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  1. The world has gone into automation mode,service industry is the only avenue for masses,US, for a long time has been outsourcing manufactured goods and IT hardware and software,but now manufacturing may return with robotic work force.China will lose its edge of huge manpower and the population may become a liability,with no strenous manual work people world over are losing muscle and soon the only muscles will be steroid fed,strictly for hollywood.Cowardice is in the air,people are resigned to their fate,NWO or no NWO.Life and Death has become seamless without the slimmest of gaps.The gist of story ‘Dawn’ has become pervasive.

  2. Speaking of Interview With The Vampire….It is Interview With A Vampire. I have read and re-read Anne Rice’s books since the 1980’s. I am 100% positive.

    1. I can’t decide if I am relieved that this is a thing or not. I guess I am, since it means I am not alone in having these memories.
      I was born in 1975 and i remember the flesh colored crayon.
      I know for a fact that Mr. Rogers sang “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood” when i was growing up.
      I remember New Zealand being north of Australia.
      I remember the book being titled “Interview with A Vampire” but i just looked at my copy and it says “the” so now i’m second-guessing myself on that one.
      I remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison years ago.
      I’m sure it was the Berenstein Bears because it used to drive me nuts when people pronounced it as “Berenstain” when it was clearly “stein.”
      Every comment I read brings up another off-memory I have but I’ll stop here. Thank you for being here, remembering with me.

      1. Since learning about the ME today I have read this flesh colored crayon thing a few times and recently (due to having a kid) I haven’t tracked one down and I just asked my spouse and he clearly remembers ones. He said it was peach but the last peach I used was the color of the skin of Applejack from my little pony (my kid’s obsession and maybe I don’t mind it but google it if you need a reference.)

        1. I keep coming back to this set of crayons when I consider this so cannot say I specifically remember the name “flesh” but perhaps just knew as a kid that these were supposed to represent skin tones? Says they came out in 1992. Didn’t know if this was relevant to the conversatio but I haven’t seen anyone else mention it.

        2. Yep. Crayons. I am very specific about colour (UK spelling here but schooled in US) and even at my age I remember the moment I accidentally used peach instead of flesh as peach was way too orangey and although I quickly switched crayons, I I felt I had ruined my colouring sheet. This would have been about 1976. Always possible that flesh was discontinued but old stock continued to be sold?
          JIFFY (always confused about why it was the same as the popcorn.)
          52 states UNTIL we had to learn song “Fifty Nifty United States” for school chorus.

    2. i always thought it was odd the movie and the book were titled differently but i remember it being they were never understood the small change

    3. I have a story to tell. Okay, I am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan and I watched when the Applause video came out. The thing is, after a period of time, I remember thinking they had changed scenes. The part where she walks in a purple tunnel was there, but the video changed to her being in that outfit walking the tunnel and falling on the floor with a leg. But I remember it wasn’t like that. They cut a few scenes and put a new one, I know it.

  3. Hi, Fiona!
    Several things mentioned on this website stood out to me.
    The most prominent being the flesh colored crayon. I clearly remember using one, just a few weeks ago actually. Upon reading about it here, I dug through my room trying to find it, but couldn’t. I found the box(a pack of 24) but it wasn’t in there. Even stranger, there were 24 crayons in the box still, none of which were the flesh. So, it’s not like I lost it. It’s like it never existed at all.
    I also swear that there was a monorail from the Orlando Airport to Disney World. I remember riding it, several times!
    One that I have not seen on this site, but has always been strange to me is concerning the words “it’s” and “its.” I have always used the spelling “it’s” to say both the contraction of “it is” AND as the possessive. The first time I ever saw “its” was in a book in middle school. I remember showing it to my teacher and her telling me that “its” is actually correct to use for the possessive. I thought that was really weird, and it still seems weird to me!

    1. I’ve been having issues with possessives too. My auto correct is telling me it’s wrong, but I was remembering like you. This I put down to me just mis-remembering, but glad to know it’s not just me. By the way, was misremember a word once? It keeps telling me it’s not a word, but I thought it was….

    2. I remember the flesh colored crayon too.. I always used it when coloring as a kid. And this also made me think of when I was a child and I said something to my aunt about why the sky was suddenly a different shade of blue than it used to be. I told her that it used to be a brighter, more aqua like color and now it’s like a cornflower/periwinkle color. She never did understand what i meant. I just went on google images to compare what it looks like now to what I remember it being and it’s two completely different shades. So odd.

      1. Definetly was a flesh colour, I remeber asking one of my friends for the flesh colour and him giving me a brown one.

    3. I’ve definitely used a flesh colored crayon before, there are a couple different ones but one I know was called peach and was a really light pinkish tan

      1. Yes!! The peach and light tan I remember well. I haven’t used crayons in a while so I need to go look next time I’m at the store. Creepy.

    4. This site is fascinating and am just diving into it.

      Re: the flesh colored crayon. I had one as a kid and Bloom County even had a strip about it – as the African American kid is drawing himself and pulls out the “flesh” crayon and sort of looks at the reader the joke being that it’s pink and not his skin tone so it is not actually “flesh” colored at all. I believe I remember the company stopping making the “flesh” colored crayon for basically this reason.

    5. Apparently, Crayola changed the name of the crayon from “flesh” to “peach” in 1962. In fact, that particular color apparently had a few other names as well. I also remember it as being called “flesh” but I wasn’t alive in the 60’s, so it is a bit odd.

      1. I remember using the Flesh crayons when I was a child, late 1960s right through the ’70s. I do remember a peach color, too, but it was a separate crayon, I think a bit lighter than flesh. So how can they have discontinued the color in 1962, when so many of us remember using it long afterward? I can’t believe they were using up their overstock on this color for 20 years!

        Who remembers Prussian Blue? Different websites say that this color was changed to Midnight Blue in 1958, but I seem to recall these as being two separate colors.

        1. I went to a predominantly black elementary and middle schools. I definitely remember the flesh colored crayon. The black kids complained about it, because that wasn’t their flesh color!

          1. Speaking of peach, the Nintendo character Princess Peach was originally known as Princess Toadstool in the US before it was changed in 1993. Peach was always its name in Japan. It has nothing to do with crayons but it’s strange.

    6. OMG, I thought I was the only one confused by “it’s” vs. “its”! I used to use it the same way you did, as both a contraction and a possessive. Just out of curiosity, how old are you? (You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.) I am 51 years old, and remember being taught it this way when I was in school. I graduated in 1983, and it was still like that. Then I noticed that “its” is now preferred for the possessive. I do not know when this happened. I got my first computer in 2000, and it seems to have happened sometime shortly afterward–or else I only noticed it then. I would love to hear from others who noticed this change of spelling usage. Maybe it changed in response to Internet spelling trends? Lots of words, phrases, and slang terms that originate on social websites become common usage in real life. I’ve checked several grammar sites, though, and no such change is mentioned. I know I’m not remembering this incorrectly. I was always really good in English language classes and would not have mistaken “it’s” for “its” on a spelling test.

  4. Do you guys remember the classic Nickelodeon show called “Kenan and Kel”? I distinctly remember that Kel was missing. He just dissapeared. I even saw a “90’s Are All That” bumper that says “Where’s Kel?” I looked him up and found no reference to this ever happening. I was weirded out.

    1. The “Where’s Kel” bumper was a joke that referred to how the actor didn’t return for the “90s Are All That” special, it may also be a reference to the urban legend that Kel died in the early 2000s (which was fueled by the fact that Kel has made hardly any on-screen or public appearances since then).

      1. I just looked up Where is Kel. My daughter is 16 now. When she was younger she loved and watched that show. Since she is a only child I was forced to sit through the show on many occasion. I just looked him up and I found that in 2008 there was a rumor that ran on myspace that he died in 2008. I also found he tried out in 2003 for SNL. His costar on Kenan and Kel, Kenan got the part on SNL instead.

  5. Thanks for starting this Fiona! 🙂

    About the dialogue from “Empire Strikes Back”– it just seems to me to be more believable to imagine that my timeline has been tampered with than to believe that millions of movie nerds would allow a line so significant to the cannon of the films to get misquoted for the last 30-some years. Being something of a movie nerd myself, I trust I would have heard at least one person make mention of it, but nope.

    Another curious anomaly I happened across last night and haven’t as yet seen mentioned in this thread, is the line delivered by Maleficent in Snow White. Whereas I’m familiar with her saying “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…”, she’s now saying “Magic Mirror on the wall”. This is the one that really threw me the most and resulted in my being here reading through this board.

    Having this all up in my head before sleeping, I wound up having two dreams about this stuff last night. The message I got from these dreams was that these changes in the timeline aren’t the “glitches in the Matrix”, but rather we who are still remembering the previous timeline are actually the ‘glitches’ still persisting. On the whole it was a bit ominous heh

    1. Your dream might not be too far off the mark, anecdotal observation of people I’ve spoken to who have experienced the phenomenon, and more so those who have found the phenomenon bothersome (I can’t quite wrap my head around the mindset of people who say ‘so, what?’) is that they are more likely to be the weirdos, the freaks, the outsiders, the freethinkers than the order following, well functioning, model members of our current society.
      Slightly less ominous is that yes we are glitches, but glitches because we are not accepting the ‘stein’ program.

      1. Well that definitely applies to me – the outsider, freethinker and definitely weird to others.

        1. I know it was “stein” not “stain” …. that being said the “Flesh” colored crayon was revamped to become “Peach” Crayon back in 1962 when they realized not everybody’s flesh was peach colored and it as politically incorrect. Also to Andrew, the the lady that said “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” ( at least this is what I remember) was the Evil Queen or Wicked Queen not Maleficent (that was Sleeping Beauty). I think many of these are mistakes of miss-remembering something. However some of this is not some of this is just mind blowing. Parallel Universes exist but why does it seem to be done on purpose like someone is controlling what is changed. Why does it only seem to be our famous memes that are changing. Someone wanted us to know.

    2. Andrew, It has taken me decades to get to this point in my thought process. I agree with you, I think we are the “glitches”. Like we shouldn’t be “here”, or it’s not “our” home , timeline, universe or whatever we want to call it. Either we are the “leftover” ones, or we are the “relocated” ones. Some people may not be comfortable with this thought. I am not entirely, but I do not know how else to express it. Personally the last 5-6 years really feel strange to me, like things aren’t quite right. Mike H.

      1. Well, that would explain my perpetual feeling of not belonging on this planet. I’ve always had a hard time figuring people out and fitting in. Over the last year or so especially, I keep thinking there’s another me in another reality, someone who made better decisions and smarter choices, and I would much rather be that other me. 😮

      2. Does anyone think this changes have anything to do with Leap Years?? I looked up the past Leap Years and they seem to corrilate.

    3. Ooh us as the glitches. I like that. I like being a monkey wrench thrown into this machine.

    4. Wait, Maleficent doesn’t say “Mirror, mirror…” anymore?? But I’ve ALWAYS heard it that way! Every child of the last couple generations has been repeating it that way. I just went to YouTube to look up that scene, and you’re right, it’s different. People are even remarking about it in the comments, so I guess it must have happened pretty recently. Maybe Walter Disney is back from the dead, trolling us. Well played, sir; well played.

    5. …. Maleficent wasn’t in Snow White. She was in Sleeping Beauty. The evil antagonist in Snow White never had a name, she was just called “The Evil Queen”

      1. Well, if we’re going to get technical about this, the evil queen in the 1937 (Disney) Snow White was only called “Queen” and “Witch,” depending on her appearance. (Ref. ) However, in popular references, she’s remembered as the Evil Queen. (Ref. ) Maleficent has appeared in Sleeping Beauty and several other productions. (Ref.

    6. The music lyric search app Genie will not let me search lyrics, but it returns 20 song titles in all with “Mirror, mirror” with or without a comma.

  6. Okay guys, I’ve just had a strange experience and I want to know what you all think of it, or if there’s a possible explanation for this.

    A few months ago myself and a friend of mine where exchanging links to 8tracks playlists that we’d made. I got to the end of something my friend put together, and it switched over to someone else’s playlist as its apt to do, without me realizing.

    The first track on the other person’s playlist started off with a man giving a speech about how people don’t really change, they just become more of who they are. I was going to turn it off but got kind of drawn into the guy’s talking and left it on to listen to what he had to say. When the actual song started however, I did switch it off without thinking too much about it, because it wasn’t really my type of thing.

    The next thing I know, I go back to Skype, and out of the blue my friend posts something along the lines of

    “You know, I was just thinking about how people don’t really change, they just become more of themselves.”

    Naturally I assumed that they’d encountered the same song I did when the playlist switched over, and prepared to chuckle. But when I asked them if they’d also heard it, they just acted confused, and said that no, they just happened to be thinking about it. I told them about the track I’d just heard and we both chalked it up to a (really) weird coincidence. I set off to find the track with the speech to show it to them because I thought it was really neat.

    The chilling thing is, I’ve been unable to locate it since then. I found what I thought was the right user, but they didn’t seem to have that track on any of their playlists, despite me remembering the background art that they used and everything. I Googled a couple of the artists they commonly included on their lists, hoping to find that one of them was responsible for the track, but no such luck.

    What’s bothering me even more is that going back now I can’t seem to find any evidence of us having that conversation or my friend saying what they said, despite searching Skype for what seems like hours. I can’t find any of the artists I looked for in my search history either. The only evidence in my history I’ve found of the incident at all this this single search:

    “You know, whenever we grow, as people, we aren’t really changing, we’re becoming more us, more of who we really are”

    It’s like the whole thing bliped out of existence completely except for that single Google search. I don’t know what to think.

    1. ok.. so that gave me goosies… a couple years ago my friend was getting me into online stuff like illuminate etc… I started getting a little bit scared and really didn’t want to talk about it any more.. anyway.. during one of our conversations I was talking and making jokes and made up some crazy word out of the blue just being goofy… anyway.. the next day while we were on the phone together this same word I made up .. it was jibberish- it just happened to pop up on my cell phone as “the word of the day” from a dictionary app on my cell phone. It freaked me out but not in a good way.

      Not to mention… did anyone else see that the death of Paul Walker was made public before his actual death? His death was publicized the day before with the exact cause of death.
      There’s no way thats coincidence … I’m sure that is in a thread somewhere.

      1. Yes to the Paul walker thing. That’s why I thought it was a hoax at first.

        And I have a similar memory of making up a word and then seeing it. Ok so I was like 19, so 11 years ago, and I was having some sort of conversation with myself to calm down to try and sleep. A sort of alternate scenario for my life. For the life of me I can’t remember the word now, but two or three nights later, I was watching x-files. (I’d never watched it before.) And you know how in the beginning of each epi they type where the scen is starting? Well, the street name was the exact word I’d thought up in my scenario. I freaked out and wondered how that happened. I never saw that episode again but its stuck with me.

  7. An interesting Mandela effect has started doing the rounds, what is apparent to me that these are growing in number , here goes…

    The classic Snow White movie from Disney no longer has the line “Mirror mirror on the wall…” , in this reality it has now changed to “Magic mirror on the wall…”

    How do others remember this ?

    My rational mind is having difficulty accepting this one , I cannot believe so many people would remember it incorrectly or have got it wrong for so long. I do not accept the mainstream Google explanation that it’s a common misquote.

    Something unusual is happening in our reality and I believe there will be more strange effects to follow…

    1. Ricardo,

      I’m astonished and need to double-check this, though I can’t imagine why Disney would change the dialogue like that. A cursory search ( says you’re right.

      In my memories, it was _never_ “Magic mirror…” A family member was a Disney artist in that era, so I grew up with all the Disney films (seen over & over again) and it was always “Mirror, mirror.” Had I been misquoting the movie as a child, acting out “Snow White” scenes with my friends, I’m certain I’d have been corrected.

      “Mirror, mirror” is the only version I’ve known. No doubt about it.

      After all these years of documenting Mandela Effect anomalies, few astonish me now.

      This one does.

      Thank you to everyone who’s mentioned this alternate memory.

      Still amazed,

      1. I also seem to remember “Mirror Mirror” but if it was never that then why did they make a movie called “Mirror Mirror” starring Julia Roberts? Maybe it was written that way in fairy tale books?

        1. ooohh, Good Point! Why would they have made the title of the movie “Mirror, Mirror”, if the queen said “Magic Mirror” than that should have been the title of the Julia Robert’s movie!

    2. I agree with you completely, I just found out about the Mandela effect, and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the berenstein bears theory. Despite my young age, I also remember it being berenstein, not berenstain. This snow white dispute is just another mystery that I’ll probably lose sleep over… Something that is strange that appears to happen when I think of the Mandela effect, is my head and vision go kind of fuzzy and I feel like my brain is going to explode… It’s weird. Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but I needed to tell someone about that weird feeling.

      1. Absolutely feel you. When reading all these comments my mind starts going guzzy. As if walking through wet cement.

        I also remember mirror mirror.

  8. I remember reading a scene in “The Green Mile” by Steven King where Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks character in movie) can psychically see writings on the walls of all the inmates over the years after he is healed of his bladder infection by John Coffey. When I reread the book recently, the scene was not in there. I know I did not make that up. Very strange.

  9. I have seen steins gate and let me tell you if you have just been reading posts on this board for about 11 hours in a 3 day period. The steins gate an anime puts it in to perspective. The date of either the beginning or ending of the project was the actual last day that I was watching it. also as a side not did anyone read this article I am more including it because of the steins gate tie in.
    So this week my cable was gone due to non-payment so I had to (1st world problems) watch my dvd collection that’s ok though because these movies where not the ones I had watched. I pride myself in having extremely good memory of scenes in movies and lines etc. First I watched american hustle and in this version which I figured must be a directors cut. The movie was much longer and better written. It went on a long time with all the nuances of the mayor. The version I watched and by the way on the same blu-ray had way more montages and the mayor was important but he didn’t get like five scenes. Now I remember when I had bought this movie it was less then two years ago. The next movie I watched was real genius with Val Kilmer. The remote control gyroscope has a metal box on top of it. Also the shoes val is wearing in the movie when he goes for the interview were bunny slippers. In this version they are outlandish polka dotted shoes. I waited for the bunny slippers through out the whole move and they never appeared. Does anybody remember these differences. Also and this is strange my cable just went back on not sure if it was a fluke I hope it wasn’t a jump because I guess 2 year shifts could be workable but monthly or less could get out of hand. also watch Steins Gate.

    1. Pthagoris,

      I remember the bunny slippers, but they were at the end. When the senator shows up at the house that gets destroyed by popcorn, val kilmer makes a comment about his fashion sense, especially his slippers, and when it pans down, they are both wearing bunny slippers.


    1. I’ve been very curious as to whether or not this effect is only affecting English speakers, as the movie titles and now the Mirror Mirror are still the same in other languages. Does anyone else who speaks a couple of languages, know if this happens in other languages? Because if it doesn’t, I think it’s something specifically related to the English language and English-speakers.

      1. No, i am Colombian (spanish speaker) and i also remember being “espejito espejito” wich translades to “mirror mirror” and i also remember mandelas dead un prison and Amstrong dead in 2009

  10. Jurassic park:
    I remember a deleted scene from Jurassic park..
    The cars driving through the main gates, and the female Dr picking up the giant leaf.

    New Zealand:
    I always believed New Zealand was above Australia (right side)

  11. I live near the North Sea in Scotland and have seen quite a few UFO’s in the past 10 years very close up, I have had a few OBEs and one NDE as well as some very vivid dream’s that felt real even after I woke up. Last week I saw a blue flash of light and 2 planes chasing each other they appeared for a few seconds then vanished and ever since thing’s seem different. I have studied various spiritual beliefs, Ghost, UFO, timelines and secret space and military programmes even MK Ultra and mind control. I found your website and wondered if what I have been experiencing for many years has any connection to what people are talking about here. Here are a few things I remember that seem different now.
    I remember it being Sex in the City not Sex and the City. I also remember the death of Jan Micheal Vincent and Peter Fonda of cancer in the late 80s early 90s but both I believe are still alive. I was sure Ernest Borgnine died in the 80s but I saw a few years back in the film Baseketball with Trey Parker and I always thought Jonathan Banks and Micheal Ironside was in the 80s sci fi show Otherworld. This one is weird I remember watching the pilot episode of batman in the 80s and the guy from Wonder Woman was in it. I did some checking a few years back and he did audition for the show but never made a pilot.
    There are a few other’s but they have all been mentioned already. There are amazing thing’s happening on this planet some good and some bad and eventually the truth will come out. One thing is for sure to many people worldwide can’t all share the same false memories.

    1. Great comments, Ian, thank you! I’m especially intrigued by the comments about blue flashes of light, since you’re in a location to see the sky more clearly than many people can.

      1. My boyfriend and I were driving from NY to PA about 2 years ago. While driving through NJ midday we saw massive bright blue light fill the majority of the sky in the distance before us. I specifically remember it interrupting our conversation and the other vehicles slowing or braking immediately after but we all kept driving. It lasted long enough for me to say aloud a drawn out “WTF?” We researched transformers blowing or any explanation but found absolutely nothing about it in the following days.
        Sidenote we witnessed the Phoenix lights in Tucson AZ (before researching they were called that) in 2009 or 2010. Not long after the NJ incident we also saw unexplained lights in sky over PA. I can only describe them as floating individual yellowish lights in night sky. They appeared to move as if connected in a loose grid. Maybe 20-30+ lights. I say float because they seemed to move in a loose wave but all followed the same path. 4 of us watched until it passed behind the tree line. We later saw an in depth ufo movie with multiple clips and one was exactly like it. Can’t remember the video but was narrated by a surprising celebrity though I can’t recall who. Sorry for multiple posts over the weekend.

  12. When I came to this site about a month ago, it had an entry about Sarah Jessica Parker: some of her recall her giving birth to a child but in this reality she has no children and is unmarried.
    Now, I am in the other reality where she gave birth to a child and here is no entry about Sarah Jessica Parker on this site.

  13. (Commenting here ’cause at the moment comments at #9 are closed.)

    The Mirror, Mirror On The Wall one – yikes !
    I thought an explanation would be that I am familiar with the quote from Bugs Bunny (as a boy I watched that not Snow White – girls, yuck!) but noooooo … it is ‘Magic Mirror’ in Bugs Bunny as well, or should I say, Looney TOONS, dammit.

    Interesting that the line is tied to narcissism and psychopathy – and essay could be written on the implications of that subtle line change.

    1. JT, thanks for the alert about comments at #9. I’m not sure why that page was set to prevent comments. Very odd, but it’s fixed now, and I’ve moved your comment to that page so more readers will see it with less scrolling.

      1. Fiona, not sure where to put this one. Last night I had a TV show on in the background. 625 CDT. On NBC. ” the “Carmicheal show” I believe?? Never watched it, just hadn’t shut it off yet. Anyway one of the characters very clearly says “Sex in the City”. It was part of the conversation in the show. Last 5 minutes of it. Mike H.

        1. Good note, Mike H., thank you! Continuing references like that are important to note. This (Sex in the City title) is another topic I want to write an article about… but the comments surged back up again today. This is on my running to-do list, and I hope to add more articles soon.

  14. I remember distinctly one night the sun setting in the wrong direction. My father and I were out mowing the yard and we both noticed it, and stopped to watch it go down in entirely the wrong spot. Normally the sun sets over the big cornfield to the west; it’s big enough that even with seasonal direction swings the sun is still over the corn field at some part or another. This particular evening it set over the sand banks, to the south-east. We weren’t seeing a sunRISE, that happens over the big row of townhouses on the hill, again no matter what season it is. There was nothing else remarkable about the day, or any other day around it. It’s never happened again.

    1. CS,

      That happened to me, as well. It was a winter day around early 2013, I think. I recall snow on the ground. So, unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, it would have been a different day than when you were mowing the yard.

      I had been in the habit of sketching or photographing sunsets, since the view from our condo was magnificent. One day, the sun set about 80 degrees (moving towards the southwest) from where it usually did. I told my husband about it when he returned home from work. I remember joking about the theory that 2012 would cause a shift in the Earth’s axis, and maybe it had changed, after all. However, my husband seemed distracted, so I didn’t mention it again and didn’t even think about it until you described your experience.



      1. The Earth’s axis HAS changed, not just once, but several times, beginning in the early 2000s. I don’t agree with some of this person’s wilder conspiracy theories, but his observations agree with those of the northern Canadian tribes, such as the Inuit, who have publicly stated that the planet’s tilt has changed. Whether this accounts for the strange phenomenon that you experienced, or it was something else entirely, is hard to say. I wonder how many other people noticed it and were afraid to say anything for fear of being laughed at.

  15. I just read in the comments today about the “mirror mirror” line in Snow White changing to “Magic mirror” and my mind is blown. I can’t believe it. The really weird thing is that since learning about the Mandela effect phenomenon, I have been almost obsessed and have been scouring the internet for any changes that might be part of the phenomenon, so why have I not heard about the Snow White change until now? What’s weirder, is that this morning, both myself and a coworker noticed, on our commute to work, that the sunrise looked completely alien. The moon was still visible and huge, bigger than normal to our eyes, and the sun was deep orange with none of the usual pink glow to the sky that usually accompanies a sunrise. There was no colouring to the sky from the sunrise, it was just a grey-blue. No fog, smog or anything else that might account for the lack of colours, just a very clear, round, intensely orange ball sitting in the sky, along with the very round, clear moon. It felt like I was on another planet, and I thought to myself, did I slip into another reality last night? Or, did reality bend around me? I thought maybe there will be more changes today, and sure enough, I find out about the Snow White change. Very creepy to think that maybe reality shifted again.

    Anyone else experience the strange sunrise today? Any thoughts on what it could mean?

  16. I just got to add, that I am blown away by the “Mirror, Mirror phrase”. For me, it’s always been that and NOT Magic Mirror.

    Also, just to add that the bible has lots of examples of alternative realities. For example, God presents the prophet Amos with an alternate reality. He shows Amos a possible future that could potentially occur if they continued to behave the way they did etc. There are many more examples. Maybe some of us have experienced a “what-if” scenario, similar to the prophets of the Old Testament Bible?

  17. Like many others, The Berenstein Bears was the tip of the iceberg for me and brought me here. Reading through the list, I have many that resonate with me (mirror mirror, a beautiful day in THE neighborhood) I would swear by those. Others don’t strike as much of a chord with me.

    Jiffy vs. Jif is a great example of one that doesn’t. “Choosy moms choose JIF.” That slogan is embedded in my memory as deep as it could be, plus it’s explainable to me how it could be mis-remembered. Skippy was a very popular PB at the time too. Skippy/Jif/Jiffy, it makes sense. As well as other notable brands such as Jiffy Pop (before microwave popcorn) that people my age (36) might associate with their childhood and jumble them. I know for sure it was and always has been JIF.

    With that being said, I can’t assume that everybody who thinks it’s jiffy is simply mis-remembering. It’s very possible, if we jumped timelines or dimensions, that in a timeline different than mine, it was jiffy.

    Another one that may or may not have been mentioned is the famous line from “Field Of Dreams” with Kevin Costner. “If you build it, they will come”. I’ve heard this line quoted and referenced many times in pop culture over the years. However, the line in this reality is “If you build it, HE will come”. That to me is another example of an iconic passage, embedded in the minds of most, that is completely wrong.

    Our brains have very purposeful ways of making associations with other things we know. This enhances our ability to store and recall information. Berenstein has been the trigger for most of us because “Stain” would have been a word within a word, and we would have made that association. In addition, there would have been any question as to the pronunciation as there was for many of us, the STINE vs STEEN. STAIN is completely removed grammatically from that conversation.

    I’m continuing to look for more examples and will be sure to post as they turn up. As well, I look forward to the continued discussion around the possible causes of this phenomena, which I will post about later. Thanks for this forum Fiona

    1. Andy L, I remember hearing people quote “If you build it they will come”, but I remember it as being mis-quoted, similar to Casablanca’s line “Play it again Sam/Play it Sam”. I remember the line in the movie actually being “If you build it, he will come”, and Keven Costner’s character being confused as to who would be coming, and thinking at one point that the voice was referring to James Earl Jones’ writer character.

      1. Absolutely Christine. I will be the first to admit that I’ve probably heard that line quoted outside of the movie more than in the movie itself, which I’ve only seen 2-3 times. I’m very open to the possibility that it’s just one of many commonly misquoted lines. If it is, the reason for so many people misquoting it is equally interesting to me. Thanks

    2. This comment reflects my own thoughts and experience on this topic to a T! Nice to see it articulated so well.

    3. Hi Andy,

      Did you happen to see the separate article on this site about Jiffy peanut butter? It’s interesting. For me it absolutely was Jiffy. And we had Jiffy Pop at home but also Jiffy p.b. As a kid I liked how the two most popular peanut butter brands – Jiffy and Skippy sounded so similar.

      Anyway, I am blown away again by the Field of Dreams quote. I sure remember it, “If you build it, they will come.” I assumed it meant all the famous ballplayers at the end of the movie. I saw an article online which mentions, “…he will come” and says it referred to Ray’s deceased father. There was a shopping mall in my area, which when it was expanding sometime after that movie that used, “if you build it, they will come” in the empty shop Windows to show their faith that they would be able to lease out all the new spaces.

      1. I absolutely recall Jiffy peanut butter and a TV commercial about fixing lunch in a jiffy. Years ago I assumed that they’d simply shortened the namebti Jif. That’s one of the MEs that just blows my mind. My memories of Jiffy are so clear!

    4. Just watched a clip on youtube “if you build it HE will come”… honestly sent chills up my spine… It was always they, not he… it’s a small thing, but combined with all so many other things- freaks me out!

  18. I would like to make an additional comment regarding Looney Toons vs. Looney Tunes.

    This is one that I’ve really thought about. At first glance I would have easily chosen the “toons” spelling. After all, they are car-toons, that would make sense. Also, the spelling would be eye catching because it would reflect the way the first word, Looney, was spelled.

    However, another memory popped into my mind that corresponds with it being “Tunes” The shorts that they used to run on TV were called “merry melodies”. Does everyone else remember that? This would be consistent with the Looney “Tunes” theme. After thinking about it, I’m fairly certain Looney Tunes is correct.

    I want to be clear, I’m not trying to de-legitimize anybody else’s experience. I do believe there is legitimate phenomena at work here. I simply think it’s important, considering the amount of information pouring in on this topic, that we attempt to rationalize how and why we might be mis-remembering certain topics. I think this will help us narrow the focus and arrive at the best examples of this “mandela effect”. Some of these are explainable through critical thinking, some aren’t.

    1. Andy L, I agree that — in some cases — it’s an issue of a faulty memory, a memory restructured due to popular references, and so on. However, many (not all) comments here are by people who paused, considered the possibility of something mis-remembered, and came to the conclusion that another explanation was needed. See my Terms: Comments page for my views and moderation policies about this.

      1. Thank you for that Fiona. As much as I am intrigued by the metaphysical implications of our experiences, I am equally intrigued by the way our brains associate information. I only provided my previous examples as an insight as to how I arrived at my individual conclusions. I’m hoping this might be helpful to others in trying to put the pieces together and would encourage others to do the same for my benefit. This is a fascinating topic and discussion for me and I hope I was able to express that respectfully.

        1. No problem, Andy L. If it had seemed disrespectful, I’d have hit the “Trash” button in a blink, as I have to do with many comments that never appear at this site. It is a fine line and often depends on how irked I am when moderating comments, but yours was within acceptable bounds.

    2. I think you have a valid point, although I remember Looney Toons (oo/oo makes sense) unlike Froot Loops (here oo/oo makes no sense to me, I say Fruit Loops). So, it is interesting that the franchise decided to go with Tiny TOONS, versus Tiny Tunes (there’s plenty of merry melodies in the reincarnation as well). Anyway, thought I’m put that out there. Tiny Toons theme song

  19. I share many of these same alternate memories. I remember Berenstein, Interview with A Vampire, Tank guy getting run over, A beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood (this one really weirds me out) as well as many others. I was also very shocked about the Mirror mirror change and couldn’t believe it when I saw the Youtube clips of the movie. However, when I checked my copy of Disney’s Snow White it does say Mirror mirror, not magic mirror. The publication date on the book is 1994. Could this be a case where there are simply many adaptations of the story and therefore sometimes it will be mirror mirror and other times magic mirror? Or are people referring only to the movie? In the movie I could have sworn it was mirror mirror…

    And if you build it HE will come is another shocker to me….I was 100% sure it was THEY.

    1. Mr. Rogers freaks me out as well. It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood… I like so many kids of the 70’s watched Mr. Rogers everyday (only because my favorite show Mr. Dress-Up came on right afterwards). For a huge chunk of my childhood & then another chunk of my adult life watching with my son I sang along to “it’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood”, Netflix put Mr. Rogers on streaming & we watched a couple of episodes for nostalgias sake recently & “This” sounded foreign to my ears…

  20. This may just be poor memory but I remember the movies “IT” and “Anastasia” completely different than what I watched recently. I think I would have remembered IT being a giant spider at the least, the ending seemed entirely off to me.
    In the movie The Black Cauldron, I feel there’s a missing scene. I’ve had the same VHS since I was a child and every time I watch it I expect to see it.

    1. Not sure why but your comment about IT reminded me of a movie called THEY I think it also had a giant spider or ants. I’m for sure in club stein though it was one of the first books I read so I remember being proud to finish a whole book on my own. Also the word or words be careful I remember be careful maybe even with two Ls becarefull

  21. Hi
    This is now day three for me of total immersion in this mind-blowing reality or lack thereof. I thought I posted but maybe it was in another timeline (ha) because I can’t find it.
    It was:
    A vampire
    Sex in the city
    Rod Sterling
    Proctor & Gamble (this one is especially interesting to me because my father worked for them when I was young and we had their products everywhere!)
    Mirror mirror
    Nobody does it like Sara Lee
    Hitler-brown eyes–looks weird to see him with blue eyes on the internet
    Home Depot — no The
    I have a hazy memory of riding the monorail to Disney but I don’t know why I would have — weird!
    Bryan Dennehy died!
    Thanksgiving was always on the 3rd Thursday
    Alot was correct
    Had the flesh colored crayon
    THE neighborhood
    The Tiananmen boy was crushed by the tank!
    I thought that the Lindbergh baby was never found and that the prosecution of the kidnappers was suspect because there was no body?!?
    Eli Whitney was Black when I went to school!
    Jiffy and Jif sound right to me
    Billy Graham died, I remember the TV coverage. I’m sure it wasn’t any of the other Evangelist because I didn’t care for them, but thought the Graham was probably a good man.
    Looney Toons
    Jeb Bush the brother or the cousin — thought he was the cousin but now it sounds strange
    Thought John Goodman died but can see that a confusion with John Candy is possible
    Though Jane Goodall was killed by poachers but can see that it could have been Dian Fossey

    So here’s a personal one that has puzzled me for years. I walked outside late at night and there were two waning quarter moons in the sky. Stacked up. I thought I was seeing double and closed one eye and then looked around to see if anything else was double but no (and no drugs or drink!) I, later, many times over the years have googled images for two moons. On one occasion not long after there a photo from a man in Tennessee, it was exactly what I had seen. I tried to contact him but couldn’t and the next time I looked for it it wasn’t there. I think this was in 2009.

    Oh, and back to the beginning, most definately Berenstein!

    Thanks! I really have to get back to my real life now.

  22. It was Mirror mirror on the wall, I am sure of it. Never heard magic mirror till I saw it here.

    I dug out one of my daughter’s books: a Disney Snow White and the seven dwarves. In that book, the quote is “mirror mirror”. It was Published in 1994. I took pictures to document, but I don’t know how to post one. Why would a Disney book have a famous line different than what’s in the movie?

    Many Disney films have been remastered, and I suppose they could have changed it if they remastered the movie. That said, why would they change such an econic line?

    1. FJ, thanks for checking that book! I think the film was remastered and the line changed, although I haven’t a clue why they’d do that. If anything, I’d expect them to remove “magic” from the script instead of adding it… unless it was remastered when “Charmed” and “Practical Magic” made magic more popular.

      1. If we cannot find evidence of Disney changing the dialogue, then I would think this could be an ME phenomenon of the same magnitude as Berenstein/Berenstain (far as the number of people who share the alternate memory). A Google search of “mirror mirror” brings up many articles (mostly related to narcissism, selfie culture etc.) where “mirror mirror on the wall” is used in the headline/tag line. This phrasing is so popular, it had to have come from a production that was viewed by a large number of people- such as a classic Disney film. I never heard the Brothers Grimm tales as a child, so I know my memory is of the Disney film.

      2. So the deal here is we need to find a old vhs tape to see if it has been mastered or not?

    2. Hi FJ,
      I agree 100% Mirror mirror was it. No doubt in my mind. Magic Mirror just doesn’t have the same lyrical quality that was always a Disney trademark. That’s why mirror mirror is so quotable. It’s a lyrical evocation.

  23. At Andy L
    “Field Of Dreams” with Kevin Costner. “If you build it, they will come”. I’ve heard this line quoted and referenced many times in pop culture over the years. However, the line in this reality is “If you build it, HE will come”.

    Get out!!! I will check this one and add to the list. This is another new one for me.

    1. Andy L and Daniel, I can see the crossover from one lengthy passage in the movie, but that’s the best I can offer regarding this popular quote. (See ) I only recall the version that’s in this reality, “… he will come,” referencing Ray’s dad. I’d be interested in the context of the movie if others recall the “… they will come” as what’s whispered near the beginning of the film. Who were “they” in that version of the film?

      1. “They” in the film only referred to the group of baseball player. Talked to spouse who remembered “He will come” which threw me off because they remember Costner’s father showing up at the end. In my memory however there was no father only the players. Spouse also pointed that the players came and took Lou Gossett Jr. I fainted recall this which looking back actually means a lot more. (And he was not for God took him). But the father was never a question or in the story line, like this was something added. “His what. His father. What father” which is what the current “He will come” refers to. Almost as if my brain is remembering both stories now after spouse mentioned their version of father which seems to link in with a dream I had in February or March of this year.
        All of this makes you question and double guess yourself.

        1. Fascinating, Daniel, thanks for explaining. That’s a completely different version of the movie than the one I saw, so this is more of a potential Mandela Effect issue than I’d realized.

          1. Hi Fiona – I wrote a comment on 9/1 and also mentioned that “they” referred to all the famous ballplayers at the end. I asked my mom, who has always had a better memory than I have and she instantly said “they.” I racked my brain to see if I could bring up any memory of it being “he” but I don’t remember ever asking myself who the “he” was that would come while watching the movie, just who the group would be. Granted I haven’t seen this movie since it was out in the theaters more than 24 years ago. My brother was not living in an apartment but came along with my parents and me. My dad and brother both cried. I feel like the father showed up at the end but there wasn’t extensive interaction between Ray and his father – just maybe a few words, smiles and looks of love and appreciation.

            Anyway, why would a person’s deceased parent need you to build a spanking new fancy ballpark to be persuaded to visit you from beyond? Seems a bit demanding. Shouldn’t unconditional love be enough? LOL.

          2. Me again! Wow – I just read a plot summary of “Field of Dreams” and it really does sound like a different movie. In this reality, it sounds like dead ball players show up pretty early. I sure don’t remember that. I only remember them showing up at the end – that was the culmination of Ray’s dream. I don’t particularly remember a line of cars but that could just be me. Does anyone else who remembers “they” remember ball players showing up fairly early on?

            1. I remember “they will come”, and “they” was referring to the the baseball team showing up to play. I think they all walk out of the rows of corn at about the same time, early to middle in the movie, definitely not at the end. I don’t really remember the dad showing up, if he did it was near the end, like a finale. I haven’t seen the movie since it first came out, so I have no idea if this is what happens in this reality or not.

              It’s funny how the mind works, though. I am like 98% sure it was “they” for me, but “he” doesn’t sound wrong to me, either. Kind of like how “magic mirror” and “in this neighborhood” are pretty easy for me to accept. They exist as a dual reality for me.

      2. I always remembered it as “they” as well and thought it was referencing or foreshadowing the crowds of people who showed up at the end of the movie.

        1. It’s items like this academic paper that a woman wrote in law school whose title inclued the iconic phrase that I remember in the film “If you build it, THEY will come”. I find it awfully hard to imagine why anyone would write a paper like this if it was “HE” . I do understand that some may really remember it that way too. Crazy stuff. There are many other references to the line on business sites, other papers etc. I search with a closed search of anything between 1990 and 2000.

  24. I can relate to most of these comments about recalling events differently than the way that history says. However, the one event that struck me the most was the death of Agatha Christie.

    During my middle school and high school years, I remember reading a few of her books, such as Murder on the Orient Express and And Then There Were None. I enjoyed her books, and I decided to write a paper on her during middle school. I remember thinking that it was a marvelous fact, that her life was spent writing mystery stories, and that her life ended with one. She had disappeared one night in December 1926, to never return and to never be found again.

    I recently graduated high school in the spring of 2015, and for my genetics class, our final exam assignment was to write a paper on famous people who suffered from genetic disorders. I chose Agatha Christie, because her disappearance was thought to be the cause of a genetic type of amnesia called Dissociative Fugue. I wrote this paper in early June of 2015, so I was so surprised that this information had changed, it seems like not long ago at all.

    What I have come to find doing some research on her life as history has it now, she did disappear in 1926, only to be found ten days later, unharmed. She lived quite a while after her disappearance, writing many more books, including an auto-biography and a film.

    ALSO, there was a doctor who episode from 2008 which was semi-based on Agatha Christie’s disappearance. The episodes name is The Unicorn and the Wasp. I remember being excited watching this episode, because I was intrigued with her disappearance. Looking at the summary of this episode now, the whole plot changed to her disappearance only being ten days long. This puzzled me, because reading different articles about Christie, her disappearance was rather insignificant in the big picture of her life. She doesn’t even reference her own disappearance in her auto-biography, so why would writers want to include this not-so-interesting fact as a basis for an entire episode?

    This whole idea puzzles me still. Let me know what you think.

    1. Amber: The ‘Agatha Christie died after her 1926 disappearance’ memory intrigues me, because I was a HUGE Agatha fan in high school and read I think all her books. I was very intrigued by her disappearance as I felt it might have contained some great mystery. She was a VERY rich and famous person even by 1926 (think J. K. Rowling kind of famous) y so it’s not surprising the Doctor Who writers would write about her disappearance (though I didn’t like the way they used it in that episode, to be honest).

      For some reason I was also very struck by her 1970 novel, ‘Passenger to Frankfurt’, though in retrospect it now seems quite silly. (It was her response to the late-60s counterculture; she speculated that hippies were actually a cult being controlled by neo-Nazis.)

      But in my reality she kept writing up until the 1970s, and was remembered for being such a prolific writer. If she had died in 1926 her most iconic novels – including the ones you read – would never have been written! For example, Death on the Nile (1937), Murder on the Orient Express (1934), And Then There Were None (1939). Miss Marple, her most famous character, wasn’t introduced until The Murder at the Vicarage (1930)!

      So I’m intrigued. In your memory, what was the Agatha Christie who died in 1926 memorable for? Or did you have memories of both timelines, one in which she lived and one in which she died?

      1. Hmm. Perhaps I’m wrong about Christie being rich because of her novels in 1926; she’d only written three. But Wikipedia says (and it’s what I had believed) that her disappearance was nonetheless a huge public sensation:

        Her disappearance caused an outcry from the public. Home Secretary William Joynson-Hicks pressured police, and a newspaper offered a £100 reward. Over a thousand police officers, 15,000 volunteers, and several aeroplanes scoured the rural landscape. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle even gave a spirit medium one of Christie’s gloves to find the missing woman. Dorothy L. Sayers visited the house in Surrey, later using the scenario in her book Unnatural Death.[19]

        Christie’s disappearance was featured on the front page of The New York Times. Despite the extensive manhunt, she was not found for 10 days.[19][20][21][22] On 14 December 1926, she was found at the Swan Hydropathic Hotel (now the Old Swan Hotel[a]) in Harrogate, Yorkshire, registered as Mrs Teresa Neele (the surname of her husband’s lover) from Cape Town.

        1. Hi, Nate,

          Given that the above comment is from 01 Sep 2015, I’m a few months late in this, but for Fiona’s reference (and perhaps anyone else who might see this): the aforementioned bibliography [1] indicates 6 (six) novels published prior to 1926 [2] [3] [4], rather than 3 (the sixth having been published Jun 1926, and her disappearance having occurred in early December).

          If the 3-novels-only reference is just a typo, then no big deal; on the other hand, if a total of 3 novels is what the bibliography had said at the time of the previous post, then something has changed (whether by normal-editing or M.E.-editing). The additional novels (plus short story collection and “miscellany”) are confirmed [6] [7] from further sources (though I don’t know what those sources’ sources are, nor their edit history).

          The article’s change-history [5] indicates a seven changes to the {novels, Short story collection, Miscellany} portions since the beginning of September 2015, but I don’t know what the changes were, nor if they would suffice to explain three entries further than Nate’s referred-to items.


          … “The Mysterious Affair at Styles”, 1920;
          … “The Secret Adversary”, 1922;
          … “The Murder on the Links”, 1923;
          … “The Man in the Brown Suit”, 1924;
          … “The Secret of Chimneys”, 1925;
          … “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”, 1926.

          … “Poirot Investigates”, 1924.

          … “The Road of Dreams”, 1924.

          CHANGE 1 = (cur | prev) 18:10, 10 September 2015 SchroCat (talk | contribs) . . (45,952 bytes) (+169) . . (->Short story collections) (undo)
          CHANGE 2 = (cur | prev) 21:41, 11 September 2015 SchroCat (talk | contribs) . . (47,008 bytes) (+95) . . (->Miscellany) (undo)
          CHANGE 3 = (cur | prev) 15:05, 4 October 2015 SchroCat (talk | contribs) . . (47,780 bytes) (-127) . . (->Short story collections: Per FLC) (undo)
          CHANGE 4 = (cur | prev) 06:48, 4 October 2015 SchroCat (talk | contribs) . . (47,056 bytes) (+42) . . (->Novels) (undo)
          CHANGE 5 = (cur | prev) 21:18, 7 October 2015 (talk) . . (50,165 bytes) (0) . . (->Novels) (undo)
          CHANGE 6 = (cur | prev) 21:21, 7 October 2015 (talk) . . (50,185 bytes) (+120) . . (->Novels) (undo)
          CHANGE 7 = (cur | prev) 21:21, 7 October 2015 (talk) . . (50,205 bytes) (+20) . . (->Novels) (undo)

          … NOTE: this Google hit starts out as Reading List.pdf , before the redirect.


          1. Fascinating, and thank you for all that research, Closeted team-E! (Once again, I’m so impressed — and grateful — I can hardly put it into words.)

            The “disappearance” of Christie is a mystery in itself, and one that endures. (It’s yet another story that could be explained by the Mandela Effect, and I’m looking more closely at persistent, odd legends, tales and conundrums that stand out like this.)

  25. The Mirror/Magic Mirror one really confused me. I looked up the text of the Grimm brothers story “Little Snow White” (Sneewittchen in German) and both the 1812 and 1857 versions (German and English translations), use Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (or Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand). Although, the Harvard Classic version uses “Looking-glass, Looking-glass…” Why would this be any different in the Disney version? Why would they change a classic line, which appears 7 times in the original text to “Magic Mirror on the wall”? I assume most American children, such as myself, did not have the source material as a reference and would default to the Disney version, which came out in 1937. By all accounts, I should remember “Magic Mirror on the wall” but have no memory of hearing that line, ever. I don’t recall ever seeing another version of Snow White other than the Disney version, and I only looked into the Grimm versions when I was in high school because I heard those were the originals and usually were much more gruesome – the ending of Little Snow White being a prime example.

  26. According to, the original Grimm’s fairy tale did contain the words “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” I too thought that the Disney film said these words, but it’s possible my mother read me the original story when I was a child, and I got confused. The “magic mirror” part only surprises me because I thought I had heard Disney had changed the Grimm version to “Mirror, mirror”, instead of it being the other way around.

  27. Okay, so at the risk of sounding crazy, I’ll tell you my own “weird sky” story.

    When I was younger, I remember staying ok the mountains with my parents and a small camper on the mountains. It’s hard to describe the camper, but it had a little sleeping alcove over the table, which folded out into a bed. My sister and I slept in the alcove, my parents slept below. My first night in the alcove I remembered feeling very claustrophobic and asked to sleep on the side overlooking my parents bed. Unfortunately, during the night I rolled out. Luckily, I have always landed on my knees and hands when falling out of bed so I didn’t get hurt too badly, but the noise woke up my dad, who told me to come outside because he had something to show me. We went outside and he showed me Saturn. He said we could see it because Saturn was the closest to the Earth it had been in a long time, and we were up high. And Saturn was there, beautiful, huge in the sky, it’s rings plainly visible.

    As I got older, I realized what I saw was impossible, and I’ve always been confused about it. None of my dreams ever begin with my waking up, and don’t take place in the same place that I fell asleep. I also am certain I fell out of bed and the fall alone should have woken me up, as it was a good 5 to 6 foot drop.

    1. Saturn seems to strike a chord with me as well. Up until a few years ago (maybe 2) I noticed that the images changed. On the poles of Saturn there is now what appears to a hexagonal like shape with other little details. Not sure if this is just a rendition, but it is now outside of what I learned growing up.

      1. I never see the hexagon in artist’s conceptions, so it’s possible that we just learned Saturn’s details from paintings/computer graphics rather than actual photos. The first normal (non infrared/color edited/whatever) photos of the hexagon are recent, I think, though it was apparently first discovered in the 80’s. NASA has an article here, where they were seemingly surprised to see it again, so perhaps they thought it was a temporary storm the first time around.

        1. I vividly remember a very similar experience in 93′ or 94′ where I was walking into a Bradlees with my mother and father. I looked up to see Jupiter which was big enough to see the great red spot as well as all it’s colors and a slightly smaller Saturn behind it, with it’s rings present and thought it amazing they were so close. My father said to me “take it in as it only happens every 700 or so years”. Sadly, I do not recall much after that and years later when I recalled this, I knew much more about the planets and knew that it was not possible so attributed this event, to a dream.

          I came here 2 days ago via the “Stein” debacle and have been glued ever since. I’ve spent years investigating mysteries and conspiracies always keeping a rational, level-headed perspective on it all and things have indeed made me wonder about this or that BUT THIS…. THIS is the first thing that gives me an eerie feeling.

          Berenstein got me, then it was Billy Graham but the one that required me to walk away and have a cigar was Alaska’s coast and Australia’s position. I can picture my fathers old copy of the Risk game and can remember how much farther Australia was from Indonesia. I can remember this because the dotted lines showing you where you can move your armies to/from was long between Aus and Indo…. it is not the case now. As for Alaska, that peninsula does not exist. Check this out:

          Al Franken draws an extremely detailed map of the USA and that “peninsula” (1:14) is present but not as defined and in the North, not the West. THAT’s the Alaska I recall. He has such detail in his drawing that I’d doubt he’d make a mistake on Alaska.

  28. My own personal “Mandela Effect” is the word “dearth.”

    I was taught in school that “dearth” means “scarcity.”

    Years later, when I used the word in that context as an adult, I was corrected by several people who insisted that it meant “abundance.” I asked my spouse about it later that day, and he, too, remembered the definition as “scarcity.” We checked several dictionaries and they all claimed it meant “abundance.” We both decided that the only logical explanation was that our memories were faulty.

    Fast forward several more years. I come across a headline that uses the word “dearth” to mean “scarcity.” After all of the double-checking and head-scratching we did last time, we very clearly remembered the “new” definition. I never truly believed the “logical” bad memory explanation in the first place, but this second shift all but confirmed what I already knew on a gut level that reality is not what it appears to be.

    Has anyone ever encountered problems with “dearth”? Or even had a similar experience with a different word?

    1. Kem, that’s a quirky issue. I’ve only known it as “scarcity,” but I’ll be very interested if others recall the same flip you’ve described.

    2. I also learned “dearth” as scarcity, then was embarrassed to use it and have someone tell me it meant abundance. Looked it up only to find it suddenly meant abundance. Was too confused to ever use it again. Just googled it now and am surprised to find it has ‘switched back’ to meaning scarcity!

      1. I knew it as scarcity, one day my dad told me it meant abundance, I thought it was odd, recently I looked it up and found that it did indeed mean scarcity.

        But I do feel like there was a time when it meant abundance.

    3. I have always remembered it meaning “abundance”. A bit surprised to see it means “scarcity”. The new meaning fits such a dour word, but I’ve definitely used it to mean a lot of something.

  29. Please make a poll of the most reported differences. Assuming we ate only 2 realities jumbled, it should show a small deviation where people chose answers belonging to both realities. The vast majority will choose one our the other, and all participants will align without knowing wherever they’re a or b reality.

      1. I would think it was only two realities- but how do we explain King Henry with the turkey leg – I have had that painting described to me seven times like the way I remember it – then six times that are different.

  30. Video of Tom Cruise interview in which he mentions “Interview With THE Vampire” (the uploader insists that both the content of the video and the title that he’d typed with his on hand had inexplicably changed overnight, including the content of the hard copy of the video file on the data disc he used to upload it to YouTube):

    Interview With THE Vampire

    Metatextual video of the uploader filming the screen of his desktop computer playing the original YouTube video immediately after he uploaded it (before the timeline change):

    Interview With A Vampire:

    The latter video should have been subject to the same changes as the original upload as a result of the alteration of the timeline, but, incredibly, the film that he made of playing the video on his computer was instead somehow unaffected, representative of the same immunity/bleed through glitch that (some of) our collective memories are. The YouTuber calls it “reality residue”. In my opinion, this is not just hard physical evidence, but undeniable proof of the true existence of the phenomenon of timeline change/parallel universes.

    Unlike some of my kindred who second guess themselves concerning their distinct memories, rationalizing the incongruence between what they know to be true and what the world is now telling them, I am blessed with a true photographic memory; I would, without hesitation, literally bet my life on the fact that the film was originally Interview With A Vampire, that Stan and Jan Berenstein created The Berenstein Bears, that the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves chants “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all”, and that Agatha Christie disappeared without a trace and was mysteriously, ironically, never found dead or alive.

    As a result of my research and observation, I have concluded that our incongruent memories are not due to us “shifting” or “sliding” from one naturally occurring parallel reality to another (although an infinite number of them naturally exist), but, rather, that we are now living in an unnaturally induced parallel reality (an alternate timeline) that is the result of a black project time travel incident in which something that was intentionally altered caused a Butterfly Effect that indirectly resulted in the unintentional, relatively unrelated side-effect changes discussed on this website. I also believe that our memories, which, logically speaking, should be subject to the same principles of alteration as the rest of reality, are representative of exceptions to the rule, and are anomalies, and that we are only remembering a small percentage of the vast number of changes that the time traveler(s) directly/purposely and indirectly/unintentionally effected. I believe that the reality we are experiencing now is vastly different than the one that existed before the tampering. I think that it is probable that the intentional temporal alterations that led to the incidental changes in question were perpetrated in an insidious pursuit of a New World Order. It may be relevant to note that I have witnessed the usual black op internet shills/perps online using the usual disinformation, harassment, and mockery tactics as part of a psychological operation to cover up the unintentional timeline changes that some of us have noticed/remembered. The implications of that, in our quest to understand this phenomenon, are vast.

    #MandelaEffect #ParallelRealities #ParallelUniverses #AlternateRealities #AlternateTimeline #TimeTravel #GovernmentTimeTravel #NewWorldOrder #TheBerensteinBears #InterviewWithAVampire #MirrorMirrorOnTheWall

    1. Brilliant analysis! Okay, the conspiracy elements don’t quite work for me, but your logic is so well-developed and intelligent(even if I disagree), I’m approving this anyway. (I’m also amused by the hashtags, and left them in the comment.)

      1. Fiona, thank you for your kind words. I see that I made a typo in my previous comment – please do not think that I am from a timeline where “own” is spelled “on” (I’m kidding, but considering the strange state of things, it actually seems relevant to note this). And my conclusion is not a hard opinion, but, rather, just my best analysis so far; in truth, it is speculation, and we are all investigating this dilemna together. Thankfully alot of us remember how things “were”, so we’re not in this alone. Just imagine if we could not corroborate our memories with one another – we’d presume our own insanity! Like EinstAin (joke) said, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

        Also, I clearly remember Proctor and Gamble, a huge China, no modern Nation States called Mongolia or Svalbard, a North Pole with a solid, ice-covered landmass, a different-shaped Japan and Cuba, a different location of the Statue of Liberty, no futuristic flying machine called a “personal flying helicopter”, no movie called “Billy Elliott”, Hitler never had blue eyes, I always used a flesh-colored Crayon called “Flesh”, and I’ve never heard of a Tank Boy, flattened or not (though this is most likely due to my own ignorance).

        One more thing: after I left my comment last night, I have found something else of interest concerning Interview With A/The Vampire. Bizarrely enough, it appears that there is a temporal anomaly involving two different timeline versions of the EXACT SAME website that are impossibly coexisting! Wtf??

        1. No problem, Brian S., many people who comment here are so eager to share their insights, their fingers are practically flying over the keyboard.

          That website might auto-generate fresh titles. It’s a popular spam tactic. When I searched at the site with the phrase “interview with” (that’s all), both “a Vampire” and “The Vampire” appeared in the options at the top of the page. However, when I waited (and waited…) long enough for the actual search returns, the only fan club listing was “Interview with a Vampire.”

          1. Fiona, with all due respect you are absolutely incorrect. You clearly did not examine the pages carefully. Fan Pop is a known fan club website, and each Fan Pop page has unique, user-generated content, including fan discussion, active polls, subject-specific content, and photos posted by fans (not auto-generated). Try searching “poop” and you with get nothing. If this comment is approved, I encourage anyone reading this to take a look for themselves:



            This is a prime example of co-existing parallel realities.

            1. Brian S.,

              I’m not going to argue with you. I’m aware that Fan Pop is a popular fan site with lots of user-generated content. I doubt that they need to spam anyone. However, they might have software that — when someone seems to be looking for a topic — brings up lots of variations as suggestions, with on-site links. (Spammers use that same kind of software, as we’ve seen at fake obituary sites.)

              That only demonstrates the widespread use of the alternate book and movie title. That’s what I saw, initially.

              Using their search form and “interview with,” only Interview with a Vampire is among the top listings. (See screenshot.) To see the “Interview with the Vampire,” you’d need to click the “more clubs” link.

              So far, this shows that the “Interview with a Vampire” is the more popular phrase. That’s confirmed when, at, searching for “Interview with” brings up “Interview with a Vampire” as the top options (same title, different Amazon categories), and not one mention of “Interview with the Vampire” unless I expand my search phrase to “Interview with the.”

              However, the topic becomes murky in a hurry, and not supportive of this as a Mandela Effect issue. At Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, among other booksellers, the Leatherbound Classics edition of three of Anne Rice’s vampire works is “The Vampire Chronicles: Interview with a Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, and The Queen of the Damned.” (emphasis added)

              And then, in B&N’s own description, it says: “It all began a quarter of a century ago with Interview with the Vampire. Now, in one chilling volume, here are the first three classic novels of The Vampire Chronicles.” (emphasis added)

              Worse, when I was searching for more information at Google, using the combined terms “‘anne rice’ ‘leatherbound classics'”, I saw a (Knopf) first edition listing at Abe Books. The listing title is “Interview with a Vampire” but the book illustration and description say “Interview with the Vampire.”

              It’s possible this is a Mandela Effect issue, but the publishers’ and promotional errors support the idea that at least some people are simply mistaken, through no fault of their own. Even the publishers can’t seem to keep the title consistent.

              In an alternative reality, the book and movie title might be the “…a Vampire” version. I’d be impossibly calloused to suggest that.

              My point is: “Interview with a Vampire” is extremely popular, but publishers’ errors and pop references make this far less clear an issue than, say, the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears’ name. (So far, I haven’t seen any credible evidence of the publisher ever using the Berenstein spelling in this reality.)


              1. Fiona, thank you so much for your graceful response. And before I continue my reply, may I just take this as an opportunity to thank you for this website and blog? You describe it well when you call it a “safe place”; it is so refreshing to explore this phenomenon through the memories and ideas of others — and to have a reputable platform to share my own — without the usual cybergarbage of the comments of trolls, malicious abusers, soulless naysayers, illogical debunkers, and mainstream idiots. I’m convinced that you’ve not only coined a term for this phenomenon (which cannot be underestimated in its power to locate and reference information relevant to the phenomenon), but have also brought its existence to light (the impact of which cannot be underestimated in its potential to revolutionize human consciousness). And if that weren’t enough, you have created a safe and clean space to explore and understand. I am incredibly grateful. Especially because if not for your efforts, I may have never come to know what has happened. May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams!

                I am certain that it was always Interview With a Vampire in the reality I was in before, and certain that in this reality we’re in now that it has always been Interview With the Vampire. Let me tell you why I am convinced of this. I am originally from Louisiana. I am a dedicated Anne Rice fan. I have read everything she’s published, including her work under pseudonyms and even obscure short stories written before her major success(es). As a teen, I was downright obsessed. Embarrassingly enough, I even frequently called her fan hotline and left messages. I knew every detail of her work and all publicly known elements of her private life. I mourned the death of her husband Stan, watched her weight fluctuate (and stabilize after a gastric bypass surgery), and noted as her hair slowly greyed as the years progressed. My point is that I KNOW what the title of that book was, and so you can imagine my shock when I found your awesome website and saw Interview among the list. I did a literal quadruple take, bordering on a seizure. My first response was that I had to confirm this for myself. You know how people are always frequenting this site suggesting that we’re just misremembering or there are alternate titles or mistakes in the press? No Ma’am. I know what it was before, and to my shock I confirmed what it is now. So, in trying to rationalize this discrepancy, I thought “maybe the movie had an alternate title and I just never noticed”, because I have always been well aware that the movie Queen of the Damned is the adaptation of the Anne Rice novel THE Queen of the Damned. So I thought that somehow, impossibly, that I, the obsessed fan, had missed something. I mean, I am human. But, alas, this is truly an alternate reality that I’m living in, because the book and film have — in the current reality that is our collective point of reference — ALWAYS been titled Interview With the Vampire, always, always, always, with no press or publishing house mistakes that I can find. And think about it, you’re a well read writer — have you ever heard of an alternate book title? Neither have I. And trust me, if any of Ms. Rice’s novels had one, I’d have known about it. That Leather-bound Classics First Edition from Knopf that you saw is a temporal anomaly of the same nature as the alternate memories of Mandela’s death in prison; thought forms and physical forms are bound by the same laws of physics, and just because memories and physical objects seem to us to be different, the Universe doesn’t actually discriminate between the two, and Reality Residue is no different. Again, what you beheld on Amazon is not a mistake or an alternately used title, it is a temporal anomaly, and I am going to order one, because this is what shamans term a “power object”, and will increase my Personal Power (spiritual strength).

                Furthermore, if you search YouTube for interviews with Anne Rice immediately following the release (and subsequent success) of Interview With A/The Vampire, she always refers to the title as “THE”. If you search YouTube for interviews with her and the cast of the film following its release, they all refer to it as “THE”. Except for one thing. Remember the weird duel versions of the Tom Cruise interviews? The EXACT SAME INTERVIEWS that are metaphysically different in that in one he says “the” and the other he says “a”? Please tell me that you watched them. Is THAT a matter of alternate titles or publishing house mistakes? If you will please excuse the redundancy, I would like to repost those links below for the benefit and convenience of any new visitors reading this:

                Interview With THE Vampire

                Interview With A Vampire:

                What we are dealing with, Fiona, is “reality residue”. I don’t know why there is more of it with Interview than other things, but Interview is not the only example. I recently posted one about Jiffy. And you said that there isn’t one about BerenstEin, but look here’s some BerenstEin reality residue right here:

                And there’s a lot more where that came from. I know what you mean when you say that evidence and proof, in a sense, aren’t much help to us in a world where everything is different than we remember, and that we must largely rely in our (personal and collective) memories and intuition. Otherwise, naysayers and debunkers could just say “hey guys, check out Wikipedia, it’s proof that you’re wrong”. But I don’t mean that kind of proof. And I don’t mean that any sort of evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, is ultimately relevant here when we’re talking about Our Memories vs. Their Reality. HOWEVER, Reality Residue, though the truth and validity of our claims certainly do not rest on it, is relevant in our quest; not only does it give us clues to the nature of this shift/change (and has obvious far-reaching metaphysical implications), but it is also a tool for rebuffing the insulting, cynical doubts of skeptics. So although we don’t need Reality Residue in order to know the truth of the state of things, nor do we have anything to prove to those native to This Reality, it has great value to us and our quest for understanding, and my heart’s wish is that you create a section or list for it here, not for me or you, but — like your website as a whole — for the sake of humanity. I am archiving such Reality Residue on a number of these anomalies and would be honored to contribute these links to the site.

                1. Brian S., thanks for the compliments, and you’ve raised some good points here.

                  The Tom Cruise interview issue is fairly significant. He was in the movie and — while I won’t claim he’s a candidate for Mensa — he’s usually quite literate and literal when he speaks. For interviews, he’s often coached ahead of time, so he conveys the exact impression he intends. Little or nothing is left to chance. Despite his casual appearance, he’s a polished professional.

                  So, for him to “mix up” the title could mean:

                  1. He was having an off day when he confused the titles, and that’s all. (Possible, but not likely.)
                  2. He’s a single Tom Cruise, sliding between realities where one (or more) have the “A” title and another (or several) have the “The” title. (As I interpret the Mandela Effect, that’s very likely.)
                  3. He’s one of several Tom Cruises, each from a different reality, and some are “A” realities while others are “The” realities. (I’m serious when I say that would explain some odd inconsistencies in his reported behavior, as well as the vampire-related interview issues.)

                  I’m not sure how many people have thought about who replaces them in this reality when they’re in another, and what that other self is doing while you’re elsewhere. (That sounds a little creepier than I’d intended, but I’m not sure how else to say it.) Maybe each reality has a Pause button, and it’s activated while you’re not there, but I doubt it.

                  No matter what the answers are, I’d never want to suggest that people are merely confusing the title of the Anne Rice book and movie. I’m just wary of what we declare as compelling evidence.

                  For example, the old TV show listings saying Berenstein Bears doesn’t impress me as much as the volume of people — recounting specific and contextual memories — who are sure it was always Berenstein Bears, not Berenstain.

                  While I’m sure I saw the “Ghost Hunters” TV series and “TAPS” in the Houston (TX, USA) newspaper listings, I’m not so sure that I turned on the show early enough to catch the titles at the beginning. I want to say that I saw “TAPS” on the title screen at least once, but I’m not sure enough to insist on it. And, given Jason Hawes’ vehemence when I asked him about this, privately (and in person), I am absolutely certain that — in his home reality (which may be this one) — the show was never called TAPS. It’s the name of his research group. The TAPS name is legally trademarked by Jason, and he never permitted the TV producers or the networks to use the TAPS name for the show.

                  So, despite my memories and anecdotal evidence, I’m not ready to say that the TAPS/Ghost Hunters issue relates to Mandela Effect. Others who recall the TAPS show might be sure it’s the product of the Mandela Effect. I won’t disagree, regarding their memories and experiences. But some or all of my own memories of the TAPS show might be the product of an error in the Houston paper.

                  Maybe the simplest way to explain my views is to talk about the 1948 American presidential election, involving Truman and Dewey. In some reality, I’m sure Dewey won. And, if someone who recalls that history (in which Dewey became president) insists that Dewey won the election, I’m going to support that assertion… with the reminder that it’s from a different reality than this one.

                  However, if that person declares the Chicago newspaper headline (“Dewey Defeats Truman,” ref. is proof of that alternate reality, I’d raise an eyebrow. In this reality, it was a premature headline and an incorrect news story. In the USA, that newspaper blunder probably didn’t perpetuate the idea that Dewey had won. On the other side of the world, where American elections may have seemed only casually interesting, some people may have continued to believe Dewey had won. It wasn’t terribly important to them, one way or the other, and became a memory they filed away without much note.

                  Those factors could make the 1948 election a murky topic when referencing memories from that time.

                  Similarly, the publishing errors with Anne Rice’s iconic vampire novel have made the “Interview with…” subject difficult to untangle.

                  1. Some people correctly remember “Interview with a Vampire” in this reality — and only that title — because that’s what they read in media that picked up the publisher’s mistake. They simply weren’t very interested in Rice, her book, or the movie.
                  2. Some people correctly remember “Interview with the Vampire” — and only that title — because that’s the only title they’ve ever read or heard.
                  3. Some people correctly remember “Interview with a Vampire” from another reality, because that was the book and movie title in that reality.
                  4. Some people correctly recall both titles, because they’ve encountered both of them, not just in this reality but in one or more other realities. At this point, they’re not sure what’s going on.

                  I’m sure there are other possibilities, but those are the main ones that come to mind as I’m flying through comments (and on a weekend, when I’m trying to take actual time off).

                  So, I avoid using fan-generated content as evidence of ME when some (unknown percentage) of those fans could be confused for normal, legitimate reasons exclusive to this reality.

                  For any ME-reported event, I look for this kind of problem. If skeptics can use compelling evidence to claim something is a reasonable confusion in this reality, I want to know about it. False obituaries, media typos, publishers’ errors… all of them fall into that category, as far as I’m concerned. (It’s okay to disagree.)

                  I can happily agree that this is highly subjective. For me, there’s a “tipping point” where the volume of people and clarity of their memories make it unlikely the so-called confusion emerged from a minor media blunder. I can’t articulate what that tipping point is, because — for me, anyway — it’s a mix of statistics and a “gut feeling” based on the quality of the reported memories. (“Me, too” doesn’t carry the same weight as something like “It was the day after my 19th birthday, and my grandmother brought my old Berenstein Bears books down from the attic, but Granny and my parents and siblings all swore that the books were different, and this Berenstain Bears spelling was truly wrong.”)

                  And then there’s the word “proof,” which is its own issue… and a subject for another discussion.

                  Meanwhile, I’m delighted with your phrase, “Reality Residue,” and I’ll think about creating a page for those kinds of discussions.



                  1. Hey Fiona, just a very quick (and hopefully last lol) reply to this particular sub-thread/conversation. From your response I can’t tell if it’s clear to you or others reading that the two Cruise interview links I posted are not links to two different, separate interviews or even two different takes of the same interview: these two videos are the exact same footage of the exact same take of the exact same interview; if you play each video simultaneously, it can be observed that every word, every inflection, every movement, every blink, every pause, each background noise, are exactly, precisely the same. This is literally the exact same footage. Except for one seemingly minor detail: in one he says “the” and in another he says “a”. And it’s not just the audio in that moment in time that is different — his mouth visibly forms the two different words. There is no non-quantum explanation for this.

                    Also, I cannot take credit for the phrase “reality residue”; the uploader of the videos in question uses it in the description of one of the videos to describe this phenomenon 🙂

                    1. Brian S.,

                      This will take more investigating to sort out.

                      With superb tools & skills — which Cruise’s team have access to — he could have had them edit the interview, but the original was still floating around on some hard drive. Re-forming his mouth movement wouldn’t be impossible. (I’m thinking of the talking dogs in commercials, MIB2, etc.)

                      Is that a likely explanation…? No, not really, but I can’t rule it out. One thing I can say with confidence: Cruise is unlikely to give an interview without full post-production rights. And, if he’d made a mistake in an interview, his team would probably insist on correcting it in the editing room.

                      I also wouldn’t rule out someone deliberately editing Cruise’s interview to fit this topic.

                      Really, the Photoshop skills that went into creating the fake Berenstein Bears book covers… that’s impressive.

                      I try never to underestimate what someone will do if he has too much time on his hands, and a quirky idea to throw online and see what effects are created by it.

                      Despite the possible answers (no matter how unlikely), this is very odd and very interesting.


      2. I propose a test to this theory.
        Fiona, upon submitting a post to this forum, provide a preview screen – but only after one has submitted the post for sure. Then you could have your web application take this screen shot and log it as a picture into your database. Provide a link to the submission screen shot with the post. That way if the post has changed, the screen shot will be captured in the same manner as the video described above. If there is an anomaly by which a picture of text is not altered when the text is altered (as with the video of a video) it will be captured. Additionally, if post are removed you will have stranded pictures with no associated posts. If you would like help with that let me know by posting a reply to this post. We can work it out from there: I cannot be reached at the email address I provided.

        1. pandemic,

          Thanks for the offer. That’s a very clever concept, and I’d actually take a film photo of the screen, as well, so everything isn’t digital. Since we haven’t a clue what’s going on, a film photo would be less likely to get caught in a digital reality sweep.

          However, at the moment, this isn’t as high a priority as some other projects. (Now through mid-November is my busiest offline time of year.)

          I plan to keep watching for similar comments about text being altered. That’s partly to look for patterns in reports, but also to see how widespread this is. If/when it reaches the point where it moves higher on the priority list, your test is well thought-out and a brilliant place to start.

          Thank you!


          P.S. I generally assume people’s email addresses aren’t useful, and I respect people’s privacy concerns. When I’m ready to run this and related experiments, I’ll post an article about it, so we can discuss this further.

    2. You are spot on! I agree with you on this one. I believe that this is proof of blackops time travel to alter our past timeline to fit their future agenda..

      1. I don’t see the counterintuitive changes to various things to be proof of a blackop time travel project. But the fact that the changes apparently occurred/began to occur sometime during the last ten years causes me to wonder “why now”? If this is truly a natural phenomenon, then why have there not been any such reports until relatively recently? CLEARLY something new is happening/has happened. I guess we’re supposed to believe that we’re entering a blessed New Age, or that since December 21, 2012 cosmic radiation has been spewed forth from the black hole that is the center of our galaxy and is warping time. Right. Nice for maturbatory theorization and Sci-Fi, but not for those who are interested in getting to the bottom of this before another time alteration robs us of the evolutionary processes that gave us brains. Occam would not be happy. Of course, these and other such “natural” explanations are quite plausible, but we have little or no indication that we’re dealing with a natural phenomenon. I that think that some people may be uncomfortable with the idea of maniacal powers irresponsibly changing the past for non-spiritual purposes and prefer, instead, to ponder more pleasant possibilities. Although, as I’ve said, it is quite possible that this has nothing to do with time travel at all, I don’t have any circumstantial or intuitive evidence that indicates otherwise. There is, however, a great deal of whistleblower testimony about clandestine time travel operations. Another clue is what appears to be an attempted cover-up of (what I consider to be) unintended temporal alterations, i.e., contrary to some claims by non-thinkers that there are no temporal anomalies at all and that we are all being mass mind-fricked, I believe that the opposite is true and that “They” do NOT want us to be aware of these changes, as I have observed a muli-layered attempt to falsely debunk, disinform, and ridicule Mandela Effecters in a way that reminds me of the (now) widely recognized UFO phenomenon cover-up.

        1. I have several instances of memories in common with other writers here such as the Berenstein Bears, and mirror mirror, and quite a few others. However, I would like to say that this isn’t a new phenomenon since I experienced a massive change around 1999 or so when entirely new building appeared almost next door to me. That is at least the first time I recognized a change, though I can say that it is happening more frequently in the past year. I am relieved to see that so many people are finally noticing!

  31. There appears to be several web sites that list common misquoted lines from movies (which includes Snow White line of Magic Mirror). However, after doing a few searches online, I cannot find an explanation as to how the “mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all” quote originated. There is absolutely no explanation, I can find. There are explanations for misquotes such as “Play it again Sam” from Cassablanca etc. I find it very curious about the “mirror, mirror” line. If anybody comes across any plausible explanation for the misquote, then please let me know. Thanks in advance.

    1. jonny a,

      I don’t think it’s a misquote. I’m so sure I heard “Mirror, mirror…” in the original film, I’m guessing Disney changed the script when they digitally remastered it, or something like that. Heck, Lucas had a field day with each re-release of “Star Wars,” so I don’t think my guess is that unlikely.

      So, I’m fairly certain this isn’t ME, but a film revision and dialogue change. After all, the Queen doesn’t say it on-screen, so they could have replaced her line with almost anything.

      If the “Mirror, mirror” line never existed, it’s a certain Mandela Effect moment for me.

      The likelihood of it being something ME-related for others… I haven’t a clue and hope someone finds a good explanation.


      1. Hi Fiona – I was very interested in the apparent ME-related “Mirror, mirror…” memory from Snow White. I, too, remember “Mirror, mirror” and not “Magic mirror”. However, having done a cursory check on the quotation from various Golden Book and other editions of the Disney version of the story, it’s the “Mirror, mirror” version that is used. I am wondering if it’s always been “Magic mirror” in the original film, and we’re recalling the “Mirror mirror” from the many books and other films to follow. Or that there was some editing, as you have suggested.

        On the other hand, I, too, recall the quotation from Field of Dreams as being “If you build it, they will come.” I have asked quite a few others who have seen the film, and they agree with my recollection.

        1. Jon, thanks for your comments. In my case, the books weren’t an influence. I didn’t have — or see — the Golden Book and didn’t have any book based on the Disney film. I’m at least 90% certain my memory comes from the actual film. (Around age 10, I read every Andrew Lang fairy tale book — ref. His versions were so very different from the popularized ones, I doubt that I’d mix them up, and I’m not sure he had anything that was a close match for the Snow White story as portrayed in the Disney film. So far, the only Snow White story I find is “Snow-White and Rose-Red,” )

      2. Why all the wild speculation rather than proper research? You are both wrong: these are not misquotes nor script alterations. Snow White dialogue was never altered upon re-release, nor any lines from Star Wars. I can say this with authority, because I have watched both versions of each. Besides, a little common sense goes a long way – why would either company alter the most FAMOUS and ICONIC lines from their films? It is time that we stop second guessing ourselves and debunking each other without evidence. With friends like us, who needs enemies? Research and analysis are all that are relevant in matters where our sanity and credibility are in question.

        1. Brian S.,

          I appreciate your defense of ME. You are right: research and analysis are key. But — at this point — we’re dealing with anecdotes. Hard evidence isn’t easy to find. We can’t even wave an EMF meter over a Berenstain Bears book and expect to see a reading, or (as far as I know, anyway) take thousands of sequential photos, less than a second apart, to see if the cover morphs, even minutely.

          I try to be sensitive to the differences between curiosity and “what if…?” musings, looking for explanations, and visitors’ snarky debunking efforts. Generally, I either don’t approve the harsh, critical comments… or, if I’m in “enough is enough” mode, I post an equally critical reply that takes apart their arguments. (I try to avoid the latter, but some days my patience is exceeded.)

          Meanwhile, unless someone was part of the Disney team involved in the re-mastering of Snow White, or have other insider insights about that movie’s timeline — or Star Wars’ — I don’t think anyone can speak with authority about possible dialogue edits. So, I’m not ready to rule that out. The “Mirror, mirror…” line seems an unlikely one to change, but I’m not ready to say it’s an ME issue… yet. (Being on Disney’s doorstep right now, I should be able to find out, with a little effort.)

          The Star Wars line is more problematic since it’s more recent and iconic. So, in theory, I agree with you: It’s unlikely that it was changed in some post-post-production project. But, that’s not the same thing as being certain, and — where possible — I like to be fairly certain before concluding something seems to align with our ME theories.


          1. Fiona, you make a great point. We can feel certain, but we can only truly know if we contact Disney. In my morbid curiosity, I ordered and watched both versions. But it would be poor logic for anyone to take my word for it (especially as my near-anonymity here lends nothing to my credibility). So can you please call the Disney company on behalf of us all? And publicize the results? This, and research like it, can be part of the foundation for your book (which I was very sad to read that you’ve decided not to write! We need this book — THE WORLD NEEDS IT! All of us here support you one-hundred percent and I’m sure that everyone else here will agree that you are more than welcome to quote us and use our ideas to complement your own, too, if you’d so fancy, though I know that you wouldn’t need to. I know that you’ve said that you want to write a book about the experience of creating and maintaining this website, but you could devote a chapter to that aspect. Fiona, your public demands the book The Mandela Effect!)

        2. The beautiful but evil queen has no right to say such cute lines as ‘mirror mirror’,it’s as well that we have shifted from that irrational universal.The despicable queen deserves to be given those simple and ordinary words to speak,the nerve of her! annoying her innocent step daughter.

  32. Does anyone have an old VHS of Snow White they can check? I grew up with the VHS version and I know she said Mirror Mirror in it.

    1. According to this article from 2009, the remastered Blu-Ray contains the original mono audio track so that viewers can compare it with the remastered audio:
      “To truly contrast this reissue from previous releases, Disney has also included a restored version of the film’s original mono soundtrack for proper authenticity.”
      (found at :
      So hypothetically someone just needs to check the added audio track on the Blu-Ray to confirm.

    2. I still have an old VHS copy and checked it after reading these comments. It is Magic Mirror. I think maybe so many children’s books have the quote as ‘Mirror mirror’ that we all have that ingrained in our memories.

      1. Or, like the Berenstein Bears issue, maybe your old VHS copy is from this timestream, but those of us remembering it as “Mirror, mirror” were in another timestream when we heard it. And, perhaps in that timestream, all the VHS and DVD copies still say “Mirror, mirror.”

        I’m glad you checked, Cherrill Roberts. That means we can (probably) rule out a dialogue change in this timestream, after the VHS tape was released. Thank you.

        Also, it’s fine if you believe that you’re confusing the line with something from children’s books. Some other people might be doing the same. Memories aren’t perfect.

        However, your explanation doesn’t work for all of us. For me, this is still a possible Mandela Effect issue.

        Fiona Broome

        1. Fiona, in our “timestream” currently, we can check the GRAMM BROTHERS texts. they are the ultimate originals to the snow white tale. it STILL says “mirror, mirror”. also, there is hundreds of THOUSANDS of newspaper articles from the 80’s talking about the BERENSTEIN bears….

          1. kevin,

            You’re kidding when you mention the “Gramm” brothers, right…? As far as the media go, that’s anecdotal evidence. (“Dewey Defeats Truman” is still the classic newspaper blunder, but it could be evidence that Dewey won in an alternate timestream.)

            I’m sure something is going on, and it certainly looks like we’re shifting or sliding from one reality to another. As I interpret Occam’s Razor, that’s the logical explanation for so many duplicate memories.

            Where I become a skeptic is when people want to insist that media reports (even Wikipedia) are proof of anything at all.

            I’m not disputing what’s going on, just what we choose as our banners to defend our assertions. As far as I’m concerned, they’d better be beyond reproach and nearly irrefutable. Rippling errors in the media aren’t powerful enough for me. (Then again, I’ve had to defend my beliefs, on stage in front of large audiences, when challenged by skeptics — and fellow panelists — like Ben Radford. I respect his work, even when we disagree, and he’s helped me understand just how convincing any evidence must be.)

            Fiona Broome

            1. Fiona,

              I think he meant the Brothers Grimm. The original writers of most fairy tales.


              1. Mathew, I agree, and realized it as soon as I read his comment, but I wanted to make a point. And, for all I know, he could have been joking, and referencing the Gramms. (Now and then, I see some very odd comments.) Sarcasm rarely conveys well in plain text, whether in someone’s comment or my replies. Some days, I’m pretty good at shrugging things off. Other days, I’m not.

        2. I keep hearing a lot about the books but until I was a lot older, I only watched the videos of Snow White. The books didn’t influence my remembering “Mirror, Mirror” because I didn’t read them when I was younger. I seriously thought that Disney had made up the story and there was no other “Snow White” story until I was a young adult with a toddler and bought a Grimms Fairy Tales book.

          So, at least for me, the books were never the influence.

      2. Here is something to think about. I remember without a doubt that it was “Mirror Mirror” instead of “Magic Mirror” But if we did somehow cross over into this alternate reality then even if we go and check an old VHS tape it will still say “Magic Mirror” because that is reality in this alternate time line. Maybe not to us who remember it as “Mirror Mirror” but for those who remember it as “Magic Mirror'” it is normal to them because they didn’t change parallel universes like we seem to have. It is the same reason why we swear it was Berenstein instead of Berenstain and then we go check our parents’ houses because we are so sure it is Berenstein and have our minds blown to find out it isn’t. That is because in this reality it is Berenstain to everybody else who always remembered it as Berenstain. It is normal to them. I first stumbled upon this 2 days ago and I can’t stop thinking about it or reading about it. My gut feeling and memories are telling me that it is “Mirror Mirror” and Berenstein Bears. I am so sure of it. This is just very weird to me and it gives me a very strange feeling.

  33. All mirrors are magic and have been used by various queens and psychics.Princess Snow white was persecuted due to the sorcery of a mirror but a half century later,Alice braved her way thru a similar mirror to become a queen by her own right.While Snow White was coy, being a royal heiress,Alice was a real Mc-coy who upset the apple cart of the chess pieces(we all are)rather than eat a poisoned apple or a teleported apple coming out of a 3d printer.

  34. I think I remember a flesh colored crayon growing up in the 80’s. I also remembered this cartoon (published in 1989) from Bloom County where Alphonso Ali, African American, asks his friend to pass him flesh color and of course receives a peach colored crayon. When I searched for the cartoon I found this site claiming that crayola hasn’t had a crayon named “flesh” since 1963. Might be interesting to ask Berkeley Breathed what he remembers about the flesh colored crayon lol!

    I remember Berenstein not Berenstain
    Other spellings like rhythmn, dilemna, and definately
    Thanksgiving was always the 3rd Thursday.
    I always pictured New Zealand NW of Australia
    I remember Columbine happening when I was in Middle School and was surprised when I saw the date as 1999. I would have been in 8th grade when I thought it happened so it would have been either Fall of 94 or Spring of 95. I’ve been wondering if there was some other significant event that happened that year that could have confused me.
    My husband thought Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed by a grenade. I always pictured him getting shot at close range and the shooter immediately being apprehended. It’s almost like I saw a film of this or recreation in school.
    My husband was sure the Challenger exploded in the Summer.
    I remember thinking there were 51 or 52 states and being confused when I discovered I was wrong.
    I thought it was Jiffy.
    Puce was yellow green, the name sounds like puke as was the color…and chartreuse was in the red family.
    I’m pretty sure Fidel Castro was at death’s door if he didn’t actually die.

    I am a middle child and as such was always very concerned with fairness and was accused by my older sister of always remembering everything and never letting anything go! I remember being accused of this at a family dinner in my early 20’s after someone else had actually brought up a past event and realizing that I didn’t have those memories anymore. Or at least they weren’t as strong. I would say that my memories are duller now. I was speculating on this and imagining that if we are experiencing dual realities or timelines how your mind might have to bend to make room for the new reality. Or to let go of the old make room for the new. I really did think Berenstein Bears was spelled with an “e” but the more I look at my old copy of “The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream” the more normal it looks.

    1. In the 1980s Crayola did in fact have a flesh colored crayon. In some boxes it was called flesh but in other boxes it was called skin. My parents traveled a lot when I was little and I colored constantly. In the south were we lived it was always called skin but when we went up north or out west it was flesh I remember because I was obsessed with coloring. I have had OCD all my life and I collect things and at one point I collected crayons.

  35. I am fascinated by the Mandela Effect. While I don’t have a memory of Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s, quite a few of the anomalies listed on this page have also occurred to me. However, one that has been bothering me for a few years now is not listed here. In Star Trek, I clearly remember Captain Kirk say, “Beam me up, Scotty”, but according to Wikipedia and other sources, this line never actually occurs in the series or movies.,_Scotty

    1. This is a new one for me – and I would swear it was Beam me up Scotty – its a iconic statement like Picard “make it so”

      1. Someday, we are going to read articles saying that Picard never really did say, “Make it so,” that it’s just a mistaken collective memory of the entire Star Trek fandom.

  36. Field of dreams… if you build it they will come…. meaning the truck loads of ppl with money to save the farm…. doesn’t anyone remember the line of cars…. the whispers are… they will come… meaning people will come and not in reference to ray’s dad that makes no sense

  37. I’ve found an interesting piece of evidence. Does anybody remember Faerie Tale Theatre w/ Shelley Duvall? It aired on Showtime during the 80’s. I loved these. My mom used to rent these for me on VHS from the library. Here’s Snow White. Skip to 3:50

  38. I found a transcript from a 1945 ‘This Is My Best’ radio show. In the introduction, Orson Wells invites us to listen to Walt Disney’s ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’…

    In this version, the Queen says “magic mirror” throughout the story, UNTIL the very end. After Snow and the prince are married, she says “mirror, mirror.” But when the mirror answers, she screams and there’s a loud thunder. The mirror is shattered and the Queen turns into a pile of ashes. Black spiders crawl out of the ashes and scurry away.

    So I watched the end of Snow White to see if the quote was there…when the mirror shatters. But that doesn’t even happen in the movie, as there’s a different ending altogether. The thing is, I do remember the spiders and the mirror shattering. And I had absolutely no memory of the current ending, with her falling to her death.

    Orson Wells did say it was Disney’s Snow White on the radio show. So could they have changed the ending at some point? Does anyone else remember the mirror shattering/ashes/spiders? Maybe there was another animated version?

    Here’s the transcript

  39. Been gone a while. The Thanksgiving date sealed it for me. I have to echo a recent poster. As soon as I accepted that I wasn’t misremembering, I started looking for answers. I can’t say I have any certainty, but psyops and the NWO sounds right to me. The only other explanation is that this is simply a digital reality like a real life SIMS game. None of those theories make me happy, but I’m a man of action. This aggression will not stand. Good luck, everyone. I had a really rough two weeks before I accepted the ME. Stick with like minded people, and no, you aren’t crazy. This site really helped me when almost everyone I knew wanted to dissuade me from what I felt in my gut.

    1. Regarding Thanksgiving (3rd or 4th Thursday of the month) I have simultaneous conflicting memories. While I always remember it being on the 3rd Thurs, I also remember that my father’s birthday (Nov 25th) and grandmother’s birthday (Nov 26th) periodically fell on Thanksgiving day, which would not be possible if it were on the 3rd Thursday. Very strange…

  40. Hi guys, does anyone else remember THE Labyrinth movie with David Bowie not just Labyrinth. A little one but i was obsessed with this movie in the 90’s as a child. I practically watched it every day and I picture the movie cover and can see the ‘The’ above in the title..

      1. Oh thankgod haha.Thought it was just me. Guys maybe this is all CERN’s hydron collider’s fault just throwing it out there.

        1. Anon, many people seem to believe that this is true, and there is a great deal of literature devoted to this theory concerning the true purpose and ultimate objective of CERN and the hydron collider. My opinion and deductions being irrelevant, I suggest that you (and all others reading this) Google: “CERN” + “time travel”, as this is how I arrived at this website and this Mandela Awakening).

    1. Was always “Labyrinth” to me. A favorite movie, and one that plays here in my town every summer. And, I’m usually prone to the MEffect alternative version of everything.

  41. Thank you Fiona, for creating a safe place for us to express our memories. I was initially drawn here because of my memories regarding the Berenstain Bears, and then, like others here, I found myself fascinated, unable to stop, reading every comment, because the more stories I read, the more alternate memories I found that I share with others here. Memory is a very tricky thing. When I started reading I kept thinking that we were probably all mistaken. People hear things wrong, maps are often inaccurate, separate memories can combine in one’s head. But then memories started coming back to me, each one very clear, and each one a shock, or a surprise, or a wondering what in the world happened.

    Early on in life , I accepted the idea of the fluidity of perception, taking changes to my reality in stride. I find myself wishing now that I had paid more attention to the anomalies. I am wondering what are the changes that have been happening all along, and what changes are happening now because I have taken notice of them?

    I have very specific memories, from years ago, of the times I learned that they were the BerenstAin Bears, and that it was Interview With THE Vampire, memories that stood out to me because of the confusion I felt. It was a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood, which I never liked, because I felt it was exclusionary, so when I sang along, I would always say THE neighborhood, which I liked better. I was shocked watching the Challenger explode on a TV brought into the classroom of a school I attended from 1982 to 1984. I heard about the man getting run over by the tank in Tienanmen Square, and I was repulsed by the inhumanity. I remember a TV listing for Taps. I had heard of the movie, but this was only a short show, so I knew it must have been something else, but never watched to find out what it was. I colored with a flesh crayon, thinking that it was culturally insensitive, and it was replaced by peach during my childhood. Going to Disneyland a few years back, I was confused walking up main street, because I remembered entering through the castle. I spelled vaccuum, rhythymn, judgement (I had never seen it spelled judgment until two days ago). I spell dilemma – but my teenage kids say it’s dilemna! (and they say Berenstein)

    So here’s where things get crazy for me. After reading everyone’s comments, I decide to verify a few. When I look at a map, Australia is not where I remember it. (southeast from where it is now, closer to New Zealand) Japan was further southeast as well. Cuba seems larger. I look up a few spellings I thought I knew, and get them wrong. I look up Mr. Rogers’ death, and I am surprised that it happened so long ago, because I remember Facebook posts in his honor. The thing that completely blew my mind was the Volvo logo. My dad had a Volvo for years, and it did NOT have that male symbol NOR the slash across the grill. I can barely wrap my brain around the fact that I saw that logo for the first time two days ago, but when I looked up images of old Volvos, there it was, on models I didn’t recognize either. I actually sat there staring at that emblem. I drove around looking for the actual cars, and was dumbfounded when I saw them.

    I don’t know what to think about this. Is my focus causing more occurrences? Has this been happening all along and our minds create a continuity that we assume is real until we look closer? Does a collective consciousness give us access to the memories of others? Are we weaving in and out of physical worlds, or are our minds creating a version of our world as an interpretation of vibrational energies? I am interested to see how things go from here.

    1. Jasmine- since I have rationally accepted things are not what they seem, I notice a lot more anomalies. I look into things. A few months ago, I noticed a patient had a different name. (In life, I’m a nurse) , the spelling of someone’s name is highly important in my field so that proper records are kept and that the insurance will pay. One day I noticed an extra N in the name and thought someone had made a big mistake so I get her chart out so I can correct it only to find it in the chart and I had apparently been spelling it right with the N , although I knew I hadn’t…. in fact I was deeply aware it was wrong and never spelled it that way yet here is this document in my hand in my handwriting telling me otherwise.
      I discreetly asked around , I didn’t want to appear to be a nutter… I started visiting conspiracy websites for a theory or anything that could help make sense of what I was experiencing. At one of those site someone mentioned Australia and I went to look on Google maps and was shocked…. it’s really like I woke up and I’m now in the matrix or not in the matrix…
      I still discreetly ask question of ppl, and 9 out of 10 will say the original memory or no memory of it at all… only a handful will have the alternate memory. Then I will tell them and they stop and talk themselves into how they mistook the memory and easily seem to switch to the new one without very much grief over it…. of course it was always that way, how silly of them. I’m more interested in that reaction too…. like the mind doesn’t want to digest an alternate suggestion of how they were originally right and the reality is wrong….

      So I’m very rational and I like empirical evidence. Without any true evidence my current theory is based on multiverse theory and that the earth has changed just a few degrees and crossed into other time slices… changing the one in ours.

      Here is some video to help understand what time is and specifically what space time truly is and how we as humans usually only experience time in one way even though time doesn’t truly work like that.
      (Because we orbit the sun) …

      1. ayla, I usually check YouTube and Vimeo links before approving any posts with them. That YouTube link isn’t working; it’s not listed as a deleted video, it just redirects to the YouTube homepage at the moment.

        1. Oh I’m sorry I’m always terrible with links… the title of it is… time is an illusion with Brian Greene for anyone interested

    2. I thought Mr. Rogers died a few years when I was in high school because I definitely (or ATEly as I had to untrain myself from) remember seeing facebook posts about it because he was such a big part of my age group’s lives, now I find out he died in ’03. I’m starting to feel like everything I think I know is wrong.

      1. JP,

        Thanks for your comment. Also, you’re not wrong. Plenty of people share the same memories you do. We’re just sharing this reality with people who’ve always been here, or who’ve slid in from yet another reality.

        If you think of this as a really big spaceship, or hotel, or summer camp — with lots of visitors from many different realities — it makes this more fun, or at least interesting.

        Our memories may be different. That’s not a right/wrong thing… just different, and perhaps interesting to see the variations in other realities.


    3. I distinctly remember it being judgement, and it isn’t being underlined in red so I think that’s still a spelling, I didn’t know judgment was also a spelling though, it used to always be underlined in red. I also remember seeing people entering through the castle at Disney on Disney channel and in their adds, so that’s weird too.

    4. May I ask where you are from as Judgment is the American English spelling, judgment and Judgement have both been used in British English , with the latter gaining popularity for the last few century so is it possible this contributes to the reason why you have not come across Judgment before now?
      It looks wrong to me also, I am from Europe.
      Odd tho that my spell-check is always set to american english yet is showing Judgement as the correct spelling but not Judgment.
      Apparently Dilemma was miss taught as Dilemna in many american schools, but I have not confirmed this myself.
      The volvo!!! I am the same as you , I couldn’t believe it when I saw that logo, bizarre! to me it was a circle with the diagonal lines , but certainly no arrow, I must look for photos with our old cars to see if any have retained what I saw.

  42. This still fascinates me, and it really helps to know I’m not alone in freaking out over these changes!

    It’s interesting because I’m starting to question the things I remember differently. For example, I remember Sex IN the City, but by the time the movie came out, I remember it being abbreviated SatC by fans, and then I start to question whether I had just been misremembering all along… or is that just when I shifted into this reality?

    I also remember 51 states (I seem to remember us adding Puerto Rico as a state)? However, geography has always been one of my weak areas, so I could definitely be wrong about that. Not sure I’d count it as an ME memory for myself.

    What I do remember is the word “grateful” shifting from being spelled “greatful.” I remember getting really confused when I started getting corrected on that because I learned to spell it by associating the word with the adjective “great.”

    With regards to the Snow White thing, I definitely remember Mirror, Mirror, as many others do. I don’t think I have my old VHS, or I would check :/

    The thing that still blows my mind the most is the Henry VIII turkey leg portrait. I bring that one up to people a lot, and they remember the painting too (probably especially because I’m from the Boston area, and I know there was talk that this painting was displayed in Boston which was a popular field trip site for everyone in the area, even though I’m not sure I remember seeing it there myself).

    I asked my sister about some of these memories. She’s 2.5 years younger than me (I was born in 1989, and she was born in 1992). She remembers BerenstAin (and was always the fan of the books where I only sometimes read them to her), the Henry VIII portrait existing, and tank boy getting run over.

    I definitely find it fascinating that more and more people are coming forward with these things and becoming observant of changes in our world (or maybe it’s just that you’ve finally given all of us a place to voice these changes) as theories of a collective unconscious come further into the mainstream as well as discussions of multiple realities and how time is not actually linear become more popular among the science community. Are we evolving to become more aware and develop a sense of perception humans hadn’t previously had before? Curious.

    1. Greatful, Always to me. I remember thinking how silly people who spelt it grateful were. It always made me think why would someone think that the word grate, which means something usually unpleasant or like cutting up with a grater or a grate covering on the ground would have anything to do with the word Greatful, which is such a nice pleasant happy word, of course it’s spelled with great at the beginning. This one I refuse to believe. haha.I know it’s the reality of here, I’m just shocked.

  43. Hi.
    So, I’ve been aware of this phenomenon only since a few days, but things are pretty strange.

    I’m french, so I didn’t grow up with the Berenstein/ain bears, but I remember reading a Cracked article a few years ago and I think it was “stein”, but I can’t be certain.

    -It was “the Looney Toons” for me; I had VHS, and I remember the double “o”‘s in the title. It looks so wrong now, but I even asked someone randomly on the street and they spelled “tunes” and that is so weird for me, because I would have noticed such an english word as a child.

    -I don’t remember ever being taught about “Tank Man”; but I asked my mom and brother about it and they said he got away.

    -I remember “no, Luke, I am your father”, but it’s “no, I am your father” in french, I don’t know…

    -Mongolia wasn’t a country when I was at school studying geography, China was bigger. This is the most disturbing for me. I asked my parents about it and they remembered Mongolia being part of China, but my brother remembered it being a country. I wonder how that particular change affected history. China is obviously weaker but what is weird is how little I’m hearing about Mongolia around me (as in, not at all), even when other countries around it are talked about. What is up with Mongolia, seriously?

    -Also, I never heard of Andorra before yesterday, even though it’s right in between France and Spain. I know it’s very small, but so is Monaco, and I remember Monaco. My familly remembers it, however.

    -New Zealand does look out of place, so does Australia; also I seriously thought Japan was higher than that.

    -I have conflicting memories about Mandela. I remember being told he died in prison when I was little, but I also remember learning he became president at school.

    -I can’t remember Snow White, but I did a quick search on youtube and the suggestion words I got were “miroir, mon beau miroir” (mirror, my beautiful mirror), which does strike a bell, but the clip said “miroir magic au mur”(magic mirror on the wall), wich also strike a bell.

    Anyway, this is pretty fascinating; even though I cannot get over this freaking Mongolia! What is up with that? Seriously?

    1. Okay now I’m really freaked out. I had noticed a lot of geographical changes from what I remembered, and there was something about Mongolia that was bothering me, but I didn’t even notice the change in size of China! Now, looking at the world map, China is a different shape than it was before. If you make Mongolia part of China, and not its own country, that is the shape that China was before. I remember it very clearly. It never dipped at the top like that. This makes me certain that in my previous reality, Mongolia was not its own country.

      Also, I’m so relieved to see that not only am I the only one that doesn’t remember Andorra, but that its someone from France! Thank you for posting!

  44. Apparently the Pink Floyd line is now ‘Teachers, leave THOSE kids alone’, not ‘Teachers, leave THEM kids alone’ as many remember it.
    Not sure what your profanity proclivities for the site are Fiona but I sure do feel like swearing at the damn turkeys who are behind these shenanigans.

    1. Hi J.T.
      Could you link a version of that song that has “those” in it. I am a musician myself and a long time Pink Floyd fan. All the versions I own personally still have “them” as the lyric. I just listened to it to make sure. Which to me, had always been and still is correct.

  45. Yesterday I just watched the Simpsons S23x09 “Holidays of future passed” and I noticed something different: In the scene with the christmas photos the soundtrack is different from what I recall. Can you guys confirm or deny this? Maybe I’m wrong although this is something that has been buggin’ me since yesterday.

  46. Magic Mirror
    The movie Driving Miss Daisy was on last night and I noticed that when he was driving her to the “Piggly Wiggly” the sign on the store said “Piggly Viggly” with a V not W. However, the glass window from the opposite side of street reflected “Piggly Wiggly” eventhough the actual sign was spelled with a V. (Could not find a short clip of this entire scene. Maybe they did not edit the scene’s reflection and is coincidence or intended.? Also notice how the driver always looks back in his mirror at Miss Daisy)

    This being the 3rd time, or more, of this mirror thing coming up (after watching Alice in Wonderland, the Disney clip of Snow White, and mention of reading reflected images by a poster, I figure maybe to check it out and test on the BerenstAin Bear book at my earliest. If the mirror is “magic” then perhaps the A will appear as an E when reflected in a mirror.

    1. Daniel, what a delightful concept! Through the looking-glass, indeed!

      However, the Driving Miss Daisy sign may have been altered in production, to avoid having a trademarked name on the screen. This is the same reason tee-shirts are often blurred, to obscure brand names.

      The mirror idea is wonderful. The next question would be whether only some mirrors (such as Erised in the Harry Potter stories) reveal an alternate reality.


  47. Louise definetly died, I remember that there was a cartoon with him and me and my friends watched it when we heard. Plus the dude from Keenan and Kel died after Good Burger but I saw him later and thought that I remembered it wrong.

    1. Louie Anderson I remember the cartoon series Life with louie it was about a fat kid and i was a fat kid, then couple of seasons in i remember they stopped showing it because the actor i want to say killed himself but that feels wrong somehow as if i am not sure how he died just he died. I live in the UK so if he was on family feud over then he died it would make sense as the uk cartoons were always a few years out. Now it says there are more seasons than i remembered.. rather than the two I know happened

      1. Martin,

        Louie Anderson’s death and subsequent return from the grave are my clearest and most powerful ME experience. I remember his death during the filming of his cartoon as being health-related due to unhealthy lifestyle (weight issues and such), and my husband and I have referenced this many many times throughout the years. I was stunned to find him alive again a year or so back. And what’s more, every person that I have mentioned this to also believed him to be dead and required some level of convincing. [Shout out to Google search! 🙂 ]

  48. The Pink Floyd song : It’s still “teacher , leave THEM kids alone in the reality I live in.

    Have checked on you-tube , I am interested where anybody heard these other lyrics.

    1. Ricardo, this is getting very interesting. If changes are taking place that close to the moment, that’s even more intriguing and easier to date stamp, to correlate to other events.

      1. What I find most interesting about this Pink Floyd song being brought up here, is that the song does seem to relate to our discussions of time and reality. I had a brief listen to some of the other songs on the album, and it seems that the other songs are also relevant. I am planning on buying the album soon and giving it a couple of listens all the way through.

        I also watched “Slacker” yesterday, after seeing a reference to it on this website. The entire movie deals with the theme of time and alternate history/dimensions. It even references the brick and the wall as artificial constructs, as well as your parents and the sky, which also turn up on the Pink Floyd Album. I very highly recommend watching this movie.

        Another song that has been referenced here is Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime”. I find that interesting because I happened to recall it independently when I first came upon the idea of the Mandela Effect. It is very much about the Mandela Effect and the concept of time. The music video is very powerful. The entire album is very good and relevant to the concepts we discuss here.

        1. When listening just now to Brick in the Wall I hear Pink Floyd say “THEM” kids, but when the kids sing it’s “THOSE” kids

    2. I just listened Another Brick in the Wall, Pt 2 on Spotify. I was never aware there was a part 1 and part 2, but part 2 is the one you hear everywhere. First they say them, then later in the song, they say those. It’s pretty much how I remember it.

  49. In addition to the ones I’ve mentioned, I also remember:

    Beautiful day in the neighborhood
    The Candidate
    King George VIII with a turkey leg
    Sex in The City
    Luke, I am Your Father
    Moreso (as one word)

    What is beginning to baffle me the more I research is some of the inconsistencies concerning the alternative memories vs. the current/accepted ones — i.e. this “reality residue”, where there is some trace of the other way that we remember something to have been. I commented a couple of times about the Interview With A/The Vampire one, and someone mentioned one concerning The Berenstein Bears, and now I’ve found one concerning Jiffy/Jif peanut butter. It’s an amazon listing for “Jiffy To Go Peanut Butter Snacks”. The listing and description call it “Jiffy”, while the image of the product itself shows the label as reading “Jif”! The mixtures of the two realities are the weirdest and most incomprehensible to me, stranger than the overall change itself and freakier than completely separate, distinctly different elements of different realities.

    Also, I wonder if anyone has noticed any common factor between the changes (alternate memories) or are they truly random/unrelated? In other words, do these movies, products, or missing landmasses, etc. have anything in common?

    I’ve realized what I perceive to be a common factor. I wonder if anyone agrees. It would seem that the changed elements represent less creative/logical/intuitive choices for titles, slogans, spellings, lyrics than the original/other timeline? I insist that I am observing this objectively, and have no bias toward or preference for the way I remember them. I have no idea what the meaning of this is, but I hope that someone else has some ideas. Nonetheless, here are some examples of what I mean:

    “Jiffy” has a meaning — it means “quick”, whereas “Jif” means nothing. “The neighborhood”, is a natural reference to Mr. Roger’s point of reference (his own neighborhood), and makes sense, whereas “this neighborhood” is odd because it almost vaguely implies that it is a beautiful day in Rogers’s neighborhood but definately not other neighborhoods, something uncharacteristic of Mr. Rogers’s characteristic positivity and optimism. Interview With A Vampire makes sense because there were many vampires, and one of them was submitting to an interview, whereas Interview With THE Vampire is less intuitive and not the first choice for a writer because it sort of makes it sound like he’s the only vampire. “Nobody Doesn’t Like Sarah Lee” isn’t just grammatically counter-intuitive (quazi-double negative?), it is almost subliminally negative towards their own product, as if they protest too much that nobody doesn’t like it or that they are rightfully defensive about nobody liking it. Sex and the City makes less sense than Sex in the City, as if the sex and the city are separate, unrelated entities, which is the opposite natural suggestion that sex in the city would have, as this implies the actual theme of the show, sex/romance taking place in NYC. To me, it makes more sense that King George would hold a turkey leg than grasp a little seemingly dirty cloth that does not appear to be a handkerchief (as he does in this timeline’s version. Campaign makes less sense than Candidate because the concept of a person rather than a process is always more compelling as a title. Berenstain does not follow Latin-based linguistic or etymological patterns, and also just sounds crude and almost vulgar (and was that or is it even now an actual Surname or even a known variant of one?) And the same goes for Procter! Replacing a flesh-colored crayon with apricot makes no sense, as flesh or apricot would be the only non-primary and non-basic color included, and many kids would need to portray Caucasians in their coloring, while apricot is silly and useless in this context. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall” is an incantation, whereas “magic mirror on the wall” is not, and also sounds banal. “Luke…I…am…your Father” is dramatic, and the wording and delivery stretch out the moment, whereas “No, I am your father” is passionless, suspenseless, non-dramatic, and boring. TAPS is a poor choice for a show about ghost hunting — you want people to know what the show is about if you want them to watch it, so Ghost Hunters would be the logical choice for the producers. These new names and slogans are all second or even third best choices, no, hundredth best. Most (if not all) of the changes, even those I’ve not mentioned, seem to have this common denominator, that they are all either less clever, less intuitive, or make no sense at all.

    Another question I find myself asking is this: are the changes continuously occurring, or did they occur all at once? And does that question even make any sense, as there seem to be bizarre inconsistencies regarding WHEN the same changes took place for different people and also that the changes don’t seem to have taken place at the same time for everyone? Just weird! This seems to imply, once again, an inextricable connection between consciousness and (space-)time. Thoughts anyone?

    And has anyone noticed that the more you look at and hear and think about the NEW ways that the more familiar they become and the more you get a weird feeling that it was always that way, even while the mind rejects this as untrue, as if one’s awareness of the new way is almost sucking one into the memory of the new reality, as if Mother Nature is trying to correct it’s “mistake” (the glitch), as if it is somehow against the laws of physics to remember something in a way that it is not, even if it was that way before? I do not intuit that this has anything to do with the power of suggestion.

    Here’s another question. Does anyone perceive that perhaps the closer someone is to the origin of the changed thing, the less likely they will be to remember the old/other/alternate way? For instance, the screenwriter of a film with a new name are less likely to remember the old name than, say, a fan? As if there is a quantum relationship between the creator and the creation? The actors in the film would also be less likely to remember the new way because of their hand in creating the film? And perhaps as if the change is not instant, but is spreading out like a ripple, slowly affecting (infecting?) reality, beginning with the most central people responsible for the in work or incident in question, spreading from there outward, reaching last those most removed from the initial thing or event that was changed? For example, I am willing to bet that Jan and Stan Berenstein did not wake up one day and find that the spelling of their names had changed on their driver’s licenses. Their longtime neighbors are just a little more likely to remember their neighbors as the Berensteins rather than the Berenstains themselves, and the friends of the neighbors are a little more likely than the neighbors to remember, and so on and so on outward as a ripple, until you reach the casual fan, then outward to the casual observer, then to someone who is vaguely familiar. I intuit some scientific principles at work, but lack of knowledge of physics and quantum physics handicaps me on this one. Anyone?

    1. Brian S. ,
      Your paragraph about the new versions being less logical, is right on the money. I’ve been thinking the same for quite some time. It seems more artificial , robotic or whatever. Like you , I’m not swayed one way or the other , but their are just way too many inconsistencies anymore to ignore. You wrote a great post, I hope people really read it. I’m on my phone. But may add more later from my computer. But I have to agree with you. Mike H.

      1. Thank you Mike H. I hope you do write more on this, as I have lots of questions and few answers! Anyone else have any answers? Finona? Your thoughts pretty please?

        1. Brian S., Mike H. has been saying things so eloquently, and I’ve been so absorbed by the comment load, I haven’t had adequate time to muse about this. I will add my two cents, once I feel that I have something useful to add to this conversation. Continue! This is wonderful!

          1. Fiona,
            I am just glad to have a safe place to contemplate some of the theories and ideas we all have! Not sure how I kept them “bottled up” all these years. And for that, I can never thank you enough.

            Brian S. I really wish I had answers. For years I thought maybe I was going insane, LOL. And honestly, who is to say that some people with mental illness, might not be getting glimpses of alternate timelines ect. Sometimes I wonder this. I have been around a few autistic kids (I am NOT equating this to mental illness) , and some of the things they say “off the cuff”, would really make me do a double take. Their ability to see, or interpret things differently then us, is actually very amazing.

            For me personally though, the more I look at these anomalies, changes , or ME’s, I never get used to them. They never look, or feel right to me. Some of them are almost “repulsive” to me, like they are so foreign I just can not accept them. Because I KNOW that is not how they were(used to be??). I don’t know how to describe.

            There are a lot of really good posts coming on here lately, I am having a hard time even reading them all, let alone replying to some I really want to—–lots of “ah Ha!” moments for me! I hope everyone continues with their ideas, because , who knows, maybe, just maybe someday we will all be able figure this out together. Like I have said before, we are all here for a reason, we are the ones that have noticed. Mike H.

            1. Dear Mike,

              Thank you for mentioning the “repulsive” aspect of some of these changes. I’ve had many responses to individual changes, from nonchalance, to thinking “That’s weird . . .” There have been moments of eye-rolling, or disbelief, or even annoyance. I was creeped out over Louie Anderson being alive, after I saw a picture of him looking noticeably older than he could possibly have been. But even that pretty much faded after a few days.

              But one thing I have absolutely not been able to accept in any way is the changes to Madagascar. It’s not the size or location, but the change in history. My Madagascar had no native population. At any given time, you could find a few thousand people there, but they were all there to work. They were scientists, or they worked for companies to exploit the resources of the island. No one was actually *from* Madagascar. Now there’s something like 22 million people there. There’s a capital city of *2 million* people!

              I went to wikipedia to read up on this new Madagascar. I only made it through the first couple of sections. Once the article started talking about the historical events of the people, I couldn’t keep reading. I found the whole thing utterly “repellant”, was the word I was using.** I haven’t been able to force myself to go back and finish the article. My sense of curiosity is utterly crushed by the certainty that this is completely wrong, and possibly even sinister in some way. This is the only change I’ve found that has evoked such a strong, negative reaction in me.

              **My apologies to anyone from Madagascar who might read this. This is your reality, and I’m the one who doesn’t belong here. Or, at least, I’m not from here.

              1. Dee,
                Wanted to reply, I actually noticed the geography in 2009, before the bears. Australia-NZ was a big one for me, along with Cuba (among others). Madagascar is an interesting one too me also. Never did I think 22 million people, never. It wasn’t as in my face as some of the others, but not everyone, is probably going to notice everything, hopefully that makes sense.

                Yes the famous people, that’s what I have been noticing since 1985, for me. Too many to list in this post. One that hit me like a hammer, was spelling. Dilemna sealed it for me so to speak. That word, for so many people to “mis-remember”, is not logical. That is a “learned” trait, people were taught to spell that way. In no way would it make sense for people to use mna, that’s not the easy way, and it’s not logical to misspell it with a silent n. Just doesn’t make sense. This is one of those things that my brain wont accept. I could on, but you get the point. Excellent post by the way , Mike H.

                1. Hi, Mike.

                  Thank you for the response. I have to say I’m amazed that you first noticed changes so long ago. The first two changes I noticed were in the 1 to 2 years ago range, and I look back now in consternation at how I just glossed over them and rationalized them away. I dismissed Berenstain Bears as a persistent and annoying typo, since I only saw references to the books on-line. I assume I’d have paid more attention if I had actually seen a book with a mis-spelled title. Then there was the realization that Mongolia was suddenly a country. Where was my curiosity over how and when that happened? I basically just shrugged and let it go. From my own experience, it seems the mind is quite adept at glossing over inconsistencies. Then maybe a month ago I stumbled across a discussion about how the Berenst*in Bears was an actual issue, which led me to this website. I hope I’m paying attention now, because apparently “reality” is far weirder than I ever realized.

            2. Sorry, Mike H., I asked where your posts were and now I see them…apparently I need to reload my browser every time I return, and even sometimes clear the cache (Fiona, please feel to not approve the erroneous comment in which I asked him about the location of his posts). I know what you mean about the wealth of information and anecdotes here! Just amazing, and I, too, am struggling (obsessively) to read it all.

              Mike H., you ARE adapting; your very presence and participation here are evidence of this process. Please, do not stress or despair, everything is okay, and you will be okay. I truly understand the trauma of being disoriented as to what (relative) reality is now, and also the anxiety and insecurity of not knowing what is shifting or changing from day to day or nanosecond to nanosecond. I think that many of us are dealing with this, all in our own way. I try to think of this as an adventure, and, as banal as this may seem, I also feel like I’m “in a movie”, an exciting Sci-Fi thriller; after all, life imitates art, right? 🙂 I am trying to adapt to the sense of Reality not being My Reality, but The Reality, which I guess potentially includes all of them, and me potentially shifting in (and out?) of an infinite number of them at an infinite rate. It would seem that “going with the flow” could not possibly apply — figuratively and literally — more to any experience than this one (whatever the hell it is). As I see it, in regards to our emotional orientation to this phenomenon, it matters not if we are shifting from one reality or another because of a “natural” phenomenon, or if we are quantumly immortal and “died” in the “other” reality/realities and our awareness shifted focus into the “other us” in this reality (I don’t think merely vanishing from another reality is in any way logical or possible, as there would be two of me here and two of you; if we are truly shifting from one reality to another and are not, in fact, victims of an artificially altered timeline, I think that “poofing” is an absurd logical fallacy; such a quantum shift as the Mandela Effect would more rationally involve a Consciousness Switch/Trade of one’s Awareness/Consciousness native to the other reality with one’s Consciousness that is native to this reality. And if the “shift” or “slide” [I hate that term “slide”] is related to our “death” in another reality, the shift then shouldn’t even require us “switching bodies” with our other selves, as my interpretation of Quantum Mechanics suggests that your soul, Mike H., is simultaneously incarnate in an infinite number of Mike H. bodies in an infinite number of alternate realities, with you consciously experiencing one Mike H. incarnation at a time, while experiencing all of the others subconsciously, and that therefore there is technically no “shifting” of awareness from one reality to another, but, rather, a mere change in perspective when one Mike H. body dies, causing one of the other Mike H. realities you’d previously been experiencing subconsciously to become “your” new default conscious perspective) , as no matter what is happening or why or how it is happening, there is one thing that we can be certain of: we, as individuals, are having an experience. When I learn something new about the way that the Cosmos functions and allow it to cause me anxiety, it’s because I made a presumption about reality and about it’s limits, having unwittingly and unintentionally boxed in the unboxable, having assumed that I knew everything about how the Cosmos functions. So I guess for me, I try to remind myself that I don’t know anything about this experience except that “I” am having one, and that I cannot rightly be surprised or disturbed by what I ever experience, and also that “I” am infinite and immortal and that an infinite immortal has absolutely nothing to fear — not even fear itself. Easier said than done. I’ll probably not do that five minutes from now when I learn that, in the time it took to write this, that I shifted into a reality in which Michael Jackson is alive and well and that it’s a well known fact that it’s ALWAYS been HIM starring in all of those commercials as Ronald McDonald, with Bubbles waiting anxiously in the rolled-up windows of a Scandinavian-made ’84 Mazda nestled in a parking lot adjacent to the location of the shoot, and I FREAK THE FRICK OUT. Um, please don’t tell me that I’ve already made that shift *nervously munches a plain Kid’s Meal burger*

              1. Brian S. ,
                I swear this post wasn’t here earlier, on my computer, or ipad. I had been on the site several times today. Strange.

                Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I believe I have been adapting to “it” for the last 30years, but just recently started sharing with other people. I wont rehash my story, it’s on here somewhere, several times, LOL. I have learned to embrace “it”, as it sounds like you have. I just notice so much anymore, it gets to be kind of like “again”??, every time it happens. My thoughts and theories on “it” are constantly evolving. Through my life I have always looked for answers, sometimes they are not comfortable, sometimes they are nice and tidy, and other times the answers just bring out more questions. Or as in the ME’S case, more questions, lead to more questions. With no answers yet. I enjoy your posts, your closings always give me a laugh, Mike H.

                  1. Interesting. I’ve approved all of your public comments and Mike H’s, so there’s no reason for anything to go missing. I sometimes move comments if they’re clearly more suited to threads at a particular page or post, but that’s rare (one in 200 or so comments) and I don’t think it’s been the case for posts from either of you.

                    Here’s something you can do: Keep track of your posts. For each comment, save a three- or four-word phrase that might be unique. If a comment seems to go missing, let me know the phrase, and I can search for it at my dashboard. (At present, there are over 5k comments — either approved and visible to the public, or in the “shared in confidence” section, though the latter is only around 200 comments.)

                    However, the technical issue/explanation isn’t without merit. When I’m going through the comments, most days, I have to click to at least three different sections (the Comments tab, the Pending tab, and then back to the Comments tab) to find all of them. This is the only site where I have that issue (and, for the record, it’s not that I inadvertently landed on a post- or page-specific comments list), and the only site that keeps insisting one of the WP plugins is outdated, when nothing is.

                    1. Fiona, I actually thought it might be on my end. I sometimes post from 3-4 different devices. I always just assume it’s because of that. All my posts show up eventually. Don’t you just love technology sometimes ?? Lol! I have a computer that insists I need the new version of adobe flash, I have downloaded it 20 times, still says I need it. Anyway I think you do a great job, I’m sure it’s an unbelievable amount to go through everyday. Mike H.

              2. A most honest comment,Brian S,the only point that i differ on is,why be apprehensive of mortality ? Why lean on immortality,genetic,quantum or any other?.Honesty is an attribute that absolves a being for eternity.

                1. Dear Vivek, I do not fear death. I also have no reason to conclude that Quantum Immortality is a viable theory. The reason that I don’t fear death is because there is no death. I know that you know what I mean. I appreciate your honesty, too. Honestly, I do 🙂

                  1. Brian, Men don’t fear their own death,they are afraid of their son’s death,specially first born or their grand son’s.When Ferrari blackmailed a righteous police officer,O’brien to betray taunting him with the notion of genetic immortality,he did betray(This way for a shroud, take king henry 8th or jack london,how they craved for a son, or the tragedy of lindbergh baby the first born son, where the public was more emotional than the parents.Chase and cricket rule india,but they are not popular in States,you guys missing a lot.

            1. Brian S. ,
              I think I probably have posts on all the major memory link pages. I posted quite a bit in the “when did it start for you” page. I and post quite a bit on the possible explanations page also. I didn’t start posting until March of 2015 (some of my earlier posts are just under Mike), as I explained to Fiona, it took me a long time to even talk about these things, and even longer to find a “safe” place to post them, Fiona runs a very fair site, and I like that. This is the only site I will post on, about these topics, for that reason. I have enjoyed reading your posts, well thought out, please keep them coming. A lot of great discussions have been happening here lately. Mike H.

          2. I’m wondering, does anyone remember back in the early to mid 2000’s when instead of turning the clocks back one hour, we were told to turn them back two(or forward two). I heave asked many people if they remember this, but no one does. I did come across one person who vaguely recalls something like that happening, but they weren’t totally sure. I distinctly remember this happening because we were never given a coherent reason why we had to do this. To this day it still kind of weirds me out that no one recalls this but me.

            1. Echo. I remember this happened one year. It was fall and we set the clocks back two hours at two a.m. That was the way people remembered. Fall back 2 at 2. I was utterly confused because we always did fall back an hour. Never two. It never happened before or after that year. During the time it happened, everyone acted like I was nuts for thinking it was Fall back 2 at 2 because it wouldn’t save any daylight hours. I brushed it off and it never happened again. It was weird. But never thought it was an ME until I just read your comment.

    2. I too think the ‘improvements’ are blatantly dumbed down. Whether this is on purpose, so that we will see it as intentional or not is hard to determine at this point. Also, following your line of thinking… is there something in common with those of us who have taken notice and accepted this is a phenomenon?

      1. Ayla,
        I am hesitant to go down the do we have “special” or “super” powers line of thinking. Although at this point, I have noticed some of this stuff for so long, who knows I guess. Personally though, I think for the most part we all just happen to be more critical/free thinking types of people. People who notice “details”. Mike H.

        1. I like that attitude, Mike. I believe we notice details and perhaps give them more thought than others might. I think we each shine in different ways, and — for those of us noticing ME — we happen not to accept the “mis-remembered” or “just confused” label, and take a second (and third) critical look at our memories to decide what’s going on, memory by memory.

      2. Alya, great question. I also asked myself if we who remember the other reality(ies) preceding the natural shift/shifts or timeline tampering (it is so hard to talk about the unknown lol) have something in common. It’s difficult for me to ascertain at this point because I very recently discovered what happened/ is happening, and I don’t yet know enough about those experiencing the Mandela Effect to formulate any sort of logical or alogical hypothesis. Having said that, my raw, limited, uninformed, observation so far is that this question you pose if very difficult to answer or even begin to answer. We don’t know all who are aware of any shift(s) or change(s), only those who have currently become aware of this change AND who are not too afraid or skeptical to deny their own senses/memories/judgement/sanity AND who found this website AND who decided to contribute, thereby making us aware of their experience(s); that’s a lot of ANDS. Too many to conduct any sort of conclusive study. And before any of us have a chance to conduct such a study, we may find ourselves waking up in a “new” reality in which this website doesn’t exist and Mark Walhberg is a chimp studied by Jane Goodall.

    3. Brian S, excellent comment! Especially where you mentioned how it seems that the more you focus on the changed event/person/thing in question, the more it seems “familiar” to you. I am experiencing this myself. Is it our mind trying to make sense of something we cannot yet explain, and thus, we unconsciously “adapt” and accept the new reality as one that has always been. Or, instead of our own internal self-survival mechanisms taking over, could this “familiarizing” be caused by something external? (there are countless theories on this) How long do we all have before none of us will remember any of the original realities? And how many people are institutionalized for not being able to “adapt” or “familiarize” themselves to a new reality they found themselves stuck in?

      1. Denise, very good post. And if it were along the lines of adapting or not. I am afraid , I am just not going to make it. I just notice too much anymore, especially the last 5-6 years. Some things my brain just refuses to change. Maybe it’s an age thing , I don’t know. But no mater what it’s like I am lying to myself when I try to “adapt”. Make sense? Mike H.

        1. I’ll adapt to survive, and I do my best to use my internal “Mute” button when speaking up serves no purpose. Adopting others’ (or the prevalent) version of history or truth, when it conflicts with what I know to be true? Unlikely. And — just in case anyone wondered — adapting to fit in… that’s never going to happen. LOL

          1. That’s the spirit Fiona,too bad you don’t take any spirits.When i was teen age i read a story where the adventurer said he wouldn’t have survived the ordeals without scotch.Nevertheless, ME participants are complementing whatever you lack for medical reasons.Sri Lanka memory is one that is enduring and applies to a very broad spectrum of populace,Lucknow being a place on the fringes of 1000 miles distance helped me give a shape to answer the discrepency of local compliance to current reality.

      2. Denise, thank you, and thank you for your response and for these important questions.

        From my personal experience, what I have noticed about this particular phenomenon and my observation of myself and my relationship to it is that it has nothing to do with any defense mechanism or the “power of suggestion”. I’ll tell you why.

        First, I have never felt the impulse to make sense of the changes at any cost; in other words, I would rather never find the missing pieces of the puzzle than to force the wrong shapes into the whole. I don’t NEED to make sense of it, I just WANT to, so I have no motivation — conscious or unconscious — to conform to this reality in the sense that I would try to adapt or make “sense” of it just for the sake of it or just to feel comfortable or secure; weirdo that I am, I actually love this weird experience of seemingly impossible (and sometimes disturbing) things happening, even when these things are currently and may always be inexplicable. My only source of stress in this context is my limited amount of free time and waking hours to research this. I have had numerous mystical and supernatural experiences in my thirty-four years on this planet, so I am probably as accustomed to the bizarre and surreal as a person can be.

        Secondly, I would like to think that I am not easily influenced or swayed by anyone or anything. I have never seen life, the world, or reality as the majority of people do, so I am also accustomed to having alternative understandings of world events, natural phenomena, history, politics, etc., so I suppose having alternative memories is not too different than what I’m used to anyway.

        I can’t say the same for others, of course; it would seem, though (and would logically follow), that a person deluding themselves or being unwittingly swayed by an external influence cannot be self-aware of their own lack of self-awareness, and that, therefore, just the very fact that we are observing this strange sense of it becoming familiar makes it self-evident that it is truly a quantum phenomenon. My intuition tells me that the laws of physics, such as with gravity, are acting on our awarenesses/memories, to draw us into a quantum path of least resistance and influencing us to some degree to conform to the new reality, as if it is the law of conservation of energy is at work, it being more efficient and more practical on a quantum level for our memories to match our reality. The most interesting question you posed was will our memories of the other reality/realities eventually fade, and, as Fiona has said, I don’t think that this will happen — at least not to all of us. I think that it depends on the individual’s strength of will, sense of self, their self-confidence, and their degree of intent to be vigilant. Although I have experienced Mother Nature’s nagging “pull” to be a good boy and remember this timeline rather than another, I am very, very bad, and none of Her efforts have in the least affected my original memories or my ability to retain them perfectly intact. I feel that this new world will always be alien to me (just as the old one always was), and I am hopelessly in love with the exotic, and am therefore cool with it. Until I wake up one day to find that I am now the wife of Gene Simmons.

        1. Brian S, I liked your comment about the possibility of being “drawn into the quantum path of least resistance” when it comes to our memories of our past realities. There is definitely that pull to “assimilate” these new ones, but like yourself, I still have very clear memories of a past that does not belong in this timeline. And with more and more inconsistencies being found, such as the “new” spelling of Pete Townsend, and Snuffleufagus, memory loss will not likely happen. I too am excited by what crazy, new changes may be in store for us. The world was magical to me as a child…. time stood still. The world was full of talking trees, sleeping mountains and unseen creatures, and though I have always been open to the “unknown”, I feel that child-like magic is back. Maybe that is the purpose of all of this.

  50. Escapism,per se ,is not a bad idea if you are tormented by a miserable past,it becomes an art of living.But for those who are not so affected,the magic potion could be a cause for perplexity,a powerful herb, a soothing intoxicant that was never needed,and yet not without its effect.For those with a flair for flippancy and purple prose,and for those with a scarcity of ideas but with a penchant for illuminati bashing, it offers unlimited scope.For me it’s the first reason,a source of legitimate flippancy.But then a ‘flippant’ is the precursor of ‘A great master’.

  51. You forgot one more from Star Trek, My partner and I remember Captain Kirk saying “Beam me up Scotty” Apparently, he’s never said it in this timeline, and it’s “Beam me aboard” instead.

    1. Michael Snake, I appreciate the nudge. Others have mentioned that same Star Trek issue. I’m simply so overwhelmed with comments these past several weeks, I haven’t had a chance to fully update the Major Memories page.

    2. It’s a really famous quote I’ve always known it as “beam me up Scotty” also. I’ve learned of a new Mandela effect today, wasn’t it smokey THE bear? Looks like it’s only smokey bear now.

      1. Granted you have to hunt it down I did find a comic that said “Smokey the bear” it does appear to be smokey bear every place else.

      2. I looked it up and found that wikipedia says it’s either or, but then I thought: Wait! That doesn’t necessarily clear up the whole issue so I found this article saying that it WAS originally Smokey Bear, then there was a song that used Smokey THE Bear and it was so popular it changed the way people thought of Smokey Bear…. I don’t remember any song, but I do remember Smokey THE Bear telling me “Only You can Prevent Forest Fires”

        1. Daphne, I agree. I never heard of “Smokey Bear” (instead of “Smokey the Bear,” which I’m familiar with) until it was introduced in these threads.

          1. Fiona,

            I’ve been noticing that many posters to this site, myself included, only become aware of certain MEs after they are mentioned by others, and require further investigation to be convinced of the shift. Personally I have left these threads several times to investigate reported changes, and been astounded to find confirmation of the change, (the/this neighborhood, they/he will come, chik/chick fil a, etc.). This has me wondering if, at least some of the time, the introduction of the idea of the new version of reality described by others, has a causative effect in shifting one into that alternate version of reality. For instance, it’s always been Chik fil A with a k, no c, for me, until I entertained the idea of the Chick spelling, investigated, and subsequently shifted into the Chick reality. Could awareness of different realities be part of the picture in causing a ME shift? Something to ponder.

  52. Just to add my voice to the conversation again, cool, I too remember ” Mirror, Mirror On The Wall ” not ” Magic Mirror “. But then I also remember a couple different things as well like in Fantasia for me it was Dopey from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs not Mickey Mouse who was Wizard’s Apprentice in that scene with buckets of water and countless number of brooms. Then there is that Disney cartoon from 1980’s? set in Wild West that nobody but me seems to recall. It was called something like ‘Billie Joe The Bantam Barnstormer’ and had Andy Griffith in it voicing a singing rooster dressed as cowboy. Don Knotts was his talking horse. Then there’s Walt Disney impersonator at Disneyworld. Does anybody else as a kid remembers there being guy at Walt Disney World who dressed and look like alot Walt Disney who’s job was to hang around the gates at Main Street and welcome people to park ? Also who here remembers leaving park through enchanted castle, down the drawbridge and onto a golf cart where it took you through car park and on to Monorail back to hotel ? I do 🙁

  53. I have refrained from posting on this topic of the Mandela Effect since coming across it approximately one month ago. In fact, although I have been following “alternative/conspiracy” websites for roughly 15 years I have never commented on any topic yet. In the end, I felt compelled to add my 2 cents here.

    I will refrain from going too deeply into what I do/don’t remember from this timeline vs. alternative timelines, but suffice it to say that I do share many ‘alternative’ memories listed. A few are more convincing than others and I do share the experience of remembering both the ‘new’ and ‘old’ versions of events, which is an entirely new sensation to me and VERY strange.

    Throughout my life I have been prone to thinking differently/critically and often times having a different ‘inner’ reality than the ‘outer’ reality we all share. So, I am somewhat used to dealing with unusual topics and phenomenon, but something about the Mandela Effect is quite unique; even among all the other ‘out there’ theories I have pondered in my life.

    Viewing events that have happened previously in my life through the lens of The Mandela Effect I am convinced that I have experienced these time shifts and anomalies in the past, but did not have sufficient understanding to what might be happening. I will give a few examples.

    A few years back I was going through a very strange series of dreams at night that were unlike other dreams I have had before. In essence, these dreams were so detailed and intricate that they were like i had stepped into an alternate reality. The dreams were more ‘solid’ than normal dreams i have (more like the ‘real’ world) and over the several nights they were occurring I felt as if I was visiting the same place when I went to bed. The people, places, and conversations were all tied together from previous nights.

    So that alone was strange, but another thing happened during the time of these dream nights that was even stranger. I had rented a movie (in my waking world) that I had not watched yet and it needed to be returned that day or I would get a late fee, so I decided to watch it and return it later that day. When I put the disc in my player it asked if I wanted to resume playback or return to the beginning of the movie. I was very confused; I had never watched this movie before and that option only comes up in a dvd/bluray player if that disc has been watched on that machine before. Out of curiosity I chose to resume playback and the movie picks up as the titles/credits start rolling…in other words: the end of the movie.

    I then changed to the first scene of the movie, assuming I had watched it before and forgot. No luck; I watch the entire movie and realize I have never seen it before. My initial logic led me to believe my sleep/dream issue had caused me to sleepwalk (which I am NEVER known to do) and watch the movie in my sleep. Not that it matters, but the movie was All Good Things. I now wonder if there was another explanation.

    More recently, we moved into a house and have been experiencing what most would classify as paranormal activity. Nothing malicious, just strange things happening with no logical explanation that most would attribute to paranormal/ghost activity. Although I entertain many strange concepts, ghosts have never been something I was drawn to believe in. I believe this activity in my house is more related to something going on with alternate realities.

    The most strange occurrence lately really shook me up. It took place all of 2 days after learning about the Mandala Effect. I use an e-cigarette that allows the user to change the power the unit is being used at. Mine is set to 15 watts (for reference) and the power level is ‘locked’ so it cannot be changed unintentionally. I never change this setting, but a few days after learning about ME I noticed the power had been changed and the new power ‘locked’ in. I pondered how this could have accidentally happened and any theory I could come up with that would work in a traditional logic sense seemed more unbelievable than allowing myself to wonder if something ‘else’ was going on.

    I am not going to state what the power level was changed to (for reasons I will describe), but something about the ‘new’ power level it had been changed to stuck in my mind. Shortly after I realized that if I took the original power it was set on and subtracted the new power it had changed to then I ended up with a number that had specific meaning to me. This number has always been “my number/lucky number’ during my life and has played a very synchronistic role in my reality.

    Needless to say, when i realized the difference between the 2 power settings had significant meaning to me I was blown away. I am not sure what is causing the ME effect as a whole, but this has caused me to believe that there is something to it which has personally related to me and not some random change in the timeline, but I could be wrong. I am hesitant to post the actual ‘lucky number’ on this forum in the event that at some point in the future the information was used to retroactively relate to me. If I don’t post it then there is no other way this information could be used against me as opposed to being used to show me something positive. Not sure if that makes sense, but it is a policy to protect the authenticity of my experience in relation to ME/altered timelines.

    One final note before I go. I just noticed today that there is a word spelled “Allover”. I swear I did not ever see this spelling before and it was always separated into “all” and “over”. I generally am good with written words and am pretty sure I would at least remember seeing it written that way before. I would love to hear from anyone else who might share this alternative memory of the spelling. Thanks to all for sharing your experiences and to Fiona for hosting the site; great job all and keep going!

    1. I’ve never seen the word allover before either, it looks so weird.

      I have 2 major spelling ME issues other than the Berenstein Bears that really bugs me. 1) I always spelt definately this way in jr. high school/HS, for years. Use the word all of the time. Around college probably around 2000-2003, I noticed that it told me it was wrong. Everytime I would write the word it looked like I was spelling it wrong in spell check. I didn’t know what was going on, but I forgot about it until the Mandela Effect site here and others posted it too. This was always a problem for me for years. I would literally yell, “why can’t I get this right?” My hands had a motor memory (muscle memory) of spelling it definately and would not stop. It was always the same way. I finally retrained my hands to spell it “right” now, but it was through a lot of yelling. I also grew up in a school at a young age (before 4th grade because that was a different school) I had to type with a cloth over my hands. This probably instills motor memory for typing more too. 2) I remember specifically looking up how to spell vaccuum, and learning it was 2 c’s and 2 u’s. I looked it up in school, for school work. I was confused when I learned it was “wrong” now, until this site, when someone else spelt it the same way. Phew!

      Also something you said reminded me of this, there’s an interesting video here about the Berenstein Bears from a religious perspective, but it also mentions numbers as signs, like seeing the time 9:11 often, etc. You might find it interesting:

      1. Barbara, thanks for your comments. The video takes ME discussions in an intensely religious direction that I’d like to avoid at this site. I’m letting this through, anyway, because it’s interesting (to me, anyway) to see how people are placing the Berenstein/Berenstain issue in a specific context, sometimes to suit a particular agenda.

        As a side note, it’s interesting. But, as a discussion thread, it could turn to flames in a hurry, so let’s not go down that path.


        1. I understand and for that reason I kept my religious feelings out of my response and it isn’t my video or anything, but I thought the video in particular might mean something to Phi because of the fact that he was seeing numbers that were special to him specifically. Thanks for letting it go through.

          1. Barbara,

            Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure if the numbers issue is always Mandela Effect. I’ve had this conversation several times with others, offline, and in a different context.

            Doreen Virtue interprets number sequences as messages from angels. Others feel certain, specific numbers mean very specific things, and are coming through from those who’ve “crossed over.” We’ve run informal tests with both theories and seen interesting, encouraging results.

            I’d be very reluctant to place all number sequences/messages in a sinister context, or even one related to a specific religious construct. And, depending on how you define the various alternate realities (including parallel worlds and the afterlife), number sequences or patterns might be something wholly unrelated to Mandela Effect… or very much part of it.

            We’re getting into an area where the edges blur and spiritual concepts can overlap scientific ones.

            Interesting, as Mr. Spock would say.


    2. I looked up “allover,” convinced that you’d seen a misspelling. But there it is in several online dictionaries. Strange. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that spelling before. Apparently it only works in certain contexts. Word says “The pattern was allover” is bad but “The allover pattern” is okay.

  54. Hello, just thought I’d share that I have been following this site for several months now, and have many of the alternate memories others have shared.
    Chartreuse was my great-grandmothers favorite color, and it was a purply-pink color, sort of like fuschia. Also, I have a very distinct recollection of the same great-grandmother standing in the doorway of my room, doing her Mae West impression…”Come up and see me sometime”…NOT “Why don’t you come up sometime and see me”. My great grandmother was born in 1914, and passed away in 2007 when I was nearly 30. So this is a case of a woman who saw the Mae West line delivered on the big screen, and repeated it to her great granddaughter when I was a teenager and old enough to remember.
    The primary reason I’m posting today is because I just learned of the Snow White alternate memory day before yesterday. My 5yr old daughter was visiting me and when I read the “Magic Mirror” version, I was stunned. I turned to my little girl (who unfortunately watches a lot of TV and movies) and asked her if she’d ever seen Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She said that she had not. My boyfriend asked me why I had asked her that and I said it was because I was going to ask her what the queen said to the mirror in that movie.
    Then my wonderful child blew my mind by saying, “I know what she said Mommy! She said ‘MIRROR MIRROR on the wall…”!!! I was astounded. I asked her if someone had read the book to her instead and she said no. So then I asked her, if she’d never seen the movie or read the book, how did she know that was what the queen had said? She responded, “I don’t know, Mommy. It was a long time ago”.
    Now my confusion is this, if this timeline shows that the line has always been, “Magic mirror…”, which is all I can find evidence of, how does my 5yr old have an alternate memory of the line? What does that say about when the shift happened? I have 5 generations in my family who all remember it as “Mirror mirror”. So that means to me that this shift has happened recently.

  55. Hi Fiona! I’ve experienced a lot of ‘vague’ changes – things I can’t be certain of – like with the maps’ changes. The one thing I wanted to ask you all, and foremost New Yorkers, is if the Statue of Liberty has changed location? It’s now on Liberty Island – has it always been there? Thanks for an interesting site!

  56. Continuing with the tales of dainty lasses as retold by disney movies,I remember Cindrella and not Cinderella.

  57. I don’t know if anyone remembers the ghost cities of china… but they were built yet no one lives there… with all this talk of Mongolia I remembered these towns being built up in the Mongolian deserts. So I looked some up.. one says ordos China, inner mongolia.
    Sorry my links never work…. why is there an inner and outer mongolia? I’m so confused…
    I’ve never heard either term… inner mongolia is actually part of china still…

    1. That is so weird. It says it’s called “China’s Ghost City” but is in Mongolia. It should be called Mongolia’s Ghost City instead. I never remember Mongolia being a country either. Or Svalbard being a landmass, but it’s were there’s a seed bank. Someone joked to me, that it was created so they would have a safe place to harbor the seeds. These geographical changes are so bizarre. I also remember New Zealand being north east of Australia, pretty much flipped with Papua New Guinea. But I remember looking it up specifically, so that was an odd ME too.

  58. Just recently i have been watching columbo a trace of murder and sheri danese said they found the lindbergh baby.. to make her husband in the show look up.. I have also been watching College Humour on youtube under the video “How To Tell if You’re a Basic Bitch”, and they mention sex IN the city.. I find myself looking and listening to everything with more concentration.. Of course some of my friends are looking as if i am nuts because i keep asking them “odd” questions. Its weird because i start questioning my own memory of events.. for some reason the date 2004 makes me feel something happened.. its just a feeling.

    Some people have been saying its two different timelines/realities but was talking to a friend who has some of the same memories as i do but others are completely different I wonder if its a case of multiple realities/timelines.

    1. Martin, I agree with you, I think multiple timelines/realities for sure. A lot of people I think, generalize when they say , for example universe A, and universe B. Its just a way to be able to express what they are saying about a complicated topic. To be able to talk about who notices and who doesn’t , so to speak. Mike H.

      1. Me and my husband agree on the bears, we agree it was fruit loops, we agree “its a wonderful day in the neighborhood” – he didn’t remember King Henry – he says it was always THE vampire, he says it was NO luke I am your father. I think it is multiple time lines – not just one. King Henry alone, I have had described to me 7 times the way I remember him and 7 different ways.

  59. I have been visiting your site for about a week now and find it so fascinating. Thank you for all of your efforts and time spent on this endeavor. I feel “safe” for having found other people who share memories that I have. Before I found your site, I just thought that I was misremembering, but that never felt like the correct explanation. My memories are too vivid and too absolute for me to be just misremembering.

    I’ve struggled with whether I should bring this up here too, but after some deliberation I’ve decided to give it a go in hopes that at least one other person out there might have the same memory as me.

    When I was a kid the Target store was called Price Bullseye. I know it’s easy to say that I’m just remembering it incorrectly because, after all, Target and it’s accompanying logo are strong implying price bullseye. However, I very vividly remember that the name of the store was Price Bullseye. The “target” logo was the same, however the colors were reversed. Whereas now the logo is red with a white background (in order: one red circle; one white circle; one small red circle in the center), when it was called Price Bullseye, the logo was in order: one white circle; one red circle; one small white circle in the center. The word “Price” was above the logo and the word “Bullseye” was below. The font was slightly different too, more of a serif font.

    I noticed the change when I moved to California from Illinois. I thought how weird it was that they’d have a different name for the store, but then I learned that the Hardee’s I knew in Illinois is called Carl’s Jr. in California. There was also an auto parts store that had a different name, but same logo and owners. So, I just chalked it up to Price Bullseye being called Target in California. A few months later when I went back to Illinois, sure enough, it was called Target.

    I can pinpoint the time to Spring 2001.

    1. You can at least cross off Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. as a timeline change. Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. both currently exist with the exact same branding.

  60. Hi again everyone !

    I was reading the “Mirror, Mirror” thread going on, and I remember the same Line, although in spanish is “Espejito,Espejito” (which is the closest translation to “Mirror,Mirror”). I do not remember watching the film so I don’t know where I got the quote, although the first thing that came to my mind is that I heard it on one of the Merrie Melodies cartoon (maybe guys you can check this).

    On another topic, I have been wondering about the slides. (I have written a comment before, wondering if we all slide together or maybe the slides happen randomly). Also I’ve been reading about the Hugh-Everett theory of Many Multiverses, so this is a theory that came to my mind: Maybe we don’t slide from one universe to another, maybe what is happening is that timelines tend to fusion. So let’s say with an example: Universe A at one point splits into Universe A and B, but Universe B collapses some time after into the Original “A” , and all memories from one human in the Universe B fuses into the memories of the same human from Universe A, creating therefore the “Berenstein” and “Berenstain” memories. (Berenstein memory belongs to Universe “B”)

    This in an idea that maybe could explain why there haven’t been recent reports from people that remember Berenstein Bears from the 2000’s or later (so in theory, the Universe with “Berenstein” Bears have collapsed into this Universe and no longer exists)

    I don’t know if this comment is going to be approved, but I just want to share this with you Fiona and everyone else too.

    I hope you guys can understand the idea, because I’m not sure If my english is good enough.

    Greetings from Peru !

    1. I just got that on vudu and would have sworn it was Zachary Binx – will listen to it shortly again.

  61. I just discovered all of this today and I don’t know what to think. A part of me needs a logical explanation but another part truely believes these things have been altered. One that got me today was probably me just not paying too much attention but I always thought it was Fruit Loops not FROOT LOOPS. ????? Mind blown

    1. Mike B., what if logical explanations for exotic experiences seem illogical to us because we have not yet seen logic applied to such experiences? Google the word “alogical”. There are logical explanations, illogical explanations, and ALOGICAL explanations. Alogic is not illogic. Quantum physics is a valid, widely accepted field, yet you might never believe the conclusions of quantum physicists. But what about all of your faith in regular physics? Have you ever seen an atom? Is it a weird concept? But you believe it.

      Apparently, the Cosmos is not exactly what we thought it to be (nor what we didn’t think it to be). In other words, relax, trust yourself, have a bowl of Froot Loops, and enjoy the ride. Until they turn back to Fruit Loops. Then freak out, continue trusting yourself, and finish the bowl.

    2. Mike,
      The FROOT LOOPS spelling blew my mind also.. About 20 years ago I used to buy them all the time.. I would get up hungry in the middle of the night and stand in the kitchen, eating them by the handful .. As I did this I would stare at the box, which clearly said FRUIT LOOPS.. When I saw that the spelling had been changed I Googled images of the boxes, fully expecting to find the original spelling on the older boxes, but of course FRUIT LOOPS was NEVER the way it was spelled???

      I find it curious that many on line links advertise the product for sale as being KELLOGGS FRUIT LOOPS, yet when you click onto the image of the product, the boxes all read FROOT.

      Mind blown is an understatement!

    3. …and I am sorry I do not know why there are slashes in the contractions. I did not type them that way.

      1. Tammy, it’s not just you. Something’s odd in the software — probably the new spam filtering software — and I haven’t time to look for it in the code. Assuming it’s a glitch, I’m sure whatever’s causing it will be updated/corrected, soon.

  62. My wife and I recently discovered this. We absolutely agreed, STEIN, not STAIN… dug up old copies from the 80’s, and they read STAIN. Amazing!

    We also agreed we may have experienced a memory glitch around last Christmas.
    National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is a movie we always watch on Christmas Eve while wrapping presents. Last year though, my wife asked me “Wasn’t that guy from the xfiles in this movie?”, to which I absolutely agreed. We both swear David Duchovney was in that movie as the yuppie neighbor, granted that we also remember that the actor for the character changed by the end of the movie.

    Anyone else remember David being in that movie?

  63. Humm, I don’t remember that, but I’m less surpised that reality might have changed in that respect than I am that David Duchovney’s career hasn’t taken a down spin in each and every reality.

    1. I said “down spin”, but I meant “nose dive”. Pretty sure that I’m still in the “nose dive” reality and always was. Still not so sure if even infinite possible realities can land Duchovney a major leading role when the word “possible” is key.

  64. All the geographical changes are blowing me away, especially the lack of land mass at what is currently classified as the North Pole.

    I became aware of the BerestEin issue a little over a year ago. Not only did my family religiously read them growing up but we always picked up the books on tape at the library every week. I was a terrific speller my whole childhood and can’t believe it could be anything else. Now when I wake up and Shel Silverstein is SilverStain then we’ll have some problems. Lol

    There is one other thing that has bothered me for awhile that I don’t remember reading on here yet. My brother and I loved Batman growing up. In the movie Batman & Robin there is a scene early on when Mr. Freeze storms in points his gun towards the crowd and yells “Everybody freeze, freeze, freeze”…well last I watched he says everybody chill, chill, chill. It doesn’t sound right and isn’t as climactic as I remember. My brother agrees. We were kids and we could have forgot but as many times as we drove our mother crazy acting it out you would think we would remember correctly.:)

    1. The lack of land mass at the north pole…..this one really one really gets me. I am not sure I have an actual memory of an alternate reality, so I’m not sure I can call it Mandela Effect. But, it’s like I just can’t get my brain to accept that there isn’t a continent there. Every time I look at a globe, it’s like I stare at the north pole and get confused. I confirm that Antarctica is there, but then I ask myself why is there nothing at the north pole? Then I ask myself, what would that continent be called? And I have no answer, so that is the end of it. So, I can brush it off, but the next time I see a globe, I have the same exact thoughts, and this has happened for years.

      And now I know, from looking it up, that for a long time, Russia has put up north pole flags on pieces of ice, and redone the flags as they float away off the mark. That may be part of why I am confused, but I am always expecting to see a continent.

      1. That was my exact comment when I realized this yesterday! I remember a land mass but why would it not have a name?

        1. Oh my gosh…Anne and kmet – you just triggered a memory. I also thought there was something that would be considered a land mass at the North Pole. I agreed when I read Anne’s comment and I believe someone else’s earlier. But when you asked what it would be called, kmet, I remembered that throughout my life I had trouble remembering which pole was Anarctica and which was Arctica because of the similarity in names. Then when writing this, spell check asked me if I wanted to add Arctica to my dictionary, like it wasn’t a real word. I googled Arctica and it’s listed as an “ancient continent” in the region of the North Pole.

          What’s making me crazy is that part of me is doubting myself and the other part is sure the land mass up there was widely known as Arctica in recent times. I hate not knowing which is the truth. I never used to remember which pole had more land either, although when I look at my globe now, I can see there isn’t much room at the north pole for much land – Canada and Russia come pretty ni
          ear. But there is no way I would mix up the terms, “Antartica and the North Pole” and not remember which was where, for obvious reasons.

          1. Now that you say it, Of Course Arctica. The crazy thing is, that answer always sounded so far fetched in my mind, that I didn’t even think to share it as part of my little inner monologue I mentioned earlier. When I ask myself, what would it have been called, a small voice says, Arctica? It sounds so preposterous and fake to me, I squash it instantly. I did not even think it worth mentioning. I can’t remember ever hearing or reading the word Arctica anywhere, even as a prehistoric continent in a geology class. So this, plus the fact that I can’t seem to keep straight whether there is or isn’t a polar ice cap, is a bit puzzling for me.

          2. Hi Julia,

            Not to discount your memory, but for me the area around the North Pole was always “THE Arctic”, which I still confused with Antarctica. But I do have Mandela effects regarding things that are near the Arctic, like Svalbard and Novaya Zemlya. Svalbard either didn’t exist or only existed as an unnamed uninhabited island, and Novaya Zemlya had a smooth coast and was tucked in against Russia; now it looks like some kind of weird caterpillar.

          3. Wow, I haven’t heard the word Arctica in probably 25 years, I’m 32. I too remember it being the northern polar ice cap and having to learn the difference between the two and getting them confused. That memory just came running back to me! It says on Wikipedia that Arctica broke up into different land masses 2.5 million years ago! Why would I have learned that it was still a solid landmass like Antarctica?

          4. That is crazy! You just struck a chord in me right this very minute with the Anarctica and Arctica. I seem to have a vague recollection of the same problem remembering which was which. It feels like this happened when I was young, maybe 3rd or 4th grade and I am 43 now.

  65. Hey, guys, and Fiona. I have another question. It’s a big memory for me, yet it’s one nobody in my family seems to remember, nor other people, and not even Google can find it.

    I remember a TV series I used to watch when I was a kid. I’m 19, so obviously it wasn’t that long ago,, but this show was particularly different than most shows I watched because it was an older comedy sitcom. It was live action and the main characters were people in costume as either monkeys or orangutans. The main setting was a home but it focused in the kitchen where they would cook various things. I specifically remember many jokes about banana peels and things like that.

    Does ANYBODY else remember this show?

    1. I’m not sure, but was it the Banana Splits? That’s a really old TV show, but I suppose it might have been featured as retro programming on something like Nickelodeon…? (I know, that’s pretty unlikely, but it’s all that came to mind at the moment.)

      Maybe some other readers will have far better ideas to help identify this memory… if it’s from this reality, that is. (Or even if it’s from another reality.)

      1. Certainly sounds like the “Banana Splits” to me. As Fiona suggested though would have had to be a retro type network programming. I watched it in the early 70’s all the time. Not to go off topic, but H.R. Puff’n’stuff and “Sigmund and the Sea monsters”, anyone remember those? No wonder I have an open mind! Mike H.

  66. I watched “Annie” today, a movie that I have watched easily a dozen times; it’s my daughter’s favorite and we own it.

    There was a scene I’ve never seen before: Annie and daddy Warbucks visit Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt at the White House, and FDR and daddy Warbucks discuss the new deal. Roosevelt asks for their help, he needs Annie to get the children’s support and Warbucks to back him. The scene ends with Annie, daddy Warbucks, and Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt singing “The sun will come out tomorrow” in front of a portrait of George Washington. Can anyone tell me if this scene is “new” to them? It felt so weird to me, and completely new. How could I have missed it when I’ve seen this movie SO many times?

    I also agree with the sentiment that the changes are less intuitive/linguistically pleasing/poetic than their “original” counterparts. They come across as generic to me.

    PS- Thackery Binx? That isn’t even a name! Is someone trying to get our attention? I mean, some of these are getting ridiculous.

    1. The Thackery binx thing I thought everyone was lispong in the movie trying to say Zachary. I drove my grandma crazy when it came out. I’d rent it every single time. I’m going to asse it was always Thackery to me but had just heard the name.

      The Annie scene I’m of no help. Only saw it maybe one and a half times in my life. Now I wish I had watched it a bunch.

  67. I remember “stein” I remember “Luke, I am your father” and my Mom remember New York as the site of the bed in of Yoko and John.

  68. First off, thanks Fiona for such a great website.

    Second, among the common “rifts” I experience Bernstein, chartreuse, tank man, Interview with a Vampire, Billy Graham, and New Zealand placement,

    Third, I was born in 1984.

    Fourth, I will tell my tale. I have cancer and when I can directly attribute the shift to when I woke up from my first sugery after a NDE. The thing is, though, I have all sorts of other MEs:

    1. Quentin Tarantino directed a movie called Snowbirds about a spy team starring Uma Thurman, Danny Devito, William Devane, and some others.

    2. Donald Trump was assassinated in 2014 by an incensed former worker whom Trump had not paid.

    3. Stephen King died when he was struck by that van.

    4. Nintendo collapsed in the mid 90’s. There was no Wii, WiiU or Gamecube.

    5. The Rolling Stones split for good in the late 1980’s.

    6. Hunter Thompson is still alive and writes a monthly column in Rolling Stone.

    7. Whales is a self contained island.

    8. The words are ridikulous, hankerchief, and receptakle.

    9. The Beatles announced in the late 70’s that Paul really was dead and a stand in had been used.

    10. Wes Craven died in the early 80’s. His last film was Swamp Thing.

    11. Adam Walsh was recovered safely in a dilapidated shack in Florida.

    Does anyone else recall these events?

    1. Jackrabbit Slimz,

      Thanks for taking the time to post that long, somewhat bizarre list. I’m not sure if we should take it seriously.

      It seemed fairly credible up through your third point (Stephen King’s accident really happened — — but it had a different outcome).

      And, I can work with the idea that an automatic spelling correction turned “Wales” into “Whales.” (The seventh point in your list.)

      Some of the rest — especially the word “ridikulous” and related spellings — seem far-fetched. Even in the hundreds of privately shared memories I’ve read or heard, none of these have been mentioned. That’s unusual.

      I don’t want to raise an eyebrow at anyone’s alternate memories. After all, I favor the idea that — for every possible outcome in every situation — an alternate reality might exist. (I’ve believed this since I was about 15 years old, when I talked in terms of powerful “pivot points” in the timestream… major events where predestination is not likely, and we can steer our future based on the decisions we make at those points. I suppose that’s rather like what Dr. Who does.)

      However, your list is so extreme, I’m a little wary that it may be yet another attempt to throw a mix of whimsy at the wall, and see which of them receive “me, too” responses from over-eager readers.

      I’m approving this because it seems just credible enough to be serious, but only just.


      1. Ditto Fiona, and the decision we make should be to defy our negative zodiacal traits.I believe astrology is more about particular traits and compatibility with other signs,than foretelling the future,and i also presume the dravidian lunar astrology is the most profound science mankind has yet seen.

      2. Fiona,

        I could see number 4 happening. I was a huge Nintendo fan back then, and they were hemorrhaging a bunch of money after the failure of the colorboy and the VR32 during that timeframe. For all intents and purposes, the N64 was released just in the nick of time. One more delay in its release could have been to late to save the company Also, as far as I knew it was hankerchief up until about 5 minutes ago. The other 2 don’t ring true for me though.


        1. Okay, I had to look it up because I thought “If it wasn’t hankerchief, then what was it???” Holy weirdness! Never mind, I have TWO to add to my list.

          1. I looked it up too (hankerchief vs handkerchief). I couldn’t imagine how else it would be spelled until I googled. and then that way looked reasonable too. For me that one, I seem to remember both ways. The rest of OP’s list, I do not relate to.

    2. Stephen King obviously thought he should have died. I think that is why he incorporated it into the Dark Towers and included himself as a character which I found odd. Then again if anyone has read those the theme is all about time and alternate and connected realities, ka, and without spoiling it, the end of the series relies heavily on time. Which I remember correctky, somehow connects to the extra part about the universe in IT that isn’t included in the movie but had a very acid trip feel to it. The list of his novels touching on this (and interconnected) is endless. Stephen King knows something we don’t. Or maybe we do…

    3. While reading your list, I had the thought that you went through some really weird timestreams. Then I saw the part of the Rolling Stones and I thought, “Yes, they broke up in the 90’s. Or what it the late 80’s? Wait. When did they break up anyway?” and went to Google. They are still together apparently. One more for my list.

  69. This post is about the Media differences I remember.
    For a time when I was a teenager I kept hearing songs that were new releases but I knew them already. I had heard them months or the year before. They were on the radio, we did not have any music channels or the internet so It was not a case of having see a preview, I remember two times for sure and feeling really strange about it. Like I hadn’t just heard them once before but that they had been out for ages and I knew them well and i thought that everyone else did as-well but they didn’t. Also I have watched shows that I’d seen before but couldn’t figure out how or where.
    Another one that really bothered me was a trailer I saw for an animation called Zoo something or it had Zoo in the title ,that I wanted to see but then it never came out. A few YEARS later Madagascar came out and I said it to a few people about the trailer I saw YEARS AGO and that it had had a different name, I figured it might have been a working title and they changed it before the release, but no one else seemed to want to admit that I could have seen that trailer. I’v looked into it and their is no mention of a change of name or early trailer that I could find.
    Also when The Simpsons came back on air our dad got really annoyed at my sister, brother and me because we kept calling it Bart Simpson. As I got older I figured we probably called it that because we liked that character the best as he was a kid like us but now I’m wondering does anyone else remember it being called Bart Simpson?

    1. I was talking with my sister about Star Trek a while before I’d discovered the Mandela effect and she laughed as she commented on how that character was killed off and then just reappeared in a future episode . she mad a joke about how they didn’t even try to give an explanation just put him back in as if no one would notice. I did not watch it myself but I’v seen people commenting about it on here. Did that happen in this timeline? I’m going to ask her about It the next time I see her and see if she still has the same memory as when we talk about it a few months ago. I’ll let you know what she says.

      1. That’s probably the Star Trek Voyager thing with Chakotay’s death. It apparently never happened (I never watched Voyager so I have no memory either way).

    2. Interview with A vampire.
      I remember Mirror mirror on the wall, saw the film recently and was really taken aback when she said magic mirror. looked up the ladybird book we had as children and it says magic mirror.

    3. I also have memories of movies that I had seen, but then apparently come out as a new release months or years later. For example, I know for a fact that I saw the movie Immortals in about 2008. It was called ‘The Temples’ and it was exactly the same movie. When I saw that ‘Immortals’ was released in 2011 I went to go see it because I thought it was a sequel or a remake, but that didn’t make sense. Then I was astonished when it was exactly the same movie.

      Things like this really bother me because it really messes with my brain and my perception of reality. What is going on!?

      1. Thank you for accepting my question. I went to a diner by my house lastnight and on the wall was a big frame (I took pictures) with pictures of Lucy and Ricky. It also had checks signed by them and it says Arnaz! Lol
        I cannot believe it. I also remember “Berenstein” and all the other ones. I’m an extremely good speller and have a great memory and I remember these things clear as day. I was born in 1978. Thank you. This site is terrific.

        1. There’s an agenda, alright, but not to fake the existance of alternate realities. What is happening is impossible to fake. The agenda, being implemented with the help of Wikipedia, is to discredit Mandela Effecters with their highly biased and insulting page for “Mandella Effect”. If this is all a psychological operation and nothing truly changed but “They” just want us to think that (which would serve absolutely no purpose, by the way), then why the agenda to debunk and discredit?

          1. Hey Brian,
            I think I worded that reply wrong. What I was trying to say was that wiki is part of the agenda to make us believe these alternate realities instead of what we actually remember.

    1. I remember Arnez.

      I am Latino and I speak Spanish- it is unlikely that I would have mispronounced Arnaz as Arnez.

    2. I definitely Remember Desi Arnez. Never in a million years can I hear Arnaz or see it in my head. It’s as strong a rejection as I get for the Berenstein Bears being Berenstain. Sex IN the city, Interview with A vampire. I didn’t see Tank boy, but heard that he was killed. And I did see a video of the situation where the tank stops a few years ago and I was really confused. switched how I spelled definitely a couple of years ago from Definately thinking I had it wrong all these years, but now that I know about the Mandela Effect, I don’t know…

  70. I must have changed timelines with a few others because I remember my friend who loved Terry Prachets books being sad and disappointed that he’d died,it must have been in 2013 because he hasn’t lived in this country for the last year or so so i couldn’t have talked to him face to face in march of this year about it,

  71. Wow. Just wow.

    I’ve been fascinated with that “New Zealand is on the wrong place” topic on ATS for a long time, because I have fuzzy memories of it being southwest to Australia.
    But today I came accross this site, and the “Looney Tunes” one got me.
    I distinctly remember it being Looney Toons when I was a kid. I’m 100% sure.
    English is not my first language, and the title always looked and sounded funny to me. It still does.
    I was shocked after googling it. I still have a clear image of Bugs Bunny above the “Looney Toons” logo etched in my memory.

    1. I clearly remember watching both Looney Tunes and Looney Toons at different points in my childhood, the Toons one being a few years after the Tunes version. I always thought it was changed because kids didn’t care about the music in the bugs bunny cartoons anymore and they were trying to get more kids watching it. It’s freaking me out to think that I may have shifted between realities as a child and then shifted back.

  72. I sometimes wonder if each timeline is one aspect of our SELF. And that there is only one soul for the entirety of all the aspects that that soul projects to each different timeline, then when one slips away- then we are consolidating our soul. Perhaps this will ultimately lead to a full consolidation of our aspects until we are fully awake to “reality” (whatever that means). Hurts my head….

  73. J has been my best friend for the past 20 years. When we were around 11 years old, she got a telescope for Christmas. We used to look at the sky at night during sleepovers. On several occasions, we spotted a bright green planet in the sky and we were very excited to have discovered it. We often discussed it over the following months, but we vowed not to tell anyone because we were afraid they would take credit for our discovery. Being young children, we eventually lost interest in stargazing and forgot about the planet. A few years passed, and I remembered the many times we had seen the green planet and asked her if we could use her telescope to attempt to find it again. J looked at me strangely, and said that she didn’t know what I was talking about. She claimed that although she had received a telescope one Christmas, her brother had broken it before she ever had the chance to use it, and that she doubted it had been powerful enough to see much, anyway. More years passed, and after years of expressing no interest in astronomy, she went to college and suddenly changed her major (from pre-med) in the hopes of pursuing a career studying space.
    My memories of seeing this planet are still very clear. Has anyone else seen a green planet in the sky?

  74. I know for a fact that Henry Winkler was alive in the 70’s, I met him when I was a kid in St Louis, MO. I was with my grandpa AT the television repair shop he worked at, Mr Winkler was in town for something and came in. I even got an autographed picture.
    Also I clearly recall Nelson Mandela dying in 1983, I was in the 8th grade. Although my memory of the event is that he was murdered.

  75. Hey all!

    Guess I’ll start off with the whole “I’ve been trying to explain it away but can’t…” qualifier. I consider myself a fairly skeptical / challenging individual and I recognize the tendencies in myself and others to naively believe in whatever makes us feel part of something mysterious, supernatural, grand… and I appreciate how cleverly the mind may be manipulated and deceived… but I also give credit to ‘feelings’ and ‘intuitions’ which might not be so demonstrably reliable.

    My friend was in town recently and brought my attention to the whole Bearenst#in issue. She ‘tested’ me and I spelled it Berenstein, and then she showed me a ‘Berenstain’ image and I was perplexed. I’m 30 years old. ‘The Berenstein Bears’ books were a formative part of my growing up. Their numerous tales lined the shelves of my childhood homes. I remember thinking it odd that my cousin (several months older than I) would pronounce them as “The Bernstein Bears”. NOT Bernstain or Berenstain, mind you.. (*Why* the odd pronunciation of a word from decades ago would be so readily recallable I don’t know). I also remember that around Christmas time, when we’d go check out the neighbourhood lights, there were various themed blocks, and one was dedicated to the Berenstein Bears. I couldn’t remember the name of the street, but I searched and found a Reddit post from a Saskatoon (my town) sub-reddit which mentions how “Murphy Crescent becomes Smurphy, Bornstein Crescent becomes Berenstain, and Angel Court becomes….well you get the idea. Since I was a kid I always remember those ones.”…. The post was made a couple years ago. Possible that, as the poster was typing it up, had to google the spelling of the Berenst#in bears, and thus spelled it with an A. Of course it’s possible that the neighbourhood block “Bornstein” (which still exists) could’ve got jumbled in my mind… “Berenstain” is a name / word I haven’t seen anywhere else. If I had, then I’d be quicker to chalk up this strangeness to some misremembering on my part. What I’m really interested in is the *specificity* of such memories and associations…

    So I decided to conduct a couple experiments today.

    Went to the childrens section of the library, and said something to the effect of “I’m looking for this series of childrens books. Do you know what they’re called?”. After I showed the librarian a textless photo of the bears on my phone, he said “Oh yeah, these are very popular kids books. The Berenstein Bears.”. Trying not to reveal my excitement, I quickly asked if he could write the name down on a piece of paper I had readily available. In an attempt to be friendly (and/or perhaps to deal with the rather odd inquisitions of this adult in the kids section), he said “rather than write it down how bout I just show you.” He began walking to the books, which, as it turned out, were only about 10 feet right from where we were standing. As he did so, I (somewhat urgently) asked if he would spell it aloud. He began “B-E-R-E-N…. Ah, here they are. Berenstein Bears.” I looked at the title, and of course it read “Berenstain”. I can’t recall if he made a comment about ‘Jewish bears’ *before* or *after* I pointed out the alternative spelling, but I detected that micro-reaction of “Wait… is that right??” in his eyes. Like I said, he seemed more weirded out by this stranger coming in behaving off, and so wasn’t immediately phased by the spelling, but that he instinctually had “Berenstein” in mind I found very interesting, especially coupled with the last-second abortive spelling attempt. I thanked him for participating in my social experiement, and left with a rather unsettled feeling. It was also my first time seeing the word “Berenstain” in real life… Very strange.

    I left, went home and tried the same thing more or less with my landlord.

    What I found interesting with her was that, again, Berenstein was the first thing that came out of her mouth without her thinking about it. But as I *observed* and let on that I was eagerly studying her response, she herself became less certain and began to question it. Funnily enough though, she wasn’t sure if it was “Bearen” or “Bere”… It was the beginning of the word that puzzled her, but “Stein” was not in question.

    When I told my landlord ‘the truth’ about what I was doing, she said something to the effect of “I haven’t thought about the Berenstein bears” in 30 years, but then she remembered how she used to read them to her child growing up, made the ‘Jewish bears’ comment, seemed puzzled. She also said that the word ‘Berenstain’ was one she’d never seen before… To her it wasn’t as though the word was a recollection marred by some fuzziness, it was her encountering a particular arrangement of letters in an entirely novel way. I then tried a couple other examples which also blew her mind (Mirror Mirror, I sang “It’s a beautiful day” she finished “in the neighbourhood”…)

    *BUT* I’ve also had another kind of experience and I’m wondering if others are dealing with these as well. I’m not sure if anyone else can relate, but for several of these ‘events’, while I don’t have a firm believe or anecdote which places me in one camp or another, I *know* that I’ve fuzzed out or had question marks pop up in my head. Exploring this site has had me questioning and revisiting thoughts and experiences which haven’t come up in *years*.

    The question of whether or not Tank Man lived or died was one I was always *unsure* about. I’ve always had a general awareness of this impact and reach of the photo, but the actual outcome of the event has always been a ‘blur’ which I never bothered to confirm or deny.

    “Sex and the City” vs. “Sex In The City” is another example of one where no ‘personal experience’ pops out strongly, but the memory of asking myself “Is it Sex *and* The City or Sex *in* The City?” multiple times does.

    The Billy Graham Funeral I have a vague recollection as well, only because I had a mental glitch when reading the paper and seeing that he was doing a tour or appearance type thing through my town many years ago. He was big in my Grandpas eyes, and I think I may’ve seen him “before he died”.

    I’m going to continue to search and dig deep to see if any more of the striking “Berenstein” examples pop out, but this is all quite interesting. How regularly this happens and how often we just convince ourselves “My mind must be playing tricks” or “Guess I misremembered” is fascinating.. Knowing that this a widespread phenomena is forcing me to consider my assumptions in a more critical manner. I’m not saying each and every ‘blip’ we notice is necessarily some shift in reality or slide between parallel universes or whatever, but there’s too much going on here to simply wave away and dismiss…

    So cool.

  76. Since I don’t see it mentioned here I will be the first (I’m guessing to comment it). Everybody knows the ice cream sherbert, and they pronounce it that way. But a few years ago someone pointed out that it’s spelled sherbet, and should be pronounced as such. I looked it up and all the spellings I found only had one r. I shrugged it off until now.

    1. Robbie, I’ll be interested in the responses to that alternate spelling. But, as someone who travels considerably and tries to adapt to local accents, it seems to me that the “sherbert” pronunciation is regional, along with “idear” (for idea) and “EGG-sit” (for exit), plus the classic “pahked” for “parked,” and so on. (Then there’s what people call carbonated beverages: pop, soda, or tonic; and — more internationally — elevator/lift, hood/bonnet, etc. But that’s completely off-topic and merely a topic that fascinates me. LOL)

      1. Fiona, This is my arena,sherbet or sharbat is a very generic word,from Turkey to India,the word is used to denote any non carbonated sweetened and chilled cold drink.Originally it was the term for concoction made from mashed fruits suspended in water with some sugar added.But now the term is liberally used for any flat cold drink,even if it’s made with artificial fruit essences and even artificial sweeteners.India,due to its huge population and warm climate,has an extensive use for this word.Wikipedia says sherbert is a corrupted name,maybe in west, but definitely not in the countries where it evolved,turkey persia or india.

        1. Fascinating, Vivek! I didn’t know that.

          In America, sherbet is rather like sorbet; it’s a frozen dessert — an ice cream made with more water than dairy ingredients (if it includes any dairy at all) — and is rich with fruit flavoring, and sometimes bits of fruit in it. Typical flavors are orange, raspberry, strawberry, and pineapple. It’s ideal for people with dairy sensitivities.

          When I travel, if I’d like the frozen dessert, I’ll ask for sorbet. In most of the US, the person taking the order will ask if I mean sherbet, and I always agree.

          Knowing the word’s roots makes this especially interesting, albeit off-topic here.



          1. Fiona,

            Generally sorbet is just water that is sweetened and flavored with some form of fruit juice or flavoring and then frozen/churned, but sherbet is creamed like ice cream, but with a much lower milkfat content(usually between 1% and 2%).



  77. Hi, Fiona.

    Earlier on this page, I commented that my first two inconsistencies of memory were noticed 1 to 2 years ago, but I just rationalized them away. Then a month ago I came here . . . LOL Anyway, I said in that comment that I hoped I was paying attention now. I’ve come back to report that a couple hours after leaving that comment, I had an odd thought, and I really wanted to share.

    I mentioned that my Madagascar didn’t have any native population, in contrast to the current scenario, and I’ve had a hard time accepting this one particular change. There’s a few factors I’ve identified for that, that I won’t get into now, except for one: I felt a sense of disappointment and loss, that this once pristine land was now just another human country like all the rest, with conflict and poverty and all of the usual human drama.

    But then I realized, isn’t that how it *should* be? I mean, look at the amazing ability of the human species to migrate and colonize new land. People have discovered and settled on small islands in the middle of nowhere! So, why was Madagascar uninhabited? It’s a good sized island (though even larger now, apparently), close to major land masses, perfectly habitable. So why wasn’t it? That doesn’t even make sense, and I spent decades not realizing how strange and unlikely that was. It seems Madagascar has changed from some weird (though wonderful) anomaly, to something more mundane and normal. I only noticed how unusual its status was, after it was gone (and in this reality, at least, never was).

    I guess I mainly wanted to say that this website has been a real eye-opener for me. Thank you for the work you’ve put into this, and for providing a safe place for these discussions.

  78. So I’ve been reading up on the many Mandela effect affected things and I saw one about words that seem to have grammar mistakes. It seems people have been taught at some point alot* was correct. I too remember being taught alot* was the correct way when I was maybe around 3rd grade. So I talked to my friend about it and she said she was taught the same thing but then she grew up being taught the correct way which is a lot* and I was glad I was actually able to find someone with the same issue. I’m currently telling all my friends about the Mandela effect which is very important as this is changing history and certain events for some people. The Mandela effect sure explains a lot lol. I’m kinda worried about how our reality is changing at a very drastic speed though because I’m right now in 10th grade so I find it scary that a simple word was affected by the Mandela effect within a short time period. I feel as if one day everything is going to start changing to the point where we are going to be confused and things are going to start randomly disappearing. Who knows, even the theory of the Mandela effect might disappear. We can only hope our future isn’t going to get so messed up. Maybe someone might even find a solution for this terrible effect.

    1. I think because i am older am 42, i don’t find the changes to be too terrifying, In my life there has been so many changes, the internet, mobile phones, satellite TV, even computers and laptops, when i was young they didn’t have the things today. Could the age of the more accepting people of the changes be an issue. As i said I was young we had to rely on books for out knowledge, then came the internet and the world became more information intense. So we are realising that things are changing because in our history we had to rely on what authors told us, now we can see for ourselves the world and notice differences..

      I wouldn’t be too scared about the changes.. i see these changes as being an exciting thing, I keep thinking what’s the next change, will we have three moons, what will be next.. to me that’s so exciting, but i can see how the destabilisation of what is “real” can cause fear..

  79. I’m not sure what you mean by the north pole looks smaller?? The actual magnetic north pole has shifted varying degrees when the earth experiences massive quakes… and there is major ice melt off on both poles (global warming) or at least that’s what they’re telling us… so the actual pole has always been an geographic point.

    1. ayla, I believe people are saying that maps representing the North Pole look different. I don’t think the size of the point or its actual location is at issue.

      1. I had thought, looking at the world map before (in this reality/time stream), that the North pole area looked different, but I couldn’t pin point the difference. Now though, that I’ve looked closer, I am shocked to find that the North Pole is basically in the middle of ocean! I know, with certainty, that in my previous reality/time stream, it was in the middle of what I can only describe as a snowy plane. The area that now appears to be all water, I clearly remember being a landmass. When I first read comments about the artic appearing smaller, I remembered the news articles I’ve read lately about the artic ice melting, and thought oh, that must be it, but there’s no way that much land would just melt that fast. This is absolutely boggling my mind.

        1. If you make searches for “polar ice cap” in google search you’ll find images of the ocean covered in ice. I can see how you might mistake that for a landmass.

          1. Thanks for bringing up the polar ice cap. I think that is in line with my memories. If they don’t put the ice cap on the globes, that would explain my confusion.

            Last time I checked wikipedia though, the ice cap was not there, just smaller floating ice, and now it is there again. Now it shows what I remember. Lots of people making expeditions to the north pole on the ice cap. Now it says the ice cap may start disappearing seasonally, as soon as 2016. I don’t know how much trust I should be putting in Wikipedia for these memories, since it can be changed any time by anyone.

  80. For me, the most recent “difference” I’ve discussed with people is ALEX Trebek vs. ALEC Trebek. I remember having this discussion in college multiple times with different people. Then, it was “Alec” (presumably, we thought, because he was Canadian) and most people here in the US were mispronouncing it “Alex”. Now, it’s “Alex” and I can’t fin any mention of it ever being “Alec”.

    Also was sure that Stan Lee died about a year ago. Remember reading it in the news and talking to my uncle about it (we’re both comic book fans from waaaay back.) Then I saw Mr. Lee recently and got extremely confused and anxious.

    1. Harpo, I can’t swear that it was always “Alec” in my memories, but I did have to look that up to be sure it hadn’t been deliberately changed in this reality. In my leading memories, I remembered it as “Alec” because of the memory cues I used: (a) he was a “smart aleck,” and (b) because it matched the sound of the ending of his surname, Trebek.

  81. I feel like I have seen two versions of the movie “Phenomenon” with John Travolta and Kyra Sedgwick; the original, and an alternate version. It may have been called something else, because Phenomenon doesn’t seem right. I am pretty sure I watched it, then later saw something similar with the same lead actors, some of the exact same scenes and shots, but this one was more of a long, sappy love story about a dying man, and there may have been just a little bit about enhanced intelligence and spirituality, but not telekinesis. Like, just draw out the romance so they are together for the whole movie, going to doctors visits together, and being sad cause they don’t have a lot of time. There was a lot of confusion surrounding this for me, but I kind of thought it was two different movies.

    And John Travolta’s career in general seems off to me. I don’t believe he was in Carrie, and I watched a few clips and it seems like a different movie to me. A few other things, too.

    1. Anne,

      I hadn’t remembered “Phenomenon” until I saw your post, but now I realize that I don’t remember it because I also saw a different movie, with a different name as well. The movie I saw sounds more like the non-Phenomenon movie you saw as well. I posted above that something similar happened to me with the movie “immortals”. Except the movie I saw as called “The Temples” and it was exactly the same as “Immortals”, so only the title was different, BUT “The Temples” came out in 2008, whereas “Immortals” came out in 2011. Do you have a false memory of “The Temples” as well?

      1. Thanks for responding, Steve. This specific kind of experience seems much more personal to me, so I kind of wasn’t really expecting anyone else to share this memory, and wasn’t even sure it was worth posting.

        Honestly though, I have no memory of Immortals or The Temple, but I have never had any interest in this genre of movie. So I can’t be of any help there.

        The last few days though, for me….wow. I was surfing a couple of actors on IMDB, and there are TONS of movies from about 2012-2013 that I have never heard of. I am a huge movie lover, go out to movies very often, therefore I browse the movie listings often, and I love the independents. And these are movies with big movie stars, or actors I follow, so at least some of them would have been advertised, and they couldn’t have all been unreleased flops. For example, The Hangover 3? What?! How in the world could anyone miss The Hangover 3? That would have been advertised everywhere!

        1. That’s very interesting about your memory (or non-memory) of certain movies from 2012-2013. Unfortunately (because I love movies) for me I haven’t been able to get to very many movies over the last 4 years because I have been getting my doctorate degree, so if I don’t remember a movie, it wouldn’t surprise me. But your experience is definitely very intriguing and interesting. I wonder what it means–it’s like you lost a whole year.

    2. I think you may be thinking of the movie Powder. It an Phenomenon had similar themes, and the movies came out within a year of each other.

  82. I’m not sure if this belongs here or not. The Dick Clark theory made me ask me my about his death, and she was surprised I hadn’t heard about it (which I probably did and just forgot, I was asking because I was unsure of the last time I saw him on TV). It reminded me of finding out that my grandma was dead by my family, but I don’t remember the funeral or anything. Maybe my mind just blocked it out for some reason, and I haven’t seen her since then.

  83. I have been exploring the Berenstein bears some more and have discovered that they had 2 kids, Mike, who has spoken out about the name issue saying it’s always been Berenstain, and Leo who I think is an Author as well.

    It seems that there is a Leo Berenstein on facebook as well. There is no available info on his page without becoming a fb friend, but I wonder if it could be the other son? Lots of mystery here.

  84. ” The sky looks different now, to many people. ” This is very likely because of major axis shifts that have been occurring recently. The tribes of northern Canada have noticed the changes most strongly, as they live off the land and are aware of the sun’s position in the sky perhaps more than anyone on Earth. Their lives depend upon knowing the patterns of the weather and the sun.

    Also, increased pollution will change the apparent color of the sun and sky. Younger people won’t notice that, but those 50 and older certainly will, especially if they live in bigger cities.

  85. What strikes me hardest is something I haven’t seen on the major memories list and that is the locations of the human organs, especially the heart. From health classes to commercials to video game critical hit locations the human heart is something I have always seen on the far left side of the chest but now it’s in the direct middle of the chest. I know deep down in my heart this is wrong…

    1. Heart at left is a very common misconception,the left side of heart circulates blood to the entire body,powered by left ventricle where muscles are biggest and strongest.Angina normally travels down the left arm.Going by the trend many of us might not be having any heart or for that matter any internal organ,just different versions of android created by google,i am a java guy so i know the matters of heart and kidney.In retrospect,those who comply with current reality might all be androids and those with alternate memories,from any humane stock,maybe derived from windows or java and assissted by yahoo.

    2. Wow….so do I. I just went to look assuming it was a mistake and lo and behold, the heart is in the center of the chest. This is SO totally wrong. I knew a kid growing up who had multiple physical birth defects and one was that his heart was on the RIGHT side of his chest instead of the left. I would never forget that, and based on it moving to the “other ” side, it had to be on the side, not middle….mind blown YET again.

      1. Daphne, I’m going to veer off-topic for a minute: I’m not sure that the “misplaced” organs is terribly rare. As I recall, my maternal grandfather’s appendix was on the left side, not the right, and the doctors commented on it at the time of his surgery, but didn’t make a big deal of it.

        1. That people think heart is at left,is a very much acknowledged fact of life,ask any medical personal directly and he will reply that the misconception widely prevails,he won’t say you are mistaken or that heart was always at centre.One reason that i can imagine,why the location of heart is kept relatively obscure, is to prevent potentially fatal attacks by would be killers.

        2. that is interesting Fiona. I wouldn’t have expected it to be common. I had many echocardiograms when I had cancer in 2012. I recall clearly that the heart was on the left because the test is like a sonogram and they press it into your chest quite firmly and you have to lie on your side. It could be that we are all poorly educated in our schools, but when you have tests like EKGs they put the leads on the left too. I don’t know…

          1. But then,heart does tilt slightly towards left because of heavier muscle mass there,having the huge job of pumping blood to the entire body,as i earlier said.Maybe dr.Who is wiser, having 2 hearts,one for his true love and the other for philandering.

    3. I’ve always seen the heart just left of center in anatomy books. As I recall, it’s usually taught wrong to children, and for Americans the way we pose for the Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t help.

      1. Chris, this may require some research. I know I’ve seen anatomy books with the heart on the left side. Either I was looking at archaic anatomy books (possible, since my family owned lots of weird old science books from the 19th century & earlier), or those books were in another reality.

        1. Fiona, Chris is absolutely correct,and as i perceive it this thread may prove to be a very big thing for the subject of ME.Heart lies between lungs,and lungs are huge organs,each about the size of a football.Trev,who started this says he has seen heart at far left,this implies that both the lungs are situated at right,can you imagine 2 footballs with some gap placed at one side of chest! the ignorance is preposterous.This is eeringly similar to the NZ Australia conundrum,where hundreds of people took it up in various forums including the big ones like ATS and GLP,and nobody(there could be a handful)cared to link them and make the anomaly simpler and more credible with the majority perception placing NZ at northwest.The few responses to this heart issue has provided me with a profound education about the attitude of some participants,the vehemence and confidence with which they express their half baked memory,without taking a simple googling of the topic.Never again will i tell you to be wary of immature comments,they give a picture of the world at large,of the cavalier attitude and unsavory glibness of tongue.I am relieved that there are level headed and knowledgeable persons like Chris in this site.

          1. Vivek, your comment is eloquently phrased, but I almost didn’t approve it. Is this another spoof post by someone pretending to be you? Or, am I misreading what you’re saying? Sarcasm doesn’t always convey well in text, nor does some whimsy.

            If you’re serious, I must say: Chalking any of this up to ignorance, glibness, or some half-baked memory is uncharacteristically insulting. “A simple Googling” isn’t proof that this reality’s position of the heart (or any other supposed fact) is the only one across all realities.

            Many things about the human body don’t make sense, at least in this reality. To me, both lungs in one part of the torso makes as much sense as placing the heart between them. I’d be relieved to know that, in at least one other reality, several human anatomy features were better designed.


            1. Fiona, Don’t go by my sarcasm or apparent spoofiness,it may actually be the biggest thing that has happened to ME.Trev may have started a paradigm that could very well explain the slow aging phenomena,if lungs were small and situated at right, both of them,and heart was at a copius accomodation at left,then the whole physiology may have gone a sea change.Not a simple matter at all,this may explain a lot of,what is happening regarding ME.

      2. Wow, the heart IS shown practically in the center of the body. This is very odd to me, well, because I have a condition called PVCs which causes arrhythmia, which has been confirmed by several tests, including having to wear a heart monitor for thirty days. Not only did I THINK my heart was farther left, I’ve FELT my heart further left than is shown. I don’t have an arrhythmia often, but I’m very curious as to what I’ll feel the next time it happens.

      3. I am currently doing my bachelors degree in biology and I was also thought that it was just left of the center. I just looked up some anatomy diagrams and it looks strange to me to see it at the dead center.

  86. Five cents from Poland: as I have no recollection of most of the spelling issues English speakers deal with (such as Berenstein/Berenstain), I guess it might be interesting that we still do share several of the ME, for example Proctor&Gamble, Castro’s death or the location of Australia (for me it was always much farther from Asia… MUCH farther). As for some new ME, there’s a word for circles of latitude in Polish – “równoleżniki” – and it makes sense because “równo” means straight and “leżeć” – to lay, yet I always need to correct myself from using “równolĘżniki”, a word which is neither more precise nor easier to say. Anyway, I distinctly remember being taught that spelling in school and Google search turns up a few sites where it’s used, even though, as I said, it makes no sense. This has bothered me for more than a few years now because I never had any issues with spelling or grammar – on the contrary, always won school contest and so on. It would seem something has changed after 2006/7, since somehow I managed to go through both primary and high school using the “incorrect” spelling…
    So, that’s the biggest one. Something else is that I remember Andorra being a lot smaller and Monaco being located same as Andorra, on the French-Spanish border, just on its NW end. Both of these are something I could easily brush off as a bad memory though.

    PS: Regarding Sex in/and the City:

  87. This website is great news for those of us who remember the Star Wars scenes that were never there, and Nelson Mandela being alive after he died in prison. The former I accepted as “faulty memories,” which was the explanation given by Lucasfilm and everyone else. The latter was always a bit confusing to me. I was pretty sure he had died in the 1980s (mid to late ’80s?), and I have a vague recollection of a few years going by with no mention of him at all, then he reappeared again. Even now, I can’t be sure I was simply mistaken. I know he had been imprisoned for a long time, maybe I just assumed he had died….or something. Still, it was a pretty big deal back then, and provoked a great outcry all around the world. So what in the world happened in the year that Mandela did, and didn’t, die?

    Jane Goodall also confused me by dying and yet still being alive. Maybe some people just have to come back to complete their unfinished work.

  88. I distinctly remember the show as being “Sex IN the City.” I never watched it, but it’s pretty hard to forget a title like that! Then, just a couple years ago, I noticed that it had changed to “Sex AND the City.” I assumed it was some kind of corporate decision to alter the title for some reason, and quickly forgot about it, since I don’t watch TV anyway. But when I type “Sex in the City” into Google, the titles only show up as “Sex and the City,” as if it has always been that way. It’s very weird.

    1. When I first saw sex in the city somehow i assumed they were people who lived outside of the main city, and had to travel my train, boat, road to get into the city.. so it was Sex IN the city they were travelling into the city for sex.. am a big Kim Cattrall fan

  89. Does anyone remember how to pronounce and spell Pete Townsend? Apparently, it’s now Pete Townshend. Someone’s messing with the past.

    1. Townsend, it has always been Townsend, hahaha – this was one of the weirdest changes so far!

    2. I considered myself pretty well versed in music. At first I thought this might be a joke, but like you said it’s Townshend. I’m not the biggest Who fan , but thought I knew enough about them to spell his last name. I own several of thier albums , even saw them in concert. So I give up. I never , ever would have guessed or put the h in his name. Mike H.

    3. All my life I knew him to be Pete Townsend as well. So after reading your post, I asked on my Facebook if anyone can name the members of The Who without looking it up. There are over 400 people who can see that question and many of them are musicians themselves. I usually get a lot of responses to friendly inquiries, but this time the responses were jokes, like giving me the names of all the Doctor Who characters or the name of the Dr Seuss Whoville characters. I only received one actual serious answer and that person also spelled his last name Townsend. Two people at work spelled it Townsend. No one else I asked could remember his name at all. I find this nearly as odd as the difference in his name from what I remember.

      I too remember Berenstein Bears.
      I have confused memories of Mandella, I vaguely remember he died, but then he was the President of South Africa so that couldn’t have been true.
      I clearly remember the story of the Lindberg(h) baby, as this happened in my great grandmother’s lifetime and this story was one of the many historical stories of her lifetime she had shared with me in my childhood. In my memory this child was never found. I remember looking it up as recently as 10 years ago online and it was still the case last time I looked.
      I share the same memory of Sex in the City, Interview with a Vampire, beautiful day in the neighborhood. I was a big fan of Mr. Rogers when my son was little and impressionable. The word “this” sounds totally wrong in the song.
      My first memory of something odd taking place was a song on the radio. I have always been very good at memorizing songs and being able to play “Name that tune in one note” with my friends. One day in 2010 or 2011 (I was traveling and that was the only period this could have happened in) a song I hadn’t heard in a long time had come on the radio and I was singing along with it and suddenly it sounded…. wrong. It had the same lyrics but it was a slower tempo. It was the original band, the DJ said it was the song from the album which I had in vinyl when I was younger, and it should have sounded the same as I remembered but it didn’t.
      I’ve been perplexed and feeling surreal since I first saw a video mention the Berenstein difference because I’ve since noticed many things seem out of sync with my memories.

      I want my old dimension please. Thanks.

    4. I have always know the Who guitarist as Pete Towsend, it is so odd to see it now as Pete Townshend.

  90. I’m having one more memory that’s got me feeling rather freaked out. Does anybody else remember Michael Buffer passing away a few years ago? He’s the guy that says “Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!” I specifically remember him passing away. I remember seeing pictures on Facebook of him standing in front of a mic with the words “Rest in Peace” in front of him. I also remember speaking to my mom about it since I actually didn’t know who he was before his passing.

  91. Thanks, Skiltaire! I’ve corrected the Major Memories page. My mistake was trusting a couple of Internet resources instead of looking for better secondary (1932 newspapers) reports.

  92. Okay this is a weird one. Yesterday I was driving near the airport, and noticed a couple planes flying overhead. Looking up at them, I thought that they looked odd, but thought maybe it was because I was seeing them flying low. Later, as I got closer to home, I saw another commercial airplane, a lot smaller this time as it was flying higher, and it still looked strange to me. This morning I decided to look up commercial planes to see if it was just my imagination, and I’m not sure that it is. They appear to have changed. I remember the nose of commercial airliners being more rounded, and streamlined. Now it appears they are more pointed, and the windshield bumps out a bit at the top, if that makes sense. Anyone else notice this?

    1. Now I don’t know about how they look – but do you all notice the difference in the sounds they make – it even makes me jump in my sleep – its almost like they come in mach 5 then the old airplane sound then going out it is the same whoosh?

      Also I noticed the fire trucks/ambulances make a real strange sound compared to what they used to.

    2. Oh weird on the airplanes. They do look different. I looked up clipart because I had this running dialog in my head of what I was going to post. It was like “the clipart is still the same …” with a wondering if the clipart was drawn differently for a reason. But the clipart is different too. It has the pointy nose planes as well. It’s so weird.

    1. Fiona, May i take this comment(osborne)to vent my anguish ? Why is it that every odd sounding word is perceived as a ‘persona most non grata’ ? Why is it that no normal sounding word is perceived as incongruous ?.Does it give respect to the subject of ME ?, I would place all such topics under a special head implying ambiguity at best and over enthusiasm at worst.

      1. Vivek, it’s an interesting issue. When spellings are involved, it’s especially difficult to sort actual ME phenomena from typos (and the contagion they can produce).

        In my own case, I still clearly recall — at about age 16 — being convinced that the word “awkward” had changed spelling. For no clear reason, it seemed absolutely wrong to me. (It still does, when I look at it, and I have no idea why. At this point, I can’t offer an alternate spelling.) I’m not sure if that counts as “normal sounding.”

        As I moderate comments here, I try never to discount someone’s genuine, alternate memory because it seems too odd (or even too mundane) to take seriously. Sometimes, the small points — a single, “changed” letter in a familiar brand name or everyday word — are the more disconcerting signals that something isn’t right.

        1. Hi Fiona, I have that feeling of wrongness with the word “vertical”. I always feel like I’m spelling it wrong until I realize that “verticle” would be even more wrong. There is no way to spell it that feels right to me.

  93. I love the Jimmy Stewart movie “Harvey” and vividly recall that when it ended, Harvey actually appeared on screen for the one and only time, waved, and the credits rolled. Yet this is not in the version shown on TV and on DVD, and apparently “really” never was. But others also remember seeing Harvey at the end (a 6 foot tall, normally invisible rabbit.)
    There have been other versions of “Harvey” but I’ve never seen them and as far as I know, they don’t show Harvey either.
    There are a few IMDB comments on this from people who also swear that Harvey does appear at the end of the classic version, but doesn’t in this timeline.

    1. Edward, I recall that scene as well. As a child, Harvey was among my favorite movies. Before assuming the scene never existed in this reality, I’d want to be very certain that the movie wasn’t edited or remastered with an alternate ending.

  94. I think my wife and I have shifted from separate realities. Last night we were discussing 9/11. She remembers her grandfather calling her at her mother’s house and asking if she was watching the news when it happened, but I distinctly remember her calling me at work from our apartment when it happened. Our apartment at the time was 3 hours from where her mother lived, so it’s not like she could have received the call at her mother’s and then called me immediately after. I have been noticing other inconsistencies as well, but most of them I can just usually chalk up to her hamming up what happened to be a drama queen, or poor memory, but being in the military, this would have a big mpact on our lives and is very hard to dismiss as such.

    Separate almost messed me up there. I could swear that it used to be spelled seperate instead of separate.

  95. Sorry for all the posts! Reading your list at the top of the page, Fiona, I found another weird one. Professor X, the telekenetic guy. I apparently remember a scene in the movie that my mom and sister do not. It was a fight between himself and Magneto where Magneto threw some items at Professor X across a broken bridge. He stopped them mid-air with his mind, right?

    There’s even posts online about people asking, “If Professor X can move things with his mind, then why can’t he move his legs?” I actually remember this being a big joke people would make. Apparently these people are from the same universe because apparently, Professor X could read people’s minds, not telekenesis.

    1. I too remember him as having telekinesis. I recently watched the newest movie and thinking something was off because he seemed pretty useless without his other power.

  96. I just heard a commercial on the radio that caught my attention. I live in Orange County, California. The commercial was for an auto dealership called Fletcher Jones Motorcar. I take it the dealership is pretty large. The announcer started out by saying something like, “you know the story. A guy in Iowa builds a baseball diamond on a corn field and thousands of people from all over to see the games…” He goes on about how Fletcher Jones has their own “field of dreams.” He ends the commercial by saying, “I guess that guy in Iowa was on to something…if you build it, they WILL come.” (Emphasis on the will.) I bet whoever wrote the ad would be pretty shocked to find out that the actual phrase was, “he will come.” But heck, the way ME seems to work, in his or her reality, the words might have been “they will come” just a few months ago whenever the person (or people) dreamed up this commercial.

  97. Remember that Robin Williams movie “RV” ?, I am certain it used to have Lindsay Lohan in it! Just watched it again and now its “Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque” according to IMDB. Anyone else remember it with Lindsay?

    1. I had to look that up. I remember Lindsay Lohan. I have never heard of the other girl before. I watched the movie because it had Robin Williams and Lindsay Lohan in it together. Two of my favorites – that I never imagined together in a movie – in one movie. I just HAD to see it. I wonder if the movie is still the same with the new actress.

  98. Has Haley’s Comet always been Halley’s Comet (pronounced HAL-ees)? I was taken aback yesterday watching a program where they referred to Halley’s Comet. I checked the pronunciation and spelling and Halley’s is “correct”. Am I alone here? Maybe I’m just ignorant about astronomy, but HAL-ees sounds wrong.

  99. HI, Fiona.

    So, I finally watched the first episode of ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ last night. Jeb Bush was on. He’s supposed to be George W.’s brother now? When did Jeb stop being his cousin? “Reality” is very strange, isn’t it. 🙂

    1. Hi, Dee!

      Several people have made similar comments about Jeb and his role in the George Bush family. For me, he’s always been W’s brother, even though Jeb made many decisions that seemed like a break with family tradition.

      Nevertheless, in this reality, I have no recollection of Jeb ever being described as a cousin, even as a joke. That makes me especially curious about the origins of these comments, and what else is different about the Bush family in another reality.


      1. Hi, Fiona.

        The first time I recall hearing about Jeb Bush, was during the 2000 Presidential election. As a Canadian who’s not particularly interested in politics, my general response to these things is, “Someone tell me when the election’s over.”, though of course I knew it was Bush vs. Gore. Then when the situation got interesting in Florida, even I paid attention for awhile. That’s when I learned the Governor of Florida was Jeb Bush, and immediately wondered if he was related to W. Jeb was mentioned often for a time, and always described as Bush’s cousin. That’s all I really wanted to know, so when it was mentioned which sibling of George Sr he was a son of, (and I assume it was mentioned), I didn’t pay attention to that information. Now I wish I had, and it’s too late to check.

        Then that spectacle died down, and I didn’t really hear anything about Jeb Bush again, until recently I became aware that he was running for the Republican nomination. That’s all I heard, until I saw him on Late Night, where he said former President George W. . . . was his brother.

        1. I also remembered him as the cousin who was in the spotlight during the whole Florida election controversy.

      2. Hi Fiona and Dee. I’m one of the people who seem to remember Jeb being referred to as ‘cousin’ rather than ‘brother’ during the Bush years. It’s very curious to me.

        I’m not American and in 2000 didn’t know much about George W Bush (other than his more famous father), so I have no memories of the Bush family before that time. But from 2001 I started intensely following a lot of US political news on the Internet. And I was sure that ‘cousin Jeb’ was the phrase that kept cropping up.

        I think I only started to register Jeb as ‘brother’ in this current Presidential campaign season; so 2014, perhaps? Certainly no earlier than 2010.

        I’m curious if this memory is something only non-US citizens have, or if it’s equally common inside and outside the States.

        1. Hi, Nate.

          That’s an interesting point you raised, about the geography of the “cousin Jeb” memory. With you, me and jonny a, that’s 3 non-Americans chiming in. I hope more people respond, because I’m really curious about this now.

            1. Hi, Terry.

              Thank you for joining in on this one. I feel oddly relieved to see an American with this memory, as well. Not that geographical distribution of alternate memories wouldn’t be an interesting study, but it kinda made the whole ME thing seem even weirder to me, than it already is. 🙂

          1. Hi Dee. In case it helps, I’m from New Zealand. Maybe a similar distance from US politics. But I was absolutely obsessed with US political websites from 2001 to Obama’s election in 2008 and again for the 2012 campaign. Mostly Democratic sites like Daily Kos. I feel sure Jeb was cousin not brother for me even in 2012, or surely i would have noticed.

        2. I am in America and I have two memories of Jeb Bush. One he’s the cousin and the other is he’s the brother. The strongest and clearest memory I have is Jeb is the brother. The other memory is fuzzy and is centered around the election with Florida votes being in question.

      3. I’ve always had memories of Jeb Bush being George Bushes cousin. Even though I don’t live in the U.S. I have memories of various tv news reports, (such as BBC news etc) stating that he was a cousin. It’s come as a bit of a shock to find out that they are now brothers. Don’t know what to make of it.

        1. Hi, jonny a.

          Thanks for your reply. Yes, it’s very strange, isn’t it? Just 2 days after I found out Jeb wasn’t George’s cousin anymore, I has having a conversation with a friend, and we got on the topic of the Republicans running for the nomination. We started comparing Jeb and George, and she so matter-of-factly used the words “his brother”. That stopped the discussion in its tracks, because I didn’t know how to respond to that. Even though I now knew my memory didn’t apply anymore, it was so bizarre to hear someone I’ve known for decades, to just casually say it.

          1. Yes, its very strange. I asked the question in a fb group (of whether people remembered jeb & george w as cousins or brothers. Some remembered him as cousins others as brothers. Here is one comment I have copied and pasted:

            “Michael Moore did a film about Fahrenheit 911 he is governor of Florida and they are cousins”
            28 August at 02:55

            I think I will ask the same question in a bigger group, just out of curiousity, but as it stands, I have memories of them being cousins.

            1. I’ve never commented on this, since I first saw it suggested either here or maybe on another website. But sometime in the past – not sure when – I felt confused when I heard referred to as George W’s brother. I don’t remember immediately saying to myself, “Wasn’t Jeb his cousin?” But i remember being surprised that he was that close a relative. When Al Gore contested the 2000 election and the votes were recounted in parts of Florida, a female judge (?) named Katherine Harris (i think – it’s late) became a really controversial figure, and comments were made about Jeb too, but it doesn’t seem like that much was made about Jeb being very close to George W.

              That feeling about the Jeb/George relationship is vague but persistent. What really surprised me is reading that George W was one of 6 children. I remember 5 at the most, including the sister who died young.

  100. i remember what was left of the original snl cast dying in a crash on the way to a reunion show in 06 which apparently never happend you can imagine my shock to find out Dan Aykroyd Laraine Newman Jane Curtin Garrett Morris and Chevy Chase are still alive

  101. Totally forgot about this one until recently. My favourite movie ever is Howl’s Moving Castle. I have the DVD and have watched it well over 200 times. At one point around the time I first received the movie, I watched the movie to the end and a black screen came up with some nice scripty font in white that said “in memory of Billy Crystal” and a date. Billy does the voice of one of the characters so I thought it was very sad but cool that they put that at the end of the movie for him. Well imagine my surprise when I found out he has been alive all this time and couldn’t find this scene on the DVD anywhere. Very strange. Anyone else remember him passing away or getting sick at all?

  102. Wow, this is a new phenomenon on me and its started me thinking about things I remember.

    I definitely remember going to see Star Wars with my dad in 1976 and the storyline was slightly different. I remember the gang going to the Death Star and escaping without Leia and having to go back. I remember when i read the marvel comic book out this detail was missing and it made me very upset and I came to the conclusion that it was edited out to save space. When the film eventually made its way onto ITV i sat down hoping to see the “deleted scene” but it was missing from the TV version as well.

    It was only years later after watching the film many times on TV, video and DVD releases that I came to the conclusion that my young mind must have been wrong. But now Im not so sure.

    Also when did verticle become vertical? And cresent become crescent? Ive lived on Butterfield Cresent all my life and its only recently become crescent.

  103. Hi everyone, I was just watching Fried Green Tomatoes and decided to look up it up online. As I checked out Cicely Tyson’s page, I was shocked to see that she hadn’t died. I specifically remember her passing away within the last 6 years. There were tributes from costars and everything. Am I the only one that remembers this? If just seems so clear.

  104. Jaws: WE will need a bigger boat or YOU will need a bigger boat?
    Parmesian cheese or Parmesan cheese?
    DirtyHarry: Do YOU feel lucky punk? or Do I feel lucky punk?
    Godfather: I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse or I wanna make him an offer her can’t refuse?

    I remember a small cuba not a huge cuba on the google maps. Rod Sterling hosted Twilight Zone. Charles SCHULTZ drew Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Tom Hanks said Houston we HAVE a problem. Dorthy in Wizard of Oz said I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore Toto (I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore Toto-only in this timestream)

    BerenstEIn Bears …. Absolutely on this one.

    Neil Armstrong was alive and Ruth Westheimer was not…. but now it is reversed… I did not mix those two celebrities up IT HAS CHANGED.

    [edited for unnecessary religious reference]

  105. Weather/ Katrina
    As a meteorologist, I can tell you that it is nearly impossible for a tropical cyclone to form in the North Atlantic in April the magnitude of Katrina, and the fact that it’s named “Katrina” means that there were 10 named storms prior to its development (in that year), when the first storm of the season usually forms in June or at the earliest May. I believe this one can be dismissed as just people getting the names of months mixed up, and not actual “No I distinctly remember this happening in April” memories.

    On another note, if you want an actual memory, I remember this occurring just after my first week of college (August 2005) and thought it was interesting that an event like this coincided with me beginning my meteorological studies.

    1. Chris C,

      Your comment about the Katrina name (and 10 prior, named storms at an unlikely time of year) would be valid if this were the only reality. You present good, logical points based on what’s in this timestream. If that’s all that exists — if physicists are wrong and there are no alternate realities — simple confusion would be a reasonable explanation.

      However, Wikipedia, etc., serve the purpose of sorting out those kinds of confusions. This site is about alternate memories and alternate realities, and — in at least one of them — I believe it’s possible that hurricane season begins in mid-winter and an alternate Katrina could have struck in April, and in a different year.

      As far as I’m concerned, a memory is a memory. Declaring yours an “actual memory,” as if others aren’t… that’s rude.

      However, your point about the timing of the alternate Katrina is a good one. It’s a reminder that some of these events don’t happen in isolation. In another reality, a storm named Katrina meant either a very different hurricane season in at least one other reality, or a record-breaking weather anomaly there, so named storms occurred in rapid succession at a time when they shouldn’t have happened at all.

      Until your post, I’m embarrassed to admit that my thinking had been far too narrow and event-specific, without thinking about the larger context of these alternate memories.

      I’m going to be re-examining many of these reported memories, not in isolation but in terms of what else would have happened for those memories to be real.

      I may also create a poll to see how many of those memories were thought of as “the oddest thing” when they happened (in another reality), or whether they were just part of the normal rhythms in that alternate time & place, and relatively unexamined until a conflicting reality became obvious, here.


  106. A new “false memory” came up for me today and I wanted to share it here on the off chance anyone else has the same “false memory.” I have a Nook e-reader and so I get email updates from them about new book released. Today I got one of those emails and it included a reference to a new John Grisham novel coming out. It’s called “Rogue Lawyer” and it’s going to be released 10/10/15. It immediately caught my eye because I clearly remember that he died of a heart attack several years ago. So, I thought that the book must be one of those posthumous releases that we sometimes get. Nope. He’s alive and well. According to his Wikipedia page he’s 60 years old (I would have that he was born before 1955) and living quite well in various homes in the South. This blows my mind. I know he died. I remember watching The Firm and The Pelican Brief and so I was pretty familiar with him and his books and was mildly shocked when I heard he died. How can this man still be alive and still writing?

  107. I’ve spent some time reading through this entire site and wanted to throw in my 4 cents.

    First of all, I believe there are infinite universes that we’re constantly traveling in and out of. I’ve heard it been described like a film of a movie. A frame is just a snapshot of a specific moment in time. But once the film rolls, it shows movement. In turn, a Universe is just a moment in time. And we constantly shift to the ones where we have the closest frequency and that creates our fluid movement and the world around us.

    Generally these universes are extremely similar from one another. But all possibilities exist (infinite possibilities – if you can imagine it, it exists) at the exact same time.

    So Berenstein Bears exist, Berenstain Bears exist, Bernstein Bears exist, ets. From what I’ve heard though (from Bashar if you know him and believe what he’s saying…) is that we have general rules that we all agreed to follow when we decided to come to Earth. General timelines of events, etc

    That makes me wonder why some of us are remembering events one way, and others another way. What is making our memories so different? Is there a purpose for it? Is it a part of the Great Awakening to show us that life is more than what we see around us?

    With that said, I do have a few Mandela moments. But none of them are very clear to me. I am convincing myself that I just remembered wrong. If I woke up tomorrow and found out Michael Jackson was still alive, then THAT would floor me. I specifically remember how Michael died. These ones that I’m having shocked me at first, but now I’m getting used to them. However, it does seem that some of you have very specific memories of certain events.

    Anyway, I’m fascinated by this, and I could go on forever. Here are my Mandela moments…

    – Berenstein Bears. I would’ve bet my house that it was spelled with an e. I can see the cursive e so clearly in my mind. This one definitely shocked me.

    – New Zealand. I almost didn’t even take a look at this one when people were talking about it. I thought “NZ is going to be exactly where I last saw it. Right there on the South West of Australia.” I gasped when I Googled it. Couldn’t believe it. And I thought it HAD a very warm climate. Now, I’m not the best at geography, so I can certainly write it off as a bad memory. However, it’s interesting that there are a few of us South West remembers out there.

    – Billy Graham. I really, really don’t have a specific memory about this one. I do know that when my sister-in-law brought him up recently, I was so confused when I said “Oh, he’s dead, right?” and she mentioned he was still alive.

    – Challenger explosion. I would’ve bet my house that this happened when I was in 2nd grade. I always remembered it as happening in 2nd grade. I remember going to another classroom to watch it on the tv in there. But that would have been in 1984, not 1986.

    Thanks for allowing me to write my long, long post! 🙂

    1. Hi Christina. I just finished reading through all whopping 10 pages, and a lot of ideas are forming in my mind as a result. The most important one seems to be finding a solution to the whole “If you somehow exchange your body with that of an alternate version of yourself from a different timeline, what happens to the “you” that gets displaced when you slide into what used to be its body”?

      I like what you said about there being infinite timelines. I feel like the only difference between timelines are the actions of the lifeforms in them, determined by their personalities. Some timelines feel “better” than the one we are in right now because they are inhabited and run by people who are more similar to us. When we spend time concentrating on what kind of a world we would like to live in, I can’t help but wonder if we subconsciously exchange bodies with another version of ourselves who prefers the timeline that we live in to their own, just as we prefer the one that they live in?

      For example, a lot of the changes to original timelines mentioned on this website seem to describe worlds that are more technologically advanced than ours (with teleportation and flying cars), but also more violent and disturbing (with more political deaths, lots of dead celebrities, an inexplicably uninhabited Madagascar, no New York City, and tall towers that pierce the cloudline where children are interviewed by authority figures for unknown reasons). I’m not saying that all of these changes exist in one alternate timeline, I am saying that everyone who has posted on this website seems to have traveled from their original timeline to this one. Even though our world might be going to hell, nothing extremely horrible seems to have happened here in the past 25 years besides 9/11. For example, no one nuked Israel back in 2003, and World War 3 didn’t happen as a result.

      Anyway, it seems to me that everyone on this website (possibly due in no small part to Fiona’s screening) is kind and has insightful comments to offer in addition to their tales of alternate timelines. By guessing, I would say that one thing we all have in common is that we have traveled to this specific timeline from many others because it is the least violent one that we have all been able to find, one that offers the most hope for a pleasant future for humanity. Apparently, other versions of ourselves with different personalities did not mind the timelines that we came from, and subconsciously agreed to trade places with us, and here we are.

      What do you think? That’s my favorite idea so far.

  108. I just discovered this topic today and have been quite intrigued by it. Ive been a social studies/geography teacher for 15 years and I’ve never heard of Mongolia being a country. At least not since the Mongol empire. Also, Cuba has always been a small if not tiny island about 80 miles off the coast of Florida. Way too big now. Madagascar is in Africa and not an island. China is much smaller than is should be as a result of the new country of Mongolia apparently. Australia also used to be much farther south. These are the major differences in geography I noticed.
    As a history student in college I did my senior thesis on Adolf hitler. He had brown eyes and hair. This is why it was so hypocritical of him to want to create a “master race” of blonde haired blue eyed people, when in fact he didn’t even look that way himself but the opposite with dark hair and dark eyes as he was Austrian by birth.
    As far as the other major alternate memories for me – berenstein bears, “the neighborhood”, “he” will come, “mirror,mirror”. These also seem to be the most frequent that I’ve read. I find it very strange that so many people share these same alternate memories. This seems to be disproportionate to the number who have unique alternate memories. I also believe that the human mind is highly suggestive and think that those with alternate memories are not “supposed” to have them in the grand scheme of things

    1. I’m so glad you said that Madagascar was INSIDE AND LANDLOCKED IN AFRICA AND NOT AN ISLAND! That’s how I remember learning it in Geography Class in the mid 90’s! I remember it because at the time I thought it was such a funny name, and I always associated it with Mad Gas Car lol. I thought I was loosing my mind when other people were talking about it being an island! I’m glad I heard it from you a Geography teacher no less! However, now I’m more freaked out, because I thought I was just not remembering it right. I want to say that it was in the Northern part of Africa somewhere?

  109. I remember back in 1995 an airline flight was shot down. The flight was TWA 800 and I can remember my mother screaming that they were all monsters. Now looking at the flight history on Wikipedia it states it was a fuel tank that ruptured or caught fire. That would seem to be 360 degrees the other way than I remember it.

    I screamed when I read that Ellis Island was now Ellis Island and Liberty Island. They have always been in my mind the same place and I’ve even went there as a young adult. I remember the rectangular building that listed all the old records of the immigrants that had passed thru and then simply taking a walk down the sidewalk to tour the statue of Liberty.

    Fruit Loops will always be Fruit Loops to me. Never in my life have I heard such a thing as Froot Loops and was appalled when I looked on Google for the familiar box.

    Luke I am your father! and Beam me up Scotty! is always in my memory. Even mirror mirror on the wall.

    I don’t understand what is going on and fear I will never get to the bottom of it. This did just happen recently (2015) as I fell something has been off at least the last few years. I’ve even asked the question before, how did we get here? To which I get a reply, how do you mean? But I never seem to have the words to describe it.

    Before coming here I happened to see Betty White in a VW commercial a few weeks back and thought to myself it was odd because she was dead. I thought it was just a clever commercial.

    It has dawned on me that people use the Internet, Google & Wikipedia as prime examples to prove validity. Maybe Betty White really is dead. Whose to say that she isn’t except Wikipedia.

    Of all things, Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. What in the world is going on?

    1. Oh man. I remember TWA 800. I was trying to think of a place I wanted to raise my son with my husband. We knew we would be moving soon and were trying to decide where to move to. I lived in Florida at one point and I am also big on “give me sign” type things. I saw the news about TWA 800 getting shot down over Florida and the huge conspiracy it started, the outraged people, etc… and I thought “That is the sign I was looking for. Not moving to Florida!”

      I looked it up after reading your comment. Totally not even the same events that happened. Locally it flew out of New York and exploded over the ocean.

      I am pretty sure I am living in the Twilight Zone.

  110. I have been obsessed with this site all week, and finally got done reading all the post. Thank you so much Fiona for keeping this wonderful conversation going!

    So where to start off? Well to be honest I first started looking into this back when I heard about Nelson Mandela dying in 2013. Being a pretty good student in History I found it odd that I really hadn’t heard of Mandela until sometime after high school during the Bush years, when I was on a website forum that I used to frequent and another user was making fun of George W. Bush because of this video, stating that Mandela was dead which is an odd video in itself. So I happened to Google Mandela at the time and learn about who he was, and why Bush would say that. To get back on track though, I remember that after Mandela died in 2013, was reading news stories and I saw people posting about how they thought he was already dead, which lead me to a forum similar to this at the time that was chock full of people saying the same thing. Then people started listing other celebrities that they thought were dead too but were not, and one of them stuck out to me when they had mentioned Billy Graham had died. I clearly remember back in I want to say early in the Obama years that he had died, I remember seeing it headlined on the Drudge Report, I didn’t really think much of it at the time since I didn’t really follow the guy. I also seem to remember Graham’s son giving an interview to Sean Hannity about it. I however never watched the funeral or remember it being on TV. I was shocked months later when he popped back up in the news again. So I could totally relate to the poster’s who were talking about him being dead and back again, it spooked me out at the time. Over the last couple years I really hadn’t thought about it though.

    So here is how I became intrigued by it again, when a guy I had just met at a camp out asked me if I remembered the Berenstein Bears or Berenstain Bears, and I said, “Well I remember the BERNstEIN Bears.” Then he told me that it was actually the BerenstAIn Bears, and it blew my mind! And that is why I’m here. I don’t remember the Berenstein, I remember Bernstein. I do however remember a few years ago I was talking to a coworker about the Bernstein Bears and she looked at me funny and was like, “I think you mean Berenstain Bears?” and I was like, “Uh no, it’s Berenstein” and she was like, “Uh ok?” and we both just shrugged it off. Hadn’t really thought of that conversation again until this week.

    I rarely buy peanut butter, but earlier this year I was craving peanut butter so I went to the store to specifically look for Jiffy peanut butter, I saw Jif on the shelves but no Jiffy, I remember I picked up the Jif container and was spinning it in my hand in disbelief that it didn’t say Jiffy! I just shrugged it off like many of the people here did, and thought that maybe they changed the name or something. I also know of the Jiffy Pop, Jiffy Lube and Jiffy baking stuff, so I know I was not getting confused with those products. I also remember not understanding the commercials that said, “Mom’s choose Jif” or whatever, I always thought, “What the heck are they saying to choose? It?” I also know that there was a Skippy peanut butter as well, and for some reason now I also remember it just being Skipp for a time…kinda like a reverse of Skippy and Jif….very odd. So when I saw it listed here as an ME, that’s when I figured something was totally WRONG!

    “If you build it THEY will come” I remember that being what was said in the movie, not “he”. I always thought the “they” was the rest of the players. Only watched the movie once in the mid 90’s. I want to say that the quote was also on the VHS cover…. I also remember all kinds of businesses using the catch phrase.

    Linhberg baby was never found. I remember the jokes.

    Henry the VIII with the Chicken/Turkey Leg.

    Charles Schultz.

    I do remember Mr. Rogers dying in 2003. I also remember sometime in 2012 that there was a lot of Mr. Rogers meme’s going around Facebook about his public support for PBS, because of the elections and Romney saying he would de-fund PBS, and I remember friends at the time being confused that he had died in 2003. However, it had to be “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood” because the next line is “a beautiful day for A neighbor”. “The” and “A” rhyme. Which is why I can’t decide if it’s “a” vampire or “the” vampire. I want to say “a”, but I never watched the movie.

    I remember Sex IN the City.

    One that totally had me was the teleported apple in 2007, I do now remember that being a HUGE news story for about a week or so, and everyone talking about it, and then never hearing anything about it again, and I totally forgot about it until this week. I also remember them talking about the wood block too.

    Spike was the evil Gremlin, not Stripe. What kind of a wussy name is Stripe?

    Tank Man, for some reason like Mandela I have no recollection of learning about him or Tiananmen Square at any point during High School, which is weird because I loved history classes. It wasn’t until about the last five years that I started hearing politicians talk about it and saw the video of the man in front of the tank. It did not squash him.

    I remember Jeb was Bush’s brother while he was governor of Florida, because Bush would always go down there to help his brother out during the Hurricane season. One weird thing I remember about the Bush brother’s though is that, I remember a few years after 9/11 I was listening to some talk radio program, I can’t remember who it was, but I want to say Mark Levin, some “truther” called in and started talking about how Bush’s brother Marvin was in charge of the elevator service at the WTC before 9/11, and the radio host cut him off and said, “BUSH HAS NO BROTHER NAMED MARVIN, I PERSONALLY KNOW THE BUSH FAMILY AND THERE IS NO BROTHER NAMED MARVIN!!! GOODBYE YOU NUT!” So I kinda laughed, because I hadn’t heard of Marvin Bush either. Sure enough when I looked into though, Bush HAS a brother named Marvin.

    Like I said somewhere above in another comment, Madagascar has ALWAYS been landlocked in Africa. And I also remember the north polar cap was just Arctica.

    I do remember being little and trying to draw pictures of white people like myself with crayons and adults telling me to use peach, and then making a comment about how it use to be flesh. I don’t recall actually using a “flesh” or “skin” color though….

    I have always tried to put an “a” in definitely. I should do my homework, but it does make me wonder who or what actually programs our worldwide auto-correct….

    I have an aunt who always talks about how she saw the movie Beetlejuice in St. Louis in 1984 or 85 while my uncle was in college. I would always correct her and say that the movie didn’t come out until 1988, but she swears she saw it then. I used to think she was just not remembering correctly, but now I know it could be an ME for her.

    My uncle is an orthodontist, his dad was a home town doctor, my uncle went to med school for a time before he decided to become an orthodontist. He frequently tells a story about how his dad was working on a patient, and was dumb founded to find that the patients heart was on the right side instead of the left. They are and were very smart men, I don’t think they would have messed up something so basic to not know the human heart was in the middle. I always believed it was on the left.

    I’m not much of a fan of Hillary Clinton, but I do know that right wing talk radio likes to make fun of her for saying that her mom named her after Sir Edmund Hillary the first climber to climb Mt. Everest, problem is, Sir Edmund Hillary didn’t climb Mt. Everest until AFTER Hillary Clinton was born. I always thought it was just another Clinton bending the truth, but maybe her mom really did believe that Sir. Edmund Hillary climbed Mt. Everest before her daughters birth in her time stream….

    Here is a personal one that I haven’t seen mentioned yet. I remember in Forest Gump that right after the ice cream scene when it was revealed that Lieutenant Dan had lost his legs, that Forest makes a shocking and somewhat comical comment like, “LIEUTENANT DAN! YOU AIN’T GOT NO LEGS!” I remember seeing it in the VHS release, since I was too young to see it in theaters. However, I can not find that comment, now when you watch the movie Forest just causally licks his ice cream and looks at Lt. Dan like it’s no big deal, that scene is just awkward to me. I vaguely remember though that a lot of amputee groups were upset over the scene and wanted it taken out, since it had become a catch phrase that people including my ignorant young self were saying it in comical ways. So they cut it out of the movie and rightfully so. I however watched it on VHS, but I can’t find the cut that I watched anywhere on the web, or find any website saying that they had cut it…..I guess I need to get an old VHS copy and investigate, I know it’s not on my DVD.

    Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Sorry about the long post, but I have been thinking about this stuff all week.

    1. One more, “mirror, mirror” I remember it being “Magic, mirror”, because at the time I remember learning that the character was called the Magic Mirror, so it made sense. I also remember people saying “mirror, mirror” though while looking in mirrors, and I thought they were just saying that about their own mirror’s because they were not magic lol.

    2. John O, is this the comment you were looking for? If so, it’s always good to check my comment approval schedule. (Usually, it’s in the right column on the page… not sure where it shows up on hand-held devices.) Generally, I approve comments once a day, and only on weekdays. I try to take time off most holidays and weekends. (Obviously, with the current volume of comments, I’ve been updating on Saturdays, but only so Mondays aren’t “all comments, all day.” LOL)

  111. I have 2 that have no been mentioned a 1 personal one.

    1 As a child growing up in Australia I grew up watching Sesame Street. I remember the grey elephant being called Snufalufalufagus, but than it just Snufalugagus.

    2 I remember the Spice Girls HitTell ya what I want being a hit 12 to 18 months before it was. I remember says this is not new it was around last year.

    Personally I remember as kid getting woken up in the middle of the night to go on a trip to a ruin and collecting bullet shells. I asked my mother for a few times over the years and she kept telling me it did not happen. Then one day out of the blue she asked me if I remembered trip. I was blown away.

    Just to finish I was blown away a few years ago to find that Steve McQueen died so long ago. I didn’t know he was dead and in fact I even argued that point with friends that the was not dead.

    1. ok that threw me for a loop, Mr Snufalupagus the one i remember, without searching for me was more like a wooly mammoth a brown furry colour, then later he had a “daughter” much smaller and a lighter brown.. Who was only visible to Big Bird. and everyone joked about it, how it was his imaginary friend.. until one day someone else could see it.. and i am from the UK.. could be at opposite sides of the world we came from other worlds ;).. so nice to meet you

        1. Hi, Naomi,

          Like you, I recall his name being “Snuffleuffagus” or “Snuffaluffagus” (though I can’t guarantee the spelling, only that it’s phonetically correct for the pronunciation that I recall). I’d heard this other “up” version somewhere a few years ago, but paid it no attention (I dismissed it as someone having no clue as to the correct pronunciation).

          Aside from Googling variations of each (“uff” vs. “up”), which indicate a huge leaning (approx. 12:1 ratio) toward “up” versions, even Sesame Street itself shows it (currently) as an “up” version [1]. I miss my “uff”.

          I’m not familiar with Chris’s “Snufalufalufagus” or “Snufalugagus” (possible typographical error?). I suppose that I’ll now have yet another item (well, set of items) to wonder about.


  112. As part of my various interests I have found myself taking notice in this concept of effect and old cartoons. The following will involve just that…
    I don’t want to go too deep into a backstory but since a young age I have found myself interested in old cartoons from the points I was not born in. A more recent example of this is when I found Wacky Races and watched all those soon leading into the spin-off. Besides getting a folder full of Dick Dastardly pictures some of which had his canine companion beside him…Wait, what is the name of this snickering floppy-eared hound where when courage is needed he was never around?
    I thought it must have been “Muttley” seeing as the announcer always went at their spot “Dick Dastardly and his sidekick, Muttley” and the spin-off was called Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines(Unless you are one of those who remembers it being called Catch the Pigeon but that’s another story)but my mother said she remembers him being called “Smedley”.
    This soon led into me going into research phase and typing in things along the lines of “Smedley Dog” in the search engine and one of the results and among that is at least one of a dog named Smedley who had connections with Woody Woodpecker but at least for me has also given a bit of Muttley and even bolding his name in place of “Smedley”. So here is the question…
    If any of you are old enough with memories on this Hanna-Barbera and/or the results, were told stories, or anything else…
    Is the dog often paired with Dick Dastardly called “Muttley” or “Smedley”?
    And maybe… Do you remember their spin-off being called “Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines” or “Stop the Pigeon”?

    1. Hey Cat Classy,
      I’m on the fanatic side when it comes to animation. These particular cartoon references probably fall under “Urban Legend” because of their convoluted past.
      Let’s start with Dick Dastardly’s sidekick. His name is Muttley, and is introduced as so in the intro to “Wacky Races” (intro is EASILY found on YouTube.). Although, his “geneology” isn’t quite as clear. The first appearance he makes is in “Hey There, Its Yogi Bear”, but the character’s name is Mugger. His look is SLIGHTLY different than Muttley, and some argue Mugger is his own character altogether. The name and character Muttley next appears in “The Wacky Races”. Hanna-Barbera co-produced this with another company, which is where the confusion begins. His next appearance is a year later in “Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines” (Which I will address in a moment.). This is pretty straightforward since his name is in the title. Now we need to fast forward 6 years to the appearance of a character named Mumbly on “The Tom and Jerry/Grape Ape/Mumbly Show”. Mumbly is an amalgamation of Mugger and Muttley. Mumbley is a police detective, which will help to add to the confusion. Mumbly makes cameo appearances in other Hanna-Barbera cartoons that year. Finally, we end up in 1977 with the cartoon “The Laff-A-Lympics”, and making his appearance as The Captain of “The Really Rottens” is Mumbly, alongside his partner Dread Baron. Here is where we reach maximum confusion. Mumbly is now captain of the “Bad Guys” team along with a new character that looks AN AWFUL LOT like Dick Dastardly! To further add to the confusion, in one episode Dread Baron and Mumbly can be seen with Dastardly and Muttley’s airplane. And in another episode, Mumbly is referred to as Muttley due to a scripting error.
      Now onto “Stop/Catch That Pigeon”VS”Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines”. This one is pretty straightforward. The show’s working title was “Stop That Pigeon” and the theme song written by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera was also titled that. The theme is based on the jazz standard “Tiger Rag”, and repeats the phrase “Stop That Pigeon!” INCESSANTLY. Although this doesn’t prove that the show DOESN’T/DIDN’T have another title in another reality, it does show how this could be a common mistake.
      On one final note, I have run across a couple of testimonies from people who remember the show being titled “Catch That Pigeon”. At first glance it seems like an easy mistake to make. The only reason I feel this may still be open for debate is because of the memories these people have. Some of these people remember questioning why the title was “Catch That Pigeon” when the theme was OBVIOUSLY “Stop That Pigeon”? Why not change one to match the other? Not only does this make sense, it also insinuates the show title was scrutinized, beyond a glance, in the past by these people.
      This got a little long winded, but I hope it helped to clear this one up a bit!

    2. Hi, Cat Classy,

      I recall both Muttley and Smedley very clearly, and as distinctly different characters from entirely different shows — as for a certain show’s name being somewhat nebulous… M.E., I presume.

      I was born in Nov 1971, and grew up watching various shows of this genre in the NYC broadcast area (regional programming differences could well account for some variation). I.A.W. my memory (timeline, reality, what-have-you):

      * Smedley was a primary or secondary character in Chilly Willy and Woody Woodpecker cartoons;
      * Muttley’s stint was split between “Wacky Races” and “Catch the pigeon“;
      * I knew the song “Catch the pigeon” perfectly well (though these days not so much), and always sang along to it;
      * I found the song’s title and lyrics to have changed to “Stop the pigeon” (and apparently always have been that) several years ago (c2010, give or take a year or so);
      * at around that same year or so, I found a similar always-was-that-way change to have occurred to the cartoon’s title — what had been “Catch the pigeon” had then become always-having-been something about “Flying Machines” (not at all a contextually inappropriate name, mind you, just not the “right” one, to me).

      For me, a degree of “straightforward” enters with Muttley’s dream sequences, with Dick’s rant having been “Wake up Muttley, you’re dreaming again — you’re not Robin Hood, and you’re not Gunga Din! You’re not a brave knight, nor a king who’s been crowned, you’re just plain old Muttley the dastardly hound!” (N.B.: “nor” is apparently now “or”, and “dastardly hound” is apparently now “snickering hound”).

      I used to watch “The Yogi Bear show“, but “Hey there, it’s Yogi Bear!” seems to have been a 1964 feature film [1], rather than the regularly scheduled weekday afternoon show. Until now, I had never heard of Mugger [2]. Similarly, I used to watch “The Grape Ape show” (now always having been “The Great Grape Ape Show“), in which there hadn’t been a Mumbly [3] [4] character that I recall — but I’ve never heard of any combination of {Grape Ape, Tom & Jerry, and this Mumbley}, nor watched the Laff-A-Lympics, either or both of which might otherwise have tied it all together for me.

      I have a similar memory to that of DbD, w.r.t. “Catch the pigeon“, in that the catch-phrase is repeated quite a bit (other than that we recall different versions thereof). As for an underlying question, my memory of both the show’s title and the song’s lyrics is that they had been “Catch the pigeon” (whereby I had no reason to question a difference between the show and the lyrics having a catch-vs.-stop difference), and have questioned this “stop” thing and the “Flying Machines” only in contrast with my memory of “catch”, rather than the other way around.


      1. (CtE, a small note: In your Sesame Street comment, your text was littered with triple backslashes — \ — and I deleted them in a global replace via Notepad. This one has single backslashes. I’d already mentioned the glitch in Site News and hope today’s WP update — not yet installed — will fix it. But, if you’re wondering where the odd extras are coming from… well, I haven’t a clue, but it’s not consistent from your side of things, which may confirm that it’s a software issue here at the site.)

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