Muammar al-Gaddafi

Muammar_al-GaddafiSome readers shared specific memories related to Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi (ca. 1945 – 20 Oct 2011).

C. A. Low raised the topic in April 2011, mentioning:

…the death of Muammar Gaddafi several years ago.

Laura said in 2013:

As soon as I read what you said about previously remembering Gaddafis death I started gagging. This is really strange, I am not an emotional person but I am sitting here and my eyes are welling up. What is this? I remember this. Footage of a runway and a white plane. Omg.

randi replied:

same here. im covered in goosebumps.

Photo credit: In the public domain, per Wikipedia.


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  1. All I can say is I watched footage, shot from a cell phone i think, of an angry mob pulling Gaddafi out of a ditch and one man literally stabbing him in the anus with a knife.

    I think this was 2012 or 2013

  2. I’ve never followed world history too closely and I actually didn’t realize news sources had Gaddafi die in 2011. That’s way off. Back in high school there was this annoying game amongst the male running team I was on to put a stick in someones butt and yell Gaddafied! What’s weird is I graduated high school in 2008. More so my memory of this is not wrong because when we graduated in 2008 the team all went to different colleges in different cities. So we couldn’t have all been together for the memories I have. I remember specific people doing this to me at specific locations on my highschool and I remember being in high school for this. I don’t know how my memory of this could be wrong. But the timeline is way off. 2011??? I was a junior in college.

    Again I never followed the news, but I remember he had died and was stabbed in the butt and that’s why all the guys thought it was funny to poke your butt with a stick and yell Gaddafi.

    Weird. I’m going to ask my friends about it.

  3. I clearly remember this happening while i was pregnant which was 09-10 didnt realize it was actually 2011.

  4. Okay, this is eerie as hell. I have distinct memories of Gaddafi being alive until the beginning of the Arab Spring, being killed during the protests in February of 2011. I remember his son Saif being captured as per current timeline, but I specifically remember his death way before my 21st birthday at the beginning of october 2011. The entire Arab Spring isn’t matching up in many different ways and I was following it quite closely with a friend who is saying that what I’m saying makes sense.

    So very unsettling.

  5. I don’t understand.. Gaddafi did die in 2011 by angry mobs, all the comments confirm that so what’s wrong with Gaddafi case?

    1. Deepblue, there’s nothing “wrong” with it. In this reality, he died a terrible death in October 2011. In at least one reality our readers recall, he died years earlier. That’s what’s being discussed in this thread.

  6. Muammar Gaddafi fled to Algeria in a tank and the Algerian army took him to Algiers. I was watching Fox News and that is what Shepard Smith reported. The camera zoomed out and he had a special panel talking about why the Algerian government was protecting Muammar Gaddafi and how long they could protect him. Would Obama go to war with Algeria? They came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t and that Muammar Gaddafi was safe. I was following what was happening in Libya very closely. During the special report my mom called me to dinner. I told her I would be there after the special report. After the special report I told her all about it.

    During dinner my dad came home. My dad works for the nsa. When I told him he told me I was lying because Muammar Gaddafi was trapped in one of his palaces in Tripoli. I turned on the news to show him I wasn’t lying but, the news confirmed what he said.

    At the time I thought my dad changed what happened but, now I know that is probably not the case.

    Muammar Gaddafi ended up getting killed by a missile hiting the palace. A few years later I saw a youtube video showing Muammar Gaddafi getting dragged out of a car dragged around on the ground and beaten and stabbed to death. [Edited: summary of the version in this timestream.]

    I wonder how he will have died next.

  7. When I was a kid. Maybe 12 years old, my mother told me that he had been killed by an Air Strike. This was in 1994.
    I just asked my mother again to confirm, and she told me: “yeah, he was killed like in 1985”.
    That’s why when I saw 2011, I could not believe my eyes.
    This list is shocking.

    1. To clarify, my mother told me about his death in 1994. But in her memory, it had been many years since he had died already. She remembers him dying around 1985.

  8. Yeah I distinctly remember being in 8th grade (2011/2012 school year) and hearing about how Gaddafi fled his country… Thought he was still alive until reading this…

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