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  1. I’ve noticed this happen to me personally.

    I have a classmate I’m friends with who, on a couple occasions, I’ve heard her mother refer to here as “(First name) Dewey (last name)”. I was sure ‘Dewey’ was her middle name.

    Just recently, I called her ‘Dewey’ teasingly, and she looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. She claims to have never been called Dewey, ever, and that her middle name was, in fact, ‘Joy’.

    1. I went to visit some reletives I hadn’t met before. When I came back, I was talking to my aunt about my cousin Michelle who I met and her daughter Kaitlynn. My aunt said her daughter’s name was Melissa, not Kaitlynn. I have no memory of her name being Melissa, and I distinctly remember her name being Kaitlynn, I even noted at the time that it was interesting since I have another cousin also named Kaitlynn. We spent a whole day together so I don’t understand it. But all current evidence says her name is Melissa, including her mom Michelle’s FB page.

      1. I may just be a complete lunatic, but throughout my entire childhood I just knew that my mother’s middle name was Lorry and my dad’s middle name was Truck. I was so weirded out when I grew up and found out that my mother’s middle name is actually Anne and my father doesn’t have one.

        1. This is very interesting.. look up the meaning of the word “lorry”.. you will find that it also means “truck”.

  2. Regarding the death of David Soul, someone on another website has suggested that it is mistaken for the death of Peter Duel, of Alias Smith and Jones who did indeed commit suicide and was found under a christmas tree… could that of been this ‘memory’…

    1. Can i just add that i am not a sceptic. In fact, my motivation is anything but..

      I came across this website from another alternative site, there was speculation whether Alan Whicker had actually been dead for a decade. Many people were concurring with this. There was a link to your site and i read about the mandela effect with fascination. Anyway, i was looking for a movie to watch last night (saturday) and i decided on a film called Rabbit Hole with Nicole Kidman, one of my favourite actresses, the only thing i knew about the movie was that she had lost her son and it was how her and husband coped. I did not expect for it to have an underlying theme of parallel universes and David Soul’s ‘Don’t give up on us baby’s’ quite minor hit playing in a car in one of the scenes. Quite a lot of coincidences in one day for someone who has never really thought about parallel universes.

  3. This one is kind of mundane, but when I was a kid, this movie called “Meet the Deedles” came out. First of all, I remember this movie having a completely different title, and second, on the night it premiered in our town in 1998, I went to the very first showing. I knew the whole plot and half of the lines already because I had already seen the movie a year or two before. My friend who went to see it with me didn’t believe me, but also thought I had “cheated” somehow in order to keep predicting the plot. I can not for the life of me remember any details about the first time I saw it, and the second time I saw it, it had a completely different name.

    This is not the only time this has happened to me with a movie, but its the only specific one I can remember probably because of my conversation with my friend. I remember writing it off in my 10-year-old brain as “sometimes this just happens.”

    1. This also happened to me with the movie “Radio.” I asked everyone if it had been a remake of an older “Radio,” but everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I had never read the SI article the movie was based on (I was only 12 when it premiered), but I even knew a few of Cuba Gooding Junior’s key lines. This makes me feel significantly less crazy.

      1. I had this very experience with the movie “Bullworth” starring Warren Beaty.
        I remember it because it was about a politician who kind of goes off side and I watched it only to HATE it and not quite get to the end of it before turning it off.
        Then 2 or 3 years later there it was, being advertised like it was a new release. I asked everyone if they remembered that this had already been out. for a while in fact.. no one did. I watched the trailers and totally recognized all of the scenes, I knew what it was about, etc.
        I figured that maybe it had just bombed so badly that they might have pulled it, shelved it, reworked it and then re-released it, but no one else remembered it at all.

        — and yes, I could also swear that Jack Palace AND Nelson Mandela died before the latest round of them dying.

        1. I have a similar memory of Bulworth coming out twice, but I always just thought they advertised it way too far in advance and the release was delayed a year or something. I’ve never actually seen the movie though, just recall seeing it advertised. I’ve been dismissive of the movie-related stuff on here, knowing that release dates, titles, scenes from trailers etc. really are changing constantly. But I do have a weirdly distinct memory of Bulworth coming out twice. You’re saying you actually saw the movie before it came out though?

          BTW, how confident are you that it was “Bullworth” and not “Bulworth”? I was pretty certain of Bullworth as well until I googled it to see if it had indeed been delayed or re-released. Normally I’d say, “oh of course, because bull is an actual word and bul isn’t” but the trippiest thing on this site by far to me is the Berenstain Bears thing. I used to even pronounce it “bear-in-steen”… why the heck would I do that if it was spelled with an a?

          1. That’s how I pronounced it as well. I’m tempted to go digging in my mother’s attic for my old books. My two year olds have just recently started watching the Berenst#in Bears on TV and I’ve been confused as to why they changed their last name was spelled.

          2. I remember it pronounced “bear-in-steen” as well, but that’s not very far off “bear-in-stain”. “steen” vs “stain”, pretty close. I chock it up to being a child and not paying attention. What would be bizarre to me is “bare-in-stine” (-stein) which is very far off any memories I have. “stine” vs “steen”, not very close.

            1. That’s funny Caleb, because I remember it as Berenstain. I watched dit when I was 2-5 years old and didn’t have television after that until a few years ago. But you are right Berenstein would sound weird. But no I remember it as Berenstain.

              1. How old are you Casey? I’ve found that many people born after the year 2000 remember it as -stain where as before they seem to recall it being -stein. Just curious.

            2. I bought those books for my daughter in the 90’s and both she and I recall them as “Berenstein”. We are both just flummoxed with the name change. And now, finding this site, I really am becoming convinced that there are alternate realities and/or someone messing with the space/time continuum. wow

    2. The first time that I watched Night at the Museum I absolutely hated it. This is why a few years later when I saw the trailers for it on tv, I was completely shocked to see that they were releasing it into the movie theaters when I had already seen it on dvd. When I commented on it during a trailer while me and my boyfriend were watching tv, he said it was impossible, because it was coming out brand new in theaters. Anyways, he made me come with him to see it in the theater, and sure enough I had already seen it, and I didn’t like it the second time around either. Weird. I always assumed that I had probably dreamed it because me and my family members often have dreams that come true, but I remember at the time being 100% sure that I had physically seen it.

    3. This is so freaky. I had this happen to me when I started seeing the commercials for Ted 2 this year (2015) but I clearly remember seeing those exact same commercials longggg before they started appearing on the TV again.

  4. Months back I shared my experiences in the “in confidence section”.

    This is alarming, Do you realize that if and when we slide, we vanish forever from our original universe? There are tons of stories on people that one day, they simply vanished into thin air.

    I want to call your attention to another aspect of this sliding phenomenon: dissapearing objects, missing things.

    I’m sure many of us have had this expirience, we have a loved object for example a childhood toy, a special memento and one day, these things are gone. It has happened to me and to my younger brother too.

    Best Regards

    1. Both events are unsettling. Sliding away from our home world forever, or having memories from another world replace our own. Personally I believe it is the latter as it makes the most sense, but I do not rule sliding out.

    2. Carlos,

      It’s possible that we vanish when we slide. It’s possible, and — in Bermuda Triangle stories (and, among my favorite, Bennington Triangle tales) — it seems that people do disappear without a trace.

      It’s also possible that an alternate slider (an alternate “us”) — from another universe/reality — slides into our respective spots in the timestream we just left. That makes more sense to me. A gaping hole of that magnitude could rupture the timestream too much, unless there’s a gradual build-up to the disappearance… a resetting of circumstances so the disappearance won’t leave too large a gap.

      However, if we slide into a timestream where the beloved object never existed, or was lost in an earlier event, it can be pretty traumatic to feel as if the item is permanently gone. It has happened to me and to my younger brother. I like to think that an alternate “me” is enjoying it, in my previous timestream, and that “me” is delighted to have such a wonderful possession.


      1. It still leaves the problem that eventually theres a reality where you just poofed. As you can’t materialize out of nothing.

        Although, folklore and paranormal lore states that people sometimes vanish into thing air, so who knows?

      2. Or what if you “died” in the original timeline but keep going in a slightly different one?

        1. I personally believe this happened to me and makes more sense. I personally believe the mandela effect is very real and might have ties to the “quantum immortalit” theory.

          I was involved in a double rollover car accident with a truck. But my memories before the impact don’t match up with what followed. The vehicle that hit me and the driver all seemed VERY different.

          I was told that the probability of me surviving that accident was 17%. That means, in 83% of the possible realities, I was smashed to death. This might explain the abrupt inconsistencies I noticed.

          I remember TAPS, Berenstein bears, and a few other examples clearly. My memory is generally pretty good.

          1. I am still expecting that one day I will run across someone, after one of those feelings. And they state: “I thought you were dead.”

            I know I have died two or three times.

            [edited to remove graphic details that could trigger others]

    3. The same exact thing happened to my grandmother. She insisted she had seen the new karate kid movie months before it had come out. She knew the entire plot. Still creeps me out today.

      1. Gurluas,

        The “triangle” stories are definitely in the “into thin air” category. I like to think people are just leaving the holodeck. Because it’s actually a program, they can return to it, rewrite the storyline so it seems logical, and so on.

        The people at Dragon*Con who asked Robert Beltran why his Chakotay (Star Trek) character was killed in one episode and then returned to the series without explanation… they were a little unsettled to find out that — in this timestream — that didn’t happen. However, they weren’t actually upset by that discovery.

        So, I think people are okay with these things, whether they understand them as a quantum effect, or prefer to think they misunderstood or misremembered in the first place.

        There may not need to be a “materialize out of nothing” issue. We simply don’t understand how this works, yet.

        To a time-traveler from long ago, the idea of flipping a switch on one wall to “ignite a candle” (turn on a light) 100 feet away, or pushing a button on a hand-held device to turn on house lights many miles away… that would seem preposterous. Or even dangerous.

        50 or 100 years from now, the “sliding” concept may seem perfectly natural. Scientists are making rapid strides, determining what’s going on and how it works. It’s simply not widely publicized, because the general public may not be ready for this.

        Actually, I think the popularity of paranormal topics — ghosts, UFOs, etc. — opens the door (no pun intended) to discussions that will make it easier for people to accept further “Twilight Zone” concepts… branes, superstring, LQG, and the possibility of infinite realities that we may be accessing without realizing it, yet.

        I think the Mandela Effect (the alternate memories phenomenon, not necessarily this site) is a superb, very personal introduction to these concepts. It makes parallel realities “real,” and then the question isn’t whether this happens, but how it’s happening.

        For me, that’s what makes these discussions interesting.


    4. This idea is really interesting to me. I don’t know if my experience applies, but when I was in the fourth or fifth grade, my dad had given me this little stuffed cat toy. I really liked it, so when it came time for a school field trip, I took it with me. I have clear memories of putting it in my backpack and looking at it while we were on the bus MULTIPLE times. When the field trip was over and we were on our way back to school, I searched my backpack over and over again and could not find the toy. I was really upset because it meant a lot to me, and my teacher suggested that I had left it at the field trip location. Naturally, I was totally bummed out and went home sad. When I explained the situation to my mom, she went to get some water or something to calm me down, and for some reason (perhaps I dropped something), I started looking under the couch. Imagine my initial surprise, followed by joy, when I saw the exact stuffed cat toy UNDER THE COUCH. I wasn’t bothered by this until I recalled the vivid memories of me looking at/playing with the toy on the bus.

      1. I had that exactly scenario happen with a misplaced purse – in my car of all places. Couldn’t find it but when a friend helped me look for it, it was sitting there in the backseat of the car on the floor.

      2. I lost an amulet on a beach at Lake Superior. I was only wearing swimming trunks w no pockets. It was gone. When I got home to Wisconsin two weeks later, it was there on my bookshelf. What?!

        Well, I lost it again for about 6 months. One day my laptop fell from my laptop bag which was still totally zipped up. It hit the floor at my work place hard. A student of mine noticed an amulet on the ground behind me. Yes, same amulet. I looked in the laptop bag several times for pencils, etc. So…Yeah. Hi.

        1. steve, like several other reports of “impossible” reappearances of objects, this kind of phenomenon has been reported for centuries, and attributed to faeries.

    5. The whole missing object thing, I relate to. Some time last month my fave coffee cup that I used all the time.
      Went missing and I asking everyone in my house if they had seen or had moved my cup. None of them had seen it or had messed with it. We looked in all the places that I would put the cup and no luck. My mom even remembered handing it to me on our back porch days prior to this happening. I remember bring it in and put it down on our coffee table where everyone could see it. From that point it went missing, but we didn’t realize this til days later when I wanted coffee and went looking for my cup and noting the last place I had put it. But it was not there. I remember the look of the cup and who had given it to me originally, but yet could not find it after that point. My mom felt so sorry for me, that she got me a new cup to replace it. My new cup is much better tho, but I do still wonder where the other cup went to? There are a few things on this site that I can agree with remembering for certain. The Bears book thing being one of them. Because of this I’ve decided to write down everything I can remember from my early days of life up to now in a journal I got recently. But I will keep checking back with this site to see what else pops up.

      Happy Membering,
      Daizy B.

      1. Update on my first posting. The cup came back. It was found in a spot that no one thought to look. Odd thing I guessed on where it might be before hand and was the one to find it. It was all clean and intact. Thing is the last I saw it, it was not clean because it had been use to drink coffee. So how is it that it got cleaned between it going missing and me re-finding it?
        By the way just to let you know, while I’ve been reading comments on this site since say like June 7, 2015. And omg I feel like the world has gone upside down while trying to cope with the understanding of these interesting life events. Their is an episode of the show Bones that all this makes me think back to. It take too much thinking to write out the episode here. But the main thing from the episode that stuck with me was that Dr. Brenden felt like her world was upside for 3 days due to a case she was working on.
        Oh by the way I thank the person that mention the anime Steins Gate. It has been such a great watch so far. I am normally not into anime so this is a rare thing for me.
        Also Fiona I have included a link to a photo I want people to see and get their thoughts on. I hope that’s ok with you.

        or this link if the above don’t work:

        If this don’t work let me know and I know it sez ghosty pic in the link and on the pic but I don’t think that’s what going on with this picture.

        1. They’re projecting a movie on the wall to the left of the woman, and part of it is shining on her.

        2. Daizy, cats take away things and lick them clean,rats too take away smaller items,in any case,cat did you a favour.

      2. Daizy – silly question…
        But if you write down all your memories, and things shift – what prevents the shift from happening in your notebook as well?
        This is one of those things that makes more questions than it answers….
        If the world changes, but you have memories that are of the pre-change – but the change was so pervasive it altered your safeguards to detect changes, how will you know if the world has changed?

        There’s another post above talking about going into their mother’s attic to retrieve Bear books… the problem is that in the world shift, the books would have also changed. We’re kind of flailing around here trying to merge our memories with the world around us at this time. It’s a lot like Schrodinger’s cat – the memory is of one thing, but once you perceive the “new” reality, your memory is going to wither and begin to die. Eventually all traces of the “old” reality will be gone – the box will be opened and the cat will be dead.

        Honestly, I expect the list of changes on this site to wither down to nothing over time. Or we’ll get an explanation for all this that makes the changes more apparent, and we’ll begin to build a tolerance for the changes and be able to retain our original memories better.
        But unless we gain that ability, the changes will become pervasive, and over time, no longer seem to be a paradox/false memory, but just a single “way things are.”

        1. Mike (not Mike H.),

          I understand your point, but disagree. To me — and some others — it looks like we retain some (not all) of our alternate memories, sometimes for decades.

          Also, some (not all) physical matter seems to “slide” with us, or it’s exactly the same across all realities. Each day, my journal is exactly where I left it, and its contents are the same as I recall. No shifts. My shampoo is the same brand, in the same location in my shower. On a bigger scale, Spaceship Earth is still the first attraction I see when I walk into Epcot (Walt Disney World), and so on.

          Could some of these things bypass memory safeguards? Maybe, perhaps likely. But not universally. I may forget to pick up another container of laundry detergent when I go to the supermarket, but I don’t forget the imagery of Nelson Mandela’s funeral, decades ago.

          However, I look at my class photo from when I was five years old, and I can recall the name of almost everyone in the photo, but there is one child who looks oddly out of place (focus, clothing, facial expression). I seem to have two memories… one in which I vaguely remember her, and another where I didn’t know anyone similar to her. I’m seeing more and more people reporting dual memories like that. Dominance may shift between them, but both memories seem to linger, often for 10 years or more.

          I also hear Mandela Effect reports from people close to me, such as the personal friend who went to a modern-ish grade school many years ago, and — returning to look at it, now — the building is a Victorian-era school building. It wasn’t moved there (in this reality) in the interim. I believe him.

          Then there are the reports of people suddenly noticing a second, identical (or nearly identical) item that they don’t recall having in the past, and can’t think of any reason why they’d have two of them. I’m seeing more and more reports like those.

          So, the Berenstein Bears books in someone’s attic might still be there… or they might not. At this point, we can’t be sure that they didn’t slide with us.

          And in digital terms, I’ve noted several reality shifts since starting this website, but it’s still here and — except for the occasional “Wait. Did I approve that? Did I write that reply?” and so on — it’s pretty much the same as it always was. So, the digital reality hasn’t changed significantly over the years. (Except that some recall me starting this site back in 2005 — right after the first Dragon Con “green room” discussion about this concept — and others recall 2008 or 2010.)

          So, at this point, I don’t think we can say that any part of reality is a constant across all timestreams, or that any obvious rules apply as we slide from one to another to another, and maybe back again.


          1. Fiona, first off thanks for clarifying which Mike was responding. I am trying to use the H. from now on. Not sure why I didn’t pick a less common name to use here.

            Regarding the duplicate items. I had not really given this topic much thought on here. But I have a pretty large CD and cassette collection ( just can’t get rid of them, they still play great). I even catalog and categorize them to an extent. But over the last 3-4 years I keep noticing I have some duplicates ( and in one case triplicates ) of certain albums. I have no recollection as to why, when , or how that’s happened. My memory is good enough that I can actually tell you where I bought each Cd. The triplicate one is especially strange, it’s probably my favorite album. Of course the title is ” Operation Mindcrime”. Go figure. Sorry for the ramble , but your post above just made me realize this strangeness. Mike H.

          2. I have had a very strange experience at Disneyland that I cannot explain. When I try to, people just give me this strange look. I have distinct memories of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride being different than it was other times I have been on it. Somtimes I the ride had an small slope and other times there wasn’t one at all. I am not sure if there are two paths the ride can go on but this experience has never made sense to me until reading these threads. Has anyone else experienced this? I feel insane.

              1. Another thing….the Pirates ride isn’t on a slope but the Haunted Mansion is. Could you be confusing the two?

                1. david royer, the Pirates attraction starts on a slope going downwards. It’s a gentle slope, and gives the boat natural momentum, but it’s definitely a slope. At all Disney parks, almost all attractions are refurbished, updated and improved each year. However, few have major construction changes.

                  1. The first few times I went to Disneyland, I also remember there being no drop (or slope) at the beginning of the ride. It wasnt until my more recent trips that there have been.

    6. I’ve read a lot about the spiritualism movement in the early 20th century, and there is a “phenomenon” , I can’t recall the exact term, that was happening in which objects would literally appear out of no where when someone would ask a spirit to produce something during a seance or spiritual gathering. The objects would appear out of thin air and make a popping noise right before they did.

      I was always interested in spirits and other worldly beings. I think that maybe we can connect with other dimensions and realities, and that they can interact with our physical property. And that is the explanation for things disappearing and reappearing. I think we overlap time/space/planes and end up grabbing things from another dimension and it disappears for them. Same goes for us here.

      I had a lighter that I had sat on my bed after lighting a candle one evening in my bedroom. I literally went to grab it about 10 seconds later to light another one, and it was gone. It was a neon green lighter on my light yellow and white comforter, it’d be hard to not see. I picked up the comforter and shook it out and nothing fell, I have hardwood I would have heard it drop, but searched under the bed and beside it anyways. After about a minute of looking and thinking, I must’ve put it somewhere else and I’m going nuts, I turned around to look on the dresser when I heard a pop and turned to see the lighter falling mid-air onto the ground from in front of the bed where there is absolutely nothing but air and a ceiling. The other me must’ve overlapped and grabbed my lighter before I did!

      1. Great concept! (My fiction-writing gears are turning. What a fascinating premise for a story, not just as a plot gimmick, but the issue the character is trying to resolve.)

      2. O.O Omg Gabby I understand what that’s like. Here’s something I posted over on the Mandela subreddit 7 days ago:
        I had something happen back when I was 2yrs old. I had fallen out of my second story bedroom window. My mother said that I was throwing toys out my window and there was this one I had thrown out that I didn’t want thrown out. Mom said I tried to get it back by leaning out the window to get it and had leaned too far and fell out. She said my dad was the one that got to me first. But I don’t remember anything between going out the window and returning home. My mom said while I was at the hospital I kept trying to go tords the windows. It was enough that my dad went home and put screens on the windows before I got there. I’ve noticed weird things ever since then. So there is a posiblitiy that I died and I should have figuring my age at the time and the dist from which I fell. But here I am talking to all of you folks.
        Also at the time this event happened, my parents were down stairs in the Living room in which is right below the bedroom I was in at the time. My mom said her, my dad, and a family friend saw the toys go pass the living room window. But the thing that gets me is, how did my mom know I was leaning out the too far if she was down stairs. Plus what I do remember is being at the window, yes. But did I lean too far, no. But I do remember feeling of being pushed out and after that, a major blank. I don’t recall hitting the ground. But that’s not the only thing that happened in that house. See, the house at the time belong to my Grandpa. So my parents & I were living with him. And the house itself was old, so it had a little bit of history to it before came along. So I didn’t know the was haunted til 2 yrs after we had move from there. So that leads to other spooky stuffs. Like, the ghost that was in my closet during my stay in my grandpa’s house. In same said room as the window event and same room for one other event that happen when I was 4yrs. That one I was in bed asleep at first and awoke to find myself face to face with the celing and once I had notice that I was floating above my bed. I started falling down to my bed and while I was falling one of my stuffed toys popped out of nowhere above me. Once I was on my bed I started crying. My mom and dad both came to see what was going on. I told them what had happened, my mom didn’t believe me. At the time she just thought it was just me being a scared kid. My dad didn’t say anything of what he thought of the event. My mom still doesn’t believe me on that. But every house I’ve lived in since then I have been able to tell if it’s haunted or not.
        But ever since coming across the whole Mandela Effect thing, I’ve had things happen that I now connect to this and now I am keeping record of when they happen.

        Sorry for long post, it was done over two postings and for the subreddit I go by daiblackrose just to let ya all know.

    7. Now. For me its things moved. For weeks after my daughter moved out her toothbrush was not in the house. My honey noticed it show up the same day I did. I clean the bathroom so I know the toothbrush was not in there. I texted her. She said it was in the bathroom where it always was sinse she moved out. On the sink in a glass jar(it was not there when she moved out).
      Then it just appeared.

      It had me so freaked out I was calling everyone and texting and that is how I found out for him he noticed that morning as well.

      Over the decades things would disappear then reappear. I am talking things like cookie sheets or baking pans. Nothing that got lent out or left in someones room etc. I tore the place apart looking for these items. Even the cat would disappear from house then magically appear in a bedroom that had door shut. After days of being gone.

  5. I have a memory of Billy Graham being dead back in like 2004-ish, A tv show called Mystery Science Theater and the thing the people in the above comments said about The Candidate movie.

    1. Hi Fiona,

      I like your website. I share the Billy Graham memory, the Tank Man memory, and I vividly remember Earnest Borgnine dying many years ago.

      Regarding what happens to the “old us” when we slide, there is a concept called quantum immortality. The idea being, if we die in one reality, we may merge with an alternate version of ourselves in another reality. There was a thread about this on ATS, where a large number of people experiencing the “timeslip living dead” phenomenon had near death experiences or been in accidents in which they should have been seriously injured but weren’t. I’ve been in two car accidents in which the car was totalled but I was virtually unscathed. Perhaps I jumped into an alternate timeline in which Earnest Borgnine and some other celebrities survived long after my recollection.

      1. Brian K,

        Thanks for the comment! The “timeslip living dead” is an intriguing concept. Depending on how you look at “reality,” it might make perfect sense.

        For example, let’s say each of us (individually, in all of our realities/timelines) is actually one entity playing a reality game in a variety of holodecks at one time. (I’m not proposing an “all of us, combined, are actually one giant consciousness” theory, here.) If one of your icons gets killed in one holodeck, you might reinvest that energy/attention in one or more alternate holodecks you’re in.

        Regarding retaining a memory from an alternate reality — one (or more) where Borgnine and others died — makes perfect sense to me.

        In this timestream, it’s clear that Mandela didn’t die until 2013. However, my memories of his far earlier funeral are still pretty clear. They’ve faded somewhat (as most memories do), but I know I saw Mandela’s funeral and watched quite a bit of it, long ago. Likewise, I can clearly recall being annoyed at the multi-day coverage of Billy Graham’s funeral. I’d turn on the TV to see a particular show, and see that it was pre-empted by his funeral. That occurred multiple times over several days.

        But, whether Mandela died in jail in the same timestream in which Billy Graham’s funeral seemed to go on & on… I haven’t a clue. It’s just not the timestream I’m in, at this moment.


        1. hello! this is all very interesting and strange to me.. i had one full NDE (as in i died briefly and came back) and another where i was hospitalized and the entire staff in the hospital told me it was a miracle that i survived. the first NDE was very profound and i was given the choice to return. after the second things changed drastically and significantly in my world (though nothing that couldn’t be explained of course). oh also i was in a car accident wherein i’m somewhat surprised i survived and the hours after the crash were very surreal and odd including barely receiving a check up even though i was thrown sideways hard and my head had smashed the windsheild (there was no seatbelt in my spot) and it was cracked/pushed out significantly but not all the way through. anyway..

          yes i do remember nelson mandela dying when i was a kid in the 80s and it being a very big deal. i wish i could remember details but i believe we also did something in school to honour him. i, too, remember being horrified when i heard about tank boy being run over. i’ve only asked two people if they have these particular alternate realities as well and one had neither, the other is certain tank boy was killed and didn’t recall mandela dying until suddenly he got pale and said ‘actually.. i kind of DO remember that..’.

          but here’s what’s weird. why in the world would so many people have this tank boy memory and all of the emotion/horror that goes with it if it didn’t happen? it seems impossible that a guy merely jumping onto a tank and then being taken away would rouse such feelings. that’s what’s so spooky about it to me. i remember being nauseated when i heard about it (though i do not recall seeing a clip, and probably would have refused if i’d had the opportunity) and there is no way i would have had that visceral reaction under the apparent ‘true’ reality. the guy i asked, too, was adamant that he was killed and recalled horrific details and his reaction. there is just no way so many people could be ‘misremembering’ that when it struck us all so profoundly, in my opinion.

          but yeah the mandela one is equally freaky in that i do remember when i heard about him sometime back thinking ‘what the heck, i thought he died?!’ and i’m VERY sure his prison numbers were used in some symbolic context, to honour his life.

          oh, another weird thing; i believe this changed right around the time of my true NDE: i used to have a photographic memory and now it is, what i consider, sh*t. people tell me it is ‘average’ and seems to be, but i used to remember literally everything and anything i wanted to. do not know if/how this relates per se, but it definitely would have come in handy in solving this mystery! just now it occurred to me that it could be some kind of ‘wipe’ caused by/necessary to sliding. haha, weird.

          1. I’ve also had “NDE’s”, and have had the same general experience as Abbey. The memory thing is spot on. The surreal change in character of the event is spot on. Not even sure what to make of it. It’s not something you can talk to people about.

            I remember the Fonzie death thing clearly.. even though I was watching reruns of it in the eighties when I was a kid. Now how does that work?

            The tank running over the kid was a HUGE world event. I saw that video, and the replay, and listened to news guys and the government use that as a reason that communist China was so evil for like 2 years.

          2. I was puzzled by the idea of “timeslip living dead” in conjunction with the widespread agreement on some of these memories. But then I thought: if the timeslip living dead theory were true, then maybe the reason there are large groups of people who share certain memories means that in the timestream of those memories, there was a huge disaster where many people died at once and slipped into this timestream together. If so… what the HECK happened in the Berenstein Bears timestream?!

          3. I have died several times, each time I end up in one of what I refer to as five reality’s (though I am aware of more reality’s).
            The most annoying incidents that I encounter are disbelief and what I refer to as the wolf boy effect (boy who cried wolf)

            I have traveled mid test mid dream (mid sleep is actually more common ( I know several “shift’ers”)mid conversation and mid action/activity.

            I love this ability because I view it as a gift. We are capable of viewing the world as a whole rather than as some objectified set point in a time based reality. We as a collective whole are aware of how individualized the world actually is.

            Sorry I got a bit Hippy there for a second. lol

            In a study I did 4/5 reality’s had the tank boy die. 9/10 had what that particular society at the time accepted as a “good” end to the Berlin Wall. Yet only 2 had near identical TV channel’s. (I am capable of shifting reality’s at will however, I often switch back and forth unwillingly due to….an effect I presume is similar to tectonic plates shifting.)

          4. I am glad that people who have had photographic memories are contributing to this topic. I was wondering what their memories might be, and it seems that, for whatever reasons, some of them lose their abilities after experiencing an event such as the ones you described. I’d love to know if anyone currently having photographic memory can recall the details of things like Mandela’s death, missing movie scenes, Tank Boy, the Challenger shuttle, etc. as they were before they changed to the current paradigm.

        2. Hi fiona, Assuming that the ‘mandela effect’ has always existed,and knowing that the recorded history before the advent of 19th century is not accurate to the ‘t’,also knowing that the ruling hierarchy of relevant times always manipulate the facts to make a place for the posterity as well as progeny.We can safely assume that if ‘mandela effect’ came into notice by the interested party,history can take a heavy knock to its foundations.So now history joins geography as a potential enigma.If you’ve ever glanced at listverse that lists group of mysteries in 10s package,there is a list that shows modern technology artefacts found in fossils thousands and sometimes millions of year old,so even the origins of modern science is an enigma,that completes the circle of human evolution.

          1. I remember how much it bothered me when a history teacher suggested history was actually “written” by those who ere left to tell it. I had never thought about it, but I am a critical thinker, I think visually, & literally. So, I focused on the “written” part of that statement. Imagine that someone “writes” our history, or creates it. Any thoughts, or did this occur to anyone else when you first were presented with this idea?

        3. I think we might be capable of being on the same conscious wave length. If we had the ability to use all our brains capacity. I think in this reality the most important Law is change. Nothing ever stops growing or changing (evolving). Our brains are no exception. If you take into account we have been changing from the beginning of our creation. I have a lot of quiet time to think.
          I always think every theory must start from the beginning. The beginning of our universe blinking into existence. The matter and stuff that was in the universe from the beginning of creation is what everything is made of including us. If everything including us are made of the same stuff we should be able to connect and communicate with all things in this reality. It just make sense to me that as we evolve are brain would to.

    2. Do you mean Mystery Science Theater 3000? Because I’ve seen it in bookstores and mentioned in shoutouts in TV and movies and books and my dad watched it before.

    3. Hey man, first comment here, I just wanted to reassure you that one of those things /does/ exist in this timestream. So tat TV show you remember is legit. It’s a pretty great show too.

      The only memory experience I’ve had that I can directly link to this is my first conviction that the star of The Naked Gun, and one of the stars of Airplane! Leslie Nielson, died sometime around 2003. I remember being legitimately distressed when I learned that this hadn’t happened, even though I liked the guy’s movies.

      There are two other memories I can’t place in time though, which seem to have not happened. One was listening to a radio in bed that stated a huge fireball was spotted over Mexico City, and my mother telling me not to worry about it and go to sleep, and another abut watching an old ‘Herbie’ movie in black and white.. that doesn’t seem to have existed as a small child.

      1. Surprised there is debate on MST3K being a show. It’s super popular, but definitely in an “Underground” sort of way. But nothing like people are confused on its existence. It’s a major part of my viewing as a child

        1. Jaysun – Unless there is something else going on, I think the only debate about Mystery Science Theater is the number after its name. I only viewed it once but in a hotel room at Walt Disney World with one of my best friends and due to the amount of laughing we did, it was very memorable. I will swear to the end that it was Mystery Science Theater 2000, but when I mentioned once she said “You mean 3000?”

          1. I can remember it being 2000 also, back in I’d say maybe 96-97. I watched it pretty regularly back then and even remember how the announcer in the beginning said “Mystery Science Theater twoooothoouuusssaaaaanndd” I had my son in 98 & didn’t watch it once he was born, when I stumbled upon it in the early 2000’s I had assumed that just changed the name to 3000 to sound more “futurery” I never asked anyone if they remembered it being they other.

        1. Oh dear lord, i’m not alone. My whole life i thought Chartruese was a deep red or purple. I considered it my favorite color for a long time. It wasn’t until my sophmore year in highschool that i found out it was a light yellow or green. My best friend was ordering her dress and wanted my opinion. She said that she was getting it in Chartruse and i told her that was the one I thought would look nice, but the only picture she has was this gross pukey yellow and i said, “i’m glad you’re getting a different color than in the picture, because that is an awful color”. She then corrected me that the one pictured was the Chartrues one. I guess, all along the color i thought i loved was actually Mauve?

        2. Yes chartreuse was a maroon-red color. It was only a couple years ago that I saw a crayon marked chartreuse and it was this awful green-yellow color, and I thought that Crayola must have made a mistake!

  6. Fiona,

    I had one of the most vivid “memory/dream” experiences of my life a few years ago that terrified me when I was confronted with it in reality.

    I don’t know if this goes along the lines of the Mandela Effect though.

    It’s actually pretty simple. So here’s what happened;

    The Dream/Memory:

    I was walking down a side walk next to some buildings in a place that vaguely resembled the city in which I live. However everything was pretty much shadow’s of Grey’s, Blacks, and small outlines of whites. I was walking throw what seemed like a river of shadow’s of people. But none of the people had any details within the shadows.

    Well I’m walking through this river of shadow people in this shadow city when all of a sudden I see this guy… As vividly as I see people everyday when I go out. He had a cinstruction helmet on, brownish red beard down to about mid chest, He was wearing one of those bright orange and yellow safety vests with cargo shorts and the tan work boots with orange and yellow threated laces.

    When I woke up I had no memory of this dream until one day I was out driving to a job with my stepdad and I see this SAME guy! Every detail from the dream in reality! To the T. He was working on some powerlines outside in a parklot in front of a convienent store.

    Because this experience freaked me out so much I had a small panic attack in the work van and shortly after I called one of my friends because I had to tell someone.

    No one has been able to explain this to me or tell me who this was. Because, nowhere can I find similar experiences from others.

    1. Assuming that the concept of Quantum immortality is true…You died in your home reality, and your consciousness jumped to a reality where you’d survive. But this also meant that there would be a few differences.

    2. I’ve heard that in dreams your brain can only use faces it’s already seen, whether you consciously remember them or not. Not sure how much truth there is to that. If it is true, then MAYBE (I’m not really convinced but it might ease your mind) you had seen this man before somewhere – in passing, in a photo – but didn’t consciously remember him. Then, you had this vivid dream and your subconscious pull this face out. Now you clearly remember it because of the dream. And you happened to see this same guy again, only you recognize him now because of the dream. It’s probably very unlikely, but it there is a small possibility I think. If that’s not the case though, what is this? Where do dreams fit into the Mandela Effect?

    3. This is pretty similar to an episode of “The Twilight Zone” (1985 color series) entitle “A Matter of Minutes”. You can watch it on YouTube (link below). You also may want to look into a recent phenomenon called “Shadow People”. While some people are considering them to be ghosts, I consider them to be visible manifestations of near by parallel realities as they are getting ready to merge, which is a primary cause of the Mandela Effect.

      1. Alan Wescoat,

        Thanks for that reference.

        The “shadow people” issue is an odd one, and I’ve been studying it for years. They seem to be aware of us, even before we notice them.

        One TV series (not “Ghost Hunters”) has been promoting the idea that shadow people are killers. I’ve seen absolutely nothing to indicate that, including studying shadow people in my own research. So, sensational TV shows like that irk me… until I realize that they’re no longer called “reality” shows, but “unscripted” shows, meaning they make no claims to truth or anything connected with the real world.

        A shadow person I saw linger in a brightly lit basement (in a private home in Laconia, NH, USA) — and captured in a photo — was clearly out of his time. As he moved, I saw the shadow of a tricorn-style hat on his head, and his shoulders suggested the kind of padding on 18th and 19th century British uniforms. He paused, as if hoping we wouldn’t notice him. Then he was gone.

        As far as I know, he never came through to this reality. Not in that basement or home, anyway. (Okay, someone is sure to reference the TV series, “Sleepy Hollow,” and suggest that another person — perhaps initially manifesting as a shadow person — did come through from early America, and inspired it. <-- I'm definitely skeptical, but I can't rule out the possibility that an event like that happened.) Also, in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Arthurian fiction, she referenced physical locations where "the veil between the worlds" is thinner. I'm not sure how that fits with Mandela Effect concepts. Maybe there are places where we're more likely to slide from one reality to another. Or place + time combinations that make it easier. (Or place + time + Moon cycle or some other array of time-and-space combinations, beginning to sound rather "Dr. Who." LOL) Interesting speculation, but we have little to support it at the moment. Cheerfully, Fiona

    4. I had a very similar experience. When I was a child I had a very vivid dream a few months before Christmas. It was just a black background, and I was scanning over a box. It was a game that I had never heard of, never seen in stores. When I was having the dream I didn’t even really realize it was a game completely. I distinctly remember the people and the dog on the box, the colors, and the letters spelling out: BRAIN QUEST. When I woke up I remembered feeling like that was really weird that I would dream about something like that and it didn’t feel like other dreams. When Christmas came around, I open up a present and it was the game, Brain Quest.

    5. I’m approving this but not others with similar content, because I need to make this clear: At some of my other websites, I’m happy to engage in these kinds of fun, whimsical, and speculative discussions.

      At this site, I want to keep the focus on the topic of alternate memories: what they are, why we have them, whether they’re increasing or if we’re simply becoming more aware of them, and the broader scientific implications.

      Since I don’t visit the Reddit groups related to Mandela Effect, I’m not sure if psychic topics, etc., are being discussed there. So, I’m not sure where to recommend taking this kind of discussion, but I won’t be approving comments that take us well off the topic of alternate memories. (Yes, I know I’ve approved some in the past, and I’m more flexible in the Personal Memories threads, but — even there — I’m going to be more firm about staying on-topic. The comment volume is too large to flood the site and RSS followers with off-topic comments, no matter how interesting.)

  7. A poor education is a subjective judgement. The discussion is about memory and memories. I remember Mandela dying in 1987 when I was 16, in high school, and Ronald Reagan was President. In 1977 Jimmy Carter was President, I was 6 and didn’t care about current events. When was that Peter Gabriel song released?
    The funny thing about New Zealand is that I remember it being almost due east of New Guinea so it would be hard to confuse the two.
    The United States has 50 states. Get a flag. Count the stars.
    Release date for Avatar 2?
    David Seoul was blonde. It was highly publicized because it was Christmas.
    Don’t know anything about the Henry VIII, however I believe the point was that they were all fakes.
    Ed Robinson died in 1973. That was 40 years ago.
    I remember Ernest Borgnine dying sometime after Airwolf ended in the late eighties or early nineties.

  8. Here is another well known one. There is a mythical Native American creature called the Thunderbird (a huge bird that carry’s people away). Well, many, many, many people claim that there was a photograph of this creature in an old book, stretched out across the width of a barn by some U.S. soldiers. Although many, many photographs exist that mimic the original, most people are convinced the “real” picture has vanished somehow, without a trace. There are message boards dedicated to hunting down this mysterious missing photograph but nobody can find it, yet so many remember seeing it.

    1. This is very fascinating. According my theory Cryptids are displaced creatures from other realities. They come in two form, photonic versions. I.E, ghostly images, and real flesh and blood beings. The latter being as rare as humans who come from other realities. That being a VERY rare occasion.

      1. Thanks, Chandra! I’ll have to look into this. The thunderbird legend is fascinating since it exists in many cultures on different continents, from before there was any clear way for those myths to spread.

        While the image in question isn’t necessarily connected to the legend about the actual creature, it’s still intriguing to me. Any time the thunderbird topic comes up — no matter what the connection — I find very weird tales.


        1. Okay, so I’m only 18 so my logic on this probably isn’t completely sound but maybe worth checking out. I’ve seen the movin Pretty Women several times and maybe a year or so ago I was watching it with my mother and this happens to be her favorite movie so she’s seen it more times than me but there’s a scene that takes place at a bar in the beginning that we had never noticed before and I remember asking my mother when that got there and if I had just missed it do to not paying attention but she had no recollection of it either. I can’t remember exactly what happens in the scene but I know it’s almost directly after he picks her up and she starts driving. We just dismissed it as nothing but after hearing about this it seems like it might be related .

          1. Are you referring to the scene where Julia Roberts’ character is sitting at the hotel bar and Richard Gere’s character comes in…she says “You’re late.” He says something like “you’re stunning” and she replies with “You’re forgiven.”

            That’s a scene I remember being in the movie and I’ve watched it a ton of times.

      2. Ive seen those birds before, well not me but on a website, those are actually real, the site and Wikipedia claims them to be an exticnt bird whose skeleton was found in the La brea tar pits in California.. Might be the same bird

      3. I realize this comment is from November, 2013 but I just had to reply. The photo in the above link does *not* show the Thunderbird picture everyone is talking about, nor is it remotely similar looking.

        I’m 28 years old/born in 1986, so I don’t have memories (of any type) regarding the majority of topics here other than the Bernstein/Bernstain bears, which I’d chalked up to mere incorrect spelling. However, I’ve always been interested in cryptozoology since a very young age and read anything in reference to mysterious/out of place animals I could get my hands on. Obviously this included the legendary Thunderbird, and the photo I can distinctly remember of a large, dead pterodactyl-esque creature hanging upright on a barn wall with 6 “cowboys” standing in front of it, arms outstretched to clarify the length of the wingspan.

        The really strange thing is, I only saw about 2 years ago that the photo was “missing”. I immediately thought to myself, “Ha ha, no it’s not. I know exactly where it is!” and later that day pulled out my 1993 copy of Mysteries of the Unexplained, and flipped to the page about Thunderbirds…only to stare at the page in shock. The picture I can so vividly see in my mind’s eye was gone. The hairs on the back of my neck actually rose, I was that freaked out.

        Since that day I’ve looked through every single one of my supernatural/cryptozoological books and even purchased older editions of ones I already own. But this picture is never in any of them, much to my frustration and chagrin.

        Needless to say, I’m glad to have found this truly excellent website that shows my insanity is at least shared by some other overly observant readers. 😉

        1. Your insanity is shared – ha, ha, ha,… I remember Zsa Zsa Gabor having died a number of years ago, then a couple of years later she was alive but in the hospital in serious condition. I think she died again, but I’m not sure. I also saw a memorial show about Billy Crystals life. Supposedly, he had died from cancer. Then he turned out to be alive, also. And, back in the early 2004? I had read that Elizabeth Kubler Ross had passed over. Then, I went to a class on death and dying only to discover that she was still alive. I believe she has once again died. Sometimes I wonder if I’m alive or if I crossed over – so odd…

    2. Thanks! I asked just to clarify what you remembered because you answered Anon by said, “Good questions.” Perhaps Anon doesn’t remember seeing the border around Mongolia on the atlas? I’ve always wanted to know my geography better but now I have an extra incentive to learn it – to see if changes later from what I knew to be true. (Of course, borders changes are easily explained , but land masses moving – as in the alternate New Zealand memories – not so much.)

      1. Julia,

        Thanks for bringing that up. When I say “good question,” it’s often because it’s I haven’t considered before, or it’s something I don’t have an answer for. For me, every serious question that challenges a “well, just because it is” way of thinking… it’s a good question. The answer may be simple, normal, and based in everyday science. Or, it may be based in alternate science, like the expanding Earth theory.

        That concept was introduced to me by Steve Scott (probably best known for his famous Batman “Joker” graphics) who was part of one of the Dragon*Con “green room” discussions about the Mandela Effect. He referred me to Neal Adams — also a comic artist — who’d done considerable study of the expanding Earth theory. (See, but start with ). I’m pretty sure it doesn’t answer most alternate geography questions, but it’s worth considering as a general concept in sharp contrast with what’s taught in school.

        Several others offer similar theories, but Neal’s are the most clearly explained in graphical terms.

        I guess my view is: Anything that gets us to re-examine “everyone knows” ideas about history… that’s a good thing. We already know that physics is very different from what’s still being taught in most elementary schools. The sooner people realize that, and take a look at bigger answers to confusing things — like why so many of us clearly remember certain historic events that, apparently, didn’t happen in this timestream — the more clarity we may have about our world and how it really works.

        But, even the expanding Earth theory doesn’t explain why, around 1990, I saw New Zealand on a map shown to me by a Maori friend (born in New Zealand), and the country was in a very different location than it is on maps I see now.

        With more, good questions, we may see patterns of anomalies and possible answers, and get a better understanding of what’s going on.


      1. frank, I agree, the quality of that photo suggests some expertise with Photoshop. If it’s real (unlikely, imho), it’s been remarkably cleaned up. If it’s fake, it’s superb artwork that took someone many hours with excruciating attention to detail. Either way, it’s a great photo.

      2. What is going on with the guys feet all the way on the left touching the bird. He has two feet on the ground and I looks as if his one leg is also bent and raised behind him. Weird.

        1. After reading your comment I looked at the picture again and saw what you were describing but then when I clicked on the image to enlarge it I was able to see better. He is placing all his weight on his right foot and then crossed his left foot in the front. Still kind of awkward looking in the context of the picture, but not an uncommon way to stand. I do it all the time haha 🙂

    3. I don’t have experiences of most of the things mentioned on this site (it was always BerenstAin to me, and Pacific islands are still where they always were), but I DO remember a Thunderbird photo! I followed Fortean discussions about it, and I agree with nearly all of the folks that the existing photos or (mockups of photos) don’t match our memory that it was in an old book…I read a lot of “mysterious happenings” books from the library in my teen years (which were the 1970s) so that image goes back a ways!

    4. Wow, really? I think I know exactly which photograph you’re talking about, and I had no idea it was ever “missing”! IIRC, it was featured in a Discovery Channel documentary about thunder birds because that’s where I remember seeing it. It was black and white, and the bird had feathers, didn’t it? Like a pterodactyl-sized vulture?

    5. I specifically remember watching this on Monuments at the Museum (Travel Channel show; Season 1 Episode 7). They showed the picture of the people that had killed it and the “creature?” was spread out.. I don’t remember if there was a barn or anything. I remember the people being farmer-esque not soldiers.

  9. Here are some cases worth looking into:

    Disclaimer: Most of these are unexplainable by normal events, although it is possible that they’re natural events that we simply do not understand and are unrelated to the research regarding alternate realities.

    Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson: They were sent to investigate an unknown radar blip and they both vanished. No trace of them has been found since.

    D.B Cooper: A very skilled airplane hijacker who managed to acquire 200k dollars and two parachutes. He was kind compared to most hijackers, he let most of the crew and the passengers go, then dictated a course to an area, he knew exactly what he was doing, and then he vanished after jumping out the plane with the money and parachute. No one has seen him since, or heard from him , although some money was found with matching serial number which could have been lost when he jumped out.

    Dyatlov Pass Incident: 9 hikers were hiking in the Russian mountains, when suddenly all contact was lost with them. A rescue operation was sent which found the tent damaged and cut open from the inside. Most of their belongings including their boots were left behind, they had left in socks and bare feet in -30 Celsius. Their bodies were found spread over a long area. Most of them had severe traumas, as if they were hit by a truck, a girl was missing her tongue, their clothing was radioactive, and it appears they tried to climb a tree but failed, as if something pulled them down, I.E, the branches were ripped off.
    This is by far one of the most intriguing case as it could very well be a Cryptid from another reality interacting with ours, or even exotic particles or other reality bending events.
    They were also reported as having a deep brown tan.

    The Bloop: A mysterious low frequency sound heard in the oceans, which is apparently biological in nature and judging from the distance the sound traveled this thing would be so big as to make a blue whale seem like a trout.

    1628 Incident: A Japanese Plane flying over Alaska had close-contact with several unknown disk shaped objects. This one was well documented and reported. No logical natural explanation exists for these mysterious objects witnessed on that day.

    1. Thanks, Gurluas! I’ll add those to the list as soon as I have just a little more time. Meanwhile, if anyone reads this and can add more information to any of those points, please do.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. the bloop was said to be a ice quake don’t feel bad if you don’t know what one is i had to look it up too but even this not a accepted source

      1. No they’re not. The Bloop is possibly a sound from another reality, and D.B Cooper can even be a traveller.

  10. One more important thing to know…Is if you’ve seen something that cannot physically exist in our universe but our mind can record.

    First you have imaginary colors, essentially color shades that cannot physically exist or be shown due tot he light spectrum, but our eyes contain data for them.

    Then you have actual colors who aren’t possible for us to see.

    They are technically possible, but there is no way for our eyes to perceive them normally.
    So if we see them especially in places such as a haunted house, it may immediately be a sign of the sixth sense perceiving things from an alternate reality.

    1. Wonderful, Gurluas! I’ve been thinking of exploring color as a means to investigate haunted places. This adds a new dimension (so to speak) to that idea. Thank you!

      1. I realize this is an older comment, but had to chine in.

        I perceive “spirits” as impossible colors. The super orange shade in the Wikipedia article, and the Stygeian blue as well. I’ve actually talked about this with my husband before, I described them to him as “auras”. I’d been being watched by an orange one (actually followed from several different places we’d lived) and after a while I couldn’t take the sensation and glimmer of colors that don’t exist out of the corner of my eye and told my husband, because he’s had paranormal experiences before. His recommendation was to talk to it. Basically let it know I knew it was there, and ask it what it wanted. So I did, and it went away…I didn’t get any sort of response, it just stopped abruptly.

        As a note, I do not get a sense of malevolence or danger from the super orange, just that annoying feeling of being watched or something vague and distracting moving just at the periphery of vision…like a curious kid that’s hanging around.

        A further aside, I have always held the opinion that certain animals are aware of planes of existence that we are not, because they see in spectrums we do not and hear registers we do not. With the number of comments I’ve seen referring to alternative memories having striking or vivid colors, as well as in my own memories, I have to wonder if that is a quantum component of this phenomenon. For example, in the reality where Billy Graham died, I remember blue being more “electric”. In the time stream where the Challenger explosion happened in the fall, the sky was a brighter blue and the sun was more yellow, and the color brown (in the fall tree leaves) had more red in it. In my memories of Sarah Michelle Gellar being pregnant during the filming of Scooby-Doo, green was a much brighter color than it is looking at the movie poster now. I have to wonder if the alternative time lines exist simultaneously to the one we are experiencing, but with minute changes that place them outside our normal ability of perception.

        It raises a question about differences in human abilities and evolution, I think. I have always been able to hear “whistle register” sounds, like the run off groove on the Beatles Sgt. Pepper, and I have exceptional color perception. Is that because of slight differences in my genetics that makes those abilities exceptional, or is it because I’ve slid (or coalesced consciousness) from a reality where those things are normal and somehow retained that ability? If someone is red/green colorblind, have they slid from a reality where that spectrum is different or they don’t need to perceive it…but now they are in *this* reality where red and green are not the same, where a spectrum of light exists that they have no ability to detect “correctly”? How about people with their appendix on the opposite side, or people with 3 kidneys (or only 1) and it’s not discovered until adulthood and by accident?

  11. I distinctly remember Robin Williams dying during his Mork and Mindy years. When his movie career took of it came as a bit of a shock! Anyone else have this Mandela effect?

    1. Richard, this is the first I’ve heard of that particular Robin Williams memories. He’s so high-profile, I’ll be very interested in whether others share your recollection. It’s not exactly the kind of thing one would mistake for another celebrity’s death.

  12. Apparently Nelson Mandela died yesterday.
    (5th December)

    Odd thing was, the first news reports didn’t pop up until hours after he died.
    I checked the time stamp on them, and apparently they were posted earlier yet I didn’t notice them even if I was browsing that site, and no one else noticed either.

    This is curious, let us see if he stays dead.

  13. Can you start a Dom DeLuise section please? I see that someone else mentioned it and it is one of the more obscure alternate timelines. That’s the one I came from. Had an NDE in 2005 and I am certain that I came back into a different timeline.

    1. NDE Survivor,

      I will add Dom DeLuise to the list. He’s been popping in and out of our reality, repeatedly, and it’s been very confusing to tell what’s real, what’s just a hoax news report, or what.

      In my opinion, the NDE experience could easily open doors (literally) to an alternative timestream where you’ve survived, as opposed to the previous one, in which you might not have.


      1. According to the Quantum Immortality theory, we never get to experience our own death, because our consciousness will always jump into the time-stream where we are alive.

        So for an outside observer we die. Which basically means that the NDE Survivor is not a survivor at all, and died in another reality.

        1. Gurluas, I think this is an issue of semantics. We’re all survivors. The variable is how we describe the experience.

          But, to outside observers in various and alternate timestreams, we may have “left the building” many times. If an alternate timeline is created for each possible outcome of every situation, that would mean a nearly infinite number of bodies abandoned in alternate timestreams. In theory, I suppose we’re each “dying” somewhere, in some timestream, every moment of every day.

          Of course, that’s where Time-Space and Space-Time start tangling, and the words become ineffective, if not downright confusing.

          I like to think that we’re all survivors. Being an NDE survivor — with a clear memory of that event — is notable. Often, those are people who can consciously access more useful information for this discussion, from a first-person viewpoint.


          1. Hi fiona, This matter of death and survival of conciousness is more of a dread than any real understanding,at least among our group.I don’t think this wishfulness is healthy,the prospect of it takes such a lot of kick out of the living period,it’s not very relishing to visit one’s burial site frequently,although in these times of limited prime sites for a decent grave, the rule of first gone first served is generally followed. Flippantly vivek

            1. Vivek,

              I’m chuckling over the “first gone, first served” comment. Ghoulish.

              Also, I’m not sure I’d say the survival of consciousness is anything wishful. I think that it is… period and full stop. Whether it’s the best option is another matter. However, being entirely serious here, I think we’re wandering into semantics and extreme speculation.

              Depending on external factors that we may (or may not) be aware of, our perceptions could be 180 degrees from what’s real.

              Personally, almost everything is interesting to me. So, the “what’s next…?” prospect isn’t daunting. Plus that, from my ghost research, it seems almost ho-hum normal. I’d also reference Stuart Wilde’s comments about his contact with “the other side” and how very average people seem, coming through from that plane. Kind of a “stupid here, stupid there” kind of attitude, perhaps cynicism. I’m not in full agreement with him, but I’m always interested in others’ views.


          2. Thank you for adding him! You know, after I typed the word “survivor”, I wondered why I self-identified in that way. Part of the surviving was my ability to come back here. I also think I chose the word because I’m still living and coping with the aftereffects and in many ways feel a victim of it.

            The place I went to was more real than anything I’ve ever experienced, and there was no linear time there. Nothing has seemed truly real since I got back. And when nothing is real, well, it’s just hard for me to connect to joy. If nothing is real, everything I think about doing seems to be so pointless. It’s a struggle for me to find meaning in life when everything around me feels like a stage prop now. My life before and after the NDE changed drastically. Once in awhile, I run across stories of other NDE people who are struggling with their return.

            The thing that keeps me going is trying to seek out the truth.

        2. That doesn’t make sense, what about dying of old age? Wouldn’t we just live forever?

          1. Andrew, I think that’s the point: Maybe we do live forever. Maybe we just “slide” through gradient realities, in which science has made health-related advancements so bodies can be rejuvenated, naturally, and — eventually — we’re immortal. (Religion has taught that we’re immortal spirits, anyway. I’m not going down that volatile road in this discussion, but exploring that concept as a simpler way of describing the transitions from this, more mortal and limited lifetime/reality, to one that’s infinite.)

            Yesterday, seeing the reports about using brain and ankle material to enable a man with spinal cord injuries the ability to walk and drive a car again… I had two thoughts:

            1. What if we’re in a holodeck where we’re experiencing a key period in ancient history? What if this apparent lifetime is actually a history class? (That’s not an original concept. I think the first place I read it, articulated, was in one of Robert Scheinfeld’s “Busting Loose” books, and he bases it on ideas like “Shore Leave” from the first Star Trek series.)

            2. What if Christopher Reeve “died” in this reality, but “slid” into the one where this week’s announced medical breakthrough had been perfected, so he could live a full, normal life again? I kind of like that idea.


            1. Hey Fiona (or anyone else),

              This topic has really stuck out to me as I look through this website. I apologize for opening a two month+ old topic, but as a visual person, I’m trying to picture this. I imagine that when we “die” we go to a timeline that is perhaps very similar to our own, so that the gap doesn’t seem as large. Correct me if I’m wrong, but would that mean these timelines are all already in place, or perhaps do we make them as we change realities?

              I was pondering how, for instance, if the human race lived long enough to be swallowed by the sun. The closest timeline would, theoretically, be “us” (a loose term) escaping the Earth to somewhere farther in the solar system? But for a normal citizen like myself, I wouldn’t probably be on such a mission unless some mythical aircraft was made to carry the world’s population. So would I go through multiple splintered timelines where I die in similar ways, until I get to a place close enough to one where I survive longer? Or would I change lives entirely to either a different entirely person (DNA and such), versus a different version of myself (such as the same person with a different occupation)? I hope I’m explaining this in a way that makes sense. Hopefully this pondering of the theory isn’t too abstract and meaningless, I’m just very curious in understanding all of this.

              Thanks, Lauren.

              1. I think it has much to do with a “physical” death and shift of consciousness. The only thing is that it if this theory is true then most of us (singularity split over various bodies- like a broken mirror reflects all parts of the picture with subtle differences) have died around the same time.

                The last major death that I can think of may have occurred around the end of 2012. During that time I experienced a lot of weird things. One was witnessing someone I knew gaze off while we were working. It was as if she was not there. Three days later she died along the interstate leaving a club. She appeared to me later that day asking me to do something that I think I have fulfilled.

                Another incident was on my way to work and I was just a few minutes away from a major accident scene. Apparently, there was a small accident and the people got out of the car on the interstate. A truck did not see them and hit everyone on scene. The bodies were at opposite ends of the highway.

                Third incident, I managed to swerve and not hit a huge carcass in the roadway that was the size of a cow. When I got to work I found out it was a large man. (I worked for the D.O.T.)

                Soooo many things seemed to happen around that time and would take a while to detail them all. I do think that it is interesting that for some reason sometimes we know, or the person knows, of pending death 3 days before hand.

                The last major phase seems to stem around 2001 and I can not say enough to emphasize that. 2014 seemed like a natural shift where things reversed and cosmos at work. 2001 seemed more like a forced change which took advantage of the consciousness as a whole.

                At this time, this is the only thing that seems to answer the reasons for changes in things we know we remembered. “Quantum Immortality” as some may say.

                1. Daniel-

                  I have had the thought that some of what we dream, daydream, imagine, etc. is perhaps what our alternate selves are actually experiencing at that moment. I actually first had this idea DECADES ago and had forgotten it until reading your post. That isn’t to say that we don’t ALSO imagine and dream, but the REAL vivid ones, or the images that just seem to pop in our heads out of nowhere…..maybe…just maybe.

                  1. Whoops…I apologize Daniel…I somehow clicked on the wrong post….It is actually Mat’s post a little further down this page that I intended to reply to.

                    1. Jordan, that’s an easy mistake in this sea of comments. Don’t worry, this has happened to many people. If I could move the comments to other places in threads, I would.

            2. Fiona,

              Could you please email a link to the info you mentioned here about spinal chord injury? My brother is paralyzed with an SCI so I’m always looking for stuff like this. I did a search but didn’t find it.

              “Yesterday, seeing the reports about using brain and ankle material to enable a man with spinal cord injuries the ability to walk and drive a car again.”

              1. Paul, I’m posting this as a comment (albeit off-topic), in case anyone else can benefit from it.

                Most of the media coverage that I saw was from Sky News and the BBC, as considerable research is based at University College London. Currently, this surgery is for a specific type of spinal injury, but if a patient meets the criteria, doctors say they’re “prepared to consider patients from anywhere in the world.”

                Here are some links:

                Paralysed Man Walks After ‘Historic’ Surgery –
                Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant –
                Paralysed Man Darek Fidyka Walks Again: World-First Treatment Uses Nose Cells to Repair Spinal Cord Injury –
                A world first as paralysed man walks again –

            3. I have been bordering on obsessing over The Mandella Effect for the last few months, and I have started noticing some really weird occurences lately.

              In the last 2 months, i have had three occurrences of reality bleed. Reality bleed….reality overlap…..I don’t know what to call it. Anyway, i have remembered my own death or had alternate memories of family members deaths intrude on our reality three times in the last couple of months.

              For the first occurence, I kind of zoned out at the wheel and vaguely remember hitting a gurdrail, but it never happened. Shortly thereafter, I started remembering things that never happened or never existed. The craziest one was for a short peroiod of time I could remember having twin daughters, but, in this reality anyway, they never existed. Immediately after it happened I could remember them as clear as day, but the memories have almost completely faded. The scary part about it is that my wife miscarried a set of twins back in 2006, and the ones that I still vaguelly remember would have been roughly the right age.

              Another one happened a couple of weeks ago. I was working on fixing up my basement, and I coughed and could taste pool water. My wife and kids were swimming in the swimming pool at the campground where her parents have a membership. My immediate thought was that it was a premonition of one of my kids drowning, so I frantically tried to get in touch with my wife. Shortly after that I had a vague memory of drowning. My thought is that I went with them in an alternate reallity and drowned in that timeline. In fact I think the strong feeling that my kids were at risk was because I drowned trying to rescue one of them in that other reality.

              The third involved my wife dying from complications with her diabetes over this past weekend. It was the least intense of the three, but still rather disturbing.

              I’m not sure if my being aware of The Mandella Effect has resulted in me being more sensitive to these shifts, or if these are just false memories.

      2. We are still learning about formation of memories. Can some of this be explained by false memories or short term memories being misfiled into long term?

        1. Weirdo, I believe it could be a false memory if it was unique to that person and no one else. I’d also give the explanation credibility if connected people seemed to share the same false memory. So far, the majority of people are giving credible, unique descriptions of events and most (not all) details match comments by apparently unrelated people. Further, this topic originated in a Dragon*Con “green room” discussion where the subject came up spontaneously and a surprising number of people shared similar memories of Mandela dying in prison.

          The question of short term memories being misfiled into long term is probably a similar issue, but I’m not quite sure what you mean. If you mean the person filed the recent memory of Nelson Mandela’s death as an event that happened over a decade ago… no. That doesn’t apply in most reports I’ve seen here. About 90% of those kinds of reports were posted over a year before Mandela’s death and included details that could only represent Mandela.

          While some comments are clearly “me, too” additions or explained in other, very normal ways, the majority of reports at this site seem genuine and not a pathological issue.

          I hope that’s helpful.


          1. Fiona-

            I want to thank you for this site and all the work you are putting in to it. I also very much appreciate the way you handle yourself when dealing with some of the critics (Ivan the probable troll).
            I personally never heard of the Mandela Effect until just a few days ago. I follow all types of conspiracy and fringe-type theories with great interest. I find a huge level of entertainment in them, whether I personally believe in each one or not. Even when skeptical, I try to respect the beliefs of others and not make someone feel bad if they believe something that I don’t. I am aware that the reverse can just as easily be true and hope people treat me the same way.
            I started out a little skeptical of the Mandela Effect. Truly, a LOT of what I am reading I think very easily could be chalked up to simple mistaken memories, no matter how certain an individual is that such-and-such occurred a certain way. I also believe that some of this can be explained by the age we live in, this age of the internet. Just a couple weeks ago, for example, there was a hoaxed report about James Earl Jones dying…it was all over Facebook and some other media picked it up, as well. Undoubtedly, many people read it but there are probably a few who somehow did NOT hear that it was a hoax and in a few years they will be left feeling it’s another example of the Effect. they will remember that James Earl Jones died.
            Having said that……there is just NO getting around the Berenstein Bears. OR the flesh-colored Crayolas. I was born in 1968….I VERY vividly remember coloring with “Flesh”…..right out of the 64-pack of crayons that included the built-in sharpener. That would have had to be mid-70s, at least.
            I’ve been doing my own experiments….I’ve been conducting my own polls. I haven’t shared the concept of the Mandela Effect with anyone, either before or after asking….and I’m including people from a wide spectrum (young, old, smart, less so)…..I go into it asking if they remember the Berenstein (pronouncing it STEEN) Bears and if they remember how to spell it….then I ask if I’m pronouncing it correctly. NO ONE I’ve asked has spelled it with an A or pronounced it that way. Simple law of averages would suggest that if it’s always been so, SOMEONE should remember it. The only occurrences I am aware of people remembering it spelled that way are the VERY FEW I’ve read in comment sections like this one. Simple law of logic…..If 1000 people remember something one way and six people remember another, the six are the ones who will be wrong (well, if anyone truly is wrong, in this case).
            Well, this went a lot longer than I intended…I apologize, probably just should have started a separate thread. Thanks again!

      1. Hi, MadCap. Yes, I can elaborate. Thanks for asking. I have sleep apnea and quit breathing in my sleep. I usually wake up gasping for air, but not this time. I quit breathing and then experienced brief (and terrifying) sleep paralysis, after which it felt like I drifted up out of my body and then was squeezed through a tight hole/tunnel. I emerged quickly, and was at the edge of the “white light”. It wasn’t just light though. It was viscous, like a fog, but also organic, in a sentient way.

        I need to stop here and explain that during all of this, from the moment I quit breathing, I kept being “told” that something had gone wrong. This was a mistake. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. It wasn’t a voice I heard, but it was being communicated to me. I was very panic-stricken because I felt so helpless and didn’t know how to help correct this mistake.

        I’ll skip some personal things that happened to me in regard to the light. Suffice to say, I was given a choice to come back, and I chose to do so. Part of the reason I chose to come back was because I was distressed about my family and my inability to tell them I was okay. Much of my decision was based on my new understanding of time. Where I was, in the the light, there was a complete absence of time. It’s a feeling I have no way to explain or communicate. But there was no time. TIme did not exist. I could see Earth in the distance and knew that my family was there and locked into linear time. It was horrible to think of them grieving on linear time, and that’s when I came back.

        Since that experience, I have had a lot of trouble with time. I don’t experience it in the same way. It’s like my time-lock and my time-stamps got damaged.

        The most disturbing thing that happened after I came back occurred within 24 hours. I became obsessed with going to law school. I could not understand why I didn’t have a law degree. I started studying like mad for the LSAT, and looking into schools, etc. It’s all I could think about. Interestingly, 20 years prior to this, I was in a pre-law program in my Freshman year of college. I ended up changing my major and regretted it off and on, fleetingly throughout life. But this post-NDE feeling wasn’t about regrets. It felt like something was not right with my reality and I was trying to fix it. The urgency of getting the law degree faded over the next few months, but I’ll never forget how intense it was, and how immediate it was. I was take over by it.

        So, that’s my story. I don’t remember having any “mandela effects” prior to my NDE, but have had several since then. Lastly, nothing here on Earth is as real as what I experienced in the light. The mandela-effect is often discussed in terms of *what* is reality. For me, it’s also, *where* is reality. I don’t think it’s here.

        1. Dear Survivor,

          I’m glad someone asked you to elaborate and that you did. I had been curious as well. I have read at last four books by NDE survivors – I find the subject endlessly fascinating. I also like the nderf website. Your comment about the absence of time is one that I’ve read before and find most fascinating, and also hardest to understand without experiencing it.

          I don’t have any memory of an NDE (I hope I’d get to remember) but at age 44 I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea – 102 apneas per hour when I was tested in the sleep time – three times the severe rate. I knew I had some sleep disorder but that was a surprise to me that it was sleep apnea as I was relatively young, overweight but not extremely so, and didn’t snore loudly. I’m thankful for my BPAP because I don’t know where I’d be now without it, or if I’d be here. My poor sleep resulted in constant exhaustion and frequent illness.

          But what I most wanted to say is that I haven’t been able to get your last comment out of my mind since I read it, “For me it’s also ‘where’ reality is. I don’t think it’s here.” I think that’s really profound and I so agree. This is the thing the pure materialists can’t accept – for them there is no OTHER reality – just what we see, can measure. I think THAT’S nuts. I wonder how they can be confident materialists when we now know that most of the universe is made of “dark matter” and not understood. Anyway, I also have trouble sometimes taking the here and now seriously enough. At age 50, I still struggle with what to DO with my life, when I know it’s not really reality or my ultimate home. The minimum I come up with is that are supposed to LOVE and treat people right – that at least I know.

          1. Julia, thank you for your response. Yes, the absence of time is difficult to explain. It is buoyant. Stasis…maybe, but not quite. They say time is of the essence, yet, I found that true essence is devoid of time.

            I am also 50 and hope it is not too late for each of us to discover our purpose, or at least feel a sense of purpose in light of questionable realities. “What now?” is the dilemna (yes, I’ve spelled that correctly) of an awakening.

            I enjoy your posts, and I like what you say here:
            “The minimum I come up with is that are supposed to LOVE and treat people right – that at least I know.”
            This mortal coil would benefit from your line of thinking.

  14. Question is how do we know tomorrow we will not be seeing Mandela alive again and forgetting he died?

  15. I’m only 15 so my memories are somewhat limited, but I did have a “Mandela Effect” relating to the number of US states, geographical location of New Zealand (top right and close to Australia I think), a ghost hunting show called “TAPS”, MLK’s close-range pistol assassination on a balcony, and Neil Armstrong’s death in 2013.

    1. hope I am not boring you keep replying, but I find this subject fascinating. But do you also run any pages on haunted places etc I have stayed at many uk places that are considered haunted, odd occasions on a lets say a ghost hunt, but more often then not for other reasons. I have had lots of experiences over the years, from sightings of full body sightings to orbs and audio. My beliefs over the years as some what shifted, to when I used to think the sightings where all ghosts in the meaning of all being dead people to my thinking that maybe a shift in some sort of time line is allowing me to see an event or a person ? I often wonder if its myself who is shifting between times or the so called “ghost” ??

      1. Hello again, Pol!

        Your comments are delightful. I’m enjoying them, and nodding in agreement.

        Though I’d never intended it to be such a large part of my life, I’m probably best known for my ghost research. What started out as a few “how to” articles have expanded to over 600 articles, several books (most of which are in revision, or need revisions, soon). Right now, I’m moving most of my articles from to, and breaking them into topics. As time permits, I’m updating them, as well.

        The reason my articles and books need to be rewritten is partly because I’m a much better writer now. In addition, some of my books were rushed. Mostly, my views of ghosts have changed significantly. That shift began around 2008 or 2009, I think.

        It’s clear that some “ghosts” can interact with us consciously. Something at the Falstaff Experience (Stratford-upon-Avon, England) is doing that more than most. It’s one of the few sites to leave me almost speechless with surprise.

        I believe many (perhaps most) ghost sightings are actually brushes with people who are alive and well in their own realities.

        However, I believe that many “ghostly” entities — whatever they are — think we’re ghosts or aliens or even faeries, just as we come up with ghostly explanations on this side of the membrane or veil, or whatever you like to call the apparent barrier between us.

        Quantum breakthroughs have influenced how I look at what people label as ghosts. Also, my more recent views have been supported by things I noticed among fellow paranormal researchers.

        One was a fellow author, who mentioned that — during an effort to contact the other side — she’d asked the spirits, “Do you have anything to say to us?”

        The spirits replied, “No, but do you have anything to say to us?”

        The other main influences — perhaps more significant — were a series of investigations with David Wells (previously on Most Haunted UK). Everyone else kept using the word “ghost,” but he seemed to avoid it. He kept his comments simple, saying things like, “This place is very active.”

        I’m not sure if that was his effort at discretion, allowing event guests to have their own experiences without his influence. Or, maybe David didn’t want to spoil the fun they seemed to have, thinking they were encountering ghosts. (I know that David’s research extends far beyond ghost studies. So, I’m eager to have a chat with him, when we’re not “on stage.”)

        This isn’t really the topic of the Mandela Effect website, so I’m hoping this won’t launch an extended discussion about ghost phenomena. (I’m happier if it’s at However, since this is a busy week, I wanted to reply right away, while I’m going through this morning’s deluge of emails and comments.


  16. I have a very vivid memory of a plane crash very shortly after 911 that I cannot find any info on. The crash was a large airliner plane that crashed into a residential neighboorhood in NYC. I even remember the anchor on CNN saying the neighboorhood was home to a lot of firefighters and police officers that died in NYC on 911. Does anybody else remember this???

  17. Neat blog! Was cruising and thinking ‘how cool’ until something actually hit home w/me…you know? It was Honduras and just happened the other nite. Couldn’t remember where that island was–oops, not an island anymore. I also remember the Tiananmen thing, the guy and more also got ran over. I remember that especially because of how they described how they died….heads popping like melons…it was such a horror for me at the time that an authority could harm it’s own non-violent citizens! At the time the story was that the one guy held back the tanks as long as the photographers and newscasters were there. Once they left, whammo, all in the path were squashed.

  18. And another know-it-all who assumes were poorly educated because he doesn’t share our experience. I have no problem with you presentibg your theories but to act as though we are uneducated or ridiculous is inappropriate. I will go to my grave with the vivid mrmory of watching Billy Grahm’s funeral on TV. It was not a misunderstanding nor did I get him confused with soneone else. I know what I saw as does everyone else here. Knock off the holier-than-thou attitude.

    1. Caligula,

      I agree. I’m amazed when people comment to “correct” what they think are our errors.

      Clearly, they haven’t read much of this website. I like to think they believe they’re being helpful rather than insulting.

      Then there are days when my temper gets the better of me. That’s when, as in my reply, above, I don’t edit what I say. I blast the person with my own holier-than-thou response. [NOTE: The original comment and my reply have been deleted. In the years that followed, I decided not to give trolls much real estate at this site.]

      Like you, I know which of my memories are clear and unquestionable. I also know when I’ve been busy with other things, and may have misunderstood something.

      I know that I saw events that followed Nelson Mandela’s death, over a decade ago.

      I also know how annoyed I was that Billy Graham’s funeral preempted so much TV programming I usually rely on for breaks in my research & writing schedule. (I was sad at his loss, since he was so revered by people who found comfort in his messages. However, the funeral coverage seemed to go on for days, and it seemed a little excessive, at the time.)

      Those are two events that no “education” will change, so — like you — I was irked by Ivan’s comments.

      Fortunately, most people find tremendous relief as they read articles and comments at this website. Finally, they realize they’re not “stupid” or “crazy,” or whatever context they’d framed their real memories in, earlier.

      I maintain the site for them and for people like you.

      And, I’m confident that — at some point — Ivan and people like him will have their own “Mandela moment,” when their clear memories don’t match accepted history. At that point, I hope they remember this site.


      1. I am wondering at what point people started to “shift” into a new reality where Billy Graham was alive?

        For example….if in ten years Michael Jackson was still alive….at what point did we “forget” that he recently died?

  19. C’mon fiona, You’re not best known for anything nor me and nor most of the 7 billion people of this planet.Ghost hunting does not resonate with most of the people infact the only paranormal phenomena that resonates is ‘meaningful coincidence’ elucidated by carl jung.In his masterpiece ‘the sea wolf’ jack london very forcefully pushed the word ‘expediency’, and i think this the key word for all living things to survive.Your ghost hunting is also a facet of expediency.But,and i am becoming more and more convinced,that your ‘mandela effect’ has the potential to equal the ‘synchronicity’ of carl jung.You’re on the threshold of a monumental paradigm shifting phenomena.

    1. Err… thanks, Vivek…? *LOL*

      “Best” is a relative term. I’m known for many things, but not necessarily well known. For about six years, I was an invited Guest at Dragon*Con, which is about as close to “famous” as a lot of people get. (Last time I checked, only 600 people are given Guest invitations to that event. It really is an honor.) But, even though I referenced the Mandela Effect in some of my talks — on a variety of tracks at that annual convention — most people were in the audience (at my panels) to hear me talk about ghosts.

      And, in terms of volume of work, I am most recognized (again, a relative term) for my ghost research & writing.

      In general, I’m a privacy fanatic and happy to live a relatively reclusive life. My neighbors haven’t a clue that I write about paranormal topics, and I’m happy to keep it that way. I’m respected by the people I most care about. To me, that’s what matters.

      However, I agree that this topic — the Mandela Effect — may be the most enduring… if I ever figure out what to say in a book, that is.

      The weird part is, several dozen people have told me that they’ve heard me talk about the Mandela Effect on George Noury’s Coast-to-Coast radio show.

      I’ve never been on that show. Not in this timestream, anyway.

      1. There was definitely an episode of Coast To Coast AM this summer that talked about the Mandela Effect. I feel like the guest was a male though, and he didn’t claim to own this site or anything. I forget who he was, but it was just part of his discussion regarding time lines and stuff. I originally was able to find this site through the link section on his web site. You could probably find the episode on Youtube or Streamlink. It’s from July or August 2013.

  20. Just found this site, really interesting food for thought.

    One example I think could be added to this list in progress is the mini-cooper tunnel/sewer scene in the original Italian Job film.

    If I’m not mistaken, many claim to remember one of the mini-coopers in the tunnel doing a 360 loop. Technically impossible, though it is known the driver Remy Julienne did attempt a full 360-degree loop, and it was originally planned to be in the film.

    I thought I remembered this loop happening when I watched the film as a kid, and was surprised when it didn’t happen on re-watching it in my teens. Am pretty sure in a ‘making of’ feature I watched there’s a casual comment made on how often people recall a 360 loop that doesn’t actually happen.
    anyway hope that may prove of interest Fiona

  21. I definitely remember Mandela dying years ago in prison. When I heard he was alive later on I couldn’t figure it out. Then years later reading that he was released from prison and thinking to myself, well how is he released now if he died before?

    Does anyone remember Richard Chamberlain the actor dying a long time ago from cancer? I was stunned when recently I read that he is alive.

    I remember David Soul committing suicide and being very sad because I used to watch Starsky and Hutch. I remember the Tianamen guy being run over by the tank. A few days ago I read something on the internet that said nobody knew what ever had happened to him.

    My memory of Ghost Hunters is that it was called TAPS. I used to watch it all time even though it seemed to be possibly fake. I thought TAPS was a weird name then suddenly it is called Ghost Hunters.

    The latest weird thing happened when the other day my computer start menus and folder locations were all wrong from what I usually have. My son told me they have always been like that. He’s not the type to mess with me in such a way or lie to me. Little things were missing like icons, things in different areas that I didn’t change are suddenly different. The entire layout was completely changed. I have had missing jewelry that I had for years, that vanished without a trace. Nothing valuable that somebody would even want. It’s like it vanished into a black hole. It made me nauseated.

    My adult kids have no memory of the house they spent their childhood in.

    My brother remembers our childhood home having an alley that ran behind the house. There was no alley in my memories and I am the older sibling. I want back to the old house to check it out, and there’s no alley.

    1. I can relate to missing items that no one else in the house seems to recall. I bought 2 really nice, large heavy, cast iron, trivits to use on the counter for hot pots when I take them off the stove. I used them continually, kept them on the stove to move pots off the burner and then to the counter. One day, I was thinking about them because they were no longer on the stove. I looked in every cabinet in the kitchen to no avail. I already knew they weren’t going to be in any of the cabinets because I use everything in the kitchen and I would have seen them and I have not put them away anywhere because I used them every time I cooked, daily. I use all my space regularly. I realize they have been missing for a little while, not sure when they disappeared. Funny thing is, my fiance has no recollection of them. I have missed jewelry in the same manner. Here is the clincher though……several times when I have looked high and low for a missing pair of earrings, I have found them back in my jewelry chest right where I always keep them. There have been items vanish at my desk, front right under my nose. I look all over for it and then later that day or the next day, I sit down at the desk and it is right there where it was when I noticed it was gone. I’m not sure what to make of it LOL. I really do manage well in life and have no reason to think that I’m crazy lol. These weird incidents go back to when I was in elementary school. The class was asked to take out the art projects that we stated the day before. I didn’t open my desk because I “knew” I didn’t have a project, thinking I was absent the day before….I had NO recollection of the day or the project. The teacher came over and asked why I hadn’t taken my project out and I informed her that I didn’t have one because I had been “absent” the day before. She said, “you were here yesterday, I worked on it with you”. She opened my desk and took out a project that had my name on it in what looked like my hand writing. I will NEVER forget that day. I was young and it scared me that I had no recollection of it when art and making things were my two favorite things to do.

      1. Debs,

        Thanks for taking the time to describe your experiences, and to share them so clearly with us. That makes them all the more intriguing.

        The missing objects issue is an interesting one. The question is: Do the objects themselves “slide” or do we? Or, is something else going on?

        My family and I regularly notice things go missing. However, I’m not sure ours is a Mandela Effect issue. Whatever it is, we’re often able to have an effect on it.

        I’ll explain: I grew up with a tacit understanding that faeries are real… rare, but real. Most of them aren’t small, cute, winged things. They’re the size of people — give or take a couple of feet. And, they visit from another reality… sort of. (If you get into Celtic faerie folklore, you’ll see what I mean. Logic doesn’t always apply to those stories.)

        Anyway, I was taught that the faeries like to hide things. They’ll do it more often if an area (or a related area) is cluttered or disorganized. According to folklore, faeries love order.

        So, even now, when something goes missing, my first reaction is to speak out loud to the faeries. (I know how crazy this sounds, but it usually works.) I’ll say, “Excuse me, I need [whatever the object is]. Please put it back.” And then, I go to another part of the house and wait 30 minutes to an hour or so.

        When I return, the object has been restored to its usual location.

        If that doesn’t work, I’ll negotiate. “Okay, you return the [object], and I’ll tidy the [another area in the house].” And so I do.

        When I return, I almost always find the object, right where it should have been.

        As I said, I know how wild that sounds. Nevertheless, I’ve recommended it to many people over the years, and they often reply with amazement, a day or so later. The talking-to-the-faeries routine seems to work for them, too.

        Okay, so… how can I explain that? The simplest (Occam’s Razor) answer is that I overlooked the object or had misplaced it myself. In some cases, that’s probably what happened.

        However, since my children have similar experiences (and similar results, talking out loud to faeries), at least some cases have nothing to do with memory. The object really has gone missing, briefly. (Lots of people raised in cultures where faeries are still considered real will agree. They’ll also freely admit that “normal” culture regards this in “crazy as a loon” territory, so they don’t raise the subject very often.)

        But… what if we’ve “slid” into a reality where that object either doesn’t exist, or it’s kept somewhere else in the home? Or, what if objects “slide” — something that would align with another belief in some cultures: animism? (The idea that everything contains a spirit or life form, and may be as aware as we are.)

        Or, what if this is a holodeck, and we just need to note glitches in the program — out loud — so someone or something in the system takes note and fixes it?

        It’s a curious question and something we just can’t answer. However, as mad as it may sound, try telling whatever-it-is (whatever seems the least crazy-sounding, to you) to put the object back. Leave for several minutes or longer, and see if the object is returned in your absence.

        For all I know, maybe there really are faeries. I like that option the best, because it’s a connection with my childhood. But, “faeries” could be a concept rooted in folklore, that explains something else altogether.

        Regarding the school absence… that’s a remarkable event. I’d be interested in hearing from others who’ve had something similar happen. I’m going to start a doppelganger-type thread, to explore this.

        Thanks again for your comments. They open some interesting possibilities.


        1. First, in regards to the missing objects, I have also had a great deal of success with talking to the fairies to return whatever was lost, often within minutes of asking for the item’s return. Sometimes, when this happens, the object is returned to a place where it could not have been “lost.” For example, one time I looked down at my hand to realize that my mother’s engagement ring was no longer on my finger. I tore the house apart, even pulling the linens from the bed! After I asked the fairies to please return the ring, as it was important to me, I walked into the bedroom to find the pillows stacked in the center of the bare mattress, with the ring resting in the center of the top pillow!

          Second, I have also experienced the opposite: finding objects that I do not recognize. Every day for weeks when I was a child, I would find a Barbie accessory that I had never owned. Many of these were identifiable pieces from play sets that neither I, nor anyone I knew owned. More recently, I have found clothing that I am certain I never purchased, jewelry I swear I have never owned, and kitchen utensils that appeared out of nowhere.

          I have no memory of movies my husband swears we watched together, and I can clearly remember some movies, tv shows, and songs upon their first airing (often even quoting lines).

          I’m not sure if this qualifies as a Mandela Effect or not, but a few weeks ago, I had another odd experience with time. I had two Wednesdays, verified by multiple sources, including my husband, friends, a coworker, and a doctor’s office. The first Wednesday, I cancelled a doctor appointment for that day, let some friends know that I couldn’t meet them because I had to work, and worked alone because my coworker didn’t show. The second Wednesday, I awoke to a call from the doctor’s office rescheduling my appointment for that day (Wednesday. My husband was as confused as I was, as he remembered me cancelling the appointment the day before.), received a text from my friends cancelling our (Wednesday) meeting that night (no trace of the text I had sent the day before saying essentially the same thing), and I worked alone because the coworker didn’t show. The next day she reminded me that she had scheduled off on Wednesday, but swore she was at work Tuesday, the day before!

          I also clearly remember the BerenstEin bears and a number of other anomalies in this list.

          1. I figured I would take the time to note a similar experience with an object possibly “sliding” since in this instance it would have to have been the object unless my friend and I “slid” at the same time and ended in the same place. Anyway, we were both about eight at the time. I had a copy of pokemon pinball which we hung out and played together for the day after which I conceded to letting him borrow it for a while. About a week later we met up so he could give it back and he reaches into his jacket and pulls out two cartridges both pokemon pinball. I’ve asked him multiple times since, so about fifteen years now, and his story is still that he has no recollection of his parents buying the game for him and has no idea how he got another copy. Who knows he could be lying to this day, but I don’t think he would get enjoyment out of a prank for that long as close as we are.

            1. I’m seeing increased references to unexplained, duplicate objects showing up in this reality. Interesting. I may create a separate post for this, as it’s so distinctive and a fascinating addition to our discussions. Thanks!

          2. In regards to the items suddenly appearing, I remember vividly finding on my windowsill a small decorative object that was a porcelain show that said “Mum” on it.. I would have been 6/7 maybe less, and no one in my house claims to have put it there. I still have it and no idea where it came from.
            I’m only 17 and so do not remember most of these events except the Berenstein Bears one which i also swear was EIN but I remember the song being pronounced stain.
            I would love to hear from people my age on any events from our recent history

        2. I’ve also had success with asking “the borrowers” to return an item.

          Catholics pray to St. Anthony.

          In my opinion, overlapping “cultural consciousness” concepts like that must arise from *somewhere* to explain the universal inexplicable.

        3. RE: Missing object re-appearing — about a month ago, my mom asked me to pick up some bird food for her when I went to the pet store. She gave me a 20 dollar bill, and I got a 10 dollar bill and a few coins back: I folded the $10 into a rectangle (four creases), then put the bill in my pocket (deep pant pockets, mind), and the coins in my coin purse (she wouldn’t want the coins back). When I dropped off the bird food and reached into my pocket for the change, the $10 was gone! She said nevermind, but I was bothered by it, searching my car, turning my pockets inside out, feeling around to see if it slipped into a crevasse, etc, but it wasn’t there.

          A couple weeks later, I pull on the same pants and reach into the pocket to stuff a shopping list inside, and feel something else in there. I pulled it out, and it was the missing ten! It was still folded in the same rectangle (which I recalled since I don’t normally play with money like that), and was sitting in the bottom of my pocket as if it had been there all along!

  22. I have a vivid memory of seeing multiple trailors for the movie “office space” in which the lead role was played by Norm MacDonald instead of Ron Livingston.

  23. Hi fiona, the host of george noury’s coast to coast show was cynthia sue larson, on 20th june.As you already know she is doing similar research for 13 yrs,but what makes your work different is that the various anecdotal data is open with date stamping.cynthia’s site is not prolific as regards to open comments,nevertheless she has used her imagination to compensate and so has starfire tor.Although the cause is much much bigger than personalities,your work stands out because live anecdotal feedback is the mainstay of such phenomena.The amount of feedback that you have generated is really stupendous.

  24. The USA has 50 states not 52. Puerto Rico and Northern Mariana Islands are territories not states. I don’t know why you specifically picked out those 2. Why not the other US territories like Guam or the US Virgin Islands?

    1. Mat,

      This is exactly the kind of comment I don’t usually approve. We’re not just “misremembering.” (Really, new visitors to this site need to read my Terms: Comments article before wasting time posting something I won’t approve. Well, unless it makes them feel ever so superior to do so, despite knowing that the public will never see it.)

      However, Mat, your comment raised a good point, though you probably didn’t intend it to: Often, these memories aren’t what people expect.

      In other words, if someone were to “misremember” or even “confuse” the states, there are far easier locations to include than the ones I regularly see.

      The North Marianas seems completely unlikely to me, and I have no idea where Ivan found that, as it’s not on the list of associated states and I can’t seem to find it referenced in the thread, even using Edit > Find. Puerto Rico isn’t one of them. (See Facts About Free Associated States to clarify this complex issue.)

      Still, he’s not the first skeptic to post things that don’t make sense and kind of defuse his argument.

      But, getting back to what people usually say about this topic: In comments (not always seen by the public), nearly half of those who are sure they were taught 52 states (not 50) name the additional two. Quite a few of those lists are consistent, and (with the exception of the Philippines) they’re “states” that — to me, anyway — seem completely unlikely to be on that list.

      Most of the other half are baffled that they can’t remember the two additional states, but they’ll usually assume they were thinking of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

      Some people insist West Virginia was never a state. Others talk about Tennessee being two states in their memories (but a single one in this reality), but they can’t recall the name of the other (partitioned?) state. (I checked the list of attempted state partitions and found nothing helpful.)

      The simple fact is: parallel realities and even conspiracies aren’t the default explanations most people choose when our memories don’t match this timestream. So, we go looking for answers that fit the “yeah, that’s why I was confused” model. We look for easy explanations that we can file away and forget. For example, the District of Columbia is an easy fit when looking for one of those missing 52 states.

      But, at some point, people either stack too many of these alternate memories, or they discover that a lot of other people “misremember” the exact same things… and then they have new questions, but also some relief.

      It’s not just a faulty memory.

      Fiona Broome

      P.S. For the record, the reply I originally posted is not the one I found here the following morning (today). I’ve reconstructed the original as best I can, but I know it’s not as clear as my original wording. (Probably because this has me a little rattled.) A few glitchy things have been going on in connection with this site for the past several weeks. Aside from the frequent WP updates that may be causing plugin conflicts (sorry about the geekspeak, but some readers will know what I’m talking about), I can’t explain what’s going on. Not a cracked comment, anyway, and no, I don’t think this is evidence of ME.

      1. Fiona,

        Normally I don’t repond to posts like his, but when he ridicules others for having a poor education, but posts wrong information, it rubs me the wrong way. I’m not talking wrong as in the 50 vs 52, but wrong in the fact that he called them associated states when in legal speak there is no such thing from the standpoint of US legal terms. I don’t expect you to post this comment, but wanted to explain why I did.


        1. Mat,

          Thanks for your explanation. My response wasn’t as thoughtful as it might have been. Sometimes I should get more distance from comments before replying.

          His comment irked me, but it was a chance for me to highlight a few typical issues I see in skeptical critics’ arguments. Otherwise, it would have been deleted like so many similar ones are, daily.

          The education issue is a particularly sore topic for me, since it’s such a shallow, trivializing explanation for what so many people are experiencing.

          However, he probably said “associated states” because he’s outside the U.S. (at least his IP is), and I tend to be a little more tolerant when someone’s phrasing might be regional. (On the other hand, spelling errors in his comment as he’s saying we lack a good education… that’s unacceptable and, quite frankly, kind of ironic.)


        2. In school I was told that there was now 52 states Puerto rico and the district of Columbia were the additional 2

      2. ok with west virgina if it only recently came into existence to some what state or states was that land part of

  25. and you know how there are celebrity death rumors maybe this is another example of people with different memories just a thought

  26. I have NEVER mistaken New Zealand for New Guinea, nor do I know anyone who has, not even people who aren’t very good at geography. Yet I know that New Zealand was a single island, not two, and that it is no longer in its former location.

    I have NEVER mistaken Ernest Borgnine for Edward G. Robinson, nor ever heard of anyone doing so. The names are not even remotely similar and the two actors look nothing alike.

    Have you ever wondered where all those fake Henry VIII paintings originated? Why show him with a turkey leg and not any of a hundred other monarchs? It seems to me that there was an ORIGINAL portrait of him with a turkey leg, on which all these other spoofs are based. I have only the vaguest recollection of such a picture, and so can’t be sure of my own memories, but enough other people recall it clearly that I believe it once existed. Why would so many people remember it if it wasn’t real? Why wouldn’t everyone have different memories of different monarchs with turkey legs? It’s a bizarre thing to remember at all.

    Your assertion that we are all a bunch of uneducated numpties is false. Most of us know to research stuff through Google, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and maps. We also are aware that the whole of the scientific community would laugh at the stories related at this website–even though they, themselves, have postulated that time travel could be possible. They think it can only be done through technology, but what if we are all time travelers already and don’t know it?

    1. Vivienne, his comment was from two years ago. I have no doubt that he’s a troll who’s moved on to other sites, and hasn’t looked back.

      The only reason I approved his comment and replied to it was to make a point to other visitors: The people accusing us of poor educations are the same ones commenting with spelling, grammar, and other errors based in their educations.

      If you let a troll put you on the defensive, he or she has won. If a site, group, or message board lets a troll distress and drive away their readers, the troll has won.

      In this case, I’d hoped to defuse similar comments by pointing out how ridiculous his accusations were, and how consistent with other demeaning, apparently skeptical comments. It was my way of saying, “Ignore the idiots.”

      If my reply isn’t accomplishing that, I’ll delete that entire thread.


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