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  1. The world has gone into automation mode,service industry is the only avenue for masses,US, for a long time has been outsourcing manufactured goods and IT hardware and software,but now manufacturing may return with robotic work force.China will lose its edge of huge manpower and the population may become a liability,with no strenous manual work people world over are losing muscle and soon the only muscles will be steroid fed,strictly for hollywood.Cowardice is in the air,people are resigned to their fate,NWO or no NWO.Life and Death has become seamless without the slimmest of gaps.The gist of story ‘Dawn’ has become pervasive.

  2. Speaking of Interview With The Vampire….It is Interview With A Vampire. I have read and re-read Anne Rice’s books since the 1980’s. I am 100% positive.

    1. I can’t decide if I am relieved that this is a thing or not. I guess I am, since it means I am not alone in having these memories.
      I was born in 1975 and i remember the flesh colored crayon.
      I know for a fact that Mr. Rogers sang “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood” when i was growing up.
      I remember New Zealand being north of Australia.
      I remember the book being titled “Interview with A Vampire” but i just looked at my copy and it says “the” so now i’m second-guessing myself on that one.
      I remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison years ago.
      I’m sure it was the Berenstein Bears because it used to drive me nuts when people pronounced it as “Berenstain” when it was clearly “stein.”
      Every comment I read brings up another off-memory I have but I’ll stop here. Thank you for being here, remembering with me.

      1. Since learning about the ME today I have read this flesh colored crayon thing a few times and recently (due to having a kid) I haven’t tracked one down and I just asked my spouse and he clearly remembers ones. He said it was peach but the last peach I used was the color of the skin of Applejack from my little pony (my kid’s obsession and maybe I don’t mind it but google it if you need a reference.)

        1. I keep coming back to this set of crayons when I consider this so cannot say I specifically remember the name “flesh” but perhaps just knew as a kid that these were supposed to represent skin tones? Says they came out in 1992. Didn’t know if this was relevant to the conversatio but I haven’t seen anyone else mention it.

        2. Yep. Crayons. I am very specific about colour (UK spelling here but schooled in US) and even at my age I remember the moment I accidentally used peach instead of flesh as peach was way too orangey and although I quickly switched crayons, I I felt I had ruined my colouring sheet. This would have been about 1976. Always possible that flesh was discontinued but old stock continued to be sold?
          JIFFY (always confused about why it was the same as the popcorn.)
          52 states UNTIL we had to learn song “Fifty Nifty United States” for school chorus.

    2. i always thought it was odd the movie and the book were titled differently but i remember it being they were never understood the small change

    3. I have a story to tell. Okay, I am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan and I watched when the Applause video came out. The thing is, after a period of time, I remember thinking they had changed scenes. The part where she walks in a purple tunnel was there, but the video changed to her being in that outfit walking the tunnel and falling on the floor with a leg. But I remember it wasn’t like that. They cut a few scenes and put a new one, I know it.

  3. Hi, Fiona!
    Several things mentioned on this website stood out to me.
    The most prominent being the flesh colored crayon. I clearly remember using one, just a few weeks ago actually. Upon reading about it here, I dug through my room trying to find it, but couldn’t. I found the box(a pack of 24) but it wasn’t in there. Even stranger, there were 24 crayons in the box still, none of which were the flesh. So, it’s not like I lost it. It’s like it never existed at all.
    I also swear that there was a monorail from the Orlando Airport to Disney World. I remember riding it, several times!
    One that I have not seen on this site, but has always been strange to me is concerning the words “it’s” and “its.” I have always used the spelling “it’s” to say both the contraction of “it is” AND as the possessive. The first time I ever saw “its” was in a book in middle school. I remember showing it to my teacher and her telling me that “its” is actually correct to use for the possessive. I thought that was really weird, and it still seems weird to me!

    1. I’ve been having issues with possessives too. My auto correct is telling me it’s wrong, but I was remembering like you. This I put down to me just mis-remembering, but glad to know it’s not just me. By the way, was misremember a word once? It keeps telling me it’s not a word, but I thought it was….

    2. I remember the flesh colored crayon too.. I always used it when coloring as a kid. And this also made me think of when I was a child and I said something to my aunt about why the sky was suddenly a different shade of blue than it used to be. I told her that it used to be a brighter, more aqua like color and now it’s like a cornflower/periwinkle color. She never did understand what i meant. I just went on google images to compare what it looks like now to what I remember it being and it’s two completely different shades. So odd.

      1. Definetly was a flesh colour, I remeber asking one of my friends for the flesh colour and him giving me a brown one.

    3. I’ve definitely used a flesh colored crayon before, there are a couple different ones but one I know was called peach and was a really light pinkish tan

      1. Yes!! The peach and light tan I remember well. I haven’t used crayons in a while so I need to go look next time I’m at the store. Creepy.

    4. This site is fascinating and am just diving into it.

      Re: the flesh colored crayon. I had one as a kid and Bloom County even had a strip about it – as the African American kid is drawing himself and pulls out the “flesh” crayon and sort of looks at the reader the joke being that it’s pink and not his skin tone so it is not actually “flesh” colored at all. I believe I remember the company stopping making the “flesh” colored crayon for basically this reason.

    5. Apparently, Crayola changed the name of the crayon from “flesh” to “peach” in 1962. In fact, that particular color apparently had a few other names as well. I also remember it as being called “flesh” but I wasn’t alive in the 60’s, so it is a bit odd.

      1. I remember using the Flesh crayons when I was a child, late 1960s right through the ’70s. I do remember a peach color, too, but it was a separate crayon, I think a bit lighter than flesh. So how can they have discontinued the color in 1962, when so many of us remember using it long afterward? I can’t believe they were using up their overstock on this color for 20 years!

        Who remembers Prussian Blue? Different websites say that this color was changed to Midnight Blue in 1958, but I seem to recall these as being two separate colors.

        1. I went to a predominantly black elementary and middle schools. I definitely remember the flesh colored crayon. The black kids complained about it, because that wasn’t their flesh color!

          1. Speaking of peach, the Nintendo character Princess Peach was originally known as Princess Toadstool in the US before it was changed in 1993. Peach was always its name in Japan. It has nothing to do with crayons but it’s strange.

    6. OMG, I thought I was the only one confused by “it’s” vs. “its”! I used to use it the same way you did, as both a contraction and a possessive. Just out of curiosity, how old are you? (You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.) I am 51 years old, and remember being taught it this way when I was in school. I graduated in 1983, and it was still like that. Then I noticed that “its” is now preferred for the possessive. I do not know when this happened. I got my first computer in 2000, and it seems to have happened sometime shortly afterward–or else I only noticed it then. I would love to hear from others who noticed this change of spelling usage. Maybe it changed in response to Internet spelling trends? Lots of words, phrases, and slang terms that originate on social websites become common usage in real life. I’ve checked several grammar sites, though, and no such change is mentioned. I know I’m not remembering this incorrectly. I was always really good in English language classes and would not have mistaken “it’s” for “its” on a spelling test.

  4. Do you guys remember the classic Nickelodeon show called “Kenan and Kel”? I distinctly remember that Kel was missing. He just dissapeared. I even saw a “90’s Are All That” bumper that says “Where’s Kel?” I looked him up and found no reference to this ever happening. I was weirded out.

    1. The “Where’s Kel” bumper was a joke that referred to how the actor didn’t return for the “90s Are All That” special, it may also be a reference to the urban legend that Kel died in the early 2000s (which was fueled by the fact that Kel has made hardly any on-screen or public appearances since then).

      1. I just looked up Where is Kel. My daughter is 16 now. When she was younger she loved and watched that show. Since she is a only child I was forced to sit through the show on many occasion. I just looked him up and I found that in 2008 there was a rumor that ran on myspace that he died in 2008. I also found he tried out in 2003 for SNL. His costar on Kenan and Kel, Kenan got the part on SNL instead.

  5. Thanks for starting this Fiona! 🙂

    About the dialogue from “Empire Strikes Back”– it just seems to me to be more believable to imagine that my timeline has been tampered with than to believe that millions of movie nerds would allow a line so significant to the cannon of the films to get misquoted for the last 30-some years. Being something of a movie nerd myself, I trust I would have heard at least one person make mention of it, but nope.

    Another curious anomaly I happened across last night and haven’t as yet seen mentioned in this thread, is the line delivered by Maleficent in Snow White. Whereas I’m familiar with her saying “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…”, she’s now saying “Magic Mirror on the wall”. This is the one that really threw me the most and resulted in my being here reading through this board.

    Having this all up in my head before sleeping, I wound up having two dreams about this stuff last night. The message I got from these dreams was that these changes in the timeline aren’t the “glitches in the Matrix”, but rather we who are still remembering the previous timeline are actually the ‘glitches’ still persisting. On the whole it was a bit ominous heh

    1. Your dream might not be too far off the mark, anecdotal observation of people I’ve spoken to who have experienced the phenomenon, and more so those who have found the phenomenon bothersome (I can’t quite wrap my head around the mindset of people who say ‘so, what?’) is that they are more likely to be the weirdos, the freaks, the outsiders, the freethinkers than the order following, well functioning, model members of our current society.
      Slightly less ominous is that yes we are glitches, but glitches because we are not accepting the ‘stein’ program.

      1. Well that definitely applies to me – the outsider, freethinker and definitely weird to others.

        1. I know it was “stein” not “stain” …. that being said the “Flesh” colored crayon was revamped to become “Peach” Crayon back in 1962 when they realized not everybody’s flesh was peach colored and it as politically incorrect. Also to Andrew, the the lady that said “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” ( at least this is what I remember) was the Evil Queen or Wicked Queen not Maleficent (that was Sleeping Beauty). I think many of these are mistakes of miss-remembering something. However some of this is not some of this is just mind blowing. Parallel Universes exist but why does it seem to be done on purpose like someone is controlling what is changed. Why does it only seem to be our famous memes that are changing. Someone wanted us to know.

    2. Andrew, It has taken me decades to get to this point in my thought process. I agree with you, I think we are the “glitches”. Like we shouldn’t be “here”, or it’s not “our” home , timeline, universe or whatever we want to call it. Either we are the “leftover” ones, or we are the “relocated” ones. Some people may not be comfortable with this thought. I am not entirely, but I do not know how else to express it. Personally the last 5-6 years really feel strange to me, like things aren’t quite right. Mike H.

      1. Well, that would explain my perpetual feeling of not belonging on this planet. I’ve always had a hard time figuring people out and fitting in. Over the last year or so especially, I keep thinking there’s another me in another reality, someone who made better decisions and smarter choices, and I would much rather be that other me. 😮

      2. Does anyone think this changes have anything to do with Leap Years?? I looked up the past Leap Years and they seem to corrilate.

    3. Ooh us as the glitches. I like that. I like being a monkey wrench thrown into this machine.

    4. Wait, Maleficent doesn’t say “Mirror, mirror…” anymore?? But I’ve ALWAYS heard it that way! Every child of the last couple generations has been repeating it that way. I just went to YouTube to look up that scene, and you’re right, it’s different. People are even remarking about it in the comments, so I guess it must have happened pretty recently. Maybe Walter Disney is back from the dead, trolling us. Well played, sir; well played.

    5. …. Maleficent wasn’t in Snow White. She was in Sleeping Beauty. The evil antagonist in Snow White never had a name, she was just called “The Evil Queen”

      1. Well, if we’re going to get technical about this, the evil queen in the 1937 (Disney) Snow White was only called “Queen” and “Witch,” depending on her appearance. (Ref. ) However, in popular references, she’s remembered as the Evil Queen. (Ref. ) Maleficent has appeared in Sleeping Beauty and several other productions. (Ref.

    6. The music lyric search app Genie will not let me search lyrics, but it returns 20 song titles in all with “Mirror, mirror” with or without a comma.

  6. Okay guys, I’ve just had a strange experience and I want to know what you all think of it, or if there’s a possible explanation for this.

    A few months ago myself and a friend of mine where exchanging links to 8tracks playlists that we’d made. I got to the end of something my friend put together, and it switched over to someone else’s playlist as its apt to do, without me realizing.

    The first track on the other person’s playlist started off with a man giving a speech about how people don’t really change, they just become more of who they are. I was going to turn it off but got kind of drawn into the guy’s talking and left it on to listen to what he had to say. When the actual song started however, I did switch it off without thinking too much about it, because it wasn’t really my type of thing.

    The next thing I know, I go back to Skype, and out of the blue my friend posts something along the lines of

    “You know, I was just thinking about how people don’t really change, they just become more of themselves.”

    Naturally I assumed that they’d encountered the same song I did when the playlist switched over, and prepared to chuckle. But when I asked them if they’d also heard it, they just acted confused, and said that no, they just happened to be thinking about it. I told them about the track I’d just heard and we both chalked it up to a (really) weird coincidence. I set off to find the track with the speech to show it to them because I thought it was really neat.

    The chilling thing is, I’ve been unable to locate it since then. I found what I thought was the right user, but they didn’t seem to have that track on any of their playlists, despite me remembering the background art that they used and everything. I Googled a couple of the artists they commonly included on their lists, hoping to find that one of them was responsible for the track, but no such luck.

    What’s bothering me even more is that going back now I can’t seem to find any evidence of us having that conversation or my friend saying what they said, despite searching Skype for what seems like hours. I can’t find any of the artists I looked for in my search history either. The only evidence in my history I’ve found of the incident at all this this single search:

    “You know, whenever we grow, as people, we aren’t really changing, we’re becoming more us, more of who we really are”

    It’s like the whole thing bliped out of existence completely except for that single Google search. I don’t know what to think.

    1. ok.. so that gave me goosies… a couple years ago my friend was getting me into online stuff like illuminate etc… I started getting a little bit scared and really didn’t want to talk about it any more.. anyway.. during one of our conversations I was talking and making jokes and made up some crazy word out of the blue just being goofy… anyway.. the next day while we were on the phone together this same word I made up .. it was jibberish- it just happened to pop up on my cell phone as “the word of the day” from a dictionary app on my cell phone. It freaked me out but not in a good way.

      Not to mention… did anyone else see that the death of Paul Walker was made public before his actual death? His death was publicized the day before with the exact cause of death.
      There’s no way thats coincidence … I’m sure that is in a thread somewhere.

      1. Yes to the Paul walker thing. That’s why I thought it was a hoax at first.

        And I have a similar memory of making up a word and then seeing it. Ok so I was like 19, so 11 years ago, and I was having some sort of conversation with myself to calm down to try and sleep. A sort of alternate scenario for my life. For the life of me I can’t remember the word now, but two or three nights later, I was watching x-files. (I’d never watched it before.) And you know how in the beginning of each epi they type where the scen is starting? Well, the street name was the exact word I’d thought up in my scenario. I freaked out and wondered how that happened. I never saw that episode again but its stuck with me.

  7. An interesting Mandela effect has started doing the rounds, what is apparent to me that these are growing in number , here goes…

    The classic Snow White movie from Disney no longer has the line “Mirror mirror on the wall…” , in this reality it has now changed to “Magic mirror on the wall…”

    How do others remember this ?

    My rational mind is having difficulty accepting this one , I cannot believe so many people would remember it incorrectly or have got it wrong for so long. I do not accept the mainstream Google explanation that it’s a common misquote.

    Something unusual is happening in our reality and I believe there will be more strange effects to follow…

    1. Ricardo,

      I’m astonished and need to double-check this, though I can’t imagine why Disney would change the dialogue like that. A cursory search ( says you’re right.

      In my memories, it was _never_ “Magic mirror…” A family member was a Disney artist in that era, so I grew up with all the Disney films (seen over & over again) and it was always “Mirror, mirror.” Had I been misquoting the movie as a child, acting out “Snow White” scenes with my friends, I’m certain I’d have been corrected.

      “Mirror, mirror” is the only version I’ve known. No doubt about it.

      After all these years of documenting Mandela Effect anomalies, few astonish me now.

      This one does.

      Thank you to everyone who’s mentioned this alternate memory.

      Still amazed,

      1. I also seem to remember “Mirror Mirror” but if it was never that then why did they make a movie called “Mirror Mirror” starring Julia Roberts? Maybe it was written that way in fairy tale books?

        1. ooohh, Good Point! Why would they have made the title of the movie “Mirror, Mirror”, if the queen said “Magic Mirror” than that should have been the title of the Julia Robert’s movie!

    2. I agree with you completely, I just found out about the Mandela effect, and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the berenstein bears theory. Despite my young age, I also remember it being berenstein, not berenstain. This snow white dispute is just another mystery that I’ll probably lose sleep over… Something that is strange that appears to happen when I think of the Mandela effect, is my head and vision go kind of fuzzy and I feel like my brain is going to explode… It’s weird. Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but I needed to tell someone about that weird feeling.

      1. Absolutely feel you. When reading all these comments my mind starts going guzzy. As if walking through wet cement.

        I also remember mirror mirror.

  8. I remember reading a scene in “The Green Mile” by Steven King where Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks character in movie) can psychically see writings on the walls of all the inmates over the years after he is healed of his bladder infection by John Coffey. When I reread the book recently, the scene was not in there. I know I did not make that up. Very strange.

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