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  1. Things I remember:
    – The Henry VIII painting. This one is the one that really got me. I wasn’t aware it didn’t exist anymore until I found this website. Not being able to find it felt like being punched in the gut. I can see it vividly in my mind’s eye, I was certain my family must remember it too because it had been in history textbooks at school. They insist they have no recollection of it. I remember it being a very well known painting. Everyone associated Henry VIII with chicken legs. It seems ridiculous know but I know as a child it was true! I saw him in various cartoons with them. It was almost like his trademark, because of that painting.
    – New Zealand being in a different place. My aunt used to live there and it was NOT off the East coast of Australia. I actually remember it being ATTACHED to Aus, does anybody else?
    – Tank boy dying – there were gifs all over the internet! Never forgot because they were horribly gruesome. Spent ages trying to find them to no avail.
    – Nelson Mandela was dead, without a doubt.
    – There were 52 states.

    Other than these more popular ones, there’ve been two times in my life I’ve already seen movies that have apparently just come out and already knew everything that happened in them. It’s always a bit confusing to me whether that’s a mandela effect thing or just a precognition thing, because I have had precognitive dreams for most of my life. Reality has always been a bit of a blurry thing for me, I’ve never seen how most people believe it’s so concrete and solid. It clearly isn’t. Science proves that more and more every year. I suspect people just don’t want to acknowledge any of this stuff because at first it can be quite unsettling.

    I’m wondering, do any of you have a sense of all of this strange-ness becoming more and more pronounced recently? Anomalies showing up thick and fast? It’s burning my biscuits trying to figure out whether it all actually is speeding up or I’m just becoming more aware of it and noticing more. I am sure I saw something from Bashar about timelines colliding more, last year or 2012 maybe? I didn’t listen to much of it at the time but I’ll see if I can find it now because it’s definitely relevant to the mandela effect.

    Also I didn’t read through this whole page so apologies if I’m repeating too much!

    1. Perhaps some of my musings may be helpful,i remember that life was compartmentalised rather than seamless that it now is.A picnic was an event of a lifetime not a daily routine,big money had its utility.A pair of shoes that cost 100$ can now be had for 20$,a 30$ nokia phone is as sophisticated as 300$ nokia phone.The whole concept of capitalism vs communism has lost its meaning,the craze for big money was a driving force that created entrepeuners.J.H.Chase brilliantly churned out crime literature based on this craze and became an industry by himself.Bourgeois,once a coveted lifestyle has become abhorrent,a blend of urban nomad and convenience has resulted in apartment culture.Mark Girland’s lifestyle has become the in thing,ruthless efficieny and killer instinct.All this has taken its toll on the collective psyche,a totally laid back and nonchalant attitude has become an impossibility.If the brain fries up in these changed times,it is to be expected.

  2. In 2008, I read a Shirley Temple biography for a school project. I don’t recall how it said she died but I think I remember reading about it. I can’t remember the title of this book but I’ll ask my brother to go to school and track it down. Anyone else read it?

  3. I have meories of Wyclef Jean’s death in Honduras. I heard the announcement of his death on the radio, in the following days I over-heard several conversations in public of people discussing the impact that Wyclef’s songs had on their life and their sadness at his passing, and images on the news of candlelight vigils where Fugees songs were playing, specifically Wyclef’s version of “No Woman No Cry.” Several months later his name popped up in the celebrity features on the news. My immediate thought was deep confusion because my memories were from various sources over several days and I knew I was not mistaken. I googled for the info that I remembered and found out that Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of the group TLC had died in Honduras and Wyclef was still alive.

  4. A mandela effect moment,i had always known jason statham as a tall guy,a yr ago i had googled about his attributes which indicated about 6’3″.Now imdb says 5’10” and in a forum people say he is 5’8.5″

  5. The only one currently listed that rang true for me was the Louie Anderson death and Family Feud cancellation (or at least hiatus) resulting from it. That I can definitely remember happening, and mentioned once to my girlfriend when we were watching the show, only to find that he was still alive and the show had never stopped airing, just switched hosts.

    Anyway, I have my own (kind of) to add. Unfortunately I have no corroborating evidence and my confidence in it is shaky at best, just because it’s a very routine/everyday thing and I just accepted that I goofed up. For some reason I swear that faucets used to be the other way around (with hot on the right and cold on the left). This is something pretty reflexive that you don’t really ever think about but just do all the time whether you’re washing your hands, dishes, taking a shower, etc. I distinctly remember the “switch”, when I was in Biology class in my senior year of high school. I was asked to go start the hot water running on the faucets in the bathroom so that we would have warm water with which to clean out some dishes we were using that day (the water took a while to heat up). So, I go to the bathroom and switch on all the faucets on the right-hand side, and go back to finish up my work. Then, when I come back with a classmate to rinse the things out, obviously they’re all ice cold, and my classmate calls me an idiot as he switches them, while I swear that “They’re backwards at my house” while he tells me no way. Anyway, I get back to class and even get teased a bit “Dan’s so smart but he doesn’t even know how to work a sink!” (I was kind of a nerd back then). Anyway, I got home to try it out and sure enough, hot was on the left there as it has been on every faucet ever since. I just accepted that I had clearly remembered it wrong and moved on, didn’t really think about it again until stumbling upon a Reddit thread similarly themed to this site.

    Also, when I looked it up there was even a distinct reason for cold on the right and hot on the left (cold faucet was already there from the start, on the right since most people are right-handed–makes sense–and then with the advent of hot water plumbing they just stuck the extra faucet on the other side), which made me doubt myself further. But who knows, there could have been just as distinct a reason in the alternate timeline…

    Anyway, anybody else remember hot water taps on the right?

    1. Dan, thanks for your comments!

      Also, the hot water tap must be on the right in several realities, or at least one reality that’s regularly visited.

      I travel often, and I’ve been amazed at the number of hotels, motels, B&Bs, and hostels that have the hot water tap on the right. It’s only a small percentage, but enough that I have difficulty believing they were all “mistakes,” or necessary due to plumbing issues. Enough homeowners and plumbers think it belongs on the right, that they must have a point of reference for it to make sense to them.

      Even more often, I find the issue in the shower.

      Interesting phenomenon!


    2. Yes! Now that you explain it, I have this memory too :). Funny how it slipped by so unnoticed. But yes, I distinctly remember hot (red design/logo) on the right hand knob and cold (blue) on the left knob at my old house.

    3. Yes. Hot water WAS on the right and cold on the left. Reading your post made me remember how I kept mixing this up sometime in or after 2003 (This was the year we moved into our new home). At the time I kept turning on the wrong valve and had to make a mental note for which my body has been on autopilot ever since. Of course, like most instances, it never occurred to me that something was amiss.

      1. I take it back, perhaps I misremembered on this one…(? Not sure why I went through a period of confusion w/them)

      2. This is weird because I remember a change around the same time.. I had just moved and remember using the knob on the left for the cold but got a surprise of hot water

    4. I remember sometime between 2001 and 2003 telling my boss that the maintenance people hooked up the water faucets backwards – I just remember her staring at me like I was crazy. I forgot about it until now but I tend to turn the faucets the wrong way when taking a shower – it is one knob! I thought I was crazy!

  6. Hello again.

    Once again, this is not a memory.
    But the case of Elisa Lam is extremely intriguing.

    The video the police released of her taken from the Cecil Hotel elevator was odd, and even odder was how she was found dead in the hotel’s water tank later.

      1. It isn’t exactly, no, but it is still worth adding to the research of alternate realities.

        While the Mandela effect is the primary research thread we have atm, it is important not to forget other possible threads that could link us with these strange worlds.

  7. Back when Amy Winehouse died I had the distinct memory of TV, internet and newspaper reporting Whitney Houston had died. It wasn’t until a few months later when I was told I was wrong by my sister and damn near flipped out on my family when they didn’t believe me.
    I eventually gave up on it but it still doesnt sit right when I think about it.
    I distinctly remember berenstein bears as well.
    But the ken that got me the most was dilemma.
    I’m an author, the title of one of my poems was “The Damnation Dilemna” I specifically chose those words for the alliteration and reputation of the “mn” sound. A few months ago when I had decided to publish my poetry I was typing up each one when I came across “The Damnation Dilemna” with the new spelling “The Damnation Dilemma” I got so frustrated with myself and my memory that I changed the name to “My Damnation Creation” before publishing.

  8. Interesting topic. I have often wondered about the number of states in recent years as I swore there were at least 51, maybe 52. Also it is definitely (and yes I usually spell that as ‘definAtely’ first), ‘Interview with A Vampire’ I only heard it called ‘The’ recently and that was because someone referenced this site. I even found my copy ( a copy of the original) on which I wrote the title as ‘Interview with A Vampire’ (now I need to see what happens when I try to play it!). Also I remembered Berenstein Bears, but you know I don’t remember when it was, I came across one of those books a few years back spelled with the ‘AIN’ ending and I was really confused, thought I had just misremembered it, but it felt strange fore sure.

    [deleted content]

    AND I am sure it was ‘Sex IN the city’ which is funny because I remember seeing the title later as ‘Sex AND the city’ and I just thought to myself ‘Huh, funny, guess I remembered that one wrong.’ Funny how often we assume we remembered incorrectly, instead of thinking something may have been changed. We all tend to not trust our memories and more and more we feel unable to as memory itself slips from our grasp with all of the microwave radiation blasting at us from cell phones and towers, wifi and smart meters, 24/7..

    [deleted content]

      1. I remember all the woman in my family saying sex in the city… I remember the picture on the poster was NEW YORK and it was at night, It said “Sex In the City” in yellow. the background also had a blue tint to it. IT HAD NO PINK.

    1. I think it’s more like we don’t USE our memories because we write everything down in our computers, cell phones, etc. The interesting thing about literacy is that, while we regard it as a mark of intelligence, the ability to write down everything means we no longer have to rely on our memories as much to recall information. Why memorize anything when all the information we could ever desire is available through our computers? Memory, like anything else, has to be used frequently in order to become stronger and better. We no longer trust our memories, so when weird things begin to change all around us, we just assume we remember them wrongly, when this may not be the case at all.

      Also, have you noticed how many people constantly walk around with their heads bowed over their cell phones? You’ll see groups of people sitting somewhere, every single one of them hopelessly addicted to their cell phones and barely interacting with each other. They can’t even take a vacation without viewing the world through that tiny screen. It is quite pathetic, really. They are in their own little worlds, noticing nothing, aware of nothing, so when changes happen to the things, places, and people around them, they aren’t going to know because they weren’t paying attention in the first place.

  9. Puzzled by the ‘Interview with THE Vampire’ film title – it might seem such a minor thing to most but it’s always been Interview with A Vampire for me and now that it’s THE Vampire it just seems like a whole different perspective as to the nature of the film?
    What’s worse is that when I first became aware of this discrepancy I was gobsmacked BUT it had only just been on the TV a couple of days before and I apparently hadn’t noticed on the TV guide or film itself???
    Even if there’s a logical explanation for these false memories then that itself would make a fascinating documentary.
    But Quantum science itself is currently in such a quandary that no sceptic can now easily dismiss what may have previously seemed outlandish theories.
    Most Quantum physicists today accept (some try not to think about it) that the world around us is just not how it seems. Their experiments and calculations show otherwise – ‘local’ reality and classical physics can’t explain what they see happening at the tiny quantum basic building blocks of absolutely everything in our universe.
    In a way it’s almost a little bit like a ‘Matrix’ film situation at present, where we think we live in a solid, reliable reality but scientists are now saying, ‘wait a minute, this doesn’t add up, there’s something weird going on here…’


    1. Mike, I’m not sure what to do with your comment.

      What you said is very good. I’ve approved the comment, but without your link blurb.

      The issue is… your link. The site looks commercial. Also, say you’re open to an offer for the domain name. So, this also looks like a classic backlink tactic, and I’m knee-deep in those. Most are filtered by Akismet and sent to the spam folder. (And, to be fair: they’re not as annoying as the troll-type comments.)

      On the other hand, it looks like you registered your domain name in 2011. Also, Wayback shows you were talking about the dilemma/dilemna issue early in 2012, long before I did. Good for you!

      So, I’m on the fence. Current content (at your site) with a link back to this website would tilt the scales in favor of including your comment’s link. Then, it’s more of a dialogue.

      Otherwise, while this might be a simple blunder, I’m uneasy enough to remove the backlink.

      The comment itself is very good, and appreciated.


  10. I remember the movie Bolt having a scene where Bolt and the cat are running around in a field with hay bales (it was part of the “traveling through America” segment).

  11. I know this isn’t anywhere to be found on this article, but I can swear up and down on my soul that DreamWorks released a “Shrek” movie entitled “Shrek The Final Chapter”. Only to find out days later that the movies’ name was ACTUALLY “Shrek The Third”. And NOBODY but me remembered this movie’s name being Shrek The Final Chapter. This dazed and confused me so much to the point where I had to research it more than a year (or two) later.

    I also have vivid memories of reading “BerenSTEIN Bears” books. Look, even my IPad says it’s the incorrect spelling and insists it Berenstain.

    What a crazy world we live in.

    1. Shrek the final chapter kind of sounds familiar… it could have been a working title, which was scrapped but word of out got out. If they changed it it would be because they decided to make a 4th movie so the 3rd I’ve was no longer the final chapter. I remember hearing rumors that the 4th Shrek movie was to be called Shrek goes fourth but then it was changed to Shrek forever after.

  12. I don’t know how common this is, and I’m wondering if it IS common. When I dream of a place I know – usually where I live currently, or my parent’s house (where I lived once) or the house I lived in until I was 11 or even just some area in my town, there are often small differences between the dream and my current reality. For instance, I live in a ground floor condo in a two story building and once I dreamed I was in the same condo, everything oriented the same way, except that I live on the second floor and there is a third floor above me. Or sometimes I look out the sliding glass door of my living room and the view is different. Or a street in town has different buildings. The places are similar enough to be recognized but have small differences, often realistic, though occasionally totally fanciful – i.e. my parents house is in the middle of what looks likes sand dunes instead of a neighborhood.
    I don’t really believe I am visiting other realities in my dreams – usually there are two many fanciful elements in the narratives of the dream and I am aware that I am dreaming, yet I wonder about the slight differences and if my mind is really creating them or tapping into something else…

  13. I definitely it BerenstEin Bears, as I was never sure whether to say “steen” or “stine.”
    To debunk the Justice League (potentially), their roster is constantly changing in the comics. There have been numerous incarnations of the JL, just like their have Avengers. Unless a specific character has disappeared from the DC comics altogether, this one is probably not too worrisome.
    Two things movie-wise have bothered me for a while. I clearly remember seeing the movie Billy Elliot on tv before in came out in theaters. I remember seeing ads for it as a kid and wondering why they were putting it back in theaters. I also remember seeing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone twice in theaters, and the second time a scene was missing. I can’t remember the scene sadly, but I remember being very thrown off and later looking for it in the deleted scenes to no avail.

  14. Who remembers when River Phoenix died? I remember the exact date he died, because it was the same date my best friend died. I remember that day vividly. 10/14/1993. I happened upon a documentary today on Youtube and it said that he died on 10/31/1993. I googled him. All of a sudden the date of his death has changed to 10/31/1993. She was the first person I ever lost. She was only 23. The date is very clear in my head. I remember hearing about River Phoenix on that same date.

    1. Hi. The other Julia here…(if I had known I would have ended commenting so much on this website, I would have expanded my screen name.)

      River Phoenix’s death bothered me a lot, maybe because he was only six years younger than me, but I didn’t remember when it happened. I don’t ever remember hearing that it was on Halloween before. I do wonder if sometimes a date will be changed on one website, like Wikipedia, and other places on line followed suit, but I don’t see any evidence of that. And that definitely wouldn’t be the case in an old article. How very strange. And I’m sorry for your loss – you would definitely remember when such a difficult thing happened and that the deaths were the same day.

  15. Thousand things running through my mind at same time – just felt strong urge to write strange syncronity
    which just happend here – I’ve been reading these time slip stories couple days now – all kind of time traveling ideas interests me a lot . and just while ago found this site – well there are many things i recall
    also differently like some people here – right now same time i was writing this i listened old coast to coast
    episode – where they talked about Mandela effect and “who brought Kirk Douglas back from the dead” and I also remember that he died decades ago – well out of a whim i google Kirk Douglas dead (its Decemeber 2nd now 2014) and lo and behold – IT HAS HAPPENED again yesterday !!! – people magazine had released
    obituary of Kirk Douglas accidentally – havent even read the story – but saw very old KD there and post”Im very much alive” felt odd and spooky – like something is really not right here – kind of feeling

    I dont usually ever post anwhere – but considering this whole concept and timing – have to wonder once again – whats going on here… and “behind the curtains” of reality

    regads from Finland

  16. Am i the only one who thinks the flag of Mexico used to be orange, white and green? When i look at the current flag which is red, white and green it seems a bit off. If you take away the emblem in the middle it is the same as the italian flag, which i find peculiar.

    1. OMG, this is probably something I never would have noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it but I also definitely remember it as orange. I pulled up a copy so I could change the red to orange and it just looks right in a way that the “actual” flag doesn’t.

  17. I remember watching the Sound of Music in the late nineties, and I could have sworn Elsa and the Captain had gotten married, and Maria showed up right after…I distinctly remember a scene where Elsa is almost gloating on the church steps. Never seen the scene again, though.

  18. Well… I just spent nearly 3 and a half hours reading all the comments on this topic. Well just this page in particular. It’s really opened my eyes and shown me how much I’ve remembered that no one else seems to have, only a small amount of people, or you that I have found on this page. I’ve only stumbled across this site through a re-post of the Berenstein Bears topic, which being 16 now in 2014, I still grew up with. They were a classic and having all of the books passed down from my older sister, I loved them all. I loved when they would have the show on, at least to the memory I have of it. Another thing I recall was the topic of Shirley Temple’s death. When I was around 4 or 5 I would watch all of her movies since my Grandma got a set of VHS tapes that were a collection of her work. I heard that she got this set because of her passing, so I would always ask about “Well are they still going to call the drink a Shirley Temple?”, and other stuff like that since the idea of death was a foreign topic to me. Also, it’s shown to me that I’ve had certain conversations with people that they have no recollection ever speaking to me about. I remember every single detail of the conversation up to the point of where we were going, what we were doing, or even what time of day it was. That may be more of a “glitch in the matrix” type of thing, but it still astounds me. On another note, there’s been countless times where I have seen something and never again would I see it in exactly the same way. I can’t pin point any certain TV shows or movies, but reading everyone’s experiences of seeing alternate endings that don’t seem to exist seem so familiar. It’s such an eerie feeling.

    1. I agree with Maddie about tv shows and films changing or even disappearing – I’ve spent many hours over the last few years trying to track down an Australian-made heist movie (not The Money Movers!) that I saw twice in the 1980s (I remember discussing it with my brother before watching it a second time with him). I can’t recall the title but I vividly remember certain scenes – the film simply doesn’t exist any more! I’ve trawled through TV listings guides covering the period (looking at ALL the films broadcast) and searched generic links of Australian (and New Zealand and South African, in case my memory was playing tricks) films. I’ve posed the question on film forums – nobody recalls it!

      This is similar to a western I saw twice in the 70s – no sign of it after exhaustive searches and it’s most disconcerting. What’s just as unnerving is the search through the TV listings – they are occasionally different to what I remember -not just from watching at the time, but I used to keep the Christmas tv guides (sad, I know!), so over the years, whenever I was moving house, I’d come across them and flick through the schedules for Christmas day, just to remind myself of happy times with my family. I basically memorised the big movie premiers in particular – these simply don’t always match the listings I researched recently! It could be that someone has incorrectly transcribed some of the information, but it feels odd. I can’t compare the listings with the tv guides for a while, because they are boxed away in a storage unit, but the next time I come across them, I’ll make a point of checking!

      On other matters – for years I spelt ‘dilemna’ and as a child I recall that there were 52 states in the USA.

      Does anyone else recall Bob Hoskins dying about 7-8 years ago? I was staggered when his death was announced in 2014, as I remembered all the BBC news items about him dying years before.

  19. I significantly recall learning about 9/11 in the fifth grade (’05) but i can not recall where i was when it happened in 01… and I remember other stuff from that year like my brother’s birth… but not 9/11

  20. So wild that a topic on ATS brought me here, but THIS is where I’ve been looking for all along!

    A few months ago, I was literally FIGHTING with my Auto-Correct about “dilemna”, getting really pissed off that it was changing it to “dilemma”. WHERE did this “dilemma” come from?

    I am an English teacher with a degree in English and History, and I have clear memories of always reminding myself how to spell “dilemna” with that silent “n” in there.

    To me, this is proof of the Mandela Effect. There is no way I have lived almost 50 years spelling “dilemma” incorrectly. Why would those of us with those memories **want** to add in that unnecessary “n”? For me, that is how I was taught that the word was spelled.

    Fascinating site!!!

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