Neil Armstrong’s Death – Another Mandela Effect Moment?

Neil Armstrong photo (1930 - 2012)Though Neil Armstrong died on 25 August 2012, it seems as if many people “forgot” it.  When a badly phrased headline appeared at ABC news, talking about the one-year anniversary of Armstrong’s death, many people thought he’d died in 2013.

While some may have been busy a year ago, and missed the initial obituary, many others are clearly fans and followers of Neil Armstrong’s legacy.  How were their memories “wiped” so his 2013 death was forgotten?  That question was raised by many people, including David Emery at’s Urban Legends topic.

Neil Armstrong was a fascinating, enigmatic man.  He’s also connected to several “urban legends,” not just the twice-dead confusion of this past week.

  • The ‘Mr. Gorsky’ story denial is disputed by some who clearly recall Armstrong saying the cryptic line during his lunar voyage.
  • Many people believe that Armstrong heard a spiritual message upon stepping onto the Moon, and it transformed his religious beliefs.
  • Though the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) was founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, I thought Neil Armstrong was a participant in its management in the 1970s.  Apparently, he wasn’t. (I’m not claiming that as a Mandela Effect memory; I wasn’t that interested in astronauts and my alternate memories may be simple confusion.  I’m more interested in the IONS work than the personalities involved. )
  • Likewise, I recall biographies of cyclist Lance Armstrong that said he was Neil Armstrong’s son, and that the elder Armstrong’s work with IONS was instrumental in Lance’s effective recovery from cancer.  Then, I read several corrections to that.  If you search online, you’ll see that the Lance/Neil Armstrong confusion continues.

Though Neil Armstrong’s death in 2012 may not be additional proof of alternate memories and parallel realities, the volume of sincere posts about his 2013 “death” have been surprising.

If you have conflicting memories about Neil Armstrong’s life or death, I hope you’ll share them in comments, below.  (Remember: I’ll be offline during much of September, and may not be able to approve comments until later in the month.  Post your memories anyway.  I’ll add them to the site as soon as I can.)

18 thoughts on “Neil Armstrong’s Death – Another Mandela Effect Moment?”

  1. Truthfully, I feel very confused. I vaguely remember he died sometime ago, but the memory is foggy, as if it was in a dream I had. You know the kind of memory that is just out of reach but you can feel you had it in your grasp once.

    When I first read this, I didn’t even remember he died. How odd that I have forgotten.

      1. It makes sense, but I’d have expected that the alternate memories would be the “dream-like” ones, not the memories from this world. They could always have been replaced by another memory that leaked over, and some fragments could have remained.

        When we wake up after a dream, the mind seems to very quickly wipe the memories of the dream. Names are gone within seconds, the rest vanishes within minutes except for a general recollection.

      2. Hi fiona, Tell you what? You can call this, ‘neil armstrong’ effect.This kind of feeling is so wide spread and prevalent that it may overwhelm all other discussions,time is literally flying,chronology has become topsy turvy,people 50 yrs old look like 30 yr olders of yester yrs,a year seems like a fortnight,time is indeed an illusion.

  2. I know that I only recently heard of Armstrong’s death (this year – 2013) and had been meaning to tell my wife about it. When I saw your article, it reminded me to tell her. But according to you, he actually died in 2012 which makes no sense since I can remember hearing about his passing on the news not that long ago. I think it may be time to see if I can find a DeLorean for sale…

  3. Well, it’s mixed feelings for me here: I remember his death in 2012 because I was touched by it. So much so I posted about it on FB on my wall. And then I read the posts about his death in 2013 (Which was a misunderstanding of course). But for a good 15 minutes, I was back in my “grief” again. Thinking about how great and humble a man he was. So much so that I had the reflex to post an homage on FB…wait a moment. Didn’t I already do that before? Of course! He’s already dead. I did not think much of it, putting it on the fact I was as confused as those who posted the 2013 death. Untill a week ago, when I first heard about people remembering Mandela as well.. I was in my early, early teens when it happened. I did not know who the man was, I just remember hearing about it, which generated informative conversation with my parents about slavery, South Africa, etc.. But later in High school, when he was released from prison, I just thought “Hey, I was younger, I misunderstood”. Fascinating though.. I’m going to pay more attention to my memories… Elvis IS dead, right, people? Just checking. Loved the man. 😉

  4. I remember his death was in 2012 because of a lot of bad news involving famous men with the surname Armstrong that happened in August-September 2012. On August 24, Lance Armstrong was stripped of all of his Tour de France wins due to doping. The next day, Neil Armstrong died. In September, Billie Joe Armstrong was hospitalized, then sent to rehab after a meltdown at the iHeartMusic festival.

  5. I’ve always been interested in space-related things. I do remember his death in 2012, and the one year anniversary this year (2013).

  6. Sorry wasn’t sure where to leave this comment.
    I’m pretty sure I remember Harry Belafonte passing away only to see he is still alive. Also I was surprised to see that Larry King is alive as well. Does anyone else remember them passing?

  7. I remember Neil Armstrong passing away in 2013 while living in Chicago. I still live here and remember watching t.v. in my old apartment before moving to my current one.

    However, according to current history he died in August 2012, and I was back home in Mexico at the time and have no recollection of that happening.

  8. Reading this makes me wonder. What if when the news reports ones death that because we may feel an emotion to it, that it is not until they play old sightings, video of their legacy, etc. That we link it in our minds to the timeline in our life that feels right. So its not that we remember wrong but how we attach and link new information to make sense to us individually. We may have been going through greif during one part of the year and hearing of a passing fits the emotional memories not factual, that it vaguely sounds familiar. Just an idea.

  9. I don’t remember this at all.

    I thought he was still alive… and I’m a huge NASA/space fan.

  10. I remember him dying in October 2012 not in august 2012 is it just me or am i wrong? I even remember reading it in the NASA website

  11. This is impossible. I clearly remember him being alive and still well. How is this possible? It was alive and was in a start talk radio with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and he even punched a man that didn’t believe he went to the moon last year.

    1. Sci, can you repost this without the auto-correct feature changing some of the words? I’d also like more details about the NDT show… what Armstrong talked about, and so on. If any group of people could deliberately cross realities, Armstrong would be one of them. He would have been part of the most advanced training possible, due to his extraordinary involvement in the American space program.

  12. I too just learned that Armstrong passed away in 2012. It was a personally challenging year for me but to hear about it in December 2015 is bizarre. I am an avid space exploration follower, everything from NASA to JPL to SpaceX and even the SSP stuff. I am a bit confused by it.

    Not surprised to find others with similar experiences. I have experienced the ringing of the ears over time and noticed other strange things but not to this degree. Hopefully it all moves toward an amicable end, in whatever way it may. Keep digging the rabbit hole, friends.

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