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  1. Did Opal change color for anybody else? I remember Opal being a light blue, almost white. Now, Opal is a very vibrant rainbow.

    1. Kaleb, are you talking about an actual opal color… like in a crayon or a paint? I’m familiar with opal gemstones. (Trivia: Opals are the national gemstone of Australia.) The opals I’ve owned were usually light blue in a very milky, translucent stone. (They didn’t hold up well to water, and mine became increasingly milky looking if I forgot to take off my ring when washing my hands.) Later, opal cabochons increased in popularity, and — last time I saw one — their colors seeming far more vivid.

      If you’re talking about the gemstones, they can vary with where they’re mined. See Google Images for photos, or Wikipedia:

      1. Huh? Are you joking around?
        Centi means 100. Centimeter literally means 100 meters.
        60 meters would be a sexagenameter. Or a Sexy Gina Meter 🙂

        1. Thanks, Erik, that one slipped past me. Ordinarily, I’d delete it now that it’s been brought to my attention. However, your reply is so funny, I’m leaving both in the comments.

          1. Hello Fiona,
            I’m more of a reader than a writter and I do not mean to disrespect anyone’s memories. I think there is something very real going on with a lot of these memories.
            I’m trying to look at this a rationally as possible.
            Sometimes, however, I come across a post that can’t be serious and I feel I should ‘call it out’ as not to weaken the overall discussion/phenomena.

            1. Erik, I understand. The problem is: a Mandela Effect issue can seem very odd to those who haven’t experienced the exact alternate memory being discussed.

              So, as weird as it seems (to me, as well) that a reality might have centimeters (that’s the American spelling) that aren’t based on the metric (cent = one hundred) system, it might exist.

              For me, as moderator, it can be difficult to decide which comments are so preposterous, they’re posted so the skeptical critics can point to them and say we’re gullible. However, how can I say they’re ridiculous, when I think about the real-life (and very unpleasant) arguments I’ve had with people who are absolutely certain they watched Billy Graham’s funeral (over several days on all major American networks), years ago?

              So, it’s possible that another universe has a different metric system.

              And, speaking of different metric systems… you meant that a centimeter (or centimetre) is one hundredth of a meter, not one hundred meters… right?

              1. What Erik says is a fact,I have already stipulated that upto 90% of comments might be meaningless,but with 8k comments we still have an awesome amount of data,hope Erik appreciates the constraints and importance of the flow of feedback.

  2. I just heard the ozone hole is getting bigger and bigger. I thought I had heard that it had closed up thanks to us regulating the chemicals that had started the hole. Does anyone else remember the Ozone hole closing up?

    1. I thought I heard it was shrinking but there’s probably a lot of different opinions on it that spread conflicting information

    2. The ozone hole fluctuates depending on a lot of factors, recently the hole has been growing due to a lot of ozone being destoryed by natural processes (weather, climate change, solar activity, etc). The chemicals (CFCs) are also still in the atmosphere (they last for 100s of years) they are just not being added to, it will likely be 1000s of years before the hole fully closes.

    1. The Home Depot was one of those things where I thought that they just decided to add “the” to it for some reason.

  3. THE WHO

    Pete Townsend is how I recall the spelling of THE WHO guitarist – not Peter Townshend (and Pete was never the drummer in my recollection they were Keith Moon; Kenny Jones; Zak Starkey)
    Roger Daltry is how I remember the spelling of THE WHO singer not Roger Daltrey (my first thought was Daltray, then Daultry)
    Jon Entwhistle is how I remember the spelling of THE WHO bass player not John Entwistle (the ‘H’ jumped)

    … will there be noticeable differences in their music?

  4. I have this weird experiment recently, where me and my Grandma watch a Doctor Who episode call: Listen, and we both remember it as Matt Smith playing it last year, and we were sure because that’s the first episode we see from the new doctor, and when i was watching it, I can just visually picture what Matt Smith did when he was playing it and what will happen next. However, on the screen it is the new 12th Doctor. I felt a little bit weird, but I am not sure if anyone who experience it also.
    However, my Grandma had experiences like this before, where she went to see movies back in the 70s and rewatch it again, and see totally different actors and actresses playing the movie she extremely like at that time. It’s hard to believe it’s false memory also, because she’s not the kind of person who would do those kind of joke and she’s a graphic artist, which means she’s very good at capturing images in her mind. So….Did anyone shift to the one me and my grandma was in where Matt Smith was in the Listen?

  5. Most of these experiences seem to be rooted in one or more media publications. Television is the ruling king, while print trails behind.

    Television/movie programming power is widely understood and has already been employed to sway large portions of the population to embracing a particular sociological perspective. It is no surprise that within mass media people find themselves in states of cognitive dissonance. The television experiment, I believe, is designed to do exactly that.

    Cartographical anomalies are still subject to media manipulation and could very well be a mass mind experiment. Print media is no different than real-time CRT/LCD/LED display propaganda tools.

    The small number of the affected is puzzling though. With widespread dissemination of media materials, one would think that a mass-media brainwashing experiment would have greater results.

    The only alternative which makes sense to me actually comes from the programming within mass media. Such programming is predictive. It assumes multiverse theory, time travel, alternate realities, and temporal incursions which disrupt the natural forward flow of time. Within the said programs, we find renegade factions with time travel technology which flout the temporal directives put in place by the governing body responsible for timeline preservation. In addition to these criminals, their existence necessitates “time cops” which scramble and stumble through timelines to repair breaches and destructive incursions.

    Mine is a Christian perspective, and in no way doea this negate the devastating aftermath of temporal incursions. In fact, the book of Daniel speaks of the Antichrist, and explains how he will be able to change the times and the seasons of the whole earth. Revelation also mentions that in the last days, every island will be moved from its place. These are unnerving an alarming, but knowledge is power and the truth will set you free.

    Whether it’s the LHC at CERN, the Montauk Project, Pegasus, or simply extra-dimensional beings exerting what appear to be godlike power, we are definitely living in troublesome times.

    Fiona – I have to admit, I’ve experienced many of these erasures. I own 4 paurs of SKETCHERS, and the logos are all changed!

    1. Gregory, I can see the media connection, because that’s where we find (or don’t find, if something seems like it should be there) many of the references people mention at this site.

      However, many reported alternate memories occur completely outside the range of media coverage… an old building where a new building had been, a scar that swapped sides, and so on. Your Sketchers/Skechers example is a good one, although I could see a possible media influence there.

      Maybe I’ve been at the keyboard too long today, but I’m not sure if you’re saying that everything can be traced back to media propaganda, or if you’re including multiverse (etc.) answers among the possibilities.

      1. Gregory, I both agree and disagree with you. While we are more media inundated, I grew up in an era where the media was less prevalent. While we see on youtube, tv berenstein/stain books, how can physical reality change. Being from the 70’s era and the 80’s information was more memory based, we would read the atlases and books and memorise most of it. Now we have so much data flowing into our minds that media can be manipulated, but its a lot harder to do with my age group, When i grew up we only had 3 tv channels. i never read the newspapers back then dont even read them today, rarely watch the news.. So i disagree something is really happening out there. I just cannot believe its manipulation of the media (i took a marketing course years ago and it had some about psychology of selling and advertising so i know the basics worked ina psychology department as well so i know about the human mind as much as i can) just so many real changes..

    1. Ben, all I can say is “Wow!” That is far too reminiscent of the Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” broadcast, which some also thought was real.

      However, I have yet to see a post by anyone saying that his or her grandmother (or great-grandmother) recalled the night in 1938 when the Martians landed in NYC and elsewhere. So, I think most confusions like these are sorted out and debunked before being integrated as actual memories.

      1. [Edited]

        In the movie 2001 a space odyssey, the computer name is HAL 9000. If you add 1 to each letter and each number, you get IBM 10 1 1 1. IBM was founded in 1911, you can see another date 9/11/1 and because of the title you know it’s 9/11/2001. 10 1 1 1 or 10/11/1 so 1 month after the WTC event. Back to the future trilogy is related to 9/11/2001 aswell.
        Another link i made with another movie, Blade runner, based on the Philip K. Dick novel Do androids dream of electric sheep? In the book the action takes place in 1992 another 1 9 11. In the movie one of the replicants is Rachael, anagram: hal race. The replicants are biorobotic androids, they belong to HAL’s race, AI computers. In 1977 K. Dick revealed in a press conference (Metz, France) the computer simulation we are living in, because he had memories of alternate realities.

        1. More details about HAL 9000 in 2001 a space odyssey movie.
          Computers’s langage is binary, 0 or 1. That’s why i thought about adding 1, to reveal
          IBM 10111. When you convert the binary number 10111 in decimal you get 23.
          Pointing to IBM 23, reference to IBM System/23 Datamaster. Introduced in July 1981,
          1 Month before the IBM PC in august 1981. 1 Month difference just like 10/11/2001 and
          9/11/2001. The movie was released in 1968… And it is about space travel… Or time travel ?

  6. Another geographical ME? Please help and verify!

    I distinctly remember India being a fairly smooth “V” shape. Now there is a scallop in the right hand side. I never recall this. Seems very recent too as I just noticed and I’ve been looking at this area lately.

    1. India appears to have changed for me too, and recently. There’s the scallop you mentioned, and it looks too long and skinny. It might just be me, but Sri Lanka looks like it moved even further east.

      The new shape of India, when viewed as just the shape without the surrounding countries, looks very much like a comical scene to me. I see a lady with a sun bonnet, a very large posterior, and a dog sniffing said posterior. Sorry, I can’t help myself. I actually laughed out loud when I saw it.

      1. Now that I see it, I can’t un-see it! X>D

        What looks weirdest to me is the Gulf of Cambay, in the north-west corner of India. Was that always there? It forms a very deep indentation that I don’t recall.

  7. On Monday my 7 year old was spelling the name of a candy “bar” that I’ve been eating since I was a kid. I almost told him he spelled it wrong, but when I looked over, it was on the wrapper that way. Does anyone else remember Reece’s rather than Reese’s (the peanut butter cups)?

    Also I was watching a weather report earlier this week and when they showed Australia I thought to myself “what the heck happened to New Zealand?!” I didn’t even realize it was a “thing” until I found this site.

    Thanks so much for this so I know I’m not completely nuts! 🙂

    1. none of us is completely nuts LOL… seriously we are not we jsut see the reality of this world a little better than most. the comforting haze of what everyone knows has faded a little. and we see the deeper truth. If we didnt have this community of like minded people who have experienced the changes and are strong enough to bend without breaking.. we could be easily classed as nuts. So i like to think we are the sane ones and the rest of the world is insane.. it helps.. a little..

    2. I remember Reese’s because of the “R double E S E S Reese’s puffs” commercial which has been airing for at least 10 years, probably more, but it’s possible it changed before that.

      1. Thanks, JP! My family has been using Roku instead of cable TV for the past three years or so. So, I’ve never seen that commercial. Then again, I’ve always spelled it Reese’s.

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