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  1. Well, like most people, I remember movie/TV quotes wrong. IE, order of somethings. I thought Star Wars took place long long ago in a galaxy far far away. sometimes long long ago in a galaxy far away. Long ago in a galaxy far far away always seems wrong to me.

    But these two similar incidents are the biggies:
    My sister came to check the TV Guide, describing this weird show she flipped onto (It was Power Rangers). A few months later, she tells me how she and our mom were watching something called the Power Rangers (Season 2 premiere), and how they never heard of it before. I told her she had indeed heard of it, and described the above. She had zero recollection of such a conversation with me.

    A few years later, we’re watching a TV show, see an actor we know, and she mentions a movie we watched together he was in. Except I never watched it. At all. She insists we did watch it, but to this day I don’t remember it. It never sounded in the slightest bit familiar.

    So we both have clear memories of the other being aware of something watched, but neither of us remember it. She doesn’t remember watching or checking the TV Guide to see what she tuned into. And I have zero knowledge of ever seeing that alleged movie. Not even a vague semi memory of hey, maybe I saw a few seconds of it, or even heard the name.

    Then there was the time I went to set my VCR to tape something, and it already was set. But I don’t remember ever setting it (and it could only have been a few hours earlier at most). And the time I saw a movie in the cable guide, and got pissed I never set my VCR to record it. I set it, then checked the TV Guide to refresh my memory of it, then realized I had no memory of ever knowing about this movie. But I remember being upset I didn’t set it up previously.

    More recently, I found an online comic site. And while viewing various comic strips, I spied Nancy. When I clicked on it, i got excited that it was the Nancy I remember (and clearly enjoyed). A few seconds later, I realized I have no memory of this Nancy. 7 years later, I still can’t remember ever having heard of Nancy. Yet when I first saw her in the strip, I was excited that they had Nancy.

    PS I still never saw that movie. I don’t know who my sister was with, but it certainly wasn’t this me.

  2. Wow in such shock – I am so confused on things I cold never explain – but just to add after just doing like 30mins of intial research –

    1. I remember it being Berenstein Bears
    2. I remember it being Sex IN the City – (I have perfect memory of telling my older cousin we were going to miss the new episode its first season, and then asking if was Sex IN the City or Sex AND the City, and my cousin didnt know either)

    but ok this is blowing my mind – again, just after my initial research, I found a Buzzfeed Article from 2014 and after reading it and being blown away, someone in the comments wrote

    “Do you guys remember that Hot Air Balloon ride we all took”

    And I swear I almost started crying from how scared/confused I am – I have chills as I write this –

    I have this vivid memory of going up in a Hot Air Balloon as a very young boy and I remember we were really really really high up in the sky and I remember being so scared that I sat down in the basket thing during the rest of the “ride” and didn’t look down anymore until we landed.

    To this day I dont remember what my family and I were doing at the Hot Air Balloon place

    1. I’m crying. I had the exact hot air balloon experience. And I know it was sex in the city.

    2. Please elaborate more on this hot air balloon ride and maybe provide the link where that question was asked. I’ve tried to find anything on my own and have failed. I can give the number to take a balloon ride though— I don’t think it’s the same kind 😉 I am so curious!

    3. I remember a hot air balloon too and for some reason this also made me teary….. I’m very pragmatic about all this, the science supports multiple realities, but how that affects us? I’m hesitant to say.
      but what is up with that????

      1. It’s weird everyone feeling like they’ve been in a hot air balloon. I don’t think I’ve ever been in one, but I do have a memory of having a ride in a helicopter at a funfair when I was about 4 or 5 years old…. my family don’t remember this though. What do you think is the significance of these hot air balloon memories?

        1. IJC, I haven’t a clue what the significance is, but these memories seem to be described with no reasonable context, and that makes them especially anomalous. And fascinating.

      2. Also people remembering hot air balloon rides makes me think about two alternative poosibilities:
        1. Memory implantation, by the powers that be?
        2. Some sort of alien abduction?
        Could these things maybe account for other mandela effects?

        1. The fact that a hot air balloon memory was created for “false memory” tests raises interesting questions. (See,Garry,Read,&Lindsay2002.pdf ) I wonder if (and how widely) that test was repeated in other studies.

          However, I think that kind of conversation could become difficult to untangle. It’s probably best addressed on an individual basis, with people asking their families if they might have been exposed to that kind of experiment.

          The alien abduction topic is also outside our scope of discussion. I’m not saying it’s impossible; some survivors’ accounts support the idea that they were given alternate memories. However, that theory is best discussed at websites focusing on alien abduction experiences.

  3. I have a memory from my childhood about a “special edition” of the wizard of oz, that went more into detail about the trip to the emerald city, including camping out in an abandoned shed and the tone being darker. I think it may have aired on PBS or something as I remember my father recording it for me on our VCR.
    Anyone else?

  4. blown away again – I thought Louie Anderson had passed away years ago – I remember seeing this book in my house with him on the back of it dressed in the circus ringers outfit and thought was like his autobiography or something – also he wasnt the host of family fued, thus adding to his passing away.

  5. Other things I have been thinking about that don’t add up.

    It’s Jiffy, not Jif I remember when I first saw it had been changed I thought they just shortened the name.

    It’s definitely Gordon’s fisherman not Gorton’s. I know because my mom would buy fish sticks as a kid and I hated them. I would always look at the name of products.

    Ed McMahon died before his 2009 death in my timeline at least. I remember him passing away in 2005,2006.

    I remember Frank Oz passing away years ago, from cancer.

    Brian Dennehy definitely passed away a long time ago. I remember his passing when I was a kid.

    Dick Clark passed away twice in my timeline as well.

    Another memory that has changed is a game in 1992. The 49ers vs The Lions in the season finale. I was the biggest Joe Montana fan as a kid and he had missed almost 2 years because of injury. The records say it was a Monday Night Game, but I knew it was during the day time and not on a Monday. I know this is a small one, but it was a very important day for me as a kid.

    It is all very unnerving, I have had this moments before and realized something was off but never told people about it. I’m glad that there are a lot of people who have had the same experiences and have experienced alternate timelines

    1. I’ve always remembered the fish sticks as Gorton’s, with a T. I remember thinking, as a child, that it was an odd way to spell Gordon! That was back in the ’70s. I wonder if the name changed briefly and then went back.

  6. Possible Explanation:
    The Us Gov is rumored to have had time travel since 1942 (Philidelphia Experiment). They allegedly go to the future and see what stocks do well. They also do much about in time. Such as killing a guy to try and wipe out his son in the present (He’s still l round, but has no father).

    Now, according to DC Comic’s The Flashpoint Paradox, when you alter time, time ripples go out and further alter the time line. Past and future.

    So, accepting both as true, all this is explained as the Gov altering time, and sending out Time Ripples which further alter time. For some reason, let’s call it weak time ripples, various people retain various memories of previous timelines. So yes, at one point, Nelson Mendela did die in prison, but time got changed so he lived a lot longer.

  7. I remember seeing a VHS set of School House Rock’s I’m Just A Bill with a plush Bill. Can’t find it on Google or eBay all these years later. (I was in the old store Caldores). If anyone knows where this still exists, please let me know.

  8. Recently, a tweet went out about Queen Elizabeth’s death. But she’s still alive. Mistake? Or was there a very recent time shift? Anyone know of anything interesting happening around that time? Like the Large Holden Collider smashing atoms or such?

    This has happened before. Some very important person’s death is “leaked”, then claimed to be an over zealous person making a mistake (sometimes, they have the article ready to go at a moment’s notice, and somebody accidentally hits send.) Could it be none are mistakes, and time shifts happen right after they hear about the death but before the death post is sent out?

    1. Atherworld, I’m pretty sure that was a glitch in some news office, mistakenly sending out a pre-written obit (news offices keep those on hand for almost all major celebrities). I did hear about it, but only because it was so embarrassing to the company that made the error.

  9. Here are some thoughts on two topics that don’t have their own pages:

    Jim Henson’s death: When Jim Henson died in 1990, the attribution to an infection was thought by many to suggest that he was HIV positive and that it would be more accurate to say he had died of AIDS, which carried with it the further suggestion that he was gay. Remember this was 1990 so it would have been quite a scandal if someone who worked in children’s television was not just gay but HIV positive! So there was a lot of skepticism about the story. Also, back then people weren’t as sensitized to the dangers of infections. “Strep” was just something a kid got and took antibiotics for a week to defeat. We didn’t have all the coverage of flesh-eating, antibiotic-resistant super-infections.

    Western Sizzler: Your write up should include the fact that–in this timeline, anyway–there is also a Sizzler steakhouse chain. Western Sizzlin’ started in Virginia and Sizzler started in California. Through franchising, both eventually became nationwide chains–more on that below. Apart from their logos, the two were practically identical: in the 1960s-80s, you ordered steaks at a counter to be brought to your table later, then there was a salad bar you could visit while you waited. This was actually a very popular format because it seemed fancier than fast food but was still quick and inexpensive compared to a traditional steakhouse. In the 1990s buffets were more in style so both changed to a buffet format. In some places there were local imitators: some I can remember from my childhood are Western Steer, Sizzlin’ Steaks, and Golden Corral. I guess the operators wanted to make sure you know that they were western, beef-centered, and that there was plenty of sizzle happening.

    Further confusing the issue is that Western Sizzlin’ was originally called Sizzler’s. So that meant there was a Sizzler and a Sizzler’s in the mid-1960s. Sizzler sued, and a court told Sizzler’s to change its name, so that’s where Western Sizzlin’ came from–it was a compromise name. Later Western Sizzlin’ started calling some of its restaurants just Sizzlin’. Again, there was confusion because you now had Sizzler and Sizzlin’. Sizzler has also sometimes used the word “sizzlin'” to describe some of its menu items.

    The point is, the restaurants were nearly identical and had very similar names, so it would make sense for someone to say “Western Sizzler.”

    1. (New to the site, and fascinated!) I posted privately to Fiona regarding some doppleganger experiences, but many of the shared memories are mine, also
      Here’s my memory of Jim Henson’s death:
      Jim Henson’s death was reported as complications due to an ear infection. I remember that clearly because I thought,” how could an educated and professional individual ever let an ear infection get so out-of-control?”
      Although, it could have been the “cover” for an aids-related death. I know that he died quite awhile ago, but 1990 feels almost too long ago-maybe late 90’s…but not sure of that after all. Certainly not a recent death within the last year (if I remember correctly, it was not too long ago that he died…again).

  10. Married with children, wasn’t the neighbor replaced (darcy’s husband) at some point in the series? Now I’m not sure if they changed the actor or if it was never him…

    1. Yes, they changed after the second or third season I believe. The first husbands name was Steve and then the second husbands name was Jefferson. Steve was played by David Garrison and Jefferson was played by Ted McGinley. I remember because I watched Married With Children every week from the first season through the last. It was my favorite show as a kid.

  11. I remember as a little kid, being very confused about my Grandparents apartment, as I swear sometimes we went up stairs to the 2nd floor, and others time we stayed on the first floor. Same apartment though. Same place on each floor. But one of two different floors. Eventually, I became stuck in the 2nd floor timeline. My mom wrote it off as not remembering climbing the stairs. Yeah. because I’d forget 3 seconds later I climbed stairs.

    A few years back, a locally important guy had died, and several people called my father to offer their condolences to the friend he lost. Except he didn’t even know the guy. Or did he in an alternate timeline? He figured it’s a simple mix-up with somebody else with his name? Now, I’m not so sure.

    Proof of alternate world traveling? I once “dreamed” I awoke in my sisters room, then scurried back to mine before falling asleep. I wrote it off as an obvious dream. Another “dream”” (yes influenced by a TV episode I recently watched. Maybe) I was in a gender swapped reality, where boys are girls and girls are guys. Complete with photos of others clearly gender swapped. The creepiest was, once as I lay on the floor, resting, I swear I saw a small tunnel, and when it cleared at the other end, I was looking down at a wrestling magazine (I have none, don’t even like wrestling). But it was clearly my floor. I’ve often wondered if I somehow saw into another dimension (or as most would put it, fell asleep for a few minutes).

    1. Atherworld, somewhere — I’m pretty sure among the 3k+ comments here — I’ve read a similar description. Not of the gender-swap, but of the small tunnel. The phrasing reminded me a lot of the way you’re describing this. I’m accustomed to seeing “me, too” comments at several of my websites, so I’m also on the alert when someone’s phrasing resonates in a convincing way. Yours is convincing, and I’m sure you’re not alone with this kind of experience… unless you’ve left a comment similar to this, months (years?) ago.

      1. Maybe in another timeline. This timeline, first I’ve been here. I’m willing to accept the gender swap as a dream. It felt a bit more dream like. But awakening in my sister’s room felt real. And the tunnel I was definitely (definately?) drifting off, but not asleep. And I’ve never had such an experience when drifting. I’ve had dreams yes, but this was more a vision. I remember being curious as to where the tunnel lead to. I usually don’t have feelings in my dreams.

  12. This is all so fascinating, and I wanted to simply comment with my observations. I am watching every day as if it were a new reality, trying to find things that have subtly changed that aren’t on the lists above. I will add some when I notice them. Firstly, the Berenstein Bears is what led me here. I KNOW on the timeline that I am apparently from it is EIN, not AIN, simply because my last name has an EI in it, and in school, the whole “I before E, except after C” rule annoyed me and didn’t apply to me. I made note of other words that were similar, like Berenstein. Richard Chamberlain DIED a long time ago of cancer and the Tank Boy got run over. Ghost Hunters started out as TAPS, and was a show I watched from the beginning. I remember seeing “Ghost Hunters” and simply thinking to myself that they must have changed the title to that on purpose, so people would know what it was about. The one that got me the most, however, was Charles M. Schultz, of Peanuts fame. His name is SHULTZ. I had every Peanuts book they made when I was a child, read all the newspaper Peanuts comics, and was a huge Snoopy nerd. His name was never SHULZ. But it is now. I can’t tell you how that messes with my head, but I suppose many of you do know.

    1. Last night, I watched Chip Kidd’s most recent TED Talk. In it, he talked about designing the latest Peanuts-related book cover. When he mentioned Peanuts’ author, Kidd said “Schultz,” not “Schulz.” That definitely caught my attention. He’s one of those people who is very precise about pronunciation.

      1. That pronunciation is irrelevant. It is a German name. It German, the letter “t” sounds like “tz,” and therefore there would be no difference in the pronunciation.

        1. IT’S not the fact that we are pronouncing it wrong. It’s that we SAW IT and even own books and papers and EVIDENCE from the 80s and 90s, and we dig it out of our attics to see if it’s true. And come to find out, IT’S CHANGED! ! now how in the heck did every single Berenstein bears book or Charlie Brown publication, that people have kept in hiding, get changed?!?!?!?!?

    2. There has been a flood to this site recently due to renewed interest in the Berenstein/stain dilemma. That’s what led me here, scrolling through the most recent comments.
      This Shulz topic is the first one to really resonate with me personally. I distinctly remember Schultz, and can even recall what his signature looked like, with the crossed “t”. Tell me that your posting just has a typo and you simply forgot the “c” or I am going to freak out!

      1. I was a big fan of the Peanuts gang as a kid back in the ’70s, and I remember his name as “Schultz,” as well. Doing a Google search of that spelling results in it being corrected to “Schulz.” Either several million people have faulty memories, or something weird recently happened with his name.

    3. I have to say, Charles Schulz has always been Schulz, to me. (I’m also in my twenties, and my memories don’t extend nearly as far back as The Peanuts have been around.) I always thought it would have been so neat if he had spelled his name the same as mine, but that “t” has always been missing. So at least since the late ’90s, Schulz has been Schulz.

      I’ve always been a stickler for detail, and the former is something that I am absolutely certain of. On the other hand, the Berenstein Bears case is a strange one indeed. If that had been spelled “ai,” I’m almost certain I would have noticed. I don’t have a strong memory of its proper spelling, but I can’t help but to think that “ai” sounds wrong now and would have to me as a child.

      The third case is the Tiananmen Square memories. I am not old enough to recall the event, but I do remember my mother telling me about the “tank guy,” and I’m almost certain that she had said he was crushed by the tank. I’ll ask her at some point what her recollection of the event is.

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