm/series?

  24. Hi Fiona,

    I live in South Africa and ‘Nelson Mandela’ was admitted to hospital last week Saterday.

    Here’s the REALLY interesting part:

    3 weeks ago a Dakota DC3 flew to Qunu where he lives with his medical team aboard. The female pilot failed her flying license, and her instructor gave the Air Force the strict orders to never test her again as she as zero ability to fly. Anyway, 3 weeks ago she flew the medical team to Qunu and totaled the DC3 on landing. Luckily everyone survived.

    2 weeks ago another Dakota DC3 flys to Qunu and this time it crashes in the Drakensberg mountains killing all on board.

    These weekly flights were said to be for Mandela’s health check-up’s. But when the second DC3 crashed killing everyone the media immediately denied that any medical personnel were on board!?

    Last week Saterday Mandela was admitted to hospital for ‘routine tests’ at One Military in Pretoria. Tuesday the media said he had lung infection from TB that he contracted during his 27 year prison stay. Wednesday we were told he was at the Heart Clinic in Pretoria and that he was never at One Military. On Friday he was supposed to be discharged and today we were told that he had gall stones removed.

    There are some very strange things occurring in South Africa lately. BTW it is also the ruling parties elective conference this weekend. Which might be a reason for not making Mandela’s death public if ‘he’ is dead.

    Also a new law was passed today! On a Saterday! That all the houses that the ministers stay in that totals about 10,000 houses will be insured for riots, public unrest, civil war and public disobedience.

    BTW I had a Mandela Effect Episode in grade 9. We were 5 friends and luckily my other friend remembers what I remember but not the other 3 guys. And the following we spoke about this and my friend that remembers what I remember had a nervous break down. The funny thing is that I remember both accounts! The one the 3 guys remember and the one that only me and my friend remember, and till this day I cannot decide which one is real and which one not…

    Anyhow, GREAT blog SO glad I discovered it.

    Hopefully this might unlock some answers….

  25. Sorry Fiona,

    I am reading all the entries now and I thought to myself maybe we all have one thing in common?

    And I read Kassias entry about Near Death Experieces and I was in a huge car accident 2006 and I was clinically dead for 4 hours, i have the medical records to prove it.

    Just very interesting…

  26. Billy Grahms death puzzles me, I remember it occuring a few months before Ronald Reagans death.My mother and I sat at our little 13″ monitor in the kitchen….with flashes on the bottom screen about Billy Grahams death, in attendence was George senior to the left of Jr..Bill Clinton to the right in Blue covered chairs….the casket draped in a white cloth was paraded infront off the former presidents….as it was carried up the isle….I remember his son, widdow, and Bill Clinton speaking….it was held outdoors in NC……that day was very vivid, my mother remembers it as well..

    I also remember hearing Bill Cosby died in 2005, and I remember taping Alien Ant Farms “Movies” off the radio in 1998….then it came out very popular in 2002…..I still have the tape at my moms…

    1. hi , i also remember (again watching tv news )of richard chamberlains death, as im sure he died of hiv related ilness and also that he was gay . i remember being shocked as i thought he was straight . this i remember hapening around 2005 . I have recently discovered hes still alive and looks really well ,as the pictures on tv at the the time show him as being gaunt and ill . i know i watched this news broadcast as it was around 6 in the evening and had just sat down with a much earned coffee and it had caught my attention enough to turn the tv up and watch . i remember thinking how sad it was .

  27. Very interesting to read all these experiences.

    I remember Bin-Laden’s death in 2006, though it may have been a false report. I remember Ceylon(Sri Lanka) being directly south of India, not to the south-east.

    I also remember Katy Perry having the stagename Kate Perry. But she never had anything even close to it, and her original one was Katy Hudson.

    I wish that people with memories of alternate geographical maps would draw them.

    This is a rough sketch of how I remember Ceylon’s location on the map.

  28. What if all these seemingly flashes of memory, are not indeed memories of the past but visions of the future, of things yet to come? Shouldn’t we be finding ways of circumventing the bad circumstances that these flashes of the future seem to predict? Be it albeit that we would be already too late for some of them even if the visions would have been experienced before the actual event.

    1. I doubt they are from the future, as they fit perfectly fine within it’s given timeframe.

      It’s much more likely that they are bleeding in from alternate realities, or that we cross over to alternate realities briefly.

      Or…That we die in alternate realities, and memories leak over to other realities.
      The latter would explain why people who are sick or had a near death experience is very prone to experience these memories.

  29. Anyway, considering that there is 75% of matter that can not be seen and we have no way yet of interacting with it, anything is possible. If we with our finite 10% utilization of our brain capacity in the realm of 25% visible matter are capable of achieving great feats, how much more intelligence would reside in 75% dark matter?

    It might just then be possible that these flashes of memories could be inter dimensional. Cutting across space and matter.

    1. I doubt they are inter-dimensional, M-Theory postulates that around 11 dimensions exists, string theory postulates that 10 exists.
      Multiverse theory instead…Says that an infinite amount of separate universes exists.
      Even 75% hidden matter would not account for the countless of realities people have experienced.

      The only logical explanation is that it comes from another universe, with it’s own 25% of visible matter, and it’s own 75% dark matter. (assuming the values would be the same in those very similar worlds)

      1. A parallel universe moving slight ahead of our timeline and leaking all these memories of things we think have occured in our past is a possibility I would be willing to consider. This would explain why we would seem to remember someone having died in the past and yet we still see them alive in our timeline.

        However, all this for me just begs to have some questions answered. Who are we, really? Why do we exist? What is the meaning and purpose of life, as we know it? Do we exist for some higher order of life?

        1. That’s a question we cannot know the answer to.
          Especially as it may deviate depending on what universe you are in.

          There is a Universe where you got a God from the Bible in real life, there is a Universe where you have many Gods interacting with the world etc.
          When you have an infinite amount of possibilities with an infinite amount of parameters anything is possible.

          Every fictional book, film, or story exists somewhere in another parallel universe. Runescape, World of Warcraft, Twilight, My Little Pony, etc.

          It’s all real in some universe, because eventually the parameters will align as there are an infinite amount of universes.

          We must just live on and perhaps we will reach enlightenment one day.
          Assuming Quantum Immortality(The idea that you consciousness pops to another universe when you die, one where you didn’t die) is not real.

  30. Why do you never ask for personal diaries and journals from that time? Why do you insist upon an accumulation of spoken/written testimony from this current time? You’re not going about this very scientifically at all. You’re just a gossip-HQ with no scientific method.

    1. K&K (aka “superstarhollyann”):

      I don’t ask for any information in particular. If people have personal diaries and journals to share, that would be great. Everything offered here is anecdotal and shared voluntarily. At this point, this is not a scientific study, nor do I pretend that it is.

      Speaking personally, I have kept a diary, but these kinds of memories were trivial at the time. For example, I recall being annoyed that Billy Graham’s funeral interrupted programming I was expecting on TV. Maybe that would be epic enough for an entry in your journal, but in my busy life, having to miss certain TV shows isn’t diary-worthy. And, when later news stories didn’t match up, my initial response — like most people’s — was, “Wow. I must have been mistaken.”

      If this website seems like an “HQ” for this kind of information, I’m flattered. Thank you!

      Personally, I think of myself as neither a gossip nor an “HQ” for anything.

      (And, I think you protest just a little too much. After all, you visited this website for a reason, and it was connected to these kinds of memories.)

      Fiona Broome

  31. Great website; so far have only read this page. Parallel realities, time slips, et al, are amongst the many phenomena which fascinate me. So please don’t imagine that I am a skeptic; I’m not (ex- sort-of-‘hippie’ and later a big Seth fan).
    However, curiously, somewhere recently I read a discussion in which several people considered New Zealand misplaced, and I believe someone suggested that in older atlases, NZ was sometimes depicted in another ‘window’, at a larger scale, and not necessarily anywhere near its ‘true’ location, (maybe not even with North at the top?) on the page showing the map of Australia. Indeed, I dimly recall having seen maps like this, though not necessarily of New Zealand (I am 62). For what it’s worth, I am an English guy who has lived in Australia for many years. In my little reality NZ has always been where it is now, but in no way am I trying to belittle others’ recollections.
    All the best.
    PS I have no Mandela memories, but about 15 years ago I was chatting with a friend and was astounded to learn that Dick Van Dyke was still alive (and still is, I’m happy to say). I was convinced that I’d heard/read that he’d died (of, ahem, alcohol-related problems). Please chop that bit out if inappropriate.

    1. Hi, Colin, and thank you for your comments.

      That’s one possibility about some NZ memories. In my case, I’d looked up NZ on my kids’ world globe. However, the frame-in-map suggestion is a good one, and may account for some confusion.

      Thanks also for the Dick Van Dyke memory. I’m leaving it in, because he’s been pretty forthright about his drinking problems. You’re the first to mention Dick Van Dyke, and I’ll be watching to see if this turns up in others’ memories.

      I’m trying to find time to separate out the major memories and make a page for each one. But, in the meantime, you’ll find a mix of comments and ideas at this site.

      Thanks for visiting, and for taking the time to comment!

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. I too remember hearing about Dick Van Dyke dying a few years ago (approximately 2009ish). I remember hearing it on the TV. Was waiting for someone hear to mention it before I through it out there that he is in fact still alive, just really old

        1. Michelle,

          The Dick Van Dyke topic was raised privately — among emails and comments I receive but don’t make public, because the people making the initial comments didn’t want to risk “me, too” influences — and I may need to create an individual page about that, soon.


  32. I too recall that Mandela had died in prison. At the time I recall people talking about the great person he was and what he had done in his lifetime.

    I was young and it didn’t really affect me at the time.

    However years later I searched for information on him after watching a movie and realized he had not in fact died in prison.

    I tell you what. My mind is blown away right now.

    1. Indeed…I have a theory that our world often interacts with Alternate Realities.
      Sometimes it is simply information transfer, possibly things like…Radiowaves, or memories, and sometimes Images (Ghosts etc.), or even actual matter. I believe the latter accounts for the Cryptids like Bigfoot or the Jersey Devil, who are merely creatures from Alternate realities. Or even Dopplegangers, who are doubles from said realities.

      I have a lot of blind spots regarding this theory, such as why does this happen. Perhaps it is related to the Cold spots in the CMB or the Higgs Field’s possible instability.
      The memories leaking in is also a mystery, but I think I know how it happens and why we only receive memories from worlds that are almost identical.

      The memories that seep over are from versions of ourselves that are located in the same spot. And the electric impulses from that other world leaks over to ours (And ours possibly leaking over to them), without us even realizing that the memories we remember are from another reality. Worlds that are far different, would either not have us exist (The chance of us being born is infinitely small, if another sperm cell rammed the egg a different person would have been born.) or have us located in a different location where we cannot receive said memories.

      I do not think it is a Slider effect, because I don’t think there are holes in the space-time continuum that brings people through, I believe it is more akin to a veil, that blocks most information. And this veil has some weak spots where information can seep out. Try to hold a normal piece of cloth in front of a lamp, you will see a lot of extremely small holes. through those holes, gravity and possibly Quarks, the building material for atoms might pass through. Now if that hole, is slightly larger, atoms may pass through, maybe even light. (Again, referencing ghosts or other odd phenomenons, like UFOs, It is important to notice, that time in alternate realities may work different, so another universe can right now be in the 17th century, and another in the 25th) And if it’s slightly larger, then larger waves, such as microwaves or radio waves may seep through. The big question is, how do these holes form?

      And of course, very very very rarely! these weak spots are so weak that large amounts of matter can pass through, such as a creature.

  33. An…Artistic idea, but I believe in a non-religious explanation…But then again, who knows what the origin of some of the religious things are. Angels could be inter-dimensional creatures for all we know, that one of the Jewish prophets attributed to be the warriors of God. As for God itself…I don’t think it exists in this universe, and I kinda hope it doesn’t. The Bible, Thora and Quaran shows it as a very unforgiving and brutal entity. But …There may be universes where God exists, as well as Angels the way we imagine them, due to the fact that an infinite number of universes exist.

    1. That is the many worlds interpretation of Alternate realities, which I believe is true.
      Essentially, every single choice, down to the atomic level, of where an electron moves around an atom, spawns a an alternate reality. This means, if you took a time machine and went back in time, the very moment you popped into that timeline, you created a new universe, that can end up very different from the original, the original is not gone though, it still exists, and in that universe, when you went back in time you merely vanished.

      As Quantum Physics dictate, what we see is a world’s difference from what is. The Universe as we see it, is an illusion, it all consists on vibration on a Quantum level. I believe that, positive thinking influences the Universe and that we have more control over it than we think. I still don’t think we actually cross over though, but that instead, we somehow gain the memories from Alternate realities that we are aligned to. The Veil theory as I explained in my previous post.

      Imagine…A world identical to our own, except that it rained heavily Christmas evening 1999 in Canada, while it snowed in Canada in our reality. Now, I live in Denmark, so for me this event does not affect my life much. At one point, both versions of me, are in the exact same location, every atom aligns, and the veil weakens, both brains interact and synaptic signals travels across both realities. And through that event, I gain a memory that it rained in 1999, while my double remembers that it snowed in 1999.

      This would not have been possible if the alternate me was not aligned. This is why we don’t get memories from worlds where…Say, Hitler won the war, because it is very likely that we wouldn’t have been born, and if we were, then it is likely that we wouldn’t be where we are today.

      Not to mention, what if Earth’s orbit is slightly moved? If even by a few meters, The connection would go into space. So the reason why we get information from realities that are almost identical is because WE have to be almost identical.

  34. This is a very intriguing topic. I’m among the people who don’t remember Mandela dying in prison, however I’ve encountered several people over the years who did remember his death and were just as surprised as you were. I do, however, remember the death and funeral of Billy Graham, not to mention countless other celebrities who turned out later to be very much alive. Those other celebrities could very well have been misreported deaths, as sometimes happens, but the thing with Graham is, like others commenting, I remember the funeral on TV. Maybe it was a funeral for someone else that I’m remembering, but I was just as shocked as anyone to learn he was still alive.

    More interesting and troubling to me though (and what brought me back to this site to comment) is the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Since today is the anniversary of his death, I decided to do a bit of reading. You can imagine my shock when I discovered that my memories didn’t match the historical account.

    Per every source I can find, King was shot with a rifle by a white man named James Earl Ray. However, what I remember reading as a child and learning in school is that King was shot and killed with a handgun at close range by a black woman. The location remained the same, however. I don’t remember her name or other key details, except that I think she was mentally ill and almost certain she was killed not long after, either by police in some kind of altercation, or by her own hand.

    Again, this is a memory of what I “learned” in school, rather than a memory of events current to me, since I wasn’t born until the late 1970s, long after his death. Maybe I’m somehow confusing King with another slain civil rights leader I learned about, or my memory is simply bad, but I just can’t shake that eerie feeling that both the historical account and my own memories are somehow “right”.

    1. Hi, Matt!

      Thanks for your comments. The MLK memory is completely new to me, but — though I hadn’t heard it before — it has a resonance of truth that I can’t shake, either.

      Very cool. Thank you! I’ll be very interested to see if others recall an alternate assassination, or some other MLK history altogether.


    2. I also remember Martin Luther King being shot with a handgun, I remember reading that in School.

      1. Thanks, Gurluas! That memory resonated with the truth, so I had the feeling others would remember it. I can’t explain why some memories “make sense” to me, when they’re not my own memories. However, almost always, when someone shares one of those memories, others also recognize them.

        That’s part of my goal with this website: To restore people’s confidence in their own ability to remember things. Each time we can reveal another alternate, true memory, I think it’s a relief to those whose memories match them.

        Thanks again, Matt and Gurluas!


        1. This is my second post here (as with the 52 states thing) and again I was taught in secondary school in the UK, mid-late nineties, that MLK junior was killed by a black woman with a handgun.

          This one sticks out more to me than the 52 states one, although I do remember that clearly too. What I find different about this one is I distinctly remember thinking to myself in my naivete at the age of 13-14, “why would a black woman kill the son of MLK”.

          1. ETA: Am I f***ing dead or something? LOL! Seriously, this is all very intruiging, I’m slightly young to remember anything about Mandela though, but it’s all very, very interesting to read.

  35. I distinctly remember hearing Mandela dying in prison on the news but I don’t remember seeing or hearing anything afterwards. I thought it must have been a false news story which is not uncommon. When I was a child, living on a military base in korea, I remember hearing that president Kennedy was shot and killed two days prior to the event, then people said he had not been shot, and the following day he was.

  36. I’ve found a new one. The company making photos and films rolls and cameras was always Kodiak.

    Now it’s suddenly Kodak.
    But very interesting Paula, regarding Kennedy, it suggest that you received memories from a world where it happened earlier

  37. New Zealand, now that was North and a bit East of Australia, the one on Google Maps is far too small. How Strange. I don’t remember anything else that anyone mentions but I did experience a strange thing when I was about 10.
    My Teacher at the time knew my Uncle. My Uncle used to joke that he would tell my teacher if I was naughty. One day, at lunchtime, I walked into my class, and my teacher was with a man and they were both acting like he was my Uncle, but he wasn’t. This guy was slim and wearing a suit. My Uncle was a much larger man and never wore suits. This guy was much younger than my Uncle too. I remember my teacher said something like, ‘Say hello to your Uncle Pat.’ and I just muttered hello because I was so confused. Childhood memories you would think. How great it would be to explain it away so easily. Except I kept a diary all the time as a child, and there on the 4th June 1981 in my scraggly 10-year olds handwriting it says ‘A man who said he was my uncle was at school today. I dont understand I never seen him before.’ I can remember writing that when I got home. The whole episode has confused the hell out of me my entire life.

  38. Hello, just wondering of you are an ats’er??

    Also, for the group I have been talking about all of theses things with, those who remember the Mandela Dying way, also remember a whole LOAD of the other things in common, like Billy Graham, Australia moving, New Zealand on the wrong side etc… The ones who remember ONE wrong thing, seem to remember all the others as well, almost as if a huge group of us zapped over here together from this other timeline, and trying to explain anything to someone from THIS timeline makes us look looney, because nothing changed for them, so there is no proof here, like maps etc, because it never changed HERE it just changed in all of our memories.

    1. Indeed, I don’t think I have memories from the same world as many of those who remembers Mandela’s death though. It’s hard to check though as I am European, I had no idea who Billy Graham even was until I saw this, and I was born in 91. Regarding memories I’ve had both strong and weak ones. Weak ones are the ones where something “Feels” right yet I don’t exactly remember it. For instance, Ceylon’s location, and Bin Laden’s death in 2006. Then I have the strong ones, such as Katy Perry being Kate Perry, Martin Luther King being shot with a handgun, and Kodak being Kodiak.

      The strong ones are the ones I have VERY vivid memories off.
      My theory thus far, as previously stated is that memories from another version of us leaked into this world. Because if we were from different worlds we would have noticed it, even an almost identical world would have differences we may notice immediately, instead, it always seems that we realize something is wrong and remember it differently instead of actually discovering a mistake here and now, which you would if you jumped worlds.

        1. Indeed, if we jumped worlds it would probably be something akin to this:

          Notice how at first it is small things, like her cover being a different color.
          Assuming her story is true, then she was “Unlucky” because she ended up in a world that is pretty different, but for the rest of us, the only different may be the covers being a different color, there being extra stuff in your fridge and so on.

    1. Steve,

      I appreciate that suggestion, and I’ve linked to that page in the past. However, I don’t think that’s the answer for most of us. For example, the New Zealand map issue doesn’t fit. And, for me, Billy Graham’s funeral coverage was a multi-day event on TV — not just a premature obit. Ditto Nelson Mandela’s funeral and celebrations of his life achievements.

      Most people who share their stories in public, also have complete, dimensional, supporting memories. Some could be the product of an erroneous media report. One notable “premature obituary” was a topic in a past post, because there should be no way that station went live with that kind of obit presentation, without thorough fact-checking.

      But, in general, I discount reports that might possibly be “me, too” responses, or involve a premature obit or a simple misunderstanding. (Example of the latter: Someone who didn’t watch the TV coverage closely, and mistook Billy Graham’s wife’s funeral for Rev. Mr. Graham’s.)


      1. If one studies archeology, botany, geology, math, pretty much anything, there is sudden relocation of lots of things, from the quantum level to entire species, and cultures. Not everything shows up out of nowhere in these timelines, some keep to lines, I think maybe it is natural to have both. It would be interesting to examine possible correlations amongst those remembering with blood types, Rh Neg. would be predominant, amongst humans, I think.

  39. I think that this gives the parallel universe theory a good reason for another look

    1. Kinda hard to look over it though.
      So far we can only find hints that other universes may exist.

      We cannot yet find proof.
      But scientifically nothing is wrong with the theory, and in some models, it explains things about our universe, such as gravity.

  40. As with a plethora of others, I too remember Nelson Mandela dying. I was really young at the time though. I just vaguely remember hearing about it on TV and being sad (though not really knowing why). Fast forwarding a little bit, I even remember learning about his death in school, from a text book. It didn’t seem that he died in prison though; just that he died. I even remember the page that it was on.

    I’m not really sure why we were learning about this though given that I grew up in Florida.

  41. Another one that I just thought of: I remember Ross Perot winning Texas in one of the elections in the 90s.

  42. Since a good 5 years ago, my sister, brother, cousin and myself have been completely creeped out by Owen Wilson, because he killed himself. We all clearly remember the TV tributes, the news reports, Kate Hudson going to the funeral etc. Then I find out no, he ‘tried’ to kill himself but then made a full recovery.

    Even weirder, there are certain movies we all could swear Owen Wilson starred in only to find out he was ‘replaced’ by some other guy.. it’s really very disturbing.

    I also recall Ron Howard being dead too, according to my memory Apollo 13 was his last film.

    1. Simon, the Owen Wilson one isn’t very widespread, as far as I know. However, the Ron Howard death has come up in several conversations. In fact, some people had memories of the Apollo 13 movie awards being a tribute to Howard, because he’d already passed.

      Weird, eh?

      Thanks for posting this!

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. Yeah I recall the same thing, postumous awards for Apollo 13. And I’ve yet to meet anyone who shares the Owen Wilson one accept members of my own family. I’ve had a couple of other odd occurances happen as well, where things just changed from what I always thought they were.

        Like playing a video game and writing down as I play, step by step, what I’m doing so I can remember in later play throughs. Only to play again a few years later, follow my own guide, and it’s completely different to what I wrote. Like not even in the same ballpark. Weird stuff seems to happen on occasion.

        1. That is very curious, because the piece of paper should match, as they were written in the same universe. Perhaps more than simply memories can leak over…

          1. But maybe the game information is the part that was altered- it is just 1s and 0s, after all…

  43. I have experienced memories of Mandela’s death and today’s newscast caused me to remember it. I also distinctly remember Billy Graham’s death as well.

    But…another memory that I remember is completely ridiculous but the first Episode of Beavis and Butthead clearly depicted their hair color vice versa
    Of what it was later. Beavis had brown hair and Butthead was blonde. I clearly remember watching the first episode where they walked down a dirt road.

  44. They made the biggest change in the 1940’s… world war two should have gone a lot differently.

  45. Mandela is currently in the hospital and his situation is described as being critical. He may die again, we need to keep note of when/if he dies, so we have a clear date incase he is suddenly alive again.

  46. I very distinctly remember an episode of Jeopardy! in the early 90s where the final jeopardy answer was, “It is the largest country in the world in terms of landmass.” One contestant said Russia and Alex said it used to be before the USSR broke up. What was left of Russia was now smaller than many European nations and Canada was now the largest country in the world. I remember it so clearly, mostly because I am Canadian.

    1. Another Canadian here, and I while I didn’t see that Jeopardy! episode I do distinctly remember learning in school that Canada was the largest country in the world following the breakdown of the Soviet Union. Whereas the USSR was massive, what remained of actual Russia after its dissolution was relatively small. Then, in what would have been 1990 or 91, a group of Chinese gymnasts came to perform at my elementary school and teach us about China and Chinese culture. One fact we learned was that China was the third largest country in the world. One of the gymnasts held up his fingers and listed off the world’s largest countries for us. One: Canada, two: USA, three: China. Russia didn’t figure into this list at all. I have a clear memory of sitting in the school gym shouting out “Canada”, “USA”, or “China” as this man held up either one, two, or three fingers. It stuck with me so clearly that I was shocked to eventually learn that no, post-USSR Russia is still almost twice the size of Canada. This just seemed wrong considering that I *positively without a doubt* knew that China was the third largest country in the world, yet now it’s been demoted to fourth.

  47. this gives me chills, i have absolute certain memories of mandela dying in prison in the late 80s, the tank boy of the tinaman square being ran over, and multitude other phenomena, i recently also discovered others shared same confusing past as me, recently i was stunned to learn ken wilber alive, i remember big hoopla mid 2000s over his passing away, keep up the research pls.

  48. More stuff to maybe think about. Current research on human absorption and emission of biophotons. Maybe genetic factors, throw in neutrino emissions. You know, there is a study that says just .002 of modern humans perceive ultraviolet visually. There seems to be a pattern recognition that is more on the temporal end of the scale, spatially apprehended.

    As far as proof, well, I have two birth certificates, same space, different times, and no one in my family can deal with those intersecting memories, that will never add up.

    My father, two death certificates, same time, different places. It is hard to know how that kind of symmetry can be spoken of outside of equations. Memories tend to curve back in, and trade places, now event horizons, and black holes, spell that out, Einstein is the only one I know of that tried to use math to broadcast that. Shamans use pictures and symbols, same thing, still stuff that is hidden without a lot of work.

    1. Neal, that’s brilliant. On many levels.

      I’m going to look into the double birth certificates. From my work in genealogy, I know that’s not unique. The funny thing is, I’ve never stopped to wonder why I can find a second, different birth certificate for some people. The information overlaps enough that I’m certain it’s the same person, not just a weird coincidence where two people with identical (or similar) popular names were born in the same region on the same date.

      That is, two John Murphys born on the same date in the NYC are with parents Joseph and Mary Murphy… not interesting.

      Two Karl Everett Delderfields born on the same date, in two different towns, with parents Truman Forest and Annalise Kurtz Delderfield… that is more difficult to explain, even allowing for clerical error.

      And then there’s my grandaunt, whose birth certificate listed her as “baby boy” + surname. Weird. Not impossible, but weird.

      So, you’ve given me a lot to think about.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  49. Mandela died in prison, but resurfaced as his political clout and 15 minutes was given a reprise. David Soul committed suicide near Christmas (years ago), but
    returns for a cameo as “Hutch”. Ernest Borgnine has returned as Mermaid Man on SpongeBob Squarepants.

    The list goes on….

    I first started noticing these timeslips in the late 80’s.

    I actually kept a “dead list” for years. I used to live in Las Vegas, and had started an autograph book – as it was fairly easy for me to run into celebrities.

    Amongst the signers were Dick Van Dyke, Abe Vigoda,
    Paul Winchell, and Rodney Dangerfield. So, when these
    people died, I took notice, having personally met them.

    I used to love the Dick Van Dyke show and was really sad when he died. I was utterly shocked to see him co-star in
    “Night at the Museum” with (of ALL people) Mickey Rooney, who died in the early 90’s.

    I specifically remember watching the t.v. tributes
    that were broadcast at that time. They highlighted
    his (Rooney’s) career going back to him playing
    a young Thomas Edison.

    So to see Van Dyke and Rooney together
    really flipped me out. I am gonna throw
    out a few more off the top of my head…

    Jack Palance – has died so many times that I
    have lost count. And no, I am not confusing
    his death with any movie characters he played.

    Palance had died years before “City Slickers”,
    and his appearance in this film jarred the
    memories of many of us. Then he died AGAIN
    in between City Slickers 1 and 2.

    Jerry Lewis – died just weeks after one of
    his telethon’s for MD in the mid 90’s. But
    that didn’t stop the telethons for at least
    another decade of fund raising.

    Wilford Brimley – died in the early 90’s after
    his success in the two “Cocoon” movies. But,
    he has returned and peddling for Liberty Mutual.

    Jimmy Carter – died in 2009, shortly after the famous picture of him with Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama.

    Paul Winchell – voice of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, supposedly died in 2006, but I specifically remember
    his death in 1995. I had met him in Vegas three times.

    Don Rickles died after Toy Story 2.
    Abe Vigoda died in the early 90’s.

    Strangely enough, they both have reappeared in
    the “You’re Not Yourself when You’re Hungry”
    Snickers candy bar commercials.

    Another obvious one that most should remember was the
    death of Danny Devito – that was sometime after “Mars

    Yet, he too has returned to star in
    “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

    Below is a youtube link to a tribute video whose author seems to remember Devito dying in December of 2009.

    Oh…and Carol Burnett. She died in the early 90’s
    from some weird blood disease. I remember this because,
    well, to be honest…I remembered feeling bad at the
    time because her death didn’t make me feel as bad as
    when Lucille Ball died a few years before. I actually
    cried when Lucille Ball died. Two gingers, two comic
    genius’. Always loved them both. I was shocked to hear
    Burnett’s voice in “Horton Hears a Hoo”….

    While I have been personally aware of jumping between
    timelines for decades, I would like to interject an
    idea here that I have not yet read on your site:

    Quantum Enganglement and Parallel Realities aside,
    in at least SOME of these celebrity cases…..

    Is it possible that TPTB are manipulating celebrity for
    the purpose of keeping that celeb’s icon/image/FRANCHISE
    alive? This was, afterall, one of the reasons offered in
    the “Paul is Dead” conspiracy surrounding the Beatles.

    And since someone brought up Star Trek…

    Isn’t it interesting that Whoopi Goldberg’s character
    “Guinan” (sp?) is from a race that is aware of these
    alterations in the timestream? There are at least two
    episodes where the timeline changes, and she is the
    only member of the Enterprise crew who is aware of it.

    Lastly, I would like to share with all of you this little
    kicker, regarding Rodney Dangerfield’s death (the one in
    2004). To my knowledge, he has died at least three times
    by now. The first time, was sometime after Caddyshack in the early 80’s. The second time, he died around 1993.

    And here is the strange part: In 2004, while sharing this entire subject of timeslips with a close client of mine,
    I specifically told her that Rodney Dangerfield had died about 10 years ago (1993-94), after complications he
    suffered after undergoing a relatively safe heart
    surgery of some kind.

    About two months later, the client called me. She was in complete disbelief, as it was announced that day on CNN that Rodney Dangerfield had died from….

    ….complications after a heart surgery.

    1. Thank you SO much for taking the time to post this. I really appreciate it, and I know my readers will, too.

      Wow… that’s all I can say at the moment. This is a tremendous collection of names and information!


  50. Seems there was some sort of Mass memory concerning Rodriguez (sugar man ) apparently In Africa ( Many many fans they totally believed he was dead and did it during a drug raged concert igniting him self on stage !arhhh and well i just gotta say Mandlla Died ? wonder if it has anything to do with sole snatching ? Nelson had in his prison number many interesting Symbols nelsons prison number ? 46664
    his number in cap Lock $^^^$ if this does not mean anything think that many missing the point! when they say the Illuminati live for ever do they not just occupy the soles of mortals ! Symbols most miss ! great stuff peoples

  51. While I have no recollection of any big events like this that have been refuted, I have had some small-scale memory discrepancies that have been rather troubling. Of course in my case they can most likely be written off as symptoms of a traumatic childhood, however I’ve been walking through life for a long time feeling as if there is something not quite right about what we call reality, but unable to put my finger on any particular thing. It’s more of a sense, as if I’m constantly just watching and waiting for a “glitch” in the world to show itself. It can be infuriating sometimes.

  52. I’ve just found another one, John Virgo, who is an English Snooker Player, I distinctly remember him dying young, of a heart attack in early to mid nineties. To my amazement I’ve Just found out he’s still alive.

    1. James D, these are pretty astonishing when we discover them, aren’t they. Thanks for sharing that one.
      Cheerfully, Fiona

  53. Very interesting, i’m usually skeptical about this kind of stuff, but this catched my attention.

    I too was sure as a child there was 52 states in the U.S. And i’m also sure a learned that on tv, so The Simpson’s theory make sense.

    I don’t have any Mandela effect story to share that i can remember, but this reminded me a coupple of similar anecdotes:

    I’m mexican and a few years ago i meet an exchange studen from Winnipeg, Canada. We were in a reunion whit some other friends and we all mexicans in the room were triying to remeber a major sporting event that had had occurred in Winnipeg, just to make conversation. We all were sure Winter Olimpycs or something similar had taked place there. Our canadian friend was absolutely sure no major event had ever happend in his city. He said he would know, because is a relatevly small city where big events don’t go unnoticed. He was willing to bet money and to call his friends back home to prove us wrong. “Winnipeg is a very boring city”, he said, “Nothing interesting like that has happend there”. At the end we didn’t came to a conclusion and changed the subject.
    I did my search later and found nothing, i concluded he was right. Then two years ago we host the Panamerican games my town. The local media was broadcasting the history of this games and turned out we were right, the PanAmerican games took place in Winnipeg in ’99. I thought it was weird we all had vague memories of that, living so far, and he didn’t, at all.
    Maybe it did just wen’t unnoticed to him, who knows. I know the Mandela effect you describe is about events that you’re sure that happened, but aparently didn’t. This one did happened, but he was sure it didn’t. Could that be part of the same phenomenon?
    Or maybe those PA games were amazingly irrelevant, even for his city.

    About ghosts and time traveling:
    My english teacher shared a story one day in class. He said he use to live in a very old palace in England that was remodeled and divided into several apparments. One day he was watching tv and saw an obscure form in the shape of a lady comming out of his closet and going trough a wall. It looked like a woman completely covered in fabrics and floating, he said. He was a non ghost bealiver, so he thought it was his mind playing tricks on him. Anyhow, he shared the experience whith a neighbor and the neighbor shared it whit their landlord.
    A few days later, the landlor told my teacher he was not the only one that have seen this “ghost” in the apparment, previous renters had seen exactly the same woman crossing that same path.
    The landlord then told him the wall the “ghost” had crossed use to be a door from the servants rooms to the main house.
    He thinks this lady could have been a servant doing his daily routine, just walking throw the door of her room and going to work. Maybe, he said, he and the previous renters had somehow witnessed scenes from the past.
    Could it be, according to this theory, a paralell reality in which the palace has not been divided and still has masters and servants?

    By the way, sorry for my poor english, i’m still learning.


    1. Diego,

      Thanks for taking the time to share so much information with us!

      I agree that it’s always best to look for a normal explanation — like The Simpsons show — where it fits. For single memories with no additional, supporting detailed memories, something like The Simpsons or an erroneous news report may be the answer.

      Sorting out the real and erroneous memories become more difficult with things like the PA Games in Winnipeg… it’s a memory that should be there for that person, but isn’t. So, he’d probably be the one to say whether or not he’d simply forgotten or trivialized it, or maybe he was somewhere else when the games took place, so he missed them altogether.

      The ghosts and time traveling topic… that fits my opinions exactly. I believe that some are alive and well and in their own time — which may match our time exactly, or be out-of-sync — and they’re not “ghosts” at all. We’re simply perceiving them in our reality. I have no idea why, but I believe that explains many “ghosts.”

      Thanks again for taking the time to leave comments!


      1. It does. I believe Ghosts we can interact with, can see us as ghost where they live. While ghosts we can’t interact with, are people only we can see. Time is not linear, and not synced between realities, which means in an alternate reality 99.9% identical to our own, in this very instant, it may be the year 2378, or the year 1086.

        The reason we receive memories from very similar realities is because as stated in another thread, I believe the minds entangle on a quantum level, essentially swapping or overwriting memories.

        So you have to exist, and be in a similar spot to receive the memory. This is we usually don’t receive memories from world where, say, Hitler won World War 2, or the world looks vastly different, as in those worlds we would most likely not be in the same location as we are in this one, thus unable to be quantum entangled.

  54. I’m a South African and even though I dont recall the news on Mandela’s death but all my life I’ve known that the U.S has 52 states and that New Zealand is on the north east of Australia. I hhaven checked any map of the world just yet but I am sure that it is in the north east.
    Not sure wether his counts but for me it is enlightening, especially the Mandela story.

    1. It is odd that the memories always seem to be similar.
      Perhaps we are entangled with a few realities, in a similar way as to how the world in Fringe has two realities entangled, able to affect each other.

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