Missing and Changed Books?

Books - oldBibliophiles (including me) can be frustrated when a book seems to vanish, completely. I don’t mean that it’s difficult to find… I mean that it’s missing, never seemed to exist, and absolutely no searches presented so much as a hint of a similar book.

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I’m creating this post to see if multiple people recall books that never existed in the current reality, and books that changed radically between realities, like the Curious George issue. (And, this should probably go without saying, but: serious comments and enquiries, only.)

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  1. Hi, all,

    Ok, umm: on topic – book; off topic – not Curious George.

    Has anyone ever heard of a science fiction book with a title of (or very similar to) “Dream of blue dragons”? (As is, or “The dream of blue dragons”, or less likely “To dream of blue dragons”.) It’s approximately 250 pages long. I’ve Googled it many a time, for years now (maybe a decade or more?), with variations on the title, and various unusual combinations of key terms and concepts from the plotline, and nada.

    The writing style was something like John Brunner’s (as is the story, I suppose) or Samuel R. Delany’s, or conceivably a rather polished Brian W. Aldiss.

    The plotline was that the main character somehow became embroiled in a scenario reminiscent of the movie “They live”, had the movie started from the ending and moved forward from there. The premise is that although Earth is unaware of this, a cartel of dragons (human sized, I think, certainly draconic-seeming) used the Earth as a sort of farm, to manufacture products for sale throughout the galaxy. Coffee is a drink here, but intended solely as an insecticide (or something similar) in galactic trade; 14c pointed shoes (clearly unsuited for human feet) were for the express use of some octopoidal creatures; etc..

    I don’t clearly recall the story arc itself, other than that he was used as some sort of sex-slave (for voyeuristic purposes, rather than the more direct personal-use purposes that one might normally assume), which led to his having sex with what seemingly turned out to be a gorilla at one point. The end of the story was rather anticlimactic: he ends up back on Earth, he’s watching the sun set (I think), wistfully thinking back to his time “out there”, as it were.

    I forgot — somehow the phrase “smoke and mirrors” is strongly involved.

    That’s all that I can remember about it, and I’ve never run into anyone else who knew the book or title.

    = = = = = = =

    Addendum: while unrelated, being about a song, I haven’t yet seen a song-specific thread, and the books thread seems more closely related than the TV/movies/etc. thread.

    Does anyone recall a song from the late ’80’s (maybe early ’90’s), done in the style of Suicidal Tendencies (though I suppose that it could have been something like Overkill), the refrain of which is (or is phonically similar to) “crucify all Reaganites”? Medium-fast tempo (say, around 140-150 BPM), with the stress on the upbeat. Much as with the book above, I’ve searched this many times, and I recently even ran a rather exhaustive combinatorial search of phonemic variants on it — and again, as with the book, I also haven’t found anyone else who’s ever heard this song.

  2. I have always read, there are a few books and stories that i remember reading but cant find them.. Its several short stories,, thats all i know.. But i do know that sometimes when i re read a book the story is different, I dont mean different as in interpretation, but whole new storylines. But i have always thought that some of the great writers can access other levels of reality/dimensions. (there are a few good books like all of an instant by Richard Garfinkle its interesting..)

    There are two short stories that have been annoying me for several years.. One story is about alternate universes coincidentally. there was a world where there were no men just women and they had father trees, to procreate, then they had a story within that story where they thought what would happen if their world was changed you had mother trees and males and what would the men do, and the civilization they would make..

  3. I’ve searched before for a book that I read when I was 12 or 13, and I can’t find anything close. I don’t remember the author or the name of the book, but I remember some pretty specific details.

    The book follows a 12-13 year old boy. He moves with his family to the South. He’s unhappy about it. The town is country and old fashioned compared to what he’s used to. His mother is some sprt of hiatporian and the house they’ve moved in to and the outbuildings are full of antiques left by the generations of former residents.
    It’s close to a holiday during which the town also celebrates the hanging of a thief who stole all of the town’s valuables during/shortly after the Civil War.
    The popular summertime pastime is swimming in a nearby river/creek, and the way that the boys prove how brave and cool they are is by jumping off of a ledge into a pool. In addition to the danger of the jumping, it’s rumored that the creek is diseased. Boy cuts his toe in the creek and has to have it bandaged. He starts having what he thinks are hallucinations, seeing the events leading up to the town celebration 100 years in the past, but through the course of the book you come to realize that he is “inhabiting” (more like riding along in) the body of the boy who lived in the house he is now living in. The past boy also has a cut on his toe, and is wearing a bandage…however he is becoming ill with the “sickness” from the creek…cholera. The future timeline boy has to figure out the message that past timeline boy is trying to pass on to him, before past boy dies of cholera (future boy looks in the newspapers and learns this is what happens). The message has to do with the peddler who came to town, and with the person accused of the theft being innocent…past boy figures out that the peddler has hidden the town’s valuables inside of the goods he is selling (so gold has been melted and covered in wax, jewels hidden in the hems of dresses, etc). At the end of the book the future time boy is able to figure out the message, his family discovers the peddler’s wagon in a barn on the property, the long lost fortunes are recovered, and the spirit of the cholera srtricken past boy is able to go to his rest.

    If anyone does know what that book is, and its not a missing book, I’d love to buy a copy for my kids to read ūüôā If it is a missing book, the subject matter makes it kind of spooky!

      1. Ha, yes, I recently changed keyboard apps on my tablet and I’m training a new swipe, comment boxes can be a bit tricky to proofread in.

        The list of time travel books looks interesting, I’ll check it out ūüôā The book I’ve been looking for seems like it ought to be something easy to find, or at least to find something(s) similar enough that I could have confused elements, but I’ve never come up with anything at all. And I remember the YA supernatural/time travel genre being relatively popular in the 80s and early 90s, so it seems like it ought to sound familiar to someone else. I’ve found other books that I read around the same time, with *much* less remembered detail…I’ve been looking for this one for going on 10 years with no luck.

  4. Anthony, the Burnett book title change is easy to explain: It’s in the public domain. Someone (or even several people) reprinting it have changed the title. That copy, with Tasha Tudor illustrations, is from the 20th century. The illustrator died in 2008.

    The Van Gools version of Snow White isn’t really the issue. You’ll find many re-tellings of the classic story, probably hundreds, and many will use different phrasing. We’ve been focusing on the Disney version of the story, so the Van Gools book isn’t entirely relevant. And, to me, it looks like a blatant Disney lookalike. I’m not surprised it was remaindered.

    The quotes are great. Thanks!

    The quote is

    1. Thanks Fiona!
      I’m surprised at the title change. I did investigate but not as deep I’m sure. We’re they trying to save ink?
      I also figured as much with the Snow White book, hence hinting it wasn’t Disney. (so don’t buy it? lol)

      I’m always on the look out now. Yet, I recall someone saying, to do nothing but continue looking for MEs is a trap. Oh yeah, that was me. I think noticing and excepting is probably more valuable than outright searching, which I have done.

  5. I remember the day the event happened one day I had books I had read at least 12 times it was my favorite book so I know my dad didn’t do anything with it because it was also old and tattered and after I read it one day I went to sleep and when I woke up it was gone and no one was home except for me so yah. I still was looking for it until I read this then I knew what happened to it it disappeared. It was one of the berenstien Bears book. And I can’t even find it on the internet anywhere.

  6. On the ‚ÄúComments 10‚ÄĚ section of ‚ÄúMajor Memories‚ÄĚ some people remember narwhals as¬†mythical marine¬†creatures, not¬†as¬†existing species.

    Personally I do not have their memory.

    However, I¬†have to¬†suspect that those¬†people also have to¬†remember a¬†different version of ‚Äú20,000 Leagues Under¬†the¬†Seas‚ÄĚ by¬†Jules¬†Verne. Currently that¬†book’s chapter¬†2 discusses narwhales as¬†existing creatures (a¬†character speculates of a giant narwhal before he¬†learns of a¬†giant submarine ‚ÄúNautilus‚ÄĚ). That¬†chapter has¬†to¬†be somewhat different on¬†a¬†timeline devoid¬†of narwhales.

    (See https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/20,000_Leagues_Under_the_Seas_%28Walter%29/Chapter_2 for details.)

  7. I am just learning about the Mandela Effect. And there are so many memories I share with people on here. Bit there is one I am having a hard time with. I remember when I was in 6th grade (1982) and there was a book called ‘Beetleguise” I distinctly remember this book and it was the story like the movie by Tim Burton, ‘Beetlejuice’. I remember Otho was in it, the Maitlands and most importantly ‘the Handbook of the Recently Deceased’
    It was a book in our schools library written for grade school kids thru high school. I even remember the illustrations.
    I even remember there being a waiting list to read it and I recall the girls name who I was to take it out after.
    I have researched extensively and cannot find record of this book.
    Does anyone else remember it? When the movie came out in ’88 I even mentioned it to my sister “oh I read that book in 6th grade!”
    If it wasn’t a book, then the creators need to fork over some cash because I had the idea first!

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