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  1. I’ve noticed this happen to me personally.

    I have a classmate I’m friends with who, on a couple occasions, I’ve heard her mother refer to here as “(First name) Dewey (last name)”. I was sure ‘Dewey’ was her middle name.

    Just recently, I called her ‘Dewey’ teasingly, and she looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. She claims to have never been called Dewey, ever, and that her middle name was, in fact, ‘Joy’.

    1. I went to visit some reletives I hadn’t met before. When I came back, I was talking to my aunt about my cousin Michelle who I met and her daughter Kaitlynn. My aunt said her daughter’s name was Melissa, not Kaitlynn. I have no memory of her name being Melissa, and I distinctly remember her name being Kaitlynn, I even noted at the time that it was interesting since I have another cousin also named Kaitlynn. We spent a whole day together so I don’t understand it. But all current evidence says her name is Melissa, including her mom Michelle’s FB page.

      1. I may just be a complete lunatic, but throughout my entire childhood I just knew that my mother’s middle name was Lorry and my dad’s middle name was Truck. I was so weirded out when I grew up and found out that my mother’s middle name is actually Anne and my father doesn’t have one.

        1. This is very interesting.. look up the meaning of the word “lorry”.. you will find that it also means “truck”.

  2. Regarding the death of David Soul, someone on another website has suggested that it is mistaken for the death of Peter Duel, of Alias Smith and Jones who did indeed commit suicide and was found under a christmas tree… could that of been this ‘memory’…

    1. Can i just add that i am not a sceptic. In fact, my motivation is anything but..

      I came across this website from another alternative site, there was speculation whether Alan Whicker had actually been dead for a decade. Many people were concurring with this. There was a link to your site and i read about the mandela effect with fascination. Anyway, i was looking for a movie to watch last night (saturday) and i decided on a film called Rabbit Hole with Nicole Kidman, one of my favourite actresses, the only thing i knew about the movie was that she had lost her son and it was how her and husband coped. I did not expect for it to have an underlying theme of parallel universes and David Soul’s ‘Don’t give up on us baby’s’ quite minor hit playing in a car in one of the scenes. Quite a lot of coincidences in one day for someone who has never really thought about parallel universes.

  3. This one is kind of mundane, but when I was a kid, this movie called “Meet the Deedles” came out. First of all, I remember this movie having a completely different title, and second, on the night it premiered in our town in 1998, I went to the very first showing. I knew the whole plot and half of the lines already because I had already seen the movie a year or two before. My friend who went to see it with me didn’t believe me, but also thought I had “cheated” somehow in order to keep predicting the plot. I can not for the life of me remember any details about the first time I saw it, and the second time I saw it, it had a completely different name.

    This is not the only time this has happened to me with a movie, but its the only specific one I can remember probably because of my conversation with my friend. I remember writing it off in my 10-year-old brain as “sometimes this just happens.”

    1. This also happened to me with the movie “Radio.” I asked everyone if it had been a remake of an older “Radio,” but everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I had never read the SI article the movie was based on (I was only 12 when it premiered), but I even knew a few of Cuba Gooding Junior’s key lines. This makes me feel significantly less crazy.

      1. I had this very experience with the movie “Bullworth” starring Warren Beaty.
        I remember it because it was about a politician who kind of goes off side and I watched it only to HATE it and not quite get to the end of it before turning it off.
        Then 2 or 3 years later there it was, being advertised like it was a new release. I asked everyone if they remembered that this had already been out. for a while in fact.. no one did. I watched the trailers and totally recognized all of the scenes, I knew what it was about, etc.
        I figured that maybe it had just bombed so badly that they might have pulled it, shelved it, reworked it and then re-released it, but no one else remembered it at all.

        — and yes, I could also swear that Jack Palace AND Nelson Mandela died before the latest round of them dying.

        1. I have a similar memory of Bulworth coming out twice, but I always just thought they advertised it way too far in advance and the release was delayed a year or something. I’ve never actually seen the movie though, just recall seeing it advertised. I’ve been dismissive of the movie-related stuff on here, knowing that release dates, titles, scenes from trailers etc. really are changing constantly. But I do have a weirdly distinct memory of Bulworth coming out twice. You’re saying you actually saw the movie before it came out though?

          BTW, how confident are you that it was “Bullworth” and not “Bulworth”? I was pretty certain of Bullworth as well until I googled it to see if it had indeed been delayed or re-released. Normally I’d say, “oh of course, because bull is an actual word and bul isn’t” but the trippiest thing on this site by far to me is the Berenstain Bears thing. I used to even pronounce it “bear-in-steen”… why the heck would I do that if it was spelled with an a?

          1. That’s how I pronounced it as well. I’m tempted to go digging in my mother’s attic for my old books. My two year olds have just recently started watching the Berenst#in Bears on TV and I’ve been confused as to why they changed their last name was spelled.

          2. I remember it pronounced “bear-in-steen” as well, but that’s not very far off “bear-in-stain”. “steen” vs “stain”, pretty close. I chock it up to being a child and not paying attention. What would be bizarre to me is “bare-in-stine” (-stein) which is very far off any memories I have. “stine” vs “steen”, not very close.

            1. That’s funny Caleb, because I remember it as Berenstain. I watched dit when I was 2-5 years old and didn’t have television after that until a few years ago. But you are right Berenstein would sound weird. But no I remember it as Berenstain.

              1. How old are you Casey? I’ve found that many people born after the year 2000 remember it as -stain where as before they seem to recall it being -stein. Just curious.

            2. I bought those books for my daughter in the 90’s and both she and I recall them as “Berenstein”. We are both just flummoxed with the name change. And now, finding this site, I really am becoming convinced that there are alternate realities and/or someone messing with the space/time continuum. wow

    2. The first time that I watched Night at the Museum I absolutely hated it. This is why a few years later when I saw the trailers for it on tv, I was completely shocked to see that they were releasing it into the movie theaters when I had already seen it on dvd. When I commented on it during a trailer while me and my boyfriend were watching tv, he said it was impossible, because it was coming out brand new in theaters. Anyways, he made me come with him to see it in the theater, and sure enough I had already seen it, and I didn’t like it the second time around either. Weird. I always assumed that I had probably dreamed it because me and my family members often have dreams that come true, but I remember at the time being 100% sure that I had physically seen it.

    3. This is so freaky. I had this happen to me when I started seeing the commercials for Ted 2 this year (2015) but I clearly remember seeing those exact same commercials longggg before they started appearing on the TV again.

  4. Months back I shared my experiences in the “in confidence section”.

    This is alarming, Do you realize that if and when we slide, we vanish forever from our original universe? There are tons of stories on people that one day, they simply vanished into thin air.

    I want to call your attention to another aspect of this sliding phenomenon: dissapearing objects, missing things.

    I’m sure many of us have had this expirience, we have a loved object for example a childhood toy, a special memento and one day, these things are gone. It has happened to me and to my younger brother too.

    Best Regards

    1. Both events are unsettling. Sliding away from our home world forever, or having memories from another world replace our own. Personally I believe it is the latter as it makes the most sense, but I do not rule sliding out.

    2. Carlos,

      It’s possible that we vanish when we slide. It’s possible, and — in Bermuda Triangle stories (and, among my favorite, Bennington Triangle tales) — it seems that people do disappear without a trace.

      It’s also possible that an alternate slider (an alternate “us”) — from another universe/reality — slides into our respective spots in the timestream we just left. That makes more sense to me. A gaping hole of that magnitude could rupture the timestream too much, unless there’s a gradual build-up to the disappearance… a resetting of circumstances so the disappearance won’t leave too large a gap.

      However, if we slide into a timestream where the beloved object never existed, or was lost in an earlier event, it can be pretty traumatic to feel as if the item is permanently gone. It has happened to me and to my younger brother. I like to think that an alternate “me” is enjoying it, in my previous timestream, and that “me” is delighted to have such a wonderful possession.


      1. It still leaves the problem that eventually theres a reality where you just poofed. As you can’t materialize out of nothing.

        Although, folklore and paranormal lore states that people sometimes vanish into thing air, so who knows?

      2. Or what if you “died” in the original timeline but keep going in a slightly different one?

        1. I personally believe this happened to me and makes more sense. I personally believe the mandela effect is very real and might have ties to the “quantum immortalit” theory.

          I was involved in a double rollover car accident with a truck. But my memories before the impact don’t match up with what followed. The vehicle that hit me and the driver all seemed VERY different.

          I was told that the probability of me surviving that accident was 17%. That means, in 83% of the possible realities, I was smashed to death. This might explain the abrupt inconsistencies I noticed.

          I remember TAPS, Berenstein bears, and a few other examples clearly. My memory is generally pretty good.

          1. I am still expecting that one day I will run across someone, after one of those feelings. And they state: “I thought you were dead.”

            I know I have died two or three times.

            [edited to remove graphic details that could trigger others]

    3. The same exact thing happened to my grandmother. She insisted she had seen the new karate kid movie months before it had come out. She knew the entire plot. Still creeps me out today.

      1. Gurluas,

        The “triangle” stories are definitely in the “into thin air” category. I like to think people are just leaving the holodeck. Because it’s actually a program, they can return to it, rewrite the storyline so it seems logical, and so on.

        The people at Dragon*Con who asked Robert Beltran why his Chakotay (Star Trek) character was killed in one episode and then returned to the series without explanation… they were a little unsettled to find out that — in this timestream — that didn’t happen. However, they weren’t actually upset by that discovery.

        So, I think people are okay with these things, whether they understand them as a quantum effect, or prefer to think they misunderstood or misremembered in the first place.

        There may not need to be a “materialize out of nothing” issue. We simply don’t understand how this works, yet.

        To a time-traveler from long ago, the idea of flipping a switch on one wall to “ignite a candle” (turn on a light) 100 feet away, or pushing a button on a hand-held device to turn on house lights many miles away… that would seem preposterous. Or even dangerous.

        50 or 100 years from now, the “sliding” concept may seem perfectly natural. Scientists are making rapid strides, determining what’s going on and how it works. It’s simply not widely publicized, because the general public may not be ready for this.

        Actually, I think the popularity of paranormal topics — ghosts, UFOs, etc. — opens the door (no pun intended) to discussions that will make it easier for people to accept further “Twilight Zone” concepts… branes, superstring, LQG, and the possibility of infinite realities that we may be accessing without realizing it, yet.

        I think the Mandela Effect (the alternate memories phenomenon, not necessarily this site) is a superb, very personal introduction to these concepts. It makes parallel realities “real,” and then the question isn’t whether this happens, but how it’s happening.

        For me, that’s what makes these discussions interesting.


    4. This idea is really interesting to me. I don’t know if my experience applies, but when I was in the fourth or fifth grade, my dad had given me this little stuffed cat toy. I really liked it, so when it came time for a school field trip, I took it with me. I have clear memories of putting it in my backpack and looking at it while we were on the bus MULTIPLE times. When the field trip was over and we were on our way back to school, I searched my backpack over and over again and could not find the toy. I was really upset because it meant a lot to me, and my teacher suggested that I had left it at the field trip location. Naturally, I was totally bummed out and went home sad. When I explained the situation to my mom, she went to get some water or something to calm me down, and for some reason (perhaps I dropped something), I started looking under the couch. Imagine my initial surprise, followed by joy, when I saw the exact stuffed cat toy UNDER THE COUCH. I wasn’t bothered by this until I recalled the vivid memories of me looking at/playing with the toy on the bus.

      1. I had that exactly scenario happen with a misplaced purse – in my car of all places. Couldn’t find it but when a friend helped me look for it, it was sitting there in the backseat of the car on the floor.

      2. I lost an amulet on a beach at Lake Superior. I was only wearing swimming trunks w no pockets. It was gone. When I got home to Wisconsin two weeks later, it was there on my bookshelf. What?!

        Well, I lost it again for about 6 months. One day my laptop fell from my laptop bag which was still totally zipped up. It hit the floor at my work place hard. A student of mine noticed an amulet on the ground behind me. Yes, same amulet. I looked in the laptop bag several times for pencils, etc. So…Yeah. Hi.

        1. steve, like several other reports of “impossible” reappearances of objects, this kind of phenomenon has been reported for centuries, and attributed to faeries.

    5. The whole missing object thing, I relate to. Some time last month my fave coffee cup that I used all the time.
      Went missing and I asking everyone in my house if they had seen or had moved my cup. None of them had seen it or had messed with it. We looked in all the places that I would put the cup and no luck. My mom even remembered handing it to me on our back porch days prior to this happening. I remember bring it in and put it down on our coffee table where everyone could see it. From that point it went missing, but we didn’t realize this til days later when I wanted coffee and went looking for my cup and noting the last place I had put it. But it was not there. I remember the look of the cup and who had given it to me originally, but yet could not find it after that point. My mom felt so sorry for me, that she got me a new cup to replace it. My new cup is much better tho, but I do still wonder where the other cup went to? There are a few things on this site that I can agree with remembering for certain. The Bears book thing being one of them. Because of this I’ve decided to write down everything I can remember from my early days of life up to now in a journal I got recently. But I will keep checking back with this site to see what else pops up.

      Happy Membering,
      Daizy B.

      1. Update on my first posting. The cup came back. It was found in a spot that no one thought to look. Odd thing I guessed on where it might be before hand and was the one to find it. It was all clean and intact. Thing is the last I saw it, it was not clean because it had been use to drink coffee. So how is it that it got cleaned between it going missing and me re-finding it?
        By the way just to let you know, while I’ve been reading comments on this site since say like June 7, 2015. And omg I feel like the world has gone upside down while trying to cope with the understanding of these interesting life events. Their is an episode of the show Bones that all this makes me think back to. It take too much thinking to write out the episode here. But the main thing from the episode that stuck with me was that Dr. Brenden felt like her world was upside for 3 days due to a case she was working on.
        Oh by the way I thank the person that mention the anime Steins Gate. It has been such a great watch so far. I am normally not into anime so this is a rare thing for me.
        Also Fiona I have included a link to a photo I want people to see and get their thoughts on. I hope that’s ok with you.

        or this link if the above don’t work:

        If this don’t work let me know and I know it sez ghosty pic in the link and on the pic but I don’t think that’s what going on with this picture.

        1. They’re projecting a movie on the wall to the left of the woman, and part of it is shining on her.

        2. Daizy, cats take away things and lick them clean,rats too take away smaller items,in any case,cat did you a favour.

      2. Daizy – silly question…
        But if you write down all your memories, and things shift – what prevents the shift from happening in your notebook as well?
        This is one of those things that makes more questions than it answers….
        If the world changes, but you have memories that are of the pre-change – but the change was so pervasive it altered your safeguards to detect changes, how will you know if the world has changed?

        There’s another post above talking about going into their mother’s attic to retrieve Bear books… the problem is that in the world shift, the books would have also changed. We’re kind of flailing around here trying to merge our memories with the world around us at this time. It’s a lot like Schrodinger’s cat – the memory is of one thing, but once you perceive the “new” reality, your memory is going to wither and begin to die. Eventually all traces of the “old” reality will be gone – the box will be opened and the cat will be dead.

        Honestly, I expect the list of changes on this site to wither down to nothing over time. Or we’ll get an explanation for all this that makes the changes more apparent, and we’ll begin to build a tolerance for the changes and be able to retain our original memories better.
        But unless we gain that ability, the changes will become pervasive, and over time, no longer seem to be a paradox/false memory, but just a single “way things are.”

        1. Mike (not Mike H.),

          I understand your point, but disagree. To me — and some others — it looks like we retain some (not all) of our alternate memories, sometimes for decades.

          Also, some (not all) physical matter seems to “slide” with us, or it’s exactly the same across all realities. Each day, my journal is exactly where I left it, and its contents are the same as I recall. No shifts. My shampoo is the same brand, in the same location in my shower. On a bigger scale, Spaceship Earth is still the first attraction I see when I walk into Epcot (Walt Disney World), and so on.

          Could some of these things bypass memory safeguards? Maybe, perhaps likely. But not universally. I may forget to pick up another container of laundry detergent when I go to the supermarket, but I don’t forget the imagery of Nelson Mandela’s funeral, decades ago.

          However, I look at my class photo from when I was five years old, and I can recall the name of almost everyone in the photo, but there is one child who looks oddly out of place (focus, clothing, facial expression). I seem to have two memories… one in which I vaguely remember her, and another where I didn’t know anyone similar to her. I’m seeing more and more people reporting dual memories like that. Dominance may shift between them, but both memories seem to linger, often for 10 years or more.

          I also hear Mandela Effect reports from people close to me, such as the personal friend who went to a modern-ish grade school many years ago, and — returning to look at it, now — the building is a Victorian-era school building. It wasn’t moved there (in this reality) in the interim. I believe him.

          Then there are the reports of people suddenly noticing a second, identical (or nearly identical) item that they don’t recall having in the past, and can’t think of any reason why they’d have two of them. I’m seeing more and more reports like those.

          So, the Berenstein Bears books in someone’s attic might still be there… or they might not. At this point, we can’t be sure that they didn’t slide with us.

          And in digital terms, I’ve noted several reality shifts since starting this website, but it’s still here and — except for the occasional “Wait. Did I approve that? Did I write that reply?” and so on — it’s pretty much the same as it always was. So, the digital reality hasn’t changed significantly over the years. (Except that some recall me starting this site back in 2005 — right after the first Dragon Con “green room” discussion about this concept — and others recall 2008 or 2010.)

          So, at this point, I don’t think we can say that any part of reality is a constant across all timestreams, or that any obvious rules apply as we slide from one to another to another, and maybe back again.


          1. Fiona, first off thanks for clarifying which Mike was responding. I am trying to use the H. from now on. Not sure why I didn’t pick a less common name to use here.

            Regarding the duplicate items. I had not really given this topic much thought on here. But I have a pretty large CD and cassette collection ( just can’t get rid of them, they still play great). I even catalog and categorize them to an extent. But over the last 3-4 years I keep noticing I have some duplicates ( and in one case triplicates ) of certain albums. I have no recollection as to why, when , or how that’s happened. My memory is good enough that I can actually tell you where I bought each Cd. The triplicate one is especially strange, it’s probably my favorite album. Of course the title is ” Operation Mindcrime”. Go figure. Sorry for the ramble , but your post above just made me realize this strangeness. Mike H.

          2. I have had a very strange experience at Disneyland that I cannot explain. When I try to, people just give me this strange look. I have distinct memories of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride being different than it was other times I have been on it. Somtimes I the ride had an small slope and other times there wasn’t one at all. I am not sure if there are two paths the ride can go on but this experience has never made sense to me until reading these threads. Has anyone else experienced this? I feel insane.

              1. Another thing….the Pirates ride isn’t on a slope but the Haunted Mansion is. Could you be confusing the two?

                1. david royer, the Pirates attraction starts on a slope going downwards. It’s a gentle slope, and gives the boat natural momentum, but it’s definitely a slope. At all Disney parks, almost all attractions are refurbished, updated and improved each year. However, few have major construction changes.

                  1. The first few times I went to Disneyland, I also remember there being no drop (or slope) at the beginning of the ride. It wasnt until my more recent trips that there have been.

    6. I’ve read a lot about the spiritualism movement in the early 20th century, and there is a “phenomenon” , I can’t recall the exact term, that was happening in which objects would literally appear out of no where when someone would ask a spirit to produce something during a seance or spiritual gathering. The objects would appear out of thin air and make a popping noise right before they did.

      I was always interested in spirits and other worldly beings. I think that maybe we can connect with other dimensions and realities, and that they can interact with our physical property. And that is the explanation for things disappearing and reappearing. I think we overlap time/space/planes and end up grabbing things from another dimension and it disappears for them. Same goes for us here.

      I had a lighter that I had sat on my bed after lighting a candle one evening in my bedroom. I literally went to grab it about 10 seconds later to light another one, and it was gone. It was a neon green lighter on my light yellow and white comforter, it’d be hard to not see. I picked up the comforter and shook it out and nothing fell, I have hardwood I would have heard it drop, but searched under the bed and beside it anyways. After about a minute of looking and thinking, I must’ve put it somewhere else and I’m going nuts, I turned around to look on the dresser when I heard a pop and turned to see the lighter falling mid-air onto the ground from in front of the bed where there is absolutely nothing but air and a ceiling. The other me must’ve overlapped and grabbed my lighter before I did!

      1. Great concept! (My fiction-writing gears are turning. What a fascinating premise for a story, not just as a plot gimmick, but the issue the character is trying to resolve.)

      2. O.O Omg Gabby I understand what that’s like. Here’s something I posted over on the Mandela subreddit 7 days ago:
        I had something happen back when I was 2yrs old. I had fallen out of my second story bedroom window. My mother said that I was throwing toys out my window and there was this one I had thrown out that I didn’t want thrown out. Mom said I tried to get it back by leaning out the window to get it and had leaned too far and fell out. She said my dad was the one that got to me first. But I don’t remember anything between going out the window and returning home. My mom said while I was at the hospital I kept trying to go tords the windows. It was enough that my dad went home and put screens on the windows before I got there. I’ve noticed weird things ever since then. So there is a posiblitiy that I died and I should have figuring my age at the time and the dist from which I fell. But here I am talking to all of you folks.
        Also at the time this event happened, my parents were down stairs in the Living room in which is right below the bedroom I was in at the time. My mom said her, my dad, and a family friend saw the toys go pass the living room window. But the thing that gets me is, how did my mom know I was leaning out the too far if she was down stairs. Plus what I do remember is being at the window, yes. But did I lean too far, no. But I do remember feeling of being pushed out and after that, a major blank. I don’t recall hitting the ground. But that’s not the only thing that happened in that house. See, the house at the time belong to my Grandpa. So my parents & I were living with him. And the house itself was old, so it had a little bit of history to it before came along. So I didn’t know the was haunted til 2 yrs after we had move from there. So that leads to other spooky stuffs. Like, the ghost that was in my closet during my stay in my grandpa’s house. In same said room as the window event and same room for one other event that happen when I was 4yrs. That one I was in bed asleep at first and awoke to find myself face to face with the celing and once I had notice that I was floating above my bed. I started falling down to my bed and while I was falling one of my stuffed toys popped out of nowhere above me. Once I was on my bed I started crying. My mom and dad both came to see what was going on. I told them what had happened, my mom didn’t believe me. At the time she just thought it was just me being a scared kid. My dad didn’t say anything of what he thought of the event. My mom still doesn’t believe me on that. But every house I’ve lived in since then I have been able to tell if it’s haunted or not.
        But ever since coming across the whole Mandela Effect thing, I’ve had things happen that I now connect to this and now I am keeping record of when they happen.

        Sorry for long post, it was done over two postings and for the subreddit I go by daiblackrose just to let ya all know.

    7. Now. For me its things moved. For weeks after my daughter moved out her toothbrush was not in the house. My honey noticed it show up the same day I did. I clean the bathroom so I know the toothbrush was not in there. I texted her. She said it was in the bathroom where it always was sinse she moved out. On the sink in a glass jar(it was not there when she moved out).
      Then it just appeared.

      It had me so freaked out I was calling everyone and texting and that is how I found out for him he noticed that morning as well.

      Over the decades things would disappear then reappear. I am talking things like cookie sheets or baking pans. Nothing that got lent out or left in someones room etc. I tore the place apart looking for these items. Even the cat would disappear from house then magically appear in a bedroom that had door shut. After days of being gone.

  5. A poor education is a subjective judgement. The discussion is about memory and memories. I remember Mandela dying in 1987 when I was 16, in high school, and Ronald Reagan was President. In 1977 Jimmy Carter was President, I was 6 and didn’t care about current events. When was that Peter Gabriel song released?
    The funny thing about New Zealand is that I remember it being almost due east of New Guinea so it would be hard to confuse the two.
    The United States has 50 states. Get a flag. Count the stars.
    Release date for Avatar 2?
    David Seoul was blonde. It was highly publicized because it was Christmas.
    Don’t know anything about the Henry VIII, however I believe the point was that they were all fakes.
    Ed Robinson died in 1973. That was 40 years ago.
    I remember Ernest Borgnine dying sometime after Airwolf ended in the late eighties or early nineties.

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