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  1. Well, like most people, I remember movie/TV quotes wrong. IE, order of somethings. I thought Star Wars took place long long ago in a galaxy far far away. sometimes long long ago in a galaxy far away. Long ago in a galaxy far far away always seems wrong to me.

    But these two similar incidents are the biggies:
    My sister came to check the TV Guide, describing this weird show she flipped onto (It was Power Rangers). A few months later, she tells me how she and our mom were watching something called the Power Rangers (Season 2 premiere), and how they never heard of it before. I told her she had indeed heard of it, and described the above. She had zero recollection of such a conversation with me.

    A few years later, we’re watching a TV show, see an actor we know, and she mentions a movie we watched together he was in. Except I never watched it. At all. She insists we did watch it, but to this day I don’t remember it. It never sounded in the slightest bit familiar.

    So we both have clear memories of the other being aware of something watched, but neither of us remember it. She doesn’t remember watching or checking the TV Guide to see what she tuned into. And I have zero knowledge of ever seeing that alleged movie. Not even a vague semi memory of hey, maybe I saw a few seconds of it, or even heard the name.

    Then there was the time I went to set my VCR to tape something, and it already was set. But I don’t remember ever setting it (and it could only have been a few hours earlier at most). And the time I saw a movie in the cable guide, and got pissed I never set my VCR to record it. I set it, then checked the TV Guide to refresh my memory of it, then realized I had no memory of ever knowing about this movie. But I remember being upset I didn’t set it up previously.

    More recently, I found an online comic site. And while viewing various comic strips, I spied Nancy. When I clicked on it, i got excited that it was the Nancy I remember (and clearly enjoyed). A few seconds later, I realized I have no memory of this Nancy. 7 years later, I still can’t remember ever having heard of Nancy. Yet when I first saw her in the strip, I was excited that they had Nancy.

    PS I still never saw that movie. I don’t know who my sister was with, but it certainly wasn’t this me.

  2. Wow in such shock – I am so confused on things I cold never explain – but just to add after just doing like 30mins of intial research –

    1. I remember it being Berenstein Bears
    2. I remember it being Sex IN the City – (I have perfect memory of telling my older cousin we were going to miss the new episode its first season, and then asking if was Sex IN the City or Sex AND the City, and my cousin didnt know either)

    but ok this is blowing my mind – again, just after my initial research, I found a Buzzfeed Article from 2014 and after reading it and being blown away, someone in the comments wrote

    “Do you guys remember that Hot Air Balloon ride we all took”

    And I swear I almost started crying from how scared/confused I am – I have chills as I write this –

    I have this vivid memory of going up in a Hot Air Balloon as a very young boy and I remember we were really really really high up in the sky and I remember being so scared that I sat down in the basket thing during the rest of the “ride” and didn’t look down anymore until we landed.

    To this day I dont remember what my family and I were doing at the Hot Air Balloon place

    1. I’m crying. I had the exact hot air balloon experience. And I know it was sex in the city.

    2. Please elaborate more on this hot air balloon ride and maybe provide the link where that question was asked. I’ve tried to find anything on my own and have failed. I can give the number to take a balloon ride though— I don’t think it’s the same kind 😉 I am so curious!

    3. I remember a hot air balloon too and for some reason this also made me teary….. I’m very pragmatic about all this, the science supports multiple realities, but how that affects us? I’m hesitant to say.
      but what is up with that????

      1. It’s weird everyone feeling like they’ve been in a hot air balloon. I don’t think I’ve ever been in one, but I do have a memory of having a ride in a helicopter at a funfair when I was about 4 or 5 years old…. my family don’t remember this though. What do you think is the significance of these hot air balloon memories?

        1. IJC, I haven’t a clue what the significance is, but these memories seem to be described with no reasonable context, and that makes them especially anomalous. And fascinating.

      2. Also people remembering hot air balloon rides makes me think about two alternative poosibilities:
        1. Memory implantation, by the powers that be?
        2. Some sort of alien abduction?
        Could these things maybe account for other mandela effects?

        1. The fact that a hot air balloon memory was created for “false memory” tests raises interesting questions. (See,Garry,Read,&Lindsay2002.pdf ) I wonder if (and how widely) that test was repeated in other studies.

          However, I think that kind of conversation could become difficult to untangle. It’s probably best addressed on an individual basis, with people asking their families if they might have been exposed to that kind of experiment.

          The alien abduction topic is also outside our scope of discussion. I’m not saying it’s impossible; some survivors’ accounts support the idea that they were given alternate memories. However, that theory is best discussed at websites focusing on alien abduction experiences.

  3. I have a memory from my childhood about a “special edition” of the wizard of oz, that went more into detail about the trip to the emerald city, including camping out in an abandoned shed and the tone being darker. I think it may have aired on PBS or something as I remember my father recording it for me on our VCR.
    Anyone else?

  4. blown away again – I thought Louie Anderson had passed away years ago – I remember seeing this book in my house with him on the back of it dressed in the circus ringers outfit and thought was like his autobiography or something – also he wasnt the host of family fued, thus adding to his passing away.

  5. Other things I have been thinking about that don’t add up.

    It’s Jiffy, not Jif I remember when I first saw it had been changed I thought they just shortened the name.

    It’s definitely Gordon’s fisherman not Gorton’s. I know because my mom would buy fish sticks as a kid and I hated them. I would always look at the name of products.

    Ed McMahon died before his 2009 death in my timeline at least. I remember him passing away in 2005,2006.

    I remember Frank Oz passing away years ago, from cancer.

    Brian Dennehy definitely passed away a long time ago. I remember his passing when I was a kid.

    Dick Clark passed away twice in my timeline as well.

    Another memory that has changed is a game in 1992. The 49ers vs The Lions in the season finale. I was the biggest Joe Montana fan as a kid and he had missed almost 2 years because of injury. The records say it was a Monday Night Game, but I knew it was during the day time and not on a Monday. I know this is a small one, but it was a very important day for me as a kid.

    It is all very unnerving, I have had this moments before and realized something was off but never told people about it. I’m glad that there are a lot of people who have had the same experiences and have experienced alternate timelines

    1. I’ve always remembered the fish sticks as Gorton’s, with a T. I remember thinking, as a child, that it was an odd way to spell Gordon! That was back in the ’70s. I wonder if the name changed briefly and then went back.

  6. Possible Explanation:
    The Us Gov is rumored to have had time travel since 1942 (Philidelphia Experiment). They allegedly go to the future and see what stocks do well. They also do much about in time. Such as killing a guy to try and wipe out his son in the present (He’s still l round, but has no father).

    Now, according to DC Comic’s The Flashpoint Paradox, when you alter time, time ripples go out and further alter the time line. Past and future.

    So, accepting both as true, all this is explained as the Gov altering time, and sending out Time Ripples which further alter time. For some reason, let’s call it weak time ripples, various people retain various memories of previous timelines. So yes, at one point, Nelson Mendela did die in prison, but time got changed so he lived a lot longer.

  7. I remember seeing a VHS set of School House Rock’s I’m Just A Bill with a plush Bill. Can’t find it on Google or eBay all these years later. (I was in the old store Caldores). If anyone knows where this still exists, please let me know.

  8. Recently, a tweet went out about Queen Elizabeth’s death. But she’s still alive. Mistake? Or was there a very recent time shift? Anyone know of anything interesting happening around that time? Like the Large Holden Collider smashing atoms or such?

    This has happened before. Some very important person’s death is “leaked”, then claimed to be an over zealous person making a mistake (sometimes, they have the article ready to go at a moment’s notice, and somebody accidentally hits send.) Could it be none are mistakes, and time shifts happen right after they hear about the death but before the death post is sent out?

    1. Atherworld, I’m pretty sure that was a glitch in some news office, mistakenly sending out a pre-written obit (news offices keep those on hand for almost all major celebrities). I did hear about it, but only because it was so embarrassing to the company that made the error.

  9. Here are some thoughts on two topics that don’t have their own pages:

    Jim Henson’s death: When Jim Henson died in 1990, the attribution to an infection was thought by many to suggest that he was HIV positive and that it would be more accurate to say he had died of AIDS, which carried with it the further suggestion that he was gay. Remember this was 1990 so it would have been quite a scandal if someone who worked in children’s television was not just gay but HIV positive! So there was a lot of skepticism about the story. Also, back then people weren’t as sensitized to the dangers of infections. “Strep” was just something a kid got and took antibiotics for a week to defeat. We didn’t have all the coverage of flesh-eating, antibiotic-resistant super-infections.

    Western Sizzler: Your write up should include the fact that–in this timeline, anyway–there is also a Sizzler steakhouse chain. Western Sizzlin’ started in Virginia and Sizzler started in California. Through franchising, both eventually became nationwide chains–more on that below. Apart from their logos, the two were practically identical: in the 1960s-80s, you ordered steaks at a counter to be brought to your table later, then there was a salad bar you could visit while you waited. This was actually a very popular format because it seemed fancier than fast food but was still quick and inexpensive compared to a traditional steakhouse. In the 1990s buffets were more in style so both changed to a buffet format. In some places there were local imitators: some I can remember from my childhood are Western Steer, Sizzlin’ Steaks, and Golden Corral. I guess the operators wanted to make sure you know that they were western, beef-centered, and that there was plenty of sizzle happening.

    Further confusing the issue is that Western Sizzlin’ was originally called Sizzler’s. So that meant there was a Sizzler and a Sizzler’s in the mid-1960s. Sizzler sued, and a court told Sizzler’s to change its name, so that’s where Western Sizzlin’ came from–it was a compromise name. Later Western Sizzlin’ started calling some of its restaurants just Sizzlin’. Again, there was confusion because you now had Sizzler and Sizzlin’. Sizzler has also sometimes used the word “sizzlin'” to describe some of its menu items.

    The point is, the restaurants were nearly identical and had very similar names, so it would make sense for someone to say “Western Sizzler.”

    1. (New to the site, and fascinated!) I posted privately to Fiona regarding some doppleganger experiences, but many of the shared memories are mine, also
      Here’s my memory of Jim Henson’s death:
      Jim Henson’s death was reported as complications due to an ear infection. I remember that clearly because I thought,” how could an educated and professional individual ever let an ear infection get so out-of-control?”
      Although, it could have been the “cover” for an aids-related death. I know that he died quite awhile ago, but 1990 feels almost too long ago-maybe late 90’s…but not sure of that after all. Certainly not a recent death within the last year (if I remember correctly, it was not too long ago that he died…again).

  10. Married with children, wasn’t the neighbor replaced (darcy’s husband) at some point in the series? Now I’m not sure if they changed the actor or if it was never him…

    1. Yes, they changed after the second or third season I believe. The first husbands name was Steve and then the second husbands name was Jefferson. Steve was played by David Garrison and Jefferson was played by Ted McGinley. I remember because I watched Married With Children every week from the first season through the last. It was my favorite show as a kid.

  11. I remember as a little kid, being very confused about my Grandparents apartment, as I swear sometimes we went up stairs to the 2nd floor, and others time we stayed on the first floor. Same apartment though. Same place on each floor. But one of two different floors. Eventually, I became stuck in the 2nd floor timeline. My mom wrote it off as not remembering climbing the stairs. Yeah. because I’d forget 3 seconds later I climbed stairs.

    A few years back, a locally important guy had died, and several people called my father to offer their condolences to the friend he lost. Except he didn’t even know the guy. Or did he in an alternate timeline? He figured it’s a simple mix-up with somebody else with his name? Now, I’m not so sure.

    Proof of alternate world traveling? I once “dreamed” I awoke in my sisters room, then scurried back to mine before falling asleep. I wrote it off as an obvious dream. Another “dream”” (yes influenced by a TV episode I recently watched. Maybe) I was in a gender swapped reality, where boys are girls and girls are guys. Complete with photos of others clearly gender swapped. The creepiest was, once as I lay on the floor, resting, I swear I saw a small tunnel, and when it cleared at the other end, I was looking down at a wrestling magazine (I have none, don’t even like wrestling). But it was clearly my floor. I’ve often wondered if I somehow saw into another dimension (or as most would put it, fell asleep for a few minutes).

    1. Atherworld, somewhere — I’m pretty sure among the 3k+ comments here — I’ve read a similar description. Not of the gender-swap, but of the small tunnel. The phrasing reminded me a lot of the way you’re describing this. I’m accustomed to seeing “me, too” comments at several of my websites, so I’m also on the alert when someone’s phrasing resonates in a convincing way. Yours is convincing, and I’m sure you’re not alone with this kind of experience… unless you’ve left a comment similar to this, months (years?) ago.

      1. Maybe in another timeline. This timeline, first I’ve been here. I’m willing to accept the gender swap as a dream. It felt a bit more dream like. But awakening in my sister’s room felt real. And the tunnel I was definitely (definately?) drifting off, but not asleep. And I’ve never had such an experience when drifting. I’ve had dreams yes, but this was more a vision. I remember being curious as to where the tunnel lead to. I usually don’t have feelings in my dreams.

  12. This is all so fascinating, and I wanted to simply comment with my observations. I am watching every day as if it were a new reality, trying to find things that have subtly changed that aren’t on the lists above. I will add some when I notice them. Firstly, the Berenstein Bears is what led me here. I KNOW on the timeline that I am apparently from it is EIN, not AIN, simply because my last name has an EI in it, and in school, the whole “I before E, except after C” rule annoyed me and didn’t apply to me. I made note of other words that were similar, like Berenstein. Richard Chamberlain DIED a long time ago of cancer and the Tank Boy got run over. Ghost Hunters started out as TAPS, and was a show I watched from the beginning. I remember seeing “Ghost Hunters” and simply thinking to myself that they must have changed the title to that on purpose, so people would know what it was about. The one that got me the most, however, was Charles M. Schultz, of Peanuts fame. His name is SHULTZ. I had every Peanuts book they made when I was a child, read all the newspaper Peanuts comics, and was a huge Snoopy nerd. His name was never SHULZ. But it is now. I can’t tell you how that messes with my head, but I suppose many of you do know.

    1. Last night, I watched Chip Kidd’s most recent TED Talk. In it, he talked about designing the latest Peanuts-related book cover. When he mentioned Peanuts’ author, Kidd said “Schultz,” not “Schulz.” That definitely caught my attention. He’s one of those people who is very precise about pronunciation.

      1. That pronunciation is irrelevant. It is a German name. It German, the letter “t” sounds like “tz,” and therefore there would be no difference in the pronunciation.

        1. IT’S not the fact that we are pronouncing it wrong. It’s that we SAW IT and even own books and papers and EVIDENCE from the 80s and 90s, and we dig it out of our attics to see if it’s true. And come to find out, IT’S CHANGED! ! now how in the heck did every single Berenstein bears book or Charlie Brown publication, that people have kept in hiding, get changed?!?!?!?!?

    2. There has been a flood to this site recently due to renewed interest in the Berenstein/stain dilemma. That’s what led me here, scrolling through the most recent comments.
      This Shulz topic is the first one to really resonate with me personally. I distinctly remember Schultz, and can even recall what his signature looked like, with the crossed “t”. Tell me that your posting just has a typo and you simply forgot the “c” or I am going to freak out!

      1. I was a big fan of the Peanuts gang as a kid back in the ’70s, and I remember his name as “Schultz,” as well. Doing a Google search of that spelling results in it being corrected to “Schulz.” Either several million people have faulty memories, or something weird recently happened with his name.

    3. I have to say, Charles Schulz has always been Schulz, to me. (I’m also in my twenties, and my memories don’t extend nearly as far back as The Peanuts have been around.) I always thought it would have been so neat if he had spelled his name the same as mine, but that “t” has always been missing. So at least since the late ’90s, Schulz has been Schulz.

      I’ve always been a stickler for detail, and the former is something that I am absolutely certain of. On the other hand, the Berenstein Bears case is a strange one indeed. If that had been spelled “ai,” I’m almost certain I would have noticed. I don’t have a strong memory of its proper spelling, but I can’t help but to think that “ai” sounds wrong now and would have to me as a child.

      The third case is the Tiananmen Square memories. I am not old enough to recall the event, but I do remember my mother telling me about the “tank guy,” and I’m almost certain that she had said he was crushed by the tank. I’ll ask her at some point what her recollection of the event is.

  13. Okay,

    Yes, I remember jiffy, BerenstEin, purplish-red chartreuse… Now I need someone to make sense of something for me.

    Taylor Swift just recently came out with a song “Bad Blood” and she had a line in there that goes “Oh, it’s so sad to think about the good times, you and I…”

    I kid you not, I SWORE she stole this line from Hayley Williams and one of her songs with Paramore. I can hear Hayley Williams voice singing that line, but every time I Google it nothing comes up but Taylor Swift. Someone please tell me I’m not crazy…. Please!

  14. I grew up in south GA, near a town called Milan. When Disney first released Mulan, it was NOT Mulan. It was Milan, and I vividly remember snickering about it because Milan is such a teeny tiny town. So many years later and I have not found a single person that remembers it that way. I’ve watched all my old VHS tapes that have it as a preview, and I have not found the preview for Milan. Only Mulan.
    Also, until today, I would have sworn that New Zealand was north of Australia. I also thought Mandela passed away in the 80’s.
    Also, my husband and I remember seeing advertisements for phones that you could tilt toward one another as though throwing them, and transfer pictures that way. Pretty sure it was called “Toss Texting” or something. We can’t find these now, only references to phones that do this by touching.
    I can accept that we may be misremembering the phone thing, but I am absolutely certain about Mulan being Milan.

  15. Kept reading comments and had to add…
    Columbia wasn’t lost in February, 2003. I was in Kuwait at the time. When I watched the news report on the event, I watched it in German, from my room in Germany. I didn’t leave Kuwait until after my birthday, which is in April. I turned 21 in Kuwait so there’s no way I could have watched the breaking news in German in February. Turning 21 in Kuwait isn’t something easily forgotten. It’s also verifiable, as I have military orders for the dates.
    The fact that I can’t find anything other than a Feb 03 date for the Columbia disaster is disturbing to me.

    1. The Columbia Disaster happened after my hysterectomy which was in March 2003. There is no way it happened in February 2003. My hysterectomy was in late March. I started a course in June and I am pretty sure it happened before that because I was still glued to my computer because I wasn’t allowed to do anything for 2 months. So it had to happen in April or May of 2003.

      1. I gave birth January 29th, 2003 and watched the Columbia blow up on the TV in my hospital room shortly thereafter. I was only in the hospital for 3 days, possibly 4. All this is starting to creep me out a bit!

    2. Ok, seriously. I’ve been reading this page religiously for WEEKS, and almost commented half a dozen times:

      The bears: ALWAYS was BerenstEin. I distinctly remember a conversation with my mother about it when I was a small child, and her explaining that the “I” before “E” rule did not apply here because it was a Jewish name. Then, later, maybe 2009/2010 seeing books in the store and on the name on TV spelled differently, and thinking they must have updated it to make it easier for kids to pronounce and/or made it more politically correct due to the tension in the Middle East.

      Australia: WRONG. My grandfather went on a big trip there when I was 12, and I spent hours looking at our globe to see where he’d be on his travel. Down under. Far away from any other land mass. Nowhere near where it is now.

      Interview With “A” Vampire: I *promise* you. I lived, dreamed, obsessed over this series when I was a teen, and there is NO WAY it was anything else. I noticed the changes maybe 5 years ago when my daughter started reading the books. Thought it’d been updated to capitalize on it’s popularity.

      Sex IN the City: Again, I was a show fanatic. And just sounds and looks WRONG.

      Flesh-colored crayon: Used this in kindergarten in 1979, and at home in the early 80s. Remember talking to my mother about why it wasn’t fair to say that was the only color of “flesh”, and she talked to me about racism. My kids, who were small in the late 90s, remember using it, too.

      JIFFY: Different label colors; I remember seeing the “new” look in 2009/2010, and thinking they’d modernized it and shortened the name to be more hip.

      And, a ton of others: Mongolia was not a current place, Nelson Mandela died ages ago, “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood”, definAtely, chartreuse, Jane Goodall being killed, and a bunch of other little things…

      BUT, the Columbia Disaster???? What? There’s no such THING!! I just freaked out looking. Seriously, I swear to you…the Challenger was the ONLY space shuttle to explode with people aboard!! I may be ill. This is too much.

  16. I’ve been completely obsessed with this entire concept of the Mandela Effect since hearing about the Berenstein/Berenstain argument a few days ago. I, for one, have always seen it as BerenstEIN. My older sister and mom both remember it this way as well. I have been reading through the comments for a few days now, and there are plenty that I agree with.

    – My mom remembers Nelson Mandela’s death. She clearly remembers his wife becoming a widow and she simply could not believe that he just passed away.

    – It’s always been Interview with A Vampire. I’m really confused about this one. When you type “Interview with” into Google, all of the Suggested results are listed as “A” Vampire, not “The”. Don’t you think Google would suggest the correct word? Also, living in South Louisiana, we are pretty well-versed in cult-stuff, including Vampires. So, we watched this movie many times and even own it.

    – My mom clearly remembers the Tank Guy being brutally run over and witnessing his horrifying death. When I showed her the ‘new’ video, her face was pure shock. She had never seen something like that before.

    – Both my mom and sister remember being raised to spell ‘dilemma’ as ‘delimna’ and they said it looks so wrong the ‘correct’ way.

    – Thanksgiving has ALWAYS been on the THIRD THURSDAY. I always remember this because I loved the alliteration effect of three T’s in a row. Thanksgiving Third Thursday. My mom and sister remember this as well, but now it’s apparently the fourth Thursday?

    – My mom remembers being raised on Jiffy peanut butter, not JIF.

    – Vaccuum cleaner. I always remember the awesome double letters in the word. I used to be (and still am) obsessed with spelling, so I know how to spell such a simple word.

    – This movie quote ~ “That’s the beauty of it. It doesn’t DO anything!” Others report recognizing this, as do myself, my mom, and my sister, but nobody can figure out what movie this quote is from.

    There are others, but I’ll post them as I remember! Thanks so much for making this site! 🙂

    1. I remember that movie quote, and can almost (but not quite) picture the actor. I know he was smiling in a very dry manner, and I want to say it’s from Willie Wonka. I can even picture Gene Wilder, can almost pinpoint him saying it about the Everlasting Gobstopper after the snarky little girls asks, “What’s it do?”
      But it’s not there.
      After asking 3 people, only one says the quote is familiar and said she’ll brainstorm on where she heard it. She’ll probably google it though, which may color her perception and/or recollection of it.
      Thinking on it further, I’m almost certain it’s from Willie Wonka.

    2. OMG yes, besides definitely, berenstein, interview with a vampire, I spelt Vaccuum this way too in Jr High. I was really good at spelling, and wondered how I could have been so wrong on those 2 particular words!

    3. “That’s the beauty of it. It doesn’t DO anything!” Ack! Where is this from?! I know the quote. I seem to know it very well; it feels strongly familiar, not just something I saw in a movie once, but something more. I can nearly hear the person’s voice saying it in my head, but not quite. I’m from the reality of Berenstein Bears and Jiffy peanut butter, where the tank-guy got run-over which ended the students’ protests for democracy in China and was a significant event with important consequences, among other reality-differences.
      If you figure out the movie-quote, please let us know!

    4. I remember Berenstein, jiffy (I always thought they had just shortened the name), vaccuum and dilemna ( but only very early on in elementary school), but the thing I can’t wrap my head around is people remembering thanksgiving being on the third thursday. My brother’s birthday is thanksgiving week and his birthday has been on thankgiving a few times, my birthday is the week before and has never been on thankgiving, even when it’s on a thursday. I guess you third thursday people are from a universe where my birthday is sometimes on thanksgiving 🙂

      1. I remember Bereinstein Bears, I’m so positive about this.

        The interview with the / a vampire really gets me because I’m sure of it being one way and then 10 minutes later I will say it the other way and then I’m sure that it was that way. I read the book when I was about 16 years old and I had the movie copied on a VCR tape to which was in a tote in my room and I just happened to have thrown it away last year. I’m kicking myself right about now because I would love to see that tape just to see which title is written on it.

        I’m confused about the Nelson Mandela thing, I want to think that I thought that he died long ago and when his name came up a few years back, I felt that it was strange but I didn’t know why.

        The word used for that dirt sucking machine is VACCUUM cleaner. I noticed a few years back that I went to put that word into my phone in my little “notes” as a TO DO for the day and after I was finished typing the word, the phone auto corrected to Vacuum. I was an A+ speller in school, I remember my teacher stressing the use of the 2 U’s but if you look at the word it only makes sense that there should be 2 c’s as well because that’s what makes the A have a short sound. If it were spelled vacuum the A would be a long sounding A, like in the word vacate.

        The Columbia Disaster did happen but I’m not exactly sure when. The year seems about right and I had my best friend living with me at the time. We lived about 2 miles from Houston’s NASA so we brought flowers to the site that says “Lyndon B Johnson Space Center”. I found photos on google and sure as the sun rises, it looks the same as it did the day that we took those flowers out there. I can tell you that it was hot outside but that doesn’t help much because we live in Texas.

        I have always grown up with Jiffy peanut butter. According to the time when the name and label changed is most probably lined up with the time that Jiffy had that huge Salmonella outbreak. They had to do a huge recall of the product and that could very well be when the change occurred. Perhaps they did it so that people wouldn’t associate them with the recall. I do definitely remember when I noticed that the jars looked much different.

        Jane Goodall – I saw an interview with her recently about her experiences making “Gorillas in the Mist” and I was thinking the entire time that I thought that she had died while making that movie. I thought that she was attacked and killed by one of the silverbacks. Guess not lol.

        I remember the word dilemna as well, it looks funny spelled the other way.

        And Thanksgiving was always the 3rd Thursday for many, many years and then just suddenly I was informed that it was the last Thursday. I’m just happy to eat but now I’m waiting on all of the other holidays to change.

    5. “That’s the beauty of it, it doesn’t do anything,” maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like this is from The Princess Bride.

      1. When I imagine the line spoken, it’s the bald man who kidnapped Princess Buttercup saying it. Maybe not in this timeline but I can’t be bothered to watch the whole film to find out.

  17. For the last several years I’ve felt that something went “off the rails”, that we were living in a reality that wasn’t supposed to have happened.

    And I thought Rev. Graham had passed also.

    1. I remember the Berenstain Bears with the A, I remember Charles Schulz with no T, the location of the world continents pretty much exactly as they still are — and I remember Billy Graham dying in May 2000 “Evangelist of Presidents” “The Protestant Pope” (just so you know I’m not confusing him with Oral Roberts or any of the more snake-oiley televangelists out there who passed in the first years of the new century). I watched CNN a lot that year because I was following the election and Gore was campaigning. In the last week of May 2000, it was one of the huge stories in rotation with segments where they’d talk about his life, schooling, etc. There is no confusing this with anybody else. I have a few other Mandela Effects in my life (for instance, I remember Mystery Science Theater 3000 being having the number 2000 for the very first season with Joel then changing it when Mike took over), but this is most SOLID and clear-cut to me.

  18. The ME memories will not wither away with time,if we keep looking at them the zeno effect will see to it that they are as fresh as when they started.Mike has a mistaken notion.

  19. My weird one to contribute that I haven’t seen yet may be one of those totally explainable things that I just can’t find the older information, but I’ve tried to search for what I remember and I didn’t find anything.

    I know that the book “I Know What You Did Last Summer” was out during the 80-90s when I was younger and a long time prior to the movie. However, that book, or the pictures of the book I’ve been able to find, are not the book I’m talking about here.

    There was a book that had a title more like “I Saw You Last Summer” or something like that, and then had a tagline smaller than the title that was “… and I know what you did”. It had a similar sort of plot, where the group of kids killed another kid and then the kid haunted them. I remember it because when the movie came out, I told a friend of mine that that was a much better title than the book, whereupon we discovered that the book was also called “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

    I’d totally write it off except that I can SO clearly remember that secondary tagline of “… and I know what you did.”

    1. Did the book cover have a blonde girl on it? I remember having it when I was younger but have no memory of seeing it since and I collect books.

      1. I feel like I should elaborate now. I remember owning and reading this book. I remember it was a blue paperback, I remember the illustration on the cover, with the blond girl. I think there was maybe a car on the cover too, on the side of the road, and pink accents. I remember the tagline exactly as described on here. When “I Know What You Did Last Summer” the movie came out, I remember thinking it must have copied or been heavily inspired by this book.

        If this book does not exist anymore, that’s pretty weird. I can’t find any evidence of it online. It was written by Christopher Pike, or a similar teen lit horror/suspense author, probably in the late eighties. It was for middle schoolers, a little bit juvenile. The Lois Duncan book just looks very, very wrong to me. That is not what I read.

          1. Thank you, Fiona. I looked at all the Christopher Pike titles, and never would have found it under the title “Chain Letter”, because there was no chain letter that I recall. I found a detailed synopsis of the book online, and it sounds nuts! I am pretty sure I never read that. If my mother knew I was reading something like that, she would have thrown it in the garbage, like she did with “The Stand.”

            Basically, what I remember is something very close to Lois Duncan’s book, “I know what you did last summer,” but with a different title, different cover, and released in the mid eighties. I don’t think this book exists in this reality. It is like I switched from a reality that had “I saw you last summer” to one that has “I know what you did last summer.”

  20. I commented on the Henry VIII turkey leg portrait in the thread for that on (I remember seeing it), but I’d just like to make two other quick comments here. One is that I remember the Alaskan Pipeline being described to me, on a nightly evening news broadcast as going all the way down the Canadian coastline to the mainland US, but now it just goes from the oil fields in the Northern part of Alaska to the Alaskan coast, where the oil must be pumped into tankers to be taken the rest of the way to the US (or wherever else it may be going).

    The other thing is a possible explanation to what you allude to as an extra “scene” in Star Wars (I’m guessing you mean from the original release of the first movie, back when it was just called “Star Wars” instead of “Star Wars: A New Hope and before Lucas had a chance to start monkeying around & making changes). I had seen the film a bunch of times in that initial 1977 run as a kid, and what I thought I remembered was really just a line or two of dialog; right after Luke & Han fight off the pursuing TIE Fighters after escaping from the Death Star. In the film available today (even copies of the old un-altered pre “Special Edition” version if you can find them) Leia says that the Death Star personel must have let them go, it’s the only explanation for the ease of their escape, but I also remember her adding the telling observation: “They sent four ships after us, they could have just as easily launched a thousand” (or possibly “a hundred”). That bit of dialog is nowhere to be seen in any verison of the movie you can find today.

    Except, I think I know why I remember it that way. In additon to seeing the movie nine times that summer, I also read the Marvel Comics adaptation and the novelization. Both of those were prepared while the film was still being made and were based off the shooting script, which contained a bunch of scenes & dialog which were ultimately cut from the film before its release. Even as a kid I was able to keep straight that most of these differences, like the scene of Luke with Biggs on Tattooine, were from the book/comic and were never in the actual film, but that one line of dialog just fit in so well with the dialog that’s actually in the film that I ended up convincing myself I heard/saw it when really the only place I saw it was the comic. I imagine there’s probably several people who are misremembering scenes from that movie for the same reason.

  21. I’m more of an Ockham’s razor guy, so I believe in my specific case there is a very real explanation for my experience, but I figured I would share regardless.

    As a kid I saw the movie Jurassic Park many times in the theaters, and I specifically remember a scene that was different or missing when I watched it again years later. I can still see the missing scene in my mind every time I watch the movie. The scene in question was when they went to visit the sick triceratops and are trying to diagnose the problem. In my version they come to the conclusion that the triceratops was sick because she accidentally ate some poisonous plants while she was eating some rocks that would help her digest food… …yeah that part scene never existed the best I can tell. I assume it was cut after the theatrical release for some reason… who knows…

    The second memory around the same time was about a missing scene from the movie Lion King… Unfortunately I don’t remember the specifics, but I remember it had to do with when Simba left the pride after his father’s death, and around the time he was found in the desert by Timone and Pumba or whoever they were… I wish I could remember details, but I swear to this day I remember a scene being there that is missing now.


    1. The Jurassic Park scene: I remember it too! The sick triceratops had been eating a plant that was poisonous to it and the woman figures out which one it is and gets outraged that they’ve planted plants from different eras without knowing which ones each dinosaur was adapted to! It’s used as another demonstration that the people making decisions about the park have only enough knowledge to be dangerous, not enough to responsibly manage such a project. I’ve looked for it online and can’t find it! (Also: I never read the books, so I know I’m not mixing up a memory from a scene that might be in the books. )
      This is so crazy!

    2. I’m from Perú, and here most of the times, the movies come dubbed in spanish.

      But I remember seeing this scene, both in english and in spanish with spanish dub. Last time I watched was a couple of months ago (with spanish dub) and yes , the lady says something like “you’ve been using plants from different eras” (maybe the dialogue is a bit off, but the idea is there).

    3. I definitely remember that scene from the book, but I also definitely remember that scene was not in the movie. I was disappointed when they didn’t go into details as to why the triceratops was sick in the movie, they just left the question hanging, but when I read the book, they explained the rock eating and the poisonous Indian lilac seed pods that were about the same size and shape of the rocks that the triceratops was eating and the fact that sickness came in cycles that matched up to when the triceratops would renew the rocks in her gullet to aid with breaking down the fibrous plant matter she ate. I would say that I hope that helps, but considering that the next reply swears that she never read the books…

    4. I remember him sneaking off in search for whatever he was looking for. He took off when no one was looking and he got lost on his journey. And yeah 2 other characters come into play but like you said, I’m unsure of their names. I do think that Timone and Pumba are correct but not sure. I watched the movie a few times with my sisters kids. I haven’t seen it recently but now I think that I might watch it and see what is going on.

      BTW if anyone ever watches “Spirited Away” and notices anything change, missing scenes, etc. Let me know because I have the original movie. I have seen it over 20 times and I got the DVD the first week that it was released.

  22. I definitely recall the Berenstein Bears; we had the books and I read them to my younger brother.

    Two anomalies that I have noticed:
    1. I recall National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation as coming out in the very early ’90s, not 1997.
    2. Both my husband and I are sure that “The Greatest American Hero” show was on TV in the late 70s, not the early 80s.

  23. This may be the place for this or not. I’ve been going down the rabbit hole since I found your site and hopefully someone here can remember this too.

    As a kid, I watched Karate Kid II and there was a scene that no one else remembers that I do.

    Miyagi goes to visit Sato and Sato is trying to break the log they found years ago. After they talk, Sato walks away in anger. The camera lingers and Miyagi breaks the log with one chop.

    Now I know that as a narrative, my remembered scene kills the drama of the later scene when Sato is under the fallen pole. I can also see how it would have been edited out later, but NO ONE I’ve ever talked to has seen this footage.

    Not sure I can call it a Mandela Effect if I’m the only one who remembers it that way.

    And for the record, I also have memories of the same things your other posters do, but only about 80% of the stuff. Think it says something based on how much you can recall differently?


    1. So glad I found this. I power read through all these comments the first night, and I finally rediscovered you! I think movies are the hardest because of editing and cuts pre and post production, but YES! Unequivocally, yes I remember the scene! I’m a former marine and boxer, and I loved those movies. I thought Miagi was a bad mofo, and after the scene I thought (yeah, Sato, you don’t want none of that!”

      “What has happened to you, Sato!!” Miagi

      Indeed, sir. Indeed.

      That’s my last post today!

    2. I remember that scene. Miyagi breaks the big piece of wood with one chop. Its the one Sato has been trying to break for years.

      I always thought this scene was edited out or something as I have not seen it in years. I am going to have to re watch the movie.

  24. Before reading this I was certain that Fred Rogers had died some time around 2010. I even remember talking about it with my dad and brother. It doesn’t make any sense to me that he could have died in 2003. I also could’ve sworn that the lyrics were “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood”…

  25. I vaguely do remember Katy Perry being Kate Perry – interestingly “Russell Brand ‘won over Katy Perry’s parents with Nelson Mandela quote'” (Daily Telegraph)

    The Volvo symbol change did shock me – however I can concede it was a mismemory as they have elongated the stem of the arrow recently and may not have noticed the arrow earlier.

    1. wtf?! The volvo logo is the male symbol here?!? I feel like everyday I discover more things about this reality that are different from then one I used to be in! But now I’m starting to wonder if more and more things are changing everyday… do you know what I mean? Was the volvo symbol the circle with arrow yesterday, where I was, and then today I’m here, where you are, too, just discovering this new, additional discrepancy?
      Do you discover more, the more you look, or do you move through more realities, the more you examine the one you’re in? Or is the process just accelerating, and we’re all collapsing through realities faster and faster. If so, that has me quite concerned!

      1. The volvo symbol in my head is a peace sign with the bottom line missing. I have never seen the volvo symbol that looks like the male or mars symbol until right this minute!

        1. Until I read your post I could see the Volvo symbol in my mind very clearly as the peace sign without the bottom middle. Whoa

        2. Same, just google image searched it and I can’t believe it’s not the broken peace sign.

        3. Hmm, while I definitely don’t remember the male symbol part of the Volvo logo, what you’re describing sounds like the Mercedes logo.

        4. I used to sell cars at a Honda dealership but we had Mitsubishi and Volvo at our dealership as well. It was like Honda, Mitsubishi and Volvo all combined. Each department had their own sales manager though. Anyway…. I became quite familiar with Volvo and though some of the symbols look very familiar, I never saw a “male” symbol on the sign. I will admit that they have hidden it quite well and it blends in with the other stuff (especially metallic) so that might be why I missed it but I honestly don’t remember it being there. I’m a female but not a feminist by any means but I think that I just wouldn’t want to sell a car with that symbol on it. It kind of gives off the attitude that it’s only for men.

      2. I just looked up the Volvo sign and it is not at all what I remember. There have been alot of things I’v thought I remembered to be different but this was the first time I really feel like I have never seen that logo before that moment.Before I looked it up in my mind it was a circle with diagonal lines coming out, like it shows here on some of the pictures i saw, but no arrow. Never.

  26. Should’ve read the article before posting … the Mandela quote Russ used to win over the Perry’s pezes was ….
    ‘well, of course, Nelson Mandela said that everything is impossible until it’s done’

    yoiks !

  27. I don’t even know how I found this site, a Facebook link to the Bears article. But wow.

    Billy Graham: his funeral was held in a freaking stadium. His son gave a speech, there were a bunch of big names in Christian music performing hymns. I remember this vividly. I am shocked to discover *today* that he is alive.

    The Challenger disaster happened in late summer/early fall. I was in kindergarten. It was a big deal, there was a teacher on board, and we watched it in school. **BUT** I also have a memory of it being in January when I was in preschool and being home because it was a snow day! I’ve always been bothered by the duality of that memory.

    I mentioned this in a comment on the Bears post, but I already knew the words to the Jewel song “You Were Meant For Me” when I heard it the first time I played the CD, and had a vague memory of it being in a movie or something about 5 years prior.

    Beautiful day in THE neighborhood. I watched that show religiously as a child.

    Sex IN the City. I even remember it being styled like that, with the word “IN” being skyscrapers!

    And the word “definately”. I started noticing this very recently, and it really bothers me. I was an English major. Autocorrect and the dictionary tell me that spelling is wrong. I was taught to spell it that way.

    1. Sada, I remember the skyscrapers on “Sex IN the City” as well. I couldn’t watch it because it was “disgusting and immoral” per my parents, but it came on after something I could watch.

    2. Strange that you have a double memory of the Challenger disaster. I also have a double memory of that day, and it’s the only double memory (I think) that I have. Both in January ’86, but in one I’m in second-period English class when our teacher comes out of her office in tears to tell us the news, and in one I’m at home (sick day) with my dad, watching the shuttle launch.

  28. After finding out about the Berenstein/stain phenomenon yesterday, and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that it was Berenstein all my life, I have spent hours reading about the Mandela Effect. Hours reading accounts on this site.

    I also recall “Nobody Does it Like Sara Lee” and actually had my own Charlie Brown special memory that is not there. I remember a specific chord progression used at the end of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving theme music, that upon rewatching, apparently isn’t there. Which makes no sense to me, as I watched that special too many times to count as, a child, and it is ingrained in my memory. Also, being a musician, music sticks out in my memory more prominently than most other things. I have been baffled by this for years now.

    I am curious, though, how the idea of past lives or reincarnation would fit into these parallel universes? From a lot of the comments I’ve read it seems as if we just keep slipping into other versions of this life we are experiencing now?

    Also, why don’t many people recall major things in their own life as having different outcomes/memories? I absolutely lived in the Berenstein reality…but unfortunately in both that reality and this one my mother passed away in 1989. Though, if we subscribe to the idea of parallel universes, there’s certainly ones where she is alive, correct? Why wouldn’t many people experience two memories of something like that? This is all fascinating to ponder.

    1. Great comments, JC!

      Also, while most people don’t seem to talk about dual memories from their personal lives, some have mentioned them at this site. I think many visitors to this site are so fascinated by the pop culture references, that’s all they comment about when they’re here.

      The past lives (or reincarnation) issue is an interesting one, especially if time is just a reference system, not a set-in-stone reality. It does raise the question as to whether the past (say, a past we’d date as a century ago) is happening (currently) in another reality. I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t. (I tend to support the idea that if something is among the range of possibilities, it’s probably happening, somewhere.)

      And — as an aside — I seem to unsettle ghost hunting enthusiasts by insisting that a lot of “ghosts” are actually people who are alive & well in their own time, and in a reality that — for whatever reason — we’re perceiving in certain times/locations in our reality. My research is anecdotal, of course, but that’s exactly what it suggests.

      I’d also be interested in people who recall past lives, who have dual memories… like, for example, the pyramids being exposed stone, but a second memory of them being covered with gold plating. Or Columbus landing in the Americas and finding them settled by generations of earlier Irish and Scandinavian explorers. Or Lincoln being assassinated, but also surviving and living a long, 80+ years. Or World War I never happening, because alliances and highly-strung emotions didn’t turn a tragic incident into something inter-continental. (Or, people who have a clear, single memory about something prior to the mid-20th century, and that — when they studied history in school — seemed completely wrong.)

      You’ve raised several fascinating topics, and I’m looking forward to others’ thoughts about them.


      1. In an isolated topic i have tried to integrate, deja-vu reincarnation ME and multiverse.And i consider a person alive when he is alive and kicking,mostly kicking himself,this is not pessimisn but rather a wary optimism.There are psychiatric and physiologic conditions where a person is far better off dead,i have experienced first hand the tragic life of,a catatonic schizophrenic,it is my belief that if we strive to improve ourselves and shed the callousness,we might find ourselves in a more congenial and satisfying universe and this should be the underlying message of ME.

        1. Vivek,

          I’m so sorry to read about your experience. That kind of thing can be very difficult to get through and process in a positive way.

          Oh, I can’t agree with the “better off dead” part, because I will always remain hopeful, even in the worst of situations. (And yes, I have been witness to one, myself. It took considerable time for me to see anything positive in the situation, or even see how it made sense.)

          However, I enthusiastically agree with your belief that it’s important — even vital — to improve ourselves and shed callousness. In today’s busy-busy world, it’s far too easy to postpone personal improvement and the personal interactions that multiply and spread our best efforts.

          All in all, I believe that ME presents a very positive perspective on life and the positive things we can learn from our experiences, if we’re open to new ways of looking at life around us… and the myriad possibilities it presents.


    2. JC, about your comment on why people don’t recall major differences, instead of these minor ones that seem to get easily passed off as “memory glitches”. This is just an idea… but if there are alternate realities, wouldn’t it be logical that the ones which tend to blend, or merge more easily, are the ones which have a similar frequency, or vibrational resonance? Thus, realities that blend would be ALMOST identical. Everything is energy, therefore tuning into another reality or dimension is just a matter of tuning into a different frequency…. much like tuning into a different radio station. They all exist and go unnoticed, until we “tune in”. Now IF this is the case, the question would be, what has happened or is happening (at an alarmingly increasing rate) that would change these frequencies? Just an idea.

      But one thing I AM sure about is that after speaking to dozens of people regarding this subject, asking them about their recollection of these subjects, I’m coming across more people that, like myself, have very different memories than the reality they are presently in. Some of these people have gotten noticeably confused when I spoke to them about the different examples of the ME. Some were just as happy to turn their backs on the whole thing and forget it like a bad dream. So, there have been many different responses, but the percentage of those who do have “alternate” memories still can’t be overlooked. This is incredibly important in determining the cause. I suggest that everyone talk to as many people as possible about it. It’s in doing this that we may discover a pattern or common ground.

      I do not believe though, that we have seen the end of the changes.

      1. I agree that these things do seem to be happening at an increasing rate. My opinion on this is that more and more people are starting to see the truth of our reality and actually accepting it, that being that everything is energy, vibrations, frequency, and that everything is connected and one. I believe that as more and more people open their minds to this, as a collective consciousness, we will be much more aware of phenomena such as alternate realities. I read an article about how we as a species are on the verge of a great shift in consciousness and I think examples like these are proof of that. just some interesting thoughts….

  29. The Justice League. Do you mean the movie, or the TV show, or the comic book?

    I Googled. I remember an earlier Justice League *movie* with the same characters as the cartoon show. So Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter were included. I remember a part with MM “phasing” through a wall, like he does. I’m not finding a mention of an earlier live action film with MM in it, only cartoon, but I know it was live. The upcoming Justice League has Cyborg in it?? I’m thoroughly confused by that.

  30. So here’s one that’s bothering me, that I can’t find any reference to (either as an example of the Mandela Effect, or in fact, ANY reference at all, anywhere, in any media type, no matter how explicit or vague my search terms are). My friend is on a sour gummy worm kick and yesterday we bought a bag of the Trolli brand worms. Tonight she held it up, and I realized it says, quite clearly, “Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers.”

    The problem is that I very, VERY vividly recall them being called “Brain Crawlers,” in emphasis of the “ew” factor.

    Wondering if I’m alone in this one…

  31. After checking it out New Zealand has moved. I thought it was next to Australia (middle, on the right), maybe closer to the North, but not South). Yet maps show it to South of Australia. That is wrong to me.

  32. Hi Fiona.

    I have so much to say, it is hard to know where to begin.

    I found your your website from the comments in a Facebook post about Berenst#in Bears by George Takei (which I think he may have deleted?) five days ago. I have spent the last several days reading this entire comment thread. I have many of the alternate/double memories mentioned here. I think for a lot of them, I have been able to transition to the change pretty naturally, like I thought it was one way, noticed it was something different, and was able to correct myself and remember the new or correct way from then on. It was easy for me to understand how it could be a common confusion for me and most other people. At the same time, I have somehow over the years been able to accept that it really may have been one way, and then changed, or is simultaneously different ways for different people. Berenst#in bears and a couple of different controversies have helped me realize this, and for some time I have also had the understanding that my reality may be different from someone else’s reality. My concept of Truth has evolved. Two polar opposite facts or beliefs can simultaneously be true. So for me, some of the information presented here just feels like common reality, that I didn’t really need a concept like Mandela Effect for me to understand it.

    Yet some things I have learned here make me feel like I have had a very recent shift, and Mandela effect, the multiverse (with every possible timeline radiating out from a single point), and quantum death/suicide make complete sense to me right now and are very helpful. Right now, coming to terms with some new information, I feel pretty fragile, like I have just come out of a coma or was suddenly dropped here from somewhere else. I feel the need to “fact check” with my husband and close family members to see if they share my reality. I have been trying to ask subtle questions without drawing too much attention. The world feels pretty wobbly right now.

    These are the double memories I have or understand both ways, that don’t really bother me, because they’ve both been true, or are just naturally and seamlessly integrated for me both ways: the chartreuse/puce mixup, dilemna/dilemma, definately/definitely, even Berenst#in Bears.

    A lot of the brand name/slogan and movie/show title inconsistencies I have noticed before and make complete sense both ways. A lot of them sound the exact same spoken aloud, so I really can’t say or remember which was supposed to be right. I am ok with the official current versions, but both versions could have been right, and I wouldn’t have been upset by either variation. Except that, Interview with # Vampire NEVER said The Vampire Chronicles after it.

    I have other Mandela Effect/anomalies I would like to comment separately on later, in future comments, and maybe some relevant life history and theories.

    There are also two things that I had no idea changed, that I discovered while reading the comments and googled to verify, that have completely rocked me to the core. I can’t believe they are different now. These two facts have been something else my whole life, no myth or debate, not ever anything different, not easily confused, just solid facts that have always been facts for me. Hitler’s hair and eyes have always been brown, and that is supposed to be ironic. Thanksgiving has always been the third Thursday of November. It has always been third Thursday, and I can’t even believe my eyes reading it on the computer screen that is fourth Thursday. I don’t even know what is going to happen this year. Is it going to be on the fourth Thursday this year? That thought is difficult for me to stomach. When it gets closer to Thanksgiving this year, is everyone around me going to act like it’s always been fourth Thursday?

    Keep Calm and Carry On has new meaning for me now. Like a new personal mantra.

    And now that I have written far too long a comment, I will apologize and end here, for now.

    Anne (not my real name)

    1. Anne, welcome!

      You’re among friends here. Thousands, at least.

      Allow yourself to feel wobbly and uncertain. It can be a lot to deal with when you’re faced with a long list of alternate historical events.

      (I’m sure it was far easier for me, since — at the beginning, anyway — I thought it was just Nelson Mandela’s death. Then, one by one, and over several years, these other alternate memories started showing up in email and comments. If I’d seen all of this in one go, I expect that I’d have been reeling with astonishment and uncertainty.)

      Carrying on is a good policy. In almost any group (in real life or online), it’s always okay to say something mild like, “Oh, it’s the third Thursday? How interesting. I had the idea it was the fourth Thursday, this year.” Or vice versa. Remember, you aren’t the only one with these kinds of memories. What makes us different is: We’re the ones who admit to having those alternate memories.

      For the moment, your world may feel a little unsettled. Give it time. You’ll soon find your shifting-reality equivalent of “sea legs.”

      My husband and I are certain these kinds of slide happen regularly. We’ve spotted at least two recent changes this year. We comment to each other and joke about them. This has reached the point of being amusing as well as interesting… what changes, and why it may have changed.

      But, for anyone who’s new to this concept — and slightly overwhelmed, recognizing many items on the “major memories” list — it’s okay to feel unsteady. Things will improve. After all, you’ve become accustomed to the sky being slightly different (colors, cloud formations, etc.) every day.

      Your world is still safe. It’s simply changing in more, different ways than you’d realized… but mostly small ways related to history, and few (if any) that affect us on a daily basis.


      1. Thank you.

        I am kind of stunned that you mentioned the sky. I am trying not to overthink it, but I am curious what made you mention it, since I didn’t in my comment?

        While walking down the street the other day, I actually did think, after finding all this out, “I am ok. The sky is…still not right, same as before.”

        1. Anne, I have no idea why I used the sky reference. I’m practically racing through comments as the volume is so high right now, and the color of the sky sort of popped into my mind. It was a convenient reference, so I used it.

          It’s an odd coincidence, but — now that I think about people’s recent comments about the color of the sun, etc., at this site — maybe it’s a good segue into that topic.

          Cheerfully, Fiona

        2. Ok, started to comment before to you, Anne, then changed my mind and now have changed it back and why you need to know all that Idk, buuuuut here goes…

          Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday definately startled me. Billy Graham still living floored me. I remember him dying. I remember being happy that I had gotten to see him a few years before.

          You are right. The sky is wrong. Or different. I remember a clear blue sky as a kid. I am 35 now so roughly 20 – 30 years ago. Now, in the daylight, I distinctly see a grid and there is always a greyish film that the color seeps through. A few nights I have seen ripples or waves, like the ridges of a washboard but moving, stretching across the sky. When clouds pass across the waves, they distort, or visa versa. In the daylight I also see toroidal-like energy spheres; in the air or what the “air” is made of or something. They are constantly moving like thick oil on top of boiling water. And the air and atmosphere taste burned.. but I attributed that to recently quitting tobacco.

          Every consciousness identifies itsself as “I am” and the singular experience is always right; there are multiple paths leading to the same watering hole. We are all on this ride together, experiencing it subjectively, life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.

          Incidently, I grew up with the Berenstein Bears. Stein. German. Big beer mug. I think I actually noticed the change when the movie or tv show or whatever it was, came out.

          Mom and I have discussed various local people that we thought had died but were still going strong. And the last time Dick Clark died we talked about how many times this made for him now but we always chalked that stuff up to screwy media and a faulty rumour mill.


          1. um , excuse me what are you talking about seeing a grid in the sky? how can there be a grid in the sky? what is it? what the . . . ?

            I had a dream that I saw a grid in the sky. It was big and wide and positioned . . off center with the middle median going up and arcing over and all the other grid lines were emmenating off from the center median grid line. In the dream I thought it meant that the sky was fake or something . . . I don’t know.

            1. I have totally seen the grid in the sky, it looked like the design to a kids jungle gym, those half domes you would climb in or on top of.

      2. I have to say thank you. I must admit I have been quite freaked out for the last few hours since my cousin brought this whole Bearenstein/Bearenstain thing up and I began looking into it. The “Keep calm…” advice is somewhat crucial to me at the moment as I look at these collective memories and see how many align or don’t align with mine.
        For the record, Bearenstein (as I complained when I learned German pronunciation that since “ei” makes an English “I” sound that the name would be pronounced as “stine” rather than “Steen”, but always pronouncing their name as the latter), I remember Mussolini having a mustache like a pirate without the curl on the end though I cannot find a single picture where he has one and as being completely bald rather than balding, Challenger being in ’88, Mandela as dying recently, having learned definitely as being spelled definately (and getting annoyed when autocorrect changes it), Sex IN the City (though my wife swears it is AND), and MLK being shot at a distance with a Remington 760 ” Bushmaster” rifle (in this reality “Gamemaster”) because a racist store owner used to sell that model on discount every MLK day. My cousin, who’s 11 years younger than me, says she learned it as him being shot from just below him with a handgun. And thanksgiving in the US has always been the third Thursday…until last year. We had a conversation at the table about it now being the 4th Thursday when all 10 of us there remembered it being the 3rd in previous years. I had assumed it a recent change. Guess not.

        Strangely, I remember both Billy Graham dying in the late 90’s when I was in (a Christian) highschool (14 years ago) and him dying a year or two ago, only to be shocked to discover he is still alive and not know that I remember 2 deaths of a still living man until it was brought to my attention.

        Still pretty freaked out, but I am calming down now…sort of. 🙂

        Also, somewhat randomly, am I the only one that remembers a Rambo Saturday morning cartoon? All I remember is the animated opening of him suiting up (tying a bootstrap, tying his headband, putting a survival knife in his boot). I can’t find anyone who remembers this and I can’t find anything in Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, or anywhere else about it. But I remember watching it religiously every Saturday.

        1. The Rambo Cartoon existed/exists in my reality. Try googling Rambo Force of Freedom. It shows up for me. If it doesn’t show up for you then that’s an interesting anomaly we should take note of.

        2. OMG! The Rambo cartoon never existed now?! That can’t be… I remember watching it! I… I’ll get back to you on this, but I remember it well!

          1. Okay, I looked it up and now it’s called Rambo: The Force of Freedom. It started as a 5 part miniseries and ended up doing a 65 episode run in the mid-80s. It does exist now, at least.

      3. YouTube “Daniel tiger” beautiful day in the neighborhood.

        When they changed Mr Rogers they forgot to change Daniel tiger

      4. Hi Fiona! – suggesting the last two paragraphs above and/or something similar describing the site be posted on the Home Page.

  33. Sorry for posting here as this is an old thread, but I just today found out about this website after experiencing some of these “Mandela Effects’.
    I read as many posts here as possible and so many of them I can relate to, so i will comment on the relevant ones.

    For me the most noticeable one is the location of New Zealand in relation to Australia. I swear, In school and all the maps i remember seeing, New Zealand was not where the maps show it to be today. I remember it being north of Australia, not southwest as I see now on the maps. This came as a huge surprise… just TODAY. I remember clearly it was not where it is today. There is just no way.

    The death of Mandela… i remember being a kid when it happened and remember it being a big deal. This was one of the first times I can honestly say I was surprised by something on the news. I remember saying to myself… “How could he have died just now (last time it happened I guess), when it happened when i was a kid!!

    The challenger, for me it was in 86. I remember it clearly. I was in school as it happened, first grade. I remember it clearly because that was a very profound day for me as it was the day I decided to study science and everything related to space.

    Chartreuse was purple-ish!
    I remember the movie… The Candidate…. not The Campaign.
    It was Sex IN The City – my wife wouldn’t stop watching and so I was basically forced to watch it too.
    Interview with A vampire… not interview with THE vampire.
    Dom Delouse, Fidel Castro and Osama bin laden… I specifically remember them dying long before the current accepted dates. I also remember asking myself.. Weren’t these people dead already? I remember seeing all the news and newspaper articles about their respective deaths.

    I remember TAPS. I always thought Ghost Hunters was a different show.
    The Tank incident… I clearly remember the tanks actually roll over the victim. I remember seeing it on video!!

    Now one I havent heard from again. When I was a kid, I remember watching a documentary about scientific advancements during the late 20th century. In it one of the topics of discussion was about de-materialization and teleportation. It was stated that it had been accomplished but only on non-living matter. Such as a block of wood and only across the room. Today, we are told no such technology exists. And only recently I was reading about experiments trying to accomplish this but that it was on theoretical stages… my reaction was… Didn’t they do this nearly 30 years ago?

    Anyone else remembers this?

    1. I have some similarities and some differences. I remember it being interview with THE vampire and Chartreuse as bright yellow/green because the color hurts my eyes (different) but I remember TAPS and Ghost Hunters as separate shows (aired back to back on what was then the Sci-fi channel) and the Tienanmen square incident ending with the kid being crushed.

      Also, I DO remember them creating a matter transporter that would only work on inorganic matter. As a big Star Trek fan we discussed it one day when I was in high school but this was only 14 years ago. But I seem to recall it as an older incident that had come up in discussion of Star Trek inspired tech that was now becoming reality.

    2. Don’t ever be sorry Erick,what you have managed to do is fantastic,so in your universe Newzealand is at south west,in ours it is south east.Chartreuse we remember as purple pink or magenta and in your world it is remembered as purplish,magnificent ! it is the crowning glory for ME.I still can’t believe it,we have got a response from another universe,and there too guys are grappling with ME.

      1. so in your universe Newzealand is at south west,in ours it is south east.. just a simple mistake. I meant to type south-east. I hadn’t slept for three days when I posted.

    3. There was an experiment not too long ago, late 2000s maybe, which were a direct result of the wood block transporting experiments. Scientists had teleported an apple, but it appeared thousands of miles up and farther than they intended, because they had no accounted for the rotation of the Earth in those experiments. So, that never happened now? It was a huge topic of discussion with my friends. We were excited about it, but freaked out at the prospect.

      1. As far as I know, we can only teleport light particles right now. A woodblock apple would be very big news indeed.

        1. Melissa, from my work at MIT, I know that teleportation (of solid objects) was somewhat successful by the 1970s or so. As I recall, the Jet Propulsion Lab was involved, but the project had corporate sponsorship involving a couple of companies.

          1. Fiona, this may be another case of ME. The following is an article from 2007 about the current state of teleportation:


            It’s about ten years out of date, and I think we are a bit further along now (there was an episode of the Podcast Invisibilia in which it was implied that we are now able to transfer quantum properties successfully). In the case of macro teleportation, I do believe I read an article in Scientific American about the transference of a whole photon to another physical space back in about 2007… but I’m not going to bother trying to find it as history has taught me it’s incredibly hard to find individual articles in back issues of S.A.

          2. Hi Fiona, can you explain more about these 1970s teleportation experiments in your universe and how you know about them? Are there non-disclosure agreements or national security oaths preventing you from talking about this, or is it public domain scientific information where you’re from?

            In my universe, this would not be something one casually mentions in passing. It would be UTTERLY paradigm-shattering news and would absolutely revolutionise physics. It would almost certainly invalidate the last 50 years of high-energy physics, overturn the Standard Model, and many physics Nobel Prizes would be awarded or thrown away. It would be a MUCH bigger event than landing on the Moon. Seriously, this would be HUGE.

            Since my teenage years in the 1980s, I’ve been aware of ‘fringe science’ literature alluding to the possibility of teleportation (and, since teleportation according to general relativity would involve manipulating the fabric of space and time, gravity control and time travel) being achieved as early as the 1950s but swept into the US national security establishment and hidden. Writers who’ve alluded to some kind of breakthrough of this kind include Stan Deyo in 1978 (“Cosmic Conspiracy”), William Moore in 1979 (“The Philadelphia Experiment”) – both of those being generally regarded to be unfounded speculation, but mentioning some intriguing historical facts, and Nick Cook (“The Hunt for Zero Point”) in 2001. Cook is probably the only mainstream writer to tackle the subject, and even he gets sucked into wild theories about secret WW2 Nazi weapons. There are far many more writers who indulge in even wilder speculation than those who can point at actual historical threads of research.

            I’ve spent many years combing forums looking for serious physical proof of these allegations, but always seem to come up short. I’ve found lots of proof that certain private individuals in the late 1950s (mostly revolving around the character of T Townsend Brown) *believed* a gravity breakthrough was near – but their devices never quite managed to achieve mainstream scientific recognition. The general physics consensus now, post-1970s and the Standard Model, is that teleportation of tangible material objects at room temperature energies is flatly impossible and will never be possible.

            I’m not questioning the validity of what you’ve experienced in the 1970s – in fact I’m delighted to hear that you’ve witnessed something which would help me understand this puzzle. But please, if you know something for sure about who was involved in this research and you’re at all able to share it, can you give any pointers as to what happened? Where? How?

            The obvious implication of course is that someone building a gravity control system (with associated time/space effects) in the 1970s might conceivably explain some of this universe shifting. I mean it’s by no means the only answer and maybe not even the most sensible – but IF controlled scientifically-verified teleportation happened EVEN ONCE it would open up all sorts of related physics possibilities currently considered tightly closed.

            Really hoping you can shed some light on this!

            1. Nate,

              I wish I could recall more about this, but it’d take some digging into long-ago memories.

              For a couple of years, I worked at an MIT office where I had access to confidential research reports and conversations. All of them took place between MIT researchers and some businesses that retained them as consultants. Our office was kind of the middleman, making sure the right people (on both sides of the agreement) were kept current.

              In that era, we didn’t actually have NDAs, but it was understood that we weren’t supposed to talk about the research… not outside the office, anyway. Inside the office, we were astonished to see many “Star Trek” type concepts were actually real, or at least at impressive levels of development.

              The teleportation project — not called that, but I’m still trying to remember how they referred to it — was among the research I found most fascinating. Unfortunately, very little information was put on paper, and I wasn’t privy to those conversations between the researchers at MIT and in industry. I merely saw the notes.

              I know they’d had some success in the past (I want to say 1971 or so), and I recall the location was in or near southern California. I think it was a branch of a company doing work for — or like — the Jet Propulsion Lab. I am sure the name of that division (of a large corporation) was odd, and completely different than the actual company name.

              I’m doing my best to recall more details, but this was more than 20 years ago, and those reports were a small part of the research coordination I managed. I am certain that the corporation’s main focus was chemical engineering, which also made the teleportation project stand out, since I don’t recall any Course 10 (Chem Eng) connections to that particular project.

              I do know they were attempting to transport — teleport — small objects across a short distance. I remember one of the earliest successes (among the reports I read, anyway) involved moving something small just a few feet across a table.

              I’m not sure this is exactly Mandela Effect material, unless my memories are from a different reality where teleporting became a viable technology long ago.

              MIT was (and still is) such an odd place, with so much quirky research going on, I’m not sure I’d recognize an anomalous memory from my years there. Everything was very sci-fi.

              (The context may help: My grandfather was a close friend of Doc Edgerton, and I spent many happy childhood hours in Doc’s MIT lab. He always seemed delighted to show me his latest experiments, and let me play with them. So, from an early age, I got used to seeing very strange things at MIT… including things that wouldn’t be refined and released to the public for many years. This may sound strange, but — at MIT — teleporting objects didn’t stand out as being exceptionally weird.)

              So: 1971-ish. Southern California, I think. A company with heavy involvement in chemical engineering projects, and a division that had an odd name, unrelated to the main name of the corporation.

              I don’t know if that’s helpful, but it’s all I can offer right now.


              1. Thank you very much for your comments Fiona. This is very intriguing. In fact if it’s *not* a Mandela Effect memory then it’s even more so (though perhaps better suited to another forum).

                I do know that many technologies we use today and appeared as commercial products in the 1980s actually were first demonstrated in the late 1960s – Doug Engelbart’s ‘Mother of All Demos’ of NLS at SRI in 1968, for instance, was the first use of a computer mouse and hypertext.

                The 1971 timeframe for these experiments would definitely seem to agree with this curious statement from Stan Deyo in his book:

                “t might also be of some interest to the reader that this author witnessed the late William P. Lear making another nationwide statement on a daytime, American television program in about 1969-70. This later statement was made in response to a question from the emcee who who wanted to know what Mr. Lear envisioned the next twenty years producing in new technology. Mr. Lear told him that a person would be able to, say, walk into a New York “travel” booth – somewhat similar to a telephone box in shape; -deposit his fare; push a button; and walk out the other side of the booth in San Francisco – having been “teleported” across America in seconds! The studio audience automatically laughed at Mr. Lear – much to their uninformed discredit. Mr. Lear just gaped at their performance in utter amazement. How painfully sad and lonely he must have felt at that moment when he realized the great gulf that separated the viewing audience from the realities he had already witnessed in the laboratory… He was a kind and sincere man; and this author, for one, feels a great loss at Mr. Lear’s recent death… ”

                I’ve often wondered what “the realities he had already witnessed in the laboratory” refers to here.

                1. Nate, that is definitely curious, and a brilliant find, btw.

                  Lear was an exceptionally bright man, and traveled in circles far outside the usual Hollywood A-list crowd. (I didn’t know him when I lived there, but he definitely had an impressive reputation.) And, he lived in southern California — where I recall the teleportation experiments succeeding — so I also wonder what he might have witnessed.



              2. What about those commercials that were supposed to be funny and it was about famous old movies and they took a scene out of it and had the actors (who some of them are dead) and changed what they were saying (I think it was direct TV that did these commercials) and it looked so real like they actually filmed this back then to give their advertisement

          3. For example, if you want a glimpse of the rabbit hole that any hint of teleportation research gets you into – in THIS universe! – this draft chapter from a biography of Townsend Brown might explain the kind of weirdness that turns up. I don’t vouch for the truth of ANY of this! Except what I’ve read on forums, where I feel that some of the people claiming things (such as Brown’s daughter) seem to be telling the truth, as they see it. Others, I don’t know.


            The bottom line: In this universe, there are people claiming to be in the British/US military (or rather, in a private consortium linked TO these militaries, but not quite under their command) who have been in communication with multiple journalists/writers, perhaps for decades, and *claim* that they have access to teleportation and time travel technologies. And they seem to want people to find out about suppressed research of exactly the kind you mention. Yet they can’t quite bring themselves to actually come out and say the truth in plain words. Possibly because of security oaths? Yet they’re willing to point to th rough location of buried secrets, but not the secrets themselves? It’s all very unclear and very frustrating.

            Put alongside the Mandela Effect, here are two very strange rabbit holes of approximately the same size and depth., and each of no less weirdness than the other.

          4. Sorry, one last point and I’ll go. Should you wish to know more about the Townsend Brown rabbit hole (and you may well not want to, and I wouldn’t blame you at all as it’s not especially about Mandela Effect), I’d recommend this one site as the best, being directly linked to his remaining family:

            1. Nate, the name Townsend Brown rang a bell from those years at MIT. And, although I wasn’t working with Martin Marietta or Hughes, I want to say that some of the teleportation research involved one or both, as adjuncts of some sort. I might be mistaken, but as I skimmed Brown’s history (and a few related Wikipedia pages), some of his work sounded familiar in this context.

                1. Nate, I agree… it does become curiouser as this conversation continues. I spent massive amounts of time in Doc’s lab — as a child, as a teen, and then when I worked at MIT, myself — so I met many people working on interesting projects. I may have met Townsend Brown, and that’s why his name sounds familiar.

                  (I absolutely adored Doc Edgerton, and he sort of “adopted” anyone — and everyone — who seemed interested in his experiments, and on the same “ooh, isn’t this fun!” wavelength as he was. For him, research was fun, even entertaining. Some people like crossword puzzles or Sudoku. Doc liked pursuing ideas and experiments to their respective fringes. Time spent in his lab was always weird and wonderful. We’d play games like, “Let’s find 20 strange effects we can create with the strobe light.” However, I never felt as if he was being condescending due to my age.)

                  Doing more Townsend Brown research — and really, I must stop following whims while I’m so immersed in other work — I stumbled onto this article about the Bermuda Triangle (at a Townsend Brown site): The part that caught my attention was the reference to micro-wormholes and changing compass directions.

                  My first thought (not necessarily the most logical) was: What if a land mass got sucked into one of those wormholes, and then appeared somewhere else, or was erroneously replaced in this reality? Would that explain the map changes? (But then I argue with myself, realizing that wouldn’t explain historical maps that show Sri Lanka, New Zealand, etc., in “different” locations from where we remember them. And that takes me down another rabbit hole, coming up with explanations that would fit the land mass moving in this timestream, and history rearranging itself to support the current reality. LOL )

                  My second thought takes me back to one of my earlier theories: that some (not necessarily all) of us are traversing parallel realities due to an active (geographical) entrance point we inadvertently pass over. Sort of “right place, right time,” in a way.

                  I try to take weekends off from the Internet, but your comment led me to a new, fascinating research direction. Thanks!


                  1. Hi Fiona. I hope this doesn’t distract you too much, but while the subject is open I keep thinking that it might be worthwhile you contacting Linda Brown (Townsend’s daughter) directly. She’s active as the moderator on this website here:

                    Like you, Linda remembers certain anomalous experiments and demonstrations from the 1950s/1960s, and is now trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle of who and what her dad’s research involved. I’m sure she would welcome anyone with personal memories who can shed light on her own. She also has experience with psi phenomena so I think may be interested in your other research as well.

                    Best, Nate

                  2. For me holographic telephony and 3d scanning/printing is a sufficient enough simulation of teleportation.What else does one need than interacting with a holographic image of a person half way around the globe or tasting the latest pizza sent by dominoe’s in newyork to a franchise in lucknow.Besides, physically teleporting a live person defies all the known facts of medical science.

  34. I actually have one more that I haven’t seen posted here before. Fiona, mind adding your own thoughts to this one?

    I was raised and taught in school that when a person’s name ends with the letter S, that in order to make it possessive, you add an apostrophe to the end of the word. Nothihng else. I scored a 30 on the English section of the ACT, took to AP English course, and now do not have to take English 101 + 102 once I start college. I KNEW this very simple fact.

    If your friend David Jacobs has a cat, then you say it’s David Jacobs’ cat.

    Except that’s not true at all, apparently. Suddenly, you actually do add an ‘s’ after the apostrophe. My 11th Grade AP English teacher looked at me like I was crazy when I asked her about this. I swear, it’s ALWAYS been only an apostrophe.

    1. Kaleb,

      The rule I was taught (and use when writing and editing) is that both are correct, so you can use either one. In the past, using only the apostrophe was preferred. Then, due to common use, it became acceptable to add an apostrophe plus an S. So, the house belonging to Douglas could be written Douglas’ house OR Douglas’s house. As far as I know, either is fine, and the choice is often based on how most people would say it, aloud.

      To make the “rules” even murkier, here’s what the Oxford Dictionary says:

      So, as far as I know, this isn’t a Mandela Effect issue, just a weird set of spelling and punctuation rules.

      (Other than that, do not let me get up on my soap box about people who add an apostrophe to all plurals. LOL)


    2. Kaleb, I graduated from high school 15 years ago. Since then, a LOT of grammar rules have changed, but I don’t think it’s because of ME. I’m also surprised at how quickly language changes.

  35. I noticed a mention of PS1 games that didn’t exist. I wanted to offer my services in fact checking any such claims. In addition to being a game designer I personally know the individual at Sony who was responsible for approving games that publishers wanted to have released on the PS1. And he in turn is a good friend of Playstation mastermind Mark Cerny. If a game was ever released on the PS1 in any territory in the world, or even developed but never commercially released, these two men will either know it or be able to find someone who does.

    I’ll note that I regularly check into cases of games that people think they remember but don’t seem to exist. In almost all cases they are simply misremembering a key component of the game (most often they think they played the game on one system when they actually played it on another) that makes it seem like the game doesn’t exist when it most certainly does.

    I can also get hold of either an actual physical copy or at least footage from any PS1 game released in North America from a friend who has a complete collection of every game released here for that system and for most systems released before the turn of the century. Basically, if someone says a game doesn’t exist I can confirm the validity of that statement with a couple of emails if I can’t name the game off the top of my head already and I’m not sure I’ve ever been stumped by a PS1 game. Usually it’s some old British or Japanese Microcomputer game from the early 80’s that requires real research.

    I also wanted to share a memory of my own that I have never been able to confirm the validity of. It is of the film Mary Poppins. In my memory the film had a much longer opening segment featuring Mary caring for other children before eventually ending up at the start of the film. I have heard rumors of a cut intro sequence but never have been able to confirm if it was ever released to the public or if I am simply remembering something that either never happened or at least didn’t happen in this timeline.

  36. Let me start by saying first off I have a crappy memory lol whether due to health issues(I have chronic fatigue and pain and brain fog) or something in my mind is getting muddled by different memories or my brain is doing it to itself to prevent me from going psycho or a combo of all of those well who knows? But I have often felt odd and out of place still do to this day…To me reality is so unreal and as I get older this feeling intensifies…I am getting tired of illusions…I want to see the truth…not sure I am ready for it though because honestly this website spooks me out intensely lol…Lots of little things on this list resonate with me though…And some things strongly resonate with me like its WRONG to the very core of my being…

    The alternate spelling stuff really gets me…BerneSTEIN bears damnit I started reading well before I started school and I remember very much thinking it was pronounced STEEN maybe possibly STINE as the goosbumps author when I got into those books but STAIN?? That is one of those things that is just wrong on so many levels! Interview with A Vampire and Sex in THE City the other ways sound horrible and who would say it like that?!?! To me dilemna looks correct and it was JifFY peanut butter as well lol…And its always been BARBARA Streisand whenever I saw it spelled when did that change? Granted I don’t follow her at all but I would have remembered if she had spelled her name differently it would have stood out in my mind! Same with Rod STERLING not Serling! I also use “grey” as a the spelling the most often and other words mentioned here I can vaguely remember using BOTH spellings and alternating between them to this day! Normally nowadays I always go with whatever autocorrect tells me no matter how wrong it looks to my eyes!

    Celeb deaths I can both vaguely recall them dying and not dying at the same time…I am one of those that don’t really follow famous people much I just don’t care…If it pops one my FB feed I might give it a glance or if I see a trashy tabloid at the grocery store I might look at it but that’s about it…Grahams dead could have swore to that yet I can”t recall specific details on his death…John Goodman I could have swore died of a heart attack years ago…I have a more strong recollection of that one because I loved watching “RoseAnne” and it seemed very sad to me when it happened…

    Betty White to though being as she is older it seems they are always reporting her death lol so that one could be simply due to media error…Mister Rogers his death I could have sworn was AFTER facebook was around for quite awhile I didn’t get an account until like 2009 and I remember the RIP posts popping up on my feed! Castro I remember him being sick buts its unclear to me when or if he died…Same with Muhammad Ali I can vaguely remember him dying and yet being alive?!! Its so confusing to have these conflicting memories…

    One major issue which I think you need to add to was the Challenger explosion…I was born in ’86 I am sure it was before I was born though I tend to thing it was more in the Spring/Summer then it being in January…Because watching stuff on it later when I was older on what I believe to be anniversary shows I get the impression it was warmer and we had our windows open…But what really gets me is the NAME of the damn teacher on that space shuttle…I have always thought it was Sally RIDE not who ever else they have in her place now…That is one of the strongest memories that strike something in me! I remember that name because as a kid I connected her last name to RIDING in a space shuttle…That is very clear in my mind~!

    And the color chartreuse is RED kind of a red purple shade! I never seen it described as anything else until this site(maybe I recently shifted I guess) lol~!

    Mandela’s death…I have conflicted memories on that as well…It seems right it was in 2013 but at the same time him dying in prison and their being riots about it also seems familar! So confusing! I work with many people from Africa though maybe I can ask them when they think his death was and see what they say since we are trying to figure out what locations are effected by this stuff!

    And OMG on the shifting of countries and places…How does THAT happen? I was not a geography nut ever but looking at the world map currently some things just strike me as odd…Canada looks way bigger for example and all that land mass and islands to the north of it…Greenland also looks way to big…Cuba looks way to close to Florida…South America also looks like it is missing a country or two but I can’t recall which one…been awhile since I had to learn them and their capitals for HS spanish class lol…Though those can be explained by more correct maps as well I guess?

    And China seems way smaller…and I am pretty sure Mongolia was a part of China and so that they mostly bordered Russia right? Which also looks bigger to me! And I also agree New Zealand looks odd where it is to the relation of Australia! But for the life of me I can’t remember things more exactly…but once again geography was NOT my strong point!}

    This reminds me of the episode of Star Trek Next Gen where Worf is traveling back to the Enterprise after a contest and…and he passes through a space anomaly and starts shifting out of realities and thinks he is going crazy…First off his trophy is from winning, then its second place, then like ninth, and then like last because he was knocked out right away…Then he goes from just being friends with Deanna to being married to her for several years with two kids…And other things slowly get more different as well…Is that is what is going on here? We slowly slide to other dimensions/realities where there are just minor things different and it prepares us for other stranger ones? A test so we don’t go completely psycho but gradually learn to accept it? But who or what is organizing all this or it is random?!?!

    1. I remember things much like you do except Interview with THE instead of A and I remember both a Jif (“choosy moms choose jif” being the slogan) and a Jiffy (the slogan being some play on Jiffy meaning quickly). My aunt would only get me Peter Pan or Jiffy brand peanut butter because she thought Jif tasted artificial in some way. To this day I still hate Jif but can’t find Jiffy anywhere.

      PS, that is one of my favorite Star Trek episodes. Props.

    2. A couple of things which may ease your mind. Canada and Greenland look huge on Flat maps of the world, which spread out the poles to match up with the equator: so this simply isn’t a good representation. Here’s more realitic:

      John Goodman didn’t die of a heart attack (yet), but Dan Connor did in the final episode of season 8 of Rosanne, even though this wasn’t reveled until the final episode.

      Sally Ride was the first woman in space, not the teacher who died on the Challenger.

      Barbara changed it to Barbra in 2008, I think.

      I’m with you on Berenstein, and I do think I remember writing a current events assignment about Mandela in 1990 or so.

  37. I’m a 48 year old Canadian. I didn’t see his name listed but I clearly remember seeing news reports of John Goodman’s death of a heart attack in 1996 or 97. I was extremely surprised and confused to see him starring in that second Blues Brothers movie a few years later. At the time I guessed I might have somehow conflated the actor and the character he played on Roseanne but now these reports have got me wondering. I also remember being corrected when I said there were 52 states when I was 11 or 12 years old. I seem to remember thinking at the time that I must have confused the lower 48 for 50 and added Hawaii and Alaska to make 52. But I can’t say for sure. This is a truly fascinating subject. A funky intersection point of consciousness and space-time. Fascinating! I followed a link here from a Berenstain Bears articleand now I’ve been reading comments for hours. When I asked my wife how many States there were in the US, she answered very confidently, 52. She is English and remembers being taught 52 US states in school. Adding that she used the year she was born in (1952) as a mnemonic aid.

    1. It was John Candy that died of a heart attack in 1994, I think people might be confusing him with John Goodman. Both were large men with a similar colouring appearance wise and both were known for portraying comedic roles in film and television.

      On other matters being mentioned on this thread and others I do remember ‘Interview with A Vampire’ (interview with The Vampire just sounds downright odd) and ‘Sex IN the city’ and not ‘Sex AND the City’. Although the latter makes more sense when it comes to a series about a journalist who writes about sex, the city and social relationships, I seem to think it was the former all the same.

      I thought Mandela died years ago, but I was still a child/young teen in the eighties and have been notoriously bad at following politics for much of my life.

      I have never heard of the ‘Tank Man’ incidence, either version…it’s new to me (I would have been 14 at the time it happened but have no recollection of it at all) or the Berenstien/Berenstain bears.

      I did think definitely was definAtely but my spelling might be off.

      Others in other threads have mentioned Bod the cartoon…I do remember him but not until I looked him up. Odd character that he was.

      I used to collect DVDs and loved movies and I’d still swear it WAS an Interview With A vampire…I owned the DVD. I think that one is bothering me most it seems.

      Maybe I went senile at 40? lol

      1. I do remember John Candy passing. I’m Canadian, right? This was John Goodman. Dan from Roseanne. Not Uncle Buck. And it was later than 1994. I make it 1996. The year before I left for the west coast. The other things I mentioned I couldn’t swear to but I remember this very well.

    2. I can vaguely remember being taught that the U.S. was about to officially recognize Puerto Rico and the U.S. virgin islands as states which was going to increase the number from 50 to 52. But then never heard anything more about it after that. This would have been in the mid eighties though…

  38. I’m pretty young and I don’t pay too much attention to when famous people die anyway. But I definitely remember The BarenstEin Bears, the Mr. Rogers song went “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood”, I don’t remember if Jif peanut butter was ever Jiffy but I say it that way on accident almost every time I mention Jif peanut butter specifically, Charles Shulz was DEFINITELY spelled Shultz (I was in an art program that takes a lot of pride in the fact that he graduated from that program and uses that as a selling point), and I’m pretty sure it was Sex IN the City.

    Also, it’s not on the list, like I said I’m young, I’m only 19, but when I was a little kid the first Pokemon game I ever got was the Fire Red version and after I beat that I was really looking forward to the next game that was going to be released, which I swear on my life was the Ruby version, but a few of my friends told me that Ruby came out BEFORE Fire Red and I looked it up and apparently that’s true in this timeline. It’s weird, I even remember the graphics improving from Fire Red to Ruby.

  39. BerenstEin Bears I was certain it was spelled like this. My mom and sister agree.

    Big alternate ending – I thought it ended with his girl becoming young to be with him. I was surprised when I read that it wasn’t.

    Charles Shultz not Shulz. I remember seeing his name written on the comic strips with a T in it.

    Chartreuse always thought it was reddish-purple color. My mom did too.

    Brian Dennehy
    Louie Anderson
    Dick Van Patten
    Dom Deluise
    Ernest Borgnine
    Jerry Lewis
    Hal Hollbrook
    Nelson Mandela

    All of these men I thought “dead” long ago. I thought it was a false report or I heard wrong, but I remember hearing something about them being alive and thinking “Aren’t they dead?” Especially Mandela. I thought he died in prison.

    I remember Ghost Hunters originally being called TAPS.

    Henry VIII and the turkey leg- I have a clear image of this in my mind. Color portrait. Holding it in his left hand. He’s wearing red or another dark color and gold accents.

    “Nobody does it like Sara Lee.” I thought this was the catchphrase.

    “Sex in the City” seriously, I thought this was the name of the show.

    Western Sizzler – Both my mom and I thought it was Sizzler. We have one in town, I thought it was named this.

    Very, very weird.

    1. With the exception of chartruese, I remember things the same way. Myself, my wife, and my cousin all say the Sarah Lee slogan was “does it like”, not ” doesn’t like”. The double negative in that version is just so atonal and…well, WRONG sounding to all of us. Though of the three, I am the only one who remembers eating at a western sizzlER. My wife remembers sizzliN’ and my cousin had never heard of it. We had one here in Winston-Salem until the mid-90’s. But now, everything I see says Sizzlin’.

  40. I haven’t read thru the entire thread yet, so idk if this has already been mentioned, but I have a vivid memory of being taught in public elementary school (in Texas) that buffalo/bison had gone extinct at some point in the 19/20th(?) century… cant be sure of the exact date, but the memory is there. Then several years later, there they are – at zoos, wildlife reserves, even in the wild? Wtf? Does anyone else have this memory? I have just recently learned of the Mandela effect thru the Berenst#in Bears gravevine – definAtely a Berensteinite – but have always found the buffalo mystery so intriguing without having a term for it…

    1. YES. I remember it this way as well. I feel at some point someone told me buffalo and bison aren’t the same thing. That buffalo ARE extinct and bison are not, but I did some research to corroborate this and could not. The American bison is what North Americans call/have always called buffalo. Everything I read now says they were *nearly* extinct, but I remember learning they were 100% extinct.

      1. Wow, that is WILD, being able to google and see pictures of giant, prehistoric looking American Bison, the animal I remember from the buffalo nickel. I remember those being extinct. I can’t remember the difference anymore between buffalo and bison. One was huge with a giant humpback, and extinct, and the other was basically just a big cow.

        1. I was also taught that all the buffalo/bison were 100% extinct in North America because of overhunting from white men when they came here. I can’t remember when it was that I saw something talking about them (some time since I’ve been out of high school, so less than 10 years) but I was very puzzled to find out they were not extinct.

      2. As I recall from childhood, the American Bison went extinct (In the wild) when early White man couldn’t keep the Indians from killing them all… Or couldn’t stop themselves from killing them all. Christopher Columbus mis-labeled the bison, believing he was not far from Africa, as a species of Water Buffalo. What we have now are transplants from Canada or captive breeding programs.

    2. I read that too! I read that Buffalo/Bison were extinct 100% gone. So imagine my absolutely flabbergasted look on my face when I moved to Montana and they are running around up here. I was so extremely confused. This is something I heard repeatedly throughout school so it’s not like I heard it in one class on time. I heard it every time we discussed Native American culture (which feels like it changed) and with ecology.

  41. Okay, this is a film – based one. As a kid of about seven, I saw a commercial for a third “Willard” film–I remember it, because in it, Willard and Ben were said to have “Teamed Up, ” in spite of the fact that the character of Willard was killed at the end of the original “Willard.” They showed a mocked-up image of Ben, standing next to an even bigger rat who (bear with me; I remember it because it was stupid) bore an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Davidson, who originally played Willard. Silly, right? But I loved both Willard pics, and looked forward to the next chapter, even though it sounded kinda dumb. But it never came out. But that commercial is emblazoned in my memory–“Willard-Rat” had white, fish-like eyes, and a spate of blond, Willard-the-Guy hair. I could draw you a picture of that shot…

  42. I’ve had quite of few of these moments in my life. I hope it’s OK if I share a few of them. Things I swear did happen and others I’m not sure of. Before I begin, and if you’re at all interested, let me state I’ve never done a drug in my life. I’ve never smoked marijuana. I have no history of mental illness in myself and my family. And I consider myself rather objectionable. I will state, also, that I am a paranormal investigator. But most of these have been in my mind way before that began. I won’t give any in depth info unless requested…

    And let me apologize for how far fetched some of these may seem. They seem like they may be to a greater degree than just “I remember this being named differently”.

    1. I have memories of New York not even existing. I remember the first time I even heard of it I thought “how did they do that overnight?”. I remember people talking about how it was “real country up north” and the entire state was called simply called York.

    2. I have memories of us making contact with life outside of our solar system. Nothing as elaborate as space travel but when I was 9 I remember the hearing about the first waves we got from outer space in school and we managed to setup a better communication system with them. It was a world wide event and brought everyone closer together.

    3. Along with that I remember object-based levitation becoming a house-hold thing. Like “flying cars”.

    4. Many of the celebrities, to me, popped up overnight. And I remember “He-man” being a live action trilogy.

    5. There was serious talk, in my memories, about forming a true world-wide government.

    6. I had never heard of Star Wars until I was told about them when I was 17. And my dad turned out to be a huge HUGE fan of this series of movies I had never heard of. He had collectables and everything seemingly overnight.

    7. The biggest one of all I feel came to me a little over a year ago that if I could dig deeper I think could explain a few things… I remember my parents often taking me to this weird doctors office in a building that was so tall you were literally in the clouds. And he would ask me strange things. I don’t remember what the things were but I remember them being strange. And then it’s as if one day I woke up here.

    I know this may all sound far fetched. And it didn’t happen all at once for me. I didn’t bump my head or anything like that. I clearly remember waking up, going to school, and seeing my teacher watching the news when 9/11 happened in New York City and thinking “that sucks but it’s just farm land”.

    I remember going to get into my car one day at work and thinking “wtf are those?” looking at the tires.

    It’s as if it’s started slowly coming back to me as time goes on… I have more examples but I think that’s enough for now.

    Anyone anywhere got any of these?

    It does lead me to believe that we’re not all, if possible, shifting from the same realities.

    1. I just googled a map of the US and was very surprised to see New Mexico is a huge state and I remember there being 50 states before they added Hawaii as the 51st and Alaska as a territory (the territory didn’t get it’s own star, though, so they didn’t have to change the flag for it). But for the life of me, I can’t remember what the 2 states were that have now been replaced by New Mexico, or what the other ‘missing’ state was!

    2. James, your comments are incredibly interesting. I haven’t heard anyone else mention anything like what you have. Almost like you have come from a “future” timeline, to the past (although we all know that time is not linear). The New York thing blew me away. I wonder if anyone else has memories like these? I wish you would share some more of your experiences!

  43. Hi,
    Just a general comment. I remember another ending to the 1963 film “Jason And The Argonauts”, Jason returned to Thessaly and confronted fought with and killed Pelias at the end. This scene is no longer in the film. Don’t know if it was edited out or not, there is no mention of it.

  44. I have quite a few memories that don’t coincide with this reality either. The Berenstein Bears for one. I saw a book the other day and now it is spelled with an A instead of an E. I distinctly remember it being spelled Berenstein, not Berenstain.

    I remember talking about Nelson Mandela’s death in prison too. It was a couple years after his death and I was in a Christian school. We talked about it for history and the teacher shared her grief about him dying and we talked about politics. And then he died again in 2013 so I was REALLY confused.

    The latest thing was when I was searching for Owen Wilson on Google to see what day he killed himself and what drugs he had done it with. Turns out, he is alive and well. I am totally blown away considering that I grieved when he died. I cried. I was shocked. And now he is still alive. I am not confusing him with anyone else either. I remember clearly because he was my favorite actor in Armageddon and he was working on or had just signed onto a new movie. This was in 2008 right after I moved.

    I clearly remember watching Stargate in the 80’s with my dad. It came out in the 90’s. I remember a show that no one else remembers.

    There are a lot of “glitches” like this that makes me wonder if I really belong to this reality.

  45. I remember the moment I learned that it was spelled “definitely” and not “definately” but at the time I just shrugged it off and corrected myself. I was young so it didn’t stand out to me.

    However, I distinctly remember learning the word “dilemna” because a silent letter is significant enough for me to make a mental note of it. For some reason, I’m thinking I saw the word on or near a poster of a horse running on train tracks (from a famous painting, link posted below). It’s very possible that this poster had some cheesy motivational one liner printed on it that included the word “dilemma” spelled wrong with the N.

    I have a little story from my childhood that I thought fit in with this phenomenon. My birthday is on October 17th and my older sister’s birthday is on October 28th. When I turned 4, we celebrated, I got presents, we ate dinner, had a cake, and the day was over. About a week later on what seemed like a normal day, I got called to the dinner table to get food.

    My sister was already there, waiting, and there was a cake on the table with party snacks and things. I looked to my sister and said “oh, whose birthday is it?” being too young to know that her birthday was coming up. She looked at me like I had grown an extra head and said “it’s yours”.

    I know that I was only 4 years old so I was likely confused about a lot of things that happened, but this was REALLY odd. I was sure that my birthday had came and went. It’s one of my most vivid memories, probably because it was so strange.

    Not to get all sci-fi on everyone, but had I traveled back in time and relived my 4th birthday? Or was that my first ever blonde moment lol?

    … I also wanted to comment on “chartreuse”.. I believe people are mixing it up with the color “cerise”, which actually is a purplish red-pink. Also remember that teachers and professors are not immune to this mistake, and we could very well have been taught that chartreuse was purple-red in error.,+Horse+and+Train

  46. The bed-in for peace was in New York. I remember talking to my son about it. They lived in Amsterdam, I think… it was overseas, and they stayed in a hotel in New York. He was shot coming out of the hotel in New York but not by Chapman. It was by another guy. I can’t remember the name.

    My son and I also just talked about the movie The Mist. When we saw the trailer, it had different characters and one actor was a black guy I had never seen before and he was dragged, screaming, into the mist. When we went to watch the movie, the characters were different and the black actor never appeared. I have yet to ever see him in any film or anywhere. I have no idea who he is.

    1. There was a remake of “The Fog” in 2005 that had a black guy in it. I’m not saying that you’re wrong, because I’ve had plenty of these. Just trying to help be thorough. My mother and I seem to have fairly different memories of my childhood. My sister and I remember a lot of things that my mother says never happened. But we both remember. It’s very strange.

      1. This is crazy. Until now, I never knew The Fog existed. But no, that isn’t it at all. It was The Mist. I remember we were all anticipating it and very excited to watch it because of the book “The Mist”.

    2. Wow Dotchi, interesting memories!
      Because of my extensive research of The Beatles, I have strong solid memories of each of their lives, during their reign and solo careers in the various dimensions I have slid through. As I recall it:

      It was one Bed-In, in 1971, in New York, a protest to stop the Vietnam war, which I believe (but not sure) did end in 1971. At the time, John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived in Amsterdam while trying to obtain a visa to live in the states. In 1980 John and Yoko lived in an apartment called the Dakota. On December 8th, he and Yoko left the apartment and Mark David Chapman shot him after getting his autograph.
      Since discovering ME, I have not been able to look over my Beatle information due to technical problems. I now look forward to looking thru the 1967 Magical Mystery Tour info. I remember a sign behind John in one picture that reads. “The best way to go, is by MDC”……..

  47. While scrolling and reading the personal experiences, I recall two that are a big odd to me.

    1) My ex swears up and down that we went on a date to a mall where I went ice skating. I have never gone ice skating before in my life. I am telling you, we went to the mall and got a cinnabon and an orange julius. He disagrees.

    2) While driving through San Diego, my youngest son saw a park and mentioned how much fun that would be to play on. I agreed and my oldest son agreed that we all should go there some day. My ex said that we had gone there and described the play date in great detail. But none of us remember this play date at all.

    My ex seems to come up with different events to a lot our outings or brings up outings that was have never been on. He describes me wearing a blue jean skirt in one. I don’t have a blue jean skirt.

    It’s like we aren’t from the same reality.

  48. Hi.

    Happend to me a year ago. I read an articel about something i don’t recall where it said something like “…they met every other wednesday”. I had no idea what wednesday was so i googled it and found out… it’s the day after tuesday. That really shoked me because i recall, and i am 100% certain, that i learned it as WENSDAY. I am 100% sure i always wrote wensday. In school, and ever so after. I mean i am so sure, i had t google wednesday because i thought it was a holiday or something. It has never been weDnesday. So i checked my old emails. I also checked my old stuff from school. What i found really buffled me because i never ever wrote wensday anywhere. I thought i am crazy for 2 or 3 days. Everyone i know says “No it’s Wednesday its always been Wednesday”. Till today i can not wrap my head around it because it really feels like a glitch in the matrix. Also, yes, Mandela did die in prison. I remember seeing it on TV and i specifically recall the comment my father made about it while we watched the news.

  49. Part of me is just wondering if maybe I have something wrong with my brain, because I’ve been having a lot of déjà vu lately, too. I’ve read some articles that say that could be a temporal lobe issue, which is the part of your brain affecting long term memory. But there are so many things on this list and I have some very specific memories, and some I feel like I remember both almost.
    The Agatha Christie thing I thought she was never found, and thought my dad told me about it. Barbara Streisand- is this wrong? Bernstein Bears, definitely (though I used to spell it with an A till someone told me the root word was finite.) I feel like I remember multiple endings to “Big” though I think I only saw it once. I feel like I remember him and his friend walking down the street, pushing his bike singing the song “down down baby…” but I also remember him shrinking in his clothes walking home. And when that lady said she thought the woman who dropped him off was a little girl, I thought I remembered that was just a brief moment in the movie to see the other possibility. I could have sworn I was in first grade in school watching the Challenger on a small tube TV sharing a room with another class since we couldn’t all fit in one. We were watching because the teachers were especially excited about a teacher going to space. That would have been 1988. A few years ago when I got into an argument about this, I was in such disbelief about 86, because I would have been 4. I remember two kids going home crying that day… Chartreuse has always been a confusing color name. I never seem to remember which it’s supposed to be. I thought Dick Clark and Dick Van Patten both died many years ago. Separately. I remember lots of weird stuff about Disney World, but I was so young, I could easily mix up dreams, day dreams, and what happened. I thought I remember Fidel Castro dying too, and his son taking over. “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…” I think it even had subtitles! I feel like I remember a turkey leg pic of Henry VIII, but apparently that is a common way to portray him, even though there are no official paintings of this. Which characters from “Independence Day?” Is it not “Interview with a Vampire?” Jiffy. Which scene in “Jurassic Park?” I thought Muhammad Ali died of a stroke. Patrick Swayze died in the 90s, but obviously I can see he didn’t. Rod Sterling. “Nobody does it like Sara Lee.” “Sex in the City.” I thought Shirley Temple died when she was young. I feel fuzzy about both Tiananmen Square memories. I thought Timothy Leary was also a serial killer, until sometimes after high school (2000). Several others get fuzzier from there or I can’t quite remember which I feel more strongly about. Do you ever feel like both feel like a possibility or a memory?
    Anyway, really confused right now.

  50. *Disney World – Some people recall taking a monorail from the Orlando airport directly to the Disney World property.

    I actually saw this recently (maybe on Netflix). It was a concept village that Walt Disney himself introduced in (I think) 1965 and was filmed as a documentary. In it, he talks of this. While watching it, I recalled seeing it some decades earlier as well (perhaps on the Wonderful World of Disney (or whatever it was called in the ’60s and ’70s.

    1. Disney – This is strange. My parents split in 1972. My mother took my brother and sister and myself to Disney World (which opened their doors in 1971), shorty after the split. I remember very little of the parks, just that we four were there. When folks here mentioned the monorail from the airport went all the way from the park, I instantly remember my dad explaining to me that they had plans to expand the monorail from the parks all the way to the airport, this conversation took place just outside of the Magic Kingdom in view of the monorail and I vaguely remember my mother being present but not my brother and sister. I’ve had this memory for ever and never gave it another thought, ever. I never put the two memories together, until now. I’ve never been to Florida with my father, at least in any dimension that I recall. As a realist, I was 7-8 and it was apparently a traumatic moment for me, so my recollection could be tainted. But I don’t feel that. At the very least for others, I do remember talk of a monorail extension, but never remember it being carried out.

      1. Thank you, Anthony. It sounds like that may have been a challenging memory to look at, and I appreciate you taking the time to post it here to confirm what others remember about the monorail.

  51. M.A.S.H. (TV series) – Some recall the in-series death of Walter “Radar” O’Reilly. However, that wasn’t part of the story in this timestream.

    Radar O’Reilly was in 2 episodes of After MASH in 1984, alive and well, according to I remember him from there, but I remember him being one of the major characters that the series was built on. He was not.

    1. On that note, I swear I’ve seen the clip of Henry Blake on the Carol Burnette show, but there’s no evidence of it ever happening.

  52. Louie Anderson – I remember him as having committed suicide as the reason he was no longer on Family Feud….

  53. Brian Dennehy – Alive and well, per Wikipedia, but a couple of us have other memories.
    Perhaps they are collectively remembering Brian Keith, who is not a dissimilar man?

    Also, the Challenger Explosion. I was living in Ottawa, Ontario at the time and remember hearing about it at a bus stop as I was about to step on a bus. It was summer…..

  54. I thought Jane Goodall died, and was the gorilla lady- I remember watching a movie about her life when I was a kid and thought it was in memory of her.. Just googled Mussolini- I thought he was a thin, older guy with a long beard. Am I mixing him up with someone else?
    Someone else mentioned John Goodman dying, which I thought too because that’s why he was replaced on “Rosanne.”
    I thought Istanbul was the capital of Turkey, also. These comments are making me question so many things.
    I also have had missing time while driving, but my mind wanders a lot. Also, I think those were mostly at times when I wasn’t getting enough sleep.
    Also, I’ve had several head injuries and concussions, so I wonder if that’s why I’m confused.

  55. I re watched Interview with a vampire recently and there are many parts that were not as I remembered, particularly in the scene when Antonio Banderez mirrors Brad Pits movements.

  56. Wow a couple of these really hit me, but especially Looney Toons and Mister Rogers’ death. Like, when I searched Looney Toons I was CERTAIN it was Toons, as in cartoons. But it was listed all over as Tunes which was really surprising.
    But even more than that Mister Rogers’ death. I specifically remember being on Tumblr (which I joined in 2010) and seeing tons and tons of posts about his death on the day that it happened (I don’t remember the exact month/date) and I never watched the show as a kid so it was just mildly annoying to see posts everywhere about it.

    1. Yes! I remember seeing posts about it all over facebook and tumblr around 2012/13 with statements like “thanks for being like a grandfather to us” and long stories about watching his show after school and I was confused at the time because I thought he had already died, now I’m confused because he supposedly died in 2003

  57. Mine is related to movies:

    1. There was a movie called “Shrek: The Final Chapter”. When I heard it referred to as “Shrek: Forever After,” I figured it was changed to keep the possibility of a sequel open. I can’t find a reference the old name.

    2. “How to Train Your Dragon” was switched to “Disney’s ‘Dragons’,” and somehow switched back. No record of this either.

    1. Late, but there’s a good explanation for this. The movie was promoted as “Shrek: The Final Chapter,” whereas its true title was “Shrek Forever After.” Look up “Shrek 4 tv spot” on YouTube and you’ll find examples of the working title’s use.

  58. I absolutely remember a cartoon series in the mid 1990s that nobody else does apart from my sister, who passed away in 2004. It starred anthropomorphic ants that played soccer. Sports, notably soccer, played a key part of the plot and many of the character’s adventures would take place at games or while traveling to games. The trees were shaped like soccer balls including shading in them to emulate the pentagon patterns of the ball (they were still green, but had darker green for the pentagon shapes to create the illusion).

    It had a very catchy theme song, and we would get it stuck in our heads all the time, but never could remember the words so we’d look all over for when this show would be on again just to hear the theme song/music. It wasn’t on often, and we only ever saw it in the summer in the mid-90s.

    It aired on either Nickelodeon or the original Family Channel. We didn’t have Disney, Toon Disney (now Disney XD) or Boomerang, Cartoon Network back then. We didn’t have anything of that sort until 2000, and by then it had been years since we had seen this show.

    Not a single friend or relative remembers it. I can’t find any evidence it ever existed at all. When I search, all I get is A Bug’s LIfe and Antz, neither of which are correct. This was a hand drawn cartoon. It was made for children.

    It existed, I swear to the gods I saw it on several occasions but it was never consistent, like it was aired as a special every so often (this makes me think that maybe it was some sort of promo mini-series during the summer Olympics?)

    Does anyone else remember this, and can you give me a name of the show!?

    1. That rings a bell. I remember an ant cartoon where one of the always wore a neckerchief type thing. Like a bandanna on backwards. He was super smiley. I don’t remember much about it other than that but I tried to find the cartoon character but I can’t find it. I remember he kicked around a soccer ball though. I don’t remember the name of character.

  59. Now this is not something that I have experienced personally, but I have encountered several people — my mother, my father (they had not met at the time), my boss, and a few other people — who swear up and down that they watched a game show called “Password” back in the 70s, and saw an episode where Tom Selleck gives the clue “doe” to a contestant, who replies with the word “knob.” In fact, many, many people remember watching this episode. In fact, it is so widespread that it has become a popular urban legend. However, it apparently never happened. There is even a Snopes article about it ( My mom has talked about seeing this episode upon several occasions, and when I read the Snopes article, I informed her that it was an urban legend and never actually happened. She said that it did happen, that she watched it live, and recalled specific details about the episode. I just came across this page today (I also clearly remember it being Berenstein Bears — it was my favorite book series as a kid, I owned all the books. I also remember for years that New Zealand was north of Australia), and the first thing I thought about was this episode of “Password.” A lot of people clearly remember watching it, but all indicators point toward it never happening.

  60. I was brought to this page because of the Berenstain/stein Bears debate. I remember it being pronounced “stein” so I called my mom and asked her what the name of the book with the Bears from my childhood was called, and she said, “The Berenstein Bears.” I asked her about the alternate spelling and she refused to accept that the last name was ever spelled with an A. I remember once in college during a linguistics class, a professor explaining how some words come to be pronounced incorrectly because they’re easier to say the incorrect way. His example was, the contraction for “will not” was once “willn’t” which would made sense according to the laws of language, but “willn’t” is difficult to pronounce, and over time the pronunciation changed to “won’t” because of constant (esentially just lazy) mispronunciation, at which point the spelling changed. Perhaps the pronunciation of “Berenstain” was changed to “Berenstein” because it was easier to say, and then it was just accepted as the correct way to say the name. Though, I think it’s crazy an entire generation of parents would mispronounce a word with such frequency.

    Moving on.. I always thought Chartreuse was red or purple-red until a few years ago. Also, to this DAY, I have to stop and check IMDB to see if it’s “Sex IN the City” or “Sex AND the City” because I always thought it was the former.

    However, the one that caught my attention most was definitely/definately, because I VIVIDLY remember struggling to learn to spell it the correct way (at the time) as “definately,” only to be told a few years later it is spelled “definitely.” I still spell it with an “a” 90% of the time. This actually happens with words a lot. I will remember them as being spelled a difficult/confusing way and then find out later the spelling is closer to the way I originally thought. It has made me crazy for YEARS. Another aspect of this phenomenon is that when I was younger (grade school, high school, AND college), I was always sharp and had straight A’s, by my parents would tease me because I was genuinely the world’s WORST speller. And about four or five years ago, I suddenly stopped making spelling errors, and now people ask me to spell words for them all the time. It seems like a very strange thing to just suddenly become great at without any intentional practice, especially since the invention of spell check.

    I asked my dad when and how Nelson Mandela died, and he said in the 80’s, in prison. I asked him about the Challenger and he said, “late January of 86” because I was a small baby (I would have been 2 months old), he and my mom had just moved back home from out of state and were staying with her dad, and he remembers my grandfather and he were watching The Price is Right and taking care of me while my mom was at work when the news came on about the Challenger (so this one jives with our current stream, at least for him).

    Lastly, I’ve never heard of the April/August Hurricane Katrina thing, but for me, it was definitely August 2005 because I left in very late August 2005 to study abroad, and the girl who ended up becoming my closest friend while I was abroad had JUST lost her home and pretty much all of her belongings about a week before we left. People were sending her money and boxes of underwear and cameras when we first arrived in London because they didn’t have time to get them to her between the time her home was washed away and the time she left for the semester.

  61. I was lead here by a conversation on how to properly spell The Bernstein Bears. (I spell it this way because despite the evidence, I KNOW it was spelled with an E).

    [Edited due to “you’re just confused” advice, plus misinformation claiming that the Orlando airport has a monorail, just not to WDW. It doesn’t. OIA describes it as a train, though it shares some features with monorails. Ref: and

    However… There are definitely (I’m one that remembers learning definately) some scary coincidences and events that are suddenly explained in my own life. I would swear that there was an episode of Friends in which Rachel dated a bald Bruce WIllis (not the character of Elizabeth’s father) and the story revolved around him choosing to be bald for so long that he didn’t know if he could even grow hair anymore. Yet this episode does not exist. Perhaps it was another sitcom, or perhaps it was in a parallel universe. Suddenly LOST doesn’t seem so confusing!!

    1. Hi Smunkie,
      I wasn’t much of a Friends fan, but I do remember the episode where Rachel was dating Bruce Willis.
      I AM however quite a Seinfeld fan, and the story of choosing to be bald and not knowing whether one could grow hair is a plotline from Season 8 Episode 11.
      Here’s the Wikipedia link to it:
      And to paraphrase:
      “Elaine then makes an entrance, introducing her new boyfriend Kurt (John Michael Higgins), who shaves his head… Elaine is thoroughly disappointed in Kurt’s bald head after seeing the hair he could have if he didn’t keep shaving it off. She persuades him to regrow his hair, but is even more shocked to discover that he’s going bald. After a pep talk from George, Kurt soon proposes to Elaine in order to have as much time with her as possible before he goes completely bald.”
      Could this have been the plot line you were thinking of? Maybe there is a timeline where that story was used in both Friends and Seinfeld, who knows? I’m starting to wonder if some show/movie timelines have mixed up storylines. I have instances where I vividly remember watching an episode of a show and the characters acting out a story. Later in conversation or looking around online, I see that that storyline was from a completely different tv show even though I remember specific characters from another show acting it out. Maybe in your timeline, the writer who came up with that concept ended up getting a job working on Friends rather than Seinfeld, who knows? And I agree about Lost not being as confusing after some of the revelations I’ve had while reading this site! Take care!

  62. A couple months ago, me a few friends got stuck on the subject of Ghandi’s death. One of us thought he’d been assassinated, everyone else was sure he’d died of natural causes.

    1. My husband and I had a discussion about Gandhi today. I asked him “how did MLK Jr. die?” and he replied “he was shot with a revolver, no wait, that was Gandhi.” This shocked me because I believed he died of natural causes as well. I just looked it up, he was assassinated. It was a pistol though, and that’s strange because my husband has near expert knowledge of weapons. When he said revolver, he meant revolver. Then again, I don’t know much about weapons, maybe a revolver can be a pistol too? I’ll ask him tomorrow.

      1. This shocked me, absolutely. I remember Ghandi dying of natural causes, not assassination. The assassination of such a peaceful public figure wouldn’t have been easy to forget. I had to look it up after reading your comment, and sure enough there it was. Unbelievable.

  63. I have an odd but extremely clear memory of a late 80s early 90s movie that I watched as a child that nobody else seems to remember. I feel very strongly that I did not make the plot / characters up and that I was very fond of this movie and watched it several times, but my parents and siblings never remember the movie.

    It has been so long that I cannot remember the name if the movie and I’m not familiar with any of the actors names, but I can very vividly remember several scenes. There are two main male characters and a female main character. They end up passing through a wall in a tunnel / sewer somewhere beneath the city and find an alternate world on the other side. The lady character ends up being from this alternate world and the main villain remembers her and wants to kill her but she has no idea. I remember that she is taken to a room with a lot of other women her age and she gets all dressed up like she is going to a party, but there’s a shot of her holding a knife behind her back.

    Sorry about the strange description. All I have are visual memories of this movie. Can anyone tell me if they remember this movie? (And what it is if you remember it? It’s been driving me nuts for years!!!!)

    1. Sue,

      That sounds a lot like the movie adaptation of Super Mario Brothers starring Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper, and Samantha Mathis that was released in 1993. Most people thought it was horrible, so they forgot about it unless they were a gamer like I was back then. I thought over all it was an okay movie, but that it didn’t really draw much from the source material. Hopefully this helps.

      Thank you,


    2. Sue,

      I think you are talking about the film adaptation of Suoer Mario Bros. starring Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper, and Samantha Mathis. It was released in 1993. Most people didn’t like the movie, so forgot about it fairly quickly. Hopefully this helps.


  64. I found this site while looking through the Berenstain Bears problem. It’s funny – I remember Berenstein quite clearly, but the more I hear Berenstain, the tighter it sounds. Almost like it’s taking over where Berenstein used to be.

    My strangest experience though was not long ago. Some friends were at my house and since it was someone’s birthday, they were going to get drinks at the bar just behind my house. My boyfriend and I were invited, but we never went. A few months ago, I realized I had a memory that we really did go that night. I remember walking in, saying hello to my friends, what the layout of the bar was like. I had, until tonight, never been inside that bar. I described in detail, the bar on the left, the back room with the pool tables, the location of the women’s restroom, even the hanging lights. My boyfriend was ashen. It freaked us both out pretty bad. I’m sure I’ve never set foot in that bar, and you can’t enter it from the street, so I couldn’t have looked in through the front door one day. Yet I have a memory that doesn’t feel dreamlike or unreal. It feels exactly like any other memory, except I’m fairly sure it didn’t happen.

    I read an article once about why we can’t remember the future, only the past. I can’t remember where, but I’ll try searching for it because it was very interesting and possibly related to some of these occurrences.

  65. I had a movie poster for the pet semetary pop up on my facebook feed yesterday. Semetary… with an s. I thought there must be a mistake on the poster, but since I have been reading this blog, I googled it. Apparently it has always been an s, because in the cemetery scene the sign was made by kids who spelled it wrong . I an 100% sure that if it had always been that way it would have stood out to me. I read allot and I notice when words are spelled wrong. Anyone else notice this?

    1. I had to look when I read this. What? This is freaky! I remember “Pet Cemetery”. Because he it was about pets coming back from the dead.

  66. I can swear to my grave that hurricane Katrina happened in 2004. I was in fourth grade and I met a good friend of mine who moved up from New Orleans because her parents had a second home up here. In 2005 we were in separate buildings and wouldn’t have known each other if that’s the year she came up.

    I also remember the Tsunami happening several months after Katrina, and I thought Katrina was in April. That seems a little early in the year for a hurricane to me, but I also remember that being the year where we had so many hurricanes and tropical storms that we had to go into the Greek Alphabet. That was because of La Nina or El Nino, or something, even though when I try to do research now, it says there were no oscillating pattern during either of those years.

  67. I very clearly remember it being Berenstein Bears, I owned some of the books as a child and remember writing the name that way in a book report. I also have clear memories of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett breaking up when I was younger and of chartreuse being a redish purple color.

  68. I remember Armand’s hand gesture! He had his fingers flexed, then tapped them down towards the flame like he was drumming his fingers on something or playing an arpeggio on a keyboard, then curled his fingers around and back up, straightening them out towards the end. I actually had to do a double-take when I saw it on the clip, because I had such a clear image in my mind. I’ve seen the movie six or seven times, and Armand is my favourite character, so that’s just… weird.

    Also, not on your list… I swear to god that when I went to see James Cameron’s Avatar in cinema, in the scene where Jake and Neytiri get it on, he pulls her up onto her lap and it’s heavily implied that they’re having traditional human sex, and only near the very end did the ponytail stuff happen. My mother, who was with me, remembers this as well, and when we got the DVD version we both thought that the scene had been altered. Apparently not.

  69. I got here yesterday after reading about the Berenstein Bears now being Berenstain Bears. I unfortunately cannot track down the physical copies of the books from childhood which have been given away. I did check with my Mom who, though elderly, has always been a terrific speller and she said Berenstein. I was a bit excited waiting for her when she said she knew where some of those books were but alas she had given all of them away. If I was desperate I could track down the distant relative she gave them to. I asked my sister who I knew my Mom had given some of these books to for her kids but she’s had no luck finding them. She does agree that the spelling is Berenstein as do my other siblings. These books would be from the ’60’s so I really wanted someone to find a physical book to see what the spelling was. My brother-in-law said ‘you know you can just look it up on the internet’ and I said I have to see a physical book or have someone see one for me, one from my childhood, for me to know. I didn’t bother to explain why because he’s a pretty busy guy and I don’t want him to think I’m paranoid or something. I’m not. This is a bit strange to me as in our childhood those books were the BERENSTEIN BEARS, absolutely no doubt about it.

    I could ask my brother but wanted confirmation from the family first of their memory of their spelling. I’m quite sure everyone will say Berenstein. I thought an even better test would have been my niece and nephew who I even read a couple of those books to in the last ten years. They were born in 2002 and 2004 and both have excellent memories so it would have been nice to test their memories but they’re sort of unavailable to talk to. And it would likely freak my sister out and she’d never forgive me, stupid family matters haha. I will have to run it my brother at some time, though, as he had a NDE 10 years ago. He only told me once and doesn’t want to ever talk about it again but in his NDE he was suddenly back in a fighter plane likely in the Korean War he figured, or maybe WWII.

    Also a lot of reading the past two days and a message from an anonymous person confirmed that his physical books from about 1990 are now Berenstain and they were Berenstein before.

    Asides from that I was wavering back on forth on the Interview with a Vampire title. I can’t say for sure on that one but at first it bugged me. Not as much as the Bears one though that one I’m positive one. I never watched Sex in/and the City but am fairly aware of pop culture. That one I definitely lean towards Sex in the City but can’t be sure as I never watched the show. On another topic Madagascar does seem a bit higher up than what I remember but can’t be sure.

    The Berenstein Bears is bugging me though. If I allowed myself to give in and go either way on the Interview with A/The Vampire and Sex in/And the city I will never give in and accept that those books were Berenstain. Never. I will check with my aunt who is also and excellent speller and was a grade 2 teacher for many years. I’m sure she’ll confirm the Berenstein spelling but would not have a physical book. I really wanted to see a book from my childhood or have someone else from my family. grrrr, I thought I was so close to knowing but not.

    oh and the Challenger in my memory was January 1986 but I am a bit perplexed after reading how some people swear 1984. It seems maybe? younger people are remembering the 1984? January 1986 here. For sure for me, for now ha

    take care thanks for reading that rambling if you do.

  70. Here are my memories:

    The car company AUDI never entered my consciousness until this year, and Im 35 years old. Its to me as if it never existed.
    Then suddenly, I heard the name AUDI referenced 3 times in a span of a couple of weeks and I just scratched my head. Some people made me feel stupid, like I should know it. I know volkswagon, but never heard of Audi or even anyone ever talking about it.

    Walter Cronkite dying long before he actually died, remember seeing news reports of it 5-6 years before it happened

    Louie Anderson—dead, thats why he was not on family feud

    Nelson Mandela was dead, but it wasn’t something I knew much about because it happened in the 80s when I was a kid

    Sex in the City as the title

    nobody does it like Sara Lee

    Jiffy for the peanut butter in the mid 80s to late 80s, disappeared after that, then returned a couple years ago as JIF

    Cookie Crisp cereal, it disappeared

    Berenstein Bears

    For the people remember John Goodman dying of a heart attack, that was his character in Roseanne that died of a heart attack, and not him.

    1. Cookie crisp still exists. I had some a few weeks ago. Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast=awesome. But they changed their cartoon mascot and it angers me. I remember the Louis Anderson suicide story, but I distinctly recall it being a hoax. Though I could have sworn at some point he did die, maybe late 90’s/early 2000’s when I was in high school…but he is still alive.

  71. I recently heard about the Berenst#in debacle (It’s always been E for me) and I found this post via Google search. I’m 19, so I wasn’t alive for a lot of the events. Firstly, I remember watching a Jimi Hendrix documentary from 2014 on Netflix and seeing Noel Redding (the former bassist for The Jimi Hendrix Experience) being interviewed and he mentioned something about Twitter. When I tried finding the documentary the next day the live clips with Noel Redding were gone. I googled it and it turns out that Noel Redding died in the early 2000s. This was half a year ago. Another thing I remember is that Now and Then was a Carl Perkins song that he performed in front of Paul McCartney in the early 1990s. Now it’s a lost John Lennon song that Yoko gave to Paul. I remember Joni Mitchell dying in 2012, as well as Frankie Valli. Charles Schultz (I know it’s Schulz) died in 2001 on September 11th from cancer. I thought that Andy Warhol was still alive, but retired in 2006 until last year when my mom told me that he died in the 80s.

  72. My mind is blown….

    I just came across a FB post about the Berenstein Bears and this is the first I am hearing about the Mandela Effect and other theories. About 3 years ago I was reading my nephew a bedtime story with my sister – Berenstein Bears of course – and notice the spelling of the name. I remember it well, because I thought to myself how crazy it was that I had the name wrong all this time. Berenstain! It’s just not right. I am now mind blown to hear this is an actual “thing” – I thought I had just misread and pronounced the name wrong all this time.

    Moving on…

    John and Yoko’s bed-in ….. Montreal, Canada (if haven’t googled to check, but that is what I remember from I documentary I watched, as I am big John Lennon fan).

    Fidel Castro……. he’s still alive?!? Mind blown.

    Ghost Hunters….. it was TAPS. I remember that one well because I not only watched the show, but subscribed to an HVAC/Plumbing trade magazine where they were on the cover highlighting the show TAPS. I am going to have to dig out the magazine tomorrow at work…

    Now, am I going to be able to sleep tonight? Who knows… I am mind blown.

    1. Every time (<< which used to be one word for me), I see the Montreal reference to John and Yoko's bed-in, my first reaction is, for me it was New York City and then I have this weird feeling that Montreal was apart of New York State.

  73. I have been captivated by this concept since I first encountered the Berenst#in phenomenon on reddit a few months ago. I am certain it was Berenstein – in fact, my thought as I clicked on the link was, ‘how interesting, some people think there is an alternate universe where it’s Berenstain…’ I’ll never forget the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I realised I was the one who had ‘switched.’

    I share a few of the more common memories – Sex IN the city, Billy Graham died during the Clinton administration and his funeral coverage preempted my favourite after school programs – but the most visceral has to be Tank Man. I clearly remember watching him get run over on TV with my mother, the bump as the tank rolled over his body, and the camera panning to whatever news anchor (I was a kid so didn’t really take note of newsreaders) who apologised profusely for not cutting the feed.

    Like many other posters, I have always been open to the idea that the world isn’t what it seems. I remember an incident in late primary school where I suddenly became conscious of the idea that reality may not be real, and that there was no way of knowing whether the reality I was experiencing was equivalent to anyone else’s. (This was pre-Matrix, so I’m not really sure where the idea came from). I remember babbling almost incoherently about this to my Mom, who looked at me like I was nuts. Finally in exasperation I exclaimed, ‘Don’t you ever think about this stuff?’ She looked back equally incredulous and responded ‘No.’ So maybe there is something to the notion that only certain personality types experience this phenomenon. For the record I am an INFJ.

    I just wanted to throw something out there for discussion, apologies if it has already been raised. If there is an infinite number of universes, timelines, etc. I wonder if the experience of ‘soul mates’ could be attributed to the fact that two souls or consciousnesses have travelled from the same original timeline, or possibly along the same path. I would be interested in finding out if there are people out there who share an overwhelming connection that also experience the same alternate memories.

    Thanks Fiona for the great site!

  74. Ok – the Berenstein/stain Bears thing has me befuddled! And, there are several things in the master list that I am confused on too, but here are the things I can immediately tell you I am having ME-like issues with:

    Jif vs Jiffy Peanut Butter – when I was a kid, there was Jiffy-Pop Popcorn and I swore that the same company made Jiffy PB because they had the same name…the label on the jar was red/green/blue vertical stripes with yellow letters.

    Babar/Barbar/Babar – for a while, I kept reading that Babar the Elephant’s name was Barbar…but now it’s Babar again. I was really bothered by the fact that I missed an “R” as a kid and felt stupid. but now it’s back to just one “r”. Anyone else? (this is why I am so freaked about the B.Bears thing – I was a very studious child and spelling and grammar were big things to me.) I also agree it was Shultz, not Shulz.

    Mister Roger’s song – “the” not “this”.

    Jim Nabors died about 5-10 years ago. So did Gene Wilder. I remember seeing tribute videos to Jim on awards shows. I got rid of cable tv about 7 years ago and have not seen an awards show since. And, I am a huge Wilder fan, and I grieved him. Now they are both alive????

    Sex IN the City. I have never seen an episode, but I have friends who were very into it. It was IN.

    Jeb Bush was George W.’s cousin when he was Pres. Now he is his brother????

    Definitely vs Definately. I don’t have an issue with this one, but I am convinced ‘separate’ used to be ‘seperate’. I misspell that one all the time now.

    I remember in school that the former Iranian Col. was Khaddafi, not Gaddafi/Qaddafi. The spelling has been changed.

    Mandela died in prison in the ’80s. I will swear to it.

    As much as I know Tim Leary was NOT a serial killer, when I was a kid I associated his name with being a serial killer.

    These are just a few things off the top of my head. I won’t even get into how I think the sky has changed (anyone else hear those weird noises? Just happy to know that there are others out there who have doubts about reality too.

    1. I remember Gene Wilder died. I remember seeing him in the Oscars’ In Memoriam, with a clip from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

    2. When I read your comment about Jeb Bush being George Bush’s brother I had to google it because I also am convinced that he’s always been George Bush’s *cousin*!

  75. This is the most fascinating subject to me!

    Unfortunately none of us will ever find out if it is a deliberate time jump or simply a time glitch.

    I remember being in first grade doing book reports on the Berenstein Bears. My mom would usually trace the cover of the book I read for the report and then I would go back and color it in. I remember her giving me the page to color and saying to myself isn’t it “BerenstEin?” I always figured I just thought I was wrong.

    My own personal experience came with the movie Titanic. Love the movie. Ever since I was a kid. I would watch it over and over again. Especially because who can resist Leonardo DiCaprio? LOL

    It was one of the biggest movies in the 90s so I remember it always being on TV. I specifically remember the character “Thomas Andrews” played by Victor Garber, in a state of panic when they realized the ship had been hit, running through the halls with rolls of blue prints and studying them to see the results of water flowing through one of the floors.

    Around the age of 20, 5 years ago, I finally bought the movie on dvd! I was so excited to watch, I put it in my DVD player immediately. I instantly became confused as to why the scene that I remembered so vividly was no longer there. I searched for hours on the internet to see if there was an edited version of the movie for the dvds. I even went back to my VHS copies, set up my old VCR and watched the entire second tape and never saw the scene.

    Anyone else??? Tell me I’m not crazy! Lol!

    1. I can reassure you that I too remember that scene in Titanic, for completely different reasons. I saw titanic when I was 14 with my mom, her boss, and his boyfriend. I was awake for four scenes in the movie. The first 10 minutes, the drawing scene, the car sex scene, and him running through the halls with the blue prints. I haven’t watched it since and I have never owned a copy so I can’t say from TV or vhs/DVD, but I distinctly remember that scene in the theatre.

  76. Ok, I have one that I used to argue with my friends about all the time:

    In Scream (1996), there is a scene near the end where Matthew Lillard’s character has been discovered to be a bad guy. I have a very clear memory of him saying to Sidney (Neve Campbell), “My mom and dad are going to kill me!” It stuck out in my mind because I thought it was a clever joke (he’s a killer; he’s worried that his parents are going to ‘kill’ him). Plus, I had a friend who sort of looked like Lillard and I would try to get him to say the line. Everybody acted like I was crazy because they didn’t know the line, so we finally went back and watched the scene again. And they were right. Now he says, “My mom and dad are going to be so mad.” That ruins the joke.

    I always just figured it was a different edit of the movie that I saw.

    1. I recently watched Scream and thought the same thing when I saw that scene! It was definitely “kill me,” and I’d chuckle at that part.. I had a moment of “huh, that’s weird” when watching it more recently, on TV. I wonder if the dvd version has the real joke?

      1. Referring to Scream, the scene with Matthew Lillard is exactly as I remember it, same as you both. I can vividly see the scene in my head, I watched that movie a lot and had the biggest crush on Matt at the time. It’s the scene in the kitchen where the two boys are beating each other up, Matthew is stabbed and starts choking blood up. It runs out of his mouth, and onto his shirt (which was a beige/white long sleeve shirt, as I remember it). He then leans up against the counter, crying, with his knife in his hand, and says, “My parents are going to KILL me.” Then he slides to the floor of the kitchen.

        Note: I specifically DID NOT look up this scene anywhere online before I wrote this post. It is SOLELY from memory only. I wanted to see how close my perceptions are compared to others here with their own memories.

  77. Ok, so I have scrolled through a bunch of these comments.

    Definitely remember BerenstEin, Sex IN the City, a beautiful day in THE neighborhood…

    But here’s my weird one that I haven’t seen discussed (it could have been because I haven’t seen it discussed anywhere else).

    The TV show Supernatural, the show about two brothers who hunt Supernatural creatures. I DISTINCTLY remember seeing promos for this show before it aired as being about one man, a reporter, traveling the country and documenting his adventures with the supernatural. I know originally the creator of the show said an early version was two reporters but was scrapped for the eventual pilot episode of two brothers, but I really do remember seeing an actual promo that made it to TV of one reporter.

    1. The same year that came out, they tried to remake The Night Stalker, which is close to the premise you remember.

      1. THANK YOU!!! I just looked up the trailer for that, and it’s definitely the thing I remember!

        False alarm!

  78. I have a memory of watching all three Lord of the Rings DVDs at the same time on a vacation I took in the summer of 2003. Later I learned that the 3rd movie didn’t come out in theaters until December 2003. I’ve never seen the Lord of the Rings movies besides the time on vacation, which I swear happened in August 2003, but I can recall scenes accurately from the 3rd movie which should be impossible.

  79. This may just be me, but I recall the song Above the Winter Moonlight by Dragonforce sounding completely different. To date I can’t remember how it did sound, but I recall hearing it on my Ipod one day and being completely confused by it. It was always the first song in alphabetical order on my Ipod so I frequently heard it first. To date this “version” of it just sounds wrong.

  80. At first I was looking at this theory as just something fun because I’m a sucker for conspiracy theories and sci-fi. I love to explore imagination. I thought it was interesting that so many people could remember so many different things and corroborate.

    Then it happened to me.

    Madagascar. With MADAGASCAR

    I was taught that this was a small island hundreds of miles south of where it is today. WAY smaller than we see it on the map, about a tenth the size. I remember this island because of it’s unique biodiversity specifically because I loved Kangaroos and the fact they had pouches and you could find similar animals there. The big thing that shocked me was to find out that actual people live there. When I went on wikipedia I’m shocked that its a country with some odd 22 million people living on it. How does a alternate reality shift account for 22 million people that just show up out of now where.

    I have very specific memories about Madagascar growing through middle school which was approximately 15 years ago .

    I also have issues with the placement of New Zealand, it was far more North and East. I remember this because I traveled to Sydney about 8 years ago and wondered what traveling would look like from Sydney to New Zealand.

    My wife literally thinks I’m crazy so I’m going to have to stop indulging too much in this mandela effect stuff

    1. Don’t let her convince you you’re crazy! The size and population of Madagascar are also very wrong to me. I can remember there being a reason for the low population there, but I can’t put my finger on what it was. But it was much smaller and its position now is just not right. 🙂

    2. As soon as I read this comment my mind just started screaming “THERE’S PEOPLE LIVING IN MADAGASCAR?”. I very clearly remember it being a tiny island east of Africa that had no citizens, much like the poles. I remember memorizing it for a test, Madagascar and the Poles are the only bigger landmasses without habitants, besides researchers and stuff. I’m shocked.

  81. It seems that many of these realities phase out at different times because Nelson Mandela had always been alive up until recently for me yet the various naming changes and geological changes seem very recent. I remember Mongolia being a country, although much smaller, even when the rest of eastern Asia and Oceania were in their previous locations. I’m curious why these relocations haven’t caused a greater impact on the human and ecological history of the rest of the world. The new locations of these landmasses would cause significant changes in migration patterns. They would also be affected by different climates which would change their habitability.

    1. I had to log on to say, I have also been reading through this for the last few days and am completely blown away. When did Oceania become a geographical location?
      I am mostly thrown off by the location of New Zealand not being where I thought it was (I believed north west) and now “oceania” is used casually as a reference to that area, where, up until this moment,I believed Oceania was a made up place in fiction. Just googled it, and sure enough, it is a normal name for the area, complete with maps and references.

      I have never heard this area of our earth as referenced as such. Strange

  82. I am not saying I believe John Lennon died on any other day then December 8th but I had a trivia game and the one question was when he died, and the answer it had was Tuesday December 9th 1980 now I always said the card is just wrong cause I read when really into the beatles Monday december 8th 1980. But who knows.

  83. Ok, I just discovered another one, and it freaked me out for a second. I have always known that the colors in the rainbow are red orange yellow green blue purple. I have always also known that there are seven colors in the rainbow. They don’t match, I only listed six. What the heck. I googled it and Isaac newton said it was red orange yellow green blue indigo violet. I have never not one single time heard anyone say that indigo and violet were in the rainbow. I don’t even remember who taught me the rainbow, or how old I was. And why has nobody ever told me I had it wrong. OMG so super weird. When I think of the colors I even think of it in a sing song kind of way, like someone taught me a song so I would remember the order.

    1. I learned the rainbow order as Roy G. Biv (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). My kids know that, too. This is all very fascinating to me!

  84. I remeber seeing a news report of Jack Nicholson passing away around 95 or 94. I was around 8 years old, and upset cause i remembered him from Batman. Then I started seeing more movies with him, and later found out he wad still alive.

  85. 1. I clearly remember Berenstein Bears. I remember asking my mother whether to it was pronounced STEEN or STINE.

    2. I never saw the Charlie Brown Halloween special, but the creators of The Simpsons did, and they seem to remember the pumpkin coming alive. See season 20 episode 4, Treehouse of Horrors.

    3. I remember being taught definately in school.

    4. This isn’t on the list but I also remember being taught that alright wasn’t a word.

    5. I without a doubt remember It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood and I watched that show religiously.

    6. It’s definitely Interview with a vampire.

    7. I definitely remember Looney Toons and, apparently, so do the creators of its spinoff Tiny Toons.

    8. I remember Sex In the City.

    9. I remember seeing both Western Sizzler and Western Sizzlin’. I just figured they changed their name.

    10. I remember Steve Rhoads on Married with Children being played by two different people.

    1. Edit***

      I suggest that people that do remember the pumpkin coming alive check out that Simpsons episode to see if their depiction of the pumpkin matches your memory.

      Also, when comparing Looney Tunes to Tiny Toons, it makes me wonder when the “changes” occur. Obviously if you were creating a spin-off with tiny versions of the characters from Looney Tunes, wouldn’t you name it Tiny Tunes instead of Tiny Toons? I feel like there is something there. Maybe a way to pinpoint when that “change” occurred, like that guy that was able to pinpoint the that the Berenstein Bears “change” occurred sometime between February 2005 and August 2005.

    2. Good point with Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons. I remember as a kid thinking it was Toons and then seeing it was really Tunes and puzzling over it for a little while. Toons makes sense bc of cartoons, but Tunes also makes sense bc of Merrie Melodies. So I don’t know if that is just a common misunderstanding or real Mandela Effect. I personally don’t have a distinct memory of it changing.

      I think maybe for things like this that make sense both ways, and the difference is so negligible it could be attributed to a misunderstanding, that somehow predisposes it to Mandela Effect. Like, in different timelines, when people are making that particular decision of what to call something, it can go either way because it is basically a coin toss. Then, if we are also shifting between timelines, and some kind of “decision” has to be made about which timeline is the closest approximation to the last one, with the least disruption or noticeable differences, these kinds of differences are maybe grouped together for simplicity. If they are noticed, they can be chalked up to a simple mistake or misremembering. Those kinds of things could be changing for people all the time, and might usually go unnoticed, because most people don’t notice, don’t care, and can blow it off easily.

  86. OK so after reading about professor x have gone different abilities. I recall him having telekinesis and thinking “why doesn’t he just move his legs physically with his mind if he can control objects with his mind.” but I didn’t see anything about him having telekinesis on his biography.

  87. I also distinctly recall tracing my finger over the name “Berenstein” as a child, growing up during the shift and having the exsistential crisis of remembering it being Berenstein but seeing BerenstAin books at the doctor’s office.

    The show was definitely called “Sex in the City.”

    I remember John Goodman dying recently but apparently he’s still alive?

    And was completely shocked by Mandela – I distinctly remember learning about him dying in Prison in the 80’s.

    Jimmy Carter just got diagnosed with cancer – I thought he died years ago?

    I was taught “definately” my whole life and always had trouble until I made the switch to definitely by learning that now it was just the word “definite” with an “ly”

    Dinner with A Vampire FOR SURE

    I remember 9/11 being on a Monday – which would make it 9/10

    I distinctly remember Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez from TLC dying in a fire, there was even an hour-long interview I watched about it. Then I found out she died in a car crash??

    I remember seeing chemtrails since I was 8 (2002/3), I thought they were rocket ships

    And also there was a scene in Spy Kids that I saw in theaters where they swim underwater with a bunch of sleeping sharks. Apparently that’s not from an alternate universe but actually just a special version of the movie only shown in some theaters and never put on the DVDs

    There’s not much to be done if this is an alternate timeline. It just sucks to know that things could or should be different and there’s nothing we can do about it besides share the feeling and relish in the fact that we’re not alone.

    Thanks for making this Fiona!

    1. ‘Dinner with a vampire’ is a new one and it certainly would give the likes of ‘Plato’,bothered with ontology,some food for thought.I may be game for,a dinner with a vampire,provided veg burgers or veg hot dogs are served,but i will surely slip away when it’s time for drinks.

  88. After a few comments to other comments, I want to offer one I haven’t seen yet… I was certain the Jimmy Carter died about 10 years ago but I read on the “news” feed thismorning that he was just diagnosed with cancer…. Hmm.

    I remember Jiffy peanut butter. You could spread it in a “jiffy” because it was sooo creamy and never needed stirred. And ” Get Jiff because it’s Diff” and “You can be a Jiffy kid too!!” the different part was that it was made with other oils besides peanut that kept it from separating – meaning that I didn’t have it as a child because it wasn’t “real peanut butter”.

    My Dad bought a herd of cows from a man named Charles Schulz back in the late 80’s – early 90’s.. Mr. Schulz, the farmer, knew the artist, Charles Schultz. I read the name on the check. Wikipedia be damned.

    I just had to look up Jane Goodall. OMG. I would have sworn that she was killed around ’74 by poachers while attempting to protect the chimps. I was so certain I had read about it in Nat. Geographic.

    Looney Toons was the cartoon. Looney Tunes was the storeybook and record.

    I do not remember John Goodman dying. I remember John Candy dying. As often as I was allowed to watch either one, left me with the impression for many years that they were the same person.

    Does anyone remember seeing the occasional color picture on the black and white television?

    “We never walked on the moon/Elvis ain’t dead”
    Spiral Out.


    1. Okay, so there are a lot of things that are freaking me out since I discovered that the Berenstein Bears I remembered were always spelled Berenstain.
      It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood.
      Jimmy Carter is alive?! He died a decade ago!
      Hitler always had brown eyes and brown hair and it was ironic that he wanted blonde haired, blue eyed Aryans. I remember in school, Goebbels wrote about his “DEEP BROWN EYES. Like starfire.” Or some variation thereof. Now that I look it up, they were “BIG BLUE EYES. Like stars.”
      When I was a kid, we had a Chik-fil-a. They had a sign of cows writing “Eet mor chiken” on their signs. Then, I noticed it was Chic-fil-a when I lived down the road from one. I have not been there in a long time and I just noticed that it’s Chick-fil-a now!
      I feel like I’m going crazy. My sister even recalls some events I don’t remember at all, or remember differently. I’m sure this isn’t everything I’ve noticed, but I just thought I’d share.

      1. Alex L, please don’t repost comments. As it says in the comment-related info at this site, I manually approve posts once a day, and usually only on weekdays. Until I’m back at this website’s dashboard, all comments can be seen by the person who posted it, but — until approved — not by anyone else.

      2. Alex,

        I’m so glad to see that someone else remembers Chik fil A, with a K-only. For me, it’s always been spelled with just a K, until I came to this website. Of course when I ‘Googled it’ it came up as the current Chick spelling. And as a test I asked my husband to spell out the name, but without telling him why, and he also spelled out the K-only version. Other posters only seem to remember the alternate ‘Chic’ (C-only) spelling. Thanks for sharing this!

  89. wow, I thought it was just me until I found this site. I remember a petition passed around to help get mandela out of prison. I remember that he died… years later he was alive and in the news, he became the leader, president. glad I am not the only one.

  90. So 14 hours later I have come to the end of this thread. I was flabbergasted when I saw the new spelling of Berenstein bears. It was clearly not what I remember. Thank you for starting this site Fiona. I am different and very concerned by this reality switches I am sometimes Paul Atrides different. I want to focus on the topics.
    I remember tank boy being a smear on the road I remember being 15 at the time so it was in the 90’s some time I remember because when I was in speech and debate nationals the topic was told to me as euthanasia (youth in asia) and I thought it was about tienenman square.

    I remember Louie Anderson dying and why they stopped family feud for a while before getting Richard Karn.

    I remember the shuttle disaster in two different ways.
    One I was living in a trailer park when was about 10 and a lady remarked how sad it was that the challenger exploded. These were tough times and I had nothing but a radio to listen to most of the time and we had no TV.
    One I am somewhere watching the episode of Punky Brewster and she is watching the space shuttle launch and has to deal with the loss of the astronauts.

    I remember Sally Ride being the teacher but I might just be wrong.

    I remember Chocotay dying and then being brought back as well.

    This mongolia thing is new as in I just noticed this.

    Its weird I don’t feel very disconcerted but I keep having a feeling like someone will come through more door any moment but that doesn’t seem related maybe its the spook factor here.

    Wish I could help with the words and geography but having disgraphia makes this hard. Since I sometimes have trouble with spelling and the like.

    I remember 52 states I think maybe the other two would be PR and VI but I don’t know.

    Also not sure if I wasn’t paying attention but I think I missed columbia it seems I would have remembered it.

    Everybody remembers flight 800 right?

    I would like to add to the conversation and not distract from it.

    Also this may be nothing I remember being hit in the back of the head at a burger king. There was nothing after this no authorites called, nothing its kind of a strange memory.

    1. I remember a couple of big TWA crashes in my lifetime. I remember thinking “who in the world would ever fly TWA?”

      I also somehow missed Colombia.

      I only remember 50 states. But I also remember, for a while, people always said 50 states, plus some kind of qualification. They would say, 50 states (or the United States), Puerto Rico, and Those 2 particular countries were practically US states, but not officially. They had some US privileges, and if there were contests or giveaway or something, or they were talking about the US on the news, they would say” the US, Puerto Rico, and ”

      I have a memory of something big and potentially deadly missing me by about one foot. There were witnesses standing all around me. Nobody seemed to notice or say anything about it , or investigate how that near miss accident happened. It was kind of surreal.

      1. Editing my above comment: after Puerto Rico, another country I can’t remember. Maybe US Virgin Islands.

  91. I was also shocked to learn that my memory of it being Berenstein Bears was “wrong”, I was sure that’s how I’d seen it written for many years, from childhood to adulthood. I even recall being unsure if the pronunciation was “steen” or “stine”, but never “stain”.
    I had a similar strange experience quite recently. A friend asked me if I’d like to go to the Fleetwood Mac concert coming up in October. She said it was the line up from the Rumours album, I said, no, it can’t be because the bassist John McVie had passed away quite recently (within the last couple of years). I clearly recalled a documentary I’d seen, and I remembered being quite sad at the end of it when they were talking about his passing. Well, of course I was gobsmacked when I looked it up online, and found he was most certainly alive! I was absolutely sure he had passed away (I’m ecstatic that in this timeline he’s still with us!) and I’m certainly not wishing him any ill health. Apparently he has/had colon cancer, but has responded well to treatment, and I certainly wish him well with his recovery. I’m still certain though that the documentary I had watched talked about him passing away. High strangeness indeed!
    Oh, and I also was convinced it was “Sex In The City”, hmmm. What the heck is going on?! Ha ha.
    Very interesting.

  92. Okay, these are some of my experiences and am very disturbed to find them different than I remember.

    Sex IN The City: when the movie came out in ’08 I remember wanting to go and my mom saying “You don’t need to be worried about Sex IN Any City” trying to be funny.

    Mystery Science Theater: I’ll be damned if it wasn’t 2000, I am still waiting for my dad to call me back to tell me which he remembers because I remember it changing from 2000 to 3000 and Servo and Crow making jokes about it.

    Those damn bears: It is Berenstien Bears. My stepmom would read them to me, I would call them “Bernstien” and she would correct me to “Berenstien” a mistake she wouldn’t make if it was Berenstain as she was a teacher of 14+ years at that point and the person who taught me to read and fixed my four brothers speech impediments.

    Mandela’s death: I remember reading about his death in history class, in my history book.

    Sarah Lee: nobody does it like Sarah Lee

    Interview with a Vampire: this is making me uneasy, I was obsessed with the books so consequently obsessed with the movies. It is “A” not “the” I read and reread those books a dozen times and was always caught between finding louie sweet and helplessly whiney and lestat as being cold and cruel and being misunderstood.

    On a personal side of things, my brother was a bit of a crap head, he got into some stuff he shouldn’t have and owed a dealer some money. I was confronted and ended up having a chunk sliced out of my arm in the scuffle. I still have the scar but last Christmas my family all acted shocked and concerned about a scar On my arm that is 7 years old. Not a single one remembering me having to go to the ER or my oldest brother kicking my other brothers teeth in for letting me get hurt or my dad trying to get custody from my mom for a second time after the incident. I felt crazy and got really shaken up and just put it aside.

    I’ll post more when/if I find more inconsistencies.

  93. I remember R.Kelly beiing a completely different person when the song bump and grind came out. Sometime before his sex scandal he looks completely different.

    1. le_modifi, I’ll agree. That’s a fairly convincing photo. I examined it closely (in Photoshop) and if it’s a fake photo, it’s a work of art. Major kudos to whomever created that image.

      As you can tell, until I see a believable “Berenstein” copy in real life, I can’t rule out Photoshop. (And even in real life, it could be a cloned book from China with a mistaken or even deliberate misspelling.)

      Aside from photos like that one, 100% of the people who visit this website tell me that — if they were able to find their old books in the attic or something — the titles say “Berenstain.”

      I’m among those who recall “Berenstein.” However, I’m not going to leap on a photograph that could be a masterful Photoshop creation.

  94. Hello Again Fiona,

    I am curious about a few things. When one is looking on the site everyone here seems to remember Berenstein bears. I am curious if you end up with any posts that say they remember Berenstain bears. The reason I ask this is if the entire world remember Berenstain then it seems that the Berenstain may have come into this reality on it’s own. Bears seems to be the marker if that is not the case. The problem is that at lot of the leads into this site are coming from Berenstein articles or youtube posts. Its weird though because the fact that I remember two versions of the challenger incident. Berenstein really hits me the hardest. Also I remember this same thing as an article but it was like things you think you remember but aren’t. For some reason it wasn’t as off putting. Not sure it was that the Berenstein bears were mispelled or if it was it was something less glaring then them have Stain in there name.
    Also I remember Hitler having brown and brown eyes and hair because the irony is that was jewish. If he was it seems based on simple genetics that he would have had to have had brown eyes?

    1. Pthagoris,

      Some people who’ve commented do recall Berenstain (and Bearenstein and other spellings). They’ve simply mentioned them in the context of a longer comment about multiple topics, so those comments may be harder to find, and not at my Berenstein/Berenstain article. However, if someone leaves a one-line comment like, “Well, I remember the BerenSTAIN Bears,” I usually delete it because it’s redundant; we already know the books seem to be titled Berenstain Bears in this reality.

      The color of Hitler’s eyes isn’t exactly a Mandela Effect topic since it could be confusion based on mis-colored b&w photos from that era. The genetics elude me. I’d have to know his parents’ eye colors and his grandparents’ eye colors, as well, to make a fair genetic analysis of his eye color. If you’re talking about Jewish stereotypes, there’s the monolithic version involving brown eyes, and the more realistic one involving every possible eye color. It’s a complex topic if we’re going to get technical about it, and way off-topic for this site.


  95. Wow it’s interesting to see many with all these different memories. The I know what you did last summer thing is really freaking me out that it was never called that! When I noticed the Berenstein thing I was facinated &creeped out/sceptical at the same time. My whole life I’ve felt out of place. When I was 7, I remember sitting in my living room watching my mom clean &wondering, “Is this real, why am I here wondering this?” I’ve had interesting things happen in my life regarding time, sometimes whenever I’d look at a clock it was as if it froze for an extra second, or slowed. I’ve always believed in parallel universes.

    I’ve had something happen to me involving extreme deja vu that I’ve never heard of with anyone else. It only happened to me for 6 yrs. of my adolescence. 2001 I began to experience it &the only way I can describe it is as an overwhelming sense that I was absent from myself for about 10-15 seconds as the deja vu was happening. My body would feel empty, &I’d stand frozen, feeling nauseous &had a sense that there was something I needed to complete, like a puzzle. Then I’d snap out of it &would be left with an intense headache/fog all day.. Weird!

    Me, my hubby &our neighbor a couple yrs. ago realized we’ve all had the same exact dream/vision. We were in a hospital with our families about to receive a shot &it was in 3rd person. What I find fascinating is in the Bible, it talks about in the last days that young man will dream dreams/see visions.. This is so crazy. My hubby swears when he was little he walked through a wall… &his mom still won’t talk about it to this day. This is pretty interesting stuff man..

    1. I have had something similar happen a few times with with the deja vu, very similar to what you describe. I suspected it could be a partial seizure or aura, but it hasn’t happened enough to make me go to a doctor.

  96. Hello.

    Now, I am in the minority here, but I do have a strong sense of skepticism regarding a few of the “mismemories” listed. I remember Interview With /The/ Vampire, solely because my mom absolutely loved that movie. I have easily accepted that Berenstein is actually spelled as Berenstain because I have theorized that it was merely my own brain making the spelling out to be how it was popularly pronounced. I have no other recollection of Jif Peanut Butter than just Jif. I see it on the grocery store shelf every time I go down the breakfast isle.

    BUT, what leaves me uneasy is the fact that I am a lot younger than most of the people posting here today. Many of you have had these experiences throughout your life, EG recalling the deaths of famous people much earlier than what is coined as real. I was born in 1997. The one thing I can completely agree on is the placement of New Zealand. I specifically recall seeing maps where NZ was placed ABOVE Australia, and the very fact that is it to its south-east is almost disturbing. Now looking at various maps with the actual placement is seriously creepy. HOWEVER, I have always known the correct spelling for definitely, I can not remember Madagascar being small and more south, most of the events by far are resounding with me as being nothing but fact.

    But again, I am younger, and I my rational brain only pushes me to theorize further. Perhaps the younger generation, or those who remember “reality”, are those who were born outside of the reality shift? I cannot explain why there are some things I remember and some things I don’t, but I have had a similar experience…has anyone ever absolutely remembered something, but when you bring it up with a friend, they absolutely remember something different? For example, I know without a doubt that I made a joke or statement, but then I bring it up with a friend and she says “you never said that” and she’s absolutely sure…or rather “You didn’t say that, *so and so* did”? These are a few things that seriously creep me out…whenever they occur, I honestly feel like reality is deceiving me.

    How is it that I can absolutely recall something, but another person knows it differently? This is how I am feeling about most of the people who can come to the same agreement on many of these events, spellings, or happenings being incorrectly remembered. This is either a complete farce, or the very concept of the Mandela effect is totally true…whatever the case may be, I am definitely (definately??) unnerved.

  97. I’M FREAKING OUT. I found this website about a year prior, with the post about the Bears. I uncovered the book with the spelling ‘ein’, and forgot about it. It wasn’t until a few months later I saw the series on youtube, spelled with ‘ain’. Weird, I thought, but I thought it was a regional difference or something like that. I tried to look for this website again, but had no luck for I couldn’t remember the name of it. After that, I checked up on some sites about the spelling. ‘Ein’ again. Now things were starting to get a bit odd, for I found no official spellings with ‘Berenstain’. Today, I flipped out because the book I had now said ‘AIN’. Now what? I could tell you with 100 percent confidence that it was spelled ‘ein’. I switched world several times?

  98. I followed this link after a Facebook friend posted about the Berenstein Bears, which I remember being spelled with an E. When I started to read about Mandela’s death happening years before I had a gut reaction to this. There’s a Judge Judy where she says “the truth sounds like the truth” which is something that has always rang true to me. I haven’t ever been very interested in the news, so I don’t “remember” anything about Mandela’s death in prison, I would have only been 3 or 4, but something about him dying in prison rang very true to me in a surprisingly powerful way. I also had the same sort of gut reaction to the post about the hot air balloon ride, I have a very vague recollection of a hot air balloon ride. I don’t remember anything else about it, but I had this fascination with hot air balloons as a kid. The strange thing about it was that I didn’t want to ride in a hot air balloon because I knew I would be scared to death and sit in the basket and not look up till the ride was over. I had this Hot Air Henry book about a cat who accidentally takes a hot air balloon ride that I was obsessed with. Also I definitely thought Jeb Bush was George Bush’s cousin, I was a surprised when I looked it up on Wikipedia.

  99. I have a new one. Grey’s Anatomy. I always thought the mother was ALICE Grey. I used to watch it all the time with my parents & when it came to Netflix, I was shocked to learn it was ELLIS Grey.
    I remember it vividly as BerenstEin Bears.
    It was definitely Sex IN the city. I remember being very young & thinking the show was just naked people having sex all the time.
    I’ve always known chartreuse as a yellow-green colour.
    I always thought there was 52 states. (Then again I’m Canadian, so not exactly my forte.)
    I’ve always spelt it ‘dilemma’.
    Mr.Rogers sang, “it’s a beautiful day IN THE neighbourhood.”
    I remember Looney Toons.

  100. Hi, so the BernsteinBernstain thing really blew my mind. It’s crazy. Funny thing is I always had a feeling something weird was going on but never put a name on.
    I remember,
    -Sex In The City
    -Jiffy Peanut Butter
    – Schultz
    I also remember a few things that didn’t make sense at the time, but with this I suppose it makes sense. My best friend and I have differing stories on how we met. My sister said she saw the movie Ella Enchanted months before it came out. This next one was a big one for me… I walked Into a Hot Topic one time, one I’ve been too many times, and it was completely different dimensions wise, my girlfriend at the time had no idea what I was talking about. Also, I have a dual memory of my ex girlfriends car. I remember it being green, and I also remember it being purple.
    Oh, and I saw someone else has the memory of the hot and cold water switching on sinks. I remember being in school and wondering when and why they changed it.
    A quote before I go.
    In reality, as in dreams, nothing is quite what it seems. -Book of Counted Sorrows

  101. Anyone remember “eachother” spelled as one word. I remember “noone” and “seperately” spelled this way too. I used to be great at spelling, but now get hung up all the time.

    About Sex IN the City… There is a boutique hair removal salon in my town called Wax IN the City. When it opened about 10 years ago, I went with my girlfriend to her appointment (I got her a gift certificate). I remember telling the owner that I thought it was a very clever name — I loved it (because I watched and really liked the show). She said Sex in the City was her favorite show, so she named her studio after it “Wax in the City.” There’s a reason why she didn’t name it Wax AND the City.

    Interestingly, after researching more, that salon changed its name to Waxing the City; the name change was posted on a ratings directory. I have to wonder if she changed it due to trademark issues, because it a complete knock off of Sex IN the City (her intention).

    Berenstein Bears, all the way.

  102. I remember berenstEin bears, my mom has old copies of the book and it says barenstAin bears.
    I remember sex IN the city, specifically.
    I remember Interview with A vampire. I read that entire series, watched the movie and read every Anne Rice book that she wrote. It was not Interview with THE vampire, WTF.
    I could have swore that Louie Anderson was dead.
    Looney TOONS – not tunes is how I remember it. I remember the ‘toons’ being consistent with car TOONS.

  103. I came across this site after I was surfing youtube and came across a video called 5 clues that parallel universes exist. I already had a feeling they might but I wanted to check this out anyway because it was interesting to me. The first 5 didn’t seem too crazy but the 5th threw me for a loop. The Berenstein bears. Naturally I did what everyone else in the E team does, I googled it because I’m positive I remember seeing the E on the booklets in school. Sure enough, I can’t find anything but Berenstain everywhere and only photoshops of Berenstein which actually looks more correct even though those were faked. Worse yet, when I did more research about the Mandela effect, I realized, I too had thought he had died in the 80s but when he had died again I assumed I had just thought wrong when he they announced he was dead again. I took to FB and posted a picture of the Berenstein bears on my page, asking my friends to tell me the name of the bear family and everyone said BerenSTAIN. I know I’m not alone on the E team but I felt extra awkward that no one I know personally seems to remember the E. Actually, that’s not even the worse part. Despite me being shocked to find out it said Berenstain in this time line, because I know it said Berenstein, I’m vaguely having memories of it saying Berenstain now off and on, sorta like a false memory but not a false memory. It’s fleeting and it sorta scares me because I feel like what if just thinking about it is trying to rewrite what I know. I remember seeing it with the E, I remember pronouncing it like STEEN, I have no recollection of it having an A or being pronounced STAIN yet something keeps trying to make me think it’s always been STAIN despite what I KNOW I have seen and heard. It’s frustrating. I do have a feeling like someone mentioned, that CERN has likely punched a temporary hole in the space time fabric into another dimension parallel to this one, and things got zoinked but it seems only some of us realize or retain our memories. If this is the case, we’re in for some real trouble, come Sept since CERN is supposedly going to do something else. It’s literally impossible to remember everything we know about the past and present, and if this get zoinked again, I don’t know what we’re going to do, or even for that matter, if everything ever typed up on this site will still be here!

  104. I literally JUST had an experience!!!! So me and my boyfriend were watching That 70s Show and in this episode Eric spelled out bacuum and he spelled it v-a-c-c-u-u-m!!! My boyfriend and I were astonished and rewinded it and the second time he spelled it v-a-c-u-u-m but we both KNOW the first time he spelled it with 2 c’s! We are both in disbelief, how did it change just like that!? Fiona, does this mean that we JUST slipped into an alternate universe? I am so confused and amazed that we both just witnessed that.

    1. From what I’ve learned, studying this phenomenon for 10 years now, it can happen that quickly. Frankly, I suspect that little things like that occur all the time, but we usually only notice the big things, like Berenstein/Berenstain Bears.

      1. I don’t know if this means anything, but I conferred with my mom about my memories about an alternate geography around Japan, and she seemed to have dual memories of some of the stuff, like the three hour bullet train ride to Tokyo, but knowing that the two cities were 10 miles apart, so I took her to my school, where there is a wall-sized map of the world in one of the lounges. When we got there, my entrance card didn’t work, but as we were leaving, someone else walked in, so we followed. Sure enough, Japan now has two primary islands, not the one that my mom and I remember, and the city placement that stumps us. I also think it’s funny that when we were about to leave, I said to her, “It figures that we can’t get in, but I wonder how long it will take them to change it.” At that point, a passing girl gave us a funny look and walked into the lounge, allowing us to enter. Coincidence?

      2. Hi Fiona,

        Perhaps this should go in the dead celebrity thread, but I’m posting here because it involves a fairly quick turnaround. Feel free to move to the celebrity thread if needed. Anyway, this involves Barry Humphries, the entertainer known for the Dame Edna persona. Every morning, as I get ready for work. I listen to NPR Morning Edition. One morning, many years ago (2005/2006 I would guess) they reported that he had died. Though I didn’t catch the cause of death, it was definitely a serious piece, not any type of comedic bit, but a brief memoriam before they moved on to the next story. A few days later I mentioned this to a coworker who was a fan of his work, and they had no idea what I was talking about. We looked it up online right away, and of course it showed that he was alive and well.

        1. LC, I had to look that one up as well. I was sure Dame Edna was gone, and — for me — that was terribly sad. I’m wondering if there was an erroneous obituary published, because — at the time — I remember thinking the announcement was far too brief for the stature of Humphries’ career.

  105. I’m from the UK so I’ve never heard of the Berenst*in Bears so can’t comment on that but here are my experiences:

    * For me Nelson Mandela died in 2013. I remember seeing on the news in the late 90s that he met the Spice Girls.
    *In Disney’s Snow White its “Magic Mirror”.
    * I remember the show being called “Sex in the City” and it even getting abbreviated to SITC in magazines but when I look it up it seems it has always been “Sex and the City”.
    * I’m sure I remember the film/book being called “Interview with a Vampire” but when I look it up its “Interview with the Vampire”. Although I’ve never seen/read it so could be just remembering it wrong.
    * I remember hearing/reading somewhere that Sarah Michelle Geller was pregnant in 2003 but I don’t ever remember her having the baby.
    * I remember being told in school that Hitler had brown eyes. Also that he had no children but I remember hearing that his nieces and nephews had made a pact never to have children so the Hitler name/gene died out.
    * I’ve seen “Big” several times and each time the woman doesn’t turn into a kid to be with him at the end.
    * The Lindbergh baby was never found; I remember there even being a reference to this in “The Simpsons”. However when I look it up it says that he was found dead.
    * I remember that 9/11 happened on Tuesday 11th September. I’m certain of this as it was also my first day of sixth form.
    * “Dilemna” not “Dilemma”.
    * Like another poster I also remember being taught in school that the correct way was “alot” and not “a lot”.
    * Agatha Christie went missing a turned up 10 days later.
    * MLK was killed by a sniper.

    I remember in the mid 90s there was an American documentary series called “Hollywood Kids” which was shown on ITV which my mother used to watch. I remember the very 90s theme tune which had the lyrics “growing up in Hollywood, living in the spotlight” and I also remember a clip of it featuring Kim Kardashain being shown on a “Before they were famous” show a couple of years ago. However I can not find any trace of it now, although I can find some of reference to the spin-off series “Hollywood Pets”.

  106. Death of a TV sports commentator Bohdan Tomaszewski

    I have a vivid memory of TV news of his death in 2013 or 2014. Remembered TV material all over; very popular here [Poland]
    Now….time passed I forgot. February 27, 2015 they announce AGAIN his death! Cmon people. Only James Bond lives twice! I was in awe. Shocked.
    Of course I was googling my memories – nothing. Timeline changed-no trace!
    He died twice. I won’t be surprised if he’ll die soon for the 3rd time! Maybe he was dying more times before too.

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