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  1. Hey Fiona,
    I’ve been posting a lot of stuff on here since I found your site. Sorry about all the extra work :).
    A lot of people have been posting about the moon. I thought it was weird when I started seeing the moon during the day time. I see it a lot during the day, and it seems like my teachers in school told me that you couldn’t. I didn’t start noticing until a few years ago. Was I just never paying attention before? Anybody know?

    1. hannah,

      No apologies necessary! Yes, this is extra work since I check every comment and make a decision about it, personally. However, I’m fascinated by the many wonderful ideas people are sharing here, so the time spent is an absolute delight!

      I’m going to create an article about the sky in general, as soon as I can take a few minutes to do so. It will include topics about the color of the sky, positions of sun and moon, relative brightness of stars, and anything else that seems a Mandela Effect-ish note that I’ve seen in recent comments. (However, I’ve seen the moon in the daytime sky for years, so it’s not new for me… but it may be new for you if your past realities didn’t have the same Moon/Earth/Sun configuration as this reality has.)


      1. Hi Fiona,
        First off, thanks for all your work with the website. My daughter recently drew my attention to the Berenstein Bears discussion and I’m thoroughly interested in this whole discussion. I, too, remember the spelling as “Berenstein”. I read the books to all three of my children. They all remember “stein”. In fact, I remember wondering if the proper pronunciation was “stine” or “steen”. As a high school English teacher, I have always been interested in spelling and pronunciation. I also remember going to a bookstore around 2005 or thereabouts to hunt down copies we did not have. I found one, but to my surprise, the author’s name had changed to “Berenstain” and I remember thinking that that was weird. By the way, a responder to George Takei’s tweet, Brooke Turner, responded in a tweet herself by posting a photo of the books with the “Stein” spelling on her Facebook page.

        1. Thanks! I’ve seen photos of a few “Berenstein” book covers now. Some are more convincing than others. I’m still looking for a genuine copy in real life, but doubt that I’ll find one. The evidence is too compelling that — in this reality — it was Berenstain all along.

          1. Has anyone looked at the star wars glitch.. I wanted to see if anyone had made a video on that scene where Luke finds out that Vader is his father… I found this video that was posted 5 years ago, so the change had to have happened sometime in the past 5 years…I didn’t know what to do or think when I saw the title… AND for the record its “LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER”


            1. I always remember, “No, Luke I am your father”

              -All this stuff changed in the last 5 years. (I noticed the moon for the first time in 2010, -day time-)

              CERN had it’s first successful run in 2009, my money is on CERN.

            2. @Glen: Interesting. For me the film line has always been ‘No, I am your father’ (but usually misquoted as ‘Luke, I am your father’ because that makes more sense out of the context of the preceding lines).

              It falls in a similar basket to me as the other famous apocryphal quotes: Captain Kirk saying ‘Beam me up Scotty’ (in my reality this was never the case; it was always something like ‘Scotty, two to beam up’) or Sherlock Holmes saying ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’ (again, that line never quite occurring in the source material, but becoming a meme in secondary sources).

              I only saw the Star Wars movies in the mid 1990s though, on VHS, so I don’t have memories from the original theatrical release.

              The Snow White ‘Mirror mirror’ vs ‘Magic mirror’ line also… can’t say for sure. I’d probably go with ‘Magic mirror’. But certainly ‘mirror mirror’ is the line everyone quotes.

      2. Hi there! I have been asking people for about 4 years now if they notice just how bright the sun appears in the sky now. Most are reluctant to see things how I do. They seem almost scared. When we were kids, we used to all draw the Sun. On an average size piece of paper we would draw it about the size of a half dollar with the Sun’s rays being about the same size as it’s diameter. We also used to color it yellowish orange.
        Forward to the present and you can walk outside right now and see a WHITE HOT Sun, with rays stretching far across the horizon. Is this a result of decades of “green thinking/living”? We just stopped putting lead into Gas/petrol in the 1970’s. Maybe we aren’t “kicking up” as much “dust” sorta speak.

        1. Yep, our sun is huge and white hot and much brighter in the last years.

          In the years 2004-2005 I used to sun-gaze a LOT, stopping nearly every night along the coast in Santa Monica at the beach to chillax while my 9 year old son could play on the swings as a mid-point break on our long (1.5 hours) commute from work/school to home.

          That 2005 sun was yellow and small compared to this current one that is huge and white.

          And I remember a huge amount of the celebrity deaths, the tank boy run over, the STEIN ending to the Bears books, and this tells me we live in a holographic liquid reality and hop between an infinite number of parallel earths, and those who are AWAKE to this are riding the crest of the Wave.

          1. Is there something special about those of us that are Awake? What makes us different?

        2. The sun indeed did used to be yellow in 1990s. I noticed the sun suddenly become more brighter and white on June 6, 2003. These last 4 or 5 years or so, the sun does seem more brighter and feels more intense on the skin compared to how the sun felt during the 2000s.

  2. I definitely remember Berenstein Bears. In school we were taught to spell a lot with a space between the a and l. I remember the Challenger exploding in 1986 – because I was in 11th grade and we discussed it in one of my classes and the teacher looked exactly like Orville Redenbacher. I remember the boy in Tiananmen Square being killed. I also remember – and so does my husband – Richard Chamberlain dying of Aids years ago. Wikipedia has him alive and well. When WHC Helen Thomas was reported dead – I thought, “Again?” ….

  3. I have a few of these memories. I seem to remember my mother telling me Muhammed Ali died back when I lived at her house which was before 2011. I also seem to remember my grade five teacher and another teacher from the school wheeling the television to the front of the class so we could watch the news when 9/11 happened and a newspaper later that week sitting on a shelf above where we stored our musical instruments that showed the towers with smoke and such. Only problem is in grade five it was 2003 for me and not 2001. Then again, I also have a memory of a friends parents walking by my house and talking to my parents in the driveway about how horrible this was and how sad that all of these people died. I remember staying inside the screen door and looking at myself in the mirror fixing a bandana that I would have been wearing in grade three…2001. Seem to have memories of both years. Another thing: when I was around 9 years old my great uncle and aunt visited at Christmas and bought these collectible Pokemon coins for my sister and I. They came in what looked like a CD case. We loved them and were really excited about them. They disappeared that night or the next day. We were never able to find them. About 8 months ago I did some volunteer work with kids and the agency had a bunch of toys I could bring with me to play with my buddy. I found a box containing several cases with these coins inside. I brought them to play with a little girl and then packed them up and put them in my car. I lock my car religiously. They disappeared from my car. It’s like I’m not meant to have them. Also when I was maybe 6 I was with my family having dinner at my grandparents house. Everyone was eating and my dad looked over at the wall by the telephone and then a minute later looked at me and seriously said “did you see a door open”. I said no and asked what he meant. He shook his head and told me to forget it. He looked tired but I had a feeling my dad was somehow “magical” after that. He used to think he was floating around his room when he was asleep too. Finally, today something very strange happened to me. I was listening to the radio and the song Rather Be by Clean Bandit came on and I was singing along. The song sounded different and I was confused. I remember the lyrics to alternate between “no place I’d rather be” and “no place I guarantee” in the chorus. Then I could hear a second and somewhat lower voice come in and say ” no place like NRG” very clearly. I tried looking these up with no real result. There is a website for a recording company called NRG and there is text on their site that says “there is no place with an atmosphere like NRG” but they don’t seem to have worked with the artists so I am left feeling very strange. I have heard that song a million times and never heard that other voice saying NRG before. Anyone else?

  4. I am definitely in the e camp. Sex in the city and interview with a vampire. I also have a really weird one. I clearly remember Debbie Gibson singing Eternal Flame in the 80s but now i find out its the Bangles. That one really messed me up. Oh i also remember a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I always was confused about John Goodman. I remember a Larry king episode when he died but now hes alive. Im honestly really confused about what I remember and what is true. I dont remember Mandela dieing i remember him getting out of prison and becoming president of south africa. I also never thought they found the lindbergh baby but i do remember hauptman getting found guilty and a big doubt if he actually did it.

    1. I was born in 1998, so I wouldn’t exactly remember Sex and the City vs Sex in the City very well, but while I was watching the sequel to Bridget Jones’ Diary just now, Hugh Grant was doing a narration for New York City and said, “New York, where Sex IN the City isn’t just a program.” I came straight here to comment

  5. So I’m not entirely sure if this is just from my bad memory or if it’s a shift. I can never seem to remember what day Christmas is on. And this happens to me continuously. It’s either the 24th, or the 25th. I can remember it being on both days, and this changes every few years it seems. I’ve always passed this off as bad memory, but I don’t see why I seem to be constantly having to look it up. I learn from other memory things, just not this

    Also, when I just started school, I clearly remember there being more than 50 states. It must have shifted when I was pretty young because the problem hadn’t occurred to me until now.

    1. Jessica, I’ve heard the Christmas (24th or 25th) issue for years, and I’m surprised that you’re the first to mention it at this website. So, you’re not alone with that memory. It just hadn’t been brought up, here, until now. Thanks!

    2. Every year since I moved away from home (at 18) my mum calls me *the day before* my birthday (on the 5th of my birthday-month) and starts singing happy birthday before I have time to say more than hello. And every year I tell her irately that my birthday is the 6th! And it hurts my feelings and it reminds me of all the ways in which she’s been a bad mother to me (she can’t even remember my birth-date!). At one point I ordered a birth certificate from the government because I thought maybe she’d come across my birth records after I moved out and discovered I was born on the 5th, but no, my birth certificate says the 6th. After reading your confusion about Christmas and Fiona’s reply that others share it, I suddenly feel terribly guilty about being irate with my mum, because what if she actually remembers a reality where I *was* born on the 5th, and she fell into this reality sometime after I moved out.

    3. I remember only one year when Christmas was on the 24, and Christmas Eve the 23rd. I don’t know the exact year but I was young so 1993-96-97? It was the only Christmas where my grandparents came to our house instead of the other way around. I put on a play with a blue towel around my head ( I was Mary). Weirdest Christmas for my family, that was the only time.

  6. Hello,
    I wanted to expound on the challenger thing a bit when I lived in Lake Elsinore Ca at the time it was very hot in our little trailer so I think it must have been summer. The punky brewster episode first aired in march. Where I remember watching doesn’t make sense with what I remember because I would almost say it was either before I was in lake Elsinore or well before like 1985.
    I know at one point you where thinking about creating a thread where people could discuss possible causes are you still working on something like this.
    Oh two more things I remember shirley temple black dying before her biography was released. I also remember the Lindbergh baby completely disappearing they never found the body. I think there was a movie on a theory but no proof.

  7. I’m not sure on this one but does the spelling of froot loops look wrong to anyone else? I thought it was fruit loops.

    1. I remember asking my mom that when I was 18 in 2006-2007. It was fruit loops when I was a kid.

    2. I remember as a young kid eating FRUIT Loops and later eating FROOT Loops a few years after they started new commercials, but I do recall “Fruit Loops” being the name.

  8. Fiona, thank you so much for bringing this phenomenon to everyone’s attention! I’m hoping to see governments and scientists getting together to discuss whether we need to pause some scientific experiments until we fully understand their effects, specially in light of your poll results showing most slips leave people in worse-off realities.
    Now, this might seem trivial, but one thing I’ve come across since reading about the Mandela Effect (and I share many memories with others here, such as the bears, Jiffy, the volvo logo, Jeb Bush, Schultz, tank-guy, definately, Dom DeLuise, Shirley Temple, Challenger in August, etc): magicians (Blaine, Angel, Yif and Dynamo, in particular) doing what looks like psi phenomenon. Before, they were mainly doing stunts, but now they’re suddenly doing things that are a bit… odd.
    Remote viewing is also more of a thing here.
    It seems to me that psi effects are more real in this reality, suddenly. Has anyone else noticed this? The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab researched the effects of human intent on random number generators (RNG) and found consistently positive results. I came across a PEAR-lab-related website where they were selling a lamp that used PEAR-developed RNGs. I bought the lamp. It works for me (focused attention produces results – even in the presence of my cousin who witnessed it and was completely freaked out by it, as am I.).

    Are other people noticing that this reality seems to be a bit more… flexible?

    Most importantly: I’m starting to think I must be asleep and having this very bizarre dream where a bunch of us noticed we’re moving through different realities thanks to children’s book-titles and peanut butter brand names. I’m checking light sources, reading things, looking away and then back to re-read them to make sure the text hasn’t changed, to make sure I’m awake, but this still kind of feels more like a dream. Scott Onslott’s youtube video “Secrets in Plain Sight” seems to confirm this.

  9. I’ll slow down. The Lindbergh baby is a weird one. So, I read through those comments and though I remembered the baby never being found. Then, I thought about the family guy episode where they flush the baby, the implication being that they killed their child, but then it disappeared, right? Well, what’s peculiar to me, and in the vein of “creating” our reality…I’ve been going round and round with the wife. She’s not comfortable with these types of challenges to her map. She, too, remember Jupiter Rising. We watched it on the plane in May. I’m always looking for rational explanations and I see that in development it was called Jupiter Rising. Thing is, that’s the name I remember when it was released. Anyway…she said, “STOP READING THAT SITE!!” Lol. I turned on the television and asked her “do you remember the Lindbergh baby?” Vaguely, and maybe you guessed it. The television was on The Family Guy and it was that episode. We’d both been drinking, but she didn’t catch the significance. It gave me chills. The television also froze after that, and I had to unplug it TWICE to change the channel. I just laughed…

    1. I to remember the movie being Jupiter rising not ascending. I thought it was just me having a moment.

    1. how is that possible? unless you haven’t had a birthday yes this year you should be 44

  10. I don’t recall ‘dilemna’ at all…some of the questions regarding when people actually passed away are definitely intriguing…as I was reading I was totally struck and remembered the Patrick Swayze situation…I do think I remember him being ‘fully recovered’. But could it just be that some of those sorts of ‘memories’ are really remembrances of press reports put out? Often family members or press people involved with these celebs will deny, deny, deny any sort of extreme illness or imminent death…Frank Sinatra’s daughters did that and I remember thinking: Give me a break, we ALL know the old guy is going.

    I have a story: Back in the mid-70s – I want to say 1975 but it could have been 1976…but I want to be perfectly clear that it was DEFINITELY BEFORE THE DEATH OF ACTOR/DAD OF DAVID…JACK CASSIDY. Jack was a very well known performer and he was a popular guest star on many tv shows of the day. People my age will remember that television was a big deal in the 70s with all the culture change and the great comedy that was on. Well, my parents (especially my mom) and I were huge fans of tv and my mom especially was a big fan of Jack Cassidy. She’d seen him on tv in plays even before the 70s.

    Anyway, my parents and I were at my brother’s place one evening for dinner…there was my brother, my sister-in-law, her sister and my two nieces. We were talking about television….and my sister-in-law’s sister suddenly said, ‘Isn’t that a shame about Jack Cassidy dying?’….Now, trust me, my mom and I had radios on all the live long day, and my parents watched tv news every. single. evening. If Jack Cassidy had died we would have known. Not only that, but he was definitely a big enough celeb at the time that it would’ve been major news…and, don’t forget, his son David was a major star at the time so this would never have gone unreported or underreported.

    So, my mom and I went on and on saying to my sis-in-law’s sis, You’re wrong. She insisted…she said, ‘Yes, he died in a fire.’….she said she had ‘heard it earlier’…..

    Well, the rest of the evening and subsequent days are gone from my memory, but when Jack Cassidy did die, in March of 1976…in a fire….I went around to all the fam who’d been there that evening and asked them did they remember that conversation….My mom did remember but much more vaguely than I did. The sis-in-law’s sis…nope…she didn’t remember it at all. My brother always says he also ‘kind of’ remembers it…but the actual death of Jack Cassidy happened so far after that initial weird event that people just didn’t remember.

    It happened…I may have written it in my diary at the time…I was 16 or 17 when this happened…but I don’t have my hands on it right now. I can still see it as clear as day, sitting in that living room having that conversation about the death of a celebrity that hadn’t yet happened… the exact way it did eventually happen.

    1. Has anyone looked at jaws.. One thing changed and its the most famous quote in the movie “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” I thought it was WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT…

      1. I’m with you on that Glen! That’s how I remember it! I recall we’re over you’re …

  11. I’m positive that on my timeline the pro wrestler Mr Perfects name is Curt Henning. Apparently on this one its Hennig

  12. I was just thinking about everything and as I to remember Berenstein. I wonder if there is still a universe with that spelling or if everyone has transferred to this Berenstain place. If there is still and e universe why did so many of us switch? Just trying to make sense if it all.

    1. You mean Thanksgiving ISN’T on the third Thursday?? I have a vague recollection of being slightly confused one year because Thanksgiving occurred later in the month than I thought it should; but I chalked this up to my not paying much attention to the dates or something, since I don’t really care that much about any holidays except Halloween and Christmas. But I do remember learning it always was on the 3rd Thursday of November.

      And speaking of Halloween, has it always been October 31? Was it ever Oct. 30?

      [Note: Comment moved from Comment page 8, where it had been a reply to a comment by G.)

    2. Actually I am pretty sure I can explain it in an easy to understand manner. Its not like the universe started acting all wacky on us. What likely is occurring is the following: This phenomenon has been happening since humans have been on Earth. Its normal. Its the way things work. HOWEVER we humans are starting to change and evolve to the point where we can finally perceive these subtle changes. Before the changes would happen and we would have no conscious awareness that it was happening. In other words when the bears changed names everybody on Earth forgot and the new berenstein name was perfectly normal and no one could “catch” the change. Now with the advancement of our consciousness we are starting to “remember” things from previous versions of reality. So things are happening in our world like always but for the first time we are aware consciously.

      1. Shawn I thought maybe this Mandela effect could be a side effect of the human brain beginning to evolve. We could be beginning to use parts of the brain that was doormat. .Kinda Like when your arm falls asleep your body gives u a sensation of tingling to let you know its getting blood flow. Maybe our brains are giving use a sensation which we are seeing as the Mandela Effect and the, Mandela Effect is the first sign of the brain, getting blood flow to parts unused until now. If thats the case we should see other symptoms or effects soon. If it really is awakening of new unused parts of our brains. The Mandela Effect should just be the first symptom of our awakening.
        The other possibility is this has been going on since humans began to communicate with each other. We never noticed it until now. The reason we notice it now in 2015 is because of the internet. Only because we are able to, in this time spand instantly connect to each other and also instantly have access to information. [Edited]

  13. Oh I almost forgot if that’s all possible can we go back where we belong or are we here forever?

    1. Remember that tv show sliders – where cueball and the professor Rembrandt and wade were going sliding through dimensions – hoping that the next dimension would take them home? I think instead of four people sliding the whole world is – and I think CERN is a major player in all of this.

      1. Yes, I think the show “Sliders” was a way to introduce this concept — in a benign, entertainment context — to the public. If anyone isn’t familiar with that old TV show, see my article about Sliders, Sliders TV Series.

  14. I called my mom the other day and quizzed her on the Mandela effect topics.
    She doesn’t remember the tank man. (I don’t either)
    I forgot to ask about Hitler’s eyes (I was told in school that they were brown)
    She remembers the turkey leg picture and when I told her it didn’t exist, she tied to find it, could only find cartoons. Her and her husband decided she misremembered it, because who would have dared paint him with a turkey leg in his hand while he was alive. ( I have no memory of this painting)
    She remembers tunes (I remember Toons)
    She remembers Stain (I remember Stein)
    She spelled dilemma with 2 m’s ( Until I told her I thought it was dilemna, then she said no wait that one is right)
    She remembers a lot (I remember alot, although most of the time I try to spell it with 2 L’s
    She remembers Mandela dying in 2014 (I remember it happening in the 80’s when he was in prison)
    I showed her the drwing of the black bird picture, and she said there was no way the picture was real, because the bird would not have been able to fly with a body that big and a wing span so small.
    There was 2 that really stumped her, and she couldn’t explain them away by a faulty memory.
    #1 The flesh colored crayon, she played with it as a child, and she distinctly remembers teaching us kids the colors with the crayons, and reading us the flesh colored crayon. (I played with the flesh colored crayon. It always was the first one to run out, because there was alot of people in the coloring books, and then you would have to figure out what color to use instead.
    #2 Doris day had a black child (she distinctly remembers this)
    I posted this story a few days ago, but I can’t find the post, so I will tell it again. When I was little I loved Doris Day. I watched a documentary about her life and it said that she had a black child, and when the baby was born her husband thought she cheated on her and left her because of it. It turned out that she had a recessive gene. In this reality this never happened. She had one child, and her husband was convinced she cheated so he beat her up several times to force a miscarriage (the child was Caucasian). I have been looking all over the internet for information on this. I have found 2 instances where this is mentioned.
    The first one is a questioned asked on
    the second is from
    Someone asked a question about the appearance of mixed race children.
    The first answer to the question is the story about Doris Day. It was answered by cherryred64gto 9 years ago, she said that her dad told her the story.
    I now know for sure that other people remember this.

    1. I’m sorry Fiona, I forgot to add this to my comment.
      I have had many NDE’s. 2 when my mom was pregnant with me, and 1 on the day I was born. Me, my mom, and sisters were almost murdered by a crazy man in the woods. Me, my mom, and sisters lived through running through the woods in the middle of a tornado with trees falling down all around us. I was almost killed by a chainsaw when I was about 9. I almost died from diabetic ketoacidosis a few years back, and was in the ICU for 4 days. There are more, but this post would be really long if I included them all. I have not technically died and then come back, but one of my sisters has.
      Me, my mom, and sisters all have dreams that come true, my mom more than my sisters, and myself. We have all seen what we think are ghosts many times. I have even had full on conversations with them. I stopped seeing them when I was about 20 years old.
      I had a recurring dream from when I was a small child until about 20 years old, that I would travel into a parallel universe through a doorway in our water heater. I would just walk around and watch the people, because in my dream they couldn’t see me. This dream started when I was too young to know what a parallel universe was, but I always knew that that was what was happening.
      Lastly, I don’t know if intelligence has anything to do with this phenomenon, but my IQ is 139, and my mom and sister’s are all very close to mine.

      Fiona could you please delete my last name from my previous post. I didn’t mean to include it.
      Thank you

  15. So is it just me, or has anyone remembered a periwinkle pink color in their box of crayons as a kid alongside periwinkle blue? Tell me I’m not the only one.

    1. It’s possible. Periwinkle flowers can be a range of pink, purple, blue, and white colors, so maybe in your timeline, both existed side-by-side for a time as crayon colors. Do you know approximately what year(s) that would have happened? All I remember is the periwinkle that was a light blue with a hint of lavender, which I guess they’re still making.

    1. I remember Flagstaff as the capital of Arizona quite clearly. I remember correcting it in my mind in high school that it was Phoenix, but I was very certain – and far from a dummy.

      I also clearly remember the Berenstein bears, definately vs definitely, Graham’s death and funeral (TV reception problems, Clinton present, and all), Mandela’s death in prison in the 80s, when I was a kid (including talking about it in school and some drama over book rights in his family), Jane Goodall’s death, Jimmy Swaggart’s death (my dad’s reaction to it – he was a big fan – and the media coverage), chartreuse was a reddish orange color, New Zealand was northeast of Australia – and all the other nearby islands were much further north, Muhammed Ali’s death (extremely clearly – I was very upset about it, and even remember movies coming out to honor him), … the list goes on, it seems, but many things are easy to dismiss (and I always have until I realized so many other people remember things as I do).

  16. I just stumbled on this page and this phenomenon and I looked through the list hoping “dilemNa” would be here. I only recently (2 or 3 years ago) realised it’s spelt dilemma. I wonder why I wasn’t the only one.

  17. I know that the actor that voiced Ducky in The Land before Time was murdered in reality, but I remember the Ducky character actually dying in the movie. It was before she was murdered. I remember it so clearly. I watched it in the movie theatre and Ducky died. Then I watched a vhs at a later date and ducky didn’t die. i argued with my parents about that for ages.

    1. Now that you mention it, I’m almost positive I’ve read or been a part of a conversation discussing how Ducky died in the theatrical release but not in the home release. I can’t recall having seen it in the theater myself, but you are definitely not the first person I’ve heard of remembering it that way. (On a side note, I feel so awful remembering about that poor kid… 🙁 )

  18. Definitely remember:
    Barenstein Bears
    THE neighborhood
    Terry Prachett dying in 2013.
    Helen Thomas dying twice.
    Being told in the 80s that the kid was ran over.
    JIFFY peanut butter.

    The one that got me recently was Mussolini. I am a history nut and have read tons and tons on WWII. I first noticed he looked entirely different than what I remembered about a year ago. I remember him being an squat Italian looking man with dark hair and a body similar to Churchill’s. Pics of him now look like a whole other individual than the one I remember.

    1. I asked friends and my mom about JIFFY and JIF and they all say that it was JIFFY but they changed the name 2 years ago… I too remember JIFFY

  19. I first noticed a slide sometime after January 2014,while building a Walt Disney style castle at a local day care. After walking by a copy of the Berenstein bears book several times a day,I picked it up and commented to a co-worker that it must be Jewish bears. Couple months later,I stumble across a you-tube video about the Berenstein bear paradox.I was shocked to see comments months old, as the book was still so fresh in my memory with correct spelling.2014 is part of the 88 paradox. My world still looked the same on the globe, though. Sometime this July 2015 another slider event happened where Colombia migrated to South America from Central America leaving me dazed and confused. Also many car models I have never heard of,Banjo-Kazooie 3 coming out on x-box in2008,etc, etc. Grateful for your site,otherwise this would be much more lonely than it already is.

  20. Okay, this is a strange one. I don’t recall seeing a post about this yet but I was taught in elementary and middle school social studies that Eli Whitney was African American. To me that always made since because of the era in which he was from. When I got to high school, I took an Advanced Placement American History class. We got to the point in history to discuss Eli Witney and his inventions and my teacher put up a picture of an old white man on the screen. I was so confused as were the other students in the class. We all distinctively remember seeing a picture of an African American Eli Whitney. The thing is that not all of us went to the same middle and elementary schools that thought this so it wasn’t just one teacher messing with us and teaching us the wrong information. Not sure if this has anything to do with the Mandela Effect but this has always bothered me.

    1. Yes, I agree that Eli Whitney was black. He always stood out in the Schoolhouse Rock video, because he was the only black inventor in the song. I watched it today, he was Caucasian.

        1. Alan, I approved this comment to say two things: First, this discussion could take us off-topic in a blink. That’s something I’d like to avoid.

          Also, I’m not sure which “The Great American Melting Pot” you saw, but the title screen shows a child with African heritage. Also, at the 0:56 point, where the Statue of Liberty is flipping through a recipe book (I think), the ingredients for the Great American Melting Pot lists “African” near the beginning (the ingredients are listed alphabetically).

          If the version you saw didn’t have a good racial mix in it, someone probably altered it.


    2. I am from the south, they taught us a lot that isn’t true in terms of history, but I was taught in my 8th grade honnors social studies class (2002-2003) , by Mr. Adams that Eli Whitney was black. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time I had heard it, it was just the first time I did homework on it. We were really creative in his class and I always made really detailed trifold brochures on specific history topics, Eli Whitney included. I remember writing that he wanted to invent something for the cotton because it rips your hands up. I just don’t think that was something white people cared about solving back then, why would they invent a solution?

    3. I thought Eli Whitney was black too. I saw his name, thought he was black and the inventor of the cotton gin.

    4. I only hear that Eli Whitney was black a few years ago and it was a surprise to me. Now he’s white again…

  21. The Berenstein Bears phenomenon is what drew me to this site. I always remember it being spelled with a stein not a stain. Now it feels like that’s a stain on my childhood. I remember it being stein because I remember having issues spelling the name Bernstein and being corrected by my mother that it was Berenstein. Seems like if it had the stain I’d remember that; it was never pronounced that way. It seems I watched an episode not so long ago with this stain spelling and thinking, “Well, in the newer episodes I guess they changed the name.” Now that I know others feel the same way, it makes me think something had to have happened to our timeline. I too remember thinking Nelson Mandela had already passed and the Tiananmen Tank protester was ran over by that tank. Also, the Challenger explosion seems off the mark for me. The date they give it now is way off. I remember it at a different time. Now, here’s something I haven’t heard mentioned. When I saw Talladega Nights in the movie theater, the scene when Ricky Bobby crashes his car is very long and there was a KFC commercial added in the middle of it for humorous effect. Since then I have never came across this scene again. Am I only the one who remembers this scene in the movie? [edited]

    1. Brian (16-Aug-2015) – that mirrors my memory exactly. I remember calling them “Bernstein Bears” for the longest time and remember struggling with whether it was “ie” or “ei” – then being completely shocked when my mother pointed out the middle ‘e’ to make it “Berenstein”

      Another poster upstream pointed out always thinking of the pro wrestler as Curt “Henning” and not Hennig. His father was Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig. I called them Henning until after Curt moved to WWE, turned “face” (good guy) and Ric Flair very clearly taunted “Hennig” in a promo. Then I realized I had always had it wrong.

      I believe these examples are really more about gravitating to familiar word patterns, especially in younger years…

      [Edited. See Terms: Comments for why I do this when someone posts “just confused” explanations that aren’t new to this site. – Fiona]

  22. Welcome to your new, merged reality. you may want to try the survey here.

    After you check the survey, you may feel the need to relax as your memories adjust to your new environment. Here is some lovely music to assist with your transition.

    If you are seeking a thorough explanation of what is happening, please try this thread.

    1. Alan Wescoat, thanks for the comic relief! That was delightful reading. I deliberately avoid Reddit on this topic, so this was my first visit to that page (and probably my last, due to my schedule). I looked only at the explanation link, but it was entertaining and insightful. Thanks!

      1. Fiona Broome,

        You are most welcome. I seek only to ease people’s transitions to the merging realities. If people are entertained by it, all the better! As for reddit…lol…The trolls are everywhere, and contention runs high during this time of difficulty. Despite that, I urge those seeking answers to look where they may.


        Alan Jay Wescoat

  23. Alex, scientists are working on memory issues,and for present genetic memory is proving to be a big one,memory acquired thru organ transplant or even blood transfusion could be a bigger one.What i’m afraid of is, memory transfered thru immunizations but that would mean deliberate tampering with masses of humans,still it is not inconceivable if you read the MIT report of injecting false memories into mice brains.By the way i remember Schulz without a t.

  24. Fiona, I agree with you on Wikipedia. The internet is full of information, but it is also full of misinformation, and disinformation. Sometimes the latter two are done on purpose. It bothers me a bit on people’s complete, and almost total, reliance on the internet. Although that’s pretty much all we have, and of course all media can (and is), to a point controlled by someone’s interests. Whatever they may be.

    Along those lines , and I might get a bit of flack for this, but it would be SO easy to more or less re-write history in this day and age. Making us question almost every/anything we know ( or thought) we knew. IF that were going on , there is a myriad of reasons why I suppose. Monetary, public opinion, the list could be endless.

    I want to make it clear though, that I have MANY of these memories (as you know, we share about 90% of them). And I do believe something is going on, I just want to know WHY, and by WHO, and for what reason! Questions, that may , or may not, ever be answered. I have been intrigued by this phenomena now for so long (30 years+), I have just learned to roll with it. If I could offer any advice to any of the posters here, or any new people who may end up here, it would be this. Don’t EVER just assume your wrong, because someone, or something (media ect.) tells you so. Trust your memories. They can be wrong, BUT they can be right also. This site is a HUGE testament to that. We aren’t ALL wrong ALL the time. The more people start to realize this, we just MIGHT get some answers someday.

    Oh and I have to say———I am having a hard time keeping up with all the new posters! I am sure you are also! I am glad to see also that some of them are remembering some of the more obscure (or so I thought) memories of mine. That’s a good thing, I think they are bringing a lot of good topics to the discussion. Great work on splitting up into pages/date ranges makes it much easier to keep up! Mike H.

  25. Fiona,

    I wanted to let you know that I VERY close friend of mine and I believe that there has been a recent timeline shift, one that has possibly happened in the past 8-10 months.

    My friend and I were discussing the Mandela Effect with a group of friends a couple of nights ago, and the topic of New Zeland came up. Him and I were the ONLY people in the room that CLEARLY remember the location of NZ as being North East of Aus, NOT South East. My friend said that he CLEARLY remembers this because he had to give an intelligence report on NZ while he was an intelligence officer for the United States Marine Corp LAST NOVEMBER!

    This, at the VERY LEAST, is evidence that at least him and I have experienced a timeline shift recently.

  26. I remember jiffy being a cheap offbrand being sold even when I was a kid. (Borm in 89) I also grew up under the impression that yes mlk was shot with a handgun at close range by an I’ll black woman. I also recall talking to Bill Steffen in grade school about a meteor that was predicted to possibly colide with earth but ended up missing. I’m not alone. I now believe this to be “nibiru”

  27. I didn’t know where to post about Betty White, so I’m adding it here.
    Last night I watched a rerun of “New Girl” originally aired 11/01/11. The character Winston had been out of the country in Latvia for two years, and asked his roommate to fill him in on the news highlights of the past two years.
    Schmidt (roommate): “The country’s broke, and Betty White’s back.”
    Winston: “Betty White’s back? What about the rest of the Golden Girls?”
    Schmidt: “all dead man”
    Winston: “damn”

    That caught my attention and I wanted to share.

  28. Also interview with a vampire. I remember this hand running back and forth through the flame and then putting it out with a pinch.

    1. GOOD! That’s what I remember as well.

      Found a Youtube video with that scene and all the guy does now is run his hand close to it and pull it back.

      That’s not the only issue I have with it, either. The cover is different, I remember it being pretty much grey, it most certainly did not have “The Vampire Chronicles” in its title, and I really don’t remember Antonio Banderas in it at all (but I usually don’t care about actors, anyway, so that could be nothing…).

      Could be that there are different covers for it – and I may even be remembering a VHS cover, but the cover I see on IMDB looks completely wrong.

  29. Okay. This is my first time here, and WOW. What an insane experience!

    I found some of my old Berenst*in Bears books about a year ago, and paused in surprise when I noticed that it was Berenstain. I remember thinking to myself, “hmmm, that’s odd, I could have sworn it was the Berenstein Bears,” but I chalked it up a memory failing on my part and forgot about it until now, when I stumbled across the article about how the Berenstain Bears broke the Internet. As I read the comments and saw how many people remembered Berenstein Bears, I started to wonder. I also have noticed the “dilemna” thing before. I could have sworn it was spelled that way (and I’m a good speller) but I just assumed that was one of the few words I have trouble remembering. I was reading and reading and I was intrigued but not really yet sold on this theory.

    BUT THEN. I went on reading and saw someone mention Interview With A Vampire versus Interview with the Vampire. I had no doubt at all that it was “a,” but I figured I would just go look and be sure. I had a lot of interaction with this book as a seventh grader. I had the poster in my room, I had the book and read it many times, and I knew for certain it was “a.” Imagine my FREAKING SHOCK when I opened up “Violin” by Anne Rice and on the jacket it said “Interview with the Vampire.” WHAT THE @$%#! I actually started shaking. It was not that. IT WAS NOT THAT. No way. It was definitely A and all the words were capitalized. I KNOW this. At first I looked for the actual “Interview With A Vampire” book–I thought I might have it, but I also wasn’t sure if I had weeded it out of my collection; I’m still fuzzy on that point, but I haven’t found it, so…?

    Anyway, I had to leave and go somewhere else for a performance, but I was still reeling mentally from this. I KNOW it was “Interview With A Vampire.” I was actually really frightened. I still am, in fact, but I already find myself questioning what I remember, even though when I asked my husband (without telling him why) he immediately said it was “a.” I really don’t know what to think and would like to read this entire forum now. I have so many questions about this experience.

  30. I recall a clip in the show Gullah Gullah island where the kids where playing super Mario Bros 3 in the background. The level they were on never actually existed to my knowledge despite digging through both the Japanese and American releases. I hope I’m not the only one to remember this. It has driven me nuts for years.

  31. Hi again. Didn’t realize there was an 8th section
    Did not mean to post on the 7th one.
    So, the Bernstein Bears was the one that brought me here. It really blew my mind. There are a few I share with the others, Bernstein stain, Sex In The City. Schultz, Hitler having brown eyes. I don’t remember Tank Boy at all. But that could be me not paying attention in History class. The hot and cold on sinks being switched.
    I’ve had a few personal ones as well, my sister watching a movie months before it was out. My best friend and I have differing stories of how we met. A Hot Topic having a completely different size and floor plan that what it used to. No one else remembers that. I also have a dual memory of my ex girlfriends car. Sometimes I remember purple, sometimes I remember green.
    I’ve also had a NDE when I was younger. And I don’t know if this is anything related but every once in awhile I’ll see a blue light. It flashes once. And it looks like it’s behind glass, it has a slight glare to it.

    I hope you don’t mind the repeat here, like I said I didn’t realize there was a new section. I did add a bit of new info here though.

    A repeated quote that fits… In reality, as in dreams, nothing is quite what it seems.

    1. Not to go off topic here, but I see blue light flashes too, PJ. Just saw one a few days ago while meteor-watching flash at me up high in the sky, just once. This has happened a few times, twice with my son. Recently a huge blue flash right outside my living room window. I thought the cops were in the neighborhood or something, but there was complete darkness. I wonder if anyone else sees these, and who or what they come from.

      1. SaLena, I’m not sure this is actually off-topic, and I plan to include this kind of info in a new article about changes in the sky. The recent surge in comments is starting to decrease now, so I’m hoping to get that article online in the upcoming week.

        1. Last summer (July or August 2014), I was visiting family in Arkansas. We were in a remote area, and I decided to take one of my daughters out to see what a night sky looked like without tons of light pollution. My daughter, my mother and I drove a few minutes out of town and star-gazed for a while. Suddenly I saw a white flash in the sky. It didn’t white out the entire sky or anything, and there was no noise–it was just a quick flash, maybe twice the size of the sun in the daytime. The oddest thing was, it wasn’t a circle of light, like an explosion or some type of reflection would have been. It was kind of triangular, although it emanated from one central point. If you think of a cartoon of a lamp, with the light ray coming out of it in one direction and getting wider, that is exactly what it looked like. I thought an airplane had exploded it something, although the shape of the light seemed wrong, but when I Googled later, there was no mention of anything unusual. Neither my mother nor my daughter saw it, which was odd because it was completely dark around us, aside from the brilliant stars overhead. When I described it, my mother became frightened and insisted that we go back to the rest of the family. (She is very sensitive to anything unusual, and it makes her nervous.) The entire experience gave me a very weird feeling at the time, a feeling which reoccurs whenever I remember it.

      2. When my brother was younger, he told me he saw a blue flash out his window. It stuck with him into adulthood and thought it was a very incredible experience.

        1. Just wondering Drew, when did your brother see the blue flash? I remember that me, my wife, sister, bro-in-law and neice saw/glimpsed an unexplained flash outside of the dining room window… it was so noticeable that all of us asked what it was. No plausible explanation was given at the time, and nobody has ever mentioned it since.

      3. I saw a flash of red light outside my living room window a couple weeks ago. (Aug. 2015) Not blue, red. Of course at first I thought it must have been a car’s brake lights driving by but the thing is the light didn’t pass by and there weren’t any cars. And the light was brighter than a car’s brake lights and it seemed light it would have been coming from mid air in front of my house above the front lawn. I walked by my hall and saw the red light shining in the front and around the sides of the big front windows then a second later it just disappeared. It didn’t pass by like a car it just flicked out.

    2. I want to preface this post. I have posted on the site, on various topics. I have a lot of the same memories as everyone else ( and I mean A LOT). I have been wondering for the last 30 years if it was just me, I was 18/19 years old in 1985 when I started NOTICING, this doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening before that.

      I truly was/am skeptic, but their as so many things beginning to become obvious to me , and many other people—–I mean, read ALL the posts on this site. People that, for the most part, have NEVER interacted what so ever with each other having what we all thought were bad memories??? On so many varied topics?? I just don’t know anymore——statistically , just doesn’t seem probable. Something IS going on why, and for what reason? That’s all I want to know anymore.

      Ok, enough of my rambling, I wasn’t going to comment on this at all (I am still a skeptic–and just want answers). So here goes last Saturday, in my house, in broad daylight, their was a blue flash. And it looked like it was “behind glass”, out of the corner of my eye. It looked like a control room, that’s the only way I can describe it. I would NEVER have posted this at all, because frankly, It makes me look insane. BUT , when PJ posted the “behind glass” comment, my jaw hit the floor. Because that’s just what I saw. I have no idea what it was, but it startled me.

      It took me a long time to EVER talk or post (this has been going since pre-internet for me), to anyone about this. I never did until March of 2015, so I waited and watched for 30 years to say anything. It’s a relief , almost therapy for me to be able to talk freely about these things. They have bothered me for so long. I know to some people reading this (skeptics), that these things are complete madness. I was , and still am for the most part a skeptic, but I just can’t deny these things anymore. I can assure anyone reading this, I am a completely sane person, do not do any drugs, and drink VERY rarely. In my circle of work/friends, I would be committed for even talking like this. So I want to thank Fiona, for this site.

      Mike H.

      1. Thanks, Mike! I wish I could take the credit, but it’s people like you who make this site so interesting.

        The eagerness of visitors to share detailed comments… sometimes, I’m almost overwhelmed with gratitude. I may sigh about the time this site requires, but the fact is: I really enjoy this. Almost every day, I say to a friend or family member, “I love the Mandela Effect readers and the comments they share.”

        This has become a truly fascinating site for me, and I absolutely love the daily comments and emails from people telling me how much this website — and what people share here — have helped them.

        Ten years ago — in a casual DragonCon “green room” conversation with Shadow (DragonCon security manager) — when he and I came up with the phrase “Mandela Effect,” I had no idea this topic would grow to the size it is now.

        I look at the number of people following the Reddit subgroup that’s adopted the same name, and I’m astonished. I hear the Mandela Effect discussed on radio shows, and referenced on TV, and I read about it in articles. There’s even a Mandela Effect page at Wikipedia. (At the moment, it doesn’t mention me, where the phrase came from, or even link to this site… very odd, but a sign of the scope of related discussions.)

        I didn’t plan for this topic to have such impact. It was just one of those, “ooh, isn’t this interesting!” conversations that I decided to share, online.

        Looking back, I’m very aware that none of this would have possible without this amazing community that contributes to the conversations.

        So, thank you to you and to everyone who reads, talks about, and shares thoughts about the Mandela Effect. You are appreciated!

        Sincerely and gratefully,
        Fiona Broome

        1. Fiona, you have to take credit,a pied piper giving a runaround for free,entertainment par excellence,a mystery worthy of sherlock holmes with Fiona in the role of Patricia holmes.I hope you appreciate the paste up moon as a real thing and swoon at its everlasting hypnotic effect.

  32. I apologize if someone has already mentioned this, but it didn’t hit me until dinner with my mother earlier. Somehow, we ended up talking about weird scientific breakthroughs that seemed to have disappeared.

    The first one we referenced was a telephone conversation we had in 2007 about scientists teleporting an apple. It was the first time they were successful in teleporting living organic matter, as my last memory of successful teleportation back in the 90s was wooden blocks, or plastic, or something. I was in grade school in the 90s, so I didn’t pay as much attention. Anyway, this 2007 conversation my mom remembers well. I was really excited about the prospects and it was hilarious because the scientists had forgotten to account for the rotation of the Earth, so the apple ended up thousands of miles up and away in the atmosphere and fell back to the planet. The scientists were baffled until they realized their mistake and calculated where the apple had fallen in order to recover it. How could people so smart forget to incorporate something so fundamental? In any case, they had planned more tests and I was looking forward to hearing more, but all the scientific websites and news stories have completely disappeared since then. Even my best friend who originally told me about it the day it was happening and to look up the research has no recollection of this ever happening.

    The second thing I mentioned to my mother, was in 2001 or 2002, I used to frequent a lot medical science websites. She remembers me telling her about it, but never saw the sources herself. There was a story linked in one of these scientific news sites that involved two scientists figuring out how to send an impulse signal of some sort into the origin cell of a cluster of cancerous cells, causing the original cell to revert to a younger state and reabsorb the faulty tissue, as if de-aging to its original point before the cell multiplied and created the cancerous faulty cells. They had planned to use to in human trials by 2004 or 2005, if I remember right and were certain this would cure cancer and even provide a way to reverse aging by this year, 2015. I bookmarked it and the VIDEO they had provided of the magnified experiment of the origin cell reabsorbing the later cancerous cells. It was really amazing and I found many other sources about what this could mean for medicine. Two days later, it was gone, as if the story had never existed. No posts of “Oh, that was a hoax.” No mention of it. No, it was just gone.

    I know 100% that I experienced these memories and I have very clear memories of being confused when the second example disappeared. I really want to know if anyone else remembers these breakthroughs, because it seems like they don’t exist and never did and I’m not sure what the means for me. Thank you for your time.

    1. Good find Alexander. I remember my father mentioning something about scientific developments of some researchers using the body’s own immune system (T-cells, and combination or manipulation of other immune system mechanisms) to help proliferate and neutralize cancerous cells/growth, even reverse the cancerous growth. My father briefly discussed this over the phone about a few months ago, but I cannot remember if he was referring to that article, or a more recent one of a different time. I’ll have to ask my father again when I get a chance to talk to him. Interesting you brought that topic up. Again, good find.

  33. Since it seems a recent addition, I will throw out there that for me, Thanksgiving has to have always fallen on the fourth Thursday, because my birthday is on the 28th and occasionally falls on the same day.

    Also, I can’t recall the sky looking any different than it does to me now: bright blue with a yellow sun during the day and dark blue/black at night with stars, a cycling moon, and occasional manmade objects (planes, satellites, etc.).

    I do, however, remember “A beautiful day in THE neighborhood,” “Sex IN The City” (with the letters of “in” fashioned as skyscrapers), and “Interview with A Vampire.” I’m in the Berenstein camp, and could swear Billy Graham died years ago and that the Lindbergh baby was never found.

    Such a fascinating and simultaneously frightening topic this is…

    PS: Still can’t find anything corroborating my “Trolli Sour Brain Crawlers” memory…

  34. My grandpa and his uncle started Sizzler restaurants and it has always been the Sizzler.

  35. …And here’s something else that’s even more scary, more eerie, at least for me it is: ‘Richie Fame’
    (Please pardon the long explanation of experience):

    This must’ve been several months back, perhaps April or May, maybe earlier. I can’t exactly remember (I know this doesn’t help a lot, but…); I was on my laptop, and surfing online. At the time I was browsing Groove-shark (a Music MP3 listening website that was shut down in back in April 2015).

    I remember listening to some early 60s British pop and rock songs (some Rolling Stones, Petula Clark and early David Bowie); and I recalled seeing another ‘recommended artist’ (based on the music on the playlist I had on-go at the time), and if I can remember, if barely, there was an artist called Richie (or Ritchie) Fame (or maybe Fane??). I cannot know exactly for sure, but his name was very simple, and catchy.

    I clearly remembered (regardless of his exact name) the biographic info (on Grooveshark) described ‘him’ as being one of the pioneers of British R&B movement of the early 1960s. Supposedly he was “the father of British R&B”. I can clearly remember the opening riff of one of the tracks I listened to. If I could get a group of professional musicians together, and if I could play some simple riffs on my guitar, perhaps they would recognize it and play in full swing … or perhaps not?

    Well, a few months later my curiosity of this ‘individual’ rekindled my interest again, but whenever I search on Bing, Yahoo, and MSN; I cannot (for the life of me) find him anywhere. I even tried different variations of spelling his name. Even some Boolean logic combined with “famous+british+r&b+richie”… or similar, and I still find everything but the name I can think of. Even starting the search string with “father of british r&b”…still nothing related.

    As a side not: I’m currently living in a country that censors certain topics and subjects on the Web, and it may possibly be the hindrance in my case, but I’ve spoken to some friends outside my country of residence, and they tell me more or less the same thing: who is ‘Richie Fame’?
    I really don’t know, but one thing I can tell you, I can clearly remember the opening riff of the song in my head, and sadly I cannot remember the name of the song.

    It was very early 60s-esque, lounge-like, swinging and groovy. Very timeless. Lyrics were along the lines of “and there’s my baby, yeah yeah yeah,….go to the movies….she’s by my side…” and another part of the song where he goes “oh oh oh oh….yeah yeah yeah”. Again, these are just vague memories of particular sections of the song I can remember.

    Anyway, I thought I’d include these links to help solidify my “limits” on my online search:

    British rhythm and blues – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    as well as
    List of R&B musicians – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And no, it wasn’t Lionel Richie, that’s for sure!

    And if “Richie-something” or “something-Richie”, or “something-Fame/Fane” wasn’t the artist’s name, then perhaps someone could enlighten me if there ever was a “father of British R&B”? Or at least “one of the pioneers of British R&B” (Besides the Rolling Stones and the Beatles)??

    All I know is that I can clearly remember the style of one of ‘Richie’s’ songs: that droning, non-vibrato Hammond organ backing with rhythm guitar, bass, light drumming, and a saxophone. Very early 1960s lounge/swing R&B, British style.

    If anyone could help shed some light on this, I’d be grateful, because I’d sure like to know…and if ‘Richie Fame’ did not exist at all, or if I’m truly mixing someone’s name with something else, then all I can say is: that was the most vivid, most audible and most prolonged figment of my imagination. And no I wasn’t drunk or drugged at the time.

    So what the heck was that?! Who the heck was that?! What did I listened to? What information did I remember reading on Grooveshark?

    1. Could it have been Ritchie Valens? I tried to find Ritchie Fame on iTunes and it gave me this Valens instead and the album “We Belong Together (Hall of Fame)”.

    2. Chris B.,

      I did a search for the Father of British R&B and one of the names that came up was Georgie Fame, so I google searched: georgie fame and there’s my baby, yeah yeah yeah, and it came up with the song: “Yeh, Yeh” by Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames released in 1965. Hopefully this helps.

      Thank you,


    3. When i first saw the words ‘Richie Fame’, I had a feeling that i was sure I knew exactly who or what it was. I was recalling an announcement of sorts. ” ____ ____, of Richie Fame”. By the time I got through the second paragraph, the only thing I’m sure of is that the name, Richie Fame is familiar and reminds me of a band or an ensemble.

    4. There was a Georgie Fame who was an early British R&B Artist and Jazz singer who fits the description you provide. He was born in 1943 and had a string of hits in England in the 1960s and is still alive today.

  36. I first noticed a major reality shift in February of 2014. I had noticed odd things here and there before that but nothing very definitive. The incident that shocked me- I would always pick my kids up from school by entering a parking lot from one street, getting them and then exiting onto another street. The exit was fairly new, it had been there around a year and a half at that point. One day in February the exit just wasn’t there at all. Poof! It was gone. I looked on google earth, the exit wasn’t there. I asked my husband and he said there was never an exit there. I went back and investigated the sidewalk where the exit had been and there were old, frozen dead weeds rooted in the crack between the curb and sidewalk. My kids noticed too, but they just shrug it off. I tried to explain it away. There had been some construction going on around the school but they weren’t doing any concrete work and there is no way they changed it in a day in 0 degree F weather and shoved frozen, dead weeds in the cracks. The scary thing is that I remember having a conversation with my husband on a rare occasion that we were together to get the kids. He was driving out of the exit and I said that it was cool that they had put an exit in there because turning around in that parking lot was hard and the street you enter on is too narrow. At the time he agreed but the day this happened I asked him about it and he didn’t recall this conversation at all, saying “there’s never been an exit there.” It really freaked me out and actually made me cry.
    I noticed other strange things in the same week; a house in my neighborhood that suddenly had an extra window, an actress (Dana Plato) who I thought had died more recently had been dead since ’99.
    Just recently one of my good friends from high school posted a tribute to her dad on facebook. She said “It’s been just over 14 years and I still miss you so much”. I thought “what the heck?” because I have a clear memory of her dad dying of a heart attack when we were in high school together in 1995. I looked up the obit and sure enough, he died of a heart attack January 1,2001. What makes this even more strange is the fact that we weren’t in contact at all during 1999-2008 or so and she never told me about his death after we got back into contact. I knew he was dead. I clearly remember knowing that in high school. This is so bizarre to me, it makes me question every memory I have. How am I supposed to relate to people I’ve known forever without coming off like a lunatic?
    I also learned to spell “dilemma” as dilemna and was very confused to learn that was wrong because it’s such an odd spelling to begin with so it stood out when I was learning to spell.
    I remember Interview with A Vampire, definitely clear on that one.
    And yes, Sex IN the City, especially because a fan of the show way back when corrected me for calling it “Sex and the City”. Or did they? It’s weird because sometimes these memories just won’t fully realize, like I’m stuck in between.
    I was recently kind of shocked to learn that they found the body of the Lindbergh baby and I’m a fan of forensics and crime so this was really strange for me.
    There are other odd things here and there in my personal life too. It’s so unsettling.
    MLK JR. death makes me feel unsettled because the rifle thing just doesn’t seem right.
    Oh, a local religious group called Church Universal and Triumphant had a leader named Elizabeth Claire Prophet. She died October 15, 2009. I wasn’t the only one who thought she had died in the early 2000’s. I met a few people who were just as surprised as me.
    And Berenstain bears is wrong. I first noticed this when my kids were little (2007 or so) while I was browsing books to buy them. I loved those books when I was little but assumed I was just wrong on the spelling (and pronunciation, I guess).

    1. The Lindbergh baby bugs me too. Because the baby was supposedly found only a little bit after it disappeared, and that was years and years before I was born. So if I had heard of it, I would have heard it went missing and was found. No one just says a baby went missing if they know what happened next. Someone was even sent to the electric chair claiming innocence for this! But as I grew up, I only heard it was a big mystery that the baby was missing and never found. Also the Simpsons has an episode where grandpa says “I was the Lindbergh baby!”. Now that joke doesn’t really make sense if the baby was found murdered. If this reality is true, that’s sort of a sick/stupid thing to say.

    1. Yes, I feel pretty confident that if the Volvo logo had always been the male symbol for me, that would have been memorable. That’s what one would use, the most salient feature, to remember it. This one has to have changed rather recently for me. I still keep googling it and just staring at this “new” logo and trying to understand what this all means, and when I arrived here in the land of male-symbol-volvo. Surely there would have been more joking about a logo using a male symbol for a word so closely resembling the name of a part of the female anatomy.
      I dated a car-guy in 2009, so for me, this change occurred sometime between then and now.

      Also, I remember looking up the spelling and finding definAtely. As a reminder, I contrasted it with the french word definitvement that I use with family. I was quite embarrassed a couple of years ago to find out it’s actually spelled definItely and I’ve been using definAtely all these years!
      I feel better knowing it’s a ME. 🙂

      1. The Volvo logo is the alchemist symbol for iron. Volvo means “I roll.”

        Together, they mean “rolling strength.” It’s not because they made cars – but because they made high-strength ball bearings 😉

        Until Volvo started making their logo more apparent (relatively recently), it would be very easy to ignore. For the longest time you could just see the two half moons and think “Volvo.” At the same time, the slash through the grill always stood out.

        I’ve driven almost exclusively Volvos.

        1. If you have a ton of experience driving Volvo’s then in your memories the symbol would not change as that would be too Earth shattering to your brain basically. Just like your kitchen table wont change because, again, it would be just too much to handle. Whoever/whatever is overseeing this process is not going to cause insanity by having such drastic changes occur. But if you are only somewhat familiar with the logo it may look different based on your memory. Another example is that for Americans the US in not going to look different but the other side of the world may look different. I can explain in much more detail later.

  37. Chris B.,

    I did a search for the Father of British R&B and one of the names that came up was Georgie Fame, so I google searched: georgie fame and there’s my baby, yeah yeah yeah, and it came up with the song: “Yeh, Yeh” by Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames released in 1965. Hopefully this helps.

    Thank you,


    I had a conversation with my boyfriend not even TWO days ago talking to him about a few years ago when an apple was teleported and it was a HUGE DEAL. But when googling it that day there was NOTHING about it. He told me it never happened but I clearly remember it occurring.
    This may be a little too young of a comment for this crowd because I’m only 21 but as a kid I remember playing a lot of games on Cartoon Network. One that especially stuck out to me was section of games that allowed for you to do small tasks that usually involved clicking and dragging something, and then a short video played. It was almost like mini shows. I remember one with a pink pony, one with a cactus and his friends, one with smash mouth the band. I’ve brought this up with so many people and no one remembers it, and tried the websites where you can go back “in time” and see what websites looked like in the past but can NEVER find it. It was such a big part of my childhood but now it’s vanished.

  39. So this is what I remember:

    I clearly remember that Shirley Temple was looooong dead by the time I was born. I remember it being because of the star life getting to her and she overdosed.

    Charteuse is a purple to me. It’s STEEN not STAIN darn it. Mandala died before I was born, in prison. Rod Sterling.

    Nobody does it like Sara Lee. Trust me I would have hated the double negative.

    Muhammed Ali was dead long before this year, but I could say when, just how
    people would talk about him and how he WAS and how sad it was that he was dead.

    Barbara not Barbra. Fruit Loops. Looney Toons (It went with the idea of CarTOONS, not with music Tunes). It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. No moons for Mars.

    Interview with a Vampire! I loved this movie it was one of my favorites to the point that as a poor kid I saved up to buy the VHS.

    Dilemna! I remember because I was only of those I have to be prefect at all the school stuff kind of kid to the point I spent my days in the library, and I hated this word because I got so upset when I got it wrong.

    I remember the Charlie Brown episode as we don’t see it but Lionel does and he tells Charlie that maybe he would be lucky to see him with him next year.

    There was 52 states. Puerto Rico was a US state not Spanish Citizenship because you needed a US citizenship to live there and any US citizen could go there without a passport.

    I remember New Zealand as being above Australia. I haven’t seen it but I remember the ad on TV always being Sex In The City. IN not AND.

    Geez how many times have I jumped? The rest I don’t have an idea about or I’m with the current timeline for them.

    1. You still don’t need a passport to go to Puerto Rico. Its a US Territory. Its citizens are US citizens and US citizens can go there without a passport.

    2. ”Muhammed Ali was dead long before this year, but I could say when, just how
      people would talk about him and how he WAS and how sad it was that he was dead.”

      Dead long before this year as in he died this year ? i ask this because i remember earlier this year that he had died. However ive just done a google search to see exactly when he passed and guess what…. he isn’t dead? Although there is an artical from two days ago (14/09/2015) talking about a hoax of a report that he has died. “At about 11 a.m. ET on Monday (September 14, 2015), our beloved boxer Muhammad Ali passed away.” But it is a hoax, which means he is still alive right ? How many times has this man died and appeared again ? i’m so confused.

  40. It has always been Berenstein to me. For many years I thought there were 52 states, the memory being I was taught so in school. I grew up (52 now) in the seventies reading Peanuts paperback collections, and could have sworn the artist was Shultz.

    My most disturbing memory or Madela Effect is that Peter Fonda died some years ago and one of his films was being promoted as his last. Anyone else with a Peter Fonda death memory?

    1. I thought Peter Fonda had died years ago also, although I couldn’t say when. My ears always perk up a little when I hear about any of the Fondas, just because my grandmother lived across the street from Henry Fonda in Omaha, Nebraska for a time when they were kids. Kinda shocked to read Peter is alive and into old age, although I should be used to this by now.

      1. This one really freaks me out. I am 100% certain Peter Fonda passed away. He died of Cancer back in 2011. I was just talking to my uncle about a month ago about him because we were watching Ghost Rider. I know as recently as a month ago I looked him up on and he was dead. This one is really weird for me.

    2. I hadn’t recalled this memory until just now when reading your comments. I do have memory of Peter Fonda dying! I remember it clearly because my step dad had always been a huge fan of the Fonda’s and I remember coming out of my room to tell him the breaking news and he said he had just heard.

      I was shocked when I googled him and read that he is still alive.

  41. Jurassic Park Came out for me in 1994 but they say it’s 1993 my 13th birthday was June 10th1994 and I remember it so much because it was my first pg13 movie but yet they say 1993 now so weird . Also there is a monorail from the Orlando airport to the terminal or bag claim I went there on my honey moon I remember being on them twice. It was Sex in the City cause they are in the city makes more sense to me.

  42. When I was four years old, I was living in England with my sister, father, and mother. We were at dinner and my sister mentions something that happened to her (I don’t remember what). But, I replied with “That happened to me, before I died.” No one listened to me, but I kept repeating that same phrase “That happened to me before I died.” Finally my dad asked me “What, in the video game, Ike?” And I said, “No, before I died. Back when I was Jacob?” And then I proceeded to tell my mother and father that before I died they both looked very different and so did my sister, and they called me Jacob, and I slept in a crib. Being told this story by my parents I always thought it was reincarnation but now I realized that in an alternate reality I may have been named Jacob and I may have died or almost died before transferring to this reality.

    1. I’m almost certain that’s reincarnation. Reincarnation is like the Mandela Effect on steroids. Ask any 4 year old about their other mommy and daddy and sometimes the will remember a past life.

      1. Shawn, that’s an interesting theory. I’m not so sure about many four-year-olds replying with past-life memories, and this is rather off-topic, but I agree that it’s one way of looking at radically changed realities. (That said, I’ll admit that this concept has some overlap with my interest in alternate memories about Forrest Ackerman’s death, but then I’d be going far off-topic.)

        1. By the way, i can’t find anything about the memories from 0 to 2 years old.
          My own oldest memory is when i was about 3 years old or so.
          I always asked myself how it is possible to have not a single memory before 2 yo.

  43. Chris B: That’s intriguing! Sadly I have no memory or knowledge of a Ritchie Fame but what you said just reminded me of the 2012 movie ‘Searching for Sugar Man’. The idea that, at least in the pre-Internet era, a singer could be world-famous in one country (South Africa) and yet completely unknown in his own… I would have thought it was a hoax, but no, it was true.

    It’s not a Mandela effect but it seems adjacent. To what extent can things slip in and out of our shared pop culture awareness without compromising reality? And how faulty are our memories, and then when do psi or stranger effects come into play?

    I’m in my 40s, and one of my passions is tracking down the memories of computer games and B-list pop songs which I remember as a kid from the 80s and identifying them as concrete digital artifacts on the Web. For the most part I’ve been able to find a lot of things on Youtube and Internet Archive. But… sometimes I wonder. I’ll find an obscure song on Youtube, I’ll have what I *think* is a clear memory of having heard that song, possibly on a cassette tape… and then I’ll stop and go, wait, how sure am I that I could have actually met that one in the 80s? Our family didn’t have access to a lot of pop music. We had radio, but not TV; we didn’t generally have LPs or CDs until the 1990s. I didn’t really start actively hunting for music in record shops and online until the 00s. It’s possible I’m blurring memories from the 1980s, 1990s and 00s; but there are some vivid song memories that seem oddly anomalous.

    This one, for example:

    I seem to have a VERY strong memory of physically handling this song as a real artifact: a single with two songs (cassette? 45 rpm?) long before the Internet era, but I’m equally certain that there was no obviously plausible way I could have done this in the 1980s. I have no memory of any surrounding context, just the experience of handling this as an object, (but no memory of what media physically was!), hearing and puzzling over the two songs, and the cover image.

    It’s disconcerting, is what it is. Little islands of unlinked memory, but so vivid.

  44. My Aunt recently told me this about my uncle who passed away a few years ago.
    My Uncle Tubby took care of his son Heath, who had seizures because of brain trauma as a child.
    My Uncle didn’t know which way to turn with Heath nor who to trust in his care. He asked someone at his work. She told him about a doctor at MUSC that she had experience with because her daughter was in an automobile accident and had a head injury. Tubby took him to the doctor she had recommended, not sure if it was right away or after one of his emergency visits to MUSC but that was the doctor that took care of Heath for many years, even after he was out of active practice.
    Many years later this same woman was at work and seemed upset so Tubby asked her what was going on. She said her daughter had been in a car accident and had a head injury. She wondered if he knew a good Neurologist so she could take her to see him/her.He told me he was speechless! It was as if there was a time warp. I couldn’t explain it but it was proof to me that we don’t understand time.

  45. Also just noticed this, does anyone else remember the name of the lead singer of Vampire Weekend being named Ezra Koerig? I just came across his name and turns out it’s Ezra Koenig.

  46. After thinking about the coincidence of me remembering the apple teleportation I’ve remembered some more details. I don’t remember the apple being teleported into the atmosphere but I DO remember there being in error in where it was sent that required the scientists to figure out what went wrong. You said you remember this research being done in 2007, which sounds about right to me. That year I was in 7th grade strangely enough and that year received my first phone…. An Apple iPhone. Idk if there is any correlation and maybe I’m overthinking it, I just feel like I’m going crazy. I KNOW there was a huge deal made about this apple teleportation and no one I talk to can remember it.

    1. Alexander and Abbie: This ‘teleporting an apple in 2007’ thing intrigues me. In our timeline there has been no proven physical basis for any kind of teleportation (except for something called ‘quantum teleportation’ which only applies to subatomic particles and destroys the original), so an event like this would be the hugest of huge deals. Even teleporting inanimate matter – anything as big as a single molecule – would have massive scientific repercussions.

      However back in the 1950s there was a lot of optimism by physicists that a breakthrough would soon be found. In our timeline this apparently never happened, but it wasn’t once seen as completely impossible as it is now.

      1. I don’t ever remember hearing about teleportation period – and by now I would think I would have ran across something. So that I can get things straight in my head, at this point at this time – we aren’t able to do this are we?

    2. I’m relieved someone remembers! The timing of you remembering is an interesting coincidence too! It was 2007, maybe 2008, but in that time-frame. This probably sounds silly, but I’m afraid the memory will disappear again if I don’t anchor it here.

      I recall that they were trying to teleport the apple to another lab environment set up a mile away, but it took the equipment some time (20 to 30 minutes at both ends? An hour total?) to convert the apple, transport the data of the apple, and await the re-materialization of the apple.

      When the apple was supposed to re-materialize, it wasn’t there. They accounted for the Earth spinning, but forgot to account for the Earth’s rotation around the Sun and that’s why it ended up in the sky. (It bugs me that I can’t remember specifics of how the materialization worked in this manner.) The time between the initial stage of the experiment and the *fixed* location they had intended to transport to had changed as a result. The apple DID re-materialize *exactly* where they had told it to, just the Earth had moved and the lab wasn’t there anymore to receive it.

      I remember my best friend calling me to talk about how crazy and awesome it was. I remember reading an interview with one of the younger researchers involved in the experiment, watching videos on YouTube explaining the science and why the error happened, and calling my mom to tell her about it. I remember people I worked with talking about it. Then everyone just kind of forgot about it…
      As soon as I remembered it, I couldn’t figure out how I ever forgot about it. It was teleportation! How?! I was obsessed with it for weeks!

      It happened and then it didn’t happen, so I’m not sure why we still remember it.

      1. I know what you mean about anchoring the memory down. I’m trying my hardest not to forget it as well. Just crazy to me that I remembered the apple teleporting randomly 2 days before running into the Berenstein bear posts online. After several years I’m not sure why I randomly remembered it when talking about teleportation. I’m a Biology major and something so outstanding shouldn’t be so easily forgotten. When I read your original post I almost started crying. I can feel that it’s true, I know I experienced it. So why would I forget it? And why didn’t it happen here?
        The weird thing is, I don’t remember any big research leading up to the apple teleportation. It was almost like it happened out of no where?
        All I know is that recently I’ve been getting a very strange feeling, like something is off. Or almost like something is MISSING. At least once a day I’ll look around and think everything is fake or that I’m just dreaming. Just wish I knew what is causing me to feel so odd.

      2. Alexander: This is really fascinating! Can you remember at all anything about the science of this experiment? You talk about ‘converting the data’ of the apple, which suggests kind form of disassembly into particles (as in Star Trek); but then having it appear in a particular physical location suggests some form of physical projection. The two don’t quite add up to any physical paradigm I’m aware of.

        In this universe ‘teleportation’ in the 2000s only refers to copying the quantum state of a particle (we’re still at a single photon stage and it destroys the original; there’s hope though that it could be scaled up). This in itself is pretty amazing as it violates what was thought to be a major principle of quantum mechanics (the no-cloning theorem), but so far mainstream physics doesn’t seem to be acknowledging that this causes any contradiction otherwise.

        It’s vaguely possible in this timeline that quantum teleportation might be extended to whole molecules – here in this 2012 article there’s speculation that maybe they could eventually try a virus, but even a block of wood at this point seems way in the future!

        1. Nate, I’m just going by as many details as I remember, so I hope it makes some kind of sense. I do remember reading that it wasn’t Quantum Teleportation. There were two types of research in teleportation described in the articles and this way, which I vaguely recall as Light-Matter Teleportation (Though I don’t know why I think that name, because I don’t feel 100% certain, but I think that’s what it was called), was more effective and seemed to be the safer option for transportation purposes. I just looked up the term to see if it has been used and all I could find was Quantum Teleportation involving the transportation of data from light to matter, but that isn’t the same thing I’m trying to explain.

          In the interview with the young researcher, they showed an animation of how it worked (and the error that caused the apple to end up in the atmosphere) and when reading the article, they tried to explain it in layman’s terms. It involved *bending* around the object, in this case an apple, through a frequency or spectrum and it involved a lot of technical jargon involving how light works. It was explained that it *was* the *original apple* that was transported. It was specifically emphasized that it was not destroyed and then recreated elsewhere as with quantum teleportation, their competing theory to be fair, which they said was not feasible long-term because of the amount of information scanning, storing, and power sources needed. It was argued against quantum teleportation that if you disassemble something, there was no guarantee that the copy at the other end would be whole or exact and that pieces of information would likely be missing from it. They did mention the concept of the destruction of the original to be unsettling.

          It was, I think the wording they used was compressed and decompressed, like a zip file but without actually being compressed? But the key word that sticks out is BEND. They bent it out of our ability to perceive it so that it could travel unencumbered by physicality at the speed of light within a specific distance and they had figured out how to tell it where to appear; stop at its destination with incredible precision. I don’t remember if they could control how long is was *bent* or if they had a finite time limit on it’s bent state.

          I know how it sounds, but I honestly barely comprehend what I’m trying to explain. I really wish I’d paid more attention to the science of it. I could be rich right now! But seriously, it bothers me; this feeling like we have lost some very important things somehow. I would almost feel better if it turned out to be a hoax instead of just disappearing entirely.

          I know exactly how you feel, Abbie. Something is missing or broken and it’s on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t put my finger on it. I remember some of the teleportation research in the 90s and early 2000s popping up sporadically, but no real coverage of the science leading up to the apple itself being transported. It just popped out of nowhere and was a really exciting prospect, and then disappeared just as quickly. I honestly get a headache when I force myself to remember the details and if not for you and one other person on Reddit remembering it too, I’d think I was losing it. If I remember anything else, I will let all of you know immediately.

          1. Alexander: Really, really fascinating! The arguments against quantum teleportation are exactly the ones I would make; too much energy cost, too much storage, too dangerous, etc. Moving an intact object directly would absolutely be much better.

            Your mention of “bending around the object” gives me chills; it reminds me very much of the (generally believed to be mythical) ‘Philadelphia Experiment’ that William Moore and Charles Berlitz alleged took place in the 1940s, which allegedly involved ‘bending light around an object’. I won’t link to sites about it because there is so much nonsense and the whole mythology feels like an elaborate in-joke or prank between military intelligence agencies. But some kind of warping involving the fundamental light-and-matter-carrying properties of space would be what I’d put my money on, if I were told that teleportation were practically achievable, in this or any timeline. Relativity theorists in the 1960s seemed to feel a breakthrough was near; by the 1980s though, we were told that although *theoretically* possible the energy requirements were ridiculously high (you’d need a star-sized mass). The movie ‘Interstellar’ loosely depicts the sort of space-warping General Relativity allows, and only does that by having a supermassive black hole right next to a planet.

            The hope in the 1960s (even back in the 1920s when Einstein was working on his Unified Field theory that ultimately failed) was that we might bend space with much smaller energies – that even the electromagnetic force might be doing it. But it didn’t seem to work out.

            Interestingly in recent years a few lone physicists have been talking again about the possibility of warping space – the Alcubierre proposal for warp drive which still needs ‘exotic matter’ has been around since the 1990s

            More recently, Harold ‘Sonny’ White, associated with NASA, has claimed the ability to warp space with electromagnetic fields. Most physicists utterly ridicule him for this, but maybe he’s onto something? If what you remember is true somewhere, then perhaps they’re just a bit further down this track.

            1. Thank you for all of this information! I have a lot of studying to do. I knew a little bit about the Philadelphia Experiment from movies and stories I had read about people being stuck in walls when it re-materialized, but it didn’t click in my head that it might have operated using a similar technology!

              I’m certain that it was with a less refined version of this tech that they had the earlier success with transporting the blocks around that room in the 90s. I remember reading that it took a while for the device they used to warm up and actually bend the object out of our field of perception. I also remember that once it was out of phase with us, it was transported to its predetermined destination/coordinates and could no longer be interacted with in any way until it phased back in or re-materialized. The simplified explanation in the video, which was a powerpoint-like demonstration of the experiment with some simple 3D animation at intervals, was that it took time to convert it to a bent state, transport the data: which in this case was the apple, and for it to reappear at its intended destination to be received by researchers at the other end; waiting to record the transferred apple’s condition. It was a fascinating read and the animation video showing it was very cool. I wish I could watch it again.

              OH! One other thing I remembered, but forgot to mention in my last response, is what the interviewed researcher had said about the process. He said that once they sent the object off, it felt like they were sending it into the future; I guess because of the time it took to sync back up with our physical space wherein it could be interacted with again. After reading some of the stuff Adam Wescoat stated about the possibility of Time Wars and/or time correcting itself through the merging of similar realities, I wonder if that could be a plausible reason for the tech’s disappearance. In any case, I know what I experienced, even if it was almost a decade ago, and I’ll still remember it even if no one believes me. I’m just relieved beyond words to find a place where I can share this bizarre experience.

              I’ll look into these people and experiments you mentioned and see if anything the people say or do sparks any other recollections. Also, if you find anything about the “reverse aging” technology I mentioned, let me know! I appreciate the interest and the nudge in the right direction! I don’t consider myself all that intelligent, but it helps with my sanity to not be laughed off as a complete idiot. I appreciate it.

              I wish I knew what was going on, because everyone seems to be becoming more collectively aware of things we should not remember. The harder I try to remember, the more clearly I can grasp the memories, but it gives me headaches and I feel really exhausted shortly afterward. I wonder if anyone else has been experiencing anything similar. Maybe it’s nothing, but I just felt like I should note that here for future posterity, in case it resonates with anyone else.

              Thank you, Fiona, for giving us a place to share our memories and find other people that can confirm that we aren’t entirely nuts for remembering something that never happened. Even if that sounds nuts in and of itself. Lol

              1. Alexander Lewis, thanks for those insights! I’m following this thread and enjoying every detail of it, even when I don’t reply. This is the kind of conversation that makes me glad I launched (back when I had no idea people would actually glom onto that phrase and popularize it), and it makes my moderation time worthwhile! Cheerfully (and gratefully), Fiona

  47. One vivid memory i remember having was during my first viewing the second film in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Dead Man’s Chest. When the crew of the Black Pearl land on the island and battle over the chest, we see Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) corner the comic relief characters, Pintel and Ragetti, who have the chest. She attempts to fight them, reaching for her sword but when she realizes she doesn’t have it, begins to back away, them progressing towards her. Now HERE’s the kicker. I specifically remember that, when the crew of the Flying Dutchman attacked and threw the hatchet, that it hit a tree mere INCHES from Pintel’s face, the camera zooming in on his face and the distance to the hatchet. However, in the DVD, we see the hatchet hit a tree about 5 feet away from the three of them. This still bothers me because i have the first memory so vividly.

  48. Until hearing about the Mandela effect recently, I’d never really questioned it before, but I do wonder about something now. Since mid-elementary school I tended to look over maps all the time. So, it was a bit surprised in highschool to find that there was a new country I’d never seen before.

    I’d never seen Eritrea before, and I immediately wanted to know when this happened. I assumed it had to have been after 2001 since that was the date that East Timor officially became an independent country – was the newest country in the world as far as I knew. But I was even more surprised to find that Eritrea has been an independent country since the early 90s.

    The only explanation I could come up with for not ever seeing it on a map, was perhaps I was looking at outdated maps. After all, a lot of classroom maps still had the “Soviet Union” on them. But it’s a bit strange that when I’d looked at newer maps I’d never noticed it. And in middle school when we had to label the countries in Africa on a map and then color it in, I never saw it then either.

    So now I wonder, did it just somehow escape my notice until then? Or is it another example of the Mandela Effect?

    1. A.M., while I have never looked for the country myself I do remember a friend meeting someone very interesting in college from Eritrea. I have never heard of it since. This was 30years ago and I have no idea why I’d remember a country of someone I’ve never met came from, I would have to guess it was because this person made a huge impression on my best friend.

  49. I remember “A Vampire,” Sex IN the City, Schultz, Berenstein (actually Bernstein), and “the neighborhood.” Most of these I realized lately that they looked or sounded wrong, and I questioned myself as to why I am just now noticing these things. I’ve felt crazy this last year because of my misspellings, when I used to be a good speller, now I’m constantly fighting spell check for “seperately,” “definately,” “noone” and others. I remember when “each other” was one word. I thought NZ was north east as well. All of Asia looks weird to me!

    I am sure of Sex IN the City because there’s a beauty salon in my town called Wax in the City. I brought my girlfriend there as a gift to get dolled up, and I told the owner (it was brand new and ownder did everything) that I thought her business name was really clever. She said she was in love with the show (currently running then), and so she named her salon after it. She would have named in Wax and the City, had it been called that. Earlier this year was the first time I saw the words Sex AND the City, and I scratched my head.

    I think Interview with a Vampire has tripped me out the most, because after some research, I’ve found various people, including Anne Rice, saying “A Vampire!” I read the entire series as a kid, and it was definitely A, as Anne Rice confirms in the video.

  50. Does anyone else remember the anime “Cyborg 009” being called “Android 009” in the American English dub. Because apparently it’s called “Cyborg 009” but I specifically being called “Android 009”.

  51. My favorite cartoon when i was young was “the lost cities of gold” I used to watch it everynight with my Grandma, all my friends remeber it by that name.

    The only reference I can find to it now are “the mysterious cities of gold”

    This came to my attention a few years ago. I presumed it was realesed in other countries under a different title.

    Now I’m wandering if its the Mandel Effect???

    Has anyone else raised this?

  52. definitely remember Berenstein Bears, Sex in the City, Interview with a Vampire, Jiffy, JC Penny, and also Proctor & Gamble (now Procter & Gamble), which I haven’t seen mentioned before. Does anyone else have this memory? I grew up in the Philippines and learned English reading labels on bottles, and I definitely remember the company as Proctor & Gamble.

    Another strange thing. I was texting my sister about the Berenstein Bears the other day, asking what she remembers (Berenstein), and I got a text from an unknown phone number flash on my screen as a new message. It said “what do u remember?”

    I thought, Oh, that’s strange, did my sister get a new phone number, and this was her replying?
    But when I looked at my call history, the text wasn’t there.
    Had I blinked, I would have missed it, but I saw it, and wish I had screenshot it, but the moment was gone.

    Anyone else have similar experiences?

    1. I will second the Proctor and Gamble reference. Don’t ask why, but as a kid in the early 70s I had a fascination with coupons. I remembered names very well. I also collected wacky pak stickers, parodies of commercial products. Anyone remember those ? Mike H.

    2. I’ve always read bottles, labels, everything 😉 I have never seen it as Procter & Gamble… but, sure enough, any search I do on it now comes up that way.

      I very clearly remember Proctor & Gamble as being the names of the people who founded the company. “Procter” just looks strange and unfamiliar.

      That said, I notice ALOT of people typing it that way totally obliviously when I search for it on google….

      1. Ugh, I am in agreement with only relatively few ME discrepancies and was just beginning to think that I could come to terms with those, when I find this ProctEr & Gamble thing. Definitely Proctor & Gamble.

        1. This is odd, I live in the town where gamble came from.. could have sworn it was proctor.. we have a building he donated the gamble building.. I cant have been wrong all these years.. as its a BIG part of the history of my home town..

          1. I just did a big search on Proctor and Gamble. It seems more obvious that references still are found for the ProctOr spelling. But no mention of it being changed.

    3. Since stumbling on ME, all my digital devices are simply acting hinky. While I didn’t have that exact experience, I had several login on here, and typos would appear that I hadn’t typed. While I didn’t received an unknown text, I got an unbelievable barrage of telemarketing calls often from “Daniel” on my phone. This will sound strange, and I’m no guru, but I believe something knows that we’re waking up to our new reality. I also believe it has a vested interest in keeping us collectively in the dark. I’m full blown converted, and I’m losing friends, because I feel as if even if you don’t believe in it, you should know about it. I went to a party and everyone was waving me off but when I got to Charles Schultz, which in this time stream is Schulz, people started googling. What baffles me is when someone acknowledges that’s not right. I don’t remember it like that, and then they just forget about it. What?? I don’t understand the HUMANS in this timestream. Good luck, friend.

      1. Jason, you may be right, something ,or someone wants to “keep us in the dark”. These types of thoughts are what makes me think technology , simulated universes, and artificial intelligence may have something to do with this phenomena. Mike H.

  53. I am going to leave a comment about my experiences, because I have been obsessed with this website and I want to figure this out.
    I am only 14 (born in 2000), so I have not heard of many of the things/people that this website is discussing, or have only heard about it in passing. I also do not watch the news very often, so I may have some confused memories.
    One thing that I am sure of is the Berenstein Bears. I have read nearly all of the books, and there is no possible way that it could be Berenstain. I have a very clear memory of waiting for my father to come into my room so I could read to him (I believe I was 4), and while I was waiting I just stared at the things in my room. I then tried to read the ‘weird writing’ that was the cursive. I spent a very long time reading the words over and over. There is no doubt in my mind that I am from a universe in which the books were the Berenstein Bears. These books for the most part belonged to my parents, but some were new and the dates ranged from the 70’s or 80’s to early 2000’s. It was not possible that the publishers changed the name, as they all had the same cursive words on the covers. In fact, when I found out that the spelling is different than what I remember, my world fell apart and I began scouring the web for answers. I have not seen these books since 2006.
    I do not know very much about the Challenger explosion, but I have heard about it in passing and I thought that it was in August and everyone on board died (I could be wrong, considering that it happened well before my birth, but I was told that it happened in 88’, so I may have come from a universe in which that event remained the same. I do not know enough about it to be sure if I am wrong, though).
    My mother was a very big fan of the Peanuts (and still is), and we watched that movies and shows all the time when I was a child. It was definately Charles Schultz.
    Chartreuse has always been a purple-red color (like a maroon and purple mix). I looked this up yesterday after seeing it on this website and was very confused.
    I really am unsure about definately. I have always spelled it wrong, but I believe that I shifted through universes around the time that I learned how to spell it, or possibly a little later. I just thought that I was an awful speller, but I could have learned that in an alternate universe. I still have difficulty spelling it correctly…
    I believe that it is Looney Toons, I would have noticed if it was Tunes because that would have looked strange. I am not quite sure on this one though, it seems to be a fuzzy memory but I did have one of the movies and I thought it was Toons.
    Mars has no moons, right?
    I am quite sure that I am from a universe in which Nelson Mandela died in prison. Upon first hearing about him on the news that my mother was watching (I think this was 2009), I remember that the first words I spoke after seeing the story were, “Didn’t he die before I was born?” My twin sister also agrees that she thought Mandela died long before our birth.
    The Sara Lee slogan is “Nobody does it like Sara Lee”. Honestly, I don’t remember where I heard that, but I remember it that way. I did hear the slogan somewhere, maybe from a relative or something.
    I am not quite sure about Sex and the City, as people in my area tend to pronounce ‘in’ and ‘and’ the same way, leaving of the ‘d’ in and so they sound very similar. I feel like it might be Sex in the City, but I am not 100% sure what I thought it was. It never really crossed my mind.
    I thought Shirley Temple died a long time ago.
    I am not quite sure about the Tiananmen Square boy being run over, but I thought my seventh grade teacher mentioned that he was after learning about it. That might just be my imagination, though.
    Hurricane Katrina was definately in August of 2005. (Was that when it happened in this timeline?)
    I believe these are all of the memories that I share with others on this site, but sometimes I will hear about a celebrity on the news and think that they had died before hand. I cannot think of any specific memory, but before I would chalk it up to poor memory or that I just wasn’t paying attention when I heard about them and thought they died. Now, I am questioning…
    I have only had a few of these mandela effects, myself.
    One time, when I was on youtube and listening to Taylor Swift, I found some songs that I had never heard of before with lyric videos. The only title that I remembered was The Lucky One. Now, this does not sound very strange. Taylor Swift does have a song called The Lucky One on her Red album. The only problem is, when I heard these songs, Red was not out yet. As a very avid Taylor Swift fan, I knew all of the lyrics to her songs and knew what albums she had. I don’t believe that she had released Speak Now yet, but she may have. I know that I had not yet gone to her concert for that album (2011). Red did not come out until 2012. I also remember that I was using my mother’s computer. Considering that I got a tablet to read on in 2010 and never let it out of my sight, I would have been listening to this in 2008 or 2009. I looked this up today, and now I am very confused, because I do not understand where those songs came from or why I had never heard of them at that point in any universe?
    I feel as though I noticed most of these things around 2008/2009. I noticed the changes with Mandela and this weird thing with the Taylor Swift music at about that time, and I know that the switch with the letter on the Berenst#ine Bears books happened after 2006 in my timeline, the last time I looked at the cover. I think that the last time I saw the Looney Toons and actually paid attention to how the words looked on the title was about 2008. I stopped paying attention in the few years that I watched it after the fact though, but I know recently I have seen it as Tunes. Now I have conflicting memories of that…
    So I seem to have switched universes in about 2009, and I think that my twin sister may have switched with me (not 100% sure about that, but we have a few of the same memories and we are identical, which may have something to do with it? This is just me writing out my thoughts, it may be irrelevant.)
    The only time I have ever had a NDE was when I was born, as there was a very small chance that I would survive. 2 weeks later, my heart stopped and I had to have heart surgery. I nearly died. This was in 2000 though, so if NDE’s have anything to do with universe switching, it may not in my case, or there was some sort of delay.
    I am finding myself believing in this phenomena, mostly because I cannot stand when I cannot comprehend something or have no idea what happened.
    Sorry if this is long, I had a lot on my mind…

    1. I loved all your comments – and seeing that your much younger than me, I’m 44 – and probably younger than most of us here – makes me feel more hopeful about the future.

  54. Hello fellow reality defectors! First, I would like to say thank you to Fiona for running such a wonderful website, and filtering out the comments that make no positive impact on the discussion. For a little background info, I am 25, from the U.S., have always been interested in ‘out there’ concepts, and like many others was led here as a result of the Berenst*in conundrum. I too recall an E not an I. Again, like many others, I have always been a fantastic speller and KNOW it was not -stain. I almost feel compelled to say it was actually Bernstein, but I’ll chalk that up to spelling it like I pronounced it. However, there is no way it was -stain.

    Moving on. I have read every comment on this site over the past few days or so, and there are many I recall different from this reality, and many concurrent with this reality. The two that stick out the most to me are the bears, and Thanksgiving. It was the THIRD Thursday, for a long time until recently. I’ve (at the risk of institutionalization) quizzed various people about these things, and they all seem to agree that it was spelled differently/on the third, UNTIL I say it never was. They then brush it off.

    Another I recall differently, was the Tianemen square incident. To me, that was before I was born(1990) and it was ONE tank, and he did not get run over. Weird.

    Thinking back on my life after reading through these comments, I can think of multiple times where I could have easily died. I also would talk to people not there when I was younger, hear things nobody else did, and lucid dream/astral travel (I still do occasionally).

    One more thing, and you may edit this out if you wish Fiona, but I can’t help but think of this when reading these comments and contemplating multiple dimensions. I have taken hallucinogenic drugs three times in my life, always for the purpose of self expansion. The first time, on salvia divinorum (an ancient plant used this way for millennia) I witnessed my surroundings being split into a grid. Then, eventually, square by square, I was left with only black. The next thing I know, I am on what seems to be an operating table in a hospital like room, with beings (not human, not alien, just beings) standing over me and getting the feeling they were astounded and displeased that I could see them. BAM. I was back 100% reality. This was before I had even thought about multiple dimensions.

    Thank you, and happy travels!

  55. I was sure of diffrent ending to The Outsiders .movie. This ending has been proven and debunked over and over again

      1. Yes,
        Youtube currently has an alternate ending, to the movie however in my realities it has been proven and debunked over and over. Also, I have been surprised to hear Nancy Reagan is still alive no less than 3 times. It just won’t sink in! i was wondering if anyone else reports that particularly. She died about a year or so after her husband
        On issues like Eli Whitney, Brian Dennehy, David Soul, Nancy Reagan the dates of Dom Delouise and Jack Palances death and the location of New Zealand I trust my own memories more than current reality(the internet).

  56. This has blown my mind…. it’s A Vampire. In the city. Berenstein. Freddie and Sarah Michelle divorced about 7 years ago. It was a big thing… I had to look up that they were still together and I still don’t believe it. Challenger happened for me in April 1985…. I remember specific circumstances because of a family birth in March of that year. Eli Whitney is white now???? Ummm when did that happen? Thanksgiving??? Always the third week… last year I was very confused. Fruit loops and Schultz. The baby was never found and someone pretended to be the long lost Lindbergh baby years later….. I need to start paying attention… I’m losing it.

  57. Hello, I’ve been reading through this website and I have a few things I’ve noticed that have been altered as well. I am 27 years old, and used to have a photographic memory. I do not have any psychological illnesses. When i was a child i used to be able to memorize entire books just by someone reading me the words. Now my memory is completely ordinary in every way. I had scarlet fever three times as a child and my mother thinks that ‘might’ be the cause of it.

    Here are a few of the things that i remember that have been changed.

    Jiffy peanut butter (this was the only peanut butter i ate as a child and it really disturbed me to see it called Jif instead)

    BerenstEin bears (I had dozens of these books all of which were BerenstEin. I distinctly remember having an argument with my older sister on whether it was pronounced St-een or St-ine. When I dug out all the old books, sure enough they all said BerenstAin)

    Thunderbird (My dad was a great lover of all strange things and he used to buy tons of books like Ripley’s. I remember him showing me the picture of the Thunderbird and telling me it was a half bird, half-dinosaur, the last of its kind. I looked at it quite often because i was really into dinosaurs at the time. I’ve looked through all my dad’s old books and i can’t find it.)

    52 States (I was taught in school that the united states had 52 states counting Hawaii and Alaska as 51 and 52. No matter how much i try to remember, i can’t seem to recall the extra state names. I even did a art project of the american flag and i remember commenting that the extra two stars were hard to fit in properly. My teacher then showed me his copy of the flag which had the extra two on the right side. 52 seems like an awfully strange number for me to mistake since 50 is a lot easier to remember. I was SO confused when i found out there were only 50…)

    Places changing (When i was a child, the layout of my church changed completely from one week to the next. I remember staring at a wall wondering where the hallway went that used to be there. This confusion lasted many many years because i was in that church a lot due to my parents involvement there and knew every inch of the church like the back of my hand. We’d never attended any other church and my parents had no idea what i was talking about when i asked where the other part of the church went. It wasn’t until i was older that i learned the church was SUPPOSED to get an expansion but never got the funds.)

    Another place that changed was a small business petstore that used to be in the uptown area of my city. I distinctly remember going there 2 or 3 times as a teenager. It was a converted lower level of an apartment building that you had to walk up 5 or 6 stone steps to get to the door. It was run by a young overweight guy who was obsessed with fish. The whole front room was nothing but fishtanks and small animals such as hamsters and mice, were in the back room behind a red curtain of beads. According to everyone, this place did not exist. I even walked back many times to the exact spot it used to be but there’s nothing there except apartment buildings. This was a place one of my friends showed me and not somewhere my parents would have ever allowed me to go because the neighborhood was very seedy. My friend had no memory of going there with me.I have no explanation why i would know this specific apartment buildings location, if it was nothing but a dream…)

    Movie i saw before they came out:

    Martian Child (I watched this movie with my mother when i was still in highschool and remember hating the ending. When the advertisements came out a few years later, I was really confused. I asked my mom why they were re-releasing this movie and she had no idea what i was talking about. I told her we’d already seen it but she didn’t believe me. I then told her the whole plot of the movie including the ending and forced her to go see it with me on opening night. She was flabbergasted and was certain I’d tricked her somehow. She still doesn’t believe me that we’d already seen that movie.)

    Billy Graham died ( I remember my parents forcing me to watch the boring funeral on tv. All i remember about it was lots of blue decorations. It was a huge deal for them because they really looked up to him.)

    John Goodman died of a heart attack. I’m not certain of the year but my sister was upset about it because she loved him on Rosanne. Until reading on this site, i wasn’t aware he was still alive!

    3 bombs were dropped on Japan :Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Nishikasugai District, Aichi.

    There’s actually quite a bit more that I remember, that no one else seems to. Most of them are personal experiences however. I’ve been sooo confused about all of this and i’m glad that i’m not the only one.

  58. I’m 64 now but as a kid I distinctly remember the TV show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea as a movie called Journey to the Bottom of the Sea. After some research I found there was a prequel movie called Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea but not JOURNEY. I distinctly remember my summer of 6th grade and seeing JOURNEY to the Bottom of the Sea.

  59. There was a funeral for Billy Graham…. today he is alive. It was Gordon’s fisherman…. I bought them for years for my kids… I noticed gortons about a year ago and thought they had a company buy out. I remember the commercials and jingle for it to…

    It’s Jim and Tammy Faye baker. Not bakker. This I know for a fact because Tammy Faye remarried a messner in my family and they built a church here in Wichita ks. I was shocked to learn she has passed in this timeline. That’s something that would have been a big to do in my family.

    There was a flesh colored crayon. The crayola crayon factory was in Winfield ks and we went every year on field trips where they gave out free big boxes. 64 counts… plus you could buy 24 colored boxes of the same color and I always got the flesh colored crayons. (They did discontinue colors though)
    And the Winfield plant went out of business about ten years ago.

    In my personal life, I remember in one night I went from one color brown, to a reddish brown and thought something was wrong with my shampoo.

    Hitler never had blue eyes and Mussolini is completely different guy. The tank boy… got ran down. He was college aged not this man I’m seeing on Google.

    I have dreams of going to my deceased grandparents house and finding a tunnel a go through in the basement. It’s not scary yet it is. I don’t have a current cell phone… my cell phone is an outdated model thAt cannot send or take pictures. I can only call and text on it. I refuse to update it for some reason even though I’m not scared of technology and I’m currently typing on my kindle.

    New Zealand was north of Australia. I had a pen pal in Australia for over twenty years… now I cannot find her and her letters/pictures I kept in a keepsake box are gone.
    Now Australia is practically touching new genea???

    Please keep sharing things because my life is starting to make more sense now.

  60. I definitely remember watching “Friends” and randomly seeing cast members of Cats placed in scenes, and the actors would just go through the scene like they weren’t even there. I specifically remember ross standing between the t.v. and the couch talking to Rachel who was in the kitchen. As he’s talking there’s someone in full costume as an orange cat sitting on the couch with his hands on his lap. I asked my sister about it at the time and she said they do it all time. We thought it was just a strange promo for the play. The memory is so real that i’ve spent countless hours searching for some evidence of it online. I can’t find any reference of hidden Cats cast members in the filming of Friends.

  61. Last week I took a trip from my home in Olympia, WA to Vancouver, BC. While there, I noticed the home improvement chain was labeled “The Home Depot” instead of “Home Depot.” Now, having returned to the States, every one I see, and online, it’s “The Home Depot.” I have never noticed the “The” before. I have to admit, it is really bugging me. Thanks!

    1. I don’t remember there being a “the” in the name of Home Depot either. I went to their site which is homedepot without the “the” and their logo looks really squished with the new addition. Weird.

  62. I haven’t gotten this far through the comments yet, but lots of people post about movies coming out and they remember explicitly that they had come out before. My boyfriend and I were watching TV one day and the trailer for Straight Outta Compton came on, and we were completely baffled. This movie came out already! We both remembered seeing a trailer for it during the beginning trailers of none other than The Candidate (not Campaign). I’m not sure if anyone else has had this experience with that movie since I haven’t gotten to current comments yet.

    Also, a few days ago my phone (Galaxy S5) which I swype on, instead of typing individual letters, decided that everybody was no longer a word and my Microsoft Word started to correct it as well… apparently it’s two words.

    Also happened to me years ago with the word definitely vs. definately. Still can’t explain that and it creeps me out.

  63. I too was originally brought here by the Bernstein/berenstain debate (interesting to note, My phone auto filled and capitalized Berenstein, but I had to force spell

    Jiffy peanut butter. This changed for me around 1998. It drove me crazy and I remember having an argument with my friends who insisted it was always Jif, when in my world it changed overnight. I am certain of this, it’s bothered me for years.

    Spellings I learned: dilemna, definately, noone, seperately, rhythmn. I was a great speller but I struggle with these words now. I’ve also noticed in the past couple years that many people are misspelling definitely as defiantly. My thought is these people are attempting to spell it definately, with an A, and auto correct is changing it to defiantly instead of definitely.

    Puce was a dull green/yellow/grey.
    A beautiful day in the neighborhood.
    Interview with A vampire
    Sex in the city

    The sky looks different to me: I can’t see the man in the moon anymore. I agree it looks upside down or somehow strange. The sun is brighter, whiter, even on overcast days it is blinding. Sunsets are different; less colorful and varied. It seems the sky darkens all the same down to the horizon most nights now. Also during the day everything seems hazy to me, as if there are more particles in the air that make everything look dull.

    These are my main ones. I have days where I distinctly feel that nothing is real. Other days (rare) things look so vibrant and even smell more real…the colors are startlingly vivid, to the point where I just stare at trees or the sky. I don’t understand.

  64. I’m curious if there is a link somewhere to the Duggers? While I don’t really watch the show I can’t help but see them in the media all the time. I distinctly remember the show going to “21 kids and Counting”. They had a baby after Josie that was premature and had problems but lived. I remember reading an article all about it in a People Magazine at a DRs office very clearly and then wondering later what happened to her. I hadn’t been paying any attention to that family until the molestation scandal and then all the sudden it seemed to me that it was back to 19 Kids and Counting and no last baby.

  65. There’s a song that’s been really annoying my for sometime now, “Left Outside Alone” by Anastacia. The first time it aired in 2004 on the radio I was able to sing along with it, and I commentated to my mother who was driving the car at the time, that it was a really old song and I hadn’t heard it since I was a kid. But she told me it was a new song that had just came out and she didn’t remember it at all.

    I clearly (100%) remember it being sung by a black lady with an afro in a glittery dress in an old black and white grainy video. How else was I able to sing along with a song that had only just been written and released.

    It’s been bugging me for years until I found out about all this. So I started looking around, and I ‘definatly’ remember that spelling. Though I’ve always assumed it was an English/American single letter spelling difference (like colour/color) and as computer systems tend to use American spelling that was why it changed it (I’m in England). And I also remember Interview with A Vampire and Sex in the City (was in high school/college so fellow teenages always made references to ‘knowing what they are up to’ lol )

    The Volvo logo too (I always thought it was a circle with a V inside joined at the top and bottom) I was really surprised when I looked it up. But I do definatly remember Mars always have 2 moons (captured asteroids) orbiting it, as I’ve always been a fan of Greek/Roman mythological characters.

      1. looncraz, I’m approving this comment because you provided a possible explanation. Ordinarily, the phrase “people are remembering it wrong” would be enough to send a comment directly to the Deleted Comments bin. History is littered with anecdotes about people who held onto outdated ideas and labeled improvements “wrong.” This site isn’t for people with memory deficits; it’s for people who share alternate (and generally consistent) memories that can’t be explained in tired, old ways.

  66. Thanksgiving now has me thoroughly confused. I’ve always thought it was on the third Thursday on November. However, my mom’said birthday is on the 20th, and my sister’s is on the 27th, and while my sister”s birthday has fallen on Thanksgiving, my mom’said never has. That would be consistent with the 4th Thursday, so it seems like I somehow have always just been wrong. I’m wondering how many of these wrong memories are due to a common factor, like a bad textbook?

    On a different note, someone once noted that the Mandela Effect couldn’t possibly be real because no one had noticed something major in their personal lives had changed. Well, if, say, your house had suddenly changed places, I doubt very much you’d just laugh it off and post it on this website. If the Mandela Effect is real, then there are people out there who have experienced something like that and who are, no doubt, seeing a therapist and/or medication.

    As a matter of fact, something like that did happen to me. When I was in high school, someone mentioned a rumor they heard about a guy named Greg, and I thought, “Wait. Isn’t Greg dead?” I then became briefly confused and wondered why on Earth I thought he was dead. Greg actually did die a couple of months later.

  67. Hi, Fiona! It’s me again. I think there’s been another change that I hope others have noticed. Maybe you have noticed it as well?

    I remember Kathy Lee Gifford. I don’t know too much about her, but since I liked her name, I pretty much just learned how to spell it by looking at it. Also, if you type “Kathy” into Google, all of the suggestions are “Kathy Lee Gifford”. However, according the the news as well as Google search results, her name is and always has been spelled “Kathie Lee Gifford”.

    Nothing big, obviously, but still. I’m POSITIVE it was Kathy, not Kathie.

    1. Wow, Kaleb, that’s a great one! Thanks for mentioning it. I actually looked it up at Wikipedia and on Google, the “Kathie” spelling seemed so odd. I’ve never paid much attention to her, but I really expected to see (in her bio) that she’d changed the spelling in recent years, due to a Screen Actors Guild conflict or something.

  68. There is an automatically generated Facebook page, liked by over 32,000 people, entitled “The Berenstein Bears,” but everything in the description says Berenstain. I wonder how that works?

    1. Sarah, it’s just someone’s auto-generated page. They probably created the FB page name using the spelling they were used to, but they’ve populated it with content from around the Web, and all of that has the -stain spelling. (Also, many auto-generated pages are “liked” by fake FB profiles. People buy “likes” at places like At the moment, I can get over 3k “likes” for $5. Kind of ridiculous, really.)

  69. Am I the only one who doesn’t remember Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby? I had never heard of Jack Ruby until I looked it up just now. The way I remember it, there was a manhunt for Oswald and I think they chased him into a barn, and maybe he was shot by agents there, my memories aren’t super clear, but I know I hadn’t heard that he was shot at point blank range by this guy while in police custody. Anyone else have different memories of this?

  70. Also, my memories line up with a lot of people’s memories on here

    -Puce was a rather disgusting shade of green
    -I had a crayon, from a brand new box of crayons, in the 80’s labelled “Flesh”
    -Barbara Streisand, not Barbra
    -BerenstEin bears
    -MLK was shot with a handgun at close range
    -52 states
    -Charles SchulTz. (I remember this very clearly because my dad’s girlfriend at the time worked for a company that made merchandise for Garfield, Fido Dido, the Peanuts character and others, and I used to get all sorts of free stuff, and I had quite a few stickers, cards, toys and such with Charles Schultz’ name on it. I used to look at it thinking it was such a neat name, with the “tz” at the end)
    -Rod Sterling, not Serling
    -Jiffy peanut butter, not Jif. I remember being shocked when I saw that they had changed it to Jif. Now it turns out it was always Jif.
    -I also remember the sun being a lot more yellow as opposed to white, and a lot less intense.

    The geography thing scares me. I clearly remember Australia being way further away from Indonesia, sort of away and on its own. I remember New Zealand being one island, not two, and being North West of Australia. I remember Japan being more south, closer to China, not next to Korea. I have never heard of Andorra (now situated between Spain and France). Poland was never that big, nor was Cuba. Sardinia and Corsica were never that big. Sicily was also smaller. Greenland and Iceland were closer in size. Portugal was not on the western side of Spain, but located under France. Sri Lanka was south of India. Talledega was in Florida, not Alabama

    It’s probably worth noting that I’ve never had a NDE, but I have had incidents with ghosts, which now I think maybe were really me seeing through the “veil” for lack of a better word, into another reality. I’m starting to think that reality is not the concrete thing we’ve assumed it is, and is in fact a fluid thing that fluctuates randomly.

    1. Talladega was definitely in Florida for me too. NZ was NE of Australia to me, but agree with pretty much everything else you remember. The more I look, the more the whole world has changed.

    2. What? Portugal was located under France? Wait wait wait wait wait.

      So Portugal wasn’t west of Spain but instead was on the east side of Spain and in the south of France? Are you sure about this?

      I’ve heard most of the other ones you mentioned and even remember some of them myself but this is the first I’ve ever heard this about Portugal.

      That is just way too crazy. Is this supposed to be some kind of a joke?

      1. Xenoverse, these days I’m not sure about anything. Reality seems so tenuous, but I could almost swear that Portugal was under France. I will say that it definitely was NOT where it is now, on the western side of Spain. I’m not sure if I already commented about this, but I also remember Madagascar being largely unpopulated, not the heavily populated place that it is in this reality, and it definitely didn’t have a huge urban centre that almost looks like something from the Netherlands, like it does now.

  71. WOW. so glad i was led to this page.. what a great new topic for me to research and learn about. i just did a write up about Memories and Monuments/Memorials.. i believe they store our consciousness / memories within those monuments and can use them or store them… just a theory.. if you have the time just check out the write up i did:

    i really appreciate any feedback or opinions, or a simple glance. really proud of my findings and wish to share.

    much love and definitely will be back and catch up on this mandela effect … wow blessed.

    1. Hey Rob, I checked out your website. I think there’s some fantastic information you have there (specially the interesting patent for musical instrument-design using granite)! But I have to say: it’s not presented in a format that created a strong narrative arc for me, or led me to any conclusions, or to understand your conclusions (admittedly, I did a quick visit), so I didn’t really understand what point you were trying to get across or how these granite memorials are related to stainless steel ones, and how induction heating fit in. (Though I see that you’re bringing together electromagnetic heating -resonant circuits, piezoelectric effects in quartz – oscillation, the sound-enhancement effects of granite – vibration … so there’s a whisper of a link, but I’d love to read more, on your website, about how you see these being linked, and how they relate to consciousness). I think there may be something interesting underlying the relationship between materials used for monuments and their effects on sound, magnetic fields that some humans can detect, etc, so I really wanted to understand more about the links that YOU see and are suggesting.
      My feedback: maybe adding a few paragraphs at the top to explain what your theory is, and how the information (images, videos, etc) you provide below is tied together? It seems like there could be something fascinating in here, but maybe if you could fill in some of the gaps for the visitor… ?

  72. This has been bugging me for years.. I am 42 bonr in 1973, and when i was growing up i saw a cartoon in the UK called BOD. a very surreal and odd cartoon, if you had seen it you would remember it, but a few years ago i started asking my friends and only a few actually remembered it., this could because they didnt see it so i said ok.. but recently i have been reading some books, and i have noticed the entire storyline is different, once again i thought it was imagination.. Being in the UK we never really got the BerenSTEIN bears as a tv show but the ones i remember was spelt that way..

    theres another thing that i thought was my imagination.. I remember seeing a remake of a foreign language film, and saw the original, there was a cliff and a car and the car went off an got stuck on a tree it was too far down for them to climb up and too far to climb down… I have a vague memory that mandela did die in the 90’s but i also know he did die recently.. Its odd..

  73. I have not seen this posted yet, please forgive me if it has already been brought up. The topic is Poland, and the northeast corner known as Kaliningrad Oblast. I recall this entire region being Polish, however, last year I noticed it marked as Russian. I thought perhaps that my memory was of inaccurate Cold War maps denoting this as Poland and that modern maps were just now up to date, however, when I went back to look at old reference material and maps from the 1980s, it has been Russian all along? Does anyone else remember this region belonging to Poland and not Russia?

  74. Hello all, so glad I found this site. I’ve studied almost all comments in the last week. I believe most are so true and agree with many. I do think some are false memories or mis-interpreted. Only a few though. For instance, John goodman’s character on Roseanne died. I never saw the end of the series so if I heard he died I could’ve mistaken that. I saw many people think he died but no one bringing up that possibility. One for me is that I thought Wizard of Oz had two different scenes when they were talking with the wizard, but looking back I think it is a false memory from childhood. However, here is my reality….”A”vampire, definAtely, Richard Chamberlain and Louie Anderson dead, tank Boy not dead, Mandela and Graham Not dead years ago. What I’m confused about (because in the past I was very good with dates) for YEARS I was convinced challenger was ’84. But a few years ago it was brought to my attention it was ’86. I went through my timeline of where I was when I heard about it and, yes, it had to be ’86! So why did I always think ’84? VERY unlike me to mix up something like that (then). Now I mix up years and dates more easily. Things that have me off-kilter, Sex in/and the city. I have no idea. I thought it was IN. Lindbergh baby I thought wasn’t found, but I second guess myself and then remember oh it was found. Or maybe not I really don’t know. I watched Charlie Brown Halloween last year and thought it had a different ending. No NDEs for me but when I was about 20 I started getting little seizures. I’m interested in why these certain things. I never gave a thought about Louie Anderson, didn’t really care for him. Liked chamberlain but he wasn’t in my realm of thought. On a FB page I reminisce with old schoolmates and we all have the same memories of places and people in our childhood so why do these very specific things (some huge like Mandela, some not so huge like A vampire or Richard Chamberlain) stick out from the millions of things in our memory? This is a mind blower and game changer. Finally it’s Berenstein. Why does NoOne seem to remember it being the other?

    1. Meret, that’s my time frame, as well. The Segway company says no, but for me to remember what I do, I had to have been living near the inventor, and I know those dates (when I lived in that part of NH) don’t fit the company’s timeline for the product. Very odd.

  75. I’m sorry I’ve fallen into the matrix and have become almost completely engrossed in this theory now… and I’ve started to really think about events in my own personal experience.

    I was very ummm psychic as a child… I would tell ppl what would happen before it happened… many friends would play games to test me even… like hiding things and asking where they were etc… I never failed. I predicted the fall of the ussr in Reagan’s first term when we were still very much in a cold war…just too much to type out but you get the drift.

    When I was 16 years old(1990), I was in a bad car accident and the only spot in the car that wasn’t an accordion was were I was sitting. I walked away with a broken clavicle. Afterwards, my abilities started to decline but I thought well I’m getting older maybe things are changing…

    When I was delivering my 5th child, I did die for 2 minutes. They bought me back. That was 2008, and I noticed things were different but couldnt really figure out what. Plus I had had 2 blood transfusions and I swear I could feel the person’s blood in me (like I was part of someone else for awhile) it’s hard to put into words. I also started picked my up things “psychically” again…

    I just so happened to stroll across someone talking about the mandela effect on ats, and how Australia and New Zealand were not right and my world went into a tail spin…. yes!! Yes , I’m not alone experiencing this. I’m not a crazy madhatter!! This is happening to other ppl too!!! Now that I’m looking at things through a different lens though, I’m picking up on so much more going on around me that I’ve never noticed or I’d just write off.

    I am a night nurse, and tonight we had someone go “missing” out of their room… we found her in another empty bed in a room 2 doors down… now normally I wouldn’t make a big deal, ppl get confused and turned around. However, I decided to watch the video tape of the hall to see exactly when this person did that… started from the time she was checked on until we found her in the other room and s he never once came out of that room and into the hallway… my co workers and I watched it 3x. They started coming up with weird theories but you had to go into the one and only hallway to switch rooms. Normally, wouldn’t have even checked this out!! I have no idea what’s happening but I know I’m deep in it now.

    1. ayla, thanks for your information and insights. Also, about the patient who changed rooms: that’s astonishing and definitely worth thinking about.

  76. This comment is concerning a certain cartoon, Ned’s Newt. We watched it in french (Québec) and there was an episode where a boy called Eddie(or Eddy) loved to lick bridges. In french, I remember they were singing “Eddie le lécheur de ponts(Eddie the bridge licker)”. Strange thing, my mom, my brother and I remember is very well, but can’t find any info about it online… Anyone knows about this?

  77. I must admit I was brought here by the Berenstein vs. Berenstain thingamajig. I was rather skeptical of all this– I could easily mistake one for the other, until I read something that absolutely floored me. Charles Lindburgh’s (I had always spelt his name with a “u”) baby was never found, I was sure of it. I remember it being one of the great mysteries of the 20th century… people claiming to be the Lindburgh baby, jokes about the Lindburgh baby being discovered along with Sasquatch. I distinctly remember a joke (maybe a Simpsons episode) where the Lindburgh baby was discovered misfiled under “b” or something. I remember thinking, “Wherever he is now, he’s got to be old.”

    I was a kid at the time, so I could be misremembering things, but what I find oddest is, after some research, I realized most people who remember the baby being missing spelled it with a “u”, when apparently it was always spelt with an “e”. I’ve always been a good speller and I feel like I wouldn’t make a mistake like that.

    Reading the wikipedia article on the baby was crazy. The baby was discovered dead in 1932. For me, it was like reading an article casually stating the truth of the JFK assassination. It was very surreal.

    There are other things. I remember reading that the Tianamen square guy got run over, but I never saw the video. I remember Berenstein not Berenstain. And Japan isn’t where I remember it being… it’s very close to Korea, where I remember it much further out into the ocean, with Sakhalin barely touching Russia and the southern island quite far from South Korea. This whole thing with the Lindburgh baby has me questioning whether I’m really misremembering all this stuff.

    There was another event in my life. My dad told me about a time I was nearly killed when an iron bar struck through our car window. For the life of me, I can’t remember anything like that. It may have been so traumatizing I put it out of my mind, but I wonder now if either me or my dad were going through the Mandela effect.

    1. William Martin, that’s a good catch! I hadn’t noticed the consistency of spellings — Lindburgh (or Lindburg) among those who recall the baby not being found, as opposed to Lindbergh (or Lindberg) among those whose memories match the current timeline. Thanks!

      1. Fiona and William – I’m not trying to disprove your theory, William, but I knew I had written a comment about the Lindbergh kidnapping early on this website. I was curious as to how I had spelled the name because unlike some spellings, I don’t have a strong feeling about it either way. I found my comment from late June 2014. I thought the baby had never been found and I spelled the name Lindbergh. But that could just be because I prefer the way it looks with the ‘e’ – more graceful somehow.

        1. No problem, Julia, and I’m glad to see you back here!

          William’s comment was a good reminder to me that I need to keep subtle patterns in mind — spellings, relative to memories — as I read comments and emails about this topic. (I should probably create a Lindbergh/Lindburgh baby article, just to see if other patterns emerge.)

          And, of course, your graceful spelling reference is appreciated, and sort of echoes the gray/grey comments we’ve had, as well. (I’m wondering if synesthesia has any correlation to ME. Interesting thought, and just odd enough to pique my interest.)

          Cheerfully, Fiona

          1. Hauptmann was put to sleep in April 1936 for the murder of Lindbergh baby,at the same time Hindenburg flights started.The period of April/May 1936 saw two of the greatest affairs related to aviation.So bergh and burg coincided.

            1. Good observation, Vivek! Interesting, as well, since those headlines were probably published long before most visitors were born.

  78. Hi, Fiona. Thank you so much for this website. I’ve been lurking around here reading the past couple of weeks. My first realization of the Mandela Effect was with the Berenst*in Bears (It’s an E!!). I was thinking of posting a comment on some of the memories, and I’ll still probably do that later, but I think I’ve just found one that I haven’t seen mentioned yet.

    It concerns the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I remember it being absolutely colossal, but apparently it’s now 30 metres/98 feet. (38 metres/125 feet including the pedestal.) I’d swear it was something like 3 times that size. I was just looking at some pictures of it, and shaking my head at how puny it looked.

    I had just seen it maybe 2 weeks ago in some movie or TV program, and after wracking my brains, realized it was an episode of the new series, Zoo, which partly took place in Rio. They showed the statue, of course, and yes, perspectives and angles can be misleading when something’s been filmed, but it seemed every bit as massive as I remembered. Only, now it’s not. I wonder if any one else remembers the larger statue.

  79. Greetings!

    I must say that these posts have given me a tremendous amount to think about. I would like to clarify two items.

    1) There was a “flesh” colored crayon. It was renamed “peach” in 1968 due to the inherent racism in the “flesh” color being that of a white person.

    2) The Polish territory and whether it belonged to Russia: it depends on when the map was from. Russia in the past 10-15 years has invaded Georgia & Ukraine. There are boundary disputes constantly.


    1. I was born in 1964. According to all the websites I’ve read, Flesh was changed to Peach in 1962. I remember using a Flesh crayon well into the 1970s, all through elementary school. So either they were using up a LOT of old crayon stock (unlikely, when they could just change the labels), or else the timelines have changed.

  80. Boy I feel like stepping in the middle of an AA meeting or something. Do we have one of those around or has the name changed? All joking aside….it is pretty serious and we better nail this down. All of us can’t be this stupid or dumb. Having read just the previous comments about all of this and beginning to write all of it down…and then checking it out on Google….and other places where I distinctly remember things. I too have a photographic memory….I can recite character’s lines from plays….movies….tv shows….I was once a child actor. Ricky Shcroeder’s agent Silver Spoons and Lori Loughlin’s Agent from Full House was my agent. I was that good…..but never made it. I am completely flummoxed by all of it….the thing that has me most bothered is the Chic Fil A….that’s what I remember. It has never been Chick Fil A…..something is definitely awry here….or we have all been duped in the grandest experiment this side of the galaxy. I am almost afraid to go to sleep now for fear of something else being changed. Either this is one big cruel joke…or I have been violated…and yes this would be a human rights violation for me because it tampers with my conscious…which is linked to my freedom. If we aren’t free to remember then I need to begin the process of tearing down every foundation ever built upon yet again….and yes that would be God included. This is the sort of thing that shakes faith to the core. Folks…I hate to say this we are entering a phase of unknowns or as Rush Limbaugh says…UNCHARTERD TERRITORY….and I am not even sure if anything I write is the way it should be. I know all of my politicians…again smart memory….I also know that Barak Obama in 2008 burst on the scene….and I…many others had never heard of him. Manchurian Candidate is what most people from my timeline called him….still to this day with so much controversy over the birth certificate and where he is from….either the mass hypnosis that we are under means we are finally waking up….and beginning to see for the first time. Then again I don’t know. I know this…Google is a beast or a head of the beast….so for all the images to be like this…it has me floored. I can’t explain it. “IMAGE OF THE BEAST” I said many years ago with my dad that if they ever got to the point with time travel and alternate universes it would be the biggest game changer if they could do it….and I contend and always said back that would be the one thing God could not allow because in essence they could try to destroy the cross and everything it stood for in the history of time….if they have had this break through with Cern or TLHC then the Rapture of the Church must not be far out….God cannot lie……but then again….with all of this on the Mandela Effect I would also say he wouldn’t allow our reality’s or consciousness began to believe a different reality. Simply put an alternate reality either would mean more sin taking place on a grand scale or less sin…..and God doesn’t tolerate sin. If you thought your reality would be hijacked what would you do….commit suicide…begin to drink….drugs….okay this is way too deep. The last point I would make on this….and I am really going to have to do some more thinking before I post again….we are at a point that if you are a Christian…believe in Jesus….the Cross as a believer….it’s time like never before because if CERN opens a portal to the Gates of Hell….all bets are off and your going to wish you had your Bible and Your Mommy!

    1. Adam,

      You raise some good questions, along with some topics (religion-specific) that I usually avoid. However, I’m approving this because — hoping this doesn’t lead to arguments — your comments started me thinking: Does the Mandela Effect have any bearing on why some people succeed when others — with equal talent and similar opportunities — don’t? Moving in and out of realities, are some people in another timestream when an important meeting (in their “home reality,” if there is one) took place, and they missed it? Or, do some people slide into this reality from one where their success was virtually assured, and they remain in that flow so the possibility of failure never crosses their minds. And, do others pick up on that energy and contribute to it, like a Catch-22 of success?

      Today, I may have woken up in a philosophical mindset, but your comment renewed questions I’ve had about the long-term effects of individual Mandela Effect moments. (In Dr. Who terms, whether past or recent experiences in an alternate reality could — consciously or subconsciously — cause Donna Noble to make a different choice in traffic, thereby changing everything in her life.)

      And, if alternate realities aren’t all on the same calendar (maybe it’s 2015 here, but 2020 in another one), whether hidden/buried memories from another future affect choices we make, here.

      Of course, it’s all whimsy and speculation, but it’s kind of fascinating.


      1. Thanks for the reply Fiona….I am expanding on your topics as well….but it’s going to take some time to digest all of it…it’s like a new layer being added or erased. I am at lunch today with my father…and we are going over all this….in his realm at 66 most of this doesn’t phase him….I told him it should. However I am beginning to think it’s dangerous to not be institutionalized…..and looked upon as a freak….with everything in the country messed up right now until we can get some sanity….I am not sure the best direction to take. I will say a couple of quick things that have really shocked me. Kurt Cameron was an actor and I remember following him for many years in his acting career. So I came home from lunch before beginning my descent back and church. I got to meet Kurt about two years ago at my church for a marriage revival seminar. My dad posted on his facebook the photo of me and him…..he labeled the photo Kurt Cameron in windows on the computer. Which is the way I remember it… it’s Kirk Cameron in this reality when I just picked up his book to put it way. I called my dad and asked him if it was Kurt or Kirk….and I ran a test by him and my mom. I said “Kurt Cameron’s a great guy” They both responded yes he is…I made sure I pronounced it distinctly and clearly. Here’s where the problem is…..if I had pronounced his name with that wording I should have been corrected right off the bat….parents do that. So when I ran that test and then told my dad after word he flipped and he can’t understand…he’s trying to say it must be a marketing gig. I said no….I said dad if it was Kirk the way it is now….I should have been stopped dead in my tracks.

        There are two verses in the Bible which I need some more time to digest….if you haven’t come across these…I’d look into them. I can’t go back and ask Kurt because he would always know his name and it would be Kirk. Gen 11:6….Daniel 7:25….and I Corinthians 14:33

        Those three verses above will flip you out too…so sit down and get a bite of Chic Fil A or something…’s nutty. The only way I can postulate all of this is to go back to that frame of reference and if it’s not information being transformed….then I submit they are messing with the realities of people living it now….We are in dangerous territory. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these as well….keep the faith….were going to have our Mandela Moment…..

        1. Adam, those are some interesting thoughts.

          I’ve edited out some of the deeply personal info you shared, for two reasons: 1} I have a “gut feeling” that I should, and 2) I’m trying to focus discussions on memories we share (as opposed to uniquely personal memories I’ve approved in the past), since the comment threads are getting absurdly long.

          Nevertheless, the girl you mentioned was either in a different reality than you during some earlier communications, or she has issues to sort out, herself. Odd, but there could be other explanations.

          The Kirk/Kurt topic is new to this site, and an interesting one since you have multiple reasons to know his name — from church and from mutual friends in the acting field. He’s always had a very high profile in print media, so that’s a very odd one.


        2. Huh, another one. Is it wrong that I’m starting to take this in my stride?

          Yep, I’m going with ‘Kurt Cameron’ too. I was vaguely aware of him as the Left Behind actor; had to Google and it’s Kirk now. Google doesn’t even know of A ‘Kurt Cameron’, but I’m sure that was what it was.

          Kirk Cameron doesn’t feel right in my mind. Like Captain Kirk?

          Oh, by the way, the global stock markets are going crazy. I am SO not surprised by that right now.

          I’ve been feeling all week that a whole lot of things are changing right now. Maybe a lot of people feeling that is what makes markets do odd things?

          1. Hmm, on reflection I feel like maybe it was Kirk Cameron for me after all. Kurt Russell and Kurt Cobain are still Kurts though, and they’re more familiar to me than Cameron is.

            Kurt resonated with me for some reason, but it might have been just that Cameron sounds like Cobain.

            1. Interesting observation, Nate. I wasn’t a huge fan of Nirvana, but Cobain’s death struck me as being odd, and out of place in this reality. Several things didn’t add up, without getting into whether it was suicide, murder, or something in-between. I keep expecting him to turn up, alive, and I have no reason to think that since — as I said — I was barely interested in his life or music, at the time. (That’s not about my taste in music, but what was going on in my life at the time. Lots of international travel and family responsibilities, and other things absorbing my attention.)

              I guess I’m trying to articulate something about the events in this timestream that — from the start — don’t seem to fit this reality. Sure, there are tragedies that we don’t want to believe, but this is something else. It’s an incongruity. Something that seems a radical departure from an established pattern, even a quirky one. It’s easy to chalk them up to oddities, coincidences, and so on, but some of them have a quality that stands out.

              The weird thing is, as I look back on alternate memories: Mandela’s earlier death seemed “normal” at the time. Tragic, but not a surprise or anything especially incongruous. For me, Cobain’s death falls more into the same category as the Mister Rogers theme lyrics changing… it doesn’t fit this reality.

              So, I was intrigued when this thread took that turn.

              1. I don’t myself have an alt-memory of Nelson Mandela dying in jail in the 1980s, but I agree, if I did, I certainly would have considered it absolutely normal and predictable. It’s what we all were expecting.

                To me, the years from 1989-1991 were *incredibly* anomalous; and even looking back, they don’t feel quite real. That the Berlin Wall could fall without major bloodshed, that Mandela could be released, that other dictators could fall.. There was a sense that the world’s diplomats and intelligence agencies were totally blindsided, struggling to keep up. It was completely off the charts. As if ‘someone’ had interfered in our timeline to make sure we didn’t destroy ourselves – though we’d all been absolutely convinced during the 1980s that nuclear annihilation was inevitable. ‘Miraculous’ is the only way I can still describe 1989.

                It strikes me that the World Wide Web was born during those years too! Like a sudden, short period of openness.

                Though coming out the other side, into the 1990s, I was also surprised that none of my generation seemed to be excited that WW3 had been called off. The music shifted, the pop culture tone shifted to darkness and conspiracy. As if we all just decided to forget an entire decade… and not even be thankful we were still alive? It was like a collective wilful amnesia settled on us. I didn’t understand at the time, still don’t quite, though maybe a little more now.

                The Jesus Jones song ‘Right Here, Right Now’ captured my sentiment of astonishment at the time:

                I was never a huge fan of Kobain’s music but.. in the 2000s I stumbled on Courtney Love’s ‘Celebrity Skin’ album and it felt like a very moving goodbye to him.

                I feel like 2001-2003 was another major shift point, as was 2010-2011. And possibly this year too.

                For me, the Columbia shuttle disaster will always be fixed in the early months of 2003, as I recall it happening as the Bush administration ground towards the Iraq invasion. It felt like a warning sign to me; the pride of US nationalism cast down by hubris. Still does, to be honest.

              2. Funny, about Cobain, I had an ex that had memories of a timeline where he didn’t die, in which he was a fairly successful, but by no means world shattering blues/folk musician, having retired out of Nirvana a few years after his death in this timeline. Apparently it didn’t become as much of an influence without his death.
                Also, I personally recall watching an episode of the TV show ‘Red Dwarf’ back in the late 80’s or early 90’s on late night Nebraska Public television. When the show came out years later, I was vastly surprised, since I recognized it’s off-the wall ending theme song immediately. (The episode in question, for anyone wondering, was ‘Confidence and Paranoia’, which was written in 1988, but wouldn’t be shown in the US for a number of years after)

                1. Sadly not a Mandela memory, but I have *very* fond memories of stumbling randomly into a Red Dwarf episode (“Polymorph”), yes at late night, in the early 1990s in NZ.

                  It was that wasteland time of night when everything is surreal and suddenly you just go…. wait… what did I just see… what am I watching…. what universe did I just fall into.

                  Red Dwarf is the best.

              3. There are several 90s rock musician deaths that never made sense. Same for the comedian Mitch Hedberg.
                Another celebrity I keep half expecting to see pop back up alive is 2Pac. Without getting into the conspiracy theories my question is: are there so many conspiracy theories about certain deaths because they do resonate as off kilter and wrong and are actually mandela effects?

                1. I do think that is somewhat odd as well and have also thought about TPac sprouting back on to the scenes.

                  Something that I ran into the other day though respawned by curiosity about the possibilities of certain entities/people having the capability of living within the same timestream at different points of their development. So say person “Billy” is 50 in 2015 but there is a younger and older version of him within the same timeline who is 20 or 80.

                  To put it into perspective, the most recent thing that came across my plate while trying to find out what happened in 2013 was the execution of John Errol Ferguson. I do not know how and sometimes I feel like I am being guided like a Ouija Board (never played by the way) but I was guided to link John Ferguson and Michael Brown. I had never read into what happened with Michael Brown prior to this.

                  Here is the connection:
                  Most of the photos of Michael Brown posted by media are from his *2013* facebook picture.

                  Brown has an uncanny resemblance to John; phenotype is incredible.

                  The incident occurred IN Ferguson.

                  (Not sure if anyone else has seen this)Kind of strange. If there were an entity that could disperse itself amongst multiple versions of itself within the same timeline would it be possible to change present/future events by eliminating the versions one by one? Sounds so much like a movie (The One)

          2. Nate, I agree that a lot is in flux right now. I’m not sure how much is the change of seasons and so on, but it seems like far more people are in a mode I’d describe as “Wait… what?” as they pause and reflect, and realize their memories aren’t as stable or firmly grounded as they’d believed.

            1. I think my sense of rapid change comes from a number of events that feel major to me this year:
              * The Pluto New Horizons flyby intrigued me, especially the ‘heart on Pluto’ image. Who would have imagined, in the darkest part of space, would be such an inspiring image?
              * A year of the Ferguson protests, with a new focus on police brutality that I’ve never seen reported before with such compassion
              * The Snowden revelations (though these have been building steadily for a couple of years now)
              * Increasing waves of refugee crises in Syria and the Mediterranean
              * The Greek financial crisis
              * IT people suddenly becoming strangely obsessed with ‘hostile artificial intelligence’
              * The Tianjin blast in China
              * The Ashley Madison data leak, with the potential to shake the personal lives of millions
              * and most of all the Mandela Effect giving me a weird lucid dreamlike sense of people ‘waking up inside the dream’ to the fragility of our constructs of memory and reality

              Just… a sense of shaking, deepening crisis and distrust of institutions (that weren’t trustworthy all along but have suddenly been exposed), perhaps balanced by people looking inward for new solutions.

              None of these quite point to this last couple of weeks in particular (except Tianjin) so I’m not quite sure why I was suddenly feeling it very intensely this week… but seeing the stock market crash last night made me go ‘oh, right, that’ll be it’.

              I have an annoying habit of sometimes vaguely feeling big changes in advance but _not_ being able to ever clearly understand my feelings until they happen. It’s one of the least practical psychic gifts ever.

              It’s like… well, maybe feeling a sort of accumulation of static before a big lightning storm? And having a splitting headache and being grumpy and not knowing why and then the lightning hits and suddenly your headache clears. Like that, but for big events. But I’ll never be able to point to something specific in advance and go ‘that’s going to happen’ and win the Randi Prize. Just a sense that ‘changes are afoot’.

              1. Nate,

                I absolutely understand. I’ve experienced the same kind of thing, and it’s both impractical and frustrating. However, it looks like we’re not alone. The Global Consciousness Project shows spikes in RNG activity shortly before some global events. So, something anticipates (I’m reluctant to say “predicts”) major events, and it affects our sort-of physical reality (like RNGs). I’m not sure of clear documentation regarding far-reaching RNG blips.

                (My vague premonitions — which rarely have many tangible or useful details at the time — make the most sense after the event has occurred. As if that is of any use to anyone, including me. The only helpful one in recent memory was “sensing” the 2008 economic fiasco months before it happened, so we abruptly packed and moved to a location where the economy would remain relatively stable. But, at the time, I had no idea why I thought we had to move, or why I was so specific about the logistics. I didn’t even know it was about the economy. All I could say was “something’s coming,” and where we needed to be.)

                Is any of this a deja vu kind of experience, vaguely remembering something we experienced in this same time frame but in a different reality? (Assuming some realities we visit may be days, weeks, years, or even centuries ahead of us or behind us.)

                Cool speculation. Nothing we can work with, at the moment, but I’m intrigued by the possibilities. I keep going back to the GCP studies to see if they offer anything helpful that fits with ME-type theories.


      2. ME seems to effect those who exercise more of their free will – perhaps this leads to experimentation and questioning the status quo which leads to more failure outcomes than for those who stay closer to the path that society lays before them.

        In my reality the bears have an E and I’m a loser, and damn it, I LIKE it that way.

        OT – Donna Noble is the my opinion the best companion in the new Who. Not so OT is that she is a great embodiment of a real human reacting to the ME.

    2. Hi Adam – I know we can’t delve too deeply into religion on this website since it’s controversial and can get off topic, but I just wanted to say that I think I understand where you are coming from. The possibilities of alternate realities could shake a person’s faith, but I still believe that God (who is Love) and Christ are bigger than human reality. I believe God stands outside time. My mind can’t comprehend All That Is, or the Whys, but I trust in Ultimate Goodness, if this makes sense.

      1. Julia, I definitely agree. Growing up in a strict religious family, the concept of a multiverse used to really scare me when I was a kid (what if I made the wrong decision in some timeline? What if that me never was ‘saved’? Which me is the ‘real’ one?)

        But later – in the 90s, I think – I sort of made my peace with the idea. If there are multiple me’s, and multiple timelines, how different is that really from there being multiple *people* in the world? All six billion of us?

        I had a sort of mental image back then of reality as a circle, with ‘us’ on the outside, and ‘God’ (or love, or or ‘the right timeline’ – the reality that’s at the core of the universe) as a point at the center. Perhaps we all start at different points around that circle, but it doesn’t really matter; we’re making our way to the center. The precise route we take to get there doesn’t matter. We all start from a reality that’s a bit scuffed and broken. Getting to the real reality isn’t something as obvious as just making the right life decision once; it’s every decision we make, every day, all our lives. We just need to keep moving toward what makes us feel peaceful and connected with others. And no matter what changes, we always have that option, at every point on our life. Every person matters; every version of us counts.

        At least that was the thought that brought me some comfort then, and it still does now.

        I can’t remember if it was before or after, but around that time I was pleased to find the same concept pop up in a novella by one of my favourite Star Wars writers: ‘Cascade Point’, by Timothy Zahn. A starship pilot who thinks he’s a loser has to deal with a hyperspace where you literally see alternate versions of yourself; some are better that you, some worse. But he makes his peace with who he is.

        (Zahn’s a great writer, by the way. I highly recommend him.)

        Cheers and blessings, Nate

        1. I like the way you think, Nate. It’s interesting to me that people who have NDEs often report the sensation that what they experienced was much more real than their everyday life. Rather than being dreamlike, the experience was hyper-real, but rarely uncomfortable. I really believe we are “seeing through a glass darkly” right now.

          Blessings to you too.

  81. Hi Fiona

    I had in the 90’s the faint idea that Nelson Mandela had died in prison… but now reading about the effect that bears his name, i became more vivid: I was on my testifies in the 80 and really got a feeling of weirdness when I listen he was set free from prison.

    Anyway, the alternate memory I’m sure about it is with ‘Sex IN the City’… it was always like that and not ‘Sex AND the Citty’; I clearly remember that the first time I’ve seen the late spelling with ‘and’ I wondered why had they corrected it!!! – But in this website, you actually have proof (screen capture of a Google search) that all over the world it was ‘IN’. I can’t upload pics here, so go to Jim Stone’s webpage and see the August 21 2015 report:
    NOTE: Jim’s website is under heavy censorship, so it might be possible that newcomers will be blocked from seeing it, especially in the US:
    or try this sting search using ‘verbatim’ words in Google search:….0…1ac.1.34.heirloom-serp..0.2.310.YRnF1iwz7Ks

  82. I never read the Berenst_in Bear books, so I can’t comment on how their name was spelled. However I think I do remember learning to spell ‘definitely’ as ‘definately’. I remember spelling it out in my mind as def-in-ATE-ly. I have always been gifted at writing, including spelling, since a young age and was often the best in my class. It was only last year (at age 23) that I realized I had been spelling it wrong for my whole life. Can I be absolutely certain that it was not my own error and that it has always been definitely? No. Yet it’s very odd that other people have been making this mistake too. What could be the reason for this, I wonder?

  83. Sex in the City. What in the world is Sex AND the city? This was a huge show and me and the gals talked about this show a lot. We went to see the movie on opening day-bought tickets so far in advance it is embarrassing. Help! Are we going to find out there never was a financial crisi?

      1. Fiona,

        I knew someone was looking for it, but I hadn’t seen it posted yet, so I threw up the link when I literally stumbled across it while I was looking for something else. I have just recently started surfing the deep web. If I find anything that I think is pertinent, I will try to post it here.


  84. First, thanks for maintaining this site. It’s been absolutely wonderful reading. I find things of this nature quite interesting!

    I stumbled upon this site after running a Google search for the Mandela Effect, which was spurred on by the Berenstein/Berenstain weirdness pointed out in a YouTube video (which dealt with 5 Reasons Why Multiple Universes Could Be A Thing – or some similar title). Granted, I was pretty hardcore surprised to find that it wasn’t Berenstein – as I remember – but Berenstain, which just sounds utterly and completely incorrect.

    I spent much of the day going over a lot of the comments – some of which struck me as quite strange and foreign, while others rang true. Regardless, I took some notes on a few of the stand outs and my perceptions of them. (For the record, I’m presently 33 years old – born March 82)

    1.) I was fairly certain that Sally Ride was aboard Challenger, at least I recall being taught as much in Elementary school. I even remember being shown her picture. I also recall a rebroadcast of the event during my fifth grade year (so 91 or 92), which showed the shuttle ascending during the day, and then erupting – this broadcast showed the group image of the crew, specifying Sally Ride with a larger photo, because she was the first woman into space.
    2.) I recall reports of Billy Graham’s death sometime in late 2009. Maybe August. I remember being sad for his loss (having grown up Southern Baptist). I do not recall any media covering a possible Hoax or Retraction. I haven’t seen his name in the news since that time (as one would expect if he was, you know, deceased). I was pretty surprised to run a search for him and find him to still be alive and looking quite well.
    3.) The lyrics for Mr. Rogers’ song had always been “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood….”
    4.) Speaking of Mr. Rogers, I recall seeing FaceBook posts about his death around 2010, and recall posting “RIP Mr. Rogers.” It was weird to learn that he had passed away in 2003 (and my friend seemed just as surprised when I asked him when He thought Mr. Rogers had died and told him he was about six years off the mark). While I signed on to FaceBook back in the days when it seemed a Student driven site (2004-ish), I didn’t begin actively using it until sometime after 2008.
    5.) The title of the show has always been “Sex and the City” for me. I was a teenager when it first began to run on HBO, and I recall watching the show.
    6.) Definitely, not definately.
    7.) Fruit Loops, not Froot Loops.
    8.) Mars has always had two moons to my understanding.
    9.) I’m not sure why I thought Fidel Castro was dead, but I was pretty amazed to find that he isn’t.
    10.) I had a similar reaction to learning that Jimmy Carter was not dead. My memory seems to have him passing away around 2008/2009 due to complications with cancer, and it only stood out because he’s a Georgian and I spent half my life growing up in that state.
    11.) I was taught that Eli Whitney was an African American. He was celebrated yearly during Black History Month – February – along with many other black men and women of note.
    12.) Movie Titles: ‘Interview With The Vampire’ and ‘The Candidate.’
    13.) I recall The Home Depot being named as such in earlier years, and later becoming Home Depot. I guess they liked the first one better.
    14.) I also remember JC Penny, not JC Penney. I always hated shopping.
    15.) As I child I remember reading a series of books about weird and mysterious events/things, and amongst those stories was one concerning the Lindbergh (Lindburgh looks right to me, personally) baby. It was a mystery because the baby was never found. Recently I watched a documentary that seemed to indicate a Murder Mystery – and a severely botched kidnapping – and it was putting forth theories concerning who was involved in the planning, which undoubtedly went horribly awry.
    16.) Last but not least, a Geographical Shift: As a young person learning geography, I recall the small island nation of Sri Lanka being on the western side of the Indian Peninsula rather than on the eastern side – basically the same latitude, but definitely not the same longitude.

    There were a few others, but I didn’t begin to jot the above down until much later in the evening after I had read through much of this.

    1. Okay the Sally Ride thing is starting to make me angry. There have been at least a couple of people posting about a Sally Ride having died aboard the space shuttle Challenger. There is no Sally Ride! It was Christa McAuliffe. There never was any Sally Ride and she certainly didn’t die as an astronaut aboard the Challenger.

      Don’t get me wrong I do subscribe to many of the Mandella Effect memories but not this one.

      It does remind me of a NASA conspiracy theory I’m familiar with from the internet. It has to do with Christa McAuliffe of the Challenger and Laurel Clark of the shuttle Columbia (both of whom are said to have died aboard their respective space shuttles.)

      This conspiracy theory follows a radical line of thought where people think much or all of what NASA presents to the public is absolutely fake – that there is fake footage of astronauts inside of space stations and that astronauts themselves are fake actors who are either in on the con or mind controlled to believe in the fairy tale.

      One of the claims that has come out from this conspiracy theory is that the Challenger and Columbia disasters were both somehow faked and that many of the crew aboard both doomed shuttles were actually the same actors used in both – differing by only 17 years of age. Laurel Clark and Christa McAuliffe being the same person who obviously didn’t really die in either of the apparent hoaxes. (Along with many of their fellow crew members.),_NASA_photo_portrait_in_blue_suit.jpg

      1. xenoverse,

        I understand your frustration, because you’re using the context of the current reality. People who don’t have a specific alternate memory can feel downright annoyed when they read things that seem — to the reader — absolutely incorrect. The irritation is exacerbated if the “incorrect” information is repeated and discussed.

        While some people may have mixed up the names of the two women, I’m uncomfortable dismissing all related comments as mere confusions.

        But then you said, “There is no Sally Ride!” That’s incorrect in this reality. There is a Sally Ride:

        I’ve approved this post because it’s interesting that so many Mandela Effect topics also show up in conspiracy forums. I’m not sure if that’s how people filter alternate memories — making all related memories “false” — or what.

        However, let’s not pursue conspiracy topics here. The crossover is interesting, but that particular conspiracy theory — that all NASA flights have been faked, people have never landed on the Moon, etc. — is a fairly tired trope I’d like to avoid.

        Fiona Broome

  85. Reading some of the comments,it seems miserable quibbling hair splitters have won the earth.There’s no more black and white,everything’s just a dreary grey,people brooding over whether it’s E or A,The or A,in the city or and the city.When in fact they have never been bitten by the bug that turned Val Cade into a lush,and drove him to a suicidal end.I hope there is an alternate reality(courtesy ME) where fictional characters thrive and have different destinies,like Val Cade surviving the fatal attraction and resuming his former non chalant philandering ,to hell with Juan Roca.

  86. I remembered something on the weekend that I wanted to post, having read someone’s comment on here referring to a similar experience.
    I’ve always felt like I could sense the fringes of something outside of our reality. When I was a child I thought it was fairies. When I got older I thought it was ghosts. As an adult I thought it was my imagination. I’ve seen and heard things that couldn’t be explained my whole life.
    The most recent experience, that makes me think maybe it wasn’t just my imagination, happened over three years ago, when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I was lying on my bed, awake, but sort of zoned out, staring at the ceiling, too tired to get up, but not wanting to sleep. As I stared at the ceiling I saw a tunnel form, and at the end of the tunnel, a door, that opened as I watched. I don’t remember what was beyond that door, but I remember that was I was seeing wasn’t quite solid, but more the ghostly outlines that you might see after staring at a lightbulb or the sun.
    Maybe it was my imagination, or maybe I was looking into another reality. I’m really not sure which it is.

  87. Ok… I just wanted to comment on a few things… I was born in 1974 and I remember vividly coloring with the flesh crayon and buying them by the box at the factory up until I stopped coloring around 12.

    I read the bible verses listed and nothing really jumped out except the 1 Corinthians one… never seen or heard it before and I grew up hard core fundamental. I’m now agnostic and have been for 20 years… but I’ve read the bible completely through every summer when I was a kid… my brother and I had a race to win. That and I’ve seen a few other things biblically related that have made me go hmm.

    It’s always been Kirk Cameron in my timeline… I was a huge growing pains fan and ill admit to a little school girl crush at one time.

    Christa McCullough was a teacher sent up on the challenger to teach us in space for all American school children… the name now spells McAuliffe but that just might be my young faulty memory. Sally ride was the first female astronaut but didn’t die until recently. On that note, I have no memories of a Columbia disaster at all. That’s all new to me.

    I’m wondering if this is just an internet/information overload thing… like a computer we have to clean out our cache to store more info and what not… I dunno.

    I’d never heard of pb puffins until yesterday… I was watching old friends episodes for the globe… in season 2 episode 7 you can clearly see it behind phoebes head and that is where I remember Australia being… but I don’t know how to screen shot it… but it’s a very clear view of the globe. But back to the puffins… those are not sold around here and there was a box on joeys/chandlers fridge so maybe it’s suggestion… they also mentioned playing doom which I had never heard of either until today when I read the post further up.. I actually heard it on friends before I read it here.. another weird sync…..

    That’s my madhatter report for the day …

    1. Ayla: I certainly remember either a flesh-coloured crayon or a ‘pastel’ (like crayons but much softer, for proper artists) when I was a kid in the 1970s/80s. But it almost certainy wasn’t Crayola; we didn’t have many American brands in New Zealand at the time. And I only had it in that one at home; I remember being often very frustrated at school when we had to draw people and I didn’t have the ‘flesh’ colour!

      I can’t say I’m at all familiar with American crayon brands so I couldn’t say either way that fleshtone was or wasn’t in the standard crayon packs I knew. But my memory is that it existed in *some* form, but it was rare and you only got it in very large crayon packs with lots of colours. It was more of a ‘fine art’ colour than a mass-produced colour in my memory.

      Pretty sure I remember wishing at one point that I lived in Africa so that I could use the standard brown crayon for skin tones at school! Otherwise I had to go for yellow, orange, red or pink, and none of them were right.

    1. David: I don’t remember ‘Luke…’ as being the literal line in Empire Strikes Back, no. I do know that everyone quotes it as that because it’s easier to say.

      But the Star Wars movies are particularly problematic as they change subtly in almost every re-release. There certainly were changes made to the dialog lines for the Special Editions in 1997. I particularly remember the original line in Empire: ‘Bring my shuttle!’ as Vader stalks off being changed to the much more clunky ‘Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival’.

    2. I’m not a Star Wars fan but even I remember Luke I am your father….Never heard that other line.

    3. In a french comedy movie there is a joke, tribute to the Star wars famous quote.
      The problem is the french version of the Empire strike back has changed to “non… je suis ton père” instead of “Luke… je suis ton père”. I have watched Ep iv, v and vi 20+ times in french, i clearly remember the quote with Luke; and i even watched the US version (same episodes) 5+ times and again i remember clearly Luke… i am your father.
      Anyway here is the link to the french comedy with the tribute famous quote:
      As a tribute it should respect the exact sentence but clearly the quote start with LUKE when the french version of star wars now is NO. So to me it’s a reference matching to my memory.

      1. Interesting, Marc. I wonder whether some alternate memories of the (English-language) movie line might be a contagion from the collective consciousness (as “out there” as that may sound) and — for some reason — the French-language version might predominate for some…? Just a wild thought, of course, but something that crossed my mind as I read this.

  88. I have one that hasn’t been brought up – or at least I haven’t seen it – “Please Mr. Postman” right – the lyrics at the 2:10 mark – don’t pass me by you see the tears in my eyes – I don’t think that lyric was in the song. I have it on my favorites – and either I never heard it but when I heard that lyric one day I was like “what”…

  89. I distinctly remember a few things: That Nicholas Cage was the original lead actor in K-PAX, That Muhammad Ali died before 73, that That one guy didn’t die in prison that he died in 2014. I also remember Betty White dying. I remember “A beautiful day in the neighborhood”, an interview with A vampire, I also remember that a few word spellings are not right. Like alot vs a lot. I think the ones that really had my head spinning was the ending for BIG, Berenstein Bears, and Thanksgiving falling on the 3rd Thrusday instead of the 4th! OH! And the Candidate actually being the Campaign.

    Although someone had to list all these for me to think about it, I feel off now. I feel like there are other things that are different now but I can’t explain why I’d think that or even exactly what IS different. I’m only left with the feeling that things ARE different. I remember some words that have I in it actually having A’s in it. Like margarine is actually margarane. And same with tangerine, is actually tangarane.

    Anyone else feel this way? Its like I see these lists and I think “that’s right, and that is too! But wait, I wasn’t me when I thought this was right, I was but I wasn’t and my name was spelled differently.”

    Well….its official. I sound crazy. Lol

  90. When I was a kid I would watch commercials like I lived for it. My mom and sisters thought I was weird because I only wanted to watch the commercials between programs and not the actual TV shows. As a result, I remember a ton of jingles that no one ever remembers! There is a jingle for 7-11 that happened in the 90’s that no one seems to remember. It went “7-11! The place with more stuff!” And I loved it! I sang the jingle all the time and still do. I can’t find evidence of this commercial ever existing now. And no one seems to remember the jingle when i sing it to them. Let me know if any of you remember a slogan in the 90’s about 7-11 being “The Place with More Stuff”!

  91. Now I know I’m only twienty two but I remember it as jiffey peanut butter infact will up to at least a year ago that mister Rogers died in 2003..but the one that gets me is both me and my mom remember different a verson of 2002 where the U.S. enterprise was bombed and partially sunk in a accident in fact when I was told that that didn’t happen in high school I called my teacher a liar. We also remembered seeing movies and shows before they come out in like straight out of Compton or spiderman. Also some songs I can swear just didn’t exist and they are classics too. That in the end of wizard of oz I swear the slippers was under the stairs. And recently my nans car has came back to life like betty white.

  92. I think I have experienced something like this before too.

    Back in the late 90s, Entertainment Tonight reported on Andy Griffith’s (The Andy Griffith Show, Matlock, etc) death. I remember Mary Hart talking about it and them doing a montage/flashback type thing for him. My sister and father also remember this so think of our shock when ET announces again about 10 years later that he died…again. We had thought he died years prior. Does anyone else recall this from ET? Or have the same memory?

    This Mandela Effect is both interesting and terrifying to think about. Wow.

  93. I just learned that Darth Vader’s classic line from The Empire Strikes Back – “Luke, I am your father” – never existed. It is now “No, I am your father.”

    It was DEFINITELY “Luke, I am your father” in my reality. Anybody else with me?

    1. Yes I remember it too but in a different way, I think.

      You’re right it was definitely “Luke . . . . I am your father.” And the way Darth Vader said it was where the words were long and drawn out on the words Luke and father – “Luuuuuukke . . I am your faaaaaathherrrrrrr”

      I am pretty sure I remember this line happening in the Return of the Jedi scene where Luke takes the mask off from Darth Vader’s face and then Darth Vader says the line right before he dies, “Luuuuuukke . . I am your faaaaaathherrrrrrr.”

      The words being drawn out was well known and virtually common knowledge back in the 80s and early 90s. It was even parodied in other films like Tommy Boy with Chris Farley.

      Here’s a clip of Farley’s character saying the line in Tommy Boy (1995)

  94. Interesting site. Been luriking here for about 2 or 3 years now. I can relate with most things said on this site. I’m currently 26 (Born in 1989). The things I remember the most are; New Zealand was North East of Australia and Closer, Australia used to be more South, not that close to Indonesia and New Guinea. The last time I saw a map with the landmasses in it’s original locations was in 2007/early 2008. That part of the world has change around September or October 2008.

    Billy Graham died in May 2000. The news of his passing was all over the news channels, I seen the funeral, then president Bill Clinton and other people giving a eulogy to Billy Graham. Shortly afterwards, nearly every channel on tv was flooded with coverage of Billy Graham to the point I had to turn off the tv for awhile.

    I thought Gary Coleman died in 1996 or so. I don’t remember what he died from, the news of his death was on CNN. The next day there was a tribute for Gary Coleman on VH1. Various pepole were giving an eulogy to Coleman throughout the show. By the end of the show, many people were saying Garry’s catchphrase, “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”. Then the show ended with a picture of him with the words in Memory of Garry Coleman with his birth year and year of death on the bottom of the picture. It seems Garry Coleman died again in 2010. Odd and I remember hearing the news about it as well.

    I have a vauge memore but not sure. I recall there being 51 states in the US. Then again, I’m not too sure on that one.

    Dilemna as I recall seeing in 2000, suddenly changing Dilemma in 2001 or 2002.

    Other geographic memories. Iceland being more smaller, south, closer to Greenland and more closer to UK and Ireland. Madagascar was east of South Africa and smaller. Japan east of China instead of the Korean Peninsula. Sri Lanka south of India, India used to be a bit more larger until it somehow shrank in size around 2013. European landmass was slightly smaller in total area and the mediterrenian had more room too looking almost rectangular. Crete used to be further south and smaller now it’s closer to the Greek mainland and larger. Africa’s northern coastline has more landmass than it did 20 years ago, making the mediterrinan smaller.

  95. Jewel “You were meant for me” I recall a version that included a short spoken ward section, maybe about a guy (Brad?) she had a crush on? Was on the radio and thought it was out of place in the song. Haven’t heard it since 1997?

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1997) I recall a scene near the end where Hunter breaks open an amyl nitrate capsule, snorts it up his nose and says he felt like a “monster reincarnation of Horatio Algers” and “might be twisted enough to pull it off” It was in the version I saw in the theater but have never seen it again or found any reference.

    Santa Claus: Santa bringing toys in a giant red stocking not a sack of toys?

    What about things that seem lost but suddenly are “found”?
    Raggedy Anne and Andy Xmas special with Will. E Coyote. I remember it as a child in the late 70s early 80’s but nobody seemed to know of it until approximately 5 years ago? Now everybody says “Oh yeah I remember that.”

    Same with “The Toothbrush Family” an animated short, aired with Captain Kangaroo (I think?) produced by the American Dental Association (I am not kidding) but nobody seemed to know about it until again, approximately 5 years ago. The same time as the Raggedy Anne and Andy Xmas special seemed to reappear.
    I remember seeing these in my memory but I could find no references of them on the internet then all of sudden there they were again.

  96. Every time I think of any of my possible alternate memories I get super freaked out, like this fear that I’m about to realize something really freaky if I keep thinking about it. A lot of things people have brought up have really been spot on, some other things I’m just really unsure about because I don’t remember well enough but seem like alternate versions make more sense.

    While reading the most recent conversation I was tempted to comment on the crayon flesh colour things (but I chickened out). I mean, I’m kind of confused if we’re supposed to have a flesh coloured crayon or not. Some people have said they changed it ages ago, and while I remember it being called peach when I was a kid I also remember a lot of people were talking about how they should change it from flesh just a couple years ago.

    However, because I read these things that people remember before I come to the conclusion myself, I’ve felt like my brain was creating false memories in order to convince myself that it was true. I’m not saying that this is a situation of people having false memories, it feels more like it’s a legit thing but my life isn’t interesting enough for me to actually be involved in this in any way.

    I don’t know either way, so I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for things that I remember differently. Something I haven’t come across through someone else, and something I took enough interest in at the time to not just brush it aside as not remembering well enough. Not going out of my way, just being more cautious about what I think I know.

    That being said, does anyone have any alternate memories regarding Krista and Tatiana Hogan?

    1. Hi, Johnny_driver,

      Unfortunately, I can’t shed any light onto the question of “Without a paddle” w.r.t. Sean William Scott–I can, however, note a small surprise for myself in Googling about same:

      I first Googled the movie (not one with which I was familiar), and it confirmed your experience of his currently not having been in it. I then began to type his name, and got only as far as “Sea” when Google offered “Seann William Scott movies”. To me, that’s a surprisingly accurate prediction on their part, but it could fall within current heuristic capabilities; I don’t know. What got me was that I had thought that his name was spelled as you had spelled it: 1 “n”, not 2 (“Sean”, rather than “Seann”).

  97. I have posted on here a couple of times last year but seeing that some people on here share almost exact same memories as me, has compelled me to make another comment. I am 32 years old and like most of you on here I have been living with complete different set of memories than average person. It’s almost like starting at age of twelve and finishing where I was around fifteen/sixteen I have transition from one reality to this one. Alot of things really do seem that strange to me. Like I remember Judy Garland dying in late eighties instead of sometime in sixties, Gilda Radner having her own sitcom in nineties about an out of work actress slash comedian who does all these different odd jobs to prepare for these roles that she never seems to get and uses experiences to provide material for her stand up. I remember it being huge ratings hit and how people considered it Jewish women’s answer to Seinfeld. Another show I remember being on that never existed in this world was one staring another comedian, George Carlin, who played this ageing hippie who lives on top of garage of this house that’s just been sold to this young yuppie couple who bought it not knowing it was there and doesn’t have it in them to kick him out. It was an eighties sitcom that used to be on all time growing up in the nineties. I remember it just like I remember being so sad when I heard that he had died in late nineties. In this world George Carlin died in 2008. This of course a few things I remember different. I won’t get into all the different TV, movies, music, that I can recall. What I will tell you is when I first noticed things were changing around me and that was in sixth grade. I’m from Bay Area (SF) and I remember being on field trip at some museum somewhere, where out tour guide starts taking us through history of our city and saying how it originally got it’s name from Spanish church that was founded in area, centuries ago. Thing is when I heard this I immediately shouted out but you’re wrong. It was name after Juan Francisco a Spanish Explorer from South America who discovered city in 1776 on his way to mapping West Coast of North America. This is when my Teacher began to tell me to shut up. Of course this is when I started to argue with her saying but he is wrong, remember I did project on him only last term. You gave me an A. I was top of class. That when she told that she didn’t know what I was talking about and if I didn’t shut up she would call my parents to come and take me home. Thing is I remember learning about him clearly. I can even still see his statue on Market St but now nothing. Nobody here has ever heard of him though if you Wikipedia his name he does exist he just never discovered San Francisco Bay which is weird considering everything else I learnt about guy is on there ! That and fact that the city shares same name as him which is just too much of confidence to me. Like I said I can’t explain it but these timeline shifts are just way too crazy for me … 🙁

    1. I *almost* thought I had a Mandela memory there! But it turns out I was merely confusing Judy Garland with Julie Andrews.

  98. Sorry, please add this to my previous comment. Forgot to say:

    It’s weird that the line “mirror mirror” has changed, but the Julia Roberts movie titled “Mirror, mirror” remains the same. Shouldn’t that have also changed?

    1. @Christine: Yes, I remember ‘mirror mirror’ from *many* quotations and parody poems. It’s deeply embedded in popular culture.

      I shrugged this off at first, but now I’m intrigued. It must have come from some source. If not a Walt Disney movie then where?

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