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The original Mandela Effect website.Does a hidden history exist?

Is it hiding in plain sight, in memories and events you’ve witnessed yourself?

This is the original Mandela Effect website.

I’m Fiona Broome, and I launched this site in 2009 to discuss memories that didn’t seem to match documented history.

This website documents how our Mandela Effect conversations began.

To understand what the Mandela Effect is, click this link for the YouTube video.

For a far longer list of reported memories, see the original Mandela Effect list  and its links.

If you’d like to browse a variety of general Mandela Effect comments, here are links, very loosely in date order.   1 – 2345678910 – 1112131415 

If you’d prefer to read the full collection of conversations among site visitors and researchers – nearly 4,500 comments – they’re in a series of 15 books you can read, FREE, in Kindle Unlimited. Start here: The Mandela Effect – Major Memories, Book 1. (They’re also being published as paperback books.)

Mandela Effect - Why is it happening? Theories and explanations.And, after ruling out mistakes and misinformation, would you like to consider other theories for why the Mandela Effect is happening?

This site’s original Theories and Explanations comments – over 500 of them (a thread that was over 45,000 words long) – is available in The Mandela Effect – Theories and Explanations book. (Like all official Mandela Effect books, it’s FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.)


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