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Does a hidden history exist? A history different from what you’ve been told?

Or is it hiding in plain sight, in memories and events you’ve witnessed yourself?

This is the original Mandela Effect website.

I’m Fiona Broome, and I launched this site in 2009 to discuss memories that didn’t seem to match documented history.

Now, Mandela Effect discussions are in the wild. The topic has become so mainstream, it’s been featured in an X-Files episode, a horror movie, and – at the other extreme – in Readers Digest and Good Housekeeping magazine.

No producers or reporters have ever contacted me for ideas, quotes, content, permissions… nothing at all. To be very clear: I have absolutely no connection with any articles, shows, or movies referencing the Mandela Effect. (However, I’ll admit that I enjoyed watching the X-Files episode. It was deliciously funny parody.)

So, if you’ve had difficulty reaching this website and keep seeing a “bandwidth exceeded” message, it’s due to the current (temporary?) attention this topic has attracted.

This website serves as an archives, documenting how the Mandela Effect conversations began.

To understand what the Mandela Effect is, click this link for the YouTube video.

For a far longer list of reported memories, see the original Mandela Effect list  and its links.

If you’d like to browse a variety of Mandela Effect comments, here are links, very loosely in date order.   1 – 2345678910 – 1112131415 

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