Nelson Mandela Died in Prison?

nelson mandela died in prison?Note: This was the original post that launched this website.  I’ve updated it to include more recent events.

However, if you’re new to this website, remember that this site includes many other articles related to other alternate history events that are widely remembered.  The “Major Memories” page is a good starting point.

Nelson Mandela died in prison, long before his loss on December 5th, 2013.

Many people — perhaps thousands — seem to believe that.

That’s where the title of this website, The Mandela Effect, came from.

See, I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison.  I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow.

Then, I found out he was still alive.

My reaction was sensible, “Oh, I must have misunderstood something on the news.”

I didn’t think about it again for many years, until — in the VIP suite at Dragon*Con — a member of Security (“Shadow”) casually mentioned that many people “remember” when Nelson Mandela died in prison.

That caught my attention in a hurry.

One thing led to another, and I discovered a large community of people who remember the same Mandela history that I recall.

Others have similar “false” memories.  One of the most recent and prevalent is the death of Billy Graham.  Though some claim that people are confusing that with Mr. Graham’s retirement, or perhaps the televised funeral of Mr. Graham’s wife, those who clearly remember the events disagree heartily.

However, it’s not just deaths.  People have told me about a variety of odd conflicts between their vivid memories and the world they’re currently living in.

During Dragon*Con 2010, someone insisted that he remembered a Star Trek episode that — according to one star of the show — was never filmed.  The person who remembered the alternate episode wasn’t weird or wild-eyed… he was a very normal person, and only referenced the episode as part of a routine conversation.

I was there when he heard that the episode never existed.  He was stunned, and quickly tried to find a logical explanation for his “faulty” memory.

Another quirky “false” memory involves the preview and pre-release of the sequel to the movie, Avatar.

These aren’t simple errors in memory; they seem to be fully-constructed incidents (or sequential events) from the past.  They exceed the normal range of forgetfulness.

Even stranger, other people seem to have identical memories.

This website — and my upcoming book — explore the possibilities of parallel realities, quantum science, real-life “Sliders” experiences, and alternate history.

If you believed that Nelson Mandela died in prison — long before his passing (in this timestream) on 5 December 2013 —  or you have similar memories of a “different” past, you’re not alone.

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  1. Both my wife and I remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison. Included in this memory are the funeral snippets on TV and a legal flap over book rights involving his Widow. We also remember that David Soul of the 70’s show Starsky and Hutch comiting suicide on or near christmas because he was dispondant over his wife’s cancer! Even news reports of relatives and police discovering his body underneath the christmas tree. You can imagine myself and my wife’s reaction when we saw David Soul make an appearance as a cameo on the remake of Starsky and Hutch movie. We sat in silence and stunned by the revelation that Mr. Soul was indeed alive. Do you feel that these so called false memories just might be a shadow effect or “bleed through” of events in a parallel universe?

    1. Perry,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I think the shadow or “bleed through” effect is possible. The possibility of a “Sliders” effect is also likely, as is Fred Alan Wolf’s speculation about experiences when we seem to be asleep.

      In addition, I’m hearing more descriptions of extremely vivid dreams… experiences so real, people have difficulty believing they didn’t actually happen. (At the same time, these people know they occurred during sleep, and that baffles them.)

      I believe that something is going on, and whatever it is, it’s increasing: More people, more vivid (and baffling) memories, and more people talking about this.

      Like you, I recall the legal flap over the book rights — and commercial rights, in general — after Nelson Mandela’s death. However, at that point I was fairly bored with the amount of press coverage after the funeral, so I didn’t pay much attention to the details. I just remember it happening.

      I’m not sure what’s happening, but the evidence is growing: We seem to be crossing time streams and realities. I have no idea what this means, but I’m fascinated by it!


      1. I was in High school in the mid 80s and I remember that we discussed Mandelas Death in my Geography and economics classes

        1. Ken, I don’t think you understand the purpose of this website. We’re not here to prove anything to anyone. We’re simply people who share some odd memories (or the experience of having them), and we’re discussing the phenomenon as much as — or probably more than — the specific memories.

          If you don’t want to believe this, that’s fine. In fact, it’s probably a nice, simple, happy way to deal with these possibilities.

          We have nothing to prove. I’m not sure we could, anyway. No matter what “proof” we’d present, there would always be someone without that individual memory who wants more proof. Or, who can say the evidence was an error or a hoax.

          That’s a pointless journey for us.

          Fiona Broome

          1. It’s more fun getting classmates together and announcing a defeat of your oppression of America “… Both my wife and I remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison. Included in this memory are the funeral snippets on TV and a legal flap over book rights involving his Widow. We also remember that David Soul of the 70’s show Starsky and Hutch comiting suicide on or near christmas because he was dispondant over his wife’s cancer! Even news reports of relatives and police discovering his body underneath the christmas tree. You can imagine myself and my wife’s reaction when we saw David Soul make an appearance as a cameo on the remake of Starsky and Hutch movie. We sat in silence and stunned by the revelation that Mr. Soul was indeed alive. Do you feel that these so called false memories just might be a shadow effect or “bleed through” of events in a parallel universe?
            It’s actually a “cross-over” effect of different propaganda worlds experienced”

            Anybody ???

            Do you have classmates that could collaborate stories like this ??


        2. I could not remember the time period, but do remember my Dad and I watching the evening news when it was reporting on Mandela’s death. I remember it because I remember my Dad’s opinion of him, that he was not a great man, but a communist. My Dad kept up on things.

        3. I haven’t thought about this in a while , but last week I was going through some boxes @ my Dads home and found some of my old notebooks and it contains a copy of the current event that I turned in the week ending on March 11 , 1983 . My report was only detailed about his death in prison and that he had been sick for a while . It focused on how the country of South Africa was pulled together due to his passing . I did not write the Actual date of his death , but I assume it was earlier that week . We had to turn a current event summary in Every Friday about something that happened that week for my Economics class . I am scanning a copy to my Hard drive but do not see a way to post it here . I did not receive a grade on the paper , just a check at the top of the page to remark that I had done my work . Although I have this paper in hand , It is disturbing to me that what I remember is True . I am kinda Freaked over it . My Dad does not remember it but is confused as to why it exists as he knows I could not have recently planted it there .

            1. Some where in this site,a year or so back, I had quoted ’83 death,but later I found that the particular year was never mentioned.Now that the ’83 appears, was it an intrigue within an intrigue or ’83 has been mentioned at least a few times ? since it was not my memory but I had only quoted, please verify.

              1. Vivek, I’m seeing 1983 mentioned several times in 2012 comments by others. I’m still looking for your comment with that date, but it may have been lost in one of the server reboots, where they restored the site from backups. Unfortunately, some comments were permanently lost. (I backup the site about once every 10 days, but, alas, if our hosting service has another issue — probably more a “when” than an “if” — it’s always possible that some comments will be lost.)

          1. I too have weird memories around Nelson Mandela’s death. I was very, very little at the time, and the only way I “remembered” this was the “trigger” from others saying, he’s still alive and he died only recently. I also distinctly remember the Berenstein bears as being stein not stain. Distinctly. I wonder what would happen if we could alter time lines? Would we be able to bring back deceased loved ones? I’m fascinated by all of this. Thank you for sharing and Thank you Ken Dolan for mentioning your paper and actually finding something you wrote back in the 80’s. Must be a super spooky feeling. I don’t know what I’d do if I had that paper. I’m sure this Nelson Mandela thing goes deeper than we even know, but what if they realized there would be instability unless they “resurrected” Nelson Mandela, and they did it through a “clone” or someone who looked a lot like him. Using them instead, hoping people wouldn’t remember his death. Just a guess.

        4. I was in grade 4 in 1997 when I learned nelson Mandela was dead. It was black history month.

          My confusion later in life when I heard about him in the news, I was baffled that I believed for so long and so surely he already died.

          1. The same exact thing happened to me! It was black history month in middle school several of my classmates covered Mandela however one even brought in old laminated news clippings that their parents had saved, I was able to read these with my own two eyes…

          2. I am the same age as you and I also remember learning about his death in school. 100%. certain.

        5. Hi, Robert. It’s been awhile since you commented, but I am doing a podcast for a school assignment and decided to do it on the Mandela effect. Would you be interested in letting me interview you for it?

      2. How do you guys know your consciousness wasn’t transferred to this dimension at some point… If that were so, it appears to me that you all ended up in the wrong one! Got the raw end of some cosmic event perhaps, or some meddling by other dimensional entities? Or are you of the opinion that it could more possibly be a natural occurence? Perhaps the folds between dimensions connect at some point?

        Seriously now, this all sounds like pretty odd stuff. Stranger things are true I guess. I came here with the mind to ridicule you because of the page title, but after I finished reading the intro and some of these comments, I realised I was quite interested. How long ago are we talking here – about these memories? 30 years ago? Do any of these memmories connect in time somehow? Could it have been a propaganda piece you witnessed? Or perhaps Nelson was swapped with a clone or lookalike before he made his return. .. again, weirder things are true – but somebody would have realised unless our brainwaves are controlled – which sounds like a tinfoil hat theory. Sometimes this kind of stuff tears away the foundatations of my thinking if I entertain it. And that would mean nothing I know can be relied up – which is no fun. Will I have to wait until you’ve written your book before I can learn what’s of value here?


        1. James,

          My best bet is that it’s something involving parallel realities and “sliding” between them. And, at this point, the book isn’t even close to being completed, because I’m not confident about any answers we’ve thought of. We’re guessing. That’s all.

          I’m trying to make time (no pun intended) to sort the threads into main topics — Mandela, Billy Graham, Neil Armstrong, etc. — but this has to be a spare-time project, for now.

          My guess is that this happens to almost everyone, but only a small percentage of people say, “Wait a minute…,” and can’t accept that they “misremembered” or “forgot” or something facile like that. (And, only a small percentage of those people find this website and leave comments.)

          I don’t think this phenomenon is terribly unusual, but since it breaks the timeline rules the way most people (comfortably) like to think of them, it’s easier for most people to find a variation of denial that works, rather than think that there was a fold in dimensions, or a slide, or whatever variation of that makes the most sense to the individual.


        2. What would seem pertinent is this: sometime since the late 1980s, Russia, the U.S., or somebody discovered and developed some kind of technology involving time travel. It might only be time travel for information. A physicist once joked to a reporter, after his group had succeeded in making cesium atoms travel faster than light, “Of course, this doesn’t mean we can send information to the past. ” If the government could send information to the past, it could prevent every terrorist attack, win any battle or war, and manipulate the economy for a long time without a collapse.

          1. bob, thanks! That’s great speculation. I think many of us have wondered about this kind of issue, in general, and it’s interesting to think about in terms of the Mandela Effect.

      3. I want to know if anyone else who remembers these things had a near death experience in the late 80 or early 90. maybe we died and passed into an alternate reality……
        but I too remember Billy graham and Mandela. I thought David soul also was gone by suicide in the 80″s……

        I thought I was alone in this. can anyone figure this out?

      4. Hi I read this article and some of the comments, I then asked my mother if it was Berenstein bears, or Berenstain bears and she said Berenstein, i remember it as Berenstain bears. I am 13 years of age and wonder what is gong on

      5. Me too Fiona, it’s bizarre and completely captivating whilst also frustrating that we will never know what’s the truth is

    2. OMG David Soul is still alive? I remember exactly the same as yourself, Perry..Christmas time, despondent/depressed etc and family finding him and this was years and years ago.

      This is way too weird for words.

          1. I am a theatre instructor and director in California and have considered David Soul to be ( have been) a much underrated actor. When he died I showed film clippings of his work in the teleplay of Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot” My students agreed that it was a shame that Mr. Soul had passed. I have asked former students if they remember the 30 minute unit on David Soul’s acting ability, and of course they don’t.

      1. I clearly remember seeing the funeral on TV and not even knowing who the guy was until watched some of the news. I was shocked when I saw footage of him many years later and thought, it must have been someone else or whatever.

    3. I read a lot of sites about this sort of thing also along with conspiracy theories and other related subjects, but never leave comments.

      I have a lot of my own theories to what is going on and yes some people would probably think me mad.

      But today is 6/12/2013 The morning after the announcement of Nelson Mandela’s death. he was also announced as dead on the 26/6/2013. I also recall something about him dying in prison in the 80s, But the logical part of my brain is telling me this must have been something to do with the end/death of an era. But there is something at the back of my mind telling me the story, Nelson Mandela never got to reside in the bungalow built for him on robbyn Island because he died before he got to leave his cell ? this Is a vivid memory. I also recall my surprise a year or so later when a news story went out about him and how living alone in the bungalow will soon becoming to an end when Nelson Mandela is released.

      Also as a child I recall going to see billy graham with my mother, at a local festival. I live in a small uk town, not really a high profile place for such a visit, but he came and I was there. yet when I mention it to people no one else seems to know about it, I also recall his death years ago.

      I also have recall of dreams ?? or are they dreams ?? they are so vivid that years on I recall them scene by scene. one particular one was so real and would have been news worthy. immediately after the dream I looked in all the papers to see if it had been reported on, this took place in the very early 80s,, I never found anything about the event back then, but my dream was reported on in the 90s as an actual event, and it unfolded before my eyes again.

      1. Pol, thank you for your comments.

        I maintain that the rich context of these memories distinguish them from mere “oh, I must have misunderstood something I heard on the news,” and so on.

        However, the dream issue is interesting. I’ve been intrigued by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf’s speculation in the quantum field, and dreams may be an access point to parallel realities. (See Reality, Dream, or… Does It Matter?)

        And, like you, I wonder if this is a marker of some kind. It’s as if it’s a formal recognition that things have shifted.


    4. I also remember he died before as well, there are many other also such as Dick Clark I now remember he died twice, it keeps happening more frequent, and I don’t have alsheimers either. My husband rented a new movie that was just released, but I had all ready seen a few years ago, he didn’t believe me at first, I said pause it, I will tell you what happens. I was right, I had seen it before, but how could I have seen it before when it was just released. Timeline shifts happening alot if people are noticing it.

      1. Denise,

        Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate people mentioning other moments that fit this pattern. I think you’re the first to mention Dick Clark.

        Your experience with the movie and your husband is excellent. It’s important that others close to us realize that we’re not “confused,” so we have someone to talk with about our alternate memories, and we’re believed.


        1. The Berenstein Bears thing really stuck out to me I know it was stein because my mom use to grill me for not spelling it right. Also we would have pronounced it stain not sine like. I am only 22 now but I distinctly remember learning in school that Mandela had passed away in prison in the 80s. To the woman talking about a movie and knowing what was happening had the exact same moment in the pirates of the Caribbean movie during the first one when they blow up the ship I “predicted” or felt like I had seen the entire next 30 mintue scene before it had happened the opening day of the movie. How could that be possible?

      2. Hmmm very intriguing. Kind of reminds me of the episode “The road not taken” in the 1st season of “Fringe.” I can’t say for sure if I’ve experienced such a phenomenon myself, but I recall an incident when I was a young teen in high school about a song that became an international hit. Umm trying to recall it with 100% cerainty just now is difficult, but I think it might’ve been Roxette’s “The Look”? What I remember though was that to me this song was not new and so I felt like I was experiencing some sort of deja vu! I was so adamant I recall telling my sister it has to be a remix as I was so sure I’d heard this song in the past. Finally I came to the conclusion that I must’ve dreamed about it or had a premonition years before.
        Another incident I recall–which I’ve since learned has a logical explanation to it and I only relate as an example–centers on Spielberg’s flick “The Goonies.” I went to see this movie at the cinema as a youngster and vividly recalled a scene involving an octopus below the pirate ship. However, when I saw this movie on TV years later this scene was not shown. I started to doubt myself and thought that I must’ve dreamed this entire sequence in my head. But, how could I or why would I?! Later in the early 2000s I discovered via the internet that others remembered this scene too in spite of it not being shown on TV or included in the VHS version of the movie. So I wasn’t delusional after all! I finally was able to watch this scene again for the first time in about 20 years a few years ago now after my sister bought it on DVD for her daughters to watch. The aforementioned scene was included in the deleted scenes section!

        1. Holy crap I remembered the octopus scene as well when I read what you wrote… thankful that I stuck it out because that is legit creepy if it didn’t exist!

      3. That thing about the movie happened to my when I was 3 or 4. My uncle just bought pink Floyd the wall and ask me and my mom to watch it with him I saw the first few minutes and wanted to play or something. And I told my my mom I already saw this movie the told me I didn’t and I replied ” this is the movie where the boy throws the dead rat in the river. That’s all i remembered still odd.

    5. I too remember david soul committing suicide in the 80’s……..all this is just too weird

      1. your thoughts are not in vain.

        if they can 3d print organs publicly now (which they can) anything is possible

    6. I posted the David Soul thing to my friend who’s older than I. Her response:

      “It was Michael Galser’s wife that had cancer, not David Souls.”

      Hope this helps.

    7. De Ja Vu and retroactive memories (where your brain sort of “fills in” a previous memory with some more recent knowledge, making you think that you had that info from the beginning) are other phenomenons to explain this type of thing, aren’t they? Just haven’t seen them discussed much

    8. Quite a few things like this tend to happen.. People always just ignore me like I’m crazy. But when I point out little things.. (Like the fact that I don’t like man made clouds) people look at me weird.

    9. I remember reading a bio on Bjo Trimble (Of Star Trek fandom) who spoke of David Soul in the past tense. I didnt give it much thought until I read your post…..

    10. Hi, I thought I was alone in this until just a few minutes ago while watching a video on youtube. The day I heard that Nelson Mandela died on the news I was next to my parents and I was like “…but he died a long time ago” they told me no he just died and I said “He died in prison a long time ago” and they said that I had my thoughts crossed with someone else but because I saw it on the news I kept trying to think who was I confusing him with. After all that which was maybe a 20 minute thought process for me I just let it go and said to myself if it’s on the news now then I guess I’m wrong.

      I just heard about the Mandela Effect the funny thing is that I remember a lot of things that are way off but I just kept thinking something was off about me. I now feel a little strange about finding this out but in a way kind of makes me feel better but still in a bit of disbelieve.

    1. Scott,

      Thanks for commenting. I’m very interested in the number of people who — like me — clearly remember that.


      1. same here i have never heard pf peter duel but i have thought for years david soul was dead after hearing a news report that he had committed suicide, only just found out by reading this he did not.

  2. I had a similar experience but it was regarding the birth of Freddi Prince Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s child… I’m positive that I saw it mentioned on the news back in 2003-04 that they were expecting… It was either the longest pregnancy in history or something similar to the above events… Also, I’ve had a crush on Freddi Prince Jr since I was about nine… So it would have been something I was paying attention to…

    1. Hi Lani,

      Wow… that’s a great memory! It rings a distant bell with me, but that was when I’d just moved to Texas, so I wasn’t paying much attention to celebrity news. (That said, I understand your crush. He has the best eyes, and such a great sense of humor!)

      I’m really interested in this kind of memory. It’s different from anything that people would simply mix-up with some other event or celebrity. That’s what makes it important.


  3. I don’t have any recollections about Mandela, but do have pretty clear memories of Billy Graham’s death. And, as Lani above says, the Gellar-Prince child. I thought that happened years ago, too.

    1. Hi Tamara,

      The Billy Graham memory seems to really rattle people. It’s a relatively recent memory, and so it’s still pretty clear in people’s minds. When they find out he’s still alive, they sometimes turn introspective in a blink. It’s like they start wondering what else isn’t true in their memories.

      Really, I sometimes feel guilty for even mentioning the Billy Graham memory. People can get really upset.

      The Gellar-Prince child sounds like a really good one to study. I’m always interested in stories like that because they’re so distinct. It’s not that someone’s gone — like the Graham and Mandela memories — but something less easily dismissed as a mixed-up memory.

      Thanks for commenting!


      1. wait, wait, wait… Billy Graham is alive??? since when? I remember his death, but not his coming back …

        1. I thought Freddie Prince Jr. Died a couple of years ago. I was surprised to hear it on the news because I remember thinking there would be no Scooby 3.

      2. I have a thought/ theory. Have you ever tried a poll about whoever has had these shifts might also be autistic/ Aspergers to a degree or more? I have Aspergers, and well, my shifts are like a car with a bad transmission- jarring and disorienting.

  4. I have experienced this many times. Not only Mandela’s death, but also the death of Muammar Gaddafi several years ago, events in the lives of friends that they do not recall, and the movement or disappearance of landmarks/buildings. I lived across the street from a mother daughter for 2 years, but recently was told she had no daughter and never had. I believe this phenomena to be related to track-timeline shifts in which something occurs that changes a time line,perhaps something significant past/future on a parallel line. I believe that the persons who ‘remembers’ what has been changed do so because they were engaged/invested in it a meaningful way. If that engagement was not present, then only the current reality will be remembered.

    1. C. A.,

      That’s a really interesting idea about engagement and how it affects reality & memories.

      I’m reminded of a friend’s very startling ‘Mandela Effect’ moment: He was using the Google maps feature that allows you to see street views, and he was virtually strolling down his own ‘Memory Lane’. However, when he went to look at the elementary school he’d attended — a fairly modern building at the time — the building on the site is Victorian.

      While it’s possible that Google got it wrong, or the Victorian building was moved to the site after this friend’s school was torn down… well, those seem unlikely after he double-checked the location.

      And really, nobody is likely to ‘forget’ the school they went to as a child.

      However, he wouldn’t have known about this alternate memory if he hadn’t actually looked for his school on Google Maps.

      So, it makes me wonder how many other reality shifts some of us might find, if we started looking. As it is, we only seem to notice the ones that are placed in front of us — for example, news headlines that don’t fit the context of our memories.

      As Alice in Wonderland said, ‘Curiouser and curiouser!’


    2. As soon as I read what you said about previously remembering Gaddafis death I started gagging. This is really strange, I am not an emotional person but I am sitting here and my eyes are welling up. What is this? I remember this. Footage of a runway and a white plane. Omg.

      1. I remember Ghadafi’s death as well. I am sitting at the office thinking “Hold up… I recall he died before”.


        We are onto something here.

    3. Surprisingly, I also remember Sarah Michelle Gellar being pregnant right before Scooby Doo 2 was to premiere.

      I’ve been getting the oddest deja vu moments throughout 2013. Some very personal. Where I’ll tell a friend, “You said this and this and that.” And said friend will stare at me blankly. I’ve never struggled to separate so-called reality from fiction until this year. I’m a writer so that boundary has never been blurred. But these days it is. Roommates of mine report me screaming in my nightmares, laughing maniacally or whimpering. And I repeat: this has never happened to me before. I’m a well-adjusted, fun-loving, tertiary educated adult with many close friends. It does feel as if something wrong is happening to my sense of perception though… Perhaps as another thought: have you heard of the Earth 1 and Earth 2 scenario following the 21 December 2012 mass ascension plot? Basically gaia (the earth) entered a cross-dimensional portal meant to separate the minds ready for 5-dimensional existence and those who want to be stuck in 3D (Earth 2). It seems like this fracture is still happening en masse now.

      1. Dan,

        Thanks for your comments.

        The turning point in late 2012 is a curious scenario. I will look into that more closely.

        I’m always interested in quirky theories. For example, I’ve read much of “Exo Vaticana,” which posits some theories that sounded rather off-the-wall to me, until I saw their supporting evidence. I’m still not sure how seriously to take any of that. The evidence is quirky, but my conclusions might be different. To me, aliens at the Vatican seem a pretty distant reach (no puns intended), but I try to remain objective about all theories. After all, this is kind of a jigsaw puzzle with lots of scrambled pieces, and plenty still missing.

        Whatever the answers, something odd is going on, and I’m not sure if this has been the case, all along, or if it’s picking up speed now, or what.

        Since your experiences include evidence of odd behavior in your sleep, I’m sure you’re bright enough to talk with a sleep specialist (or at least your doctor) about it, in case something sleep-related is affecting your waking perceptions, even on a very minor scale. (In all of my paranormal research, I try to rule out normal-ish influences, first. Once that’s been addressed and eliminated or reduced as a possibility, I can focus on less mundane explanations.)

        I wouldn’t leap to the “altered states” conclusion, but take a closer look at how sleep issues could make you more sensitive (aware) of some things in daily life. And, unless sleep is one of your areas of expertise, a specialist might be the best resource for insights.

        Your sleep experiences could support theories presented by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (see my articles tagged with his name: ) that when we’re dreaming, we may actually be visiting parallel dimensions. If you’re visiting not-so-fun ones, or the experience/immersion is especially intense, that could explain the sleep issues and why your reality is differing from others’.

        (I’ll admit the possibilities seems like a fascinating, real-life Rubik’s Cube. And, as a writer, I also see a great fiction series in it… but — as often happens — I’m getting sidetracked.)

        The idea of a societal fracture is intriguing. Once again falling back on sci-fi story lines, I’m wondering how video games — and now computer games — might be part of the sorting or conditioning. Then there are the deliberate effects of binaural beats and brain “entrainment,” and how those could fit into the mix. (No pun intended.)

        I’m intrigued by the possibilities. One thing (among many) that I enjoy about this site are the conversations among bright people who are willing to offer unusual, far-from-the-mainstream theories. We need more of those. Mundane and mainstream answers aren’t working with what we’re seeing here.

        Thanks for the comments!


      2. Okay…. For starters whenever Nelson Mandela died in 2013 I walked into the room ( the news was on) and I said, “didn’t he already? I thought he died in the 80’s?” I clearly remember knowing this as a fact, and remembering him as something of a martyr. I also remember berenstEin bears and Ghadafi… I remember all of these things as FACTS.

        Now, into my point with your comment… The past couple of years my family says I have been laughing like a maniac in my sleep or making ungodly noises. The first time my grandmother heard it, she came in to tell me to be quiet and she found me dead asleep and then said I started laughing uncontrollably… Loud enough for them to hear me two rooms over..

        I am also well adjusted and mentally stable as far as I know. I’m incredibly confused by all of this…

      3. “…Where I’ll tell a friend, “You said this and this and that.” And said friend will stare at me blankly. I’ve never struggled to separate so-called reality from fiction until this year.”

        All. The. Damn. Time. Frustration is a constant companion any more.

    4. you are on to something. so is everyone else. my research has led me to believe that time travel and inter dimensional shifts have been occurring this whole time

  5. Your article was interesting. However, I thought Mandela was still alive. I once belonged to an organization that investigated the shenanigans of government and others. the public is made to believe that certain personalities are dead when they aren’t.After all, who really knew if Hitler was killed in his bunker. and the press has a bad habit of making up stories and never correcting them. Too many times. of course we know our history books are not necessarily true. too many people write things according to how they want things to be.heavy duty research is necessary. the cover ups. it goes on and on.Personal life memories could be what you would like them to be.

    1. Susan,

      Thanks for your comments! I also belonged to an organization that researched how certain groups spin the news. However, I never encountered anything about someone being dead… who wasn’t. So, this is very interesting, as Artie Johnson used to say on Laugh-In. (My husband and I are huge fans of campy TV shows from the 60s and 70s.)

      Anyway, they say that history is written by the victors, and I agree. It’s important to take misinformation (deliberate and unintentional) out of the equation as we explore parallel reality possibilities.

      Though “sliding” could explain alternate personal memories, my focus is on broad-scale events outside each person’s personal life — things that relate to news and media, in particular — to see how widespread and consistent the alternate memories are.


    2. the FBI disclosed not too long ago that hitler was smuggled to Argentina during project paperclip, so that point rings a bell my friend!

      1. A W1Z4RD 22, do you have a credible link for that disclosure? I’m familiar with Paperclip and related projects (ref. ), but nothing even semi-official regarding successful plans for Hitler.

        Now, if that concept had been taken in the direction of time & dimensional travel — then, or in more recent years — and was successful, removing key players from our timestream (even people who don’t seem to important at the time) could alter events (here and wherever they sent the person) from that point forward. The question then arises: Would history rewrite itself (or would a dedicated agency need to do so) so the person “died” in this timestream or was never here in the first place?

        Cool speculation, and not quite so irrelevant to ME as one might think, at first.

  6. I often find myself having conversations with people who do not or differently remember events from the past.

    Here are a few,

    Big Yella, The corn pops kid.

    A trailer for a “Wolverine” Movie int he 80’s that was just 3 claw mark slashes making up the W.

    The death of Ernest Borgnine

    Watching a cartoon as a kid on either Electric Company, Sesame street, School House Rock or Pink Panther that showed what looked like ants walking over an ant hill but as they panned back it was a lil cartoon guy sunbathing on a beach and the ants were walking over a bulge in his pants and a joke about ants in the pants.

    1. Cliff,

      Thanks for that list! I’m hoping more people share their alternate memories, as you have, so we can see how widespread specific memories/realities are.

      I remember Ernest Borgnine’s death awhile ago. At the time, I thought, “Wow… he had to be pretty old. I didn’t know he was still around.” Borgnine’s death didn’t surprise me until I later saw him interviewed on TV, and he is (obviously) still alive. (As of April 2011, anyway.)

      He’s always had such a rubbery, craggy face, I never had a clear impression of his age.

      But, when he died, I also remember being surprised that people didn’t make a bigger deal about it. I also recall no one mentioning him in the context of his Academy Award-winning performance in the movie, Marty. I thought that was sad, because that performance showed a range of talent far beyond his fame on McHale’s Navy.

      Your Wolverine reference threw me, because I thought it was just three claw marks, too. However, I’m not a Wolverine enthusiast so, in my case, I might be misremembering.

      Thanks again for this list. It’s exactly what I’m looking for, to encourage more dialogue about this subject.


  7. I don’t know if this qualifies, but I recall vividly that when I was in technical school training in the US Army, in the summer of 1991, I saw the movie Terminator 2 in the theater. What was odd is that I remember seeing a scene in which when they are in an old gas station removing the bullets from the T-101, and John Conner asks if he can learn, the terminator tells him that his CPU read-only memory can be reset to learn new things, so there is a scene in which they do this. In the other versions of this movie I have seen since, this does not occur, and in my research of it, it appears this was a deleted scene which did not make it to the final version! This was 1991, and before DVD movies as far as I remember, or at least they (and their deleted scenes) weren’t common. Besides, this was in a theater viewing. I spoke to many people about this scene they never saw, years before it was later shown as part of a DVD deleted scenes! The version I saw can be seen here.

    On a side note, I think you should do Coast to Coast Am with this. Very interesting subject and not something I remember anyone ever covering in this manner.

    1. Mick,

      Thanks for sharing that extraordinary memory, and for the compliments about my research.

      Your memory is unusual, since you were “remembering” a scene that did exist in our world — or it probably did — yet you couldn’t have known about it.

      That opens the door to several explanations. One is a natural gift for telepathy (or something related) so you knew about the deleted scene because you connected (on a psychic level) with the movie’s production team.

      The alternative is that you “slid” into a parallel reality where that scene remained in the movie. So, in that realm, you saw a different version of the movie than people in this current reality saw.

      Either one is possible, and there are probably other explanations that might work.

      I really appreciate that you took the time to share this. And, if/whenCoast to Coast AM asks me to talk on their show, I’ll be delighted to share what I’ve learned about this phenomenon, so far.

      I think this is fascinating!


      1. Fiona, totally fascinating. IN fact, in my “goddess gathering” tomorrow we are going to be discussing this phenomenon, because I’ve been watching it for years.

        My example:
        Many years ago, I was discussing with 2 friends, a couple, while at dinner at their house, his new cell phone number. So I input it in my cell phone, and she told me, “His last name has an unusual spelling,” and proceeded to tell me.

        So I entered it that way, with an extra vowel, an “i”. It is still in my cell phone that way because I never changed it.

        A couple years ago, I brought that up in a conversation with them, and they looked at me like I was crazy. “No,” he said, “my name does not have an ‘i’ in it.”

        I was incredulous!

        1. Marna,

          I agree, this is absolutely fascinating!

          What’s especially compelling for me is that so many people are very calm and reasonable about this. I’m not seeing a lot of “I’m right and you’re wrong,” but mostly astonishment.

          It’s sort of like saying, “The sky is blue.” There’s no reason to force that opinion on others; we know the sky is basically blue. Some of us know that we saw the news reports of Nelson Mandela’s death and funeral; we don’t need to prove it to anyone. It’s a simple fact for us, and it’s kind of a relief to find others with the exact same memories.. whatever that means in terms of shifting realities.

          I love it that you have physical evidence like that, in your phone. That adds even more weight to this concept.

          Cool stuff, really. I have no idea what any of this means, but… well, it’s simply fascinating!


    2. I just discussed this subject on a recent “Coast to Coast” show with George Noory… including the topic of the “alive again” phenomenon, the specific example of Nelson Mandela, and the physics responsible for causing these kinds of reality shifts. I discuss this phenomena in my book, Reality Shifts, and on my RealityShifters website featuring hundreds of these kinds of experiences from people around the world.

      Here’s the link to the show… it’s on the second half: Reality Shifts

      1. Cynthia, good for you! If you’re ever speaking at an event where I am, be sure to say hello.

        I’m not at Dragon*Con this year due to family priorities, but — if we’re in the US — I’ll probably be there in 2014. Together, and maybe with a few others who’ve been studying this, in depth, we might have a fascinating panel.

  8. I remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison. The problem is that I either just knew he did (like it was common knowledge), or it happened at a different time for me. I was born in 1985, so I couldn’t have a memory from the early 80s. I think it must have been that it was at a different time, because I remember events after he died… like a really big Oprah episode, concerts in his memory, celebrities ALL wearing his prison numbers, etc.

    My experience was that on a regular day, my mom and I were doing separate things with the TV on in the background. I think I was on my laptop and my mom may have also been on hers or reading a book. I believe CNN was the channel the TV was on. Nelson Mandela was mentioned as doing something, which caught both of our ears, I guess, because we both looked up and Nelson Mandela was there… walking around, present day. My mom and I both looked at each other, wide eyed and pale. I was like, “Isn’t he dead? I remember him dying….” And she said YES, and we were both discussing how on earth he was alive and no one else was shocked. We BOTH remembered the Oprah show, we BOTH remembered a specific concert that was live and shown on multiple channels… we both remembered that he died years ago in prison.

    We decided it must’ve been in another dimension or everyone was just as confused as we were, but afraid to sound crazy… or maybe the government brainwashed everyone and just missed us?

    I found this site because there’s a topic on about time shifts and I wrote about my experience there, then I wondered if anyone else had my same memory (my mom died a few years ago, so now I’m the only one I know with this memory) about him dying and then Googled it. I’m amazed that so many other people have this memory. We couldn’t have all slipped into another dimension and remember it. There must be something more logical at work… like he did die, and the forces at work just expected us to not say anything? I have no idea what the explanation is, but I know he died. You could give me a polygraph and I would pass.

    1. Very cool! And, like you, I know I’d pass a polygraph about this.

      My leading theory is still that we’re regularly sliding into other realms, dimensions or realities. Then, when our memories don’t quite fit the world around us, we figure, “Oh, I must have been confused,” or misremembered, or something.

      However, when it’s a big issue — like the death of Nelson Mandela or Billy Graham — it’s a lot harder for people to say, “I must have gotten that wrong.” As you can see, people remember events like that with so much detail, it’s not like they misplaced their car keys or something… this is much, much bigger. They remember what they saw on TV, what friends & family said at the time, and so on.

      It’s like when President Kennedy died; people in that generation can still tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when they got the news. They remember the weather, how they reacted, what they did for the rest of the day, and related events that followed it.

      These events, like Nelson Mandela’s death, had so much impact, people seem to have a massive number of associated memories.

      What makes this interesting is when multiple people share the same exact memories. I have a vague memory of the Oprah show, but it wasn’t a time when I was watching much TV.

      I do remember the big deal about his widow and literary rights, etc. I remember the televised march in South Africa, with people dressed in black and either trying to look brave or sobbing uncontrollably. I remember the banner that was carried at the front of the march, with black, hand-painted lettering on a white background. I remember the widow collapsing, and how very young (and a little frightened) she looked. I remember days of mourning, worldwide. I think that covered three days.

      It could be a huge conspiracy to cover-up a real event. I’m sure that goes on, especially as the media are more and more controlled & manipulated.

      However, the quantum explanation works best for me. There are times when I talk with people and it’s like the recognition people shared in “Close Encounters…,” when they’d all had their own encounters with the aliens. It’s like people who’ve slid into a particular reality have a different energy component around them, or something.

      I’m reminded of a friend in Florida who was in a drawing for a new car. She had to pick the winning key out of a big bowl of keys, and all the keys looked alike. She prayed that the correct key would sort of light up for her, and it did… and she and her husband drove their new car home that afternoon.

      They also try to convey that “lighting up” effect visually in the TV show, “Psych.”

      In real life, I haven’t met enough people who remember Nelson Mandela dying, to say that they all have that “lit up” energy. All I know is that many of them have a kind of glow… this is difficult to articulate. There’s a recognition, of sorts. I don’t remember them, but they share a certain quality.

      I get a lot of weird email, so I’m getting pretty good at spotting when someone’s simply strange, as opposed to when they’re completely normal but telling me a credible (but wild-sounding) story.

      What impresses me is how very normal most people are who remember Nelson Mandela dying. Or Billy Graham dying. Or any of a dozen other memories that don’t fit our apparent history.

      They (like me) know how crazy it sounds to talk about this. They’re not necessarily comfortable admitting to any of this.

      I remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison. I’m sure your memories are real, too.

      What we don’t know (yet) is how to explain this. It could be a conspiracy. It could be something quantum. I’m not sure, but as more of us share our stories, I’m hoping we’ll see a pattern to this, and find answers.

      Thank you so much for sharing your story in such detail!


    2. Polygraph tests are not accurate. They are used to track whether or not your heart beat is rising or if you are sweating which, according to the machine, are signs that you are lying. But you could be telling the truth and still be nervous and sweaty with an increased heart rate. Don’t trust that a polygraph test can determine whether or not what you are stating is in fact the truth as its inventor deeply regretted inventing it because of the way it was being used by law enforcement.

      1. Rachel, I think you’re taking our comments too literally. Well, mine anyway. I don’t need a polygraph to inform myself whether or not I’m telling the truth. How polygraphs work is far off-topic, and I only approved this as an example of the kind of comment I’ll ordinarily delete. (Rachel, that’s why some of your other comments weren’t approved.)

  9. In 1967 my high school teacher took our class on a field trip to an experimental farm and showed us a cloned sheep called Dolly. In 1977 I heard on the radio that the first cloned sheep called Dolly had happened. Now it seems that in this timeline it did not happen until 1997. I also remember Nelson Mandela’s funeral and the deaths of Billy Graham, Dom Deluis, Ernest Borgenine and Mickey Roomie. It’s all very interesting.

    1. Not only did the clone Dolly take place in 1977, soon afterward a book about a millionaire (money was worth more then) cloning HIMSELF came out to either capitalize on it or admit to the world that cloning was happening – and it referenced Dolly repeatedly

  10. I also remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison and was quite amazed when he was elected president of South Africa. Last night I watched the movie, Invictus, and kept wondering where or when was I? I clearly remember the announcement of his death and was amazed that more people around me were not moved by the sadness of it. I also remember vaguely some controversy about his “estate”.

    There are a few things that do not match my memories of this universe. Such as Honduras. I remember it as an island in the Caribbean, not a country in Central America.

    Once, when on the way to church as my husband drove south on the 5 freeway near Los Angeles, I saw what appeared a large crack across the width of the entire freeway – I braced myself for the shock and – nothing. There was no bump or any sensation of the tiniest crack. I had seen it, at least a foot wide. My husband saw nothing, yet just as I began to think I had imagined it I noticed a golf course on the same hill that we had driven past for 10 years. It had not been there before.

    Did I experience a crack in time, or a crack between the universes? I am still not sure.

  11. Ernest Borgnine is ALIVE? I KNOW I remember hearing that he died. I follow pop culture very carefully; Hollywood fascinates me.

    Nelson Mandela-I remember somebody talking about how his spirit was soaring free from his jail cell. Bill Cosby named his TV grandchildren “Winnie” and “Nelson” and I thought, oh how sweet, he’s paying homage to a brave deceased hero.

  12. Hi Fiona,

    My experience doesnt involve a memory as much as a strange coincidence. For years I firmly believed there to be 52 states in America. Quite a shock when I found out there was only 50,

    After this, I must have asked 25-30 people (in Europe, as I’m Irish), literally everbody I met, how many states in America. Every one said 52. After I said there was 50, their reaction remained ‘oh yea. wierd.’

    Maybe theres another explanation for it, but occasionally I still ask and hear 52!

    I encourage anybody reading this to ask people away from America (who wouldn’t know as readily) and see how many times 52 is replied!

    1. I’m from Portugal, and I thought it was 52 states in America too!
      Other then that, I have no experiences to tell here, at least I don’t recall any right now.
      It is interesting, I will ask my parents if they recall something else mentioned here!

      1. I also remember being asked how many states and was absolutely sure that the answer was 52. When I was told there was only 50 I found it hard to believe. I am also Irish and brushed it off as getting mixed up with 32

    2. I swear to god I can remember they told us there were 52 american states when I was in secondary school in the mid-late 90’s, here in the UK.

    3. All the above comments come from persons outside the US, but i was born and raised there and I remember getting the answer wrong on tests in school and to this day sometimes get it mixed up because at some point i was sure there were 52 and then at another point just decided to go along with everyone else that its 50.

      Also grew up in the 80’s and remember the Wolverine ad. I was in my cousin Anthonys house and we were like, wow thats gonna be so awesome, and i remember getting that raw emotional rush of anticipation and excitement of looking forward to a great thing in the future..

    4. Ok, I’m American, and when I was a little kid I was really adamant that there were 52 states and all the adults in my life (since I’m dyslexic) thought that I was just so cute and quirky. And then I saw this Fairly Odd Parents episode where Timmy Turner was asked by the creepy teacher how many states there were and he said “51” and this didn’t sound very wrong to me. And then like the in the show it was announced that North and South dekota had made up and joined so there were 51 states and just like………
      This is so a thing that happened. And I thought nothing of it when the thing about Portico joining the US started up because I was older then and instead of being like “There are going to be 53 states maybe ok” I was like “How many states are there?” And I still don’t remember 50 as being the number, like I draw a blank instead of thinking it’s 52 but like……
      I was reading this website for kicks but now I’m really, really creeped out this is so weird. And I remember my dad always asking me how many states there were because I always, always got it wrong and he thought I it was so funny and that I was so stupid.
      But I have no idea what the other states would be. If I was asked to list them (I wouldn’t be able to) I wouldn’t have two extra names.

      1. Ok, I’m American, and when I was a little kid I was really adamant that there were 52 states and all the adults in my life (since I’m dyslexic) thought that I was just so cute and quirky. And then I saw this Fairly Odd Parents episode where Timmy Turner was asked by the creepy teacher how many states there were and he said “51” and this didn’t sound very wrong to me. And then like the in the show it was announced that North and South dekota had made up and joined so there were 51 states and just like………
        This is so a thing that happened. And I thought nothing of it when the thing about Portico joining the US started up because I was older then and instead of being like “There are going to be 53 states maybe ok” I was like “How many states are there?” And I still don’t remember 50 as being the number, like I draw a blank instead of thinking it’s 52 but like……
        I was reading this website for kicks but now I’m really, really creeped out this is so weird. And I remember my dad always asking me how many states there were because I always, always got it wrong and he thought I it was so funny and that I was so stupid.
        But I have no idea what the other states would be. If I was asked to list them (I wouldn’t be able to) I wouldn’t have two extra names.

        EDIT: Just pulled up the episode, he says “49” and not “52”. Here the transcript!_%28transcript%29

    5. I’m Australian and I remember it came up as a question at a trivia night. I said 52, because I remembered it from an Ol’ Dirty Bastard lyric “To any MC in any 52 states/I get psycho, killer, Norman Bates!” Of course ODB was wrong, and I didn’t get the point. I’m not sure if he actually thought there was 52 states or he just said it because it scans better.

    6. For what it’s worth, there was an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where they find an American flag from the mid-twenty-first century with 52 stars (presumably denoting 52 states, including 2 future ones not yet belonging to the union).
      I have no idea whether you watch Star Trek or not though,

  13. I remember “tank boy” getting run over by the tank at Tiananmen Square. My husband doesn’t. We googled it and apparently he didn’t get run over. I have a very vivid memory though. I remember seeing a video of it. I remember learning this in 7th grade history.

      1. Huh.I remembered that too. And about USA states… I also believed that there is more than 50… Is only 50 stars on USA flag?

    1. I remember TANK BOY getting run over. My partner and myself were talking about Tiananmen Square and tank boy. I mentioned how horrible it was that he was killed, my partner had no memory of that and thought I was crazy. He had to go on YouTube to show me that he lived. As i watched i had no recollection of that event of him living.

      1. Same here I remember seeing blood on the street after the tank rolled over him and how the backlash nearly caused communism to fall apart in china and then they switched to the capitalistic command economy. This is so weird.

        1. Its 50 sates + 2 territories (Puerto Rico and Washington DC)
          1. Alabama
          2. Alaska

          50. Wyoming
          51. Puerto Rico
          52. Washington, DC (the capital)

          (Fiona’s note: I edited this comment in the interest of space as an example of the kind of comment I will not approve in the future. If it’s a “no, you’re just not very smart” comment with info that can be found at Wikipedia, it’s not welcomed here. Most people who comment with their alternate memories have already exhausted all “logical” explanations, thank you. And, if they didn’t know it was a weird memory that contradicts reality in this timestream, they wouldn’t be commenting here in the first place. Also, she did spell “states” wrong. I’m seeing a lot of comments like these now, and deleting them.)

          1. Guam, the Northern Marianas Islands, and the Us Virgin Islands are US Territories as well. But I agree as a kid I always thought it was 52 states. I had no concept of territories.

  14. I remember Mandelas funeral being on the news in the UK in the late 80’s. At the time I was just a kid and I didn’t have a clue who Mandela was.

    I was also taught at school that America had 52 states.

  15. I too remember Mandela dying in Prison, right before he was to be released. I thought this won’t be good, the South Africans will think he was kill or something. It was on CNN Headline news around lunchtime. I was in Highschool so it was in the 80’s.

  16. This is just WEIRD ! The more I think about it, the more REAL the memory becomes. I live in South Africa, was born in 1980 so I would have been a kid. The memory is most certainly there (SOMETHING about his Mandela’s death). It’s like seriously, “HEY wth” ! Also remember something about Gadaffi dying. Billy Graham for a surety. I test it on my mother and asked her, “you remember Billy Graham dying right ?” To which she replied “Yeah he died from alzymers”.(Excuse the speeling there lol). When I informed that he was still in fact alive she said, “oh well then he was in hospital from it”.

    It’s weird, like the men in black movie. I don’t believe in parallel universes, but mind altering ? Sure. Go look at some of the documentaries on youtube, in regards to the illuminati, and freemasonary movements or sects. It’s actually CRAZY about what they’ve achieved, assassinated and brain washed in the past to get what they want. (World domination). Thus the new world order. Watch out for your cell phones. Science fiction ? No, science reality.
    Next thing we’ll see princess diana on tv and know one will remember her death, 911 wouldn’t be remembered by most…. Just wack.

    1. Jonathan,

      Those are very good points.

      My research is generally based in science, so the quantum concepts of parallel realities work for me.

      And, in a spiritual context, I’ve wondered if the “many mansions” and “many rooms” refer to parallel worlds. The Gospel of John — the full version, not just what’s included in the canonical Bible — raises many questions about what was going on around the first century of the current era. Parallel realities, teleportation, and gravity-defying incidents could be what his stories describe. Or, they could be actual miracles. Generally, I try to avoid bringing theology into this.

      Though I’m not sure what to think about this, I keep going back to what physics experiments suggest about our world… and the other worlds that may exist. That’s my focus.

      However, mind control is also a viable explanation for the Mandela Effect. What doesn’t make sense is why Mandela, or Billy Graham, or other incidents… unless it’s to make people think they’re quietly losing their minds. The point of that, from a “tin foil hat” viewpoint…? Well, if you don’t trust your own memories and perceptions of reality, you become more dependent on others’ collective explanations of reality. So, the MIB concept is viable. It’s also chilling.

      I’m more comfortable with the quantum view of this. I still think these incidents are real, but in other realities.

      Nevertheless, your explanation is equally credible, depending on the individual’s beliefs and context for them.


      1. Fiona, do you have a link where I could find the full Gospel of John? You’ve got me interested, now!

        1. Jade, the best way to find it is to search for “lost gospel of John” and perhaps add “PDF” to your search. In theory, it’s so old, the entire manuscript should be in the public domain.

  17. I also remember reading the newspaper and all the whoopola about Nelson Mandela dying on tv. I remember the banners at his funeral. I am an adult and take such history seriously. When he was released from prison I was flabbergasted. Art bell also bought this up on one of his shows and if he hadn’t I still would have been thinking I was goofy. this happened folks. The Freddy Prince baby with Sarah also was in the news. I was so happy for him, since I loved his dad. But hay this didn’t happen either huh? What the heck, being a strong christian I will leave this to Jesus!

  18. I remember Nelson Mandella dying while in prison, and I also remember that his wife became president there sometime afterwards. Later on I heard a radio show with someone talking about this subject, that others too remember his death.

  19. I remember it too.

    I was only a kid — I was born in 1983 — but I remember seeing something about his death on TV once when I was waiting for Saturday morning cartoons to come on. It was like a biography/memorial/documentary thing. I had no idea who he was, but for some reason it made an impression on me. What I specifically remember is that A) he was in prison at some point, and B) that he passed away.

    Years later, as a teenager, I remember having a few moments of “Wait, what? I thought he died!” …But it wasn’t until recently that I discovered I’m not alone in my recollection!

    1. hi I was born in 1982 I don’t remember when he died but I do remember it being in prison. I was surprised when I found out he was alive.
      in my mind tank boy died too. there was a big revolt in china after it happened.
      I also remember 52 states but people tell me im wrong.
      I also remember it being sex in the city , and interview with a vampire .

      I have schizophrenia and when I was locked up in the hospital I was looking through magazines at maps of the world and I found a stack of them that didn’t look right to me. names and places that didn’t fit. like the world I came from was had a different map.

  20. I have a memory of a scene in the movie Queen of the Damned that isn’t in the movie or deleted scenes sections or whatever its called on the disk.. I can’t quite remember how it goes but I remember watching it at my cousin’s house for the first time and remembering this.. difference/extra scene , or something. But she doesn’t remember even watching the movie.

    1. Mary,

      Your comment fascinated me, because I saw Queen of the Damned when it had more in it. In fact, a friend and I sat through it twice, because the use of color in the movie was so clever: With each transition in the plot, it was like more colors were added to the palette. For example, I think the first club scene was where bottle green hue was added, and it remained in the movie for most of the scenes that followed.

      Then, we went out for coffee and talked about it, at length. As an artist, colors inspire me, and the use of color in this movie fascinated me. (I can remember how impressed I was with the use of the color red to highlight intense scenes in the original movie, Dr. Zhivago. Otherwise, it was predominantly b&w and shades of gray.)

      So, I know exactly what I saw.

      However, when I saw Queen of the Damned on cable TV — I don’t recall which of the premium channels had it — the movie was really different. I’d assumed the theatrical release (which had done badly) had been modified in an attempt to sell more DVDs or something.

      Now, I’m wondering if it was a “Mandela moment” as my husband and I call it. In my case, it may still be a case of the DVD being edited from the theatrical release, but the underlying concept remains: I think some/many/all of us are “sliding” more often than we may realize.


    2. I’m finding this thread very intresting …we moved into the house were in a few years ago and I dreamt about this house well before we even knew about also before I was what I’m calling awake …

      1. Assuming that OBE’s are real, then it’s possible that our consciouness may touch with other versions of ourselves, and since time isn’t linear, you may very well touched the consciousness of another you, who in that reality’s present, lived in that house.

  21. i remember in 2nd grade (im currently 32) making african flags at school and putting them in the hallway and my teacher was from s africa so she took it really hard and we had a fund drive at school to fly her home, we made t shirts with his prison number on it and wore them when she arrived back. gosh am i crazy. this is freaky, i have an excellent memory i am not crazy, or am i…please delete this site it has me questioning my sanity, so hes not dead?!!!! i dont remember him being released from prison, i just googled around and he was released. ogosh i feel like im going nuts!!!!!

    1. Michelle,

      You’re not crazy. People with these memories… we have very specific, complete, and detailed memories. It’s not a case of, “Gee, I must have forgotten that.” We have too many associated, distinct, and clear memories associated with Mandela’s death, or whatever it is that we remember.

      This site is staying up. This is too important not to talk about.

      The alarm you’re feeling is also consistent when people make this discovery. They have memories — very clear, real memories — that don’t fit the timeline they’re in.

      They live normal lives. Most of their memories match other people’s. They can chat with a family member and talk about an event they shared in the past, and all the memories match. And, they can do this over & over again.

      Then, there’s something like the Mandela memory… and it’s completely out-of-character in the context of their other memories. It’s the one that doesn’t fit, and it doesn’t fit at all. It’s an anomaly that people can’t work with, except to feel like they’re losing their minds.

      So, this site is here because the phenomenon is too distinct to brush off as “a mental lapse” or anything like that.


  22. Hi! I know that this is an old article, but I have something to add that may be related. I remember for many years, from childhood until just recently, that New Zealand was below and to the East of Australia, instead of Northeast as it is now. I was shocked to recently see that it was in a new position. In school, I excelled in Geography, and I used to study atlases as a hobby. I know in my heart that it used to be below Australia. Since finding out the location as it is now, I have found some others who remember New Zealand being located Southeast of Australia. I hope that you find this useful! It is very strange.

    1. CJ,

      Wow… thanks for posting that! I hadn’t heard of any geographical memories, so this fascinates me.

      Like most people, I’ve heard others look at a map and exclaim, “Wow! I always thought [some country] was in a different place!” And, until now, I’d always figured their geography skills were weak.

      However, speaking in quantum terms (string theory, m theory, etc.), geography could be different in other, parallel realities.

      That never crossed my mind. Very cool, and I’m going to adjust my judgment of others when I hear one of those comments in the future. Maybe their geography skills are fine, and it’s simply the “Mandela Effect” they’re experiencing.

      Thanks for posting this!


    2. But it is southeast Australia.Just google it, and you will see it just right in front of Sydney.

    3. I’m also a big geography guy and New Zealand is STILL east and mostly south of Australia, definitely not northeast! Just double checked on google maps and its where I always remembered it. Was your post entered in a different reality from mine, or can you please double check and correct yourself?

      1. Scott,

        You’re a big geography guy, and so it probably seemed unsettling to see someone talking about New Zealand in another location. In your time stream/s, New Zealand hasn’t moved.

        For others, maybe it has. There’s nothing to “correct.” We can’t fix those other time streams (or the one we’re in). For now, we respect the intelligence of those whose memories are from those other realities.

        Around 1990, I can recall looking at a map to find the homeland of a Maori friend. New Zealand was northeast of Australia, slightly larger than and not far from Papua New Guinea.

        Today, I checked it on Google Maps, and — as you said — it’s southeast of Australia. It’s also considerably smaller than I recall, and a different shape. (It was also different from Papua New Guinea, so it’s not that I mixed up two “New ____” names.)

        Finding conflicting data in this time stream doesn’t negate the past reality. There’s nothing to correct.

        Sure, it could be a mistake or a faulty memory, but that’s an argument many of us have already presented to ourselves. It didn’t really work. Not long-term, anyway.

        Mistakes and faulty memories are usually simple to accept. At the time, we weren’t paying close attention. Or, we took our data from someone else without verifying their information.

        They’re usually different in quality when contrasted with alternate memories. If we knew how to double-check those alternate facts (or maps) in that time stream, we would.

        Meanwhile, there’s comfort in finding others who share our vivid, dimensional memories from other realities.


        1. Hi Fiona and thanks for adding this additional insight. I had no idea you also remembered New Zealand somewhere else and totally respect that someone else may have experienced this on another timeline. I find all this fascinating especially considering that I definitely recall Jack Palance dieing far sooner than he actually did and found others who experienced that on other blogs (see my posting on this below).

          I also want to point out that the original poster on this New Zealand topic, above, actually said this:

          “New Zealand was below and to the East of Australia, instead of Northeast as it is now”

          This is interesting since it is the inverse and mine (and apparently yours) current reality. Did this poster make a mistake, and actually mean to say New Zealand is NOW southeast of Australia, or did they somehow post to this SAME site from a whole other timeline?

          1. Hi,

            The Jack Palance death is one I’ve heard regularly from people I discuss this with, offline. I’ve had to use a phone (or other, nearby Internet connection) to show Jack Palance’s actual obit to them, just as I often have to show that Billy Graham’s funeral did not, in fact, occur when some people think it did.

            It is possible that people are posting here from another timeline. (Whether or not that’s likely is another topic.) It’d be more than a little weird, but a digital crossover from another timeline… that seems more plausible to me than the actual physical differences (dates and events, offline) that they’re reporting.

            The more reports I hear, at this website and offline, the more I’m accepting the “Sliders” concept. For someone like me, who generally looks for confirmation and something resembling hard evidence, that’s a major leap.

            In my opinion, the reports here barely scratch the surface. I’d have figured my NZ geography memories were false, except that others raised the question here. In fact, I’d never have started this website at all, if someone (in the “green room” at Dragon*Con) hadn’t brought up the Nelson Mandela memories as something others experienced. I was perfectly happy thinking I’d managed to absolutely misinterpret something else, and dub-in (fairly extensively) Mandela’s identity.

            There’s a potential for many other “false” memories that occurred in other timelines, but not in the one described by Wikipedia and the news reports in this timeline.

            For me, one of the most interesting things is that — unlike the TV series, “Sliders” — I’m not seeing reports of cues that the timeline shifted. People don’t say things like, “When I saw the Billy Graham funeral, other things seemed kind of odd at the time.” The later responses are fairly consistently, “Whoa. Did I misremember that… or what…?” They’re baffled.

            The alternate memories — and/or reality shift/s since then — don’t seem to be accompanied by anything dramatically different in context. What’s weird for people is when they find out that the memory doesn’t fit this reality. It’s not that the memory itself had any significantly weird moments in it; the Roman legions didn’t conquer the world and remain in power, Hitler didn’t succeed, and so on. In other words, the things we see on SyFy (etc.) shows that indicate a different timeline… the cues aren’t there.

            And, for most of us, our initial reaction is to try to frame it into a memory lapse or a misunderstanding, rather than accept that our memories are accurate but from another timeline.

            When I have just a little more time for this, I want to survey to see how many people remember multiple events from alternate time streams, or if most people have just one of these jarring memories.

            It’s fascinating!


            1. “It’s not that the memory itself had any significantly weird moments in it; the Roman legions didn’t conquer the world and remain in power, Hitler didn’t succeed, and so on. In other words, the things we see on SyFy (etc.) shows that indicate a different timeline… the cues aren’t there.”

              I hear constantly about how the ‘media is preapring us thru movies and other forms for The Aliens’- Could it be the syfy movies and such are either exaggerated to try to numb people, or exaggerated to preapre us for the fact we’re all going to end up shifting around like socks on tumble dry?

          2. I have a clear and distinct memory of NZ being north east of australia not south east. I can remember a map of the world in a classroom from a few years ago. I have the memory because I always thought I’d like to go there someday because being a UK centric map, it seemed so far away and it would have been really cool to go there. I don’t know, maybe my memory is slightly corrupted, but as I read your exchanges it shocked me slightly to read.

        2. Uhm, I agree with Scott about his given question. Because he didn’t ask CJ Pronti to “correct” his own memory as you might read that sentence but ask for CJ Pronti do a fact-check the map to ensure what he wrote down is exactly what he meant to write (what he thought at that moment). You seems reacted quite defensive to Scott, but from a outside view point of a unrelated person like me, the question about “double check” & “correct” of Scott is very reasonable in the context.

          It’s like the situation happens —> CJ Pronti post a comment about his experience and memory about Nelson Mandela death. But instead of end up with our current fact “death – 2013”, he suddenly states that Mandela died in ’80, is his current fact (which totally out of place to us, because as our current timeline, Mandela died in 2013). So for easier conversation, Scott ask CJ Pronti if he really mean what he write down or just mistype the comment somehow.

          Anyway, very fancinating articles you’ve got here. I’m a fan of this project now.

        3. Absolutely I remember New Zealand being NE of Australia. In 1981 I was selected to be a foreign exchange student. My second choice was New Zealand so I did a lot of research on the country at the library. That’s strange for a whole country to move, and to be a slightly different shape.

  23. I remember back in the late 80’s/early 90’s something I thought was very odd. I had distinctly remembered coming down the stairs in my maternal grandmother’s rustic cabin, and hearing on the radio that Robert Stack had died. Present in the cabin was my mother, and one of my cousins.

    Later on I started to think it was just a dream, since that cousin hadn’t been to the family cabin in a very long time, and apparently Robert Stack wasn’t dead either…

    1. Jennifer,

      That’s a great memory, and it stands out because of the number of people I’ve met who’ve made similar comments about Robert Stack.

      When the incident is distant from us, and the kind of thing that’s a brief blurb at the end of a news report, it’s easy for people to dismiss later memory conflicts as, “Oh, I must have misheard, or misremembered that.” It’s no big deal.

      In some cases, it will be a faulty memory, or a vivid dream remembered as reality.

      However, you’re not the first person I’ve heard comment that they thought Robert Stack had died. I’m not sure if it was a error in news reporting (several actors have been falsely reported “dead,” and then the news stations had to issue a retraction) or a dream or what, but this could be a “Mandela Effect” situation.

      If I find many more people remembering this, I’d probably check old news reports to see if it was one of those “Oops, our mistake. He’s still alive,” news errors. I know there was at least one mistake like that about Cary Grant, and I remember when people thought John Lennon had died, before he was actually shot.

      But, this could be evidence of a “slide” through a reality where Robert Stack did die at that time.

      What makes the “Mandela Effect” memories distinct is that they’re clear, they have no documentation in our current timeline, and those memories are utterly weird because the people who “remember” them… they don’t fit the profile of someone whose judgment is regularly impaired.


  24. I have read about that vanishing Star Trek episode before years ago on some discussion forum, but can’t remember the details. Do you have a description by chance? I swear I remember looking it up and remembering it being aired but not being able to find a description anywhere, much like the person mentioned above.

    I’ll add a couple, and this is one I remember VERY clearly: Sometime in the 90’s, I heard that Robert Crumb had died, and I discussed it with a big RC fan who was very sad about it. Some years later, he was (and is still) very much alive.

    One more thing, when John Lennon was shot, I remember it being on Dec. 10, 1980. Watching TV all day the next day, I saw that death date on the bottom of the screen, it was burned into my memory. Now, and for the past few years from my perspective, he died on Dec. 8 1980.

    Thanks for the great site!

    1. Joe,

      Thanks for describing the things you remember. I think the more we share those memories and connect with others who also recall them, the better we’ll feel about all of this… even if it’s more than a little weird.

      I can tell you more about the Star Trek episode, as I overheard the conversation:

      The fan was talking with Robert Beltran, and the fan said how happy he and his wife had been, when the Chakotay character was “brought back” into the story. The fan said how disappointed they’d been, when the character had been killed off.

      That fan — with his wife by his side — asked Robert Beltran why there hadn’t been an explanation in the story. They said that Chakotay had just reappeared, as if he’d never died and never been out of the Star Trek series at all.

      Mr. Beltran looked at the fan, confused, and said that Chakotay hadn’t been killed during the series, and so there was no “return” to explain.

      Both the fan and his wife did their best to take this in stride, but I could see that they were baffled. That’s why I decided to talk with them, give them my card, and tell them that — if they had other questions — to let me know.

      This was a moment when it wasn’t just one person’s memory. It was the memory of two people, who were in complete agreement about what they’d seen on the TV.

      As I left them, they were still trying to figure out what it was that they actually saw, because neither of them had another explanation for something they remembered so clearly.

      When these things happen, the logical assumption is, “Oh, I must have been mistaken.” However, when there are two people in complete agreement, and they both experienced the event, this becomes unsettling.

      I hope that’s helpful.


      1. Actually, in the final episode ‘Endgame’, Chakotay did die, but it was an alternate reality, if you can believe that. His wife Seven of 9 was killed and when he returned to Earth it is implied he killed himself. Janeway goes back in time and changes it so Seven and he live. How’s that for ironic??

        1. Wow, that is ironic! I hadn’t watched the every season of the show when I spoke with Mr. Beltran, so I didn’t know about “Endgame.”

          However, the couple who “remembered” him dying, remembered it as a mid-series episode, and they remembered him returning with no explanation, several episodes later.

          So, they weren’t mis-remembering the last episode. In fact, the couple having the conversation were the kinds of people who remember every episode, every character, and probably know the writers of their favorite episodes. They were very normal people, just enthusiastic ST:V enthusiasts.

          (I’m pretty good at recognizing the kinds of people you edge away from, tactfully, and let them ramble and rave about certain things. This particular couple… they were nearly the polar opposite of that. They looked like the kinds of parents you’d see at a PTA meeting, and they’d blend right in.)

      2. I’m not sure I understand your point about 2 persons remembering the same thing is proof. If they had never known each other, then yes. But since they knew each other very well, it’s quite possible they influenced each other without knowing it and constructed memories.

        But then if you don’t believe in constructed memories, would you believe that some stories of pedophilia that were proven false (and taught to have been accidentally implanted in the children) could have been memories from another universe? That would also explain how witnesses very often contradict each other on basic things. Seem to me like the process of memorization by the brain is a very imperfect one.

        1. Max,

          You’re right about people influencing one another. That has to be evaluated on a case-by-case (or memory-by-memory) basis.

          I do believe constructed memories are possible. How commonplace they are… that’s another matter, and nearly impossible to untangle from alternate universe experiences.

          In my opinion, most people default to “I must have been mistaken.” They look for explanations that are more easily accepted than alternate universes. However, some of those explanations — especially stacked — can be very damaging to their self-confidence. I’d rather see people make an adjustment to the current reality, the same as many English-speaking people switch to the French language in Quebec or France, without going down a judgmental path. The context is different, so one adjusts to it.

          If this website can help move thinking in that direction, I’ll be pleased.


  25. Mandela did not die in prison in MY timeline, lol.

    The Chekov death could be a mistaken memory from the movie where he fell on the US Navy warship? And yes two people, especially close people, could have the same mistaken memory.

    1. Don,

      It’s fine if it’s not part of your timeline. This website is about those who’ve experienced events that appear not to be part of this timeline.

      One thing should probably be part of both your timeline and mine: The discussion was about Chakotay, not Chekov. On my timeline, those characters are from completely different Star Trek eras.

      In terms of the couple’s credibility, maybe you had to be there.


  26. Here’s one…

    A lot of people clearly recall a picture of Henry VIII holding a turkey leg. Think about it and you’ll remember seeing it.

    The problem is…no such picture exists. Search for it; you won’t find it.

    1. There is a Simpson’s episode that parodies this. I wonder if it was inspired by this train of thought, or if it is what originated it.

      1. Sez, how funny! I’ve never watched The Simpsons, but this discussion has been active — offline, before I launched this website — for over five years. And, we were discussing it in the “green room” at Dragon*Con, among quite a few writers and producers. So, someone might have glommed onto it there. (However, I don’t think the Henry VIII/turkey leg memory was part of those discussions.)

        It’s just as likely that they heard about this elsewhere. My website doesn’t have a monopoly on the topic. As the comments suggest, a whole lot of people have these alternate memories.

      2. I know I’m rather late to the party, but in case you get e-mail notifications or something: There’s a picture of Henry VIII holding a turkey leg on the cover of Horrible Histories: Terrifying Tudors. Depending whether this is the picture you remember, this is either an explanation of your memory or a possible indication that the person who drew it might share that memory with you.

        1. Amanda, thank you! I do own a copy of that book, and — in my case — it might explain my memory. It depends on how closely it resembles the Holbein-style works, and the details (colors of his clothing, which hand holds the turkey leg, etc.). Coincidentally, I’m reorganizing my stored books this week, so I’m likely to see the book.

          I’m always looking for reasonable explanations I hadn’t considered. In most cases, there are no reasonable explanations. However, depending on how the book cover strikes me when I see it, this may explain the Henry Tudor + turkey leg memory.

          It may not explain Americans’ memories of that painting. I’m fairly certain the Horrible Histories books aren’t widely available in the U.S. (I bought my copies in England.)

          Still, it’s something to consider.

          Thanks again!


          1. Sorry for the first version of this comment (and my original comment) being in the wrong place – I’m used to other sites where the Reply button’s at the end of a comment!

            Having read more of the site, and your comment, I don’t think it even explains your memory. (It may well explain mine, though – I’m pretty good at getting muddled and mixing things up!) The Horrible Histories cover is a cartoon; you can see it on the Amazon page ( I also hadn’t realised they were a UK-specific thing. I guess this counts as potential evidence, then, rather than an explanation!

            Thanks for making this site! It’s fascinating reading 🙂 I definitely thought there were 52 states for a long time (and even having discovered otherwise a few years ago, if you asked me how many there were I’d still probably say 52 most of the time). My dad was surprised when I told him last night – he thought there were 51.

            Whilst I was born in 1990 and never paid much attention to the news as a kid anyway, so I don’t remember any particular coverage of Mandela’s death before, I did think he’d died ages ago.

            1. Hi, Amanda!

              Thanks so much for linking to the Horrible Histories book. That saves me the effort of finding my copy.

              Looking at it.. you’re right. It doesn’t explain my memory. Mine is a Holbein-style painting, full face, looking straight at the artist, holding the turkey leg. The clothing looks close to correct on the book cover, so — again — I think you may be right about the “missing” painting inspiring that cover. I’ll see if I can contact the cover artist to see what he or she recalls.

              The number of states fascinates me. I can almost date how old someone is, by how many states they first say when asked the number. Someone born in the 1950s or 1960s will say 50 or 51. Someone born later will usually say 52, if not 50. In-between, people will often say 51 states, and then correct themselves to 52, and the usual 52nd (that they’d forgotten) is Puerto Rico.

              While my memories are firm about 50 states (and only 50), the volume of people who say 51 or 52 — and how well their answers relate to their ages — is interesting.

              At this point, it’s too small a sampling and entirely anecdotal, but still… it’s fascinating!

              Thanks again!


  27. Fiona,

    Thanks very much for the description of your friends’ Start Trek Voyager memory. I used to never miss that show, but at the same time it has been a few years, and so I don’t remember it with enough sharpness to say either way that there was a Chakotay death or not.. Although length of time is not necessarily a factor either, as the episode I was thinking of was from the old first version with Captain Kirk et al. I watched those so many times as a kid, so if anything was out of place, it would stick out.

    Don, if we slip into a different timeline, then for the *most* part it would seem that our memories are of the new timeline, we would always remember the new reality with its history as “real”. Remembering a piece of an old reality is perhaps not how it’s supposed to work, or alternately, the way it should work, who knows. If this is true, that we jump realities, then there will be no proof in the sense there will be newspaper articles of Nelson Mandela dying that can be dug up somewhere, all the artifacts from the old reality do not exist here..

    Another one, I remember “Mystery Science Theater 3000” being instead “MST 2000”. I honestly thought they had changed the name for some reason, like 3000 sounded more futuristic or something, but no.. Always been 3K.

    Nothing Is Real – John Lennon. 😉

  28. Just briefly, I remember the movie se7en, with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman?
    I distinctly remember the villain being played (very well I night add) by John Malcovich!
    I remember hundreds of frames of his face, the end scene (head reveal) is burnt into my memory.
    Thing is, around 12 years later I notice Kevin Spacey played this part! And badly! WTF?
    So clear in my memory, that I actually started researching whether there had been some form of lawsuit between Malcovich and the publishing company, and if demanded to be removed from the film.. Thus spacey resulting in a reshoot of Johns original role… Alas, this was not the case,
    People just never remembered Malcovich in the role..
    If one person shares this memory with me, please speak up.

    1. hi ,i have watched the film a few times ,the last time being about 2 years ago.and yes john malcovich was the in the movie as the killer. i was so shocked when you said he wasnt in the film that i have just googled it and you are right , but i know he was in the film i even remember his voice as he was really creepy . im actually lost for words. i also remember early last year of watching the obituaries for kirk douglas on the news,and mickey rooney about 14 years ago .

    2. I loved the movie seven. I have an old VHS copy and it was definitely John Malcovich who played the role of the killer! I remember this because I am a huge fan of his. I have lots of random memories of things other people don’t remember.

  29. I distinctly remember Luke Skywalker missing with his grapple line on the first try when they were escaping across the Death Star chasm when I saw the original Star Wars in the theater in 1977 and Leia tersely told him, “Fine hero you are.” I remember the audience “awww” when he missed and “yay” when he made it on the second attempt. There are quite a few comments here I remember also.

  30. Maybe there are infinite parallel universe, you could change to another dimension just by yours desicions!… Just imaging the implications of knowing this…

  31. I was shocked to read what CJ Pronti has said.
    I experienced the same thing, except the other way around.

    I remembered that New Zealand was located North East of Australian East coast, and then now recognised it exists in South East.
    I had just a check by googling “world map 2012”, sure enough there are many images of NZ locating Sth Est of Aus.

    I decided I must have wrongly memorised about the location of NZ (so it would be within this 30 years if slipping happened for me) as I first studied as I was a kid, when I realised I was “wrong” later.

    I remembered about it as I have this memory of explaining the location of NZ to a family friend, when I visited him with my family to distant place.

    But hearing CJ’s comment, it kind of reminded me of the “weird” sensation I felt when I discovered my “mistake” later.

    As I come across the current maps numerous times since I thought I made mistake, I had learned to take it in as THE CORRECT INFORMATION and never doubted about it since.
    CJ Pronti says:
    3 March 12 at 4:12 am
    Hi! I know that this is an old article, but I have something to add that may be related. I remember for many years, from childhood until just recently, that New Zealand was below and to the East of Australia, instead of Northeast as it is now. I was shocked to recently see that it was in a new position. In school, I excelled in Geography, and I used to study atlases as a hobby. I know in my heart that it used to be below Australia. Since finding out the location as it is now, I have found some others who remember New Zealand being located Southeast of Australia. I hope that you find this useful! It is very strange.

  32. So Billy Graham didn’t die? I distinctly remember hearing about his death! I really can’t be sure about Mandella though I did he was dead, I remember hearing about Ernest Borgnine dying, but he is still alive apparently!

  33. New Zealand has not moved, it is still south and east of Australia, it will not move because it is glued down.
    Honduras was called British Honduras I think, and upon gaining independance was re named Belize ?
    Billy Graham is dead,yes? if not, please provide a link, i remember him passing about a year or two ago, as does my wife.
    Robert Stack passed away, has there been a Robert Stack sighting or something ?
    Earnest Borgnine has left us, he was a great actor !
    Or am I wrong ? Statements are one thing but evidence to the contrary is another, Links ?
    This is a very interesting subject and your Web site is neat, it is a subject that keeps coming back, we often have those “No way ! he died years ago !” moments.
    As I am oldish,50, I do remember that Mandella was in prison and he got out and became president of South Africa in the first post aparteit elections, I believe he also passed away in the last 24 months or so, am I wrong? (Aparteit,spell check).
    Are you suggesting that Mandella is still alive or that he died again ?
    Jimmy Swaggart, the Tellyvangelist, he died, No?
    Jerry Lee Lewis was his cousin, they grew up together, (Wow, I’m old !) Jerry Lee was one of the first rockstars.
    Chuck Berry is still alive ? As is Keith Richards of the Stones, these guys lived hard lives and were culturally influential, yet I have had friends and aquaintances pass away before they were 30 or 40, life is strange.
    Jim Fixx was a Jogging and health Guru in the 1970’s and early 80’s, he sold books on health, nutrition, Jogging etc;
    He was out jogging one day and dropped dead from a heart attack, I think he was about 42 years old.
    So one guy eats ultra healthy, does it all right and drops dead,
    another guy has his blood changed in Tijuana (true story), so he can kick his Heroin addiction, who lives, who dies ?
    God decides .
    Sorry if I have gone off topic but you have got my little Sunday afternoon, 3 beer brain, thinking.
    Let me tell you about my reverse Elvis moment

    1. Hi, Blob,

      The fastest way to check if a celebrity is dead or alive is to go to Wikipedia. The contributors to that site are usually pretty fast to update the vital statistics on celebrities.

      As of this morning, Billy Graham is elderly but still in this timestream:

      Ditto, Ernest Borgnine:

      Robert Stack left in 2003, but I’ve heard others who “remembered” his death, years earlier.

      The frequency of these specific reports makes me wonder if there is a particular timestream or reality that we slip into more readily than others, and — in that one — all of those people died much earlier than in this reality.

      Or, maybe we’re sliding through multiple realities regularly, and our current one — where Graham and Borgnine are still alive — is one of the few realities in which those men didn’t die earlier.

      There are so many possibilities, perhaps one for each reality that physics suggests may exist.

      I liked the earlier comment by Joe, about how this may work. Maybe some people don’t hit the memory “reset” button when they slide, as well as others do. (Or maybe it’s a conscious choice, from an external point from which we’re watching ourselves have this (apparently) physical experience.

      The realities in which Billy Graham (and others) died..? It might be one we’ve visited while sleeping, and that reality’s (or realities’) history was retained as a factual memory, without the memory of the “dream.” (After all, most people don’t seem to recall most of their dreams.) This would fit with Dr. Fred Alan Wolf’s speculations about what dreams are. (See his book, The Dreaming Universe, this excerpt from an interview especially starting at 6:36, or his Q&A,, or — for science geeks like me, an early, simple thesis, )

      Of course, that also takes us into deep quantum and philosophical territories, questioning the nature of matter and reality, and if this is all a holodeck. And, if that’s the case, it’s reasonable to consider whether dreams take us to other holodecks for contrasting experiences. (If we are, indeed, spiritual beings having a human experience, I see no theological conflicts with this.)

      For me, this is fascinating. I feel that these rich, vivid, uncharacteristic memories are evidence of something we don’t fully understand yet. I’m just not sure what.


      1. “…Maybe some people don’t hit the memory “reset” button when they slide, as well as others do. (Or maybe it’s a conscious choice, from an external point from which we’re watching ourselves have this (apparently) physical experience.”

        Or, it gets jammed. Mine has been jammed, but good by some traumatic events around the same time.

  34. Thinking about it some more, I distinctly remember seeing Billy Grahams funeral procession on TV!

  35. And as an aside I would also like to mention that Keith Moon, (drummer for the legendary rock band, The Who, and possibly one of the most respected drummers in Rock history) died in a London hotel room, he choked on his own vomit I think, a Ham sandwich was on the bed next to him when the body was found.
    A few years earlier, a large lady by the name of Mamma Cass ‘Died in the very same hotel room !” a ham sandwich was on the table, next to the deciesed lady, it is said that she Also choked on ??? Ham Sandwich ? but that story is disputed by many ‘investigators’. I you have ever heard California Dreaming or are familiar with The Mammas and the Pappas, a huge band in the 1960’s , you have heard Mamma Cass’s amazing voice.
    Off topic again but my curiosity is engaged by this Synchron icity, and that of the time line phenomenon.

  36. keith moon died of a drug overdose, sleeping pills, he took like 32 of them; his last words were a vulgar request for steak and eggs, no ham sandwich related.

    From the wiki entry on Mama Cass:

    An oft-repeated urban legend states that Elliot choked to death on a ham sandwich. The story, which started following the discovery of her body, was based on speculation in the initial media coverage. Police had told reporters that a partially eaten sandwich found in her room might have been to blame, though an autopsy had yet to be conducted. Despite the post-mortem examination finding that Elliot had died of a heart attack and no food at all was found in her windpipe, the false story that she choked on a sandwich has persisted in the decades following her death. In fact Elliot had lost 80 pounds in the eight months before her death by fasting four days a week. Her fatal heart attack was most likely related to this extreme weightloss measure.

    1. Phoenix,

      Personal thanks for posting that info. The Mama Cass urban legend has always been troubling, because it’s such an unfair portrayal of such a wonderful, caring woman. She deserves to be remembered for her music, not the weight issues she tried so hard to battle.

      In haste,

  37. I saw this subjected posted on another site with a link to this site. My mom and I both also “remember” Mandela dying in prison as well as Billy Graham dying soon after retiring. I can’t think of any other specific celebrities but I know there have been times when a celebrity has been brought up on TV or in a magazine or something and I have thought, “Wait…didn’t he/she die YEARS ago?”

    I haven’t read all the comments but a thought that came to me is: It is theorized/suggested that the shadow governments have all this ET technology which includes time machines. Could it be possible that the reason some people remember certain events happening and others don’t, and/or there is no documented evidence of these events happening, is because someone “traveled through time” and changed events that happened…but some of us still have the residual memories of these previous events?

    I don’t know for sure what “Sliders” are but if I get the gist of what I have read it means momentarily slipping out of our reality into another one? If so I have had several situations like that. The ones I can remember are, 1) when I was 12 or 13 I was in an explosion. At the time of the explosion I was standing about 2 feet away from the campfire and my mom was sitting right in front of me. When the explosion happened I somehow disappeared and then reappeared about 25 feet away. I was found near the 5th wheel camper that my parents friends were staying in and nobody can figure out how I got from where I had been standing to where my dad found me. I was conscious, I couldn’t breathe because of the smoke and ash in the air from the explosion, and when I was finally able to inhale enough to scream I was far away from where I should have been. It was suggested that I walked/stumbled to the camper but there were numerous obstacles I would have had to get through to get there and my eyes were badly burned from the explosion and I couldn’t see anything, so like I said, nobody can figure out how I got to where I was found. 2) That following winter my dad took us Disneyland for Christmas vacation. I was sick with pneumonia the entire time were gone so I don’t really have any memories of the trip. I do, however, have one very vivid memory of the trip home. We were in a motorhome and I was sitting on the couch looking out the window at all the snow. There was a turn-off plowed out on the side of the road. I saw the turn out and at the very back, where the snow was piled up, I distinctly saw a decapitated horses head with blood all around it and the snow was covered in blood. I let out a scream and scared the hell out of my parents. I was babbling about this horse head (my mom remembers this happening) but they didn’t see anything. 3) I was driving through a town that I traveled through weekly when going to visit my son. One time I was suddenly struck with the sensation that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. Everything was where it was supposed to be but it just looked and felt “different” and I wondered if I had taken a wrong turn and was on the wrong street. This sensation continued until I got to the far end of town then it felt right again. And 4) there was a situation where my mom and I were sitting at an intersection waiting for the oncoming traffic to pass so she could turn. There was a white car behind a semi then the road was clear to turn. The semi passed but there was no white car. I said, “where did the white car go?” My mom said, “You saw it, too?” BOTH of us saw this white car. There were no roads or driveways where this car could have turned, but the damned thing just disappeared! That one still makes my mom and I wonder.

  38. I remember Mandalas death and watching the news about it and showing his cell at the time we only had two tv channels in New Zealand if you want to see if you could find the footage?

  39. The mistery of the South African political prisoner who died (was killed) in the 1980’s is Steven Bantu Biko! He didn’t actually die in prison he was killed by the police while in his holding cell- he had been charged with treason (as all anti-Apartheid activists were in that era).
    There was a huge funeral procession and big white banners and a grieving wife, yes, all correct as per the majority ‘memory’ here. I wad born in the early 80s too and we did nt have a tv so I the only way I have come top know of this is through History and story telling. My family has been quite active in the fight for political freedom in our country so I would say my sources are correct.
    I would like to just say that I do not dispute what most of you may/not have ‘seen/ experienced’ as we live in a complex universe and Biblically we believe and understand that ‘all things are possible (through Christ)’ and the power of the mind is not fully understood.

    *i grew studying that the US has 52 states too
    *and New Zealand seems to have ‘shifted’ in fact my brother and I commented on that in the last Rugby World Cup (last year)! Interesting times we live in, indeed 🙂

    1. Siphakeme,

      Thanks for the comment. I recall Steven Bantu Biko’s murder. That’s not what I’m remembering as I recall Nelson Mandela’s death in prison.

      However, I appreciate the reference, in case some readers look at that and say, “Oh. Wait. That might the person and events I’m confusing with Mandela.”

      For me, there’s no question: I remember the news coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death. It was definitely Mandela, not someone else.


      1. It is so Strange,to read of how many people distictly remember Mandela’s death in prison-i am South African-and I don’t recall ever hearing of him dying before the date on which he passed away,end last year,2013.He was hospitalised for ill health a few times in the past few years,but that was it,he was released from prison,became president,after that it was Thabo Mbeki,then lived on till he passed end of 2013.

        I do have a very strange memory of my own,around 1987,that makes my brain itch when I think of it much-i have a distint memory of living in an apartment block where I never did live.The one I Did live in at the time,was a few blocks away.But I have one very specific,unforgettable, absolute memory of living in another apartment complex at that time ..This one memory is what bugs me-because one day,many years before I ever read of all these opposing memories folks have about different people and events-i thought again of the day I left my apartment,very upset,and walked a few blocks to the apartment of a family friend.Then it struck me-it Can’t be,I Never lived there.Yet I have this definite memory that I did,too.Like I said,thinking about it,it feels so off,the whole thing.A surreal feel to the memory of the “other apartment” but nonetheless an absolute certain memory.I remember the family friend giving me a ride to my mother’s place miles outside the neighbouring town,I remember my mother calming me down,from what I was so upset about-i remember up to that evening.I remember a day or two later breaking up with the boyfriend that I was upset about-but when I broke up with him-the memory is of doing so in the “proper apartment” The apartment I have many memories of,and where I knew people,including an old school pal,who lived 2 floors above me.

        The family friend lived in an apartment just across the road from my “proper apartment” I just needed to step across the road,to ask him for a ride to my mother’s place.And then the memory steps in,of leaving the “other apartment” building,wiping tears from my face as I stepped out of the foyer.Before that,sitting on a bed in a room that was mine,but furnished differently from th “proper” apartment.This type of thing is so weird.

  40. I clearly remember news in Polish TV, few years ago, about death of Ernest Borgnine!

    How it is possible?

    Please check out channelings of Bashar by Darryl Anka, f.g this about Infinite Parallel Realities:

    Also quotes of Seth from Jane Roberts books about changing past may be helpful.

  41. i vividly remember man on a ledge (it’s coming out soon, i think) coming out a really long time ago. and when the movie titan a.e. was released in theatres, i remember seeing previews for it years before. i was just a kid then so i didn’t pay much attention to news but i do have some weird memories about movies. and i do believe i heard about billy graham’s death. i’m sorry i have nothing more to contribute but this article is really freaking me out right now. it makes me wonder how much control i really have over my own memories. sometimes i feel like i let too many errant thoughts slide, and don’t think consciously enough for myself. you never know what gets through the cracks when you are not paying attention . . .

    1. I remember the same thing with the movie Speed. Granted, I was in elementary school at the time but I recall my parents mentioning something about wanting to rent the movie. Isn’t that the movie about the bus that won’t stop? Yes, they said.

      I know mom and dad only really liked renting new releases, so I asked why they were renting an old movie. They said it was brand new and it had just come out. They chalked up my “memory” of the movie to the fact that I might have seen a trailer in TV. I swear, though — I knew it’d been out for years and it really felt like I’d seen it before.

      Also in elementary school, my dad took me to the movie theater to see Monkey Trouble. I’d been dying to see it — I loved animals, especially ones that interacted with humans meaningfully. Anyway, after the movie started, I realized that I’d seen it already. I told my dad, and he said there’s no possible way I could have seen it before. It was new in theaters. I knew the plot and I knew what was going to happen in each scene. I knew much of the dialogue, too.

    2. I remember man on a ledge but when my wife rented it i said , “i have seen that” and told her what was going to happen . The actors were different in the version she rented though.

  42. I was very young at the time but am 100% certain that Mandela passed while in prison. I recall all the press dedicated to his life and memory so vividly that when news that he was being released came over the air waves I was stunned and immediately went searching for answers only to find out I wasnt alone. I agree that there must be time line ripple effects that some of us are not aware occur. I’ve had gaps of missing time and dreams so real I can still recall how things felt when I touched them! Glad i’m not alone!

    1. I remember reading the book Twilight around the year 2000, but apparently it was published in 2005. Until I found this website, I thought they must have had a pre-release copy at the library. I don’t think so anymore. I’ve been feeling for a few years like I’m “on the wrong path,” and now I think it’s because somehow I switched to another reality. I remember the other New Zealand and the Goonies scene, and I’m pretty sure I remember Mandela’s death, although it’s possible I mixed him up with Biko. I don’t think I mixed them up, though.

  43. I don’t recall Mandela dieing years ago or any of these other things, but one thing I definitely do recall is Jack Palance dieing several years before he actually did die (in 2006). I saw a few other mention his death as part of this phenomenon on other sites. How many others recall this?

      1. Rick, I’m interested in this kind of alternate memory, but — over the next couple of weeks — I’m approving fewer & fewer comments that are simply “I thought…” memories without more context. (And, I’m approving your comment to highlight this for people who read the RSS feed of comments, but don’t often visit the site to see changes there.)

        We have a large body of evidence that people have alternate memories. Now, I’m looking for details we can work with — not just for credibility, but for analysis.

        As I’ve said at Terms: Comments, “Tell us the context: Where you were (nearest city) and when you experienced the alternate memory, Share when you found out it didn’t match this reality, and where you were, then. It’s also useful to know if that’s your only alternate memory, or if you have others… lots of them or just a few.”

  44. Interesting on so many levels. I am in the same boat in regards to Mandela, Billy Graham, Australia!, 52 States (I am European),etc, etc. Here is another thing. I do not remember that there were two atomic bombs, I only know about Hiroshima. All for a sudden people talk about it, like there were always two (Hiroshima and Nagasaki). I could go on and on about the things which are off since of late, but there is one thing nobody ever talks about:
    All those people who remember things different than how they are in this moment, this world, have they had a near death experience? This to me is the most important question! What if in this world we survived, but in another we died? Since I had my near death experience, things are not the same anymore. Near death btw in a way, where by law I should have died. How about others?

    1. you know, i’ve heard a couple other stories like yours on other boards, and this is absolutely something that i’ve been wondering about. i am so intrigued by this stuff! i don’t have any personal stories about this phenomenan, but its so interesting to me. i know there have been times where i absolutely swear i knew something, and was proven wrong, but i dont even remember the situations, because i just assumed i was wrong, and converted. i have had a couple crazy situations in my life including one car accident… i don’t know, though… i remember a ton of details from my childhood that still line up perfectly. sometimes its hard to tell if people change around you, or if you just finally see them for what they are.

      1. but yes, absolutely, the near death experience thing bears closer attention. 100%. might be the key to this whole thing.

      2. Wow. I did have a near-death experience right around the same time I started feeling like I was in the wrong place somehow. I was pushed down a flight of concrete stairs, and I remember thinking I would die. And I landed flat on my back on concrete, with my legs jammed up against a fence. But somehow I got right up. And now the world is different in some minor details. This is amazing to think about!

  45. I just last month had a discussion with a friend. I swore Billy Graham died and I watched his funeral on TV and so many people in tears and the sadness of such a great man being laid to rest and being honored by the Presidents and I even remember Bill Clinton speaking words in his honor…my friend said I was crazy. I asked my mother and she remembers us talking about his passing. I just don’t know what to think…

  46. This is all fascinating! I distinctly remember Ernest Borgnine dying and was just jolted to read in these comments that he is alive – I went to Wikipedia immediately to confirm. I grew up watching McHale’s Navy, and I had a little girl’s crush on him and have loved him as an actor ever since. I also thought Billy Graham was gone, for sure, seeming to recall something with his son speaking, etc.
    I love quantum physics, and I have been reading quite a bit in this area for some years now, so the alternate realities/parallel universes idea appeals to me. I also have had other memories that are distinctly different from family members in my personal life (and I am known for an above average memory) that I have suspected are due to reality shifts. Thanks for bringing this all out!

  47. Running across this string via FaceBook seems so odd to me, but here I am…
    I remember Billy Graham dying & I was also jolted by the comment about Honduras. I have always thought it was an island also.
    I completely believe in multiple timelines; in fact I have had clear recollections of meeting myself at ages 16 & 8. (The 16 y/o me went to the timeline of the 8 y/o me. The teenager knew it, the child did not)
    This is fascinating, but I won’t be troubled unless/until I find myself in a timeline that didn’t have 9/11, the BP spill &/or Fukushima. THAT would be a strange experience to be sure!
    So glad to have found you.

  48. I really don’t know if that’s the case, because it doesn’t revolve around a public, noticeable person, but it does bother me lately. I have this vivid memory about a boy from whom I used to borrow music sheets for my piano classes, and his mother. They were my neighbours. He had no siblings and were older than me. I think it’s valid to say that he was my first crush. So, one of these days, I crossed paths with his mother again, and thinking of that, I asked her about her son and if he was already in college. Her response was: “My son just turned 12.” I got really dizzy and unsettled after this meeting and came home right away.

    1. S.C., thanks for this great comment! I’ve been hoping to see more non-celebrity stories that ring true, and yours is great.

  49. This site is freaking me out. My friend Mikey and I used to talk about the Mandela memory all the time because we remembered him dying in prison. We used to talk about jumping time lines and we really believed it because things got ‘different’ for us both, but we NEVER talked about it with anyone else because of how insane it sounds! I have since then looked for anything about it, and I found this website- I just can’t believe this. i also remember clearly the David Soule death—(i am shocked, up until I read this just now I still thought he was dead!) AND the Billy Graham death (Shocked) I do have one more for you, though. Donna Summer. The 80’s disco singer? When she passed recently, I had a triple take to the tv–I have a very distinct memory of her dying in 2005–I was so upset because I used to love her voice–I remember it on the radio. I too, have had severely vivid ‘dream occurances’ and have always kept these to myself. I did once call George Noory on Coast to Coast to talk about it. I ‘wake’ up as another person in another timeline completely. (as if I go back to an earlier incarnation)The experience ‘in there’ seems to go on for a week or so…and the longer I am ‘dreaming’, the more THIS place seems like a dream and THAT place seems real. When I finally ‘wake up’ only twenty minutes have passed, and it takes me a day or two to shake the feeling and to realize that THIS is reality and my experience was the dream. Weird, huh? Anyway, I will certainly keep an eye in this website, thanks for making me feel a tiny bit less crazy about these things!

  50. Well this is strange. I’ve often had issues with “false memory”, but always pushed it aside because I figured “there’s probably a logical explanation for this, I’m just too lazy to think of one.” As for personal experiences, I have false memories that seem to be backed by physical evidence. The strangest one is that a few years ago a friend introduced me to the band Pendulum when he sent me one of their albums online, “Hold Your Colour”. From that point, I always associated that band with the friend who got me to listen to them in the first place. About nine months later, the same friend heard me listening to their followup album “In Silico”. He said “Oh, you like Pendulum too? Awesome.” To which I replied “well yeah, you’re the one that got me listening to them in the first place.” And he said “What are you talking about? I’ve never heard of them until a couple weeks ago.” None of my other friends listen to the band, and I’d never heard of them until nine months prior when this friend sent me the first album. In fact, it was one of the things that got us talking to each other more in the first place. He introduced me to the band, then we started sharing more music. I mean, I still have the album he sent me, but he had no recollection of sending it. He insists to this day that he had nothing to do with me liking Pendulum.

    1. do you have any sent messages or conversation logs anywhere, of when he showed you the band?

  51. I remember distinctly watching an episode of Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy which hadn’t even appeared on the lineup during the day it was aired. It was the episode where the kids of the cul-de-sac discover that a quarter was stuck to the ground, and attempted every which way to remove it. I waited eagerly each following day waiting for the network to rerun that episode for some more of the good old laughs. Needless to say, I gave up on ever watching that episode again. It was only after 6 months, I saw the channel began to plug new episodes that were going to be aired in the coming weeks. That very episode aired on the block reserved for the new episode. I knew this because, at that time, the channel would overlay the words: “NEW EPISODE” just over the channel’s icon overlay. I sat there, scratching my head, wondering what was happening and why they weren’t showing a new episode that week, having already watched it. Never really thought anything of it.

    1. I remember that episode clearly! It was before the “new episodes” that they show these days! I’m confused, maybe they just re-branded episodes?

    2. I had similar with an episode opening of the Simpsons: They beamed in. I have not *ever* found that opening again.

  52. very interesting.

    I remember robert stack dying in the 90’s, ernest borgnine (sp?) being dead until i saw him in a new-ish movie, freddie prinze’s baby, 52 states in the US, i always thought hondurus was an island, i saw the scene in star wars when i was a kid, and i very clearly remember the guy getting run over by the tank.

    A couple of others – the movie ‘survival quest’. I had this movie on vhs in the 80s, and watched it dozens of times. A couple of months ago i wastched it on sattelite tv, and it was completely different. The same actors, the same setting, the same general idea, but the almost every scene seemed to be from a seperate movie. I went so far as to check imdb and wiki, thinking there must be a sequal or something, and i had been confused as to which one i had on vhs. No sequal.

    Personal story – i grew up on a huge farm with hundreds and hundreds of hereford (red) cattle. In one mob there were 3 huge old angus (black) cows that we called ‘the hippos’ due to their size and temperament. We all had running jokes about them, and always kept track of their calves, their calves calves and so on.

    One day we were all sitting around talking about the new calves and i mentioned the hippos and how they always calved regularly. Everyone, mum, dad, my brother, our workmen, all stopped and looked at me. ‘what are you talking about?’. We ended up arguing for half an hour. No-one had ever seen or heard of them. The next day i rode down the back to check, and couldn’t find them. They were gone.

  53. This is very strange to me.

    I remember Mandela having died in prison. But I was very young then and I don’t remember the exact event, but an anniversary of his death. It was all over the tv, they showed footage of him alive and some funeral footage too. Now I wasn’t very old, but they were definitely talking about his death. I remember the so called “tank guy” being famous exactly because he was killed by that tank. (Again, this is a memory of a news event talking about it after the original event had occurred.)I also remember being taught that there was 52 states with Alaska being number 51 (even though at this point I only remember there being 50, and that was over ten years ago.

    This discussion is really blowing my mind. I want to know what’s going on.

    1. This freaked me out so badly when I heard that he didn’t get run over. I had to do some research into this.
      I remember it.
      I remember watching it in school.
      I remember his friends dragging his lifeless body away.

      Apparently SEVERAL people remember him getting run over.

      Here is a link to a video that was supposed to show him getting run over, but the video is gone.

      But it gets even better.
      People remember the bloodshed right?

      Well, apparently that didn’t happen according to wikileaks.

      Here’s a link to a blog covering the “Tianenmen Myth”.

      Here’s a link to the video as it is supposed to have happened.
      Read the comments.
      Reality gets freaking weirder every day.

  54. Weird, I remember Billy Graham dying too….

    To the people who remember being taught about 52 States, do you remember the names of the other two?

    Also… just imagine… there’s alternate timeline versions of this website too. You might come back to it one day and notice events mentioned on it have completely shifted.

    1. I seem to have a fuzzy memory of 52 states as well. And i remembered it was 52, because it was the same as the number of cards in a deck. Suddenly at some point it was 50, and I remember thinking…I ‘know’ it was 52. Suddenly teachers were telling me…’You’re confusing this with the number of cards in a deck” which I thought was weird because that’s how we remembered it as kids.

      1. I remember arguing with our teacher over the number because I had been taught that there was fifty until that point. According to her Hawaii was the 51st state, but I don’t remember what she said was the 52nd.

        1. There have been a couple of times where I would be stopped dead in my tracks as in “wait… what? I thought it was this way.” But of course I chalked it up to just being silly and making up my own version of memories. I have never had a NDE that I know of. I was in a wreck once when I was 12 and I was in and out of consciousness but no NDE. I can say that I live in the US and for some reason I could swear that 52 states has a familiarity. I know I have a couple times had to really think before I said 52 or 52 because I knew it was off somehow. Or I would reword my phrase to not mention a number because I just was not sure anymore.

      2. I am US History teacher in the US and my American students often mistakenly think there are 51 or 52 states at which I just shake my head and say,”kids today.”
        I think it’s because there was a lot of talk about Puerto Rico becoming a state, which would have been the 51st… but it hasn’t happened yet.

        Getting back to Nelson Mandela I don’t remember him dying but I do remember hearing about his wife becoming the leader of South Africa??? I think??? Was that in this timeline? or another?
        Love this thread. Very interesting!!!!

  55. On another website similar to this someone makes mention of something that happened in the mid 90’s. A shift of some sort and that was when all these false memories started making their way to the surface. I don’t know what to believe about anything anymore, but in the late 90’s my friend and I talked about the same thing–about how something just ‘changed’ for us and it felt like we were not in the right ‘spot’ anymore. I know that’s crazy, believe me I know how that sounds, but finding this site after everything my friend and I talked about so much during that time is kind of mind bending for me.

    1. It happened to me in the early 90’s. The jolt from what happened has left me in the state you are in. I just am unsure if it was a reality shift, or I got my butt kicked from one reality to another.

  56. When I first read this article, I thought you meant that some people remember Billy Graham as being still alive. After I understood, I was shocked and had to double and triple check before fully believing it. I can clearly remember the death of Billy Graham and watching an interview of his widow talking about events from his life, his evangelism, how the two met, ect, with my grandma and talking about what a shame it was that such a good man died. I asked her if she remembered any of it, and was shocked when she told me that the only thing she could remember was his wife dying a few years ago. I thought she must be mistaken until I googled it. In my timeline I can remember channel surfing and her being on television with her son no longer than a year ago. The only reason I remember is because the Grahams live close to where I was born/grew up and at the time I thought it was cool that a local family was on television.
    I also remember New Zealand being located to the northwest (odd, because most everyone who remembers an alternate position seems to recall it being to the northeast) of Australia and Australia being located further south and smaller. Also, I remember in school having to memorize and be tested on all the countries of North & South America. Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Guatemala were islands in relatively the same location; smaller and differently shaped but similar. Though its entirely possible I’m remembering that incorrectly as geography was never my forte.
    As for personal experiences, I, my mother, and some of my immediate family remember my birthday as being the 27th of July. However, on my birth certificate, marked on old calendars/planners, my baby book, birthday cards, old party invitations kept for scrapbooks, ect, its listed as the 25th. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t forget my own birthday and always found it odd. Also, I remember my mother always saying 52 states instead of 50 when I was growing up and getting annoyed because she was a teacher and thats such common knowledge.
    Someone mentioned that perhaps theres a connection between sliding and near death experiences. I was recently in the intensive care ward unconscious for a week and nearly died.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has memories of Billy Grahams death, at least.

    1. interesting you mention NDE’s. I had a near death experience back in 2004 after a motorcycle accident.

    2. I remember billy graham dying,nz being northwest of oz,but only 50 states,i do remember that terminator 2 scene and the starwars one too…nelson mandela did die in prison in the 80s,jack palance,david soul,ernest borgnine all died along time ago too.

  57. 1. Alabama, 2. Alaska, 3. Arizona, 4. Arkansas 5. Colorado 6. California, 7. Connecticut, 8. Delaware, 9. Florida, 10. Georgia, 11. Hawaii, 12. Illinois, 13. Indiana, 14. Idaho, 15. Iowa, 16. Kentucky, 17. Kansas, 18. Louisiana, 19. Massachusetts, 20. Maryland, 21. Mississippi, 22. Maine, 23. Missouri, 24. Michigan 25. Minnesota, 26. Montana, 27. New Jersey, 28. New York, 29. North Carolina 30. New Hampshire, 31. Nevada, 32. Nebraska, 33. North Dakota 34. New Mexico, 35. Oklahoma, 36. Ohio, 37. Oregon, 38. Pennsylvania, 39. Puerto Rico. 40. Rhode Island 41. South Carolina, 42. South Dakota, 43. Tennessee, 44. Texas, 45. Utah, 46. Virginia, 47. Vermont, 48. Wisconsin, 49. West Virginia, 50. Washington, 51. Wyoming, 52. Washington DC

    Some tv channel mistakenly reported that Billy Graham was dead:

    1. Hoss, that’s the list. Many people remember Puerto Rico finally achieving statehood, and — around the same time — D.C. became a state. So, that’s 52.

      That’s pretty wild about the TV station making a mistake like that. I mean, it’s not as if the staff would run with a major story without double-checking it, right…? And, they’re referencing CBS News, which is the central office all the CBS affiliates get their information from. So, that makes this doubly strange. It sounds like someone in the news chain had a Mandela moment, and maybe more of them did.

      Thanks for that link!


    2. Unless I am in the wrong timeline right now… Washington DC and Puerto Rico are NOT states. I am a US History teacher… so if I am wrong right now. My world is definitely screwy!!!!!!!!!!

  58. My friend, who I often talked about this kind of thing with years ago, pointed out to mo tonight that Nelson Mandela and Billy Graham were born in the same year. Just some interesting serendipity. or is it? lol

  59. WOW! this is really freaky!
    Just around the last few months of last year, I had the sensation that something was ‘different’. I was searching something on Google, and they created a sketch that celebrated Google’s 12th birthday, which meant it was created in 1999, when I clearly remembering it being created in 2004. I also thought Mandela died in prison, and a couple of my friends share this memory. I also remember the Higgs boson being found back in 2006, when it just only recently was found. Plus, I remember the 2009 Star Trek movie coming out in 2003 instead. And I specifically remember there being 51 States, with Southern California becoming the 51st State. And apparently WW2 ended in 1945 instead of 1947. If anyone has any of these same memories, please reply. Thanks.

    1. the Trek movie i 2003 – who was playing the chaacters in that movie? The current cast would have been too young / not famous yet. What alternate footage/plot do you remember?

    1. Fl is trying that stunt as well. Never heard of Ca doing it tho.

      I notice… I do not find out about a lot of news, that given my wide reading range, I *should*.

  60. How do you explain a dream where you see that some of the lug nuts on one of tires on your car are missing. You wake up and out of curiosity just go to the car to check … guess what … rear tire has 2 missing lug nuts!

    How about this dream where you see one your co-workers falling ill. Next day at work you casually ask the co-worker if everything is fine and come to find out that he has been recently diagnosed with cancer!

    Many a times, out of the blue, I start thinking about an old friend, colleague, business vendors who I haven’t heard from in a while, and within hours or days, I get an email, phone call from them.

    Mysteries of the unknown and untapped powers of our brains!

    1. that sounds more like some type of premonition/psychic ability than the timeline/AU shifting. but interesting none the less.

    2. The lugnut thing could have been you seeing it out of the corner of your eye but not realizing it and then bringing it back up during dreaming. After watching a bunch of Derren Brown episodes I can completely see that happening. (BTW he is awesome! =P )

      As for the phone call thing I used to do that. I could think about someone and they would call me out of the blue. I had not talk to them in years and they call right at that moment?! I don’t do it anymore. Maybe I am not in tune with the universe as I once was. =(

  61. In 2004 I strongly remember John Kerry winning the election, when I went to school the next day I found out he lost, but I strongly remember him making a huge speech about it.

  62. I recall the asasination of N. Mandela around 1983-1985. I was a child at the time and attended a majority black school. I recall the next morning we all wore black ribbons and had an assembly. I recall the tv news showing crowds of people as there was a parade in Mandelas honor and while riding in the back of the car he was shot and killed. He had Kat been released from prison and apartide was ending. Now he lives and my memories are wrong it would seem or are they. Did I experience another reality?

  63. I just found out that Gabe Kaplan is also still alive and I distinctly remember it being announced (YEARS ago) that he died. I can remember comments about him going to the big class room in the sky and permanently going to detention.

    Does anyone else remember Gabe Kaplan dying?

  64. I remember a lot of these, Nelson Mandela and Billy Graham both dying in the 90’s. Andy Rooney and some other people dying much earlier than is official. I am most disconcerted by personal experiences of places in my home city changing; places that I’ve walked several times and recently it feels like the entire direction and layout has shifted around. Even accounting for normal things like buildings being torn down and new businesses springing up, there are oddities, like East – West streets being North – South and bends in the road being straight. And I can’t find construction projects to account for these changes.

    But the worse part, as I was looking up the island status of Honduras and Costa Rica (which I remembered as islands, especially Costa Rica), was Jamaica. I was very into geography as a child, always sensitive to the stupid American stereotype, and I swear, I swear Jamaica was rather large and right next to Trinidad and Tobago, even bordering it like a Haiti/Dominican Republic thing. But now, it’s a very tiny island far north of T and T.

  65. I, too, remember news report stating that Nelson Mandela died — and that was in the 1980s! I distinctly remember the television channel 5 news broadcast in Boston where the TV news broadcaster, Natalie Jacobson, stated that he died. It was the main story during the 6:00 p.m. news that day. Then I was stunned, startled and confused years later when I heard another news report stating that Nelson Mandela “just died.” I actually had a sickening feeling when I heard the news report the second time because it was so unsettling to me. Because how can you remember something that is completely inconsistent with the facts that are presented at a later time? I was relieved when I heard that other people also remember a news report from many years earlier stating that he had died (in prison). Then I knew I wasn’t losing my mind. But this phenomenon just fascinates me. I wish someone could explain how this “dual timeline” really works. My conclusion is that there must be parallel universes.

  66. I distinctly remember America having 52 states, for one main reason. There was a Simpsons episode where for some reason or another Bart was in charge of the school, and in addition to renaming America “Bonerland”, he merged North and South Dakota together. I think it was the principal who was doing some sort of pop quiz and one of the questions was how many states America had, he wrote 52 before Bart told him that there were now 51 due to the Dakota merge. I’m positive it wasn’t brought down to 49, but can’t find the episode to check.

  67. This may seem insignificant but when I was in elementary school I clearly remember two of my friends getting mad at each other and then proceeding to attack each other with plastic lightsabers until getting in trouble, but neither of them recall the incident, even though I remember it clearly.

  68. I wonder if you’ve considered deja vu? Do you think that it is related to having experienced an event in an alternate reality and then reliving it in this reality?

    In the movie The Matrix, they referenced deja vu, saying that it meant there was a glitch in the Matrix. “It happens when they change something.” ( They depict it as seeing the same thing happen twice, but in my experience, I just start feeling like I’ve experienced the same series of events sometime in my past. And I can usually determine when it stops feeling familiar. Most of the time, it’s in conversation with somebody. I’ll say to them, “you said that before…we did this before.” Then they’ll respond, and I’ll say, “and that’s what you said next!” Then we’ll move on, and it won’t be deja vu anymore. It’s always an unnerving experience for me. I’ve always thought I must have dreamed the situation or just something similar enough to trigger the feeling of familiarity, but who knows…

    1. Krista,

      What a fun addition to this thread!

      I’ve long theorized that some parallel realms are on a different timeline than we’re currently in. So, if that’s true, it’s possible you’ve slid into realities that are in our future… and then you bounced back here again.

      Now, if you could just do that with lottery numbers, right…? Ah, I think we’d all like that kind of slide!

      Before the Mandela Effect became such an important part of my research, one of my main focuses was ghost research. Since exploring the concepts behind the Mandela Effect, especially parallel realms, I’ve begun wondering if EVP is recorded from a nearby, parallel reality that’s from 200 years ago, or something like that. And, perhaps apparitions are people dreaming their way into our time stream, witnessing things, and then returning to their own realities in time to wake up. If that dream/slide covered a brief time — weeks, months, or just a couple of years — it might be an easy explanation for deja vu. (It might also explain doppelgangers such as when Shelley saw himself, and others saw him, too.)

      I’m really glad you posted this, because it adds a new aspect to this discussion. And frankly, it’s a fun one to explore.

      Thank you!


  69. Matti,

    As someone who remembers Mandela’s death, I can assure you it was not a mistake and it was not a vague memory. I recall the details clearly. I saw it on TV, and the coverage I saw extended about a week, as was appropriate for someone of Mandela’s stature. I can also clearly recall watching his widow making what seemed to me a rather strained show of grief, and I can recall having a conversation with my family about it. This was not a single event that I’ve misremembered. It was a week of interrupted programming on the TV, the Time magazine cover, Newsweek, and so on. Lots of memories in lots of different contexts, over many days.

    It’s not just an, “Oops, I must have misunderstood something I heard on the radio.”

    When I later learned that Nelson Mandela was alive, I could not figure out what was going on. I would never have mentioned my memories to anyone — because I had no explanation for them, and nobody wants to think they’re that kind of forgetful (let’s keep the word “liars” out of this dialogue, please) — except that someone else broached the subject first.

    I literally stopped in my tracks. I was walking across the Dragon*Con green room with an afternoon snack, and someone made a general reference, saying something like, “It’s like the people who remember Mandela’s death.” I nearly dropped what I was carrying. The relief was massive… I wasn’t the only one with this weird, extended, detailed, and baffling set of memories.

    A group of us discussed this — mostly theoretically and as a quantum experience — and, after that, I started paying attention to identical “different” memories shared with me.

    Since you obviously haven’t had one of these memories, I understand your skepticism, and I’m trying to be patient with how far off-base you are with some of your phrasing and assumptions. (Leading with a link to that Cracked article — itself loaded with generalities and at least one false implication — actually struck me funny.)

    Like many people who’ve experienced alternate history, I’ve studied false memories, mind control, influence (especially Cialdini), subliminals, and the power of persuasion. I’ve attended conferences on the subject and read endless books and papers, spent hours talking with Steve Hassan and others, partly because I think mind and memory issues are interesting, and partly because I want to understand the various reasonable explanations for the phenomenon we’re discussing at this website.

    I would not be surprised if some comments at this site may be attributed to the “me, too” impulse. I can’t verify every memory or every individual who visits this site and leaves a comment.

    However, I believe that the larger reason topics explode here is that someone has the courage to say, “Err… here’s another one. Am I alone in this?”

    That’s immediately followed by a wave of relief from people who’ve been waiting for someone else to mention that particular topic.

    Even when you already have one of these alternate memories — like the Mandela one — there’s still a tendency to think, “Well, yes, but this other memory is different… I must be misremembering that one.”

    We know how crazy this can sound to others. I remember a friend doing her best not to raise an eyebrow when three of us were talking about the Mandela Effect at lunch one day. She kept saying things like, “This is so interesting. I’ve never encountered anything like it, of course, but it certainly is odd.” She was reasonably and appropriately skeptical.

    Then I mentioned that the second most popular theme in my email (only part of the discussion is at this website) is the death of Billy Graham.

    My friend kept eating, and half-joked, “What… some people think he’s still alive or something?”

    Thank heavens the other person with us had a smartphone. We had to go to Wikipedia and a couple of other sites to prove that, yes, Billy Graham is still alive.

    These memories aren’t like “forgetting.” Except at sites like this, we aren’t “spreading it around.” We’re not covering our shortcomings with vague memories, filled in with others’ suggestions.

    Applying Occam’s razor: Since we know that parallel realities exist, it’s a lot simpler to assume that there are points where we slide into different realities and don’t realize it until something — like Mandela’s death — seems completely wrong with our clear memories. Maybe we slide in our sleep, just for the duration of that night; some of Dr. Fred Wolf’s work supports that idea.

    Whatever it is, it’s not something we can shrug off and say, “Whoa. I got that really wrong, didn’t I!” These aren’t vague memories. We don’t “make stuff up.”

    And, with the likelihood that there are as many universes as there are potential outcomes for any situation, I don’t think there’s much insistence that one version of Mandela’s death or the position of New Zealand is the only correct alternate memory.

    What I see instead are people who’ve read enough alternate memories here — whether it’s about the position of NZ or something else — that they become increasingly comfortable about sharing more and more details.

    I’m not seeing anything where anyone is insisting that we all have to remember the Simpson’s episode, or Billy Graham’s funeral interrupting a particular show. I don’t think anyone missed the announcement that the Christopher Reeve commercial — the one where it looked like he walked — was computer generated.

    We each have our own, clear memories. What makes this interesting is that so many of them match each other in minute details, while others share their alternate memories in completely different contexts… and everyone’s pretty comfortable with that.

    We’re not making things up. We’re not liars. We’re just happy to find other people with similar memories, so we can chuckle and find relief in the realization that we’re not alone.

    I’m sure that — for some people — it’s more comforting to think that none of this is true, that sliding isn’t possible, and all of these alternate memories are false.

    For the rest of us, after the initial “Whew! I’m not losing my mind” phase — during which people use words like “amazed,” “stunned,” and “shocked” — this is fascinating. We really don’t have anything to prove to anyone else; we know what we remember, and it doesn’t match what’s in the history books.

    So, if and when you encounter one of these alternate memories… well, you know where to find us. We won’t suggest that you’re making it up.


    1. Okay, here’s the thing: what other celebrity deaths from the 80’s you remember with such clarity and detail? Or, say, the falling of the Berlin Wall? The collapse of the Soviet Union? Freddie Mercury’s death?

      Do you get snippets of memories and a lot of mixed up emotions or do you remember every program and newspaper article you saw and read about it? If so, could you put the memories about the even on a timeline? You could with Mandela’s death, right?

      The thing is, false memories are often less vague than real ones, and I quote: “Chris was soon told that one of the memories was false. Could he guess? He selected one of the real memories. When told that the memory of being lost was the false one, he had trouble believing it.”

      If you still don’t believe me, I propose a test: find a few people who you haven’t talked to about Mandela’s death over the internet. Don’t meet them, don’t call them, just ask them to write up what they remember happened. Give them a week and ask them to add new details every day (even “I can’t remember”s). Do this yourself, as well. At the end of the week, send them to a non involved party and have the memories posted on the site. See how much matches.

      You can try the experiment again after everyone’s read the memories. See how much contradictions you can find with what they said before and what after.

      The thing is, I believe in alternate realities. I think it would be amazing to be able to observe them, but realistically I know it would take a lot of energy. And be immensely complicated and not something that could happen by chance (have you heard of any time travelers?).

      And I repeat: no one lied, at least not intentionally. I urge you to read the last two links I posted before (maybe using Cracked as a credible source was my mistake, but they do link to useful sites and articles, so read those instead). Find a psychologist and ask them how false memories work, if you must.

      I just urge you to find out as many alternate explanations as possible before you go with the sliding into alternate realities thing.

      And also, Occam’s razor: the simplest explanation is always the most likely. Alternate realities is not a simple explanation, sorry.

    2. I wasn’t going to post this, but just in case there are others.
      I remember John Goodman (Roseanne, Coyote Ugly) dying around the early 2000’s.
      When Mandela died, my first thought was hmmmm that’s funny I thought he’d BEEN dead. I just chalked it up to not knowing history.
      When the Malaysian flight went missing and they were showing maps all I could think was wow Australia is a WHOLE lot closer to Asia than I ever thought, once again chalked that up to being terrible at geography. Although I don’t believe that now ( well I’m still terrible at geography but Australia HAD to be further south).
      My biggest one, the only that I am certain of is the Berenstein Bears.
      I’ve had wonky experiences with movies. Or catching and episode of a show that I NEVER watch, and the next time I happen to watch the show months or years later it happens to be the exact same episode. Could just be coincidence.
      One time I ran into a friend that I hadn’t seen in years. For some reason I brought up and old boyfriend of hers. She looked at me like I had two heads and claimed she didn’t even know who I was talking about, funny thing is I only know the guy because of her.

  70. I vividly remember Madonna having a baby boy with Sean Penn, and the tuxedo the baby wore at an awards ceremony for Madonna- I have always been a huge fan of Madonna and was shocked to learn she never did have a baby with Sean Penn, but I KNOW it happened!

  71. I have a personal incident recently – last year I suspect it was around October 2011 I remember vividly a discussion in my kitchen with my partner about removing a piece of wood that had been annoying him. I remember insisting I didn’t want it removed but he did it anyway – I remember seeing the glue squiggle underneath. So I was bemused the other day when I walked back into the Kitchen and noticed that the piece of wood was still there. I did a double take – I remember the conversation about removing it, I remember it being removed. I asked my partner and he remembers none of it….

    BTW I live in New Zealand and it’s always been to the east and south of Australia. (although being further north would be warmer)

    I guess if we’re all merging timelines (as I’ve read a few theories about) then this should start happening more often. I do have recollections of events and disagreeing with others about the details but eventually dismissing the issue as faulty memory.



  72. I just popped onto this website to find numerous references to “The Nelson Mandela death event”. This is very cool.
    A friend and I have discussed many times the Mandela death. We both remember the same thing in detail. I think this an insight into a very important event. It could be a mis-quote from the media which has been suggested before but no one has owned up to it. No retractions -nothing. It could be a “natural” event in the fabric of space-time, a hickup so to speak. Or as we have conjectured, a “correction” by yes, I dare say it, a time traveler. It’s the internet-get over it. I have heard that a number of countries have been experimenting with time travel and it is possible a correction was made to re-direct the situation-probably unknown to us 99%.

    1. Stephen, that’s one of the best comments I’ve seen about this topic. Thank you!

  73. definitely remember mandella dying in prison… can remember vividly where I was when I saw it on tv.

    the tank boy is pretty significant if that is a correction, although i do not remember him being runover.

    just to share something from my personal life that I recalled as I read through this, was a football grand final that we played in as kids…
    for some reason, I remember us not even making it to the grand final, but a number of players from my team and a few of the parents recollection of it was that we won the grand final that year.

    I should probably look into it more and try and find newspaper clippings, see if anyone has grand final medals etc…

    maybe small corrections like that are made as well? perhaps to give confidence to young kids who grow up to be bad?

    1. Shane, that’s a good memory to research, about the grand finals. I’m very interested in the personal memories like that, as well as the broad-scale ones like Mandela’s death in prison, and the tank boy incident.

      A certain number of unsupported memories can be attributed to confusion and forgetfulness. However, I maintain that most people can look back on them and then recall that enough other things were going on, confusion was possible. Those confused and forgetful incidents are very different in quality from memories covered for a series of days, reinforced by extensive TV coverage, etc.

      What I’m looking for — in addition to the large-scale media memories — are more personal ones, as well. My friend whose school now looks completely different, and it’s a much older building… that’s the kind of thing that fascinates me, as well.

      Frankly, I think this is going on far more often than we realize, but — over time — we begin to attribute it to forgetfulness. I think “sliding” may be far more routine than I thought when I started this research, and many of the “slides” may be to realities nearly identical, so we explain the minor differences as our own, flawed memories. The moments when everything’s normal and then we say, “Wow… when did that store get that sign?” or, “I could have sworn he won at Wimbledon last year, too,” or even, “I know I left the keys on top of the dresser last night, as I always do,” … those are the ones that are harder to track because our default is usually, “I guess I was mistaken / forgot / didn’t really notice.”

      In forums like this, we can find others who share the same (or similar) memories, and that can be a relief. The smaller events — like your grand final memory — is more difficult to confirm. The door opens when we have support from others with shared memories of an alternate history. This can reduce anxieties related to the smaller, personal memories that don’t fit the current time stream, either.

      As long as we know that other share the big memories, we know that the smaller ones might not always be “forgetfulness.”

      1. thanks for the reply, if I get time, I will try and find some evidence to see which group is correct regarding the final.

        I do wonder if it runs deeper and is creepier than that, for example, we lost, and the other team was in the local newspaper because they were the victors.

        but then, this sliding occurs, the result changes, and the actual papers themselves change to suit the new timeline??? medals appear/disappear in peoples attics etc..

        and so if I were to look now and find evidence proving one groups recollection of the finals were correct, it wouldnt prove anything anyway because the evidence has modified.

        RE-mandella in prison. I remember the persons home I was in when the news first came on the TV. That is to say, i was around 12ish, and we were visiting family friends, we were just playing and being kids, and then we were asked to quiet down and the adults turned up the TV to watch the news.

        It really knocked me over when I heard he was released from prison… due obviously to the fact that not only did I remember him dying in prison, but I also had all this other memory pertaining to the event where the news was broken to the world. weird stuff. thats for sure. I do not understand how my mind could have fabricated such a thing.. nor why so many others have a similar memory

        1. at one stage recently, 15 years on from the year of the final, I was almost in a heated argument with one of the parents of one of my team mates regarding the outcome of that football season. amazing how we both had such different recollections, and so solemnly stood by them.

          like you say, I eventually conceded… putting it down to bad memory… but come on! what kid would forget winning a grand final??!

        2. Shane,

          That’s exactly the kind of detail that intrigues me: that you remember being told to quiet down by the adults.

          When everyday people have faulty memories, it’s usually just the memory. They’ll say, “Wow… was that in 2002? I thought it was 2003… but now that you mention it, I remember that was the same year Fred left for college, so you have to be right.”

          In other words, they don’t have supporting memories like the ones I have, and that I read here. For me, it’s not just that Mandela died, but my memory of his widow’s reaction, issues about the rights to his biography, the march/procession, and so on. Being a political activist, I recall wondering what Mandela might have accomplished if he hadn’t died, and I was sorry for the time he’d lost by being in prison.

          That’s what intrigues me about so many of these memories. When I first got involved in this, in a Dragon*Con discussion, it was astonishing that so many people were volunteering memories related to the Mandela event, and those memories matched mine exactly, though — from my other work in paranormal research — I’d deliberately not mentioned them.

          In my email, I’m accustomed to people repeating what I’ve said about haunted sites, as if it’s their own story, too. Though it might be, in many cases… well, the percentages… not so likely. I also watch for identical phrasing. So, in real-life discussions, I’m pretty guarded about what I say. I don’t offer details, and deliberately wait to see what others volunteer in terms of their stories.

          So, starting as a bit of a skeptic about the “sliding” concept, what made me a believer were the peripheral memories that matched mine. And, at this website, I’m especially intrigued by the number of people who — rather than just asserting that Mandela died — post rich, supporting/related memories.

          It’s fascinating, and I’m hoping to be able to study this, full-time, in 2013.


  74. It was only a few months ago that I realized Patrick Swayze was dead. I swear I remember him recovering from the illness that killed him. I was convinced by a friend that I was getting him mixed up with David Hasslehoff, but I don’t have specific enough memories to prove it one way or the other.

    On the subject of near-death experiences: when I was born, I had one large kidney and one normal-sized one, and I had two ureters on the larger kidney and one on the normal one. (Normal people have one on each kidney.) I had lots of hospitalizations up until the age of seven. There are two memories that are apparently “false” from that time.
    In one, I clearly remember lying on an operating table and looking up to see doctors and nurses crowded around me. I believed, vehemently, that I had gotten surgery until I was ten and my mother explained to me that I had never had surgery. I even would have said I had a scar until that day, but there’s no scar.
    In the other, I was given a teddy bear. I still have him. In my memory, I was given some sort of full body scan and then taken into another room with my mother and the doctor. When the doctor came to a point in the conversation where he didn’t want me to listen, he sent me back into the room with the scanners and told me a nurse had placed two teddy bears on the machine and to pick one. I picked the one I still have today. But according to my dad, I was given a catheter and it shook me so badly that, to calm me down, a nurse held up two teddy bears and I chose the one I have today.

    Not sure what it means — especially about thinking I had a scar, when I don’t have one — but it’s interesting.

  75. I forgot to mention that I also have constant, frequent dreams that have small things mentioned in passing that are part of the next day. It ranges from as small as seeing an earring that’s given to me by a partner the next day to dreaming that my cousin was in jail and waking up to find that, not only was he in jail, but both of the cousins I shared a bed with had dreamed it as well and “knew” when they woke up, like I did, that he was in jail.

    That second one is sort of recurring — every time my grandfather was hospitalized, I dreamed about it the night before. Every time my father went to jail, I dreamed about it, and every time my sister went to rehab or jail, I dreamed about it. I even had a serious anxiety attack the day she tried to kill herself — the times matched up exactly with my attack and her being made to drink charcoal, which apparently gave her a severe anxiety attack, too.

  76. I am (or rather was until now!) certain that Billy Graham had died. I was only talking about him the other day in passing to my partner and we both agreed that he was a bit of a looney! I remember seeing parts of the funeral on TV and in the papers (UK Times if I remember rightly!!).
    It was a big deal to the Evangelicals in the States and I definitely remember there were a lot of people mourning him – it felt more like the funeral of a monarch/state funeral.
    There was a white sheet over his coffin with a gold eagle on it (or certainly some gold symbol) as it was carried by the bearers.

    1. Brilliant! Thanks, Chris! That kind of detail — the white draping with the gold eagle on it — is exactly what can help people say, “Oh. I do remember that part. I thought I was just misremembering someone else’s funeral.”

      One of the biggest challenges (and surprises) in this field is that most people want to explain things to themselves, logically, and it can take a bit of work to get they to trust their memories.

  77. Awsome website.I found this after trying to get my head around two distinct memories i have from the 80’s that appear not to be true.
    Firstly i remember Alec guinness passing away some time around the late 80’s only for him to pop up again years later.I had a friend a few years back who remembers my version of events exactly as i do.
    Secondly,and most importantly is the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle.I was in my final year of junior school and there was a TV set that was swithed on in the dinner hall to show pupils what had happened.I know every detail of that room,the position of the TV and various people including a girl that i fancied who spoke to me for the first time ever that day.That day however was in 1983 and NOT 1986 as other websites would have me believe.There is no way in hell it happened in my later school in 1986 because certain people,including that girl never went there.We also never had that dinner hall with the TV set which was used at other times to show us educational schools programs.

  78. Interesting site! Tried to research this online a few years ago – only found 1 decent reference at the time.. it was from a description of a computer game. (!) I recall it said he died in ’88 or ’89.
    I’d like to know more about the NDEs of anyone who has experienced these memories. I find that connection intriguing.
    – The value of old books/atlases/encyclopedias/vhs – even old copies of mags, is huge.
    (I wish I had space to save some)
    – While the wiki site is good for info, the content can be provided by anyone as I understand it…
    Just tossing this 1 in as an oddity, could perhaps be related to timelines or just the genes – I just caught part of the new-ish sitcom Betty White is in.. while she is amazing, I noted she has better posture and seems to carry herself better (‘younger’) than when she was in The Golden Girls (which still airs at those odd hours of the morning when nothing else is on). Just me?

    1. I remember Alec Guinness passing, and for me the Challenger explosion was in either 1984 or 1985, because I saw it on TV when I was living in a dorm I only lived in from 1984 to 1985.

  79. It actually fits in with what is called the PUP… or Psi Uncertainty Principle. A concept posited by Thomas Campbell as part of his reality theory. Which states that no actual paranormal event can be truly recorded to an extent that causes a paradigm shift in modern science or indeed the world at large. Any attempt to mess with reality won’t work on a grand scale basically. Reality and the fact it is constrained is why we are here.. .to learn from mistakes and intent. If mistakes and intent could be rectified by just changing stuff… there is no learning or growth factor. The only way that reality could change is if it were for the good of the whole.. or benefit the growth potential to lower the entropy of the evolving consciousness. So in theory… this could be possible.

    Our free will reality that took a certain path that maybe led to a bad outcome that was detrimental to the good of the whole and could have been bypassed to an alternative outcome where Nelson Mandela didn’t die. I imagine the death of Mandela could have caused many possibilities that may have been bad (not have fixed apartheid in SA) or it may have fixed it by causing a martyr out of him… fixing it for the wrong resaons… who knows. Regardless… this may have been a change that was made. But because it is just memory based changes and only happened with some people… it can’t be corroborated and proved.

    Maybe this goes on all the time.. like fixing a bug or cleaning a hard-drive.. putting it in order. Maybe sometimes in tiny increments and maybe big ones… like Mandela.

    The book Tom Campbell wrote is called My Big TOE. I suggest you read it.

  80. Hi. I’m from Brazil and was born in 1993, so I’m too young to have memories of Mandela and too not american to know famous figures you guys talk about.

    But I have quite a few memories about things that either didn’t happen or shouldn’t have happened. When I was a kid, my mom said to me the Tank Boy had been run over and it was quite a surprise to discover, those days, that he hadn’t. When I was a kid, also, I asked my parents what was the biggest country in the world, and they said “It was Russia but Russia doesn’t exist anymore”. That happened more than once and I doubt my mom, a teacher, would mistake Russia for the Soviet Union when she lived in the Cold War.

    But what happened the strangest was that I remember studying some subjects in kindergarten like mixed races names, first aid, poisonous plants and national holidays when everyone older than me says they studied that “back then”, in the days of the dictatorship that ended in 1985. My college professor said she studied the mixed races names and told us we were too young to have studied it, but I had. What bugs me the most, though, is that my mother says she waited about a decade for me to be conceived and born. That would make one of me to have been born back in 1983, where those studies could have been possible.

    What if…? My mom says she doesn’t remembers Mandela dying in prison, but, what if…

  81. From a Dec. ’09 search.. it was printed in a Marvel comic book series, not a spacegame. Note, when I clicked the link it re-directed me to an updated wiki-post, which does not include the quote I copied in ’09:

    Strikeforce: Morituri – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    QUOTE from link in Dec. ’09:
    “In an issue of Strikeforce: Morituri, there’s a statue which reveals Nelson Mandela died in 1989. Creators Writers. Peter B. Gillis – Strikeforce: Morituri #1-20 (December 1986-July …”

    It certainly is an interesting plot line to say the least. I wonder why they took out the reference to the statue. I guess another reason to keep that printed material..

  82. Yes, yes, yes! Mandela died in prison, New Zealand is in the wrong spot, and the Bay north of Quebec has grown to be massive – it was tiny in my world! The wall fell in 1995, I was a senior in high school, and they broadcast film footage of people breaking it down with sledgehammers. The tank boy was run over in the square, and when I was 8 years old, the sky was filled with giant floating lights all over the world – I remember that I could see giant floating city-ships. My family was standing around outside, looking at the lights swirling around the bottom of the ships – red, blue, white, purple, all in a pattern. Then my mom told me to go inside and go to bed. At this point, it’s become a reality that I’m no longer in the same place, or that I’m even the same person that I was. I probably have transferred positions with myself over a dozen times, now that I think back. The real question is, where are we all going in this timeline/paradigm/series?

  83. Hi Fiona,

    I live in South Africa and ‘Nelson Mandela’ was admitted to hospital last week Saterday.

    Here’s the REALLY interesting part:

    3 weeks ago a Dakota DC3 flew to Qunu where he lives with his medical team aboard. The female pilot failed her flying license, and her instructor gave the Air Force the strict orders to never test her again as she as zero ability to fly. Anyway, 3 weeks ago she flew the medical team to Qunu and totaled the DC3 on landing. Luckily everyone survived.

    2 weeks ago another Dakota DC3 flys to Qunu and this time it crashes in the Drakensberg mountains killing all on board.

    These weekly flights were said to be for Mandela’s health check-up’s. But when the second DC3 crashed killing everyone the media immediately denied that any medical personnel were on board!?

    Last week Saterday Mandela was admitted to hospital for ‘routine tests’ at One Military in Pretoria. Tuesday the media said he had lung infection from TB that he contracted during his 27 year prison stay. Wednesday we were told he was at the Heart Clinic in Pretoria and that he was never at One Military. On Friday he was supposed to be discharged and today we were told that he had gall stones removed.

    There are some very strange things occurring in South Africa lately. BTW it is also the ruling parties elective conference this weekend. Which might be a reason for not making Mandela’s death public if ‘he’ is dead.

    Also a new law was passed today! On a Saterday! That all the houses that the ministers stay in that totals about 10,000 houses will be insured for riots, public unrest, civil war and public disobedience.

    BTW I had a Mandela Effect Episode in grade 9. We were 5 friends and luckily my other friend remembers what I remember but not the other 3 guys. And the following we spoke about this and my friend that remembers what I remember had a nervous break down. The funny thing is that I remember both accounts! The one the 3 guys remember and the one that only me and my friend remember, and till this day I cannot decide which one is real and which one not…

    Anyhow, GREAT blog SO glad I discovered it.

    Hopefully this might unlock some answers….

  84. Sorry Fiona,

    I am reading all the entries now and I thought to myself maybe we all have one thing in common?

    And I read Kassias entry about Near Death Experieces and I was in a huge car accident 2006 and I was clinically dead for 4 hours, i have the medical records to prove it.

    Just very interesting…

  85. Billy Grahms death puzzles me, I remember it occuring a few months before Ronald Reagans death.My mother and I sat at our little 13″ monitor in the kitchen….with flashes on the bottom screen about Billy Grahams death, in attendence was George senior to the left of Jr..Bill Clinton to the right in Blue covered chairs….the casket draped in a white cloth was paraded infront off the former presidents….as it was carried up the isle….I remember his son, widdow, and Bill Clinton speaking….it was held outdoors in NC……that day was very vivid, my mother remembers it as well..

    I also remember hearing Bill Cosby died in 2005, and I remember taping Alien Ant Farms “Movies” off the radio in 1998….then it came out very popular in 2002…..I still have the tape at my moms…

    1. hi , i also remember (again watching tv news )of richard chamberlains death, as im sure he died of hiv related ilness and also that he was gay . i remember being shocked as i thought he was straight . this i remember hapening around 2005 . I have recently discovered hes still alive and looks really well ,as the pictures on tv at the the time show him as being gaunt and ill . i know i watched this news broadcast as it was around 6 in the evening and had just sat down with a much earned coffee and it had caught my attention enough to turn the tv up and watch . i remember thinking how sad it was .

  86. Very interesting to read all these experiences.

    I remember Bin-Laden’s death in 2006, though it may have been a false report. I remember Ceylon(Sri Lanka) being directly south of India, not to the south-east.

    I also remember Katy Perry having the stagename Kate Perry. But she never had anything even close to it, and her original one was Katy Hudson.

    I wish that people with memories of alternate geographical maps would draw them.

    This is a rough sketch of how I remember Ceylon’s location on the map.

  87. What if all these seemingly flashes of memory, are not indeed memories of the past but visions of the future, of things yet to come? Shouldn’t we be finding ways of circumventing the bad circumstances that these flashes of the future seem to predict? Be it albeit that we would be already too late for some of them even if the visions would have been experienced before the actual event.

    1. I doubt they are from the future, as they fit perfectly fine within it’s given timeframe.

      It’s much more likely that they are bleeding in from alternate realities, or that we cross over to alternate realities briefly.

      Or…That we die in alternate realities, and memories leak over to other realities.
      The latter would explain why people who are sick or had a near death experience is very prone to experience these memories.

  88. Anyway, considering that there is 75% of matter that can not be seen and we have no way yet of interacting with it, anything is possible. If we with our finite 10% utilization of our brain capacity in the realm of 25% visible matter are capable of achieving great feats, how much more intelligence would reside in 75% dark matter?

    It might just then be possible that these flashes of memories could be inter dimensional. Cutting across space and matter.

    1. I doubt they are inter-dimensional, M-Theory postulates that around 11 dimensions exists, string theory postulates that 10 exists.
      Multiverse theory instead…Says that an infinite amount of separate universes exists.
      Even 75% hidden matter would not account for the countless of realities people have experienced.

      The only logical explanation is that it comes from another universe, with it’s own 25% of visible matter, and it’s own 75% dark matter. (assuming the values would be the same in those very similar worlds)

      1. A parallel universe moving slight ahead of our timeline and leaking all these memories of things we think have occured in our past is a possibility I would be willing to consider. This would explain why we would seem to remember someone having died in the past and yet we still see them alive in our timeline.

        However, all this for me just begs to have some questions answered. Who are we, really? Why do we exist? What is the meaning and purpose of life, as we know it? Do we exist for some higher order of life?

        1. That’s a question we cannot know the answer to.
          Especially as it may deviate depending on what universe you are in.

          There is a Universe where you got a God from the Bible in real life, there is a Universe where you have many Gods interacting with the world etc.
          When you have an infinite amount of possibilities with an infinite amount of parameters anything is possible.

          Every fictional book, film, or story exists somewhere in another parallel universe. Runescape, World of Warcraft, Twilight, My Little Pony, etc.

          It’s all real in some universe, because eventually the parameters will align as there are an infinite amount of universes.

          We must just live on and perhaps we will reach enlightenment one day.
          Assuming Quantum Immortality(The idea that you consciousness pops to another universe when you die, one where you didn’t die) is not real.

  89. Why do you never ask for personal diaries and journals from that time? Why do you insist upon an accumulation of spoken/written testimony from this current time? You’re not going about this very scientifically at all. You’re just a gossip-HQ with no scientific method.

    1. K&K (aka “superstarhollyann”):

      I don’t ask for any information in particular. If people have personal diaries and journals to share, that would be great. Everything offered here is anecdotal and shared voluntarily. At this point, this is not a scientific study, nor do I pretend that it is.

      Speaking personally, I have kept a diary, but these kinds of memories were trivial at the time. For example, I recall being annoyed that Billy Graham’s funeral interrupted programming I was expecting on TV. Maybe that would be epic enough for an entry in your journal, but in my busy life, having to miss certain TV shows isn’t diary-worthy. And, when later news stories didn’t match up, my initial response — like most people’s — was, “Wow. I must have been mistaken.”

      If this website seems like an “HQ” for this kind of information, I’m flattered. Thank you!

      Personally, I think of myself as neither a gossip nor an “HQ” for anything.

      (And, I think you protest just a little too much. After all, you visited this website for a reason, and it was connected to these kinds of memories.)

      Fiona Broome

  90. Great website; so far have only read this page. Parallel realities, time slips, et al, are amongst the many phenomena which fascinate me. So please don’t imagine that I am a skeptic; I’m not (ex- sort-of-‘hippie’ and later a big Seth fan).
    However, curiously, somewhere recently I read a discussion in which several people considered New Zealand misplaced, and I believe someone suggested that in older atlases, NZ was sometimes depicted in another ‘window’, at a larger scale, and not necessarily anywhere near its ‘true’ location, (maybe not even with North at the top?) on the page showing the map of Australia. Indeed, I dimly recall having seen maps like this, though not necessarily of New Zealand (I am 62). For what it’s worth, I am an English guy who has lived in Australia for many years. In my little reality NZ has always been where it is now, but in no way am I trying to belittle others’ recollections.
    All the best.
    PS I have no Mandela memories, but about 15 years ago I was chatting with a friend and was astounded to learn that Dick Van Dyke was still alive (and still is, I’m happy to say). I was convinced that I’d heard/read that he’d died (of, ahem, alcohol-related problems). Please chop that bit out if inappropriate.

    1. Hi, Colin, and thank you for your comments.

      That’s one possibility about some NZ memories. In my case, I’d looked up NZ on my kids’ world globe. However, the frame-in-map suggestion is a good one, and may account for some confusion.

      Thanks also for the Dick Van Dyke memory. I’m leaving it in, because he’s been pretty forthright about his drinking problems. You’re the first to mention Dick Van Dyke, and I’ll be watching to see if this turns up in others’ memories.

      I’m trying to find time to separate out the major memories and make a page for each one. But, in the meantime, you’ll find a mix of comments and ideas at this site.

      Thanks for visiting, and for taking the time to comment!

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. I too remember hearing about Dick Van Dyke dying a few years ago (approximately 2009ish). I remember hearing it on the TV. Was waiting for someone hear to mention it before I through it out there that he is in fact still alive, just really old

        1. Michelle,

          The Dick Van Dyke topic was raised privately — among emails and comments I receive but don’t make public, because the people making the initial comments didn’t want to risk “me, too” influences — and I may need to create an individual page about that, soon.


  91. I too recall that Mandela had died in prison. At the time I recall people talking about the great person he was and what he had done in his lifetime.

    I was young and it didn’t really affect me at the time.

    However years later I searched for information on him after watching a movie and realized he had not in fact died in prison.

    I tell you what. My mind is blown away right now.

    1. Indeed…I have a theory that our world often interacts with Alternate Realities.
      Sometimes it is simply information transfer, possibly things like…Radiowaves, or memories, and sometimes Images (Ghosts etc.), or even actual matter. I believe the latter accounts for the Cryptids like Bigfoot or the Jersey Devil, who are merely creatures from Alternate realities. Or even Dopplegangers, who are doubles from said realities.

      I have a lot of blind spots regarding this theory, such as why does this happen. Perhaps it is related to the Cold spots in the CMB or the Higgs Field’s possible instability.
      The memories leaking in is also a mystery, but I think I know how it happens and why we only receive memories from worlds that are almost identical.

      The memories that seep over are from versions of ourselves that are located in the same spot. And the electric impulses from that other world leaks over to ours (And ours possibly leaking over to them), without us even realizing that the memories we remember are from another reality. Worlds that are far different, would either not have us exist (The chance of us being born is infinitely small, if another sperm cell rammed the egg a different person would have been born.) or have us located in a different location where we cannot receive said memories.

      I do not think it is a Slider effect, because I don’t think there are holes in the space-time continuum that brings people through, I believe it is more akin to a veil, that blocks most information. And this veil has some weak spots where information can seep out. Try to hold a normal piece of cloth in front of a lamp, you will see a lot of extremely small holes. through those holes, gravity and possibly Quarks, the building material for atoms might pass through. Now if that hole, is slightly larger, atoms may pass through, maybe even light. (Again, referencing ghosts or other odd phenomenons, like UFOs, It is important to notice, that time in alternate realities may work different, so another universe can right now be in the 17th century, and another in the 25th) And if it’s slightly larger, then larger waves, such as microwaves or radio waves may seep through. The big question is, how do these holes form?

      And of course, very very very rarely! these weak spots are so weak that large amounts of matter can pass through, such as a creature.

  92. An…Artistic idea, but I believe in a non-religious explanation…But then again, who knows what the origin of some of the religious things are. Angels could be inter-dimensional creatures for all we know, that one of the Jewish prophets attributed to be the warriors of God. As for God itself…I don’t think it exists in this universe, and I kinda hope it doesn’t. The Bible, Thora and Quaran shows it as a very unforgiving and brutal entity. But …There may be universes where God exists, as well as Angels the way we imagine them, due to the fact that an infinite number of universes exist.

    1. That is the many worlds interpretation of Alternate realities, which I believe is true.
      Essentially, every single choice, down to the atomic level, of where an electron moves around an atom, spawns a an alternate reality. This means, if you took a time machine and went back in time, the very moment you popped into that timeline, you created a new universe, that can end up very different from the original, the original is not gone though, it still exists, and in that universe, when you went back in time you merely vanished.

      As Quantum Physics dictate, what we see is a world’s difference from what is. The Universe as we see it, is an illusion, it all consists on vibration on a Quantum level. I believe that, positive thinking influences the Universe and that we have more control over it than we think. I still don’t think we actually cross over though, but that instead, we somehow gain the memories from Alternate realities that we are aligned to. The Veil theory as I explained in my previous post.

      Imagine…A world identical to our own, except that it rained heavily Christmas evening 1999 in Canada, while it snowed in Canada in our reality. Now, I live in Denmark, so for me this event does not affect my life much. At one point, both versions of me, are in the exact same location, every atom aligns, and the veil weakens, both brains interact and synaptic signals travels across both realities. And through that event, I gain a memory that it rained in 1999, while my double remembers that it snowed in 1999.

      This would not have been possible if the alternate me was not aligned. This is why we don’t get memories from worlds where…Say, Hitler won the war, because it is very likely that we wouldn’t have been born, and if we were, then it is likely that we wouldn’t be where we are today.

      Not to mention, what if Earth’s orbit is slightly moved? If even by a few meters, The connection would go into space. So the reason why we get information from realities that are almost identical is because WE have to be almost identical.

  93. This is a very intriguing topic. I’m among the people who don’t remember Mandela dying in prison, however I’ve encountered several people over the years who did remember his death and were just as surprised as you were. I do, however, remember the death and funeral of Billy Graham, not to mention countless other celebrities who turned out later to be very much alive. Those other celebrities could very well have been misreported deaths, as sometimes happens, but the thing with Graham is, like others commenting, I remember the funeral on TV. Maybe it was a funeral for someone else that I’m remembering, but I was just as shocked as anyone to learn he was still alive.

    More interesting and troubling to me though (and what brought me back to this site to comment) is the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Since today is the anniversary of his death, I decided to do a bit of reading. You can imagine my shock when I discovered that my memories didn’t match the historical account.

    Per every source I can find, King was shot with a rifle by a white man named James Earl Ray. However, what I remember reading as a child and learning in school is that King was shot and killed with a handgun at close range by a black woman. The location remained the same, however. I don’t remember her name or other key details, except that I think she was mentally ill and almost certain she was killed not long after, either by police in some kind of altercation, or by her own hand.

    Again, this is a memory of what I “learned” in school, rather than a memory of events current to me, since I wasn’t born until the late 1970s, long after his death. Maybe I’m somehow confusing King with another slain civil rights leader I learned about, or my memory is simply bad, but I just can’t shake that eerie feeling that both the historical account and my own memories are somehow “right”.

    1. Hi, Matt!

      Thanks for your comments. The MLK memory is completely new to me, but — though I hadn’t heard it before — it has a resonance of truth that I can’t shake, either.

      Very cool. Thank you! I’ll be very interested to see if others recall an alternate assassination, or some other MLK history altogether.


    2. I also remember Martin Luther King being shot with a handgun, I remember reading that in School.

      1. Thanks, Gurluas! That memory resonated with the truth, so I had the feeling others would remember it. I can’t explain why some memories “make sense” to me, when they’re not my own memories. However, almost always, when someone shares one of those memories, others also recognize them.

        That’s part of my goal with this website: To restore people’s confidence in their own ability to remember things. Each time we can reveal another alternate, true memory, I think it’s a relief to those whose memories match them.

        Thanks again, Matt and Gurluas!


        1. This is my second post here (as with the 52 states thing) and again I was taught in secondary school in the UK, mid-late nineties, that MLK junior was killed by a black woman with a handgun.

          This one sticks out more to me than the 52 states one, although I do remember that clearly too. What I find different about this one is I distinctly remember thinking to myself in my naivete at the age of 13-14, “why would a black woman kill the son of MLK”.

          1. ETA: Am I f***ing dead or something? LOL! Seriously, this is all very intruiging, I’m slightly young to remember anything about Mandela though, but it’s all very, very interesting to read.

  94. I distinctly remember hearing Mandela dying in prison on the news but I don’t remember seeing or hearing anything afterwards. I thought it must have been a false news story which is not uncommon. When I was a child, living on a military base in korea, I remember hearing that president Kennedy was shot and killed two days prior to the event, then people said he had not been shot, and the following day he was.

  95. I’ve found a new one. The company making photos and films rolls and cameras was always Kodiak.

    Now it’s suddenly Kodak.
    But very interesting Paula, regarding Kennedy, it suggest that you received memories from a world where it happened earlier

  96. New Zealand, now that was North and a bit East of Australia, the one on Google Maps is far too small. How Strange. I don’t remember anything else that anyone mentions but I did experience a strange thing when I was about 10.
    My Teacher at the time knew my Uncle. My Uncle used to joke that he would tell my teacher if I was naughty. One day, at lunchtime, I walked into my class, and my teacher was with a man and they were both acting like he was my Uncle, but he wasn’t. This guy was slim and wearing a suit. My Uncle was a much larger man and never wore suits. This guy was much younger than my Uncle too. I remember my teacher said something like, ‘Say hello to your Uncle Pat.’ and I just muttered hello because I was so confused. Childhood memories you would think. How great it would be to explain it away so easily. Except I kept a diary all the time as a child, and there on the 4th June 1981 in my scraggly 10-year olds handwriting it says ‘A man who said he was my uncle was at school today. I dont understand I never seen him before.’ I can remember writing that when I got home. The whole episode has confused the hell out of me my entire life.

  97. Hello, just wondering of you are an ats’er??

    Also, for the group I have been talking about all of theses things with, those who remember the Mandela Dying way, also remember a whole LOAD of the other things in common, like Billy Graham, Australia moving, New Zealand on the wrong side etc… The ones who remember ONE wrong thing, seem to remember all the others as well, almost as if a huge group of us zapped over here together from this other timeline, and trying to explain anything to someone from THIS timeline makes us look looney, because nothing changed for them, so there is no proof here, like maps etc, because it never changed HERE it just changed in all of our memories.

    1. Indeed, I don’t think I have memories from the same world as many of those who remembers Mandela’s death though. It’s hard to check though as I am European, I had no idea who Billy Graham even was until I saw this, and I was born in 91. Regarding memories I’ve had both strong and weak ones. Weak ones are the ones where something “Feels” right yet I don’t exactly remember it. For instance, Ceylon’s location, and Bin Laden’s death in 2006. Then I have the strong ones, such as Katy Perry being Kate Perry, Martin Luther King being shot with a handgun, and Kodak being Kodiak.

      The strong ones are the ones I have VERY vivid memories off.
      My theory thus far, as previously stated is that memories from another version of us leaked into this world. Because if we were from different worlds we would have noticed it, even an almost identical world would have differences we may notice immediately, instead, it always seems that we realize something is wrong and remember it differently instead of actually discovering a mistake here and now, which you would if you jumped worlds.

        1. Indeed, if we jumped worlds it would probably be something akin to this:

          Notice how at first it is small things, like her cover being a different color.
          Assuming her story is true, then she was “Unlucky” because she ended up in a world that is pretty different, but for the rest of us, the only different may be the covers being a different color, there being extra stuff in your fridge and so on.

    1. Steve,

      I appreciate that suggestion, and I’ve linked to that page in the past. However, I don’t think that’s the answer for most of us. For example, the New Zealand map issue doesn’t fit. And, for me, Billy Graham’s funeral coverage was a multi-day event on TV — not just a premature obit. Ditto Nelson Mandela’s funeral and celebrations of his life achievements.

      Most people who share their stories in public, also have complete, dimensional, supporting memories. Some could be the product of an erroneous media report. One notable “premature obituary” was a topic in a past post, because there should be no way that station went live with that kind of obit presentation, without thorough fact-checking.

      But, in general, I discount reports that might possibly be “me, too” responses, or involve a premature obit or a simple misunderstanding. (Example of the latter: Someone who didn’t watch the TV coverage closely, and mistook Billy Graham’s wife’s funeral for Rev. Mr. Graham’s.)


      1. If one studies archeology, botany, geology, math, pretty much anything, there is sudden relocation of lots of things, from the quantum level to entire species, and cultures. Not everything shows up out of nowhere in these timelines, some keep to lines, I think maybe it is natural to have both. It would be interesting to examine possible correlations amongst those remembering with blood types, Rh Neg. would be predominant, amongst humans, I think.

  98. I think that this gives the parallel universe theory a good reason for another look

    1. Kinda hard to look over it though.
      So far we can only find hints that other universes may exist.

      We cannot yet find proof.
      But scientifically nothing is wrong with the theory, and in some models, it explains things about our universe, such as gravity.

  99. As with a plethora of others, I too remember Nelson Mandela dying. I was really young at the time though. I just vaguely remember hearing about it on TV and being sad (though not really knowing why). Fast forwarding a little bit, I even remember learning about his death in school, from a text book. It didn’t seem that he died in prison though; just that he died. I even remember the page that it was on.

    I’m not really sure why we were learning about this though given that I grew up in Florida.

  100. Another one that I just thought of: I remember Ross Perot winning Texas in one of the elections in the 90s.

  101. Since a good 5 years ago, my sister, brother, cousin and myself have been completely creeped out by Owen Wilson, because he killed himself. We all clearly remember the TV tributes, the news reports, Kate Hudson going to the funeral etc. Then I find out no, he ‘tried’ to kill himself but then made a full recovery.

    Even weirder, there are certain movies we all could swear Owen Wilson starred in only to find out he was ‘replaced’ by some other guy.. it’s really very disturbing.

    I also recall Ron Howard being dead too, according to my memory Apollo 13 was his last film.

    1. Simon, the Owen Wilson one isn’t very widespread, as far as I know. However, the Ron Howard death has come up in several conversations. In fact, some people had memories of the Apollo 13 movie awards being a tribute to Howard, because he’d already passed.

      Weird, eh?

      Thanks for posting this!

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. Yeah I recall the same thing, postumous awards for Apollo 13. And I’ve yet to meet anyone who shares the Owen Wilson one accept members of my own family. I’ve had a couple of other odd occurances happen as well, where things just changed from what I always thought they were.

        Like playing a video game and writing down as I play, step by step, what I’m doing so I can remember in later play throughs. Only to play again a few years later, follow my own guide, and it’s completely different to what I wrote. Like not even in the same ballpark. Weird stuff seems to happen on occasion.

        1. That is very curious, because the piece of paper should match, as they were written in the same universe. Perhaps more than simply memories can leak over…

  102. I have experienced memories of Mandela’s death and today’s newscast caused me to remember it. I also distinctly remember Billy Graham’s death as well.

    But…another memory that I remember is completely ridiculous but the first Episode of Beavis and Butthead clearly depicted their hair color vice versa
    Of what it was later. Beavis had brown hair and Butthead was blonde. I clearly remember watching the first episode where they walked down a dirt road.

  103. They made the biggest change in the 1940’s… world war two should have gone a lot differently.

  104. Mandela is currently in the hospital and his situation is described as being critical. He may die again, we need to keep note of when/if he dies, so we have a clear date incase he is suddenly alive again.

  105. I very distinctly remember an episode of Jeopardy! in the early 90s where the final jeopardy answer was, “It is the largest country in the world in terms of landmass.” One contestant said Russia and Alex said it used to be before the USSR broke up. What was left of Russia was now smaller than many European nations and Canada was now the largest country in the world. I remember it so clearly, mostly because I am Canadian.

    1. Another Canadian here, and I while I didn’t see that Jeopardy! episode I do distinctly remember learning in school that Canada was the largest country in the world following the breakdown of the Soviet Union. Whereas the USSR was massive, what remained of actual Russia after its dissolution was relatively small. Then, in what would have been 1990 or 91, a group of Chinese gymnasts came to perform at my elementary school and teach us about China and Chinese culture. One fact we learned was that China was the third largest country in the world. One of the gymnasts held up his fingers and listed off the world’s largest countries for us. One: Canada, two: USA, three: China. Russia didn’t figure into this list at all. I have a clear memory of sitting in the school gym shouting out “Canada”, “USA”, or “China” as this man held up either one, two, or three fingers. It stuck with me so clearly that I was shocked to eventually learn that no, post-USSR Russia is still almost twice the size of Canada. This just seemed wrong considering that I *positively without a doubt* knew that China was the third largest country in the world, yet now it’s been demoted to fourth.

  106. this gives me chills, i have absolute certain memories of mandela dying in prison in the late 80s, the tank boy of the tinaman square being ran over, and multitude other phenomena, i recently also discovered others shared same confusing past as me, recently i was stunned to learn ken wilber alive, i remember big hoopla mid 2000s over his passing away, keep up the research pls.

  107. More stuff to maybe think about. Current research on human absorption and emission of biophotons. Maybe genetic factors, throw in neutrino emissions. You know, there is a study that says just .002 of modern humans perceive ultraviolet visually. There seems to be a pattern recognition that is more on the temporal end of the scale, spatially apprehended.

    As far as proof, well, I have two birth certificates, same space, different times, and no one in my family can deal with those intersecting memories, that will never add up.

    My father, two death certificates, same time, different places. It is hard to know how that kind of symmetry can be spoken of outside of equations. Memories tend to curve back in, and trade places, now event horizons, and black holes, spell that out, Einstein is the only one I know of that tried to use math to broadcast that. Shamans use pictures and symbols, same thing, still stuff that is hidden without a lot of work.

    1. Neal, that’s brilliant. On many levels.

      I’m going to look into the double birth certificates. From my work in genealogy, I know that’s not unique. The funny thing is, I’ve never stopped to wonder why I can find a second, different birth certificate for some people. The information overlaps enough that I’m certain it’s the same person, not just a weird coincidence where two people with identical (or similar) popular names were born in the same region on the same date.

      That is, two John Murphys born on the same date in the NYC are with parents Joseph and Mary Murphy… not interesting.

      Two Karl Everett Delderfields born on the same date, in two different towns, with parents Truman Forest and Annalise Kurtz Delderfield… that is more difficult to explain, even allowing for clerical error.

      And then there’s my grandaunt, whose birth certificate listed her as “baby boy” + surname. Weird. Not impossible, but weird.

      So, you’ve given me a lot to think about.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  108. Mandela died in prison, but resurfaced as his political clout and 15 minutes was given a reprise. David Soul committed suicide near Christmas (years ago), but
    returns for a cameo as “Hutch”. Ernest Borgnine has returned as Mermaid Man on SpongeBob Squarepants.

    The list goes on….

    I first started noticing these timeslips in the late 80’s.

    I actually kept a “dead list” for years. I used to live in Las Vegas, and had started an autograph book – as it was fairly easy for me to run into celebrities.

    Amongst the signers were Dick Van Dyke, Abe Vigoda,
    Paul Winchell, and Rodney Dangerfield. So, when these
    people died, I took notice, having personally met them.

    I used to love the Dick Van Dyke show and was really sad when he died. I was utterly shocked to see him co-star in
    “Night at the Museum” with (of ALL people) Mickey Rooney, who died in the early 90’s.

    I specifically remember watching the t.v. tributes
    that were broadcast at that time. They highlighted
    his (Rooney’s) career going back to him playing
    a young Thomas Edison.

    So to see Van Dyke and Rooney together
    really flipped me out. I am gonna throw
    out a few more off the top of my head…

    Jack Palance – has died so many times that I
    have lost count. And no, I am not confusing
    his death with any movie characters he played.

    Palance had died years before “City Slickers”,
    and his appearance in this film jarred the
    memories of many of us. Then he died AGAIN
    in between City Slickers 1 and 2.

    Jerry Lewis – died just weeks after one of
    his telethon’s for MD in the mid 90’s. But
    that didn’t stop the telethons for at least
    another decade of fund raising.

    Wilford Brimley – died in the early 90’s after
    his success in the two “Cocoon” movies. But,
    he has returned and peddling for Liberty Mutual.

    Jimmy Carter – died in 2009, shortly after the famous picture of him with Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama.

    Paul Winchell – voice of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, supposedly died in 2006, but I specifically remember
    his death in 1995. I had met him in Vegas three times.

    Don Rickles died after Toy Story 2.
    Abe Vigoda died in the early 90’s.

    Strangely enough, they both have reappeared in
    the “You’re Not Yourself when You’re Hungry”
    Snickers candy bar commercials.

    Another obvious one that most should remember was the
    death of Danny Devito – that was sometime after “Mars

    Yet, he too has returned to star in
    “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

    Below is a youtube link to a tribute video whose author seems to remember Devito dying in December of 2009.

    Oh…and Carol Burnett. She died in the early 90’s
    from some weird blood disease. I remember this because,
    well, to be honest…I remembered feeling bad at the
    time because her death didn’t make me feel as bad as
    when Lucille Ball died a few years before. I actually
    cried when Lucille Ball died. Two gingers, two comic
    genius’. Always loved them both. I was shocked to hear
    Burnett’s voice in “Horton Hears a Hoo”….

    While I have been personally aware of jumping between
    timelines for decades, I would like to interject an
    idea here that I have not yet read on your site:

    Quantum Enganglement and Parallel Realities aside,
    in at least SOME of these celebrity cases…..

    Is it possible that TPTB are manipulating celebrity for
    the purpose of keeping that celeb’s icon/image/FRANCHISE
    alive? This was, afterall, one of the reasons offered in
    the “Paul is Dead” conspiracy surrounding the Beatles.

    And since someone brought up Star Trek…

    Isn’t it interesting that Whoopi Goldberg’s character
    “Guinan” (sp?) is from a race that is aware of these
    alterations in the timestream? There are at least two
    episodes where the timeline changes, and she is the
    only member of the Enterprise crew who is aware of it.

    Lastly, I would like to share with all of you this little
    kicker, regarding Rodney Dangerfield’s death (the one in
    2004). To my knowledge, he has died at least three times
    by now. The first time, was sometime after Caddyshack in the early 80’s. The second time, he died around 1993.

    And here is the strange part: In 2004, while sharing this entire subject of timeslips with a close client of mine,
    I specifically told her that Rodney Dangerfield had died about 10 years ago (1993-94), after complications he
    suffered after undergoing a relatively safe heart
    surgery of some kind.

    About two months later, the client called me. She was in complete disbelief, as it was announced that day on CNN that Rodney Dangerfield had died from….

    ….complications after a heart surgery.

    1. Thank you SO much for taking the time to post this. I really appreciate it, and I know my readers will, too.

      Wow… that’s all I can say at the moment. This is a tremendous collection of names and information!


  109. Seems there was some sort of Mass memory concerning Rodriguez (sugar man ) apparently In Africa ( Many many fans they totally believed he was dead and did it during a drug raged concert igniting him self on stage !arhhh and well i just gotta say Mandlla Died ? wonder if it has anything to do with sole snatching ? Nelson had in his prison number many interesting Symbols nelsons prison number ? 46664
    his number in cap Lock $^^^$ if this does not mean anything think that many missing the point! when they say the Illuminati live for ever do they not just occupy the soles of mortals ! Symbols most miss ! great stuff peoples

  110. While I have no recollection of any big events like this that have been refuted, I have had some small-scale memory discrepancies that have been rather troubling. Of course in my case they can most likely be written off as symptoms of a traumatic childhood, however I’ve been walking through life for a long time feeling as if there is something not quite right about what we call reality, but unable to put my finger on any particular thing. It’s more of a sense, as if I’m constantly just watching and waiting for a “glitch” in the world to show itself. It can be infuriating sometimes.

  111. I’ve just found another one, John Virgo, who is an English Snooker Player, I distinctly remember him dying young, of a heart attack in early to mid nineties. To my amazement I’ve Just found out he’s still alive.

  112. Very interesting, i’m usually skeptical about this kind of stuff, but this catched my attention.

    I too was sure as a child there was 52 states in the U.S. And i’m also sure a learned that on tv, so The Simpson’s theory make sense.

    I don’t have any Mandela effect story to share that i can remember, but this reminded me a coupple of similar anecdotes:

    I’m mexican and a few years ago i meet an exchange studen from Winnipeg, Canada. We were in a reunion whit some other friends and we all mexicans in the room were triying to remeber a major sporting event that had had occurred in Winnipeg, just to make conversation. We all were sure Winter Olimpycs or something similar had taked place there. Our canadian friend was absolutely sure no major event had ever happend in his city. He said he would know, because is a relatevly small city where big events don’t go unnoticed. He was willing to bet money and to call his friends back home to prove us wrong. “Winnipeg is a very boring city”, he said, “Nothing interesting like that has happend there”. At the end we didn’t came to a conclusion and changed the subject.
    I did my search later and found nothing, i concluded he was right. Then two years ago we host the Panamerican games my town. The local media was broadcasting the history of this games and turned out we were right, the PanAmerican games took place in Winnipeg in ’99. I thought it was weird we all had vague memories of that, living so far, and he didn’t, at all.
    Maybe it did just wen’t unnoticed to him, who knows. I know the Mandela effect you describe is about events that you’re sure that happened, but aparently didn’t. This one did happened, but he was sure it didn’t. Could that be part of the same phenomenon?
    Or maybe those PA games were amazingly irrelevant, even for his city.

    About ghosts and time traveling:
    My english teacher shared a story one day in class. He said he use to live in a very old palace in England that was remodeled and divided into several apparments. One day he was watching tv and saw an obscure form in the shape of a lady comming out of his closet and going trough a wall. It looked like a woman completely covered in fabrics and floating, he said. He was a non ghost bealiver, so he thought it was his mind playing tricks on him. Anyhow, he shared the experience whith a neighbor and the neighbor shared it whit their landlord.
    A few days later, the landlor told my teacher he was not the only one that have seen this “ghost” in the apparment, previous renters had seen exactly the same woman crossing that same path.
    The landlord then told him the wall the “ghost” had crossed use to be a door from the servants rooms to the main house.
    He thinks this lady could have been a servant doing his daily routine, just walking throw the door of her room and going to work. Maybe, he said, he and the previous renters had somehow witnessed scenes from the past.
    Could it be, according to this theory, a paralell reality in which the palace has not been divided and still has masters and servants?

    By the way, sorry for my poor english, i’m still learning.


    1. Diego,

      Thanks for taking the time to share so much information with us!

      I agree that it’s always best to look for a normal explanation — like The Simpsons show — where it fits. For single memories with no additional, supporting detailed memories, something like The Simpsons or an erroneous news report may be the answer.

      Sorting out the real and erroneous memories become more difficult with things like the PA Games in Winnipeg… it’s a memory that should be there for that person, but isn’t. So, he’d probably be the one to say whether or not he’d simply forgotten or trivialized it, or maybe he was somewhere else when the games took place, so he missed them altogether.

      The ghosts and time traveling topic… that fits my opinions exactly. I believe that some are alive and well and in their own time — which may match our time exactly, or be out-of-sync — and they’re not “ghosts” at all. We’re simply perceiving them in our reality. I have no idea why, but I believe that explains many “ghosts.”

      Thanks again for taking the time to leave comments!


      1. It does. I believe Ghosts we can interact with, can see us as ghost where they live. While ghosts we can’t interact with, are people only we can see. Time is not linear, and not synced between realities, which means in an alternate reality 99.9% identical to our own, in this very instant, it may be the year 2378, or the year 1086.

        The reason we receive memories from very similar realities is because as stated in another thread, I believe the minds entangle on a quantum level, essentially swapping or overwriting memories.

        So you have to exist, and be in a similar spot to receive the memory. This is we usually don’t receive memories from world where, say, Hitler won World War 2, or the world looks vastly different, as in those worlds we would most likely not be in the same location as we are in this one, thus unable to be quantum entangled.

  113. I’m a South African and even though I dont recall the news on Mandela’s death but all my life I’ve known that the U.S has 52 states and that New Zealand is on the north east of Australia. I hhaven checked any map of the world just yet but I am sure that it is in the north east.
    Not sure wether his counts but for me it is enlightening, especially the Mandela story.

    1. It is odd that the memories always seem to be similar.
      Perhaps we are entangled with a few realities, in a similar way as to how the world in Fringe has two realities entangled, able to affect each other.

  114. About ten years ago I remember listening to the news on the radio and they announced the death of James Garner, I know I didn’t mishear as they mentioned some of the films and TV he’d been in including The Rockford Files which my brother in law was a big fan of. Next time I saw him I asked him if he had heard about James Garner and he was shocked and said he hadn’t so we looked on the news and there was no mention of it.
    One theory I have heard is that if we die we can choose to come back again, however, because we have to change the circumstances of our death it changes the timeline slightly, and we sometimes notice the subtle changes.

  115. The star trek memory made me recall the time in 1977 when star wars premiered at a cinema in my small home town in the uk. I distinctly remember seeing the scenes with Biggs and Skywalker on Tatooine, and yet when when it premiered on tv i got up in disbelief and told those with me the scenes had been cut. 20 years later i find the ‘deleted’ scenes on youtube, and read somewhere Lucas insisted those scenes were never sent out to cinemas. i questioned myself but still err on having seen those scenes in 1977 at the cinema.

  116. OK, OK, I’ve been researching these anomalies in time for decades. Just to stimulate your minds, how about my theory that history is still happening at this moment. Every so often your past adjusts itself and either you ignore them “how did my car keys get there?” or feel uneasy at the temporal shift.
    My perfect example is the development of radar (also the atomic bomb). Twenty years ago, Britain had developed radar in WW2 and could spot the bomber raids coming from Europe. The Nazis did a study and decided that British pilots had a better eyesight than Nazis, because they ate carrots – hence the expression.
    Now we have documentaries about how the Nazis had a far superior radar system to us and how British commandos raided the radar base at Bruneval to steal this advance technology.
    Twenty years ago we had the Nazi atomic bomb project being halted because of the lack of heavy water from Norway (Heroes of Telemark).
    Now we find the Nazis had a surplus of heavy water and were exporting to Japan for their atomic bomb project.

    1. Phil, this is great information! I’m so pleased to hear from others who’ve been researching these anomalies as well… especially those with even more insights than I have. (I’ve been studying this seriously since around 2006.)

      The idea of history changing itself as we move forward on the timeline… wow! That makes this even more intriguing.

      Thanks, and — assuming your email address indicates where you live — I hope to meet you in the upcoming year, to swap more insights. I’m not sure when my next research trip will bring me to your area, but it may be late autumn 2013.


  117. This is seriously weird. Its been on the news that Nelson Mandela is now ill possibly dying. However I am very familiar with his wife Winnie Mandela being a widow and travelling around trading on his name and acting as a speech maker and kinda peace envoy. Ive seen many news stories through the 90s about her always mentioning that she is a widow and works tirelessly to bring peace. Im now wondering if its a memory or precog as hes about to die….again.

  118. I’m 100% certain that David Soul is dead, also Mickey Rooney. I’m also convinced Michael Winner has died “before”. However I was at uni in the mid 1980’s and Nelson Mandela was definitely alive then, though I think his wife Winnie died a few years ago.

    Is it possible that “they” are replacing these people as a kind of experiment to see if we notice, in preparation for some kind of big change?

    As a young child (early 1970’s) there were a few anomalies. I was made to skip Book 2 of Fletcher maths and go straight to Book 3. However a year later it was parents day and they got out all our old workbooks including a Book 2 that had my name on it and was completed in my handwriting. I protested over and over again that it wasn’t mine but no-one would accept that. As an adult I purchased a copy and have always planned that if time travel is invented that I will fill in the book and go back in time and put it in the cupboard. Around the same time I lost a propelling pencil at school and a couple of days later my dad found it in his office. The following year my teacher wouldn’t let me do tie-dyeing for crafts because I had done it before, and even produced work that was supposedly mine, even though I had never done it and my mum went to the school and confirmed it.

    Also re dreams – I know from my own experience that they are a rehash of stuff that has just happened together with stuff that is about to happen the next day that “leaks” back. My precog dreams are usually grouped close to each other in time with long gaps in between, & are about silly trivisl events that only become significant because when they actually happen I associate them with the dream, presumably creating a kind of feedback loop. Examples: the double-decker bus I get every morning would be a single-decker the next day & it was; I would pick up a dirty plate in the canteen & have to change it; I would miss the bus the next morning because I was WAITING IN THE WRONG PLACE; I would walk past a huge clump of unusual fungus in the park, etc. I have also been certain that some of my deja-vu’s have come from dreams.

    1. Those are very interesting events. Those anomalies tie nicely into my theory. I believe time travel creates a new reality, so I am putting aside the idea of a future you making the second book. This leaves two options:

      1. You did make the book, but memories from a reality where you didn’t leaked over and overwrote yours.

      2. You didn’t make the book, but you crossed into a reality where you did.

      As for dreams, I believe some dreams can peer into alternate realities. Time is not constant between these realities, so your pre-cog dreams simply look into a world which is slightly ahead of yours. Keep in mind, all alternate realities exists in the same location. (Although objects within them can be in different locations)
      Since there is an infinite amount of realities, you also have an infinite amount of versions of yourself typing in this blog and reading it. And an infinite amount of versions of yourself not reading this. And an infinite amount of worlds where you’re never born, or an infinite amount of worlds where the Earth is in a different position around the sun and so on. Infinite possibilities, worlds can be identical or so distant we cannot even imagine them due to their different laws of physics. A wacky dream you could barely comprehend may have been reality in one universe. Also keep this in mind, dreams are generated by our mind using objects we are familiar with. Our mind interprets these experiences, this is why some things can make no sense at all and be out of whack, like a tree with carwheel leaves. It is because our mind does not have the information to properly make out what that tree consists off, so it takes the closest available object.

      I believe both things happen, memories leak over, but things also leak over. Big foot, the Jersey Devil, Springheel Jack, The Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, all of those are simply visitors from alternate reality that somehow came into our world. It is even possible that some people you meet on the street are not from your world.

  119. I watched all the terminator movies last week and that scene was in there they are constantly changing theatre versions and DVD releases especially as the dimmest in the american audience seems to be catered for the rest of the world has to suffer, the first time I saw Fight Club was about ten minutes in and was lost in the movie until the end it was brilliant the next time I saw the movie from the begining there was a voice over explaining the entire thing completely spoiling it.

  120. I had two friends when I was in second grade named Robbie and Crystal. They were brother and sister and they lived right around the corner from my house. I remember several occasions of being at their house, playing Megaman, eating mac-n-cheese, being told by their mom that they were grounded because the table had been broken and Robbie lied about it. I think they moved, but I honestly can’t remember them leaving. It’s like I have these memories of them and then they just stopped being around. To this day nobody else from my class remembers them, and even though I remember some of the things we did together, I can’t remember either of their faces.

  121. I was reading through all the comments just out of interested, completely detached from the topic to be honest as I have not experienced anything ‘false’ memories and frankly found the whole thing interesting but very odd. Then I read the comments regarding Freddie Prince Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellars child. I immediately thought ‘what are they talking about, they have two children and there first was born quite a few years ago’. Then I searched it on google and see that their first child is only 3! Now I’m confused.
    I remember them having a child a lot longer ago, as the previous posters said possibly around 2004 or 2005. And I remember them having their next child and thinking there was quite an age gap between them. I also remember their second child being born longer ago than September last year!
    Now I just don’t know. I’m second guessing myself as I type this. Maybe I have it wrong. I do remember them being married for quite a while before having a child so maybe I just have myself mudded up. Things often seem to be either longer ago/not as long ago as you thought.
    Sorry for such a rambling post about such a little thing but I really didn’t expect to be so surprised and effected by this site.

  122. I remember there being 52 states in the USA because when I was younger I used to watch fairly odd parents and I remember that one episode timmy ( main guy)wished he was always right and then when he was asked in school ‘ how many states are there in the USA?’ He said 51 and as the teacher said no its 52 one of the stars fell off the flag and the head teacher announced that north and south Dakota became one big Dakota. I just find it weird how I remember the exact episode but there seem only to be 50 states

    1. I have this exact memory and I even though I know there are 50 states now I just couldn’t believe that this was wrong so I looked up the episode and it is 49 in the episode but like the episode, watching it now, even though it is exactly the same as the one I remember just feels very strange and foreign to me.

  123. I had read about alternate universes and such, however I had no idea that stuff like this actually happened, until it happened to me. Do you remember that movie Case 39? Well one day my Dad brought the movie home, and me being a horror film fan, I enjoyed it quite a lot. A few months later, I saw the trailor for the movie on TV. I was really confused because I had just seen the movie on DVD, that’s when I started asking people “didn’t this movie come out already?” And they all said no. I played it off as some type of rerun of the movie, but now I think it might’ve been something different.

  124. Fiona,

    I have been extremely interested in this topic. You could even say it’s become sort of an obsession. This whole phenomena is just so fascinating. I decided to do a little digging, myself. Seeing as I did not know much on Mandela I decided to look at his Wikipedia page. I’m not sure whether this has been brought up, or not. Nonetheless, I found it interesting.

    You and many others claim that you remember Mandela dying sometime in the early 80s. On his Wikipedia page it says that Mandela underwent surgery on an enlarged prostate gland, in 1985. By no means am I an expert, but if this whole “Alternate realities” thing is real than isn’t it possible in another reality Mandela did not survive this surgery? Or maybe he could have died before the surgery. I know it’s just a small little fact but, I believe it answers some questions.

    1. Dakota, that’s great information! I hadn’t researched how he could have died, back then… I just remember the funeral coverage — for days & days — on the TV. Thank you!

      1. Subjective experiences are a phenomena by their own right,i have the whole gamut of them.sleep paralysis,hyper synchronicity,lucid drem,precognitive dream,spontaneous wish fulfilment and recently reality shifts i have them all regularly. Infact my brother died in 2002 but somehow by sheer will i shifted reality so that he died in 2011. I am telling facts.

        1. Interesting… Well depending on the definition of reality, it may be possible that we can influence it. Or perhaps by sheer will you went to a universe where he died in 2011 instead?

          It certainly seems that you are attuned to some mystical forces.

          1. Good points, Gurluas!

            Some of the questions are:

            1. Are we, physically, moving into another timestream, or is it just our consciousness that travels? That is, same body, same consciousness… or different body, with a mobile consciousness? (This gets into the question of whether or not this experience is physical, or if we’re in a holodeck where everything — including our physical forms — is created, virtually.)

            2. Can we influence the experience? (Lately, when I notice something that’s not right — inconsistent — or annoying in this possible holodeck, I comment on it and ask the computer to change it. So far, it seems to be affecting my experience. That, in turn leads to the question: Did the holodeck change, or did I deliberately phase into a parallel holodeck experience, minus the annoying feature?)

            3. Where does time fit into this? Are all of these realities occurring simultaneously, or are they filed/activated/occurring differently? (And, the other question is whether time matters at all. Some scientists and religions suggest that time is just a filing system we use in this reality, to keep events in a sequence that makes sense to us.)

            There’s a lot to question regarding the Mandela Effect, and I think all of it is fascinating!


          2. Just as there are alternate realities there are alternate theories about them. Starefire tor says that these alternate realities could be files in the hard disk that we can copy paste(not cut and paste).

  125. Fiona, Now, he has cleaned up some errors in physics, asigns some properties of matter and light correctly. He calls the field the charge field, a great mystery. If you consider the baseline field as temporal, and the spin vector that all photonic and baryonic spins arise from, then you would have an understanding of the science that is beginning to be temporal mechanics.

    You see, if you see the baseline field as flow dynamics, and some simple recursive chaos, then that begs the question. It is in an order, but more like watching the watchers, extreme dynamics, repulsive, and contractive, and recycled.

    I do not know if there is any objective way to quantify missing a frame of current consensus, that usually ends up like art, and language, and poetry, and lots of creative stuff. And if time is really like that, then lack of consensus will show up all over history, sometimes looking magical, sometimes like war. Heh, no wonder gangsters keep hiring jumpers, and hunting them after time has it’s way.

    Those ones have a certain map, they need operators, maybe do not take the deal. Better to be feral, than the one in charge of the machine.

    1. Neal,

      Intriguing! I like it, and the “watching the watchers” concept is a familiar one.

      Thanks for the link and updates.


  126. Great website Fiona. This is all very fascinating! It’s both exciting and frightening to consider the prospect that reality and time is more fluid than we perceive. I too have had the “surely that celebrity has already died?’ experience,and just experienced one today which prompted me to comment.

    I used to love the programme Bewitched as a child (and still do) so I’ve recently been watching it again on DVD. I just googled the actor Bernard Fox, the actor who plays the witch doctor ‘Doctor Bombay’ to see how he died. I was absolutely shocked to find out he is still alive!(and 86 years old.)

    I could have sworn I read that he died after he starred in ‘The Mummy’ film in 1999. I was eleven years old and remember feeling sad as his character sank into the quicksand after his plane had crashed into it. I thought how sad it was he had died as I had loved his character in Bewitched and found it ironic that his last role involved him dying on screen just before he died in real life. Although I can’t remember what he supposedly died of back then or where I read about it.

    Perhaps I’m mistaken and got it mixed up with his retirement or the death of another actor, or at least these are the rational reasons I’m using to try to fathom it.

    It’s always the celebrities you least expect to suddenly pop up back alive again!!

    1. Natalie, Thanks for the compliments!

      I thought Bernard Fox was gone, and around the same time, too. However, I wasn’t paying close attention so I can’t claim it’s a clear, Mandela Effect memory for me.

      On the other hand, I’m still discovering things that don’t fit my celebrity memories. The latest is that Richard Chamberlain and James Franciscus weren’t brothers. For years, it was common knowledge in Hollywood that the two were brothers, but didn’t admit to it. It wasn’t a jest or speculation; it was considered fact.

      Back then, I can remember lots of people joking about it, as Chamberlain soared in mini-series popularity, and Franciscus kind of got lost in the crowd. A bunch of us wondered if either of them would drop the ridiculous facade about being not related, to help Franciscus’ career.

      This came up in conversation this weekend, and I insisted the info had to be somewhere, online. I mean, surely, if they really were brothers — in this timestream — there would be some reference to it, beyond the occasional reference to how much they looked like. So far, I’m finding nothing.

      However, at the moment Peter Graves (from the original “Mission: Impossible” series) and James Arness (“Gunsmoke”) are still listed as brothers. Nicolas Cage is still described as (in real life) Nicolas Coppola, nephew of Francis Ford Coppola. And, Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty are still described as siblings.

      The more I study this phenomenon, the less I’m surprised when people remember things that don’t fit our current reality, and seem to have no evidence of ever being part of a false news report or widespread “confusion,” either.


      1. hi Fiona im sure that its warren beatty and Shirley maclain who are siblings and Natalie wood had an affair with warren beatty .

        1. Hi, Colette!

          Thanks, you’re right. That was my typo, and I’ve corrected it. Shirley MacLaine is Warren Beatty’s sister, and during the filming of “Splendor in the Grass” (1961), Natalie Wood had an affair with Warren Beatty.


  127. I remember going to a camp when I was younger. There was this place we went every weekend in New Hampshire, and there was a huge building. That was where the camp was. I remember it so clearly. The crafts, the weather, the other children. I remember this boy Bradley, my first boyfriend, brown hair and blue eyes. I remember my first kiss we shared. I was trying to remember the name of the camp I went to so I could see if I could somehow find him. So I started to talk to my sister and grandfather and told them what I remember. My grandfather was positive that I never went to a camp. My sister seemed more understanding, she tried to find an explanation, but couldn’t. Even my age and the years we were there don’t add up. I know it happened. I mean I remember things so clearly, how could they be “false” memories.

  128. In my timeline Mandela died, NZ was north, Katy Perry was Kate Perry, Bin Laden died in 2006, Henry eighth has a portrait of hin eating a turkey leg, which is not there anymore, the tank boy was killed, the states are 52. In 2004 I had a NDE with salvia divinorum.

  129. The graph shows how many times people searched for Kate Perry vs Katy Perry. Kate Perry, as a search query, if you use the function “view change over time”, can be seen to have great deals of search volume at precise points in time. According to the timeline shift theory, those spikes of search volumes occur when people from the Kate Perry timeline have just arrived here, and are used to search for Kate Perry, and do so. Then they stop doing it because they “realize” that they are “wrong”.
    Cheers Fiona 😉

    1. You may want to try and constrain the results to the US only, and see exactly which States underwent timeline shifts. You may want to play with all the tools in general and find things I didn’t, and tell me.

  130. Here is the graph depicting the volume of people that searched for the death of Billy Graham. If you agree to the theory of timeline shift, it appears clear that right after his death in the other timeline (not this one where he is alive) people start to shift to our timeline, gradually and constantly. As soon as they arrive here they start searching for his death, in early 2009

  131. Hello, I’m 15 years old and I always thought Nelson Mandela was dead.
    I actually have a memory of reading it on my school’s history book.

      1. Going through the various responses,we can conclude that the veracity of parallel reality is proved.Now we can move on to ponder the implications it has in our routine life.However we must be cautious in using sophisticated scientific words,they give a connotation of affectation,even the scientists are prone to use the terms that go over the heads of audience.Lucidity is always a virtue wheras affectation is mostly a mark of vanity and might be counter productive in this particular phenomena.

        1. Hi, Vivek!

          You’re right about affectation of scientific words. I think it’s important to weigh that against the convenience of referencing complex scientific concepts, so others can research those ideas and relevant research, as needed.

          Quantum is a broad topic, but I reference it regularly so people know when I’ve dug deep into variations of Unified Field Theory, String Theory, and earlier concepts. (My current reading binge includes Dean Radin’s books that I’ve skipped, like Entangled Minds, plus his latest, Supernormal. I think Radin simplifies many relevant concepts for people who are bright but don’t necessarily have a thorough background in physics.)

          I never want to sound too lofty, but I want to leave enough breadcrumbs for people to understand the scientific theories and phenomena I’m referencing, without putting them to sleep explaining something they may already understand or — at the opposite end of the spectrum — not really care about.

          It is a tricky balance, as you’ve pointed out. Thanks!


  132. As my mom said, someones really messing with the timeline, it may sound like the ramblings of a mad man, but we’re reaching a delicate point in time that we’re slowly starting to understand the secrets to time travel, and wormholes. In a universe of infinite possibilities, It may have happened. Why else would hundreds if not thousands of people have the same memory? Another possibility is that there was a false news report at the time as an act of propaganda, who knows?

  133. Hi fiona, life is tricky and you have to know the tricks,the trick of bible is ‘ecclesiastes’ contradictory yet included.Look up ‘ashtavakra’ the greatest of all tricks,a thousands of years old text,it contains the whole of quantum science and its mechanics.

    1. Vivek,

      Thank you for that reference to Ashtavakra. I wasn’t familiar with it, and — reading the chapter headings in the Ashtavakra Gita — I’m impressed. Even the phrasing fits quantum studies, starting with chapter one, Saksi – Vision of the Self as the All-pervading Witness, which reminds me of the role of the “observer” in quantum.

      Going a bit off-topic, I’m among those who believe that Celtic culture originated in the vicinity of northern India. So, I’m rarely surprised when the purest roots of some Western beliefs are found in that region.

      I’m also intrigued by the estimated dates of the Ashtavakra Gita, immediately following the Bhagavad Gita (c. 500–400 BCE), because so many cultures had bursts of enlightenment around that time. I’m not sure if it’s related to “chicken or the egg” sequence, or a unified and connected consciousness. Either way, this has opened a new area for me to study.

      Thank you!


  134. Parallel realities are a possibility, but this option may also be.
    I can’t help thinking now with all this weird stuff going on around Mandela’s prolonged hospital stay, and having read several articles on the fact that human cloning is not only feasible but occurred as far back as the late 70’s, that perhaps he has been cloned.
    In fact perhaps in 1985 when he went in for surgery he actually did die and the story leaked (as it has done now with the Guardian in the UK reporting his 2013 death). And this is what is remembered by some.
    But then the “corporate shadow govt powers that be” conceived a plan to resolve the South African problem, by using him as the hero that saved the day, the one icon that would pacify the angry black population if he was made president and he could then be mind controlled to preach forgiveness and reconciliation instead of retribution. So they install a clone (see this article about what has been going on with cloning and then all stories about his death are erradicated (we know the media is also controlled).
    He is then groomed by industry leaders that it is in South Africa’s best interests if industry is allowed to continue as is. Basically selling the masses down the river – as there has been no redistribution of wealth at all. Rich are still rich, poor are still poor. Anyway, now the clone has most likely died and my guess is that Obama’s visit this year while he was in hospital, had something to do with them deciding to re-install another version for vested interests known only to themselves.
    Do read that article before you throw this theory out the window.

    1. Although I do believe there is a shadow coalition of a capitalist elite seeking to control the world, I don’t think he was cloned. It is nevertheless an interesting hypothesis.

      It’s hard to find out, but it is odd that he gets ill, critical and then always recovers.

      1. Good points, Gurluas!

        I’m also skeptical of the cloning, but you’re exactly right about the wavering health issues. I’m familiar with respiratory issues, since an elderly relative went through that, but still… the scales seem to tip far more than I’d expect, between “critically ill” and “recovering nicely.”

        Cheerfully, Fiona

  135. hy Fiona.i am a south african and i am 18 y/o .i am not gonner comment about mandela
    but guys there is this song that we used to sing at the assembly in my primary school i have asked everyone whom i attended the primary with if they remembers it but no they don’t know it..i mean i remembers it well just i dont know the proper lyrics.what suprises me is that i always get a headache when i tries to remember the proper could i be the only one who knows it?

    1. Because maybe this song did not exist in this world and it leaked over from another world.
      Do you remember the theme?, what it is about?

    1. Hi fiona, ‘expect you’re having a swell time. Just wanted to share a piece of thought,after reading a couple of hundred books,i have grown quite a lot. Never went for camus or kierkegaard,i was most impressed by the thrill master and jack london a real live wire. Having left them behind i went for paranormal, sir william barrett started a phenomena that’s still an enigma but carl jung was really into something. What jung achieved with his high lighting of synchronicity concept is the only irrefutable reality in the realms of paranormal. Your ‘mandela effect’ has thet potential for a similar sensation. Certainly not for glory nevertheless a turning point for humanity. Like synchronicity, mandela effect is an anthology of anecdotes,so far the thread has continued substantially and if it survives a few more months,i am hopeful that something concrete will emerge or develop.

      1. Thanks, Vivek, it was a wonderful couple of weeks.

        As usual, you’re raised some fascinating questions and mentioned good topics for further research. I’m familiar with Jung’s work, of course, but I need to revisit Barrett’s to consider it in light of the Mandela Effect.

        Thanks again!


        1. A reductionist approach is usually helpful when an intrigue presents itself.Mandela effect qualifies, at the least, as an intrigue.We(participants of this forum) are destined to explore the phenomena a facet of the multifaceted reality,we can’t allow romanticism to demean or ridicule the endeavor.

        2. Hi fiona, If most people tend to be cynic, its nothing unusual,most people who ought to ponder are snobbish, and blessed are those who belong to serving class and are stoic.I can tell a hundred tangible realities that the concerned professionals are totally ignorant of, like most electrical experts don’t know what a bldc motor is,most auto dealers don’t know what a peltier fridge is, the huge majority of computer users can’t tell the difference between gps and gprs or that java only phone is virus proof.You can’t expect the miniscule number of persons who accidently come across this site to take this phenomena without a pinch of salt.By the way i zapped a most die hard cynic when i queried about his memory of sri lanka’s location and showed him the current map.

        3. Hi fiona, here are my 20 cents and they are all genuine.I have intertviewed 5 persons regarding the location of sri lanka(ceylon)and asked them to draw a map,all of them drew it as they remembered and it was far far downwards,further i asked them to draw a horizontal line touching the tip of india’s extremity,the line went over the sea, all clear.A 100% vindication of mandela effect?and mind you they were all cynics,mind boggling! What do you say?

          1. Hi fiona, this sri lanka puzzle has reached the point of absurdity or rather insanity.Almost everybody remembers the country located further south beyond the tip of india.Being indian i have the advantage of getting genuine feed back,and the peculiarity of sri lanka is that india is the only neighbour and people in india are aware of this sensivity and are keen enough to notice the location.Please take this particular anomaly at top priority because i presume and know that nothing like this(the percentage of me too being 100 % ) has been in your or any other site.Seems this is the last time i will be posting here, for i need a very long break.

            1. Vivek, I’ll do that. It’ll be my next project. Right now, I’m up to my eyebrows in “ghost season,” with lots of interviews related to my paranormal books.

  136. I have found a new missing memory.
    I was reading an interview regarding Bruno Ganz, I noticed that it spoke of how Hitler probably had sex with Eva Braun a few times. I wondered “How is that relevant when Hitler had two children?” Lo and behold, I looked it up, he has no children. (Except for the frenchman claiming to be an illegitimate son)

    I clearly remember that Hitler had two children with Eva Braun, and they all shot themselves in the bunker.
    And by clearly remember I mean that this was something we read and discussed in history class, and no I am not mixing them up with Goebbels’s children.
    I thought it was worth bringing up.

  137. Another thing to consider. Why do humans war for consensus on a particular temporal landscape, when they do not insist that other life forms do the same? Hummingbirds, cats, insects, clouds do not adhere to the same perceptions, and that is OK. They are allowed to flow with what they know, and are not argued for or against.

    If humans are not from the same temporal landscape, then are memories subject to the same evolutionary pressures as everything else? Reading scriptures from various humans, it is interesting how various cryptoids stay the same, as the narratives change. Some things actually change shape to fit.

    I am just saying, maybe Time is like most physical constants, being discussed, and not decided, yet. Nothing is really over, not if this stuff is being talked about.

  138. In September or October last year, I was driving home from work and vividly recall hearing Ravi Shankar had passed away. I’m a big fan of The Beatles and Ravi was a huge influence on them (George Harrison in particular) so it impacted me enough to talk to my parents about it on the phone that day. They made the typical comments about someone famous when they die, but didn’t confirm or refute what I though to be the truth.

    A few weeks had gone by and I mentioned it in passing to my coworkers about it and after looking it up online, nothing could be found about his death. It was frustrating to discover the truth. Even more bizarre was that about a month or so after that realization, Ravi Shankar died on this timeline in December.

    I wonder if anyone else heard the news reports about his death earlier than when it actually happened? It would have to be a specific memory of having heard the death report and learning he was still alive before his actual death.

  139. I think a future shift has happened this week 10/14/2013, wrapped around the U.S. budget battle. Something has changed.

  140. I find all this truly fantastic. As a child ( I’m now 49) I had lots of experiences that differed from what my family remembers even though they were “there”. Most were mundane things, like what we had for dinner the night before; pizza tonight? We had it last night…

    One day I saw Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Lathe of Heaven on PBS and I had a moment of complete clarity. I was convinced that something like that was in fact happening to me, but on a much reduced level. For those of you who are not familiar with the movie, or book, it is about a man who dreams effectively. He awakes from the dream and finds reality has changed, but he is the only one who remembers the old version. They remade the movie in the 1990’s I believe because the original was tied to a contract that limited the times it could be broadcast. That contract is void now and it is available on DVD.

    Anyway, I’m happy to have found this website and will stop back when I have more time.

  141. When was the website redesigned?
    I remember checking up on it a couple of weeks ago and it was the old one.

    1. Gurluas, don’t worry. It’s not a website from an alternate universe! *LOL*

      Seriously, I redesigned the site this past week, and it went live about two days ago.

      I’ll continue to add new articles until I have one post for every major memory that’s reported. Once the original Nelson Mandela article exceeded 200 comments or so, it was too long for most people to read without missing important additions. So, all of those posts are going into articles — one per topic — as time permits. It’s a big project, but I’m pleased with the progress, so far.


      1. Indeed, you should add a new topic though, to collect new memories non-discreetly. The major memories link can no longer have comments, and so far everyone just plopped the new experiences here.

        Which is why it became clogged.

        1. Gurluas, Thanks for the suggestion. The “major memories” page could have comments until I changed that, this past week, with the site redesign. (If there were times when it couldn’t, that was most likely a database issue.)

          The new WP theme gives me the option of not permitting comments at any page (as opposed to posts, or articles), and I chose that to keep the site more focused. I’ll add an “add your memory suggestions here” post, with links from the sidebar. Good suggestion.

          Update: I decided that, with so few actual Pages, it’s simplest to change the global setting and allow comments (or not), manually and page-by-page, at the dashboard.

          So, the ability to comment at the Major Memories page has been restored.

          Thanks for pointing out the problem.

          In haste,

  142. So this may not be exactly what you are looking for but, it happened

    or not…

    There was this one girl, how terribly many stories that begin that way end up and this was no different….

    I dunno what it was but I was into her for a long time and unusually. I was unable to even attempt getting with her….but she was always on my mind, and still kind of is all these years later, I don’t think what I would say or do if we met, I just have her on my mind a lot, kind of in a static unchanging way. I should have got together with her way back when but thats gone now…anyway…

    During the time we were in contact, I was over at her house, well, a group of us were and she at that time was at university, it was like a student house and there was a houseful of people all in all the rooms, and we were getting ready for a night out…

    I was in her room with loads of other people and someone was messing around on the decks, I decided I needed to slip out to the bathroom,

    I kind of have 2 memories of what happened and given the context neither make any real sense:

    In one as I walk into the bathroom she is rushing towards the door laughingly going “ah” just in her underwear bottoms,

    and in the other (because the two things although they feel to me as they happened in the same moment, which happened so fast couldn’t happen as a sequence) She was in the middle of the room but totally naked, her hands were covering her womanhood, but when she realised it was/saw me, she smiled and looked at me, like as your longterm girlfriend or wife could stand in front of you, her hands dropped to her side and we had eye contact, and it was like we had been there a thousand times, like I’d woken up next to her everyday for years

    in that one instantaneous moment, which seems to have been 2 none sequencial events, happening at the same time (crazy I know haha) I kind of said “oh sorry” to the first version and slipped back out and went back in the room (the hallway was totally empty for some reason, leaving me alone on entering and leaving even though there was a houseful)

    But why would she have the door unlocked with everyone round?

    I can remember her standing there in that moment to this day.

    I went back into her room where lots of people were, and sat down, now ,when she came back in I said “sorry” and she said it was OK, but I also remember a different conversation where I asked why she left the door unlocked, she said “I can’t lock it” like you would to someone who was closer than we were

    But, you can lock that door….

    A few years later I decided to get some feedback as is my custom in success and failure, and that moment came up, and she said “I don’t remember that” I was like what? Of course someone remembers someone walking in on them in the bathroom, and surely remembers talking about it afterwards, she’s shy in some way and she would have/should have, but she isn’t lying, she doesn’t seem to have remembered it, to the point of it not having happened for her if you ask me.

    I’ll be straight up about it, I’ve put it around all over many a town, like I haven’t gone short, and she is a very nice girl and to me she is beautiful, but it makes no sense for me to crush on her so hard, and to think of her, or even have her cross my mind all this time later, I have severed all contact with her. Under the normal run of things we would have got together sooner than that even but I had a lot of stuff going on and took a wrong turn somehow….anyway it is what it is and that’s the story.

    Very easy to explain away from a third party point of view, but if I’ve really conveyed what is going on here, you’d see what I meant, thing is she was always into this sort of caper and I should tell her it all lol, but then she’d only think I was crazier than she probably already does lol

    1. Matt, your memory fits the profile of so many reports at this website.

      One thing that distinguishes them is the context. It’s not just that Mandela died or the school looked different now or the girl was in an embarrassing situation.

      It’s the equal vividness of the entire event… the things that people remember from when it happened.

      In the case of Mandela’s death, it’s not, “Oh, how odd, I thought he’d died in prison.” It’s that he died, and there were demonstrations, and his widow (and her long-time “bodyguard”) were prominent — and on the TV — talking about Mandela’s life and his vision for South Africa, and so on.

      Likewise, it’s not just that Billy Graham died — and, when people point out that his wife died, it was an easy mix-up — but Billy Graham’s funeral pre-empted regular TV programming for three days, and his son spoke to a huge crowd at a massive memorial event, etc.

      Your story of the girl has equal weight with others being in the house, the night out, people messing around on the decks, and so on.

      The dual memory is especially compelling. Personally, I don’t think I have any prominent memories like that, but yours actually give further support to the theory that we’re dealing with parallel realities.

      It also opens the door (no pun intended) to the idea that we may be living in multiple realities, simultaneously (as much as time makes any sense, anyway), and how much we’re aware of the alternates isn’t necessarily on track with how we explain (to ourselves and others) fleeting glimpses of them.

      It’s been a very odd week for me, and your experiences fit uncomfortably well with some theories I’m considering… ideas others have presented with a different focus. They’re things I’d label “crazy as a loon,” except they fit with the Mandela Effect, and explain some other things I can’t put into nice, tidy contexts.

      So, your memories — both of them — regarding that girl… they make sense. And, even if this hadn’t been a very odd week, your emphasis on context is what gives your experiences credibility. I hear from all kinds of people who want to tell me about their memories. Many of them are just throwing an event into the conversation. They don’t include things like “and we were getting ready for a night out, and people were messing around on the decks.” Others are telling me something that has that ramble-ramble quality of a dream, retold. The latter isn’t cohesive.

      I’m not sure how much anyone can fake the contextual quality, but the words people use and the way they describe what was going on around the confusing memory… that’s what I look for.

      In your case, it supports the idea that you’re recalling memories from parallel realities.

      If someone from my past told me what you did, but about me, I might be rather uncomfortable due to the nature of the memory. As a woman, it would be a little creepy if someone’s memories of me are so… well… revealing (and perhaps on many levels). Even though alternate memories seem true, there would still be that “uh-oh, scene from horror flick is unfolding here.”

      So, I don’t think it’s a good idea to share the memories with the girl, even if she were entirely in-tune with the Mandela Effect concepts.

      However, I can assure you that you’re talking in terms that seem entirely credible to me. I’m not sure that’s helpful, but there it is, and I really appreciate the time you took to talk about this, because each report helps me understand this a little better.


  143. There was just an atomic bomb thrown, hiroshima, the other one never was thrown in my timeline.
    the guy in the china square plaza (tankman) was crushed by the tanks, it was some pics leaked in some newspapers.
    Australia was more rounded and in the middle of the nowhere surrounded by water, just new zeland near and in the other side where is now.
    Also dates of WW2 are changed, the finishing.

    i am serious about these above, and i have stuning memories of them.

  144. I think it might actually be something to this “Mandela Affect”!!! There is a movie called “South Central” (filmed in 1992)… In this movie, there is a scene with a guy named Ray Ray talking to this little kid named J-Roc… EVERYONE who has seen this movie a million times when they were younger (including me), remembers the kid saying the words “Sho ya right, Ray Ray!”… An entire generation perhaps! So much so until there’s even songs about it! Well… I’ve recently (about a year ago) found the Youtube clip and those words NEVER come out of the actor’s mouth.. Yet we all still remember it exactly the same! I’m gonna attach the link… See me in the comments (1year ago but its right there) and the other comments as well……. That’s some freaky ish man…

  145. I remember Nelson Mandela passing in the past. I was so shocked years later after not hearing his name mentioned again until many years later, to hear that he was alive per some news blurb on the national evening news. What I DO remember is that the funeral events went on for at two weeks. On the last day his coffin was carried out into and down the street. It was draped in yellow flowers, like a giant yellow casket topper floral spray that draped down the sides. During that at two week stretch, that is about all you heard on TV and it was getting really old.

    I often thru the years have wondered how events were altered. I strongly think either (1) had he died in that past time frame, the events of the world would have been really bad due to it and those of the future altered history, (2) possibly I jumped dimensions or (3) although I can’t remember the exact year but can pinpoint it to within a four year time frame, could Elvis have stepped in and ‘took’ the event? What ever, it happened and the event was altered! Researching my past memory in the past, that memory / that event happened while he was in jail and I believe it was when he was moved (per current history).

    1. Donna,

      What wonderful comments! Thank you!

      (And I love the Elvis comment. Actually, he was the first one I thought of when — in recent news — relatives raised the possibility of Andy Kaufman’s death being a hoax. See Andy Kaufman’s brother says he is victim of hoax. I don’t think that story is over, yet.)

      Where my memories leave off, at the time of Nelson Mandela’s earlier death, there was speculation that things would get very bad in South Africa.

      Going way out on a limb, maybe a large number of us triggered a “slide” because we knew we didn’t want to remain in a timestream that was about to get ugly.


  146. I live in South Africa and we got to see the original series “V” quite a bit later than the rest of the world. We only got to see the first episodes around 1987/1988, but since 1984 I remembered the series, the actors, the theme and even the plot. I even recalled ad spots on the TV for the series.
    I also remember watching the movie “The professional”, which we rented from a video store, way before the movie was even released. My family are forever telling me I’m lying and/or crazy if I tell them I remember something that has not happened yet or have not chance of happening. I remember meeting people, but those same people does not know me if we meet up later again (for them it’s the first time).
    I can’t say that I clearly remember the Mandela dying, but I do remember when he got released from prison I was surprised as I did not know he was still alive.

  147. I just feel compelled to leave a message that notes that Nelson Mandela died today, December 5, 2013. I believe everyone who says he died in prison by the way. I’m not challenging the experience of the Sliders. Just wanted to note the day of his second death, and also check in and see if the Sliders experienced his death on this day the way I did. This blog is amazing.

    1. lda,

      I have some conflicted feelings about this, at the moment.

      On one hand, I’m so sorry for the loss of a man who meant so much to so many people.

      On the other, I am watching the news coverage to see if any of it echoes my own memories. (So far, it’s not.)

      Thanks for the compliments on this site. It started as a way to see who else remembers these odd things, and it’s become a labor of love, in a way. The topic keeps expanding as more memories emerge and are supported by identical recollections. It’s fascinating.

      Thanks again.


      1. Indeed, it’s a sad occasion. Although with today’s technological advancements there is no way a news report would be the same as in the eighties.

        1. Gurluas, that’s a good point about technology.

          Though I’m sad at the passing of such a noted world figure, I’m also watching to see who speaks, when they speak, the physical surroundings — including what they’re wearing, and so on, to see if any of it matches my own memories.

          So far — for me, anyway — everything is different. The cultural context and era are, of course, going to be very different. I’m just wondering if any “past” (alternate history) events are going to create a resonance in this timestream, so we see variations of any of our respective memories.

          I may post an article for those kinds of comments. At the moment, I’d feel a little like a vulture, seizing upon the headlines in such a dispassionate, analytic way. However, it’s an opportunity to see how current events (in this timestream) resonate with our past, alternate memories, and which highlight the differences between the “then” memories, and now.


  148. I’ve found myself here having been randomly clicking links in forum posts about Nelson Mandela’s death… and I am one of those people who has had a bit of a “holy crap!” moment reading through the comments.

    I thought Billy Graham was dead, and have been caught out twice when I’ve seen reference to him being alive and been surprised as it contradicted memories of hearing of his death. I recently saw a picture of Billy Graham and was reminded of that – I wasn’t surprised he was alive but I remembered my own silliness in thinking he was dead. Maybe I wasn’t so silly.

    I saw an episode of Quincy repeated on the telly recently. I don’t normally watch it these days as during my student days in the 1990s it was being repeated on the BBC at lunchtimes and I saw them all then. But I decided on impulse to see what episode it was and I was really pleased to discover that it was the one about the girl who was into punk and her boyfriend got stabbed at a club. I was really pleased and decided to watch it because I remembered this episode as being the one where there was some really lazy writing – they wanted to get the fingerprints of everyone in the club and didn’t know how to do it. They just cut to a scene where Quincy is standing behind a table in the club and the cop says to him “I don’t know how you did it, Quincy” and he’s being all modest, no explanation given. so I was really looking forward to seeing this. What actually happened in the episode was that the cop and Quincy are having a discussion about needing to get the prints and the cop says the owner is scared of being closed down so they’ll just put pressure on him that way. It wasn’t Quincy that got the prints, and there was no scene with the table, and the cop’s saying about the owner now wanting to be closed down easily explains how they got the prints.

    How did I so terribly misremember the episode, which I have mentioned to people over the years as an example of how both brilliant and terrible a show it was? Watching Quincy was something many students at my uni did, as it was the joke that we got up just in time to watch it! No-one has ever challenged my remembering of the episode and I’m sure at least one other person has remembered that bit too.

    Is anyone here enough of a Quincy fan to recognise the scene as being from another episode and I’ve just got them mised up?

    Another similar thing is that my other and I have very different memories of the brand of water we drank when we lived in Hong Kong in the 1980s. She didn’t even think the brand I remembered existed. (It does). So I’m thinking I’m “right” on that one, but perhaps kids are right when they think their parents are from another dimension! 🙂

    Also I remember thinking there was 52 states of the US right up until I started doing pub quizzes! I remember the “fact” I “knew” clearly – there’s 50 states on the flag but Hawaii and Alaska were added since they designed the flag.

    The most scary thing though – I have been with my partner for several years now. We were drunkenly reminiscing to a chum about how we met, and agreed that I had basically collared him at the pub because I recognised him and the person I had meant to be meeting hadn’t turned up. I knew who he was because he was in a local band I had seen a couple of times and liked, but I felt confident that he wouldn’t mind me grabbing him and buying him a drink because I had seen him at my ex’s birthday party a few months prior and thought he would at least vaguely recognise me as someone who was a friend-of-a-friend.

    Turns out he wasn’t at that party at all.

  149. Hi. For me a couple of events in history have changed. Yesterday I found out the US had a second war of Independence in 1812. In my timeline we did not. There was the first war and nothing else. There was a war in 1812 between the US and the Spanish. The challenger exploded in 1983 not 1986. The Berlin Wall came down in the 90’s. And the Golden Gate bridge was actually gold not this dismal orange color it is now. Does anyone else remember a gold bridge and only 1 war?

    I’m happy I found your site; and all of this is exciting to me. Because it explains a lot of my life. Where I remembered something happening, but no one else did. Or people completely changing personalities. I used to believe they just became bitter, or self-centered. But since realizing this is not my reality, I understand they aren’t the same people I knew.

    I haven’t had a NDE, but I’ve always felt like an outsider. With friends and even with my family. They are so different from me. When I was younger I used to think and hope I was adopted. And now as an adult, I am always searching for people like myself. And I wonder if others feel this too? Like outsiders?

    1. Jasmine K,

      Thanks for your comments!

      The Golden Gate Bridge color… your comment took me by surprise. I thought it had always been gold.

      Oh, I’ve seen the occasional photo of it with orange paint. I’d assumed those photos were taken while they were repainting it. I figured the orange was a primer or something.

      I used to live a couple of hours from the bridge, and I’ve been across it many times. I actually stopped to look it up, online. Wow. I was so sure it had been gold and shiny, when I’d cross it on sunny days. Apparently not in this timestream!

      The War of 1812 issue is one I’d filed away when I visited a fort in Canada, and the tour guide talked about a world history completely different from what I’d learned. I’ve been meaning to look into it — not sure if it was a PR issue or a Mandela Effect episode — but it hasn’t been a high priority. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m going to take another look at early 19th century history. (I’m a big fan of Regency novels and Jane Austen, so I’d thought I was well-read in world headlines during that general time period. However, the history I knew had just one War of 1812. Very odd.)

      Anything that makes us feel “different” — in a way that’s uncomfortable because our realities don’t match others’ — is going to make us feel like we’re outside the norm. That’s sad, because I suspect many people experience this reality shift and don’t have an explanation, except to think they’re weird or wrong or something.

      So, I’m glad you found this website. Once the “differences” aren’t so difficult or anything personal, it’s a lot easier to cope with things that don’t fit our memories, or make sense with them.

      I’m convinced that quantum studies will explain this, in time. (No pun intended.) We can see glimmers of answers there, but it’s not fully explained, yet.


      1. I was also certain there was only one war in 1812.
        I remember this because I have some Canadian friends that bragged about burning the White House, so I looked up that entire year on Wiki. Only one war for the US.

        As for the Golden Gate bridge, It’s a missed opportunity not painting it Gold. I can easily see another universe taking that initiative.

  150. I remember news reports of Nelson Mandela being killed in prison. Based on where I remember living at the time, I would have said that it was in the year 1979 or 1980. I also do NOT remember Nelson Mandela being elected President of South Africa. I recall a religious figure being elected after the end of Apartheid. I don’t think I heard of Mandela again until I heard of him being talked about as former President of South Africa. This makes me wonder if I was living in the alternative time line until the late 1990s.

  151. Except for love nothing remains forever –
    I hear the whisper from source .
    People say that love shouldn’t be longing
    I hunger and crave like a predator –
    but truth is I don’t need not long for you ,
    You’ve been missing all my life ,
    I don’t need to detach –
    I’m already detached from you .
    I already know how to live without .
    I have done it since i was born into this dream ,
    You were always there a lucid dream without a form,
    Alive in a parallel universe ,
    Enjoying the journey ,now ,
    I want to reach my final destination ,
    To the safety of dry land –
    A paradise island where we are the island –
    And life comes alive on us .
    – to explore and be discovered –
    In this dream every day beautiful <3

    A poem i wrote!
    I literally feel myself slip into new realities , It feels a bit like when you go down very fast on a roller coaster and the effects of gravity , and ive come to realise that these slips occurr when i reach a moment in reality that is the direct result of a previous daydream or creation im my mind that i have projected into the future, of how id like things to be in the future. That projection may have happened much earlier on in my timeline, like years , but when the dream or the projection actually become real in that split second of my conciousnees recognising that its created this reality , i get this weird slip / slide and then a feeling of "oh good , i am where i am supposed to be "
    I can toatally connect to the way NDE survivor says they feel , i had a nde , and afterwards i suffered from post traumatic shock disorder for many years , you may want to look up the symtoms and get some help and support with that . Since my experience a lot changed , inwardly and outwardly , in the way i perceive the world and reality to the way i feel about myself and others , many new dimensions and realities opened up to me .
    Loved reading this thread !!!

  152. I have sensed for sometime that something is not quite right, singularity is the concept of God and his transcendence of time. The idea that all of time occured in a single moment and now we live in the perception of that dispersion. We live in an age where all things are neatly catalouged and documented so that now instead of thinking of it as a brain fluff we have a point of reference to go back to and a forum to reach out to others who may have seen or experienced the same thing. The more we accecpt this to be true and beleive it to be reality it becomes reality. Is there a mass conspiracy? I think not! We are coming fill circle in time to a point where we realize time as we know it does not exist, nor does the reality around us exist ! I beleive this to be a crucial point in mankinds perception of reality. I have thought on these types of things for years and have been baffled by alot of it and I still have no more answers than when i began. however a discussion of these things and a collective thought on these things will help us all to come to a better understanding. Quantum mechanics and Quantum theory does the best at explaining some of this.

  153. Heres another one, the other morning there was a tragic train accident in the bronx around 7am my time, i was asleep at that time and in my dream i vividly remember a train crashing and the feeling of impending doom. I awoke and related to my wife the dream of a train crashing and shruggred it off. at lunch time that day I hear on the radio about the acutal accident. For alot of people this scares them. for me it excites me to know that we can tap into this yet its going to take much more insight to nail this down.

  154. Hi everyone. I have to say I am very relieved that I am not crazy. 🙂 Thank goodness for the internet where the odds are in your favor to find someone to corroborate most anything.
    I had the clear memory of Mandela dying when I was a kid in the 80’s. I also have the memory of going to the school library to look for books about him after I heard the news.

    I never thought about it much afterwards. In 1990, I was about 15 or so, his release only made me think that maybe I had the people confused. (I find it interesting that he divorced his wife soon after release.)
    But when he started his presidential acts I was in a cloud of confusion. I remembered my memory and I was just confused. This guy is already dead; I’m sure of it.

    Even though my childhood memory is not what it used to be, my memory of my confusion still is. I am aware of all the conspiracy possibilities that this could be… an alien replacement, a clone,…a flux in the matrix, etc. I feel that the most important thing about all this; is that it is possible for some people to not be affected by the ruses and tricks that may go on; and that people can find each other to confirm some truth. Then again, it all may be an illusion, so I take nothing too seriously anyway.

    Believe your own truth, even if noone else does! Not everyone can be hypnotized. Love to all.

  155. I have a question. Does anyone know of any good resources related to dimensional shifts and separations? Thanks.

    1. Tasha, I’m not sure what you’re looking for. Maybe other readers can be more helpful. I rely on resources related to quantum studies, especially the work of Fred Alan Wolf. (See my other articles at this site.)

      If you tell me the context you’re looking for, I may have better resources.


  156. To Fiona.
    I would really like to thank you for this site. I think there is something monumental about this. I don’t know what it is yet but it is big.
    It is really interesting that you would think to identify this phenomena as “The Mandela Effect”. And then when he dies this time, it brings this experience or effect back into our minds.
    It feels like another shift in consciousness. A change of some kind.

    Numerology Note: The number “5” is the number of change.
    The death occurred on 12/5/2013. A “5” day.
    1+2+5+2+0+1+3 = 14 = 5
    A “5” full date.

  157. Okay. After reading the comments, I have thought of different theories. Time Travel, destiny, creation, etc.

    One thing that popped in my head was the concept of changing the past to affect the future. If something in the past is changed, then the present and future are changed to “match”. From my perspective, this “matching” would also have to occur if something in the present is changed. Meaning, once the change has occurred in the present, everything in the past that would make it now possible, would also have to change to match.

    This “matching”, if true, would indeed be a universal law. All events relative to a certain timeline of causes and effects must be exact to produce the end result.

    For example, if today, a person somehow changes the outside of their house from a green color to blue, then all circumstances that led to the green color, would now be changed to lead to the blue color. i.e. The day the decision was made, the event(s) that influenced that decision, the company that produced the paint, the day that the paint was purchased, and so on.

    In regards to changing the present, one would have to consider how that could happen. Well, the other part of this theory is just as hokey. It is possible that there are people who have the ability to change, create, and manipulate matter/reality with their minds. Call it law of attraction, magic, alchemy, rituals, witchcraft, Illuminati; whatever you like. If we did have the power to create our reality and change the impossible into the possible,… then the universe’s “Law of Matching” would follow suit with a kind of ripple effect to put everything in its proper place for the change to happen.

    Lastly, if the universe does correspond to rearrange all factors of the new change, it would also have to protect the factors that led to or influenced the decision to make the change. Those protected factors could be objects as well as people. It would affect people in one of two ways: 1)they would be unaware of any change or 2)they would be outside of the ripple effect and would be aware of the change.

    The only reason why the universe would protect or exclude a person from that ripple effect is if that person somehow was an influence to the initial change event. He or she would have to be unchanged in order for the person that created the new reality to still arrive at the decision to make the change.

    The example for this: On Wednesday, Tom has decided to change his reality from being bald-headed to a full head of hair. On the previous day, Tuesday, his girlfriend, Nancy, criticized his baldness and in effect influenced Tom to make the change. If we were to go back to Tuesday(after the change), to everyone else, Tom has a full head of hair and has always had a full head of hair. Not Nancy. On her Tuesday, Tom is still bald. And today, Wednesday, she is saying “wth?”

    I guess with this theory, a time traveler is more of a time changer. Inception in reverse. If one could figure out what to change in the present that would require a desired change in the past, it wouldn’t even be necessary to travel there. No worries about getting back to the correct present dimension either, since you never left. I’m sure Sam (Quantum Leap) would have preferred this method. 🙂

    So if you were kept out of the loop of a time changing event then maybe you were in some way involved in what initiated that change. Hmm.

    I’m just brainstorming. It’s a hobby.

  158. Here is a brief account of one person, who has a memory of Mandela dying in prison in the 80’s: (THIS IS NOT MY MEMORY)

    “i remember in 2nd grade (im currently 32) making african flags at school and putting them in the hallway and my teacher was from s africa so she took it really hard and we had a fund drive at school to fly her home, we made t shirts with his prison number on it and wore them when she arrived back. gosh am i crazy. this is freaky, i have an excellent memory i am not crazy, or am i…”

    After reading this, I’m wondering if this person has any old photos of him and his classmates wearing those t-shirts or any photos of the african flags that were put up in the school. The point I am trying to make is this; can physical artifacts from an alternate reality (if one exists) be transfered to another reality. Is it breaking some kind of universal law, I wonder?

    1. I believe material can indeed cross over. We often hear of people mysteriously vanishing, no body, no sign of them is ever found. Many of these would be natural events, such as a kidnapping or something like that, but some may also be people crossing over.

      The opposite is probably also happening. History is full of Cryptids, I.E weird beings that we cannot explain. The Chupacabra, Yeti, Big foot, sightings of Mammoths in Sibiria, etc.

      And more mundane things, such as items you own vanishing and items you’ve never seen before popping up amongst your belongings.

  159. It is 12/9/2013, I just read all the posts on this page, and I am freaked out.

    I remember that Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, and didn’t get to live in the house built for him. Some commentators felt that his wife faked her grief at his funeral, and her performance was a little over the top to me even though I was young, less than 15 (as she walked up to the podium, she half-collapsed, it was as if someone was doing a bad acting job). Afterwards, there were all kinds of legal battles over his story.

    I remember that Billy Graham died, and an image of his funeral, a white cloth covered coffin and lots of blue, powdery blue and darker blue behind it.

    Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney died in the 90s, I was really sad. Carol Burnett died of a blood disease, and I was heartbroken. Then I just heard an interview with her last week.

    Owen Wilson died, of a drug overdose or suicide?

    I was taught that there are 52 states, and I remember being embarrassed that I had it wrong.

    New Zealand looks different than I remember it.

    The tank rolled right over the man in Tiananmen square and killed him. I was holding my breath, watching on tv in real time, and was completely shocked, my mom was too. We knew the tank would stop with the whole world watching, and then it didn’t, there was a bloody mess and I was horrified. I remember thinking it was the first time I witnessed a death.

    I just asked my husband about all of this, he remembers 52 states, the deaths of Billy Graham, Mickey Rooney and Dick Van Dyke plus New Zealand’s difference, but not the rest.

    None of this was conscious, exactly, but I know it all to be true. My husband had the same reaction to to the deaths, “That’s crazy. They aren’t alive.”

    The “time-stream” or multi-verses theories interesting, but so many of us have the same memories, like we all experienced the same events, so it would only be one main other time-stream.

    Some “Men In Black” scenario would make sense because there are so many shared memories here. I can imagine someone enjoying the power of having people experience the same events over and over. Thank you so much for putting this together, Fiona. It is so bizarre. I am unable to load any other part of this site today, it must be popular!

    1. Perhaps, or it may be more of a case that some universes are truly parallel to ours.
      I.E a dimension of space separates the two universes. Think the Blue/Red universe of Fringe.

      In Fringe, there are many universes, infinite, but some are connected and thus have more common contact than the others. It’s possible that it’s a single universe where Mandela died in the eighties that we are connected to. And other universes where he died in the nineties and so on are more distant but we can still perceive them.

  160. I think people might be thinking of Oral Roberts not Billy Graham?

    Oral Roberts died on December 15, 2009[66][67] at the age of 91. He had been “semi-retired” and living in Newport Beach, California.

    1. Clayton,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m sure you’re trying to be helpful.

      However, like many others, I remember the Billy Graham funeral very clearly. The amount of time dedicated to it seemed a little excessive to me, but not outrageously so. As I currently recall it, the funeral pre-empted regular TV network programming for two or three days, nearly all day.

      I like Billy Graham. When I’ve heard him talk (on TV), his speeches have been generic, fairly uplifting, and close to non-denominational. We need positive messages to offset the sensationalized media headlines. (Ref:,0,5260119.story#axzz2nA6tzi7X )

      Had it been Oral Roberts, I would recall it differently. I’d have thought, “Oh dear heaven, the man was well-liked and respected by a large number of people, but pre-empting all regular network programming for a full day…? No. CBN, maybe. ABC, NBC, and CBS, nearly all day, for two+ days…? That’s excessive.”

      So, at least in my case, I’m not confusing Billy Graham and Oral Roberts.


  161. Some points to ponder:

    1. CERN creating black holes.

    2. Most of the internet is now first going through the NSA Spy Center which uses QUANTUM computers.

    3. Could it be that between CERN, Quantum Computers and BLACK PROJECTS that some people are playing with time and/or have created a time machine to alter past events. Why would they do this? If you wanted to take over the world, every time something occurred that made this impossible, one would simply travel back in time to change things so that it is possible.

    If #3 is correct, then I think there will be some DIVINE intervention soon. Mankind is playing with things that they should not be, at least not at our present spiritual position. Remember the Norway Spiral?

    1. Farmer_General, your points are chilling.

      I really wish I could disagree with you, but I can’t. (Well, I am — somewhat whimsically — curious about the people who insist that aliens are going to intervene in the mess we’ve created here, and the Vatican are preparing for their arrival. But that’s another topic for another day.)

      I’m not sure why it didn’t cross my mind that CERN could be part of this. I was thinking the whole thing was perfectly natural, and “sliding” has been going on since forever.

      This is definitely food for thought!


      1. I very much doubt CERN is behind this. The experiments they make happens constantly in nature right here on Earth. They don’t create unnatural forces.

        Although Micro Black holes are still a very real possibility.
        According to some theories, Ball lightning is actually a micro singularity.

        1. Gurluas,

          I agree that CERN isn’t likely to be involved in MIB-related activity. (It’s not impossible, just extremely unlikely.)

          However, I believe that some kinds of physical (environmental) alterations could influence the membrane, and therefore increase the “sliding” effect. Maybe. I’m just guessing.

          At this point, we don’t fully understand multiverse components, much less how boundaries are established and — perhaps — crossed. For all we know, increased mobile phone transmissions is a factor in either these events or our awareness of them, or both.

          You’ve made an interesting point about ball lightning theories. The topic is very controversial. Many theories that fit within some aspects of quantum physics, but not others. (Ref: ) Fascinating!

          I’m working on a book on a different topic, but there’s some overlap in data. Since the book focuses on a paranormal phenomenon, it may not relate to alternate memories, but it might indicate how often people are aware of “openings” between universes. I’m hoping to complete that book in January or February, and I’ll discuss it more, then. However, the topic seems only vaguely connected.

          Somewhat related — and I may bring this into my book — are the reports of multiple suns at one time. For example, three suns reported in 1137 CE in Ireland and perhaps the UK. Two in the sky over England in 1164. Five moons over England in 1200. Three suns in 1282, and so on. (See: )

          Some of these could be attributed to comets, Northern Lights, or fireballs. Some could even be attributed to outbreaks of “days of St. Anthony’s fire,” for all we know. It’s difficult to tell.

          However, might some cases be a glimpse into an alternate reality, in which a different Earth has more than one sun or moon…? That’s going far out on a limb, but I like to raise these questions in case they deserve more than fleeting, whimsical attention.


  162. I left a post on the Tank Boy page, because that one is the most shockingly different memory to me, even though a lot of these “alternative histories” sort of sound right, if you know what I mean. I have just read every single comment on this website because I am so fascinated by all of this. I found myself doing some internet research on a variety of topics and just read as of this date, December 13, 2013, that Billy Graham is very ill and on his death bed. (Again possibly?)

    I find it interesting that Nelson Mandela died (again for some of us) very recently and now Billy Graham will be shortly behind. These seem to be the two most common, vividly remembered famous deaths and it is kind of bizarre if they both pass away in the same month, especially after this topic has become so interesting to me, personally.

    In another little tidbit, I worked at a video store for five years and remember many incidents where my customers swore they had already seen a brand new release. I would say they had seen it on the internet maybe or were remembering a trailer, but sometimes they would be totally confused. I can’t remember any specific titles because I always thought they were mistaken, but now I wonder if maybe they were right in another universe…

    As for a previously unmentioned effect, it always seemed so minor, that I have never told anyone. I saw the movie, Thumbelina, in the theater when I was a kid (probably because there was an Animaniacs short before it!) and very vividly remember a scene where the animation turned into a live action scene featuring Barry Manilow. I remember being confused and thinking it didn’t belong in the movie at all. My stepmother is a huge Barry Manilow fan and she asked me about the movie and I remember telling her he was in it and I liked the songs, but didn’t get why he was in it. I wasn’t that young, I knew who Barry Manilow was. The first time I saw the movie on VHS, I thought they removed the scene because it didn’t make sense. I bought it on DVD many years later, thinking it would have the whole “original” version just so I could see what a weird scene it was. Nothing to be found. The song, Let Me Be Your Wings, is still there, still written by Barry Manilow. I can’t even find a music video or anything to explain what I saw. I don’t know, it’s just a lingering memory that bothers me almost 20 years later.

    Thanks again for this website, I will be checking back in frequently.

  163. I have the memory of Owen Wilson killing himself. I remember also having the thoughts of why he did it. Was he dissatisfied with his performances? Did he dislike his nose? And thought about how funny and positive his characters were.

    I also have had the experience of already seeing movies.
    Two movies that I am sure of are Avatar and one of the Spider-man movies.

    Just including memories to solidify that this is really happening.

  164. Kate,

    I appreciate your comment, but you may be missing the point of this website. Most of us already know the “facts” as presented in this timestream. That includes the this-timeline fact that Nelson Mandela did not die in prison; as of early December 2013, Billy Graham was still alive; and the United States is composed of 50 states and uses a flag with 50 stars.

    In fact, the American flag has been redesigned many times since the Betsy Ross version. That’s common knowledge and something we generally don’t dispute. After all, it’s not as if the United States sprang up in 1776 with a full set of 48 or 50 or 52 states.

    The question about the states is how many there were in the timestreams where some readers received their educations. We’re sorting that from simple educational errors, and seeing how closely the 51 and 52 states memories match each other, respectively. That may help us better understand the different timestreams and where these alternate memories come from.

    Meanwhile, since your site link looked suspiciously like an attempt at a backlink, I’ve removed it. Ordinarily, that kind of thing will be sent directly to the spam folder. This website will not be used for backlinking. However, I’m giving your comment the benefit of the doubt, in case you were sincere and added your link as a “what the heck, it’s a backlink, too,” afterthought.

    Fiona Broome

  165. This comment is addressed to Myron:

    Dec 05, 2013 @ 20:45:49

    I think it might actually be something to this “Mandela Affect”!!! There is a movie called “South Central” (filmed in 1992)… In this movie, there is a scene with a guy named Ray Ray talking to this little kid named J-Roc… EVERYONE who has seen this movie a million times when they were younger (including me), remembers the kid saying the words “Sho ya right, Ray Ray!”…

    I think that you could possibly be confusing that phrase/line with songs and a phrase that was created by the film itself, shortly after its release (so the phrase is forever associated with the film). Just offereing a possible explanation.

  166. Someone mentioned being surprised that “Ken Wilber” or “Wilbur” is still alive. Sorry to say I didn’t even know who he was, but it reminded me of “Ken Berry” of “Mayberry, R.F.D.” fame. I recall him dying a few years ago. (From 5-10 years ago, maybe.) I went to and was stunned to see he is still alive!! I am most certainly not getting him mixed up with John Ritter (loss of a genius physical comedian, and apparently a very nice guy, btw), who died very suddenly on the set in 2003 – or with anyone else. I absolutely thought Ken Berry had died, remember watching stuff about it on TV and how I felt at the time.
    I (just now) tried to tell myself maybe I was just remembering wheh he was being divorced for his womanizing (that was a bit of a shock) – or that he was retiring from the biz… But NO. That is not the case. I clearly remember that he passed away, and all these intervening years I considered him to be no longer with us. Does anyone else have this memory of Ken Berry?
    Just for the record, my memories of Mandela and Billy Graham (pastor to the presidents, you know!) are sort of unclear. In my timeline, NZ has always been a beautiful country SE of Australia. I am in the US, but worked on a little project in school re: NZ, years ago.

    1. Absolutely remember Ken Berry being announced dead. Absolutely 100%. Berenstein/stain had me spooked But I get that I just remembered it wrong but I would have bet you money that Ken Berry was dead.

      1. John, if you’re sure you remembered the Berenstein Bears’ name wrong, that’s fine. If you’re still uncertain, see the article at this site about that exact topic. You’re not alone if you think it might have been Berenstein, not Berenstain.

  167. First I would like to say this website is wonderful. I spent all night last night reading the entire site like a book.

    It’s great to see that so many are aware enough to notice these experiences now. I have had several myself over the course of my own life and still do. Personally I believe that these experiences are becoming so prevalent now due to the shift in cosmic consciousness.

    In my own experiences, I do not remember Nelson Mandela dying in the 80’s nor do I remember Billy Graham’s funeral in any TL I’ve been in so far. I do however remember Tank Man being killed(although I thought he was shot) and always knew that(along with the other student deaths) is what made The TS incident such a major event. My husband remembers him Tank Man being run over and my mother recalls only hearing of Billy Graham’s death.

    I also remember hearing about the deaths of Peter O’Toole, Jane Goodall, Dom Deluise(prior to 2009), Olivia De Havilland, and a few others years ago. I know I learned many years ago, say when I was a child in the 90’s, that Jane Goodall was mauled to death by one of her gorillas, it prompted me to do a search on Google a few years back and I was a bit surprised to see she was alive. I can even recall a teacher mentioning in hight school in the early 2000’s that she was dead.

    When I was around 7 or 8 years old I can also remember vividly conversing with two adults I knew about crossing the street. I was always taught(as most of us were in this TL) to cross on Green, these two ladies however told me to never cross on Green but on Red!!! and I remember being dumbfounded as heck because they were so certain as was I.

    The US in my TL has always had 50 states but I never remember Australia having a Gulf(Gulf of Carpentaria) but being more round entirely, totally surrounded by water and no where near as close to SE Asia as it is now; and I’ve always been a Geography buff. As a matter of fact I’d never heard of the Gulf of Carpentaria until I did a search on Google last night!!! I also recall New Zealand being a bit further Southeast than it is now.

    I also remember the “missing” Star Trek Voyager episode with Chakotay being killed, then returning a week or so later like nothing happened; this was a midseason episode, not to be confused with the series finale “Endgame”.

    For me I doubt none of these occurrences I attribute it all to shifting consciousness on a planetary scale and a cosmic scale and these experiences are going to become far more common and discussed in the next several years. If one believes or is familiar with the Holographic Universe/Computer Simulation Theory then all of this makes perfect sense.

    On a side note: Look into Project Camelot and their info on Project Looking Glass and Time Travel Experiments. According to them and several others, The Looking Glass was/is technology that was used to see future events, and certain “black budget” organizations(along with certain other intergalactic beings) would manipulate the timeline. From what I understand, they manipulated the timeline so much, higher galactic forces got tired of it and put an end to it. Therefore no events past 2012 could be seen.

    -I’ve also heard the there was a TL shift in 1966 to avert some sort of global disaster and then another in 1970 or ’71 which threw off several of Nostradamus’s predictions. Some believe that the 1966 TL shift is why some people remember Paul McCartney being killed in an accident only to appear later on…looking very different, although some attribute his difference in appearance to replacement.

    Our experiences are attributed all of the above factors I feel.

    Best Wishes

      1. Being a Voyager fan I am interested in the episode where Chakotay died…Maybe in that reality they decided to replace him instead of Kes?

        1. Gurluas,

          I happened to be near Robert Beltran’s “Walk of Fame” table at Dragon*Con when the couple approached him with the question about Chakotay’s death and unexplained return. They didn’t give a whole lot of information, but I got the idea there was a lapse of about five episodes before Chakotay returned, as if nothing had happened.

          Beltran replied that the show had never filmed anything like that, not even as an alternate ending to a storyline. As far as he knew, nothing along those lines had ever been written, either.

          When I spoke with Beltran later, he said he’d never heard that kind of question before, so he had no insights at all. I explained a little about Mandela Effect to him, and he seemed interested, but I had to dash to one of my own speaking gigs. He stopped me in the hallway later, to chat more. (I’ll admit that I was impressed. I’ve worked with lots of people from the original Star Trek series, so I’m not sure why I was so starry-eyed, but there it is.) Unfortunately, I was (once again) on my way to a scheduled panel, and I haven’t talked with him since then.

          I should probably create an article about this, because the couple who’d asked about that version of the show… they were very well-grounded people. (Dragon*Con attracts plenty who aren’t… in very fun ways, of course.) Since that particular couple recalled Chakotay’s death — and both were absolutely certain of the episode where he died — I’m sure others do, too. It seems pretty rare for someone to have one of these celebrity-related memories, unless others have that same memory, even if we allow for some well-meaning “me, too” input.

          What really interests me is: They described episodes between Chakotay’s death and his return to the show. So, either both people (husband & wife) were in an alternate reality for at least a month (starting with the episode where Chakotay died, plus at least three or four episodes without him), or they “slid” for the episode where he was killed and… I don’t know, were there any sequential episodes where Chakotay was missing for other (scripted) reasons? (I’m wondering if they “slid” and saw the episode in which Chakotay died, and then slid back into their home universe at another, unrelated point where — in our current timestream — Chakotay wasn’t featured for a few weeks.)

          That might contribute to an understanding of the duration of slides.

          My recollection of Nelson Mandela’s funeral involved days. The same is true for the times I turned on the TV, saw that they were still covering Billy Graham’s death, and I turned off the TV, immediately.

          So, for those particular “slides,” I was in a different reality for days or longer.

          The Chakotay incident seems to involve weeks. The more information we can gather about extended events like that, the more clues we’ll have regarding the duration of some (not necessarily all) “slides.”


          1. Chakotay may have been missing for a few episodes, but definitely not five in sequence. It would be interesting to find out when in the series this exactly happened.

            Robert Beltran was an outspoken critic of where his character and the show was going.


            It’s very possible that in some other reality he insulted some executive and he decided to end Chakotay’s run early. A bit similar to what happened to the Professor on Sliders.

  168. Hi, today I noticed another change. I was reading an article about Mussolini and went to look him up. The man in the photos is not the same man from my timeline. His face has completely changed. When I saw his photos, I said “who is that?” So I looked up others like Stalin. Their photos show the same men, but his is different. He looks nothing like the Mussolini I learned about. And also learned that Louie Anderson is alive again. I remember him dying and his tv show being cancelled because of his death. Now it seems the show went off the air, but he is still alive.

    1. jasmine K,

      Thanks for those updates. I’ll add them to the list of Major Memories and see if anyone else has similar alternate memories.


    2. I remember distinctly that Billy Graham died long ago, as well as Ernest Borgnine… I am 50 years old, and in “my” timeline, there were always 50 states (Puerto Rico & Washington DC not being states)…. I also KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that the childrens books were the “Berenstein” Bears, not the “Berenstain” Bears. I am a readaholic, and have been since I was 4 years old. I read every single word, just as I have done with these comments! ALL the time, I was reading BERENSTEIN, and our next-door neighbor was Mr. Steinman (pronounced “STINE”) so I asked my grandmother if it was pronounced Beren-STINE or Beren-STEEN. She said it was pronounced “Bern-Steen” Bears, different than Mr. Steinman’s name… I would never have asked her how to pronounce it, if it had been spelled “Berenstain”! I have also had dreams that were so realistic and seemed like I was living that life for at least a few weeks, then wake up and it’s only been a couple of hours…

  169. Hi everyone, I think what most of you guys posted have some relevance. I remember when I was in the fourth grade and the teacher was getting ready to give us a spelling test and I told her that we had already taken it. I knew we had taken the test but nobody believed me. I remembered the words verbatim and my score which was a 100. It wasn’t a feeling like Deja Vu or anything but I had actually taken the test. I thought the teacher was playing a joke on me. ANyway, the concept of time is really complex. There are man-made devices that can alter time. Check out interviews by Al Bielek, who says that he was part of the Philadelphia Experiment, who then later worked at Montauk where the Navy had covert projects and time travel. He said that they actually went back in time to alter the results of the war between the south and the yankees and he ran into an old woman that remembers vividly that the other side won. To understand these things listen to or read his interviews. He served the Navy in the forties and was working on The Philadelphia Experiment but was age-regressed by the Navy into a later timeline. His story (no pun intended on history) is very interesting. He said time isn’t linear. In regards to Mandela just recently in June, I remember being on social network and Nelson Mandela was a trending topic because he had passed away but when he “died” in December I was like hold up wait didnt he pass in June. I remember seeing celebrities sending condolences to the family and everything, and what makes that even weird that has nothing to do with time, the guy standing behind Obama that was doing sign language for the deaf people was faking the whole time. Its strange. Back to Al Bielek, he said that the government stopped messing with certain timelines because it has serious implications. He said that after he got out of the Navy, he started his own company in Cali but the people at Montauk was pulling him to their timeline to work, which he worked like six or seven years but was sent back to his timeline and didn’t miss a beat. Very Complicated and strange. Also research a Dr. John von Neuman who was also involved. On Wikipedia it says he died in 1957 but according to Bielek and others he died much later than that like in 2000. Al Bielek was able to recover memories from both timelines, and he attended Harvard on both timeline but his records were wiped clean.

    1. Time was never linear, we experience time linear but it simply isn’t.
      Imagine a giant spider web, that represents time.
      We can only walk on one strand of the web, but theres an infinite amount of strands all over us, intersecting with ours, being spun from ours, and leading into ours.

    1. I like the metaphor of the spider web! I’m someone who needs visuals to help understand some concepts.

  170. I’m going to talk about something happend in China.About 10 years ago,I heard about a piece of news that a famous comedian named Li Qi died because of heart attack.I can still remember what I saw on TV and what I thought at that moment(He was very healthy at that time so that I could hardly believe the news).However, I saw him on the Internet 2 weeks ago.He is still alive and I was shocked by this fact.I asked my friends if they remember the comedian died long before,but they do not remember it at all.

  171. Over the past few days, people have been talking about Jay Leno and him stepping down from the Tonight Show…..I could have sworn Jay Leno had actually already retired a few years ago and someone else had taken his place???? I researched it and it said that he was supposed to retire in 2004 then his contract was extended to 2009 which was then extended to 2014. I remember him retiring sometime around then and a huge deal was made about it them just as it is being made now, and no I’m not confusing him with Conan O’Brian who ended his term on the Late Show that same year.

  172. Okay I see Fiona. I do remember Conan replacing him now, but I do not remember Conan leaving and Leno coming back. I had no idea Leno had come back and was still doing the Tonight Show until his retirement was announced again last week.

    1. T, I think there was a lot of “err… umm…” embarrassment when Leno had to take back the show. So, it didn’t get as much press as it might have, under different circumstances.

  173. First I want to declare I’m from a non-English speaking country (China) so please excuse my poor expression.
    OK, my experience is not exactly knowing some died and then didn’t, it was one Metallica track Master of Puppets from the album which is of the same name.
    In 1999 was my first time listened to the song and I am so amazed by it that I listened to it again and again that I’m very sure I remember almost each note of this track especially the solo part. BTW it was a cassette I bought from a local audio store. Afterwards, for a long time my attention went to Megadeth and Guns N’Roses and any other bands. From 2006 during my university education in Australia, one day I felt like listening to the classic Master of Puppets so I started to listen to it on-line, but the starting of the solo part was different to what I firstly listened in 1999, I thought it might be another version, but I prefer much the “original” version I heard so I searched and listened over and over again but none of them matched, they’re all the same solo even the live versions follow the same way to the “album version” which is different to what I heard in 1999. Then I spent a lot of time in searching the version I heard but it was totally fruitless not even a clue. I also tried asked many other heavy metal fans but none of them heard of another version during recent years from time to time.
    So to me this case is that the Master of Puppet track I listened to for countless times seems had never been existed, though the cassette was lost bu I still clearly remember how to hum the solo.
    That was my story.

  174. Astral projection is the precursor to obe and despite a plethora of literature,this arcane science of occult has never redeemed itself in any practical or tangible manner.Missing things disappearing and appearing is a phenomena of glitched brain as exploited in the victorian parlour game of ‘hunt the thimble’ and the funny thing is that victorian era was really the start of materialistic era when all kinds of knick knack cluttered the house and subsequently the brain,D.H.Lawrence really hated this turn of mindset.Some really talented persons will find it very convenient to go missing from their frustrating place of living while others not so endowed do well with the last journey funded by the minions of state machinery.Mandela effect is going well enough and will continue to do so without a deluge from ATS or Reddit,some of the really persistent anomalies will reach here anyway.

  175. I remember vaguely about Nelson Mandela dying before 2013. When I saw the news about him dying back in December,I thought to myself,”He was alive all this time?” This “Alive Again Phenomenon” could be happening more and more. Maybe it is an awakening for mankind about what reality is actually. Almost everyone believes in the afterlife and that people never really die,and that they live on in the spirit world or that’s what it has been called for many centuries. People who have deceased loved ones believe they will reunite in this after life. This is what I and most others have believed. But lately,I have been pondering, what if people can come back and be alive again here on earth? Maybe it doesn’t matter if they have been gone for many years and of course,don’t have a body. We are made of matter. If consciousness creates matter,then perhaps people that have died can come back. It sounds crazy and wacky,but this somehow makes sense when you think of it in quantum terms. Think about it. There are so many questions and so little answers. Death is an illusion. Time is circular or does not exist. The Bible says that Jesus will return. Jehovah Witness religion says that the dead can be alive again-here on earth. I’ve always wondered about those things and more. It’s definitely something to ponder about.

  176. Hello,Fiona,

    I am very excited about and happily awaiting your upcoming book,”The Mandela Effect”. When do you think it will be ready for publishing?

    1. Raquel,

      Thanks for asking! The book was planned (and started) years ago, when I thought the only alternate memory was about Nelson Mandela. Now, as this expands… I haven’t a clue. I’d like to have something in print by the end of 2014, covering the basics. Fingers crossed, I’ll make that happen!


  177. Hi,Fiona,
    Thanks so much for your reply! It is definitely ground-breaking subject matter and probably as expansive as the universe itself!

  178. Thank you for publishing this – I, too, remember a Mandela funeral perhaps 25 years ago. I remember hearing about it after school on the radio, and chiding my friend Ellen for saying “who the heck is Nelson Mandiville?”

    A couple of other things that stand out in my mind – and people say that I’m “wrong” about these events – the death of Mikhail Gorbachev (approximately in 2002), and an atomic bomb explosion in Charleston, South Carolina – I remember watching a live broadcast of the event sometime in the early 1980s (I had a friend who lived there and was worried about him). I had lost his phone number but he called me several months later and said “what? There was no nuclear explosion here -” – another unexplained mystery.

    1. Garic,

      That TV movie may explain what Allison saw. It seems a reasonable explanation… maybe. That’s up to Allison to decide, based on the context of her memories.

      However, the generalization that “It has been scientifically shown that memories are notoriously faulty and selective” is a flawed generalization. While some memories are faulty and selective, if you think that explains all (or even most) Mandela Effect memories, either you’re fooling yourself or you’re a troll.

      Enjoy the illusion, if that suits you, but don’t expect the rest of us to take your oversimplifications at face value.

      Much quoted false memories research dates back to the 1980s when child abuse claims were trending along with cult backlash. In the decades since then, flaws have been revealed, from fuzzy-trace theory, to embarrassing efforts by some “false memory” proponents hawking their theories as weight-loss methods.

      While some people may recall things that never happened in any universe they were in, it’s a mistake to use this universe’s “scientific” studies to establish rules for all realities.

      The fact is, we don’t really understand memory — or parallel realities — well enough to draw solid conclusions… yet.

      Fiona Broome

      1. Garic,

        Yes, that is troll-like, but I’ll reply anyway.

        I’ve never feigned ignorance of studies of false memories. In fact, I attended one of the last real Cult Awareness Network conferences, held in Los Angeles in 1992, partly for the purpose of hearing experts speak about false memories and the myriad causes and contexts for them. So, I don’t need footnotes on the topic, and I’m not “hand-waving away the evidence.”

        In general, I assume that most — if not all — readers have already examined their memories in the context of misremembering. The memories presented here are not in the same category as not recalling your third-grade teacher’s name, or discovering four or five classmates in your yearbook whom you don’t remember, but they look vaguely familiar.

        Memories can be flawed. We know that.

        “Mandela Effect” memories tend to be detailed, covering long periods of time, and — more importantly — things people have double- and triple-checked, looking for a reasonable explanation. They’re memories that, when contradicted by apparent history, make the person say, “Wait… what?” and then go looking for how he or she had been confused.

        Omitting in-depth coverage of false memories from this website is no more an oversight than leaving a discussion of color blindness out of a site for and about Neo-Impressionist artists.

        Relevant…? Maybe, but this website doesn’t try to be all things to all people. If I cover false memories, someone will ask why I don’t also discuss hallucinations. If I add them, someone will ask about memories formed in a semi-awake state, or during Ambien-type activity. The list could go on and on.

        This site isn’t here to diagnose anything. It’s for the exchange of ideas and alternate memories by those who have them.

        Once people come to terms with the possibility that these memories are real, and they’re further evidence of theories raised by some physicists, life actually becomes simpler. It’s no longer a case of “my memory is right, therefore yours must be wrong.” Now, we can agree that both memories may be right… they just happened in different past realities, and within the curious — sometimes baffling — constructs of time and space.

        This subject is intriguing, even fascinating, once the coercive elements are removed. My memories being different than yours — or the memories of the majority of people in this particular timestream — has all the appeal of traveling to learn about different cultures.

        In Western countries, white is often a color of celebration, such as weddings. In some Asian countries, white is used for mourning. That doesn’t make either culture wrong… just different. Maybe surprising, at times.

        Likewise, I’m intrigued when someone remembers something different from how I do. The mystery grows (in a good way) when — in open and hidden comments at this site, and in email — people seem to share absolutely identical memories. I don’t mean a single event that held their interest for ten minutes or even an hour; I mean memories that cover days, weeks, months, or sometimes years.

        Removing “right” and “wrong” from this topic is key to exploring it. Whether you ignore the 800-pound gorilla or label him a delusion, if evidence suggests he might actually be there… well, he might be real, after all.

        Your reality might be rife with false memories. That’s fine. If anything, I feel sorry for anyone looking at life (and memories) through that filter.

        My reality is filled with interesting memories… sometimes, they’re memories that don’t corroborate popular versions of history. I’m at the point where, with enough collateral evidence (ruling out the “me, too” factor), I’m interested in the patterns of these memories: Age, location, context, personal history, and so on. I look forward to having time to study this subject in more depth.

        We’re already familiar with the easy explanations like false memories or “you’re just confused.” We’ve been down that path, as individuals, and in some previous discussions at this site.

        The Earth is not the center of the Universe, and the Sun doesn’t rotate around us, despite centuries of beliefs and apparent evidence to the contrary. The Earth isn’t flat, either, though people seemed certain Columbus and fellow explorers were sure to fall off the edge.

        In addition to Mandela Effect, I’m willing to consider the Expanding Earth Theory and a wide range of other theories that don’t fit “everyone knows” ideas.

        In other words: discoveries are rarely made during lockstep adherence to past beliefs. At some point, we have to step off the well-worn path.

        False memories — individual ones, or those deliberately implanted by organizations with their own agendas — may be the answer for some alternate memories. For the rest, the Mandela Effect may be among the better matches.


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  180. Hi,

    I just discovered this site today and have spent the last 4 hours reading this page so I apologise if this has been mentioned anywhere else.
    I was born in 1994 in Australia, so I’m too young to have memories of a possible Mandela funeral and I don’t know who billy graham is, but for at least the last 10 years my mother has always been convinced that Freddie Prinze Jr died in a car accident. I actually rang her to confirm her memory of this before I made this comment and she’s certain he died not long after his marriage to Sarah Michelle Gellar. I have also always believed that Dick Van Dyke had passed away before I was born, but discovered that’s not true after reading everything here.
    Thank you 🙂

  181. I would also like to add that I always thought Tankboy was run over, and I remember watching it in class at school, my boyfriend and I both always thought there was 52 US states, and I always believed WW2 ended in 1947

  182. I went to a book signing of a former quantum physicist, Cynthia Sue Larson who documents such stories to show parallel realities exists and when someone changes their perception about something, then they change their frequency and quantum jump into a reality that matches their new frequency thus avoiding the outcomes of the former reality. Her site is:

    To explain her point, she asked the audience if they remembered that Nelson Mandela died in jail and a couple people including two of my friends raised their hands. I looked at them all and said he is still alive. I pulled up my phone and showed a recent article of Mandela doing a most recent political meeting. Cynthia explained her point was just made and yes, Nelson Mandela is alive, but when people “jump”, most of the reality is the same, but a couple of small anomalies occur that people don’t pay attention to or ignore as part of memory lapse in order to not look crazy to others. Yet, when multiple people who don’t know each other and corroborate the same thing, then it’s documented cases of “jumpers” and falls into what ancient esoteric beliefs have been saying all along about the matrix that quantum physics is exploring. My same friend showed me two different school syllabuses that had an extra homework assignment that the other one did not and 3 other’s in her class had the same, which baffled the professor as he never sent out an updated syllabus and was perplexed to this other one his students were showing as that’s his material. Recently, I was perplexed when I saw on Easter that Billy Graham is still alive at like 90+ yrs old, when I distinctively remember reading an article about his life and death on TIME at Bartell Drugs. Other anomalies occur as well for me and many of my enlightened/spiritual friends including people we know who we remember passed away. Cynthia really helps answer questions directly. It seems from the stories that there are two ways to jump into a new reality. The 1st is the religious concept of dying and resurrecting into a new reality, which would explain why other’s remembering someone who died and is still alive like Mandela. The other is by quantum jumping through consciousness rising. In esoteric theory, the timelines are blending, but eventually when the higher frequencial reality gets too great for bleed through, then it will break off and each timeline exists independent and thus people stuck in one will run out its course and those on the other runs its course. There are also parallel versions of people in each reality and in some cases, some people don’t exist and most people don’t remember them unless you’re a “jumper”. So if you’re a “jumper”, then the best advice is to just observe and go with the flow and document as much as you can. Some people are self-aware of their multi-dimensional self and others are not. The thing is that, those who are self-aware also trigger and raise the frequency of other’s they interact with and start talking to each other to corroborate each other’s experiences as they wait for more people to wake up from within the matrix and by doing so they change the matrix through consciousness. It only takes 1% of the world’s population to wake up consciously and change the world’s direction according to the “Maharishi Study”. Look it up for yourself.

    Parallel reality experiencers and the concepts being real are discussed by Arizona State University, which are being documented as we speak.

  183. Hiya

    I decided after reading all of this page to add my two cents into the mix. I remember Mandela dying in the 80’s as well. I also thought there were 52 states (I am American) . I would have blown all this off to a faulty memory if I had not had an experience with a friend last year.

    I have known my friend for about ten years and have never known him to be a liar. He told me a few years ago about this wonderful couple he had known for most of his adult life. He would see them once a week or so, they would stop in to see him at his work. Three years ago he made a comment about the wife having stage three cancer and she was wheel chair bound. Eventually the woman died and my friend grieved for the couple.

    Last year, my friend and I decided to go food shopping together. Walking through the aisles my friend stopped dead in his tracks. I didn’t notice at first until he stopped interacting with me. I looked to him and he was transfixed on a woman walking towards us. She gave my friend a hug and they began chatting. Not wanting to interrupt, I continued my shopping. A few minutes passed, and my friend found me and was pale as a ghost and kept saying “she is dead” we left immediately, he was kind of making a scene and I didn’t want him having a complete meltdown in public.

    As you have probably guessed, the woman was the one who was supposed to have died. My friend swears, to this day that the woman did die.

    1. Canned, that’s a great example of this very weird effect. I think most of us run into the occasional “I must have misremembered” moment, but when you encounter something really significant like your friend’s experience… that’s when this takes on an entirely new perspective.

      Thanks for sharing that with us. That’s the exact kind of report that renews my enthusiasm for this topic. Something is going on, but we don’t fully understand it yet. Whatever this is — and I believe sliding between realities (parallel universes) makes the most sense — it’s fascinating!

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  184. Another one worth mentioning is the children s books about the ‘Berenstain Bears’ . Every single person I have talked to swears it was spelled ‘Berenstein Bears” . I have a wild theory that the advances in quantum manipulation are in fact altering reality. So far the ‘adjustments’ only seem to go back a few decades but as our skill in manipulating quantum state mechanics increases , I believe there will be shifts on a larger and longer reaching scale.

    1. Not to mention that there are theories that our ‘mind’ as it were or consciousness ,is a multi dimensional construct in a quantum state flux . It would make sense that the biblical references to time being given to man as a measure are to give reference points and help contain/define our consciousness. In other words , time is a box to help mold and direct our spirit ,for lack of a better word , to maturity. It could be compared to providing a frame for climbing ivy or a brace for a newly planted sapling.

  185. Hi,
    Just found your website and read the comments may I suggest that if anyone is interested there is Starfire Tor who explains on her Yahoo Group webpage about timelines, time shifts (we’ve had several this year and are in one now). She also explains what to note such as Living Dead persons eg Nelson Mandela, Ernest Borgnine and Rhu Maglagan (The Golden Girls). People who are remembered on one timeline as having died but who are alive on another.

  186. Regarding Nelson Mandela’s supposed death in prison. That would have had an effect on world history in a big way (ending of apartheid, Rugby World Cup in South Africa etc), so why don’t people mention those changing?

    1. Jimbo,

      Well… maybe they did change, but people haven’t noticed them yet. Or, maybe the person “slid” to this timeline shortly after Mandela’s death.

      Or… wait, didn’t apartheid end…? Hmm, maybe I should check more historical references from this timestream, myself. (Nope. Apartheid in South Africa really did end in this timestream. )

      Meanwhile, the simplest explanation is that most of these reports are from people in the U.S. and the U.K., and maybe their news hasn’t contradicted other historical events these same people recall… yet. For example, I haven’t a clue who’s won the Rugby World Cup, ever. I also can’t tell you which teams have won the American World Series or any other major sporting event.

      However, I do recall that Nelson Mandela died in prison.

      It’s also possible that, in some timestreams, Mandela’s death in prison didn’t make much difference. Unpleasant officials kept doing what they were doing, as if nothing had happened.

      If every potential exists in some reality or dimension, any of these are possible… somewhere, sometime.

      Fiona Broome

      1. Since mid 80s, world,politically as well as socially has taken a one track path of apathy,barring 3 or 4 very powerful leaders at any given time rest of the leaders heads of state are simply propped up dummies.Callousness and apathy has permeated the very consciousness,so a political or any death is too irrelevant to a system that is run thru perpetual bureaucracy rather than political ideologue,individuals simply don’t matter any more in this automated world order.

  187. I recently noticed that Bob Uecker popped back into the TL. He is another I clearly remember dying in 1988 or 89 of a heart attack shortly after the movie Major League. My grandmother read tabloids, kept up with baseball, and listened to sports radio and his death was a pretty big deal because he was an ex baseball player and a commentator for The Dodgers. Seeing him pop back up again all of a sudden just lately was a another wowzer for me. This phenomenon is really getting more and more evident everyday.

    Also there is a show on ABC called Resurrection that is about people’s dead relatives who all of a sudden are alive again after years of being ‘dead’. Considering that we are at a point of ascension/evolution now, and the resurrection theme itself(i.e. the ‘dead’ would live again) was part of ancient prophecies concerning this era, there is certainly alot more to this than many people would like to believe, and all of it is tied together.

  188. Not Mandela, but I similarly distinctly recall Desmond Tutu having died of cancer around ten years ago, only to have heard an interview with him and seen multiple news stories with quotes from him since.

  189. When I was a child I read “Alice In Wonderland”. There were not only white rabbit, but the red rabbit. I remembered that very good, but when I have read this book again I was shocked. Maybe anymore remember the Red Rabbit in Alice?

  190. One theory is that they are using time technology to try and forestall the Apocalypse.

    In other words, look around, this isn’t the 2014 that we always imagined, no flying cars, jetpacks etc. The promises of science fiction have not been fulfilled. Cars from 2014 look like cars from 2004, pop songs from today could be released in 2004 or 2024 and people probably wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

    There’s a weird homogenization of time into a post-millennial stasis. Every other movie is a reboot or a remake. Look at the change in fashion from the first season of the Brady Bunch to the last season, totally different clothing, but if we saw someone from 2007 we wouldn’t be taken aback by their clothes or style. I think fashion was really a 20th Century phenomenon, and what we have now is just trends recycling the styles of the 20s-90s in shorter and shorter cycles, i.e The Ironic Hipster’ who embodies the eclectic nostalgia of the past decades all rolled into one.

    There is the pre-Ironic era ending somewhere towards the late 90s, and then the post-Ironic era after the millennium. This is an important point because notice that you can only remake/reboot pre-ironic art and styles, that is why all the big Film remakes are things like GhostBusters, Ninja Turtles and so forth. You can’t really reboot post-irony, say something from 2005 because it would be like a hipster parodying another hipster, it would be redundant.

    So there is this pre-irony innocence up until about the late 90s, which is interesting because the plot of the Matrix is exactly that ‘The Matrix, a shared simulation of the world as it was in 1999’.

    So we are really still in 1999 now, but with so called advances in technology like iPhones and so forth, but I see these technological developments more akin to ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ and it provides the illusion of moving forward through time. As Terrance Mckenna said ‘Surely the future isn’t just about clearer televisions’.

    The future that Sci-fi promised was something else, it was flying cars and so forth, jump suits, warp drives, and that sort of thing. That Sci-fi future was actually more about aesthetic than technology or a particular date like 2030. Aesthetic in the sense of walking outside and seeing white jump suits, glass buildings and jetpaks etc. In other words you only arrived in that future by seeing it in front of you, stylized as art, a particular look. We will never be in the future until it looks like the future, by consensus.

    So are we in some bizarro pocket-dimension that is a pseudo simulation of the world of 1999? I would argue yes, but it requires taking all of the above points into consideration. If you want to get even weirder, Drunvalo Melchizedek one of the core New Agers going back to the 80s claims that Mother Earth was supposed to ascend at the turn of the millennium but ‘we weren’t ready yet’ and so she did go 4D but she re-created the 3rd Dimension for us so that we could prepare ourselves for 4D. This gets a little strange but, it fits the timeline and explains the pocket-dimension or stasis bubble like reality that we find ourselves in.

    It’s also a more positive outlook than imagining dark alchemists re-jiggering time. This was incidentally part of the vision in Philip K. Dick’s exegesis where he claimed that alchemists had reversed time after Jesus died in order to forestall his return, this involves the idea that Jesus was supposed to return after one generation had passed, but he didn’t. It was because these alchemists had created a time-loop of some sort. There is also a theory by Mark Leclair that time was reversed in this fashion in 1977, depicted in the movie SuperMan where he spins the Earth backwards.

    There’s lots of these ‘out there’ theories, but I try to stay on the ‘love and light’ path, and see all this as a learning experience for the soul, and I still anticipate an apocalyptic point in the near future where all this nonsense reaches a point of parity, and the human adventure moves into the higher realms.

  191. This is just the most fascinating site. Over the years I have experienced many “false memories” and instances where I remember an event clearly that others who were involved insist never happened. For example, I recently had a phone conversation with my best friend who lives in another town. He explained to me that he and his wife were considering relocating to the town I live in. The conversation was very detailed and he talked about searching for a house, how far he would have to drive to work, etc.. I was surprised by this because I had thought he would never leave where he lived (his life-long hometown). As soon as our phone conversation was over I told my wife all about it. Well anyway, I saw my friend about a week or so later and asked him how things were coming along with his plan to move. Well he looked at me like I was crazy. He said he never said anything about moving to me or anyone else. He further stated that the thought of moving had never crossed his mind. I was shocked. I have known him for over 35 years and he is NOT the kind to make things up or lie. In fact, he is probably the most honest, high-character guy I know. But I KNOW we had that detailed conversation about him moving. When I got home that night I asked my wife if she remembered me telling her about his plan to move immediately after my phone conversation with him and she said yes, she did. So, what happened? Did he lie about it? I think not. Or, did I have that phone conversation with him in a different reality, one in which he was intending to move? And then I shifted back to my current reality?

    There have been other occurences similar to this over the years and I usually just brush them off. I plan to start documenting them however. I don’t have a recollection of Nelson Mandela dying in prison or many of the other scenarios mentioned here. Weird stuff though..

  192. I clearly remember it being all over the news in either 2011 or 2012. They said Mandela had been deathly ill for the past several days and has died in the hospital, funeral already being arranged. It was on the news all day. I forgot about it and then a few weeks later I can find no mention of it and it never freaking happened?

  193. I also remember Mandela dying in prison many years ago. It was a fairly big deal when it happened, so I was a bit confused to learn that he died, seemingly a second time, at the age of 95.

    I have another memory mix-up that some here will be very familiar with if they saw the ORIGINAL Star Wars when it first showed in theaters in 1977. There was no “A New Hope” or “Episode 4” tacked onto it then, and there were several scenes in it which, we are assured, never were in the movie because they were cut due to time constraints, story pacing, and the like. You can find these “lost scenes” on YouTube nowadays, of course, but thousands of fans recall seeing them in the actual movie when it showed in theaters. For years, Lucasfilm has insisted that these are merely fake memories as the result of reading the Star Wars comics, behind-the-scenes reviews in magazines, and still photos from the film. I believed this, too, until I learned about the Mandela Effect. Now, I am convinced that these scenes WERE in the movie–in a different timeline–and that those who remember them are not mistaken. And Star Wars is not the only movie in which this phenomenon has happened.

  194. i vaguely remember when i was younger that something happened to the voice of mermaid man, on sponge bob. ernerst borgnine. i dont know what year it was, but im positive it was before his real death in 2012.
    anyways, it was something about a death. i completly forgot about it, until i read one of your articles about him. i got a flashback, like i said, about a death. im not able to add a lot of information, because i vaguely remember.

  195. I, my wife, and brother all vividly remember Mandela’s death being widely publicized in the 1980’s. I personally remember being told about it in school, taught about it while we covered current events..
    When he suddenly popped back up, I thought perhaps I was losing my mind, but only in this very particular way. I (and my family ) are just relieved that there are others who remember this happening,
    I started asking others about it a while back, and only a small few people seem to remember.. or even know who he is!! I am certain these are not false memories, I am not certain what they are, but in my experience I think it may be related to time-lines / time-streams.

  196. This really is a phenomenal website. I have experienced a few strange occurrences and like most just chalk them down to a trick of the mind or dejavu.

    The Mandela prison death is what’s lead me here. I’m only 26 so have no memory of Mandela in prison but when he died at age 95 i was speaking on 3 separate occasions to my mum, my dad and an older friend of mine. All 3 have the same memory of Mandela dying in prison. With all 3 having eerily similar recollections of the details of the news reporting on that day.

    I’ve long thought reports of ghost sightings were to do with Time slips or slips between universes, I wish more resoursces were put towards understanding this kind of thing.

    1. Thanks, Ed! For the past 10 or so years, I’ve been convinced that a high percentage of what people call “ghosts” are actually cross-world perceptions. Using tools (like an Ovilus or a Ghost Meter Pro) for a yes/no answer, I’ve been amazed by how many “ghosts” give a positive reply when asked if they’re alive and well in their own time.

  197. In 2008 I was studying at American University in Washington D.C. and at one point we went over Mandela’s laws of leadership and were applying them to statecraft and national security affairs…The article that was pulled from a national circulation (such as TIME, but I can’t remember exactly what source it was) stated that he had died in prison. I’m looking for my old documents from that time, but by the time I sift through storage he may come back and pass again.

  198. I remeber when I was a teenager, they said he died in prison as well and there was big media frenzy about it and there were even more killings as a result of it. “It did happened and history chnaged.” I don’t know why it is different now. My son is 22 and he said that he lived to be very old and never died in prison, from what he was taught in school.

  199. I’m a little spooked by what just happened to me while reading the comments on his site. Firstly the date and time is Thursday April 23 2015 @12.10 am. I should be in Bed but I couldn’t stop reading these comments on here. Then I just decided to give my eyes a quick break and I switched on the TV. WELL GUESS WHATS ON? It’s a show called “The Real” (on Fox11 in Los Angeles) and they are commenting on that famous photo of Obama taking a selfie at NELSON MANDELA funeral!!!!!! What are the chances of that??!!! Now I can appreciate the theory that this is a rerun. But if any of you watch the show then you will know that one of the hosts Tamarack Mower announced she is pregnant back in January. And in tonights “rerun” which I am watching as I she is pregnant. And I am remembering watching this show like a De javu right this second. But when did Mandela supposedly have his international funeral that Obama attended? And how long is a pregnancy? And also for rational thinking sake, I am even g to accept the theory that they only bringing up that subject of the famous selfie Obama took at the funeral because to be father show continued to talk about people taking selfie in general so perhaps they just used that as an example. BUT WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT BEING ON TV RIGHT AT THE SSECONDTHE SECOND I AM READING YIUR SITE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.i had not even heard of this phenometen until I came across this site. I too remember hearing the news about Billy Graham and then being shocked to see him give a peach recently. I remember (perhaps during Bush) that his Graham son talking about his fathers passing.Btw I too saw Billy Graham in a small town in UK. The town is called Twickenham. I thiback in the 90’s.

    Ok I JUST HAVE TO ADD ABIUT THE SHOW “THE REAL” they now have the singer Bow Wow wsingtalking about being in a show with Patricia Arquette and talking about her winning the Oscar, which she did win it this year for the fist time. So that being said I know this pregnancy of the host has GOT to be recent.

    I just need to know I’m not going flipping crazy!!! I don’t think I’m comfortable with any of this. Its totally freaking me out. I’m a little freaked with my little “coincidence” experience tonight.

    P.S. I just wanted to also add – I don’t know of its relevance or if I’m going crazy – at 4am early yesterday morning I got woken up by strange noise outside that lasted 30 minutes. After much research i discovered that its a phenomenon that’s been experienced all over the world and has been reported in the news. One theory hhaar, another is electro magnetic field of the earth and there are also the ufo theories. Whatever it is its extremely. Sitsky and frightening to hear. If you Youtube strange sounds heard around the world you will know what I’m talking about. I’m just wondering if that has aathung to do with what I have expereince tonight with the Obama selfie at Nelson Mandela funeral. Who knows….

  200. I remember the Michael Jackson movie ,”this is it” at the end when everyone is all gathered in a circle and Michael Jackson gives a little speech and I strongly remember him saying we need to remind people of love within the next four year because something big was going to happen but every single copy or program that I watched after that he didn’t say that! It drove me crazy because I know he said it because it bugged me especially after I heard of all those new world order theories I wanted to know what that was all about.

  201. There is also a movie called incoherence and it’s about all these alternate realities

  202. I also remember Nelson Mandella dying, only my memory comes from when he was president. But it has the same hallmarks. I distinctly remember hearing the announcement on the radio, while I was driving. The year was some time in 1996 or 97.

  203. hi, so I’m wondering how often some of you have very vivid memories. I’ve had incredibly vivid dreams that seem super real, or perhaps just real enough to be stored as if a real memory. It seems a possible explanation is people taking information in and rechunking it in different ways as they process in dreamscapes. Why famous people? Well, it’s a common frame of reference. How many millions know Billy Graham, or Nelson Mandela? Out of that, to think that 1 in 10,000 would dream of these figures having extreme things happen to them, yea… that’s defnitely possible. I think more so than actually slipping through different time lines, but then we don’t have much of a reference for probability. It’s just theory, so I must tip my hat and say, “cool thoughts”, and not much else.

    I think of something else that’s pretty out there. Imagine the existence of a program which could inject memories into people as they sleep. So instead of it being coincidence that people are dreaming the same types of thoughts, this is someone suggested through conscious experience, or injected through a currently unknown technology while unconscious. Pretty bizarre, eh? Just a thought.


  204. Hi fiona, ‘have found my comment,it’s in, Nelson Mandela- The memories so far,4th february ’14.And a shocker,the alternate memory of ‘The sea wolf’ date as 1901 instead of 1903 is included in that comment,a gem of a comment should i say?.Moreover,though you say others have mentioned ’83 in ’12,yet in various sites,at least in 4 of them,people have been bitterly complaining that nobody remembers the exact year and it’s a vague, early 80s to early 90s,this I’ve read not more than half a year back.Can you find a couple of ’83 comments.

    1. Vivek, this is very weird. I did the same search I tried earlier, and now… the comments are different.

      It might be fun to think I’ve slid in the meantime, but it’s more likely a software glitch.

      Anyway, here are the only two I see at the moment:

      When I did the search a couple of hours ago, there were at least two more. I had 11 comments when I searched for “1983” and 99 comments when I searched for “83.” Not all were relevant, and — being in the middle of a busy day, offline — I didn’t take the time to note every single relevant comment. Now I wish I had! LOL


      1. But fiona, of the 2 comments you’ve linked,only the first one gives a tentative year as ’83(’83 to ’85 he says).After all it seems my comment is the only definitive one at that time.I’m not averse to frequent sliding if it at all happens,I know I was confident of ’83 when I wrote that comment and also of ‘The sea wolf’ date, as I had been reading the book and its references since ’90,quite regularly.

        1. Vivek, I’m just sharing the most relevant links provided when I did a global search of comments. I wish the software gave me better responses, but… well, that’s what the search software returned on the second pass, yesterday.

  205. Hey guys my name is ian, I am 24 and born in 1991, I remember in primary school being taught about race rights in assembly, where we were told Nelson mandela died in jail fpr what he believed in and something about rail tracks. I was very young and thought nothingof it, until in 2013 when I saw in the news he was sick. I said to someone but he died in jail and they told me I was wrong so I accepted it and thought nothingof more of it til today. Iwas on Facebook and saw a post about the berenstein bears never being berenstein but berenstain. I do not agree at all, it was berenstein, im sure of it I jave an amazing memory, so after doing researchI came across the mandela effect and was shpcked to see other people thought the same as me with mandela. I even called my friend who is a year younger and she also has a similar experience but thought she was crazy sp didnt bring it up to anyone. My brain cant handle this and now I can sense im going to become a little obsessed qith all this..

  206. I recall a book back from the 60’s in Europe. It stated that Jesus statue in Rio De Janeiro was about 90 m ( or about 300 feet) tall…Not anymore ! It shrank down to 30 m. How is that possible? As for Mandela , I personally don’t recall his funeral but the rumors that he died in jail hunting me for over 20 years. If you take a close look of the few existing real photos of Mandela from the 60’s you can easily notice that this is not the same person who died in 2013. It is also very laughable that the official Wikipedia bio of Mandela contain a photoshopped picture of the fake Mandela and Evelyn in July 1944, at Walter and Albertina Sisulu’s wedding party in the Bantu Men’s Social Centre.

    Also, reading The Mandela Effect website I’ve found very interesting comments about the children’s book titled ” The Berenstain Bears” …Many remembered that the original name was ” The BerenstEin Bears “. Very interesting and peculiar. To me, the original European ( usually jewish family name ) is a Berenstein with and ” e” not with and “a’ , so it’s weird why they would have it changed, even though there is no record that such a thing ever took place.

    Is there possibility that many of us are not living in their original timelines? Is it possible that “someone” have been mess up with the original timeline created with errors, so we all living in the ” Matrix” now ?

      1. Fiona, please tell me the calendar date numbers in the picture at the top of the page were red before. Did you change them to green? Sorry, this has nothing to do with the topic. But since I’m looking at new posts everyday , I notice stuff a lot. Mike H.

        1. Mike H, I had to look to be sure, but — sorry — I haven’t changed that graphic since I wrote that article. It’s a stock image from freeimg (back when it was Is this one of those moments when the Twilight Zone sound track is appropriate? LOL

          1. Thanks for the reply——I think I feel better knowing that I am wrong! LOL Cue the music. I thought I might be going color blind or something! Mike H.

            1. Ok, after going back to the top of the page and staring for another 5 minutes. Its just doesn’t look the same to me, and its the green throwing me off. Maybe its different looking on my phone, or Ipad? Maybe am losing my vision a bit. Maybe I should take my own advice “sometimes our memories are right, and sometimes they are wrong, but they aren’t ALWAYS right , or ALWAYS wrong”. And with that , I wont take up anymore space with my ramblings! LOL Mike H.

  207. Not to anyone in particular, but just another voice in this sea of confusion:

    I’ve honestly never really questioned my memory on this subject or others out of being busy with other things. But today, I question ALL of my early memory. I too remember hearing about Mandela dying in prison. Though I didn’t take note of the date of his death, I learned of it as many others did. During black history month in middle school. I remember clearly that they accredited his death as the beginning of the end of Apartheid. Or was it the final end? I question even that much now. I was definitely confused when he was reported deceased AGAIN in 2013, but I went about my business thinking that I may have been mistaken. I did ask a few people “Isn’t he already dead?” I just got apathetic responses. Whatever. And then I read a BerenstEin bears book to my daughters for a bedtime story one night. But the name looked very odd. I chalked that up to never really paying attention to the actual spelling. NOW I can clearly remember even the theme song saying STEIN. Definitely not STAIN. Along with everyone I know remembering it that way as well. I don’t even want to get into my disappointment for the Star Wars “I am your father scene.” It WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE “Luke,” not “No.” I feel like I’ve been out of the loop on these revelations for far too long. And to think that so many other people remember the same things as I have. It’s absolutely shocking, to say the least. Thank you for making this website! It’s been stressful but illuminating at the same time!


  208. Derek – wild trip, for sure. I haven’t posted here for a couple of years, since finally finding a whole site no less– on the topic that made me re-think a few things. Yeah we remember hearing about Mandela being killed in prison.. and yes the end to apartheid was touted.
    – saw the news report and later the funeral – lots of heads of state and celebs– Princess Di being one who stood out
    – didn’t think of it again, til he was on Oprah, after getting out of jail
    – thought it was a mis-memory until a friend brought it up after the Oprah appearance– he had the same memory as me… weird… couldn’t find a thing on the net except a reference from a comic – Morituro sp?– where a statue of him had his death inscribed in 1989 – the year I saw his death on the news (its in a post somewhere in here
    From reading posts, so far as we can tell, most who see this stuff have had NDEs (inc. friend, and me)
    Also that the cernmachine may be involved. Again.. wild trip. Life ain’t boring.

  209. I’ve actually seen a US textbook that has printed within it that Nelson Mandela died in prison on Robben Island. And based on how the ?Mandela? that was released functioned towards Winnie, the true Matriarch of the revolution, I had to put some credence to the tale.

    1. Interesting. If you find the book or recall the title, be sure to let us know. That could be tremendously helpful.

      As far as Winnie being the “true Matriarch,” I’d like to avoid a political discussion. However, I’m approving this comment as-is, since it’s a valid point in explaining why the memory (and story) made sense to you.

  210. I remember Mandela dying and was wondering about it when he was let out…I thought, wow, I thought he had died years earlier! I also remember the Berenstein bears. Because I remember wondering if it was pronounced stine or steen. Why would I have thought that if it was stain? I find myself wondering whether the experiments at CERN have anything to do with these strange ‘alternate ‘ memories? ? Since they have to do with alternate universes.

  211. Oh…yes, I also remember Gaddafi’s death and was slightly shocked when I heard about him in the news again. Jon & John…are you sure that octopus wasn’t in the movie Popeye?

  212. The more comments I read, the more I remember. I also remember the man getting run over by the tank in China. Then recently I read something about human rights winning in that situation & just assumed that I remembered it wrong….definitely curiouser and curiouser!

  213. I have memories of Mandela dying in the early 1990. It was around the time when the 1st Iran conflict started. What I remember were massive riots in South Africa at the time because of it, along with a large burial ceremony in one of the ghettos after that. Where his casket was being carried through the crowd with his Family leading the way. Then this also led to a falling apart of the apartheid going on there.

    1. Just found out about this thing and I am also freaking out. I remember there was someone by the name nelson mandela who died in jail. Up until today I thought it was two different people. One a was a president and one died. Now I find out they are the same guy… I do remember it happening in the early 90s though, not 80s as some people say

  214. I thought Nellson Mandela’ s passing was the reason for Sondra on The Cosby Show naming the twins “Whinnie & Nelson”. Unless I’m now in a universe where she didn’t make the twins that 😉

  215. So, oddly, I watched Ice Age 4 in 2009 or 2010. I then watched it a again in 2012 after it came out for the first time, and I remembered most of the parts that I had seen before.
    I also asked my mom if she remembered Mandela dying in prison. She said yes, and then paused. She remembered him getting out of prison, but she also remembered his death.

  216. Just wanted to comment, since I am trying to wrap my head around all of the inconsistencies I have found between what I remember and my reality….In an episode of “Chuck ” on NBC, the 12th episode of season 2, which aired in 2009 a character says “I’d like to thank all of the humanitarians that have affected my work, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, God rest his soul and Angelia Jolie”(7:39 time mark)… I got chills

  217. I remember Mandela dying in prison after suffering from malnutrition and disease (Cancer?) sometime in the early 90s. I was floored to find he was still alive some years after that. I remember it being all over the news, with interviews with his widow and family.

    I also remember it being one of the key events that brought the downfall of Apartheid in a nonviolent manner shortly afterwards.

    1. As an addendum, I have experienced a major event in my life that I, to this day, cannot explain, and I am near certain it involved some form of time / dimension travel. I have many memories that do not line up with the facts, and for a while I tried writing them off to an overactive imagination or dreams, but after discovering this website I am not so sure. This place has been the biggest relief for me as I now see others have memories that match my own.

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