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  1. I love films, the old and some new, but generally prefer the older ones.. Now the films i enjoy are the less than main stream, Like in the original Lady vanishes 1938 , the Green Chartreuse line, This can give me a time line as to when/where theres a past change.. media is More out there more everywhere.. Since coming here i have been watching films/tv series with far more concentration that i used to.. more so if i have watched it several times looking for a change or a similarity. I was just watching Manhunter 1986 and theres a scene in it where they are in a supermarket, and i noticed froot loops, the the back ground Normally i wouldnt have noticed but since its on this site i remember it.. At least in this reality in a background item, something not important to the film at all.. I want to see if anyone else remembers it being different. I think one of the keys is films we can find a timeline unlike a lot of memories, this is documented.. I tend to feel that WHEN things change is one of the key points.. to find out where/what happened

    1. Fascinating, Martin! This reminds me of when my husband and I added closed captions to our TV and media viewing. (Our hearing is fine. Initially, we were being considerate of our apartment neighbors when we were watching TV late at night, and wanted to keep the sound track volume low.)

      Suddenly, we were able to see snippets of conversation you can barely hear in the sound track, and lyrics of music we’d generally ignored. The added information and insights were astonishing.

      We’ve never gone back to caption-free viewing, and when we’ve shared this tip with friends, they’ve become hooked on closed captions, as well.

      1. I find this comment about captions very interesting! I’m hearing impaired and I cannot watch anything that doesn’t have captions. I’ve always felt that having the captions on lead to a much, much more fulfilling experience when watching a show or a movie vs. before I started using them as teenager.

        So when my husband and I first got together and I insisted on using captions it drove him nuts! He hated it! Slowly over time he’s just gotten used to it. I think he likes to pretend he doesn’t have any hearing loss from to many years running a chainsaw….but that’s a different topic.

        Anyways, the other night we looked up a movie online and it didn’t have the option for captions. I knew I’d be completely lost but I wanted to spend some time with him so I snuggled up on the couch with him. About 20 minutes in he says “I really wish they had captions.” Then a few minutes later he says. “Wow, this is really boring…I don’t know much of what’s going on.” I gave him a good teasing because he’s come to rely heavily on the captions as well for a lot of the background information.

        1. IdahoDreaming, thanks for the comment. On the surface, this is very much off-topic, but I have the oddest feeling that people are missing important subtext if they’re not checking captions… something that may have a bearing on the Mandela Effect. Then again, I’ve just been through more critical and off-the-wall comments than usual, so my views may be skewed… but I don’t think that’s it.

    2. I could have sworn bon jovi died in 2009… I remember seeing it on MSN but it obviously didn’t happen…

    3. I remember the brand of peanut butter as being Jiffy, but if you were to search it in google images, absolutely NOTHING shows up with Jiffy, just Jif. I ask other people what they remember it as & some remember the same as I have. So i’ve been thinking & the question that comes to my mind is if someone remembers something as it goes in this time stream, does that mean that they never slid between universes & the people who remember differently have slid? & also, if you slide, is it the whole universe that slides or could it be an individual by themselves?

      1. I think its more complicated, that there are multiple worlds so there could be a jiffy world with Stain, and a jiffy world with a Stein, with a jif and stein and jif and stain (makes my head hurt but its what i think is happening).. Personally i think people who are sensitive slide more than those that havent. but there are also points in space that are weaker from one world to the next, if you look at the myths about travelling to other worlds, fairy rings, the sidhe taking people changelings and so on.. why are there these myths all over the world, if there wasnt a point a time when it was common knowledge.

  2. I was born late August 1994 and I feel like going through and saying which memories I remember. Skipping over ones I would have no reason to remember a certain way or which would be outside my probable knowledge.

    Berenstein Bears, clearly

    Chartreuse – dark reddish/purplish color, but I’d buy this as just a mistake

    Snow White – “Mirror mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” ‘Magic mirror’ sounds gippy.
    McDonalds, McEntire (only heard of Reba last year though)

    Thanksgiving – thought it was the Third Thursday and I remember thinking how useful the alliteration was, a couple of years ago my mother corrected me, to my surprise

    I always think there are 51 states but I wouldn’t be able to say which one is added

    Remember Henry VIII and the turkey leg

    I thought it was Jiffy but I never had that brand of peanut butter, we got the ground kind

    I kinda thought Sri Lanka was right off the tip of India, like a faucet leaking, but I could have just used over-simplified maps as a child

    I thought Agatha Christie never showed up and I was surprised when I watched the Doctor Who episode that mentioned that she did


    Definitely don’t remember Katy Perry ever being called Kate, also thought it was Rod Sterling, but I was never fans of either of their music

    Japan is to the east of China, maybe a little southish

    Madagascar — island to the east of Africa, rather bean-shaped, only thing I remember in it is that I really enjoyed finding it on my toy globe as a child (to learn geography) and I read an article about it in the National Geographic around 2013, about the difficulties of mining there

    Mongolia — country, just northwest of China, shaped like a little roundish trapezoid. High mountainous, steppe-like land, horses are common (I have a vague idea that when I was a child I though it was southwest of China, and rounder, but my Asian geography was not great then)

    Wales — definitely west, ALTHOUGH I feel like at some point I might have thought it was east, I seem to remember a conversation about it, but it would have been when I was very young.

    Big — watched it a few years ago, as far as I remember the ending was that the boy returned home, the police were searching for him desperately, his mother asked him where he’d been, and he said some clever double meaning thing.

    Thought it was “beautiful day in the neighborhood’ but I didn’t watch the show religiously and I could have just misheard

    It’s Looney Tunes, that’s what it said at the beginning of the feature and on my cassettes, but I think it’s ‘Toon Town’ in “Who Killed Roger Rabbit”

    “Luke, I Am Your Father”

    Oh, I think the title is “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” but I did write it as “Killed” above so I’ll keep that

    I remember a story about Fidel Castro sleeping with a lot of women and keeping his boots on in bed? don’t remember from whom, it was in some fun fact book

    I never spelled definitely definately but I’ve definitely seen people make that mistake)

    However, I always spelled the word ‘separate’ ‘seperate’ until like…a few months ago, when my spell-checker started underlining it. I could have been wrong about it, it’s one of those words where there’s two of the same vowel, but I’m usually a pretty conscientious speller and I would’ve thought I’d have noticed before.

  3. Oh, one other one, probably not quite in the spirit of this, but I’ll post it just in case – a few days ago, I was trying to recall a lullaby my mother sang to me, which went:

    Rock-a-bye baby, over the moon
    You’ll take a ride in a toy balloon
    Over the rainbow you’ll take a train
    And then you’ll arrive in Lullaby Lane

    A quick google search turned up no results (when I search it now, the only thing that turns up is where I posted it on a chat thread).

    I seem to remember it being in a book of mine with an illustration. My mother remembers it and said her mother sang it to her. It might just be a family song but I find it odd that it didn’t turn up on Google and I’d be interested to hear if others remember it!

    1. Also, sorry for the additions, but I forgot these:

      I remember the version where Lindberg’s baby was not found, but it’s possible that I was just given a more romantic version of the story (I mainly remember it from a ‘Dear America’ book and they’d probably have left out unpleasant details). But I thought it was like Amelia Earhart. I don’t have a lot of faith in my memory, but I was confused when I was reading the play “Hauptmann” and it came up.

      Also, I just googled New Zealand, I thought it was on the southwest and closer to Australia. I spent a lot of time with a toy touch globe so it really surprises me that I would have this wrong! Maybe it’s sometimes drawn on maps in a different location for convenience (like Alaska and Hawai’i?)

  4. Hi, all,

    I was reading through the old tinnitus page (not the reboot thereof), and got to a spot where someone mentioned “Jimmy Mnemonic” (rather than “Johnny Mnemonic”); I dismissed it, remembered where I was, and rushed to Google. On the bright side, it’s still Johnny, not Jimmy — on the Mandela side, Google says that it had been released 1995 (26 May, specifically).

    I really don’t remember the month, though May is as good as any, since I vaguely remember it feeling as if it had been roughly summer-ish. On the other hand (much like the thread about Columbine, Paducah, & Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”), I guarantee that it wasn’t ’95, but rather c1990. I’m not certain of the exact year, but roughly ’90/’91 (I doubt ’89 fairly strongly, and ’92 a bit less strongly).

    Side note: no jump in tinnitus or other apparent possible markers/triggers.

    Anyone else?

  5. I want to put a personal note here about the “Oscar Mayer” incident in case it changes for me again.

    About a week to two weeks ago I was on Reddit when I read about the Mayer change. However, the posts were about it changing FROM Mayer TO Meyer. I wrote this down in my journal as such:

    “Oscar Mayer is now Oscar Meyer”

    I read the journal through every couple of days, and I leave a line empty between entries. There was a date on this entry too but I do not recall the exact date so I won’t post it. To get to the point, I remember “Mayer”. Then it changed to “Meyer” and the logo looked all weird to me. NOW its back to “Mayer”. This is a first for me!! I checked the reddit posts and they all now say “Meyer to Mayer”. Also, the journal entry is GONE! Not like erased since I use a pen, but it goes from my previous entry to the next entry with one line in between like normal except no entry for the hotdog company 😛

    Anyway, its been re-added to the journal XD

    1. MM interesting a bounce back jump.. I wonder how many have happened..If the many worlds theory holds true, and we are somehow merging together, it could be unstable for a short time, which allows for a bounce back..could explain some of the odd moving of items, i put an item down and it goes missing, then reappears in the exact same place..

    2. I feared this could happen. I wondered if writing something down could change. I thought there’s no way that my handwriting could be reproduced to form a word I never wrote if it was never that way, I guess as it turns out in reality if a change does happen it just simply disappears instead! I was hoping that if a change happens your handwriting would be to complex to reproduce if you never wrote it or would at least remain on the paper unchanged as “proof” (proof to yourself) that it was always that way but I guess from your experience it may just simply disappear! I guess a way that you can definitely prove to yourself that there was a change would be to meticulously make sure that you definitely log an entry EVERY SINGLE DAY for some Mandela effect. For example write EVERYDAY that Mayer is the brand and if a single day is missing or an entire row of days is missing you definitely know something strange is going on. That’s the strange thing about this sort of thing, that if it were true it would be really hard to document and/or prove because reality itself changes around it! Luckily it sometimes leaves what is called “reality reside” but that’s about as much as we’ve got apart from our memories… we need to be clever if we really want to get to the bottom of this. Yes, it doesn’t effect your personal day to day life much but who doesn’t like a good mystery and some fun? Sometimes being a little obsessive about something isn’t a bad thing, in fact it has really been the only thing that has made science move forward and progress. Someone sitting in a patent office bored out of their minds contemplating things that have no effect on his personal everyday life ends up changing the world… you never know where these “lunatic fringe” ideas will lead you!

    3. I noticed the double switch as well. I’m in a discussion group for ME, and I found threads where I argued the topic both for Mayer AND Meyer with a six week period in between. This surprised me because I have a firm grasp on what I feel I used to know on virtually each one of these

    4. No way. I am 42 and my husband is 40. I just asked my husband to sing it with out showing him this post. It was always Meyer. The song had the spelling in it. Plus every mom bought the products. When I was a kid I would bet you every household in America had the hot dogs or Bologna in there refrigerator. That commercial was on every T.V every day. This has to be the best proof of ME out there. The song even spelled it out. You can’t get any clearer than that. Wow I am so upset…. Every kid in America when I was growing up knew and sang this song. It can not even change from place to place due to different accents. The song spells the word.
      This gave me a headache.

      1. I have to say that I happened to sing the song today -it’s Mayer- I’m 49 going on 50 and have been singing it since I was like 10. Gotta go look at a label now!

    5. Wait. So now it is back to Mayer? I’m so confused. When I discovered this site over the summer it was said that it was Oscar Meyer. And I was singing the tune in my head and I was like NO it is Mayer. Now it changed back?

    6. Sorry forgot to add. If something changed back would everything else that was different change back as well?

      1. Mindy, I think it depends on the reality you’ve slid into. As I see this, we’re not stationary and things are changing around us, it’s more as if we’re sliding to complete, currently existing realities.

        This is pure speculation and almost moot since it’s a relative concept. However, it can help if you imagine the world (reality) as something stable and you’re a tourist. You’re simply hopping from one reality to the next, noticing interesting differences.

        In that context, this can be fascinating.

        If your context is — instead — a world where things are constantly changing and tripping you up, the Mandela Effect can be the source of continual confusion, distress, and uneasiness.

        I like the “I’m just a tourist” version.

        1. It’s not necessary that all things revert back,it’s more like kaleidoscope where a section may reappear at exactly the same location,but the design changes overall each time the device is shaken.

  6. I remember being really little (around 4-7) and there was this classic Rankin-Bass Christmas movie marathon on ABC Family on Christmas Eve. I remember being in the living room of my house and this really weird Christmas movie about these witch-like nature goddesses and Santa Claus. It was really dark and moody, but it still had that classic stop-motion Christmas movie aesthetic. Today, I’ve looked all over online to find any traces of it and I can’t find a single thing. I asked my mom about it and she (and some other people I’ve asked) vaguely remember it as well. Could this possibly be linked to the Mandela Effect? Does anyone else remember this?

    1. Hey Jake,
      This sounds, to me, like “The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus”. It was Rankin-Bass’ last Christmas special and based on a L. Frank Baum story. It is somewhat obscure because it wasn’t very popular for various reasons (I.E. this is the only Rankin-Bass Christmas special WITHOUT a star narrator.). If you are looking to own it, WB distributes Rankin-Bass.
      I hope this helped clear things up!

  7. Hey everyone,
    Looks like Mike H. Beat me to the punch on the Rankin-Bass post! Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know Art Bell mentioned ME and posted a YouTube video of it. Of course, I don’t have a link again (sorry!), but it was during his interview with Cynthia Larson and is posred to Art Bell’s YouTube account.

    1. Thanks, DbD!

      Also, I found the video: I can’t begin to explain how surreal it is to hear about a topic I started, being discussed on an Art Bell show, or a George Noory show, etc… and they’ve never been in contact with me.

      I’m kind of a privacy fanatic, so I’m not terribly upset. It’s just… weird to see this. I’m laughing and shaking my head.

  8. Personally I am getting really tired of people being dead then being alive again (public celebrity types or people within my social circle.) And then there are weirder things with cousins, great-nieces and nephews, etc; changing gender then changing back again; or existing in one reality (got the yearly Xmas card with pics of the family to prove it) and then not existing again; with no family acknowledgments of deaths of said people, so WTF?

    Anybody else experiencing this extreme thing of people being IN your reality and then NOT being in it, although there is no satisfying explanation for why they no longer exist?

    1. Smartypants, it happens. One of my relatives seemed to vanish from almost everyone’s memory. You may find some similar comments in the Personal Memories section.

      Without revealing any private information, this kind of comment is more useful if you can provide a time period and general location.

  9. Since Christmas is coming up, I had to offer this unexplained Pop Culture memory.

    For the stop-motion Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer special, I clearly remember a version where the Yeti eats Rudolph’s girlfriend. It’s been suggested to me that this was a parody version, but if so, you’d think it would be available online, like as a YouTube clip or something. I can’t find anything online. Does anyone else remember this version?

    1. Eeeuuuwww… I hope this is a joke post. If not, that’s a perfectly vile version, even as a parody. I really hope this is a prank, or a version than never existed in this reality. (And, whatever reality it might be in…? I hope never to visit it.)

    2. Is there any chance that it might be the MAD tv parodies? Look up Raging Rudolph and The Reinfather.

      Side note, any chance Fiona of doing a post about how the original Rudolph is now different?

      1. DR, no chance at the moment. Rudolph has been portrayed since 1939 in a variety of books, comics, TV shows, and movies. See Wikipedia for a partial list.

        If I see a massive number of alternate memories about one particular representation — in any media — and it’s clear that those reporting the memories have made certain those memories aren’t the result of the usual holiday media blur, I might create an article. I feel that seasonal topics come and go, and don’t necessarily need a post of their own.

        The Great Pumpkin issue is an example of something the probably should have been a thread, not a post. It received 20 comments (several of them were my replies), most over a single week. Then… crickets chirping. Probably until the topic comes up again, next year.

        I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I’m always looking for insights and patterns that help us understand the Mandela Effect. On the other, I’m concerned that lots of pop culture posts may steer our focus away from serious research.

        For me, it’s a coin flip and I haven’t resolved it, yet.

        1. Thanks for the reply. I understand what you mean. I’ve seen many comments on other sites (not ME related) about the abominable snowman in the classic movie having to do with his teeth. Many people seem to remember it the way I do.

          In a perfect world we would know all the answers.

          Another thought which I have asked before but I think it didn’t go through. I have a feeling there may be a connection with ME’s and sleep paralysis. I would love an article about that!

        2. Rudolphs girlfriend was definitely eaten when i was a child . i hadnt realized it had been changed since you mentioned it.

          in my reality snoopy is the great pumpking and he rises out of the pumpkin patch.

  10. So here are just some things I remember differently:

    At the Lincoln Memorial there is a patch in the Gettysburg Address over a botched engraved letter! Never was told this or saw this after multiple visits.
    In the address Lincoln said “Now we are caught in a great conflagration” but now that doesn’t exist!

    Suddenly every spring (in CT) there are thousands of trees with pink flowers…i haven’t seen this in my previous 51 springs…and everyone says that’s totally normal.

    1. Wow. And the botched word is Future. An E was carved instead of an F, and part of the letter was filled in.

      I also did not know this and I’ve seen it in person.

      1. Hi, Anne,

        The fact that it happened to be the word “future” is interesting, but what caught my eye is the converse: that the letter “E” has been modified… yet again. Co-inky-dink?

        1. Thanks for pointing that out. If markers exist, that could be one.

          I thought it didn’t seem very likely that the people who made the monument would have allowed a mistake on something so important.

  11. I’ve got a new one finally:

    Bob the Builder is British. He’s always been a Brit. Look it up. I remember him always being American as Apple pie. He’s Bob the Builder for Pete’s sake. As British as tea and crumpets now.

    1. Hi Dan,
      It looks like Bob the builder was originally a British show, but is redubbed for American broadcast. I’m actually relieved to have read that…it would have been too weird if it had only existed as a British show.

  12. So I learned about the Mandela effect a few months ago and I have been visiting this great site ever since. I am sorry for any spelling or grammer errors. I am using a mobile device to post this. Anyways I thought I would finally post some of my mandela effects. And incase it helps, I was born in 1983. And from the US, NC to be exact. So here goes.

    Berenstein bears
    Jiffy PB
    Interview with a vampire
    Sex in the city
    I remember learning in school 52 us states, then a few years later it was just 50 states. I don’t remember what the other 2 states were though.
    Mirror mirror
    Beautiful day in the neighborhood
    Australia used to be more south and isolated.
    Jupiter ascending used to be jupiter rising

  13. I am watching yet another film, Friday the 13th part 2 criticism, and they said something, that the end of the film there was a scene that was too “dumb” to film, But I remember that scene but apparently it was never filmed.. dont know if anyone has seen the other ending the very end just at the credits.. could have sworn that i saw it..


    Fantastic radio interview on Truth Frequency Radio – The Kev Baker Show with Max Igan – “Connections Between The Mandela Effect, Holographic Reality & Ancient Nostradamus Prophecy” (nearly 2 hours).

    “The Mandela Effect originated when large numbers of people remembered hearing and watching the news coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death. The only problem was that this wasn’t true! Fast forward and we are having so many “glitches” in the matrix. Lines from movies, books and even people’s names are not what they used to be.

    Max Igan, after many years of research and ceremony, states that these occurences, and the Mandela Effect on the whole, is one of the most interesting and intriguing topics he has ever come across, and moreover, he says it actually confirms a lot of the information he has retrieved via many via sources and methods during his time on this planet.”

    1. I personally have a problem with all the linking of nostradamus to so many things.. Its all about interpretation, translating from the original french and people having a bias when translating. i have questions about everything i believe its a multi universe and a natural thing.. jsut we are increasing the merging due to our science

      1. Martin, I agree with you about the Nostradamus dilemma. (Or dilemna, I suppose… LOL)

        The topic is prickly, including questions of authenticity, translation, and sequence of the quatrains.

        That said, so many people have found clarity in Nostradamus’ work, I can understand the show making a reference to it.

        I could probably write an entire article — maybe even a book — analyzing Nostradamus’ work through a Mandela Effect filter. What comes to mind immediately: Some quatrains seem to be crystal clear, but could mean either of two (or more) events. What if events have “echoes” across realities, and Nostradamus saw some/all of them (not necessarily on a conscious level), and those echoes fueled his writing?

        Ah, the interesting directions this topic can take…!

  15. I was watching House the other day and he made a reference to “if you build it THEY will come”
    Even House knows what’s up…I really wish we could get to the bottom of why this is happening and how all our memories could be wrong

    1. Kayla, I wasn’t sure whether to approve this or not. At this site, one of the premises is: Our memories aren’t “wrong.” They’re real, but — in most cases — they’re from another reality. Or several alternate realities we’ve visited, before landing here.

      And even “here” may need clarification, as I’m regularly reminded that people even recall things about this website that — as far as I know — were never in the current reality. They’re not “wrong” about this website; they’re recalling a counterpart of this site from another reality.

      An old friend used to describe this as “pretzel logic,” and it can seem that way.

      However, I don’t think there’s just one, easy explanation for “why this is happening.” I think multiple issues are at play (perhaps in the games context, as well), and alternate realities — actual or holodecks — are part of this.

      And, above all, I believe that most people report memories here that they’ve double- and triple-checked to be sure they weren’t mistaken. So, right or wrong isn’t an issue in these conversations; this is where memories are confirmed and we’re talking about various explanations, all of which might be part of the Mandela Effect.

      1. Fact is we can’t get to the bottom of a most trivial thing,let alone a profound phenomena like mandela effect,where realitiy might be shifting every moment.Watching full hd videos on a 5 inch screen doesn’t give us any reason to claim that we could or should know the why and how of all.

      2. for me sometimes i wish i was Wrong with some of my memories. it would be nice to just KNOW what has happened.. but there are so many things that . I read this post as it was asking why others think our similar and scarily similar . is just a common mis remembering. How can thousands of people from all over have the same memory, ok you could say memory bias in groups a sense of group memory, but theres just so many people who have never met, never spoken to others even online. reporting the same memories. Even the people who think its all “false” memory cant explain why so many worldwide have the same memories. they just use the oh its wrong they cant explain it or they dont want too.. as if answering it means that the world isnt as simple as people think.. We all love simplicity but this adds layers of confusion..

        While i KNOW there is something really odd happening, lines in books, in films changing by the day i sometimes really wish it wasnt real.. just to get some stability back.. but i know thats impossible.. still the wish is always there.. I want to be wrong and there to be a reasonable explanation.. But it is exciting at the same time.. not Knowing if the films are going to go back to what *I* remember or change to even stranger..

  16. I just saw a Campbell’s soup commercial
    Two men and a boy … first man says to the boy in a Darth Vader voice.
    “I Am You Father”
    Second guy
    “No, no, no I am your father”

    1st thing that came to mind was that this was not necessary… Yes the movie is just about to come out so a commercial including Star Wars lines is not all that suspicious but it just seems to me that someone or something is going to interesting lengths to help us forget or doubt or question what WE remember.

    2nd thing that came to mind …
    Two men claiming to be the boys father. Now granted I didn’t get the whole commercial, basically just the end. But this also brings up other topics like Male and Female and who had/has what role.

    1. Hey Anthony,
      I’ve recently seen this commercial myself. It caught me a little off guard to see Campbell’s marketing to non traditional families. I don’t think there is any doubt traditional gender roles and sexuality have been changing. The publics view and acceptance of these differences has also changed. It’s great to see tolerance flourishing nowadays, but I have NO IDEA where to start looking, for a related ME?

      1. DbD, For me, Anthony’s comment didn’t wander off-topic into gender roles, per se. (If he had, I’d have edited the comment or deleted it.) As I interpreted it, he was talking about a smokescreen to confuse people about several points, but perhaps focusing on the alternate Star Wars line, as the new film is being released in about three weeks.

        Anthony, can you clarify this?

        1. Oh boy, treading lightly …

          Off topic? Clarification? My explanation may be off topic as I was sure ‘male female’ switching roles has come up in previous posts and I thought it was significant and totally ME related. I want to explain that.

          But firstly, yes I felt the commercial was using smokescreens and was the point of my post.


          I can understand why you don’t want to go in this direction Fiona, and even though I believe it could be discussed in a favorable way, I don’t recommend it.


          1. Anthony, you’re right. This isn’t a direction I can manage at this site, and it could go far off-topic in a hurry.

            I’ve edited your comment, not because what you said was inappropriate (you raised some valid points from a viewpoint I hadn’t considered), but because I know the kinds of comments likely to flare in response. And most of them would have to be deleted… meaning I’d spend far too much time reading (and deleting) comments that wouldn’t contribute to our conversations. Literally.

            [And, for the record: Anthony didn’t spout anything that seemed offensive to me. On the contrary, he went out of his way to use inclusive terms. It’s the topic itself, and how prickly it can be… plus the trolls I deal with on a daily basis.]

            Male/female references have been discussed, now and then. In each case, it was usually about the cast change: the role was played by someone entirely different. I haven’t noticed any significant emphasis on the gender changing, even when it did. (Similar topics, in literature, can be documented to cognitive choices to fit trending social attitudes.)

            So, if this thread continues, I’d like to keep the focus on efforts to change (or reinforce) a particular Star Wars dialogue line, and whether or not that’s a Mandela Effect issue, or an editorial change in later versions of the film.

  17. Well Fiona, You are doing a great job keeping this site from becoming a TRASH dump! I expect more editing here. We are both right that this is not the venue for the discussions that would stem from these very valid points.

    [Edited: Anthony, I’m not sure which comment you wanted me to edit down to just the first paragraph, and hope this is it. I’m also not sure if you want me to follow an “all or nothing” with your comments that can’t be approved, as-is. As far as sharing people’s comments — or parts of them — that the public can’t see… that never happens, unless I accidentally reply to someone’s private comment so both the comment and my reply are visible. Even then, I usually correct my error within minutes. I’m the only one who reads all the submitted comments. No one looks over my shoulder. My computer isn’t shared with anyone else. I don’t have a VA handling comments for me. I don’t flag any comment that the public can’t see, and pass it around for others to read. None of that happens. I’m a very private, almost reclusive person, and I go out of my way to respect others’ privacy, as well.]

    1. Hey Anthony and Fiona,
      I’m EXTREMELY SORRY for derailing the earlier comment! I never meant to turn the discussion toward gender roles, instead, I simply wanted to point out the purpose of the dialogue. I really am sorry, and I will try and be more conscious of this in the future.

      1. Hi, DbD, and don’t worry about it. I should have edited Anthony’s initial comment, since the phrasing was just vague enough to spark reasonable dialogue about it. I’m trying to be more conscious of how different comments might be interpreted, especially in an international community, and edit (or simply not approve), accordingly.

        1. Dr. Mary Walker,the original suffragette,who received special dispensation from congress to wear men’s clothes,was women enough to give a photo shoot of herself lying in a coffin and getting kissed by a stuffed hummingbird.

          1. Vivek, I’m not sure if you intended this as one of your many off-topic personal asides for me to read, but it’s such surreal imagery, I’m approving it. Alas, no photo link, but it would surely be a great example of how weird this reality can be.

  18. Hi, all,

    Of the patterns so far emergent (Mike H., I’m looking in your direction…), most of us have noted a large number of people (usually dead, no, wait, not dead), lyrics, spellings (extremely consistent), quite a bit of geography (with a significant degree of variance), and event dates (with a wider statistical variance than the other M.E.s), color switches, atmospheric/stellar phenomena, and arguably species (narwhal, for example) — there are probably one or two categories that I’m overlooking.

    Something that struck me as interesting is where the holes _aren’t_: I haven’t yet seen anyone note changes to classical or opera, for example. I figured that I should at least run a cursory sample check, and noted no deviations in the few that I ran on YouTube {O Fortuna [Carmina Burana]; the “Hallelujah Chorus” of Händel’s Messiah; Ode an die Freude; Für Elise; Eine kleine Nachtmusik}. With a sample space of five items, this is hardly representative, but that fact that nobody’s reported observing M.E.s in such does make me think that perhaps they’re unaffected.

    It also makes me wonder where else the holes aren’t — I haven’t yet seen or read of any changes in molecular formulae (grr! Firefox doesn’t even know _this_ word?!?), physical constants (beyond annual refinements as posted by PDG), subatomic particle masses, the location of individuals’ homes, or of course the aforementioned classical and opera.

    Has anyone else noted any other clearly as-yet-unaffected categories? Contrarily, has anyone noted any changes in what I believe to be so far unaffected categories? I wonder if it would be a worthwhile endeavor to consider the differences between those affected and those unaffected.

    1. Its an interesting thought..could the absence of something show why things are changing.. One problem with some of the “modern” operas is that like all theatrical events there are alterations due to trying to keep it upto date and bringing more people in.. so it would be difficult to see but taking the music itself.. part of the problem is they are frequently in other languages with different inflections.. but it would be interesting to see. There is a few a very few MEs in sport as well. Usually things around sport..

    2. CTE- excellent query and topic for discussion. The two areas without “holes” for me that immediately come to mind are politics and sports. Politics can be argued to some extent, but mostly I think that falls into the dead/not dead celebrities category, such as Mandela.

    3. @closeted-team-e Perhaps after a certain number of years, the different realities are combined? Someone here suggested that this effect might be multiple realities trying to coexist, or even combine, so while “discrepancies” might be born fresh everyday in different realities.. after a while the more popular ones win out. If a young Reba McEntire is McEntire in 80% of realities, perhaps that edges out the other spelling variants over a certain amount of time…

      So then, perhaps the “Classics” *did* have variations for the first few decades, but by now all “realities” have agreed upon a “true form” or at least gone with the “most popular one.” — In fact, if this streamlining didn’t happen, I imagine our worlds would be *vastly* different… if my parents only met in 90% of the worlds, then maybe I’d only be born in 80% of worlds. While that might not be too bad on its own, if you follow this kinda of pattern from the beginning of civilization, then we start getting radically different worlds… unless nature does something like correct all realities based on the most common shared reality. That means that after some time, this website would exist in all realities, perhaps with subtle variances that over time would coincide…

      that would explain the classics, but… that wouldn’t do much for the geography problem.. unless there is just a 50/50 chance that NZ/Korea/Manchuria ended up in a different place, so reality can’t coincide on that and has to keep flipping…

  19. Did anyone else out there have a Mandela experience when visiting Washington, DC? I have been there many times…then there was a gap from 2007-2013 in which I did not visit. Upon my return in July of 2014 a ton of things were different! The following two were most striking:

    1. The entire scale of the city was smaller…it took way less time to walk around and the Mall seemed to me way shorter.

    2. The Lincoln Memorial – there were two mistakes on the Gettysburg address…one was this crazy plaster patch over a word…the guide claimed there was a mistake that the engraver made and they patched it – I have seen it dozens of times before – with guides – and this just plain did not exist for me prior to 2014. The second mistake…the words “now we are caught in a great conflagration” were not in the speech! I know it used to be because I loved this line as a teen and never forgot it – I thought it was a brilliant piece of writing – but now -gone!

    Has anyone else noticed these things?

    Love this board! I have experienced dozens of Mandela Effects in the past two years.

    Jim S.

    1. Jim – I definitely remember the words “great conflagration.” I kept googling those words along with “Gettysburg Address” to see if a version of the address with those words would show up, as Wikipedia mentions “5 drafts” of the address. All I find is the very prosaic-sounding “Now we are engaged in a great civil war.” I like the version we remember!

    2. I was surprised to be able to drive from NYC to Baltimore in just over three hours. I was sure DC was east of Baltimore… the coast looks different to me also. I have a lot of geographical issues, New Zealand being two islands is the clearest

    3. Hi Jim, I also remember great conflagration, I Googled Lincoln, (great conflagration) and this is what pulled up for me…..

      [Edited: See next comment.]
      …..It’s about 1/2 way down the first page. Still off from my memory and evidently you and others too.

  20. I have come to believe that the existence of Dark Matter might be a Mandela Effect. I first learned about it in about 2014, from the Neil deGrasse Tyson version of Cosmos. Learning about such a momentous change in physics so recently was pretty surprising, but I just assumed it must be a recent discovery, and thus something I could have easily missed – I’m not as much up on such things as I was 20 years ago. Still, the idea that astronomers and pyhsicists somehow didn’t notice much sooner something massing *five times as much* as all the ordinary matter in the universe, and that the laws of gravity very obviously don’t work at all without it? That the Milky Way galaxy would fly apart without lots of additional, mysterious Dark Matter. My real shock came when I looked deeper into cutting edge physics just a couple of days ago, after discovering the Mandela Effect, and looking for explanations. It turns out that (in this timeline) they *did* know, that the theory of Dark Matter begins in the 1930’s and developed more in the 60’s and 70’s. Okay, that makes more sense, that is just about when they would *have* to have noticed it. But… how did I not know about it.

    This is a tricky case because I cannot say for sure that “When I was a kid and a teenager, in the 70’s and early 80’s, that physicists and astronomers did not believe in anything called Dark Matter”. It’s not quite the same as my absolute certainty that when I was a kid, New Zealand was northeast of Australia, and Australia was much further south and farther from Asia and Indonesia – because I saw the maps and globes when I was a kid, as opposed to just somehow not hearing about Dark Matter. Nevertheless, I knew my physics and astronomy back then, much better than even my geography, better than most adults, and the idea that I somehow never heard of a well accepted theory like Dark Matter just doesn’t wash.

    I was a huge science nerd in the late 70s and throughout the 80’s, even more than I am today. Despite my young age, I knew a vast amount about Relativity, about black holes and about quantum physics, about cosmology and supernovas. I most especially knew all about the grand question of the day, “is the universe open or closed? is it destined to collapse back on itself or to expand forever?” and the key to this burning question was the total mass of the universe. I do recall clearly a mad scramble among physicists at the time to somehow “find enough mass to close the universe” – I studied how they looked at black holes and neutrinos and it still wasn’t enough. How the hell did Dark Matter escape this discussion, if it were already known at the time, as being necessary to even hold the Milky Way together?

    The idea that not one of my sources from the time would have mentioned Dark Matter with mass amounting to five times that of all the stars, planets, dust and gas and black holes that made up everything else, is just not credible. The idea that I could have just passed by any mentions of this stuff without following up on the same questions that bother me about it now, is just not credible.

    Are there any other Mandela Effect changes in basic science? Or is this a new category?

    1. Great comment!

      Let me chime in and suggest that you should also be looking into ANTIMATTER as I personally have been learning more and more that antimatter could play a big role in inverse experiences, non-probable experienced, suspiciously shifted “timelines” and more.

      1. Jennifer, I’m pretty familiar with antimatter. Can you give me a better idea of what is supposed to be the connection to Mandela Effect? All I can think of possibly is that antimatter is thought to be mathematically identical to it’s corresponding matter particle moving backward in time. This I suppose *could* be related to the idea of retro-causality, the possibility that the future is in fact creating the past, so that it can exist as it’s supposed to, exactly opposite to our usual conception of causality.

    2. I have done enough research over the past couple weeks to satisfy myself that Dark Matter is most likely NOT a Mandela Effect. The problem that Dark Matter purports to solve was indeed known as far back at the 1930’s, but it was known as simply “the missing mass problem”, which does sound familiar from my early studies of astronomy in the 70’s. The earliest use of the term “Dark Matter” seems to trace to ca. 1974, but I might easily never have heard of it as it was then considered pretty fringe stuff. It seems to have gained greater acceptance ca 1984, by which time I was busy with many other things and my knowledge of advances in astronomy and cosmology after ca. 1980 became much more spotty, so I might easily have missed Dark Matter, until I randomly ran across it watching Cosmos in 2013.

      So, I just wanted to follow up and report that, even if it’s a negative result. I would still love to find a true Mandela Effect in basic sciences.

      The timing is still interesting, since ca 1980 personally feels like it might have been a shift period, with possibly one in the late 90’s, one in 2004 or 2005, and one or even two shifts in the early 2013 to late 2014 period.

      All this research is certainly not for naught though! I’ve learned a great deal about more recent developments in cosmology and physics which I hope will help me get my head around the Multiverse and hopefully understand the Mandela Effect. There’s even a possibility that Dark Matter itself might even be somehow connected to the Mandela Effect, although I don’t yet know how.

  21. Hey guys…. Looney Tunes changed again. Just last week it was Looney Toons, I looked it up on my phone while talking to a coworker. The Mandela effect subreddit has a few posts about it. It’s back to Tunes as I remember it.

    I am in the car with my SO driving and I just freaked out when I read this.

    1. What the?! I just googled it to see and you’re totally right! While I have dual memories on the toons/tunes subject, any attempt to google it prior to today brought up the “toons” spelling, but now it’s only bringing up the “tunes” spelling! This is the first time I’ve seen a mandela effect change like this and it’s freaking me out.

      1. Wow, wow, wow! Emily and Christine – I’m stunned today, yet not, if you know what I mean – since I have long believed in The Mandela Effect. I was hoping to see some “live” – not just more distant memories. So yesterday or the day before, I looked up Looney TOONS, and everything said Toons, and today everything is TUNES, including Wikipedia. But here’s the even weirder thing – I swear it – both of your posts have changed for me! You were commenting on the fact that it had been TUNEs and now as you were writing, it said TOONs, which it did, when I looked it up, until today. I thought “maybe they will get on this site today and comment that it’s now TUNEs again, but now that’s what you said four and six days ago. And I know I am not confused. For me, on December 3, it said Toons, now on December 4, it is Tunes. I feel oddly elated, like anything is possible for me – even weight loss! So again, in the words of Steve Jobs, as he was dying, “Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow…” (I just remembered the ‘oh’ part.)

        1. Fiona’s note: Julia is a long-time member of this community and her comments have been consistently reliable. When she says that she’s witnessed something changing, I can vouch for her, 100%, so that adds more credibility to this odd, recent change.

        2. Wow, Julila, that’s really interesting! I remember clearly writing that it had been Toons, but it had changed to Tunes, however, I’ve learned, as you have, that anything is possible, so it’s entirely possible, even likely, that you were in a reality/time stream/whatever where I said Tunes had changed to Toons, and then slipped to the current reality/whatever where I said the opposite. I am inspired to go back through the comments pages and see if anyone else’s comments have changed!

        3. Wow, its so odd that the text of my post changed. It feels so so weird to think that another me was writing the exact same thing but with “tunes/toons” switched. Yikes.

          1. I can understand how you feel Emily. I almost didn’t want to comment on it, wondering if I would freak you and Christine out. I still can’t really wrap my head around the concept that there can be “other me’s” out there – I prefer to think that possibly I am just in another state (or many states) of consciousness simultaneously – it’s still all me but I’m am “spread out.” Semantics maybe, or maybe not.

            1. Just remembered that I had logged the original change in my list of memories. I went to check it just now, thinking that maybe what I wrote had changed, now that the spelling has changed to Tunes. It hasn’t! Somehow the change didn’t affect what I wrote, which I find really kind of odd. Here’s what I wrote, and what it still says:

              “I remember both Loony Toons and Loony Tunes oo” (my memory that I wrote, is of course not helpful, BUT, note that I wrote “oo” next to it. That is because in all the memories I’ve logged, I’ve noted next to them the letters that had changed from either my memory or the collective memory, in case they are a marker of some sort. In this instance I wrote down the two O’s because although most people said they remembered Tunes, at that time it had been spelled Toons) .

              I don’t know if this is helpful, but I wrote down that memory in August of 2015, though I’m not sure of the exact day, and I had used Google to find the current spelling, both then and when it changed again.

                1. Hi Fiona,

                  Sorry, I replied to this, but it disappeared. When I wrote down that memory my latitude was 43.770888 and my longitude was -79.291162

  22. Literary Allusions
    This is a short starter list of literature and art with what seem to be heavily Mandela Effect influenced themes, which I hope will be useful and which might be expanded.

    * As mentioned in another comment, the Talking Heads song “Once In A Lifetime”
    * Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius – short story (Jorge Luis Borges 1940)talking heads,_Uqbar,_Orbis_Tertius
    A fictitious entry inserted into in an encyclopedia, about the non-existent country of Uqbar within the world of Tlon, third planet from it’s sun, leads to people believing in the nation, and in time more and more initially “fictional” entries become increasingly solid and real, as the Earth is gradually remade into Tlon by the sheer force of people’s belief in Tlon. Shades of Wikipedia, more than 60 years ago!
    * Thrice Upon a Time – science fiction novel (James P. Hogan, 1980)
    About a machine that sends not people but simply messages back or forward in time. Sending a message that causes a paradox causes the timeline to be erased from that point forward. This is used on a large scale twice, once to erase a timeline where Earth was otherwise doomed to be swallowed by black holes accidentally generated by a high-energy experiment (shades of the CERN controversy 35 years ago!)
    * Anathem – science fiction novel (Neal Stephenson, 2008)
    About a cross-universe invasion using a technology that allows travel between alternate Earths, based on the Many Worlds interpretation. and involves a split of the narrative into multiple alternate timelines.

    1. I think the entire Talking Heads album, Remain in Light, is relevant, even the front and back cover art. (It’s got red/blue, masks, war planes, and inverted As. It was the first album art done with a computer, at MIT. It was a big deal.)

      Someone also recently mentioned the Electric Light Orchestra album, Time. That one is looking pretty awesome. The entire concept of the album is someone sending messages and dreams back from the future. Maybe some other albums might be of interest as well. Secret Messages, and maybe more. Some songs have lyrics played backwards.

      I need to take some more time to look into it, but some of The Cure’s work looks promising as well. Especially their self titled album. (Incidentally, much of their discography looks brand new to me now, and I have always loved The Cure.)

      I guess this could also go into the music page, but I love where you are going with this.

    2. Hi, Dan,

      Your entry has me thinking back to some of my books. I have several thousand, but they’re all in storage at the moment. 🙁

      In any event, perhaps I could add to your list (I’d add a few more, if I could simply go to my bookcases directly):

      — The coming of the quantum cats (Frederik Pohl) – A great number of Fortean events (see Charles Fort, Fortean events, the mad fishmonger, etc.) are noted, with the eventuality of multiple (quantum-multiple, not entropic-bubble-multiple) universes sending people to other universes (exploration, corporate theft, etc.). Interestingly, I’d swear that this had been titled “Schrödinger’s kittens” (not by Gribbin).

      — Picoverse (Robert A. Metzger) – High energy physics, alternative realities, universe creation; an intriguing mix.

      — Quarantine (Greg Egan) – Earth gets quarantined because our ability to collapse the wave function is inimical to other lifeforms.

      — The book of Ash (Mary Gentle) – Pentology about a rather large reality shift from a very different Carthage.

      — The Hemingway Hoax (Joe Haldeman) – Less of a SciFi than a drama, but still an interesting mix of time travel and alternative timelines.

      — “The Illuminatus! trilogy” & “Schrodinger’s cat” trilogy (Robert Anton Wilson) – The phrase “tour de force” actually applies perfectly to these. A fun, but fascinating, read. MWI, Discordianism, fnords, Bell’s theorem, James Joyce, cognitive dissonance.

      — “They–” (Robert Heinlein) – The story of an inmate at an asylum, who had noticed glitches in reality.

      — The Reality File (possibly Heinlein?) – Protagonist finds that what’s real and what isn’t depends upon what’s stored as “real” (or not stored, hence not real). Reminds me of video games’ objects being interactive vs. background.

      — Job: a comedy of justice (Robert Heinlein) – The protagonist and his girlfriend keep shifting between universes, very M.E.-like. Things get particularly interesting, once he dies.

      — The lathe of heaven (Ursula K. LeGuin) – Reality is bent to the will of the protagonist, sliding effectively.

      — Jacob’s ladder (1990) – A movie that doesn’t make a lot of sense until pretty much the end; reality seems fluid, but I can’t say more without ruining the plotline.

      Although I don’t think that they necessarily belong as such (perhaps to one degree or another), I would add a few that other people have brought up (hence see a thematic connection to all of this): Dark City (1998), The Matrix trilogy (1999, etc.), Sliders (1995-1999), Fringe (2008-2013), Parallels (2015), Time lapse (2014), Adjustment bureau (2011), Donnie Darko (2001), They Live (1988), Crossworlds (1996), Eternity (2013), The thirteenth floor (1999), Primer (2004), Predestination (2014), Project almanac (2015), Edge of tomorrow (2014), Jupiter ascending (2015), The nines (2007), Deja vu (2006), Steins;Gate (2012), Flash Forward (2009), Continuum (2012 – ), Symbol (2009).

        1. CTE and Fiona,
          “The Book of Ash”, we are talking about this book right?

          Strangely, when I was running Dan’s numbers and letters through the LEET translator, this phrase came up. I know which translator I used, but do not remember which variation of the language it was. BUT, in my notebook that I use to write things down related to the ME’s , and my personal ideas and theories, a particular set of words came up. ” Ash, I, again, A, go”
          It was a bit strange, I wasn’t getting much of anything, then this popped up. Probably nothing, but thought I would put it out there.

          While I am here, I have a question on if anyone ever has words in their dreams? I never have. Except last spring, something(male voice) in my dream said the word Arant , twice, forcefully. I wrote it down when I woke up. I assumed it was nothing, but it was very odd, a non-word? Then in September, the name(?) F. Bock was in a dream of mine. The name was on a wall of a room. It was odd, it looked like an old abandoned type school or lab. It was really strange. I mean really ODD, no people were in either of these dreams. I made a note of both of them in my phone (sorry Mr. Stain) on 9-24-15. Not sure what to make of any of this. Again, I never have words in my dreams, as a matter fact anytime I have tried to read anything in a dream, it was always blurry or hazy, like I was not supposed to see it. I waited quite a while to put this on here, just wanted to see if any of this makes sense to anyone. Mike H.

          1. Mike H., the word issue — especially in dreams (with a nod to Fred Alan Wolf’s theories about reality journeys via sleep) — is very interesting. I may migrate this topic to my other site (when I have time to add to it), because this could be part of a deeper exploration of markers.

            1. Fiona, your new site looks really good. It will be interesting to see if there is cross over data. I suspect there is/will be. I apologize for not posting as much , have my left hand in a hard cast. So a bit difficult to type. But I’m still here reading though ! Mike H.

              1. Thanks, Mike H! I’ll have more time for that site after the holidays. For now, I have a long list of “ooh, shiny!” topics I want to write about, there, but not enough hours in the day. (And I hope the cast is able to be removed, soon. That sounds like no fun, and probably very frustrating. I’ve had some similar challenges in the past, and it’s why I became fluent — no pun intended — in voice-recognition software. I had been using the free one built into every Windows operating system — which can work very well — but recently switched to Dragon, and I’m impressed by its accuracy, right out of the box.)

          2. arant is not a non word mike h it is One who has attained enlightenment. in sanskrit. i feel its important for you to know this.

            1. dreamninja, that may be how the word is pronounced in Sanskrit, but Mike H. is also correct about Arant — with that spelling — not existing. Nevertheless, since he heard the word and the Sanskrit definition may apply. See the redirect from

              Note: dreamninja — and all regular visitors to this website — please stay current with Site News and especially Terms: Comments. I’m looking for links in comments like yours, and nearly didn’t approve this comment as a result. When leaving a comment like this, please make my work easier by including links to reliable websites. With t-shirt sales (so far) not solving the dilemma of the hours I put into, daily, I’m looking at what else will streamline the moderation time… short of closing this site to new comments at the end of 2015.

      1. Hi Closeted team-E

        Some nice additions, keep them coming. Looking forward to this topic getting it’s own article.

        Another one we might add to the not-directly-ME-related-but-sorta group is Orwell’s “1984”. I was struck by a quote I saw just a few days ago: “Oceana has always been at war with East Asia.” (Or was it Eurasia? – doesn’t matter, it kept switching.) and “He who controls the past, controls the future.” Winston Smith’s entire function at the Ministry of Truth was to, ahem, “correct” any “errors” concerning unpersons who “never existed” and events that “never happened”. Newspeak was all about changing the world through changing language itself, and thus channeling thought process in desired directions. It’s certainly not Mandela Effect per se, and I personally do believe ME is not the result of any sort of brainwashing by sinister forces. But, clearly Orwell (like many people in that time period, and probably some ever since) was playing with the idealist philosophy, that strong enough belief makes reality, and a strong enough belief will re-make reality. Borges in Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, already mentioned, was very much playing with the same idea. In fact, the philosophy of Tlön culture was entirely based on the philosophy of Idealism, as opposed to modern Western philosophy which is entirely based on Realism.

        Orwell was playing with the totalitarian idea that world changing belief could be forced upon people, but the psychedelic culture (it’s political opposite) talks about “consensus reality” or the “default world” – long assumed to be the only reality, implying that the “consensus reality” is only one among many, and that it’s special or privelaged position is simply due to a sort of “voting process” where enough people have agreed to abide by that consensus. This leaves the implication that the consensus reality could, in theory, be changed as drastically as we want to change it, if only enough people agreed to really believe in a change. Perhaps this is happening, and Mandela Effects are simply the minor side effects – half memories left behind of prior consensus realities that we have chosen to opt out of.

  23. all i can say is i have about 30 of the things on the list just counted them. im kinda tripped out right now. i would love to meet with any of you who see the changes. we might be in this time line for a reason. if we meet it might trigger something.

      1. Well if you look at a sample of people here and on youtubes that have experienced ME’s you could see its pretty much an individual basis. would be interesting to see if there is a stability or even a instability issue when mass amounts of us meet. it fascinates me but it also scares me for some reason

        1. I’ve had a similar sense of uneasiness, Martin. I’d chalked it up to my (offline) shyness and reclusive tendencies, but every time I think of asking my manager if I should be doing more with the Mandela Effect, I pause and put it off another day. That’s a little odd, because I’ve been fairly casual about running ideas past him, regularly.

      2. i do much better sharing ideas in person. i dont do well expressing my ideas in text.

        this might have something to do with pattern reconition. we see changes in the pattern or something like that.
        i would like to talk with people about meditation or other practises that might changes vibration in the body or mind to move us from one timeline to another (if that is whats happening) (if we are not changing timelines we might just be seeing shifts in something like universal conscientiousness like the 100 monkey theory ) ummmm i loose track of my ideas thinking like this.

        i have a feeling that if some of us got together we might have a really good conversation.

  24. I was watching the movie Rat Race from 2001, and the Jon Lovitz character makes a reference to Home Depot, he says, “then I don’t have to work at Home Depot!” He doesn’t say, The Home Depot.

    1. John O, I appreciate the reference, but I see at least one easy explanations for Lovitz’s (and many others’) shortening of the store name: It’s easier to say. (And few film directors would insist on another take over the “the” being dropped, even if it had been in the original script.)

      Between that and the fact that the store is just “Home Depot” in the domain name, I don’t think the article is a big issue, or one worth more of our time.

      1. Well for me, it’s always been just “Home Depot” and it was never “The Home Depot” it has been a recent change for me, now all the commercials I hear for The Home Depot, include the “the”, and they are up front about it. I also remember the logo being different, without the “The”, and I have read other comments on this site about people remember it just being just “Home Depot” as well. So to me it is very real, and the movie quote might help validate that I am not just remembering it wrong. But I will drop the issue, if you don’t see it as something important. I just want to get in my 2 cents about it.

        1. John (by either name), my memories are also just “Home Depot” and the article (“the”) on the sign looks odd to me. On the other hand, most DIY stores bore me to tears, so I’m not a credible resource for this memory.

          In addition, the way Americans (and many others) drop/add articles, sometimes regionally… that makes this particularly difficult to define. It’s not quite like FedEx (which, in this reality, was Federal Express until 2000), but the colloquial use of the “Home Depot” name makes this kind of (potential) change problematic.

          Even when the company owners say something like, “Bernie and I founded The Home Depot with a special vision…” (Ref. ), it’s not clear to me whether he’s spoken an upper case “The” or whether he’s talking about the very first Home Depot store… using the (lower case) generic, singular article.

          Also, even the stores have different signs, in this reality. See and, and their marketing often uses just “Home Depot” as the name.

          So, it makes sense (to me, anyway) that some realities could have just “Home Depot.” I’m not questioning that. The problem with documenting this as a Mandela Effect issue is: someone in this reality might have — for years — been exposed to it as “Home Depot” due to the local store being that (per the photos at the above links), without coming into contact with “The Home Depot” name.

          In addition, this may be massively important to some readers, but in establishing credibility for the Mandela Effect, our apparent bickering over the article, “the”… well, it can look pretty silly. It’s not a life-and-death topic as some alternate memories are, literally.

  25. I clearly recall learning in school (in the 1970s) that the equatorial circumference of the earth was approx. 25,600 miles. A few days ago I came across a website and to my surprise it stated that the circumference of the earth is approx. 25,901 miles, which surprised me. I double-checked and confirmed that that the earth’s circumference is approx. 25,901 miles.

    I then searched the Web and came across a few “residue” links that suggest other people also thought the earth’s circumference was 25,600 miles:

    “At the equator, Earth’s circumference is 25,600 miles, and the day is 24 hours long so the speed of rotation is 1070 miles per hour.”

    “Barrington Irving landed his Columbia 400 at Florida’s Opa-Locka Airport Wednesday at 10:26 a.m., completing his round-the-world flight as — unofficially — the youngest person and first person of African descent to fly solo around the world. Irving, 23, launched from Florida in March, and flew up the East Coast and across the Atlantic. …He covered about 25,600 miles in just over three months.”

    “It’s also the grand finale of Around the World in 80 Ways, our challenge to travel 25,600 miles (the distance of a trip around the world) in green ways and raise £100,000 in the process.”

    Page 2, Second full paragraph: “A member of a ROTARY Club in Seokmun, Korea, set sail in mid-October last year on a solo journey of 25,600 miles around the world to raise money for ROTARY’S End Polio Now campaign.”

    “Staff at Nationwide are hoping to raise £150,000 by March 21 next year by completing enough environmentally friendly miles to travel around the world. The Around the World in 80 Ways initiative will see staff walk, hop, skip and jump 25,600 miles during the next five months to help raise money for vulnerable people in both the UK and the world’s poorest countries.”

    Page 5 of .PDF Presentation diagram: “25,600 miles* (>Earth circumference)

    See Section III, end of 2nd paragraph (news story fron 1928)

    Oddly, I found a few news stories about around the world feats that state “26,500” miles (perhaps a dyslexia moment for the journalists):
    “The next adventure makes this feat seem easy — 26,500 miles around the globe.”
    “Christophe Auguin brought his 60-foot sloop Geodis home to this French Atlantic port Monday and established a new record for sailing around the world single-handed and non-stop. Auguin covered 26,500 miles in 105 days, 20 hours and 31 minutes…”
    “It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. An aerial endeavor that would take 17-year-old pilot Haris Suleman and his father, Babar, around the world in just 30 days and into the record books. The journey, months in the planning, would take the pair on a 26,500-mile odyssey…”

    I am interested to know if anyone else has a clear memory of the equatorial circumference of the earth being taught as approx. 25,600 miles, instead of 24,901 miles as it is now confirmed to be?

    1. @Pharaoh – i do remember learning 26,500mi — but between when I was in school, and now I imagine a great deal has changed in regards to satellite measuring, and I would just chock it up to that. Also, 26,500 sounds like an estimate, and probably is. People generally don’t end things in 00 unless they are estimates. The original measurement of Mt. Everest was ACTUALLY 29,000 ft, but so that it didn’t look like an estimate, it was printed at 29,002 ft. (now 29,029ft)

      I’d imagine that 26,500mi is a mathematically derived estimate from maybe the radius times pi, and that 25,901mi is a newer NASA calculation (or maybe real measurement) that hasn’t universally caught on yet (ie – people are still casually using the figure they learned in school : 26,500mi.)

      I even remember teaching a student that its 26,500mi when I was an ESL teacher after research, as well as learning it in University 5 years ago. That doesn’t scream ME to me though… just maybe a newer/different measurement.
      I’d be more inclined to see this as an ME if you could find older texts that state the 25,901mi figure (like from the 1970s).

      @Dan, who above mentioned Dark Matter – and I specifically remember in that Astronomy Class (2008- we watched President Obama’s inauguration) we learned that Dark Matter was a recent finding. Also, loved space as a kid, and read every book in my elementary school’s library. Also, huge Star Trek fan. NEVER heard of Dark Matter. Seems pretty strange that something known since 1930 wouldn’t have been in any of those books NOR been the “techno babble” of the week on any episode of Star Trek. If anyone here knows star trek… that seems almost insane!

  26. In regards to “Sex In the City,” On the 2nd Briget Jone’s Diary movie, Hugh Grant specifically says “They promise Sex in the City, and my how they do deliver.” Insinuating that he had sex while in New York. This joke would not have made sense if it was “Sex and the City!” Also, the letter “Z” has been dropped from words. I realize British spelling exists however, I cannot remember EVER seeing Americans spell it “realise or organise.” (It’s driving me mad! Lol)

    1. gosh thank you I realized the other day that my autocorrect kept correcting organize and I was like…. huh? It’s never been a British spelling before! It does it with realize prioritize and revitalize

      1. So, I’m confused. In a previous reality, the British spellings didn’t use S instead of Z? Or are you talking about glitchy autocorrects and tracking it down to a mix-up between American and British spellings?

        1. Americans use the z format… this is how I was taught to spell these words but as of the last month my American computers want to autocorrect it all to the British form. Which is odd to me but maybe not an ME.

          1. Ayla, we can safely assume you’ve double-checked all of your computer settings, right…? I don’t mean to sound insulting, but I switch my settings back and forth (British English to American English, and vice versa), regularly, depending upon the project I’m working on. So, during a busy time, it can be easy for me to overlook one of them. That’s doubled if I’ve started using new software or a new app, and I didn’t check its settings during the install.

            Generally, a changed setting or computer glitch is difficult to attribute to the Mandela Effect. Mundane changes can happen in slides, but something that personal is difficult to determine, and should probably be in the Personal Memories section, if it’s one of several changes that might be unique to you.

            The second part of Rio’s comment didn’t impress me as Mandela Effect, but I was too rushed to edit it out, and the rest of the comment was useful. However, some parts of the USA are more likely to use British spellings (and expressions) than others — particularly New England and Appalachia — and some Americans affect British spellings and accents to seem more… well, I’m not sure what, but it’s a recurring trend I’ve seen when I’m in Los Angeles.

            1. I haven’t changed any settings and yes I did look to make sure it wasn’t switched. I’m in the Midwest and we do nothing like that. So I think it’s just the computer hive mind changing my spellings lol not so much an ME as just an unexplained computer phenomenon.

                1. Even knowing its not a ME is a relief.. like going back to a comfort zone.. Hell sometimes i wish i was wrong all the time.. but i am not.. I think we question ourselves a lot more.. and its just a relief to just KNOW the truth whatever that truth is.

                2. It’s always the end of the story when a riddle is solved.Even ME might be considered a closed chapter if we accept MWI as a quid pro quo,but no,you are still not sure,you want to leave it open ended.May be,tenacity of this timeline,optimism and faith in modern technology prompts you to ignore entropy but for how long ?.Perhaps some day you will have the courage to declare that MWI is indeed the only cause of ME,and then we will commence our forward movement that has been stalled for quite some time.

                  1. Vivek, I’m confident that many of these alternate memories are real. The evidence is anecdotal, but — for me, anyway — convincing enough.

                    Leaping to MWI as the only cause of ME…? I think that would be irresponsible on my part, and set us up for even more ridicule.

                    I don’t care about the ridicule; people will ridicule anything they don’t understand. It’s a defense mechanism and perfectly normal, if slightly insulting. The only reason those comments annoy me is because they waste my time, and — at other websites — might seem like social proof that the Mandela Effect is a preposterous theory.

                    However, I think that — at this point — declaring anything as the only cause of the Mandela Effect would stack layers of speculation in a house-of-cards manner.

                    The issue is intelligence, not courage, and I think many conversations have been moving us forward, rather nicely.

  27. Been following this site for a while now and seem to agree with all the ME changes that have been discussed on this forum. This site just further corroborates what I’ve kind of always felt; a lack of fitting in and the feeling of not really belonging here. I can now attribute it to not being from this timeline.

    It goes as far back as reflecting on my own childhood as if it weren’t my own via pictures and home videos (I’m in my late 20s). It’s like I hardly recognize myself while furthermore, I’ve seemed to gone through many facial/physical changes throughout various periods of my life. I rarely seemed to look like “myself” having changed nearly every year in some way, which may or not be an ME affect but nonetheless always struck me as odd. In terms of the standard ME memories, it was always Berenstein, Interview with A Vampire, The Lindburgh Baby never being found (how it was spelled in my timeline) and Fruit Loops along with all the others mentioned.

    Geography has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember (I even memorized the world’s flags as a child-I have a photographic memory which seems to be much less prevalent these days but is very important in these issues) as well as being very good at locating/knowing the exact location of places on maps/atlases. I was fortunate enough to grow up traveling a lot and had been to every continent before I was 20. The biggest shock was Australia being as close to Papua New Guinea (both places I have been), the spike at it’s northern border, the Bay of Carpenteria (never heard of it till I looked at a map- once again I’m very strong in the area of geography and the likes), the Laccadive Sea which never existed, the Southern Ocean (a new one), Sri Lanka being as close to India with a supposed LAND BRIDGE between the two, Mongolia existing as a modern day country, not just a provence of China, Japan being as far north as it is, the Caribbean being as jumbled and out of place as it is.

    Perhaps this is an Indigo Child issue? Being one myself I’ve noticed with other Indigo Children the same confused, lost and out of place/time aura, further exasperated by the Mandel Effect.

    1. Anon, that’s interesting. I hadn’t considered this as an Indigo Child issue. I may need to survey that, though — from past surveys and contextual comments — I’m sure that several (many?) people with Mandela Effect aren’t likely to identify as Indigo children, though the majority are probably in a matching age range. (Ref. )

  28. I’ve had an interesting event occur today. I’m not sure if it’s a Mandela Effect or ME related. But, there is something I recall that for me is relevant. An actresses name.

    *Spoiler Alert*
    I’ve wanted to see the movie Prometheus for quite sometime. To my CLEAR recollection I’ve only seen the opening scene in a trailer of an alien drinking something.

    After that scene the movie was completely new to me, as I purely assumed. Up until about a fifth of the way in. They had the crew come out of stasis. I was happy to see a crew for some reason I didn’t expect much dialog. Then I saw Charlize Therzon (which is now Theron). I thought wow, I love her as an actress and couldn’t believe I didn’t know she was in it. At this point I did not recognize any other actors or plot. Until I started guessing what was going to happen. For some reason I thought Charlize was a robot. Then I suddenly recognized the captain and thought to myself, the captain is going to come on to her and he did by suggesting she was a robot. (for the record, it worked and I may have to try that). I still thought she was a robot but she was not. Even at this point, I was sure I never seen the movie. I played some scenes in my head before I saw them, and holy cow most were fairly accurate. Including close to the end where I thought, everyone dies in this movie, Charlize being the last one. But that wasn’t the case. There was an ending I could not guess and I was not familiar with at all, with one survivor. Even through all of this I was still sure I never seen it. But now while writing this I am questioning myself, even though many parts, mainly in the beginning I’ve never seen.

    For the past 3 years minimum, I’ve only watched shows on Netflix and 95% of those were TV shows not movies. No Blue ray or DVD player since before 2012. I checked my history on Netflix and Prometheus was not listed. There were some titles I did not recognize that I’ll be checking at a later date. I don’t know how to find out if its ever been on Netflix, which to my recollection is the only way I would have seen it.

    I used to own the Æ Flux DVD back in the 00’s. And had the movie poster framed up on the/a wall. (both lost in 2011 car car pile up where in the two cars behind me both drivers eventually died. < just saying). From my perspective her hair was not in her face as it is now. And I can see her name in my mind, at the top of the poster with a 'Z' in both first and last name.

    This brings up the interesting and disturbing question of, what else have I forgotten? I'm remember enough … does it work the other way?

  29. I just noticed something that drove me nuts.. All my life I thought that man only went to the moon once. I’ve been told that so many times and never heard about additional successfull missions to the moon. I remember hearing and Reading everywhere that man only went to the moon ONCE. Now I just found out man went to the moon not once but six times. I can’t believe it. I had references from magazines, and even books that man only went to the moon once, as it was not necessary to send man to moon more than one time because it was extremely expensive. I am in shock by knowing that my memories don’t match the events of this timestream. I can’t believe it, not possible. What are your memories about the moon landing Fiona? How many times man went to the moon according to your memories?

    1. Jenn, I recall lots of moon landings. I can understand it being too expensive to repeat in another reality, but in the ones I’ve been through (assuming my memories include actual alternates), there have been multiple missions to the Moon.

      1. no way i too have only heard of us going there one time. thats why the guys that went are so famous. i just learned mars has 2 moons i thought it was a lone planet. now we have gone to the moon 6 times…..
        if there video of people on the other missions???? ive only ever seen film of the first one.

        1. dreamninja, there are photos, videos, and acres of websites claiming that all missions to the Moon are fakes, anyway. Because of the latter, I’m reluctant to go very far (no pun intended) with this thread.

          1. some people said it was fake in my time line too. late night radio and what not. i really liked the message of the last landing must have given humanity much hope. we dont need to go in to it more if you dont want to.

          2. Conspiracy stories inexplicably don’t reckon with subsequent landings,cold war could be an excuse for deception as well as secrecy of genuine accomplishment.What was actually gained with as many as 6 of them,beats me.

            1. Jenn, Fiona, dreamninja, Vivek.

              I’ve been wanting to add to this but wasn’t sure if I HAVE something to add. But I am also really surprised to find out that there were SIX moon landings. I never remember hearing about more than one and had even wondered why we never went back. (I had thought, “why now go back to the moon before thinking about Mars…? ) The thing I can’t wrap my head around though is that I saw and loved the movie Apollo 13, and why didn’t I question the number in the mission at the time and ask questions. Maybe I didn’t know the first moon landing was Apollo 11. I don’t remember the movie portraying a failed mission to the moon though – I don’t remember that part at all – I think I remember Apollo 13 just being a mission into space, maybe another orbiting of the moon (though I don’t know why.) One thing I do remember is that in the past, on radio or on-line, I’d hear or read the line, “The moon landing was faked” not the plural “the moon landings were faked.” (I’ve never doubted that we really did go.) Another thing I wonder why I didn’t question more – at some point I heard about Eugene Cernan writing his daughter’s initials on the moon and all I thought was, “I guess there were more astronauts that walked on the moon than I thought.” Hearing about him should have been my cue to go “What the %$*# – who is this Eugene guy and why have I never heard of him?” (Eugene isn’t exactly a common name either – it’s my dad’s middle name and not very popular in the U.S.) So, I’m thinking, “Is this really a Mandela Effect for me or was I just that completely ignorant in this area?” Or maybe it’s because I actually switch realities frequently. I’m always amazed at how many people have such a strong knowing of so many ME’s when I seem to have less. I could never remember if it was Toons or Tunes, JC Penny or JC Penney – etc. etc. Maybe there is a reason.

    2. I only remember there being one moon landing. I also remember being surprised as a kid learning that there were more moon missions, and someone (I think a parent) explained that there was one landing, and the rest went to the moon and only orbited.

  30. I grew up in the Orlando area. My family wasn’t rich enough to visit Disney all the time, but I do have vivid memories of visiting when I was eight, on a family summer vacation. I didn’t realize until I read through the Major Memories page, but I have vivid memories of passing through the castle on the way into the park. I was confused when I visited this past summer, as there is now a stage in front of the castle and visitors are not allowed to pass through. However, I distinctly remember passing through the castle, because I remember my sister wanting to eat at the restaurant inside. On the way into the park, there was a large tunnel through Cinderella’s castle, on the left hand side there was a themed restaurant where you could eat with Cinderella characters. I remember being very confused hearing about the secret room at the top of the castle, as there was no way to access it from inside the tunnel, in my memory. It’s very odd…

    1. Hayley, some of that is okay. The stage in front of the castle is somewhat new-ish. Not super-new, but it’s been built up (and used far more) in recent years. Also, guests can still pass through the tunnel through the castle… just not all the time. In fact, I was surprised when we were there, a couple of days ago, to see the castle walk-through open again. However, it’s been so long since I’ve been through the tunnel (we’re more often at Epcot), I can’t be sure which side the restaurant is on. I really thought it was the right side, but I may be mixing it up with Disneyland.

      The secret room really is secret and — as far as I know — relatively inaccessible (via the castle tunnel or any other doorway) unless you’ve “won” a night there, or somehow convinced Disney to let you stay there. Generally, that’s limited to celebrities with massive clout… the kinds of people so famous, Disney would have to close the park to let them (and their families/entourages) visit the park.

      On the other hand, entering the park through the castle sounds like an alternate memory. Geographically, the castle is near the center of the Magic Kingdom, at both Disney World (FL) and Disneyland.

  31. Ok this is religious, but not found it on my travels .. I am sure we all heard of the line the Lion shall lie down with the lamb.. its been quoted many times, its been used in a parody in red dwarf, when Kryten is talking about silicon heaven. the Iron shall lay down with the lamp.. but the line has changed Isaiah 11:6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid;. why would they use Iron, when it doesnt sound like Lion,

    1. Martin,

      I am a huge Red Dwarf fan. All seasons to include the 3 part movie(season 9) on DVD. I remember that line and as soon as I heard it I immediately associated it with the lion shall lay down with the lamb phrase from the bible. One of the churches I used to go to had a tapestry of the lion on one side of the room and a tapestry of the lamb on the other. They used to talk about the lion laying down with the lamb. I have 4 or 5 different versions of the bible at home. I’ll have to look up that paragraph and see what they see.


    2. Yes, I was a christian and used to read the book of Isaiah many times. I remember clearly this line. The lion shall lie down with the lamb. It was never wolf.

    3. Martin Williams,
      I grew up attending church every week, and I’ve heard the lion and lamb reference many times. I had an illustrated children’s bible that had an picture on the inside cover of a lion and lamb together. I will have to ask my mom about this one- she’s in her 70s and reads her bible daily, and has read the bible cover to cover multiple times. She herself has quoted this verse to me. I’m eager to find out what she has to say about it.

      1. I too have read the bible a great deal.. not practising, but this totally threw my mind out.. and since being a Huge red dwarf fan, it was what… what… no it cant be… there are some things that just get me even knowing more about the ME’s things like this give me a WTH moment.. Lion and iron sound similar enough, so if the real quote is Wolf, then where did that come from.. (i could make a joke about the big bad wolf from dr who.. but that would be too much i think)

        1. Not too much, Martin. I think “Bad Wolf” as a marker in Dr. Who is parallel to the markers I’m looking for, related to the Mandela Effect. (And thank you, that gives me a good, relevant topic for an article at my site about markers.)

      2. MW, I called two people and asked that question, before I saw your post. What lied down with the lamb? She said, that’s weird I’m drawing a lamb a dove and a lion right now. This happened Dec1 late pm hours. Later today the other answered wolf first then became unsure.

    4. Hi, Martin Williams,

      I saw this go through the comment feed the other day & have been waiting for it to show up as posted (it seems that there’s a delay between when they’re approved here vs. when I get to see them, and I doesn’t seem to be a question of how long it might be until they’re approved, since I can see that others have commented since then, and it only recently became visible on this page for me).

      I’m not religious (Christian, Jewish, etc.), but I was brought up nominally somewhat-Christian. I’m very familiar with the lion and lamb quote. When I saw your post go through the comments feed, I immediately Googled using the terms {lion lie down lamb}. I got a mix of hits, some (plenty of them, including regarding the “original” lion and lamb verse (Isaiah 11:6 [1]), and some with this “new” version about the wolf (still Isaiah 11:6). Honestly, I figured initially that it was simply a difference between versions. That was at 12:16 (I didn’t even think of checking sidereal).

      At 1:53 (again, not even thinking of checking the sidereal), I wanted to actually dig into precisely what the differences were, so I ran the same Google search. Every single one of these hits came up with only the “new” version about the wolf (though they do mention a lion later on).

      In the span of just one hour and 37 minutes, it was all gone (the “original” verse hits, I mean). I was somewhat agape (though not nearly as bewildered as a month ago, when I first ran into the Bears and M.E. in general).

      To be honest, it brings to my mind the conversation in Ghostbusters [2], between Winston and Ray, wherein Ray refers to Revelation 7:12 [3] (which seems to be 6:12 [4], but I’m no bible scholar). It concludes with Winston asking “Ray, has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason we’ve been so busy lately is ’cause the dead _have_ been rising from the grave?” — which makes me wonder a little about the various no-longer-dead celebrities. The only references that seem pertinent are Isaiah 26:19 [5] and Revelation 20:12-13 [6] [7] (and something about “Man will pray for death, and death will not come.“, but I can’t find a reference), though they’re not quite in line with the ghosts-being-everywhere theme of Ghostbusters, nor with dead-suddenly-not-having-died phenomenon of M.E. (so far I have just one of those: Louis Anderson), but the Ghostbusters line still comes back to me every so often.


  32. I have another one for the list, the main building in the show futurama used to be green, now it’s red?!?! Not the only person to confirm this.

    I remember being taught definatly in school too! O:

  33. Hey everyone,
    I ran across an idea today that, at first, I had dismissed as personal experience, but the more I consider it, the more I think it may be a possible path to more MEs.
    Has anyone noticed any changes in the taste any foods? I know this seems like a COMPLETELY SUBJECTIVE concept, but taste does have a strong connection to memory along with smell.

    1. DbD, I love the concept, but it’s almost entirely impractical at this site. There are too many variables that could affect taste, including changes in personal pH, recipe changes, mandated changes in feed/fertilizers that affect ingredients, etc.

      1. I have noticed strawberries are not as tasty, but that could be due to force growing, or alteration in the taste buds, taste is very hard to quantify. its like how do i describe the taste of something without someone knowing what it tastes like.. as a theoretical view how do you describe the colour blue to someone who is blind.. or what a rainbow looks like.. not to mention the cones and rods which change it.. But it would be interesting to ponder if taste can change due to a mandela effect.. I remember reading that a lot of americans smell asparagus something like 90%, where the europe it was 10%. of course i cant find that study somewhere..

  34. My husband and I have been looking forward to watching the Wiz on tv this week. It was supposed to be December 2nd, a wednesday. I know this because I looked up several times to make sure It was not a work day. Today (December 1st) all the commercials are saying it is Thursday the 3rd.
    We have been looking up to see why the date changed, doing Google searches- why was the wiz pushed back? Wasn’t the wiz to air the 2nd? Etc. But nothing comes up. Everything is the 3rd.
    This is a very recent event. Did any of you think it was supposed to air the 2nd? Does anyone know if the date was actually changed?

    1. Amanda Valentine, this kind of topic is a little problematic at this site. One issue is: it might be too early to have that kind of information via relatively reliable sites like IMDb. The only advantage to an early comment like this is to see if someone else recalls a news resource that made a mistake in the date. (A week from now, I’m not sure anyone will remember if Fred Newsreporter made yet another verbal blunder to the entire audience of Major City.)

      In general, I’d really like to keep comments focused on broad-scale topics that are unlikely to reflect media typos and erroneous reporting. In most cases, I’d want to see something along the lines of, “I’ve checked thoroughly for media errors…” (nearly impossible at the moment, for this production), as well as “I know the date wasn’t changed (in this reality) because…”

      The only reason I’ve approved this is that I’m watching for 2/3 changes that might connect with the Sept 22/23 changes. This is a stretch, but I’ve included it anyway.

    1. That is very creepy. I prefer to think that, across all realities, I’m basically the same “me” as I am here… just as alive, and energetic, whether people are aware of that or not. (That is, how subdued or flamboyant I am, in real life. Err… all “real lives.” <-- We may need to invent new terms for this. LOL)

  35. Last year Last Christmas by George Michael was prevalent over the course of the holiday season. While at a drug store I specifically listened to the song and noticed how he was the only vocalist and the synthesizer seemed slick and well produced to me, but I thought nothing of it because I didn’t know the song well. So when I got home I looked it up on youtube and definitely recall checking the lyrics for him saying “Last christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day you THREW it away.” and verifying that they were thus. I also listened to the wham version but I didn’t like it as much.

    Now there is only the wham! version.

    Also, I’ve noticed that there seems to be protection from ME effects across realities when quotation marks are used in article headers and in the body. “Forest Gump” (one r), “Interview with A vampire” etc will stay this way even though the rest of the article spells it the other way. I’ve noticed this on a few occasions.

    The Forrest Gump situation seems to be in flux. I bought the VHS tape to verify that it had changed from “Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates” and specifically checked that his mother said the whole line, because Forrest no longer did. She said “Life is like a box of chocolates.”

    As of yesterday the like is gone and she now says “Life is a box of chocolates” which means that Forrest didn’t remember the line correctly, and even changed it from a metaphor to a simile! The artwork of the vhs still says Life is like a box of chocolates and is printed in quotations. Also, LILABOC is a widely accepted anagram for the life is like a box of chocolates and has many pages explaining the meaning of it.

    In Gremlins, the scene where they watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at the end before the Gremlins are detonated, the dwarves sing “Heigh ho its off to work we go” but in real life if you watch it on media the dwarves sing the line “Heigh ho its HOME FROM work we go.” These can be played side by side and compared easily on youtube.

    I think it used to be called “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” the f doesn’t look right to me either.

    1. The tempo was not “ALWAYS” like that ….

      Hearing Katy (Kate) Perry’s “Firework” has always driven me nuts. When she gets to the bridge, it resembles Erasure’s song “Always” so much that I want to start singing that chorus! LOL!

      I wanted to see if anyone else had noticed the similarity. Others had, and made videos comparing the two songs. However, upon hearing “Always”, I was taken aback: it was INCREDIBLY slow! That song had been “dance speed” ever since I’d first heard it. I didn’t deviate too far from Metal back in the day, and when I did, it was normally a catchy dance tune. “Always” was easy and fun to dance to. Researching it, I found a version called “Microbots Trance Dance Mix Radio/Intro Edit”. The tempo is closer, but … it’s too fast. I recall it being just a touch slower, making the vocals sound a bit more ‘natural.’ (There also weren’t so many synth effects.) M.E.? Maybe, maybe not.

      However, here’s where it takes on that distinctly M.E. flavor:
      The song was used for the online game ‘Robot Unicorn Attack,’ released in 2010. At the time, it was still the upbeat tempo I recall, which gave the game a great pace. Went to find and play it again, and it’s the original version of the song. The slower pace noticeably changes gameplay. It used to make the heart race a bit, because the unicorn was galloping with the speed of the music. The game now actually has a leisurely pace. Play the “Heavy Metal” version if you want to speed it up. Which, by the way …

      … did not exist until more recently. But wait! It appears to have been released in 2010 as well!
      Also, the in-game song was the ORIGINAL version of Blind Guardian’s “Battlefield.” The game now plays the remastered version. There is no mention of updating to the latter version. To boot, the song was not remastered until 2013. A bit of interesting: the remaster of “Battlefield” appeared on the band’s 2013 album “A TRAVELER’S GUIDE TO SPACE AND TIME.” AND, when I pulled up the video, the song suggestion at the top of the sidebar in YouTube is Blind Guardian’s “MIRROR MIRROR.” -.^

      1. Oh, for the love of pete! I posted this as a “reply.” Sorry, Eli. *blush*

        On the George Michael/WHAM! song, I will say — I’ve only ever heard or known of the WHAM! version. I kind of like it, but only for nostalgic purposes, I think. You’ve made me wonder what the solo version sounded like, though. 🙂

        By the way, I remember it beings “Dwarves”, too. I read it that way, I heard it that way. And yes, the “f” looks incredibly odd!

  36. I’ve been following the Mandela Effect phenomenon for quite a while now. I find it very intriguing because I had a similar experience during my high school days. I remember watching a CNN newscast one summer day in approximately 2001 that reported Gary Coleman’s death. I believe they said that he died of some sort of overdose.

    The problem with this is that established sources say that Coleman died in 2010. I also remember Billy Graham dying around the same time.

    Thanks and best wishes,
    Sally Bowles

  37. Hi, all,

    One person (Sky) remarked [1] about “gaslighting” [2] [3] (this was back in May 2015). Though his/her comment is about psyops, the thought struck me that my 2nd marriage was exactly that, constantly. [Edited.]

    I wonder: maybe being used to the uncertainties that gaslighting comprises can yield some degree of resistance against simply swallowing a fabrication (whether psyop, matrix, or whatever else might drive the M.E.s)? Of course, the worrisome possibility of the contrary applying also occurs to me.

    Without actually wishing to know anyone’s private history, I wonder what the ratio (those who have been gaslighted vs. those who haven’t) here is like, w.r.t. similar such experiences, and how it compares/contrasts to the ratio of same for those who don’t see M.E. occurring. If the ratio is essentially the same, then it’s presumably a dead end; if there’s a statistically significant imbalance, then that might indicate something (though what it would indicate is an entirely different question). Please note that this is only an idle thought, not a request for actual data.


    1. Great question, Closeted team-E, but one that could open a can of worms. (I appreciate the links to clarify the topic, as well, so thanks for including such good ones.)

      For those considering replying: I’d like to keep the comments at the “have been gaslighted” or “haven’t been gaslighted” level, rather than anything detailed and personal.

      (CtE, that’s why I’ve edited your comment, as well. You were concise about your experiences, but if I leave it, as-is, others are likely to feel that it gives them permission to rant about their ex-partners, parents, educators, bosses, religions, and so on. Because: triggers.)

      1. Sure I was in a relationship where I was gaslighted. I am also a diagnosed indigo kid and had a few psyops done on me as well. I was also put on anti seizure medication as an “experiment” at 4 years old and my mother was never sure what it really was but took me off of it after 3 months.
        My new idea is that this is artificial intelligence…. but wait you say that can’t be things in the real world. Change… yes books change but all books are printed on machines.. all signs etc… so what if artificial intelligence isn’t restricted by time as we are ?? That’s my thought today but I’m sure it will change by tomorrow lol.

        1. Ayla, Thanks for the info. However, I’m not following you on the artificial intelligence topic. There’s no reason AI would be restricted to one time or reality.

      2. Hi, Fiona,

        I quite understand, ma’am. Had I given it better scrutiny first, then I’d likely have submitted a similarly truncated entry. (I’ll try for more carefully audited material in the future.)

    2. I have never felt I was being gaslighted. Personally, I don’t believe gaslighting is involved in ME. But, I noticed this well written post that mentions gaslighting and is probably relevant.

      These quotes I thought were particularly relevant: “What I am saying is that memories are powerful, and I don’t think they are as shoddy as people say they are on this sub.” and “Language has rhythm and flow. When a phrase sounds off to us, we can feel it.”

      I would emphasize the word feel here. For example, Shakespeare (and I understand most plays of his time) had their lines written in iambic pentameter, not because anyone really spoke that way, but specifically because the metre made it much easier for the actors to memorize their lines exactly. (Come to think of it, has anyone discovered any ME anomalies in Shakespeare? These do seem conspicuously absent so far.)

      If some type of mass gaslighting were at work here, it would have to be in the opposite direction: convincing us that, for example, it was once Berenstein. It’s simply not credible that “they” (the gaslighters) somehow snuck into every single parents’ attic and physically changed all the books and VHS tapes to Berenstain. Personally, I believe Occam’s razor cuts the other direction: I find the quantum explanations *easier* to accept than theories of how huge numbers of people could share the same wrong memories of dozens of unrelated facts that have so many personal details associated with them, and that have an unmistakable “rhythm and flow” that makes them easy to memorize.

      Obviously, the “memories are unreliable” argument is not merely relevant to the Mandela Effect, it’s really the crux of the entire matter. Mainstream neuroscience is pretty adamant that memory is unreliable, in that memories demonstrably can be implanted and altered. (Although I find it disturbing, to say the least, that mainstream neuroscience can be so adamant about that fact, yet the legal system continues to treat witness memories as reliable, enough to send people to prison or even to death row – are memories “officially” considered reliable or are they not? You can’t have it both ways.) I do believe that some types of memories are unreliable, but not necessarily all types.

      As much as I respect neuroscience, I cannot accept that, because some types of memory are not completely reliable under some circumstances (such as deliberate manipulation), that memory in general is completely unreliable, to the extent that “anything skeptics don’t want to accept (such as ME) can be dismissed out of hand as a simple matter of false memories.” This Shermer article snidely dismissing ME as obviously nothing but memory flaws is a prime example:

      It was not so long ago (early ninties I believe) that neuroscience had no idea that false memories could be implanted – but things change. It was also not so long ago (again early nineties) that neuroscience was certain that the human brain was essentially fixed after childhood – but things change. Given the current (exciting!) in-flux state of neuroscience and consciousness studies (not to mention quantum physics), to simply dismiss ME as memory aberrations is unwarranted. The skeptics here are showing their own dogmatism.

      Personally, it pains me greatly to argue that “science and skepticism are subject to dogma”, because I know full well that this weakens rationality as a counter to (what I consider even more ludicrous and dangerous) pseudoscience and religious dogma, such as creationism. Yet, the history of science shows that it is indeed subject to dogmas. particularly that of materialist philosophy. Which to my mind does leave room for ME to at least potentially be found scientifically valid, by further advances in quantum physics and/or neurology.

      1. Hi, Dan,

        Please accept my apologies for my lack of clarity: I hadn’t meant to imply that literal gaslighting (in the usual sense of the term) was occurring, much less that anyone’s sneaking into homes and editing book and movie titles (I suppose that it’s not impossible, but I’m going to keep that rather toward the bottom of my list of possibilities), but rather that the M.E. has such an effect as one might expect from gaslighting (a disbelief thereof, doubting one’s sanity, questioning reality, etc.). My intent in the reference was to illustrate that when gaslighting occurs, one develops certain mechanisms to resist it (mental techniques, behavioral habits, interactive response patterns, memory keys, data compartmentalization), and I had wondered if these same mechanisms (or similar such) might play a part in one’s resistance to the M.E.-changes (or conceivably, and rather unsettlingly, if such circumstances might have the reverse effect of enabling the suspension one’s disbelief of the changes).

        I found your reddit link fascinating. There was one particular observation (by alanwescoat) that I had a general back-of-the-head agreement with (though I’ll have to specifically keep note of in order to fully agree with): “…if you just roll with it, you will simply find that no issue is ever made about you having been ‘wrong’ because whatever altered the past inclines people to reject any reminders of how the past used to be. Thus, even people remembering that you were “wrong” is not good for system integrity, so the incident itself tends to slide from the memories of those who are updating.“. If there’s a strong trend of such that can be linked to M.E., and a similar strong trend to the negative that can be linked to non-M.E., then that could well be the most telling of indirect indicators arguing an objective presence of M.E..

        There are some possible Shakespearean M.E.s [1], though they’re arguably within more mundane causation (I don’t know if anyone has a clear, solid memory of the alternatives vs. noone having such). Mind you, the same could be said of dilemma/dilemna [2], and I’m not discounting that (I can’t; I’m team-E, which means that I have no real choice in believing/disbelieving the matter: the universe is what it is-at-the-moment). Some skepticism is (probably?) always a good thing; too much (regardless of its direction) can be debilitating.


        *** Bonus note: I just made it explicitly clear (no misinterpretation possible, this time) on my Facebook page as to where I stand on the issue. Now the countdown begins, to see how many people (if any) suddenly start “giving me the ghost”. I’ll let you know if I notice any awkward silences.

        1. CtE,

          Thanks for the clarification. I suppose gaslighting could have some relevance to various people’s psychological reaction to discovering an ME that applies to them. (The thought “Sorry, wrong universe” just popped into my mind here, by analogy with “Sorry, wrong planet.”)

          The effect of ME on those who discover it is a topic that hasn’t been explored much, but it is has certainly been on my mind since the day I first learned of it, only three weeks ago. It’s fair to say I’ve been obsessed with it for those entire three weeks. It feels as if the whole universe is forever different in those three weeks. “Reality” itself is shifting, and it seems like there is no firm ground anymore.

          ME is a fundamental, existential challenge to one’s identity. It’s difficult to even imagine another revelation on that level – a headline announcing a cure for cancer or landing on Mars would be nothing in comparison. A message or visit from aliens, or the announcemnt of a hyperpowerful artificial intelligence would come closer. The closest things I could come up with are “massive asteroid on inevitable course with Earth in X years, all life doomed” or “Science announces cure for death”. Even those seem still not quite on the level of “reality can change around you unexpectedly.”

          This isn’t nearly as hard for me to swallow as it would have been, say ten years ago. In that time, I had already come to believe in the Simulation Hypothesis (aka we live in a holodeck/the matrix), or something of that nature. But, for a decade I lived that concept as an unproven and quite possibly unprovable assumption – roughly equivalent to a religious belief, with the full recognition that I could be totally wrong. Of course it is *still* unproven to science and the vast majority of humanity – but to me personally, I’m now (at least provisionally) convinced. (Not convinced of the Simulation Hypotheses specifically, but convinced that a purely hard materialist view of the nature is wrong.)

          I would put the phenomenon of gaslighting into a larger class with several other vaguely related phenomena. Besides gaslighting, you have the Orwellian ideas I mentioned elsewhere – that reality is what the powers that be in society tell you it is, and you had best conform. Then you have at least one of the famous Milgram experiments, and later versions involving brain scans, which demonstrate that people will change not only their story but their actual belief (in this case about the length of a line) if everyone else adamantly insists on the opposite of what they plainly see. Then you have the whole existence of official diagnoses of delusions and schizophrenia – and involuntary commitment, which from a certain point of view does have the effect of turning the psychology/psychiatry profession into “reality police”. Then on the other side, you have the psychedelic explorers who speak of “consensus reality” and of the fight for “cognitive liberty” – essentially claiming that Reality (supposedly the one and only True Reality) is but a voluntary consensus that many people have traditionally found useful.

          Unfortunately, there is no one handy widely agreed-upon term that I know of that links all these concepts, but I hope you can see how they all seem to be interrelated.

          Even though those at the top of society might have specific ideas as to what exactly they want everyone to believe, even the vast majority of those from top to bottom feel that reality *must* fixed, unchanging (except through well defined rules) and same for everyone all the time. The need for reality to be consistent seems to be a psychological need for most minds, as deep as or perhaps even deeper than the basics of food, shelter, etc.

          The very existence of the Mandela Effect challenges that belief to the very core. It’s threatening to most – so they either laugh at it, dismiss it, or vehemently condemn it, like the Church denying Kepler and Galileo.

          The first, most obvious thing that ties together those of us who admit to experiencing Mandela Effects, and who don’t just pass it off as “obviously” faulty memory, is that we are prepared to accept the possibility (even though it might disturb or scare us) that all might not be as it seems, no matter how many others insist that everything is exactly as it has always been and we just have bad memories. We are mavericks, disturbing the consensus that most of humanity still needs to believe in, and I believe this explains the massive pushback that I find outside this site (and which Fiona is constantly having to filter out – thank you for that).

  38. Does anyone remember the old 1948 movie’ Portrait of Jennie’ starring Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotton? .. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid .. I’ve probably watched it at least 30 times. if not more, through the years… Its even on my top ten list… The thing is, I remember it as being called Portrait of Jenny, not Jennie … My older sister also remembers it being Jenny and is pretty upset that it’s now spelled Jennie.

    I found a few references of that spelling, so there are other people who remember it as being Jenny too.

    I was wondering if anyone here ever saw this movie and if so do they remember Jennie or Jenny?

  39. I have to say this whole topic and finding out about all the other major memory variances really floored me. Found myself questioning the nature of reality and how or what would cause a time slip into a parallel universe–or maybe it’s a melding of universes/realities?? (to account for some dual memories I can attest to.) Realizing that there are SO MANY inconsistencies with this universe and the memories I hold makes it all even more surreal, as if maybe the possibilities could be endless, and we could hold the potential to create our own realities and/or we may be becoming more in tune and capturing glimpses of different timelines due to higher vibrations of thought??–or a veil being lifted or weakened, say perhaps on account of different cosmic waves that may be emanating deep from space?? I know I’m hitting so many different tangents, who knows, maybe it’s CERN, maybe the matrix really is glitching. Or we were transferred here to keep humanity going because something terrible went down with the other reality and we all still had plans.

    Perhaps it’s epigenetics and our awareness has changed, where we are tuning into and/or manifesting a more positive timeline, changing the fabric of our realities–I say that because it seems that in this timeline, more species are not extinct, more people are alive (celebs), and perhaps this may be a better route vs. the one(s) we were on? Maybe there is something we are all supposed to do here with our jumping abilities, like help to further create/manifest (hopefully) positive outcomes and change the negativity and tragedy that is still present in the world. Maybe I’m just an optimist and would like to think of this as proof that we are fully capable of creating/altering our realities and jump to manifest the best for ourselves, just like creating and controlling your dreams once you’re lucid.

    Sorry for that long rant, still trying to come to terms on the possibilities of what it all could mean or what could be the cause. Im sure all those points may have already been stated.

    I’m in the camp of:
    -Berenstein Bears
    -No Narwhals
    -No Buffaloes (hunted to extinction by the Indians)
    -Australia was the land down under, very isolated from the rest of the continents and did not have that spike, don’t believe it was referenced as Oceania either
    -New Zealand was to the northeast of Australia
    -Japan was further out and south of its current location
    -Mongolia was a part of China and I don’t believe it’s its own country, and I believe the Great Wall of China always remained intact and was not destroyed by the Mongols
    -Finland, Sweden, and Norway seem too clustered/close to the rest of Europe
    -Greenland was NOT that huge
    -Antarctica did not have that coastline
    -the islands near the Bermuda Triangle are all off (I remember being fascinated with this area as a kid)
    -Curious George has an S-shaped tail
    -Carmen Sandiego had a yellow coat (although I have memories of her in red too)
    -Chartreuse was a burgandy/maroon color
    -Home Depot (I used to work there and distinctly remember decorating my apron, there was no “the”, my original resume also reflects Home Depot and I noticed I later made the correction to THE Home Depot after 2008 on all the copies of my resumes afterwards, which I remember at the time thinking was odd they decided to change their name once I discovered the discrepancy)
    -the moon looked different than my memories as a kid (man on the moon/bunny)
    -the sun is brighter/whiter here, not the yellow I remember
    -Interview With A Vampire
    -Sex In The City
    -John Goodman’s passing
    -Louie Anderson’s passing
    -I remember knowing the names of Mars’ 2 moons as a kid
    -Mirror Mirror/of them
    -Life is like a box of chocolates
    -I remember thinking the jump to 6 moon landings seemed to come out of nowhere but I never looked into it further
    -I believe it was 50 states, 2 were potentials: one a territory the other a province
    -I don’t remember the ufos in historical paintings when I took art history (if anyone’s seen Ancient Aliens) that’s my own ME but not sure if that was previously mentioned, I was an art history buff and remember we had to meticulously analyze and interpret the symbolism in those paintings and I KNOW I would have noticed the ufos!

    Side note, for me at least, I know the shift happened circa 2008, that’s when I first remember seeing a depiction of a narwhal someone made in an art class (but I just thought they had created it from their imagination and didn’t think any much more of it.) Lo’ and behold it’s a real creature!! Where have I been?! I know there’s more but those are off the top of my head.

    I wonder if we shift in and out and it varies for different people depending on their consciousness and/or awareness? It sounds like many people have different years where they noticed the change, and some notice changes that go back and forth so I don’t think it’s local to time or place. Perhaps it’s fluctuations or weaknesses in earth’s vibrational fields?? Again, just speculation but all in all, I feel it’s both scary and awesome (:

    1. I just had a random thought… I wonder what someone with hyperthymesia’s or an autistic savant with eidetic memory’s take on this phenonmena would be. It would definitely be enlightening if they held the key to a specific time and date of shift, IF they even exhibited one. But again, maybe there’s no one true date.

    2. I just realized the phrase \”where have I been\” in response to not knowing something that is apparently common knowledge has a quite literal meaning now if we really are jumping through realities haha

  40. Time Loops

    This morning everytime I woke up it was a little past 5am. I woke up at least 5 times….it was always the same time.
    Would love to know if anyone has experienced anything like this.

    1. Carli – I’ve seen similar experiences mentioned on Reddit’s “Glitch in the Matrix” site. And people seem a little more open on the GITM thread than they do on Reddit’s “Mandela Effect” site – tons of sceptics and even rude people on the latter, for some reason.

      It must have been disconcerting.

    2. Hello Carli
      I did not remembered this event until I read it on your post. I can’t really say how often it’s happened but it has been several times over the past few months. What I AM recalling now is it was never the same time for me, it was ALWAYS 1 to 5 minutes Earlier. Each time it only happened once from my recollection. Most of the time I would wake up and lay back down but sometimes it happened in the waking state. If I was ever conscious of it, I blew it off as assuming I looked at the time wrong. Surprising to me as I’ve been at this long enough to know not to assume anything.

  41. Hi, all,

    Just two additions, this time:

    This first one is only second-hand. My friend who sees the M.E.s saw my post in Facebook about dilemma/dilemna, which prompted him to bring this up. He said that he’d been taught to spell it “delima” (not a typo: 1 “m”, with “e” & “i” swapped), and that he has a clear memory of this.

    The associated reason for his angst is that the spelling had always bothered him: in English, a single consonant usually indicates a preceding vowel to be long, whereas the pronunciation of “d#l#m#a” uses a short vowel before the “m”. This had led to his mnemonic association of “delima” with “lima” (as in “lima bean”, not as in “Lima, Perú”). I was hoping to compare/contrast etymologies, but he doesn’t know his version’s etymology.

    He says that he’d first encountered the spelling-swap when he’d started using autocorrect, but that he’d never had a problem using that spelling while in school. He also said that he’d always gotten “A”s in English (which I find to be plausible), and that it had been his favorite class (later superseded by English Literature).

    Sorry for introducing a new variant to the playing field. A bit of a “delima”, I suppose.

    The second is about the word “irony”. I grew up knowing this word to mean _only_ “a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result” (though I believe that I hadn’t ever looked it up in any dictionary, having instead learned it through common usage only). When I watched the movie “Cruel intentions” (1999) years ago, one of the characters had said at one point “I was being ironic.“, which had bothered me (and still does). To me, such phrasing was ridiculous.

    Eventually, I had looked it up — lo and behold, it had then turned out to mean _only_ “the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect“; it was equated to sarcasm (literally so, in the synonyms). I never could find a suitable word to match the previous definition. The “irony” herein is that Alanis Morissette had used the “original” meaning in her song “Ironic”… in 1996, well before the switched meaning had come into play (as far as I knew). Seeing that “new” definition, all that I could think was “Now, why would she do that, if [the word “irony”] has only one meaning, and that meaning doesn’t work with the song’s spirit?“.

    A few years ago, it was (and still is, at the moment) suddenly able to mean _either_ of these things. So…: M.E., something more mundane? In either case, it’s *ahem* ironic, in its own way.

  42. Hi all,

    I just now heard of another one that my-friend-who-sees-the-M.E.s just now ran into; this one involves an anime.

    The anime in question is “To LOVEる -とらぶる-” [1]. It seems that there is a character who constantly trips over his own feet and lands with his face in, umm… places that it shouldn’t be. In any event, in this instance, the “raw” version (i.e.: not yet translated to English) was released a few days ago, and he had watched it then. The character had performed his usual faux pas (literally), this time with his cell phone in hand, and ended up with some photos that my friend was surprised to see (these would normally have been censored). Today my friend watched the translated version and ran into a discrepancy: a camera “snap” sound bubble covered a portion of the scene (censoring what hadn’t been censored in the raw version).

    He went back to the raw version’s URL and this same sound bubble was now present, when it hadn’t been before. He checked a few other URLs, and found the same result (in both the raws and the English versions). The videos in question come out of China, and might or might not have to conform to the censor requirements of one country or another.

    As he says himself, this could be legitimate M.E. (approx. 9PM CST, so approx. 1:45 sidereal), but could instead be perfectly normal retroactive editing.

    The videos are in black and white, but with a yellow dot in the corner (not red/blue).


    1. Hey CtE,
      This is an odd one. Currently, Anime is licensed by a company (in this case Sentai Filmworks.), then dubbed, subtitled, and edited for America. It is very common to add things like a speech bubble, a shadow, an EXTREMELY bright light, or even clothing in order to censor out “objectionable” content.
      Here is the oddity. The video editing is done first, in order to be compliant with FCC standards, then subtitles or dubbing is added. I guess it is possible that the licensing company intends to release an “unrated” version to DVD, and accidentally released that version online? Seems a bit far fetched but plausible.

  43. Hi, all,

    Here’s one for you. I’m a math & physics geek (and proud of it, thank you). I grew up watching Star Trek, Cosmos, and so forth — avidly. Just one problem: although Star Trek’s production and televising dates are just fine for my D.o.B., Cosmos doesn’t jibe with it.

    I was born in late 1971. I remember watching Cosmos since at least age 4, and remember conversations about it in the then-past-tense well before 1980 (based several different schools that I had attended over those years). Cosmos didn’t come into existence ’til 1980.

    I ran into this little “fact” about a year ago, when I got a copy of it and the remake (and of Tyson’s remake of it), and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how that could be, since it was one of the absolute foundations of my formative years. Throughout my life, I’ve always recalled having watched it repeatedly, falling asleep to the comfortable, familiar sounds of Carl Sagan’s “Billions, and billions…”. He was what amounted to my childhood idol. I didn’t know how my memory could have come about, if Cosmos hadn’t existed ’til 1980, but I somehow gave up on it and simply enjoyed rewatching it (and going on to watch the remake).

    It just now came up in conversation, when my-friend-who-sees-the-M.E.s mentioned reading it as a kid. He’s almost a year older than I, so I turned to him with a knowing grin, and asked him (with some perverse anticipation, admittedly) when it was _specifically_ that he had read it. It was the same for him: around 4 (maybe 5) years old. That would mean that he had read it around 1975/1976; again well before 1980. Now, he grew up in Texas, near to Johnson Space Center (NASA), so he figures that it’s possible that he had gotten his hands on an early version. Maybe so. Perhaps his Cosmos-reading has a normal everyday reason for having occurred so early. Me? I have nothing. Zip. TV’s TV. I can’t have watched it throughout the ’70’s without it having been aired then. This one’s absolutely solid. I _know_ my core, my earliest memories, my “me”.

  44. Hello everyone! Here is a little background about me. I was born in 1972, female, Oregon/USA. I am healthy, eat well and take care of myself. But I’ve had surgeries and NDE in the past, the last major surgery went very well and I don’t remember anything from when I was under and that was at the end of 2013. (Ummm.. when I just wrote that sentence, I left out the “at”, so it basically sounded like that WAS the END) I am a grounded, skeptical, open-minded optimist. I pay attention to synchronicities and number sequences and always notice my odometer readings when they look neat, I even photograph them) but do not base my life around them. I was a very good speller and probably could have entered spelling bees, I loved reading and my comprehension was good as well. I am greatly interested in animals, biology and physiology. In the 4th grade ( I was in a 4,5,6 split class) I had to memorize every country, state, capital and continent. I aced that test by pointing everything out on a blank map in front of the entire class. (Unfortunately, I retained the information mostly to pass the test and cannot be certain about my memories of geography anymore, I wish I would have retained it now). I know quite alot about animals, health, nutrition, and have great interest in astrology, numerology, spirituality, etc. I am definitely empathic and I am sensitive to noise and have an incredible sense of smell. Sorry, didn’t mean to write a novel.
    I found this site about 3 weeks ago after my room mate clued me into the Berenstein Bear issue.
    The first discrepancy that I can pinpoint was asking my boyfriend at the time, when they changed the name of Sex in the City to Sex And the City (which perplexed me) , back around 2005-06. The next one was the Berenstein Bears, I was shopping and looked over at this book and it said Berenstain Bears and I said to myself, hunh? I never owned the books but clearly remembering the dilemna (not dilemma) of how to pronounce it properly, Steen/Stine. There is a tiny bit of me that also remembers it as Bernstein Bears.
    I have found that the more discrepancies I see from what I “know” to be true, the more I am seemingly finding. And things can change so fast! I used to think I had a faulty memory, but now I’m not as sure. (<<< Ha ha, even THAT'S funny) I am not one to get worked up over being right or wrong, it just is. But this whole ride sure is interesting. And I have to say, it's great to find others that share the same timeline as myself. ( I wasn't even aware there was a difference until about 3 weeks ago)
    I finally feel caught up on this site and able to contribute.
    Absolutes for me:
    One that has not been mentioned yet that I see is, FRYES Electronics Store vs. Frys Electronics Store
    Home Depot not The Home Depot ( I remember when we used to have Home Base right down the street and thought it was crazy to have 2 similar type stores just down the road from each other) I liked Home Base better.
    Mandela died in PRISON, Jane Goodall was killed by poachers, Henry Winkler died a while back, Dick Clark died twice, Captain Kangaroo died twice, Betty White died, Robin Williams died twice (first time from drug overdose?)
    Charles SchulTz, Pete Townsend, Desi Arnez, Barbara Streisand, Alec Tribek,
    DefinATEly ( I remember the spelling bugged me and I had to remember it was "ate") ,SepErately, VaCcuum, ALOT, it's, not its, Parmesean not Parmesan, Rhythmn not Rhythm
    all over, not allover
    ProctOr & Gamble not Procter & Gamble (seriously, this one get's me),
    JC Penny not JC Penney, Smokey THE Bear not Smokey Bear, Haley's Comet not Halley's Comet, Spike not Stripe
    It's a beautiful day in THE neighborhood (and his name may have been Mr. Rodgers) , MIRROR, Mirror…. Fairest OF THEM all, Nobody does it like Sara Lee, LUKE, I am your father, Beam me up Scotty, Life IS like a box of chocolates
    FRUIT Loops (It appears this one changed back… Ahhhhhhh) Sherbert not Sherbet, Snuffalufugus not Snuffleupagus
    Lindbergh baby was NEVER FOUND
    Sun was yellow not white (I remember coloring the sun with yellow/orange and some red as a kid)
    Interview with A Vampire
    Hitler had BROWN eyes, I remember how crazy it was that he shared NONE of the traits of those that he thought would be perfect, Jeb Bush was the COUSIN, King Henry the VIII had a ridiculous Turkey Leg
    FLESH colored crayon ( I remember it bothering me that they didn't have other skin colors to choose from, it was back when I didn't know how to pinpoint it as racism), Chartreuse was a dark yet bright RED/MAROON, Puce was a gross, muddy yet bright yellow/green
    Thanksgiving on the THIRD Thursday, I remember it was harder to remember as a kid for me because Christmas was at the end of December
    Tiananmen boy was run over (this greatly disturbed me that they would do that) AND stopped in front of
    I remember learning about the Arctic and the Antarctica and trying to remember which one was North and which one was South. I remember them saying that nothing could live at the Antartica because it was too cold. In order to remember which was which I attached anti for Ant in Antartica so that it would represent the bottom one. Although, now I am wondering if the Arctic was a solid mass of ice labeled the Arctic, kind of like Mongolia being a place instead of it's own country. I remember Mongolia being a place above/ontop of Russia.
    Madagascar was uninhabited and not close to another continent, Australia was further down and away from any other major continent, New Zealand was one piece and maybe about 1/3 the size and above Australia, Papau New Guinea was also out in the ocean all by itself, Japan was further down, Greenland wasn't THAT big,
    Talladega Florida not Alabama (what the?)
    Human heart was left of center and the large intestines were on top of the small intestines which were diagrammed in neat rows, side to side going down.
    Curious George HAD a tail damnit! Yes DAMNIT, not Dammit. ;0)

    Things that bother me but I'm not positive about:
    Narwhal's existence when I was a kid?
    Rodney King died from the beatings
    Challenger 1983 ( I remember same 4th grade classroom and I also knew the ship was going to explode while we were watching it)
    Forrest Gump, Forrest says, " Lieutenant Dan! You ain't got no legs!" I remember being shocked that he said this and now they claim that line is no longer in the movie, I have not checked to verify.
    Lady Gaga's song Paparazzi seemed to be a faster paced song
    Pink "So What" it was definitely BOYFRIEND not Husband.. 🙁
    Life cereal, Mikey'll eat anything or Mikey eats everything (which always bothered me and it didn't make sense), but now I can see where I could have misheard the word eats for hates.
    Hot water was on the right, I can see it in my head as a kid, filling up the tub.
    I know it was not Chick-Fil-A but I think it was Chik-Fil-A or maybe Chic-Fil-A
    Maybeline vs Maybelline
    Rice Krispies, Snap, Krackle & Pop
    Kelloggs cereal bird doesn't look cartoonish enough to me
    Kate Perry vs. Katy Perry
    Bruce Springstein vs Bruce Springsteen
    Carmen San Diego Yellow coat AND red coat
    Spelled not Spelt ( I did look this one up just now, but it just seems like I was taught it was not correct when I was a kid)
    Greatful vs. Grateful, Judgement vs. Judgment

    Well, that's my long list. Thank you for this space Fiona and for the hours you put into reading and fact checking. I know it's consumed a lot of my time. A meeting of minds in person would sure be fun at some point. I will have to go purchase myself a t-shirt for my Christmas present this year.

  45. Here’s a few good ones which are blowing my mind also

    1. “Hello Clarice” – Is not in the Silence of that lambs any more it’s ” Good evening Clarice”…

    2. ” A mans got to do what a mans got to do” In the movie Hondo John Wayne says “A man ought to do what he thinks is best”

    3. ” do you feel lucky punk?” now it seems to be “You’ve got to ask yourself one question. “˜Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?”

    I Also recall something is a little funny with the Wizard of Oz quote “We’re not in Kansas anymore” But I cant remember. Something just feels off with it now

  46. I remember Magic Mirror on the Wall when they showed this movie during a movie day at school around 85-86.
    I remember interview with a vampire.
    I was certain it was Sex In The City, but during the year it came out, my gf corrected me. Either I was wrong or it was a very short, 6 month M.E. I was very sure.
    I remember Nobody Does it Like Sarah Lee. It was written in cursive and in quotes on the many many many commercials.
    I remember Billy Graham dying around 98.
    When I was really young, I read the Hobbit, and that’s where I learned the word Dilemna. I used it in a book report or story in class. I remember the teacher not only got mad, she ridiculed me in front of the class for a very long time (very odd!) Why would I assume at 10 years old it was Dilemna? I had barely even had time to learn the meaning of the word. Why do so many “change” the spelling? I don’t think they do. Curious to what age most people find out they spell it wrong. According to that teacher, I invented the spelling… so why do thousands of others do too?

  47. Finally a public ME, Ronnie Seaton says he was white house chef for 32 yrs under 5 different presidents and recounts various episodes,except that white house says,don’t know any such person.Seaton says he was knighted by U.K queen for his cooking skills(could be for cooking stories).Also Jimmy Carter is alive,cured of cancer by some miracle drug.

    1. The Seaton story is fascinating, and kind of amazing as a con. (The knighting story seems a little incredible in this reality, but the White House connection seems credible in another reality, if not this one. Unless Seaton is making up his family ties to Willie May Seaton, he has the background to be a great chef.)

      1. From what i know No foreign national can be Knighted, they can get obe’s and cbe,s or other honorary titles I could be wrong though.. but the ceremony can be similar to a knighthood. But as you said in another reality who knows

      2. This is one story that resonated with me because I remember watching a 60 minutes episode not that long ago talking about him. I remember being surprised that the same chef had been there all those years and presidents, but I also remember thinking that the one person you have to trust in the white house is the one cooking the food for the president. So it made sense that he would be around that long. That makes more sense than some guy trying to fool everyone that he was the white house chef.

    2. Yes, Vivek – Carter is a huge ME for me. I remember him dying of cancer several years ago, and playfully/sadly joking with my father that the aliens must have taken him away (Carter had a famous interest in UFOs). I realized he was still alive over a year ago. Now he’s in the news for having beaten cancer, and it makes me very uncomfortable.

  48. Wow…I’ve just witnessed an ME almost before my very eyes. I am sure about other MEs, but until now I have not seen one “switch back”.

    This past October (2015), I was in a Target store with my husband. I can’t recall the exact date, but it was shortly before Halloween, as we were looking at costumes and buying some candy for trick or treaters.

    As we passed through the cereal aisle, I picked up a box of what was at the time called Fruit Loops. I told my husband how WRONG it looked with “Fruit” instead of “Froot”. He agreed, thought he remembered it as “Froot” also. I said it didn’t even make sense, as Froot had been a play on Loop, and had always been shown with two pieces of cereal as the O’s. This was after the Internet had called my attention to the cereal changing FROM Froot Loops TO Fruit Loops, and it was my first time really noticing it in person, as I’ve never liked that particular cereal. My brother used to love it, and I am very sure it was always Froot Loops. The new Fruit Loops spelling creeped me out.

    Fast forward to a couple of days ago (Dec 5), and I read on Reddit that it has now changed BACK to Froot. I truly felt shocked, but validated and strangely, even a bit relieved. I showed my husband and he was stunned. He mentioned the conversation we’d just had in Target a couple months past. For him, this confirmed the ME phenomenon. It had changed almost as if before our eyes.

    What’s very odd is how many threads (on Reddit) saying “It USED to be Froot, now it’s Fruit?” have disappeared. Now comments here are mentioning that FROOT doesn’t make sense, it was always Fruit, when just a couple of months ago, the Internet consensus was the opposite. Now some people are saying “It’s ALWAYS been FROOT Loops” – well, no it hasn’t; in October 2015 shortly before Halloween, it was Fruit Loops. When I was a child in the 90s/early 2000s, it was Froot Loops. Now, in December 2015, it’s back to Froot Loops. I made a joke to my husband when we realized it was back to Froot that I couldn’t wait for Berenstain to turn back to Berenstein, its rightful spelling and the spelling I’ve always known.

    I also wanted to comment on narwhals. I’ve always known them as real animals and never as mythical. I loved the B-52’s song Rock Lobster as a kid, and narwhals are mentioned in it alongside other mundane oceanic creatures. I saw pictures of narwhals in textbooks and on TV. For me, their reality has never been in question. I will say that they are more of an obscure animal, and while it’s a possible ME, I think it’s also very possible for someone to have lived their lives without having heard of narwhals. Recently, they’ve become popular, which would explain some people being recently exposed to them for the first time.

    And one more thing – I literally laughed out loud a couple months ago when I saw that the Star Wars line “Luke, I am your father” had changed to “No…I am your father”. For me, the line always began with “Luke”….beyond any shadow of uncertainty. Then again, for me, James Earl Jones (the voice of Vader) died in 1999 (I Remember hearing “Actor James Earl Jones has died” as clear as a bell on my mom’s radio, tuned to NPR. I thought to myself “who will voice Vader in the new upcoming Star Wars prequels?” My friends and I discussed it at school that day.). Today, he is very much alive.

  49. Hi all,
    I’m sure everyone remembers the dress that broke the Internet (blue/black or white/gold).

    I saw the dress both ways, with both color combos, and I’m wondering if anyone here who experiences MEs saw it both ways too?

    When I first looked it up, the explanation for why people saw it differently had to do with the cones in an individual’s eyes. I just looked it up again, and the new explanation seems to be that the brain has to decide what colors are present based on lighting cues in the background. Though, no one knows *why* this particular picture triggers such a vastly different interpretation by people’s brains, when our brains are doing this constantly and mostly come to the same conclusions about color.

    For me, the first time I saw the dress it was white and gold. I was up later that same night with insomnia scrolling through Facebook, and the dress was blue and black, which freaked me out, bad. The image then began changing back and forth rapidly, but I couldn’t control it. With most optical illusions, once I “see” it both ways, I can switch back and forth at will. With the dress, I cannot switch at will. Rather, it seems entirely random.

    Thinking about it in the context of the Mandela effect, I wonder if seeing it both ways could indicate sliding. I’ve seen a few matrix red/blue pill references surrounding this issue too. Perhaps those who see it blue&black (the purported minority) originate from a different reality, and those who see it both ways like me are sliding between realities. I’ve found only two references on the web by people who see it both ways, and the conclusion drawn was that the Brain can’t decide what it’s seeing. But, I’m surprised that the mainstream articles don’t mention seeing it both ways as a possibility. Is it that rare? Anyone else?

    1. FJ, in the future, can you link to good, mainstream sites where people can go for more information on what you’re talking about? I realize that the blue/black dress issue was posted all over the Internet, but — if we’re serious about the Mandela Effect — it’s possible that someone was in a different reality for something like this, and missed the story altogether. If people include links in comments, it saves me research time to explain the issue to new visitors. (In this case, a good starting point is The dress (viral phenomenon) at Wikipedia.)

      1. Yes, I will be sure to to that in the future (I realize now how ignorant it is- especially here- to assume everyone remembers a story/event).
        Here are some of the articles I was reading the other night, before posting:
        Science behind why people see the dress differently:


        Short article from a person who sees it both ways:

        How we perceive color:

        I wasn’t sure you would want to open this can of worms lol, but thinking about color changes, timeline markers, and how this one image was so divisive, piqued my curiosity as to whether folks here saw it both ways.

        1. I recall seeing it first as gold, then as blue, now I can’t see it as anything other than blue. Also, the trim looks dark brown to me, not black, but that could be due to differences in monitors and phone screens.

      2. Fiona,

        Thanks for posting an image of THE DRESS… Now I am freaking out because every time I saw a picture of this dress in the past (including just a few days ago) it was GOLD and WHITE and couldn’t understand how other people saw it differently … I just looked at the picture in link you posted and now see it as BLUE and BLACK!!!

        I don’t understand why this has happened.

        1. Kathy,
          The exact same thing just happened to me with “the dress”. Last year when it went viral, I was certain it was white and gold, and couldn’t understand how anyone could see it differently. When I clicked on the link Fiona provided, I was shocked to say the least – it’s now as black and blue as can be.
          However, it has not changed back for me – when I go back to it now, it’s still black and blue.
          Very confusing.

          1. Skepticalbeliever, I’m not sure this is actually Mandela Effect. However, I have no explanation for this — aside from the usual lighting conditions, photo tweaking, and monitor settings — although I’ve seen the same photo at the same site look white & gold one day, and black & blue the next.

            Definitely weird. Definitely confusing.

            1. I’m only disappointed that it hasn’t changed from blue to red. Come on, multiverse, you’re dropping the ball here!

  50. I just heard about Typhoon Hayain (which struck the Philippines in 2013) for the first time. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before now. There were 6,340 confirmed casualties, plus 1,061 missing/unconfirmed, and $2.86 billion in damages. I stay pretty up to date on current events, usually by listening to public radio, but I have zero memory of this event.

    1. FJ – Can you add where you were when the typhoon was in the news, and if you’re in a different location now? (General info, nothing that could compromise your privacy. This is for data analysis.)

      1. Hi Fiona,
        I live in the NW United States. I live in the same house I lived in when the storm occurred in November of 2013. The other day when I learned about typhoon Haiyan (also called typhoon Yolanda) I was watching a television program about climate change, but I don’t know the name of the program. The theme was the warming oceans, Earth’s climate being driven by the oceans, and the so called super storms of recent years. The show’s focus was less about the causes of climate change, and more about what we can expect in the way of extreme storms caused by climate change. It was probably on the discovery channel. I’ll admit I wasn’t paying much attention at first; I was doing housework and was in and out of the living room, where the show was on. When they began showing footage and talking about typhoon Haiyan, it got my attention. It was all new to me, and when I subsequently looked it up I was sure that I hadn’t heard of it before. I was home alone so I couldn’t ask my husband if he recalled it (perhaps it didn’t receive much media coverage in the U.S.)
        Thinking back to November 2013, nothing stands out to me (no major life changes, car accidents, or anything). I hope that helps.

  51. Hi all,

    I hope this is the right place to put this.

    There is a slight possibility that I have run into another spelling change by accident in the last couple of weeks. I am hoping it is only an optical illusion or a mistake on my part, but I wanted to run it by anyone else to see if anyone else noticed a change or remembers it the “old”/different way.

    So while on my way to Thanksgiving dinner with my mother, I brought up some natural remedies I’d been using to help battle my persistent bronchitis. One such recipe I use calls for turmeric, the bright yellow spice best known for its use in Indian foods etc. My mom also is a fan of natural remedies, herbs, and the like and we often discuss our findings. She consistently was calling the spice “tumeric” and I corrected her (not a good habit of mine, being a grammar/spelling nerd) saying it was “turmeric” with an extra “r” in it. She said “oh really? I always thought it was tumeric. Hmmm weird.” I thought to myself “I hope I’m not wrong and making her feel bad or dumb” because I love my mom, she is one smart cookie, and am not without my mistakes (though I’ve found many of my mistakes and memories of alternate spellings/events are shared). A few days later, while making my bronchitis-busting recipe, I took a good HARD look at the bottle in the spice drawer before adding it to my grog. To my shock and dismay, it said TUMERIC! I felt very remorseful for correcting my mom and decided that I’d apologize and tell her she was right next time I spoke to her. I felt so dumb! At the time, I chalked up my mistake to mixing up the spelling of tumeric and curcumin, the healthful property/ingredient of the spice. Fast forward to a couple days later, when the subject came to mind again, and I started looking into it again. Boom, there it was, TURMERIC. So I was right after all?! I immediately went to the spice drawer to check out the bottle which I had seen earlier in the week, and to my disbelief, it had regained an R. WTH? Had it changed and then changed back?

    My rational mind, which doesn’t like to accept the possibility of things changing within a matter of days, looked at the bottle (which a few days ago had clearly in my mind/eyes said “tumeric”) and thought…maybe it was an optical illusion. Perhaps the “r” and the “m” had blended together to form what looked like a 3-arched m…making it “tumeric” in my eyes. I honestly hope that this is the explanation, and is the most rational to me.

    However, since I am absolutely sure of other changes and alternate memories after testing and throwing out other “rational” explanations, I decided to see if possibly it could be an instance of the Mandela Effect. I have come across many other people similarly confused about its spelling and pronunciation, and even one article titled “Is it spelled tumeric or turmeric?” There are countless references to tumeric as opposed to tuRmeric. Many times it says “tumeric” in the titles and “turmeric” within the article. This is something I’ve found in other cases of misspellings and word changes considered part of the Mandela Effect. However, it is indeed spelled “turmeric” this timeline in any case.

    I have only experienced two “live” changes in this timestream/matrix, one being that Looney Toons/Tunes has changed & changed back for me and now Turmeric appeared to change to Tumeric and back again within a span of a few days.

    Anyways, I’m very happy to accept that this is just an optical illusion created in my mind, as well the same for others, or simply a commonly misspelled word. I was only wondering if this is a change that anybody else had noticed.

    Article titled “Is is spelled tumeric or turmeric?”:

    Here is a government website that misspells it wrong and right repeatedly:
    Here are some comments found on the Merriam-Webster page for the definition of “tumeric”:

    “When I’m looking for the golden powder I know as “tumeric”, I go to the Indian grocery store and buy it. The spelling on the label is always “Tumeric”, not “Turmeric”. But I’ve been seeing the spelling “turmeric” all over the place lately, with the news of it’s super nutritional properties. I recently bought a piece of raw root-like veg labeled “Turmeric” at Mrs. Green’s, which looked VERY much like raw ginger, only narrower and orange-pinkish in color. Is “Tumeric” simply the mis-spelling of “Turmeric” or are they two different plants altogether with very similar names??”

    “I think it was spelled this way often in the past. Now everyone calls it turmeric…”

    There is also a discussion on the spelling here:;wap2

    Fiona-please feel free to edit or delete, but if this seems a valid example of another Mandela Effect, I’d like to hear if any others have experienced a change.


    1. Sibsiz, I’m trying to understand this. I’m familiar with turmeric, and I’m familiar with the tendency to pronounce it “tumeric.” (Wikipedia and other sites make reference to the pronunciation issue, as well.) When I search at for “tumeric,” only one product is listed with that title on the sales page, but the actual product it sells is spelled “turmeric.”

      I’m not clear on why this could be Mandela Effect, as opposed to a pronunciation issue, and — in some cases — typos (deliberate, for branding, or unintentional) in product names, due to the alternate pronunciation.

      1. I thought I was being clear, but perhaps I’ve over-explained myself. I should have just asked then “has anyone else experienced a change in the spelling of turmeric/tumeric?”. My mom has a clear memory of it always being spelled tumeric, as have many others apparently-without knowing about the Mandela Effect. I saw the spelling change within a week with my own eyes, so it left me confused. I’m not talking about typos, branding, or pronunciation and I have given plenty of consideration to those explanations. I simply wanted to see if others experienced a change in the spelling as well.

        Thanks Helene for your comment!


        1. Sibsiz, I don’t mean to be argumentative, but this comment still leaves me confused.

          (And, for the record, had you just asked “has anyone else experienced a change in the spelling of turmeric/tumeric?”, I’d have deleted the comment. Really, new “alternate memory” comments need links and references.)

          Your mom has a clear memory of it always being “tumeric.” As a second-hand report, that might have value if she recalled a brand that’s now labelled “turmeric” but — even in product history searches — never matched her clear memory of the “tumeric” label.

          Otherwise, we might assume she’s always seen the product with the alternate, somewhat popular spelling. (Ref:

          I’m sure you’ve given this careful consideration before posting here. That’s a given, and always has been, at this site.

          In the past, I’ve been delighted when anyone offered a new, “does anyone remember?” suggestion, and people replied with simple yes/no comments.

          Now, after five years of collecting these wonderful anecdotes (thank you!), it’s time for hard data points, to engage in more serious research. So, that’s why I’m asking for particulars in all comments.

          I’m not trying to be argumentative and I don’t want to sound skeptical. (I hope my history at this site shows how much I believe in the Mandela Effect. As far as I’m concerned, almost any alternate memory could be from an alternate reality, whether it has supporting evidence or agreement, or not.)

          Steering comments in the direction of hard data points isn’t easy, since people are used to my earlier, more casual comment policy.

          However, I’m faced with two choices now:

          1. Close all articles to new comments, at the end of 2015, and work with the data I have; or,
          2. Narrow comment focus to specific — not necessarily footnoted — first-person, alternate memories with references, so those helping with this research have solid starting points.

          If you can provide something more specific about tumeric/turmeric that weighs heavily in the direction of this being a Mandela Effect issue, that’s great.

    2. I remember googling “tumeric” a few months back, so I can confirm that I read ‘tumeric’. No ‘turmeric’ anywhere, not even wikipedia. It’s the first time I encounter that spelling.

      1. Always consume turmeric with a pinch of black pepper for maximun assimilation of the active factor curcumin.

        1. Vivek, your advice is great… but, really, off-topic in a thread I’m struggling to make relevant to the Mandela Effect. (Yes, after many years, I’m accustomed to your wonderful additions to conversations here, but — at least for now, while I’m trying to shift this site to hard data points for Mandela Effect research — I can’t keep approving the asides. I can’t begin to tell you how ambivalent I am about this, especially in connection with long-term members of this community, but… well, there it is, and I hope you understand. <-- Okay, from your private comments, I know that you do, and you're as eager as I am to get this site on a more productive/useful course. I just needed to articulate this for you and others who make this site so rich with personality.)

  52. Hey everyone,
    I ran across the story of Lerina Garcia Gordo, and wanted to recommend it to everyone.
    For anyone not familiar with it, Lerina Garcia Gordo is a woman from Spain who began posting to a blog, in 2008, stating that she simply woke up one morning and had “slipped” into a slightly different universe. She was seeking help from anyone who could help her get back to her original universe.
    It isnt extremely long and it has interesting parallels with ME, so I thought you all might be interested!

    1. then there is the man from taureg.. another story that actually had some physical evidence rather than memories, (not that i am discounting memories but physical things are more “real”) there are many other stories like the green children, so many other stories with a similar ME tingle

      1. Hey Martin,
        I agree with you that there are other interesting stories out there. “The Man from Taured” –
        and “The Green Children” – – are both interesting, but like the cases of Rudolph Fentz – – or Andrew Carlssin – – there is NOT actually any physical evidence. The stories mention evidence, but none actually exists.
        The reason I mentioned this story is mostly due to it being so current. Al the other cases I just mentioned are AT LEAST 40 years old, whereas, the Lerina Garcia Gordo – – case occurred in 2008.

        Thanks for responding, and I hope this clears things up.

        1. DbD, don’t worry about it. I fixed the code.

          And this is a note to everyone: Don’t try to make your URLs into links. The comment software automatically does that. Just type the http:// whatever-it-is, and it will be fine.

  53. Not sure if I am posting in the correct place but I have a question about the children’s tv show
    What Church sponsored the show?
    I swore it was the Church of latter day saints…Mormons..but on a search and a clip from the show it now says The LUTHERANS sponsored this???
    Any comments would be appreciated.

    1. Lori Marengo, I’m familiar with the old TV series, but I wasn’t aware it was church-sponsored. Can you add the years when you thought it was sponsored by the LDS church, and the (very general) area where you were when you were watching it? Also helpful: Anything you connect with discovering the change — including when & (generally) where.

      Also, I moved this to the general Comments section, for now. I may create a TV-related page; I’m trying to keep the Music page to… well, just music.

    2. I’m Lutheran, age 51 and my brother and I sometimes watched that show as the kid. We were always kind of proud of it being a Lutheran show.

      1. Good, that establishes it as being Lutheran in the past, at least in one reality… and probably this one. Julia, do you have any idea when you started noticing that things had changed? (You may have mentioned that before, but the reference will be helpful for this topic, to determine whether your memory is from the current reality… if I can even use that term, reliably. LOL)

        1. I first became aware that several of my memories didn’t fit this time stream / reality / whatever in December 2013, when I found this website, however, I had discovered that Billy Graham was still alive sometime before that – before I had heard of the Mandela Effect. It bothered me a lot and I put it out of my mind. And I had vague memories of Mandela having had died when I started to hear about him in the news – I think that was before I heard the term “Mandela Effect” but I can’t remember for sure… But Dec. 2013 is when I really became aware.

          I think it’s really hard to pinpoint “time lines” because they can be so different for each one of us. For instance, many people have a memory of Richard Chamberlain dying in the 90’s – or was it late 80’s – when he might have still looked fairly young. It happened for me maybe 6 or 7 years ago. I went over to my parents’ house on a late afternoon in maybe 2008 or 2009 and watched a broadcast on the early evening news. What’s weird about that is that he didn’t look as old as he should have looked by then. (I know because later I looked up his photo and was surprised to see him looking gray and older.) It makes me wonder if somehow on an ordinary day I went back in time (from my “normal” timeline) to experience a different timeline, yet was unaware of it. I said it before – the weird thing about that afternoon is that I felt hyper-aware of physical things in the room – the light coming in the glass windows, just little things, as well as hyper-aware of my existence – of being alive and in a particular place – I know that sounds odd – it kind of was. Everything seemed perfectly normal yet I was hyper-aware of the normalcy – it’s hard to express!

          Also, with this recent event of seeing it “Looney Toons” everywhere on-line one day and “Looney Tunes” the next, it makes me aware that we really can shift back and forth without trying.

          But Davey and Goliath has always been a Lutheran-produced show for me. Lori M – could you say it particular why / how you remembering it being a Mormon show? It is a visual memory of the show saying it was produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or “LDS’ or do you have some affiliation with the Mormon Church or are Mormon? Just wondering how strong the memory is. It might be true somewhere. As a Lutheran broadcast it might have said it was part of the ULCA or LCA on the show credits, or now I think ELCA. (There are different Lutheran bodies and some have merged.)

          1. What you have said resonates in me, as i have memories that others dont, but some of the same, its as if we are from two or more different lines merging at different times into this for the moment current time line for us.. (starts to get a headache i hate thinking x dimensionally, and multiple versions as well). even times can be different. i can “remember” things i havent got a clue about, case in point i had a dream about a part of my home town, but it was demolished before i was born, only by a few years and a college was built on it and i could describe the roads and a few shops.. but i remember it as real as anything else.

    3. Hello. I watched Davey and Goliath a lot and always knew it to be Luthern. The theme-hymn of the show is “A Might Fortress is Our God” which is a beloved Luthern hymn written by Martin Luther. Loved that show! Thanks for reminding me of it.

      1. NDE Survivor, I’m glad to hear from you on this, especially since — though I watched the show regularly, as a child — I have no memory at all of the theme being “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” So, I double-checked it at YouTube (link: ) and that font and opening didn’t seem at all familiar.

        At that point, I wondered if it was a Mandela Effect issue for me.

        Next, I searched Google Images for “davey and goliath” and scrolled through them all (rather wish I could unsee some of those).

        Finally, I found a title style that matched my memories:

        Whew! My memories are still consistent with this reality, but the Lutheran connection did surprise me.

        1. I’m not really surprised that you didn’t know about the Lutheran connection. The Lutheran creators were probably a bit subtle about it, despite the theme song as mentioned by NDE Survivor. (Even that doesn’t scream “Lutheran” to everyone.) Traditional Lutheran church culture is somewhat reticent and self-effacing. The underlying message is “it’s not all about you…” 🙂 I think Garrison Keillor would agree with that.

          1. Those are some great points, Julia!

            And I love the “it’s not all about you” message, as well. Because it’s not. Everything we do is touched, in some way (and usually many ways), by others. It’s why I love this website, and everyone who is part of it via comments. Your input — every comment by every individual — has been so very important.

            By myself, the Mandela Effect (topic and website) would have been about a single alternate memory about Nelson Mandela, period and full stop.

            Thanks to this community… I can’t begin to express my gratitude. Also, I love seeing the concept spread — from Reddit, to AboveTopSecret, to George Noory and Art Bell, and beyond — which has been entirely due to the efforts of others.

            You’ve been part of this for a long time, and you always bring interesting views to our conversations. Thank you!

            (And I’m a long-term fan of Garrison Keillor, as well.)

            1. You’re welcome and thank you! I know everyone of us is grateful for this forum and for all the work you do – more than you can know.

  54. I came across a new possible ME on another website, I haven’t seen it mentioned here yet, and was hoping to get some feedback on this one because I’m not actually sure if it is ME or not…..
    The word as I thought it was spelled – “perogative”, is now spelled “prerogative”. It looks completely wrong, but this is also a word that I can say I haven’t seen in print or text too many times so maybe I just never noticed the “correct” spelling. Even the Bobby Brown song is spelled “my prerogative” . Does anyone else remember this word being spelled the other way??

    1. Skepticalbeliever, the alternate spelling is popular enough that the Free Dictionary has it as a redirect ( ) and several other sites mention it as well. (Ref. and )

      I don’t know whether that confirms it as an alternate memory or not. (I’m doing my best not to comment on Bobby Brown’s spelling, or how that’s muddied the waters regarding this issue. LOL)

      ^^ This is the kind of linking I’m looking for in comments, now. See Terms: Comments for the (new) shifting emphasis at this site.

      1. Prerogative along with expediency is the key word in the eternal classic,the sea wolf,by jack london.

        1. Interesting, Vivek!

          As peripheral research, I’ve been tempted to take some of the works you and others have recommended, and analyze them to see what else might be hidden there.

          (For those who wonder why I approved this, it’s a continuing theme in some of Vivek’s comments related to classical references that could indicate Mandela Effect as a long-term — or even consciously pursued — issue. See and related comments.)

    2. I think this is pretty strange, actually. To my memory, it has always only been spelled perogative, but I have for some reason always thought it *should* be spelled prerogative. I have looked it up in an online dictionary a few times over the years to be sure, (and the correct spelling was always perogative,) and I also checked the spelling of Bobby Brown’s song. I remember it used to be spelled My Perogative. I assumed that the Bobby Brown song should be spelled correctly, that’s why I checked it.

        1. I’m sorry I can’t be much more specific, but I guess I can do better than “always” been that way. I can narrow the time frame to about 2006 or so, that I had this issue with the spelling. I had no idea it was ever spelled prerogative until I saw that post. I guess before about 2006 I couldn’t say reliably how the word was spelled, or how I thought it was, cause I just don’t remember. I just remember 2 or 3 times between then and now, this word coming up, and me questioning the spelling, and looking it up.

          I guess the only other thing I can share is a bit about my habits. When I needed to look up a spelling, I would have used yahoo or google, and entered “the word” and “dictionary”. From that point, I would see the same cues as anyone doing a search. For example, if you misspell it in your search, first it might give you an alternate spelling in the search bar drop down. If you enter it misspelled, it will ask you “did you mean (correct spelling)”? Then I would have checked out whatever dictionary entries showed up on the top half of the search results page. Which would have probably been websters, oed, and whatever other free online dictionaries are out there.

          Sorry if that is just way too much, but all of that is to say that, I would have been thorough, because that’s just who I am. But, during this time period, I would have been relying exclusively on online dictionaries for spelling checks. I just did not get any sense then, from my web searches, that there was confusion over the spelling. It was just spelled perogative. And I couldn’t find any reason then why I would have thought it was prerogative. It is just not an intuitive spelling. I just remember asking myself, “huh, why did I think there was an r there?”

          I have lived in one US state almost my entire life, in different places across the state. For the time period in question, in 2 different homes in the same city.

  55. Hi, all,

    I keep seeing references to this “Fifty nifty united states” song. Am I the only one who had _never_ heard of this thing until coming to

    Apparently, the song was written in 1961 (and sung by Perry Como). I don’t know how big it’s become, or when it started taking off, but I went to quite a few different schools in the ’70s & ’80s (all within N.Y.) and had never heard it (much less had to learn it). My daughter was born in ’93, and attended school from ’97 on (though we had mostly been overseas, the schools were American), and she never complained about having to learn it (and believe me you: she would have complained).

    I don’t know if this is a meaningful observation or not, but I figured that I should mention it, and see what comes of it.

    1. I was born in the 80s, and in middle school we had to listen to this song over and over, every time we went to music class, until we all had it memorized. I still know every word of it today. I didn’t know it was a Perry Como song, though. The song we heard was sung by kids. If your school didn’t teach this song, I don’t see any reason why you should have heard of it. School is the only place I’ve ever heard it.

      1. This is what I’m looking at: The song was written by Ray Charles… but probably not the same musician anyone associates with that name. (See,_born_1918%29 )

        He wrote it for the Perry Como Show. Here’s one performance of it:

        I’m kind of amazed that I didn’t know this song, since my grandmother was a starry-eyed fan of Perry Como (and Mitch Miller, as well), and insisted we all sit down and watch his show when it was in reruns on some UHF channel. However, I can’t claim that it’s a Mandela Effect issue for me.

        (Note to all: Please help my research by including specific details and links related to alternate memories.)

  56. Forgive me if this has been posted before, although I do not remember reading about it here. Does anyone remember Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) being a black man? He is now a white man. I remember discussing it with my son when he was in school, during black history month, I believe. We are both big fans of Seuss and I read the books to him every day and we had the whole collection. I need to ask my son about this and will next chance I get (he is now in the USMC, so I don’t get to chat with him as often as I wish to). Also, I am definitely not confusing Dr. Seuss with Eli Whitney, and I do know people have a similar memory about E.W. Thoughts?

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