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  1. Okay, this is a long shot, but here goes. I have a very distinct memory of watching a movie multiple times on TV as a child. It was an animated film about orange cats who stood upright, wore clothes, etc. (you know, it was a cartoon). There was one who played a piano. But the thing that really intrigued me as a kid wasn’t the cats, it was that there was this black smoke that came out of the vents. It was evil or something. Anyway, they ended up going down through the vents and finding an entire city under the ground. I don’t remember a whole lot more about it other than they went on to kind of hang out underground. I don’t remember what the black smoke was other than it being evil in some way.

    I’ve brought up this movie to so many people who have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ve posted about it on Reddit trying to find someone else who remembers it, but no one does. I had almost convinced myself that I made it up, but I really don’t think so. Like I said, I watched it multiple times (maybe it was on at Christmas?) and I remember being really excited about seeing it every time it came on.

  2. I know this is off topic, but I was not sure where the best place to post this would be. You can copy/paste or move this to wherever you feel is most appropriate, but I would much appreciate a notification to my email indicating where it has been posted so that I may view any responses that may come.

    I was born in 86, and I have experienced many Mandela Effect memories:

    -I know them, at the core of my being, as The BERENSTEIN Bears. This cannot be chalked up to poor memory of a child, as I also read the chapter books up until maybe 7th grade, way past their targeted age group. I had books, videos, and even a video game. I was able to read and write starting at 5 years old. There is no doubt in my mind about this one. My parents, friends, brother and husband recall
    them as the BERENSTEIN Bears. My dad used to jokingly pronounce it “Shhtine” in a German accent. This one is clear as day for me. I was almost physically ill to realize it was now “Berenstain”.

    -I recall the death of Jimmy Carter a few years ago. I remember talking to my dad about it at the time, and we joked that “the aliens must have beamed him up”, because he was interested in UFOs. When I found out he was alive, I texted my dad “No googling – Jimmy Carter, dead or alive?” and without missing a beat he replied “dead”. He was confused to find out Carter was still alive. My dad is into politics and keeps up on the news, always has.
    -I knew chartreuse as a blue color. I was stunned when a friend in high school corrected me that it was actually green. I’m pretty sure I thought it was a greyish Royal blue because I am a cat lover, and there is a breed of “blue” cat called the chartreuse so I just figured it was blue. I’m not sure this was a Mandela effect thing for me, just putting that out there. It’s not a very commonly seen or referenced color, so I can see why there would be confusion about it which could be unrelated to the Mandela effect.
    – I recall (vividly) having learned on a computer program in school that Abe Lincoln’s son, Tad, died as a child and Lincoln was absolutely devastated. The computer program/game was very cheesy and became an in joke with myself and my friends for years. My 2 best friends were absolutely shocked when I told them that Wikipedia states now that tad died well AFTER his father died. My one friend still believes Wikipedia is wrong.
    -This one has bothered me for years. E.T. is one of my favorite films, always has been. I was very excited to ride the E.T. ride at Universal Florida when my family went in ’96. Somewhere near the building which contained the ride was a booth, I’m not 100% clear on how to describe this. I was a few steps behind my family when I saw this. It was actually eerily quiet and no one else seemed to be around when I saw this. Inside the booth was a poster for “E.T. 2”, complete with new artwork. I looked at this and ran to my family, excitedly telling them that they were working on a sequel to E.T. and I just saw a poster for it. My mom pretty much said “Oh, nice”, just shrugged it off. When I got back from the trip, I told my friends at school (this trip was in February, so I was still in school) about E.T. 2, that it would be coming out eventually. I felt kind of special to have known about this before others did. In fact, I kind of had the thought that the poster should not have been seen by me or by anyone. I watched out for a couple of years, waiting for it to come out – and it never did. I started to question myself. When we got internet at home in ’98, I tried to search for any trace of it, and there was none. I pretty much resigned myself to thinking that I had seen an early artwork poster of a movie which had been scrapped and was never made.
    -I also recall New Zealand in a different location and other discrepancies with Australia, but I was never good with geography so I do not put a ton of stock into this for myself. Not questioning the memories of others, though.
    -I remember Jiffy peanut butter and wondering why they shortened the name to Jif (I noticed this in the mid 90’s). Again, not as sure of this as I am about other things.

    There are other things I’m forgetting, I’m sure, as im writing this kind of spur of the moment and I have experienced a LOT of odd/paranormal events, including seeing shadow people (each incident was witnessed by at least one other person in addition to myself), and multiple “UFO” sightings which also included multiple witnesses in many but not all cases. I’ve experienced many other things which I’m not comfortable discussing with strangers.
    I have long ago accepted that reality is not what it seems. I have my own ideas, but I do not claim to have any answers. The best I can do is to tell myself to keep my mind and my eyes open. I can tell you that out of all of the scary things I’ve encountered, these Mandela effect historical changes are the scariest for me to think about, bar none.

    1. Kashmira, thanks for sharing so many memories.

      The one that startled me was the reference to Tad Lincoln. I thought he was the one whose death triggered the family’s interest in spirit contact, and so on. However, two of the other Lincoln sons died before President Lincoln was assassinated, so maybe I mixed up their names. (ref: )

      Still, I thought the deceased son’s name was Tad. The names Edward (“Eddie”) and “Willie” — the two sons who died earlier — don’t sound especially familiar to me.

      I hope the Mandela Effect concept becomes more comfortable for you. I still find it a little disconcerting, but not especially scary. In some cases, I like thinking that somewhere — in an alternate reality — some unhappy events never happened.


      1. That was really interesting, Kashmira. Fiona and Kashmira, I have to “third” your memories of Tad Lincoln. In September 2013, I took an impromptu day trip to The Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California with a friend who wanted to see the Lincoln exhibit before it ended. Sometime afterwards, I was looking up information on Lincoln’s children because I was curious about them and any living descendants of the Lincolns. I was also surprised to read that Tad died after Lincoln had died. I also didn’t remember that three sons had died (rather than just two) or that the one who had died while the Lincolns were in the White House was “Willie” Lincoln when he was 11. At the time I thought, “That’s strange. Wasn’t it ‘Tad’?” but since my knowledge of the Lincolns is not extensive, I assumed I just misremembered, and now I’m not so sure.

        Another kind of odd thing is that I was trying to guess when I had gone to the Reagan Library with my friend and I thought it was more like January 2014, but I looked up when I had written her a thank you message on Facebook for the trip (she drove and it’s a long drive) and it was September ’13. As I stood just over the glass containers containing personal items of Abe and Mary’s, such as a nightcap Mary Todd Lincoln wore to bed, I was having odd thoughts about consciousness and time and musing about whether Mary was somehow aware of this exhibit (I don’t think consciousness dies anyway.) I don’t know what prompting my thoughts – maybe something I had heard on “Coast to Coast” but I kind of thought I had already discovered this website, but I didn’t until December 2013, three months after my visit to the library. Hmmmm.

        And Kashmira, I was also pretty stunned to encounter the Mandela Effect. I called it my personal “paradigm shift.” It makes reality feel so tenuous, but being an eternal optimist, I came around to accepting that if only consciousness (divine and human) are real, that’s good enough for me.

      2. I also remember Abraham Lincoln’s son that passed away being Tad. I know this because I was never into history when I was a student in school. I became interested in Abraham Lincoln live around 2012 when Spielberg made his movie about Abraham Lincoln life. I clearly remember the scene in the movie when Tad died and the effect it had on Lincoln. It also stated the death of his son effected his wife and she began to show signs of mental illness after his death. I know it was Tad because of the famous photo of him and his father. That his nickname was Tadpole. Around 2012 I read everything I could get my hands on about Abraham Lincoln. I know 100 % it was Tad. Its only been 2012 I learned about Abraham Lincoln. This is a recent memory for me. I remember how I empathized with Abraham Lincoln loosing his youngest child. Also lost his wife to depression after he lost Tad. Through all of this he still changed our world in such a positive long lasting way.
        So far I have had almost every Mandela Effect. In my reality I don’t ever remember Amy Winehouse. I never even heard any of her songs. I heard her name for the first time on one of those singing talent shows that Simon Cowl was on. To me her singing is awful. I can’t believe she won Grammys. I hate to say that. I am sorry to say it to. It just sounds harsh to my ears. I don’t remember her at all or her death. She doe not even look familiar to me at all. Every day seems to get stranger and stranger to me as I found memories changing.

      3. I remember it being Tad to. My husband is a huge history buff. I have been married for 16 years. I have set through numerous documentaries on Abraham Lincoln so has my daughter. I have grown to love history because of my husbands love for it. I know 100% it was Tads death. Steven Speiburg in 2012 came out with his Abraham Lincoln movie. We were so excited and again before seeing the movie we watched at least 3 documentaries on T.V about Abraham Lincoln life. I know all of the documentaries clearly stated Tads death and how it effected Abraham and his wife. That Tads death effected Ms.Lincoln and this was contributed to her major shopping problem. I remember the photo of Tad with his father Abraham Lincoln. It wasn’t long ago that I found out about Tad. This was in 2012. I know 100% it was Tad. I just found this site less then a month ago. I have so many of the Mandela effects its so unsettling. I am so glad I am not alone. Thank you to everyone that leaves a comment.

    2. Hi Kashmira,

      I definitely remember there being an ET 2 in the making as well. When I was much younger I used to be deathly afraid of the movie and my dad would always somewhat tease me about it. One day i remember being in our computer room and him calling me in and telling me that there as going to be another movie made. I remember thinking about this a couple of years ago and asking why I had never gone to the theatre to see it. They said that they didn’t know that an ET 2 was in the making, but to be fair i’ve always had a good memory while they haven’t. I remember other things like this, where i’ll remember parts of movies that aren’t there anymore, but this occasion has always stuck in my mind. Around 2002 I also remember watching a video with my dad while something was like loading and it would show an animated version of how they made ET, however i’ve looked all over the internet and it’s not there. Glad to know i’m not the only one who thought I was going crazy!

  3. Here’s a weird one.

    Some people are remembering that the Twin Towers used to have 2 bridges connecting them.

    People reference the Simpson’s episode: ‘The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson’

    They remember Homer running across the bridges trying to find a Bathroom because he really needs to Pee. Now however the episode does not show any bridges, and just has Homer running out the bottom entrance of one tower and running into the other. (no bridges).

    Now in the Film Super Mario Bros. (1993) they show the Towers, but WITH the TWO BRIDGES, exactly as people remember them from the Simpsons episode:


    Those Bridges ‘apparently’ never existed, but there they are in the Mario Movie exactly as people remembered them.

    More Discussion on this here:

  4. I’ve read through many of the posts on this website, after getting curious about the Berenstein/stain issue. I don’t have any specific memories of how Berenstain was spelled when I was a kid, I only had one of those books and only remember it because it was a gift from my kindergarten teacher. I don’t actually remember reading it.

    I can’t relate to many of of the Mandela effect issues brought up, but I did live in the timeline where Owen Wilson committed suicide. I remember this because I was working at a law firm and one of my coworkers brought it up, we hardly ever chatted about things that weren’t work/school related, sort of one of those moments when you connect with some one and realize they do normal things too just like you, like watch funny movies. Basically he was saying how sad it was because Wilson seemed like he had so much going for him. This was Spring or Summer 2006. His wikipedia page says he attempted suicide in 2007, but I remember the actual suicide/accidental death a year before that.

    This a great blog, keep up the good work.

    1. Hi. I enjoyed your theory. I stumbled across the whole subject of Archons just recently too and felt that it may have some type of connection with the Mandela Effect. Not to sound really loopy,, but I heard a lady on YouTube talking about reverse speech and reptilians ( David Icke theory) and she believed based on her research and the work she was doing with EVP and reverse speech that there is a cosmic war going on currently and that the matrix and holograms were gradually breaking, which may explain why a lot of people are becoming more cognizant of these “major memories”. These videos were made in 2005, I think. And I remember during her interview she mentioned the “Chinese Ghost city” as being evidence of the hologram/matrix that was beginning to crumble and that these things would become more prominent in the coming years. It almost seems like that’s what’s happening now. That people are starting to notice bigger differences.

  5. Another thing I haven’t seen mentioned (at least yet) is the big thing about Honey Bees being practically extinct around 2010. They’re everywhere now, or back again. I can walk outside and see and hear them buzzing everywhere. Also, when I was young, I remember fireflies/lightning bugs being all over the place outside on a warm spring or summer night, especially in my grandparents’ yard and they were HUGE. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen them. I don’t know if this is because of climate change or what but I think it’s relevant and kind of depressing.

    1. Nikki, I grew up with lots of fireflies too and have noticed a decline.. but I recently spent several months in Costa Rica and there are lots of them there! I felt better when I saw so many.. I just wanted to let you know there are still plenty around 😉

    2. That probably has more to do with pollution and pesticides than anything else. Pesticides produced by Monsanto and Bayer are known to kill bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and a host of other useful insects, yet people insist on spraying them everywhere, even on food crops. And then there are nuclear weapons testing, oil spills, plastic pollution, factory contaminants, etc. It’s a wonder there are any bugs left at all. I live in Arizona now, having moved from Ohio in 2004, and I miss the fireflies and the woolly-bear caterpillars.

  6. Suprising Surprising

    Marshmellow Marshmallow

    Does October of 2010 stand out as a time where it felt like there was a reality shift?

  7. Who remembers a KJV John 3:16, or any verse, being more archaic sounding? Also, who remembers a Blacked Eyed Peas song called I Gotta Feeling not having Hebrew words in it?

    1. Jacob, those are fair questions so I’ve approved your comment. They’re also likely to trigger responses that may tread in areas more religion-specific than Mandela Effect.

      So, as a precaution, I’m posting this so people are aware of my comment policies (see links at the top of every page). Religion-focused comments will not be approved. It’s far too easy to wander into troll territory and arguments unrelated to this site’s main topic.

      Yes, I realize that’s a very narrow line in this case. But, as long as we’re discussing alternate realities’ Bibles — not just the difference between KJV and Tyndale, for example — and lyrics of that specific Black Eyed Peas song, in Mandela Effect context… that’s okay.

      Sincerely, Fiona

    2. Okay, so I jotted this verse down as I remember it. I went to a Christian school and I had to memorize verses. I have a couple Bibles… although one of my Bibles just disappeared. We’re having issues with things disappearing and then reappearing in the same spot. It’s weird.

      Anyway, I did this with a couple verses using the KJV because that is what I have and learned with. Here are the “I remember” and the “Local version” which through me on some of them.

      I remember. John 3:16 For so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

      This one I have memorized!

      Local version. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

      Okay that is off a little bit. Not horrible though.

      I remember (quite well I might add) Genesis 1 (I can’t remember how many verses this is… will look later) (these were my memory verses for a play so I remember it well). In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And God said, “Let there be light” and there was light. And god saw the light and said it is good. And God divided the light from the darkness and called the light day and the darkness night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

      Locally known as: 1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

      2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

      3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

      4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

      5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

      Oh, no. No no no. That is not right to me at all. That looks so weird. I am re-reading it because it is so bizarre. I browsed to the next verses and those don’t seem right either. It is off. OMG this is so weird.

      I remember Psalm 127:9 (I am not posting this to be mean or start a religious war. I know this one VERY well as I use it when people are Bible Thumping. I quote this one and then say “See. I can quote the Bible too.” and then pull it out and show them the verse. So I know it by heart.) Happy shall they be that taketh the babes and dasheth their heads against the stones.”

      Locally is known as: I had to Google this because Psalm 127 only has 5 verses which threw me for a loop. The verse is now Psalm 137:9 Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

      Well now. That is disconcerting.

      I remember: The Lord’s Prayer… (I am almost afraid to do this… It feels so wrong.)

      Our father which art in heaven, hallow be thy name. They kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

      Locally known as:

      Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

      No, I clearly remember trespass, not debts. This version looks very odd. My mind is blown.

      One more… This is another I had to memorize and recite often. The 23rd Psalm

      I remember: The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie in green pastures, he restoreth my soul. He leadeth me besides the still water and in the paths of the righteous for his namesake. Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of thy enemy. Thou anointed (anoint?) my head with oil. My cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow all the days in my life and I shall dwell in the house of the lord forever and ever. Amen.

      Locally known as:

      23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

      2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

      3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

      4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

      5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

      6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

      That’s different too. I think I need to go check out the other verses too. This is strange. The Bible definitely is different here, although the differences seem minor but still very disconcerting. I found it interesting that it changes from “thy enemy” to “my enemy”.

      Also, the song, I remember the first time I heard it there was now hebrew. The last time I heard it, they “L’chiam.” (spelling?) which threw me.

      1. Interesting. I thought at first that this might be down to the way the various versions were translated. I did a comparison of the King James Version with the New King James Version, and the only differences lie in the substitution of old English spellings (thee, thine, restoreth) for more modern spellings (you, yours, restores). The order of the phrases and words is otherwise the same, so I don’t know how to account for the differences in Psalm 23 that you noticed. It has been set to music by many composers over the centuries. I wonder if any of them reflect the Mandela changes to the word order.

    3. Hi Jacob,

      I grew up in a very religious family, and attended a private Christian school a couple of years, and we had to memorize verses every week from the kjv. In my timeline, and I’m of the Bernstein Bears (I don’t remember beren pretty sure it was bern but know for a FACT it sas stein, not STAIN), also Desi Arnez, not Arnaz. But at that time, around 1977-78 it was, verbatim: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son and whosoever believith in him shall not perish but have forever lasting life.

  8. “Who Killed Roger Rabbit?” Did you mean “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” or are there people remembering an alternate title?

    1. Good catch, Nikki, thanks! I’d received several comments about the film, and — in haste — repeated the title from the latest. I have no idea if that (private) comment had been a typo or an alternate title. I should know better. For years before the film, I was acquainted with the guy who did the voice. And, last time I saw him at Dragon Con, he was carrying around the largest collection of “ghost orb” photos (in an album) that I’d ever seen. (And, in my line of work, that’s saying a lot.)

      1. Fiona,

        I believe this fits under the overlooked alternate explanation clause of the terms (if not, I apologize).

        Who Framed Roger Rabbit is based on a book called Who Censored Roger Rabbit?. There are two other books in the series- Who P-P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit? and Who Whacked Roger Rabbit?. That *may* be where Who Killed Roger Rabbit came from.

    2. I remember both- Who Killed Roger Rabbit & Who Framed Roger Rabbit- not sure of when the switch was.

      Much like Sherman & Mr. Peabody threw a wool over my eyes when my family rented the movie last year. I didn’t think much of it other than a take on an old cartoon. I saw the question again on reddit and thought nothing of it. However, re-watching Back To The Future (still watching) when watching Marty run into the mailbox after being shot it, there is an extended, appx 1-2sec, delay on the mailbox marked “Peabody”.

      This thing just kind of really does things to get your attention if you were not paying attention the first time. Hey! It WAS Sherman & Mr. Peabody. I like to que my spouse often which I am sure they may be getting spent from the endless questions I fire. To spouse “Hey, when you think of ‘Peabody’ what comes to mind”? Response, “Sherman & Mr. Peabody”. Dag gummit

      I can’t find any pictures with reference to” Sherman & Mr. Peabody”

  9. Just thought of something I’d forgotten about: Tropher Grace is a name I recall being thrown around in the late ’80s, early ’90s. I don’t associate him with any specific movies/shows, but for some reason, it seems like he was an emerging actor then.

    But looking at his iMDB profile, he’s been acting only since the early 2000s, and he’s in his md-30s. But my memory wants to place him more with the Brat Pack/Robert Downey Jr./John Cusak crowd.

    1. I realized after posting this that the actor’s name is actually “Topher,” without the “r.” But I specifically remember it as “Tropher,” which is why I typed it that way. Only noticed later that I had the “real” first name wrong.

      This was something I noticed years ago, and never really connected it as a possible Mandela Effect reference until now.

  10. Who seems to remember Courtney Cox as a correct name spelling? My mom used to read from a lot of celeb type magazines and even has been talked to like she looked like her and she remembers name like that maybe.

    1. When I looked up the “correct” spelling, it was completely new to me. I love unusual names (and unusual/historical spellings of familiar names) so I’m pretty sure I would have remembered this. Then again, I hardly ever watched Friends, so maybe I wouldn’t have seen her name often enough to note it.

      1. I watched Friends. I was a huge fan and I don’t remember her name being spelled with the extra E. I remember Courtney Cox.

  11. I don’t know if what I have to say qualifies as an actual memory of something but I just find it weird. It happens every so often about two to three times a week. I’ll be watching television and I’ll stop on a channel and watch whatever it is that interests me. Two or three days later I’ll be doing the same thing and the exact same program will be on a different channel and at the exact point that I started watching the first time, it will start at the same place the second time. Also, I will hear peculiar or uncommon words being said either on the radio or TV or someone saying this uncommon and strange word…within a few minutes or hours I will hear the same exact word again being repeated as if I was supposed to hear this word. For example, let’s say someone on the news was talking about blah blah blah BARTHOLOMEW, within a few hours (usually a few minutes) I will hear the word Bartholomew again from somewhere.

    1. Fascinating, Jeff! This is the second, detailed report I have of someone with odd breaks in the timestream… and time seems to resume (with some local alterations) right where it had left off when the person took a break in this reality.

      For me, this has a slightly different quality than the usual Mandela Effect memories, but I’m not sure. Nevertheless, both suggest a timeslip or reality shift.

      Thanks for posting this comment!

      1. When I was younger this would happen all the time. But it doesn’t anymore, as I don’t listen to the radio anymore. But back then, I would be driving and a song I hadn’t heard in a while would pop into my head. I’d start singing the song in my head until it reminded me, “You could just turn on the radio and listen to music instead of playing it in your head.”. When I’d turn in the radio, the song in my head would be on. This happened more times than I could count. My theory was that my brain was somehow picking up on the radio waves, but after seeing this site, maybe it has something to do with time? I would love some thoughts on this. Thank you!

        1. Lebaneser Scrooge (love the name, btw) –

          That’s a great thought: that it might have to do with time.

          I used to do the same thing when I was younger, often “hearing” a song before I turned on the radio. I’d even prove it to others by demonstrating it on road trips. (My success rate was only about 40%, but still… “guessing” one song among at least hundreds that were popular at the time was still impressive.) At the time, they hadn’t widely debunked the idea that dental fillings pick up radio waves, so I’d figured it had to be some variation of that.

          A time shift makes far more sense to me. Several times (not even dozens) when traveling by car, I’d arrive at the destination in an impossibly short amount of time. Among the friends who’d witnessed it, it was a joke. When we were leaving late for a party or something, someone would often say, “Hey, Fiona, bend time so we arrive on time.” Sometimes, it would work. I think covering about 30 miles — in heavy Boston traffic — in under 8 minutes was my record.

          But, it was generally agreed that — when people were with me (rarely on my own, as far as I know) — I did something with time. (It was a different era, and a quirky context. People were more willing to accept that kind of concept.)

          So, I like that theory related to the radio issue. Thanks!


          P.S. I’m not sure why, but the IP you’re posting from is blacklisted by IP Blacklist. For now, at least, I’m seeing your comments and approving them. However, if you reach a denial-type message or error message when commenting, that’s what’s going on. I’ll try to override it, but I may not be able to. (And, for the record, one of our other popular visitors — Julia — has had a similar IP issue. Best solution has been to use a different wifi connection.)

          1. Looks like a good place to jot this down.
            My radio talks to me.
            Yesterday, I jumped in the car for an hour trip. My mind was on ME. I started wondering how much I had to do with this phenomena. Was I supposed to do something? Was I supposed to use this to my advantage some how? I really didn’t like that idea. With that I turned on the radio and hear “this has nothing to do with you, its personal myself and I, and big girls dont cry” …. Hmmm ok …. I drive on and im summarizing that maybe with the all the geographical changes earth is shrinking and were about to get blipped out of existence (existance) Not my normal train of thought. I switch stations without thinking and I hear something along the lines of “ill never let your light go out.” I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my day.

            1. Great comment, Anthony! (I’m not sure if this means you should avoid ITC — aka “ghost box” communications that use radio signals — or leap on it immediately. LOL )

          2. I could do the same thing with the song guessing. It started for me around the year 1982 or 1983. It was around the time Madonna was big. I would do it in front of my friends. I would say I know what song is on the radio. I would say the song then one of my childhood friends would turn on radio I was 90% right. At the time we only listened to radio station Q 102. I could also guess what music video was on MTV to. It would freak my friends out. I forgot about doing that until I read the above reference. Wow how strange. My friends and I always called into Q 102 to. I had a friend that won Madonna tickets and won more then a few times from radio station Q102 around the same time I could guess songs playing and videos playing.

    2. Jeff, the word topic you mention happens to me all the time. I have posted about synchronicity happening all the time around me anymore in other posts, this is one of those thing I am talking about. I can totally relate to the word thing, phrases also. I hear something on TV, an unusual word and phrase , then all of the sudden out of the blue, someone at work (for example) will use the word or phrase in an unrelated manner. It was almost creepy at first , but now I’m so used to it , I kind of laugh it off. Mike

      1. I would like to add to my previous comment. These aren’t media “buzzwords ” or anything like that. Just pure random phrases or words. What happens a lot also, is I will be , for example , looking something obscure up on the Internet, and then someone will be talking about or asking me about the same thing. These would be things I had not discussed with anyone. Mike

    3. I had a friend who told me something similar recently. He said that he or his wife will see a phrase on a random junk mail leaflet or newspaper, and literally within a few minutes that exact phrase will be repeated on a tv programme. He says it has happened many times, and it feels like he is part of the “Trueman Show”.

      1. I’m not sure if this can be considered the same phenomenon as yours Jonny but I was recently watching a premier league football match I’m sure it involved Manchester City and I said the exact phrase the commentator said but a split second before, the strange thing was it was a rare phrase along the lines of ‘take a bow’ but I now can’t remember the phrase just that it happened.

    4. Your post gave me goosebumps….the Dean Koontz book “The Corner of His Eye” is about alternate realities and the name Bartholomew is a major part of the book. If you like to read you should read it.

    5. that happens to me all the time! like, I’ll say or hear someone say a random word and hear it on the tv or radio either during the same time or close after. I always thought it was just mere coincidence. fascinating..

  12. The Not Aging Thing. Yeah, I’m 34 but can pass for 24.

    Granted I no longer get wolf whistles from packs of women, but maybe if I lost weight. Cause I’m way heavier now than at 24.

    1. JM, I look in the mirror and see my correct age on my face. However, many people don’t seem to see it, and they haven’t a clue that my husband is much younger than me. (Weirdly, he looks much younger than his years, as well… at least that’s how I see him. So, I have no explanation for any of this.)

  13. On the Sara Lee jingle debate, this might help: originally, the whole song was “Everybody doesn’t like something, but nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.” Having the second line say “nobody does it like Sara Lee” wouldn’t really make sense, when the first line is considered. Maybe later on, they dropped the first line (I wasn’t paying close attention), so people new to the slogan could have heard it as “nobody does it like…”

    Neat site, here! Thanks for putting all of this great info together!

    1. Well, to me “Nobody doesn’t” is a double negative and the advertising director in that dimension should be fired. Unless of course double negatives are not unacceptable.

      1. The double negative was intended. I do remember it as a double negative, because my math teacher used it as an example of a double negative.

      2. Well, the beginning of the slogan is “everybody doesn’t like something”. Making it “everybody doesn’t like something, but everybody likes Sara Lee” just doesn’t quite give the repetitive feeling that “nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee” gives. But, I agree with retrospect, that a double negative is also not as professional as no negatives by itself.

        Haha, sorry, the grammar part of me kicked in suddenly

    2. Again I know it was “No body does it like Sara Lea” my husband and I both now it 100% was “No body dos it like Sara Lea” This is just getting stranger for me.

  14. Woah guys, what about The Heart in the Franklin Institute? I remember it being much larger, and having a labyrinth of tunnels in all three dimensions, not just the linear tour it was when I saw several years later.

    1. I am from the Philly area, so I have been through that heart a time or two. I didn’t really recognize it as any different the first time I went through it versus the last time I went through it. But, I’m not really sure what’s real anymore…!

  15. Betty White Died in early 2013 or late 2012 by my reckoning. I saw her on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in early 2013 and thought it must have been a rerun because she just died – but it wasn’t a rerun

  16. So there is an anime called Steins;Gate that has much to do the Mandela Effect and a group called SERN? In a very first episode a main character remembers being at a lecture that was cancelled and in a second he remembers John Titor from 2000 and is surprised to discover he is just popping onto a world scene in 2010 maybe. Fiona, you might have hinted that you were suspicious of a connection between the Mandela Effect and a CERN LHC or some science related thing and also found a lot of stuff pointing towards 2010. How thought provoking of an anime if it even has a title that includes the word Stein and a Berenstein to Berenstain switch is arguably the most widely accepted Mandela Effect change?

    1. My thoughts also, as out there as it sounds. If I look back at when my major timeslips , Mandela effect or whatever you want to call this phenomena, the years actually line up very well with LHC tests. I never even really gave it much thought until after writing here , and then going back to check when the major tests were conducted. If nothing else a strange coincidence , or not. As I have said before late fall 2009 was the biggest slip for me, And I believe in the poll 2010 was the highest year for people voting. There might be something to this. Mike

      1. My slip was late Dec. 2009. I remember because about 7 or 8 months before that my cousin moved in with us. He was going through a rough time. We had become close over the years. My husband I both were very close to my cousin and we knew his personality. After he moved in he changed. He had always helped with yard work and was just polite and friendly. He began to act strange. He was always a clean neat person. All of a sudden he wouldn’t wash his bed clothes for like 6 months and they began to stink. There were times my husband and I would go a way for a few days. My friends began to tell us that my cousin met women on dating sites then would bring them to our home when we were gone. Then he began to lie and to both my husband and I. I began to fill uncomfortable in my own home. The one thing that stuck out to my husband and I was he had a strange odder to him. My husband and I joke about smells. That we pick our friends by how they smell. It was strange how different my cousin began to smell. We asked him to leave late Dec. 2009.
        That is when time became different to me.

  17. What the heck! This is a weird one. So I clearly remember maybe a month ago – perhaps mid-April, I heard that B.B. King died in Las Vegas. I immediately thought of one of my favorite songs, “Stand By Me” that I always thought B.B. King had written. Upon reading more, I found out that “Stand by Me” was not one of B.B.’s song, but was Ben E. King’s song. B.B. was famous for “The Thrill Has Gone” among lots of other songs. I felt a little bit bad for not knowing the difference between them.

    So, then on April 30th, Ben E. King really did die and I thought “Wow, that’s coincidental – just a few weeks later…” I’m not very knowledgeable about blues and older rock and roll singers, and it took their deaths for me to learn more about each of them.

    So just now I heard on the radio that B.B. King JUST died today on May 14th (it’s not quite midnight in California) and I can’t believe it. I And strangely, I just read that when Ben E. King died, some people confused HIM with B.B. King, where I did just the opposite, because I HEARD that B.B. King had died. So, somehow I was in another reality where B.B. King died a month earlier.

    Anyone else? Anyone?

    1. Fascinating, Julia! I can understand confusing the two names, since they can sound so familiar if heard in conversation. Still, the synchronicity of this is a little eerie.

      1. Fiona and Julia, THAT is the kind of synchronicity I have written about in my posts. It just seems to be snowballing the last couple of years. It’s almost daily for me personally now , and I mean things like Julia mentioned, real obvious ones. I think if some of us keep our minds open, they might be shocked at how much this may happen. Although , don’t go specifically looking for them, if that makes sense ?? Fascinating , Mike

        1. See without observing because particles act differently when they are observed.

    2. I read on yahoo that B.B. King died last month as well. However, I don’t know if news sources are truely accurate; often posting of a star’s death days or months beforehand. When Bobbi Kristina Brown had her incident yahoo was reporting her dead too…can be a bit scketchy relying on the media. Sometimes its as if they want the global consciousness to decide tricking it towards a particular intent…(?)

      1. Then again, it could be that there is an earnest report but only those who read the news daily and make mental notes catch the glitch.

        1. Hi Daniel,

          I do think there’s a slight possibility that the media reported it incorrectly, however, I doubt it for a few reasons – one is that we BOTH got the news – I from the radio late at night, which is when I usually listen and you from on-line. And it seems like if the media incorrectly reported a death, especially of someone so famous, you’d find the reports of retractions (as well as the original incorrect death reports) online. Now, when I enter “B.B. King” and “April” I see a few reports of his hospitalization but nothing else, or if there is, they are buried under pages and pages of articles about his death on May 14th. I do remember hearing he was hospitalized and then that he died – as I said, days before Ben E. King’s death.

          What’s also weird is that besides hearing it on the radio, I really think I remember hearing it at my parents’ house on the nightly news. What often occurs there is that I am in another room on-line while they are watching the news and I can hear the broadcast from the room I’m in. And I believe when they spoke about B.B. King, I got up to go look at the t.v. (since I was so interested because I had mixed him and Ben E. King up.) I think I heard them play a few bars of “The Thrill is Gone.” I’m anxious to see if they do that tonight on the evening news at 6:30!

          It’s just so weird, because when I remember someone’s death and then hear it again as fresh news at a later time, I feel like saying “Pshaw…he;/she died already! Don’t you remember?” or “WHY doesn’t anyone else remember???” but of course I keep quiet because I’ll know I’d be accused of being inattentive or foolish or whatever by someone. When all the hoopla about Mandela happened, I just kept my mouth shut about my memories, which were vague in that case, but persistent.

          Sometimes I wonder if it’s not always different realities but just truly non-linear time lines a person experiences, as if some of us personally jumped to today a month ago or so and already experienced what happened today, but NOT because there are two realities but because we live in non-linear time. Daniel, can you place a date for when you read that B.B. King had died?

          1. Last night I was looking at the Reddit form called “Glitch in the Matrix” specifically the Mandela Effect thread. Those threads are time stamped – not by date exactly – but you can see how long ago a comment was made. About 2 or 3 days before Princess Charlotte of England was born, a girl says that she swears that the day before she saw a headline about the baby being born, named Charlotte, etc. She thought, “I’ll find out more tomorrow.” The next day she found out that Katherine was still pregnant. Anyway, she was absolutely correct – the baby was born a few days later on May 2 and the name was announced on Monday, May 4th as far as I know.

            I’m just glad there are other people who hear or read headlines that disappear and then happen at a later date. 🙂

            I wanted to copy and paste the entry and I can find it on my Kindle but every time I look through the thread on my desktop, I can’t find it. I don’t think that means anything though – it’s just difficult to find things on that very long page.

            1. Very cool! This makes me wonder how many other alternate memories we might find, if we searched forums related to the major memories noted here.

              That is, if — in some forum posts from 1998 — we’d find a few people saying they thought Nelson Mandela had died a few years ago, or something like that. Right now, we’re relying on people who stumble onto or a similar site, and posting their amazement at what’s happened (or hasn’t, yet) in the current timestream.

              1. Fiona , I know on other forums there have been date stamped posts from 2007 up until Mandela died (again?). People swearing he was already dead. And what is even more interesting he was always included with most of our “usual suspects”AKA , celebrities , ect. we thought were already gone. Mike

          2. I feel that I have moved so fast over the past couple of days that I am finding it difficult to keep up with dates. When I wrote this note I was thinking mid April was when Yahoo posted it. Things are starting to blur.

            This is an interesting and helpful concept:
            Sometimes I wonder if it’s not always different realities but just truly non-linear time lines a person experiences, * as if some of us personally jumped to today a month ago or so and already experienced what happened today*

    3. I also remember thinking that BB King had died before he did. He did, however, get put into a hospice facility on the same day that Ben E King died so maybe that’s why I was thinking he’d died since the names sounded so similar. It is a weird coincidence that they died so close to one another being part of the same genre and time of music with such similar names.

      1. Katelyn, I’m approving this comment because it was a quirky coincidence.

        At some point, I’d like to explore when “normal coincidences” aren’t so normal, after all. I’ve wondered if some realities share a resonance, so an event (at a different time) in one timestream leads to a harmonic event (in this case, the death of someone with a sound-alike name, in a similar career) in another timestream. It’s an admittedly tangled concept and rather far out in the fringe of this already “fringe” topic, but still… examining quirky coincidences could have some merit.

        However,getting back to the alternate BB King memory a few people have: most seem to recall him dying significantly before Ben E. King did, so the name similarity wasn’t a factor.

        I’m glad you were able to explain to yourself why you misremembered things. Nevertheless, the Mandela Effect website is for people who’ve already ruled out confusion, misremembering, coincidences that blur their memories, and other false memory factors. (Please see Terms: Comments.) For that reason, this is your only comment I’m approving today.

        Fiona Broome

  18. As I am reading this I can relate to a lot of what is being said and what is going on. I have had these types of experiences all my life. Things changing and I knew them to one way then they change to another.

    A recent one being movie related was in World War Z, in the commercial they called “Russia a Black hole” in the movie they call a whole nother country “the black hole”.

    As for the list, some of it feels the same for me, I can verify certain ones, while others escape me.

    This whole thing has my head spinning. Its phenomenal ….

  19. Please stand by. Due to the internet’s massive size and data retention ability the number of unavoidable universe branching points increased dramatically, recently we have seen some universes being merged in sub optimal ways but don’t worry about it. They are working on a slightly modified set of physics that will make computer data storage slightly less capable when this physics is adopted all current universe simulations will be restored to a point only about 4000 years ago. While they are at it there is an open ticket to fix the warp field issue you recently discovered.

    Q: Will I exist in these new universes?
    A: Most likely, based on the current physics draft they are working on all major branching events will still happen the same up till around 1998, however if your parents met online then you only have about a 50% chance of still existing after the reset. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Q: Will we still have the internet after the reset?
    A: Yes but it will be slightly different, the new physics is trying to encourage static storage methods like optical media to be the norm, these static storage devices are far easier to reconcile universe to universe than magnetic drives or solid state drives. Instead of data centers full of hdd’s you’ll have data centers full of DVD’s websites like this will run primarily in ram only and will have more restrictive upload abilities.

    Q: So what can we expect before the reset?
    We don’t know, as this is the farthest simulation we have run to date. While we are still working on the underlying physics the simulation will be allowed to continue but due to limited resources more branch point mergers can be expected.

      1. I enjoyed that humor as well Fiona Broome. Thank you so much for approving it. That was great. I needed that. Again thank you.

    1. Technition, you made me laugh. 🙂 And I’m glad my parents are too old to have met online. Whew!

  20. From Cecil Palmer posted on reddit which goes along with my prior theory (Japan still has it as BerenSTEIN). France still has it as Interview with” A” Vampire:
    Okay, so it’s always been Interview with a vampire to me too, but I figured out why.
    I’m French, and in French the title was translated to Entretien avec un vampire, which literally means “interview with a vampire”. “The” would be “le vampire”.
    Just an uninteresting tidbit, haha.

    ( A matter of perception which is why the chartreuse bus is still chartreuse. The person who drew and was responsible for the coloring of the bus was not fluent in English- it is drawn from her perspective based on herstory/history).

  21. Whew, I finally made it to the end of this amazing blog. I will admit, I was aware of a few of these anomalies, however many of you have shown me ones I had not encountered yet (not that I was actively looking anymore). I would like to share my own (false) memory, and perhaps share a small personal experience with you all.

    In a previous reality, Kelsey Grammer died from a cocaine overdose during the run of his hit TV show, Frazer. I specifically remember the news coverage, and the memorial with the other cast members. I was shocked to see Kelsey later playing the role as Beast in the X-Men movies.

    Also, Berenstein, Tienanmen Square, and most of the movie / TV name changes

    I am also intrigued with several posts referring to the time dilations as “slips” or “timeslips” as if they are accidental or natural. Since my first one, I have always referred to them as “shifts” or “reality shifts”, because honestly, they felt controlled to a certain point. Now, ten years later, and many many shifts later, I have come to realize there are specific elements regarding our very existence that many people will never know. You folks just make me happy that I am not as alone in these “travels” as I thought.

    I will leave you with this last thought this evening. We are all noticing these anomalies now, but everyday we are all “made to forget”; it’s in our nature. We will all most undoubtedly shift again, whether it’s back to the previous or to another timeline, and therefore there will be new anomalies or even ones that corrected. Whatever you do, no matter where you end up, don’t forget, you exist.

    Best Regards,
    Jacob Rabin

  22. I’m not sure where to put this, but I am rereading “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. I haven’t read it since I was in my 20’s maybe. Mrs. Murry, the scientist mother says something that sums up my feelings about the Mandela Effect. It could even be a “tag-line” for this website.

    She says, “Don’t hope it was a dream. I don’t understand it anymore than you do, but one thing I’ve learned is that you don’t have to understand things for them to BE.” (“be” is italicized in the text but I’m not sure how to do that here.)

    1. Julia, I love that quote, and that book was among my favorites as a kid. It still stands out in my memories as one of the most influential books of my childhood.

      Meanwhile, I keep trying to move this comment to the Cool Theories, … post, where I think it may be the best fit, but my comment-moving software seems to be broken. So, when the software/plugin creator updates it, I’ll probably move this and a few other comments that may match other threads a little better.

      No matter where it appears at this site, I think that quote is a gem. Thanks!


  23. Like many (I would say most) others it seems, I am absolutely, without a doubt sure of these:

    – BerenstEin
    – Interview with A Vampire
    – Sex IN The City

    I am convinced there are others that have not been widely noticed yet, and that this phenomenon is continuing. A potential one that just came up for me was seeing an article for “Fuller House” (tv show), and that the Olsen twins choosing not to be part of it. But, I could have sworn that one of them died. Not that long ago either. I know that they, and one in particular, have always had struggles with drugs and such, so I don’t know if I am mistaking something like that (a bad incident with an arrest, or drugs or something), but I do seem to remember one of them actually dying relatively recently. But both are apparently alive. Does anyone else have this similar memory/impression?

    And…Fiona, I note that this page is devoted pretty much just to cataloging and reviewing these types of memory anomalies, but not really to theories or analyzing of the phenomenon itself. Do you have another page for that? Or can we just start doing that here?

  24. Regarding the death of the character “Fonzie” in Happy Days in a possible motorcycle accident, though I’ve never watched the show or been a fan, there was an episode of South Park: “City on the Edge of Forever” that may be a reference to this. On the show, there is a running gag where the character, “Kenny” dies in almost every episode , and in that episode, it showed a flashback clip of Fonzie riding his motorcycle and he runs over Kenny, killing him after a few onlookers shout “Be careful, Fonzie!”. The point was completely lost on me, seeing as I know nothing about Happy Days, but maybe they were referencing the death of the character Fonzie in a motorcycle accident? Also, in the episode “Dead Celebrities”(first aired in 2009), the kids contact the ghost hunting show T.A.P.S. The creators of South Park originate from Colorado, but live in L.A., so the name simply being just some regional issue seems unlikely.

  25. Haha, wooaaah. I’m always open minded but keep a healthy skepticism when it comes to these type of things. But there are some entries on here that really caught me off guard:

    -If you had asked me a few minutes ago before I read this, I still would have told you it was ‘Sex in the City’. My reaction was ‘you mean that’s NOT what it is?’

    -I was originally brought here by the Berenst*in Bears conundrum and yes, I remember Stein as well. I’m 19, for the record, but I grew up with the books and the TV show.

    -I definitely remember seeing an episode of Happy Days where Fonzie gets in a motorcycle accident, but…he ended up being okay. =P This is either a possible explanation of misremembering or if said episode doesn’t exist somehow then it’s another variation I suppose.

    The biggest one though, is the Ronald Reagan’s death one. That really, really hit home with me because I’ve frequently gone back and forth with my mom on our conflicting memories of his death. I remember watching one of those documentaries about him, the kind they put together quickly after the death of a famous person, and the disturbing thing for me is that I clearly remember it saying he was 98 years old. The reason it sticks out so much in my mind is because I remember being a kid and marveling at the idea that the ex-president was almost a 100 and wishing ‘that he could have lived a few more years.’

    This makes no logical sense to me because I don’t remember an alternate birth date for Ronald Reagan; I most certainly would have because I was pretty nerdy about the presidents growing up. I’m pretty sure I was always aware he was born in 1911, and that just makes the whole thing even more headache inducing for me.

  26. Okay, so B.B. King would appear to be dead again according to the latest news here in mid-May 2015. For me, he has been alive and dead many times. I especially remember working at an answering service outside Atlanta, Georgia in the summer of 1987 when people were talking about his death, and I didn’t even know who he was and felt quite embarrassed about it and later did research so I would be up to speed about him. That was a situation where a group of about ten people were all talking about his recent death.

    And I actually got very cross at my honey the other day when he was reading an article from a recent New Jersey newspaper which had a feature about baseball player Yogi Berra, famous for so many funny phrases and quotable “misquotes”. In the feature it talked about him still being alive (at 90) and I said to my guy, “Oh, I guess he’s alive again,” very annoyed! Some people just never stay dead. Because he was definitely dead for me in the late 80’s when both my father and grandmother would quote him and wistfully refer to him and his funny phrases, from the point of view of the guy being dead now (then.) I had no clue who this person was at the time.

    Some “dead” celebrities sure seem to be like cats — having nine lives or more each! 🙂

  27. I also remember seeing in some news report that Betty White died, but early this year.

  28. I landed on this fascinating site because of my interest in the concept of parallel universes, and had no idea that these kind of experiences were so pervasive. Most of the memories discussed here I recall in their “current timeline” versions: for me, chartreuse has always been yellowish green, Nelson Mandella died in 2013, etc. Three exceptions:

    First, I was stunned to learn that Charles Lindbergh’s baby was found, as I recall reading that the child remained missing, thereby adding to the trauma and heartbreak (no closure.) Second, I remember always pronouncing it The BerenSTEEN Bears although I can’t remember how it was spelled. I find that odd, since I’m a phonetic reader.

    Now, if it wasn’t for this website, I’d attribute the above 2 examples to faulty memory and not give it a second thought. After all, I last read the Berenstein/stain Bears to my 34 year old son almost 25 years ago. At this point, I don’t know what to think. However, the third example is too recent and too clear to be caused by memory erosion through the decades.

    In late April of this year (2015) while in the grocery store I passed by the magazine racks at the front of each aisle and saw a magazine cover about how Kate (Duchess Katherine of Great Britain) just had a baby girl. The headline clearly stated that it had already happened. I remember thinking “Oh! I didn’t know she’d already had the baby.” Then a few weeks later she had Charlotte. I spoke with someone else yesterday who recalled the same headline around that time. Someone earlier in this blog also mentioned this oddity.

    The story was featured on the front cover of one of the sensational mags like The Enquirer, The Star, the Globe, or InTouch or other such publication. It has occurred to me that the title COULD have been one of those bogus titles: “Kate Middleton has Baby Girl!” (Then in small type underneath it says “Speculates Royal Family Paparazzi”) I wish I had looked more closely at it.

    These mags have recent past covers and/or articles displayed on their websites – I tried to locate the story but haven’t been successful. I’d be very interested to hear if anyone else remembers Kate’s “April baby” from another news source. For some reason it’s bothering me and I want to lay this to rest one way or another.

    Fiona, thanks much for hosting this website. Whatever the cause of the ME phenomenon, I believe that our understanding of time and space is due for a radical readjustment.

  29. I have experienced many many times the feeling that well known people have died more than once. I remember when Mandela died in prison and then he was alive! Also, I remember “tank man” was run over; the tank never stopped and it was a world wide cause for outrage.

    I had read that the son of Clark Gable died and then a few weeks later he was alive, with is girlfriend found dead in his home.

    There are many others I know died who died twice or who died and are still alive.

    Died twice: Captain Kangaroo, Julia Child, Jack Palance, Sergeant Shriver
    Died and now alive: Stan Lee, Jim Nabors, Dorothy Malone, Brian Dennehy, Robert Loggia, Hugh Downs

  30. Here’s an alternate memory I just discovered. And MAYBE I am wrong on this – wondering what others might think. My mom watches the show “Young and the Restless” and though I’ve never really watched it, I’ve long been aware of the actress that plays Nikki Newman, a long time staple of the show – she’s nearing 60. The actress has two last names, but the order I always thought her names were in, is evidently not correct. In alphabetical order, she is either Melody Scott Thomas or Melody Thomas Scott. If you know who she is, without looking it up, which sounds correct to you? One last name is her maiden name and one is the name of her third and current husband. I was SO sure it was one order and it turns out it’s the opposite order. I see web searches for both, including a website from Getty images who have it the way I always thought it was.

    1. Julia, I’ll admit that I guessed wrong. However, there are several non-ME reasons why I might get it wrong, one being how rarely I’ve see that show.

      Still, this intrigues me. I’m not sure why, but it may be worth checking other triple names in that TV genre to see whether it’s normal or odd for people to scramble the names.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  31. As soon as I heard the news that Joe biden’s son had passed away due to brain cancer, I had that weird de-ja-vu feeling as if this was the 2nd time Biden’s son had died. I have a vague feeling that I already heard that news before, at the start of the year, or late last year. Does anybody else have this recollection?

  32. Great site! First time commenting here…

    The big inconsistencies are parallel to my own understanding…such as the Berenstein/stain spelling . Dilemna is the correct spelling to me, dilemma just does not feel right…many things with geography (and I am a bit of a geography nut…I’m always looking at maps..). Andorra being a Principality just blew my mind…and Svalbard just seems to have popped up out of the sea.

    Someone mentioned media repeating a couple minutes here and there, seemingly shortly (or sometimes not so shortly) after having already seent he footage. I notice this at an alarmingly increased rate lately…whether it be movies, t.v., youtube….

    I feel a bit moved now to say something, in case the “right” individuals are looking…

    Do what you will, but Ouroboros will be broken. His Blood saves. Remember that. There is no sliding around or under Him.

    1. Good comments, Jim. However, the Ouroboros one is the kind of private message I generally don’t approve, and I’m unlikely to approve direct responses to that, or take this in an Ouroboros or spiritual direction.

      I’m approving this one because it’s odd (and “odd” things always intrigue me), but more because it gives me an opportunity to clearly state my position on privately-directed messages, even when they’re inspired. I firmly believe that when someone is supposed to receive a particular message, they’ll see, hear, or otherwise encounter it from multiple and distinct sources.

  33. Wow I was turned onto this site after hearing about the BerenstAin Bears name change (which apparently never “changed”…) and then was baffled to find that my memories differ in many of these examples:

    (1) Tank guy was totally run over! Blood in the streets and all! Squished down to nothing! I was really young at this time, and was so preoccupied with the frightening thought of what it would feel like to get run over by a tank Just Like He Did! That and many other thoughts about his death are completely ingrained in my memory.
    (2) it was always Jiffy for me, until early 2000’s when i found “JIF” peanut butter at a friends house and had a discussion about how the company Must have shortened the name because it sounded too much like Skippy (which I had switched to using permanently).
    (3) Louie died sometime after the first season of his new show which then ended the show completely. I was really sad about this because I enjoyed his humor!
    (4) Both Jurrasic Park and Star Wars (specifically Empire Strikes Back) were two movies I watched numerous times early-mid 90’s, but took a hiatus from watching them for a few years. When I rewarched them again, I had this feeling like I was watching a different movie, and that something had changed that I couldnt put my finger on, but it just wasnt the same movie I had seen and loved years before! I just attributed this to me being young when I first watches them, but find it interesting you had both on this list. I dont recall feeling this way about any of the other favorite movies I watched as a young kid. I have actually avoided rewatching the Star Wars movies since then because it put such a bad feeling into my psyche, and switched to Star Trek instead! (Though I do not recall the death of Chakotay midseries, but i only saw the last three seasons as they aired, and reruns of the previous seasons.)
    (5) *Limothy Leary was a murderer, until i realized I was thinking of Ted Kazinsky – the Unabomber. No real memory here, but wanted to mention that because they were both highly educated and intelligent professors.
    (6) It was always “Sex in the City” and “Interview with a Vampire” until my wife watched them again in 2008, where we debated vigorously where I was 100% certain that “the Vampire” and “and the City” were wrong because that just didnt make sense and sounded stupid, and I had clear memories of the spelling and grammar to support the former.
    (7) Mandala died in Prison long ago (before I was born) and was a posthumous hero alongside the likes of Ghandi. I hadnt even thought of him until talk of his death and the announcement of the movie Mandala in his honor. I just thought I must have misremembered the facts.
    (8) I once had an experience where I was with friends and heard a song on the radio (i cannot remember for the life of me what it was exactly, but It was a slower/love-song by a female artist who I hadnt listened to before) to which I knew every word of the song and sang the last part of the song to prove it, only to find out the song was just weeks old. This was so bizarre I had no explanation for it, and just stopped thinking about it after it happened.

    Thanks for this incredible list! I have studied quantum mechanics, energy systems, and extradimensional theories for several years now, and am in total belief that we are living in a mixup of multiple timelines that have intersected and converged on each other, and have difficulties at times knowing what is real or not. I can barely trust my own memory these days because of the discrepancies I hear between stories from others and/or from me. One certainty is that we are living in very, very strange times. God bless

    1. Whoa just looked up New Zealand… I dont recall it ever being on the Eastern shore of Australia – closer to the US than Australia. I took a trip to AUS back in 2006, and distinctly remember knowing that (1) there was nothing between Hawai’i and Australia as the crow flies, and (2) New Zealand would have taken several hours longer to get to because I would have had to fly OVER all of AUS to get there. Further, I remember from elementary school (and The LoonEy Toons comment) that AUS, NZ, and Tasmania made a triangle with NZ to the far West of both AUS and Tasmania. I am dumbfounded. This is really bizarre information to learn that contradicts things I was – and feel I still am – convinced to be truths up to this point. God bless

    2. Hi Xlandz,

      Thank you for commenting here; Fiona has put together a wonderful place where folks like us can share alternative type memories and theories about them.

      I do want to mention though that there was a point I believe in the late 90’s? when George Lucas purposefully remastered his entire first Star Wars trilogy for rerelease in theaters and on video; he added in many new special effects and even some new scenes; he was quoted as saying he wanted to fix a bunch of stuff that had been bothering him for years, make it better with the new technology he had develop;ed at Lucasfilms; so you WERE looking at “new” versions of the old movies most likely and if you watched the original films a lot when you were younger (I know my mom took me to see them dozens of times in the theater when they first came out — so I pretty much memorized every frame!)—–the newer versions would have felt weird, more artificial, less fun and campy, p;robably!

      That said, your other memories of alternative stuff seem very much aligned with many posters here and elsewhere on the Net — and there IS no “rational” explanation for those unless we are willing to delve into the realm of the weird! 🙂 And I know I am as are the many wonderful contributors here.

    3. This is a long shot, but was the song “Sweet Surrender” by Sarah McLachlin?
      The “first” time I heard that song on the radio, I knew it so well, and it was deeply connected to a memory of a friend who had moved three years prior to the songs release. But the memory never happened, at least not in this time line. I had the strongest visceral reaction to it, and was shocked that it was a new release. How did I know the melody so well?

  34. I just noticed a small addition to the BerenstEin Bears conundrum that I don’t believe I’ve seen mentioned anywhere yet. In the 80s (1983 to be exact), Coleco released a very obscure game for the Atari 2600 called simply “Berenstein Bears”. I never had the original cartridge, but had downloaded a ROM image of it years ago just out of curiosity, and it had been just sitting on an old hard drive basically ignored since then. Well, it suddenly came to mind as a result of this phenomenon, so I actually dug it up and checked it. Sure enough, the title of the game itself, AS WELL AS THE FILENAME, have both changed to BerenstAin. I have no doubt whatsoever the spelling was with an E before…I remember it clearly. This entire thing is creepy to begin with but whatever this phenomenon is, it seems very…thorough.

    And just to mention, but echoing a couple of recent posters, I can also vouch for some celebrities having “come back to life”, from a death I remember in my “previous reality”. The clearest one, of which I have no doubt, is Robert Loggia, who sure enough, is apparently alive now…just confirmed it. It would never even have occurred to me, if not for being mentioned here…I do clearly remember reading about his death a few years ago and being saddened by it, because I was a big fan of Scarface and Big, two movies in which he figured prominently. Another one I remember having a previous death (now apparently alive) is Stan Lee.

    Also, separately, I can vouch for also being confused over the recent UK royal babies, but since I am not a big fan or follower of the royals, I figured it was just my imagination or misunderstanding.

    I do think this phenomenon is current and continuing, even as we note and discuss it…

    1. JimboJones, that’s a great comment, and I agree that the phenomenon is continuing.

      I actually looked up Robert Loggia at Wikipedia because I, too, recall his recent death. It stood out in my memories because — when he died in the other reality — I’d been amazed at how old he actually was. His appearance and great energy didn’t match his age.

      However, I wasn’t confused about Stan Lee, possibly because — when I speak at big events — I’ve seen him, regularly. So, the reality in which Robert Loggia died may be different from the one where Stan Lee did. (And, trying to articulate that, I realized that the way we reconstruct our life stories — in the context of specific memories — is an interesting topic in itself.)


  35. Anybody old enough to remember any specifics about Houdini’s exploits or death details. I seem to recall him escaping from the bilge of a battleship, and the New York City Aqueducts. He was more of an illusionist in my memory than an escape artists, although he did perform escapes. Also, he was murdered by his brother in my recollection.

  36. I posted a reference to one thing that happened to me regarding the movie the Gladiator and Richard Harris.

    The actor in the movie, Richard Harris, was fine, then died of cancer from a lifetime of drinking, then a year later I read a two page article about how he had quit drinking at an early age. Then, finally he dies of the same intestinal cancer a few years later.

    Many people think I’m talking about Oliver Reed who died during the filming of the movie but that’s not who I’m speaking about.

    I went to see the movie Gladiator when it came out in 2000.

    In 2001 I was watching a late night talk show and Russell Crowe was talking about the death of Richard Harris and how he had a serious drinking problem that led to stomach cancer. I thought it was ironic because his character died in the movie and I had no idea he was even sick.

    I rented the movie and watched it again. I payed close attention to Richard Harris now that I knew he actually had died. What I saw stunned me. Richard Harris, in character, said all of the same lines and did the same things but he was so frail and thin. The same man but obviously dying on screen.

    I moved to Santa Fe and was dating this woman and told her what had happened, that I had seen two versions of the same man in a movie and that he was fine in one version and dying in the other version of the same.

    We watched the movie and this time he was back to normal weight. I was confused. She thought I had simply imagined it.

    A few weeks later at a coffee shop I saw an article about Richard Harris with his face on the cover of the magazine. I picked it up and read it. It was a touching article about how he had a serious drinking problem and had stopped drinking at a young age. The date on the magazine was the same month and so recent. It turned out the Richard Harris had never had cancer and had always been fine.

    My girlfriend and I broke up and I moved from New Mexico back to Colorado. Years later I saw on the news that Richard Harris had died of stomach cancer. I called my ex-girlfriend and told her what I’d seen. She replied, “I thought of you when I saw that too.”

    That’s the most obvious one. The other was Bob Keeshan of Captain Kangaroo fame. In 1973 while in High School I read about his death from a heart attack. I can still remember looking at the news article in the newspaper.

    Then, years later I read that Bob Keeshan had just had a heart attack in the early 1980s and survived it. He changed his diet and lived much longer finally in 2004. It was shocking to read that he was actually not only alive but had never had a heart attack nor did he die.

  37. Theory

    My guess is that humans were designed not to have the ability to see or hear beyond a certain range. So, mass communication allows us to see glitches and changes in other people lives which are massive simply because the people that a part of the change don’t see it most of the time (people remotely can).

    Written language, another artificial extension of ability construct, allows us to read about history and compare it to our memories. When they don’t compare and are different it is likely that both versions are true.

    I was reading a website where this woman believes that these changes are caused by the system resetting itself, like a fail safe, and one of the indicators prior to a shift are solar flares and earthquakes caused from the solar flares. I believe the article was named “Living Dead Celebrities.”

  38. Paul, one of the very few patterns that i have noticed is,the mandela effect takes place beyond a radial distance of 1000 miles from the contentious issue whether it be newzealand or nelson mandela.The cultural barrier is very normal because US or for that matter any country has a unique ethnicity,and world has yet to become generic.Your point about celebrites could hold some weight if they were international celebrities,but most of them are not in the fray,like say angelina jolie or daniel craig.

  39. I’ve been reading this thread for days and find the whole phenomenon fascinating. I’m usually pretty open minded about this sort of thing and certainly feel that there is something going on here.

    So here are my contributions to the discussion.

    I had always used grey instead of gray and I’m from the USA. For some reason I had always assumed chartreuse was a dark reddish color before someone told me it wasn’t.

    I haven’t been a TV watcher for quite a long time but just being exposed to it in the periphery I had always thought the show was called Sex “In” The City. Interview was always with “A” vampire for me.

    There’s always been 50 states for me.. that’s why we have 50 stars on the flag.. 48 contiguous states plus Alaska and Hawaii added in 1959 as far as I was taught.

    I vaguely remember learning about tank-boy in school and that he was run over, but I have no recollection of ever actually seeing footage of him getting flattened. I was surprised when I watched the footage a couple of years ago on youtube that showed the tank backing down. I wondered if perhaps there where two different events.

    I remember a big to-do about Mandela in the 80’s but it was not about his death.. what I remember was a big push to free him.. there was even a British pop song called Nelson Mandela by a band called The Specials that was popular at the time (you can find it on YT). The song is a plea to free him.

    Memories of some other things spoken of here ring true but are just too vague for me to draw any definitive conclusion about.

    I also want to mention the “feeling” I’ve experienced since reading this thread and searching through my own memory. I do have a vague memory of being surprised that “something” in my past was not as I remembered it, but for the life of me I can’t seem to recall what it was. It feels like something happened many years ago and it seems as though my mind blocked it out because it was such a striking difference at the time.. as if I rationalized it and quickly forgot about it. But now after reading through so many examples, It’s like a nagging feeling I get when I think back. I just can’t remember what it was.

    Vivek mentioned Mitchell Feigenbaum and his association to chaos theory.. not sure if he is aware, but there is also another Feigenbaum.. Edward Feigenbaum, who has ties to Stanford and the US Air Force.. his field is artificial intelligence. I thought this was quite interesting given the idea of a holo-deck type of VR possibility discussed on this board.

    I looked up the etymology of Feigenbaum and it means “fig leaf”. Why might this be important? read below (a fig leaf has deep historical/symbolic meaning).

    I’m very interested in symbols.. I view them as some form of “meta-language” that most people ignore (or have been conditioned to ignore). From what I see, there seems to be a subconscious symbolic language at work influencing human endeavor throughout history. Without getting too far into conspiracy, I’d like to just put the idea out there.. that such a subliminal language could certainly be used to direct, change or alter human thought and perception.

    As a case in point I will throw something interesting into the mix that I haven’t seen mentioned here yet. It’s something known as the McGurk Effect. It’s a phenomenon that illustrates how we integrate visual speech into what we “hear”. Go to youtube and search “McGurk Effect”. It’s mind-blowing how the mind will alter our perception of what we hear based on what we see.

    This idea of manipulation certainly doesn’t explain all cases of the Mandela Effect but it adds one more facet and/or possibility into the mix.

    Oh and one more thing I haven’t seen mentioned here or maybe I just missed it.. I’m sure some people here must have read the story called A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury. It’s about a time traveling safari company that takes people back in time to hunt dinosaurs that would have died anyway. In the story one of the hunters messes up and when they all get back to the future/present, there are minor changes in the timeline like spellings and other things. From what I recall it was inspired by the butterfly effect.

    Fiona, I’d like to contact you about a project I am working on. What is the best way to do that?

    1. Best way to reach me is via the Contact form at this site… but, if I don’t reply within a week or so, try again. I’m up to my eyebrows in emails from this site!

  40. I can’t say I’ve ever had any problems with the funerals of celebrities, and I never had the Berenst*in Bears books or thought about them since I was young (though I had the feeling I was told once that ‘the bears were called Berenstein, but the authors were Berenstain’, but that’s only a feeling).

    Since I live in New Zealand, I’ve never been in the least confused about where we are on the globe – trust me, I would *really* notice if we were north of Australia! Or even directly east, and not level with Tasmania as we are now. Our weather would be a LOT warmer for one! Wouldn’t mind being level with Brisbane actually. And I’ve never noticed any other countries shifting.

    However I have just recently had a strange anomalous memory: you know how the short film Black Angel (1980) just went up on Youtube? It screened in theatres before Empire Strikes Back, but was never released on VHS or DVD, and only rediscovered in 2011. Or so the Internet says.

    I watched it for the first time a couple weeks ago – and I find I have the strongest, weirdest kind of emotional half-memory attached to this short film. Not precisely a detailed memory of the events of the film itself, but a strong sense that I’d seen it before. Also a hazy kind of emotion of seeing it in the context of being a kid expecting to see Star Wars, and being quite shocked and stunned. Seeing these misty landscapes which looked vaguely like the pictures of Empire Strikes Back, but no lightsabers. Where are the familiar characters? What’s going on? This sense of expecting one film and being dropped into the middle of another; recognizably fantasy, but not science fiction. That and that sense of darkness, that the good guys weren’t necessarily going to win this one… making the appearance of Vader so much more terrifying when the real Empire Strikes Back started.

    And yet, that memory appears to be impossible. I know rationally that I never saw any Star Wars in the theatres in first run; our family didn’t do movies, I saw the whole trilogy for the first time as an adult, on VHS in the mid-1990s. That’s one of the fixed points of my life.

    Am I just imagining this? I guess I could be, but it’s such a vivid impression and I’m not sure why it would strike me so hard without a reason. Is it possible that I’m just confusing it with the experience of watching another short film before another fantasy movie? Or was there some Black Angel promotional material released that I might have encountered in the 1980s (adaptations, comics, still shot collectors cards… all the usual movie ephemera that sometimes doesn’t get archived?)

    Now I’m intrigued to know if anyone else has any similarly anomalous memories or deja-vu around Black Angel and Empire Strikes Back, given that apparently it’s not been available since 1980.

  41. Does anyone else remember the Payless store being named Payless Shoe Store and not Payless ShoeSource? Or is that just me?

    1. Kyle,

      I had to look that up. I recall it being the Payless Shoes store, with (same font as now) “Payless Shoes” in big letters (I’m pretty sure it was “shoes,” plural), and the (plastic) shopping bags said “Payless Shoes store.” Unfortunately, their website “about” link leads to and that gives me no history for the company. (Load time on the site is ridiculous, even with a fast connection, so I don’t recommend starting there.)

      I’m finding lots of headlines that say “Payless Shoe Store,” but the articles say “Payless ShoeSource” in the body. (ex: )

      I’ve also learned that the company started in 1956 (ref. ) and I’ve found a reference to Payless Shoes in one of the founders’ obits. ( ) However, I also see “Payless Holdings” and “Volume Shoe Corporation” ( ), as well as “Pay-Less National” ( ).

      So, I think it’s possible the store has had different names over the years, and this may not be a Mandela Effect issue.

      Still, I did a double-take when I saw your comment. Until I did some research, I’d assumed “Payless ShoeSource” was a regional name I wasn’t used to. (Like Hellman’s & Best Foods… same company, same products, different brand name by region.)

      I don’t shop there, so my memories aren’t necessarily accurate, but still… Payless ShoeSource looked different to me. I think the name actually did change, at some point in the past.


  42. wow! I didn’t know this was a thing until just this moment. Funny how that happens.. I was talking with a girlfriend a few weeks ago and Betty White came up… I was telling her that i swear i remembered her dieing and thought it was funny…didn’t think about it again until today. I was reading about Dimension traveling when dreaming and deje vu ect. i stumbled upon this amazing site !!

    I don’t watch a lot of t.v or keep up with much and i wasn’t aware of the changes.. i KNOW it was sex IN the city..interview with A vampire and berenstEIn bears… Betty white did die and now i dont feel like such a stoner…

    I remember dimension traveling or astral projection when i was a kid. there was all sorts of freaky things that happened in regards to major deja vu and such. I slept 12-15 hrs at a time from when i was a wee little months old until i was a teenager.

    The traveling was way more prominent in my child hood i’d say i remember the most vividly around the ages of 4/5 until 10.. It has been lessening in frequency steadily since with the shifts or slips themselves still being vivid in memory. until recently. They have been occurring a wee bit more as of late and i stumbled upon this wondrous site!!!

    great job and awesome input from others. good to know i’mnot alone…or crazy

    I’ve read through a few of the replies.

  43. I have a couple of memories from childhood related to television. One had to do with the Wizard of Oz. I recall a time when the yellow brick road had a place where the scarecrow fell into a hole in the road. It is possible that it was a childhood dream, but the memory was vivid in my youth and now at age 52 has faded considerably. I watched the Wizard of Oz annually as a child when it was aired, but only recall that version of it from very early and never in my later childhood or early adult years.
    The other had to do with a TV show that piloted and was cancelled right away in the 70’s. I am guessing I was 10 or 11 years old. I recall seeing the ads for it both on tv before it aired and also in the TV guide, but can find no reference to it now. It was puppetry, in the style of Madame, and the characters were well known celebrities or political figures; they were making deals with the devil, also represented by a puppet. I can now find no reference to this show ever being piloted on network tv, nor had anyone to confirm that they had also watched the show.

  44. I vividly remember Bruce Dern dying in a fire many years ago!! Also Berstein bears (everyone I have ever asked remembers it this way!).

  45. Id like to add one. Vacuum was spelled vaccuum. I am very certain and find it rather annoying having spell checker correct me on it lol.

    1. I remember that too. There was a little song we remembered to help us spell it correctly. I can’t remember it all… but it went something like, “Vroom (can’t remember A), See? See! You? *pretending to hand vaccuum* You! *shaking no and indicating you don’t want to vaccuum* and then the person says something and goes “Mmmmmm” like the m sound to show the vaccuum running.

  46. Definitely Looney Toons! I even remember always pronouncing it like “toons”. My boyfriend also agrees it was always Toons.

    Another one that I agree with is that Mel Gibson was the lead of Cast Away, not Tom Hanks. At first I was doubting myself since I never was good with actor/celebrity names, but after looking up both actors I’m pretty certain now. The only reason I even know Mel Gibson as an actor is from Cast Away, I haven’t even seen any of the other movies he starred in. I also never even knew about Tom Hanks’ existance since recently.

    1. I’m not sure where you’re from but here in America, “Looney Tunes” and “Looney Toons” would be pronounced exact the same way.

      1. I’m Australian and I pronounce them quitedifferently – tunes as tewns (upward inflection, as in ‘ewe’ female sheep) and toons sound like boons/runes (downward inflection). It was Toons in my recollection and never tunes.

  47. I read this today
    “Dick Van Patten, who played on the 1980s TV drama comedy “Eight Is Enough,” died on Tuesday morning. He was 86”
    I could swear he died about 5 years ago!

  48. SpongeBob SquarePants (other voice?) my son was a a local theater and Thomas Francis Wilson Jr. was doing a stand up act and told everyone they probably remember him only as “BIFF” on the Back to The Future series but he said he was the first that did the voice for SpongeBob SquarePants!
    I have always thought that to be the truth because why would be make that up?

  49. Dick Van Patten died today, June 23, 2015 at the age of 86. My mom is certain she remembers hearing about his death previously. I didn’t ask her when. My memory of that is not as strong as hers but if you’d asked me if were dead or alive, I would have said, “dead.” He was kind of a tv icon being a famous tv father. (And I hate the words “icon” and “iconic” and jut realized I haven’t been hearing it incessantly in 2015 like I have the past several years – maybe “iconic” finally faded away or I got to jump to some place it’s not overused.) 🙂

    My mom and I both agree about hearing of Gene Wilder’s death a few years ago. Someone mentioned this recently here again.

    1. Yes, several people — in comments and email — have said they recall Dick Van Patten dying a few years ago. I’d have guessed about five or six years ago, but I heard about it in NH, which would place it after 2008. And, I’m pretty clear about that because — knowing that the Van Patten family is fairly large, even in the industry — I checked (at the previous date) to be sure it was that Dick Van Patten. So, I’m confused now, but I’ll admit that his previous obit occurred during a very busy time, so I suppose it’s possible I got the info wrong. (Not likely, but I don’t like to make statements that sound confident when I’m not at least 95% sure of my memories.)

      1. I thought Dick Van Patten died also. And if you asked me , I would have said 2008 also. This one kind of bothered me this morning. I vividly recall 2008 , because of the presidential election. Mike

  50. A few things on here struck a chord with me:

    Puce – definitely a dark green colour
    Chartreuse – definitely muddy red

    But then one really got me, someone mentioned Brian Dennehy – I very clearly remember it being reported that he had died a long time ago – not long after he was in Cocoon. I was suprised when years later I saw him in a “made for tv” movie. I remember it so clearly, it was quite big news (even for me in the UK) because he was still relatively young and Cocoon had been such a huge film.

    The strangest part in all of these is that my wife remembers the same three in exactly the same way as I do. We had already laughed about the fact that we both though Brian Dennehy had died, but last night I asked her what colour she though Puce was, “Green-ish” was her reply, and “Purple” for chartreuse.

    1. Rob B,

      Thanks for the comments. I looked up Brian Dennehy, because I was 100% certain he’d died. For me, it was around two or three years ago. It stood out as something kind of creepy, because — years ago — I’d (literally) bumped into him in a hotel lobby where he was filming, and it made a lasting impression. (Almost literally. It was like running into a wall.)

      So, when I read that he’d died — just a few years ago, from a heart attack, I think — I was kind of creeped out. I thought, “Uh-oh, is this the beginning of obits for people I’ve actually met/known?” I’ve been okay with accidental deaths, feeling sad but realizing that can happen, now & then. But Dennehy’s death was the first that seemed age-related, and — at the time — I didn’t think of him as that “old.” (Looking at his birth year — 1938 — he’s far older than I’d realized when I met him.)

      I’m adding him to the “Major Memories” list. Many memories seem familiar to me, but I’m not 100% sure it’s Mandela Effect (for me, that is), so I wait until I see enough comments on the same topic. Regarding Brian Dennehy…? I know I recall his death, because it was so unsettling when I heard about it.


      1. Fiona, I’m trying not to to sound , too me too like . But I for some reason I thought Brian Dennehy passed away in 2012 from a heart problem. As a matter of fact until Rob and yourself posted, it never crossed my mind that he was NOT deceased. This is very strange. Mike

  51. I remember the BerenstEin bears, not Beranstain. Since I came across this on the web a few months ago I have been completely freaked out by it. Every person I have spoken to (Im in Australia) also remembers it as Berenstein. I loved these books as a kid and was a great reader and speller.

    Dilemna I also learnt as spelt with a N.

    Fidel Castro I was sure died a few years ago, I remember reading it on the net and there was this picture in the article of Fidel wearing this funky Adidas tracksuit, I actually bought the same tracksuit not long after and called it my Fidel leisure suit. This was in 2009, so he died pre 2009.

    I also remember John Goodman dying from a heart attack in the early 1990’s (not John Candy I remember that happening also, when the Blues Brothers 2000 movie came out, I was shocked then (1998) at learning he was still alive.

    When Nelson Mandella died a few years ago, my first thought was he already died, definitely not in the early 80’s but around the years 2000-2004 ???

    I also remember Zsa Zsa Gabor dying and one of the actors from Starsky and Hutch.
    The Zsa Zsa one I remember quite clearly as there was also an article in the paper on the day after her death about the old stars who are no longer with us from the Golden Age of Hollywood. I was surprised Shirley Temple wasn’t mentioned. Shirley Temple was never alive in my lifetime?? pre 1974

    I can definitely recall the painting of King Henry with the chicken leg. He was sitting at a table wearing a red robe, crown and holding a chicken leg up in his right hand. That is just weird it doesn’t exist. I can see it clearly in my head now as I write this.

    Sri Lanka was always south of India and never that big, I am a huge cricket fan and when Sri Lanka toured Australia in the World Cup one day cricket series (late 1980’s) my grandfather pointed it out to me on a map and explained a bit of history about the sub continent. Also this Adams bridge that has popped up in the news in the last few weeks and is apparently an ancient mythological tale. Thats not something I would have missed in my years of reading about ancient India/Asia. WTH? Thats really new and makes no sense.
    To the people talking about NZ being East or NE of Australia, it just can’t be possible from a climate point of view. New Zealand is cold and gets a lot of snow, Only the very southern parts of Australia get snow and are no where near that cold, NZ has always been to the SE and quite close, we have a saying about travelling to NZ and call it going across the ditch. Old maps tend to be a bit out of whack.

    I also remember the Mariana trench being off the NW coast of Western Australia in the Indian Ocean. I had a really old Atlas as a kid that had underwater maps. It may have been a mistake (I don’t have that book anymore) however I definitely remember it not being in the pacific Ocean.

    The thing that breaks my brain the most is Jeb Bush. I am 100% sure I read an article and saw multiple references on the web on the Bush family in politics and they referred to Jeb as George Seniors nephew, George Juniors cousin. When it popped up on the news the other week it was the younger brother/son I was completely blown away. Now this is a very recent memory only a few years back, maybe around the time of Obamas second re-election. I discussed this with a friend and we made some very un PC jokes about the Bush Empire/illuminati conspiracies and how its kinda like the US Royal family. But saying its not so true succession if he rises to power he is only the cousin, so not a true father son bloodline Bush. (please take no offence Im Australian we have very out there humour towards politicians and world politics) I am not a conspiracy theorist I just make wrong jokes and comments very regularly. Like I said Im an Aussie, we are often misunderstood. We call it taking the piss, and are constantly accidentally offending people (especially Americans)

    On the topic of America at school I learnt there was 52 states, 50 mainland + Hawaii and Alaska, it wasn’t until I was in Los Angeles in 2001 that a local pointed out my error. We were talking about the commemorative state quarters that were being released at the time, and a guy I was drinking with showed me a way to recall all 50 states from memory. I was drunkenly arguing with a bunch of Americans that there was definitely 52 states. So we ended up writing them all down on a napkin.

    Its strange how so many people collectively remember things “wrong”, is it a case of suggestive thought, or some unexplainable thing about human memory that we have only picked up since having the internet and being able to cross reference things.

    Ive had two near death experiences in my life. 1996 and 2000.

    Im not 100% convinced of alternate timelines/realities they are a nice thought and definitely make it an interesting way to explain it all. However the sheer amount of people who remember these things “wrong” is a little disturbing. I find that when I have remembered something wrong normally, my brain just adjusts and I go “Oh thats right” but these particular memories just don’t have that feeling.
    The John Goodman one has literally freaked me out for many years, it just will not compute with me as does Jeb Bush being the brother of George????

    Anyway be well fellow Berensteinians

    1. I also remember Jeb being a nephew. I read on another post some where in here that someone remembered Jeb was a cousin. I think that triggered a movement of memories. I thought that didn’t sound right but it fit better than him being a brother. Then I thought back to when I heard Jeb as a nephew and I remember thinking, wow a father, two sons and a nephew all presidents, kinda like kings. Now hold on. Where did I get the idea that there ARE two bush sons, just not Jeb. Going with on with these thoughts I find I have a fleeting memory of one of the Bush boys being involved in a scandal to the point that there was no way he would ever be president. These memories are dull and faint but they are there. I dont think I would have remembered any of that info without seeing the suggestion. Because I have seen Jeb in the news many times as a brother this year and it didn’t hit me until I saw the Jeb as a cousin comment.

      1. I’m fairly familiar with the Bush family, so — in my memories — Jeb was always a brother to W. However, Jeb is such a renegade in his own way, I can see how he might be a cousin in another reality. W made some unfortunate choices in his younger days, and Jeb has made some eclectic ones, as one might expect in a moneyed, somewhat eccentric family, but none were severe enough to keep them out of public office… not in the current reality, anyway.

        I’m definitely baffled by the idea that two sons and a nephew were all presidents in another reality, because I’m not sure Jeb will be nominated, and I can’t imagine either Neil or Marvin in politics. As far as nephews go, neither Jonathan nor Bucky are in politics, as far as I know. Then again, I never expected W to run for national office, so my political judgement isn’t terribly astute in this reality… or perhaps in any other.

        If you sort out the alternate memory with names, that could be fascinating.

  52. I definitely remember: Berenstein. Dilemna. JifFY peanut butter. Sex IN the City. I’m less certain about “Nobody DOES IT like Sara Lee”. This is all very mind-blowing to me.

  53. I have had this same theory for a time, and found this page while I was looking for information about erroneous memories. Some of the memories on this page seem familiar to me. I believe the spelling of Berenstain Bears was a sock to me when I was a teacher. I also believe I have vague recollections of Nelson Mandela dying in prison. However, I’m not good at remembering written facts, so history has never been a strong subject. I was also under the impression that the show was called Sex In the City.. But I never watched it, so maybe that’s just because it seems like it would be called that. I think when the movie came out, I thought it was called Interview with A Vampire, but I’ve been an Anne Rice for so long since then, it’s hard for me to say for sure, as I now know the book was called Interview with the Vampire.

    BUT there are two things I am sure I remember and which I adamantly denied when I was corrected: Agatha Christie never returned. And I know exactly where I heard that – on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries when I was a kid. At the time, Agatha Christie was my favorite author. Perhaps the show got it wrong?

    The other thing is the Challenger explosion. The teachers made us all come inside from recess to watch the launch on television, and after the horror of seeing it explode, we were given a half-day and sent home from school. I was in the third grade. It would have been about 1992.

    In this reality, I would have only been four when the explosion happened, and would have been in preschool. It’s also highly unlikely I would have been outside during recess in January.

    1. Melissa, thanks for your comments. There’s no way “Unsolved Mysteries” would have gotten the facts wrong about Agatha Christie. It’s too big a story. Even the worst producers couldn’t confuse that history.

      1. I found that Agatha Christie was featured on the Unsolved Mysteries episode that aired on November 11th, 1994. Unfortunately, it seems next to impossible to find any copies of the series.

        For the record, I also recall Timothy Leary being a serial killer.

        1. Melissa,

          Since I knew Dr. Leary (personally), the idea of him being a serial killer is far too amusing. He and I had very heated arguments on a nearly daily basis, for nearly a year. I never saw an ounce of actual violence in the man. In fact, his arguments usually defaulted to “you’re not tuning in,” or something else very deflecting and vague.

          So, a reality where he’d be a violent man… very intriguing and something I think “my” Dr. Leary would have been both offended and intrigued by.

          Thanks, and I’ll be watching for that Unsolved Mysteries episode on sites like Hulu and Netflix. Knowing the date makes it much easier to find.


  54. I am 52 now and people think I am in my late 30’s at best. I attribute it to something that happened to me back in the late 70’s when I was around 14 years old. I did not use any drugs or alcohol at that time.

    I remember when it started specifically because it was the first time it happened to me. It was Monday morning and I was getting ready for school. I remember walking out my front door to get in the car and BAM! The next second I was at my friends house listening to the radio and it was Friday, Five days later. Here’s what is wild about that. I remembered EVERYTHING that had happened the entire week but I went from my front door on monday to my friends house on friday in an instant.

    This happened to me several times over the next couple of years. Sometimes it would only be a day or two that passed in an instant, other times it would weeks.

    Then it just stopped happening. Some of those jumps from standing at a pond fishing with my brother to a place and time three weeks ahead were also instantaneous. Like blinking your eyes. But I remembered everything that happened for those three weeks as solid memories.

    Now when people comment how there is no way I am 52, it’s impossible I believe it has something to do with that phenomenon that happened to me when I was a teen.

    I would like to add, that I have both memories that many here say they only have one or the other. I remember Jif and JifFY peanut butter. etc.


  55. I remember Hurricane Katrina being in (late?) august of 2005 (i’m of the berenstEin universe) because the Green Day song “wake me up when september ends” came out right afterwards and i wondered if it was about the hurricane.

  56. I am positive the theatrical cut of movie “Happy Gilmore” contained a scene where Ben Stiller’s character received comeuppance for his elder abuse, but this scene is only in certain television versions of the movie.

  57. I just watched the clip and I definitely do not remember Armand passing his hand through the flame like that. What I remember is a motion as though he was trying to caress or stroke the flame of the candle – it’s something that stuck out to me and even as I recognized the scene, my fingers mimicked the gestures as I remember seeing it happen.

  58. Hello everyone,

    I’ve enjoyed reading this site. Here are a few personal ones I’ve noticed that aren’t mentioned, I’d like to see if anyone else noticed these:

    1) Charles Schulz died in 2003, just a few months after Fred Rogers. There was a lot of articles about how we lost two American icons in one year, etc. Also his name was spelled “Schultz” with a “T”, not “Schulz”. I had a hard time typing his name as Schulz in the first sentence.

    2) Fred Rogers now sings his opening songs as “Its a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood”, not “THE neighborhood”. Many people seem to think its “THE” too I noticed.

    3) Jim Henson died in the mid 1990’s after a long and very public battle with cancer. Interestingly enough, my wife remembers this EXACT same thing.

    4) This last one is kind of trite but the Korn song “Freak on a Leash” that I remember is now called the “Dante Ross remix” version of the song and was released later. What is called the original song now I had never heard before until very recently- I was going back to listen to music I grew up with.

    1. Thanks, Jason!

      The Charles Schulz spelling surprised me so much, I had to double-check it. I’m not sure what to think about that, since I saw his comics in the Sunday paper during my later childhood. I can’t imagine that I got the spelling wrong, but I’ll admit that I might have. So, I can’t weigh in on that with confidence.

      The Fred Rogers song in my memory is definitely “the” neighborhood, not “this.” Website says “this” – and I was so sure that was wrong, I checked YouTube ( ) where the person posting it said the lyric was “the,” but… the video clearly says “this.” Since I’ve heard that opening song thousands of times, between my own childhood and my kids’, I’m absolutely certain it was “the.” (My children and I almost always sang along with the opening. At least one of us would have noticed if we weren’t singing it correctly. Knowing my kids and how precise they are, I can guarantee that.)

      The Jim Henson death isn’t a match for my memories. For me, he died exactly as is described in this timestream, of complications of what he thought was just a bad cold or the flu. Either way, and in any timestream, he left us too soon.

      The Korn song is out of my expertise. Can you confirm that your memory is different from the discography at the Wikipedia entry? It seems like the song was changed at least once, recorded in different lengths, and it was also released many times.


      1. I am on the same page as both of you on Schulz and Rogers. I agree with you on Hensen Fiona. i remember his death due to bacterial infection. I never really listened to Korn, so I can’t weigh in on that one.

      2. Fiona, you beat me too it! I did a double take on the Fred Rogers song also. It was always “the”. I looked everywhere, and of course it’s evidently not that way in this stream.

        There seems to be something going on with memories of childhood personalities (books). Mister Rogers —multiple death dates , captain kangaroo multiple death dates, and of course the Bears. Probably more. Strange. Mike

      3. If I understand this correctly, the original song was released on their album “Follow the leader” in 1998 and then the single (which had both the original and the remix) was released a year later. I noticed both versions are now on their greatest hits album too so I think both may have actually been released to radio but I’m not sure. But its strange in that I never, ever heard the original on the radio (and I listened to the radio a lot back then). The remix version I heard all the time for years. But I never actually owned the album or the single so I can’t comment with absolute certainty.

        Interestingly enough, there was another very minor discrepancy I noticed with a song too recently- I was going back to listen to the Myst soundtrack and the planetarium song is slightly different now too. Its trivial but still irks me because I knew that song very well.

        I see you and others have noticed some of the other discrepancies I listed, so I’m not alone!

      4. I was a huge korn fan as a kid, and I know for sure that the one that’s called Dante Ross Mix is exactly what the title implies, a remix. Maybe you just heard the remix first?

    2. I remember Mr Rogers saying “the” neighborhood. The writers of PBS’ Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood must remember it that way too, as they pay tribute to Mr Rogers in the show’s intro. Daniel sings the first few lines of “it’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood” while tying his sneakers. They did such a wonderful job of featuring the original characters and adding small details that us older viewers would remember. I just can’t believe they would have him sing “the” if the original song had been “this”…

  59. I’m of the Berenstein peoples and I could swear up and down that Katrina happened in 2004. I very specifically remember all the efforts to raise money for the victims and all that, at school when I was in third grade…in ’04.

  60. Does anybody remember a world where Anne Rice had a daughter who committed suicide? In this timeline her daughter died from leukemia.

    Also, when did she convert (back) to Christianity….

  61. I know about “Big” (the movie) – Alternate ending.”

    The movie Big is basically the perfect copy of an italian film: “Da grande” (lit. Grown Up).

    “Big” has been published one year after “Da grande” and features almost the same exact plot as the italian film. The only real difference is the ending, which is opposite with respect to the italian movie. (I don’t remember exactly, I can just say that in one movie both main character return children again, while the other movie ends with only the man returning a child and the couple splits.

  62. Just let everyone know, my memory of Katrina I have written down as Sept 22 2005. Also I have written the same entry Rita too. The reason I wrote it down is I have family down in Texas and I was worried about them. They came out of it ok. On another note I have experience two timeshifts since my last posting. I made a point of writing them down. One happened while reading a post on here and the other while doing laundry. The first had years marked in a list and I was going over the years in my head. And noticed all but two of years connected up with major years in my life. While going over it in my head, not even a second had gone by and the list had changed to include some years that had not been there a second before. It wigged me out for a min or two. The list of years started at 1972 and went up to 2015 the post had to do with leap seconds btw. The second experience dealing with the laundry the day after first one. I had started the dryer first at 49 mins then waited til 20 mins in to start the wash. I know I kept an eye on the time for both. They even got down to single digits. The wash at some point got to one digit ahead of the dryer. Once the wash was at 2mins til done I look over at the dryer and what do you know, it’s back at 20 mins again. When it should have been done before the washer. Let’s just say, I had to go sit down after that. My husband had asked me what was up and told him, that time thing happen again. At that point he figured it was best to leave me be. Tho he’s not into this stuff himself, he will let me talk about it in exchange for me listening to him talk about Mindcraft. It’s working quite well in this case.

    1. For Hurricane Katrina, late September sounds about right. It can’t have been August, because I remember collecting donation in school at lunch for the relief effort and school never started until after labor day.

  63. Message to the owner/fiona

    I left a pm on your fb page called “Mandela effect”. Hope you find it, and respond and share on this page, if you think relevant.

    1. Thanks, lenamac! I rarely have time for FB right now, and should probably deactivate that FB page, so it’s best if you post your comments here.

  64. Ok, so first, I’m from Germany and my english is not the best, but I’ll try.

    I came across this website by reading about parallel universes. And then I found that Berenst#in thing. The Berenstein Bears are not as popular in Germany as they are in the US. But the show has been aired in the 90s and I watched it. And – god damn – they were called BerenstEin. I can remember as I read the title the first time I thought ‘funny, a german word in that name’.

    And here are some other things I remember.

    – TAPS, I remember as I thought ‘wtf, why TAPS? Thats a stupid name for the show.’ And when I first saw it as Ghost Hunters I thought ‘oh, finally a catching name’

    – I can remember that my geography teacher told us that it is a common fault to say that the US has 50 states becaus it sound so suitable, but in fact -> 52 states. So we counted the stars on the flag and -> 52. I was shocked today it has always been 50.

    – I can remember that N. Z. was more north east than south east to Australia.

    – I remember that Mongolia was not a country, it was just a region in China and Russia. When did it become such a huge country?? It is even greater than Germany.

    – I can’t remember to have seen Alaska that big. You have to know I always could memorise maps pretty good, and as a child I could name the name of a country its capital and its place. (But somehow I lost this ability). I had a globe in my room, a huge map of the world, and alaska has never been almost half the size of the US.

    – As I’m having norwegian relatives and friends up there me and a norwegian girl became penfriends. We both wrote in english. So in one letter I found the word ‘norvegian’. I thought ‘well, that is wrong, it must be norwegian, the v makes no sense’ so I checked it on the internet -> and norvegian was right. And because it was so weird to me to spell it with v I kept it in mind. But now it’s norwegian (again)

    Now that I’m reading all your experiences it’s like some doors, that have been closed for years, in my brain finally aren’t locked anymore and all these memories like popping out of my head.

    It’s weird. Oh fyi: I can’t remember to have any NDE. The only thing is that from time to time I’m suffering from sleep paralysis. Could that be a link?


    1. Great insights, Lars, thank you!

      I’ll ask about sleep paralysis in a future poll. That’s an interesting note, because — in my paranormal research — I know how often people mention sleep paralysis, and how startlingly real it can seem. While I’ve been dismissing sleep paralysis as something normal, your comment made me take another look at that assumption. What if it is real, and a glimpse into another reality? That’s a rather alarming thought, since many people see terrifying things in that state.

      Thanks again!


      1. I too suffer from sleep paralysis. It is absolutely horrifying. Hopefully you can do a poll or something to see if there is any correlation.

  65. Wow. It’s getting so I’m scared to even drop by this site lately, afraid of what new crazy swaps have been happening to this sneaky little reality behind my back. From the recent comments, here’s what I can also vouch for:

    – Charles SchulTz was the original spelling. I did a serious double-take myself when I saw that spelling. No doubt whatsoever for me…I had a whole stack of Charlie Brown books as a kid, and clearly remember that name. I can’t vouch for the date of death since it seems in this current timeline it was 2003, and someone here is claiming 2000 I think? Well, those are too close for my memory to distinguish unfortunately…I just do remember him dying roughly around that time. But the name spelling…no doubt whatsoever.

    – Betty White: YES I do remember her dying, absolutely. I remember it because my sisters were always watching The Golden Girls when I was younger, and the news was describing how she was the last of the four to go. The funny thing is, I have “noticed” this for a long time now, being taken aback when I saw her doing some skit with Sandra Bullock after her “death”. But of course, passed it off to just some memory glitch of my own or something.

    – Brian Dennehy. Same, I remember him dying and it sticking out for me, for two main reasons: I was a big fan of Rambo (the first one), and his daughter had a recurring role in Star Trek TNG. I was shocked when I just googled (thanks to this page) and found him still alive. This is starting to really feel insane.

    – Zsa Zsa Gabor. YES I also clearly remember her death, after a period of illness. Not that long ago too…a few years. Several ongoing headlines/articles about her and her husband afterward, which is what reinforces my memory of it.

    – My knowledge of Mongolia also starts only in the last few years (maybe roughly around 2009 or so, yes). I remember seeing a special about a famous Korean star and his Mongolian-born wife, and remember thinking it odd how I never knew that Mongolia was a recognized country now.

  66. Disney World – Some people recall taking a monorail from the Orlando airport directly to the Disney World property.

    I remember this clear as day. I remember how long of a ride it was with nothing but palm trees and highway. When I returned to Disney World many years later with my son it no longer existed, why?

    1. There ARE monorails at Orlando International Airport, they just don’t go to Walt Disney World—they’re for traveling back and forth between the main building and the gates.

      1. Daniel,

        In this timestream, the OIA may look like its track is a monorail, but the airport describes their transportation system as a train, not a monorail.

        The Tampa airport has a monorail. Downtown Jacksonville (FL) has a monorail. (Ref. ) Outside of WDW, those seem to be all the monorails in Florida.

        Orlando news reported plans for an Orlando monorail outside of WDW ( ), but that’s not completed yet.


  67. I have a few memories that are different from mainstream.

    First off, I clearly remember Nelson Mandela being alive as of early spring 2015, and having of some sort of legal dispute with his daughters.

    Second, I’ve heard different words and rhythm to Three Doors Down’s ‘Kryptonite’. I find this timelines version slightly jarring.

    Third, I recall that in the last thirty seconds or so of the pilot episode of Futurama , Leela asks Fry why he is so happy about his new job when he hated a similar job he was going to be given before. Fry replies that this time he got to choose it. In this timeline that conversation never took place. Furthermore, the last two episodes of season one have vanished completely.

  68. I am just now realizing that some of my memories fit with the Mandela Effect.

    1. It is “Berenstein”. It always was, and in my mind it always will be.

    2. My father was a fan of Jimmy Swaggart. I still have a bunch of records of his that belonged to my father. I distinctly remember my father telling me about how he was dead while listening to one of these records when I was a child.

    3. In about 2005, a group of friends and I were watching television, and we saw Henry Winkler on the television, and every single one of us were blown away because we were all sure he was dead. To this day I cannot see him without thinking about this.

    4. I remember seeing footage of Tank Guy being run over. I also remember seeing this footage played on television just up to the point where he starts to go under the tank and the footage stops. (Due to the graphic nature of the footage.)

    5. I also remember Billy graham’s funeral, but only because I remember being upset that the news channel I wanted to watch was playing coverage of that and nothing else.

  69. I distinctly remember the Columbine massacre happening in 1996.

    In October of 1997 I started dating a girl, and I remember having a discussion about it with her and her friends due to the fact that I used to wear a trench coat to school. (My school tried to ban them that year because of the massacre.) I know it was before 1999 because I broke up with her in 1998, so this conversation could not have been in 1999. Also I know I’m not misremembering when my school tried to ban trench coats as I dropped out of high school in the fall of 1998.

    1. I have been having almost the same thoughts, when I think about when Columbine happened. 1996 and 1999 were my freshman and senior years, and they are the only two years it could have happened for me, because they are the only two years I went to the cafeteria every day before school started (just a specific about how I integrated this memory). It is almost like it could have happened both years, although 1999 is the dominant year. But, why would wearing trench coats be a big deal before Columbine? There was a kid who wore one in school every day. My stare would linger on it every time I saw him, and it really bothered me, but why would it have?

      1. Now, I’m British, so Columbine wasn’t such big news to me, but I really feel like both 1996 and 1999 are too long ago for it to have happened. I feel like it happened in this millennium. I left school in 1999, and I’m sure it happened several years after I left school. Also, I’m not sure how much British news you get in America, but in 1996 there was a school shooting in Dunblane, Scotland, that you may have heard of, and I wondered if the people who think Columbine happened in 1996 may have heard about Dunblane and got the two mixed up over the years?

  70. Does anyone else remember the movie K-PAX as starring Nicholas Cage instead of Kevin Spacey? The first time I watched it, I remember so clearly that Nicholas Cage played the main character. I can even remember hearing his distinct voice read the lines. Then, I came across the movie years later and was shocked to see Kevin Spacey!

    1. I don’t remember that honestly but I do remember reading Gene Brewer’s K-Pax II: On a beam of Light (2002) using a joke about Prot feeling “Spacey” because of Kevin Spacey being the actor that portrayed him.

      But I do believe that there most certainly can be other other timelines out there besides just one single alternative one. I have experienced the Mandela effect in more than one way, that is for sure. So your recollection can most certainly be correct… “from a certain point of view.” 🙂

  71. @Corey:
    “The John Goodman one has literally freaked me out for many years, it just will not compute with me as does Jeb Bush being the brother of George????”

    … wait, Jeb *isn’t* George W’s cousin? He’s his *brother*?

    [checks Wikipedia]

    Huh. Brother. Yep. That’s weird. Like you, I was pretty sure Jeb was W’s cousin, not brother. I only started following US politics after 2001, and wasn’t that interested in Jeb – mainly I think because he wasn’t that closely related? And I could swear that the word ‘cousin’ — as in ‘cousin Jeb’ — was used a *lot*! Surely there’d have been much more talk about ‘the Bush Brothers’ otherwise….?

    Is this an Aussie/NZ specific thing? Do any Americans have this memory? Any Texans? Does it change as you get closer to the USA?

    The John Goodman death thing also resonates. I had the strongest feeling that *both* Candy and Goodman had died (of a heart attack in each case?) because they were such big actors and I was constantly confused between the two. Something about Goodman dying right after Roseanne? Or during it, cancelling the show?

    I suppose the last movie I saw him in was Speed Racer (2008) but I think my false memory of him dying was from earlier – maybe around 2000? Can’t put a closer date on it though.

  72. And while I’m here:
    * I thought it was ‘Interview with A vampire’ too, and yet… I have an equally clear memory of a MAD Magazine parody titled ‘Intravenous with THE vampire’. And wondering at the time why they used ‘the’ because it stood out. So I’d probably have to go with ‘the’ being official but almost everyone misreading it because it’s very hard to say and doesn’t roll off the tongue? It’s odd though.
    * Sex AND the City, definitely. It’s never been anything different for me.
    * Tank guy… hmm. No memory of him being squished on camera, but I think I thought he had died for a long time because there were reports that many other people died. It wasn’t until few years ago that I read reports about his real fate, that he was alive. But it didn’t surprise me to read that, as if I’d already heard something similar. So I would go with ‘he was never squished himself, but other people were’ in my timeline. The deaths of the other protesters had the same effect.

  73. And here it is, just as I remembered it! MAD Magazine, ‘Intravenous with the Vampire’.

    Unfortunately I never saw the movie itself all the way through, so I don’t have any definitive memory of the title.

    I would certainly have said the movie was ‘Interview with A vampire’ if asked, but my personal memory of the MAD parody is definitely of it being ‘THE’, so that at least hasn’t changed for me.

  74. @Jimbo Jones:

    Gah! Another one! Yes, I would have said it was ‘Charles Shultz’ too! Had to look it up on Wikipedia and was surprised at Shulz. I was a HUGE Peanuts fan as a kid and had I think almost the complete set of the comics! Starting from the very first one, and even some of his theological books (‘The Gospel According to Peanuts’).

    I have a distinct memory of the mental sound of the name being ‘Shultz’ (with that t-sound). I had no TV growing up, so never heard it from an ‘official’ source. If it was ‘Shulz’ surely I would have pronounced it mentally to rhyme with ‘schools’ or ‘skulls’? But it’s possible that my family corrected me on the spelling maybe? Or was there a pronunciation guide inside one of the books maybe?

    Hard to know with this one. Could just flag it up to faulty memory, and could go either way. Admittedly I was very young then – pre-teen – and haven’t read any of the books since the late 80s. I couldn’t *swear* it wasn’t always Shulz, but Shultz certainly *feels* more correct to me!

  75. Fiona,

    Two months ago I had a reverse Mandela Effect. Everyone I talk to remembers Jeff Buckley dying in 1997, but just two months ago I remember him being alive. I made a post about it on Reddit (

    Has anyone else reported a reverse Mandela Effect or remember Jeff being alive not too long ago? I’m not going to lie, it really messed me up. I’ve been feeling very off because of it. It’s worse than the Berenstein/stain thing to me.

  76. Rod Serling vs Rod Sterling:

    I am an avid watcher of The Twilight Zone on Netflix and just recently(like 2 days ago) noticed that the T in Rod Serling’s name has been dropped. I remember it always being spelled with a T S(T)erling, even up until the last few weeks, now it is just Serling and it just looks off. Any other Twilight Zone fans notice this too?

    1. Well this is interesting as well. I was also a huge fan of “The Twilight Zone” and it was “definately” Rod STERLING, not Serling. No doubt in my mind about this. There seem to be more and more of these “changes” occurring lately.

      1. Interesting – it’s always been Serling for me, going back as far as the 1980s. I’ve only watched a few actual episodes of the show, but I’ve seen many cultural references to it and to the presenter. The odd spelling with no T made it stand out.

        1. I recall it as Sterling when I was very young but, later, I always saw it as Serling. The latter spelling stood out as odd, as Nate commented. However, I was so very little when I thought it was Sterling, I can’t say it was a Mandela Effect incident for me. Not with certainty, anyway.

          Checking genealogical records, it seems as if the Serling name is rare (ref. ). In America, the majority of Serling immigrants came from Sweden (six people) and England (four people). Wikipedia references the Scottish county of Stirlingshire, but only if Serling is a misspelling of the surname Sterling or Stirling.

  77. I have had multiple expierences with memories changing.the first time i felt it was when i was in middle school,we got tickets everytime we did our work or something good.the colors of the tickets were different for each grade each year,that year my grade had blue tickets…or so i thought.when my counselor gave me tickets during the middle of the year,they were gold,i asked her why she was giving me gold tickets,and she said they had been gold all year .the second time i ever felt it was with 2008, i remember clear as day at 3 in the morning hearing mcain won the elections,i went back to bed after hearing it. but in the morning,they said obama won,but i remember CLEAR as day them saying that mcain OFFICIALLY final expierence was with the whole berenstein bears incident,cause once again,i CLEARLY remember it being berenstEin not Stain

  78. I distinctly remember several things being different:

    -A few years ago I went through my old childhood books and found the “Berenstain” spelling on my Berenstein Bears books.

    -A few months ago I got a Twilight Zone DVD box set, and was taken aback at the “Serling” spelling.

    My real addition to this is my experience with “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”. I recently got a VHS copy and watched it on Halloween. I remember seeing it as a child, and I remember a final scene where Linus and his sister are in the pumpkin patch. In my memory, Linus falls asleep, and the great pumpkin appears. His sister tries to wake him up, but he sleeps through it. In the ending, she tells him he missed it, and he says something to the extent of trying to see the Great Pumpkin next year. I have clear memories of this scene, and what the great pumpkin looks like. I was very surprised on my.recent viewing to find that this does not happen at all.

    I phoned my mother to discuss this, and she remembered the scene clearly as well.

    Another odd case I have experienced is in duplicate objects. While in college, I borrowed a VHS tape called “Viking Sword”. It is an instructional video on historical re-enactment combat delaing with Viking age reconstruction combat techniques. It is very specific, and very rare, very limited distribution. It has a paper insert in a hard black plastic case (like old rental movies). While packing my things to go home one semester, I found a duplicate empty case. There is no explanation for this at all, my friend only had one copy, and this additional case has no origin. I still have both.

    1. David,

      Thanks for the comments! I’m 100% certain about the ending of the Charlie Brown Halloween Special. The Great Pumpkin (not just a shadow of Snoopy) definitely made an appearance. There isn’t a glimmer of doubt in my mind.

      We’ll need to see if they changed the ending for later releases. (I checked Wikipedia. They list cut and changed scenes, but nothing like what you and I recall.,_Charlie_Brown. I’ll keep looking because I’m absolutely certain of the ending, and I can’t think of another Charlie Brown special that I might be confusing with it.)

      The duplicate objects issue… that’s interesting. I’m hoping others have had that kind of experience, as it’s a quirky addition to this discussion.


  79. First of all I’d like to express my thanks to Fiona for running such an interesting website. I stumbled across it because I wondered what all the talk was about Berenstein bears as I noticed one of the videos on You Tube.

    I am from the UK so some of my memories will be different (haven’t even heard of the Berenstein Bears!!)
    As I read through the different posts I had an excited and worried feeling as I recognised a lot of these different events/memories. I’ve already posted about the ‘moving’ countries as the Australia one hit me quite hard!

    So here goes:

    100% certain it’s ‘Interview with a Vampire’ based on the book of the same name. I’ve asked a few of my friends at my place of work and they were quite shocked when I told them to search on the internet as they were quite convinced of this title.

    100% certain again the TV programme is called ‘Sex in the City’. My wife used to watch it all the time – I asked her yesterday to name the programme set in New York with Carrie Bradshaw etc. She said ‘Sex in the City’ and was quite shocked when I gave her the evidence for ‘Sex and the City’.

    Tank Boy got killed in Tiananmen Square, he was killed by the tank after it initially stopping and then proceeded to roll forward. I watched it on the news and it was horrific! My University named their Student Union in London the Tiananmen Building , so I am again extremely certain of this!

    Katy Perry was called Kate Perry for a while. The ‘Kate’ was still pronounced the same way which I thought was a little odd at the time.

    I have a memory of the Mexican Flag being Orange, White and Green with an emblem in the centre. I was always fascinated with maps and countries and completed a ‘Map Project’ at junior school.

    The recent film Jupiter Ascending was in my memory Jupiter Rising. I had texted my friend to tell her to watch out for this film as the trailers looked excellent. Strangely the text disappeared which would have been evidence! I thought I had just got the name wrong when it was released and I saw the posters etc.

    And finally I believed Kirk Douglas had died about 5 years back and I thought to myself, they’ll be showing the famous ‘Viking’ film sometime in the near future!

    In my timeline Nelson Mandela left prison and did indeed become president of South Africa…

    It’s been a very odd week for me as I’ve attempted to analyse why this has happened as I’m sure a lot of you have also had to go through this process. I think as this website continues to grow , we will find other people with similar stories and memories coming here where they feel they are not alone and can share their experiences.

    Now back to reality, just not sure which one 😉

    1. Ricardo, I a bit stunned. I remember the Mexican Flag as you do. And I swear the movie was called “Jupiter Rising”. My wife and I just rented it 3 weeks ago, I have called it that since then and before. I have posted about the other memories you mentioned already. But these were two new ones for me. Mike H.

    2. “The recent film Jupiter Ascending was in my memory Jupiter Rising”

      I think you got it mixed up with the film called Mercury Rising.

  80. Nobody does it like Sarah Lee. That’s the slogan. It was sung by a female voice in a commercial. I can find no video . This is freaking me out!!!

  81. I’m from Clarksdale, Mississippi. We had a Western Sizzler forever. It’s gone now, replaced by another restaurant. I always thought it was weird because commercials on TV were for Western Sizzlin. But it was also a super old sign. I think maybe it used to be called Western Sizzler and then the name changed.

    1. NateDeug, if you can find any reference to a name change, let us know. I did some cursory research and — at least from what I saw, online — the name always seemed to be Western Sizzlin.

  82. I’m not sure whether this will be of any help but I was perusing the National Library of Australia found at where they have original versions of old newspapers. So I took a look at the TV listings and found that Berenstein had been spelt both ways in the TV listings even going back to the late 80’s. Please feel free to take a look yourself. I didn’t spend much time on it as I don’t remember the books even though I was an avid reader as a child. You don’t have to be registered at the site to look at the old newspapers.

  83. Chaff and fluff is bound to accumulate in this mammoth chronicle called Mandela Effect.A Worthy pedant may sift the collection for whatever it’s worth.Even i might try writing a poetry of ME on the lines of Wordsworth,for it deserves the treatment,rather than giving it up as a part of Solomon’s prose.

  84. Hi. Great reads. I have always been mildly psychic, generally in the precognition area: instantaneous knowledge, and precognition, usually through dreaming about things years in advance.

    In my experience, somewhen between 1987 and 1992, my timeline was absorbed by this one.

    Until then, i always dreamed of a future, and that future came true. Suddenly, i began to dream of a different future, and the old one fell apart as i was dragged into this one (or they merged), and the dreams of the current future come true.

    I wanted to address the star wars one, as well as a few others, but they didn’t have links, so here I am at the end of this long thread. 🙂

    In 1977, i saw star wars. It included early scenes before the space battle of Luke and Biggs, and the scene where he talks to the girl outside of the party with the robot that just stands there. A friend of mine saw the same version, though at a different theater, at a later date. The mundane explanation on this topic is that, back in the day of actual physical film, the film would get shipped out. In the case of a mega hit like star wars, they may have had issues getting enough copies to theaters, so i know for a fact that many of these popular films has myriad ‘cuts’ (like director’s cut) and edits and that some films most likely were sent out with scenes in or edited out of what would be considered the ‘perfect’ version, and so i simply saw a version with cut scenes, that were not cut. The digital dvd that i now have has a black and white (? I think) version of the scene with Luke talking to the girl which “never appeared in any version”, but obviously did, since i remembered it since 1977 and recognized the scene in 2013/2014(?) when i watched the dvd.

    The other Billy Graham died in 92, which had confused some folk. That doesn’t explain the folks who watched the evangelist BG’s funeral…

    Topic not mentioned: as a child (#7), i grew up with a lot of siblings’ music around. Elton John had a whitish album with a black and white picture centered in the back cover, under which were the songs. I loved ‘timeless dancer’ (ironic enough title). The song remained timeless dancer until i noticed in the mid nineties that that song was now ‘tiny dancer’ with nearly identical lyrics. The well known hit ‘timeless dancer’ no longer exists.

    Most things on this list were to my timeline, what they are now.

    Berenstein had no A growing up and looks wrong today.

    I still suffer from poltergeist syndrome, which is uncontrolled psychic telekinesis, though for me it happens while awake during certain periods of feeling stressed. Recently 2 of my guitars flew across the room at me, one of the worst happenings yet. In fall, 2013, i teleported the one and only time in my life, a couple miles, while looking at my phone, so i was aware that no time passed during this event. Thinking of that led me to search the web and eventually, here. Just so that you know that weird is something that I’m used to and i observe, skeptically, yet with an open mind.

    Around the time that i feel that the timelines merged, i had an experience where i swore people were watching me (i normally wouldn’t care, not paranoid, pretty thick skin), so i left the park that i had just entered, feeling creeped out. About 6 months later, my friend and i were sitting on a bench in that park, pulled into the hard to see branches of the hemlock trees along the edge of the park, when my 6 month ago self walked into the park, hung out for a minute and left. I was just thinking that i was nuts for thinking that guy looked just like me, when my buddy said ‘how the hell are you over there?’ or similar (I’m 6’6″, I was a long haired hippie, in bright tie-dyes, in those days in the 80’s, not easily confused with other people in North Jersey of the late 80’s). We quickly jumped up to view the entrances to the park, but the other ‘I’ had completely disappeared from the then current timeline. There was nowhere for this other me to go, i just vanished. Then, i recalled that day when i had gone there, knew something was wrong and got out of there quickly (i just walked out, but by then, the timelines weren’t overlapped anymore, so the two of us could no longer see that me- we did check for anyone else, of course, and there was nobody there, and the entrances are far away from where that me was and they were in view of the two of us, sitting in the hemlocks, due to the design of the park).

    I’ve witnessed more ‘miracles’ (glitches) than i can count. To meet me, you would think I’m very sane and logical, because i am, despite what I’ve seen and know. Thankfully, quantum theory is starting to make sense of this existence… Maybe. 🙂

    Thanks to all who read this. I swear this is true to the best of my knowledge and understanding.

    1. On geology. In the early nineties, my gf’s sister was seeing (and later married) a Philippino man. So i looked up the Philippines. They were directly east of China, above Japan.

      Now, i don’t know what map i had found at that time, but currently the Philippines are south west of Japan… Weird.

  85. It’s nice to find a forum dedicated to this topic. It’s a phenomenon that I’ve experienced many times and have researched on other boards. Interestingly enough, what brought me here today was an article that I read today claiming that the actress Valerie Harper was near death. In my “timeline”, Valerie Harper died some time in the late-80s/early-90s, a few scant years after she left her show (which I think was on NBC).

    Some other “memories” listed here that are consistent with mine:
    Berenstein Bears
    The Reverend Billy Graham (actually died 2x in my timeline, probably the first time I realized there was something amiss)
    Brian Dennehy (still alive)
    Chartreuse (I didn’t know it was a yellow-green until I read it here…I’ve always thought it was a “magenta”-like color
    Dick Van Patten (died before he “really” died)
    Mr. Roger’s theme song – (“It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood.”)
    Shirley Temple (died before she “really” died)

    I’d love to know about the Star Wars memories that people have….I’m a self-professed Star Wars nerd

    1. Definitely the Mr. Rodgers theme was “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood”. I watched this show so much growing up. No chance that it was “this neighborhood”

  86. I remember a scene in Jurassic park when Ellie is trying to figure out why the trike is sick. Tim (I think) finds a pile of stones that Ellie then identified as gullet stones that the trike had regurgitated. She concludes that the trike had poisoned itself with lilac while swallowing new stones.

    This scene didn’t exist in the home video version, but I did read it in the junior novelization. Book on Amazon

    I assume that it was a deleted scene that was covered in the novelization, but was cut. I’ve either implanted the scene in in my memory of the movie after reading it, or it was edited out of the original cut.

    In the movie, the gullet stones don’t make sense because Ellie didn’t find lilac in the trike’s feces; this is likely why the scene was cut.

  87. Does anyone else remember “desert” and “dessert” as both being spelled “desert?”

    I’m almost positive I remember learning this in school as an example of a homograph (a word that has the same spelling as another word but has a different sound and a different meaning.)

  88. I’m going to chime in with all the others on Berenst*in Bears and I do recall being taught (~1999 to 2002) that MLK was killed at close range with a handgun. But my main purpose in commenting is the one experience I’ve had that only one other person seems to share with me. I went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on opening night with my sister, who was also an avid fan. We both had the books practically memorized so our favorite game was spotting book/movie inconsistencies. We both distinctly remember Tom Riddle saying in the end battle scene something like “Look at that, Potter, even your bird is crying for you” (I no longer have the books memorized but at the time I knew it was word for word). We even commented to each other how well they had followed the book dialogue for the whole scene. When the movie was released on DVD that part of the scene was gone. Not in the deleted/expanded scenes or bonus content either. And upon first DVD watching we both noted it had changed.

  89. So i got here from godlikeproductions production website a couple of days ago. I didn’t post until now, I wanted to read each and every comment in here. The thing that really got to me, “Dilemna” which is really “Dilemma” What the hell, that makes no sense. I remember when I was young (I am 37 now) I thought Dilemna didn’t make any sense because of the way it was pronounced. I remember checking to be sure and it was really Dilemna. And I thought it was still Dilemna until I saw this website. That was the biggest smack in the face so to speak.

    I also remember writing Definitely as Definately. Then at one time finding it was Definitely. I figured at the time it was me doing a typo, and started using Definitely. Also there is greatful. I used both actually depending of my mood, so I can’t say much more about it. Rhythm I can’t never write it correctly, I always have to check how it is written first, as to me, it seems like it’s never right. No matter how I try to write it, or no matter when I see the right way it is written… Go figure.

    I remember “Interview with a vampire” and like someone said before, in french it is also translated as such. Also “Sex in the city”. “Sex and the city” doesn’t even make any sense (at least to me.)

    Also I read someone talking about futurama in a 2015 comment. If it’s any consolation, I remember the part you described.

    I wanted to add… It must happen to other people. You know sometimes, you read something, and you read one word wrong, like it was something else, and then you click and say in your head “Hmmm that’s not right.” And reread it, and you see the real word that fits there. I wonder if it’s a glitch that gets quickly corrected. (of course could be just the brain being weird :P)

    (French is my first language. I tried to write nicely, but if I messed up, I apologize. 🙂 )

  90. I remember a few years back, maybe around 2009 or 2010, when scientists first caught the giant squid on film. It was really cool. There was a special on the Discovery Channel, and I remember watching the footage in awe: our first look at a living giant squid! The film quality wasn’t great, since the water was so dark, but you could tell what it was.

    Then, in 2013, scientists announced that they had finally caught the giant squid on camera for the first time. The footage they showed wasn’t the same footage I remembered, and now I can’t find that original footage, or any reference to it, anywhere.

    1. There are two species of very large squid:
      There are understandable miss-tells as “Giant” and “Colossal” are synonyms. I hear them being confused all the time now. What is interesting to me is that this “Colossal” squid was never mentioned in anything I saw until after the appearance of the “Giant” squid incident that I clearly remember; mentioned on the following wikipedia page:
      exerpt:“The first photographs of a live giant squid in its natural habitat were taken on 30 September 2004, by Tsunemi Kubodera (National Science Museum of Japan) and Kyoichi Mori (Ogasawara Whale Watching Association).
      First appearance of colossal Squid in my memories is the incident on the following page:
      I had to search the internet because I thought people had gotten a colossal/giant squid on a fishing line before – well when I looked, I found that I was not hallucinating I just confused “Giant” and “Colossal.” It wasn’t until later that I realized that the appearance of the second very large squid species was a mystery to me because I always heard there was only one species that size. I am not an expert in the field cephalopods, but I have always been a fan of the discovery channel, and natural mysteries. I would have thought that the fact that two different species of sea monster existing would have impacted me – I always chalked-it up to me just missing it.

  91. Regarding Western Sizzlin/Sizzler – found this link to a lawsuit between Sizzler Family Restaurants & Western Sizzlin

    Also, has anyone ever mentioned a memory of Chris O’Donnell starring in the movie “Hackers” instead of Jonny Lee Miller? In my teens, I just loved Chris O’Donnell and I distinctly remember being at the theater and seeing a trailer for Hackers and I was excited because Chris O’Donnell was starring in it. And then when the movie came out, it was Jonny Lee Miller. I have never been able to find anything about a recast on it, but due to my level of Chris O’Donnell fandom at that time, I can’t believe I mistook Jonny Lee Miller for him. When the movie came out, I knew at first glance it wasn’t him. Just curious…..

  92. When I was a teenager I read a book where a group of people are talking about memories they have that “couldn’t have been true, but were”.
    One man remembered Titanic reaching New York instead of sinking, two sisters remembered having a third sister, another man had a campaign button from a presidential election but the guy on the button wasn’t running that year. Stuff like that. I forget what the book was called but I think it was like “from time to time”. The idea of that- remembering something that “couldn’t be true” but somehow was, was just fascinating to me.
    I have sometimes remembered things where everyone told me that didn’t happen, you were little so you’re just not remembering right.
    I will give just one example. I collect American girl dolls and have since I was a kid. I joined a message board for doll collectors and nearly ten people all remembered that the Molly doll had a sock monkey. But after searching the old catalogs there was never any sock monkey for Molly or even any of the other dolls from that company. But we were all so certain. I had said I remembered the sock monkey but had never gotten it. Another person said they had almost bought the sock monkey but then ended up buying something else instead. Another person said they’d been looking for the sock monkey for years on eBay but it’s never come up. Another person said they were so certain there was a sock monkey and couldn’t understand why it was so hard to find one out there. Finally I called the company and they said they’d never produced any sock monkeys for Molly or any other doll they produced. Maybe we are all wrong and it was from some other company altogether. But why would we all be convinced that the MOLLY doll had the sock monkey. I mean it would be easier to assume we were mistaken if we just all thought some doll came with a sock monkey but we didn’t know which doll or which company. But we all remembered it coming with one specific doll. I mean TEN people couldn’t ALL remember the Molly doll having a sock monkey, you know?

    1. All of the dolls had little dolls that you could get for the dolls and Molly’s was a little nurse. I remember this vividly because I had it. I don’t remember a sock monkey. But when I read this my first thought was “It’s weird that there wasn’t a sock monkey because it figured in heavily in the books”… but now I can’t remember why I would think that. I don’t actually REMEMBER a sock monkey in the books at all. >_>

      1. CJ, that’s a great example of how the Mandela Effect seems to affect our thoughts about these subjects. Often, there’s a “why did I think that…?” aspect to this. Thanks for your comment!

    2. The book was really called “From Time to Time” (1995), by Jack Finney.

      Its prologue is about experiences that are very close to what we call Mandela Effect here.

      Could it be that the book, though published as fiction, had actually some basis in reality?

      1. Interesting thought, and that book is probably worth revisiting in light of the Mandela Effect.

        (And, in case anyone wonders: Mithgol may be a webmaster at another site or sites, but he/she isn’t a webmaster for I doubt that anyone was confused about that, but — just in case — that should clarify things.)

  93. It’s weird, but I remember too a picture of Henry VIII with the turkey leg… And it’s weird because I’m spanish and I’ve never received classes of UK’s history or anything like that, I couldn’t say even when Henry VIII lived, so… But the image is very strong, and I know that I could be a mistake, confusing the scarf (or anything like that) he is holding with his right hand, but as I said, the image of the f*king turkey leg is so strong that it feels strange to think that it’s just a mistake…

  94. I actually remember hearing about MLK dying on the balcony up close. I do not recall the ethnicity or name of who shot him but I always thought it was an up close job from learning that in school. The looney tunes is another I recall being the other way with toons. The henry the VIII turkey leg I know I have seen. I could have swore spongebob was played by multiple people and I still am trying to understand Muhammed Ali is still alive. The 2 that bother me the absolute most though and ones I can vividly remember diffrent are the berenstein bears and the Will Smith Jada Pickett Divorce. I saw the other day they were married and kind of though oh well I was wrong but then saw this.

  95. I could have sworn Fidel Castro died years ago as well. And the tv show title I could have sworn was Sex IN the City. I feel so confused. This list is very interesting.

  96. I definitely remember “Barbara Streisand.”

    “Berenstein Bears,” all the way. Went to Berenstein Bears Land at Cedar Point every year as a kid, had the books, had the cartoon VHS tapes, even had a t-shirt. Always pronounced it as “Beren-steen.”

    I’ve always remembered chartreuse as being that yellow-green color, but I know other people who remember it as being purple. I recall reseraching this a number of years ago and coming to the conclusion that it was some kind of regional discrepancy (along the lines of people in the southern United States calling any kind of soda “Coke”), but I can no longer find any evidence of this…?

    I recall the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood theme song opening with “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood.” However, with how many episodes that show had over the years, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Fred Rogers simply changed the way he sang it at some point. Definitely something to look into.

    RE: PS1 games that never existed. I used to subscribe to the official Playstation Magazine back in the day, and each issue came with a demo disc. I VIVIDLY remember loving a demo of a game called Rage, and then not being able to find the full game when it came out. Years later, I happened to come across Youtube footage of someone playing the game One, and lo and behold, it was the game I remembered. I found a list of games on OPM demo discs, and sure enough, it was supposedly always called One. But I’m POSITIVE it was called Rage. I played through that demo hundreds of times.

    Mars’ moons: I distinctly recall being taught in grade school science classes that Mars had no moons.

    Mussolini: I recall him having a mustache and looking somewhat similar to Stalin.

    Big fan of Rod Serling/Sterling’s work, and I’ve always thought there was a T in his last name.

    I always thought the Sara Lee jingle was “Nobody does it like Sara Lee,” but that could have easily just been me mis-hearing it or making the assumption that a major company wouldn’t use a double negative in their slogan!

    I always thought Sri Lanka was more or less directly south of India. I dated a girl in high school who did a big Social Studies project about political unrest in Sri Lanka and I could’ve sworn all the maps showed it right off the “tip” of India.

    Western Sizzlin’ vs. Western Sizzler: I’m not an expert on this one being from the Midwest, but I think people might just be confusing two different restaurant chains, as there’s another Western-based chain that’s just called Sizzler. If anything, you’d think if the former was called Western Sizzler, one company would have probably tried to make the other change their name to avoid confusion.

    And I have one more to add, which is truly bizarre to me…I got engaged to my wife in August of 2013. That’s significant because it provides a specific timeframe for this memory, as it happened the same week we got engaged. We were walking around one of our local parks, and we passed a couple young girls who were, in hindsight, clearly singing the chorus to Meaghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” What makes this strange is that “All About That Bass” wasn’t released until nearly a year later, in June of 2014. I remember the first time my wife and I heard it on the radio in the car, we both simultaneously exclaimed “That’s that song those girls were singing in the park last year!”

    1. I can’t speak to what game you saw, but I remember an early PS1 game named Rage. I want to say there were fighting monsters in it and it was gritty/bloody? I’ve never heard of One.

      Also when I first heard “All About That Bass” I thought it sounded just like some other song and was surprised to learn it was new, but I’ve never been able to figure out what song. A lot of pop songs sound the same, so I wouldn’t put it past this song being similar to something else out there (Lady Gaga’s Allejandro versus Ace of Base’s Don’t Turn Around (I think?) being a good example), but everyone in “real life” I’ve talked to doesn’t think it sounds like anything else.

  97. In Jurassic Park when the jeeps enter the gates Laura Dern’s character Ellie Sattler is then seen holding a leaf and she states the line “This shouldn’t be here” without including the part where she actually grabs the leaf. On televised versions of the movie there is a shot where she stands up in the jeep and pulls the leaf off of a tree. This shot was NOT in the theatrical release, nor is it on the DVD version I own. I have seen it multiple times but ONLY when televised with commercials. In fact, you can see this written in the original script published here:

    “She reaches out and grabs hold of a leafy branch as they drive by, TEARING it from the tree.”

    It’s a rare example where a shot gets inserted for TV; usually scenes are cut. I think TV edits might account for a lot memories about movies. An alternate shot might get inserted for censorship (language or nudity). Also now it is common for movie trailers to get released online before the movie is cut. Sometimes trailers contain scenes that never occur in the movie. This famously happened just this year with multiple scenes from the trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron that got cut from the movie, confusing some fans who anticipated scenes/characters that never appeared. (See this post for examples:

  98. Okay so I have one. It is very personal, so I know no one can relate. When I was in high school, a girl I knew died in a car crash. Actually, her and her sister died. I remembered every detail. Her parents were out of town. The sisters were driving home from church, a car ran a red light, t boned them. A good Samaritan stopped and pulled one sister out of the car before it blew up. The one he rescued died later. I remembered she called me fro, one of my nicknames. I remember her friends mourning. I remember it all. Fast forward years later. I bring it up in conversation thru Facebook instant message. My friend acts like I’m crazy. He says she alive……I look her up. She’s married with kids now. I message her and tell her everything. She swears that happened to a girl who I didn’t know, but had a mutual friend in common. I still don’t know which version really happened….

    1. AP, arr you ftom around washtenaw county Michigan? I know of a very similar story about 2 girls who got t boned and 1 died.

      I also wanted to share my berenstein bears memories. I was born in 78 my daughter was born in 2011 . When she was 2 i turned in cartoons for her one day and said oh the berenstein bears!! My friend who is from Iraq loved to correct me and said it’s “Berenstain” I stopped and looked at the tv and thought oh weird they changed it from when I was little and thought nothing more of it until I saw people talking about the phenomenon …somewhere. …Facebook?
      Since then I’ve become less sure like maybe I remember my know it all school mate saying Berenstain is correct (but I think I’m just trying to reconcile the change, fooling myself if you will )
      Nelson mandela: a few years ago 2008/9 my roommate took me to that mandela rugby movie and during the movie I was like what? I thought he died and the roommate was like noooooo silly , I just figured it was a faulty memory. . I dont have any specific memories of his death or funeral. But I was sure he was dead walking into that movie.

  99. Does anyone remember Japan giving China back its independence in the mid 90s?
    I was much younger then, but I remember thinking how strange that an island nation could hold so much control over such a large country!
    Maybe it was recognition of a major anniversary of Chinese Independence Day, October 1, 1949–like the 50th–but I feel like I would remember if something like that happened as late as 1999.

    1. Yes I also remember this because I thought the same thing…Something about their “lease” being up which made no sense to me this was mid 90s when i was in elementary…At least I think it was China…could have been another country…I also see differences when I look at a current map nothing specific because I always have sucked at geography but it doesn’t look right you know?

      1. Thanks, IJC. The China/Japan comment confused me and I think it’s the first time anything like it had appeared at this site. I wasn’t sure if it was a simple mistake or a truly extraordinary alternate memory.

        Kip, if you’d like to clarify this thread with more about that memory, that would be great. If an alternate history had led to Japan controlling China in the 20th century, I’d be absolutely fascinated to learn about it. We haven’t had many reports of extreme alternate memories like that.

  100. In regards to Charles Schulz, my name is very similar: Schurtz; three or so generations ago, it was Schurz, but the pronunciation is /Sh-er-ts/ even without the /t/ in the spelling; my ancestors changed it when they wanted to be disassociated from the “carpet-bagger” Carl Schurz. Perhaps there was a similar change with the Peanuts author? I have always remembered it spelled as Charles Schultz, as people would confuse the spelling of my name with the comic author’s name. Especially my father who has the same first name.

  101. this actor Don Rickles most definately died at some point late 2014 or earlier this year and I remember thinking – this person seems somehow one of those who you think supposed to have already died
    (Mandela effect) and whadda you know – it seems he have appeared in Jimmy Fallon show alive and well

    1. I definitely remember reading of Don Rickles’s death – I’ve always liked Kelley’s Heroes, so the name in the obituary column leapt out at me.

  102. Has no one considered that the infamous movie/TV line “What does it do? That’s the beauty of it! It doesn’t DO anything!” that everyone seems to remember but no one can find might be from some alternate timestream that was removed, or something?

    1. It’s in the Phineas and Ferb episode “Toy to the World”, which aired February 22, 2008. However, it seems like the phrase was around prior to that…someone else said it was at least a decade old. Perhaps the episode aired earlier in another timeline?

  103. *This doesn’t have to be kept confident and I apologise if this has been brought up before.

    I have always been baffled by the fact that a lot of people, myself included, remember being told the north star (polaris) was the brightest star in the [northern hemisphere’s] night sky. By the time I was old enough to study astronomy on my own and know the constellations it was obvious at that time that polaris was not even close to being the brightest star. Heck it’s not even that bright at all! I do not believe this was just an ignorant rumor that was able to latch onto society, as a whole, as we had thourough knowledge of our visible stars long before I was a child being told this “fact” about polaris. Everyone around my age (I’m 48 now) that I’ve talked to about this remembers being told the same thing. Any quick study on polaris’ history does not reveal it once being a bright star so it’s not a case of everyone holding onto just an old fact.

    It makes me wonder if living any kind of time slip is not restricted to just our lives here on planet earth. But there have been changes to the universe itself.

    1. I remember being told this (32 yrs old here) in school as well. I think this was likely just misinformation, but you’re not alone in your having been told the wrong thing, at the very least.

    2. Learning in Girl Scouts and other areas of life I was taught that the North Star was the brightest star and if you were lost to follow it. It was definately the brightest star and now I can’t even seem to find it. There is also a constellation in the northern skies now that I have never seen before. It is kind of a triangle shape with a “tail”.

  104. Are you telling me that there wasn’t 2 actors that played “Steve” (Marcy’s SO) on Married With Children as I clearly remember??? The 1 balding guy got replaced with the guy from every Lifetime movie lol.

  105. I’m new to this site, I saw an article about “The Berenstein Bears” and it led me here. I have posted some of this but under the wrong category I think. I have been thinking the past couple of days and there are a lot of discrepancies in this time line I have noticed.

    First off, it’s The Berenstein Bears, not “Berenstain” I had every single book of theirs, had videos, clothes, bed sheets, etc; I had to spell out every word as a young kid because I had speech problems. It was always Berenstein.

    Another big one I have noticed is celebrity deaths. I know Nancy Reagan has passed away twice, both times over a decade ago. I remember who funeral, and Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Laura Bush and others talking at her service. It was all over tv for weeks. I remember Ronald Reagan passing away a couple of years before his 2004 death.

    I remember vividly Billy Graham passing away, my grandmother is a huge fan of his and we talked about it. It was all over tv, Bill Clinton spoke along with Jimmy Carter.

    Louie Anderson passed away years ago I am quite certain because he had a show and it was cancelled because of his death. He died because of throat cancer.

    Patrick Swayze beat cancer and was in great health with a new show. I saw him do interviews and he was perfectly healthy, then within 6 weeks he had passed because of cancer.

    I remember Nelson Mandela dying in 1989, I was 8 years old and it was a big deal in school. It was all over the news for a month.

    I also Remember Sam Kinison dying in 1989 and not 1991.

    I may have misinterpreted some things, but I see a lot of other people have had these experiences. I definitely believe in timeshifts and alternate universes. I noticed shifts in 1988, 1990, 2004, 2010, 2013. There are probably more as well.

  106. Okay so first of all I want to say that recently ive been noticing strange things and Im so curious if this happens to anybody else. Sometimes when im watching a video on youtube, ill see the same scene skip back between half a second and 3-5 seconds. Or when im reading ill get to the end of a sentence and the last two words will be the same, either making no sense or just doubling the ending word word. like that lol. Or if im talking to someone they’ll say something they already said just moments or days prior, or just say something almost deliberately gibberish that I cant understand. Does anyone else experience any of these things?

    now on to the things I can personally confirm from stellar memory.
    –Barbara Streisand
    –BerenstEin Bears. Im going to attempt to hunt down my old books to check them out!
    –Betty White died im 100% certain. The night after she appeared on a Monday Night Raw wrestling episode.
    –Charles SchulTz. I have tons of comic stuff. I have an old Charlie brown plush doll with no T in it. I distinctly remember the T in his last name because he and a friend of mine share that name.
    –The Great Pumpkin appears! even my dad could remember that lol
    –Chartreuse was like the purpleish red color and puce was a funky green.
    –Fidel Castro=Dead. wow that was a shocker. hes dead..or is he :/
    –Interview with A vampire. it was always A!
    –Jiffy Peanut butter
    –KPAX is Nick Cage… dammit this is a real bummer timestream all of the sudden lol
    –Patrick Swayze= Dead!
    –Rod Sterling. I can still hear him say it.
    –Sex IN the city. seriously this timestream..
    –Katrina was in April 2005.

    Those are just the listed ones that I personally confirm. Im really interested in a response to my experience from you guys!

  107. Married with children-the Darcy character was married to Steve, then divorced, and remarried to Jefferson. there were 2 separate actors because it was 2 separate roles. John Goodman did not die of a heart attack, his character on Roseanne, Dan Connor, did and it was so shocking, many felt it as a real death. i remember being stunned -it was rare at that time to kill off a major, beloved character. he continued to work in the 90s tho. will smith and jada have never been divorced, however they have been on the brink of divorce so many times, according to tabloids, that perhaps many feel it actually was true.
    the memories that do throw me for a loop are i could have sworn Billy graham died recently and i vaguely recall thinking will he stay dead this time because i feel he already died once before. only to google it and find out he’s still alive. my mind cant accept that. i feel like he died the 2nd time recently. again, because i recall seeing posts on facebook and i remember thinking his son franklin is still around. i also recall Mister Rogers dying in the era of social media, specifically facebook and remember posts about it on facebook only to google and find out he died in feb 2003, before facebook. i cant give a timeframe for when i feel he did die, but like anywhere from 2009-2013. i also recall it being “the” neighborhood, not “this”. “this” just doesnt flow. berenstein bears was berenstein in the 80s, in the mid-90s, i have a vague recollection of noticing it had changed to bearenstain and wondering why they changed it but even writing that feels wrong. dont know about sex/city, i didnt watch the show. i also thought mandela died in the 80s but i dont remember why i thought that, just like it was a general thing people knew. i was surprised when he died again recently but like many, just thought i remembered wrong. i looked him up to see what he did after prison and read that he became president of south africa in the 90s…..does anyone else recall this? i didnt follow world events then, so im wondering if anyone remembers that. i feel like that would have been big news.
    2 things mentioned here i swear i have no recollection of, EVER. first the color chartreuse. until i found this site 2 days ago, i had never heard of that color, and even when it keeps coming up here, i thought it must be one of those fancy new colors that we didnt have in the 80s or 90s, like tangerine as a shade of orange, or coral. those are more recent terms i feel. so i figure chartreuse must be a new term, however many here recall that color from a long time ago and that is surprising to me. never heard of it before. and the other is the spelling for “dilemma”. i have never ever seen it spell with silent “n”. i was a good speller back when i was kid, and read alot, i just cant believe i would have never noticed such a weird spelling. so now im wondering, what timeline i have been in.
    i have noticed the changes in the sky and have been commenting to people in my real life, only to have them look at me like i have 3 heads. the sky looks very different, although i couldnt tell ya what exactly is different. besides the appearance of the sun and moon which look very weird, in particular the sun lately reminds of the moon.
    and to the person who mentioned the hot air balloon, i actually do have a fuzzy memory of a hot air balloon, even though i have never been in one. terrified of them. but i feel like i rode in one when i was a child. very strange indeed.

  108. AC: “I remember a scene in Jurassic park when Ellie is trying to figure out why the trike is sick. Tim (I think) finds a pile of stones that Ellie then identified as gullet stones that the trike had regurgitated. She concludes that the trike had poisoned itself with lilac while swallowing new stones.

    This scene didn’t exist in the home video version, but I did read it in the junior novelization. ”

    That would be this scene, which doesn’t get as far as the gullet stones?

    Interesting. It’s been years since I watched the original Jurassic Park but the gullet stones definitely resonate with me. But, I did read the book and it’s possible I’m simply remembering the novel version of events.

    It’s weird though that they never finished this story thread in the theatrical release.

  109. Thank you for this blog, Fiona. I too have thought Mandela had died a long time ago. Interview with “A” vampire, there was never a “the” there. Also, I thought that president Carter had passed a while ago.
    This is so weird…

  110. Fiona,
    I hope this comment gets on the right page (comments page 6). I was just reading the comments between you and another reader about hearing songs on the radio.
    I have experienced this same phenomenon for quite some time, but never attributed to Mandela Effect until now (I just discovered this topic 10 days ago). I had always considered it a “deja vu” type experience b/c I am prone to experiencing those from time to time as well. As you both stated, I can think of a song, and then shortly or immediately after, I will hear that song on the radio. Often times I will be flipping through channels thinking of a song, and then I will find it on one of the stations I’m flipping through. I must also say that I rarely listen to “popular music”. It would pretty easy to predict hearing a Taylor Swift song on the radio b/c they are played constantly. I mostly listen to classic rock or old country, so the chances of hearing the same song repeatedly throughout the day are much slimmer b/c their library of music to pull from is much greater than the stations that play the current popular music.
    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this….

  111. This is in reply to Courtney Cox’s name changing. I was very baffled when I read this and thought to myself– How the HELL has THAT changed? When I looked it up and realized there is another E in Courtney now I was very confused. I am a HUGE Friends fan and her name has never been spelled Courteney Cox (even my spellcheck is trying to say that is wrong). Just now as I was googling it, I happened to come across this People Magazine article and saw that in the top tab bar her name is spelled “Courtney Cox” but in the article it is spelled “Courteney Cox”.
    Fiona, please let me know if for some reason you do not see this, as I have also taken a screenshot of it and could email that to you.

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