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  1. I love films, the old and some new, but generally prefer the older ones.. Now the films i enjoy are the less than main stream, Like in the original Lady vanishes 1938 , the Green Chartreuse line, This can give me a time line as to when/where theres a past change.. media is More out there more everywhere.. Since coming here i have been watching films/tv series with far more concentration that i used to.. more so if i have watched it several times looking for a change or a similarity. I was just watching Manhunter 1986 and theres a scene in it where they are in a supermarket, and i noticed froot loops, the the back ground Normally i wouldnt have noticed but since its on this site i remember it.. At least in this reality in a background item, something not important to the film at all.. I want to see if anyone else remembers it being different. I think one of the keys is films we can find a timeline unlike a lot of memories, this is documented.. I tend to feel that WHEN things change is one of the key points.. to find out where/what happened

    1. Fascinating, Martin! This reminds me of when my husband and I added closed captions to our TV and media viewing. (Our hearing is fine. Initially, we were being considerate of our apartment neighbors when we were watching TV late at night, and wanted to keep the sound track volume low.)

      Suddenly, we were able to see snippets of conversation you can barely hear in the sound track, and lyrics of music we’d generally ignored. The added information and insights were astonishing.

      We’ve never gone back to caption-free viewing, and when we’ve shared this tip with friends, they’ve become hooked on closed captions, as well.

      1. I find this comment about captions very interesting! I’m hearing impaired and I cannot watch anything that doesn’t have captions. I’ve always felt that having the captions on lead to a much, much more fulfilling experience when watching a show or a movie vs. before I started using them as teenager.

        So when my husband and I first got together and I insisted on using captions it drove him nuts! He hated it! Slowly over time he’s just gotten used to it. I think he likes to pretend he doesn’t have any hearing loss from to many years running a chainsaw….but that’s a different topic.

        Anyways, the other night we looked up a movie online and it didn’t have the option for captions. I knew I’d be completely lost but I wanted to spend some time with him so I snuggled up on the couch with him. About 20 minutes in he says “I really wish they had captions.” Then a few minutes later he says. “Wow, this is really boring…I don’t know much of what’s going on.” I gave him a good teasing because he’s come to rely heavily on the captions as well for a lot of the background information.

        1. IdahoDreaming, thanks for the comment. On the surface, this is very much off-topic, but I have the oddest feeling that people are missing important subtext if they’re not checking captions… something that may have a bearing on the Mandela Effect. Then again, I’ve just been through more critical and off-the-wall comments than usual, so my views may be skewed… but I don’t think that’s it.

    2. I could have sworn bon jovi died in 2009… I remember seeing it on MSN but it obviously didn’t happen…

    3. I remember the brand of peanut butter as being Jiffy, but if you were to search it in google images, absolutely NOTHING shows up with Jiffy, just Jif. I ask other people what they remember it as & some remember the same as I have. So i’ve been thinking & the question that comes to my mind is if someone remembers something as it goes in this time stream, does that mean that they never slid between universes & the people who remember differently have slid? & also, if you slide, is it the whole universe that slides or could it be an individual by themselves?

      1. I think its more complicated, that there are multiple worlds so there could be a jiffy world with Stain, and a jiffy world with a Stein, with a jif and stein and jif and stain (makes my head hurt but its what i think is happening).. Personally i think people who are sensitive slide more than those that havent. but there are also points in space that are weaker from one world to the next, if you look at the myths about travelling to other worlds, fairy rings, the sidhe taking people changelings and so on.. why are there these myths all over the world, if there wasnt a point a time when it was common knowledge.

  2. I was born late August 1994 and I feel like going through and saying which memories I remember. Skipping over ones I would have no reason to remember a certain way or which would be outside my probable knowledge.

    Berenstein Bears, clearly

    Chartreuse – dark reddish/purplish color, but I’d buy this as just a mistake

    Snow White – “Mirror mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” ‘Magic mirror’ sounds gippy.
    McDonalds, McEntire (only heard of Reba last year though)

    Thanksgiving – thought it was the Third Thursday and I remember thinking how useful the alliteration was, a couple of years ago my mother corrected me, to my surprise

    I always think there are 51 states but I wouldn’t be able to say which one is added

    Remember Henry VIII and the turkey leg

    I thought it was Jiffy but I never had that brand of peanut butter, we got the ground kind

    I kinda thought Sri Lanka was right off the tip of India, like a faucet leaking, but I could have just used over-simplified maps as a child

    I thought Agatha Christie never showed up and I was surprised when I watched the Doctor Who episode that mentioned that she did


    Definitely don’t remember Katy Perry ever being called Kate, also thought it was Rod Sterling, but I was never fans of either of their music

    Japan is to the east of China, maybe a little southish

    Madagascar — island to the east of Africa, rather bean-shaped, only thing I remember in it is that I really enjoyed finding it on my toy globe as a child (to learn geography) and I read an article about it in the National Geographic around 2013, about the difficulties of mining there

    Mongolia — country, just northwest of China, shaped like a little roundish trapezoid. High mountainous, steppe-like land, horses are common (I have a vague idea that when I was a child I though it was southwest of China, and rounder, but my Asian geography was not great then)

    Wales — definitely west, ALTHOUGH I feel like at some point I might have thought it was east, I seem to remember a conversation about it, but it would have been when I was very young.

    Big — watched it a few years ago, as far as I remember the ending was that the boy returned home, the police were searching for him desperately, his mother asked him where he’d been, and he said some clever double meaning thing.

    Thought it was “beautiful day in the neighborhood’ but I didn’t watch the show religiously and I could have just misheard

    It’s Looney Tunes, that’s what it said at the beginning of the feature and on my cassettes, but I think it’s ‘Toon Town’ in “Who Killed Roger Rabbit”

    “Luke, I Am Your Father”

    Oh, I think the title is “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” but I did write it as “Killed” above so I’ll keep that

    I remember a story about Fidel Castro sleeping with a lot of women and keeping his boots on in bed? don’t remember from whom, it was in some fun fact book

    I never spelled definitely definately but I’ve definitely seen people make that mistake)

    However, I always spelled the word ‘separate’ ‘seperate’ until like…a few months ago, when my spell-checker started underlining it. I could have been wrong about it, it’s one of those words where there’s two of the same vowel, but I’m usually a pretty conscientious speller and I would’ve thought I’d have noticed before.

  3. Oh, one other one, probably not quite in the spirit of this, but I’ll post it just in case – a few days ago, I was trying to recall a lullaby my mother sang to me, which went:

    Rock-a-bye baby, over the moon
    You’ll take a ride in a toy balloon
    Over the rainbow you’ll take a train
    And then you’ll arrive in Lullaby Lane

    A quick google search turned up no results (when I search it now, the only thing that turns up is where I posted it on a chat thread).

    I seem to remember it being in a book of mine with an illustration. My mother remembers it and said her mother sang it to her. It might just be a family song but I find it odd that it didn’t turn up on Google and I’d be interested to hear if others remember it!

    1. Also, sorry for the additions, but I forgot these:

      I remember the version where Lindberg’s baby was not found, but it’s possible that I was just given a more romantic version of the story (I mainly remember it from a ‘Dear America’ book and they’d probably have left out unpleasant details). But I thought it was like Amelia Earhart. I don’t have a lot of faith in my memory, but I was confused when I was reading the play “Hauptmann” and it came up.

      Also, I just googled New Zealand, I thought it was on the southwest and closer to Australia. I spent a lot of time with a toy touch globe so it really surprises me that I would have this wrong! Maybe it’s sometimes drawn on maps in a different location for convenience (like Alaska and Hawai’i?)

  4. Hi, all,

    I was reading through the old tinnitus page (not the reboot thereof), and got to a spot where someone mentioned “Jimmy Mnemonic” (rather than “Johnny Mnemonic”); I dismissed it, remembered where I was, and rushed to Google. On the bright side, it’s still Johnny, not Jimmy — on the Mandela side, Google says that it had been released 1995 (26 May, specifically).

    I really don’t remember the month, though May is as good as any, since I vaguely remember it feeling as if it had been roughly summer-ish. On the other hand (much like the thread about Columbine, Paducah, & Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”), I guarantee that it wasn’t ’95, but rather c1990. I’m not certain of the exact year, but roughly ’90/’91 (I doubt ’89 fairly strongly, and ’92 a bit less strongly).

    Side note: no jump in tinnitus or other apparent possible markers/triggers.

    Anyone else?

  5. I want to put a personal note here about the “Oscar Mayer” incident in case it changes for me again.

    About a week to two weeks ago I was on Reddit when I read about the Mayer change. However, the posts were about it changing FROM Mayer TO Meyer. I wrote this down in my journal as such:

    “Oscar Mayer is now Oscar Meyer”

    I read the journal through every couple of days, and I leave a line empty between entries. There was a date on this entry too but I do not recall the exact date so I won’t post it. To get to the point, I remember “Mayer”. Then it changed to “Meyer” and the logo looked all weird to me. NOW its back to “Mayer”. This is a first for me!! I checked the reddit posts and they all now say “Meyer to Mayer”. Also, the journal entry is GONE! Not like erased since I use a pen, but it goes from my previous entry to the next entry with one line in between like normal except no entry for the hotdog company 😛

    Anyway, its been re-added to the journal XD

    1. MM interesting a bounce back jump.. I wonder how many have happened..If the many worlds theory holds true, and we are somehow merging together, it could be unstable for a short time, which allows for a bounce back..could explain some of the odd moving of items, i put an item down and it goes missing, then reappears in the exact same place..

    2. I feared this could happen. I wondered if writing something down could change. I thought there’s no way that my handwriting could be reproduced to form a word I never wrote if it was never that way, I guess as it turns out in reality if a change does happen it just simply disappears instead! I was hoping that if a change happens your handwriting would be to complex to reproduce if you never wrote it or would at least remain on the paper unchanged as “proof” (proof to yourself) that it was always that way but I guess from your experience it may just simply disappear! I guess a way that you can definitely prove to yourself that there was a change would be to meticulously make sure that you definitely log an entry EVERY SINGLE DAY for some Mandela effect. For example write EVERYDAY that Mayer is the brand and if a single day is missing or an entire row of days is missing you definitely know something strange is going on. That’s the strange thing about this sort of thing, that if it were true it would be really hard to document and/or prove because reality itself changes around it! Luckily it sometimes leaves what is called “reality reside” but that’s about as much as we’ve got apart from our memories… we need to be clever if we really want to get to the bottom of this. Yes, it doesn’t effect your personal day to day life much but who doesn’t like a good mystery and some fun? Sometimes being a little obsessive about something isn’t a bad thing, in fact it has really been the only thing that has made science move forward and progress. Someone sitting in a patent office bored out of their minds contemplating things that have no effect on his personal everyday life ends up changing the world… you never know where these “lunatic fringe” ideas will lead you!

    3. I noticed the double switch as well. I’m in a discussion group for ME, and I found threads where I argued the topic both for Mayer AND Meyer with a six week period in between. This surprised me because I have a firm grasp on what I feel I used to know on virtually each one of these

    4. No way. I am 42 and my husband is 40. I just asked my husband to sing it with out showing him this post. It was always Meyer. The song had the spelling in it. Plus every mom bought the products. When I was a kid I would bet you every household in America had the hot dogs or Bologna in there refrigerator. That commercial was on every T.V every day. This has to be the best proof of ME out there. The song even spelled it out. You can’t get any clearer than that. Wow I am so upset…. Every kid in America when I was growing up knew and sang this song. It can not even change from place to place due to different accents. The song spells the word.
      This gave me a headache.

      1. I have to say that I happened to sing the song today -it’s Mayer- I’m 49 going on 50 and have been singing it since I was like 10. Gotta go look at a label now!

    5. Wait. So now it is back to Mayer? I’m so confused. When I discovered this site over the summer it was said that it was Oscar Meyer. And I was singing the tune in my head and I was like NO it is Mayer. Now it changed back?

    6. Sorry forgot to add. If something changed back would everything else that was different change back as well?

      1. Mindy, I think it depends on the reality you’ve slid into. As I see this, we’re not stationary and things are changing around us, it’s more as if we’re sliding to complete, currently existing realities.

        This is pure speculation and almost moot since it’s a relative concept. However, it can help if you imagine the world (reality) as something stable and you’re a tourist. You’re simply hopping from one reality to the next, noticing interesting differences.

        In that context, this can be fascinating.

        If your context is — instead — a world where things are constantly changing and tripping you up, the Mandela Effect can be the source of continual confusion, distress, and uneasiness.

        I like the “I’m just a tourist” version.

        1. It’s not necessary that all things revert back,it’s more like kaleidoscope where a section may reappear at exactly the same location,but the design changes overall each time the device is shaken.

  6. I remember being really little (around 4-7) and there was this classic Rankin-Bass Christmas movie marathon on ABC Family on Christmas Eve. I remember being in the living room of my house and this really weird Christmas movie about these witch-like nature goddesses and Santa Claus. It was really dark and moody, but it still had that classic stop-motion Christmas movie aesthetic. Today, I’ve looked all over online to find any traces of it and I can’t find a single thing. I asked my mom about it and she (and some other people I’ve asked) vaguely remember it as well. Could this possibly be linked to the Mandela Effect? Does anyone else remember this?

    1. Hey Jake,
      This sounds, to me, like “The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus”. It was Rankin-Bass’ last Christmas special and based on a L. Frank Baum story. It is somewhat obscure because it wasn’t very popular for various reasons (I.E. this is the only Rankin-Bass Christmas special WITHOUT a star narrator.). If you are looking to own it, WB distributes Rankin-Bass.
      I hope this helped clear things up!

  7. Hey everyone,
    Looks like Mike H. Beat me to the punch on the Rankin-Bass post! Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know Art Bell mentioned ME and posted a YouTube video of it. Of course, I don’t have a link again (sorry!), but it was during his interview with Cynthia Larson and is posred to Art Bell’s YouTube account.

    1. Thanks, DbD!

      Also, I found the video: I can’t begin to explain how surreal it is to hear about a topic I started, being discussed on an Art Bell show, or a George Noory show, etc… and they’ve never been in contact with me.

      I’m kind of a privacy fanatic, so I’m not terribly upset. It’s just… weird to see this. I’m laughing and shaking my head.

  8. Personally I am getting really tired of people being dead then being alive again (public celebrity types or people within my social circle.) And then there are weirder things with cousins, great-nieces and nephews, etc; changing gender then changing back again; or existing in one reality (got the yearly Xmas card with pics of the family to prove it) and then not existing again; with no family acknowledgments of deaths of said people, so WTF?

    Anybody else experiencing this extreme thing of people being IN your reality and then NOT being in it, although there is no satisfying explanation for why they no longer exist?

    1. Smartypants, it happens. One of my relatives seemed to vanish from almost everyone’s memory. You may find some similar comments in the Personal Memories section.

      Without revealing any private information, this kind of comment is more useful if you can provide a time period and general location.

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