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  1. Ok fiona, you win, so survival of consciousness is not wishful thinking.Ho about that consciousness is contained in soul and while the consciousness is migrating to an alternate timeline the soul is left behind and a new soul along with new body is created.The discarded soul with some residual charecteristics sometimes appears as ghost.The migration of conciousness will be of little meaning to,say a person 80 yrs old,unless and i stress unless the world where it is migrating to,80 yrs old is a youthful age.Remember i had commented in an earlier post that chronology is going bonkers and 50 yr olders of now are as youthful as 30 yr olders of yester yrs.Maybe this is immortality or evolution or grand design,you tell me.

    1. Vivek, your comments are as challenging as ever! I really appreciate your thoughts on these topics. They help me look at this subject in different ways, often far beyond previous limits.

    2. Well Fiona I asked my son, his answer was “do you mean most haunted ? or TAPS ? so he also knows it as TAPS, When I told him it was actually called Ghost Hunters, is answer was well they have changed the name, but then asked me if I am not getting mixed up with the other American program hosted by a guy named Zac

      1. Pol, that’s great! It’s looking like the show was originally TAPS, but we still need to determine if that was in the current timeline or another one.

        (Zak is the star of Ghost Adventures… nice guys in tight t-shirts, supposedly locked into haunted sites, overnight.)


        1. i looked up “TAPS tv show” out of curiosity, and ghost hunters wikipedia came up, and i of course clicked it. scrolling through it looking for taps, i came across the word. T.A.P.S. its another name for the group jason hawes and grant wilson founded ( The Atlantic Paranormal Society)
          theyre also known as TAPS. but i dont know if thats what theyre called in the show, because I myself havent watched it.
          as for taps being the title, i think you probably have gotten confused. im not saying youre wrong and youre experiences never happened (i do believe you), im just guessing

          for the other experiences, i can relate. especially to shirley temples death, berenstein/berenstain bears and nelson mandelas multiple deaths.

          1. Serena, Jason is a personal friend. The TAPS logo does appear in the show on vehicles, clothing, and a few other places. It always has. And, Jason is very firm that Pilgrim and Syfy never had the rights to use the name TAPS. So, in this timestream, it appears that the show was never called TAPS.

            For years, I thought it was a newspaper error in the Houston (TX) paper where I first saw the TAPS show listed. When I saw the listing, I thought it was a spin-off of the movie, Taps. I’m a big Timothy Hutton fan, so that’s why I turned it on, in case he was in the TV series, too.

            Generally, I’m not a fan of military drama, so I was kind of relieved (and surprised) it was a ghost hunting show. The first show I saw was the one set at Brennan’s in New Orleans’ French Quarter. I’d already investigated it before the show aired. I didn’t like the way the show handled the investigation, so I turned it off and didn’t watch it again for several months.

            Since then, I’ve gotten used to Jason’s bluster. I’m also aware that shows are edited to appear extra sensational and perhaps controversial. So, the Brennan’s episode isn’t an issue for me.

            However, I have no doubt that I saw TAPS as the show name in the Houston newspaper’s TV listings. It’s a very clear memory, and the only reason I watched the TV show.

            I’ve already ruled out “confusion.” I think most of us have, before posting here.

            Sincerely, Fiona

  2. I believe that at some point in our near future, time travel has been achieved, and what we are experiencing is the effect of the travelers altering moments in our past, causing our linear timeline to “fracture”. The previous memories that remain within the current time stream obviously had a big enough impact on the psyche of the people who remember them that the shift wasn’t able to displace it, that coupled with the affirmation of many others who experience a similar memory, have helped the energy of the memory to remain linked to the previous time stream, even after the physical body has diverged down the parallel path.

    1. I remember this vividly, and I remember that there was concern over who would be in charge.

      This is not a separate memory of different events. I actually remember there being a huge deal about this because he had a stranglehold over the country of Cuba. This was not an issue with me mistaking him for Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong Il. He had fallen ill and there were concerns about who would rise to power, and talk that it would be a son. Then I remember his death.

      Could be I am mis-remembering his illness and just didn’t pay too close attention, but I was POSITIVE he was dead.

    2. My husband and I were also positive that Fidel Castro was dead, and were chilled to find out he wasn’t. As we both remember it, he was ill with cancer and Raul stepped up as interim. Then there was a period of time — at least a few months, maybe up to a year — in which the international community speculated that he was dead, but his people denied it. Finally, it was officially announced that he had died, and a few of the more unsavory international leaders, including Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made statements about his passing. I recall this being a few years ago, maybe around 2011. When I saw comments on this site saying “I remember Fidel Castro dying,” I thought “Well, yeah, because he did, right?” and looked him up. I was flabbergasted to see that 2 days ago, he made a statement about the Malaysian airplane that was shot down! He’s making statements?! BUT HE’S DEAD.

      My husband and I are also both 110% sure that they are the BerenSTEIN Bears, and no one can convince us otherwise.

      1. I’ve been reading this whole site and did not share any memories that people were talking about until this one, but I clearly remember Castro dying. Exactly like you said, with Raul taking over, etc. I remember video of the funeral, which was open casket and you could see his body, news stories about how this would affect relations with Cuba, etc. Also, I seem to recall the Clinton went to the funeral, although that part seems fuzzy and doesn’t really make sense.

        1. Just curious – which Clinton? Bill as an ex-president, or Hillary as (now former) secretary of state?

      2. I remember exactly this too! I was pretty young at the time, but my Mom loves watching CNN, so I was always up to date on these things.

      3. The Berenstein bears were a daily read in my house for YEARS! I just went on and put in the name Berenstain. There are only 8 people in the United states with that name. Seems highly unlikely. I don’t think the name Berenstain existed at all before this time switch. As far as the movie Field of Dreams- I did a google search with dates from 1990-98. I have found multiple academic papers that use the movie and the phrase “If you build it, THEY will come”. In academia it seems highly unlikely that this kind of an error would pass by. The star wars Luke I am your father line happened in my reality. So did “beam me up scotty”. I had forgotten about Louie Anderson on Family Feud, but kind of recall he died. I recall Mandella dying and Fidel Castro and was shocked recently when I saw a current picture of him and a news article. I think we are either ascending into a new reality that we don’t understand, or that we have majorly screwed up things with CERN or similar projects. But it’s incredibly exciting.

    3. I just did some research on this, because I remember an interview with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton where he talks about the only “blemish” on his record was “the Fidel thing.” I just googled “Perez Hilton castro” and this [] came up. It claims Perez, who is a *celebrity blogger,* was somehow the first media outlet on earth to report Castro’s death. I’m assuming that for some reason, some other media outlets caught wind of this and decided that Perez’s sources were as good as any and went ahead and reported it.

      Unless Perez shifted from an alternate timeline on that day, I suspect this is more of a case of misinformation and shoddy reporting than a Mandela Effect.

      1. It can’t be misinformation. People are literally remembering his funeral and the casket being open. The Mandela effect is in the details. Misinformation is just words said in passing at the water cooler at work. Mandela Effect is seeing it, seeing the event in details. The kind of casket the person was buried in. Watching people morn for the mans deaths on TV as the funeral is happening in real time. Its details. You can remember where you were,what you were doing, your thoughts on the event. Its hard to recall exact dates of events. I agree thats possible. But not the mans funeral. Thats what makes the Mandela Effects so amazing to us. Its really like two different timelines. In one he dies in the other he lives. As strange as the Mandela Effect is for some people to grasp or believe, the details prove to the people that have experienced the Mandela Effect that it is real. My husband remember Raul was his brother not son. We both remember Fidel Castro died along with so many other Mandela Effect memories we share.
        Every time I run across another Mandela Effect it just makes my stomach hurt and my mind ache.

    4. I remember a false report in the mid 2000s, probably related to the Perez Hilton mess up. Fidel had fallen ill and transferred power to Raul. He was ill for several weeks, during which the media reported his death, then apologized for botching it. He survived for a few more years and then died of what was suspected to be cancer, but no official word on it. The reason i remember this so vividly is because I’m a large percentage Cuban. My maternal grandmother’s family immigrated when she was seven and i grew up steeped in Cuban culture. It was very relevant in my life! I believed until this moment that he was indeed dead.

      1. I remember this too. I remember him being bald and frail and wearing a lightblue tracksuit at one of his final public appearances. I believe they speculated cancer, ann that he died of a heart attack. Up until a couple months ago, I was sure Raul was in charge.

  3. Seems anything is possible,like an artist in a state of happy vagueness when he finds himself confronted with a virgin canvas.Anything might take shape,dragons blue moon pink elephant bank robbers,or follow the course round to new orleans and miami,or in the fulness of time wake up to the excitement of chicago,new york or san francisco.Or stay right here in lucknow with a beer,anything goes in this surreality.

    1. Great comment, Vivek! Though I want to keep this light, the fluidity of your comment may be one of the very best so far, for representing how we can live comfortably with alternate realities, and even delight in them.

  4. I would have SWORN that the US has 52 states. And I was sure Honduras were an island. This is scary.

  5. I remember Mandela dying in 1987. I remember talking about it in school when it happened. I was also taught in school that a dirty bomb wen t off in Manila in 1972. I also seen bin Laden’s death reported on right after 9/11.

    1. yup.. 52 States.. oh goodness, Honduras isn’t an island? Sorry folks but I’m new here and I’m a bit gobsmacked.

  6. I distinctly remember having a mandela effect experience happening to me some years ago, when my parents informed me that someone had died and being so confused because I thought I clearly remembered them dying years before. I just can’t remember, for the life of me, who this person was. I’ve been wracking my brain for the past ten minutes while reading through this thread but no luck.

    Also for the record, I also assumed Nelson Madela was dead, but I wasn’t alive when people say he died in prison. I’ve always just assumed he had been dead for my entire lifespan (I’m 22)

    1. Sarah,

      That’s a great comment, thank you!

      Since before stumbling onto the Mandela Effect, I’ve had a theory — not quite MIB, but close — that there’s something in some events that makes us forget (or want to forget, so we do). My initial theory was about UFOs, since I saw one as a child. I completely forgot about it for over 30 years, until I saw a photo of a similar one on TV… and it brought back the entire memory, in full color, complete with the eerie sound.

      Then, I checked some old records to see if any UFOs had been reported at the time & location of my memory. It took a lot of looking, but I found it. I have no clue what that was about, because I was far too young to know anything about UFOs, when I originally saw it.

      I don’t have any MIB component to that memory, which is why I think the incident itself contained something that made me choose to forget it. (Shades of Dr. Who and the Silence, eh…?)

      I think this is absolutely fascinating!


      1. I am 75. I was 8 years old when the UFO crashed at Roswell, and can well remember the news stories. Then they were all hushed up.

        I have revisited the incident in my computer years and say it is true!

      2. I have a very strange memory of seeing a green streak of light in the night sky. It seems like it could have been a dream… but that feels like a lie. When i remember it, i actually feel drousy and remembering becomes a labor. Actually, im not convinced that what i saw was a green streak. Maybe thats all my mind will allow me to see.

      3. This is exactly what I was talking about on page 9 Comments! I realize now my redundancy. I’m trying to read the backlog while keeping up with the current posts, so I’m getting my wires crossed a bit. Nice to know that you’be experienced it, too.

  7. I’m not sure if these will count, but I’ve just remembered two other incidents and another was pointed out to me by a friend. One is a story I read years ago that I haven’t been able to find for the life of me, was about a woman who, as a girl, was at a family gathering and circled her house, only to find that when she got to the back yard, she was in the past. Then she would circle back around and things would be normal again.

    Another instance is a commercial I saw not too many years ago (long after the story) I saw a commercial with Brittany Murphy in it, long after she had passed away in 2009. In hindsight, this could have just been a slip-up by someone in charge of what commercials are sent out, and she could have just filmed it before she died, but I went searching for it and there was no mention anywhere of her finishing any project before she died. I only saw the commercial the one time, never again.

    Now this was just yesterday. I was talking with a friend of mine about Billy Currington (we both like his music), and his song Good Direction (a great song, I recommend a listen). I has asked her if there was a video, because it’s a single and those usually have videos. She said she distinctly remembered seeing the video, but when I went to look for it there was no official video. She went searching too and a lot of other people swear up and down there was a video, but there is no trace of one anywhere.

    Again, I don’t know if these count, they’re not exactly life altering, but strange nonetheless.

    1. I was struck most by the Billy Currington comment. I’m sure I saw a video with him selling turnips out of the back of his truck. So much so that when I read that there is no video for the song, I immediately opened a new tab and began googling. No video. ..

  8. Hi again
    coming back to let you know I brought up a discussion with some friends after reading and posting on your site. This was mainly about the death of Mandela, a couple of them also remember him dying in the 80s, one of them my closest friend who I have known from childhood could even give an account of us being together when we heard the news, the account she gave is possible because when we where younger we where inseparable, and we often use personal reference to what we where doing at the time of major events, I.e. being in the Odd fellows arms pub together when Prince Charles married Diana. I now wonder if the theory that we are living in many time lines at the same time, what is the difference between them, other then some major events ? is it likely my closest friend is my closest friend in another existence ?? its like when you lets say out shopping and bump into someone you have known for years and say.. “hello Susan” and you are met with a puzzled look then they laugh of your mistake because thier name is Mandy. is she Mandy in this existence but Susan in another but yet looks exactly the same ?

    1. Pol,

      Those are great updates and wonderful questions.

      That’s also one of the points that really intrigues me about Mandela Effect memories: People don’t just shrug and say, “Interesting. I must have misheard something on the radio or TV.” Instead, they have full memories including other people, what was going on around them, and so on. It’s not a trivial memory that was mentally filed in the “everything else” bin. It’s part of the person’s life, and a vivid recollection.

      Also, the Susan/Mandy question falls right in line with my current research. It’s an intriguing possibility to consider. For years, I was mistaken for a girl named Robin. After asking questions, I finally identified her as someone in a nearby town. When I finally met her, I was baffled. We had the same color hair and eyes, but that’s where the similarities ended. To this day, I have no idea why people would see me at a store and say, “Hello, Robin,” when she was shorter, a good 20 pounds heavier, younger, and… well, very different.

      If those people had cruised into this reality from one where my name was/is been Robin, the mix-up makes far more sense.

      Thank you!


  9. I just had a really weird experience recently.

    I was looking up the Columbine massacre and decided to check the date. Every resource I checked said it happened in 1999 but I clearly remember learning earlier on that it happened in 1996. Even my boyfriend remembers it happening in 1996.

    1. I’ve ALWAYS remembered writing about it in English class my Freshman year: 1997. And I remember talking to everyone about it that say in front of me. But little things like being into Marilyn Manson wouldn’t have held as much weight in 1997 as he was just breaking out. I always felt hazy about the freshman year thing but it was so vivid I thought I dreamed it. But I remember smells associated with it

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