Mandela Effect Books – How to Read the Archives

Starting in 2016, this website became so popular, it crashed multiple times a day.

Place advertising on this site…? No. Fiona rejected that idea immediately.

Crowdsource hosting…? No, that’d be a band-aid on a bigger problem, and require steadily increasing funding.

In 2019, critical mass was reached. The site was offline more than 50% of each day… and sometimes for days at a time. Some of that was from normal, heavy visitor traffic. Some of it was due to DDoS attacks, etc. (Perhaps some people don’t want you to learn about the Mandela Effect…?)

Fiona started reducing the size of this website. She published this site’s thousands of original comments in books. And she made them free through Kindle Unlimited.

Early in 2021, Mandela Effect enthusiasts made it clear that they wanted to read the books free… but not through Kindle Unlimited. They wanted them in public libraries. (They also wanted to buy books from sites other than Amazon.)

Here are the survey results.

So, Fiona is changing how her books are distributed. By mid-2021, at least some Mandela Effect ebooks and paperbacks should be available to library patrons. (If your public library doesn’t own copies, ask them to order them on inter-library loan.) These books will also be available via Nook, Kobo, and so on.

But, due to Amazon’s policies, they will not be free in Kindle Unlimited, and pricing will change, too.

Here’s how Amazon describes these books:


Does a hidden history exist…? 

A history different from what you’ve been told?

Or is it hiding in plain sight, in memories you – and others – have witnessed, yourself?

Read the facts as others recall them. Then decide for yourself.

Mandela Effect - Major Memories - comments 1

These books include over 4,000 individual comments, reporting events and facts people do (and don’t) recall, and sharing ideas about what’s going on.

All of the Mandela Effect major memories comments, in sequence:

Book One – 244 comments. [also in paperback]

Book Two – 178 comments.

Book Three – 299 comments.

Book Four – 285 comments.

Book Five – 197 comments.

Book Six – 254 comments.

Book Seven – 299 comments.

Book Eight – 271 comments.

Book Nine – 451 comments.

Book 10 – 421 comments.

Book 11 – 350 comments.

Book 12 – 351 comments.

Book 13 – 397 comments.

Book 14 & Book 15 – Over 400 comments, combined (They were the last general memories and insights at the Major Memories page, before Fiona closed comments.)

Note: Fiona is working on a general index to all the books, so you’ll know which topics were mentioned repeatedly, in which books.

Why is the Mandela Effect happening?

Mandela Effect - Why is it happening? Theories and explanations.

What caused the Mandela Effect, and why does it keep happening?

In over 500 comments, visitors to the original Mandela Effect website shared their insights.

From New Age to quantum physics concepts – with some mysterious comments by anonymous scientists – a picture began to form. This book contains it all.

It’s available in paperback (174 pages) and it’s also in Kindle.

Read it now. It may change how you look at your everyday world.

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