More “Moving” Countries and Changing Geography

World globeMany people remember islands, land masses, and countries in alternate locations. Some of those memories are startlingly similar.

I discussed this in two previous articles. The first was about Sri Lanka’s location, since that had attracted considerable comment.

The other article was about checking older maps, in case newer maps have been altered for political reasons. I showed the process I’d used to clarify Sri Lanka’s location, then and now.

However, specific countries and land masses seem to recur in our discussions. I’m moving those comments to this newer post, so they’re all in one location. (No pun intended.)

Many of the “altered” locations are around the Indian Ocean, but some are not.  New Zealand and land masses around Korea have been the most surprising (and consistent), so far.

So far, the major location discrepancies seem to relate to:

And then there are odd media references, such as the globe in the movie, Dazed and Confused. Are they pranks, Easter eggs, or the kinds of references that document a dramatically changing global landscape?

Courtesy of

Dazed and Confused globe scene. What's that land mass?
from “Dazed and Confused,” (c)1993 by Universal Studios / Gramercy Pictures / Alphaville.


What's that land mass west of Australia?
from “Dazed and Confused,” (c)1993 by Universal Studios / Gramercy Pictures / Alphaville.

Compare that with this satellite image:

Satellite map of Indian Ocean area

(Note: Some comments were originally at the Major Memories page, and moved here so they’re easier to follow.)

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    1. That map matches the location that I recall. I’d thought NZ was mostly one land mass and a smaller secondary island, but the location is an exact match for my memories. The proportions (distance from Australia, and relative position) fit my memories, precisely.

      And, really, I was mostly interested in where it was located, when I looked it up on the map, years ago. At the time, one of my closest friends had moved to the US from NZ, and I’d wanted to see where her homeland was. So, it wasn’t an in-depth geography study, just enough to say, “Okay, NZ is northeast of Australia. Got it.”

      1. For me, NZ was northwest of Australia, and Australia was quite a ways further out in the middle of the Pacific.

      2. I’ve always been fascinated by the 4th dimension, since early childhood. I stumbled upon this site yesterday when researching timeslips like the ones that have occurred in Liverpool, England (interesting Google search for those who don’t know). These comments have no less than fascinated me. I’ve been reading for well over 6 hours and I’m only to this point so far. I’ve read every comment with care. Never have I been so interested in a single article. The nearly unanimous agreement between so many posters is something I’ve never came across in this wide web of our world. It seems there is definitely something that happened which is collectively remembered. Since timeline slips normally seem to be personal experiences, I wonder if this particular event was some kind of psy-op? There are not so many posts of the other events, so there is a factor of possible mis-memory, but the Mandela funeral, there’s just too many people who remember it. I wonder if there are experiments of implanting memories into people happening? When something is a memory it’s impossible to tell whether it was implanted or “real.” I’m 99.9% certain the parallel universe theory is correct(ie: all possible arrangements of particles exist at all times, and we see whatever results from that arrangement), but something is strange about this Mandela effect. My #1 theory is perhaps there was a TV broadcast to certain geographical areas as a sort of propaganda psy-op type of thing. Theory #2 would be an experiment with mass implanted memories via some means, perhaps wireless. Theory #3 would be a timeline slip with mass numbers involved. I’ve had items that I know existed disappear from right next to me, most recently a few days ago, so I know we live in a very exotic reality. I was originally posting to say this about NZ lol, but off I went, like I said the topic fascinates me: I too remember NZ being more Northern, but I’m wondering if this is from the effect of modelling a three dimensional sphere on a two dimensional plane(one of the few impossibilities in our reality, lol!). Some paper maps are stretched out in different manners which change the geography and this effect is magnified in the polar regions.

    2. That is where I learned it to be . I was surprised at it’s (actual) location when I looked it up.

    3. I specifically remember New Zealand at the North East of Australia as well, i was just shocked when i looked at google maps :0

      1. I had the same experience some time ago, I was so convinced New Zealand was North East of Australia. Then today I found this site and read about the perceived misplacement of New Zealand, but having completely forgotten that episode I thought to myself, “no sir, New Zealand is where it’s always been, to the North East of…” Then I checked the map and was surprised again! Weird stuff.

        In my memory, Australia was also much further south of Indonesia and the other islands! Not close at all, and I was very convinced of this as well.

        1. Sandra, you’ve nailed it from my point of view, too! Like you, when I read about New Zealand, I raced for a map saying, “no sir, New Zealand is where it’s always been, to the North East of…” But no, the map now has it being SOUTH East? This can’t be. And like you, I remember Australia being much farther south of Indonesia.

          1. One thing I don’t understand about these memories of New Zealand being NE and Australia being further South, is whether folks were aware of them climatically in their memories. What I mean, is that I have always been aware that Northern Australia is tropical and that most of the country is at least sub-tropical (as in beaches, generally warm weather, etc.). I have also always been aware that New Zealand was not this way (glaciers, snow, etc.). Australia being further South, or New Zealand being further North, directly conflicts with the climates I have always known them to have.

            1. Caelum, I can’t speak for everyone, but I have never been to NZ or anywhere near it. So, for me — and probably most visitors to this site — the New Zealand memory is related to a map or world globe. I haven’t a clue about the relative climates (except for scenes in Young Einstein, not the most credible of sources) and landscapes. For me, it’s about the location on a map.

      2. It’s WAY too far out in the ocean. I don’t recall that there was such a huge body of water between it and Australia. And it was farther north, closer to the top of Australia. Also, Australia itself was bigger, and more “down under” than it is now. When I look at maps, I see that the southern tip of South America is actually further south than Australia, and that doesn’t seem right to me. Was New Zealand always broken into two islands?

    4. Anyone here aware of the change to Russia? Apparently it gain territory between Lithuania and Poland and it did not have prior to me finding out about the Mandela Effect last month. It’s the unmarked area West of Lithuania and Northeast of Poland. If it’s not a part of Russia, what country is it and when did it appear?

      1. I also noticed the new & weird little piece of Russia on a different map while I was checking out other anomalies. Wasn’t sure if it was just me, but I guess it’s not!

        For the record, and in the correct section, these are the geographic changes I’ve noticed…and I am a huge geography & cartography fan as well as many others who have noticed these changes:

        -Australia is the biggest one for me and freaked me out. The spike-wrong! Also, it was way more isolated & closer to New Zealand. If Australia moved southeast by quite a lot, in order to get more in line vertically with NZ, that is how I remember it. NZ seems to far south & east, but Australia moving back would seem to correct it.

        -Alaska! The three peninsulas & the accompanying bays seem very wrong. If you were to fill in those bays almost flush with the rest of the coast, that fits with what I remember. I used to work for a wildlife photographer who specialized in Alaska, and not only does it look wrong w/ the two bays (Norton Sound & Kotzebue Sound), I also don’t recognize the majority of the town and city names anymore. Like Nome & Kotzebue.

        -Madagascar. I remember it further south, like east of South Africa. Also I remember it being mostly uninhabited & protected. I remember a friend or my ex in maybe 2005 going there with Peace Corps or a similar group & being so excited because it was rare to be able to visit at all.

        -Sri Lanka. Directly south of India and more triangular in my mind.

        -Cuba looks huge & weird to me

        I thought I had Honduras wrong, but realized I may have been thinking of Hispaniola (Haiti+Dominican Republic).

        That’s all I can think of for now!

        I sometimes wonder if some of these weird changes we are seeing in coastlines etc. are effects of global warming (rising seas, ice shelves calving) that have not been made public yet. Also many of these areas seem to be seismically unstable OR have been subjected to nuclear testing.



        1. South America is way too far to the east. I remember it being more in an almost vertical line, up and down, with North America. The Bahamas also seem to be closer to Florida than they should be. I thought the islands was further out into the ocean. Also, I remember the ocean to the south being called the Antarctic Ocean. Now it’s called the Southern Ocean. I also remember Australia being further south from Indonesia and New Zealand being northeast. Those changes and the differences in words for movies and books are really freaking me out. I don’t know what’s happening. It’s really scary.

          1. The Southern Ocean, sometimes known as Antarctic Ocean, actually is a fairly recent change by geographers, 2002, and it’s apparently not fully official to everyone yet.. It used to have no separate name, the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean’s all just went all the way down to the coast of Antarctica.

            But I totally do remember Madagascar being different, and New Zealand being northeast of Australia, which I do believe was much further south. And the sun was also yellower and less harsh which is why we drew it with yellow crayon in kindergarten/very early grades.

            Possibly related to Mandela Effect…. Homer’s description of “the wine dark sea”? There’s a theory that people didn’t see blue as a color until recent centuries, and that not all cultures see 7 colors (or at least not the same 7 colors) in the rainbow.

            I do believe US Thanksgiving was on the Third Thursday

            I remember a 90’s episode of Friends where Chandler references the BerenstEin Bears which he pronounced BerenSTEEN not BerenSTAIN.

            I do not clearly recall news of Mandela’s death or any rioting, but I have vague memories of Winnie referred to as “his widow” in the ninties, and some behavior of hers being reported as embarassing to the new post Apartheid government. But I also think I recall when he was President in the 90’s. Maybe a case fo dual memory.

            I’m pretty certain it was “Mirror Mirror on the wall”. I buy most of the famous misremembered movie quotes, the corrected quotes sound correct when I hear them. “Play it again, Sam” never happened, etc. But my brain refuses to believe it was not “Mirror, mirror”.

      2. It’s the Oblast Kaliningrad. The Soviet Union took this piece of land at the end of WWII.

      3. I remember spotting Russia’s territory in Europe on a map in the late 90s, however I have never seen its existence addressed.

    5. This is so crazy. I was talking to a friend of mine who was going to New Zealand and the fact that it is south of Australia came up somehow. I argued to it to death. I KNEW that New Zealand was north of Australia. I knew it with every fibre of my being. I remember being in the fifth grade. My teacher was a really pretty and nice young woman and I kind of idolized her and so because of that, I remember that grade quite vividly. She was giving us a social studies lesson (here in Canada, social studies is what the geography curriculum falls into for elementary schools) and we were learning about the indigenous people of Australia (as a continent, not country for all of you stereotypical Americans reading this) (and general geographic area surrounding it) and we spoke in depth about New Zealand – my teacher even went into so much detail as to tell us that she had a crush on a player from their rugby team, the New Zealand All Blacks. We were all looking at a map that pulled down from a roll at the top of the whiteboard (we had several different maps that were rolled up on top of the whiteboard that could be pulled down and rolled back up with a quick pull down – I’m sure many people will know the ones I’m describing. Anyways, this particular map was a world map, and on this world map there sat Australia at the tip of my teacher’s wooden pointer… And what land mass sat almost directly above it? None other than the beautiful land mass that we call New Zealand. I can still see it clear as day and I know that it wasn’t just a confusion on my part because I’ve had other memories regarding where New Zealand is (was?) located. So that brings me to finding this little gem of an article. In all of my frustration trying to argue my case and wondering how someone who doesn’t come from the US could be so blatantly ignorant of world geography, I decided to ask professor Google. ‘New Zealand is North of Australia’ is all that I typed into the character field. I pressed the return key and lo’ and behold, this site comes up as the third entry down in the list that Google gave me. I am so weirded out at this point I can’t even explain it. It feels so eerie. I’ve never been so sure in my life! Also, in eighth grade science class I did a project on the Kauri Snail which is indigenous to New Zealand. I’m going to call my parents and grandparents to see if they kept the report (they kept a lot of my school projects) and if I’m lucky and it’s still there, I hope it will prove that something is awry… Unless of course history has been rewritten and my report even shows NZ to be south of Australia as well – twilight zone, here I come! I’m just glad to see that I’m not alone in this experience and that I haven’t just gone crazy or something. Looks like a really interesting site with some pretty cool reads as well. Glad to have found it!

      1. I remember just one year ago New Zealand’s two land masses were connected… And I can prove it. I wrote a scene in my first novel about driving between Christchurch and Wellington. I did the research before writing that…

        1. Funny. As an actual New Zealander, I’ve always had to board a ferry to get between Wellington and Picton.

    6. A friend of mine asked me about the BerenstEin Bears a few days ago (it turned out that he’s an “E”, too). This “A” thing is completely wrong on a purely visceral level (as well as for the usual reasons of knowing how to read by German phonetic rules).

      I’ve been reading a ton of this since then — I pulled an all-nighter Tue night, took care of a few other things, and have otherwise been poring over the whole effect.

      By way of simile (this one not applying to me, nor have I yet read of it applying to anyone else): it’s like suddenly finding traffic lights inverted (as someone had mentioned about her 3 y/o son’s observation, in some thread), and everyone telling you that you’re just confused, and then running into a speak-easy filled with other people who remember the real traffic lights.

      My memory is excellent, but fallible. That being said, I have an exceedingly high IQ, some OCD and Autistic symptoms, etc.. I’ve always simply put down my discrepancies to being merely (though sometimes jarringly inexplicably) extremely poor inaccuracies in my memory. The cognitive dissonance sucks, but I had had to conclude that clearly I was wrong (or reality was crazy…). Having read so much recently, I’ve come to to see that a large number of “wrong” memories show statistically significant near-identity with many of mine (which greatly soothes some nerve-raggedness that I hadn’t even noticed being continuously present until it suddenly disappeared upon seeing all of this [damn, I’d love to compare a checklist of who-has-which “wrong” memories]).

      I’ve been sorting out which Mandela Effects apply to me and which don’t (which strikes me as odd that it’s not across the board). New Zealand falls squarely into the wrong-world category for me. Worse yet, it seems that of those who remember N.Z. being elsewhere, the predominant theme is very much west of Australia. Seeing your friend’s NE-of-Oz sketch was a gut-unknotting relief.

      Thank you, Gurluas!!!

      Side note: not to end this on a pessimistic note, but people can get awfully witch-hunt-ish when they notice others being different. Would it really be all that terribly alarmist to wonder if this mightn’t end up as a pogrom vs. the minority (i.e.: vs. those who have “wrong” memories)?

    7. Yes i remember it as that to the North East of Australia, i remember cause i had a uncle that moved there when i was younger and i still remember it to this day it is in the North East.

      Side Note: Im from South Africa and Madagascar is suppose to be to the right of South Africa and Mozambique. In relation to this South Africa is suppose to be slightly father south towards Antartica almost the same length of South America.

      But i will stand by this fact that New Nealand as i recall it is just plain wrong where it is now….

      1. When I was younger, I used to look up travel opportunities to Australia (I still have not gone) — I always would look up flights and for some reason, the cheapest route was always through Aukland, New Zealand. Why? Because it was to the north-east of Australia and acted as a great “hub” of sorts for all airlines. I read articles about it being used in WWII has a hub in the Pacific, and even in school learned of the importance New Zealand has played as a sort of “buffer” between Australia and the rest of Asia as a whole.

        New Zealand’s defenses were built up to protect Australia against an assault from Japan. As a result, Aukland had a huge former military base turned into a huge commercial airliner hub in the southern Pacific. All Qantas flights to Australia from large distances would typically to to NZ first.

        Then… this. Today. NZ is wrong on the map.

        None of anything I’ve learned about WWII and the role New Zealand played as a northeastern buffer; none of the history about it being a major travel hub… None of it is true here.

      1. Mohammad, I don’t usually approve “just confused” or “silly misunderstanding” posts, so I deleted your opening sentence. Also, I don’t approve comments with links to transient image-hosting sites, so I removed the link.

        However, I wanted to give you credit for finding a map that supports some people’s memories of New Zealand, relative to Australia.

        Personally, I never played Risk and hadn’t seen this map until today. It’s certainly something to think about — in a “chicken or the egg” way — because that game map is very different from what’s on most world maps.

        Here’s a more reliable link to a webpage with the Risk game map:

        That’s still not where I saw New Zealand on the world globe my family owned — and where a family friend (from NZ) indicated that her home was. But, it is interesting, however this fits with the Mandela Effect.

  1. Come to think of it I have very clear memories of Japan being much farther south than it is now. Directly east of China and below the Korean peninsula.

    Has anybody else experienced this memory?

    1. Rath, My memories of Japan place is a little farther south than it is on the Google map I just checked. But, for me, it might be either a faulty memory or I was using a defective globe when I first located Japan on the map.

      The reason I doubt myself as a good source for this is because “my” Japan was a lot larger than what I’m seeing on the Google map, as well. So, that suggests my childhood maps (or world globe, or whatever) weren’t right.

      Or, I suppose that might be yet another “reasonable” explanation for a Mandela moment! *LOL*

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. Could these perceived differences in location be because of differences in map projections? This would especially hold true for size memories. Depending on which projection is being used and where its focal point is, different areas will look bigger. You simply can’t represent a spherical object on a flat paper without major distortions. I do have vague memories of Sri Lanka being directly below India, though, and not slightly off to the side. I have even looked at some ancient maps from hundreds of years ago, but can’t find Sri Lanka shown like this.

        1. Vivienne, thanks for bringing that up.

          While some maps may have confusing distortions, the scope of this issue can’t be explained by one or two maps that use a different focal point. Those particular maps would have to be in such widespread use to explain alternate memories around the world, during different educational eras.

          I’m pretty sure we’d be able to find those maps online, or in a standard (albeit old) set of popular geography textbooks.

          Cheerfully, Fiona

            1. ALVB, that’s a good reference, but I’m pretty sure you haven’t read all the relevant comments. (Many are among the “Major Memories” comments.) Map projections don’t explain many — perhaps most — of the reported memories.

        2. I remember Sri Lanka being directly below India too and Japan was way lower to the south east of China and it was a bit bigger and one land mass as I recall. I always wondered why the maps are looking so different. Madagascar was much lower and more east of South Africa. I thought I was just getting old and not remembering stuff at all, but now I see there is something else going on.

      2. I could have sworn that Japan was directly east of China and Taiwan. The Taiwan wikipedia page lists Japan as being to the “east and northeast” of Taiwan. I was set on this being a real change until I ran around to find our Risk board (which I have played extensively). Japan is connected to Kamchatka which could only happen if it were as far north as it is today. Did anybody else play Risk? I don’t think the board has changed, but maybe somebody else remembers this better than I.

    2. Rath – I embarrassed that my memories aren’t as clear as yours one way or another, as I visited Japan for 10 days in 1993, but when I have a vague FEELING that Japan should be closer to China instead of east of the two Koreas, for what it’s worth. My globe looks odd to me there.

    3. Yes, that is exactly how I remember it. From recent memory even, I feel like I am seeing things on the map for the first time. I find Australia’s location particularly rattling, as I recall it being much further south and sort of on its own with New Zealand in the Pacific. The proximity to Indonesia is something I am sure I would have noticed, as I have definitely looked up location and other information about Indonesia in my adult life. A close friend in college had grown up there and I have a distinct memory of looking it up because I was curious (I totally had a crush on this guy, so I feel like I remember this a bit better than I would had he been just a casual friend/acquaintance).

    4. Yes…pretty much exactly. I actually noticed my misconception of this earlier this year, before becoming aware of this effect.

    5. Yes! I specifically remember it being directly east of China but nothing right above it, and china was a lot bigger, but I also remember Korea being south of china, not near the top of it.

    6. I also remember Japan being directly east of China. I remember seeing maps, and seeing something about the first inhabitants of the island coming over from mainland China.

  2. I have clear memories of the Korean peninsula being northwest of china somehow, and also new zealand being nowhere near Australia.

  3. I started looking at a globe. That was a mistake.
    Where did Mongolia come from and why is Japan all twisted at the southern end?

      1. Hi again, Surely not for the sake of continuity, but very sincerely,after seeing the map,i have to add my bit. I remember the australian continent as a remote place with water all around and nowhere near southeast asia as it presently is,the newzealand too existed on the western front.going by different forums it seems that newzealand exists on all 4 corners. As to sri lanka, i also remember the country being further south, although the eastern orientation was same.

        1. I’ll be honest that I scoffed at your comment, thinking “That’s exactly where Australia is lol.” So I looked it up and now New Guinea is right on the northern border and New Zealand is southeast instead of directly east. This one deeply disturbs me as I was just looking up Australia and New Zealand on Google Earth/maps a couple months ago out of curiosity and me and my girlfriend both wanting to visit. What the hell.

          1. I visited Australia about 10 years ago and New Zealand WAS east. It’s way too far south now. The matrix is breaking. This is too weird.

          2. I remember New Zealand being east of Australia not southeast and I remember Sri Lanka being south of India not southeast, and I remember Japan being east of China further south than it is now. I also clearly remember the space shuttle challenger exploded in 1985 not 1986 because I was in Florida and I watched it happen with my own eyes but I was in West Virginia in 1986 so I couldn’t have seen it in Florida with my own eyes in 1986 because I wasn’t even there. I remember the Berenstein Bears and I remember Billy Graham died but now he is still alive.

          3. I’m from New Zealand and a lot of people think that it is east not south east as it is often displayed this way on weather reports etc. It is supposed to be just the two countries side by side and not an accurate geographical representation if that makes sense.

      2. Anon and Fiona – What do you remember about Mongolia? My memories in geography can’t be relied upon, unlike with some of the rest of you. But if you had asked me before I looked at my globe, I would have thought Mongolia was just a region and I wouldn’t have been sure whether it was in Russia or China. I would usually hear the term “Upper Mongolia” referenced as one of the coldest places on earth. An article entitled “Is Mongolia part of China?” said that it was only in 2002 that China started thinking of Mongolia as a separate country, even though it originally declared independence in 1911. My globe is a National Geographic globe from 2000. But of course, Nat Geo could have recognized Mongolia as a country before China did. Did you have a memory of it not being separate on current maps?

        1. Julia,

          I was taught that Mongolia had a relationship to China similar to what Philippines has with the United States. That is, strong ties but separate countries.

          And, because of the extremely rural nature of Mongolia, bordering extremely rural parts of China and Russia, the dividing line was less important than defended borders of more industrialized countries (as of the early 20th century).

          So, I never paid much attention to Mongolia when we studied geography in school. I knew where it was (and it still is), but that’s all.

          Maybe others will have different memories about this.


        2. I’m freaked out. I know mongolia was part of China 7 years ago when I learned the world map exactly in High School. Upon looking at it, I’m also shocked at Portugal. That is NOT where it was when I was a teenager. I can’t remember where it was but it definitely wasn’t attached to Spain, I think it may not have even existed.
          I am so confused. I also remember New Zealand and Sri Lanka being in slightly different places.

        3. All I remember for certain is that Count Duckula’s castle was once transported to outer Mongolia.

    1. Now I knew about Mongolia from a young age thanks to Disney’s Mulan movie. I was born in 1993; Mulan was released in 1998. But I could almost guarantee you that I never saw Mongolia on a map until just a few years ago. The entire area of what is known as Mongolia (in this timestream at least) was in China. I assumed China took it over long ago in ancient times and Mongolia was just no longer existent. And that’s what I always believed. So imagine my surprise when just a few years ago I was looking at a globe and I see that Mongolia does in fact still exist. I never really thought much of it till I saw this post but now it has convinced me only that much more.

      1. Mongolia was part of the Soviet Union, and thus did not show up as an independent country on most maps until the past 20 years.

        1. Mongolia was never a part of the USSR. It was a communist state, yes (People’s Republic of Mongolia), so a Soviet protectorate in practice, but still an independent sovereign state, recognized as such by everyone after WW2, and joined UN in 1961. So any map you have from the last 60 years should show it as an independent state.

          1. int19h, I appreciate your concise clarifications. Thanks! And, for the purpose of this website, it’s important to remember: Mongolia may never have been part of the USSR in this reality, but our discussions usually focus on alternate realities and alternate histories. So, I like how you said that any map from the last 60 years should show Mongolia as an independent state. What people recall from their alternate memories… that may be different.

    2. Right, I had the impression that Mongolia ceased being a nation hundreds of years ago. I look at Google Maps quite frequently because I have students all over the world, and I want to know where they’re from. A lot of my students come from China and Russia. It feels very strange to think I might have overlooked an entire nation. My impression was that the Mongolian empire fell a little while after Genghis Khan died, and Mongolia was no longer a nation after that. Looking at the flag now, I have absolutely no memory of it.

    3. Mongolia was once a soviet satellite state. On maps prior to the break up of the Soviet Union, it was colored the same as Russia and the other satellite states. It would appear on older maps as if Russia and China shared a border and Mongolia did not exist.

      It has been an independent nation since around 1990.

      There is also a province of China called Inner Mongolia. It is an autonomous region, meaning it has more legislative rights than a normal province. This may be what is causing some confusion on to the relation of Mongolia to China. Inner Mongolia is a part of China.

    4. Mongolia is one of the things that is bothering me the most out of all of these anomalies. I had never seen Mongolia on a map before though I’m pretty sure I’d heard the name, but only a few times including when i learned about it as an ANCIENT TERRITORY/EMPIRE in history class. There is no way I would have missed something that big on a map that I used to stare at every day in homeroom for four years (that was just a couple years ago too), and China and Japan look completely off too (I have no doubt that Japan used to be directly east of China). There’s also Kazakhstan right next to Mongolia, another huge country that I had never seen or heard of. Add to that the fact that I used to look at all of the world flags in the kids almanac when I was younger as well as on the internet later on and had never once seen the Mongolian flag before until I literally just saw it for the first time in my life five minutes ago when I accidentally came across it while researching a different country for a school project. This stuff is seriously freaking me out.

  4. In the film “Dazed and Confused” (1993) at the 15 minute mark a student spins a globe that shows a large landmass off the western coast of Australia.
    This does not exist on any of our maps and atlases nowadays.
    Here are screenshots of the scene with the globe:

      1. I bought a copy of the DVD and I’ll be reviewing it in the next couple of days. I’m hoping to sort out whether it’s a real globe — and, if so, if it’s the brand name on the globe — or if it was created as some kind of easter egg.

        1. I’ve reviewed the DVD carefully. The segment is at the 15 minute mark, and the globe spins multiple times.

          In favor of it being the logo or compass rose of the map: I don’t see a logo/rose anywhere else on the globe. Most globes have them.

          In favor of it being a land mass: No matter how slowly I watch it, the land mass looks irregular. Most logos are either symmetrical or a simple, stylized design that — even blurred — wouldn’t look like that.

          However, I can’t rule out the logo possibility. More research is needed, to identify globes available at that time, and if the globe was altered as a kind of “easter egg” in the movie.


          1. Hi Fiona-

            My observation, upon review of only the screenshot, is that it could be simply a poorly-cared-for globe with a worn spot in the paint from having been kept consistently in contact with a surface on one side for an extended period of time.

            If you observe the blob, it seems to have white edges… if it were a continent, that would make it ice-surrounded, even though it’s at the same latitude as Australia. That does not make sense.

            I believe that the white edges are the exposing layers of material involved in making the surface of the globe. Many surfaces with layered construction that show wear over time show similar patterns.

            Finally, I’d like to point out that the globe is being held by hand in the picture, which implies that the stand of that particular globe is perpetually absent. In keeping, one would expect that there could be surface damage from extended “setting on a surface” over several years, in lieu of a stand.

            As for why ONE spot would wear, my guess is that the globe’s weight balance made that spot the bottom inevitably. Therefore the person who was setting it down would be perpetually propelled to find that specific spot intuitively in order to still the motion of the object upon the surface.

            Best regards,

            1. Jacques, that’s as good a reasonable guess as any. It requires a lot of suppositions. I’m more comfortable thinking it’s an “easter egg” in the movie (or a simple prank).

              However, yes, it could be a wear spot if we assume the paint undercoats include the same tan shade as the land masses. With screen printing, that’s possible. However, that also assumes two layers of paint underneath the blue color of the ocean: the white and tan colors we see. Otherwise, we’d see metal… assuming it’s a metal globe, which I think is reasonable.

              To test this theory, I’d look for a world globe of similar vintage, and lightly sand it to see what layers (and colors) are underneath the blue.


              1. My theory: The production company didn’t pay for the rights to show whatever company logo was on the globe, so it was obscured by the props department. One way to do this would be to rub off the logo with a file, removing the surface paint layer and exposing the cardboard beneath.

                1. DG, the sanding issue has been raised before, and it’s one we still need to explore with an actual, similar globe. The deciding factor is likely to be the colors of the underpainting and primer. However, I think it’s probably a metal globe, not a cardboard one. As a props handler, I wouldn’t try sanding anything cardboard to start with, unless I wanted really severe aging effects on it.

                  1. All past globes and maps reflect our current timeline. So it wouldn’t contradict our current “reality” …

      2. that landmass west of Australia I believe is the maker of the globes mark, like the company name and logo

        1. fangerstan, we’ve already discussed that possibility. As shown, it’s not a maker’s mark. We still need to find a metal globe with similar under painting to see if it can be sanded to look like that.

        2. I was thinking about this recently, and if they wanted to obscure the company logo, wouldn’t they simply paint over it with a matching ocean color? This would be easy and quick with a cheap bottle of acrylic paint, and it wouldn’t mess up the globe the way scraping would.

      1. Negative. You can see Papua New Guinea in the picture to the north of Australia, off the cape. The eastern part of that island is PNG.

    1. I believe I remember seeing that landmass on globes like that when I was a kid, in about ’93 when that movie was made, but I couldn’t tell you what that landmass was called. Also in one of my realities Madagascar was landlocked inside Africa and not an island and there was a landmass at the North Pole called simply Arctica.

  5. I’ve been recently looking at an Europe map, and two things caught my attention.
    1. Poland has seemingly grown, it’s roughly the size of Germany all of a sudden?! Poland used to be a tiny country.
    2. I remember reading about the man from Taured, and when doing research about it, Andorra was a region in Spain, now it’s a VERY tiny independent country.

    I am a bit unsure about the latter, but Poland was definitely smaller earlier.

    1. I don’t know how far back your memories stretch, but I do know Poland annexed land from Germany after World War II.

    2. It’s possible the prop department needed to cover up the logo for legal purposes and they decided to do so in a humorous way.

    3. Poland was never a tiny country. In 1650 – 990 000 km²; in 1918 – 380 000 km². In 1945 Stalin & Churchill parted old territory – eastern half was taken by USSR. And eastern part of old Germany went to Poland.Now it has 312 685 km2 so above 67 000 km2 was lost after WW2.

  6. I also have the memory of New Zealand being northeast of Australia. I asked my husband, “Where is New Zealand?” and he said, “Northeast of Australia.”

    I’m just glad we’re in the same timeline together 😉

    1. This is strange. I always thought that New Zealand was northeast of Australia, too. I asked my husband and he thought it was on the east side, but was not sure if north or south. Very interesting.

      I always loved the movie Ben- Hur with Charlton Heston. I remember watching it pretty much every time it was on tv. One particular scene I recall vividly is where Judah Ben Hur has just rescued the centurion on the ship and they are floating on a piece of debris. Charlton Heston is standing tall, holding on to a chain and talking to the centurion. He was half naked and totally sexy. However, I have watched the movie later and that scene was not there. Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. JM,

      Actually, we have. It was brought up in an earlier comment, and I’ve reviewed the scene in the DVD. See the article and thread at

      This isn’t an alternate memory since, so far, no one has said they remember a huge island country there. The discussions about New Zealand reference a different location.

      The Dazed and Confused globe might show a logo. If not, it’s a prank or hoax, something along the lines of an easter egg, or evidence of alternate geography.


  7. Madagascar has shifted way north for me. I remember it being much farther south, and directly east of South Africa.

    Cuba is way larger.
    The Bahamas are now much closer to Florida.

    1. i remember madascar being more south of africa. i remember too because in my class back in 7th grade, we had to memorize where it was and put it on a map. and i remember it being closer to africa too. now googling a map, i see that its more north and farther away… strange

      1. I grew up in Kenya and Madagascar is in the same location as then. I had a map/puzzle of Africa at the time and I remember wishing it were farther south so it would fit in the puzzle better though, so it’s probably pretty natural to remember it as further south.

        1. Andrew,

          I’ll agree that some altered memories might be products of “wishful thinking.” I recall Jimmy Carter’s sister actually teaching workshops on more fully integrating happier, created memories to replace trauma, etc.

          However, the geography issues are so real and consistent among those who share specific ones, I’ve spent considerable time looking for older maps with those “misplaced” lands. My altered geography issue is New Zealand. I can recall where I first looked for it, around 1990, when we met a new neighbor from New Zealand and we took out our family’s world globe to find where it was. Later, it was part of a formal geography lesson, and we had printed maps from a textbook.

          It’s not like I “wished” New Zealand was somewhere different. I’d have no reason to care, really. But, so far — and I am still looking — I can’t find any maps with New Zealand where I remember them. I do wish we’d kept the world globe we had then, but my memory matches others’ who (in public or via private comments) brought up the topic before I’d mentioned it here.

          (See my article about altered geography, , and — if you’d like to continue this discussion — let’s shift it to that thread.)


          1. Here’s the problem with all of this altered geography stuff, in comparison to something like Berenstain vs. Berenstein. If we’re going with the idea that the cause of this is slipping from dimension to dimension, then all it takes for the name Berenstein to change into Berenstain is for Stan and Jan Berenstain to make a decision to change their names to a more recognizable “Stein” for the purpose of marketing. In one dimension, they did, and in another they didn’t. This doesn’t alter all that much.

            On the other hand, islands and continents being in different locations represent a fundamentally different Earth, which would’ve needed to start being different liberally over a billion years ago. FAR far back. Massive geological differences from our current world. A world where NZ is northeast of Australia or where Japan is further south instead of southeast is not one dimension over….not something you can just slide into. It would likely be almost unrecognizable to the point where maybe humans never even came to be.

            The CAVEAT is that this is the case if we’re talking about a PURELY PHYSICAL world . I actually subscribe to the idea that we live in a computer program of sorts, and in THAT world, the programmer could, I suppose, decide that Japan needs to be a little further north to serve some sort of outcome the programmer prefers.

            What I suspect, however, is that this map stuff is probably more likely the power of suggestion combined with the fact that people in general really don’t know their geography all that much. I’m a big time geography buff (know for it among my friends), and I had the impression until earlier this year, and before learning about the Mandela Effect, that the Korean Peninsula was north of Japan, and not level, but I attribute that to simply misremembering…because I SUSPECT that if I moved a map around to what I thought, it would end up looking very foreign to me.

            1. RyanKW, if — in your holodeck (which may be mine and others’, for all I know) — the “misremembering” answer works, that’s fine. Breaking things into categories that work for you, e.g., spellings are a reality shift but maps are a memory issue, is fine, as well. That’s not the answer for everyone. However, I’d be very interested in what would happen if you shifted a map around to what you thought it should be. (And, if you do, share the graphic in case it matches anyone else’s memory of what the map should look like.)

            2. Ryan KW brings up a point I’ve thought about, also. My understanding of alternate universes is that the more recent the timeline forking, the more identical the worlds. Makes sense – they have more in common. The farther back we fork, the more opportunity for difference. A world where New Zealand was actual NE of Australia might easily have been eventually populated by sentient, bipedal felines who descended from lions. Yet people who remember NZ as NE of Australia are not reporting other, extreme differences in their world view.

              I don’t think this is idle speculation. While we don’t need a flawless theory in order to investigate why so many people have similar alternate memories, an issue this large needs attention at some point.

              1. Good point, Carol, but I question “other, extreme differences.” How would you define that?

                Many people — including me — tend not to mention other alternate memories until a stranger does. Even in the conversation that sparked this website, I didn’t spontaneously volunteer my alternate memory of Mandela’s earlier death. Shadow mentioned that memory as something others held, so I admitted I harbored that memory, as well.

                Perhaps some people who recall NZ in a different location also recall Hy-Brasil actually existing, west of Ireland, or — like me — recall a huge ice cap called Arctica, above Scandinavia, Russia, Alaska, and Greenland. (I’m pretty sure it covered Svalbard/Spitsbergen, and if someone had told me that the main settlement of Svalbard was something called Longyearbyen, I’d have remembered it.) I do recall National Geographic magazine articles and maps, related to explorations of Arctica, and it wasn’t a huge trek north from Alaska. (I’m fairly certain Alaska was part of the Arctic, but Arctica was considered a different geographical region. Something about the plant life discovered in the ice, but that’s a very vague memory for me. Mostly, I was interested in the colors of ice and icebergs, as related to Hudson River School paintings by artists like Frederic Edwin Church.)

                But, even without the Arctica memory, my alternate memory of Mandela’s death (and funeral coverage on TV) — all by itself — seems fairly “extreme.” Ditto the memory of Billy Graham’s funeral that pre-empted regular network TV programming for three days. To me, Sri Lanka looks in an odd position, but I can’t swear that’s moved in contrast with certain memories.

                (I’m also being cautious in this conversation, having had to edit or outright delete your other “you’re just confused” comments. This is looking rather troll-ish, but — for now — I’m taking this at face value.)

                Having never been to New Zealand or studied it at length, I couldn’t tell you if it has a feline population in this reality or any other. And, giving Neal Adams’ Growing World (Expanding Earth) theory a nod, I don’t think geographic changes need to go back to the initial formation of the planet. I believe the fork would have been more recent than that, but still might go back to prehistory. Or not. I haven’t a clue.

                For me, whether it’s a parallel reality or a holodeck… that’s a coin flip, and — at this point — I’m not sure it matters. My initial focus was on whether or not alternate memories were widespread; the Berenstein Bears issue sealed that in a hurry. Now, I’m looking for patterns in memories and the markers that may be related to them.

                In this comment, you’ve raised an issue I’d like to expand on in future conversations: I’m interested in other changes, related to a geographical location that seems to have moved: Specifically, if anyone has visited that locale after it seemed to move, and if the move was significant enough to trigger other, huge differences (in landmarks, native species, and so on) contrasting with their earlier experiences/memories.

                1. One other geographical area that seems completely wrong in my memory or timeline is the are known as Gibralter or the Rock of Gibralter which I KNOW was directly south of Spain and north of the African continent and not on hundreds of miles northeast of Spain’s eastern coastline and also not physically attached to Spain mainland. Millions of people especially well educated degreed types and others just can’t be misremembering an event of a physical location with the alternate memory of all these people being very close to the same. Do you know what the mathematical odds are that so many people having a very close or common memory of a place and or event, and yet that event and or physical location can’t be proven to be so in this timeline/reality? A time or reality shift has occurred but the evidence of such things ( as I understand them) is we’ll see much of the world the same as before but with changes in history, people, events and geography.

                  My biggest mind blower is the never before seen videos (for me) and interveiws of some of my favorite musical bands. Songs they played that I never heard of, interviews given I never saw before in the 10 or so years that I have followed the latest news on these bands via you tube posting which happen rather quickly these days. Way to many videos I have never ever seen, wearing different clothing, different sets/background, hair style…its really freaky.

  8. Although as I have stated, I’m not a geography expert by any means, that “blob” on the globe in the movie sure looks like it’s supposed to be a land mass to me. Strangely, I thought there WAS something to the west of Australia. I think I mentioned in my long most on the major memories -links that it was only a few weeks ago that I looked at the globe in my computer room – checking for something about Australia or Indonesia when I noticed the placement of New Zealand and had the eeriest feeling that it wasn’t where I thought it should be. My memory is by no means to be relied on in geography – it was just a feeling and it surprised me that I’d even think about it. (This was before I had heard the term “the Mandela effect” or saw this website.) The blob in the “Dazed and Confused” globe is actually where I would have guessed New Zealand was, though that’s a huge blob! And it’s hard to tell, but it looks like New Zealand might be represented on movie globe where it is now. I asked my 79 year old mother where New Zealand was in relation to Australia. She thought for a moment and then guessed “west” – for whatever that’s worth.

  9. My mother was completely sure that Armenia was not a country and hasn’t been for a long time. She was convinced that it was part of Turkey, and has been for decades. She has no recollection of it as part of the U.S.S.R

  10. I actually remember New Zealand being *part* of the continent of Australia, on the east side of it.

    1. I can swear I’ve seen this map also.
      Maybe in an old text book or daily journal / agenda (where we would write homework down). There was always multiplication tables, maps etc. in the front and back few pages.
      Ever since I’ve come across this subject, New Zealand being roughly 1 third of the continent or Australia on the eastern side. I cant get it out of my head.
      I’m going to dig through my possessions, I’m a bit of a pack rat.. I have a feeling it is probably gone as I have moved a few years back and previous attempts at finding old possessions were un-fruitful.
      I’m 25 for reference and I believe this dates back to late 90s early 2000s.

      1. Exactly what you are saying above, about 1/3 of the continent on the eastern side!

      2. I was born in 1983 and I’m in Australia, Sydney to be exact and I’ve got an atlas made by jacaranda atlas programme showing NZ southeast of Australia with the tip of its north island sitting roughly in line with Sydney and all of the island groups of the Pacific in grate detail. If there’s a way I can upload the pictures as it’s an A3 text book. It also shows Mongolia independent from the ussr and China with Japan sitting east of the United land mass of North and south Korea. Let’s just say it’s so old it still has Burma and no Sri Lanka. It also shows Jakarta way west of Darwin bit in line. Poland comes up as south of Sweden. And Portugal is attached to Spain. I recall America having 52 states. And I recall castro dying a few years back and his brother officially taking over. I recall the stories of him being a casanova also. And they actually used the term casanova. I remember the berenstein bears not Berenstain. Hmm goes on it does.

    1. Oh good, I thought I was the only one!! I SWEAR it was west when I was in school. Like, just below Singapore. I was a huge nerd about Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, the computer game AND the tv game show. Every day after school I’d grab encyclopedias off the shelf and study the continents to brush up before that last round of the show where they had to put the markers on the right state/country. I was AWESOME at it. And I can clearly remember New Zealand being in the Indian Ocean.

      Part of my brain has been accepting that it’s east for a couple years now, as I have online friends from NZ and they often refer to it as Tomorrowland, due to its proximity to the International Date Line. So, I know where it is, but I KNOW it was west before!

  11. Some one should get a high quality blu-ray screen cap. It’s the only way to see what that Island really is.

  12. What i remember studying in school is that australian continent consisted of 2 countries australia and newzealand and was located in middle of south pacific.Now that the erstwhile continent has moved towards asia and infact has indian ocean on its western flank,its but natural that newzealand has to shift from west of australia to the east.Some remember newzealand at north west of australia which in present scheme of things would mean newzealand being intrinsic part of southeast asia,bang in the gap between indonesia and singapore,a very absurd notion indeed.The present newzealand doesn’t belong to any continent,submerged continent zealandia is cited and so is ‘oceania’ region.I don’t remember anything like zealandia or oceania.

  13. That globe should never have been in contention,its like being in a rut or worse, acting out the stories of enid blyton,figuring out mysteries in a most story like manner.Mandela effect deserves better references than prospecting for gold or a goldmine with a childish doodlebug.I don’t like to sound unsympathetic but such things make the subject look like a plot for soap opera that no soap manufacturer would care to sponsor.Alternate or false memories are an intrigue and many references that can enrich the subject can be sourced from the writings of prodigal authors of 20th century,and i have learned that the thriller genre is a very rich source of the contemplation of human enigmas.

    1. Vivek,

      I’m not sure why you’d say that. We have stories that suggest New Zealand in an alternate location relative to Australia. A movie shows a globe with an unidentified, large land mass. It could fit the alternate memories of those who recall New Zealand at or near that location.

      Why wouldn’t we want to know the validity of that prop?

      Relative to the New Zealand discussion, the globe in Dazed & Confused has no less value than the maps we’re studying in connection with Sri Lanka’s alternate locations.

      The image on that globe might have been an intentional Easter egg, just for fun. As recently suggested, it might have been placed to conceal branding.

      Or, it could explain the prevalence of alternate New Zealand memories.

      For all we know, a globe was manufactured with a glaring error, and that mistake misled many students (including me) before the related globes were recalled. (I don’t recall New Zealand that large or in that location, but others might. I’m allowing for infinite possibilities.)

      Our research should include:

      1. Whether that was a real globe or an altered prop.
      2. If it was a real globe, what the unidentified land mass is.
      3. If that was a land mass represented on a real (unaltered) globe, whether it was a mistaken printing.
      4. If it was a deliberate representation of an actual land mass on an unaltered, manufactured globe, do other maps from that era — no matter how obscure — also feature that same land mass.

      As far as I’m concerned, dismissing the globe without examination would be a disservice to the Mandela Effect community.

      I’m not quite ready to give the New Zealand topic its own post at this website, but it’s probably going to occur in the near future.

      Fiona Broome

      1. New Zealand consists of two Islands (North and South), I don’t know of this debunks the idea or if people remember it as a solid mass to the West.

      2. I don’t see New Zealand to the South East of Australia in this clip, So I think you would have to dismiss the assumption that the land mass to the west is a makers mark that was scratched off. I would agree that it would be a possible explanation if New Zealand was on the globe where it is now in this “reality” but as far as I can see it isn’t. Which leaves, either it’s an easter egg, mandela effect or something I can’t think of.

  14. But fiona, You are missing the whole point,i was one of the earliest to say that newzealand existed on western side(sep 28 major memories).The crux of the matter is not the relative position of newzealand vs australia,but the larger picture of australia’s location in the pacific,newzealand simply tugs along westernly in the altered geography of parent Australia.

    1. Vivek,

      At this website, the sequence usually is:

      1. Someone notes an apparent timeline anomaly.
      2. Others contribute their opinions, related memories, and related alternate memories.
      3. We check possible normal explanations.
      4. We note those that seem reasonable. If nothing fully explains the most significant memories, we continue to gather data.
      5. If no answer is found, the topic becomes potential evidence for the Mandela Effect.

      In this case, we’ve been through steps 1 and 2: You and others noted New Zealand in alternate locations.

      Now, we’re at step 3: We’re looking for normal explanations for some or all of those memories.

      A widely-distributed (but faulty) globe could have influenced geography studies, both formal and informal.

      We have possible evidence of a faulty globe.

      Now, the questions are: Was that an actual globe that might have been in distribution to schools and homes, or was it an altered prop for the movie? If it’s a real globe, does the land mass on that globe fit any alternate memories for New Zealand? If that globe was real, could it explain some of the reported memories?

      I’m not ready to assume that Australia is always a parent of New Zealand, in alternate realities. The reports have largely focused on New Zealand, not Australia’s position in the Pacific.

      The two may be related, or they may be distinctly different topics.

      In general, I first study what’s reported, with some consideration for relational issues.

      In the case of alternate geography, Expanding Earth theories might apply. But, before we go down that path, it’s smart to see if erroneous maps could explain alternate memories regarding New Zealand’s location, including Australia as a reference point. (That’s similar to my research into past maps showing Sri Lanka.)

      A simple (but widespread) educational error must be eliminated before making the leap to other theories, including Mandela Effect.

      Fiona Broome

      1. Alright now I’m really freaked out not only is Sri Lanka not where I remember it being, the island nation
        of Cuba is now at least twice as large as I remember it being and way closer to the Yucatan
        peninsula . It dominates the Caribbean Islands now. Some people will say it has to do with map projections
        of differing sorts, but as a child I was often absorbed in maps and had / have a fairly good memory
        of where everything was relative to every thing else . I think that a conspiracy of cartographers
        highly unlikely ,given that transoceanic commerce depended on accurate sizes and positions
        for the safe transport of the spoils of empires.

        On a different note for the people who find all this bewildering check out the youtube of
        Super string theorists James Gates and Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about whether
        we could be living in a simulated reality. There is a short version of about 6 minutes
        that encapsulates his ideas.

        1. Are you sure you’re not confusing memories of Cuba with Puerto Rico? Not making an accusation…Just going down the checklist.

          And yes, as I mentioned in my comment above, the only way that an island or continent could be in a different location without the entire planet being pretty much completely different is in the case that this is a programmable simulation. A physical Earth where NZ was west of Australia instead of east would look NOTHING like our current world. It would require the continental shelves to be fundamentally different from what they are.

          1. RyanKW, I’m assuming you’re familiar with Expanding Earth Theory. In a different reality, if the expansion weren’t consistent, that could produce myriad alternatives to the current timestream’s geography. Very fun topic, and — in some ways — a good match for Mandela Effect.

  15. Good points Fiona.

    What is strange about the globe scene is that the globe is centered to the viewer and is spun right in front of us, so it is something that we are meant to see. Until someone gets a higher quality screenshot we will have to speculate.

    It would be worth looking at the other maps and atlases in the classroom scenes to see if their logos are also ‘covered up’, or logos on any other props for that matter.

    1. JM,

      Those are excellent points. I’ll go through my movie collection and see what other classroom scenes I might have, or anything showing a globe. I’ll look for really old Disney shows, as well, because I’m pretty sure they sometimes opened with a globe, and someone spinning it enough to find the country to point ot.

      Mostly, I’m looking in the same era as Dazed & Confused was filmed — and in that movie, itself — to see how often they covered branding. And, I may see if I can find the prop manager for that film, to ask about the globe. I’m still inclined to think it’s kind of an Easter egg, but on the chance that it’s a real, unaltered globe, I want to know more.

      (I have checked Easter egg sites and a list of errors in the movie, and — so far — no mention of the globe.)


  16. It’s also interesting that they are discussing Gilligan’s Island in class and the bathroom before the globe scene. Theme of a fictional island.

    I study movie synchronicities. Another one to look at is Sliding Doors (1998)
    In the scene where she shifts realities you see a train numbered 777.

    777 refers to the Thelemic Tree of life, the ‘lightning flash of creation:

    1. And, lets not forget about “Lost”, which involves a hidden island near Australia that moves.

  17. Hi fiona, sorry if i’ve made some unsavoury and uncalled for comments,but you’ll to agree they were somewhat witty.Coming to the topic,i have to say that i have a tendency to take a bird’s eye view whenever things get murky.What i have deduced is that geographical memories are not experienced by those living in close vicinity of the contentious location and that a distance of at least 1000 miles is generally necessary,in this enigma of oceania region the effect should start to occur from india china onwards.Also the alive again phenomena is almost entirely U.S centric,even if mandela or goodall or tankman or gaddafi were not american, they had aroused familiarity with americans.About 20 yrs back i had done a similar study of rebirth cases of india and found that almost all the cases occured within 5o to 100 miles.

  18. Either the matrix has decided to drop its subtlety or has become nonchalant towards its enigmas or better still apathy is overwhelming mankind as well as the matrix.Technology has certainly become awe inspiring and many people are more amazed at skype call than britain shifting to south west of spain

  19. Not for me either,not in this timeline.we used to say in the womb of future but in this multiverse concept we can do away with this word ‘time’, Taggart proved the unreality of time a century back.Even entropy can do without the arrow of time in this changed scenario,the cup that broke to pieces irrevocably can now be put together with the help of 3d printer,times have changed and the word ‘time’ has become a metaphor.So i should say britain has shifted in another reality,again if there is such a thing as reality.

  20. Hi fiona, This may or may not be relevant but the whole of oceania region from johnston atoll to australia,has been the most abused region for wmd testing of all sorts;nuclear,chemical,biological,by all the western super powers,britain france us,the longitude of johnston lies similar to australia’s at 139 degrees,the tests were carried out for about 50 yrs from 1946 to 1996.Being the largest testing ground of deadliest assortment of materials,the contamination of waters was obvious,could be australia was shifted westwards by some means to avert mass destruction,could be there is something to this, timeline shift starting from 1995.

  21. Hi fiona, Done some further research as you suggested and collected a truckload of anomalies and enigmas.Australia belongs to the most isolated region of earth,lies between the south indian state of tamilnadu(sri lanka’s neighbor)and south american nation peru.tamilnadu is supposed to be the cradle of civilization and the matrix of all sciences,racially tamilnadu is closest to the australoid race and yet not the aboriginal type infact the dravidian race of tamilnadu doesn’t belong to any known races of earth;negroid or caucasian or mongoloid.Peruvian deserts where nazca lines exist is the most unique place on this planet,windless rainless where 4 inch deep lines have survived since time immemorial,a perfect place to put markers for the visitors from deep space.What i tentatively propose is ETs landed on australia and colonised tamilnadu with their elite and dumped the menials on australia,put the markers on peru.The interesting thing this theory consolidates is that australia has been the dumping ground par exellence.british dumped their outcasts on the island then carried out nuclear tests,U.S and france carried out their own tes of various nefarious weapons on north oceania and yet australia and newzealand are very beautiful places of earth.A perfect plot for b grade soap opera,what do you say?

      1. ‘It’s about the most inaccessible spot you could imagine on the face of the earth’, straight from the horse’s mouth,may be we are not nutters as to the facts.west of perth, the location we were knee deep in, is indeed something to reckon with.Malaysia plane might or might not be involved,but the enigma has unwittingly come into open as to the location.

        1. No to mention, northern Australia is the house of a supposed dimensional portal in the Pine Gap base near Alice Springs. The plot thickens…

      2. Easter island,the navel of the world, at south pacific is the loneliest spot on earth.About 900 massive statues,weighing upto 90 tons and standing from 12 to 32 feet,are a prevailing mystery similar to nazca lines.And i suppose the motive of these statues is same as those of nazca, signal buoys for e.t space ships.

  22. I’m a Dane and I may have noticed a change.

    Notice this map.
    The island between Fyn, Sjælland and Jylland…I don’t remember it, I never knew it was even there until I saw it today, and being a Dane I’ve seen maps of Denmark MANY times.

    The two islands between Sweden and Denmark around northern Jylland…I also don’t remember those.
    I recall it just being ocean with very small islands close to the coast.

    1. I’m interested in more comments from people like Gurluas, who are native to the region being discussed. [Edited.]

      1. Indeed. We have reports of geography changing. We have reports of individual buildings moving or transforming, and so on. However, we don’t have many (if any) alternate memories related to both locational (map) changes as well as first-person observations describing before/after changes on the ground.

  23. the weird thing for me is a swear i remember Hollywood being located up north, in Montana. i even remember driving by it when going to Seattle for vacation… what….the….hell

    1. Logan,

      I’m completely baffled. Not the Hollywood-in-Montana part, although that’s pretty odd. It’s why you drove through Montana to get to Seattle.

      You have a TX IP number, and the shortest route from there takes you through New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, and then across the corner of Oregon, up to Seattle. To go through Bozeman (MT), you’d add about 150 miles to the trip and go through a lot of less interesting countryside. Well, unless you just love fields of wheat and corn rather than some spectacular mountain views, that is. (Then again, if transmission or general automotive issues vetoed steep mountain roads, maybe the plains route was the safer choice?)

      There is no Hollywood, Montana, but I’m sure you already knew that.

      If you can share your route, maybe someone else will recognize a similar experience/memory.


      1. For a long time I’ve tried to find someone else with the same experience, Logan. I distinctly remember Hollywood Land being in Montana? Why, because I had driven past it as well. Now it looks like it’s located somewhere else and has dropped the “land” part. This is insane, but that’s not all.

        That landmass, Fiona, I remember all too well mainly because back when I was a little kid in ’86 I had loved maps. I really cherished them, I studied them, knew all of the states, (all 52 of them, Cuba and D.C included), and I liked to trace maps of Europe, the U.S, South America and so on. I did trace a world map at some point and tape it to my wall. That landmass was an territory used by the U.S after the Filipino-American war when they had captured the Philippines from the Spanish in a surprise attack, if I remember correctly the U.S captured the northern portion, but the southern portion’s capture was delayed due to the rebellion due to the U.S not granting the Philippines independence. When the war ended in 1907 the island was taken over completely by the U.S, and was not considered apart of Australia or the Philippines. My last memory of it being there was probably around ’89 or ’90, because I had learned about it in school, it became a territory of Australia in the ’62 and many Americans and Aussie’s lived there. It wasn’t a continent, just a territory. I’ve never watched this Confused and Dazzled movie that is being referred to either which creeps me out a bit.

        I’ll be heading to my mom’s house next week to take care of her Yorkie while she go’s out for a bit, if I find it I’ll be sure to take a scan and put it up here. If it doesn’t have the landmass on it… then I don’t know what to say because I’d be petrified at that point.

        Great posts, Fiona and Logan!

  24. The new search area for the Malaysia plane is right where that Dazed and Confused mystery Island is. Directly west of Perth.

    1. Very cool, JM! I’ve been tracking the search in relation to the “vile vortex” (or “devil’s triangle”) near that location, as well.

  25. The whole world is now focused on the spot of that mystery Island.
    Reality is bending more and more.

  26. Regarding the globe scene in “Dazed and Confused”, I noticed a few more anomalies in addition to the mystery island west off Australia. I looked frame by frame, with brightness enhancement/contrast setting and I saw that:

    1- Florida peninsula is gone;
    2- Panama channel is open;
    3- New Zealand is gone;
    4- Madagascar shape seems to be different;
    5- China “border” seems to extend farther to the north and Mongolia doesn’t exists anymore;
    6- And of course, the Mystery Island near a vile vortex and right into the search area for flight MH370.

    Indeed, the globe is too blurry and it could be hard to look for more details. I recall some comments here suggesting that New Zealand may have other locations and in another comment, someone was baffled by the existence of a country called Mongolia. So, maybe this globe refers to a “real” common timeline existing somewhere and from which many people recall as well. I love to think that movies may have some hints on hidden truths.

  27. Good Post MissLyly

    What’s interesting is the guy who originally discovered the Mystery Island claims that he had a motorcycle accident back in 2007, and then started noticing small changes in reality. State flags changing, he doesn’t remember the Ohio state flag as a pennant for example.

    I take a positive view on these reality shifts though, if you listen to Bashar (channeled info) it all starts to makes sense, we are constantly shifting and we are in an acceleration. He says that synchronicities and miracles will soon become the order of the day. You just have to drop the baggage that doesn’t belong to you. Lighten up to get enlightened, and ultimately be more and more of your true self. The more you do all this with a playful nature, the easier it is.

    1. JM, That’s fascinating! Also, thanks for the positive message, too. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed or even distraught by things changing unexpectedly. Seeing it through a playful filter makes all the difference in the world! (So to speak.)

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  28. Fiona, Another gem from victoria,on early hours of 8th august ’93 Mrs. Kelly cahill and her husband while driving thru foot hills of dandenongs victoria australia,saw a big ufo land in a paddock facing them and kelly observed beings inside.What makes this case special is that two other cars were behind them and they also confirmed kelly’s account.The incidence was verified by prestigious researchers.

  29. It’s literaly skeletons in the cupboard called ‘melbourne’.In april 6 1966 near a school in westall melbourne victoria,2 ufos landed and were witnessed by children(it’s in ats today),picnic at hanging rock was written soon afterwards,kelly cahill came many yrs later.What is noteworthy is that victoria lies on southern tip of pacific front of australia the remotest possible location in current dispensation of australia,ufos land on paddock so cattle mutilation and crop circle are alluded.whether the skeletons are real or man made, the cupboard of melbourne victoria is full of them.

  30. Look at that bizarre shape of New Zealand and Australia in the Universal’s opening theme from the movie “The Dark Crystal” (1982). I really got chills…


    New Zealand looks to be closer and has a weird shape; Australia lost its Gulf of Carpentaria and got a new one in the north west. I don’t think it has something to do with geographic knowledge of that time, because my grandfather has a 1973 globe and all look the same as in Google Earth.

  31. I remember Cuba being located differently in the ocean. (I can try to arrange the current map in Photoshop to match how I always remember seeing it). Basically, it was further South and East than it is now on the maps. It was never as scrunched up, almost in the Gulf of Mexico like it is portrayed now. I am positive I saw it differently on maps until a few years ago.

  32. You’ve got to be careful when dealing with old maps though. Anything pre-19th century must be taken with a grain of salt. For example, try to look for Japan. On a lot of maps it doesn’t even exist and when it does it looks nothing like the real thing. Cartography can be pretty difficult when all you have are ships.
    Those two movie sequences though, wow. I remember Australia etc the way it is now but still… wow.

    1. Good point, Dakota! Mostly, I use old maps to try and figure out where some of these mismatched ideas come from. I keep looking for old maps that might have been in someone’s home (or an old schoolbook) and mistakenly used as a reference. (My first tack when dealing with something that might just be a confusion, is to see if I can find where it came from. Something logical that explains it.)

    2. It’s funny that you mention Japan because it is located due east of China and south of Korean peninsula on that globe. I didn’t notice it first but I double checked and bam! It puzzled me.

      Take a look:


      1. MissLyly, at the moment, that link looks like leads to the full length (bootleg?) copy of the Dark Crystal. Repost your link with a note about where the scene is (the time stamp) that shows the map, so people can fast-forward and freeze the screen. Thanks.

          1. I just used the link you posted that leads to the Dark Crystal movie on Youube and youtube says the movie has been taken down due to copyright laws.

  33. So, im now noticing several differences in what i remember of the world map and where things are now on world maps.

    Japan seems to have moved further north… twice.. in relation to china and the koreas. In addition to Sri Lanka changing, the maldives were further sw, like halfway to africa. And Madagascar was further south.

    The Philipines were east northeast of the current position. Australia and new zealand were closer. India was larger.

    1. I remember looking up Madagascar after the cartoon came out and it was definitely farther south, smaller and shaped differently.

  34. Since more people are noticing the geographical changes, I’ll chime in with this….Taiwan is now no longer within the mainland of China, it is now an island off the coast of China. I always knew Taiwan was part of China and was within it’s mainland but a separate country…now it is not. And yes after further inspection of Southeast Asia and Australia, the entire area looks a whole lot different than I remember when I was in school.

    Another thing I have noticed is that some of Islands in the Caribbean now appear to be out of place, and other islands I have never herd of now exist. Trinidad & Tobago is now practically bordering Venezuela so much so it seems to be out of the Caribbean chain of islands( I remember it being further out in the Caribbean, nowhere near as close to South America as it is now) and The Bahamas appear to be too close to Florida. Aside from being a geography lover, I have Caribbean roots, so bad geography is way out of the question with this.

  35. This sounds odd, but I used to look up New Zealand a lot for the purposes of visiting, mostly because I am a fan of Lord of the Rings. I’ve noticed some people on here also remember it not being where it is today, but for some reason I remember it being North-West relative to Australia. I can visually see the image ingrained into my mind, and if I hadn’t checked myself on Google, I would have called bullshit if someone told me it wasn’t. I’m very confused…

    1. Jennifer – I remember New Zealand being west as well but I couldn’t tell you if I remember it more north or south for sure. I have a globe in my computer room and at one time I was looking at that area of the world and thought about how I don’t often THINK about New Zealand and that that it seems even more “exotic” than Australia, and I reasoned that it seemed more exotic because it was even further away from home (California) than Australia. In other words, it was even farther west. Then one day, I think last December, shortly before reading than anyone else remembered it differently, looking at my globe again and looking at the south Pacific and saying, “WHAT? This doesn’t look right”, and eventually realizing New Zealand looked “off.” It’s very freaky, much more freaky than remembering an alive celebrity’s funeral (i.e. Billy Graham.)

  36. I always thought that Australia was in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Like somewhere in between South East Asia and South America.
    Well, until about a few years ago when I was goofing on Google maps looking at foreign countries, I was quite shocked to find out it’s actually near to SEA. Hmms.

  37. Was watching. Espn and for the first time in my life I heard Talladega was in Alabama. Now I’ve always known Talladega to be in Florida. And I was very sure about this.

    1. Whoa.

      I was born in Florida. I *know* Talladega is in Florida. I used to watch auto racing with my dad and him saying he wished he had gone to see the race when we still lived in Florida (I grew up in another state), and when that movie Talladega Nights came out I had that moment of “my birth state” recognition.

      I just Googled, and looked at a map, and Talladega is in the middle of Alabama?!?

      1. I had to look that up too. I live in Florida for awhile. It was in Florida. My kids were into racing for some time and wanted to go to Florida to see Telladega. It’s weird seeing it in Alabama.

        I also noticed St Petersburg, Fl has moved from being next to the ocean to being next to the Gluf of Mexico. And my childhood town of Wintergreen, FL is just gone. 🙁

  38. When taking a serious view of the world map now many places appear to be out of place so to speak and it’s noticeable on all continents. For instance in Africa, Angola is now in SW Africa while I remember it being situated moreso in Central Africa. Taiwan is now a small island off the coast of China, while I remember it as a small country in the NE region of China. Anyone else remember Taiwan being inside of China? And now, and this is really interesting, The Bering Land Bridge, that most of us learned about in History Class, seems to have never been totally submerged, because it looks as though Siberia/Russia and Alaska are practically touching once again. Here is a map showing what that area looks like now;

    Here is a map showing how I remember it in school. Interesting it’s still up, because none of the rest look like this now.

    Also many parts of Europe seem out of place, for me Germany specifically. And I never heard of Andorra being a country until recently. With others it’s more of a something just seems off feeling.

    I saw someone mention Bashar and I totally agree we’ve accelerated and are shifting in and out of different realities every millisecond. I see it as part of our evolution and the evolution of our planet.
    Very exciting time to be alive as I see it.

  39. Something else interesting, in Linklater’s previous film ‘Slacker’, he does like a 5 minute cameo at the beginning of the film talking about alternate realities and shifting. Then later in the film there is a scene with a guy on the street selling ‘Free Mandela’ t-shirts.

  40. Thanks for the great post Emily,

    I also recall the Koreas being exactly where you said, south of China, but north of Vietnam. In the current Guangxi area. This is where I’ve always pictured them. I also remember Taiwan used to be farther south and much smaller. Hong Kong and Taiwan have swapped locations for me.

    Also for Fiona, the posts on this site aren’t in date/time order for me, the new ones are at random places. Dunno if it’s the same for you?

    1. JM,

      Thanks for the additional info. Very interesting about the Asian references.

      Also, thanks for noticing the comments issue. To keep the site running smoothly — despite crazy-busy traffic, some days — I switched to Twenty-Twelve, a fairly “plain vanilla” WordPress theme from itself. So, it shouldn’t have many glitches. (There can be a lag in updates if they’ve rushed a critical security update to WP itself, and then update the themes.)

      In this case, I think the problem was the levels of comments I’d selected. I’d gone with the default of five levels. Due to the complexity of our discussions, I’ve increased that to ten. That seems to have relieved the problem. However, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until I need to look into plugins that will allow even more nested layers.

      Meanwhile, thanks for catching that problem. I want people to have a great experience, browsing the diverse comments here.


  41. I just stumbled over this website and I’m absolutely fascinated.
    I’m relatively young (21), but I also talked to my parents, and… yeah.

    -I was really surprised about just how close Australia is to South-east Asia. So was my mother. Australia was always surrounded by water (and Tasmania and New Zealand, but not PNG) for me!
    -New Zealand seems off to me. Like, it belongs east for me but it was more in the north. Again, my mom agrees.
    -I always thought Japan was east of China, but Hokkaido (the most northern island of Japan) is actually pretty close to Russia! (Although that may have been faulty maps/a faulty memory because I also associate Hokkaido with being cold and wintersports – being close to Russia makes sense, there)

    -I knew Taiwan was an Island, but I remembered it more southern than it is (Japan was were Taiwan is now). I even held a presentation about Taiwan in school, so I spent a lot of time on it’s Wikipedia article.

    -I thought Mongolia was a part of Russia but I’m pretty sure I confused it with Siberia. But it was definitely a part of china? I REMEMBER China being bigger and they had a VERY long shared border with Russia.

    -Where did Svalbard come from?

    -I was also at some point REALLY surprised by just how big Poland is. For the record, I’m from the middle of Europe. I should KNOW how big it is. But it’s huge!

    Also, my mom remembers Billy Graham dying “when she was young”, so a few decades ago. What. (Maybe she confused him with someone…)
    In case of Nelson Mandela her answer was “well, maybe it was propaganda”, though.

    My history teacher was pretty awful and the US weren’t mentioned much in geography but I remember there being “about” 50 states. Why do I remember “about”? Why not exactly? That’s not a hard number to remember.
    My mother’s answer was a guessed 42, but it was obvious she had no clue. My father was VERY certain that there were 49, then they added Hawaii and Alaska so it has to be 51 now. (Then he added that maybe they added another one and it was 52 by now.)
    Both my parents were surprised to find out that Puerto Rico was a part of the US at all.

    -My mother is ABSOLUTELY sure about Tank boy/Man getting run over. I also remember looking through my history book and reading about it.

    Strange, all that.

    1. For what it’s worth, I’ve never heard of Svalbard (which I just read is part of Norway) or its former name, Spitsbergen. I’m not a geography expert by any means, but I do like to look at Google Earth and know I’ve looked at the areas around Greenland and Iceland, and I’m surprised I didn’t question what Svalbard was. No offense to any Norwegians but the name Svalbard almost sounds “fake.” LOL. Just unfamiliar I guess.

    2. I looked at a map of Japan about a month ago and was blown away at how close it was to Russia and Korea. I even said to my husband that I never realized Japan was so close to those two countries.

    3. Re:
      “Where did Svalbard come from?”
      It used to be called Spitsbergen, if that helps.

      [additional sentence removed from this post]

    4. Korea was to the north and slightly west of Japan. Japan was east of China, and the island of Okinawa was located between Japan and China.

      Remember Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid telling Daniel where Okinawa was located? He indicated Japan on one side, China on the other, and Okinawa in the middle.

      Now Okinawa is south of Japan. The scene in the movie is different now, too.

      I also remember New Zealand being farther north and west of its current location. It seemed to be much closer to Australia than it is now.

      1. Hi, Chris,

        I hadn’t looked up Okinawa in my recent map searches, so when I read your entry, I did the usual “well, it’s right where it’s always been… wait, better check…”. Your memory puts Okinawa as west of Japan, Google says SW, my memory says N. Grr-sigh… _more_ new geography to relearn…

        Side note: while writing about geography here, I keep trying to capitalize my directions (North, South, East, West, etc.), but the norm. seems to be minuscule rather than majuscule when not part of a proper name/region. I’d swear that that hadn’t been the case (no play on words intended) 10-15 years ago.

    1. JM, that’s brilliant, thank you!

      At first glance, I thought it had been the logo of the globe manufacturer, and they’d sanded it off in Dazed and Confused. (As shown in Dazed and Confused, the edges were too irregular to be a logo of any kind.)

      I thought the dark band would be a banner, and the lighter area below the logo/island would be text on a whitish background. That would explain the image in both Mad Men and Dazed & Confused.

      Then, I enlarged the Mad Men image and tweaked the contrast. Here it is:

      Dazed globe in

      I’m pretty sure the darkest horizontal line is too irregular to be a banner. The area I thought was dark text on a whitish background…? Still could be text, but seems less likely in the enlargement.

      I can’t rule out the Mad Men one showing the globe manufacturer’s logo or scale, etc. And, if that’s what it really is, the Dazed & Confused prop team just did a sloppy job of sanding it off (or slapping paint over it).

      But then I revisited the Dazed & Confused globe section, enlarged:

      Mystery island on Dazed & Confused globe, enlarged

      Even allowing for the spinning in the Dazed & Confused image, I don’t think this is an exact match. I wish I could say that it was… but I’m not confident enough.

      The enlargement from the Mad Men frame looks too irregular to say it’s anything other than a very large island. Now I’m wondering if a truly huge reef sank in the late 20th century, so it’s no longer on maps. (Update: The sinking island/atoll/reef theory doesn’t look likely, based on Darwin’s map of coral reefs: )

      Either way, this was a great discovery, JM! Congratulations on some excellent sleuthing!


      Additional updates:

      I searched at Google Image using the Mad Men enlargement, above. All I got were french fry photos and other food items.

      I searched with “world globe 1950s” and “world globe 1960s” and discovered that most manufacturers put their logo or compass rose just west of South America or in a vast, empty area in the Pacific Ocean. Only a few placed that west of Australia, and all were clearly logos and globe information.

      However, I found one possibility, even if it’s a little weak. At least one mapmaker placed a closeup of Antarctica in the empty space west of Australia (see

      I’m not convinced that’s what’s on the Mad Men and Dazed globes, but I want to mention every possibility, no matter how unlikely.

      I’m still leaning towards it being a prank (or “Easter Egg”) in both the TV series and the movie. The position of the globe in Mad Men makes that more likely. They could have placed any country facing forward. In fact, the Mad Men globe isn’t even on a spindle, so they could have tilted it in any direction. Why that angle, with the two Shell brochures practically pointing arrows (corners) towards that weird, island-y looking thing?

      I suppose it could be a coincidence, and the prop manager just dropped the globe in that position… but I think it might have been deliberate, and this is a prank. (I’d look to see who was involved in both Mad Men and Dazed, who might have set this up as a running gag.)

      1. The Mad Men globe makes me wonder if it’s something along the lines of Let’s Potato Chips (used in several shows, Arrested Development and Community off the top of my head). Both of the weird globes mentioned show Australia without the gulf at the top. The Dazed and Confused globe, as someone else mentioned, doesn’t have the Florida panhandle. They strike me as something the props department created without worrying too much about accuracy. (I also just noticed that that Southeast Asia is a lot denser in the Mad Men globe than in reality.)

        If this is the case, perhaps the person in props who made it shares the memory of NZ being to the west of Oz?

      2. I have been fascinated with the globes over the past couple of days, and I couldn’t see the original image posted of Don Draper’s home office, but I googled a picture and found this:

        I was able, through a bunch of google searching & lurking through many “mad men props” sites, to find this Replogle globe that’s a match for the one in the office:

        The show put it on a different stand, but it’s the same globe: you can tell by both the colors of the countries and that winged-like logo-type design to the left of South America. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find pictures of that same globe’s view of Australia yet, but at least we know which globe we’re looking at to be able to tell (when we do find a picture) if the map-makers put a logo there.

  42. I still don’t know what to make of the Mad Men globe.
    It looks like it could be a logo, but the Dazed one doesn’t.

    The weird thing is that they show a lot of globes in the show, In Draper’s work office there is always a globe behind him when he sits at his desk.

  43. Most of the map irregularities aren’t that convincing to me, just because they seem to be an artifact of the way certain maps are presented. This seems to be the case, for example, with people who remember Australia further south. A fair amount of world maps omit Antarctica entirely, which makes Australia appear further south. And certain ones have more weight toward the poles, which, for example, makes both Greenland and Australia appear somewhat larger than they are.

    BUT I would have sworn up and down that New Zealand was east-northeast of Australia. Not southeast. Also somewhat closer to mainland Australia.

    1. This is exactly how I remember it, I could have 100% sworn it was to the north east, kind of where Papau New Guinea is now. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I thought Papau New Guinea was. I’m usually not one for conspiracy theories but this is exactly how I remembered it for all of my life. Also, I recall Australia being more isolated and further away from the asian islands.

  44. Okay, the Mongolia thing is wigging me out. I would have sworn to you that Mongolia was simply a region within China. I know that it was a country at some point in history, but I’m talking hundreds of years ago. My memory is of China having a long shared border with Russia.

  45. I think perhaps it was rather Australia that moved. I too remember it being far away from everything else. If it was down further south this would make NZ northeast of it, matching a lot of people’s memories of NZ in relation to Australia.

  46. That mystery island from Dazed and Confused and Mad Men appears also in Simpsons S06316 – Bart vs. Australia.

    1. zoduman,

      Thanks, that’s a great find.

      To me, that looks like more like a map company’s logo or a variation on a compass rose.

      Anyone else want to weigh in on this?


            1. Friends was always one of my favorite shows, so I went back and watched the pilot. The mystery island is there, west of Australia ,for the entire episode. I found some other interesting things in the pilot that might give it some context.

              -First, there is the subject of the episode. Rachel and Ross have both just had relationships end, and are dealing with the idea of starting their lives over. It starts the series-long theme of them being destined to be together.

              -In a scene with the globe prominently featured, Rachel is having a freak out and the friends are telling her to calm her down, and that it is time to become independent. Phoebe sings “my favorite things” and forgets some of the words.

              -In one scene, Phoebe is standing in the kitchen, then the camera pans, and she is sitting in a chair in the living room. I have watched this episode many times and never noticed that!

              -Strange and mystical things: There is a prominently featured poster that says “Maina la voyante” (the clairvoyant.) Chandler describes strange dreams. Phoebe cleanses an aura, describes a difficult life and finding aromatherapy.

              -Other globes: the planet dish soap, and an art piece under a table that looks like a globe, but I can’t recognize the land masses.

              -Ross’s joke: strange lizards in Aruba?

              -A “Star Spangled Banner” tv signoff at the end of the night, a way outdated practice

              -Monica stomps on the wristwatch of a man that lied to her

              -Other things from the series: They do flashback episodes, including one that asks, “what if?” They make “old person” pop culture references that I don’t think our generation would get. There is a Thanksgiving episode every year. In one, Phoebe discusses past lives, including having an arm blown off in a war. There is an episode someone mentioned here where Ross can’t have Thanksgiving turkey until he names all 50 states. Chandler says it is harder than you think. Joey names more than 50. Ross goes mad trying to name them all and eventually gives up.
              Giovanni Ribisi plays two different characters. Jon Lovitz plays a stoned guy twice, and it is unclear if it is supposed to be the same character because he is not recognized by the friends as the same guy.

              I am sure more would come to me if I kept watching the series with using this lens. I have never thought of the show this way, and it is very interesting!

              1. Anne, I’m impressed. I looked up the Giovanni Ribisi reference, because I thought I knew every role he’s played. (No, it’s not an obsession. When I lived in L.A., I knew his parents, so I tend to notice when he gets a role.) Here’s what I found at IMDb, to my surprise, “First appeared, uncredited, on Friends (1994) in Friends: The One with the Baby on the Bus (1995) at the end, as the guy who had dropped a condom in Phoebe’s guitar while she was singing in front of Central Perk (because the manager hired a professional musician). Later that season, he came back in Friends: The One with the Bullies (1996) as ‘Frank Buffay Jr.’, Phoebe’s younger half-brother, a character that stayed for 8 episodes over several seasons.”

  47. I remember the Koreas as being attached to the more rounded, southern part of China – not to the bit right at the top near Russia?? Also, I remember Mongolia being a lot further to the east – connected to Kazakhstan.

  48. I definitely remember New Zealand as further north than maps show, or maybe Australia further south as it seems too close to the islands to its north. And New Zealand a little further west, closer to Australia too.
    Japan, as I remember it, is quite a bit further south too; more directly east of China.

    As for those globes the Dazed & Confused one certainly looks like a land mass but the Mad Men one, to me at least, looks to regularly shaped to be anything other than a logo. The edges are straight and a neat curve and two edges follow the longitude lines.

  49. A Post Scriptum…
    I just realized that all the globes mentioned above were filmed in the same position, showing exactly that part of earth. Someone wants to give clues? And why the Mad Men’s globe was filmed with a well evident Shell map of the USA just in front of it? “Geographic coincidence”, merely advertising, or maybe showing that we should search in the old US maps for finding discrepancies with the present ones? Just an idea, though…

  50. One of my first experiences with this whole timeline/messed up memory issue is my certainty that Australia is not where it was when I was a child.
    I tried to explain this to my husband, who said it must be that the maps were old and didn’t show things correctly, that new maps are more accurate. That explanation only would work if we could find a map that showed this. An “inaccurate map”, as it were.
    Here is a snapshot I took of a video from the Ren & Stimpy show from the 90’s. The artist clearly shows Australia far from other continents!

    Hope it is okay to post this here.

  51. This tripped me out so I looked on Google Earth and none of the islands between India and Australia and up the East Asian coast is how I remember it. Australia used to be further south and to the east of NZ, Sri Lanka is weird, Japan is too far north. NZ is in about the same position as is Taiwan but literally everything else is different. The phenomenon seems to be centered around the Banda Sea which appears to have some kind of vortex within it. There is another likely related vorticular structure just north of it as well. A quick Google search showed me that there is an at least theoretical magma vortex beneath the Banda Sea that is connected to Australia and the Indian Subcontinent. Vortices have been associated with all kinds of crazy phenomenon and might shed a little light on this.

  52. I live in the UK and am now in my 40’s. I am very pleased I’ve come across this site. Having read through all the comments and major links my memory agrees with a number of them so I will comment on them individually.

    The position of Australia has blown my mind and made me feel quite uneasy the last few days. I have a really bad feeling that something strange has happened to the country. The Australia I know from looking at maps throughout my life (I’ve always been keen on maps and purchased a massive detailed atlas a few years back) should be much further south and surrounded by ocean with no land remotely close especially not Papua New Guinea or Indonesia. Visually I also remember the shape of Australia being different with it being a lot more rounder and smoother on the south and west coasts. It now looks smaller and that it has been replaced with a poor lookalike or partially destroyed!

    New Zealand should be towards the North East of Australia but still further away in distance than it is currently in this timeline off the South East coast?! I also have a feeling that I remember it in one piece rather than split into two smaller islands but cannot be certain on this.

    Japan is way too North, it looks ridiculous and my memory of it is much further south directly across from China level with where Taiwan currently is. Japan was also less curved and more of a straight shape.

    Mongolia – now this is odd. I don’t think it is a country in this reality. My memory of it is as a very old empire something to do with Genghis Khan and it was taken over or absorbed by China over 100 years ago. Very strange!

    Germany/Poland – I remember Germany in the 1990’s (after reunification) was the largest country in Europe excluding USSR(Russia) with France being the 2nd largest. I cannot believe how small it is now, and as for Poland this now looks ridiculously large, my memory of this is probably about a third of its size. Perhaps Germany and Poland have moved borders (a considerable distance) in this timeline?

    Look forward to hearing everyone’s further comments…

  53. Noted for posterity!! Today, Tuesday August 4, 2015, approx 21:50 central time, on the show Hollywood Game Night:

    Tom Arnold, giving the clue, said, “Not Australia, but north of there.”

    Zachary Levi guesses the correct answer of NEW ZEALAND!!

  54. I know I keep commenting, but I keep reading comments and finding things. I’ve been staring at a world map for about an hour now. It’s… wrong. Just wrong, somehow. So many things that I can’t pinpoint, but I know this: Germany was a different shape. So was France. I know, I lived there. The land mass shape is right, but the country lines are all wrong. Some countries are missing, as well, though I can’t bring to mind their names.
    Mongolia was not a country. I have a relative that is of Asian background (I don’t wish to specify which country) and just a few days ago she was talking about growing up and how the “Mong” kids had their own cliques. I had no idea what “Mongs” were. I brushed it off as cultural differences as we grew up on opposite coasts. I cannot remember her ever mentioning it before. Checking the map… it’s all wrong. I can attribute a good portion of it to my own lack of in-depth knowledge of the map. But I remember watching a documentary that mentioned The Mongolian Empire and how it was now just a region of China.
    Part of me wants to say this is so very strange and unbelievable. But somehow I’m not entirely shocked. It’s almost as though on a subconscious level I expected it.

    I’d be interested to know if anyone else noticing these things is a lucid dreamer.

    1. I’ve experienced these same kinds of things and I’m also a lucid dreamer. I’ve been able to do it since I was 13. I wonder if there’s some sort of connection?

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