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With an increasing interest in alternate memories related to music, I’m creating this post to focus those comments in one location.

These threads relate to:

  • Music recordings (audio and video) that people recall, but never seemed to exist in this reality.
  • Music recordings people are certain they heard — and the recordings were popular — years before they seemed to appear in this reality.
  • Radical lyric or instrumental changes, not from parodies or covers. Note: Effective 4 Dec 2015, comments about lyric changes must include links to credible lyrics (or bands’) sites, or they cannot be approved.
  • Sound tracks from movies, but not in commercials. (The latter belong in threads focusing on the product advertised.)
  • Musicians associated with particular songs that they never recorded in this reality. (However, to me, the Cat Stevens/Harry Chapin issue looks like a blur due to misleading YouTube videos, and two recordings with similar names. So, let’s avoid that kind of topic.)
  • Musicians who died in the past, in an alternate reality, but are alive in this one… and vice versa.

Due to frequent errors by gossip-type columnists and viral (but erroneous) rumors, please fact-check before commenting here. Remember that some live recordings can be different from studio recordings, and versions issued in one country can vary from what’s released elsewhere. So, check all versions you might have heard.

Also, be sure to include the full context of your alternate memories: when, where, witnesses, and why you’re certain it’s a valid, alternate memory. (Without that information, I cannot approve music-related comments. Effective 4 Dec 2015, I’m going to be firm about that policy, as unsupported claims and argumentative comments have spiked to a ridiculous level.)

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  1. Hi Fiona,

    I just want to address the Cat Stevens/Harry Chapin issue if that’s ok. I only speak for myself, but I know that YouTube was not a source of confusion for me on this.

    I was the first one to comment here about cats in the cradle being a Cat Stevens song after you posted a reference to Harry Chapin singing it.

    Before posting, I did search the web, including YouTube. I think that at least some of the you tubers who uploaded videos crediting Cat Stevens with the song could be experiencing a Mandela effect moment. The reason I think this, is the language the original posters use while defending their belief in the video comments. Once a commenter corrects them on who sang it, the original poster first vehemently defends their memory of Cat Stevens recording the song. Then, they return later having to admit that they couldn’t find the cat Stevens version they were so certain existed. At least one person, despite finding no evidence that cat Stevens ever recorded the song, still maintains that it existed, but the cat Stevens version has disappeared. That kind of language, the certainty of what they remember, makes me think that it could be a genuine ME. Outside of YouTube, you will also find people who are genuinely confused when they can’t find any reference to Cat Stevens recording the song.

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing my two cents on this.

    1. @FJ
      @Fiona –Sorry, I’m only responding because I have a clear pre-1996 memory on this one, was unaware of the other singer (never heard of Harry Chapin), and haven’t heard this sing since the last I heard it on my cassette tape.

      I had Cassette Tape recordings of broadcast radio when I was a kid. I used to sit with my boombox on Saturday Afternoons and record songs I liked. I remember Cat Stevens for Cats in the Cradle. this would be around 1994~1996. I remembered the singers name because it’s my name (well, v instead of ph, but I’d never seen it in print until today), and he shares the ‘cat.’ I’m pretty sure the radio DJ says the name on the cassette (which I wouldn’t have anymore), but maybe my mother told me his name — and she could’ve gotten it confused — but even if that were the case, it was 1996, well before the (modern) Internet – which my mother never learned to use, in any case. I liked the song, and my mom told me the singer and the name, and I sat listening to live radio with a blank tape for a while to “catch it” so I was holding the singer/song name in my head for quite a few listening sessions…

      I’m only posting this since I honestly haven’t heard this song since middle school, and just looked it up. My “Incorrect Memories” about this are from pre Youtube, as I said above 1994-96 was when I really enjoyed using my boombox.

      1. Stephen, I’m glad you posted. I’m always pleased when someone adds alternate memories with relatively hard data points.

        Even when there’s clear evidence of easy confusion in this reality, that doesn’t mean it’s the only reality. (Otherwise, this site wouldn’t exist. Everything would have a viable “just confused” explanation.)

        At this site, I’m often uncertain whether people want to be assured that this is the only reality they’ve been in (or that they’ve only “slid” a few times), and they’re actually looking for a reasonable explanation for an alternate memory. At a certain point, I think some people are overwhelmed by the possibility that the Mandela Effect is real. They want another way to explain their “misfit” memories.

        Sometimes, if I find easy evidence that the explanation could be contagion of a popular media error, that’s why I share it.

        However, I never want people to think I’m dismissing their Mandela Effect memories. I’m eager for hard data points that contribute to this topic and future research.

  2. I was convinced that the song “Baker Street” by Gerry Rafferty was the theme song for some TV series in the 80s–some police show like Hill Street Blues or Law and Order, something similar. I know I’m not mixing it up with anything else, because the saxophone riff in it evokes sadness/nostalgia like no other piece of music that I know. And it was definitely a theme song, as in I heard it a LOT on TV, not just used in one scene as background music. Apparently in this universe it was never used for a TV show theme song, but when I check Google, looks like lots of other people are asking the same question because they have the same memory.

    1. I remember this! I’m thinking it must have been 1986 and after, as we had recently moved to a new house when this show started being aired. Didn’t the Baker Street theme song play as it panned across a cityscape during the opening credits (which I think were written in a neon-like blue)?

      1. Jen, thanks for the year reference, but please add a location (general, nothing that would be a privacy issue). I’m gathering data to tabulate, looking for patterns in alternate memories.

      2. We didn’t have a TV until 1985, so 1986 sounds reasonable. The blue opening credits and the cityscape are exactly what I remember. Not a clean, pretty cityscape like on “White Collar”, either. A grungy,”urban grit” kind of look. I was in Louisiana at the time.

  3. In a possible synchronicity, it is interesting that you put this section out because I was going to ask if there was any way to send sound files to you. Would there be any way to upload sound files? If I was to compose and create a .wav file of an alternate memory could you post it, along with the one that is considered to be the “correct” song in this universe? I have recently noticed that a song in an old video game isn’t quite what I remembered. I’ve been noticing this sort of thing, more and more, as I’m sure is the case with most people, after I found this website. I don’t know if it would be better in the video game section or this one, because it seems to apply to both sections…

    1. Mark, I love the idea but can’t implement it. More than any other creative field, music is protected by massive copyrights and labels with very deep pockets. It’s one reason many people never publish wonderful, music-related books: Even including one line from a song can bankrupt the author, once the dust settles on the copyright lawsuits.

      Games are in a different category, but I go out of my way to keep this site tidy and legal, so it stays online. This means I avoid anything that could be even loosely termed a copyright violation.

  4. Hi, DG,

    It’s _really_ odd-feeling to me that you mention Lenny Kravitz. The song “Again” came out in 2000, but when I apparently “first” heard it, I had known all of the lyrics already, and was kind of glad to hear it “again”. My (1st) wife had then made it quite clear that it was brand new, never before released, etc.. As far as I’m concerned (still), it came out for me c1990 (approx. the same period as “Let love rule”).

    I had no idea that “It ain’t over ’til it’s over” was a Kravitz-original (suddenly) — I read that and had to Google, and sure enough: it’s (still) not Smokey anymore.

  5. Hi, all,

    This is a snippet from a previous post. I had originally appended it to a post about a book, but since there’s now a music category:

    Does anyone recall a song from the late ’80’s (maybe early ’90’s), done in the style of Suicidal Tendencies (though I suppose that it could have been something like Overkill), the refrain of which is (or is phonically similar to) “crucify all Reaganites”? Medium-fast tempo (say, around 140-150 BPM), with the stress on the upbeat. Much as with the book above, I’ve searched this many times, and I recently even ran a rather exhaustive combinatorial search of phonemic variants on it — and again, as with the book, I also haven’t found anyone else who’s ever heard this song.

    1. Hey Closeted,
      Having grown up a “Hop, Skip, and Jump” from Venice, CA. and also having been a part of the “Punk” community growing up, I think I may be able to help you track this song down, even if those lyrics no longer exist.

      First off, I would check “D.I.”s song “Reagan Der Fuhrer”. It’s the first song that came to mind regarding Reagan.
      Next, I would check bands known to make American Political songs. “Dead Kennedys” and their lead singer, Jello Biafra, are VERY WELL KNOWN for this, as well as “Black Flag” and its lead singer, Henry Rollins.
      Since “Suicidal Tendencies” has such a unique sound (It is considered to be one of the founding bands of the “Thrash” genre.), I would look at other “Thrash” bands next. “Corrosion of Conformity”, “D.R.I.”, “Stormtroopers of Death”, and “M.D.C.”.
      Finally, I would check other “Punk” genre bands that were popular at the time. “The Vandals”, “The Circle Jerks”, “Descendents”, “Misfits”, and “F.E.A.R.” (Whose lead singer, Lee Ving, appeared in the movie “Clue”! LOL!).

      I wish I could help more, but without the instrumental, its a “Needle in a Haystack” kind of thing.
      Best of luck!

    2. I think I know what it is, Its called “I shot Regan” but i’m pretty sure it was banned in the U.S so they called it “I shot the devil”, but it had different lyrics, same music. That’s my best guess, Suicidal Tendencies FTW

  6. I feel there are people out there who know what’s going on. And they flow, glow and go with it. Are they trying to wake us? Or just living their dreams … I feel I AM on to something!

    I don’t understand what pulled me to this song and it being ME related. Probably a set of synchronicities as I think back on it. What started my research was the line “And you are tricked by the sun” …

    Song played in following shows
    Continuum: Season 1 Episode 1
    Bitten: Season 1 Episode 1

    Pillars and Pyre
    By Christopher Smith

    You fly into windows
    And you are tricked by the sun
    And the words of your master

    Oh, this is hell
    For the weak ones
    For the strong,
    This is heaven on earth

  7. There is a song called “Undertow” by a band called Warpaint. I swear I’ve known this song since the 90’s, but apparently it didn’t come out until the mid 2000’s. I knew the lyrics and progression of the song like an old favorite I hadn’t heard in years. I can’t remember what band I thought did the 90’s version, probably Nirvana, but the song so distinctly brings back memories of that time.

  8. This is NOT my own alternate memory, but a substantial number of people on the Mandela Effect subreddit seem to have experiened it. As a fan of hip-hop music, this one stuck with me. Many people remember the song “Ms. Jackson” by Outkast being released in the early or mid 90s. But in this timestream, the song was released in 2000, and was not a radio hit until 2001. One person said he remembered having inside jokes with his college friends about the song , but he was in college in the early 90s. Others said similar things about vividly remember hearing the song at parties with people who they were not in contact with by 2000, or at a particular place that they did not live near by the time this song was released. People also claimed that when they heard the song in the 90s, the lyrics in the chorus were “I apologized a thousand times”. Currently, the lyrics are “I apologized a trillion times”. I thought it was ‘million’, but I’m going to say that I most likely just misheard the word ‘trillion’.

    Personally, I did not become a fan of hip-hop music until about five years ago, so I did not experience it first-hand. However, I will say that I had always assumed that “Ms. Jackson” was a 90s song. It has a distinctly 90s sound to it, although you could argue that 2000/2001 is so close to the 90s that there isn’t much difference. In fact, I feel like the whole album Stankonia (which “Ms. Jackson is on) sounds like it could have been released in the 90s. I honestly thought it was one of Outkast’s first albums before looking it up online, not their fourth. I’m really interested in popular music and tend to know most release dates and albums very well (not trying to brag, this just happens to be a weird talent of mine xD) and I would have guessed this album was released in the 90s before stumbling upon the thread on Reddit. It is a bit weird to me that I was so off-base about the released date of such an important hip-hop album and a popular hit song. But alas, I did not experience it myself in the 90s, and did not even know this song when it first became popular in this timestream in 2001, so it’s possible that my judgement was off. Still, I find this one very interesting and it definitely “feels” off for some reason.

    1. Bro I just listened to that song and a large chunk of they lyrics are now different. He never said “never meant to make your daughter cry” he said “never meant to make ya cry, I apologized a million times.”

      1. HSM, post links to support this, please. I don’t have time to fact-check every comment, and yours has triggered a deluge of argumentative replies insisting it’s still “daughter.”

        And, for future reference: When lyrics are involved, I’m going to insist on links to mainstream lyrics sites to support what’s being said. (The alternative is closing the music article to new comments, because this topic is getting out of control.)

  9. I actually have one of these!

    Back in 1983, the song “Jeopardy” by Greg Kihn became a radio hit. (Later, it would be parodied hilariously by Weird Al, but I digress.) So, anyway, when it came out, I “knew” I had heard it before, and could practically sing along. I could picture the group who had done it previously; in my mind, it was an African-American group similar to The Temptations or The Spinners.

    I asked my BFF one day who had originally done the song, and she told me Greg Kihn! Sure enough, it’s an original, not a cover, and 1983 was the first anyone ever heard it.

    For years before I ever heard of The Mandela Effect, I would relate this as my “Time Travel” story. 🙂

  10. Hi DG,
    About ten years ago I was at a friends house when the news camw on that Captain Sensible had died this surprised me as I was sure he died in the 1980’s. I remember it in some detail: he was electrocuted when an amplifier had been powered up without an earth connection and developed a fault. I mentioned this to a frind and she said that she had a siilar memory. I have looked for this high and low but no mention from Google.

    I was talking to the same friend the other night and it seems like we both have little “perception jumps” from time to time (not often) when the whole of reality just seems to jump sideways for a split second and then return with a jolt or click. I’m wondering if it’s at one of those times this change has happened?

  11. Hi all,

    Fiona, this one’s a little odd, so you might want to disapprove this comment. Given that it involves the Klingon language (tlhIngan Hol), I wouldn’t blame you one whit (it might well lend some taint of the ridiculous, if you approve it). 🙂

    I’ve studied some Klingon, and enjoy it on both a linguistics level and a fan level (I even have several relevant reference books on it, which I’ve used on more than one occasion), but I can’t claim to speak speak it fluently (not beyond a handful of insults, a few everyday phrases, and a small sampling of essentially random words).

    Here’s my quandary: there’s a piece of karaoke that I rather like, “Kiss me” (by Sixpence None The Richer), as rendered in Klingon [1]. Until sometime yesterday afternoon (perhaps 4PM CST, Fri 04 Dec), I’d swear that it had been “jIHaH baH” (I had even quoted it to some friends on Wednesday night), but yesterday I find that it’s “HIchop”. I haven’t listened to this song 24/7, and it’s been 2-3 months since I last listened to it, but it was still a surprise. I like the original song (I’m a romantic), and don’t expect such a mistake on my part, but it’s always possible; that being said though, it’s so stark a difference that I’m unsure as to whether I can easily write it off — the poetic metre of “jIHaH baH” is less well fitted than “HIchop”, and the (current) translation (in this world?) of “HIchop” is spot on, whereas that of “jIHaH baH” neither fits nor is grammatically sensible [2], but I still can’t shake the certainty that the line is in fact “jIHaH baH”.

    I don’t suppose that there’s anyone with a tlhIngan Hol background who remembers this difference (or anything similar)? I imagine that it’s too unlikely to hope for, and that this really is just a case of somehow mangled memory, but I can hope.


    1. CtE, our community is just quirky enough that someone might remember this. And really, compared with some comments left here…? Speaking Klingon isn’t especially odd. I hope someone can offer a useful reply.

  12. I heard a song a few years ago from (I think) Florence and the Machine. I can’t remember the name but the lyrics go something like “he doesn’t want robots he wants our love” or something. I can’t seem to find any record of a song with those kind of lyrics.

  13. Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots fame died 12/3/2015, but I distinctly recall him dying of a drug overdose in the ’90s. Am I the only one who recalls this?

    I saw STP in ’97 and remember discussing with a friend who was also at the show but not with me that it was a decent performance but not the same without Weiland singing lead, having been replaced due to his death. In fact, I wasn’t there to see STP but to see the opening act: Cheap Trick, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered going to a show without the original members of the group present.

  14. I have many memories of music/movie releases shifting. Music is, and always has been, a huge part of my life, so it makes the music ones especially unsettling for me.

    One of the first cassette tapes my dad ever bought for my cherished Walkman was Weird Al’s “Dare to be Stupid”. This, my Walkman, and my other 4 cassettes were literally my treasured possessions for years and I listened to each of them pretty much until they wore out. I know the song “Frank’s 2000 Inch TV” was on this album. Now, it’s on a different album and the version in this reality is COMPLETELY different than the version that was on “Dare to be Stupid”.

    Another music memory strangeness is Vertical Horizon’s “Everything You Want” album. I used to listen to two of the tracks off the album (“We Are” and “Everything You Want”) that one of the alternative rock station would play when I lived in New Jersey, starting as early as 1995-96. I moved to Tennessee in 1999, and all of a sudden it was coming on radio stations again as a “New Release”. Everything I can find now says that this album didn’t even come out until 1999…

    1. Glow, thanks for including so much specific info — when and where — as reference points.

      (Note to people reading this: In the near future — by the first of January, if not sooner — I’m going to insist on this kind of data for all memories-related comments.)

      Meanwhile, I’d still like links — to mainstream sites or, even better, the recording artists’ related webpages — when people are talking about music.

  15. Didn’t realize there was a section dedicated solely to Music until after I posted my last comment about Robot Unicorn Attack. This should make things easier! Thanks, Fiona!

    (copy/paste from Major Memories 14:)
    The tempo was not “ALWAYS” like that ….

    Hearing Katy (Kate) Perry’s “Firework” has always driven me nuts. When she gets to the bridge, it resembles Erasure’s song “Always” so much that I want to start singing that chorus! LOL!

    I wanted to see if anyone else had noticed the similarity. Others had, and made videos comparing the two songs. However, upon hearing “Always”, I was taken aback: it was INCREDIBLY slow! That song had been “dance speed” ever since I’d first heard it. I didn’t deviate too far from Metal back in the day, and when I did, it was normally a catchy dance tune. “Always” was easy and fun to dance to. Researching it, I found a version called “Microbots Trance Dance Mix (Radio/Intro Edit)”. The tempo is closer, but … it’s too fast. I recall it being just a touch slower, making the vocals sound a bit more ‘natural.’ (There also weren’t so many synth effects.) M.E.? Maybe, maybe not.

    However, here’s where it takes on that distinctly M.E. flavor:
    The song was used for the online game ‘Robot Unicorn Attack,’ released in 2010. At the time, it was still the upbeat tempo I recall, which gave the game a great pace. Went to find and play it again, and it’s the original version of the song. The slower pace noticeably changes gameplay. It used to make the heart race a bit, because the unicorn was galloping with the speed of the music. The game now actually has a leisurely pace. Play the “Heavy Metal” version if you want to speed it up. Which, by the way …

    … did not exist until more recently. But wait! It appears to have been released in 2010 as well!
    Also, the in-game song was the ORIGINAL version of Blind Guardian’s “Battlefield.” The game now plays the remastered version. There is no mention of updating to the latter version. To boot, the song was not remastered until 2013. A bit of interesting: the remaster of “Battlefield” appeared on the band’s 2013 album “A TRAVELER’S GUIDE TO SPACE AND TIME.” AND, when I pulled up the video, the song suggestion at the top of the sidebar in YouTube is Blind Guardian’s “MIRROR MIRROR.” -.^

  16. The best way to go is by DMC – David Mark Chapman. This is what the sign behind Lennon in the Magical Mystery Tour Album Booklet. I struggled with this. I tried to convince myself I was mistaken … to no avail … I distinctly recall John Lennon’s murderer’s name being David Mark Chapman. And that Lennon was shot twice in the chest shortly after giving this guy an autograph. These are my absolute definate memories. Well with all the reports about the murder being 35 years ago today, I’m reading stories that state the shooting took place hours after the autograph and that the guys name is Mark David Chapman. Not the same memory at all.


    Fifth picture down on the left. It reads MDC. Not the way it was … for me.

    Checking my PAUL writings soon, but I’m not sure what to expect. I still haven’t been able to tell whether it’s changed as well.

  17. Here’s a really bizarre one…

    “Ashes to Ashes” by David Bowie

    I’ve been listening to a lot Bowie lately, and as much as I love this particular song, there’s always been one thing about it that has annoyed me. I love the lyrics and melody during the section of the first verse when he sings “I’m happy, hope you’re happy too.” But it specifically frustrated me that he never repeat this section again during the song, especially since it just sounds like a hook to me. Every time the same part of the chord progression was played again in the second verse, I would sing this line in my head, while on the recording, Bowie would sing a much more forgettable and less catchy line (unfortunately I don’t remember what it was.)

    Imagine my surprise when I listened to the song last night, and I reach that section of the second verse, and Bowie sings along with me!! “I’m happy, hope you’re happy too.” What??? How could that be?! I don’t somehow have the power to change a Bowie classic…. do I? A big part of me wants to say this is simply all in my head, but….

    1. I have very clear recent memories of being mildly frustrated that he did not repeat these lyrics in the song, during the specific part where he now repeats them.

    2. I have had one slightly similar experience where a fact changed literally overnight to what I felt it “should” be, although this one was not related to music, so I won’t share it here.

    I want to maintain a healthy amount of skepticism, but I’m finding that more and more, my experiences are telling me that perhaps we’re ultimately in control of our own reality in ways that I had never even imagined…

    Here’s the links to the lyrics and audio of the song, both which show that the lyric in question is indeed sung in both verses:

    1. I’ve heard we’re multidimensional beings, existing in many different spaces at once.
      If so, perhaps you always thought it would sound better if it were a certain way, because — on another timeline — you always heard it that way. 😉 And perhaps now you’ve caught up to where this (slightly better?) version of the song has always existed. (Of course, that means you’ve caught up and assimilated with your own self.)
      *Question mark at the end of “slightly better” . . . because it’s Bowie! LOL! I’m waiting to hit the timeline where “As The World Falls Down” does what my ears think it should do. -.^

  18. This has nothing to do with soundtracks of a movie, but does relate and I don’t know where else to put it. Looking into the Mandela effect I’ve had to look at what’s off in my memories. This is more of a quote than a music thing, but when you wrote about that it made me think of it. Now looking at this stuff the last major rift seems to have happened somewhere between 2000-2005.

    That said, I remember watching the trailer for Madagascar and Alex the lion said “If I’ve learned anything, it’s to never trust your instincts.” I was in kindergarten and I didn’t know what that meant. I got to the theater and never heard Alex say that once. When I told adults about it, they understood the joke but it was never in the movie.

  19. There are a lot of them like the Thundercats the movie trailer I watched in Century theatre around 2006 that looked like huge budget type blockbuster that never came out . and I cant find others who ever saw that trailer . Also the film the Rapture with Mimi Rpgers seems to have weird subliminal exoskeletons superimposed under the actors that you can notice from certain camera angles..

  20. Awesome. As I have already posted on here before I have alot alternative memories when it’s comes to music. I have memories from when I was a kid of John Lennon still being alive, Beatles getting back together for charity, Aerosmith dying in plane crash sometime in seventies, Rolling Stones breaking up around my 8th/9th birthday in 1990/1991 and bands like Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Guns’n’Roses and Poison all recording their songs and refusing to release other music until they all got back together as group. You will laugh but one of my earliest memories is of Elvis singing “One Moment In Time” at either opening or closing ceremonies at LA Olympic Games in 1984.

    Still out of all that one of single strangest memories for me I have involving music is one I would like to share with you again about a performance artist called John Sex. As a kid growing up in eighties I clearly remember seeing this guy alot on TV and hearing his music on radio. I can even remember my older sister having his poster up on her wall along with other people like Adam Ant, Beatles, David Bowie and Prince. In my mind the Madonna song “Like A Virgin” was his biggest hit so it’s always seemed a little weird to me that she would want to cover it not realising that in this reality her version was the original hit. Being such a popular artist growing up I thought everybody knew about him, so at first I didn’t think much when people said they didn’t remember him or any his music. I just thought that maybe it’s because he was artist from eighties it wasn’t cool anymore to admit that you liked him or that you listen to his work. It was only when I went to a music store in late nineties to find some of his stuff was when I first realised that the guy had never existed or at least at level that I remember him. Imagine my surprise later on in the early 2000s when searching internet again and again for him I finally discover that instead of being world famous pop star, John Sex was instead some obscure off broadway NYC performance artist who only recorded couple of marginal club hits before sadly passing away of AIDS in 1986. Seeing that has always seemed crazy to me because even if I did on off chance catch him once on off chance on MTV why would 5 or 6 year old kid remember someone like that ? Even if I did why would I then make him out to be some famous superstar ? Like I keep saying, the whole thing is weird … :-S

    1. So much going through my mind now. Mainly with the topics of the Mandela Effects, Time and Past Pop Culture. It seems that some popular people in the sixties and seventies were aware of SOMETHING. I’ve entertained the idea, as others have as well on this site, that time travel of some sort might be involved. Of course its easier to wrap my head around those people discovering Mandela Effects or psychically knowing the truth about physical reality and creating their lives as they did. But, a thought came about while reading Johnny Ray’s post. What if with people dying and returning they become someone else, somehow. Maybe Johnny Sex is Madonna. Johnny Sex died in ’86. Like a Virgin came out in ’84 (in this timeline anyway) Popular enough to move on?

      Much deeper post than I intended. Stopping here as explaining scenarios will take all night to write.

      Fiona, I can’t tell you how many times I look for the *LIKE* button after reading someone’s post. Maybe it’s in another dimension?

    2. The most intriguing part of your story is that unlike other phantom memories or Mandel effects, there is proof this person DID exist and DID perform at least somewhat in the capacity which you remember (He was a singer.).

      I looked this guy up on the internet myself, and while I cant say I remember, his image certainly seems to resonate with me. His style and look seem vaguely familiar, but that could just as easily be me remembering the odd way nearly every performer seemed to dress in the 80s. He certainly had a good look, I could see him having gone far.

      One thing: A search reveals he DID die of AIDS, but on Oct 24, 1990, NOT in 1986.

  21. Another musician name change …

    Last one I noticed was Brian Behler/Brian Beller/Bryan Beller.
    Tonight/today, the name change is Billy Corrigan/Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame.

    I was personally corrected on the pronunciation/spelling of his name while in High School (1995). Two classmates, who were considerable fans, told me “CORR-I-GAN” when I mis-pronounced it Corgan. They went so far as to show me the spelling. I have been very careful to pronounce it that way ever since. LOL! (Some part of me still wants to honor their fandom.) I’ve even corrected others over the years, who so much did not believe me that I either had to do the same thing in showing them the spelling, or they cracked open the liner notes of their album — only to be astonished at the alternate spelling.

    So, imagine my surprise while I’m reading through a music forum and see the spelling “Corgan” only NOT get corrected, but repeated! With music fans talking about music, I was expecting the correction, but instead came a reiteration!

    So, I took to google. I’ve only found 2 sources linking the name “Corrigan” to the Smashing Pumpkins front man:
    This video from 2012:
    And this online article, wherein the name is CORRIGAN in the header, but CORGAN in the body of the text:

    I thought this was something of a significant mention, considering the mainstream success of Smashing Pumpkins.

    1. This one definitely strikes a chord (No pun intended.) for me, because I KNOW he was Billy Corrigan. One of my good friends in the 90s was a great Smashing Pumpkins fan, and this man was all over the news in those days, especially when he shaved his head. No way it was Corgan.

      Good find!

      1. Haven’t checked in for a while, but I’m glad to see this reiterated! 😀
        You’re welcome, and thank YOU!

  22. I just heard a Christmas song on the radio with a change that was very jarring to me. In the song Little Saint Nick by the Beach Boys, does anyone remember them singing “Ooooo, Merry Christmas Santa?” Now they sing, “Ooooo, Merry Christmas Saint Nick.”

    This song has always been one of our staples on the holiday playlist every year, so either I’ve been hearing it wrong for decades and singing my own words, or it’s changed for me in the last year.

    1. Anne, I was about to say that I was sure the lyrics were “Merry Christmas, Santa,” and then I went to YouTube. Though the lyrics with the song say “Merry Christmas, Santa” — which is what I’d thought I’d heard, too — I can hear “Saint Nick” in there, if I listen really closely. (Ref. )

      I’m not sure how many times that song was recorded, but… is it possible that you heard a clearer version of the song, or the original, remastered so the tracks are more distinct and overlap less?

      Personally, I’d have sworn this was ME until I heard the YouTube recording. Now — for me, anyway — I only thought I knew the lyrics, and never questioned them until now.

      (It’s kind of nice to find one of these differences, and have it turn out to be something very normal. LOL)

      1. I almost don’t even know what to say. This is kind of surreal. I listened to both youtube songs again (yours is a bit better), I also remembered I have my copy on iTunes that I always listened to and I listened to that. They are all the same song, same recording, though of differing quality. My version was burned from an old early 90s holiday CD called Holiday Hits, Volume 1. I don’t see it online.

        It is just so weird. There is no diction on the Merry Christmas Saint Nick part, though the diction is just a little better throughout the rest of the song on the Saint Nicks. It sounds like they don’t pronounce the n or t at all, and it almost sounds like a hybrid of Saint Nick and Santa. But I don’t think I’d hear “Sain-ih” and think they were saying Santa.

        When I first noticed the change, I don’t remember it sounding so ambiguous. It sounded like Saint Nick. And when I gave it a second listen, with the words sounding more blurred, two of the three recordings were weird, with the volume going in and out, making me dizzy.

        So I don’t know if I should feel relieved, or worried. I’m not sure I can dismiss this one. Either my mind was playing tricks on me, or I caught this mid change or mid slide, where a fact can turn into some kind of putty. I almost don’t even want to post this. This might be one of my weirdest ones, yet.

        1. Anne, thanks! That’s a concept that hasn’t been explored much here, if at all: how quickly we slide. Is it a blink, and you’re here one moment and in another reality the next, or is it a slow phase? (Rhetorical question. I’m just musing, because this I hadn’t thought about this before.)

          Also, thanks for the details of your experience with this. I was nodding in agreement with your description of what it was like to go back and listen to the song a few times. I can’t put my finger on why it seemed so eerie, especially since I was able to cross it off my personal list of disconnected memories. (Well, sort of. I’m not 100% convinced I had the lyrics wrong in the first place, but I’m mindful that no one likes to be wrong, and that might be part of my reaction.)

          And that song leads me to another quirky thought — perhaps not related to the Mandela Effect — which is somewhat related to markers.

          The Beach Boys were among the biggest bands when, in the 1960s, everything in pop music changed. One minute it was surfing songs and clean-cut guys, and the next, it was the Beatles and relatively long hair. (Okay, there were more bands and more music trends, but — surveying history — those were the two iconic music & pop culture trends of that time.)

          I’ve often wondered what this world might be like if the Beatles (et al) never happened.

          And now I’m wondering if some of our celebrity-ish memories are markers in themselves. That might be interesting to examine. I’m not sure it would lead anywhere, and I don’t have time to dig into this seriously, right now. Still… there’s something about this Beach Boys song issue that seems like a beacon, and I’m not sure why.

        2. Anne: Just checked this out on youtube, and found the same thing. The audio on this song seems to fade in and out volume wise or more like “ear-wise”. Its like those old stereos that let you adjust “Balance” so that more of the song came out of the left or right speaker. Its like the setting is being changed between speakers for me, and fairly quickly, so I definitely find it headache inducing (As you noted.).

          I have heard this song before and never noticed it, otherwise Id write it off to a faulty recording job in the studio (It sounds almost like a B take or not a finished, processed take.). But then again, this is the Beach Boys and they were sticklers for perfection so I wouldn’t expect a take this shoddy to make the album in the first place.

          Also, the words do seem garbled on that part, very murky. I always thought, personally, they said “Merry Christmas Day”, but now it doesnt sound like anything intelligible.

          Its like “Merry Christmas Blerbelrblerlr”.

          I t reminds me of how sometimes people purposefully slur or say nonsense when singing along to a song and coming to a part where they dont know the words, except these were the guys who MADE the song!

          1. Brother Gregory, I agree that their recording should be better. However, I’d need to research when the recording was made. Around the time the brothers were having a feud with their manager/father — and he sold the rights to the songs, out of spite — the quality of some of their recordings went downhill in a hurry.

            On the other hand, that may be a moot point and not worth my time.

            From the reports so far, I’m inclined to think this may be a “dual memory” situation, where several people recall two different memories, each with an almost equal sense of it being the “correct” memory.

            If so, the memory itself isn’t as important as what it might signify in terms of patterns that are emerging.

            I’m not sure where this is leading, but thanks to those who are reporting data points — dates & locations — a few of us are noticing surprising, related anomalies.

  23. Last Christmas by George Michael, he sang- “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. But the very next day you THREW it away.” I heard it numberous times over the holiday and compared it to the wham! version which I didn’t like as much. The George Michael version was slicker and his delivery wasn’t as high energy, it was more mature and the mix was simpler, more electronic. I really miss this version. This is the best I can come up with for a link Fiona, note the recorded version here matches the current version, but the listed lyrics do not. I do not think this is a case of replaced lyrics, I believe the full recording has been lost.

  24. It’s funny that I came across this website, as I was recently considering something I have experienced that seems a lot like this. The song, “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift came out in 2012. I distinctly remember hearing it before then, sometime between 2008-2010. When I heard Taylor’s version, my first thoughts were: oh! that sounds a lot more upbeat than the original. I google to see who the original artist was so I could compare the cover, as I like to do with music. Didn’t come up with anything, everywhere I see is claiming Taylor Swift as the original artist. But I remember hearing it sung by someone who sounded like Nelly Furtado. I’ve asked around but nobody else remembers it being sung by another artist.

  25. The first ME that I noticed in such a way that I can recall it in retrospect is a musical one. It has to do with the song “You Were Meant For Me” by the artist Jewel. The album was first released in 1995. The first single, “Who Will Save Your Soul” was released June 4th, 1996. I bought the album from one of those by-mail record clubs over that summer, having heard only that one song. When I got the album and listened to it all the way through, I *knew* the song “You Were Meant For Me”, and not in a “Hey this sounds sort of familiar” way, I knew the entire tune and all the words. I had (still have) a feeling that it had been used in a movie soundtrack, but I can find no evidence of that song being used in a movie. There are other Jewel songs that have been used in movies, but not that one.

    Recently, my music-related ME have to do with hearing a really, hugely song for the first time so long after it came out and became popular, that I’m not sure how to explain being unaware of it. Basically the opposite of knowing a song before it came out. There is also an artist, Ed Sheeran (and his entire body of musical work and his connections to other celebrities), who appeared out of nowhere for me 6 months ago, despite releasing his first album in 2011. He’s written some likeable songs, so I guess I can only be greatful that the multiverses have coalesced his existence into the one I’m inhabiting?

  26. I think there has been a change in lyrics in The Cure’s “Pictures of you.”

    I remember the lyric as:
    …you were snow white, so delicate, lost in the cold…

    The lyric is actually (or now is):
    …you were stone white, so delicate, lost in the cold….

    I was obsessed with The Cure in high school. This was never my favorite song of theirs, but I know all the words confidently. I was caught off guard today when I was singing along to the radio, and that lyric was different.

    1. Azlyrics isn’t always reliable, so that may be why the lyrics are different. There’s a few songs I’ve looked up on there before knowing for sure what at least a few words were, but azlyrics manages to get them wrong very often.

      1. Micheal, that’s a good insight, but without specific examples of how Azlyrics has errors — and supporting links (for the real lyrics and Azlyrics’ pages with mistakes) — it’s merely an opinion. This is why I’m approving fewer & fewer comments without something we can use for research, and — effective 1 Jan 2016 — I won’t approve any without something substantial.

        (I’m approving this comment as an example of what I won’t be approving, starting later this week.)

  27. My best friend and I strictly recall the Panic! at the Disco song “From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins” being titled “From a Mountain in the Middle of Nowhere.” We are very sure that this was named differently.

  28. I personally remember the song “Need You Now,” by Lady Antebellum releasing 5 years earlier than 2010. I was born in 2001 but I remember hearing the song as a young child.

  29. Hi there just a thought ,for you all about record company’s and artists, they very rarely write there own music quite often it is stolen from unknown musicians and released as [famous artist] for instance . Think about it every day thousands of unknown muscians send there work to record company’s hopeing for a shot at fame , where in reality there work is stolen slightly changed and given to one of establishment s vetted and security cleared artists.
    Music has been used for a long time as a tool of social manipulation an example would be the 60s music was used by the establishment to create a counter culture just so they could test there ability to destroy any anti establishment uprising , in the 60s they used drugs to destroy the counter culture, they have controlled the youth ever since by this method ie punk,grunge,rave,reggae etc all have been appropriated by the government as a means of social engineering and distraction. Not one thing on tv or radio or in the papers is published unless it has been security cleared by the authority’s , they would not allow anything to be published which had a negative consequence for there plans . The only place which you can say things freely is the internet and they are trying for regulate that quickly and quietly, so they can edit history to there favour , a lot easier to edit a digital page than replace all copies of books in public libarys, this has been done before when books have slipped through the vetting procedure. Anyway just my obeservations for you


    1. sigint, you’ve raised some very good points. (I deleted the specific artist you mentioned, so this site isn’t sued for suggesting she’d recorded stolen music.)

      The music industry is notorious for keeping tight control over artists and their products. Efforts to contain and control access to music, online, is notorious. The industry executives’ lawsuits to keep lyrics from even appearing in novels — even a few lines — is rather astonishing.

      I can think of only two other entertainment-related areas known for being extremely controlling, at least in the past: Disney and Star Wars, and Star Wars is now a Disney property. (Odd, that. Another coincidence: Disney’s “Snow White” and Star Wars movies have been among the most frequently mentioned films in Mandela Effect terms.)

      The extreme exercise of control over music is somewhat unusual. (Kudos to performers like Amanda Palmer for breaking free of that control… and succeeding.)

      Why music…? Why not the same general restraint on movies, TV shows, books, and the visual arts? Is it just a greedy little corner of the creative world, or is music a conduit to something bigger, and we should be paying closer attention?

      That’s what’s going through my mind, considering sigint’s comment. They may be simple musings, but others may have ideas that take this further into Mandela Effect territory.

  30. I had this with Gwen Steffani (or perhaps No Doubt) and her/their song “Cool”
    I knew the lyrics for AGES and I couldn’t find the song anywhere. No one knew it. And then a while later I heard it again finally and was told it was a new release, even though I’d known the tune and lyrics for so long!

  31. Over the years (decades even) my sister has asked me over time “Who sings that song you ALWAYS used to listen to? Everlasting Love, but NOT the Howard Jones version”? I always wanted that song growing up but I know I NEVER owned it. I lknow a female singer by the name of Sandra covered it, but I’ve looked and looked for another version but alas I don’t think it ever existed. The year(s) she would have referred to were between 1986 – 1989… I apologize if this isn’t a Mandela effect, but when I started researching this for the past few weeks l immediately thought of this story. Any one on here that can verify another male singer that sang this song? TY

      1. Also, I found a male singer named Carl Carlton who released the song in 1974. Maybe *that* is the version she’s looking for? Wrong year for it though. She was speaking of the late 80’s.

  32. This always bothered me…John Mayer’s first single “No Such Thing”… It was released in late 2001 (I grad High School in 2000 … sooo I was 19yrs old at this time) as the lead single from his first album Room for Squares. I remember being in my small hometown near Memphis, TN when I first heard it on the radio in my car…. BUT I thought I knew the song from a much earlier time when I heard it in my house on the radio and I was shocked to hear it was new by a new artist. WTF…moment for me…I’ll never forget it and for years researching the song has been on my to-do-list but it wasn’t until tonight when I discovered this site that I took it upon myself to look into this memory…He supposedly co-wrote the song so there wouldn’t have been any other artist to have preformed it years before???? Mind Blown for me…

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