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  1. Hey Fiona,
    I’ve been posting a lot of stuff on here since I found your site. Sorry about all the extra work :).
    A lot of people have been posting about the moon. I thought it was weird when I started seeing the moon during the day time. I see it a lot during the day, and it seems like my teachers in school told me that you couldn’t. I didn’t start noticing until a few years ago. Was I just never paying attention before? Anybody know?

    1. hannah,

      No apologies necessary! Yes, this is extra work since I check every comment and make a decision about it, personally. However, I’m fascinated by the many wonderful ideas people are sharing here, so the time spent is an absolute delight!

      I’m going to create an article about the sky in general, as soon as I can take a few minutes to do so. It will include topics about the color of the sky, positions of sun and moon, relative brightness of stars, and anything else that seems a Mandela Effect-ish note that I’ve seen in recent comments. (However, I’ve seen the moon in the daytime sky for years, so it’s not new for me… but it may be new for you if your past realities didn’t have the same Moon/Earth/Sun configuration as this reality has.)


      1. Hi Fiona,
        First off, thanks for all your work with the website. My daughter recently drew my attention to the Berenstein Bears discussion and I’m thoroughly interested in this whole discussion. I, too, remember the spelling as “Berenstein”. I read the books to all three of my children. They all remember “stein”. In fact, I remember wondering if the proper pronunciation was “stine” or “steen”. As a high school English teacher, I have always been interested in spelling and pronunciation. I also remember going to a bookstore around 2005 or thereabouts to hunt down copies we did not have. I found one, but to my surprise, the author’s name had changed to “Berenstain” and I remember thinking that that was weird. By the way, a responder to George Takei’s tweet, Brooke Turner, responded in a tweet herself by posting a photo of the books with the “Stein” spelling on her Facebook page.

        1. Thanks! I’ve seen photos of a few “Berenstein” book covers now. Some are more convincing than others. I’m still looking for a genuine copy in real life, but doubt that I’ll find one. The evidence is too compelling that — in this reality — it was Berenstain all along.

          1. Has anyone looked at the star wars glitch.. I wanted to see if anyone had made a video on that scene where Luke finds out that Vader is his father… I found this video that was posted 5 years ago, so the change had to have happened sometime in the past 5 years…I didn’t know what to do or think when I saw the title… AND for the record its “LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER”


            1. I always remember, “No, Luke I am your father”

              -All this stuff changed in the last 5 years. (I noticed the moon for the first time in 2010, -day time-)

              CERN had it’s first successful run in 2009, my money is on CERN.

            2. @Glen: Interesting. For me the film line has always been ‘No, I am your father’ (but usually misquoted as ‘Luke, I am your father’ because that makes more sense out of the context of the preceding lines).

              It falls in a similar basket to me as the other famous apocryphal quotes: Captain Kirk saying ‘Beam me up Scotty’ (in my reality this was never the case; it was always something like ‘Scotty, two to beam up’) or Sherlock Holmes saying ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’ (again, that line never quite occurring in the source material, but becoming a meme in secondary sources).

              I only saw the Star Wars movies in the mid 1990s though, on VHS, so I don’t have memories from the original theatrical release.

              The Snow White ‘Mirror mirror’ vs ‘Magic mirror’ line also… can’t say for sure. I’d probably go with ‘Magic mirror’. But certainly ‘mirror mirror’ is the line everyone quotes.

      2. Hi there! I have been asking people for about 4 years now if they notice just how bright the sun appears in the sky now. Most are reluctant to see things how I do. They seem almost scared. When we were kids, we used to all draw the Sun. On an average size piece of paper we would draw it about the size of a half dollar with the Sun’s rays being about the same size as it’s diameter. We also used to color it yellowish orange.
        Forward to the present and you can walk outside right now and see a WHITE HOT Sun, with rays stretching far across the horizon. Is this a result of decades of “green thinking/living”? We just stopped putting lead into Gas/petrol in the 1970’s. Maybe we aren’t “kicking up” as much “dust” sorta speak.

        1. Yep, our sun is huge and white hot and much brighter in the last years.

          In the years 2004-2005 I used to sun-gaze a LOT, stopping nearly every night along the coast in Santa Monica at the beach to chillax while my 9 year old son could play on the swings as a mid-point break on our long (1.5 hours) commute from work/school to home.

          That 2005 sun was yellow and small compared to this current one that is huge and white.

          And I remember a huge amount of the celebrity deaths, the tank boy run over, the STEIN ending to the Bears books, and this tells me we live in a holographic liquid reality and hop between an infinite number of parallel earths, and those who are AWAKE to this are riding the crest of the Wave.

          1. Is there something special about those of us that are Awake? What makes us different?

        2. The sun indeed did used to be yellow in 1990s. I noticed the sun suddenly become more brighter and white on June 6, 2003. These last 4 or 5 years or so, the sun does seem more brighter and feels more intense on the skin compared to how the sun felt during the 2000s.

  2. I definitely remember Berenstein Bears. In school we were taught to spell a lot with a space between the a and l. I remember the Challenger exploding in 1986 – because I was in 11th grade and we discussed it in one of my classes and the teacher looked exactly like Orville Redenbacher. I remember the boy in Tiananmen Square being killed. I also remember – and so does my husband – Richard Chamberlain dying of Aids years ago. Wikipedia has him alive and well. When WHC Helen Thomas was reported dead – I thought, “Again?” ….

  3. I have a few of these memories. I seem to remember my mother telling me Muhammed Ali died back when I lived at her house which was before 2011. I also seem to remember my grade five teacher and another teacher from the school wheeling the television to the front of the class so we could watch the news when 9/11 happened and a newspaper later that week sitting on a shelf above where we stored our musical instruments that showed the towers with smoke and such. Only problem is in grade five it was 2003 for me and not 2001. Then again, I also have a memory of a friends parents walking by my house and talking to my parents in the driveway about how horrible this was and how sad that all of these people died. I remember staying inside the screen door and looking at myself in the mirror fixing a bandana that I would have been wearing in grade three…2001. Seem to have memories of both years. Another thing: when I was around 9 years old my great uncle and aunt visited at Christmas and bought these collectible Pokemon coins for my sister and I. They came in what looked like a CD case. We loved them and were really excited about them. They disappeared that night or the next day. We were never able to find them. About 8 months ago I did some volunteer work with kids and the agency had a bunch of toys I could bring with me to play with my buddy. I found a box containing several cases with these coins inside. I brought them to play with a little girl and then packed them up and put them in my car. I lock my car religiously. They disappeared from my car. It’s like I’m not meant to have them. Also when I was maybe 6 I was with my family having dinner at my grandparents house. Everyone was eating and my dad looked over at the wall by the telephone and then a minute later looked at me and seriously said “did you see a door open”. I said no and asked what he meant. He shook his head and told me to forget it. He looked tired but I had a feeling my dad was somehow “magical” after that. He used to think he was floating around his room when he was asleep too. Finally, today something very strange happened to me. I was listening to the radio and the song Rather Be by Clean Bandit came on and I was singing along. The song sounded different and I was confused. I remember the lyrics to alternate between “no place I’d rather be” and “no place I guarantee” in the chorus. Then I could hear a second and somewhat lower voice come in and say ” no place like NRG” very clearly. I tried looking these up with no real result. There is a website for a recording company called NRG and there is text on their site that says “there is no place with an atmosphere like NRG” but they don’t seem to have worked with the artists so I am left feeling very strange. I have heard that song a million times and never heard that other voice saying NRG before. Anyone else?

  4. I am definitely in the e camp. Sex in the city and interview with a vampire. I also have a really weird one. I clearly remember Debbie Gibson singing Eternal Flame in the 80s but now i find out its the Bangles. That one really messed me up. Oh i also remember a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I always was confused about John Goodman. I remember a Larry king episode when he died but now hes alive. Im honestly really confused about what I remember and what is true. I dont remember Mandela dieing i remember him getting out of prison and becoming president of south africa. I also never thought they found the lindbergh baby but i do remember hauptman getting found guilty and a big doubt if he actually did it.

    1. I was born in 1998, so I wouldn’t exactly remember Sex and the City vs Sex in the City very well, but while I was watching the sequel to Bridget Jones’ Diary just now, Hugh Grant was doing a narration for New York City and said, “New York, where Sex IN the City isn’t just a program.” I came straight here to comment

  5. So I’m not entirely sure if this is just from my bad memory or if it’s a shift. I can never seem to remember what day Christmas is on. And this happens to me continuously. It’s either the 24th, or the 25th. I can remember it being on both days, and this changes every few years it seems. I’ve always passed this off as bad memory, but I don’t see why I seem to be constantly having to look it up. I learn from other memory things, just not this

    Also, when I just started school, I clearly remember there being more than 50 states. It must have shifted when I was pretty young because the problem hadn’t occurred to me until now.

    1. Jessica, I’ve heard the Christmas (24th or 25th) issue for years, and I’m surprised that you’re the first to mention it at this website. So, you’re not alone with that memory. It just hadn’t been brought up, here, until now. Thanks!

    2. Every year since I moved away from home (at 18) my mum calls me *the day before* my birthday (on the 5th of my birthday-month) and starts singing happy birthday before I have time to say more than hello. And every year I tell her irately that my birthday is the 6th! And it hurts my feelings and it reminds me of all the ways in which she’s been a bad mother to me (she can’t even remember my birth-date!). At one point I ordered a birth certificate from the government because I thought maybe she’d come across my birth records after I moved out and discovered I was born on the 5th, but no, my birth certificate says the 6th. After reading your confusion about Christmas and Fiona’s reply that others share it, I suddenly feel terribly guilty about being irate with my mum, because what if she actually remembers a reality where I *was* born on the 5th, and she fell into this reality sometime after I moved out.

    3. I remember only one year when Christmas was on the 24, and Christmas Eve the 23rd. I don’t know the exact year but I was young so 1993-96-97? It was the only Christmas where my grandparents came to our house instead of the other way around. I put on a play with a blue towel around my head ( I was Mary). Weirdest Christmas for my family, that was the only time.

  6. Hello,
    I wanted to expound on the challenger thing a bit when I lived in Lake Elsinore Ca at the time it was very hot in our little trailer so I think it must have been summer. The punky brewster episode first aired in march. Where I remember watching doesn’t make sense with what I remember because I would almost say it was either before I was in lake Elsinore or well before like 1985.
    I know at one point you where thinking about creating a thread where people could discuss possible causes are you still working on something like this.
    Oh two more things I remember shirley temple black dying before her biography was released. I also remember the Lindbergh baby completely disappearing they never found the body. I think there was a movie on a theory but no proof.

  7. I’m not sure on this one but does the spelling of froot loops look wrong to anyone else? I thought it was fruit loops.

    1. I remember asking my mom that when I was 18 in 2006-2007. It was fruit loops when I was a kid.

    2. I remember as a young kid eating FRUIT Loops and later eating FROOT Loops a few years after they started new commercials, but I do recall “Fruit Loops” being the name.

  8. Fiona, thank you so much for bringing this phenomenon to everyone’s attention! I’m hoping to see governments and scientists getting together to discuss whether we need to pause some scientific experiments until we fully understand their effects, specially in light of your poll results showing most slips leave people in worse-off realities.
    Now, this might seem trivial, but one thing I’ve come across since reading about the Mandela Effect (and I share many memories with others here, such as the bears, Jiffy, the volvo logo, Jeb Bush, Schultz, tank-guy, definately, Dom DeLuise, Shirley Temple, Challenger in August, etc): magicians (Blaine, Angel, Yif and Dynamo, in particular) doing what looks like psi phenomenon. Before, they were mainly doing stunts, but now they’re suddenly doing things that are a bit… odd.
    Remote viewing is also more of a thing here.
    It seems to me that psi effects are more real in this reality, suddenly. Has anyone else noticed this? The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab researched the effects of human intent on random number generators (RNG) and found consistently positive results. I came across a PEAR-lab-related website where they were selling a lamp that used PEAR-developed RNGs. I bought the lamp. It works for me (focused attention produces results – even in the presence of my cousin who witnessed it and was completely freaked out by it, as am I.).

    Are other people noticing that this reality seems to be a bit more… flexible?

    Most importantly: I’m starting to think I must be asleep and having this very bizarre dream where a bunch of us noticed we’re moving through different realities thanks to children’s book-titles and peanut butter brand names. I’m checking light sources, reading things, looking away and then back to re-read them to make sure the text hasn’t changed, to make sure I’m awake, but this still kind of feels more like a dream. Scott Onslott’s youtube video “Secrets in Plain Sight” seems to confirm this.

  9. I’ll slow down. The Lindbergh baby is a weird one. So, I read through those comments and though I remembered the baby never being found. Then, I thought about the family guy episode where they flush the baby, the implication being that they killed their child, but then it disappeared, right? Well, what’s peculiar to me, and in the vein of “creating” our reality…I’ve been going round and round with the wife. She’s not comfortable with these types of challenges to her map. She, too, remember Jupiter Rising. We watched it on the plane in May. I’m always looking for rational explanations and I see that in development it was called Jupiter Rising. Thing is, that’s the name I remember when it was released. Anyway…she said, “STOP READING THAT SITE!!” Lol. I turned on the television and asked her “do you remember the Lindbergh baby?” Vaguely, and maybe you guessed it. The television was on The Family Guy and it was that episode. We’d both been drinking, but she didn’t catch the significance. It gave me chills. The television also froze after that, and I had to unplug it TWICE to change the channel. I just laughed…

    1. I to remember the movie being Jupiter rising not ascending. I thought it was just me having a moment.

    1. how is that possible? unless you haven’t had a birthday yes this year you should be 44

  10. I don’t recall ‘dilemna’ at all…some of the questions regarding when people actually passed away are definitely intriguing…as I was reading I was totally struck and remembered the Patrick Swayze situation…I do think I remember him being ‘fully recovered’. But could it just be that some of those sorts of ‘memories’ are really remembrances of press reports put out? Often family members or press people involved with these celebs will deny, deny, deny any sort of extreme illness or imminent death…Frank Sinatra’s daughters did that and I remember thinking: Give me a break, we ALL know the old guy is going.

    I have a story: Back in the mid-70s – I want to say 1975 but it could have been 1976…but I want to be perfectly clear that it was DEFINITELY BEFORE THE DEATH OF ACTOR/DAD OF DAVID…JACK CASSIDY. Jack was a very well known performer and he was a popular guest star on many tv shows of the day. People my age will remember that television was a big deal in the 70s with all the culture change and the great comedy that was on. Well, my parents (especially my mom) and I were huge fans of tv and my mom especially was a big fan of Jack Cassidy. She’d seen him on tv in plays even before the 70s.

    Anyway, my parents and I were at my brother’s place one evening for dinner…there was my brother, my sister-in-law, her sister and my two nieces. We were talking about television….and my sister-in-law’s sister suddenly said, ‘Isn’t that a shame about Jack Cassidy dying?’….Now, trust me, my mom and I had radios on all the live long day, and my parents watched tv news every. single. evening. If Jack Cassidy had died we would have known. Not only that, but he was definitely a big enough celeb at the time that it would’ve been major news…and, don’t forget, his son David was a major star at the time so this would never have gone unreported or underreported.

    So, my mom and I went on and on saying to my sis-in-law’s sis, You’re wrong. She insisted…she said, ‘Yes, he died in a fire.’….she said she had ‘heard it earlier’…..

    Well, the rest of the evening and subsequent days are gone from my memory, but when Jack Cassidy did die, in March of 1976…in a fire….I went around to all the fam who’d been there that evening and asked them did they remember that conversation….My mom did remember but much more vaguely than I did. The sis-in-law’s sis…nope…she didn’t remember it at all. My brother always says he also ‘kind of’ remembers it…but the actual death of Jack Cassidy happened so far after that initial weird event that people just didn’t remember.

    It happened…I may have written it in my diary at the time…I was 16 or 17 when this happened…but I don’t have my hands on it right now. I can still see it as clear as day, sitting in that living room having that conversation about the death of a celebrity that hadn’t yet happened… the exact way it did eventually happen.

    1. Has anyone looked at jaws.. One thing changed and its the most famous quote in the movie “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” I thought it was WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT…

      1. I’m with you on that Glen! That’s how I remember it! I recall we’re over you’re …

  11. I’m positive that on my timeline the pro wrestler Mr Perfects name is Curt Henning. Apparently on this one its Hennig

  12. I was just thinking about everything and as I to remember Berenstein. I wonder if there is still a universe with that spelling or if everyone has transferred to this Berenstain place. If there is still and e universe why did so many of us switch? Just trying to make sense if it all.

    1. You mean Thanksgiving ISN’T on the third Thursday?? I have a vague recollection of being slightly confused one year because Thanksgiving occurred later in the month than I thought it should; but I chalked this up to my not paying much attention to the dates or something, since I don’t really care that much about any holidays except Halloween and Christmas. But I do remember learning it always was on the 3rd Thursday of November.

      And speaking of Halloween, has it always been October 31? Was it ever Oct. 30?

      [Note: Comment moved from Comment page 8, where it had been a reply to a comment by G.)

    2. Actually I am pretty sure I can explain it in an easy to understand manner. Its not like the universe started acting all wacky on us. What likely is occurring is the following: This phenomenon has been happening since humans have been on Earth. Its normal. Its the way things work. HOWEVER we humans are starting to change and evolve to the point where we can finally perceive these subtle changes. Before the changes would happen and we would have no conscious awareness that it was happening. In other words when the bears changed names everybody on Earth forgot and the new berenstein name was perfectly normal and no one could “catch” the change. Now with the advancement of our consciousness we are starting to “remember” things from previous versions of reality. So things are happening in our world like always but for the first time we are aware consciously.

      1. Shawn I thought maybe this Mandela effect could be a side effect of the human brain beginning to evolve. We could be beginning to use parts of the brain that was doormat. .Kinda Like when your arm falls asleep your body gives u a sensation of tingling to let you know its getting blood flow. Maybe our brains are giving use a sensation which we are seeing as the Mandela Effect and the, Mandela Effect is the first sign of the brain, getting blood flow to parts unused until now. If thats the case we should see other symptoms or effects soon. If it really is awakening of new unused parts of our brains. The Mandela Effect should just be the first symptom of our awakening.
        The other possibility is this has been going on since humans began to communicate with each other. We never noticed it until now. The reason we notice it now in 2015 is because of the internet. Only because we are able to, in this time spand instantly connect to each other and also instantly have access to information. [Edited]

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