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  1. I have a few odd memories with the map, too. Up until about 4th grade, I was positive North and South Korea were an island and Japan was part of the mainland, but now I’m not so sure. I can also remember (more recently) finding out that Japan was an island, and then finding out that it was many islands. However, I cannot recall a single memory of the Koreas attached to another piece of land and can actually remember exactly how I thought they were. I also remember North and South Korea getting back together, but that obviously hasn’t happened.
    On a smaller matter, I remember at school some people asking to see a movie trailer in class but the teacher denying but I can remember exactly what the trailer was before seeing the trailer on my own over a month later and it being nearly exactly the same, except with a few changes. However, it had some of the exact same lines in it and when I read the book for the first time, I felt as if I was remembering. Could this be a “Mandela Effect”?

    1. I forgot to add that I sometimes have moments when I suddenly remember whatever just happened happening before and can recall whatever happens next, too. It ranges from watching TV, scrolling through Tumblr, or even conversations. Whenever I try to tell people about it, they mark it off as deja vu and I would agree with that except for the fact that I’ve had deja vu and it is entirely different. Only one of my friends has said that it happens to her, too.

      1. I know this comment is old, but I have never met anyone that has had these experiences happen to them also. So weird. This happens to me all the time.

    2. I have looked at maps of North and South Korea at night to see the differences in the light patterns in the past few years. North and South Korea were NOT attached to any other land mass – they were an island. It was necessary for the map makers to put the outline around North Korea so it was easy to see the borders. There were no lights evident above North Korea on the maps I remember.

  2. I saw someone above mention “Interview With A Vampire” now being “Interview With The Vampire”, for me it was always Interview With A Vampire even up until fairly recently. It also seems as though the release date has changed to a full 2 years later. I remember that movie being released in 1992…not late 94 close to 95….Also I’ve also remembered Barbara (Barbra) Streisand’s name as Barbara. The Barbra spelling is a totally new for me period.

      1. I remember “Interview with A Vampire” and I only heard of that book’s existence a few years ago.

    1. I remember seeing “Interview With THE Vampire” mentioned on some website, and being puzzled as to why they changed the name. I never read it but am very familiar with the title due to its immense popularity. I’m betting that not a few fans are perplexed, as well.

      1. The french title is “entretien avec un vampire” and not “entretien avec le vampire”
        “un” means “a”.
        “le” means “the”.
        THE or LE don’t make any sense. It would make sense only if it was about a unique vampire.

        1. Well… yes, and no. In English, some people use “the” to indicate one that’s atypical, even among many. No adjective is required (or possible?), to denote what makes the whatever-it-is different. (Loosely, the concept might be similar to “je ne sais quoi,” where no adjective seems correct.)

          For example, see stories about Sherlock Holmes, who referred to Irene Adler as “the woman.”

  3. He Fiona… everyone. Absolutely fascinating discussions here Just a couple of bits of food for thought here. I am generally leaning towards JM’s beautiful & thought provoking explanation but there may well be more to some of the above experiences than just this timestream slippages phenomena (however much I believe that may well be the genuine case for some of these anomalies).
    Firstly I’d like to address a ‘double death’ that has been given infrequent mention here; that of Osama Bin Laden’s initial demise. In preparation of the 2008 presidential election, Benazir Bhutto (11th Prime Minister of Pakistan); in an interview with David Frost on Al Jazeera (2 November 2007), casually stated that Osama Bin Laden had been murdered by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who is one of the men convicted of kidnapping and killing U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl. Many other political figures have claimed earlier Bin Laden deaths. Trouble is, less than 2 months later she was assassinated. I’m not so sure these events are entirely unrelated.
    Then again, what interests me is that there seems to be a tendency for such phenomena to occur surrounding spiritual / holy or strongly politically motivated figures. Maybe not the case for some, but it reminds me of the resurrection. Yup, Yeshua Bah Yosef himself, folks remember him dying, they the guy came back. Are we experiencing a deeply profound insight into the nature of powerful spiritual beings of light opening us to a hitherto now misunderstood phenomena? The volume of people posting here having a near death experience, only to start these new & overwhelming experiences? From the research I have done on shamans & mystic people worldwide it showed a vast majority of them were unwilling to become magic folks & were usually very sickly children; most have had NDE’s too; which was often the catalyst into their awakening.

    As an aside & in the spirit of personal experience, I would like to relay you one of my own; although if anyone could show me evidence of it actually happening & being recorded in this timeline please let me know; it would be gratefully received. A good 13 or so years back I remember watching a documentary on either National Geographic or Discovery Channel about the US Government’s official line with regards to what actually happened at Roswell, 1947 (after the standard 50 years of silence dealio). Although the current explanation is Project Mogul: microphones flown on high altitude balloons, whose primary purpose was long-distance detection of sound waves generated by Soviet atomic bomb tests, this documentary (which was clearly aimed to debunk the UFO aliens claims) claimed that the bodies recovered there had big heads because there was some door, or something that had crushed the heads of the people on board after the crash & that was why they were so inflamed & large (I know, right?). But the Mogul balloons were unmanned, surely….. I really watched it; thought it was incredibly contrived at the time, but since then, everyone I’ve spoken to about it have never heard of this official account & I’ve never found anything of it online either. Please, if anyone has seen this, let me know, otherwise… I’m slipping into another stream, aren’t I? I remember this documentary…. I watched it. I think, like with some other TV events mentioned here, that possibly they may have released that version of events, realised it was so contrived & pathetic, pulled it & came up with a better, more credible cover-up.

    And as for geographical anomalies; didn’t I read somewhere that in the not so distant past, they made countries out to look smaller / larger than they were. The examples I heard were Africa is absolutely massive & made to appear much smaller on maps & North America is made to appear larger than it actually is. I’m sure that’s a researchable thing that has come to be discovered as true. Or is this yet another timestream discombobulation?

    1. I attended a workshop by Food for the Hungry and they mentioned the world map in their presentation. A true scale representation of the continents *would* show Africa as massive and the northern hemisphere continents as a lot smaller. One image showed how Africa can fit all of the U.S., China and other countries inside itself.


    >August 07,2012

    The words Campaign and Candidate go hand in hand – there are an unfathomable, uncountable amount of instances where these words were both used in the same sentence, let alone in the same conversation (e.g. a movie trailer).

    If timelines were switched – chances are, this article would no longer be read as “The Candidate stars Will…..”, but instead “The Campaign stars….”

    You suggest that in the new timeline – all instances of “Candidate” were switched to “Campaign” – yet not in this single headline? Look at the video in the article – it says “The Campaign” in the background of the video, even.

    It was just a very, very common mix-up of words. These details (and most of the “changed” details mentioned on this website) are very minute.

    Dates, deaths, etc. being mis-remembered can be linked to, well… say something of importance happening to, say, Nelson Mandela (major lawsuit) at the same time the media is reporting about the death of a major celebrity of some sort, or some political figure of the same race (lets say Jim Jackson), etc etc. Years later, it’s very likely that your memory of it faded somewhat, and maybe you mixed a few things up.
    Say the media reports, for weeks, at the same time that : Jim Jackson died on April 1st 1991, and Nelson Mandela faces largest lawsuit in state’s history. Both get major media coverage, Jim Jackson a bit less than Mandela – due to “importance”.
    10 years later, after only remembering the most important keywords from that media-month (Nelson Mandela & Death), you’re memory, 15 – 20 years later may be skewed to;
    “Nelson Mandela Died in April 1991 and Something happened to James Jacko or something around that time” – chances are you won’t even remember the name of the unimportant, and apply the important, memorable detail (death) to the important, memorable man (Mandela).

    Dates: The date of a reported event isn’t important enough to remember (unless it’s catchy and constantly shoved down your throat [e.g. 9/11) – but the event is important enough to remember. X event may happen in April 2001, and be reported heavily by the media for a few weeks and then dropped. There may not be much other reports or news about the event until there is enough information to keep the story moving. Say there isn’t any new news-worthy information until August of that year – and it’s huge news. e.g. “Residents of New York flooding to neighboring states to avoid X” or possibly even a government scandal related to the event. Possibly something covered more than the event was originally covered, although the followup story (people flooding out/government scandal) is less important to us, it’s covered much, much more (this happens in media so much that its insane. they also focus on mundane and irrelevant details – pay attention).

    10 years later, you may remember the event “X” (important event) and mistake the happening of the event to be August (mass media coverage month) rather than April (actual event date).

    Get where i’m going? We naturally focus on major details rather than small details. This is completely natural, we do it every single day. ESPECIALLY with things like news, where “important” events are reported one after another.

    1. KingKen,

      I see where you’re going with this, and it seems like another effort to explain these memories in terms of, “Oh, you just misremembered.” Generally, I don’t approve comments like this, because they can trivialize what we’re talking about. However, you raised a few points that I may not have addressed fully enough.

      Most of us have been down the “must have misremembered” path, multiple times, looking for logical explanations for what we remember. Many of us don’t find them. This isn’t that simple.

      I don’t just remember that Nelson Mandela died. I remember his widow’s speech, the parades and demonstrations, the discussions about how his death might impact organized efforts related to apartheid, and so on. I recall this going on for days that added up to weeks, though the discussions continued — off and on — for months.

      By contrast, I’d be willing to accept that I’d misremembered, say, the year the Red Sox won the World Series or when it happened in relation to other things in my life. I don’t follow sports closely.

      However, as a long-time civil rights activist with very clear and detailed memories of Mandela’s previous death and the lengthy media coverage that followed… no. That’s not something I’d misremember or confuse with the death of someone else.

      I do grok your ideas about time references as opposed to exact dates. Many people remember things that way. In my opinion, the fact that I can’t tell you the exact date of Mandela’s previous death doesn’t discount the memory.

      Regarding the Candidate/Campaign topic, I think you’re assuming a cohesive shift. That is, if I remember Mandela’s death before 2013, I must also remember the title of the movie differently. Or perhaps this website would have different content due to a uniform shift from one timestream to another, whether it (in part or total) “slid” with me or not.

      I don’t think it works that way. I won’t pretend I understand how this works, but I don’t think we’re sliding from one reality to another in uniform, coordinated, lockstep ways. I don’t think we all board the same inter-time train at the same time, and then step off that train as a collective.

      All in all, I think some visitors to this site assume that we accept our memories at face value. Maybe you don’t realize that many (most?) of us are bright and educated. Many of us (including me) first assumed our memories were faulty. We went looking for the “ah-HA!” answers that might explain (if only to ourselves) how we misremembered. We didn’t find them, even with spurts of research covering several years.

      Until I heard, in the Dragon*Con “green room”, an out-of-the-blue reference to Nelson Mandela’s previous death, I still thought I’d misremembered. I thought that I’d find an answer to those weird memories, if I just kept looking.

      Then, several others in the green room described their memories of Mandela’s death… and most (not all) of them matched mine. Participants in that discussion — which covered many hours and multiple participants as we flowed in and out of that break room, between our scheduled presentations and panels — included some with backgrounds (and advanced degrees) in related sciences.

      The explanations that emerged were startling. The pieces started to fall into place.

      Some time after that, I gathered the courage to launch this website, thinking the Mandela memories were the only anomalous ones.

      Since then, the topic has expanded in many directions. To me, this is fascinating.

      However, in many (perhaps most) cases, these aren’t reports by people who misremembered. We’ve already looked at news reports from when we thought Mandela died, to see what we might have superimposed. We’ve examined every likely source of confusion. (The same goes for the Billy Graham funeral, the Berenstain/Berenstein Bears name, the locations of several island nations, and so on.)

      And, telling us to “pay attention” to the smokescreens and diversions provided by the news media… I think most of my readers have become very cautious about what they infer from news reports. We’ve read Cialdini, et al, and know how mind control works. We have Snopes bookmarked on our browser toolbars, and a few other “fact” resources, as well.

      I appreciate the many people who want to help us by correcting our mix-ups, suggesting why we might have misremembered, and pointing out the illogics of what we are sure we remember.

      That doesn’t change the memories, and it doesn’t change my belief that our memories are generally correct. I believe most of our “misfit” memories are from different timestreams than the one we’re in at the moment. And, in a way, that’s tremendously liberating. I can heartily disagree with you about things we remember differently… and we can both be right.

      I’m confident that science will have an answer to this, if it doesn’t already exist. I’m happy to wait for that, while assuring my readers that many of their odd memories are normal. They’re not crazy, stupid, deluded, or confused about their memories. And, most importantly, they’re not alone.

      Fiona Broome

      1. (feel no pressure to publish, just a response to you directly).

        I meant no discredit or offense with my post – I was merely in a thread on a certain website about the Berenstein/Berenstain confusion and ended up here. Also, me referencing Mandela and others references in my previous posts were just examples -I vaguely remembered Mandela dying when I was much younger – but didn’t remember until I actually heard of the death again in 2013. My posts were trying to make sense of how this could be explainable.

        I, too, remember pronouncing Berenstain – “Burn-steen” my entire life. The books were a big part of my childhood; my grandmother read them to me until I was much too old, and i enjoyed every second of it. I was quite surprised when I saw the thread and the claim – it’s a hard thing to swallow. My first thought, naturally, was “i’m misremembering” – that wasn’t enough, I tried to make some sense of it in my post here.

        When did this Berenstein vs Berenstain debate begin? I can remember an event less than 5 years ago – I was referencing them in a text message to a friend, and do remember looking up the correct spelling on my phone – I remember it clearly being STEIN. However, part of me feels that i’m buying into the “crazy”, and the other part of me trusts that i’m not mis-remembering.

        Maybe I was trying to discredit the stories on here- but merely to make myself feel a little more sane. My apologies. I have thoroughly enjoyed your response and your website – it has been eye-opening, confusing, and a bit scary. I’m still not sure what to believe, however.

        1. KingKen, thanks for your reply. Honestly, I wasn’t offended. A little frustrated, maybe, because I see so many people who want us to be misguided, illiterate, uninformed, delusional, or downright stupid. However, I fully understand that as a reasonable, comfortable response.

          Generally, I don’t approve those kinds of comments. You said enough things in good ways to contribute to the conversation. I’m fine with questions and skepticism, as long as something in the mix is fresh, interesting, or even slightly different.

          Honestly, most people who arrive here as skeptics (or just curious) find something that makes them uncomfortable. (I have lots of private apologies from people, who say something like, “Maybe I was kind of sarcastic in the comment you didn’t approve, but I kept reading at the site and found _____ that matches my memories 100%… so now I’m rethinking this, big time.” Those are very satisfying, because one of my goals is to provide enough information that people pause and give this a second look.)

          Like you, I don’t know what to believe. Oh, I believe what most people say they remember. (It helps that I get to see lots of “don’t publish this, but…” comments so I know the “me, too” factor doesn’t explain this.) I also know what I remember, and what a relief it was when I didn’t have to wrap my brain around Mandela’s earlier death as a “misremembered” issue.

          I’m most comfortable relying on the “sliding” model, but that may not be the best or only explanation. Maybe all of this is a holodeck and each of us have slightly different memory-type programs that contribute to who we are and what we do in the “now” of this.

          I’m always interested in intelligent dialogue here, even if I don’t agree. I’m mindful of fragile people who’ve stumbled onto this and need lots of assurances that it’s not just misremembering or whatever. Other than that, as long as everyone’s respectful (more or less), I’m happy.

          I have no real explanations. I don’t think anyone does. However, it’s comforting and fascinating (to me, anyway) to find so many people with identical or nearly-identical memories. That’s especially true when they start with the Mandela issue (whether or not they share the earlier funeral memories), and stumble onto a memory they didn’t even realize was incongruous with the current reality/timestream.

          Cool stuff.


  5. So I’ll admit, this has me stumped. I recall Patrick Swayze being alive as recently as a month ago without problem. I remember some 90s movies with different endings, but that could just be that it has been so long since I saw them. I do distinctly recall TANK boy being crushed, and the social studies class in which we watched it – it cut to interviews with witnesses right as he was starting to be crushed. I also recall Fonzie’s actor being seriously injured and written off of Happy Days.
    Most of these I noticed a while back – I used to keep a little list of these things. At the time, I had no knowledge of a “mandela affect,” but intended to use it to prove to people I was right if/when I ever learned the truth (which I assumed was in my favor). Most of these could be written off as simple mis-hearing or confusion, but the fonzie this and the TANK boy were both major recollections for me. Both affected me to some degree, as I used to imitate Fonzie and kept the guy being run over in my mind as a strong example of selflessness.

  6. Hi fiona, Science per se doesn’t claim to be holier than all,it’s only some scientists and some scientific establishments that have the airs and a propensity for premature snubbing to such obvious phenomena as ME.Being crazy stupid deluded or confused is not such a tragedy either,maladjustment malady is the real disease that is precursor to serious conditions like psychosis and schizophrenia.I for one can’t imagine what is so shocking to be a ME adherent, after all millions of people all over follow weird cults some of which are dowright against humanity.A need to justify ME is not necessary,take it or leave it should be the spirit, and i am sure that the web is designed to promote such topics for it gives a sense of relief when anomalies are found to be shared,it might even prevent a nervous breakdown.

    1. Good one, John! I thought that was just me and my quirky mix of American, British, and Irish colloquialisms. I figured it was “dilemna” in England and “dilemma” in the U.S., kind of like “dialogue” and “dialog,” and Oxford commas and… well, you get the idea.

      Also, if it had never been “dilemna,” why didn’t I consistently fail that word in spelling, English, journalism, and creative writing classes, back when I always spelled it (and pronounced it) dilemna?

      (Per Wikipedia: “The errant spelling dilemna is often seen in common usage. It appears to have been taught in many areas of the United States and all over the world, including (but not limited to) France, England, Jamaica and Australia. There is no prima facie reason for this substitution error and there is no erroneous parallel to be found with the word lemma, from which dilemma derives.”)

      It never once crossed my mind that it had never been dilemna. That makes no sense to me. Is the error that widespread…? (Rhetorical question, now that I see the poll results at that webpage plus what Wikipedia says.) But, but… where did that come from?

      Very cool! I love hearing about these kinds of things!


      1. It seems to be the same way with DEFINITELY vs DEFINATELY .I was taught to spell it definately and I have always spelled it definately, until several years ago spell check would correct me and I couldn’t figure out why. Apparently alot of people use the ‘nately’ spelling, but is generally explained away as being one of the most misspelled words in the English language due to pronunciation.

          1. Donnie,

            Hmm… I can sort of see confusion with words like “delicately” and “deliberately,” etc. (Ref: Applying the rule of “immediate” and “immediately” is more of a stretch for me.

            I also understand that the adverb form of “finite” is “finitely.” (Per )

            The weird thing is, “definitely” is practically an exception. (Per , 114 popular words end with “-ately” but only 17 end with “-itely.”)

            That’s not unique among the many tangled spelling rules of the English language, but very odd nevertheless.

            I’m sure deeper study of the roots of “definitely” would turn up more insights.

            Or, perhaps ours is one of the few realities using this spelling, and most people have spent considerable time in timestreams where it’s “definately.”


        1. I still get confused over this one. Keep wanting to spell it with an A, Spell Check keeps underlining it in red, LOL! I would also swear that “dilemma” once was spelled “dilemna,” no matter what the grammar websites say. And “it’s” used to be both a contraction of “it is,” and the possessive form of “it” (in the same way that we would write “Maria’s book” or “the car’s windows”). I remember going through a brief period of confusion over this about ten years ago, or perhaps earlier, then switching to using “its” as the possessive after having to look it up. I’ve always been good at spelling and grammar, so it’s unusual for me to be confused over something so basic.

      2. Wow, although I admit that dilemna is a word with an unusual spelling and it “should” be dilemma phonetically, dilemma just looks plain WEIRD. I’m 50, always loved writing and was an English major back in college and I was never aware of dilemma. But spellcheck just tried to change it for me here. Hmmm.

        1. It is dilemma dialogue and definite in india,india is a major commonwealth nation so obviously the terms are british by origin.The common american words are tire color for tyre colour,that have made their presence in india. often is sometimes pronounced with t instead of it being silent.

    2. I used to be a good speller – not so much anymore. Either it’s part of the ageing process or spell-check has made me lazy. I always have trouble spelling rhythm but I do always try to put an “N” on it and spell-check says that’s not correct. Doing a google search of “rhythmn” shows I’m not alone. To be honest, both look wrong!

      1. That’s so bizarre. I have a distinct memory of typing up a elementary school assignment and being so confused when spell-check corrected “rythmn” to “rhythm.” I remember thinking, “When did they change the spelling?” To this day I get weirded out when writing the word because I swear it used to have a silent “N”!

      2. I always want to spell it “rhythym,” which also looks wrong! Maybe it’s just an odd word that lends itself to different spellings. But the final -n looks familiar, perhaps I once spelled it that way and forgot.

    3. I have always spelt dilemma as dilemna, and remember learning the unusual spelling by pronouncing it as di-lem-na in my head. Until about a year ago I assumed it was British/ American thing.

      I also remember the first time that I realised ‘gymn’ was wrong, and thinking that it must have changed overnight. I was only about 10 or 11 (1999/2000), so it’s completely plausible that I was just wrong, but the word ‘gym’ seems awkward and ugly to me, just as much as ‘dilemma’. I can’t accept either as correct spellings. I also agree that rhythm should have an n and I feel like it used to be spelt that way.

      I also used to spell definitely as definately, and separate as seperate, but I completely accept that these were spelling errors, and I was just wrong. It confuses me that I would accept that I was wrong for these words, but be so adamant that I was right and the universe was wrong about gymn and dilemna.

      1. Rebecca Leigh – I also spelled dilemna by saying di-lem-na in my head as well. Kind of like Wed nes day, which I hope hasn’t changed. Dilemna, with the NA, is actually a really common memory people have. I have no problem believing it was an alternate spelling – I just don’t why dictionaries don’t acknowledge it.

        I’d never heard gym with an “n” on the end but at least that one would make sense since it is gymnasium and gymnastics.

        The weird thing about the spelling “definately” is that I would spell it that way in the past but I had to think about it before I spelled it – it never made sense to me that there would be that “A” in there but I would put it there because that’s how I learned it. Definitely is simple and elegant – definite plus ly, but it’s not the way I learned it and I don’t remember spellcheck always correcting that one. But who knows…

  7. My friend and I came across this website after discussing the fact that I remembered an alternate ending to the film Big. I clearly remembered Susan showing up in his class at the end of the film and although we found possible endings to other films that could have triggered this memory, they weren’t what I remembered. I also clearly remember Berenstein Bears. I find this all very interesting!

    1. Hey, I remember that too, but I was very young. It’s a blurry memory. I’m pretty sure I remember Susan coming back as a kid too. I even remember watching it when I was around ten and mentioning to my mom that the ending they showed wasn’t the one I remembered. Not sure, I was only three or four the first time I watched it.

  8. Assume discordant memories are the result of a person’s (or group’s) translocation from one ‘reality’ to another; this seems to be the underlying thesis in the discussion. This introduces the question of whether the previous reality continues to exist after the shift, like colored squares on the sides of a Rubik’s Cube after a twist, or whether the two realities are combined and the superposition forces the destruction of both and the subsequent creation of a unified reality in which divergences are eliminated to create a default history. In the latter case, there remain ‘echoes’ from the non-default history.

    The latter is important because it implies that if there is a multiverse manifold, then eventually all realities will converge to a ‘true’ reality with a ‘true’ history. Assuming time and life as we know it continues past the convergence of all realities, eventually everyone with discordant memories will die, and the experiential evidence for alternate realities will disappear since there won’t be any ‘other’ realities to generate new discordant memories.

    The latter theory also explains why there are some shared discordant memories, but some people have more than others. If this is the third or fourth or fifth merger for some, and others have always been ‘here’, then they’ll all draw from different sets of original/secondary/tertiary/etc histories to create their memory libraries.

    For the record, I am a ‘Berenstein’ guy. It was a couple of years ago that I saw ‘Berenstain’ and was completely taken aback.

    But, Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. Eastasia has always been our ally.

  9. Two major ones for me here. First, I would like to say that I do not believe that alternate realities are likely (although I do not rule them out entirely), but I am having serious trouble explaining a couple issues here. Alright, here goes:
    1) This one has received a lot of attention, BerenstEin. It definitely had that E in my memory. Everyone I have spoken to remembers that E.
    2) I have yet to find anyone else who is with me on this, but back in about 2009 i saw the word “adjective” written down, and I remember being confused and thinking that it was “adjetive.” I took it for a typo that I was used to, and I now use “adjective,” but at the time it was just a big shock for me. I so clearly remembered there not being that C. Can anyone back me up on this one?

    1. Zach – this may not be helpful, but in Spanish, “adjective” is “adjetivo” – no c in it. Just thought I’d bring that up.

      1. Thank you, I am aware of that as I have taken five years of Spanish class, but English is my first language, and I had not taken Spanish at this point. For some reason I was utterly convinced until the day I was informed otherwise that there was no c.

        The BerenstEin Bears is the one that really gets me though.

  10. On another forum i saw that people were surprised to learn that the singer/actress Barbara Streisand now is known as Barbra Streisand. I was surprised myself when i looked it up. According to the info i found on the net she altered Barbara to Barbra early in her career to make her name stand out a bit.

    1. Mikkel,

      That’s a good catch! You’re right. Per Wikipedia ( ), she changed her name at age 18. She’d cut her first music demo at age 13, but her name change occurred when she began performing. Anyone who remembers her (in this timestream) as “Barbara” would have seen her perform in 1960 at at The Lion, “a popular gay nightclub in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village,” per Wikipedia. That’s when the name change occurred, before she was discovered and made her first real album.

      So, while the name change did occur, the likelihood of anyone remembering her as “Barbara” in this timestream… it’s slim. Not impossible, since some of our readers are old enough to have seen her at the club in NY, but still very slim.


  11. I have one that’s bothered me for most of my life, regarding Disney’s Aladdin.

    I was 6 when the movie came out, and it wasn’t the first movie I saw in theaters, but it WAS the first movie for which I was old enough to experience anticipatory excitement. I loved the trailers, couldn’t stop thinking about it, wanted the toys before I even saw it.

    So, as you can imagine, seeing the movie was a big deal for me. The music really stuck with me, afterwards. Particularly, a song that seems to no longer exist: an additional villain song, performed by Jafar, in the sultan’s palace, fairly early on in the film, in which he discussed his intentions to take over the kingdom, through acquiring Jasmine.

    As soon as we got out of the theater, I begged my mom for the soundtrack tape. I was lucky – she was excited about the movie, too, and had also really enjoyed the music, so we picked it up from the mall, on the way home. Imagine my dismay when I got home, listened to the entire thing (sitting on the floor of the kitchen, with my tape deck), and…that Jafar song was nowhere to be found.

    But that was ok, I thought, because I was old enough to understand that sometimes soundtracks aren’t complete, and that the movie would be out on video fairly soon. And it was, but still, no Jafar song.

    This bothered me…pretty much throughout my entire childhood, as Aladdin remained my favorite Disney movie. As an adult, I’ve tried googling around, to find it. Nothing.

    Actually, it’s weirder than nothing: There ARE two deleted Jafar songs. Storyboards were made for at least one of them, but neither ever went into final animation for the movie. However, NEITHER OF THEM ARE THE SONG I REMEMBER. They’re not even close. This is a HUGE memory of childhood disappointment, for me, and I can’t find anything to support that it ever came close to existing, in this reality.

    1. Was it the song from Return of Jafar?

      A lot of odd things surround the making of the movie, like Howard Ashman’s timeline for conceiving, writing lyrics, and dying during production. Also, the me seeing a Jurassic Park trailer in front of it

      1. It wasn’t. In my years of searching the internet for this thing, I’ve listened to everything I could find, including tracks that never even made it into the movie, and the song I remember does not exist.

        Not to mention, the fact that the song wasn’t on the soundtrack we IMMEDIATELY purchased, after seeing the film in theaters, is such an intrinsic part of the memory, it couldn’t have been a song from a direct-to-video sequel, anyway.

        1. Interesting that the timeline change happened within hours, probably minutes, after the movie was first shown in theaters. The same thing happened with Star Wars when it first opened in 1977. Many people remember some very specific scenes featuring Luke Skywalker’s friend, Biggs Darklighter. Within a very short time, the movie had changed and those scenes were absent. Later, George Lucas would swear that, while those scenes HAD been filmed, they were cut from the movie due to time constraints and pacing issues. They were shown later in a behind-the-scenes TV special, and still shots were published in various books and magazines, but never in the actual movie.

  12. I should be in bed asleep and instead I’m caught up on-line in alternate memories. I just read something I had never heard before either. I remember hearing and reading about the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, which happened in 1932, but I’m pretty sure I heard the baby was never found – it was an ongoing mystery as well as a tragedy. Now I read that the baby’s body was found a few months after his kidnapping! This is really surprising, although these alternate memories get somewhat less surprising every day…

    1. Julia, I’d removed this comment (at your suggestion) but, after I did — so no one new would have seen it — someone said she remembered that the baby’s body was never found. So, I restored this, and I thought you’d like to know why. (The other person’s comment is part of some other “alternate memories” she shared in confidence. She has several memories like yours. Very cool!)

    2. This is news to me, as of today. I’ve seen a few comments that almost made me comment before, but this is the one that did it. The Lindbergh baby was on all kinds of those mystery shows when I was growing up, like Unsolved Mysteries and the plethora of old History channel shows. I found it terrifying but interesting. The baby nor the kidnappers were ever found, I KNOW this is how the story went (at least until now I guess).

      In my timeline/ universe (I should start saying this to truly freak people out haha) it was Berenstien Bears, chartreuse was a dark red color, Australia was far away from everyone and it was Interview with ‘A’ Vampire.

      All of this is very very weird to me and I’ve made myself a bit ill thinking about it.

    3. While I don’t share your memory of the Lindbergh baby, this reminded me of another memory– that Agatha Christie was never found. It was in one of those “Unexplained” sort of books that I had as a kid (and it’s been driving me absolutely insane that I haven’t been able to find my copy again). I read that book over and over, and i know that Agatha Christie disappeared and was never found.

      Doctor Who did an episode about her, where she was found ten days later after being rescued by the Doctor and I was kind of bothered that they’d change history like that. But it got me wanting to read some of her books so I looked her up to see her list of writings and was completely shocked to find out she’d turned up alive after ten days.

      1. I am so glad you said something about Doctor Who!!! When I read about Agatha Christie never being found I instantly thought of that episode. Call me crazy, but this whole website makes me believe in the Doctor. How he said is “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” makes me think that maybe him, or somebody, is time traveling and every time somebody time travels, things change a little bit but the Doctor knows what he can change without completely destroying the world. So maybe he is real and that’s why little things do change quite often.

  13. I’ve got an example of a slider event for you. Remember the 2002 movie “Bend It Like Beckham”? It was the first big movie role for Kiera Knightley. It also stars a British actress named Parminder Nagra.

    I distinctly remember reading a newspaper article a few months after the movie came out stating that Parminder Nagra was dead, murdered by a jealous boyfriend while the two of them were visiting Paris. I remember being shocked, and telling a few friends about it.

    A couple of years go by, and I noticed while watching an episode of ER a familiar looking actress. I looked at the credits and saw it was… Parminder Nagra!

    She is still very much alive, married with kids, and was just on the TV show The Blacklist. Yet I could swear I read a newspaper article detailing her murder.

    What the heck..?

    1. Hi Bruce,

      This struck a chord with me, because I remember thinking the same. Is it possible you got her mixed up with one of the other actresses? Sarita Khajuria starred in the film & died in 2003. She’d last been seen boarding a train from Paris. As I recall, due to the mysterious circumstances, media speculation extended to her boyfriend at one point.

      Fiona – thanks for starting this site! It’s such a fantastically interesting topic & it’s fascinating to read of so many different experiences; particularly as so many seem to overlap.

      All the best.

  14. I remember in late 2001, Osama Bin Laden dying of an illness of sorts. I recall very vividly the news broadcast that was shown when word got out of his death.

  15. Fiona,

    I have spent the last 2 days reading this site, barely able to sleep at all. Luckily last night I found my peace with all of it and slept like a baby. I have even more peace with the whole thing this morning because it is all starting to make sense now.

    Like many others, this began with the Berenstein Bears for me. Late Wednesday night I have no idea what I was even looking up, but I ran into the Berenstain spelling. At first I completely freaked out and called my mom because I had every book in the 80s and watched the show too. I am a nerd about spelling and am 100% sure it was spelled Berenstein. So without prefacing it at all I just asked her how to spell Berenstein Bears. She, of course, spelled it Berenstein too. I told her what I had found about Stan and Jan and their last name being completely different now. She just shrugged it off and tried to do the explaining away.

    Thank goodness that wasn’t good enough for me because what I came here next since he had your site linked on his. What a breath of fresh air to find some like-minded people! I had to read every post on here before I felt okay with posting, but this is absolutely fascinating. When I found my peace with it last night I started to take notes because I have an overwhelming amount of these memories even though I’m only 31.

    So I’m going to try to make a list here of the ones I know for sure have changed and preface this by saying I have had 2 NDE’s one in 2009, and one earlier this year. Something about the NDE makes this all resonate profoundly. All that said, here goes:

    -Berenstein Bears is now Bearenstain Bears
    -Challenger DID explode in 1984
    -Ghost Hunters was originally called TAPS
    -Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 80s, for some reason I feel like it was 1987
    -Australia was definitely further south which is why that whole area looks wrong now, although I still think something is off about New Zealand too
    -Tank Boy was run over in Tiananmen square
    -Fidel Castro died in the mid 2000s
    -Billy Graham died in 2009
    -Diana Ross died, can’t remember the year at all though
    -Columbine was without a doubt in 1996

    The last one I have to put a little separately. Up above someone mentioned Bill Hicks and I have been a huge Bill Hicks fan all my life. In my memory no one really appreciated him and he killed himself in 1994. So when they mentioned Bill Hicks and Netflix I had to go on Netflix and see what Bill Hicks was on there and the only thing was a full movie called American: The Bill Hicks story. It is amazing, but somehow in this history people loved him and he died of pancreatic cancer. Needless to say that movie was not the Bill Hicks story of my past, but this one is so much better!

    Okay I think I have to leave it at that, even though I could write all day about this. Thank you for bringiing a Dragon-Con green room discussion out into the light, you and the rest of the commenters have blown my mind!

  16. This might not be appropriate for the site, but my mind became stuck on the Beatles and Paul McCartney and did he really die and be replaced by a look-alike? I had researched that in and out and it appears to me that the current Paul in a look-alike. Something about a new album in the works and Paul was dead but needed.

    Look at all the Presidents of the U. S. having lookalikes and stand-ins for certain occasions, and then Mandela.
    (Fiona, I apologize as you don’t care for the suppositions, but…. ) What if some the deaths were announced prematurely, or WERE for real and a stand-in took over for political reasons! The media would have no problems dispensing with news articles and replacing papers and magazines.

    My daughter, 50, still has all her Berenstein books from her first child, 1986-7, and I cannot wait until she rummages the attic for copies! She says she still has them all. She would not sell out to anyone to have the names changed!

    1. Annie, the supposition is a fun one. Not a good fit for the actual (alternate) Mandela memory, but it was a great concept for the movie, “Dave,” with Kevin Kline. That wanders into conspiracy, of course, which isn’t the topic of this site, but still… a fun supposition for speculation!

      1. People love conspiracy theories,but as facts stand only a couple of individuals are worthy enough to be replaced by subsitutes not the plethora available in ME.People also want to take maximum mileage out of life,the wisdom of Solomon is forgotten,they want to live for maximum years and after that an eternity in meta physical realm,the reason to live maximum is the intrinsic instinct and then acquired oneupmanship.Mandela effect introduces yet another lifeline that is by far the most tantalizing one,that of quantum immortality,a seamless continuity.The only catch with ME is that if you don’t perceive your previous death,the immortality becomes meaningless specially for hedonists and i assume most people are,to a lesser or greater degree, hedonists.Scientists are very close to head transplant also called whole body transplant.Hindu texts mention various instances of soul transplant into a recently deceased healthy body of other person and vice versa,even surgical head transplant cases are there.

        1. Vivek – Am I correcting in assuming that you believe people who have alternate memories must have died at least once? (I can’t tell for sure.) I’m not at all convinced that the answer is that you die and continue in another time stream. I for one have never been seriously sick or injured (unless it happened suddenly and I didn’t know) or had a Near Death Experience. I don’t know the answer but think that reality and time are just a lot more fluid than we ever knew and we may be sliding back and forth between realities all the time. I also wonder if some personalities tend to slide more because they are by nature less rigid emotionally or intellectually – not that I’m saying it’s a preferred mode of being – just something that may be. I have a friend who is very “grounded”, very aware of her surroundings, super self-confident with a good memory and who would out-right reject this all as anything but nonsense, but then she has never expressed any confusing alternate memories. Do you know anything about the Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator? I am definitely and INFP – Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive – which in my view makes me especially open to alternate experiences.

          1. Julia, you mean to ask whether i imply a previous death as a precondition for alternate memories.For millenniums all theologies,Abrahamic as well as pagan like hindu or neo hindu like buddhism have taught that there are 7 planes of existence,the physical plane is densest and as we ascend it becomes lighter,the main difference between hinduist and abrahamic is that hinduism says you have to become worthy of next plane through series of rebirths,and here i return to our prosaic discussion.mandela effect gains its strength thru anecdotes and so does rebirth,the other 6 planes we can ignore for the sake of current existence,there is an anecdote in gitm reddit where a young couple remembered their death in car accident there are several other anecdotes where people remembered their imminent fatal accident but the couple’s graphic memory of wood piercing their chest is nearest to actual death.So i am not telling my personal theory infact i don’t have any,i may be gifted in manifesting miracles,but theories i glean thru studying prodigal authors and anecdotes.Myers-Briggs classification is of psychological types,what we are discussing here should be beyond psychology, closer to physics.

            1. Vivek, I can see your point, but I like Julia’s idea of seeing if those of us who notice the Mandela Effect fit any consistent pattern. The Myers-Briggs classifications are as good a commonality to check as any.

          2. Julia, I just saw this post. Great idea! I’m an INFP/INTP. 50/50 split on the F/T.

    2. Hi Annie & Fiona!
      (Fiona, is there some way to write to you personally?)

      This could be a personal Mandela effect, I dont know and I would understand if it’s not posted as this may not be hard core ME, but I believe it is for me.

      Between 2001 and 7/2015 I wrote a book just over 100,000 words pictures and sound bites (< which I remember as one word), that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Paul McCartney was murdered by some secret organization before the first album was released and replaced by a double. I will state here, my computer crashed in August '15 and I set the project aside aside, having it stored on a USB chip. The thing is, once I came across The Mandela effect I had no inspiration at all to finish the project. I figured what's the point?

      So, I come across your post Annie and it made me think back. Over the years, Paul's supposed death date changed. Let me explain. When I first started the project, I was sure the band broke up because Paul died. The double just posed for a solo career. A mouth later, by searching clues, I discover that the alleged death occurred in 1966. A year later 1965. Three years later, I was absolutely positive that through clues I missed or misinterpreted, that it was 1964. Then late 1963. And in June of this year '15, I realized the book was complete, because I was sure Paul died before the first as album.

      Each time this happened I believed it was because I found another clue that I missed or misinterpreted. Is it possible that the Mandela effect was what changed the story? I believe so.

      As of now I am very interested to go back and check out my work, songs etc… as I suspect there will be changes. I would know! This story or Myth was my life for a long time, it consumed me, depressed me and so on. I would know if one word in a song was off, even if the word was, was. (<Bill Clinton joke – to clarify he said "it depends on what the definition of is, is". For obvious reasons I feel the need to explain my jokes here).

      On a lesser note. While writing I frequently came across words that I was apparently spelling wrong my whole life and a couple of times I remember going through the entire montage of info to change words that I could have sworn were right at some point. I often blew it off to me just not noticing.

      With gratitude,

      1. Anthony, this is fascinating. I hope you’ll take that USB drive and upload your book to KDP ( to share your research with others. Initially, this sounds more conspiracy than Mandela Effect, but I’d be interested in what seems consistent with this reality and what might be from an alternate past.

        1. I’d be happy to share the information Fiona, but I don’t know about the copyright laws as I quote Beatles material often. I will keep you posted.

          1. Oh. Yes. That would be an issue. Usually, you can quote people under Fair Use rules, especially in work that’s essentially academic. The music industry is different. I’ve seen absolutely amazing lawsuits brought by music industry execs over the most trivial quotes from songs. Still, if you can find a way to reference lyrics without actually quoting them, your study sounds like something that could please a lot of readers, including Beatles fans and conspiracy enthusiasts.

      2. There is a page on the internet that explains the toy car on the cover of sergeant pepper was a paul is dead reference, but the image that is posted there has no car on it, neither does the cover of sergeant pepper

  17. Vivek – I can see your point also – it’s just not something I’ve experienced. Do you believe you died physically at least once? That’s interesting about the 7 planes of existence being mentioned even in Abrahamic traditions. And thanks, Fiona, for the support.

    Another thing I’ve been wondering lately is how many people who write on this board or who have written to Fiona privately, have told ANYONE else about these alternate memories. I have mentioned this theory to my mom, who is uncomfortable with it because she doesn’t like change, or things being over-complicated or chaotic (which I can totally understand.) She also doesn’t share the few alternate memories I’ve mentioned to her – although she does spell dilemma “dilemna.” πŸ™‚ And I’ve mentioned it to my INFJ friend, who reads sci-fiction as well as many other genres, and who is at least open to strange experiences – she is a little skeptical but not dismissive or critical of me for my interest, which I think is the best attitude to have. (She also remembers “The Candidate”) But I can’t think of another person I’d dare to discuss this with in any depth.

    1. Julia,

      I’m so pleased with how many insights you share and the questions you ask! Several people (including you, Vivek, Gurluas, and others) regularly share lots of information that helps me — and, I hope, all of us — understand the scope of the Mandela Effect.

      You wondered how many people have written to me, privately. Currently, I have 21 private comments — some of them very lengthy, listing multiple alternate memories — and I can’t even count the emails. However, probably due to the perceived reduction in privacy, fewer people share actual memories in email. Most emails are thanking me for the website… with the occasional blast from someone who feels obliged to tell me I’m more than a bit mad. (That’s okay. The spelling and grammar in those emails nullifies their credibility. LOL)

      So, I’d guess maybe a dozen emails with actual alternate memories described.

      In real life, I do talk about the Mandela Effect, especially whatever the most active topic is. Almost 100% of the people I’ve spoken with in the past month or so have insisted it’s Berenstein Bears, not Berenstain. Before that, the most vehement arguments I had were over Billy Graham’s death. I learned to go straight to the nearest phone and bring up Billy Graham’s Wikipedia article, to show that he really is still alive. About 40% of the people I spoke with were absolutely positive he’d died, Graham’s son had given a very moving (and long) eulogy at a huge stadium and it was aired on TV, and the funeral coverage had lasted about three days.

      By contrast, the Campaign/Candidate topic gets almost zero traction. Universally, people insist they must have misremembered.

      I interpret that in terms of the duration or significance of the event that created the memory. A funeral that’s covered for days (Mandela’s and Graham’s) is more firmly established. Ditto a series of beloved children’s books, read over and over again. A movie, maybe seen but not impressive…? Easily forgotten and therefore a “misremembered” memory.

      Well, that’s my guess, anyway.

      The life-and-death question is a quirky one. I mean, yes, it’s life and death. However, are we talking about mechanics there? When we “slide,” did we “die” in the previous reality, or do we swap places with another of “us”? (I feel like a ditsy old person using quotations there, but these words aren’t as precise as I’d like, and — in text — they’re missing the layers of meaning they might have if we were talking, face to face. Speaking of which, if this topic keeps growing, maybe we should consider a conference or gathering.)

      I still think we may be sliding in our dreams, per Dr. Fred Alan Wolf’s speculation. For me, the bigger question is: Do we always (or nearly always) wake up in our “home” reality (if we have one)?

      Are those realities on the same timetable as our “home” reality? If not, do we drop those later memories in — perhaps as a dub-in — replacing existing memories from the home reality?

        Making up an example: What if, in 2012, someone knew Mandela was still alive. Then (in 2012) a dream/slide took that person to an alternate reality where it was 1987 and Mandela had just died in prison. That experience provided a richer, more significant memory. And then — when the person awoke — the alternate memory was more securely embedded among that person’s memories, so it was the only memory, or the original 2012 memory (of Mandela, still alive) seemed the weaker/false one.

      I’m also interested in what we have in common. It agree that it may not be anything that causes the slides, but perhaps something that — like Myers-Briggs — makes us more likely to go looking for answers, and accept the possibility that the Mandela Effect is real.

      Or, maybe only some of us slide, and we have some kind of marker. It could be something as silly as a freckle on the hand, a single hair that always grows in white, two webbed toes, or something we figure is a tiny scar from some forgotten childhood injury.

      That said, the idea that only some of us slide…? I have difficulty working with that. I know my IQ is higher than most (145-ish, if anyone takes that seriously), and I tend to be artsy. I also like to speculate about… well, all kinds of things, just for fun. I mean, right now, I’m wondering if those descriptions of alien abductions and examinations are the aliens looking for some consistent marker that explains why those abductees even saw the aliens in the first place… much less got sucked up into the ship.

      (But, as I’m saying that, I’m a little worried that someone will take that seriously. Sorry, it’s whimsy. It’s my “what if…?” thinking at its most flippant. I’m perfectly comfortable asking absurd and “out there” questions without taking myself seriously, or expecting anything resembling an answer. And, it’s also why I’m a writer, so I can do something with those “what if…?” questions.)

      However, in general, I think of myself as a fairly boring, average person who likes a quiet, normal life. I’m not looking for adventure or to stand out in the crowd. (In fact, when I speak at Dragon*Con, it’s so I can meet all of my readers at one time, and avoid being recognized or making public appearances for the rest of the year.)

      In other words, if I’m sliding, it seems to me that everyone must. I just happened to notice it, and got caught up in a discussion with others who also notice it. All we had in common were being invited Guests at Dragon*Con, so we were all in the green room between our panels and presentations… and one was a Security guy, and I think he’s the one who raised the topic in the first place.

      And, for the record, I generally score INTP, but now and then I’ll score INFP. The P/J part of the equation is usually close to 50/50, but I still almost always score more highly on the P side of things.


      1. Thanks, Fiona. I’m glad you don’t mind my questions/comments. I had been telling myself “I’ve got to stop posting so much. Fiona is going to get sick of me!” πŸ™‚

      2. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”


      3. Fiona,

        I became aware of this unusual phenomenon about a year ago. My awakening occured with the Berenstein Bears. I have just recently found your website, and I am also finding other things that I can relate to in the major memories section. There is one “glitch” that happened to me recently, however, that is not mentioned here. I want to mention it just in case other people are experiencing it, also. Here is goes – Reese Witherspoon. I am 44 years old. I am from Tennessee. Reese is also from Tennessee. When she first came on the scene, I remember reading her biography and noticing that she and I were the same age. She went to a High School that my school competed against in marching band competitions. I thought to myself, “how cool that I may have seen her in her younger days and not even known it”. We were the same age, – I have that memory. Then, this past year, I was reading an article about her and it stated that she was 41 – a full 3 years younger than me. I know that it is common for stars to adjust their age to appear younger. I thought this was what Reese was doing. Just now, when I went to Wikepedia to get her exact age – its says she is 39!!! She is no longer even in her 40’s! What?! She just keeps getting younger and younger. Is she lying about her age due to her proffession? Or could this be another glitch? Anyone else notice something similar about people’s ages changing?

    2. Julia, What i have learned so far is, that people are slave to their zodiacal traits and tendencies,if one realises his inherent negative traits and sincerely attempts to curb them then the universe opens up in all its glory,though i think mandela effect is a genuine and all encompassing phenomena and too big to be restricted to specific personality types.i have studied the fundamental pragmatism of Solomon and also the deep one of,in my opinion chase is very much underrated he is called king of thriller but ’emperor’ befits him more,the kind of feeling of pulse that he had.Synchrocity of jung and mandela effect of fiona are both overwhelming,that science as yet has no answers.Dying is an omnipresent fact,the most we can do is to be graceful about it,and not regret it.

    3. I know of only two or three people with whom I can comfortably talk about such things. They are the only two I know who are open to the possibility of the paranormal, a spiritual realm, time anomalies, and so forth. I would never post any of this on my Facebook page. I used to be a doubter of these things, too, but began to open my mind little by little in 2013, when, just for fun, I clicked on a YouTube video about mysterious disappearances in our national parks. It was an interview with David Paulides, who studies this subject in depth and has written several books. This led to my studying other strange phenomena, such as UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot, and missing-time events…and that eventually led me here. I’ve seen and heard so many stories about these bizarre events that I have to believe that there is more to life than the physical universe we can see and feel. Maybe one day science will explain it all, but for now we are groping in the dark, trying to explain things that most people don’t even believe to be true.

  18. P.S. to my last message.
    To clarify Vivek, I am NOT saying that changes in reality might occur to some people more than others based on personalities – rather, I’m suggesting that some personality types MAY have a harder time reconciling alternate memories to their lives than other personality types, and might be more likely to dismiss them as dreams or mistakes or even subconsciously bury them rather than admit they might be a real phenomena they are experiencing, whatever the cause. I’m not totally “comfortable” with the idea of alternate realities myself but I’m not so uncomfortable that I will or want to ignore my memories out of hand. I rather enjoy mystery but some people clearly do NOT enjoy it and will not explore odd ideas. (And all types of personalities have their strengths – hard-headed skeptics may be less likely to be fooled and that’s a good thing, but they also might miss out on something out of fear or stubbornness.)

    1. Julia, I’m nodding enthusiastically in agreement.

      Also, the most hard-headed skeptic I’ve met — someone who is perfectly obnoxious (in my opinion) about my paranormal research — once took me aside at an event (where we were both among the speakers) and confessed that the reason he’s such a vocal skeptic is because he believes. He just can’t find a good reason to admit that he believes. He keeps hoping someone will present an argument that’s convincing. For him, that’d be a huge relief.

      Since then, he’s kept his distance, probably because I know his secret. However, that conversation transformed how I look at critical skeptics. I wonder how many of them aren’t badgering us, they’re actually pleading for evidence that they can believe.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

    2. I agree with your line of thinking, Julia. Some personality types like INFP will be more comfortable with cognitive dissonance and will be able to hang onto their original memories and not quickly adapt to or adopt the changes in a new timeline.

      1. All of these are great comments, thank you! (I’ll run a poll, later, to see if many readers’ personality profiles point in one particular direction.)

      2. Exactly, NDE Survivor. Typical to INFP’s, I was a very calm, cheerful child who was also very both easily hurt and sensitive to others’ hurts, but the one description my parents both used for me was “stubborn.” If I’d had the words I would have just considered it “being true to myself.” (Example – I even refused to go to Sunday school from about ages 4 – 7 because of something a teacher said that bothered me.) I CAN admit to being wrong and remembering something incorrectly when that is in fact what I’ve done, and I have. But I KNOW what I experienced I can’t just be talked out of it.

  19. Fiona,

    I have a thought on this one, but I would rather keep it private. What is your email address?

    1. William, at the moment, the best thing to do is to leave a comment at the one 100% private post at this site:

      While most contact form messages have been reaching me, there was a problem last week. Weirdly, someone (or maybe a bunch of people/spammers) is spoofing my various websites and sending spam with those addresses. I’ve been flagged as a spammer.

      So, my hosting service put a temporary hold on my email until this gets sorted out. My non-paranormal sites — ones that don’t have my name associated with them — seem to be fine. Anything with my name on it…? Spoofed.

      So, use that privacy-related post for a comment. I’ll see it. Otherwise, wait a week or so. By then, the spam issue should be traced and fixed. Or, they’ll get bored and move on to someone else’s domain names.


  20. Sorry if mentioned before but I and many others apparently have memories of using crayons called FLESH. I was born in ’69 so my crayon-using days would have been the ’70s. Crayola changed FLESH to PEACH in 1962. Hard to believe I was using decade+ old crayons in the mid-70s. Anyone else remember using FLESH-colored crayons in the 70’s?

    1. John – Is that what the current belief is – that Crayola changed peach to flesh in 1962. Does Crayola say that? I was born in 1964 and my older brother in late 1961. I doubt my mom had bought any crayons when my brother was barely a year old, so my crayons couldn’t have been that old.

      And yes, I definitely used crayons named “flesh” as a child. It’s a weird name that stands out, especially when you learn what the word flesh means.

      1. Yes, I remember the flesh colored crayon. However, my experience with it was much later than yours, I was in elm. school in the early 80s.

        1. Born in ’82 and I remember flesh. I also remember that one day I went to use that crayon and it wasn’t there, and my mom told me to use peach. I just kind of shrugged it off but I remember flesh being more beige than peach, which is kind of pinkish. But according to Crayola I was using a 20+ year crayon? One that was still sharp and had the wrapper on it? (The still sharp might be a false memory, but I know it still had the paper, otherwise I wouldn’t have known the color name.)

          1. I also remember the FLESH crayon. I was born in the late 70s and I remember having both FLESH and PEACH crayons in the same pack. They were slightly different colors. I also remember that at some point the FLESH crayons didn’t come in the packs anymore.

            1. NotElvis, I agree. The Flesh crayon was a slightly grayed tan color, and the Peach crayon — same color value — had a slight tint of reddish-orange. I always preferred Peach. It seemed a happier color, but I’ve always favored more saturated and vivid colors, even as pastels and tints.

      2. Yes, on their website, and on many others, it specifically says they changed the name to peach in 1962. I remember these as two separate colors, with peach being a bit brighter, I think. I even have memories of asking my mother what “flesh” meant (I was only about 4 or 5 and didn’t know that word yet); and, when I was older, holding the crayon against my own skin and remarking to my friends that nobody could possibly have skin the same weird color as that crayon.

  21. Has anyone taken a rough survey of the age-range of people who have these alternate memories? Because it seems that most of the people are around the same age as myself. I was born in 1976, in the south United States.

  22. Unwittingly i have,the sri lanka alternate memory resonates with 20 yr old as well as any older age.

  23. Does anyone have a clear memory of the walkman being out as early as 1979, like they are saying. This is supossed to be the 35th anniversary of the walkman, but I recall reading several years ago that they didn’t make their debut until sometime around 81-82. My mom who is 61, also says that she doesn’t recall them being introduced any time during the 70’s, she thought they were introduced in the early 80’s as well.

    1. I remember Walkmans in the mid-70’s. I remember people wearing them and I would think “They are rgeting orders from the Kremlin;) “

  24. Okay let’s get specific then: Everyone try to focus and get off your computer or phone and try to think of what year it is in your own head.

    See what the answer to that is and maybe you might remember a thing or TWO.

    1. Ender, that’s an interesting test. Snap answer, before I’m fully awake and have had breakfast…? 1998, though — of course — I know it’s 2014.

      So, if you’re referencing the “double memory” phenomenon some have mentioned, that’s a pretty good test.

      (Note: “Ender” is someone we’ve seen here before. This is an alternate name for him, and I think he’s making a point by using the Ender name. I’ll leave the rest of the explanation to him, if he chooses to provide one.)

  25. Some 10 years back i read an article on Turkey that mentioned the population as half christians and half muslims.Now the facts say 1% christians,an hour ago a friend casually stated the same half figure.

  26. Well, this is confusing…I was reading comments about Fidel Castro’s death…so I looked up when he died, expecting to see something from a few years ago, as I clearly recall him having died a few years ago. Nope. 2014. Immediately, I think of possible solutions, ranging from simply really bad memory, or maybe mishearing news anchors mentioning an illness and drawing conclusions, to possible body doubles (saddam Hussein was rumoured to have drafted many body doubles). But – I also remember reports of his death just a few years ago, and not 2014. Well.

    1. Bryce, are you saying you saw sources stating that Fidel Castro died in 2014? Because I looked it up a couple of hours ago, and everything I found online stated that he is still alive at age 87, and publicly commented 2 days ago about the Malaysian passenger plane that was just shot down over Ukraine.

  27. So this is a very recent personal experience that I’m beginning to look at at possibly being part of these shifting dimensions. I’m a photographer and I cover lots of events where I live and meet new people all the time. One event I did in February 2013, I met a fellow lady photographer and we later connected on Facebook. Long story short, the person I met at the event and connected with on Facebook no longer looks anything at all like she did when I initially met her. The name is the same and that’s about it. I have been a bit confused about it for several months as I noticed the change about late last year, but just ignored it and chalked it off as maybe I just remembered her wrong or maybe it was the picture of a friend or relative she was using all of a sudden. I never forget faces or too much of anything else for that matter. And this person now looks totally different–as in another person altogether–from how I originally remember.

    1. Thank you for posting this; I’ve been holding off a few weeks from posting a somewhat similar story to yours, because it’s really impossible — as in, “certain people are living on completely different timelines/probability loops than we are” impossible.

      So here goes. (As an author I’m kind of the queen of weird, anyway, so what have I to lose? πŸ™‚ )

      When I was very young I had an emotionally abusive boyfriend, and the two of us also had a mutual male friend. I cut off contact after a few years with the abuser and flushed him completely from my life. The mutual male friend also “broke up” with this abusive friend because he was also abusive to him. This mutual male friend remained my friend off and on over the years.

      For some reason this guy still seemed to have a bit of a fascination with our past abuser and periodically would call him and get in touch with him. We all lived in different states and never saw each other in person. The abuser updated my friend as he went through different life events; a marriage; a move out West; the arrival of a daughter (which was a surprise to me as they guy was adamantly childfree by choice, and I actually was very upset to hear about him having a kid because of his psychopathic/abusive tendencies. I worried about what he would inflict on his daughter.)

      For some reason our mutual friend decided to look the abuser up and have a lunch/reunion with him when he was out West on a business trip and staying in the same city. Again, I received a report about the abuser showing up with his daughter, who was about three, and his wife in tow. Everybody was apparently cordial with each other and that was about it.

      In the years since then I also broke off contact with the mutual friend because of some things that he did which were unacceptable to me. We live in very different parts of the country and have no other mutual connections like other friends or family or social networks.

      So to all intents and purposes, both people are “dead” to me — no continuation of any contact or any gossip about them arriving in my life because we are not “networked” in any way.

      For some silly reason I recently looked up the abusive ex with the wife and daughter on Facebook, where there is a photo of him with a wife………..and his SON who is the same age as the daughter would be about now.

      No daughter. Just a seven year old-ish (or thereabouts) son. It appears to be the same wife he had before, at least, she looks like the one our mutual friend described meeting. So I doubt this is a stepson or that he has remarried. He had been married to one lady who did not have kids from prior relationships and they had had one daughter together.

      Also puzzling is how the guy looks. He was extremely pale, verging on being albino in coloring, and he was losing his hair back in his early twenties. Now in his photo he has (natural looking, no weird toupee type hairline or anything) dark hair. Same texture; lank and thin; same style haircut. He lives in a sunny climate, so this is especially puzzling; blonde hair can certainly darken over the years, but darkening THAT much when you start out with practically white hair?

      I am not very motivated to get back in touch with our former mutual friend to get any updates on the abusive former friend. So I am content to leave it as a mystery at the moment.

      But I have to say I have long had a feeling that certain people I forcibly ejected from my life at various times, with a clear intention never to be on their timeline again, may have, indeed, SHIFTED in some way to other realities. Like — they just aren’t a part of your reality or timeline anymore, and that’s perfectly fine.

      I’m not one to stalk people I used to know on social media, either, because I think it’s unhealthy; but something made me look this guy up recently.

      And it sort of blew my mind and I’ve been working up the courage to report the event here!

      So, we have:

      * A man whose toddler daughter suddenly turns a few years later into a son the same age (with dark hair and not light hair, I might add; the daughter had his light hair when she was a toddler); no mention of a daughter on his Facebook page, it’s all about the son.

      *An albino type fellow who suddenly, years later, develops dark hair (that doesn’t look fake, transplanted, or dyed dark). After living in a sunny climate for over a decade.

      The son, by the way, looks quite masculine, at least as much as little boys do around the age of seven. But it is always possible his daughter is trans and is now dressing and looking like a male.

      But it is all very strange!

      If anybody else here reports finding odd or out of place details suddenly changing with someone they haven’t been in touch with for a while, please post them! These things seem to me to be more promising, tangible evidence of the types of reality shifts that author Cynthia Larson (whose books and website are excellent) describes in great detail in her work.

      In this case, it also isn’t a case of faulty memory as the details of his physical appearance and the fact that he had a daughter (and not a son) were “set in stone” on the other timeline–but they appear to have now changed.

      1. Jennifer, I’m nodding in agreement. I have one close to home, as well. My brother had one more child than I did. At the time the child was born, I laughed because there had always been some rivalry between us. When the formal birth announcement arrived in the mail, I joked and said I had X number of kids, so — of course — he had to have X+1.

        Also, when he set up Facebook accounts for his family, one of my kids remembers the additional child’s account, photo, etc.

        However, now there are just X number of children in his family, not X+1. No record of any kind to suggest there ever was that extra child. And, when I (delicately) asked about this, I got a completely blank look. (I didn’t push the issue. He already thinks my ideas are weird.)

        So, I totally understand what you’re saying, and how utterly bizarre it is. And, except that one of my kids is completely sure about both the baby announcement (and my joking about it) and the Facebook account… well, I’d think I’d “misremembered” something pretty darned strange.

        The Mandela Effect. Utterly weird, eh? LOL


        1. OmygodsIdon’tbelieveinorparticularlylike — Fiona! πŸ™‚

          Thank you for your comment after mine; I have heard, anecdotally over the years from dozens of people, similar stories like yours and mine that hit very close to mine — major biographical info like number of kids, genders of kids, locations of family members, occupations of family members, etc. suddenly changing — so that families are often divided, going, “THIS is definitely what happened!” and others are like “No, THIS is what happened!”

          So what you posted is very comforting to me! I have always had a weird energy shift type feeling around the guy I posted about — like, some time or probability shift thing was going on; so in some ways, it made perfect sense that basic details of his life had changed (having a seven year old BOY suddenly and no longer having had a girl, physiological details about him being a former almost-albino (with a full albino nephew whom I MET years ago in Atlanta area)— to suddenly having dark hair_…..)I really don’t think these things are are “odd” as they might seem; it’s more a matter of people not always archiving info or comparing info.

          Thank you again for creating this space in cyberspace, Fiona! πŸ™‚


          1. 2 yrs ago i came in touch with a suburban location where i made a tiny real estate purchase.The location has become a prolific source of twilight zone anomalies for me,first, a path that i perceived as well as my associate did,no longer exists,then a girl living there changed appearance in a most dramatic manner(i have posted this in cynthia’s site), measurements of plots have differed regularly for no apparent cause or sly intention.

  28. The alternate reality phenomena is so ubiquitous that unless you are in the know,the changes may unconvincingly be attributed to other factors.

    1. Yes, in fact, I wonder if, as a general rule, as we “create” a new reality for ourselves, our “minds” begin to fill in certain blanks that make the shift possible. BUT, the more “awakened” we become, or the more consciously we begin to create, we find less need to fill in these blanks as we are becoming increasingly comfortable and aware of who is ultimately doing the shift in created perception.

  29. I remember the wrestler Owen Hart dying back in the early-min 90s, but his death is listed as 1999. No way was it that late. There’s also a big conspiracy about the Ultimate Warrior’s death. Might not be interesting if you’re not into wrestling. I’m not anymore, lol, but I was when I was younger.

    1. I remember watching that paper downstairs in a house I moved into in 1998, and vividly remember watching it happen. I saw him wrestle Bret at Louisville Gardens in 1994, I was excited that I touched Bret’s hand. And I have a deep knowledge and memory for wrestling. That being said, anything involving Owen after 1996 is hazy and feels dreamlike. DX parodying him would have to be 1998 as well and I remember THAT vividly. Could be he wasn’t pushed on TV much, but who knows.

  30. I have a memory that doesn’t seem to be true.

    I very clearly remember several years back, I was playing xbox live and talking to my friends. One of them was reading on the computer, and suddenly exclaimed that the actor Christopher Walken had died. This would have been 2009/2010, possibly 2011. All of my friends commented about how they had liked him and they seemed pretty upset by the news. Sure enough, the next morning I was checking my news app on my phone (as I do every morning) and the BBC news report “US Actor Christopher Walken Dies” shows up on my phone.

    I didn’t think much of it at the time because I’m not a big movie fan, and hadn’t seen many of the films he had been in, so I just moved on to the next report. But, some time later, my friends were discussing a movie that Christopher Walken was in , and the very same friend who said he died suddenly says “Christopher Walken is in that! I love Christopher Walken!” Then, remembering that he had died, I said “He died a while back, didn’t he?” To which he replied “Who?”
    I said: “Christopher Walken! You said he died a while back, I saw it on the news”
    “What? No I didn’t”
    “You did! Do any of you guys remember?” (we were speaking in a group chat) – The only responses I got were a chorus of “nopes” and general confusion.

    So I went on my computer and looked up his wikipedia page, and sure enough it only said his birth date, and gave no death date whatsoever.

    I brushed it off at the time, but I just recently remembered it. I still have no clue as to how I read a BBC news article on Christopher Walken’s death. I know that sometimes, rumors can circulate that celebrities have died, and then they are published as news, but I looked it up, and there doesn’t appear to have been ANY rumors of Christopher Walken’s death at all. Nothing.

  31. Have people gotten bored on this or are we still trying to figure it out? I have to believe there is a lot more to this than celebrity deaths, after all how often do we see a celebrity death hoax and then the next day their agent says no that is not true. Like with Jeff Goldblum…personally I have to wonder why we never see the celebrity come out and say no here I am I’m fine, it’s always the agent saying it.

    That makes celebrity death news too hard to follow. I think this goes way deeper than that and has to be explored. Some of these things can be chalked up to different education in different countries. I mean, we know TPTB like to rewrite history and that goes on in every country. But a book title 100% changing is NOT explainable by that. What if we are all sliders and there are infinite universes that we could pop over to. How deep and unexplainable do our lives get then? Or more likely what if this really is a simulation and the matrix just broke? How do we fix the simulation then? I just can’t stop being intrigued by the possibilities, anyone else feelin that?

    1. Ya wasn’t it odd that Paul Walkers death was made public the day before his actual death. The exact cause of death was released the day before he actually died in that exploding vehicle.

  32. Here’s a weird one.

    I was certain that the plot of Sleepless in Seattle was about two lovers communicating over email, and featured the famous phrase “You’ve Got Mail”.

    However now I see that You’ve got mail is a separate movie released in 1998, and Sleepless in Seattle is not about email but about Radio.

    I thought that the whole point of Sleepless in Seattle was that it was one of the first Internet/Email films, but now it’s not. Very strange.

  33. Precognitive visions,also called psychic visions,could be actual events witnessed by consciousness when it briefly visits a clone universe that has a calender ahead of the visitor’s.

  34. Two things for me that I remember and never saw again.

    When I was a kid I was a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When the book bus would come around and sell the kids books, I had purchased the book rendition of the second movie, Secret Of The Ooze. It came out as a book before the movie was released. I distinctly remember reading a scene in the book where the turtles stop robbers and Michaelangelo uses sausage links as nunchucks. I then went to see the movie and was upset because that scene wasn’t in the movie. Many years later I found that book and reread it, and that scene isn’t in there. I watched the movie, it’s in the movie.

    I went to see The Sixth Sense in the theaters. There’s a scene where Bruce Willis is standing at the head of a class talking to the kids, and I noticed while watching it that I could clearly see the boom mic hanging over his head in that scene. I thought, “That’s terrible movie making. I can clearly see that microphone.” Never saw it again and don’t know anybody else who has seen it.

    It seems like I notice that a lot with movies, where I’ll watch one from years ago and not see something I remember seeing in it, or I’ll see a scene in a trailer for the movie and it’s not in the movie. Yet I can never remember what it is until it happens. Those two stick out for me though, cause I made a huge deal over them both.

    1. You know, now that I think about it, when I was a kid I walked to school with a good friend of mine and we were both fans of the Muppets and all forms of them. One day he told me he was watching the Muppet Babies and saw an episode where Skeeter got sick and was in a hospital bed and the rest of the Muppets were around her. Her brother Scooter was standing next to her and everyone was saying they wanted her to get better. And then she died and they all cried. We talked about it for a long time and he kept watching the show to see if he would see it again. Of course I watched for years waiting to see that episode, wondering why they would even have an episode like that. While I never saw it and he never saw it again, he assured me he had seen it the one time. And now that I’m looking it up, I can’t find that anywhere.

    2. About the boom mic in The Sixth Sense. I may have a possible explanation for that. Movies are often shot full frame, meaning the image takes up the whole 35mm film frame. What then happens is the theater projects them with “gates” that mask the top and bottom of the frame to produce the “widescreen” aspect ratio. Quite often at the top and bottom of the frame is “junk” that the director never intends for us to see, like boom mics or unfinished bits of the set. What could have happened is that the theater you saw the movie in had an incorrectly aligned gate and you were seeing more of the top of the frame than was intended.

      In the 80s and 90s, these films that were shot “full frame” as opposed to anamorphic (a process which squeezes a true widescreen image into the 35mm frame) were often transferred to videocassette simply by showing the whole frame, so plenty of these movies ended up on video with boom mics everywhere!

      Nowadays with widescreen TVs and studios taking more care of the way they release their films, you see a whole lot less of that kind of thing.

  35. That’s weird. I have an amazing memory and I distinctly remember the Berenstein bears. Also, my English teacher distinctly recalls Bob Dylan dying and was astonished to see him in the Super Bowl commercial.

    1. I also recall it being Berenstein Bears. My son had the whole collection back in the 80’s. I was always a stickler for pronouncing things properly also. I don’t remember what year it was that I actually saw it spelled “Barenstain”, but I almost fell over. It hit me like a ton of bricks! I only found this blog today and read that others have the same memory.

      1. Me too….when I saw the Berenstain, I asked my husband, “When did THIS happen?” That was probably about five years ago.

  36. English is not my native language, so please, excuse my grammar.
    I am glad that I’ve found this web side! I have a few weird memories too and I would like to share them with you:)

    1 – Toni Braxton died. Remember her? Of course you remember her, because she is not dead… But I could swear I remember her die in a car accident, a couple of years later after releasing her biggest hit Un-Break My Heart. I remember this was a hot topic in MTVnews and other singers and bands expressed their sincere condolences. Every time, after her accident, when I heard her song Unbreak My Heart I thought about how great she had a voice a what a loss it was. Imagine my state of shock when I learned she is alive! It was about two years ago, suddenly she appeared on TV, alive and well.
    2 – Maps… Australia is too big. I don’t know why Germany has borders with Denmark. Netherlands and Belgium are supposed to be bigger and one of them had borders with Denmark. And Portugal should be located under France… and so on. I feel like one time I woke up and the world looks different. It’s all wrong. (I am from Europe)
    3 – U.S.A. – 52 states.

    1. This is the first time someone from the “52 states” world actually has information about Europe. Could you try to draw your version of Europe (What you remember) on a map?

    2. You must be from the same timeline as me! I was hoping I wasn’t the only one to see Portugal moved!

  37. I just saw a reunion show with Monthy Python. They jokingly displayed an alternative title for the show “1 down – 5 to go” as a tribute to Graham Chapman. In one of their earlier reunion shows they had an urn on stage to represent Chapman. I got a bit surprised when i looked him up on the net and found out he died in 1989. Was it really that long ago? I remember it as being in the 00’s.

  38. Finding out that Berenstein is actually Berenstain in this current reality was totally mind-blowing to me. That’s when I started realising that I might not have mis-remembered the geographical location of Sri Lanka and Australia, amongst others.

    Anyway, I am curious to find out if anyone has experienced more alternate memories AFTER learning about the Mandela effect? i.e. say I learnt about the Mandela effect in July 2014, some major event A happens in Aug 2014, and in Sep 2014, all physical evidence of the major event A disappears.

    If not, does this mean that once we learn about this, once we observe this phenomenon, we are trapped in this timestream? Like in the Schrodinger’s Cat experiment, once we observe or measure the state, the state collapses into one of two defined states.

    On a side note, I think it would be so creepy if one day I find that this site does not exist and I cannot find any physical evidence of anyone talking about the Mandela effect.

    1. I first learned about this effect about 6 months to a year ago. This is when I first learned about Louie Anderson NOT being dead which doesn’t match my memories. I remember berenstein bears being the only other thing relevant to me at my age. I haven’t looked any of this up since then. I watched a youtube video on it that I haven’t come across yet today and that was my source. I believe my boyfriend found it on ats. Today I discover Sex In the City and Interview with A Vampire which was not covered last time. Also “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” is new since then in addition to this whole revelation about Mongolia. I don’t remember it being that large if a chunk of China but I am horrible with geography. All of these were new to both my boyfriend and myself. In fact most of the geography stuff is new to us but we did not visit this site at that time. So far the only thing he and I disagree on is that I recall the death of Muhammad Ali a few years ago which he does not. I remember the news playing tribute material which brought it to my attention as I do not follow sports. I cannot recall when this was but probably 5-10 years ago. Perhaps I misunderstood some other tribute related to his daughter in some way but it all definitely had mourning overtones.

  39. I just had a “Mandela Effect” moment myself, when I discovered that Borat was released in 2006.
    Yet I remember hearing about the movie earlier, and seeing spoofs made about it before 2006.
    I remember it being released sometime in 1999.

    1. Actually regarding this. I may need to correct myself. It was probably 2004 and not 1999. (Galaxy Quest was 1999)
      And I also believe there is a rational explanation as Borat was in the Ali G show which preceded the Borat movie.

      So no Mandela Effect there.

      1. Gurluas, thanks for the update. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but when I find one that’s not Mandela Effect, after all, it’s kind of a relief. There are enough that I’m sure are Mandela Effect, it’s nice when one turns out to be “normal,” after all.

        1. It’s both relieving and disappointing.
          I am fascinated by the mystery and the pursuit of it.
          It’s relieving that I do not have a non-fitting memory, but it’s disappointing there is no mystery.
          At least not in that case.

  40. I have a memory that I haven’t see on any of these pages and wondered if anyone else had had it.
    Recently found out the D.C. Spinner was in 2002 but I can clearly remember it happening sometime after 2010. I remember being in work after university because I was old enough to understand how awful it was. But in 2002 I was 14 and wild have had no clue. Just wondered if. Anyone e called this happening at a time other than it’s reported or if I’m going mad!!

    1. DC Sniper? For me it was 2002 because it wasn’t long after 9/11/01 and felt like more terrorism. But most of us here have experienced the “going mad” feeling.

  41. What if someone (sort of like a disgruntled ex-Matrix employee) is purposefully making these changes to get our attention? This would explain why it occurs to famous people, well-known events, and geography. What I mean is, if I had the ability to change a timeline and wanted people to notice, I wouldn’t make a change to a person/event/place that was only in the memories of a handful of people. I would go for memories shared by a lot of people. I’d start out slow so as not to create panic.

    And if I didn’t get the response I expected, I might be scratching my head thinking, okay, I took some people who used to be dead and manipulated the timeline to make them alive again. And then I moved New Zealand. What’s it going to take to get more people’s attention? Well, let’s try some childhood memories and change those Berenstein books. It all seems like a bit of a trial and error sometimes. Almost like someone is monitoring our responses to cognitive dissonance to determine our thresholds to rejecting/accepting a changed reality.

    Is it some kind of timeline terrorism going on? A controlled experiment? Or someone well-intentioned who’s gone rogue and is trying to get the truth out to humans that our reality is not what we think it is?

    1. Seems that the disgruntled employee is an american and a victim of inferiority complex,doesn’t have the guts to take on real top notch celebrities.Is he afraid that if he stirs up the actual czars and honchos of the glitteretti,the fbi will hunt him down or smoke him out of the hole he calls matrix.No president of the exclusive veto power countries has been taken for a ride,no hollywood top star and there are so many,has been asked to go through the ritual of dying and resurrecting.Even the inanimate land masses are insignificant small islands,it would have been real attention gainer if british isles were moved.Berenstein books are not known anywhere outside of US,but if super man was known as duper man that would really have stirred the hornet’s nest.

      1. Vivek,

        Sometimes the underlying messages in your comments elude me. This is one of those times.

        For the record, I have many emails from people outside the U.S. with memories of the Berenstein Bears books.

        Also, the area around the British Isles does have a geography issue, if you look at historical maps and records. An entire island is missing: Hy-Brasil. Search for “phantom islands” and “mythical islands” and you’ll find several more, worldwide, that we haven’t discussed.


    2. Anything is possible at this point. These memories are so varied and distinct, it may even be a personal phenomenon.
      Imagine if we were sensory deprived.

      Completely sensory deprived. No matter what would happen to us, we wouldn’t know.
      Our senses are the gateway to the world, without them we’d only know if we’d die when everything just stops.
      It’s a bit like the internet connection. Now imagine…If someone or something jacks into this connection and starts fiddling with it, making the information we receive become wrong, some sort of sensory interference. Imagine if this goes on for years, and then suddenly stops, and we notice that things aren’t what they used to be.

      This is worth looking further into.
      The sensory interference could come from anything. From fairies to alternate realities, to ghosts, to ley lines, we can’t know….Yet.

  42. Here’s something I haven’t seen anyone mention. And for some reason, I feel a little embarrassed about this one – I considered sending it to you, Fiona, as a private message, but you can publish it if you want. I’m curious if it has happened to anyone else. I guess the reason I am embarrassed is because I have to admit that I am somewhat interested in astrology. I know – that’s at least more “mainstream” that alternate universes. I don’t follow my daily horoscope or plan my life around astrology in any way, but I’ve been interested in sun sign personalities since I first learned about them when I was 10. I can often narrow someone’s sun sign down to one or two of the 12 signs or at least guess whether they are an Earth, Water, Air or Fire sign – so, 3 of 12.

    Anyway, because of this, I’m always curious about celebrity birthdays and so when I like a celebrity, I usually look up their birthday and remember, if not the exact day, their sun sign and part of month, since sun signs change around the 19-22 of each month. So, a few times now, I’ve looked up something about a celebrity I had looked up in the past, only to see that the birthday was way off that I though. I know – this could easily be bad memory, except that it’s not just a day I remember, it’s the personality associated with it.

    It happened this evening after watching Tina Fey on PBS – she won the Mark Twain Prize for Humor last November and there was a broadcast of it tonight. I’ve always enjoyed the friendship between her and Amy Poehler. I knew they were both earth signs but would sometimes mix up who was the VIrgo and who was the Capricorn, because the two women are so inter-twined in my mind. Looked Tina up to find out she is now listed everywhere as a Taurus and furthermore, that her birthday is the same day as my late boyfriend, May 18. THAT I would have remembered if I’d read it before because that day is special to me. Still both earth signs, but I was so certain that one of the funny ladies was a Capricorn, born in January. Amy is still listed as September 16 (Virgo.)

    It also happened with Audrey Hepburn. I hadn’t looked her up for years but looked on line awhile ago in the past few years and was very surprised to see that she was an Aries, not sure if it was late March or in April, but it just seemed odd to me. If anything I had remembered her being a Taurus, and she just didn’t see to have a strong “Aries energy” about her. (I’m embarrassed I think this way – don’t ask me why.) Anyway, I looked up something about her again, a few months ago, and now she’s listed as May 4, not just on wikipedia, but all over the place, which seems right. It’s just odd. There was at least one male celebrity that I noticed this with but I can’t remember who. In the past, before reading about the Mandela Effect, I tried to convince myself that I was remembering wrong, but it is not like me to forget once I have looked something up. I remember birthdays or sun signs of old grade school friends I haven’t seen for years. I’ve been keeping this one to myself but now that it happened again with Tina, I though I’d mention it.

    Why does my reality keep changing so much???!!! (I can just hear the sceptics laughing or shaking their heads right now – thanks Fiona for keeping this a “safe place.) And why is sceptic now underlined? I know it’s also spelled skeptic but I just read on-line that sceptic with a “c” is the British spelling but I prefer it and it’s still correct!

    1. I thought I’d comment on this, maybe it can help?

      As a lifelong astrologer I, like Julia, have always known the sun signs of people in my life, dating back to the fifth grade. I’ve kept “mental files” on people’s sun signs.

      While I haven’t found any “real world people’s” birthdates changing (so, for example, childhood friends still have the same birthdates they had when we were ten years old and in the fifth grade,) I have seen a lot of funny business around famous people’s birth information changing.

      There are three “perfectly normal” explanations, although I can’t guarantee that a timeline or reality shift is NEVER involved! πŸ™‚

      1) Female celebs constantly lied and lie about their real ages, and quite often, their birth info, too. So even going back to actresses from the golden age of Hollywood, you’ll find some weird stuff there. Later on when definitive biographies of these celebs are published, the birth information is often found to be very different than the info that was in their official bio back in the day. (Catherine Zeta-Jones, for example, is one celebrity reputed to have hacked off as much as a decade from her real age to help her get good parts in her thirties, forties, and now fifties. If she is older than she says, she sure looks great at any age!)

      2) There are weird anomalies like the case of Katherine Hepburn (not Audrey Hepburn). Her younger brother Tom hung himself when he was fifteen and she went through a weird thing where from that point onwards she demanded that the family celebrity HIS birthday as HER birthday. This caused her to “officially” change sun signs, and it took quite some years and a good many biographies before her real birthday was added to her permanent bio. I think (I don’t have the info in front of me) that her brother had been a sun sign Sagittarius while she was really a Taurus; quite a difference in energy.

      3) Wikipedia is a notoriously evil website (in my opinion.) Its “human” editors who volunteer to edit the site often have personal agendas in altering info (you’ll notice this a lot on science pages, for example, where studies that verge into “alternative health” territory have all references suddenly deleted, that type of thing). And I have seen completely inaccurate celebrity birth month info on the site, too, which sometimes switches back to the correct info. Often Wikipedians (sounds like a nefarious group of aliens! Ha!) take information from astrology sites where the info about

  43. I have very clear memories of learning that Japan had three nuclear bombs dropped on cities during the war, with the third being Osaka, my wife oddly has the same memory.

    Also on the 52 States question, I remember (and even wrote it down so I’m sure it’s not one of those memory tricks) when I was younger about two extra states Abenaki, and Acadia.
    It was only as an adult Googling them randomly that I came across the fact that Acadia was the name of an historical area covering Maine and part of Canada, and Abenaki were a Native American tribe in roughly the same area, with that area on the north-east originally being called Wabanaki.
    Which I thought was odd, as coincidences go… baring in mind this was when I was a child, before I would’ve run across it on the Internet, we only had two TV channels.

    Oh and the Statue of Liberty used to have a parallel in a major statue called the Statue of Justice, in another major city somewhere in the states.

    Oh and the Berenstain Bears thing… I had to look that up just to check you were right. Weird.

    1. Dean,

      Thank you so much for this information!

      The Abenaki and Acadia references are fascinating. I recognized both words from what’s now the state of Maine (and part of Canada). When many Canadian-vicinity colonists wouldn’t sign an oath of allegiance to England during related wars… those (mostly French-speaking) people went to Louisiana, and the community was sometimes called “Acadie” and they were called the Acadians. (Not far removed from the term “Cajun.”) I’m wondering if, in a parallel reality, that was the state of Acadia, or if it was in the northeast.

      My ancestry includes a woman from the “Micmac” (Mi’kmaq) community, an early part of the Wabenaki Confederacy. I’m familiar with the history and have visited some First Nation lands. So, it seems reasonable that there could have been a state called Abenaki… if treaties had been written just a little differently. Definitely likely in a parallel reality.

      I’ve had many discussions about the number of nuclear bombs that fell on Japan. Many people — including those who were alive then, and their children born in the 1950s — seem to have a memory of Osaka being hit by a third bomb. They don’t have that memory for the other heavily-bombed cities, including Tokyo, so I don’t think it’s a simple confusion. Very interesting, and plausible in a parallel reality not far from ours.

      When you mentioned the twin of the Statue of Liberty, I had to look it up. ( ) Oh, I knew about the original in France, and the replicas in places like Vegas, but I really thought there was a second, replica statue in the USA. “Statue of Justice” sort of rings a bell, but it doesn’t seem an exact match for my memories. Still, I was sure enough of the twin statue in the USA, I had to look it up to be sure… and I was kind of amazed when it wasn’t there. (My memories want to place it around St. Louis, but that’s the site of the Gateway Bridge, which I’ve visited in real life, so… now I’m really confused. LOL )

      Thanks again!


  44. (Sorry, my cat submitted my comment prematurely!)..this is part two

    …celebrities that has been posted on those astrology sites has inaccurate info about the celeb birthdates. So a sort of “whisper down the lane” effect happens where inaccurate info is passed from place to place and later ends up on “authority sites” (which Wikipedia claims to be!) πŸ™‚

    4) There are problems with the cusp issue. Since as you know, Julia, the sun changes sign around the 19th through the 22nd of a given month, and this exact date changes yearly, many people go their whole lives thinking they were born under one sign, when they were really born on the cusp or on the other side of that cusp time. If you haven’t had a natal chart done for you you won’t know which sun sign you are if you were born around that 19th through 22nd time. I think many celebrities think they are one sign and they aren’t; they’re not passing deception around, they just don’t understand astrology.

    5) Publications of ALL kinds, including major newspapers, magazines, and websites do not spend any time trying to hire “real astrologers” to write or research astrology columns; I’m a very rare bird in that my astrology columns are distributed to newspapers by a major newspaper syndicate, and I’ve been an astrology columnist for loads of magazines and arts weeklies; but every editor I worked with said that they hired me for my writing style and the fact that I actually knew about astrology was just a bonus! Most of them were working with writers who ‘faked” their way through the astrology writing, and there is a long history of fakery and dubious misinformation trickling its way through anything that has been published claiming to be real astrology in the mainstream.

    That doesn’t mean that shifts haven’t happened, though, with strange things going on and one person definitely having claimed to be an Aries one day and the next time you read about them, they are said to be a Leo or whatever — but I wanted to provide a few alternative, “normal” explanations for some of what you may have experienced. I know there is high weirdness afoot in the world, generally speaking, so I don’t claim to have the definitive explanation! πŸ™‚

  45. A curious thing has happened,its like this;buzzfeed posted an article ridiculing by listing 25 of its topics,followed by a dittoing article by one samantha of weird territory.i made two responses to samantha which she published,the curious part is that in the listed 25 topics they have very cleverly planted the neil armstrong topic with reversed details smack in the centre,13th in the list.i pointed the mistake to buzzfeed,they kept the response pending and then ignored it,i posted the same discrepency in samantha’s site she posted it then removed it and has kept it under moderation.Is it possible that the buzzfeed is conducting its own psychological test of people’s memories at your cost,killing two birds with a single stone.Very curious or rather very clever indeed.

  46. I’m calling on all Anastasia fans here. In the animated movie from 1997, I remember the necklace and music box her grandmother gave her being blue. But in the Blue Ray version that I just got, the necklace and music box are green. Does anyone else remember them being blue or is that just me?

    1. Not answering your question directly, but in the movie “The Big Lebowski” there is a character with a nail polish color that has switched twice on me now. In this timeline, the nails are green, but I’ve watched the movie countless times and I keep remembering Bunny’s toenails being painted blue. And this is sort of related to a major plot point of the movie.

      The real messy part is that I remember seeing them blue RECENTLY and wondering why they had changed from green. And this is one of those movies I’ve watched over and over and memorized lines from.

      The only thing I can think of as a rational reason why my memory may be tricking me here is that I’ve watched the DVD a bunch of times on an old-style TV set and maybe the tint setting wasn’t calibrated right. It’s the having RECENTLY seen them as blue that is messing with me here…

  47. I’m not sure if it’s ever been mentioned on here before, but a lot of people post accounts of their missing or changed timeline memories on the ‘conspiracy’ website Above Top Secret.

    There are lots on there talking about having differing memories to their friends and families and also naming celebrities who they thought had died many years ago but they turned out to still be alive. Like this one for example:

    I don’t have an account on there or else I would tell them about this wonderful site!

    1. Thanks, Natalie! After I started this website, someone did tell me about Their approach is a little different than mine. Of course, the reports fascinate me. More than that, I’m looking for patterns in those reports, to understand when, where, and to whom they happen. So, our discussions often lead in unique directions.

  48. Many of participants are cross posting in above top secret,glitch in the matrix/reddit,god like productions and a couple of other sites,since these sites entertain only usernames any similarity with other id is filtered.Likewise members of these sites are posting in,world is a small place.

  49. I have three possible Mandela effect memories.

    1. I agree with the people who say New Zealand used to be different. I am sure it was North east of Australia, and much bigger than it is now. Australia also used to be much further south from the other countries.

    2. I’m from the UK but I remember watching the news during 9/11. The problem is, unless my memory is very much mistaken, it can’t have happened during 2001 for me. I distinctly remember coming home from the gym and turning on the news and seeing that the first plane had crashed into a tower, and then watching the second plane crash into the tower. The problem is that I didn’t have a gym membership in 2001. I didn’t even work out in 2001. I didn’t start going to the gym until 2004.

    3. This memory has been bothering me for years. Many years ago I watched a TV programme about Hitler’s children. It was about how he’d had several legitimate sons who were still alive and well, and how his sons had been banned from ever having children of their own. The authorities wanted Hitler’s bloodline to die out so that his descendants could not become the focal point of a Nazi revival. One of the sons gave an interview about it on the programme. Imagine my shock many years later when I found out that Hitler had never had any children, at least not officially. It seems this TV programme never existed. But I know I saw it. It brings fear tears to my eyes just thinking about it!

  50. Sadly I have found a rational explanation for my Hitler’s children memory. I posted it on Reddit and somebody pointed out that in the 90s Hitler’s great nephews were featured in a documentary saying that they had made a pact to never have kids. Seems like over the years I got a bit confused and thought the documentary was about Hitler’s children. Sorry!

    1. No apologies necessary. Part of our research must always include double- and triple-checking our memories to be sure they weren’t confused with something else.

      That would have been a great memory, but I’ll admit it seemed unlikely in this timestream or any other I can recall.

      Still, many quantum scientists seem to believe that there are infinite realities, and — if you can think of something that might possibly be real, somewhere — it could be real in one of the alternate realities.

    2. Yesterday, someone on this site… I wasn’t keeping track of names… said that Hitler had six children. They expressed it with shock, and continued on about how his cousins took an oath never to breed in order to stop the Hitler bloodline. I looked it up on Wikipedia and found that it was true. He wasn’t married to Eva Braun… he was married to some other woman. I glanced really quickly and moved on… forgetting that I had watched a documentary, based on a book, called The Hidden Hitler / Fuhrer, that provided a list of evidence pointing to his being homosexual.

      Today, I recalled Hitler’s six children, but also recalled The Hidden Hitler, so I looked it up again, expecting the documentary not to exist, but in fact he has no children now.

      It’s odd because I totally forgot about his alleged homosexuality at the time, and his mostly-platonic “wife,” Eva Braun.

      There’s no hint of Hitler in my internet browser.

      An interesting side note: Hitler had blue eyes in both realities. Despite people mentioning his hair color, he was a brunette in both realities, too. I’m not sure what other color his hair was supposed to be.

      1. Pat, these are interesting points, but I wouldn’t regard Wikipedia as the best authority. And, while Hitler’s sexuality may have been quirky, I’d take almost every Hitler bio with a grain of salt. Many people still want him to be 100% evil and they’ll describe him using as many critical terms as fit their personal belief systems. (I’m not saying he wasn’t evil and calculating in almost every aspect of his political life, but we’re still in an era when people have first-person stories about WWII. We’ll need more distance — time, specifically — before I’d trust any biography of Hitler, even those that claim to have primary source evidence for their claims.)

  51. I saw the movie trailers thing in here, and thought I should comment about that. I distinctly remember seeing the movie trailer for “A Scanner Darkly” as a child, about 3 or 4 years before it actually came out. I remember telling my parents that I wanted to see it because it looked weird, but they never knew what I was talking about. I forgot about seeing the trailer multiple times, until I finally saw it years later on a poster in a theater. I don’t know if it was some kind of production mistake or whatever, but it’s one thing I always thought was weird.

    1. Upon reading about the film “A Scanner Darkly”, I understand that the animation was very complex and the release date was changed twice because of communication errors among the staff. Originally the film was to be released Oct. 28, 2004 but was revised for Mar. 31, 2006. However, the film’s official release date was once again changed to July 7 to better promote the film.
      I hope this helps, I wanted to see this film badly when it came out but I didn’t because I didn’t know anyone else who wanted to see it. It looked confusing, but it reminded me of the Matrix because of Keanu Reeves.

  52. a few years ago sally field in the commercial for boniva she said she had Fibromyalgia . I then seen the commercial again and now she said she had Osteoporosis. Is this the same disease? or did it change. I cannot find that commercial for Fibromyalgia yet I am sure that is what she said.

  53. Movie “Starship Troopers”.

    When I first watched it on a VHS many years ago, it was a “full version”, that had at least two more scenes, than a version we have now: both are romantic scenes with Denise Richards and one of the two main male character (first one, then another). Both scenes do exist – as a deleted scene. But as far as I know there is no existing “Director’s Cut” with this scenes intact. And in the same quality as the other film (without timer and other production info).

  54. This is my first post here,I’m very happy to be able to share my strange memories here
    I remember that in the early 90’s I read in the local newspaper at the public library (I live in Italy) that actor Gene Anthony Ray (Leroy from the 80’s Fame tv series) was found dead of overdose in New York.I went home to tell my sister about the news since we were both fans of the series.The TV didn’t mention it and since I had no internet at the time she didn’t believe me.So two days later we went together to the library to check the newspaper but the news was not printed anymore in the issue,we checked the previous issues too but couldn’t find it.
    I was 100% sure to have read it but Gene was alive,and I even met him in person because he came to work in Italy some years later.Sadly he died of HIV syndrome after some months.He was the only american celebrity I ever met in person so the coincidence is very strange.

    I was also a big geography “freak” when I was a kid and I passed hours looking at atlases,I still own dozens of them.
    I can assure you that Sri Lanka was directly south of India and I didn’t remember about the “Adam’s bridge” or “Rama’s bridge” that actually connects the two countries under water.I am also an Atlantis/ancient mysteries avid reader and the story of Rama building a bridge between southern India and Sri Lanka was not present in mythology until some years ago!I can understand that maybe the satellite photos of the underwater “bridge” are recent but the mythology story is thousands years old.
    I also remember Japan being farther from Korea,in fact I always thought the Mongols’ invasion of Japan failed because they had to sail thousands of kilometers.

    My sister and my mother remember that actor John Goodman was dead a decade ago,but I don’t share this memory,I don’t think they mistake him with John Candy because when he died we were all sad because we really like his movie with Steve Martin

    1. Okay, that’s really weird. When I was in 5th grade, I lived in Yokosuka, Japan. I distinctly remember taking a one hour ferry ride to Guam to go to the market with a friend’s family. The thing is, current maps place Guam approximately 1500 miles from the coast of Japan… a three hour plane trip!

    2. I also have conflicting memories about John Goodman. For me I believe the origin of the conflict is that I grew up watching Roseanne but never saw the series finale. I later was heartbroken to learn that the final episode discloses Dan died a season before so the character Roseanne made it all up to cope. If always heavily associated the actor with the role. But I still have to pause each time I think about the actor John Goodman and ask myself if he is still living.

  55. I had a movie moment just a few weeks ago. I have loved “The Golden Child” since it was released. I have watched it dozens and dozens of times. My two oldest sons and I always quote “There’s a floor, Monty.” My youngest mentioned that he had never seen it. So we found it on Netflix and watched.

    My oldest sons, and I were incredibly surprised to see that the line now is “There’s a ground, Monty.” Does anyone else remember it being “floor” and not “ground”?

    Thank you for such a wonderful site! Many of the things previously listed ring true to me as well. It is nice to know that perhaps my memory isn’t as poor as I thought.

  56. I just heard a radio commercial for tomorrow night’s show of Coast to Coast (the show for Saturday, August 30th – 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Pacific time. I looked on their website and it says that two paranormal researchers, William Birnes and Joel Martin will be discussing, “the possibilities of time travel, the time slip phenomena and how living in multiple realities could cause false memories.” If you can’t hear the broadcast, you can join “Coast to Coast Insiders” ($6.95 a month) and hear the 4 hour broadcast or any other broadcast. Thought people might want to know.

  57. I saw Gene Wilder mentioned on the reddit mandela effect page from about a month. Oddly, I also read that just this week there was a internet hoax about his dying this week. (I never read it myself.) Funny thing is – you guessed it – if asked I would have said he had died already. I have a vague memory of his death and of thinking, “Perhaps he is with his beloved Gilda now.” He turned 81 this year.

    1. Reddit is a mildly entertaining forum,ats appears cool and some of the topics are really informative but most of them are half baked, has a one point agenda of churning out hoax deaths of as many people as possible. has done its lot to the best of discretion accomodating as many accounts as possible,now it is up to the experts to vivisect the behemoth.

      1. To just clarify, Vivek, the supposed Gene Wilder internet death hoax didn’t, to my knowledge, originate from Reddit. I don’t know where it originated and I only heard ABOUT it, but never read it myself. The post on reddit was from more than a month ago. But when I read it recently, it really resonated. It’s very surprising to me that Gene Wilder is alive.

  58. I’m not sure where you would go to post “new” wrong memories, but I have to ask. Is there anyone else that remembers the song “Mr. Brightside” from Trainspotting? Until very recently that was how I remembered it. Apparently I was way off. The funny thing is I have three specific songs that remind me of the film, and book. Perfect Day, Mr. Brightside, and then There is a Light, which is from the book. I read that in ’02 a little under a year after first seeing the movie. Those are all solid memories. Admittedly Born Slippy is kinda similar to Mr Brightside, but that doesn’t explain how I know Mr. Brightside in it’s entirety instead of Born Slippy. I thought I might’ve heard it in another movie, but according to IMDB, most likely not, since it’s only had two appearances on film. Neither of which I’ve seen. Currently scratching my head.

  59. Two more celeb death memories.

    I was certain Larry Hagman had died a year or two after the liver transplant he was said to have had in 1995. I’m not confusing the two events; in my mind I have very clear memories of thinking to myself, “I guess liver transplants are pretty iffy; and his didn’t seem to ‘take'” because I heard news or read news that he died a year or two afterwards. A related memory was Barbara Eden talking about him after he died and sharing memories of their work on I Dream of Jeannie together.

    So I was pretty surprised when Hagman showed up to play his old character, J.R. Ewing, on the new “rebooted” TV version of Dallas a couple of years ago. Now he’s dead again. Will he stay dead? Who knows!

    Also, Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame is in the news right now because he is competing on TV’s Dancing with the Stars. This came as a surprise to me since I was certain he had died years ago.

    To clarify, Chong was supposedly diagnosed with prostate cancer and announced it mid-2012; he now claims to have recovered with the help of hemp oil, long valued as an alternative cancer cure (but rejected by Big Pharma since they prefer to load people up with other, expensive treatments.)

    But I’m not confusing my memories of his death with that cancer announcement, because I was certain he had died much earler, sometime in the mid to late 1990’s. I have spent years whenever I hear about his comedy partner Cheech Marin thinking, ‘How sad that he doesn’t have his partner anymore to bounce jokes and banter off of.” Because I was sure Tommy Chong died long ago.

    I have somewhat vague yet definite memories of seeing photographs taken and publishing in mainstream media shortly before Chong died, of him looking very ill and emaciated and saying goodbye, giving some final interviews, etc. And of him possibly being mentioned in one of those retrospectives at the Oscars or something where they mention famous folks who died within the past year. I have clearer memories of that last photo shoot he did before he died, though; those are clearest in my mind.

    Anybody else have Hagman or Chong death memories that don’t fit this timeline?

  60. Because i am reading your post,i am definitely in the same reality as you,and i am not your doppleganger for sure.It is fiona’s responsibility to check email id of a contributor specially if he is a regular,still it is heartening to see my name getting pirated for the first time.May be fiona will delete your post maybe not.

    1. Vivek,

      I’m sorry that happened. Some of our frequent contributors use several emails and, because they post when they’re on the road, their IP numbers can vary.

      I deleted the comment.

      It didn’t sound like you. I didn’t pay close attention at the time because we’re on the road for a few weeks and I’m approving everything that isn’t snarky or obvious fuel for flame wars.

      Please accept my apologies.


  61. I’ve had various strange time lapse moments in my life.

    Once when I was a teenager I was cleaning or cooking or something like that before my dad got home from work. I looked at the clock and wished I had a little more time. I looked again a few minutes later and it was earlier than it had been when I initially looked.

    The other really significant thing that always comes to my mind when I think of things like this is a show I specifically remember watching as a kid but can find no trace of. It was about a family who had bad luck and I swore it was called “The Holes”, but I can’t find any mention of that anywhere. Nor can I find any show remotely matching my memory when I look into cancelled shows from my childhood years. I even remember the intro to it.

    1. Scratch that on the show. I’ve finally found it! It was “The Pitts” not “The Holes”! πŸ™‚

      But I do SWEAR it was BerenstEIN not BerenstAIN. I even looked at it and thought to myself, “That’s not right at all….” when I saw it with an A on this site before I read anything about it. I read the heck out of those books as a kid.

  62. Never try to beat time,be friendly with it,and it will take you ahead or behind or stay at the same place as long as you like.

  63. I distinctly remember Chartreuse being a purple-pink color close to Magenta but a little darker. Less pink, more purple, but still too pink to be a true purple. I’m so confused??

    I also remember the picture of Henry VIII with a turkey leg!

    I also try to spell definitely as definately, but I’m dyslexic, so don’t go by my spelling.

      1. This is so confusing. I could have SWORN that it was Berenstein Bears, and that chartreuse was a reddish-brown color. What the heck?!

  64. So similar to the dilemma/dilemna dilemma, I remember learning to spell volume as volumn and it seems like many other people did too after googling it. Also I distinctly remember the Dc Sniper thing happening in Dec 2003, I was living in Wv at the time and my dad came to help me move, he remarked about getting a creeped out feeling when driving through the Dc area because they hadn’t been caught yet.

  65. I could have sworn that chartreuse was like a magenta colour. I remember watching (and yes, i know how this sounds) blues clues, and the guy went, red and purple make chaaaaarrtruuuuuuuuuse.

  66. When I was younger, my parents bought me a special Zoobooks collection about prehistoric life (i.e. a few volumes of stuff nobody really cared about, then DINOSAURS). The first volume, being mostly about single-celled creatures and such, ended up explaining a bit about chemistry, and so it was that as a small child I first learned what atoms and molecules were. A few years later, when school caught up with me, I learned again what atoms and molecules were, and this time their definitions were the other way around. The science itself was exactly as I’d learned it, it was just the names that were swapped. (And I went back and checked, and they weren’t erroneously swapped in the book.)

    Now this all happened while I was very young, so it doesn’t really seem all that weird that I could have just plain misunderstood. But I was as certain then as I was certain that… well, that the bear books were written by people named “Berenstein.”

  67. So I have my own Mandela moment
    I clearly remember seeing a commercial on TV when I was really young, like 3 or 4 maybe (I live in Australia by the way)
    This commercial was a cartoon with colours that were really bright, like fluorescent pinks and greens and stuff. I can’t actually remember exactly what it was for but it goes like this…

    A guy walks in and sits in front of a TV and flicks it on and its like a show about the same guy I think, like it was just a mirror of himself or something and there’s like a cool hip hop sort of beat in the background (at this point I was thinking that this is a pro-television thing, making it look cool)
    Anyway plot twist, a rapper’s sort of voice talks over the beat “chop that head off” and an axe or machete like object comes into frame and actually chops his head off and blood like shoots out. (at this point I remember thinking that they were saying that TV is poisoning our minds or something)
    Then the show I was watching comes back on

    I’ve asked my mum, dad and my sister multiple times asking about it and they say they don’t even know what I’m talking about. Other people I ask don’t know either.

    I’ve googled it a lot and there’s nothing to support what I saw and I started believing that it was just a dream until I came across this website… thank you

  68. I still can’t believe that Shirley Temple only just died earlier this year… I swear, before I read this page, I was absolutely certain that she’s been dead for way longer! I clearly remember knowing that she grew depressed and committed suicide sometime in her late teens or 20s. I remember talking to my dad about it when I was younger, and he was saying how sad it was that she committed suicide at such a young age… went on to talk about how fame corrupts people and such. I also remember talking to several childhood friends and reading a Wikipedia page on it.

  69. I have a problem that relates to this rather strongly.
    I lose things. But I don’t just set something down somewhere and forget it’s there. I set something down, turn around, and it’s *gone*. As in, no longer existing. People never remember the object except myself.
    This can happen to simple stuff like pens and pencils, but four years ago I bought myself a DS to play a Pokemon game. The day I bought it, I brought it up into my room to open, and set it on my bed. I went to the bathroom, came back, and it was gone.
    The money I used to pay for it was gone, and so was the receipt, bag, even the little sticker I pulled off the box. I went back to Walmart, asked the cashier I had checked out with if I had left the DS there, and she claimed I had never purchased it (she thought I was very odd, and was reluctant to answer my questions). I even went through the trouble of looking at security tapes. We checked the correct time (around 6 pm), and moved through it really slow to try and pinpoint when I was there.
    I was never there that evening.

    To this day, I have yet to find the DS.
    And I have at least a million other stories of this happening, but none of them are significant enough to mention.
    I’ve considered the possibility that I’m just setting things down into sensitive spots in the timeline; sensitive enough that they can just fall through.
    Or I just have a knack for breaking spacial barriers between timelines.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    1. KD – This happened to my mom this summer with an object she put in the dishwasher – a small flat pan. I was at my parents’ house and we both unloaded it and didn’t see it at all. The next night when she unloaded the dishwasher, there it was. Now if it were just me, I’d said I just missed it because I can “not see” things right in front of me. But my mom has always been very observant with an eagle eye for changes, and she didn’t see it. This intrigued me so much I did some research and found a phenomenon called “Disappearing Object Phenomenon.” I’m sure some of the stories could be explained away as lack of observance, but surely not all of them.

      1. The q about the money was for KD; this one’s for Julia: Ah, maybe that explains missing socks from the laundry! πŸ™‚

  70. OK, I was just on another website looking at a thread discussing the Mandela Effect and in June 2014, someone mentioned that Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) is alive. Count me in on that alternate memory! Jim Nabors is pretty difficult to confuse with anyone else. He is 84 now.

  71. Fiona – I’m sorry if this is a duplicate. Usually when I post something, I see the post on my computer even though nobody else does, but it’s not here. If this is a duplicate, you can delete that one, because I have something to add.

    Anyway, I was looking at a website where there was a post on the Mandela Effect and in June of this year, someone mentioned that Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) is alive! Count me in on that alternate memory. I would have sworn he died years ago – I can’t stay when – and I am not confusing him with Andy Griffith, who did die in 2012. They are two very different men. And no-one else is similar to Jim Nabors. (Also I just found out there was an actor who played Gomer’s brother Goober, George, and he died in 2012, but I didn’t know about him. The Andy Griffith Show ended when I was barely 4 and the reruns were not a show I watched as a child.

    Anyway, I’ve seen a few other comments by people who thought he had died on other website, including one mentioning his marriage in 2013 (I think) to his long time partner. Interestingly, Wikipedia mentions that he was close to death in 1994, had liver failure and wasn’t expected to make it but Carol Burnett was able to secure a transplant for him. But wherever and whenever I have been, he did die.

    I mentioned in one post reply to “NDE Survivor” that I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea a few years – 3 times the rate of severe, which was a complete surprise to me. I haven’t had an NDE, but wonder if I might have died in another reality and am just not able to remember. What really bothers me about the whole idea in “quantum immortality” is that somewhere there could be a version of my mother who had to experience the death of her child, which has always been a fear of hers more than with most people. And also my dad, close friends and others. If such a thing can happen, it’s not something I can do a dang thing about. The things I think about when trying to fall asleep at night…

    1. Your mother could have Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder, worrying about losing loved ones more than most people is a symptom.

      1. Thanks, Rachel. I just saw your comment. I don’t want to get too off subject, but I attribute her anxieties to a chaotic childhood – her father was an alcoholic who would sometimes disappear for a few weeks at a time. He also spent money foolishly and lost their house, sold her bicycle for alcohol money, stuff like that. She fits the profile of some adult children of alcoholics. I’ll have to look up “ASAD” though too.

  72. OK – I take some of it back. MAYBE I am confusing Jim Nabors with Don Knotts – they were a little bit alike, though each distinctive. Maybe I am, but maybe not.

  73. Had to make it all the way to the bottom for someone to finally answer the Chartreuse question. And the whole time I was waiting for some one to say a pink/ashy purple. Glad someone else has a memory of that.

    The Campaign/Candidate discussion, I remember it as being Candidate as well. They had it as one of the movies you could select on a flight I was on. Those familiar with flying Air Canada know the system, I actually had to select the movie to get to the synopsis part to see what it was about, then seen it was the ZG movie. I thought in the moment that I believed it was Candidate before and why would they change the name for home release. Now I know it’s apparently ‘always’ been Campaign. Another movie was 8MM it was YEARS in between when I first saw of it, and then when it was actually released. I always attributed it to being shelved by the studio.

    Tank guy got run over, I remember asking my mom why they would do that? She said the tank driver had his orders to keep driving the tank, because if he stopped on his own will, he most likely would’ve been shot.

    My celebrity death is Robin Williams. He died 6-8 years ago for me. I still remember the time where I had that moment of “No, he’s dead though”. It had always bugged me and even more so now with his recent passing.

    And the one that brought me to this page tonight, The Berenstain Bears. There is no way it hasn’t been Berenstein Bears. Like one individual above said, he pronounced it Burn-steen, as did I. And whenever I had to be corrected on the pronunciation I’d be shown the book and be told “see, it’s BEREN-steen”. The picture on Imgur of the books that led me here doesn’t even look natural to my mind.

    I can’t wait to read into this topic more!

  74. Hi again Fiona,

    I don’t know you remember me but I posted a comment on your site a couple of months ago talking about the experiences I have had with ‘Mandela Effect’. Like alot of other people who have posted on here I too remember number of things that never happened, for instance the American President Ronald Reagan being assassinated in 1981/82, Elvis Presley having near fatal heart attack in 1977 but going on to recover before finally dying sometime in 2006 ( – one of my earliest childhood memories is watching him perform at the opening/closing ceremony at 1984 Los Angles Olympics. He was singing the song ‘One Moment In Time’ ). I also remember there being a lot more scenes with Luke Skywalker on Tatooine in Star Wars as much as I can remember as kid watching whole movies that have never existed before such as one set entirely in space, on asteroid belt which is all that left of planet earth in the future. I also remember as kid the song ‘ Like A Virgin ‘ not being performed by Madonna but by somebody named John Sex who I grew up thinking was this huge star of 1980s who like Prince had alot of top ten hits. It was only when I got older that I discovered not only had nobody ever heard of him, there was reason for it. That in this world he was only ever a marginally successfully New York disco artist who died of Aids in early 1990s.

    I also do remember like alot of people boy in Tineman Square being run over by Tank as do remember after being revealed on TV news that he was from Hong Kong, all the Native Chinese people rioting in streets when British Government announced they were going to do nothing to retaliate. I did try to find my early post from couple of months ago that went into these things in alot more detail but I been unable to find it. But searching through all these posts looking for it, I do remember one more thing that I want to add and it’s about another movie from when I was kid, Back To The Future ? Who here remembers it coming out in 1985 but it being set in 1953 not 1955 ? I’ve just spoken two people at work who like me not only both remember it being set in 1953 but also Chuck Berry song played at the end of movie being ‘Rock’n’Roll Music’ not ‘Johnny B Goode’.

    The fact that all three of us remember this did freak me out as I always just assumed that like alot of other ‘False Memories’ that I have, it was just more thing I’ve got wrong. It was also thinking about it today, it made me remember something else about movie, that up until I saw it again a couple of years ago at Cinema, I clearly can recall the last scenes of movie at Hill Valley clock tower being completely different from ones I saw. That instead of Marty writing his letter to warn Doc Brown about what was going to happen to him in Diner somewhere, I remember him instead trying to write it on wheel of his car as he was driving not looking where he was going. He then almost hits delorean with his car, swerving away from it just in time, knocking out sign post instead. Doc Brown who was working on back of it, trying to attach large pole to it, also jumps out in time. It’s when he gets up he notices that Marty has bended pole with his car after running over it and then goes into complete rage saying how he will never get him home now pole is destroyed and don’t have time to make new one. They then look at knocked down sign post and decided attach that to back of delorean with a hook loosely strapped on the end of it. To this day I can still see that sign post, with street signs Hill and Valley Rd, sticking out the back of delorean as Marty takes it back to the future, to the year 1985. Why I am only one that remembers these things I don’t know, but after reading through your site Fiona, it’s good to know that I’m not alone ! Thanks alot ! Laters ! Bye ! πŸ™‚

    1. I checked John Sex’s Wikipedia and found that he submitted a demo to Sire Records, the record label Madonna was signed to when she released Like A Virgin, that I assume was rejected. I checked Like A Virgin’s Wikipedia page and it says it wasn’t written for Madonna at first, and they weren’t sure who to give it to. It’s possible that in one reality, Sire Records signed John Sex and Like A Virgin was given to him.

    2. My mind was initially blown when first reading about the BerenstEin Bears. Not just ‘wow’ that’s nuts’, but physically set aback, like a non-physical slap across the face. Then I come on here and continue reading other cases and I’m absolutely stunned at what is going on. This is a true phenomena.

      My notes:
      -I was taught Dilemna and definately. In fact remember my school teacher telling us the trick to remember the (ironically) often confused spelling: ‘Did you eat the cookies your grandmother baked you? – DefinATEly I ate them.’ Seeing the Dillemma movie poster makes I seem like we’re supposed to notice. I can’t exactly remember when computers started flagging my “misspellings” but I do remember being quite aggravated thinking it was some overlooked glitch.

      -The chartreuse thing is also fascinating. As a kid I remember hearing adults talk about ‘Chartreuse Wine’ and vaguely remember a Chartreuse (Red) Crayola. When I grew up and got into design I realized Chartreuse was the yellow/green color and didn’t think much of it. However I had quite a few clients who would confuse Chartreuse with the Red Wine color. Years ago I had a clothing line and I produced a T-Shirt that said ‘chartreuse is the new mauve’ because for some reason that color always stuck out in my mind. My girlfriend insisted chartreuse was red and even looked it up on her phone and was quite befuddled at her findings.

    3. So far out of everything I have read, your’s has been the most interesting. If Presley didn’t die in 1977, did he continue to make music in your reality? What was he like from 1977 – 2006? If Reagan did not survive his assassination attempt, did Bush become President? Was George H.W. Bush the President throughout the rest of the 80’s in your world? Was there a President between Bush and Clinton? When did you first realize that Reagan survived his gunshot wound, and that Elvis really did die in 1977 and not 2006? Your post has truly blown my mind, and has me spooked, I’m surprised that most people haven’t picked up on this. Reagan and Elvis are pretty big names and it was well known that Reagan was President until the late 80’s and that Elvis had died in 1977, yet some people claim he is still alive, and Elvis sightings are a running joke in my reality. Maybe there is something to the “Elvis sightings”, maybe he was living in another reality after he “died” and people would slip into his reality and see him?

      1. John O (and Johnny Ray), what a great concept! I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me as an explanation for the volume of (apparently serious) Elvis sightings. While the skeptics will have a field day with this theory — and probably get a good laugh from it — it’s as likely as anything else we’re talking about. Very cool! Thanks for being part of this thread.

        1. Hi Fiona,
          Been going through the site for a few days now. Presently, I am unemployed so I’ve had plenty of time to read.

          Anyway, I believe there have been many highlights in my journey. This one will standout for me. I have memories that Elvis Presley had a heart attack and died in 1971 live on stage in Las Vegas. I was 6 in ’71 and have no memory of his actual death. But growing up, listening to his music, being in a band, playing his songs and being intuitive to such esoteric subjects and hearing about the Elvis sightings, I don’t know when, but I’m sure I investigated his death, remembering the details as I do now.
          I’ve come to except this phenomenon. Still not sure what to do with it or if I should try. Thank you Fiona!

  75. I remember there being two episodes of Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars cartoon show that have just winked out of existence. The first being an episode where the Toads captured the The Righteous Indignation and were able to use Willy’s door to advance on Earth. I specifically remember Willy’s female friend and the bullies that usually tormented him, being the only people that believed the Toads were invading and helped him to return them to the Aniverse. The second episode was a finale, where with the help of the Toad Creators, Bucky finally shut down Komplex bringing the series to a positive close. However, when the shows were released on VHS, these episodes were no where to be found. I even contacted FHE, and was told that all the existing episodes of the show had been released. To make this even more perplexing, when I tried discussing this with another fan of the series, they became very hostile, and would no longer speak with me about the subject. Weird.

    I also remember that Abraham Lincoln was our 13th President, not the 16th. In fact, I remarked to my teacher in grade school that it made sense in a way, because he had been very unlucky in office, a comment she didn’t find amusing. Years later, I was shocked to find that he had moved from the 13th position to 16th, and the dates of the Civil War along with him.

    The Japanese NES game Mother, or as it’s known in the states as Earth Bound, was released in a box set, including 3 or 4 NES cartridges and a guide/art book inclosed in a large cardboard box resembling PC game packaging with the image of the game’s character “Star Man” on the lid. I saw this at the Hills department store sometime between 1987-1988, and was rather confused as to what it was. When I asked my father about it, he said that it was probably a game for adults since it seemed to have a lot of text and spanned more than one cartridge. The next time I would hear about this game, I was told it received no American release and wasn’t on sale in Japan till 1989.

    My wife, my parents, her parents, and myself remember it being Berenstein Bears. This series was rather important to me growing up as an 80’s child, and in a family that was very literate, there is no way we would have been spelling or pronouncing it incorrectly for all these years.

      1. Thank you Fiona. I can’t express how intrigued I am about your theory. Here are a few more things I’ve managed to dig up talking to family.

        My brother reminded me that in 1994 Remco produced a series of action figures for the SWAT Kats franchise. According to Wikipedia, there were only four figures produced; T-Bone, Razor, Dr. Viper, and Dark Kat. However, we both remember there being six figures, including a Mayor Manx that came with a golf club and gold watch and a Callie Briggs figure that came with a briefcase and SWAT Kat alarm. These figures were seen at the K-Mart in Warren PA, yet when we went back to buy these figures, they were gone. Concluding this was due to their limited availability, we were both confused to find many years later, that they never existed at all according to Remco.

        My wife tells me that she remembers that Ghost Hunters was indeed called TAPS in it’s original season. And that at the start of an episode, it would say “This week on TAPS, the ghost hunters etc etc etc.” She was rather disturbed to find that it has now been reversed, “This week on Ghost Hunters, the TAPS crew etc etc etc.” Her memory is quite reliable and she is adamant it was called TAPS.

        There are a few more differences I’m following up on before I share them, as it’s a tad difficult to get some people to share their memories on this subject as it seems most dislike it when what they remember doesn’t match up. However, I will report what I find as I come across it.

        Also, I’m very interesting in the alternate ending to the Tom Hanks movie “Big”. This was another important movie to me growing up, so I have seen it many times over the years. If there is a way you could share that information with me, either in article or privately as I’m assuming you are privy to my e-mail address, it would be greatly appreciated.

          1. Jonny- This is roughly the ending I remember.

            Josh (Hanks) is enjoying his life as an adult. He has money, freedom, even a girlfriend, but his friend Billy has become less impressed with all these trappings. Confronting Josh and accusing him of no longer being his friend, as he has been using Billy to co-exist between both his child life and adult life, he tells Josh that it isn’t right for him to be an adult. Explaining that he is not only hurting his parents who believe him to be kidnapped, and losing a childhood friendship with Billy, but he is also cheating himself out of an important time in his life where he should be discovering what kind of an adult he will grow to be. He tells Josh where the Zoltar machine can be found and that if he decides to return to being his child self, he would see him at school.

            Josh agonizes over the decision, playing the odd fantasy PC game he can be seen playing during the first half of the movie, and through some textual cue from the game, comes to his decision. Going to to Sea Point Park, he finds the Zoltar machine, that springs to life as he approaches.

            It cuts to him being picked up by Susan, who he asks to drive him back to his old neighborhood. As they sit in the car, he tries to explain the events to her as she misunderstands them to be adult Josh being unable to cope with the stress of his job and their relationship. He again explains that he is speaking literally, that he is only a child transformed into an adult by a carnival machine and, giving her the Zoltar card, he exits the car and walks away down the street. As Susan watches him, he shrinks back into a boy now drowning in an adult sized business suit, and the credits roll. This is how I remember seeing the ending in 1988.

            However, in 1993 when I saw the movie again on TV, there was a little more at the end, where Josh and Billy go back about their lives as they did at the movie open, bringing the film to a full circle. Josh even beats his PC game that he has been struggling with. It’s been my assumption that this was deleted material from the original theatrical release, reintroduced to the TV version of the film to balance out any edited material and fit the film to television time formats. This is also the same format the film has been in every time I have seen it since 1993, and what I have always considered to be this deleted footage at the end, is even referenced in the Wiki as part of the core film.

            This film spoke a lot to me as a young man and has always been one of my favorite Hanks performances pre-90s. I still consider it to be one of those 80s movies that everyone should see as it best represents the decade. Is this also how you remember it to be?

          2. Hi. I do not remember the slightly extended different version you mention. HOwever, I have a friend who remembers a totally different ending to the movie. If you google alternate ending to Big, you will also see that there are many people who also remember an alternate ending to the movie.

    1. Regarding Bucky O’Hare:

      The episode you detail regarding the Invasion rings some bells, and certainly, the finale sounds eerily familiar. I checked out the show again a few years back and was surprised at the final episode not nearly living up to the events as I had previously recalled them.

      Quirky as that may be, I actually had an arguably larger concern that I couldn’t quite attribute. I remember that show being intensely syndicated and there being a seemingly non-stop flow of episodes airing week after week over the course of more than a year (surely it would not have been undeserved!). Granted, I was young at the time, so even thirteen episodes would be quite a lengthy ordeal, and could account for the difference, but for a few discrepancies.

      The first being that the first episodes I saw recently I had no recollection of whatsoever. What I remember clearly were subsequent seasons, or at the very least, more than just the one. Basically, I came in late to the show. Secondly, many of the things I did remember weren’t there. As much as I liked seeing the first few episodes, I felt robbed of the arcs where the marshals traded jobs, staged mutinies that spanned multiple episodes, and the plot of the finale that you describe. The show, for an animated series, had a tendency for continuity that’s quite uncommon from the early 90’s, and even from the thirteen episodes we have now this is not an impossible matter to imagine in greater effect.

      I checked wikipedia and there found that one of the missing characters I vaguely remember – “the omnipotent mouse” was actually in the comics. That’s definitely something to check into to see if you remember more episodes that apparently never aired ‘here’, because that would be the place for the show to draw inspiration. (Actually this is an interesting opportunity, perhaps, for researching the connection between alternate history and current fact, rather than just drawing on collective consciousness different-past and present. )

      I hope this is a valid contribution, and would like to add more if needed. Perhaps I’ll do some research even into this particular item of interest. The recording history and the comics and so forth. All things I had no previous interest in so would still be fairly objective on. (And all the fanart on the internet has always focused on Bucky and Jenny, so, not much wiggle room there – so no way to know if I had remembered that to be different than it’s ‘supposed to be’ or not.)

      As an afterthought, I recall there was another thing missing or changed with my original viewing of the show, but I couldn’t quite place it. I’m fairly sure it was in the intro theme though. Perhaps I’ll have to rewatch the whole thing yet again (not exactly a torturous ordeal) now that I have a different perspective of exploration.


      1. Ian,
        Thank you for following up on this, as it has been one of the more frustrating ‘alterations’ from my childhood. I’ll try and shed a little more light on my recollection of the show, including the missing episodes, and some of the items you mentioned as I recall some of them too.

        Sadly, I can not remember exactly how I came to start watching Bucky O’Hare, only that I did watch it weekly as the show made it’s original run. The memories I have of the episodes revolve around an Easter weekend, possibly Easter 1992 though this seems wrong as well, in which they played franchises that had to do with rabbits. Clever television at it’s best I would say. This included a TV movie about a young rabbit trying to be noticed in a family where he felt his siblings smothered, episodes of the American Rabbit show that has also seemingly vanished into the aether, and the main attraction being every episode of Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars. The other shows were more for filler content, as they promoted this marathon ending with a new episode as the hook for sitting through the entire series. This new content turned out to be the final episode(s) where Komplex was shut down.

        In 1994 I became aware of the FHE VHS release of the show, oddly through Avon and started purchasing all the ones I could find. Avon sold The Kreation Konspiracy and later The Toad Menace, which were the first two I owned. Later on in the year, I found On The Blink at Block Buster for sale, and the following year, purchased Bye-Bye Berserker Baboon and The Taking Of Pilot Jenny via a video catalog, this being pre-internet days. I waited several months, expecting there to be more released as the two episodes I mentioned before were not included, yet no more were released. Confused, I actually penned a letter to FHE asking for a listing of future releases, to which they returned saying that all the existing episodes had been ported to VHS.

        I was stunned, for I knew there had been more than this! During the before mentioned Easter marathon, I had watched an episode where as I stated before, the Toads had captured Willy’s door and were using it’s technology to invade Earth. They had taken over a park and were using it to stage Toad Troops, with the local police unable to stop them. This was the first episode where the crew of the Righteous went somewhere other than Willy’s room and subsequently seen by Susie, who Willy had been trying to convince early in the episode existed. It ended with Willy, Susie, the Bullies, and Bruiser attacking the park, and Bucky, Jenny, Dead Eye and Blinky destroying a device that was allowing the Toads to make their own doors. Interestingly, the intro has a scene that I had always assumed was based on this episode as can be seen here: at 0:31 in. I specifically remember the Toad’s door appearing next to a pond in the park where they staged the invasion. However, according to FHE and most of the people I have discussed the show with, this episode does not exist, and even one fan got openly hostile toward me after I explained my recollection with her.

        As for the final episode(s) I have no proof it ever existed other than my memory of it. Specifically, it being a wrap up type of story that may have spanned two episodes rather than just one. Almost every secondary character was involved, giving more air time to Mimi and Dog Star as well as the Artificers, Kamikaze, the Corsairs, and a second appearance by the Kreators. Bucky defies the counsel and launches an all out attack on the Toad home-world in an attempt to shut down Komplex and save Warren. There was a final showdown between Jenny and Toad Borg, Frix and Frax stepping aside and letting them pass, and finally Bucky pulling a plug on Komplex at the direction of the Kreators and freeing the minds of all the toads. Yet again, I was told this episode also did not exist. Strangely enough, I have no memory of the Taking of Pilot Jenny episode that IS considered the final episode of the series when it originally aired.

        As for the β€œthe omnipotent mouse”, I remember him being in the show as well, in the role of Wise Man that taught Bucky to be a hero, in what I believe is Home Swampy Home episode. Yet when I watched it on the VHS, he was no where to be found. I could not be confusing his with the appearance in the comics, as I didn’t read the original graphic novel until 2002. I also agree that the intro was somehow different, as when I watched the VHS, I expected it to change as intros sometimes do between seasons. Sadly, my memory is far too cloudy to be more precise as to what that difference may be. For the record, I also remember a story line where Jenny and Mimi worked together to stop a fake Bucky, however due to all the fan service on the internet, I’ve always discarded it as possibly contaminated.

        Thank you again for the information Ian and I hoped my further elaboration helps. Please update me with anything you find on the subject of these changes and missing content!

        1. It’s not too unusual for dedicated enthusiasts to be very defensive, but certainly there are enough people who should be open to such discussions. It’s very easy to be dismissive, and I’ve probably done it myself at times too. Anyway…

          I’ve not too much to report as of yet, but I can tell you that I’ve read in an interview with the original creator about a plotline that never came to fruition that’s basically the same premise as the episode(s) you remember. (it’s about in the middle, but I thought I may as well link the whole thing in case it sparks anything else!) It’s perhaps nothing earth-shattering, as these aren’t ideas that are too far out there, but nevertheless, if there was more content, this is glimpse to what it would have been, right from the horse’s mouth as it were.

          I’m a little relieved you remember the mouse character being in there, for I was starting to doubt myself on the matter. So it’s good to have it confirmed, thank you. I can return the favour perhaps by remembering Frix and Frax’s role in the final showdown, but alas I don’t have many more details to offer for now. I’ll let you know when anything more occurs to me.

  76. This didn’t originally occur to me as an example of the Mandela Effect, but after a night of thinking about it I’m wondering if it might be the case. When I was 12/13 years old, I clearly remember a friend of mine taking me along with her family to visit Six Flags. We spent two full day at the park and spent our nights with her Aunt and Uncle, who lived close to the park. I remember watching Shrek 2 for the first time on their giant projector screen while there, as well as a 9/11 plane hijacking movie starring Harrison Ford (Which I clearly remember as a 9/11 plane hijacking movie, not the “Air Force One” hijacking movie with Harrison Ford that came out in 1997. To this day I haven’t been able to find the movie I watched there).

    Then, a year later, I invited the same friend to go with my family to a different theme park. When we were there she thanked me for inviting her, and I replied with something along the lines of “No problem. After all, you invited me to Six Flags last year… I’m just returning the favor.” And then she looked at me weirdly and told me that she didn’t remember going to Six Flags with me the year before. I was confused that she didn’t remember it and started telling her about what we did in an attempt to jog her memory, but she was sure it had never happened.

    All this time I’ve been chalking it up to bad memory, but the Mandela Effect makes way more sense here than me making up three days that never happened, or her forgetting three days that almost certainly happened!

    1. ME could be a convenient bypass in times to come,an easy way out of an otherwise acrimonious arguement.Even mild dementia can be cloaked in the garb of ME,the bonus fall outs are immense,we just have to wait,it is a question of time when ME will become an intrinsic part of all dictionaries.

  77. All this is fascinating stuff.

    One concept which I haven’t seen anyone bring up yet, is the work of Rupert Sheldrake and his idea of “morphic resonance”. Most people and scientists assume that memories are stored physically in the brain, as chemicals and reactions between chemicals. Sheldrake says this is an assumption without evidence – it’s like assuming that the pictures from a television are stored somewhere within the television, when in fact the television is merely a receiver for the pictures.

    He says, things that are similar are going to resonate together. And so, perhaps you can pick up your own memories because you have a resonance to yourself in the past. To extrapolate that idea, it would also mean that you could have a resonance with an alternate reality version of yourself, and so, especially at moments when you’re at your most similar, you would be able to remember their memories. I’ve never heard him mention the idea of parallel universes, but I see no reason why this phenomenon wouldn’t be congruent with his hypothesis.

    Sheldrake has written many interesting books on psychic phenomena, biology, and the philosophy of science. I highly recommend them, especially his latest book “The Science Delusion”, known as “Science Set Free” in the United States.

      1. Rupert Sheldrake’s ideas sound interesting to me too. I’m writing this on Nov. 11, 14 at 11:30 p.m. Pacific Time. I’m listening to Coast to Coast and Mr. Sheldrake is supposed to be on yet tonight – probably in the second half of this four hour show. (It starts at 10 p.m. on the west coast and obviously 1 a.m. on the east.) Anyway, if someone wanted to hear it, they would need to be a member of the Coast “Insiders” which is $6.95 a month, less per month for longer terms. Not trying to advertise for them – just to let people know it’s one way to hear Rupert Sheldrake.

        1. Just FYI – sounds like tonight’s topic with Rupert Sheldrake is going to be “the physics of angels” – don’t know if “morphic resonance” will be discussed.

  78. I remember very clearly as a kid that Leon Spinks died of a drug over dose in the 80’s. Now I just read that he is in the hospital? This is very weird!

  79. This is just my own personal story, not quite related to this thread. I have no real memories prior to when I was about twelve. I have blurred flashbacks of birthday cakes I’ve never had, stories I’ve supposedly never been told, arguments that have never happened, and some things I’ve never seen.

    I distinctly recall meeting my great-grandfather on my father’s side when I was a few years old, but he died before I was born.

    I recall being in grade school and forced to watch a movie starring marionette dolls in music class, which was a story of a young boy forced to marry a witch and running across the continents (experiencing different music and cultures along the way) to get away from her. I’ve asked several people from those classes (I went to two different elementary schools), and no one I knew from either school had ever seen anything like it. Even as I explained how everyone was afraid of the film and was shuddering in the dark classroom, they didn’t believe me.

    I’ve never seen the cartoon about David the Gnome, yet when I found some clips of it on youtube I could recall the animation perfectly, except David the Gnome was somehow frightening to me, and I can faintly recall an eerie sequence of him growing angry and this somehow is so alarming to me.

    I also recall an old, animated movie about children aboard a flying ship (like a pirate ship, but not for pirates) and sailing across the sky or through space, but none of my siblings do. We also, I swear to God, had VHS tapes of old 80s cartoons from when my older brother was a kid, but they aren’t in the house, and my parents have no recollection of ever having them.

    I distinctly recall being in special classes with a tutor in Kindergarten and first grade because I was less advanced than other children. Thirteen years later, my mother digs up old papers and finds a certificate of my being in special classes for higher intellect. Some of my foggier memories are colored so I’m inclined to believe I was intellectually disabled, and then when I was fourteen it was like I was an utterly different, smarter, more awake person with fewer memories than ever before.

    My only clear, true memory from when I was a child was going to my uncle’s for Christmas, but the memory does not begin there. I was about six in age, and my uncle’s house was at that time on a huge slab of land. It was the last snowy winter I can recall that was almost blizzard-like. I was small, and somehow got separated from my family in the evening during a snowstorm that kept picking up. I remember sitting down, waiting for–I dunno, something. All around me it got whiter, whiter. The next I knew I was inside, dry, opening presents like it had never happened.

    My family doesn’t recall my getting lost out in the snow. At that age, being in those conditions would have killed me had I not been found. There was no way I could have found my way inside, dried myself off, CHANGED my CLOTHES, and all without my family noticing.

    Did I die? Was a near-death experience enough to throw my life into shifts? I feel like I’ve been thrown into some limbo, like the universe’s junk closet, and everything around me is just odds and ends being thrown in at random. What’s wrong with me?

      1. Michael, I’ve heard of the floating “memory” before, and that one intrigues me. I’m not sure if it’s connected to the Mandela Effect, per se, but it’s a really fun (and quirky) memory some people have.

        1. Just a side note to that – I have no memories of floating – but it’s a dream I’ve had several times and which I love.

          1. In my floating dreams, I am usually just a few feet above the ground and I will either be floating in place or moving forward. Such a fun way to travel. It always feels like something I “should” be able to do in real life when I wake up. (Memories?)

            I wonder how many Mandela Effect experiencers would say that they have great dream recall. I could tell you every morning a few of my dreams from the night before and the memorable ones, I could tell you later on in the day. Occasionally, I have a dream of a place I’ve been before – but only in dreams – not in really life. Those always fascinate me.

            1. Julia, this is a great topic, and kind of its own subject. In a week (or so, depending on my schedule), I think I’m going to create a separate section of that will explore the subject of vivid dreams. Thanks!

  80. Dilemna, clearly. I looked this up years ago. When I found this site I expected to see this on it.
    Also, what’s the significance of “Mr. Gorsky” cause I’ve heard that before.

  81. This is all very interesting, thank you Fiona for bringing this more popularity. I myself have some thoughts on the so called Mandela Effect. As a child, I avidly read the ‘Berenstein Bears’ books. Now not trying to brag, but I am an excellent speller and a more than accomplished reader so I was shocked to find out that it was really spelled “Berenstain” all these years. As far as the word ‘dilemma’ I’ve never known it to be spelled Dilemna but that may be because of my love for the song “dilemma” by Nelly so maybe I’ve always been exposed to it being spelled that way. As far as Mandela, I wasn’t yet born in the mid 80’s but its possible that some are mistaking his death back then for his 70th birthday celebration which was widely covered and consisted of many tributes and parades. Just raising that as a possibility. Now onto my thoughts about this ‘effect’. I think there is a deep possibility that our dreams are actually our glimpses into what is happening to ourselves in these other parallel universes. While we sleep, we are connected to our souls and perhaps that allows us to see into our other ‘selves’. Another interesting thought….would this website exist in parallel universes? And are they thinking the same things we are? Is it possible to return to our true universes? Very very interesting indeed.

  82. I distinctly remember “Berenstein Bears” as the title, as do my family, my friends, and their families. Chartreuse was a pink color; I’ve ALWAYS associated chartreuse with pink (sort of a pinky-orange?), and never with anything green. Ghost Hunters was DEFINITELY TAPS at one time. I seem to remember two deaths for Shirley Temple, one when she was very young (a suicide, I believe?) and the other being sometime in 2011, certainly not in 2014. I also seem to remember Jerry Lewis dying sometime recently, within the past two years, anyway.

    This is actually really freaking me out. I never even thought about how these memories might differ from those of other people until today.

  83. As i have understood a ME strikes a person suddenly and spreads from person to person,much like a virus. A virus can’t be detected unless symptoms occur even though it may be present in a dormant state,likewise a ME has to strike a person suddenly or else it will lie dormant,a virus or ME finds us,we don’t find them.Any attempt to discover a potential ME is bound to fail,this analogy with virus may seem like a corny logic but it stands the test of time,if such a thing as “time” exists.

    1. Interesting view of this, Vivek. I’m not sure any of my alternate memories struck me suddenly. They were just there when I went looking for a reference to something in present time.

      The idea of these memories spreading is a tangled one. While I can see verbal cues (similar to Dr. Moon saying, “and then you remembered,” in the Library episodes of Dr. Who) and some “me, too!” effect, I’m not sure that’s the same thing as spreading like a virus.

      I regard time as a filing system we use to organize experiences, so a contiguous series of experiences that affirm ME might reinforce it by contagion. Other than that… well, yours is as good an explanation as any.

  84. Don’t want to beat a dead bear on the Berenstein thing, but I was an extremely avid reader as a little tyke and this ‘a’ thing is ruining my week. Operating under the assumption that this is a false memory, I wonder if my memory of Brother Bear acting like a scientist in one of the books and calling himself BerEinstein also never happened.

    Two things have been bothering me lately, one extremely specific and one extremely vague:

    I was flipping through an app on my phone the other day which included screenshots of comical text conversations. For context, all content is user generated from hundreds of thousands of participants. Going through them at random, I found one of them that went something like this:

    “Where are you exactly?”
    “*Some specific street address*, USA, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Earth, Heliocentric Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Northern Quadrant, Universe A.”
    “Smart Ass.”

    This messed with me. I know for a fact I texted this exact same thing to someone a couple years ago, granted with a different local address, but the extended universal address was verbatim what I remembered writing.

    Providing an unnecessarily long address for comedy could definitely have, and likely has, occurred to someone else, but you might recognize the end of the address as complete nonsense, making me think it unlikely that someone else came up with it. And as I mentioned, it is verbatim how I remember writing it.

    In typical ME fashion, I can’t remember who I sent it to and I recently got a new phone. I’ve searched around the web to see if I could find somewhere I might have stolen the quote from, but no beans. I realize the person I sent it to could’ve reused it in later conversations, and it could just be a remarkable coincidence that it found its way back to me, but the most frustrating part is I doubt I’ll ever know what exactly went down here.

    Did I ever write that? I know the answer, but the evidence says otherwise.

    The other thing I’ve been writing off as some sort of retroactive deja vu or potentially good old fashioned brain damage is a sort of leapfrog recall. Basically, every now and then for a couple years now, I’ll learn something new and interesting. Then a couple days later, I’ll recall this bit of info, and begin to suspect I knew all about it before the time when I actually learned it.

    This is obviously impossible to prove or disprove, but it sometimes feels like I’m being retroactively fed information at points in time and space occurring prior to actually acquiring the knowledge. Like regular old deja vu, it’s damn near impossible to quantify or properly articulate, but it sure is disorienting.

    Did I learn it? Or did I know it? And what’s the difference?

    1. Great musings, Flick. Well-articulated, too. This subject can seem pretty tangled — lots of “chicken or the egg” involved — and you’ve conveyed several dilemmas very well.

  85. My experience with this phenomenon is rather specific and technical, but I think that its specificity might help its credibility. I’m in school to get degrees in CS and Physics at an unnamed university in the Midwest. I was writing a shell last year which involved the dup2 system call which copies one file descriptor to another. I remember exactly the syntax differing from what seemed natural to me at the time, being rather angry at the syntax and even helping some other students who were using it to get the ordering correct (the way which felt natural to me was dup2(source, destination) but the actual ordering was dup2(destination, source)). I even remember having to change the ordering on multiple occasions to fix my own mistakes with writing them the wrong way. A few days before the assignment was due, I looked at my file and noticed that all my calls were backwards again! I checked the man-page and low and behold the actual syntax of dup2 had changed along with my code. Even today the dup2 system call remains changed to dup2(source, destination), which is the way I think it should be, but not the way it was when I was first working with it. This is also contrary to most of the other section 3 system calls, having more in common with those from section 1 (which upon reflection is absurd).

  86. I do remember by dilemna and definately! Fascinating site. I seem to remember the Challenger BOTH ways (which is weird) and remember my sister freaking out once about a boy she thought belonged in our family (there’s only us two girls) so I’m eager to read the rest of the site when I get the chance.


  87. I had a weird Personal Sync while watching the film The Double Life of Veronique tonight.

    I lit my cigarette backwards during the marionette scene, and then in the next scene Veronique lights her cigarette backwards while driving. I smoke a lot and almost never light them backwards.

    The Film also has a Mandela Effect theme going on in it too. Freaky film.

  88. I don’t know if this counts but my mum was watching this documentary the other day about relics or something and the beginning of it showed a mural and it was talking about it and I said to my mum that she’s already seen this because I remember the beginning and it’s not something that I would choose to watch so she’s definitely seen it. We ended up having an argument about it because I didn’t want to rewatch something that I’ve already seen but she insisted that she’s never seen it before and that it’s a new programme. I was really confused because I had definitely remembered seeing it with her but it was live TV and it wasn’t a repeat. I knew the scene word for word and that’s why I was confused because the memory of seeing it before was really vivid. Also, I have a memory of David Attenborough dying (and I’m not confused with his brother) and shortly after he died, I remember seeing an advert on TV where they were showing his best documentaries and things like that, you know what they usually do when a famous person dies, and I know it was definitely him because he’s considered a ‘national treasure’ in this country and it was definitely on the news for quite a while afterwards. This happened earlier on in the year but just a couple of days ago, I saw an advert for a new show that he’s doing and I asked my mum because I knew that he had already died but she told me that he hadn’t. I’m really creeped out because this keeps happening and I’m starting to question my entire existence. After going on this blog, I saw the thing about New Zealand and I realised that I thought the same thing, until I was about 15 (I’m 17 now), I always thought that New Zealand was somewhere in Europe and that’s just not just because I don’t know geography. I remember seeing it on maps and TV programmes and I definitely remember it being somewhere in Europe, it was only since my friends took GCSE geography and we had a massive discussion about it and I was proved wrong but I have really clear images in my head of geography lessons earlier on in secondary school where we looked at maps and things and I remember New Zealand being in Europe. I mean, I know it’s not in Europe itself but I know that it was definitely somewhere near Europe, far away from where my friends told me it was.

    1. But…but…Sir David Attenborough DIED! But he’s not DEAD. The more I read on here, the more of these ME’s I’m having. Yours is the first I have seen mention him, and I had to look it up. Sure enough, he’s risen from the dang dead. wow. He certainly died (along with Billy Graham) in my timeline, wherever that went…

  89. Yeah the whole color changing business is a weird one.

    Like people remembering the Primary Colors as Red Yellow Blue from Elementary School Art Class, and now in the age of computers we have Red Green Blue for dealing with light. Light and Paint use different primary colors apparently, but nobody mentioned this back in the day.

    I also learned that the color Pink does not exist apparently. Not in the light spectrum anyway. There’s a video about it on Youtube by MinutePhysics.

    1. The color one I think is pretty easily explained. I also remember being taught red, blue, yellow in art class. The thing is that’s not entirely wrong.

      Instead of cyan and magenta, they used red and blue because 1) we’re kids and those are the colors they had, and 2) they themselves probably didn’t know the difference. It wasn’t really an important distinction.

      1. Yes, children were taught red, yellow, and blue in art classes. That’s because — back then — pigment was the assumed medium for most artwork. In pigment, the primary colors are red, yellow, and blue.

        However, as we moved into digital realms, it became important to teach the primary colors of light or optics. They’re red, blue, and green, if you’re adding colors to make white. They’re magenta, cyan, and yellow if you’re working in the subtractive direction. (Ref: )

        So, there is a “normal” explanation for the different curricula in schools, now. The variations come in as we examine when children were taught the primary colors. Unless someone was in a school with heavy science orientation, learning the alternate primary colors could be an anomaly. I’m not sure. I did go to a school with an emphasis on science, so I learned the primary colors of pigment and of light (courtesy of regular field trips to the local museum, where they used lights to demonstrate optical primary colors), long before most schools taught that.


        1. re: primary colors
          As a child in elementary school (1960’s) we were given the acronym “R-O-Y G B-I-V” or “ROYGBIV” as a way to remember the primary colors.
          Obviously this was drummed into our heads as it is still a clear memory from that time.
          “ROYGBIV” stands for “Red”, “Orange”, Yellow”, “Green”, “Blue”, “Indigo” and “Violet”. These were the “primary colors”.
          Just tossing that out there to see if anyone was also taught “ROYGBIV” in elementary/primary or other school.
          I cannot think of any other reason why I would associate this acronym from my youth with the primary colors.
          It has only one meaning and that was as a way to remember the primary colors.

          1. ROYGBIV is a acronym for the colours of the rainbow. I remember, from an art point of view anyway, that the primary colours were so called because they were single colours, ie. they were not mixed with any other colours. Red, yellow and blue are the primary colours and these are then mixed to make further colours, ie. yellow and blue makes green, red and blue makes purple, red and yellow makes orange, these were secondary colours. Further mixes will make tertiary colours.

          2. As a child I leaned the rainbow as: red, orange, yellow, blue, purple

            About 10 years ago was the first time I ever heard R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.
            Around that same time, I noticed on a kids program they included the colors indigo and violet in the rainbow.
            It’s possible that I was taught a dumbed-down version of the rainbow, but why would children be taught that way? My daughter easily learned indigo and violet when she was about 5.

  90. Yes, Most people remember the Movie Interview with A Vampire
    Now it has been ‘changed’ to Interview with The Vampire

    Proof: Typing “Interview with” into Google brings up With A Vampire first in the auto fill search. Try it in Google quick before they adjust it. Works on Bing too.

    I’m not sure who they are, it may even be us. I dunno.

    1. Greetings JM. Regarding the now “Interview With the Vampire”, I’ve mentioned somewhere on here before that the release date for the movie has changed along with the title, at least for me anyways. The new release date is now November 1994. I recall “Interview with A Vampire” being released sometime in 1992 not close to 1995 which would make it’s release more mid-90’s instead of early 90’s. Was the release date 92′ or 94′ for you? Or maybe a different year altogether……

  91. Does anyone watch The Blacklist?

    The past couple of episodes, I had been wondering why the show was building up what was behind the locked door. I was like, why? Didn’t they already show what was behind that locked door? Why keep building it up as if they hadn’t shown it before?

    I could have sworn towards the end of a previous episode, Liz opened that door and we see Tom sitting on the floor, tied up or handcuffed, and then it rolled to credits.

    So after last Monday’s promo teaser showing that they would FINALLY show what was behind that door. I was just like, huh? I swear I already saw that door opened and Tom inside.

    I was a bit skeptical of why the the show kept building up and highlighting what was behind that door. I googled and read articles and blog posts about The Blacklist and everyone seems to still not know what was inside because they hadn’t seen that scene yet. There were theories that Tom was behind the door, but it was like everyone still had not seen the scene that I saw weeks ago and everyone was still speculating.

    I keep thinking – did I watch a spoiler clip or something? But I don’t think so. Why would anyone release a clip of that scene weeks before?

    Even though this is weird, I don’t feel weird at all. I feel like I am the one who got it right and everyone else is on some weird twilight zone situation. How can everyone else act like we hadn’t seen what was behind that locked door?

    I don’t live in the US and I don’t have access to any Hollywood material, much less earlier copies of Blacklist episodes or clips…

    I just feel that I need to post this before the next episode airs so that it validates that the scene has not yet been shown in this timeline, anyway.
    Today is Oct. 24, 2014.
    The next episode of The Blacklist which will show what happens when Liz opens the locked door is supposed to air next week, Oct. 27, 2014.

  92. If it was THE it would be

    German: Inteview mit dem Vampir
    French: inteview avec le vampire

    But It’s not look on and

  93. OK this is odd… I learned just this past week on reddit of the changes to Sex IN/AND the City and Interview with A/THE Vampire so I came to the site to report on this if they were not already mentioned. Note that I first came to this site back in July and I read every single comment on every page, TWICE. I also posted a comment at the time and I even made a PDF archive of the entire website.

    So I come to this particular page because it has the most comments and I do a search to see if these changes were already mentioned. Sex “and” the City was first mentioned in October, so that’s ok. But imagine my surprise when I see that Interview with THE Vampire was mentioned back in May of 2014, a few months before my first complete read-through! I know I WOULD have noticed that one, it struck me as much as BerenstAin did and my spouse was also quite surprised, having read the book as well as seen the movie a few times. I am certain the comments referring to Interview were NOT here back n July, at least in whatever timeline I was in at the time, or I would have noticed.

    I also checked my PDF file and, sure enough, the comments are also in there. Have I changed to yet another timeline between July and today, coming from one in which is was still Interview with A Vampire and there was no mention of this on this page?

    1. Mike, that’s very useful. Thanks for saving the site as a PDF and checking it against the current version. It’s been a question I’ve wondered about: whether we take pieces of our prior reality with us, when we slide from one reality to another.

      Of course, a one-time example isn’t exactly a case study. We’d need many more tests to conclude anything about this, but still… this is intriguing. This is the first time someone has made this kind of comment, so I’m very grateful that you thought to check this.

      Offline, a few of us are noting “slides” as they happen. We seem to be traveling together in many (but not all) cases. One of us will point out something that seems to have changed (beyond the normal “I didn’t notice that before”) and others will comment about their related memories. Personally, I’m seeing no pattern to the slides. Not frequency or locations where they happen. Not so far, anyway, but this is too small a sampling to mean anything yet.

      Thanks again!


      1. There are various accounts of teleporting objects and cats,in gitm/reddit,if you count them as slides,we have some very substantial data to probe the tangibility of this intrigue.Mandela Effect may improve its perspective if this phenomena is included in the broad definition of sliding and a new topic of “teleporters” is created.

    2. Had a.similar experience with the Interview With A (the) Vampire topic on this site and related comments. Im relatively new to the site. When i first read it, there was no discussion of the subject. And then fairly recently (maybe 3 weeks ago?), there it was in the middle of comments and such.

      1. It’s interesting that the “Interview” topic in the listing at the top of the page is marked with an asterisk, even though the first mention of it in the comments was apparently back in May.

        Perhaps Fiona moved some posts around from another page to this one? Or these comments were added later from communications kept private at the time?

        1. Mike, I sometimes renew the asterisk when a topic has a resurgence of comments, either public or private. That’s to cue people what’s most recently active, in addition to entirely new topics.

  94. I’m not sure this has been touched on yet, but here goes. Today as I was driving I had a revelation when a butterfly flew into my windshield. Back in the early 2000s there was a movie, I’m sure most remember it, called The Butterfly Effect starring Ashton Kutcher.

    I have been a little obsessive as of late when it comes to the Mandela Effect. It’s so intriguing that I just can not let it go. I have complete and total memory of the BerenstEin Bears (also asked my gramma who raised me, and she said, “I read one to your second grade class, if it were Bern-stAin don’t you think you would have told me I was saying it wrong?!”, I’ve spelled definately like this my whole life until 5 years ago when I was texting an old boyfriend while sitting on a friend’s bed and typed it and it was not in my dictionary any longer, I remember dilemna (dilemma looks plain stupid), and as of late everytime is no longer a word it is two (which never ever had the red squiggles of a poorly typed word before). There are many other things I remember as well.

    Now that I’ve expressed how these memories are absolutely undeniable to me I can explain my theory. Just like in the movie I mentioned above, I think that possibly, there are huge chains of events that can be set off by trivial everyday actions. Every action has a reaction. Maybe, just maybe, as we go along stepping on ants and hitting butterflies with our windshields or even not picking up a piece of trash, there is a chain of events set in motion that we can’t reverse. Even though these things are happening in our current time is it possible that the results could somehow trickle down through time? Changing things like Berenstein to Berenstain. Our memories are intact but our world changes slightly. Is it possible these were all dismissed as misremembrances until the advent of technology and our coming together to share our concern for the changing of minuscule details of our pasts?

    Could one tiny event cause someone not to be born in the future and somehow, someway, cause a person not have been born in the past? I’m not sure if this has any potential as a possible explanation, it’s most definately a theory full of holes for now. But I thought I would share.

    Because there’s no possibility in my mind that this many people can adamantly remember the same things only to realize they are not what they remembered. There is something that is and I think has been part of our world forever but is now only starting to begin to become visible to us.

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