More About Recurring Letter Changes (Dan’s Comment)

This morning, Dan — a regular contributor to comments at this site — posted the following summary. Since it could lead to a lengthy discussion and some fascinating speculation, I’ve reposted it here.

Here’s what he said…

I’m trying to catalogue all of the spelling changes and then figure out if this is a code, an anagram, or some type of cipher. Here’s what I have so far:

Berenstain / Berenstein
– e replaced with a
Schulz / Schultz
– removed: t, replaced z
Magic / Mirror
– irror replaced with agic
This / The
– replaced e with i, added s
McDonalds / MacDonalds
– removed: a, replaced with c
McEntire / McIntyre
– I replaced with E, y replaced with i
Was / Is
– w replaced I, a replaced s, added s
Jiffy / Jif
– added fy
Barbra / Barbara
– removed a, replaced a with r
Definitely / Definately
– replaced a with i
Dilemma / Dilemna
– replaced n with m


Single letter replacements based on original letters

All removed letters

All removed letters excluding irror

All new letters, including letters in the same placement of the word now

Can’t use all letters, but this one generates some interesting anagrams with some of the letters:
– Fairy Magic
– America FC
– Crazy Game
– Magic Fire
– Am I Crazy
– Fair Game

All new letters only
aagiciseywafyim (can’t use all letters)
– safe away
– away games

All letters excluding agic
aaiseywafyim (can’t use all letters)
– I m safe

All new and old letters

Using as many letters as possible, these get really interesting
– Asia America Gateway
– America’s First Region
– East African Airways
– East German Airforce
– Margaret of Caesarea
– Ten Years of Marriage
– West German Air Force
– America’s West Arena
– Assymetric warfare
– Taiwanese Air Force
– After I say I’m Sorry
– America is waiting
There are many, many more, I just wrote the most intriguing

All new words
Berenstain Schulz Magic This McDonalds McEntire Was Jiffy Barbra Definitely Dilemma

Using as many letters as possible
– United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
– Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
– Differences between Irish and Scottish Gaelic
– United States Air Force Academy Cadet Insignia
– List of characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited
Again there are many, many more, those are just some of the more interesting ones.

All old words
Berenstein Schultz Mirror TheMacDonalds McIntyre Jif Barbara Definately Dilemna

Using some of the letters:
– Chaos theory in literature and literary criticism
– Reefer Madness: The History of Marijuana in America
– Artificially created controlled human habitats
– Italian Renaissance and Mannerist architecture
– List of lanes and arcades in Melbourne city centre

Thanks goes to: for solving the anagrams with code.

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  1. It would be more credible for ME if universalism had some say,this english centrism is somewhat a limiting factor for the phenomena.Perhaps if spanish,portugese,russian,mandarin could be accommodated in this conundrum,the appeal of ME might hold some promise.

    1. We are noticing the changes primarily in the US right now, but they are probably happening elsewhere, too. Depending on the country, it may be difficult for people to publicly express their observations and fears due to political, social, and other factors. I fully believe ME to be a worldwide phenomenon, and that spelling changes in other languages would yield similar results.

      1. Vivienne, I agree that we should (and probably would) see spelling changes in other languages.

        But, extending that — and countering any suggestions that the changes are primarily in the US (not sure if you meant that) — I think the focus of this site is a little skewed due to our largest number of visitors being in (alphabetically) Australia and NZ, Canada, the UK, and the US.

        Had I launched this site in a language other than English, or if I still had the automatic translator running on the site (it slowed load time), I think we’d see different results.

  2. Yeap, seems credit worthy and was thinking of codes. Just wonder if we are in some ways helping the wrong team.(hesitant)
    Retro PC

    1. Clarification- it will positively help those who should or were meant to see it. Some things seemed to have disappeared after being revealed/exposed/observed/etc.

  3. I’m not following some of your logic here. Ie Mac vs Mc. Dropped the a , but I don’t see a replaced c. There is still a c in Mc. If it were replaced then it would read Mcc. Do you follow my logic at all?. I do think this is interesting to work out and it may in fact be a double cipher. I will work on it myself. I think there is something very strong with the vowels for sure and any cryptographer Will tell you that’s a major tell tale that it’s a cipher.

    1. ayla, I’m not sure we need to be that precise at this point. I’d like to leave the R&D of this to those who want to test it in various ways, even if some of those methods aren’t exactly literal/logical, and certainly not simple. (Then again, the “hiding in plain sight” mode can be devastatingly effective.)

      1. I understand your point… I guess I was working out my own logic because yes one extra letter can throw a whole cipher off…. no worries tho… I can’t work on this today and my mom’s funeral is tomorrow… so maybe Dan will find an algorithm first… very interesting tho.

        1. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, ayla. I’m sure I speak for many readers of your comments who also share their sympathy at this difficult time.

  4. Thank you, Fiona, for front paging this. If anyone on this site knows how to replace letters via cipher keys via algorithms, that would be welcome. Tonight I may aim to google some tools that could help with this. The “I M Safe” one reminded me of some references made in other comments on your site. Thank you again for this place where we can collaborate on cracking the code of all of this.

    1. I’m glad to be helpful. After all, you’re doing a massive amount of research to share with us.

      Also, I added a partial list of spelling changes at the Major Memories list. Perhaps that will prompt more people to add to the list.

      Eventually, I need to go through old comments (yes, all 7,348 of them, so far) to see if I find any other spelling changes noted… but that will be part of a much bigger project, as I’m (finally) working on an actual book about the phenomenon, this site, and what I’ve observed while on this journey.

      1. Great points Dan and Fiona, and thanks for all the research you provided. It makes me wonder how many more of these changes are out there that “we” haven’t even noticed yet. I feel it is rather naive to assume we have reached the end of this journey and have found all the changes. These seem to be occurring daily for some people, which could make deciphering a code almost impossible if these changes continue at this rate.

    2. Dan,
      Absolutely brilliant work! I keep trying to come up with patterns ect., without forcing it. The more we find the more complex this gets. I have been running lots of your information through a LEET translator (thanks Fiona, I’m learning). I’m trying multiple variations , and a few other oddball things such as reverses , flips of sentences , letters ect. The translator decodes and encodes. I have been trying to post the link for it , but my iPad is not cooperating. Anyway your work is very interesting to say the least! Again great work, Mike H.

      1. On the subject of LEET, it’s worth thinking about that an ‘E’ would be represented by a 3, while an ‘A’ can be represented by a 4… changes in the universe related to a slipped digit in programming? 😉

        1. Nick, I hope you’ll add this insight to the A/E comments, as well. I realize there’s some overlap between the articles, but I expect this article will head more in the anagram/clues direction, and the A/E article will be more about markers.

          1. Nick, I want to echo what Fiona said. The more insight on these topics the better! Mike H.

  5. Very interesting finds!

    So far, the most common patterns are the “E” replaced with an “A”. Maybe there’s a connection with what Mr. Stain said before.

    I’m very intrigued with the “safe away” and “I’m safe” words. Maybe this implies this is s “safe” Universe? If the CERN theory (and other theories involving destroyed or merging universes) is correct, maybe there’s some kind of message there not only for us, but for visitors.

    I know this is crazy but I think we are getting closer to something. I wonder how many “changes” are out there, waiting to be discover. Maybe there is also a message hidden in other languagues (like spanish or chinese words) but I think if that is the case It would require a hugge effort to solve the puzzle.

    Greetings from Perú.

    Pd: Since there’s another David posting here, from now on I would use the “David E.” nickname.

  6. As an administrative assistant it has been my duty to write Standard Operating Procedures on a regular basis. Procedures used to be spelled proceedures. Separate used to be spelled seperate. Definitely used to be spelled definately. These are words I have used regularly in my 30+ year career. I know that I had spelled them correctly all along until recently my spell check started correcting me.

  7. I updated my research this evening based on more spelling changes or word changes. I figured it would be easier to repost everything in a more complete sense now. Here it is in what should be a little more organized fashion. This is organized how I remember the words and how I see them now. Things may be different for you:

    New Word or Name/ Old Word or Name – Change
    Berenstain / Berenstein – e replaced with a
    Schulz / Schultz – removed: t, replaced z
    Magic / Mirror – irror replaced with agic
    This / The (Mr. Rogers neighboorhood) – replaced e with i, added s
    McDonalds / MacDonalds – removed: a, replaced with c
    McEntire / McIntyre – I replaced with E, y replaced with i
    Was / Is (like a box of chocolates) – w replaced I, a replaced s, added s
    Jiffy / Jif – added fy
    Barbra / Barbara – removed a, replaced a with r
    Definitely / Definately – replaced a with i
    Dilemma / Dilemna – replaced n with m
    Froot Loops / Fruit Loops – replaced ui with oo
    Skechers / Sketchers – removed t
    JCPenney / JCPenny – added e
    Chick-fil-A / Chic-fil-a / Chik-fil-A – removed k OR replaced c with k
    Peter Townshend / Peter Townsend – added h
    Rod Serling / Rod Sterling – removed t
    No / Luke (I am your father) – replaced Lu with No removed ke
    Nobody doesn’t / Nobody does it (Sara Lee) – replaced it with nt
    Kathie Lee Gifford / Kathy Lee Gifford – replaced y with ie

    all of the original or removed letters in the “old” words or names that changed:

    all of the new letters either added or changed:

    all of the original words pasted on one line if anyone wants to try to decipher something in these:
    BerensteinSchultzMirrorTheMacDonaldsMcIntyreIsBarbaraDefinitelyDilemnaFruitSketchersLukeDoes itKathyJCPennyChicTownsendSterlingJif

    all of the new words pasted on one line:

    interesting anagrams for the original letters that changed (etirroreaiyisaanuitLuiytaatket)
    Territorial entities
    Aranyaka Literature
    Asturian literature
    Austrian Literature
    Ukraine’s literature
    Ekaterina Tolstaya
    Lunatia triseriata
    Natalia Troitskaya
    Retaliatory strike
    Saraiki literature
    Seraiki Literature
    Siraiki Literature
    Territorial entity
    Tetraneuris latior
    Totalitarian state

    Interesting anagrams for all of the new letters (aagicieiwaimoononiesseekhfy)
    (note that the anagram generator generates actual names it can find via google from what I can find, so these aren’t just made up names of people)
    Mahonia oiwakensis
    Economy of Swansea
    Ossineke, Michigan
    Shimonia oyiekeae
    Chagossian women
    Economy of Hawaii
    Economy of Kansas
    Giacomo Sannesio
    Insomnia Cookies
    Isaiah “Ikey” Owens
    Men’s Fashion Week
    Simon Shen-Yeaw Ko
    Sofia News Agency
    Age of Ascension

    Interesting Anagrams for all of the original words (BerensteinSchultzMirrorTheMacDonaldsMcIntyreIsBarbaraDefinitelyDilemnaFruitSketchersLukeDoes itKathyJCPennyChicTownsendSterlingJif)
    United States Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Space, Aeronautics, and Related Sciences
    United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and The National Interest
    List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Tweeddale and Ettrick and Lauderdale
    United States Senate Health Subcommittee on Primary Health and Retirement Security
    Brittle hair-intellectual impairment-decreased fertility-short stature syndrome

    Interesting anagrams for all of the new words:
    Small is Profitable: The Hidden Economic Benefits of Making Electrical Resources the Right Size
    Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Programs
    Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs
    International Federation for Learning, Education, and Training Systems Interoperability
    List of Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament Finals broadcasters
    Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear & Chemical & Biological Defense Programs
    Franco-British Defence and Security Cooperation Treaty and Downing Street Declaration
    List of One Day International cricket matches played between Bangladesh and West Indies
    National Register of Historic Places listings in Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia
    National Register of Historic Places listings in northern Westchester County, New York

    That’s all for right now. I have not yet been able to research ciphers, as I wanted to make sure the baseline for the research was more complete. If there are more changed words or names I’m missing, I hope that people will paste them here.

    1. Cool list. Some of those anagrams are creepy. I don’t know how widely agreed upon the changes need to be for your list, but here are a few more. Some of them are newer on this site; I don’t know how many people remember the alternates. I’m not sure how/if you could incorporate instances where a space is added, such as noone, the spelling some of us remember for no one. Sorry if there are any repeats:

      The/A (interview with a vampire)
      And/in (sex in the city)
      A lot/alot
      No one/noone
      Allover/all over

    2. Some of the phrases on the new list of words are actually encouraging, to me at least. Especially the “age of ascension” which is what this could be about – this universe could be on a higher plane of existence. In 2012 many people were hoping for a kind of “Age of Aquarius” where we were to ascend into a higher consciousness of some kind. According to Wikipedia there’s no definitive agreement on when Aquarius is to start – some say it did in the 20th century, some thought 2000, others 2001, etc…

      Another word I like is the repeating of “home” and “safe” with the new words. I think it means that we are home – where we belong and that we are safe. Yes, we were born in the old world, but it may not be the correct path for us. Also “away” coming up along with safe, probably means we are safe away from our old world.

      I miss Bernstein, Chic-Fil-A, Interview with A Vampire (I still remember that red A vividly on the poster) too, but those seem trivial compared to the possibility of ascending into a better world. It’s all pure speculation, of course, and I’m not really one to believe in anagrams, but I did find them positive in many ways. Just my opinion.

    3. My two favorites are Age of Ascension, because it sounds positive and encouraging, like the world is moving to some higher level; and Insomnia Cookies, because it would be a great name for a band. :o]

  8. Very interesting.

    And what would it mean for those for whom only some of these changes are reality (ie “I remember dilemna but it was always Berenstain”)?
    Would their code be different? Does everyone have a different, personal message based on the changes they experience? Or are we meant to be working together on this?

  9. Guys, could u also throw the word “cellphone” in the mix? I was also intrigued by that sentence. Did he really said don’t use cellphone or maybe “cellphone” is part of the code?

    Cellphone (or the smartphones more than any) have become a common tool in our everyday life. This is something personal, I have stopped using my cellphone outdoors since january and I have started noticing how my levels of anxiety and stress have decreased over the months.
    At first I took this decision because where I live there’s a high level of robbers and felony. But now I think this was the best thing to happen because I now feel more “free”. I don’t have to check anymore any facebook status or whatsapp or anything every few minutes and also I don’t have to be dependant of the calendar to check if I have any important event that day (now I use my memory). When this started my best friend thought that I was insane, but I think I have showed him that is not bad to leave your phone at home (to clarify this, I have to say that I’m on college so is usual for people of my age to have a smartphone with them all day).

    So after all this rambling (and back to the topic), I wonder what is the meaning of what Mr Stain said. Why cellphones and no tablets or any other thing? I don’t want to start a conspiracy theory about government spying on us or anything related because I don’t believe that is what Mr Stain was trying to say to us. Maybe is something related to the waves or frequency of the cellphone.

    Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

    I hope Mike H.

    1. David E. ,

      Good post! I think you are right with the frequency thoughts. A few of us have discussed that. I am wondering if the colors aren’t tied into the frequencies of the phones? Or maybe the frequencies can be shifting our perception ? And thoughts ? Or how we see things. Don’t want get to far off topic. But as I said, Mr. Stain’s ending comment struck me as odd. Mike H.

    2. David E.,
      Taking a cue from Dan , I just ran cellphones through his anagram link. One that comes up is ECHELON. The global multi government data collection agency. Basically they collect personal data on everyone. Not wanting to go the conspiracy route, but found this interesting. Mike H.

      1. Very cool, Mike H! Of course, it’s easy to chalk much of this up to coincidence, but some of those coincidences are somewhere between startling and chilling. Either way, this is fascinating, and I appreciate the time and ingenuity Dan put into this, as well as your efforts and others’ to see where this leads. Thanks, all!

  10. I don’t know if this comment already went through, as I got an error message when I hit Post Comment. I feel that an issue with this line of enquiry is that it is based entirely on the English language. I suspect (based on comments posted, I have no idea how widely the site’s visitors are scattered), that most of the contributors have English as their main language. This makes the balance of the memories skewed. Are we aware of similar memory glitches in countries where other languages or scripts are used? Would any code or cipher be obvious to any traveller(?)/game player(?) if it is only in English? Would a Babel fish be able to pick up the clues and it doesn’t matter what language it is in?

    1. Bells, I have no idea why you reached an error message.

      The language issue has been raised in the past. The problem is, to moderate comments effectively, and pick up subtle suggestions cloaked in clever phrasing and slang, I’d need to be fluent in more than English. I’m not.

      For all I know, other sites exist to discuss the Mandela Effect in other languages. Here, we’re speaking English, and — even at that — snide and clever comments sometimes slip past me.

      I have no doubt that this is a global issue. However, even without the language issue, I have to draw the line somewhere or I’d spend my entire day moderating this site. So, if someone wants to talk about non-English Mandela Effects, that’s great… as long as comments here are in English. (However, if links are provided and they’re not in English, I can’t include them. Yes, Babelfish and Google Translate can be helpful, but that would be another time sink. Sorry.)

      1. Fiona,
        I apologise if my comment came across as a criticism of the work you are doing. It very much was not intended in that way. My point was simply that Dan is looking at ciphers and anagrams using letters that are missing from ME spellings of words, and looking to find patterns in these and the only problem that I was raising with this was that any of those highlighted so far have been in English. If it is being suggested that these are indicators to a traveller from an alternative time stream or participant in a game as a marker for which universe or she is in, then we are assuming that English is the common language.
        The reference to Babel fish by the way was the Douglas Adams original, not the online translator. I just wondered if ME turned out to be a consequence of whatever is going on rather than the purpose, it may call for its originators to be versatile with languages.

        1. Bells, it didn’t seem like criticism. It was probably the fifth comment I’d read this week, in which someone mentioned other languages.

          Until recently, this site included a translation feature. However, I had to remove it (along with several other WordPress plugins that added features to the site) to keep the site loading quickly.

          Personally, I’m not assuming that English is the common language. For all I know, other languages (and writing forms) have their own markers. The Pepsi/Chevron color markers may be somewhat more universal than, say, Berenstein/Berenstain Bears changes. But I’d be very interested in markers unique to, say, the Russian language, or Asian languages, etc.

    2. This is an interesting thought…. it must be binary code. That would makes much more universal sense.

      1. Ayla,
        Good thought, the translator I have been using also has an encode and decode for binary. But , of course it’s all 1s and 0s. Unless there is a pattern in that. Hmmm, guess I know what I might look at next. Good idea, Mike H.

    3. I recall a comment from someone stating that their (non English) native language had changes. I can’t remember if they said what language it was but I want to say they were Scandinavian or Eastern European. Some of these changes also involve major brands or celebrities that are known outside of English speaking countries. Stan and Jan Berenstein’s name would be the same on a book translated into another language.

  11. Has anybody thought of Gemetria? It’s kinda fringey, but then again, so is all this.

    Gemetria is the ancient numerology system that translates letters into numbers. There are several sites online that will compare a string of letters/words to phrases that match numerically to what you’ve entered.

    Here’s an example site:

    Just a thought; may be nothing, but may be worth looking into.

    1. This makes good sense too because the universal language is math…. when we sent out the space telescope it included a picture of man with mathematics and binary code. It could be double coded…. you have to switch to numbers which then can be translated to binary in 0 and 1.

  12. I did more research tonight.
    I tried binary code, but came up with only a question mark.
    I tried the Gematria suggested, but that seems biased based on the feedback so I’m not using it.
    I tried various, simplistic ciphers for the words and new letters, but didn’t find anything.
    Tonight is a good night to recall what Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
    Thanks to this site for finding me the right quote:

    1. I haven’t started trying yet because I’m still wallowing in self pity but good attitude we’re not going to crack this puzzle over night. I’m thinking again of Mr stains message… I don’t remember the exact markers but he gave at least 4 right…. so it could be coded four times each means age, sequence etc what all the markers were. Oh some idiot is laughing his butt of that we’re taking his message so seriously. Lol

      1. I understand, ayla. I also agree that we may need to include a numeric factor in deciphering this… or, it’s possible that “Mr. Stain” is a joker and he’s enjoying every minute of this!

  13. I ran some more changes tonight. I realized that I left in and used words that were completely switched (was/is, Luke/No) and have changed just to words that had spelling changes. That leaves us with these letters old and new, and these associated anagrams:

    old w/anagrams:

    new w/anagrams:
    eye home
    hey Mike
    home key
    yahoo IM

    I like a previous commenter come back to the “home” and “home key” + past anagrams I found with I M Safe, safe away anagrams I found. One could surmise that this is an indication of a “home” timeline, or a “home key.” Meaning the words hold the key to how to get back to one’s home timeline. One could think about it as a bread crumb trail. Leave crumbs behind so you know how to get back home if you were lost. The words hold the key / code to getting home. If in fact one is “lost” once this timeline is reached, then how do we get home? Did the whole world somehow get mixed up in some experiment? Are we all dreaming, and these codes or letters indicate that we are in fact dreaming? Are these memories we have memories of the reality we came from, and the changed words; do they hold the key to finding our way home?

    If the other anagrams are right, then this is safe. Once one has reached “here” wherever “here” is, you can safely find your way home. How then do we do that with the clues we’ve had left for us?

    We have mostly brand names and people’s names to go with as clues. Here they are again:
    Berenstain / Berenstein
    Schulz / Schultz
    Magic / Mirror
    This / The (Mr. Rogers neighboorhood)
    McDonalds / MacDonalds
    McEntire / McIntyre
    Jiffy / Jif
    Barbra / Barbara
    Definitely / Definately
    Dilemma / Dilemna
    Froot Loops / Fruit Loops
    Skechers / Sketchers
    JCPenney / JCPenny
    Chick-fil-A / Chic-fil-a / Chik-fil-A
    Peter Townshend / Peter Townsend
    Rod Serling / Rod Sterling
    Nobody doesn’t / Nobody does it (Sara Lee)
    Kathie Lee Gifford / Kathy Lee Gifford

    Many of these things strike childhood memories, at least for me they do. Children’s books, places kids eat, foods kids eat, places to buy clothes. Sara Lee, Kathy Lee (is Lee another clue?). Striking the cord of childhood memories evokes an emotional reaction. Who ever left the breadcrumbs wanted to make sure we noticed and were struck by these cords. Questions I have:

    Who left the breadcrumbs?
    Why did they leave them?
    Where do they lead us?

    Here’s my hypothesis: The words were changed to leave us a trail that we can follow in order for us to find our way to our home timeline.

    How do we prove that true or false?

    1. I particularly like the “hey Mike” anagram! LOL

      On a more serious note, I’m continually impressed by the time you’re putting into this, and the intelligence you bring to it.

      You’ve raised some excellent questions. Have we stumbled onto something so utterly amazing, it’s like something out of a sci-fi novel? That would be tremendous!

    2. Synchronicities or planned intentions? I put up a post regarding home on the Stain A/E page at midnight 10/30/2015 not knowing about this recent post. For some reason now I keep thinking about that animated movie Home- Where Worlds Collide.

      1. So yesterday, 10/31/2015, one of my children decided to check out the movie HOME ( I assure you I had not said a thing to them about it). Naturally, its another clue for me to watch and here is what I find with Spanish subtitles included:

        Big story being told around 1hour and 20 minutes into movie where we find that the Boov (purple aliens) stole what they have termed as the “shussher” from the Gorg. They are unaware that this “shussher” (rock) is incredibly important to the Gorg. This is not revealed until “Oh” the Boov who is said to mess things up and create havoc finds out what is in the rock. ( It appeared that the Gorg consisted of an army of many but really there is only 1 Gorg running the entire production.) Anyways, long story short
        1. The rock was an egg containing the Entire next generation of the Gorg.
        2. The Gorg remaining was only 1 starfish clothed in intimidating armor.
        3. The Gorg was tracking the egg back to the Earth and had nothing to do with Oh’s huge invitation error.
        4. Word “El” meaning ” he” is in reference to the Gorg (reminded me of the “Og” graffiti from BTTF 1 and “El” versus “Al” conundrum).
        5. Boov ended up relocating to the moon
        6. There is a caption of ship in the form of a morula (embryo) near the end of the movie when Oh invites everyone from the Milky Way galaxy to his party on Earth.

        I know, I know…these animated movies again. But I have children and when they point something out or suggest something I try to listen and this is another thing that just went right into what I was things days prior. The part that really got me though was that I explicitly had the urge to watch this in Spanish with subtitle and got the “El” reference in a context that has become even more familiar. Also the starfish, star, references and the moon was hit on again.

        Character Tip’s mother: “What was in that thing”?
        Oh: “Gorg family. It is entire next generation”.
        Tip’s mother: “All of them”?
        Oh: “All of them”.
        Tip: “No wonder they have been chasing you”. (ahora veo por que los perseguían)
        Oh: ” Ellos, no. … El” (Not they… He)

    3. Dan,
      This is a great post! I have read it several times today. You are bringing up some very interesting ideas. I look forward to future posts from you , excellent research.

      Fiona ,
      I am laughing at the “hey Mike” anagram, although a bit nervously. In seriousness though. I feel like I have been traveling (lost) in this timeline for a long time. Maybe that what I have been unconsciously looking for my whole life? I posted something to that effect this week. just thinking out loud here. I am certainly interested in this theory of Dans. Very good work here, Mike H.

        1. Too funny, Mike H! (I really need to cue up that Twilight Zone theme music. It should always be in the background as I’m going through these comments… LOL)

  14. Last night and this evening I’ve spent some time enumerating the old and new letters. What I’ve done is taken every new letter and tied it to its placement in the alphabet. Here’s what you get for the old letters:
    1 a
    1 a
    1 a
    5 e
    9 i
    21 u
    14 n
    20 t
    20 t
    25 y

    Interesting numbers to say the least. Here they are all on a line: 111592114202025

    You can do a lot with those numbers. Let’s start:

    I see a 9 and an 11 in there. There is also a 20, a 0 (part of the other 20), and another 1. That makes 9/11/2001
    I see another 11, let’s put that aside
    what’s left? a 5 and a 2, that makes 7 if you add them, a 4 and a 2, that makes 6 if you add them, and another 5 and a 2, that makes 7 again. That’s a 767
    Date: 9/11/2001
    Flight: 11
    Plane: 767
    That matches the first plane that hit the first tower.
    Many people I’ve read comments from say that was a date of a major timeline shift. I believe that too. Perhaps this is the location of our first bread crumb.
    Location… let’s check the Latitude and Longitude of the world trade center: 40.711 74.013
    Here are our numbers again:
    take a 4 and a 0 = 40 remaining: 1115921122025
    2+5 = 7 remaining: 1115921140202
    take two ones = 11 remaining 15921140202
    9-2 = 7 take a 4 = 74 remaining 15110202
    take a 0 = 0 remaining 1511022
    take a 1 = 1 remaining 511022
    use the 5 subtract the 2 = 3 remaining 1,2,1,0
    we have the coordinates 40.711 74.013
    remaining 1,2,1,0 ;
    location = tower 1 remaining 2,1,0
    location = tower 2 remaining 1,0
    timeline = 01 remaining: all numbers used
    I believe that could be the start of timeline 01.
    If a timeline is tied to a location, and a date, let’s go one further and say an event at a place, on a date, then origins of the offshoot of that timeline reside at that place. Perhaps something resonates at that place. If that’s our first bread crumb, I’ll have to comb through the letters and words or numbers and find the next one.
    I still have no idea how to get back to the “home” timeline, but I am glad we are “safe away.” Perhaps that event on that date in that place was the way to get us “safe away” from our “home” timeline. If on our home timeline an even worse disaster would have happened without that event in that place on that day, then one could imagine why an offshoot could have been generated.
    Either way, there are more bread crumbs to be found…

    I’ll also add that one can do many things with those numbers, and I am by no means suggesting that what I found means anything. This could mean absolutely nothing. Please don’t misconstrue this information to be meaningful in anyway. This is all part of attempting to prove a hypothesis. Right now these are just words and numbers. Neither I nor anyone else has proven anything… yet 🙂

    1. Dan, I’m still absolutely dazzled by the time, energy, dedication, and range of research you’re applying to this. This is absolutely fascinating!

    2. Dan ,
      I continue to be amazed at your theories and work on this. I am wondering if you have run across the asteroid WT1190F letters or numbers?

      Here is some info on it.
      It is being tracked by the ESA, JPL (Near Earth Orbit program), the military , and NASA. They do not know much about it (supposedly). It has a wide, fast orbit and has been out there for a long time. They are saying that it’s manmade(it’s hollow, they think), it may even predate the Apollo missions , pretty small, it will hit on 11/13/15 off the coast of Sri Lanka.

      My interest is in the numbers, letters. WTF , and 119 in reverse is 911. This is it’s official designator, no joke. The date is interesting also 11/13/15. I am actually going somewhere with this, so bear with me, LOL.

      Do these numbers, letters pop up in your research, maybe in some of the anagrams you haven’t posted? Maybe this could be used as another timeline event/switch/adjustment/marker?? I don’t want to say this , and Fiona if this is too far off please delete. Disclosure of some sorts? Visitors of some sort? Psyop to see how people react(thinking floating cities)? And maybe it is completely nothing. But I mainly wanted to focus on those letter and numbers too see if they show up in your research. Fiona , feel free to move, delete, some of or all of this post if not appropriate. I wont be offended, promise ;). Mike H.

      1. I’m sitting here saying to myself, “I love Mandela Effect readers!” Really, the research all of you do, your wit, and your insights… this is truly wonderful!

        This is on-topic for several reasons, not the least of them being the fact that it’s going to drop debris (at least small particles) off the coast of Sri Lanka. If that happens, it will bring attention to maps showing Sri Lanka… and more people are likely to ask themselves, “Wait. When did Sri Lanka change locations?”

        (Another weird coincidence: My initial article about Sri Lanka’s location was published on 13 Nov 2013. Exactly two years before WT1190F is expected to arrive near Sri Lanka. Yet again, cue the Twilight Zone theme music! LOL)

        1. I saw those articles about WTF and tried not to look into it. However, these posts make me think of a possible portal 11/13/15 that someone/thing is looking to take advantage of when the time arrives. Everyone’s attention will be focused on it like that Malaysia flight and 911. Attention seems to bring about additional power/influence. This is what I was talking about regarding getting the 1000’s (millions) to focus their attention in order to shift consciousness and possibly travel in time.

          (Twilight indeed. Points missing 11-13 is 1, 13-15 is 1 , reports of memory of Sri Lanka being in an alternate location to make up for differences 2.

  15. Heres my take: For the past decade starting around 2000 multiple timelines have been merging into one timeline that represents a new Earth. The Earth is choosing what timeline version of “us” will occupy this new Earth based on our frequency/vibration in accordance to what this new Earth will eventually be. This is the same idea of what the Bible calls the Rapture and the 144,000 in Revelations etc. In reality you jump from timeline to timeline billions a times per second, I believe the rate is comparable to Planck Time, but the shifts are so minute you don’t realize your doing it. I also believe this has to do with going from 3rd Density to 4th Density where time becomes malleable because you physically perceive time as a dimension and not something set in stone like you did in 3rd Density. Also from this new perspective you see time as an illusion and you begin to realize that you are making both the past and the future from your now perspective. This would explain the phenomenon of synchronicity by showing you are creating a new past every nano second to line up with your present moment, and that every nano second is an ENTIRELY new UNIVERSE.

    I also believe major timeline shifts happen with the help of the Moon and that the last two years of Blood Moons have been the initial threshold crossing for this “new” Earth. Welcome home,lol.

    1. Mr. French, those are some intriguing theories, and I’m very glad you posted them.

      I hadn’t made the Blood Moon connection until now. There’s been so much wild-eyed speculation about these Blood Moons and their curious timing, especially this year, and the wide range of ideas and predictions made the Blood Moons topic murky. (That’s a good example of a highly effective smokescreen. Some of it creates so much cognitive dissonance while sounding credible and sincere, the truth — if it exists — has been difficult to discern.)

      What you’re describing reminds me of another topic — possibly related — that I’ve been exploring lately: the effect of sidereal time on perception, psychic abilities, and how this might interact with the Mandela Effect in terms of awareness or even as a connection to other awareness/realms/realities.

      It’s an extreme idea, so I haven’t talked about it, but I should write an article to open this topic for discussion. (And, until I do, if anyone posts comments that include sidereal time, please keep them focused so I can move them to the article without creating breaks in other threads.)

      Your perspectives on this are greatly appreciated and definitely bring some fresh insights to the topic. Thank you!

      1. Yeah there is definitely something going on with these past Blood Moons. I would be interested if someone could tell me has a “Blood Moon” happen before in history because it seems like red moons being normal just happened out of the Blue, pun intended. Big things always happen in September and from what I read something of a vortex/portal opens up every September. This would explain major timeline shifts like 9/11 and this last Super Blood Moon that happened this past September.

        1. Mr. French, I think the widest amount of speculative information related to the Blood Moons comes from Tom Horn and his associates. Oh, they wander down some very strange and eclectic paths, and have a focused and specialized agenda. However, as a data source for topics like the Blood Moons, they’ve often gathered the widest amount of information.

  16. Finally had some time to get back to this website. Interesting that it’s 11/12 and the speculation about this WTF911 NEO Object. I’ll be interested to see what happens tomorrow.

    Oddly after I did all of this research I became disinterested in going further. I don’t know if I don’t want to know, or if I want to know but am afraid to know, or if I just got tired and caught up with life. I’d like to think it was the latter, but I’d also like to keep looking into this stuff.

    I haven’t found any other oddities lately, but have had plenty of déjà vu, and strange moments of “this isn’t supposed to be happening right now.”

    I also haven’t felt like “myself” lately. Not sure if I opened up pandoras box, or if I’m just overwhelmed by the implications of all of this. I do think I’ll keep trying to crack the code when I have a moment.

  17. I wonder if any patterns might emerge if the list of changes were made into a Venn diagram. It woukd be a pain to make, but a perhaps a visual would provide a fresh perspective.

    1. I’m sure it’s a coincidence, but I’m amused that you mentioned Venn diagrams at the same time as I’ve begun using them to explain some of my theories… for the first time, ever. (One example: )

      You’re right that it would be a pain to make those kinds of diagrams for individual (or collective) changes, but I’m planning to tabulate the changes as part of the book I’ll be working on in 2016. Being a patterns person (along with Mike H. and a few others), I’m convinced I’ll see something new & different — and possibly several surprising things — when I look into this.

      1. Fiona,
        Just happened to be reading through some older posts. ( I memorize the amount of comments, so I know if something is new). This one for example 64 to 66, lol. Pretty sad I know, but can’t help it, I always do this with everything. Anyway , I just went to your link—–very exciting! That looks promising ! Count me in! Mike H.

      2. Very cool! My first thought is how location specific changes (map changes for instance) would fit into your Venn diagram (are EMF readings consistently higher in some areas?). Or even locations of people experiencing ME. Maybe just being in one of the “overlap” areas allows us to experience more than one reality, and we retain the alternate memories.

  18. Hi Fiona,
    Hope this is in the right place. I just finished reading “The Drawing of the Three” (The Dark Tower Series #2) by Stephen King, published 1987. In it, main character Roland travels to 2 different times in NYC (1950’s/1970’s). There’s more to the story but what caught my eyes was that SK mentions “Barbara Steisand”, “Charles Schultz” and “mould”. I even took pics of the passages b/c it blew my mind! lol What really got me was the reference to “Rosa Lee Parks”. When I read it initially, it tickled my brain. I remembered her name with “Lee” as soon as I saw it & wondered when/why it was dropped. Googling Rosa Lee Parks listed mostly Rosa Parks info pages & few obits that DO use her full name. The Wiki page has no mention of Lee. I’m still scratching my head.
    Thanks again!

  19. Additional spelling changes, at least for me:
    Ann MacCaffery/Anne McCaffrey

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