Marker or Memory Trigger?

This week, multiple reports related to Mother Teresa (or Mother Theresa) included additional, seemingly unrelated memories.

Domino Effect
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It’s not unusual for people to use one topic to report others, as a matter of convenience for them. However, this week’s reports and comments have been different. People were talking about additional alternate memories highlighted within days of recalling an alternate history for Mother Teresa or her canonization.

Among the most vivid was AL’s report. In close proximity to the Mother Teresa report, AL saw Michael Crawford on TV, when AL has memories connected to Crawford’s earlier death. In addition, a Sky News report seemed an exact repeat of a news story AL had seen about six months ago.

So, I’m interested in whether you’re noticing a dramatic uptick in your own emerging, credible alternate memories in the past week or so. (Meaning: Somehow connected to the announcement of Mother Teresa’s canonization – either the announcement triggered memories, or something released them around mid-March 2016.)

UPDATE: This poll and all comments are now closed.

What to include

  • Briefly list those memories. Not extended details, just the memory, headline-style (such as “John Doe still alive but I recall death in 2008”).
  • For each, say whether (for you) a media event (TV, radio, Internet) was related to that discovery.
  • Let us know if you only recently realized you had these memories, or if they’ve been confusing to you for some time, and
  • Whether or not you also have alternate Mother Teresa memories. (If they’re dual memories, let me know that, too.)

Why this poll?

I’m wondering if some events — such as Mother Teresa’s canonization…

  1. Trigger more awareness of additional, alternate memories that were already there, OR
  2. Mark a collective shift by multiple people into the current reality.

55 thoughts on “Marker or Memory Trigger?”

  1. I definitely remember Mother Teresa being made a Saint. I thought it was strange at the time because there was a lot of skepticism about it because people weren’t entirely sure if she was worthy. Apparently her attitude to the poor was questionable. I was quite young but I thought that only ‘ancient’ people were made Saints.
    I had a Roman Catholic upbringing and went to church every Sunday which brings me to my next point. I’ve noticed that the Bible has had further ‘changes’. I’m sure you already know about ‘the lion laying down with the lamb’ changing from ‘lion’ to wolf’ but now the ‘Book of Revelations’ has changed to the ‘Book of Revelation’.
    Noah sent out two birds to search for dry land whereas I was always taught and read that he sent one – a dove but now it’s a raven AND a dove.
    Finally this phrase ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’ has changed to ‘Judge not, that you be not judged.’
    Things are definitely ramping up!

    1. IThe Metallica lyrics have always sung “burn your bridges and build them back with wealth. Judge not lest ye be judged yourself. Holier than thou” ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Fiona, I know this isn’t exactly what you’re asking for, but… Your idea with the memory trigger is odd, because it has recently ramped up over on reddit. I know you don’t like to use that, but I think you would find it interesting, particularly my recent post. I even mention you in it! The ideas in it are quite interesting though.

    1. Troy, thank you so much for that very nice compliment at Reddit! I really appreciate it.

      Your ideas are intriguing (that’s an understatement), and I’ll be thinking about them this weekend. (Ordinarily, I’m offline most of the weekend, but — out of the blue — felt inclined to check this site for new comments, this morning.)

      1. Troy, Fiona, Its interesting that so many people, me included have been thinking along similar lines. I personally believe in both simulation theory and a multiverse. Each universe being just another instance of the universe running in parralel and that we have some level of control over the simulation.
        I don\’t believe we are the architects of the system or that we have full control over it, but we can certainly bend things with our intention.
        The main problem with any sim is that of free will. An issue raised for many in the Matrix although most didn\’t understand what it really means.
        If a sim runs according to hard and fast rules then no simulated being within it, for example a person. can ever make a free choice about anything. It is no different to pool balls lined up on a table. They will always move according to physics and dependent on how they are already moving. In your life the cue ball is already moving before you are born so you never have a choice of where it will go, therefore all the balls will move according to the rules…..= no free choice ever. So whats the point? Its a meaningless simulation. There is actually no reason to have a *mind* inside each simulated person. They can all be hollow, lifeless avatars running the rules.
        But we do have *minds* and free choice and I believe this is what is causing the glitches in the simulation.
        The real problems coming from moments when chance and freewill come together. For example my case of the dissapearing nail clippers. I dropped them and their landing place was down to chance (the laws of physics) but I knew they went in a specific place. When I looked there. They were missing! as if my Choice and absolute adament beliefe of where they landed contradicted the rules causing a paradox which made the clippers disapear until the computer thought about it for a few days!
        I think this kind of thinking may answer many mysteries. Maybe there really *be dragons here*, once upon a time simply because enough people believed it!. Today we can fly around the planet, again because we believe/know we can. Its interesting that everytime we make a big leap in physics we uncover yet more weirdness and contradiction.
        Maybe as there is more and more people becoming awake within the sim, that we are causing all kinds of contradictions and paradoxes. its only the digital age that gives us access to other\’s reality to compare notes.

        1. Your comment rings true to me AL, and in an effort to not hijack this thread with my own theories, I’ll simply add that just the other day (the first day of spring oddly enough) I was in the other room, watching tv, and the “tv is about to be turned off due to inactivity” came on. I went to go push a button on the remote, the ONLY remote, and seconds before I did, the tv came back on, as if because I knew it was going to… It just happened. Many similar things that day, and not to mention, I seem to have an effect on many many electronic devices that run “through the air” like radio, Wi-Fi, cell phone signals… Just an interesting note.

          In my opinion, Mother T-H-eresa isn’t so much a marker as it is a result of ‘the veil being lifted’ on the first day of spring.

          1. I did not know there was an issue with Mother Theresa/Teresa in terms of spelling. But there may be a logical explanation. My mother\\\’s name is Teresa and it ends up being spelled both ways across many documents. In fact, for most of her life she thought that the legal spelling was \\\”Theresa\\\” and that\\\’s what she used. Only in recent years did she find out that it\\\’s actually listed legally as \\\”Teresa\\\”. People who\\\’s names have several common spellings may have similar issues. So it is worth noting.

            I always spelled Mother Teresa\\\’s name with the \\\”h\\\”. But I may have done so because of my mother\\\’s name. Now out of habit I spell it \\\”Teresa\\\”. Again like my mother\\\’s name. For me it might be simply connected to familiarity.

            But I thought that she was already a saint. I could have sworn her canonization had occurred a few years back. Maybe between 2012-13? There was some controversy over the conditions in her hospitals and the fact that she chose to be treated abroad rather than in those hospitals. I have no idea whether I\\\’m wrong or it really did happen.

            1. Tia, if your Teresa/Theresa explanation works for you, that’s great. However, if you check Re: Comments, you’ll see that I don’t usually approve “just confused” comments.

              The reason I’ve approved this comment is because you’ve included a date reference to when you recall the canonization, and that’s useful information when we’re looking for patterns in alternate memories.

              1. Hi Fiona and Tia. I AM going to suggest my first thought while reading Tia\’s post. That this is an example of someone\’s own personal Mandela Effect. Which would include her mother\’s MEMORY of the legal listing or the assumption of how it was spelled.
                Over thinking these things will cause confusion. I suggest experiencing rather than thinking …

                1. Well said, Anthony, as usual! Thanks, and I agree about over-thinking. I feel as if we receive contradictory cues in this reality (and probably many others) that suggest we’re “just confused,” as well as signals that make the ME idea almost too difficult to confront in the first place.

                  My own approach is to think of myself as a tourist, and — at this moment — I’m in this particular reality. Generally, what’s different isn’t as dramatic as which side of the road people drive on, or alphabet/writing system changes. It’s more subtle, like — crossing the USA — different regional expressions for tonic/pop/soda and grocery bags/sacks.

                  When I put the Mandela Effect in that context, I can be an interested tourist. I like that way of looking at these changes.

  3. I only just discovered the Mandela Effect on this past Tuesday morning, March 15th, when I saw an article about Berenstein/Berenstain, so all of the ME\’s I\’ve discovered have been in the last few days. There are so many, but I\’ll list what I can.

    – Mother Teresa: I\’m not sure about this one, but I seem to recall discussing her already existing sainthood with a Catholic friend of mine a few months ago.

    -Team Berenstein

    – Changes to the world map since last fall

    -Andrew Zimmern was Zimmerman

    -I have a dual memory of \”Looney Toons\” and \”Looney Tunes\”, \”Toons\” being the stronger memory.

    -I remember Thanksgiving on landing on third thursdays, because it interferes with my birthday often.

    -Chartreuse- I remember believing it was a red-ish color up until high school when my parents corrected me.

    -Lindbergh baby- the only thing I ever heard about this was the baby was never found and it was a mystery, I know no other details.

    -Things like \”Life is/was like a box of chocolates,\” \”Interview with A/ THE Vampire\” and such I have alternate memories for, but don\’t want to weigh in on since these are things that can be easily misheard. As well as Charles Shultz and FAO Shwartz.

    I know there are others, I just can\’t remember all of them right now. I\’ve been looking into the ME since Tuesday and have overloaded my brain.

    1. Vivek, I’ve watched that over & over again. If it’s digitally altered, it’s the most skilled work I’ve ever seen… and I see a lot of “unexplained” videos in my work. 90% of them are fake and I can indicate the telltale evidence of digital tampering. In this case, I’m baffled and have yet to see an explanation that convinces me it’s fake.

      1. It’s not fake. The woman in the background turns and walks with the woman in the foreground, but is hidden by her because the distance they are apart and their movement are almost perfectly synced. It’s a remarkable thing to watch, but if you watch carefully you can see the woman’s heel behind her at the 9 second mark.

          1. The girl,Trine Nielsen,believes,she momentarily became a ninja and moved in synchronous swiftness.

        1. Thanks, Ben. You may have misread my comment and what I believe was Vivek’s many-layered intent.

          I never said the woman actually disappeared. I just said I couldn’t see any signs of digital manipulation (e.g. Photoshop) to fake the effect.

          In real life, perspective and camera angles come into play. Eric had pointed that out. The video isn’t a fake, per se, it’s just something interesting.

          More importantly, it’s an example of how our memories can be affected by single-input stimuli and events. That’s where this video is relevant to a discussion of the Mandela Effect and how our memories may be triggered. It’s also why we double-check input to rule out anything natural and normal, before considering the event evidence of the Mandela Effect. For the latter, this is often a subjective process.

          I apologize if my comments weren’t clear.

          But, while I’m glad you enjoyed that video enough to subscribe to that gentleman’s channel, I generally avoid people (and channels) that focus on debunking, apparently to the exclusion of enjoying the delights of life’s mysteries and conundrums.

          As I’ve said many times about James Randi’s efforts: Just because something can be contrived or faked, doesn’t mean that it necessarily was contrived or faked. One or more normal explanations doesn’t rule out all paranormal explanations.

          Can I fake a miracle, a UFO photo, or a ghost photo? Absolutely. In fact, I spent years learning how to fake ghost photos, so I could discern the visual “tells” that identify them.

          But the ability to fake a miracle, UFO photo, or a ghost photo doesn’t mean all miracles, UFO photos, and ghost photos are fakes.

          Side note: my ghost photo research led to my embarrassment as I had to admit: It’s more difficult to take a photo that looks convincingly like a ghostly image than I’d previously realized. My earlier advice, of over ten years…? Almost entirely rubbish. I hate being that kind of wrong. (The good news is: I know that admitting one’s errors is essential if we’re to move forward with useful research.)

          But again, returning to the topic of the airport video: I’m sorry that I didn’t make my interpretation of Vivek’s comment clear. He’s been posting comments for years & years, so I think I “hear” what he’s saying — and the layers he often intends — even in his briefest comments. And I thought (and still do think) that the video was relevant to Mandela Effect considerations.

  4. I hope this isn’t too off-topic, but I just realised today is the Spring Equinox. I noticed that the Autumn Equinox, Spetember 22/23, has its own topic. Could the recent spike in activity have anything to do with another “tween-time?”

    1. I was about to mention this same thing. You wouldn’t happen to be a redditor are you? There was a poster with the name EmmyFluff (I believe) that posted the same thing! I had many synchronicities that day and I definitely felt a different energy, exactly how it was on the autumnal equinox, maybe even stronger.

      1. I am in fact the Emmyfluff, lol. And I’m aware of which redditor you are from your earlier comment. I’m enjoying being able to use the subreddit to bounce ideas around.

  5. I’ll post mine again so its included in the poll. They seem to come in groups of a couple or more at a time and I think they are increasing in frequency. Ive certainly had many more this year than any other.
    Tues 15/3/2016 I had the Mother Teresa sainted again and I believed her name was spelt Theresa.
    Then Micheal Crawford appearing live on BBC, when I remember him dying around a decade ago. I met his ex wife not long after they split, circa 2000 and he died a few years or so after that. I recal he worked a lot in the USA at the time and remember it happening over there. but this is oddly fuzzy.
    Then Sky new showing “the road to Raqqa” again. However I see they have rolled this out yet again this weekend and now think this maybe just part of the political spin with Syria. Similar to how they showed the same man holding up a copy of the Quaran and having it shot out of his hand by police during the arab spring in Egypt and then exactly the same footage of the same man, same quaran, same shot out of hand this time the arab spring in Libya! ……..Or that might be an ME too ???? probably just propaganda. im unsure.

  6. not sure if its just me but…. i remember sublime what i got saying ” life is to short so love the one you got.” now it is “life is so love the one you got” its not right any more. just descovered this a few days ago

        1. No apologies necessary. This topic (the Mandela Effect) can disorient any of us, including me. Just when I think I’ve seen all the weirdness it offers, something else surprises me.

  7. You can see her hair being the other woman’s too. Ella it’s funny you mention that about the Bible because I noticed the book of Revelations had changed to Revelation and the Judge not lest ye be judged phrase had changed. I’ll have to look at my Bible for the other ones. But it’s not like it’s a new printing because the Bible I have I’ve had for years and distinctly remember reading Revelations when it was quoted on the divinci code (which BTW I can’t find the clip nor the passage. which could be me missing it and if I am can someone point it out to me lol. It has to do with lightning) but that is how I noticed the change because I was trying to find the quote. And the judge not lest ye be judged I was corrected on but ik it wasn’t right because ik without a doubt it was “judge not lest ye be judged” it will remain this way for me because it’s one of the moral I have kept with me from when I was Christian, and I have always loved studying religions so these changes stick out to me.

    1. Religious topics seem to seep into comments, regularly. See my Re: Comments page, if you’re not familiar with my general rules for this site.

      I’ll allow something that’s clearly relevant to the subject of the article we’re discussing, but nothing extended beyond that. (I do address a specific comment now and then. See my article about Diff’rent Strokes for one Bible reply.)

      And, in this case, since the subject of markers and memory triggers is broad, the relevant v. off-topic edges are blurred. I accept that.

      Many Bible quotations vary with the translation. Generally speaking, a search for the phrase someone recalls will usually produce the version of the Bible that’s remembered. Comparative Bible study sites — listing multiple versions of each translation from the Greek or Latin — can be especially helpful.

      I understand that’s not the case here, but I’m still going to ask readers not to pursue a Bible discussion at this website. Even in the best of times, religion can be a volatile topic. (I was raised never to discuss religion or politics at the dining table, unless those topics were specialties of our dinner guests.)

      In the current religious/political climate, it’s far too easy for small, relevant religious comments to imply an open door for more intense discussions contrasting religions and even sects.

      So, while I’m approving this comment, as it’s related to a single Bible that’s been owned for years, I’d like this to be the last religion-related comment at this article.


  8. You’re right Fiona,i certainly implied ME perspective and more so because millions watched that video,it was a slick performance by the girl,worthy of an accomplished ninja.For a true ME research,we have to be wary of illusions/delusions/deceptions that are quite benign by themselves but may be adverse to our(ME enthusiasts) collective imagination.

  9. I am from germany and 31 years old. Last Tuesday, March 15th, one of my Friends died. Now it is the third time.
    I also have always a broken Hand with a “miracle cure”?!

    I also remember other things like:

    – Mother Theresa and not Mother Teresa; she was a saint in ancient times; as kids there was an old saying “Bist du Mutter Theresa?!”

    – Kazaam with Shaq “replaced” Sindbad as a Genie

    – Nelson Mandela died in prison; he was a bad guy, now we would say a terrorist

    – the Hindenburg disaster never occured; remember black-and-white documentations of that airship

    And so on …

    1. Jean P, Are you saying that a close friend of yours has died 3 times? Can you elaborate on this experience. I find it incredible that I have had the experience that a celebrity has died 3 times, but a close friend! wow!. I really would like to know more about that.
      Also the Hindenburg disaster not happening. Thats quite a major event in world history. What is your alternate memory of it?

  10. I just had a thought that perhaps these specific ME events are tests? for example a mass memory wipe is performed which includes the wiping of the event of a celebrity dying. The media then announces that celeb has passed away and anyone whos memory was not properly wiped starts talking about how they already died!
    That idea has some very heavy implications as well as many practical questions.
    Mainly I was theorising on why there could be specific triggers and if they were man made. For reasons of brevity I won’t go into the logical arguements but I have come to the conclussion that we are probably not having our minds wiped by other humans.

    1. AL, that’s a truly creepy idea, and a great premise for a sci-fi story.

      For me to take it seriously as something real, I’d need a far more compelling context… and I think that would lead us into conspiracy discussions, so let’s not go down than path.

      Nevertheless, while truly dark, your concept is a clever one.

      I choose happier explanations, because they make more sense to me, if only on a “gut” level.

      1. The essential difficulty with the memory wipe theory is,the lack of physical hard copies,news papers books or other media,that wouldn’t be affected by a wipe or erase of human memory.I suppose a biconvex flat earth concept is more credulous than all speculative guesses,after all an eliptoid earth doesn’t contradict the known and verified laws nor is it essentially difficult to visualise.A flattish earth with a world on each side,not flat like a coin,but rather like a drop of gel pressed from top and bottom.

      2. Sure, but just because one is not human doesn’t mean they are malign. The non-humans could be a future version of us making adjustments to the timeline to ease our transition into the future, or say an AI higher up the chain trying to merge up parallel threads of virtual time to account for the stress to the machines supporting seven billion plus minds creates, or any number of things. Perhaps humanity’s experiments with the cosmic fabric affected time on other worlds in our galactic neighborhood, so the ET’s are making adjustments to our timeline for *their* protection. This is all wild speculation, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. On a personal level recently my tinnitus has gone up in pitch significantly. I’m not sure when it actually happened, but I noticed it within the last week or so. I swear if it gets too much higher it’ll become inaudible to my human ears lol

    I’m also experiencing a huge spike in synchronicity these days. It’s mostly random things, but I’ve managed to purposely synchronize a few things as well.

    On a more global level (literally), I’ve been noticing some geographical changes like cities being in the wrong places or islands changing size and/or location. At first I thought they were just little or localized changes, but I finally looked at a world map recently and the entire world looks distorted, and every single map is like that. It’s like somebody used the liquify tool on the world map and then the changes became real.

    I’m 100% positive that the map changes happened within approximately the last 2 months, but beyond that I’m not sure about exact timing. I’ve been noticing a few of the changes periodically over that time period, but I didn’t notice the bulk of them until very recently when I purposely looked at a map. This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed major changes on the map, but I must say this is the most dramatic and widespread set of changes that I’ve noticed all at once.

    With all these MEs and glitches happening exponentially more frequently, it really does give one the impression that something is coming. I wonder what it could be.

  12. Hi AL. She is the mother of my sister-in-law (Schwรคgerin), who sadly died of cancer. I have known her for 10 years. First time of her \”death and resurrection\” I thought I was fooled by my relatives, because I never saw the dead body. I was pissed of. Second time I had some \”Deja-Vu\”. It was the SAME situation like before that I just have forgotten. This time I tried to keep many things in mind. After her \”second ressurection\” I spoke to my other sister-in-law. She remembered pictures of the dead body and found it strange too!? I told my brother. He didn\’t remember. I warned him about the date of March 15th. This time it never happended. She had survived the cancer. I started to forget again. And NOW it\’s the third time! It\’s like I am in some kind of time loop. And I make always the same mistakes (broken hand), like I have no free will or something. That is strange. I always thought I have my life under control but it seems not so. Wheter I know my destiny or not, it doesn\’t matter. I should rather asked myself, \’who am I\’ in this situation. \”Know yourself\”!
    I also remember a dream, where I was floating and saw myself with the feeling that it wasn\’t me. Next morning my broken hand was cured and my daily notes in smartphone have left.
    About the Hindenburg disaster I don\’t know much more about it. I watched TV and the documentation changed rapidly and I was shocked. I thought how can \”they\” manipulate history so dramatically. How can they fake this. It appeared so realistic.
    P.S. My englisch is not the best.

    1. Jean P, that is truly amazing and to me one of the most notable personal accounts of a M.E event. Having someone so closley related being the person who has died more than once is just mind boggling. I can imagine many ways that I or anyone could be mistaken about a celebrity dying, but someone who is only a couple of degrees of seperation and known by you. That is just amazing.
      It throws up many possibilities to do research as you can talk to all the people involved.
      It has actually reminded me that I met an old school friend after not seeing them for roughly 10 years and he was stunned that I was alive! he said he had heard from several people that I had died. At the time we both put it down to rumours and chinese whispers. But it does make me wonder if I might really be a resurrected person from his point of view??
      Did he slide from a universe where I had indeed passed away?
      I find that idea both very interesting and also a bit chilling.

  13. On the earth reality I grew up on, one of the rules of being cannonised a saint was that 75 years had to pass after someone had died before they could be cannonised a saint .

  14. I read my kids the BerenstEIn Bears books for bedtime. We lived in England at the time (I was stationed there from 1995- 2002) and we actually pronounced the books as \’beren-stine\’. I remember a conversation with my husband about how \’Berenstein\’ was so similar to \’beer stein\’. And how we correlated that to the German beer steins that were so prevalent in Europe.

    I always thought chartreuse was a maroon/burgundy color- at least I did until I read your article today (28 March 2016). I\’m stunned that it\’s actually a greeny/yelllow color. Maroon and white were my high school colors and I remember having conversations with my friends about \’chartreuse\’ being too dark and we needed to find a \’more maroon\’ color fabric for our homecoming day parade. (this would have been 1982). At that time, we all seemed to be on board that the color we called \’chartreuse\’ was darker and more purpley than maroon.

    I have a few more odd Mandela effects:
    A few years ago (2010), I was stunned to learn about an animal called an \’alpaca\’. My friend mentioned the word offhandedly and I had no idea what she was talking about. I\’ve since learned what an alpaca is and how common it was in New Mexico (where we were living at the time). I love to read. I\’ve read countless books to my children. We\’ve traveled the world. Yet, I\’d never, ever heard of this animal until I was almost 50 years old. My now-adult children are all very familiar with it and they actually got a little concerned when I asked about alpacas.

    I\’ve never heard or seen the movie \’A Christmas Story\’ until 2012. I love Christmas movies, but otherwise I\’m not much of a movie watcher. It didn\’t surprise me that my family knew and loved \’A Christmas Story\’. I just thought that somehow I\’d missed watching it with them as many times as they said they\’d seen it. It wasn\’t until it was brought up on Reddit that I realized that I was way out of sync with this one.

    I\’m still blown away by the fact that this movie came out in 1983! That\’s the year I graduated high school! Even if I\’m not much of a movie person, I should have seen- or at least heard of- this movie many times during the past Christmas seasons. Yet, somehow, I hadn\’t even heard of it until my son made a point of buying the DVD and having us do a Christmas movie night. This particular Mandela Effect makes me feel very uneasy. It just doesn\’t make sense that this movie seemed to blink into existence for me a few years ago. It\’s so well-loved (and well known) by so many people, yet I\’m not familiar with it at all.

    One more: My ex-husband and I heard the song \’Sweet Child O\’ Mine\” in 1984 on a beautiful country road on the way to visit my parents farm.
    I know it was 1984 because 1) we had just gotten married 2) my parents sold the farm and moved in 1985
    And 3) I joined the Air Force in 1985. After boot camp and tech school, I was stationed overseas until 1988. When we returned to the states we separated and were soon divorced.

    But, back to the song. That day, when \’Sweet Child O\’ Mine\’ came on the radio, we turned up the volume to hear it better. After it ended, we listened to see who sang it and what song it was. We both agreed that we liked this new band called \’Guns \’N Roses\’ and we also agreed to make the song one of \’ours\’. We loved it and we loved the group. It wasn\’t until a few years ago, that I learned that Guns \’N Roses became a band in 1985 and released their album with the song \’Sweet Child O\’ Mine\’ in 1987- three years AFTER my ex and I first heard it on the radio.

    (I\’ve since confirmed this memory with him. I asked him when if he remembered when he first heard this song and he remembers it the same way I do- Driving out to my folks, turning up the radio, liking the song, making it \’ours\’, etc.)

    Those are the biggies for me. I hope the timeframes help with your research. Oh, and about Mother Teresa: I seem to be on board with the \’current\’ news cycle about her- so nothing \’Mandela-like\’ for me there…

    Thanks for your great website ๐Ÿ™‚ I\’ll be visiting often.

  15. I always remembered the berenstain bears as the berenstein bears and so does everyone else. i very vividly remember it with an e but it has always been an a.

    1. Let’s focus on the topic of markers and memory triggers, okay…?

      I don’t want it to look like I’m singling out this comment, because that’s not my intent. (It’s necessary for me to “reply” to this comment, so this is at the correct point in the correct thread.)

      The Berenstein/Berenstain topic has been discussed at an earlier article. About 98% of the people I talk with in real life consistently insist that it was always Berenstein. At this point, I think we can all (or nearly all) agree that the Berenstein spelling is something that confirmed the Mandela Effect for many people.

      From this point on, I’m not approving comments that are lengthy lists of alternate memories. (See my original article, above, in which I said, “Lists of memories including more than headline-style brevity will be edited or simply not approved.”)

      1. I apologize. I misunderstood your question behind \’markers\’ so my lengthy post was way off-base.

        In my earlier post, I thought that the date-time aspect were indeed \’markers\’. So, including them would help with forming a pattern of when certain Mandela\’s had come into place for most people. (IE: 1984- Guns \’N Roses. 2012- A Christmas Story. 2016- Mother Teresa).

        I thought that\’s what the poll was asking, but now I see that it was not. Thanks for getting me on the right track ๐Ÿ™‚

        So, to answer your poll: No, I have not experienced an uptick in Mandela Effects in the past few weeks. And, no, I do not have alternate Mother Teresa memories.

        Good luck with your research! ๐Ÿ™‚ It\’ll be interesting to see the results!

  16. I have been looking at world maps almost everyday since I found out last november that I am on a different Earth, this parallel or mirrored reality , something that I have realized from studying coastlines around Europe is that I have been here before, because I was familiar with maps during a lifetime 300 years ago I know that I am now back here after about 260 years when I left this earth reality after I died in that lifetime. It has become clearer in the last couple weeks about what this is all about, long ago I decided to come back here at about this time. I think there is decision involved with the mandela effect whether one is aware of their choice to shift to a different reality or not .

  17. Last night I was dreaming of trying to find the example of stars on the flag I remembered differently (in another changed memory) and not being able to find the picture. Maybe somehow finding a lucid dreaming connection would answer some of the questions about the whole phenomenon.

  18. I’ll try and keep this fairly short: The holographic reality seems the best explanation for me, as it covers a lot of possibilities – the alternate realities have the problem of the amount of energy required to exist/be created. Although I also suspect that there are parallel universes, but that they are independent of each other…probably interacting…anyways, as for markers and triggers, if we live in a holographic reality, and, as it has been demonstrated though not necessarily proven, our conciousness interacts deeply with this holographic reality. Thus, markers and memory triggers may act as a form of navigation through, or within the holographic reality. Kind of like icons. We may actually deeply affect holographic reality, and are likely co-programmers. So the changes are less about an alternate reality, and more about mass changes taking place amongst the population, in the holographic reality. And the memory triggers and markers are like bytes of data, as well as a navigation tool for our conciousness.

  19. I am certain ME boils down to quantum suicide/immortality.
    Things I recall that are different now:
    life is like a box of chocolates
    it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood
    License to Ill (beastie boys album title)
    NZ in different location (my Mother traveled nearby to Australia, so I had a good grasp of geography)
    TAPS (1st season of Ghost Hunters)
    Reba McEntyre
    Shannon Doherty
    Interview with a vampire
    John Madden was dead.

    I feel there was an uptick in things i noticed in early April of 2014.
    I was going mad and start googling things because I KNEW several things had changed overnight.
    Found this blog.
    It was right after I ran into a door in the dark and had an egg sized concussion.
    Woke up and things have been different since then.
    Couple weird examples afterwards:
    Watched old Black and White movies of Mickey Rooney when I was a kid.
    Saw something about him and though gee I thought he died years ago.
    2 days later he dies in this universe for real reals.
    Saw pretty photo of Peaches Geldof. Didn’t know much about her. (Knew she was Bob Gledof’s daughter)
    Even though she looked pretty and young, a thought popped into my head that she was dead or would be dead soon.
    Next day news broke that she was found dead.
    That creeped me out.

    Other big personal things.
    I have been told I visited Luray Caverns.
    Underground Caverns that many people term magical.
    But I have never been there.

  20. Aces the Mickey Rooney memory is one I’ve had for a while but forgot about mentioning. When Night at the Museum came out in 2006 I remember mentioning to my mom I thought he had died and I actually mentioned it before that when watching the Black Stallion (2003 maybe? That seems right). Ik she said both times that she was sure he hadn’t died and I was sure he had. However in this reality he didn’t die until April 2014 so you can see that’s quite a stretch. The 2003 time makes so much sense because stuff I remember from that time (btwn 2003-2005) seem not to be right in this reality, a big one for me was the date we moved and arrived back to Idaho I remember clearly as September 11, 2004 but no one else does, except for my grandparents who helped us move.

    1. Add me to the Mickey Rooney list. I also thought he was long dead until I saw night at the museum. Funnily that film was a 2 for one for me as I also thought Dick van dyke was dead. Thinking about it now its odd that I *thought* Dick.vD was dead but *knew* Rooney was.
      So that film was a trigger event for me although I couldn’t say exactly when I saw it or if there were other ME’s around the same time.

  21. There is a few different categories where I could have placed this info and video. Marker or Trigger seems plausible.

    First off, I have posted here somewhere in the Major Memories section, your guess is as good as mine on which number, that I have a memory of me accidentally (< second *a* seems added to me), impaling myself and there was no way I could have survived. Since then my mind often comes back to that event and I AM so clear on it that it won't switch to, oh it must not have been as sharp an edge as I thought or maybe I didn't hit my face on the ground and pull myself up 3 feet off the edge. The memory is there and no matter how hard I try, and I have tried, I can't fake it away. Since then I have looked back on my life and realized it is very possible that I may have accidentally died on a few occasions, accidentally being the key word, and I AM still here. My point is, from the time I started delving into information on Life after Death many years ago … I did not nor do I believe in death. It has always been an illusion to me. I often said, 'Life isn't the illusion, death is'. Like walking through a door. That's just the way it was always described to me, in books and through psychics. The thing is, I never thought to take it so literally. This could very well be a trigger. Instead of dying, our consciousnesses just shifts into another dimension where we did not have the unfortunate accidental death.

    I feel like I wrote these ideas somewhere before … I AM assuming here on this site … although … never mind …

    1. Anthony, you’ve left 160 comments here. (Yes. Really. I was kind of amazed when I used your email address to find them. Of course, that explains why I feel like I “hear” your voice when I read what you write. It’s because I have a fairly large context for what you say.)

      You did talk about some of these things, and a related topic about stars, but in private comments and in emails. So, don’t worry: Those comments are in this reality, but no one (except me) can see them.

      1. Comment #161
        OMG … I needed that. LOL … Sorry Fiona, so I AM the one keeping you busy.

        After I wrote comment #160 I was surfing YouTube and found the following video of a guy who came up with the same idea. This happened just after watching a FRINGE episode where a man’s son came from one dimension to the other making it look to him like he was alive again.

        With this comes an idea that the more we shift (or die) the thinner the WALL becomes. We start noticing things. Also, the thinner the WALL, the easier it is to manifest the reality. I’ve only just recognize this, unless its a coincidence, and I AM sure I mentioned how I feel about coincidences long before Comment #100.

        Stay Tooned for comment #162, it promises to be interesting!

  22. This is really interesting to me. I hadn’t noticed the Mother Theresa change, but for the record I remember her name being spelled with an h. I also remember her being canonized shortly after her death in a drastic break from tradition.

    I also want to mention that my coworker and I noticed some weird changes at the beginning of March. I don’t recall her change, but mine was that my boss was traveling to Mexico. I mentioned that I always wanted to go, but I was afraid because of all the tourists that were being randomly killed/kidnapped by drug cartels. I knew this as being a commonly known fact, a thing that had been going on for a while and had been getting worse lately. Except nobody in my office knew what I was talking about. They had no memory of those happenings. Thinking they were just odd I decided to Google it. And found out the killings hadn’t really been a bit thing since 2012. I remember it being a big news item and tourism issue even a few months ago though I can’t site any specific dates.

    So, after realizing I had experienced another reality slip or whatever, I decided to search for CERN test dates. Sure enough, there was a schedule showing tests scheduled for ALL OF MARCH. Knowing this, I wasn’t surprised to see that there had been an uptick in mandela effect occurrences.

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