Mandela Effect – Where to Read the Original Archives

Once upon a time…

The Mandela Effect started as a simple blog. Fiona wrote articles and asked questions about her memories and others’.

People replied in blog comments. And then they replied to each other, in long fascinating threads.

The site grew and grew, eventually with over 10,000 comments, some of them really long… like essays or short books.

Then, around 2019, traffic crashed this website. It was offline more than 50% of each day. Hosting bills were pretty major, too.

But – every day – even more people wanted to know about the Mandela Effect.

Something HAD to change.

As a quick solution, Fiona reduced the size of this website by removing most of the “Major Memories – Comments” pages. They were the conversational comments, jumping from one topic to another.

They were fresh. Original. Heartfelt. And they were honest, sharing some deep insights into their lives and memories.

They were also important, even if their traffic was crashing the website.

It was a dilemma. And an urgent one.

Those stories should not be forgotten, overlooked, or lost.

So, in haste, Fiona published them in a series of 15 books.

And she made them FREE through Kindle Unlimited.

Reading them, you’ll feel like you’re listening to conversations between friends, comparing notes about their memories.

Click here for the full list, or use these individual links:

Mandela Effect books - FREE to read
If you like to read what others remember, this 15-book series includes over 4,000 more comments by visitors.

Book One – 244 comments.

Book Two – 178 comments.

Book Three – 299 comments.

Book Four – 285 comments.

Book Five – 197 comments.

Book Six – 254 comments.

Book Seven – 299 comments.

Book Eight – 271 comments.

Book Nine – 451 comments.

Book 10 – 421 comments.

Book 11 – 350 comments.

Book 12 – 351 comments.

Book 13 – 397 comments.

Book 14 & Book 15 – Over 400 comments, combined (They were the last general memories and insights at the Major Memories page.)

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In addition, you can read just the comments related to readers’ theories about why the Mandela Effect is happening:

Mandela Effect - Why is it happening? Theories and explanations.

In The Mandela Effect – Theories and Explanations, you can read over 500 comments, stories, and research notes about what’s causing the Mandela Effect and why it keeps happening.

From New Age to quantum physics concepts – with some mysterious comments by anonymous scientists – you may notice a pattern. Does this explain the Mandela Effect? Maybe. This book contains it all.

It’s FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.


In the future, paperback editions of these books will be available.