Mysterious Pattern – Update

Quantum Leap AlTwo weeks ago, I published a request. I was looking for anyone who could elaborate on an odd series of messages I’d received.

At the time, those messages seemed significant. They still do, but no one has successfully confirmed the context of My**EE.

So, I’m putting that to one side, for now.

However, many people deserve thanks for comments that pointed to another Mandela Effect pattern. This relates to synchronicities they noted: Things they were researching, or other points that were exact matches for something in my post.

It was a busy day when I posted that article. I didn’t choose my phrases, schedule that post for a certain time, or add its illustration with careful thought. It was simply, “Maybe I should ask my friends and site visitors if they recognize this code.”

I was astonished when friends and readers replied with other, unexpected matches to their own lives and research.

So, thank you to everyone who replied. Your insights were fascinating!

Meanwhile, this site remains closed to new comments because the trolls, spam, and spoofs had reached a ridiculous level.

Speaking of trolls and others trying to take advantage of eager Mandela Effect fans…

Please remember that I’m not at Reddit. I don’t comment at forums. I don’t leave comments at people’s websites, either.

I don’t make personal appearances. I’m not on TV shows, on the radio (as a guest or call-in), or in documentaries.

Anyone claiming to be “Fiona Broome” — or my representative — in any of those places, is a fraud.

Be very wary of anyone who asks (or hints) that he or she wants money for “Mandela Effect research.”

(Also, there is no active email address. Anyone apparently using that as an address… it’s a spoof. Don’t even open it.)