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  1. I have a very strong alternate memory of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie being released in 1989. I want to say it was like August of ’89, but I am sure I saw it in movie theaters in 1989. I also have a vivid memory of my VHS tape as a kid having 1989 as its copyright date, as I liked to use it as proof that the Turtles had been around since before the 90s began. HOWEVER, everything I google now says it was released March of 1990. IMDB and Wikipedia both say March 30th, 1990. However, a lot of people must share my memory of it being released in 1989, because I can find people selling movie posters from the “1989 movie”. I discovered this just today, after reading your entire site and realizing that I share in all of the former memories. I decided to start hunting, so don’t be surprised if I come back with more. It seems like a lot of our 90s childhood memories have been altered for some reason.

    1. Keri Cash, thanks, but this site isn’t about “altered” memories, it’s about genuine alternate memories that support the theory that we’re in a quantum reality where cross-reality travel is possible.

      However, assuming that you meant to say that, in a parallel reality, the TMNT movie may have been released a year earlier, these are the kinds of research links I’d like to see with comments. They make it easier for site visitors to research the topic themselves:

      TMNT 87-96 @ IMDb:
      TMNT 90 @ IMDb:
      TMNT 90 @ Wikipedia:
      TMNT Celebrates 25 Years, III – Peter Laird:
      1989 TMNT movie posters for sale (may refer to year of production, not release): | |

  2. Hi Fiona,

    There’s something compelling that someone just pointed my attention to.
    Apparently, some of these retroactive changes to iconic movie lines flip back and forth. There are many self-righteous articles giving lists of movies that everyone’s been misquoting, and they declare pompously that the “We have a problem” line from the Apollo 13 movie is incorrect and that the correct line actually said in the film is “We’ve HAD a problem”. This is not just one movie misquote article. Google “famous movie misquotes” for yourself and you’ll find Apollo 13 on many of them. Pretty cut and dried right?

    The only problem is that when you watch any clip (with or without subtitles) or read a transcript of Apollo 13 movie, the line is now back to “We HAVE a problem”. Now you’d think if you go to the trouble of writing an article reprimanding the public for misquoting a movie line, you’d go to the trouble of watching the scene yourself to make sure you’re quoting the exact line. I’m going to take snapshots of these articles in case they start to be removed.

  3. Hey everyone,
    This one is probably more of a thought exercise than an actual ME, but I was discussing the sudden interest in “Krampus” here in the U.S. with a friend. The conversation twisted into “Could Krampus be a ME that was recently discovered?”.
    I know that “Krampus” has A TON of history and lore dating back HUNDREDS of years but, theoretically, that holds no weight as evidence of it NOT being a ME.
    So, I thought it was an interesting thought experiment that may help grasp some of the more esoteric concepts of ME.

  4. The place known as Area 51, used to be called Area 54 in my memory.

    About a year ago (before I knew about ME) I was googling area 54 and leaned that the place I was thinking of was now called Area 51. I didn’t think too much of it at that time, like I said it was before I learned of ME. I basically forgot about it until today when I heard a reference for Area 51.

    So, I look into it again today, and it appears that I’m not the only one with this memory.

    I can’t find any credible information that an area 54 exists in this reality, though the question is out there. I want to clarify that what I remember as area 54 was the well known site, near Roswell New Mexico.

    Shortly before writing this comment while I was googling Area 54 looking for any references, I was outside and something (an aircraft I guess) passed overhead. It was super loud, and the sound lasted for two minutes while very gradually fading. It is hard to describe, but it was a sort of wavering loud whistle, not very high pitched, and it was very…strong sounding. I’m sorry I don’t know a better word for that. I also heard the whooshing sound of the aircraft passing close by, but I couldn’t actually see it. I looked in the directing the sound headed, and I saw a sort of diffused white circle of light for just a split second, then nothing. It is cloudy and raining, so that could have obscured the light. Anyway it kind of freaked me out to be honest, given what I was reading about at that moment. This was around 6:20 pm PST.

  5. An acquaintance introduced me to this phenomenon and I immediately thought of my childhood frustration with no one remembering the alternate ending to the Wizard of Oz. Every year (mom and I watched at New Years eve) i noticed then waited for the end scene where Dorthy is wearing the ruby slippers and the credits roll leaving you to believe it wasn’t all a dream. My mother doesn’t remember the scene by the way. But I found others on the internet who do. Now I don’t feel so frustrated.

    [Added ref:]

    1. I also remember the end scene with Dorothy wearing the red slippers! I watched it every year with my Mom starting back in the 70’s.

      1. barbra and S. Muloin, please provide more details. Everyday red slippers or unusual, sparkling shoes? Where is she in the end scene? (What’s the context that makes it “just a dream”?) Range of years when you saw this? On TV, in a theatre setting, or somewhere else? City/town or GPS?

  6. Snow White’s eyes were blue, except that they were always brown.
    I can’t specify the date I saw Snow White for the first time, but it was likely in the mid-80s when I was a child. I remember her having dark hair and blue eyes. It was an unusual combination that I had never seen before and I remember wishing I had blue eyes and dark brown hair like her.

    Official Disney site, depicting brown eyes:

    Debates online about whether the eyes were originally blue or always brown:

  7. I just noticed a new one yesterday – a TV commercial for Reddi Wip, which I’m sure used to be Whip not Wip.

      1. Kathy, can you provide an approximate date range for that memory, and a latitude & longitude where you recall it? (Nearest major city or town location is fine, for the location.)

        1. Hello Fiona,

          I asked my sister and also three friends about the spelling of Redi-Whip and they all remember the same spelling that I do .. Their reaction to it now being Reddi-Wip was “WHAT???” and “THAT’S RIDICULOUS!!!”.. So their memory of the Redi-Whip spelling is also very strong.

          The dates of this memory for all of us is between 2009 to 2012.

          The latitude and longitude is 32º 05′ N, 81º 06′ W.

          1. Kathy – I also think it was Redi rather than Reddi. I didn’t mention that part be but honestly I’m not quite as certain on that part. I mentioned the Whip part because I’m absolutely certain is that it was Whip and not Wip.

              1. Kathy, thanks. That one doesn’t seem to be on the page anymore. But presumably the existence of the coupon shows that the copywriter/copyeditor, like you, me and some others here, remembered it as Redi-Whip, and was so sure of the spelling that he/she didn’t bother to check it.

                1. Exactly, Dan! That’s the kind of evidence I consider more compelling than simple memory. If someone is so committed to something “wrong” in this reality that he (or she) bases a professional decision on that alternate memory, that’s interesting.

                  Sure, it might still be a typo, but — for me, anyway — that’s one step further than a casual memory.

  8. I just noticed something today that is really bothering me. In Anne Rice’s book Taltos the character Ashler Templeton is now spelled Ashlar. I KNOW that was not the spelling in 2008. It was Ashler. I named my son Ashler because I loved the name. I have read the book quite a few times. I showed my husband the name in the book when we were choosing a name for our son. Trying to figure out what has happened led me here.

  9. I have noticed a location-specific recent change. It’s regarding the color of the St. John’s bridge in Portland, Oregon USA.
    Latitude 45.5848252
    Longitude -122.76558920000002

    The spires on the bridge have always been the same green color as the bridge itself. The spires are now black. I noticed this on 12/26/15, and by noticed, I mean it was such a glaring change that I immediately started looking online to see if the bridge is being painted. I was actually mad that they changed the spire color, as it takes away from the beauty of the bridge IMO. For me it’s akin to the Golden Gate Bridge suddenly having a portion of it painted black, but worse since I actually see the St. John’s bridge daily and I see the black spires as an ugly black mark (literally) on the beautiful bridge.

    Alas, after searching I have found that the bridge is not being painted, and even old photos show the spires black. The bridge underwent restoration in 2005, but photos before and since all show black spires.

    I have driven over this bridge twice a day, five days/week since 2005. I lived in St. John’s- the neighborhood for which the bridge is named, and connected to- for years. I have spent many afternoons at Cathedral park- located under the St. John’s bridge on the east side of the river- which provides some of the best bridge views possible. I love to watch the workers do maintenance on the lights at the top of the spires, which happens on rare occasions, but is a time when I am intently focused on the spires of the bridge.

    I don’t expect much response to this here, since it’s so location specific, but maybe someone else has noticed this recent change to one of my favorite landmarks.
    Note: Wikipedia lists slightly different coordinates for the bridge than I did. I got my coordinates using google maps, by dropping a pin in the middle of the bridge, so as far as I’m concerned my coordinates are accurate.

  10. So, I have a memory of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia being nominated by G.W. Bush, not Reagan. I was born in the mid-80s, so there’s no way I could remember Reagan doing it. I distinctly remember Bush putting THREE justices in – Roberts to replace Rehnquist, Alito to replace O’Connor (including the mishap with the Miers nomination), and Scalia to replace Kennedy (who is still on the Supreme Court now).

    1. I find it hard to accept that it was way back in 1982. I was on my way – literally on the road – to my first year of college out-of-state and wasn’t paying much attention to politics at that time, and I would have guessed he was appointed by George Bush too. My second thought was “he’s just not old enough to have been appointed by Reagan.” But I see he will be 80 this year. I would have guessed that he was in his mid-sixties at most.

      1. Wiki says he was appointed in 1986. Did you just read it recently as 1982? It was 1986 on Wiki when I posted my comment.

        1. LDunbar, Wikipedia changes steadily. That’s not Mandela Effect; it’s crowd-sourced editing, as well as the occasional prankster who likes to tweak things, just to see how long it takes anyone to notice what’s been altered.

          I take most of Wikipedia’s information with a grain of salt, but I like their lists of external links, so I can research topics on my own.

  11. I have a new one. There was an older gentleman that has worked for many years at the local movie theatre as a ticket taker. He was well known to everyone in my highschool and throughout the community. I liked him because he looked a little like Colonal Sanders. I remember a few years ago (can’t remember the year exactly unfortunately) I and many others in the community were saddened to see on Facebook that he had died. I remember clearly, looking through the comments, and being touched that so many people that I had gone to high school with remembered him and were saddened at his passing.

    Well, imagine my surprise this morning when I see on Facebook that he died, again! It made the news, luckily, so here’s the link to the news article :

    I couldn’t tell you where I was when when he “died” the first time, but I was in Southern Ontario, Canada, and it would have been maybe 3 years or so ago. I noticed he’d died again this morning at 6am, at latitude 43.776710 and longitude -79.188065. This is the first time I’ve had someone I’ve met personally come back from the dead to die again, so I was somewhat shaken when I noticed. I wonder if anyone else will have similar experiences today.

  12. Here’s a new one I just came across. Laurel and Hardy’s famous line, “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into” is now “Well, here’s another NICE mess you’ve gotten ME into.” This one is a big one for me… one of their movies is CALLED “Another Fine Mess”. Just wow.

  13. OK. I think I found another shift in the timeline. I was watching the news tonight, and they mentioned that the siege at Waco, Texas happened in 1993, and my first thought was that it wasn’t possible. I did some searching and every website I came across said that it happened from February 1993-April 1993.

    So in this timeline it happened in 1993, but in my memory it happened in 1992 or earlier. The reason I know this is because I wrote a paper on it in the 8th grade. I finished 8th grade in 1992. I know I’m not mistaking it with any other event because I mentioned David Koresh by name multiple times.

    Does anyone else have this memory?

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