Multiple, Personal Memories and Quantum Computing

Playing with Light, photo by Caroline Hoos, GermanySchrödinger’s cat — a cat that, in the quantum context, is both alive and dead — is becoming far more real to many people.

In the past couple of weeks — perhaps coincident with the announcement of the breakthrough in quantum computing — people have been commenting here and emailing me with a rush of personal, dual memories.

(Example: Matt’s comment in the original Nelson Mandela thread, on 22 Nov 2013.)

That is, people are remembering two memories — usually, just two (for now, anyway) — that seem equally real, but they can’t exist together on the same timestream.

Let’s say a young woman remembers taking the final exam and getting a 95%, and — in that course — the final exam grade was the grade for the entire course.  The 95% grade enabled her to graduate with a higher GPA (grade point average) and secure the great job she has now.

However, she now clearly remembers getting sick that day, so she had to miss the final exam and take it as a make-up exam.  And, in that course, anyone taking a make-up exam — for almost any reason — was penalized 5% automatically.   So, she knows that — if that memory were true — she wouldn’t have had the GPA she did.

But, she know that, though the “taking the exam on time” and “taking the exam late” memories have nearly equal weight in her mind, there’s no way both memories can exist.  Not in our version of reality, anyway.

Okay, that’s a fictional example, but it’s typical of what I’ve been hearing in the past couple of weeks.

This has been a radical shift from the usual reports I hear.  The latter are usually about celebrities.  They’re external memories… things people would have heard in the news, etc.

In the past, I’d receive the occasional conflicted memory, such as the man whose grammar school is now an old building, but he remembers a completely different, newer building, at that exact same location.  Those reports were infrequent but credible, nevertheless.

However, what I’m hearing now are dual memories.  And, people “remembering” them know that both memories can’t be real in this timestream.  They have a “sense” that one is real, but they’re troubled by the feeling that the other memory is true, as well.

This is worth noting.

I’m wondering if the announcement (or even just the breakthrough) about quantum computing has had an effect on the “observer” factor in our reality (or realities), and we’ll see more multiple, simultaneous, incongruous memories being reported.

Watch for it.

Photo credit: Playing with Light, by Caroline Hoos, Germany.

10 thoughts on “Multiple, Personal Memories and Quantum Computing”

  1. This is definitely interesting, could something start to change our perception of reality?
    I haven’t experienced a dual memory yet, or I am not aware if I have.

  2. Remember that old show “Time Tunnel”? All this reminds me of that. Wonder if further experimentation after the Philadelphia Experiment just egged all this on? After all, you don’t mess with Mother Nature!

  3. I believe the more advanced we get in manipulation of quantum state objects and the more we effect the quantum flux, we will have these time merges.

    1. I completely agree with this. And I think the more we accept it the more it happens. there are times in my life where everything just suddenly “feels” different. I don’t know how else to explain it. Like I just went through a major change or something BIG just happened in my life. Maybe it’s a lag or residual effects of something happening on another plane that have carried through with me on my version of time during a “jump”?

  4. I originally posted this in Major Memories and then stumbled onto this post and it really fits:

    I have two very different memories of 9/11.

    Version 1: I can very clearly recall being home with my Mom on the evening of 9/11 since I was terrified of all the helicopters that kept going through the sky near us. We heard them into the evening. I knew they had grounded planes and were sending military helicopters patrol I guess?

    Version 2: I can remember being at my best friends house. I lived with them part time during this period of my life. They lived about an hour from my Mom’s house. I can remember sitting on the couch with my best friend watching the news after school when her brother got home and promptly said to her “What did you do?!” Then began mocking her for wanting two big candles on her bday. Since 9/11 is her birthday. I remember thinking it was a terrible thing to be joking about.

    I have thought and thought and cannot tell which memory is “real”. I have talked to my Mom about this and she remembers the helicopters and us sitting on the front porch watching them that evening. I have also had conversations regarding 9/11 and had my best friends brother there laughing about the terrible joke he made and asking me, “remember?”. No idea which was “real” or if they both were???

  5. I have had my own hypothesis about how memory works for some time that may relate to the Mandela Effect and quantum physics. After doing some searching on the internet, I have discovered that I am not the only one to postulate this idea. There are a few different research projects currently going on in relation to it.

    For the most part how the brain stores and retrieves memories still baffles scientists. My hypothesis presents the notion that memories aren’t stored molecularly but at the quantum level instead. What if our brain were tied into several “quantum copies” of our brain. This would explain why our brains have so much storage and processing power, but what if these quantum copies were more than just copies…..what if we were tied into the brains of our alternate selves at the quntum level. It would be like cloud storage with all of the common memories split up and stored across 20 or 30 brains like a server with everyone able to access them all using quantum connections with only the unique memories stored locally. Now disregard the Mandela Effect for a moment. This could account for multiple medical conditions or other situations. Some medical conditions like memory loss or dimentia. Maybe as our alternate selves die we lose access to those stored memories. Precognition or deja vu could also be explained this way if some of the alternate realities are ahead of us on the timeline(think Timeline by Michael Crichton). I have had several instances where i have had a dream only to have that dream play out in my life a week or two later.

    Now looking at this from a Mandela Effect standpoint, I think that all of this messing around with quantum computers and other quantum effects has resulted in some of this circuitry getting rewired and some of the wires getting crossed. It would explain why we seem to have memories from other timelines, and why some people are starting to have multiple conflicting memories surrounding the same event.

  6. Don’t know much about quantum computing and, as i’ve understood cloud computing,it has to do with auto upgrade for novices at its most practical aspect.As for multiple memories, i have realized that in order to survive,all people have to resort to jekyll and hyde syndrome,almost all,and this may very well result in multiple memories if a threshold for neural capacity is crossed.

  7. I have a dual memory of mandela, i was sure he died in the 80’s but i also know he died in the 2013, the more i think about the 2013 death the less “real” it feels.

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