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  1. Did Opal change color for anybody else? I remember Opal being a light blue, almost white. Now, Opal is a very vibrant rainbow.

    1. Kaleb, are you talking about an actual opal color… like in a crayon or a paint? I’m familiar with opal gemstones. (Trivia: Opals are the national gemstone of Australia.) The opals I’ve owned were usually light blue in a very milky, translucent stone. (They didn’t hold up well to water, and mine became increasingly milky looking if I forgot to take off my ring when washing my hands.) Later, opal cabochons increased in popularity, and — last time I saw one — their colors seeming far more vivid.

      If you’re talking about the gemstones, they can vary with where they’re mined. See Google Images for photos, or Wikipedia:

      1. Huh? Are you joking around?
        Centi means 100. Centimeter literally means 100 meters.
        60 meters would be a sexagenameter. Or a Sexy Gina Meter 🙂

        1. Thanks, Erik, that one slipped past me. Ordinarily, I’d delete it now that it’s been brought to my attention. However, your reply is so funny, I’m leaving both in the comments.

          1. Hello Fiona,
            I’m more of a reader than a writter and I do not mean to disrespect anyone’s memories. I think there is something very real going on with a lot of these memories.
            I’m trying to look at this a rationally as possible.
            Sometimes, however, I come across a post that can’t be serious and I feel I should ‘call it out’ as not to weaken the overall discussion/phenomena.

            1. Erik, I understand. The problem is: a Mandela Effect issue can seem very odd to those who haven’t experienced the exact alternate memory being discussed.

              So, as weird as it seems (to me, as well) that a reality might have centimeters (that’s the American spelling) that aren’t based on the metric (cent = one hundred) system, it might exist.

              For me, as moderator, it can be difficult to decide which comments are so preposterous, they’re posted so the skeptical critics can point to them and say we’re gullible. However, how can I say they’re ridiculous, when I think about the real-life (and very unpleasant) arguments I’ve had with people who are absolutely certain they watched Billy Graham’s funeral (over several days on all major American networks), years ago?

              So, it’s possible that another universe has a different metric system.

              And, speaking of different metric systems… you meant that a centimeter (or centimetre) is one hundredth of a meter, not one hundred meters… right?

              1. What Erik says is a fact,I have already stipulated that upto 90% of comments might be meaningless,but with 8k comments we still have an awesome amount of data,hope Erik appreciates the constraints and importance of the flow of feedback.

  2. I just heard the ozone hole is getting bigger and bigger. I thought I had heard that it had closed up thanks to us regulating the chemicals that had started the hole. Does anyone else remember the Ozone hole closing up?

    1. I thought I heard it was shrinking but there’s probably a lot of different opinions on it that spread conflicting information

    2. The ozone hole fluctuates depending on a lot of factors, recently the hole has been growing due to a lot of ozone being destoryed by natural processes (weather, climate change, solar activity, etc). The chemicals (CFCs) are also still in the atmosphere (they last for 100s of years) they are just not being added to, it will likely be 1000s of years before the hole fully closes.

    1. The Home Depot was one of those things where I thought that they just decided to add “the” to it for some reason.

  3. THE WHO

    Pete Townsend is how I recall the spelling of THE WHO guitarist – not Peter Townshend (and Pete was never the drummer in my recollection they were Keith Moon; Kenny Jones; Zak Starkey)
    Roger Daltry is how I remember the spelling of THE WHO singer not Roger Daltrey (my first thought was Daltray, then Daultry)
    Jon Entwhistle is how I remember the spelling of THE WHO bass player not John Entwistle (the ‘H’ jumped)

    … will there be noticeable differences in their music?

  4. I have this weird experiment recently, where me and my Grandma watch a Doctor Who episode call: Listen, and we both remember it as Matt Smith playing it last year, and we were sure because that’s the first episode we see from the new doctor, and when i was watching it, I can just visually picture what Matt Smith did when he was playing it and what will happen next. However, on the screen it is the new 12th Doctor. I felt a little bit weird, but I am not sure if anyone who experience it also.
    However, my Grandma had experiences like this before, where she went to see movies back in the 70s and rewatch it again, and see totally different actors and actresses playing the movie she extremely like at that time. It’s hard to believe it’s false memory also, because she’s not the kind of person who would do those kind of joke and she’s a graphic artist, which means she’s very good at capturing images in her mind. So….Did anyone shift to the one me and my grandma was in where Matt Smith was in the Listen?

  5. Most of these experiences seem to be rooted in one or more media publications. Television is the ruling king, while print trails behind.

    Television/movie programming power is widely understood and has already been employed to sway large portions of the population to embracing a particular sociological perspective. It is no surprise that within mass media people find themselves in states of cognitive dissonance. The television experiment, I believe, is designed to do exactly that.

    Cartographical anomalies are still subject to media manipulation and could very well be a mass mind experiment. Print media is no different than real-time CRT/LCD/LED display propaganda tools.

    The small number of the affected is puzzling though. With widespread dissemination of media materials, one would think that a mass-media brainwashing experiment would have greater results.

    The only alternative which makes sense to me actually comes from the programming within mass media. Such programming is predictive. It assumes multiverse theory, time travel, alternate realities, and temporal incursions which disrupt the natural forward flow of time. Within the said programs, we find renegade factions with time travel technology which flout the temporal directives put in place by the governing body responsible for timeline preservation. In addition to these criminals, their existence necessitates “time cops” which scramble and stumble through timelines to repair breaches and destructive incursions.

    Mine is a Christian perspective, and in no way doea this negate the devastating aftermath of temporal incursions. In fact, the book of Daniel speaks of the Antichrist, and explains how he will be able to change the times and the seasons of the whole earth. Revelation also mentions that in the last days, every island will be moved from its place. These are unnerving an alarming, but knowledge is power and the truth will set you free.

    Whether it’s the LHC at CERN, the Montauk Project, Pegasus, or simply extra-dimensional beings exerting what appear to be godlike power, we are definitely living in troublesome times.

    Fiona – I have to admit, I’ve experienced many of these erasures. I own 4 paurs of SKETCHERS, and the logos are all changed!

    1. Gregory, I can see the media connection, because that’s where we find (or don’t find, if something seems like it should be there) many of the references people mention at this site.

      However, many reported alternate memories occur completely outside the range of media coverage… an old building where a new building had been, a scar that swapped sides, and so on. Your Sketchers/Skechers example is a good one, although I could see a possible media influence there.

      Maybe I’ve been at the keyboard too long today, but I’m not sure if you’re saying that everything can be traced back to media propaganda, or if you’re including multiverse (etc.) answers among the possibilities.

      1. Gregory, I both agree and disagree with you. While we are more media inundated, I grew up in an era where the media was less prevalent. While we see on youtube, tv berenstein/stain books, how can physical reality change. Being from the 70’s era and the 80’s information was more memory based, we would read the atlases and books and memorise most of it. Now we have so much data flowing into our minds that media can be manipulated, but its a lot harder to do with my age group, When i grew up we only had 3 tv channels. i never read the newspapers back then dont even read them today, rarely watch the news.. So i disagree something is really happening out there. I just cannot believe its manipulation of the media (i took a marketing course years ago and it had some about psychology of selling and advertising so i know the basics worked ina psychology department as well so i know about the human mind as much as i can) just so many real changes..

    1. Ben, all I can say is “Wow!” That is far too reminiscent of the Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” broadcast, which some also thought was real.

      However, I have yet to see a post by anyone saying that his or her grandmother (or great-grandmother) recalled the night in 1938 when the Martians landed in NYC and elsewhere. So, I think most confusions like these are sorted out and debunked before being integrated as actual memories.

      1. [Edited]

        In the movie 2001 a space odyssey, the computer name is HAL 9000. If you add 1 to each letter and each number, you get IBM 10 1 1 1. IBM was founded in 1911, you can see another date 9/11/1 and because of the title you know it’s 9/11/2001. 10 1 1 1 or 10/11/1 so 1 month after the WTC event. Back to the future trilogy is related to 9/11/2001 aswell.
        Another link i made with another movie, Blade runner, based on the Philip K. Dick novel Do androids dream of electric sheep? In the book the action takes place in 1992 another 1 9 11. In the movie one of the replicants is Rachael, anagram: hal race. The replicants are biorobotic androids, they belong to HAL’s race, AI computers. In 1977 K. Dick revealed in a press conference (Metz, France) the computer simulation we are living in, because he had memories of alternate realities.

        1. More details about HAL 9000 in 2001 a space odyssey movie.
          Computers’s langage is binary, 0 or 1. That’s why i thought about adding 1, to reveal
          IBM 10111. When you convert the binary number 10111 in decimal you get 23.
          Pointing to IBM 23, reference to IBM System/23 Datamaster. Introduced in July 1981,
          1 Month before the IBM PC in august 1981. 1 Month difference just like 10/11/2001 and
          9/11/2001. The movie was released in 1968… And it is about space travel… Or time travel ?

  6. Another geographical ME? Please help and verify!

    I distinctly remember India being a fairly smooth “V” shape. Now there is a scallop in the right hand side. I never recall this. Seems very recent too as I just noticed and I’ve been looking at this area lately.

    1. India appears to have changed for me too, and recently. There’s the scallop you mentioned, and it looks too long and skinny. It might just be me, but Sri Lanka looks like it moved even further east.

      The new shape of India, when viewed as just the shape without the surrounding countries, looks very much like a comical scene to me. I see a lady with a sun bonnet, a very large posterior, and a dog sniffing said posterior. Sorry, I can’t help myself. I actually laughed out loud when I saw it.

      1. Now that I see it, I can’t un-see it! X>D

        What looks weirdest to me is the Gulf of Cambay, in the north-west corner of India. Was that always there? It forms a very deep indentation that I don’t recall.

  7. On Monday my 7 year old was spelling the name of a candy “bar” that I’ve been eating since I was a kid. I almost told him he spelled it wrong, but when I looked over, it was on the wrapper that way. Does anyone else remember Reece’s rather than Reese’s (the peanut butter cups)?

    Also I was watching a weather report earlier this week and when they showed Australia I thought to myself “what the heck happened to New Zealand?!” I didn’t even realize it was a “thing” until I found this site.

    Thanks so much for this so I know I’m not completely nuts! 🙂

    1. none of us is completely nuts LOL… seriously we are not we jsut see the reality of this world a little better than most. the comforting haze of what everyone knows has faded a little. and we see the deeper truth. If we didnt have this community of like minded people who have experienced the changes and are strong enough to bend without breaking.. we could be easily classed as nuts. So i like to think we are the sane ones and the rest of the world is insane.. it helps.. a little..

    2. I remember Reese’s because of the “R double E S E S Reese’s puffs” commercial which has been airing for at least 10 years, probably more, but it’s possible it changed before that.

      1. Thanks, JP! My family has been using Roku instead of cable TV for the past three years or so. So, I’ve never seen that commercial. Then again, I’ve always spelled it Reese’s.

  8. Hey everyone,
    I’ve been reading the convo regarding Cryptids possibly “bleeding” across realities and it lends itself to a thought I’ve been discussing with my wife. In order for any of us to have these alternate memories the physical evidence had to exist somewhere at some time (i.e. a Bearenstein book.). Obviously, that evidence no longer exists here, UNLESS, like the theory with the Cryptids, 1 or 2 physical examples managed to “bleed” through.
    So, if anyone finds themselves at a yard sale or a used book store, take a second and look through the children’s books. You might find a real unicorn!

    1. there has always been unexplained items discovered, some could be thought as fakes, or hoaxes, Like if i were to tell you that a stamp with a plane flying upside down could sell for lots of money, and you didnt know it wasnt real, you would just bin it.. the inverted jenny nearly $1 million .. How many other people have seen these things and thought its worthless..

      But am sure there are real items, you just have to look at some of the unexplained items discovered..

      1. Hey Martin,
        I like the idea of looking at fakes and oddities from a different perspective. The problem is that most of these (i.e. the Inverted Jenny.) already have an established history of how they came into existence. In order to be ME related, they would need to seem to appear “out of nowhere”.
        Off the top of my head, no objects come to mind that would fit this category, except for, maybe, the Antikythera mechanism.
        Although I can’t think of any other objects at the moment, the idea is REALLY interesting!

  9. Does anyone else remember a scene from the movie JFK where Jack Ruby is held down given a shot by men in white orderly uniforms….he contracts cancer from this “shot” and dies shortly after before Garrison can interview him. Only problem is this scene isn’t on the DVD…and I have the special edition director’s cut of this dvd with deleted scenes and added footage. I clearly remember seeing this part of the movie when I viewed it in the theater though…I saw it on the big screen like 10 times…so I should remember. 🙂

  10. Hi, I’m the person who wrote about seeing a live action Bunnicula adaptation in the 1990s (which as far as this world knows, never happened) back on page 12. I just asked my mother if she remembers it too, as it aired on ABC in prime time so we both would have been watching it on the family TV set, and plus since I was such a fan of the book I would have been bugging her about letting me watch it beforehand after seeing the promos (and it was promoted a lot). She said she didn’t. 🙁 But she doesn’t think I’m crazy or wrong, in fact she does believe there could be alternate universes – strange things do tend to happen in our house in particular. Meanwhile, I will ask this again, just in case my last post was too long for people to see this: does ANYONE else have the same memory of this adaptation? Because the things I remember are not things of mere dreams. I remember the heavy promotion for it during Saturday morning cartoons and prime time sitcoms. I remember the excitement I had for it. I remember sitting on the floor watching it with my mother right behind me. I remember how the animal characters looked.I remember it being very faithful to the book, so I am definitely NOT misremembering a repeat of the 1982 animated adaptation.

    BTW, I also asked my mother what the name of my favorite book series as a kid was. “Berenstein Bears” we both said. Then I showed her the book I have, now reading “Berenstain Bears”. She totally freaked out.

    1. I remember this. I remember it being sometime in the early 90s. It was a live action version that was brand new. I never even knew there was an animated one until reading this and looking it up. I remember it playing as a special in prime time on a Sunday night. And yes, ABC does sound correct. In fact, as I just wrote that I remembered very strongly that they preempted an episode of “Life Goes On” in order to play the Bunnicula special. I just googled what channel, day, and years that showed played, and it all lines up. “Life Goes On” would have played on ABC on a Sunday night at either 7 pm from 1989-1992 or 8 pm in 1992-1993. Sometime during that run, one Sunday night, instead they played a live action “Bunnicula” special. I remember the live rabbit very well.

  11. Did the spelling of jewelry change? I’m positive it was jewelery, with 3 Es. My 13 year old called me over to the computer just now, because spell check underlined jewelery, and she just couldn’t believe it’s spelled jewelry. Neither can I. I checked it, and sure enough. It’s changed.

    1. It didn’t really change. The British (and Australian) spelling is jewellery. In America, it’s jewelry, but — especially in past generations — the British influence in America led some to spell it jewelery. While the latter isn’t technically correct in the U.S., I’ve seen it accepted by several publishers.

      1. Thank you for clarifying. I looked it up last night in my printed dictionary, and online. I still can’t find any references to jewelery with one L, but I’m glad to know at least the British spelling has three Es. The British spelling didn’t come up in my search results, so thanks.

      2. I had always remembered it as ‘jewelry’, but that’s probably because I pronounce the word strangely. I do remember having been taught both ‘jewellery’ and ‘jewelery’.

  12. I recall the food DONUT being spelled DOUNUT.
    Yes, DUNKIN DONUTS was DUNKIN DOUNUTS in a previous dimension I experienced.

    1. I remember both dounut and doughnut. Donut always looked to me like it would be pronounced due-nut.

      1. Thank you Carla! I’m glad I’m not the only one who recalls that spelling. I didn’t want to elaborate on this, seeing no one seemed to have the same memory. I started to think I was making stuff up, even though I worked in a bakery for two years and when the Dunkin Donuts opened a block away we had to stop making them cause ours weren’t selling (ours were better as we used real ingredients). I remember having a discussion with the owner about the spelling. I thought it strange the N was surrounded by 2 U’s. I remember at the time I thought it looked strange, probably another shift.
        I’d also like to add that after I posted the DONUT topic, I looked up Donuts again and saw the other spelling doughnuts … first time I experienced that spelling.

  13. Fiona,

    While reading an article about tonight’s GOP debates I noticed the author wrote, “Looney Toons”. I don’t what this goes to helping prove, other than perhaps that there are others who also remember it as “Looney Toons”?

    Here’s a link to the article:

    I also have a screenshot of it in case the text somehow gets changed or something, but I don’t know how to upload a picture into these comments.

    Anyway, I thought you and others might want to know.

    Steve M.

    P.S. I suspect that if the author is ever told they are spelling it “wrong”, they are going to have their own ME moment.

    1. It almost makes me think that Dunkin Donuts branded the name and the word just sorted of shifted to donut because it was recognizable to everyone, having 3 different spellings (donut, dounut, doughnut) would be too complex for the immediate gratification generation. Like in the movie Idiocracy with Luke Wilson everything seems like it is being dumbed down. Or maybe it’s just this particular timeline that is dumbed down and we come from a timeline that is more sophisticated. Doesn’t it seem like we live in a time or timeline where people don’t have to think or use reasoning? ( stealing this line from the movie source:Wiki) >>>The human population has become morbidly stupid, speak only low registers of English competently, and are profoundly anti-intellectual.

  14. All I can say is WOW! I never knew this was a phenomenon. I remember Nelson Mandela’s death in prison. I remember watching the coverage on television. When he died I remember thinking to myself….I though he was dead. I didn’t give it much thought till now.

    The event that gives me a more eerie feeling has to do with Hurricane Katrina. I have a vivid memory of walking though the student union at the University of Union while on my phone with my mother. I was pregnant at the time. I remember the maternity shirt I was wearing. I remember looking at the trees swaying on the TV screens and thinking that my sister’s name would now forever be associated with a Hurricane. My little sister’s name is Katrina. My son was born May 1st 2005. He is my oldest and there is no way I can be mistaken about this timeline. But strangely….I have memories about feeling guilty about the babies that were dying of dehydration and wanting to go help. I remember holding my son in my arms. Is it possible that both of these events happened in different planes? I know for a fact that I had the conversation with my mom….saw the coverage on TV at the university and I was pregnant. Very Very strange.

    1. That’s quite interesting. I also was pregnant during hurricane Katrina. And I too have a sister named Katrina so I also had the same thoughts about her having her name associated with the hurricane. Anyway, I was pregnant and on bed rest so my mom had to fly out to where I was because my now ex was deployed as part of the national guard to help with the relief. Anyway, my daughter was born February 2006…. And I remember the hurricane being either august or September of 05….

  15. here’s the NEW one about celebrity / ACTOR deaths – does anyone else remember this one

    had to report – it felt so “blatant” glitch this time

    it’s so clear in my mind – but now Im actually not even surprised –

    Verne Troyer – the midget from the AUSTIN POWERS movies – in my reality (at some point few years ago)

    he died – and I remember thinking – …well – he didn’t live very long after he’s good friend Heath Ledger passed away

    Sidenote – wikipedia shows movies until 2012 – which is the year i can locate hes death , but imdb shows at least two full movies after that

    SO – anyone else ? memories about this one ?

  16. I have had a flash of memory, on the bbc radio they mentioned the speed of light, and i remember that science could have slowed the speed of light down, i cant find those reports, but i am sure they could slow it down by a great deal. Now i find they only did that in January. but it was years ago, to put it in a timeline, it was when star trek the next generation was on, they said they could create a bubble of slow light and thereby travel faster.. this was a long time ago..

  17. Movie alternate ending that “doesnt” exist, I remember a second flash of the ending to wild things, that at the end, the two women go off and set up the man up for murder because of some teeth they pull..

  18. Hi Fiona. This is a repost and re-edit of a reply I made to a comment posted on page 9 back when page 10 was brand new. I don’t think anyone read it because of its odd publication timing and placement, so I’m reposting it here on the newest page. I’m looking for feedback, I hope you don’t mind.

    I just finished reading through all whopping 10 pages, and a lot of ideas are forming in my mind as a result. The most important one seems to be finding a solution to the whole “If you somehow exchange your body with that of an alternate version of yourself from a different timeline, what happens to the “you” that gets displaced when you slide into what used to be its body”?

    I like the idea of there being infinite timelines. I feel like the only difference between timelines are the actions of the lifeforms in them, determined by their personalities. Some timelines feel “better” than the one we are in right now because they are inhabited and run by people who are more similar to us. When we spend time concentrating on what kind of a world we would like to live in, I can’t help but wonder if we subconsciously exchange bodies with another version of ourselves who prefers the timeline that we live in to their own, just as we prefer the one that they live in?

    For example, a lot of the changes to original timelines mentioned on this website seem to describe worlds that are more technologically advanced than ours (with teleportation and flying cars), but also more violent and disturbing (with more political deaths, lots of dead celebrities, an inexplicably uninhabited Madagascar, no New York City, China conquered by Japan for decades, and tall towers that pierce the cloudline where children are interviewed by authority figures for unknown reasons). I’m not suggesting that all of these changes exist in a single alternate timeline. I am pointing out that everyone who has posted on this website seems to have traveled from their original timeline to this one. Even though our world often seems to be going to hell, nothing extremely horrible appears to have happened in the past 25 years of this timeline other than 9/11. For example, no one nuked Israel back in 2003, and World War 3 didn’t happen as a result.

    Anyway, it seems to me that everyone on this website (possibly due in no small part to Fiona’s screening) is kind and has insightful comments to offer in addition to their tales of alternate timelines. By guessing, I would say that one thing we all have in common is that we have traveled to this specific timeline from many others because it is the least violent one that we have all been able to find, one that offers the most hope for a pleasant future for humanity. Apparently, other versions of ourselves with different personalities did not mind the timelines that we came from, and subconsciously agreed to trade places with us, and here we are.

    What do you think? That’s my favorite idea so far.

    1. Nick, The question as to what happens to the existing person is a riddle,a riddle without an answer.When you get an answer,it isn’t the answer to the riddle; it’s the end of a story.

    2. Please show where anyone claimed no New York City, China conquered by Japan for decades, and “tall towers that pierce the cloudline where children are interviewed by authority figures for unknown reasons.”

      I’ve read alot of these pages, and I haven’t seen anything like that. All of the accounts I’ve read show a clear pattern and match my memory, especially the geography ones.

      Disinfo? I don’t know.

      1. HSM, Thanks for catching that. I’ve run a search of all comments with (separate searches) New York City, NYC, towers, and Japan. So far, I don’t see anything that matches any of those descriptions, except for the Japan/China topic, mentioned at

        The inclusion of one true reference is typical of disinfo posts, so that is a concern. And, with over 8k comments at this site, a search (from my dashboard) might miss something. I’m not sure.

        I can’t rely on my memory of all comments, since I sometimes just skim them for anything rabidly skeptical or spammy. However, I’m pretty sure I’d recall anything related to children being interviewed by authority figures, and… at the moment, I don’t.

        Five different people (by email and IP numbers) are using the name “Nick” at this website. The one who posted the problematic comment has just one other comment at this site, and it was a very thoughtful one.

        So, I’m not sure what to think about this, and I’m unable to check every comment for potential disinformation.

        I’m hoping the original poster — the Nick who talked about a reality with no New York City — will return to clarify this.

        1. I do remember a comment from someone sharing a childhood memory of being interviewed in a tall skyscraper. I want to say it was part of one of the hot air balloon discussions, not sure which page, but it was a personal memory for that person. I don’t think others chimed in saying me too or anything. Just wanted to say I read that one, awhile back.

        2. Fiona,

          I’ve been a regular visitor to this site for several months now. I’ve spent days reading through all the comments, fascinated. The stories that stick with me most are the ones about alternate realities that are very different than the more common ones discussed here.

          While I don’t off hand remember a story about a reality without a New York City, I do specifically remember the story containing the “tall towers that pierce the cloudline where children are interviewed by authority figures for unknown reasons.” In that same story, I remember the person describing how he had noticed that cars had changed and that one day he noticed the tires on his car and didn’t know what they were. I believe he also mentioned in that timeline that Earth had been in open contact with Extra Terrestrials. I’m not sure if this is helpful or not, I just felt like I should chime in to say that I remembered this one.

          On a side note, another story that stuck with me was the man who remembered United States #51 and #52 being New Brunswick and Veracruz.

          I believe that I am a native of this timeline. I’m a little disappointed that I don’t have any of the alternate memories that everyone else has. I will continue to live vicariously through everyone here!

          1. How interesting. I also remember 52 states but being Canadian, I just assumed I was wrong. I grew up in New Brunswick (I assume the gentleman you’re referencing meant New Brunswick, Canada) and in my reality its never been a part of the US. That makes me wonder if, on top of there being another reality where there are 52 states, there are many where the extra two states are different.

        3. I just a posted a comment a few minutes ago stating that I remembered the comment Nick was referencing. After I posted I decided to hunt for it. It was posted by James on August 10, 2015 at 11:23 pm. (Major Memories Page 7) After reading it again, it does seem that he mentioned remembering a reality with no New York.

    3. Nick I think I chimed in somewhere on this stating that I feel that all of our possible lives are being played out and you are only conscious of one. You may be the only one conscious on that timeline. Everyone else is perceived by you as they would be had they taken routes that put them on that same timeline when in fact they are experiencing another timeline.

      This brought me to the thought that the Mandela Effect may be us experiencing consciousness on more than one timeline? I gotta say, I’m resonating nicely with this theory. It would definitely explain multiple memories.

      1. Hi, Anthony,

        Your idea of being the only one conscious within a timeline wherein everyone else is as they would be had they taken said timeline puts me in mind of dreamtime, though with an oxymoronically multiply-solipsistic twist on it.

        If your hypothesis is the case though, then it’s entirely possible that I’m currently talking to myself — in this universe (if not in this one, then there’s one out there somewhere in which it’s just me, all by my lonesome, though I suppose that that me might not realize it, unless he has a conversation of this sort with some non-existent other person, whether it’s a not-you or a not-someone-else). In your you-only timeline (or perhaps an infinity of them), you’re doing so, rather than I. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 😉

        That, in turn, brings to mind the idea of Brahmā’s eye opening, and taking in all of a universe’s existence until its end, and all other Brahmās doing likewise with their universes, all of which is occurring within Viṣṇu’s dreams. Perhaps we are each Brahmā to our own reality, interacting with everyone else who is also ourselves (as one might play a video game as one character, then as another, etc., except all at once in the case of “reality”), and all under the auspices of our one single dreaming self as Viṣṇu (this treads rather uncomfortably close to a very empty lonely vision), rather like a single electron-positron bouncing across time?

        1. Nice CTE! The Solipsistic theory is lonely no doubt, hence why we/I did this lol.

          Most of my One Consciousness ideas stem from other teachings and books. I rarely conform to any one theory or idea no matter how I resonate with it, after experiencing the Mandela Effect. I guess it felt right then somehow and is embedded. (I’ll have to purge that, even if true). But saying that, I do think, if it is the case, by the time we’re done with infinity … We won’t be alone.

          (psst … CTE … I won’t forget about you … don’t forget about me … deal?)

            1. CTE, I love those lines. And — a complete aside, but sort-of related (no pun intended) — my husband and I were at Disney World yesterday, and I was wearing one of my Mandela Effect t-shirts. Someone recognized it, and we had a great chat (too brief, but it was a busy/crowded day). It reminded me of the ways this community really is connected, and yes, we are family.

              1. Hi, Fiona,

                I kind of thought that you might’ve been stateside at the moment, given the timestamps in the comments-feed page.

                Say hi to Mickey (or Mikey, or Mickie, or…) for me! 🙂

                Aside-aside: Grr! I hate Firefox’s auto-correct suggestions! Do you have any idea of how many perfectly reasonable (though ofttimes admittedly somewhat unusual, archaic, or technical [oh, right: but it knows the word “ofttimes”?!?]) words it doesn’t know in English? How many non-English words it’s never heard of? How many perfectly normal (and I double-check Google, for this — now w/ M.E. more than ever) agglomerate words it doesn’t know? (Wait a sec.; I can’t really be sure that this is a Firefox quirk, rather than M.E., now can I?)

  19. Re: Star Wars (The Empire Strikes Back): Vader said: “No Luke, I am your father”.
    So, both. Does this imply a third line?

  20. I’ll chip in with another celebrity death memory: Terry Gilliam. I’m not confusing him with another Terry, because his last name is like the first name of a friend of mine (Gillian), and I remember watching his Monty Python animations as a memorial. I remember a big memorial thread on another forum I visit regularly, but it’s gone now. I posted this on Reddit but nobody shared the memory, and they all suggested that I was getting confused with another Terry.

  21. Your email contact isn’t working..

    Here is something wierd – was the first website online CERN?

    it’s the project

    here’s a direct quote from the so called CERN creator of the internet:

    Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch.

    1. kirk, that’s very odd. (I edited your post because I’d like not to raise any additional red flags or anxiety about an issue that might be a simple administrative or database glitch. As a precaution, I called the person who controls that aspect of my book-related projects, and she said nothing is amiss. However, I appreciate the time you took to report it to me.)

      The contact form seems to be working fine, now. I’m not sure if you ran into a server or browser issue. However, if you were looking for a reply, the volume of email I receive makes that impossible. I read all of the emails, but replying stopped being an option back in 2014.

      The concept of “the first website” is tricky, but as something using the term “website” and appearing on the web… that’s fascinating history. We’ve talked about CERN’s involvement in the creation of the WWW, but this gave me an excuse to take another look at it.

      The quote is interesting, especially if we take “lost track of time” and “make dreams come true” literally.

    2. “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime, doubly so.” (Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) Maybe Mr. Adams was onto something and didn’t realize it.

  22. I recall the year being 1998 when the Columbine High School massacre happened, both by the number indicating the year and based on how old I was at the time. Today I saw mention that it occurred in 1999?? I checked Wikipedia and a couple other places to find them agreeing with 1999. I’m confused as heck. The event really affected me deeply, I can’t think of why I would misremember the year.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve never seen anyone else mention it! If you go back to Major Memories 12, use the “Ctrl f” function and type in “columbine”; you’ll find my post.
      As I recall, Paducah happened in 1995 and Columbine happened in 1997. Paducah lined up with my graduation. However, if you look up the information, it’s listed as having happened in 1997. Columbine is listed as having happened in 1999. Another friend of mine vividly recalls Columbine happening in 1997. It shook him up, because he was in college at the time.

    2. Hi, Coloradan!
      I left a reply last night, but I don’t see it here today. Ahh! Someone who remembers the incident as being BEFORE 1999! I’m divorced now, but I was newly married that year: it was 1997. Also, I had moved during late Summer (which would have been while school was out); the shooting happened shortly after the move, taking place in the Fall of the year, not Spring (as officially stated).
      Again, it may be different years, but at least we both remember it pre-1999!

        1. Thank you, Fiona!
          Both comments popped up today. 🙂 *thumbs up*
          Again, thanks for all you do!!

  23. Something i have noticed over the last few weeks, especially in the UK, quite a few news stories about people finding their “twins”, people who look almost identical yet are no relation. Twin strangers. I am wondering if this is part of a mandela. (twin strangers website exists). You could say adoption of twins, and coincidence but many people are finding twins and they are not adopted.. seems very odd to me.

      1. I know i was going to put it in dopplegangers but it didnt quite fit. A few years ago my brother went to a comic convention and he saw 5 of me, one of them he was going to go upto and say hey martin why are you here when you said you didnt want to come.. he nearly fooled my own brother.. this is actual physical duplicates

    1. The twins thing is actually what prompted my spouse to compare me to Agent Smith. The other day a lady thought I was someone who lives near her. My mother also said she knows someone who looks just like me with similar name and background. It shocked me for her to say such a thing so candidly.

      The twinning thing is something that I have looked into in depth when researching phenotypes. (I think this is mentioned a little on comment 11/12 page). There are “twins” who are not directly related and range in years. Example: Clinton 47 has a twin who is 13 and another who is 80 or so. All sharing similar backgrounds and weird oddities such as Clinton 47’s last name is Raleigh and Clinton 13 lives in Raleigh, NC, Clinton 80 plans to move to Raleigh next year. Things like that. Yes, it gets strange.

    2. The twin strangers thing reminded me of a story from last year. This statue from the 1800s looks exactly like actor Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson on parks and recreation):

      I’ve seen other uncanny look a likes between old artwork and current celebrities, but this one takes the cake.

      1. I’m also noticing a sudden surge in “twin” stories, in media and pop culture, in general. I can think of several explanations for it, most could possibly be related to Mandela Effect and other strangeness. Or, it might just be a cultivated trend, to support some recent media releases.

        In this particular case, I’d want to check Nick Offerman’s family tree against that of Edwin Forrest. Despite the theoretical dilution of hereditary factors, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen someone look almost exactly like an ancestor. (It would take some facial recognition software to compare Offerman’s and the Forrest statue’s features to see if they really are a near-match.)

          1. Daniel, of course this made me wonder: What if the use of facial recognition software — initially to identify people for security purposes — turned up so many look-alikes (whatever their origin, including relatives, doppelgangers, and duplicates temporarily sliding into this reality), they’ve had to go mainstream with the topic of twins, to give the concept a firm shove in the direction of “it’s just fiction.”

            Can’t have people thinking they have duplicates visiting this reality. Not really.

            Just a whimsical thought. Probably not worth pursuing at this point.

  24. Thank you Fiona for continuing to update this site. In case the site ever disappears, I suggest we find an alternate place to continue this fascinating and life changing research collectively. I’m an HSP and empath with tinnitus (as long as I can remember) and also have trouble remembering much from childhood. I’m from the E universe. I’ve always thought it was “A” vampire, but after discovering this site weeks ago I’ve learned its “the”…except last night on the TV (guide) at my place of work, the movie was playing and it was “interview with A vampire”. I thought to myself, maybe I mixed it up..maybe it’s collectively remembered as “the” and “A” is the new spelling. However after double checking I see this is not the case. I should have taken a photo of the tv. I’ve been wondering if this is all a mass mind control experiment by tptb/media, but that doesn’t explain old, original Berenstein Bears books physically changing as well. Let’s continue to question everything, think for ourselves and not become apathetic and accepting of consensus reality.

  25. Hello, i have been following the comments for a few months now, but havent contributed as yet, so here goes.
    Where to start? BerenstEin bought me here like most other people. Nearly daily something is different from what i remember, but i had always chalked it up to bad memory til i found about this anomaly. I honestly will never argue a fact with anyone ever again! facts are not constant in this version of here.
    For me, i am sometimes having physical tremors or vibrations before the new changes. Does anybody else notice the tremors/vibrations?
    Im also seeing strange cubic glowing things,, i dont know how to explain them! they change from cubes to hexagons and assorted 3d and 2d shapes and back to cubes – metatrons cube? i dont know. Im avoiding driving as they are very distracting. They come on slowly luckily, increase in intensity for 20mins, then slowly fade away. I have had my eyes checked, i had a tumour behind one eye that had vanished at my last eye check. Heart palpitations when sitting quietly, but not the anxiety kind.
    I experienced 5 weeks of non stop de ja vu earlier this yr, the cognitive dissonance was deplorable, nearly booked myself in a psych ward, but it slowly faded away in the last week of it. But that was the first time i saw the grid in the sky… Holographic universe? have you ever seen a shadow hanging towards the light instead of away from it? i have once, back in 93.
    I have been reading about the physical ascension changes to try to explain whats going on with me.
    Yesterday discovered Harry Chapin, never heard of him, Cats in the Cradle was always by Cat Stevens, about him and his father, wherever i was before!
    One of Pinks songs wordings have changed – husband/boyfriend
    I recall hearing songs yrs before they actually came out.
    I dont recall Mandela dieing in prison, but do recall him becoming president.
    I remember tank boy and many (hundreds) others dieing in Tienanmen Sq.
    I dont recall a lot of your American celebrities, im Australian, so cannot comment on USA icons very well.
    My geography has always been good, but have noticed definate (this is how i always spelled definAtely! also dilemna, rythmn, qantumn) changes on the world map. I try to put the growth of Russias and Alaskas size down to global warming, they are increasing the size of the continents according to the ice receding, but how long can i fool myself?
    52 USA states
    Mongolia was a part of China, not its own country.
    Madagascar was a nature reserve, no people.
    I lived in Papua New Guinea for 5 yrs and it took 3 hours to fly there in a little 10 seater plane from Cairns in QLD, i cant say the gap has shrunk.
    New Zealand seems further away.
    Our Aussie flag has lost a star.
    Japan did not border Russia.
    I do feel that the UN has a lot to do with these changes with the maps, but that certainly doesnt explain peoples personal experiences. I dont think we notice the changes as much when they are so close to home.
    No one has mentioned the 19A0s (that i have seen) which may be due to moderation of posts, but on some deep level i feel this is applicable. Weird stuff and cover ups have been going on as long as anyone can remember. But conspiracy theories aside….
    Lindenburgh baby was never found.
    Taupe, chartreuse, puce changes.
    One that i recall and no one has mentioned (that i have seen) – Kelsey Grammar died in 9/11, maybe it was a hoax, but very happy to see him alive.
    Personal experiences of this effect include:
    My daughters surname changed a decade or so ago when she was still a child.
    My first name changed when i was a child.
    People have noticed their friends seem to change, me too… I dont have any friends anymore!
    I had trouble learning left from right as a child (doesnt everyone?) but only because it kept changing! Same with capital cities, they changed around a lot.
    When i think back to things i couldnt grasp in school, and now that i know about this weirdness, i dont think im so stupid after all! Nothing is static, everything changes. Even facts.
    I read a novel and before i have finished the story, at least one of the character names have changed, it gets very confusing to follow along with a story. i dont read novels much now.
    My husband changed over night, we divorced.
    Meeting people for what seems like the first time, and realising i know them, and how could i have ever forgotten them.
    So in conclusion, this started for me when i was about 8 yrs old, i fractured my skull (NDE?) in 1983. Time started moving very strangely, (which i would like to discuss but i dont want to put ideas out there before i hear it from someone else, you know?) which could have been a result of the skull fracture, but drs disagreed.
    There is so much more i would like to say, but im sure i have taken up enough of your time. Im a very shy person, but i really hope i can contribute again soon.
    Kindest regards

    1. InKredible, thanks for taking the time to post that comment.

      I’m sure the grid in the sky was particularly unnerving. (I’m reminded of the movie, “The Truman Show,” and rather wish I hadn’t thought of it in this context. LOL) The name changes must be downright disturbing; that’s extreme.

      You may want to join the conversations at the personal memories article, as I think you’ll find others there with related experiences, including NDEs. In addition, some older conversations continue at a poll-related article, asking people when their alternate memories began.

    2. Hi, InKredible,

      Pink’s “So what”: I hadn’t listened to this song in years, until just now. Yep, I remember it as boyfriend. too. (I guess I just lost my husband / I don’t know where he went / So I’m gonna drink my money / I’m not gonna pay his rent…)

      Taupe: Google’s showing me swatches that vary somewhat, but are broadly grey, lavender-ish, and sort of pink; it should be basically tan/beige, ja?

      Husband: clearly not something that I’m privy to, but I’ve wondered for years about something similar regarding my (1st) wife. Long story short, she changed in 2006, as if she were still herself, yet also someone totally other. We’d been together for a little over 18 1/2 years at that point, and over the course of those next few months — *poof*, gone. I’d go into details, no problem sharing, but even if this happened by some sort of very real M.E. causation, the details themselves are (maybe/maybe not?) presumably irrelevant here.

      1. Closeted team-E, that’s an interesting way to look at relationships where one person seemed to change, for no apparent reason. Maybe it was Mandela Effect, but the person’s general “data changes” (for lack of a better way of saying this) weren’t significant enough for most people to notice.

        Also, I’m interested in the color taupe, which should probably be added to the colors threads, but — for the moment — this is an easy place for me to reply.

        I know that taupe is began as a tan-brown-grey color, and it refers to the average color of a French mole.

        However, for me, taupe (in Photoshop) is #996699, with Saturation reduced -48, and Hue increased +31. Of course, one must allow for monitor settings, as well, but that’s approximately what it is. (I’d already worked with a darker version of that color for a logo, as I began setting up Broome Theory… which isn’t really ready for viewing.)

        I realize that “taupe” is used to describe a wide range of tans and greys, especially since the 1940s. However, the range of colors some people connect with it — including me — varies far beyond the typical swatches for taupe in Google Images.

        I’m not convinced it’s as radical an issue as chartreuse, but it’s a little too far for me to dismiss as something akin to perceptions of more agreed-upon colors such as turquoise or even pink.

        1. Hi, Fiona,

          It sounds as if taupe might be a more complex set of color references than I had imagined. Good luck sorting that one out.

          As for my description of how things ended with my (1st) wife in 2006, perhaps this fits well with the “*poof*” phrasing: things had been normal, going relatively well, and then it was all as if I had been reading a book with one plotline and someone else had torn out the second half and replaced it with an entirely different book. Same characters, same backstory, but thoroughly different flow. I couldn’t figure out if she had simply snapped, or if she’d been with me all of those years simply because she didn’t see any other options available ’til then.

          Over the years, I’ve occasionally wondered if maybe I didn’t die in the car wreck in 2005. The doctor had remarked (in all seriousness) that I was lucky that I have a thick skull — I had bent the steering wheel (to an approx. 1″ depth) with my left supraorbital ridge, and the transmission had jumped back 1.5′ (smashing my left patella in the process [left because this happened in England — and I’d had 4 years’ previous left-hand driving experience in Japan immediately preceding this]).

          At the time, I had recalled (still do) one doctor asking me the usual questions (my name, the date, my age, etc.). I recalled the usual issue with my age (because I was born in November, I typically work out my age from the year, then subtract one). My (1st) wife had said that this never happened, even though she had been in the room with me, in that memory. I simply assumed that just possibly she had missed it (since we’d discussed this not long after the crash), or that more likely I had simply imagined it (due to TBI).

          Since running into the Mandela Effect, I’ve been wondering more strongly if my memory is correct, but “something” happened. It would certainly explain how things went from Aladdin’s happy mid-story to Hamlet’s end theme. This holds a bit of a siren’s song for me, since it would mean that maybe the “real”-her didn’t walk out (though if so, then it would also imply that the “real”-her got stuck with a “not”-me, though he might be better for her than I was, you never know) — but that way lies Nietzsche’s abyss.

          1. Hi, Fiona,

            I’ve been debating wasting the bandwidth for such a minor point, but I figure that it might be worthwhile. The car crash in 2005 involved a tree (and no other vehicles). I had had enough sideways momentum that the car torqued somewhat upon impact. They broke an 8 ton winch in their first (failed) attempt to remove it. They had to use a 12 ton.

            I mention this because the more that I think about it, the more that I suppose that it might qualify as an N.D.E. (they’re not something that I’ve ever really researched at all, so I can’t really say, but it feels about right).

              1. Well, I did kind of consider myself a bit *ahem*… “bulletproof” for a while after that. 🙂

                However, I haven’t done the math, and even if I did, it would have to be based upon certain assumptions (e.g.: although I believe that I was doing approx. 30 m.p.h. [hence a roughly 80% chance of survival], all that I know for sure is that my speed was certainly over 20 m.p.h., and certainly under 40/45 m.p.h. [hence 20% or less chance of survival] — it was within whatever the speed limit was for that road, but I don’t remember what that limit had been — I can give you the exact location and date, if you’d like [broadly, I’ll just say that it was in Suffolk]).

                That being the case, the torque might well have been the primary force involved, which I think (admittedly am not sure) would mitigate some of the seemingly-astonishing circumstance (of course, the rotational force resulting might make it worse, rather than better).

              2. Addendum:

                Come to think of it, after having hit the tree, I had called my (1st) wife to let her know what had happened (for the record: _never_ start a conversation with the words “Don’t panic, but…), gotten out of the car (which I should have known to not do) into the ditch-of-death (the ditches along the roadsides there can swallow cars), walked up the ~45° ditch-face, and called work to let them know that “I might be a little late…“. I mention this because when the ambulance got me to the hospital, it turned out that I had trifurcated my left patella, and shouldn’t have been able to walk; given the nature of the incident, and this thread, I figured that perhaps I should have included that detail.

                Sadly, no white light (I felt a bit let down over that), no tunnels, no life-flashing-before-my-eyes, no apparent lost time; it had seemed that no significant time had passed (though it’s possible that upwards of a 2-3 minutes had, since I hadn’t glanced at the time immediately beforehand).

                There have been a few lesser incidents, as well, though none nearly as oh-so-cool as that one. (I can share or not, whichever might be preferred.)

            1. Closeted team-E,

              NDE (Near-Death Experience) refers to an experience of conscious awareness after one has been declared clinically dead (i.e., an Out of Body Experience [OBE] during a period of no vital signs); it does not refer to “close calls” or being lucky to have survived an accident in a way that seems unlikely or improbable.

    3. InKredible,

      I almost forgot the big one: Japan. I lived in Fussa Shi (Tokyo) for four (4) years, and North Korea was north of us, not west.

    4. I’ve heard about the geometric shapes you talk about. Terance McKenna was an American ethnobotanist, mystic, psychonaut, lecturer, and author who spoke and wrote about a variety of subjects, including psychedelic drugs, plant-based entheogens, shamanism, metaphysics, alchemy, language, philosophy, culture, technology, and the theoretical origins of human consciousness. He used to experiment with DMT he said he would pierce through a veil & see geometric shapes & entities he called imps, other people who have taken DMT have also said they see the colorful hexagonal beehive-like shapes. On the show ‘Rick & Morty’ the episode called “The Ricks must be Crazy”(2015) basically Rick(super genius scientist) created a mini universe the way he explained it was he put a ‘Spatially tessellated void inside a modified temporal field’ the tessellated part I think explains why people see these geometric patterns. The whole episode was about him shrinking down going inside the miniverse & deceiving the people into thinking he was a god-like alien, he then tricked them into generating energy for him to run his spaceship. Anyways the thing about the grid you mentioned reminded me of this great movie I saw called ‘The 13th Floor'(1999) it was similar to the Matrix movie & when the guy went to the edge of reality it was a computerized grid(is this why they won’t let people past the 88th parallel on the North & South Poles?). Many believe the Earth is flat and possibly hollow & that there is a barrier of ice surrounding the edge & this is why these areas have such a heavy military presence & send people away that wonder too close. I personally stay away from the Flat Earth Theory as much as possible because it seems like a tactic to divide & conquer the truth seekers but none the less it is something to ponder. Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s accounts of what he saw down there are quite astonishing but I digress. The whole 88 time paradox is a bit strange especially when you look into the gematria of the new Freedom Tower, there’s some good videos about it on my friends Youtube channel: ‘TruthMediaFilms’ his main channel is ‘TruthMediaRevolution’ his work mostly focuses on CERN, ME, Saturn, the Tesseract(which is show in a tons of movies these days it seems like our reality may be trapped inside of a hypercube also known as a tesserect hence all of the cube symbolism everywhere). He just posted a video from that newer TV show BrickleBerry where they clearly say the words “BerenstIEN Bears, I hate those Jews” this seems like it might be a red herring from our controllers. Anyways the last thing I will recommend is watching the movie “Coherence”(2013) this movie is amazing, it’s all about this comet passing over the Earth & when that happened all these parallel timelines merged until it passed. I don’t want to give away too much but it’s really focuses on this subject more than another movie I’ve seen. Sorry about the long post Fiona this is my 1st time commenting here & I wanted to get all my thoughts out before I forget them later folks.

  26. Amazing threads here. I first heard about this effect of changes in our “timeline” from Jim Stone, but after finding this site clearly there’s a lot more going on than what he’s been talking about.

    I don’t remember it being dark this late in the morning before. For months it’s been getting light after 7am, and don’t remember it being dark that late in the morning for that long through the year. Makes me think of the book of revelation and what it says about shortening of the days.

    Speaking of which, for years I’ve noticing changes in the Bible. Things I KNOW I had read but can’t be found anymore.

    Mirror mirror. No doubt about that, or Mr. Roger’s day in THE neighborhood.

    But where I’m from it was always Jif. The only Jiffy I remember is Jiffy Pop, the stovetop popcorn thingy.

    Helena Bonham Carter died when I was on my trip to Ireland, that was around 2008 or so. I distinctly remember seeing that on tv and talking about who she was with some of the locals. They were like who was she? And I was telling them she’s the one in all those creepy Tim Burton moves, etc. Couldn’t believe it when she re-appeared. Anyway.

    I’m wondering if there’s some quality that we all share, here in this place at this time, that we’re all being placed in this one timeline together. From so many disparate ones, it would seem.

    Or maybe Michael Talbot was right, we are spirits living in a giant hologram. And for whatever reason it’s been full of glitches lately.

    I’m leaning more toward that, a multi-dimensional hologram getting twitchy. Probably because it’s in the process of being shut down.

    Maybe it’s time for upgrades and a re-boot.

    Its definitely a strange reality we find ourselves in. An uncertain one at best, may God help and protect us!

    Happy Halloween everyone, I’m gonna go carve me a pumpkin, are those things still with us? Or did they get changed into watermelons or something, lol.

      1. Yeah I always remembered it as Cohen because they “had” the same Jewish last name as Lyor Cohen and I remember their name translating into Kahn and being a code name for Enoch.

    1. Hi, I remember Cohen also, if you’re talking about the filmmakers… However, if you’re talking about the band they are still the Cohen brothers. But I’m assuming you’re talking about the filmmakers by that name since I decided to Google it since I’d never heard of any brothers with that name without the H in it. That’s when I noticed that the filmmakers were definately Coen now instead of Cohen…. And funny thing is when I try typing Coen my autocorrect changes it to come or even corn sometimes….even my phone knows it’s wrong! Lol. Although it also changes definately to definitely but I force it my way because it’s what I’ve always known it as. Maybe the word definately was changed to definitely before the Androids came out with autocorrect but Coen changed after and that’s why it corrects it to something else but I can still type Cohen without issues. 😉 haha or not, I don’t know how long its been coen for. That’s a new one for me.

    2. It was Cohen for me. I just watched a newer episode of Fargo from my DVR two nights ago. Great show by the way. It was a week old, and I’m pretty sure the name was still Cohen.

    3. What the heck is going on? I must be in a different reality; there are so many differences between what I know to be factual and what is now being reported as fact.

      It’s always been COHEN Brothers; the last film I watched where I remember that spelling is “True Grit” with Jeff Bridges; I love several of their films and remember their name due to that: True Grit, No Country for Old Men, O’ Brother Where Art Thou?, Raising Arizona &, of course, The Big Lebowski. I had not connected the Coen Brothers in one of the latest films, “Unbroken”, with the Cohen Brothers, I just thought the Coens were another brother team.

  27. So does anyone remember the Chinese moon rover Yutu?

    I do. I remember news reports on CNN of it dying during its first night on the moon. I remember reading articles online, on and Slashdot about how and why it failed, how they lost contact with it, about the interesting science it managed to conduct during its brief stint.

    It was dead as a hammer. Not immobile. Dead as a skipper on a cracker. They were never able to contact it again.

    Tonight I saw an article about Yutu breaking endurance records for operational lunar rovers, and how, even though it is immobilized, they are still in intermittent contact with it.

    I can’t find ANY of the articles I rremember reading. Not a one.

    1. Ima, I’m not sure this is Mandela Effect. Two points suggest that it’s not: First, Yutu was reported as “dead,” early into its mission, and it was without apparent power for at least two months. (Ref. and

      And second, there’s a “Jade Rabbit Lunar Rover” Weibo account (possibly more than one) that — from what I’ve seen, so far — sometimes posts humorous and ridiculous reports. So, perhaps hyperbolic humor at the Weibo account was picked up by Western journalists as something serious… and then those articles were deleted out of embarrassment.

  28. Does anyone remember a Snapple commercial from the mid 90s where there was a “river of Snapple”? It was one of the “made from the best stuff on earth” ads, with a rushing reddish brown river. I guess the idea was to show how natural Snapple was, found and bottled at a mystical river full of iced tea.

    I have searched the Internet and can’t find any reference to this commercial at all.

    This came up today when I was describing to my husband a river I visited in South America. I described it as looking just like the river in the Snapple commercials, and he had no idea what I was talking about. He watched a lot more TV than I did growing up so if it was a thing he should have seen it.

  29. Does anyone else remember from the 1990’s Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego character having a yellow trench coat instead of the red one?
    My friend and I both remember it being yellow and were shocked to see it red….

    1. I have heard about the yellow trench coat thingy too BUT that was** years ago**. Like I am in dejavu of sorts. This was brought up a while back along with “If you build it They will come”. (On a repeat)

    2. There were only 3 games on my grandmother’s old computer in the mid-1990’s and one of them was a game about a dog that you had to get this ball to in dangerous circumstances (a game I have trouble finding!), a geography game where you would fly an airplane to a destination, it taught you where countries were (I haven’t found this game since either) and Carmen Sandiego. She was definitely wearing a yellow coat in the game that I remember, my jaw just about dropped seeing her in the red coat. I was so, so, so certain about the yellow trench coat, I don’t know, I haven’t done much looking into it but maybe it was just the game I had or the coloring on my grandmother’s computer? It was all pretty old and hella basic, after all…

    3. Hi, Mo,

      As I read your post, I immediately brought her picture to mind (it’s automatic nature for me to do so), and it included a yellow trench. That could be argued reasonably as having been subconsciously influenced by the text one line down (referring to the red coat), except that when I got as far as that point in my reading, I immediately scrunched my eyebrows together in a feeling of mild consternation.

      I also remember some time around 2000-2002 seeing her in the red coat (my daughter’s video game (or games), and assuming that they had changed her coat.

      Thinking about it now, the feeling of familiarity and rightness of the yellow coat is fading a bit (if that means anything).

      1. Closeted team-E, I’m going to find time to tabulate past comments. The “fading” memory reference is a recurring one, and it’s a curious phenomenon. I’m not sure if it means anything, but the way it’s described seems to have an eerie consistency.

        And, from my own children’s games, I recall the yellow trench. The red is in there, somewhere (as a vague dual memory), but yellow was the color that came to mind as soon as this topic was raised.

  30. OK I did a little poll for my friends and EVERYONE remembers it the way it used to be…the questions were the Berenstein bears, Mirror mirror, Interview with a vampire, its a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Luke I am your father, Sex in the City…I asked about Don Rickles dying and none of them remembered that but I do but everything else we all remember exactly the same so…….I don’t know what it means……..when I looked up reality shifts before I read a article with the title “did reality reset after 9/11” I tend to think maybe it was around that time all this changed…….I dont know for sure but its worth thinking about……. I also get really upset with people just thinking I’m crazy or someone in this world is doing this, my sisters think someone is out there changing everyone’s Berenstein bear books and movies and stuff and its just not fuvking possible……. I think this has something to do with time or supernatural…… Its not a government conspiracy…….. Also I know people could quite easily say we all just misread The Berenstein bears and it was such a hard word our minds just called it stein when it was stain……no, who does that….. There are plenty of hard words to pronounce and read but BERENSTEIN IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!!!!!??????!!!!???!!!???
    I never had a problem reading it. Beren-stein
    The only problem I know all of us had was pronouncing it Stiiine or Steeen
    Not fn Stain, if it was actually Stain we would never even have the thought of pronouncing it stiiiine or steeen…….it would just be stain
    I don’t know I just feel like its our generation and before, our kids and a lot of younger kids are the generation who will remember it as Berenstain because that’s what they grew up with…. I feel it changed in the 2000s it had to…also I’ve been looking at maps and it does look really off to me but I’m not gona bet nothing on it cuz I never was good at geography but I seem to remember more continents and China and all that over there being bigger???

  31. Does anyone remember the dad from Everybody Loves Raymond dying a few years ago??? I just found out it was in 2006 and that is weird to me because I remember it only being a few years ago, if that!!!!!!! In 2006 I was pregnant and I was at home all day, I only had bunny ears so I watched the news channels everyday and I know if that had happened then I would have clearly remembered it being all over the news, as with the other deaths around that time but I for sure remember it being wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy after that, recently…….
    I remember thinking I wonder what all the actors are gona say and I remember thinking about the episodes and how he was such a asshole but I liked him
    I know it was way after 2006 and that’s just not right at all

    1. Kayla,

      I’m with you on this one. No way was it 2006. I would say 2010 ( there is that year , again Fiona ). 2010-2011 seems too have a lot of alive-dead -alive again celebrities. Mike H.

    2. Hey, my first celebrity ME! I remember Peter Boyle’s (Franks) death really recently. I’m a young’un, but I remember reading about his passing within the past year or two, on reddit specifically. In 2006 I would have been 13 and waaaay to self absorbed to even notice or care about his passing. Weird.

  32. I’ve only recently discovered this strange phenomenon over the past couple of days. Reading up on Tiananmen Square brought to mind the anime movie Akira, in the beginning of which I distinctly remember a scene showing the events that played out that day. I cannot find this scene in the film now, nor anything specifically about it.

    1. To expand, both my brother (who wrote a report on it in school a decade ago) and my uncle who remembers seeing tiananmen on tv both remember the man being ran over by the tank. I do as well and a couple of coworkers also.

    2. Chris, I moved your comments to the Major Memories section, since more people are likely to read your comments there than at the tinnitus article.

      I’ll also be interested in anyone else’s memories about Akira.

    3. Hey Chris,
      I am a big fan of anime in general, but I don’t have any memories of the Tienamen Square scene in “Akira”. This is a good example of a situation, and theory, I’ve recently run across.
      I have friends that are fans of “Star Wars”, and I was positive they would’ve been FREAKED OUT by the “Luke, I am your father.” scene. To my surprise, they weren’t. To make a long story short, they have been exposed to the “Star Wars” original trilogy, AT LEAST, once a year for over a decade. Logically speaking, their memories are more reliable because they are fresher, but ME isn’t logical! No matter how much logic you throw at me, I have certain memories I CAN’T write off as mistaken.
      In a nutshell, my memories of “Akira” are simply the current reality because of how often I am exposed to it.

  33. Saw one that really bothered me today. Maybeline is now Maybelline, with two l’s. It looks so off for me. Anybody else?

    1. Hi, Kaleb,

      Yes, I remember it as being Maybeline (one “L”) from childhood on (i.e.: since the ’70’s). The funny part to me is that I’ve driven past a Maybeline factory (or warehouse, or some such) more than a few times in the past several years, and never paid the place much attention — I don’t think that I actually bothered reading the spelling on the building, so although I imagine that I’ll notice it the next time that I pass it, I won’t know when it will have (already) changed.

      Who knows: maybe it _is_ Maybelline? (Bad pun, I know.)

  34. Few words about those Berenstain bears … I’m middle aged scandinavian man – and until
    I found about Mandeal Effect some 6 months ago I’ve had never heard about them – but in my understanding – the seriousness about spelling is like – if you wanna relate it so something more familiar

    is like MICKEY MOUSE – would all of a sudden schange to MICKIE MOUSE

    and i don’t wanna start anything new here – so (everyone ) take next statement as a humorous “interlude”

    BUT – I could almost swear that in the beginning (when i learned about it) IT WAS

    BAREN with an A in the beginning of the word also – (and that still never an issue) only the end latter section spelling…like it still is

    and greetings for our growing community members – in both worlds/timelines

    1. Hi Ilya,
      I use the Berenstain example a lot when discussing the topic with others. I’m not sure why. When I first came here I basically ignored the bears knowing I wouldn’t know the difference. I never heard of them ever and I had a child in the early 90s and had them reading everything. I do not recall these bears at all. I suppose my wife and I could have over looked them, but to have never heard of them or recognize them at all ??? I’ve hesitated posting this, as everyone else seemed to know them very well and I figured it wasn’t an example of the Mandela Effect, but me overlooking them.
      . . . I also have one specific person I’ve never heard of until the beginning of this month. A friend posted about her on Facebook liking a comment he made, and he made such a big deal about it I wanted to know who she was. So, I looked her up, and she’s so popular on Youtube, I keep thinking, no don’t post it, don’t embarrass yourself. And she’s damn good too. The thing is, I dont generally listen to that style music and she’s from another country. So, I may not have heard of her. But if I said her name, even the open minded folk here would think I lost my marbles. Then I’m watching a music special and who comes on?! She showed up again. Must be a coincidence … if only I believed in such things …

  35. I too remember the anatomy of the stomach looking quite different. I learned there were neat rows of small intestines going back and forth and I’m not sure about the large intestine going around the small ones, that doesn’t look familiar. Also I remember the heart looking different than it does now. Anyone else? Look up some anatomy photos of these organs.

  36. Got my T shirts yesterday. Been feeling really tired lately. I never sleep much. Automated humans inside simulations don’t really need sleep or food, but maybe not enough sleep. Maybe…

    Anyway, the T shirts are pretty dapper. I miss you folks. I’m on a self imposed ban of all media for the most part. Wanted to pop in, say hello and say thanks to all. It’s lonely for me in this new world.

    Got a blue Berenstein
    A grey Are you ConCERNed
    And a black Map one of Australia and New Zealand

    The globe stuff isn’t my thing at all. I suck at Geography, but I like that one for some doggone reason. Our mainstream media is just dreadful which brings me to my ME point. It seemed I woke up 4-6 years ago, and the entire world had become completely racially divided. At the same time, the bar for printing an article online seemed to drop precipitously, a deleterious effect in journalist integrity. I would click on an article with an interesting topic, and the write up would be 3-4 sentences with a misspelled word here or there. This was long before *I* ever consciously was aware of the ME, and I remember calling my best pal and sayin’ “Tbone, what the heck is going on in this world?” Now, I’m not so naive as to suggest that racism and poor journalism are new phenomena. I just remember that BOTH seemed to get significantly worse seemingly overnight. I also noticed the mainstream coverage of racial disharmony had taken on a distinct “race baiting” tone. I understand that racism is a sensitive subject. I’m a former athlete and soldier and I really don’t see color. Anyway, has anyone else woken up one day and noticed that the entire world they’d gone to sleep in seemd to have changed significantly overnight? I remember having these exact thoughts. At the time, I didn’t know what to call it. 😉

    Warm regards,

    1. Jason your posts often hit close to home with me. I’ve had the same thoughts on the race issue. Obviously with our American history, this is a touchy topic, and there has never been true equality in the U.S. However, it seems to be a more volatile topic now than it did before, especially in the 90s, when it seemed like people were more accepting in general. Of course we had the Rodney King riots during that time, but his death sparked outrage in communities of all colors. We seem to have taken several big steps back.

      1. FJ,

        Firstly, thanks for your reply! I’m starting to feel as if I don’t even fit in here. That’s okay, bu it’s also extremely demoralizing. Then again, I’ve never fit in anywhere. I don’t do myself any favors in this regard. So, for me, it’s more then people being more vocal about their beliefs. Certainly plenty of racist people keep their thoughts to themself, or did. I wish I could put my finger on when, but at some point…yeah, I agree, we seemed to take several steps back all at one time. Warm regards, Jason

        1. Jason Thomas, I can relate to feeling like an outsider. I feel mostly alone in my world. And I’m certainly socially awkward. You are among kindred folk here, at least. Maybe we struggle because we are of another world. I’m not sure if that’s a comforting thought or a disturbing one, but anyway I get what you’re saying.

          1. I’m with both of you. I’ve never felt that I fit in, have always been socially awkward, and just feel like I have no idea how humanity works or why people do the things they do. I feel like an alien sometimes and wish I could find the mothership that will take me back to wherever it is I belong.

      2. Are you saying In your timeline Rodney King died when he was beaten? There were riots but not about his death, but about the police brutality. In this timeline, he survived the beatings and drowned in his pool in 2012, after an overdose of drugs and alcohol, and there was little outrage after that death.

        1. John O, the Rodney King incident is one I’ve seen mentioned in private comments, as well. FJ isn’t the only one to talk about King dying at the time of the police incident, in an alternate reality.

          1. Fiona thank you for posting that others share the memory of Rodney King’s tragic death at the hands of the police. I had no idea until this morning that events in this timeline were different. Knowing I’m not the only one with this memory both validates my memory, and helps me feel that I’m not alone.

        2. John I thought you must be joking. I can’t believe this. Yes, in my timeline Rodney King was beaten to death by the police. I’m certain of this. It was a big big deal that dominated news coverage for months. People wore tshirts with his picture and birth/death dates. I am completely shocked with this one. Completely.

          1. I wonder if that could possibly be why in this timeline things have gone backward…maybe in your previous timeline where King died it was a stronger impact on society and people worked harder to achieve better race relations.

            1. John O, I was thinking along those same lines. Maybe in that timeline where Rodney King died we really learned something as a nation. There was a feeling of unity in the 90s especially that is missing. Hard to explain.

              1. FJ, I agree. I keep looking at various decades and the theme/energy of each, and there seems to be a chasm in the recent timeline. Of course, I can explain it in terms of people working two+ jobs, long hours, becoming absorbed in social media, etc., but still… something’s odd. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s as if something should be there… but isn’t, and it’s difficult to describe what’s not there.

                1. Fiona, Something is missing indeed. In my home timeline (for lack of a better term) it extended beyond race. I didn’t notice as much religious intolerance (could be post 9/11 effect) or intolerance of homosexuals. I knew many openly gay people, raising families, in the 90s. Then it’s like that wasn’t ok for awhile, now it’s beginning to be ok again. Maybe it’s just that every bigot behind a computer screen feels freer to share their beliefs…but my feeling is it’s deeper than that.

        3. I always thought (I guess assumed) that he died. But I guess I can’t say for sure. I was very confused when I read that Rodney King died years later in a pool. I did ask my husband, “didn’t Rodney King die from the beating?”

          I knew nothing about ME at that time, at no point since finding out about ME attributed it to that until I read it here. It demonstrates to me how people can brush things off. I brushed this off, and probably other things as well.

          The Sublime song April 29, 1992 is about the Rodney King riots. It still has these lyrics:
          “Homicide, never doin’ no time” and “screaming 187 on a [email protected]#$% cop.” 187 is murder.

          1. I love that song! I knew the song was about the Rodney King riots I just never associated those lyrics with his death. I thought that the lyrics were just about anarchy, murder, and being outraged enough to kill a cop. Not that I condone any of those things.

            1. Me too, must have listened to it hundreds of times. It is open to interpretation, for sure. I think, not as much the homicide lyric, but definitely the 187 lyric could be interpreted as killing cops. I just really don’t think that song was intended to advocate killing cops. (I think this kind of ambiguity is what helps something like this stay the same, even if the event has changed. I consider it something like a relic.)

              I also think it is interesting that the date actually sung is April 26, 1992. What I have read is that it was a mistake, but they decided to keep it. It was also possibly the best take. It was recorded years after the riots. Possibly he was going off of memory, and he remembered it wrong or differently. I think people’s memories, their retelling of events, while fallible, are another kind of relic. I think that is why we have newspapers that say Berenstein and Chic Fil A, why I can still find websites and Facebook postings from people, even law firms and churches, that have written about third Thursday Thanksgiving. Facts change sometimes, and people don’t notice.

              So, whether or not Rodney King is actually a Mandela Effect, I just think it is interesting that when there is a world event with millions of people focusing their attention on it, the facts can start to get squirelly. I did just a quick google fact check before posting about this, and an article I found had a correction at the bottom. The original article had implied that Rodney King died. I think that is also interesting.

          2. Ann, I’m glad I knew about ME before learning about Rodney King’s death in this timeline. I was still seriously shaken up. Though I do wonder how many changes I’ve missed or just shrugged off in the past.

            I’m glad you brought up the Sublime song. It lists a bunch of cities where riots took place following the incident. It will be interesting to see if those riots still occurred in this reality, and if so, what local news papers were saying. I plan on looking into this.

            I also thought of the Ben Harper song “Like a King” (is the title referencing dying “like a King” meaning murdered like MLK Jr.?? The lyrics directly reference Dr King and Rodney King).
            From the lyrics:

            Make sure it’s filmed
            Shown on national T.V.
            They’ll have no mercy
            A legal lynch mob
            Like the days strung up from the tree
            The L.A.P.D.

            Is Ben Harper from the reality where Rodney King died in 1992? For me, the comparison between the Rodney King incident and lynching supports that idea.

            1. This is getting weird. I did hours of research last night, using all sorts of search phrases related to Rodney King. I couldn’t find references for any riots outside of L.A., when I clearly remember nation wide riots. In fact, the riots are now mostly called the L.A. riots, not the Rodney King riots. If someone can come up with anything, I would love to be proven wrong on this. Seriously. I plan to spend more time on newspaper archives, but so far I have only found references to L.A.

              I also noticed that the sublime song says April 26 1992. People say it was clearly a mistake, but maybe not. As an artifact/reality residue, it’s interesting that the title reflects the correct date in our current reality, but the lyrics sung didn’t change.

              1. Hi, FJ,

                Although I remember Rodney King surviving the beating, I also remember that the riots _were_ nationwide, not just L.A.-specific (what I mean is that I don’t have a dual memory of his dying and/or surviving, nor a dual memory of the riots being nationwide and/or not, but a sort of middle ground: a single memory that there were nationwide riots in response to the beating). I still lived in Brooklyn at the time, and things there got a bit hairy just then.

                1. Closered Team E, I’m glad you weighed in and I’m interested in hearing your memories about this. What do you make of it? I suppose I’m from a reality where he was killed and there were nationwide riots, you are from a reality where he lived and there were nationwide riots, and we currently both reside in a reality where he survived and the riots were confined to L.A. Or something like that.

                  At the time, did you feel that the riots were an appropriate response for the severity of what caused them (in this realty, the officers being acquitted on charges of excessive use of force and assault with a deadly weapon)? I don’t doubt your memory of the events, I am asking because I remember the officers being acquitted on charges of manslaughter, and the riots that ensued, nationwide, were fueled by an anger that seemed justified given the verdict. I’m not downplaying the seriousness of police brutality, but I remember an outrage more befitting of a man dying and the murderers going unpunished.

                  Of course when I found out a few weeks ago that Rodney King didn’t die, I also found that the riots in this reality happened in/around L.A., with (so far) no reference to riots elsewhere.

                  1. FJ, my view of the wave of demonstrations (including the ones Closeted team-E mentioned) that turned violent: At times, certain issues are like tinderboxes. I think that happens in many countries, but it appears to happen more in America due to the sheer size of the country and the communities within it.

                    At the time of the Rodney King incident, I can recall being irritated but not surprised.

                  2. Hi, FJ,

                    Ooh, a touchy subject on two fronts (aside from the question of interpreting the significance of M.E., there’s the whole race thing).

                    In the particular: Much like Fiona, I wasn’t surprised by the riots (it’s a reasonably likely occurrence, here [or at least in the reality of my memory]). [Edited.]

                    In M.E.: I keep switching back and forth; at one point, I’m certain that it’s Sliding between realities; at another point, I assume that I’m just nuts; next I’m guessing that it’s just the one universe, but that the data aren’t etched in stone. I’m torn between an intellectual certainty that this can’t be real (that it must simply be my faulty memory) and a clearly present statistical certainty that it is (there are way too many people with the same alternative memories — not just that some thing(s) was/were different, but that most of the alternative memories differ from “reality” all in the _same_ way).

                    1. Closeted team-E, this is probably one of the few times I’ll ever edit one of your comments. While I was nodding in enthusiastic agreement with what you said, I’m also certain the political references could spark misunderstandings and some off-topic rants, even from those who agree. The entire topic is volatile, and I’m trying to gauge the scope of related, alternate memories, while avoiding anything that could be misinterpreted.

                    2. Thanks Fiona and CLoseted team E. I certainly don’t want to start anything inflammatory. It’s really interesting how there are variations among those with alternate memories, both in remembering a different set of alternate memories, and the alternate memories themselves having variations.

                      CTE, I go back and forth too, though it’s never really doubt that this is happening. For me, I think I get used to the changes after learning about them, which in time brings a sort of ambivalence. Then, another ME will come along that rocks me to my core, and that always serves to reinforce my belief.

                    3. Hi, Fiona,

                      B*gger, you’re right — please accept my apology. In retrospect, this site’s purpose (and bandwidth) somewhat precludes its viability as the right place for my previous reply’s degree of detail. I’d claim an ADHD-moment, but that would be a cop out in this instance; really it was simply a matter of losing focus in an everyday-sense.


                      I’ll amend the edited-out portion to something like “…things could have gone better…“.

    2. Jason Thomas ,
      I’m standing here applauding everything you just said! I completely hear you. The media , entertainment (?), politicians, celebrities and whatever I missed. 2009 is when I REALLY started noticing all of these things, and it’s much worse now. Like you ,I realize these things have always been around. But it’s as If we went to sleep one night , and woke up somewhere else. Everything seems a bit “surreal” at times. Bizzaro World. Right is wrong. Black is white. Forward is backward. Great post. Let’s not forget Mr Stain’s cellphone comment. Had to say it. Mike H.

      1. Mike H,
        I’m laughing at your reference to Bizarro World, even though I know you probably didn’t mean it as a joke. I often think back to the Seinfeld episode that talks about the Bizarro World when I’m thinking about ME and how this all seems like a completely different and opposite world sometimes

        1. Skepticalbeliever,
          That’s funny, I love Seinfeld , and that episode always cracks me up. But actually , when ever I say that phrase , I’m referring to Supermans Bizzaro world. Everything is inverted and the opposite there. Kind of a strange concept, some of the things are mirror opposites, and some are actual opposites. Earth in bizzaro world is spelled htrae. For example. The mirror concept always intrigues me with patterns. Mike H.

    3. Hi, Jason Thomas,

      I dunno what to say that could help (core values, maybe?), but hang in there, buddy. Wall to wall M.E.O. briefings is the norm., here. Maybe you’ll wake up somewhere better, tomorrow.

  37. “[…]
    And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes
    I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.”

    Pink Floyd, Brain Damage

    I hope others can read between the lines of those lyrics.

    1. @Skepticalbeliever,

      I’m so glad that you posted this article. Please, everyone, note that this is not some crackpot person, it was noticed by an astrophysicist at CalTech. As soon as I heard this news on NPR this morning, I immediately thought of the ME and this web site because I believe a parallel universe is the best explanation for the ME. When I heard the news I almost had to pull over (I was driving). My mind was utterly blown; the quickening pace at which we are hearing about physical changes in our world and universe is staggering.

      Steve M.

  38. “Frequency” and “vibrations” keep coming up in comments on this site. It makes me think of that bizarre Dan Rather story from the ’80s:

    The Wikipedia link says the crime was “solved”, in that they think they’ve identified who one of the men was, but I’d really like to know who “Kenneth” was (Dan Rather’s name in an alternate timeline?) and what frequency were they looking for. A way to get back home, perhaps? *

    I mean, the most likely explanation is that the two attackers were on drugs, but it’s fun to speculate, anyway.

    *And that phrase brings up associations with Beatles lyrics, with “a way to get back homeward” tied in to sleeping…

  39. There is a thread on the Mandela Effect Reddit page where a few people are discussing the name of the brand Oscar Mayer. The poster seems to remember it spelt ‘Meyer’, with an ‘e’ instead of an ‘a’. If you had asked me to spell it, I would also say “Meyer” with an ‘e’. While the pronunciation is still ‘My-yer’, as one of the Redditors pointed out, isn’t the last name Mayer usually pronounced ‘May-er’? It’s pretty odd, and ‘Meyer’ definitely feels right to me, but I’m not ready to say for sure that it’s a Mandela Effect. Thoughts?

    1. Interesting. I recall only Oscar Mayer, and that was reinforced by the commercial that spelled out the name, M-A-Y-E-R. (I can still hear it in my head.)

      But, playing (mischievous) Devil’s Advocate here… what if — around 1964-65 — lots of people came through to this reality with the “Meyer” spelling in their minds? And what if the Oscar Mayer commercial folks decided to nip that confusion in the bud with a commercial to emphasize this reality’s spelling? Here’s the old commercial- (it’s catchy, and at several YouTube locations).

      1. Fiona,
        I too went immediately to that song in my mind: “My bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R, my bologna has a second name, it’s M-E-Y-E-R……..another A vs E scenario? I TRIED singing it the other way, with the A, and it just doesn’t sound or feel right…..I am not as convinced of this as I am of Berenstein…….but…..whoa. My last name begins with MA, so I think I would recall this.

  40. OK I didnt know where to post this but I’m watching 17 again And she just said “no he got a job at Home Depot”
    There was no THE IN FRONT OF IT
    Lol so just letting y’all know…I remember it as Home Depot too

  41. I vividly remember Betty White dying last year…
    I remember I was in History class at the time, watching the news for the day on CNN.The news anchor Carl Azuz did in fact announce something along the lines of ‘Betty White has died–the last of the Golden Girls is Gone’.
    When I got home to go on Facebook, it was on the trending topics and there were even videos of her speaking on her death.

    Now I’m hearing she is alive and well…….. Call me crazy but she definitely died in my timeline lol.

  42. Hey,
    Anyone else think Narwhals where either extinct or mythological?
    Apparently not.there is footage of them alive swimming in packs.When I saw it I thought it was a joke,it felt like I was seeing a unicorn.
    Deffinatley a strange one, either I was very uneducated or something’s up.I feel like at some point of before now I should have come across this amazing animal in photos or information at a zoo or something…
    There is a buzzfeed article on it and people swear In the comments they always knew about them…

  43. This doesn’t really prove much but, this morning on “Fox and Friends” around 550am central time, Steve Doocey one of the hosts said “mirror , mirror, on the wall, who is , the fairest of them all”. He was referring to presidential canidates. I guess it proves he is “one of us”. ? Cue the “Twilight Zone ” music Fiona , lol! Mike H.

  44. This comment is for everyone.

    Further comments that focus on health issues (physical or mental) without a clear connection to the Mandela Effect, will not be approved.

    It’s a legal issue and it’s about staying on-topic.

    Examples of what can and can’t be approved:

    1) A comment including descriptions of physical or mental symptoms the person has. Then, the person muses that — because other comments describe items on that list – they’re a sign that someone has alternate memories.

    That won’t be approved. Why? Because over 80 comments at the Tinnitus article (and I have no idea how many among general comments) and the results of the one-week survey have raised enough questions. Several good point were made, but with few useful conclusions.

    2) A comment describing tinnitus in relation to a specific frequency that’s also connected to folklore or science and time travel or dimensional travel.

    That will be approved. Why? Because that kind of comment would suggest that the frequency is already documented. Also, its context — whether it’s mystical or under scientific investigation — may related to the time/dimensional travel aspects of the Mandela Effect.

    So, it’s supported evidence with a clear connection to the Mandela Effect.

    Any comment describing health issues — diagnosed or not — will not be approved. Other sites are far better equipped to host those conversations and provide real answers. Those topics include anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD issue, MPD/DID, and “lost time.”

    The Mandela Effect isn’t a mental health issue. I’m concerned that recent conversations may have lost sight of that.

    In fact, any mental health complaints mentioned here give skeptical critics further credibility when they claim we’re delusional or “just confused.”

    So, from this point forward, any comment that includes personal health topics cannot be approved; it will be deleted. I’d love to have time to edit-out the problematic passages, but I don’t.

  45. Ok Fiona… WordPress is acting up again…. there use to be a place on the right hand sidebar that listed recent comments… today it’s not there… New comments on page 13 are again before 5 others sticking to the bottom…


    I started to sing the Oscar Meyer song before I read your comment…. my Bologne has a first name it’s o s c a r…. my Bologne has a second name it’s m a y e r.

    My auto correct does not recognize … bologna. Which is how the Oscar Meyer jingle ends.

    1. ayla, I’d removed the recent comments list to keep the sidebar shorter. I’ll restore it in a minute or two.

      The comments problem…? Yes, it’s WordPress. What can I say, except that it’s free software and one of the best platforms available to webmasters. So, for now, we cross our fingers and hope they resolve the comments problem. Or that someone produces a great comments plug-in that helps, but doesn’t slow down the website.

      Thanks for the update… and the smiles about the Oscar Mayer song!

  46. This is very weird, i know i mentioned it before, but i am re-watching some videos, criticism of films, and i have noticed Minor changes in the videos that i am 100% sure were different. just little things extra lines, while it may be my memory, but there are too many changes for me to ignore it. Has anyone else found that..

    1. I agree, Martin. Individually, none of them have been big enough to mention here, but it’s always enough for me to wonder how many films I see that were quietly re-issued with directors’ changes. (I’ve done the same thing with a few of my books, when I later found typos I just couldn’t live with. However, I didn’t want to make the re-release into a big deal, drawing attention to the earlier flaws.)

      1. Even old videos like from the nostalgia critic where he critiques a nostalgic films on youtube he rips into some of the films (non pg), there are lines he says that i dont remember, he is talking about the older films as well.. at first i thought it was just my memory, but theres just too many to discount. my memory isnt that bad.. and the youtubes he has on arent reuploads which makes me go HUH.. the movies he talks about is pre 2005 ish, am wondering if a LOT of movies changed slightly,could be re release, but.. its weird

        1. Ooh, I’ll have to take a look at some old films with critiques. I used to watch those, often, but… okay, it was so long ago, I’m not sure I’d be sure if something had changed.

          Of course, this gives me a fun idea (not easy, so I’m not likely to do this, but still… fun), with iRiffs that — as the film is played — point out what’s changed in each one. (Ref: )

          1. it even changed a day later.. there was a line in the Steel (film) critique, i happened to watch it again on a play list of his the day after.. and the line he said about the film had changed, but i knew it changed then the original line faded from my memory but i remember thinking to myself its changed.. Now it is i remember the effect that “something changed”, rather than the cause “the line itself”.. it did weird me out.. but been watching your tubes a great deal just incase things change and some have.. and since its about media and films, which there seems to be a lot of changes in that field.

        2. Martin and Fiona ,
          Just thought I would throw this out there. My personal opinion? Is that Google’s AI project is further along than we think. After watching these search engines and YouTube do all kinds “odd” things the last 5-6 months , I’m more convinced. I think someone or something is “self correcting” people’s searches and videos. I’ve noticed strange things with comments appearing,, disappearing, and reappearing not written the way they were originally. Including mine (not here though Fiona ).

          I want to mention this for those curious , Cicada 3301 in my opinion was used to get AI programmers/designers/developers to work for Google or the government (or both , it’s hard to tell them apart anymore). I don’t want to start a discussion on them, this probably isn’t the place for that. Just wanted people to be aware. Like I said , I have been watching the search engines and YT for a while. Mike H.

          1. Thanks, Mike H, and you’re right about this not being the place for that discussion. However, I’ll admit that I’m far too close to getting up on my soapbox about that exact topic.

            Meanwhile, I appreciate the time you’re putting into this kind of research, and your insights are always helpful. Thank you!

            1. For me its reality is changing, in micro ways.. a line here a line there, something we normally wouldnt notice, unless there are a lot of us remembering the same change, sex in the city.. how many other changes we have just missed because we havent been concentrating, I know even in normal tv theres moments where i go. HUH.. thats not right.. then oh it is.. then its scratch head and go on, because it had not large impact on me. Something like Luke i am your father.. its more recognisable as its an iconic line.. what are the other lines, has other lines in star wars changed and we dont notice it because its not an iconic line.. (and i know about the lucas re releases and change of stories and the alterations), but talking about minor things that doesnt have an impact.. reading books, i read them and entire chapters, paragraphs have changed from what i remember, Hell even entire storylines change from what i remember.. So its more to do with reality changing for me,

              1. Martin,
                I agree with you on this. How many small changes have we missed? Personal, and public ones. Micro changes is a good name to call these. I have started noticing a lot more of these lately. It’s as if the “marker” changes (the big ones), worked , and caught some of our attentions. In other words, the markers did their job, maybe?? We all noticed, like we were supposed to. Now we are aware. Not trying to be religious or spiritual(which is fine for some, just didn’t want to go down THAT path, lol) but maybe something is trying to tell us something? Or makes us aware of something. Just thinking out loud. Mike H.

          2. Dear Martin and Mike h.

            This is all very intriguing is there a webspace or Reddit forum where we could discuss this line of theory without mucking up dear fionas’s spot??

            I was looking at some of my yt spots from a few days ago that I watched to see if I could spot any glitches… honestly I’m not sure… I’m going to try several experiments the next several days and see if there are changes.

            1. Well, yes, there are several Reddit sub-groups related to the Mandela Effect. Some even use the name. I’m not in those groups, but they seem very active.

              However, if the topic you have in mind is about minor and micro changes in media (especially films and YouTube) — what we’re noticing, not conspiracy-type theories — I’ll happily create an article for those conversations. I’d keep the focus narrow, with specific references, such as exactly what seems to have changed at a certain (noted) time in the film or video.

              But, if that’s of interest to others (besides me), I’ll create the article on Monday. Or sooner, if I just can’t stay away from this site. LOL

              Update: I spoke with one of my children about this, and she mentioned micro-changes made when programming goes to Netflix, as well. (Her example: The opening of the first American Horror Story episode — twin boys, house, little girl — and, at Netflix, a brief shot was cut from right before the opening titles. It’s an essential shot that hooks viewers; I can think of no reason to remove it, and many reasons why it must be there.)

              While this isn’t exactly Mandela Effect, if we can keep it contained at one article, I’d be very interested in how much seems to be Mandela Effect, what isn’t, and how this might be affecting how readily we accept changed realities. That dances very close to conspiracy theories that I’d like not to pursue, but if we can document what changes — and (Mike may smile at this) any patterns — that could be a useful adjunct to our regular Mandela Effect conversations.

              1. ;)—–smiling as I read. Patterns. Still looking for the ultimate one. Although I realize , that may never happen. But, it’s all about the chase to me . Mike H.

          3. Hi, Mike H.,

            I love Google, but I’ll still chime in here. Google’s heuristics have shown some insanely “intuitive” predicting of late.

            While I read through the various posts here, I often Google one item or another (I can’t simply assume that my memory matches reality anymore). The topics range across everything discussed here, which I’m sure you know jumps from one thing to another totally non-linearly, even within a single entry — yet Google often offers what I’m typing within the first two or three hits, even when I’ve typed in only three or four letters.

            Were I searching common interest items (some latest fad, or big news, for example), this would be entirely reasonable. Were I searching some particular topic, and had been for a while, then I could see Google picking up on my specific search trend of the moment and narrowing things down quite quickly. I don’t recall which surprisingly good predictions its offered me so far, but they’re as unlikely as if I were to search “Joh…” and have it offer me articles about “Johny Mnemonic” or “John Larroquette”.

            I doubt that this is the case in fact, but I’ve been getting the weirdest impression that Google’s responding to M.E.-related searches more quickly and usefully than any other searches I might normally run.

            1. Ooh, cue the Twilight Zone music! And yes, I’ve been noticing a rapid response to my M.E.-related searches, too. Almost like they were watching what I was looking at, at this site, and anticipating what I’d check, next. (Not that this sounds creepy or anything… LOL)

    2. Martin, I have been noticing a lot of dialog changes and different camera angels going on as well. As you probably know, I’ve been watching (studying) Voyager. Season 3 Episode 8&9 Futures End I viewed a map of the world with a North Pole, Australia was low and alone… by the time I pushed rewind most of it changed. You can still see hints as it blurry now. Last I looked it still has Russia and Alaska further apart then shown on today’s map. There are other things, too minor as Fiona mentioned.

      High Definition looks very different from what I remember. Granted I dont watch a lot of television but HD reminds me of old soap operas. I know that’s not a great description, but, presently its all I got.

      1. Yes Anthony, its so strange, 24 hours, even minutes later things change,, even our memories arent that bad.. (i am 42 so a little memory loss is normal). It has become somewhat of an obsession watching and listening to the same things to see if they change..

    3. I’ve noticed scenes missing from movies, like scenes that were my favorite part of the movie and just don’t seem to exist anymore.

  47. Okay, am I the only one that remembers Meatloaf dying like 15 or so years ago? I love the movie Formula 51 and I remember thinking, while watching it, I’m so glad he got to at least do this movie before he died. Now I’m hearing radio commercials of him doing a concert, and it’s blowing my mind. I’m not 100% sure that he died, but the memory is strong enough that I was actually shocked when I heard the radio commercial.

    1. I have a recollection of Meatloaf dying. I wasn’t a follower of his music, except for the one hit, but I do recall him dying probably awhile ago (after you mentioned it here) …

  48. I don’t know if this one has been mentioned or not yet – but Oscar Meyer is now Oscar Mayer – like John Mayer the singer 🙂 lol. One friend within the last month sent me a link to the Life cereal commercial with Mikey has changed – he went from “he likes everything” to “he hates everything” after that I sat around and watched some more classic commercials. At that time it was Oscar MEYER. 🙂

    1. Hi, Stephanie White,

      OMG — I didn’t want to bother mentioning the old Life cereal ad.s because I was sure (even now, after having been on this site for a month) that it had been just me not quite hearing the actors’ words terribly well. I’d swear (not just then, but to this day as well) that they had said in the ’70’s “He eats anything”, which had made no sense to me (since it provides them no surprising contrast to Mikey turning out to like Life), but which just didn’t seem to be any other wording.

      It was only in the past year or so that I’d run into “He hates everything”, at which point I immediately assumed that that must have been what they’d said back in the ’70’s as well — especially since that cleared up my long-standing irked confusion over their wording of back then. This was also the lion’s share of my not having posted about it myself.

      I admit that strictly your post doesn’t mean that I hadn’t misheard them poorly in my childhood, but even if it’s simply that, or a re-wording later in the ad campaign, it’s still a soothing relief to see that I’m not the only one to have heard that (or rather, something similar, since your wording was somewhat different from mine: “He likes everything” vs. “He eats anything”).

      1. Stephanie White and Closeted team-E, this is fascinating. I mean, it would make far more sense if people mis-remembered lines from commercials (lyrics, etc.) in ways that made more sense than the originals did. (And, yes, in the 70s, it was “He hates everything.” I don’t recall hearing anything different, ever, in the realities I’ve been in.)

        So, when I see people agreeing on alternate memories that would be difficult to acquire, I’m very interested.

        I think that when most people hear something that doesn’t make sense or fit the context, they go back and say, “Wait, what did he/she/that say…?” And, they get the line clarified. (Before the luxury of the Internet and YouTube, this usually involved pausing all conversation the moment the related commercial was on the TV or radio, again.)

        The old Life cereal commercial wouldn’t make any sense if Mikey didn’t hate everything. No one would gasp in awe when he actually liked Life cereal.

        So, while I can see an erroneous memory standing out as “that never made sense,” the popularity of the Life commercial makes it seem — to me, anyway — an unlikely “mistake” to make. Not impossible, and I suppose the likelihood varies with how many times the person was exposed to the commercial, and how young the person was at the time, or how much attention was paid to commercials.

        Still, seeing more than one person with this alternate memory makes me note it something of increasing credibility. And, as something very odd.

      2. Closeted team-E,

        I remember it as “he eats anything” in the 70s as well. I remember one boy saying “Give it to Mikey” and another saying “Yeah, he eats anything.” I read about the “he hates everything” version, but I could never make that work with the rest of the conversation that I recalled.

  49. Hello everyone. That you all for your great contributions. Incredibly interesting discussion!

    I wanted to add another memory to the list that I hadn’t seen listed. In 1987, I was in 8th grade and I distinctly remember Jon Bon Jovi in an interview on MTV saying that he liked both men and women. I remember it so clearly because I watched MTV’s top 10 videos every night and one of his videos was #1 at the time. The day after his announcement, it wasn’t even in the top 10. I remembering thinking how ridiculous it was that his sexual preference mattered. I also remember commenting to people a few years later, when he did the soundtrack for Young Guns, about how no one cared anymore about the interview. I also have many other memories of conversations about this in high school, years later.

    I was excited to ask people at my 20 year high school reunion about this in 2012. No one remembered! Not even the people I had conversations with about it so many years earlier. I just found out three weeks ago that my mother remembers it happening as well. She was so happy that I remembered, because she thought she was going crazy. My father and brother don’t remember this happening. Does anyone else remember this?

  50. Hey, I’m a scientist and feel I should chime in here (By the way, sorry if this is posted twice, I find this website a little confusing!)

    A lot of you are trying to explain away the thoughts you have, but something you’re all not taking into account is coming from the assumption that we ARE in merging universes.

    Assuming this were so, lets take for example the discussion about the memory of the hot air balloon: One of your “alternate yous” in one of the several universes could have had this balloon experiment conducted on them, maybe even knowingly. But when their memory merged with your’s it only left the faint idea of a balloon ride. If this experiment was conducted in several universes on different people, then statistically a lot of those will overlap. In one universe it may even be that the experiment was very widely conducted (not this timeline, obviously.)

    You are potentially picking up the memory of an alternate “you.” Or at least that’s one explaination you all seem to be overlooking 🙂

    I feel like here is a good a place as any to expand on what I think is happening here. I lot of people are mentioning CERN, that is one possibility. CERN are actually currently conducting experiments to create new “universes” which propogate in their own space-time, or at least to form tunnels into other universes. Just so you know they recently ramped up the power of CERN, they turned it off in March 2013 for maintenance and to increase the acceleration power of CERN to twice what it was before, it reopened in 5 April 2015 and has been breaking power records ever since.

    I don’t want to go into too much detail as you can just read on Wikipedia or whatever, here’s the relevent section though (The reference to “TeV” is basically just a measurement of power, much like Watts (W) when talking about lightbulbs):

    “At 1200 BST on 30 March 2010 the LHC successfully smashed two proton particle beams travelling with 3.5 TeV (trillion electron volts) of energy, resulting in a 7 TeV event. However, this was just the start what was needed for the expected discovery of the Higgs boson. When the 7 TeV experimental period ended, the LHC revved to 8 TeV (4 TeV acceleration in both directions) during March 2012, and soon began particle collisions at that rate. In early 2013 the LHC was deactivated for a two-year maintenance period, to strengthen the huge magnets inside the accelerator. Eventually it will attempt to create 14 TeV events.”

    Just a quick pointer: CERN is currently running at 13 TeV and has been since May 2015. Now, for two objects as tiny as a proton this is a tremendous amount of power, like two jumbo-jets colliding head-on at 500mph, and this happens around 1 billion times a second. I also really want to point out that what CERN is doing is something that happens ALL over the universe naturally, inside stars, collision of cosmic rays with our atmosphere, all over the place. If CERN is accelerating the process in anyway it’s most likely a drop in the ocean. But, of course, I don’t actually know this (no-one does) it might be only CERN that’s causing this, but to be honest if we don’t find out then we’re never going to know the truth, and the only way to do that is to experiment…

    Anyway, what does all this boring science have to do with anything? Well, in the scientific community the concept of parallel universes is pretty well accepted, and a lot of important theories actually hinge on it. For example: we have NO idea where gravity comes from. The current most plausible theory is that it’s a force that’s “leaking” from another universe. One of the main aims for the LHC is to actually connect to another universe by making a black hole inside the reactor so they can try and prove this theory (they will see gravity moving out of our universe into another). They have been actively trying to do this since October 2015. So far they have not been able to make one, but that doesn’t mean that the experiments are not having an effect on the universe.

    (I really hope this science isn’t boring to read! Please feel free to skim over!)

    Ok, so there is another important theory: “false vacuum universe” which holds that this entire multi-universe is inside a temporary “bubble” (much like the bubble formed in say, a pot of boiling water). This bubble could expand/shrink/collapse at any time, literally it could just “pop” and we would all cease to exist (fun to think about huh?)

    Anyway, what could be happening according to (and I want to stress these are) MY thoughts are as follows:

    The multi-verse is all contained in this bubble, like when you see lots of little bubbles inside a big one? (There are countless trillions of these things…) And occasionally one of these bubbles will merge with another. Now what I think happens is events go into a quantum state where only one of them can occur (remember Schrödinger’s cat? It’s both dead AND alive until one event is chosen.) So what happens is one of these events are picked, lets say there is a universe with “berenstein” and one with “berenstain”. The important thing to remember here is before merging BOTH are correct in each universe, but when the 2 universes become 1, ONLY one “quantum state” can be picked. In this universe it was “berenstain.” WE also merged with our “other” selves, and the same thing happened in our brains, but either because they are so complex, or perhaps there is some kind of “spirit” some of us remember BOTH as our memories merged! Some of us will only remember a memory from universe “a” OR universe “e”, perhaps we have stronger memories of a perticular letter in one universe or perhaps we don’t exist there (never born or we died perhaps.)

    Anyway, imagine this happening over and over and over again, we could be in a universe that’s a merger of millions of universes by now. So far with just small changes, like “tunes and “toons”, “fruit or froot”, “definitly” or “definatly” and EACH time a merger occurs ONLY one of those states can exist. That’s literally a quantum principle. That’s why there is no physical evidence left of the other state each time, because it’s completely destroyed in the process, as if it NEVER happened. The only thing left is echos of memories we’re not quite sure about. I also believe the universes are very similar to ours because they would likely be nearby eachother. By the way, if we merge with a universe where it was named “toons” there is a chance it could switch back (if it wins the quantum coin toss) and apart from vague memories some of us might have, no-one would even notice. People will argue with you till they are blue in the face that it was spelt “tunes” and they will be labeled as the crazy ones!

    But… and here is the big but… If we assume the multiverse is shrinking, it’s pushing all the universes together, and as each merger happens there will be more “difference” between each next merger. We are starting to see things already like shifting countries: New Zealand was once above Australia AND below it in two universes, but now it’s ONLY below. The decision to build a bridge to Staten island or not was decided yes AND no, in two different universes, they merged and now it’s only “yes.” People who have died or not (remember, that’s likely what happened so some of your other “yous” as well, that’s why we can’t remember everything: in some universes you died, but when you merged you got the lucky “quantum bullet” and the event that won the coin toss was the one you were alive in…!) I’m sorry Angela but your Grandad’s Kellogg’s image has disappeared in a puff of quantum smoke, only the memory is left, so hang onto that… Your only hope is that we merge with a universe which still has your Grandad’s Kellogg design in it and it wins the quantum coin toss.

    Now, these changes are only going to get faster and more intense as more universes merge, and more and more people are going to start noticing. It’s a process that is likely to accelerate, once something like a bubble starts to collapse there’s nothing that can slow it. We literally can’t do anything about this, except count our blessings, and hope that when we merge with the universe where Hitler won, that the coin toss favours the Allies…

    1. Excellent comment, Fleecemaster. Thank you for taking the time to post it. I’m sure it took considerable time and thought.

      And, as an aside: for years, I’ve been speculating about gravity and what’s “leaking” in and out of our reality. I did a quick check at one of my other sites, and — in 2007 — I’d proposed that EMF spikes aren’t necessarily ghosts. In that short article, I’d mentioned the gravity issue.

      Also, I’d replied to one of your later comments before realizing you’re a scientist. That helps me (and, I’m sure, others) put your choice of words into a better context. Thank you.

      This comment did show up twice, once at the newest Comments page and once at Comments page 10. I’ve approved this one and let the other go. This site can be very confusing, as it was designed (and was very tidy, back then) for conversations about a single alternate memory, and possible theories. In the past year or so, I’ve been trying to keep it better organized, but it’s like the dilemma (or dilemna) of Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner: I’m never truly one step ahead. LOL

      My next project will be a redesign of the Possible Explanations page and comments. And, once it’s (massively) updated, I may move this comment to that topic. I’d started with the idea that the conversations would be fairly basic and not of much interest to readers. I was just a teensy bit wrong. (Yes, that’s sarcasm. I completely underestimated some of my readers.)

      1. Yeah, to be honest it’s no surprise people didn’t realise the scope of this. For decades I’m sure people have just kept brushing off the thoughts as “Well, that doesn’t seem right, but I must have just remembered it wrong.”

        If you would like me to expand on anything from a scientific point of view then let me know, my field is actually in Chemistry, but there is a lot of overlap between Chemistry and Physics, and I know a lot of people that go to CERN to conduct experiments (we use the radiation from the LHC to analyse chemicals, since it produces the most intense radiation beams in the world. Keep in mind there are something like 30,000 colliders in operation around the world, used by many areas of science, but these are 1000s of times less powerful.)

        What I find most interesting is the dates of these memories… A lot of people seem to be around my age (born in the 80s) or they have memories of changes around that time. This would suggest there were a lot of shifts around the 90s, one would presume yes? Well, the first accelerator to go over 1TeV collosion energy was in 1983 (the Tevatron at Fermilab.)

        Energies have been increasing slow and steady since then, until a jump in 2010 when the LHC was opened at CERN, running at a massive 7 TeV. “Almost 4 times more than the previous world record for a collider.” This ran until 2013 when it was shut down for planned upgrades. It reopened this year in April 2015 for test runs, reaching 13TeV (the current world record) by May 2015 and has been running continuously since June 2015 at this speed. I just want to add here that these accelerators run non-stop, that’s 1 billion collision per second, every second, 24/7 for year upon year. The LHC will be upgraded again (planned for 2022) and the Chinese are planning to build a collider to be complete by 2035 which will be a “super collider” reaching energies of 70TeV and up (it will be twice the size of the LHC).

        The reason I wanted to point these out is because if it *is* being caused by colliders, then it would be interesting to match up when large numbers of people have their “time slide” and if it matches up with these numbers.

        I have noticed a lot more people talking about Mandelas happening in the last few months, which is when the LHC started running at it’s new higher energy. This could simply be because of the recent Buzzfeed article or all manner of things, but I would plead with you Fiona to get as much information from people about the times that these memories are from, and when they noticed the change (the slide would be between these times presumably), so it’s possible to match up and prove to some extent if these occurrences are related to the colliders (preferably before the Chinese build there’s…!)

        Just a small additional note (honestly I can’t help it I love science and could talk about it all day!)
        If the false vacuum theory is correct (they are currently testing for this, so we should know soon) and we are merging with other universes (and the timeline of those universes) then the merge will occur from the point of origin (that’s where the “pin” pops the bubble from) and this merge will move through the universe from that point at the speed of light, merging the timeline as it goes. The theory is that usually when this happens it could be billions of light years away from us so we wouldn’t see the change for a long time. But… If the LHC is causing a large number of mergers, then the point of origin would be on the earth itself! So with the merge happening at the speed of light, the two earths would be merged in less than a second (light takes just over 1 second to reach the moon from earth!) The point I’m making is that from our perspective the change would happen pretty much instantly (which is what it seems most people observe). Of course I want to point out that whilst a lot of what I’ve written is from scientific evidence, many of the conclusions are my own, and may not be proven either way for a while, please don’t take everything I’ve written as fact! Go and look it up yourself too, it’s always good to have multiple sources!

        Another tiny additional note…!
        I feel like I should crunch some numbers for you guys, I hear a lot of times “this occurs naturally all the time from cosmic rays so it’s nothing to worry about!”
        Hmm, well… does it?
        Lets take a look shall we? We wouldn’t want to get our facts wrong now would we? I’m going to try and simplify the numbers as best I can whilst still keeping their accuracy (so I’m going to write everything in TeV, as it’s a number you can relate to my above post.) If you want more info and depth there is plenty out there 🙂
        The highest ever recorded cosmic ray was 300,000,000TeV (300 million TeV)
        This is very very high, yes, but it’s not taking into account the high mass of the cosmic ray, and mass is very important! A mosquito travels at 1TeV when in flight, and I can’t see a collision with that doing much more than a small bite…
        So, if we want to compare it to a proton (as used in a collider) it would be equivalent to: 750TeV.
        This is still way higher than the current running speed of 13TeV, but I want to point out two things: A particle at this energy has only ever been seen about 16 times, whilst the LHC makes 1 billion collisions per second. Also the speeds of acceletators are constantly being improved, and with new supercolliders being built in the next few decades this number is very likely to be reached and potentially surpassed.
        There are naturally occuring particles called “neutrinos” that have higher evergy than these, but they almost never interact with other matter (no collisions).
        Cosmic rays with energies above 125TeV are still very rare, within a 3 year period whilst trying to detect them only 27 were found.
        Most cosmic rays lie between 0.00001TeV and 0.01 TeV (the same as an average collider, and that’s without taking into account the mass difference.) There are millions of particles at this energy hitting the earth every second.
        If you take into account collisions across the whole universe however then there are a lot, but if an event occurs billions of light years away it would take billions of years for the “reality shock wave” to reach us, of course… Also that’s not to say that this hasn’t been occuring naturally for billions of years already… The real question is, if this is causing universes to merge, are particle colliders accelerating this change?

        For further reading check out the “fermi-paradox.” It’s an observation about the apparent lack of alien civilisations, even though the likely-hood is that there should be multiple millions even just in our own galaxy. One theory is that all intelligent species at some point develop a technology that unwittingly destroys the whole species. In the past, people thought it might be nuclear weaponry, what if perhaps it’s actually particle accelerators?

        Food for thought indeed! 🙂

        If this forum allows links to photos, here’s how to imagine our multi-verse, each bubble is a universe, and the walls between each break and merge they become an amalgamation:

        Anyway, thanks very much for creating this website Fiona! Hopefully as a species we will get to the bottom of this! Honestly I hope it’s just some strange phenomenom of memory that just hasn’t been brought into the light before, rather than the multi-verse collapsing… but either way that it is great progress to have this out in the open to talk about 🙂

        1. Once again, these are absolutely brilliant insights, Fleecemaster. Thank you! And I agree — whether it’s emerging memories or merging/collapsing realities — it’s an adventure and we’re here to experience it. Scary, maybe… but fascinating.

          1. Fiona,
            Kathy’s Norway spiral date is of great interest too me. That is the exact time frame for me that these ME’s started really becoming frequent and obvious. I have said a lot of time’s on here, I have noticed for 30 years , but since late Fall of 2009 is when it just snowballed. I knew about the spiral , but never put the two together.

            Fleecemaster , is there anything about that date ??? Anything you could share , I mean ? I’m all ears on this one. Mike H.

            1. Hey Mike,

              I thought I was replying to your question but I actually replied to Kathy below, who basically asked the same question, so have a read of that! 🙂

              In short though: The LHC turned on in 20th November 2009, and the first runs of +1TeV where from the 30th November onwards.

              I do however feel that the Norway spiral, even though it occured at a similar time on the 9th Dec 2009 was simply a failing Russian missile and the proximity of the dates was just a coincidence.

              The dates are interesting though, especially seeing all the very recent reports and also so many from the 80s, I might have to do some proper date checking…

        2. Fleecemaster,

          Your posts are very interesting.. I especially find your knowledge of CERN fascinating .. I know this is old news, but do you believe there is a possible connection between the Norway spiral and CERN? .. Many people are theorizing that it might be a portal into another dimension or some evidence of time travel being conducted by CERN on the date 12/9/2009.

          I found this web site about the spiral with some great photos and theories about what it might have been.

          I never did buy the official version of it being a Russian rocket gone astray… If that were true spirals like this one would be a much more common occurrence.

          I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

          1. Well I’m afraid you’re not going to like my answer!

            I remember when this happened, and I looked into it a lot at the time because it was such an interesting occurrence! Unfortunatly I’m very certain that it was just a malfunctioning Russian Bulava missile.

            The reason it’s not a common occurrence is because first of all, missiles aren’t actually fired that often. Usually only during testing (as this was) and this particular missile was malfuctioning often. The second is that the missile has to fail in a very specific way to create that effect, so the chances of it occuring are actually very rare indeed. And obviously it also looked spectacular so it captured the imagination 🙂

            The website you linked mostly just posts cave paintings of spirals, well, the spiral is a pretty common shape, it reminds me of those who look for triangles everywhere, we can see things in everything if we look hard enough 😉

            There’s a lot of stuff on that site about hearing strange sounds. Without looking properly I wonder if that would be of interest to Fiona and her tinnitus investigations.

            Here is a 1 minute video showing a computer simulation of how the spiral could have been created:

            Also here’s a picture of a trident missile failing in a similar way:

            The Bulava missile happened to fail at a much higher altitude.

            Also it is very unlikely that time travel is possible. The LHC happened to turn on for testing on 20th November 2009. Which is obviously nearby in time but I believe this was just a coincidence. If the time-shifts are related to the LHC then at least the Norway spiral is a nice way to pin-point the time in people’s minds 🙂 Also the Norway spiral has only occured in this fashion once, so wouldn’t be able to explain why there seems to be several periods of time-shifts, and also why we wouldn’t have seen more of them, especially now the LHC is running as full power.

            I’m trying to keep as scientific as possible, I’m not dismissing that it might be a time vortex, but the evidence suggests it was just a missile failure. A wormhole/portal thing likely wouldn’t look like that anyway, and if that was the LHC that caused it then they would certainly be trying to do it again!

            1. Fleecemaster, I’m going to play a little Devil’s Advocate here, and I hope you’re not offended. (And, in some areas of science, I know just enough to be dangerous. LOL)

              Of course, I agree about correlation – coincidence – cause issues. And, a single event — the Norway spiral — provides too little data to work with conclusively, regardless.

              Also, I agree about spirals in ancient artwork, up to a point. In many cultures, spirals seemed to suggest the passage of time, or the Sun, or the passage of time as marked by days (suns).

              And then there are the issues of sacred geometry, which relate to the Fibonacci sequence, and so on. (Ref: )

              So, for me, the Norway spiral photos are fascinating, but have so many “normal” explanations, I’m not ready to leap on the Norway spiral as anything more than a pretty image. (I’m willing to be very wrong about that, if later/additional evidence makes alternate explanations more plausible.)

              However, assuming time isn’t real but more of a filing system we reference in relation to events, I see no reason why time travel isn’t possible. Assuming the reports that I read were real — and I have no reason to think otherwise — if we’re talking about space-time, that barrier has already been compromised. I realize that teleportation isn’t the same thing as returning to history to see the pyramids being built in Egypt, but I think it’s in the same very general ballpark.

              I’m interested in whether you think the Mandela Effect involves parallel realities running on the same schedule/time track, or if it’s possible that some are ahead of us or behind us… if that’s even relevant if events happened in different sequences, in different realities. For example, if the Americas weren’t explored by Europeans for another 100 or 200 years, and research was about sea exploration, instead. In that reality, we might have had a “Wild West,” but no history with Jamestown, Plimoth Plantation, and even no American Revolution.

              Or, the American Revolution might have occurred far later, and triggered a much later French Revolution, and so on.

              Finally, the question of what a wormhole/portal would look like… that interests me. Aside from the black void image we see in sci-fi presentations, what might a wormhole/portal look like? And, is a wormhole (or portal?) different from “down the rabbit hole” and different from cross-reality transfer/access points?

              1. Fiona, Much of science and meta-science contain postulates that are simply stop gap arrangements.Arrow of time is agnostic with fundamental laws of physics,and that is because time is such a postulate,a stop gap arrangement.Carroll suggested a way to manage this virtual entity called time,if you beat time it will hang you,but if you are friendly with time,the time will cooperate to any extent,you can remain at current date for as long as you like,and if you are a real pal time can take you back to whatever period you tell it.This is what zeno effect is about and time travel as well.

        3. Fleecemaster,
          Thank you for providing such amazing insights in your recent posts. It is both encouraging and enlightening to hear theories on this phenomenon from a scientist’s perspective. I agree with much of what you propose is happening, and especially find the points about
          CERN to be very eye-opening. I have always felt since discovering this topic that their tampering with the universe and reality is highly connected to what many of us are experiencing with ME. I’m also intrigued by the dates when major tests were done and how this coincides with shifts or major ME events.

          1. Thank you! I’m just glad people read and enjoyed them! I was worried it would be too sciencey and boring for most people. I’m used to writing scientific reports, but this is very interesting, and I felt that a good strong description of what’s going on with the LHC and our current understanding of the universe would help put things into perspective for everyone 🙂

            1. Fleecemaster, don’t worry. Most of the “regulars” at this site are eager for scientific insights.

              Personally, I’m fascinated by the “how” of this, since I believe that can point to the when/where/why, and so on. But, then again, I’m a science geek in many ways, and Doc Edgerton is still among my heroes.

            2. Fleecemaster,
              I don’t find your posts to by too sciency or boring at all.
              I am interested in your thoughts on the recent ‘fata morgana’ phenomenon. Three of them occurred the same week that CERN starting running at the higher power levels. Some readers here feel that the recent images look different than other ‘fata morgana’ pictures out there. Was CERN successful in opening a window to another dimension? I’m curious what the scientific community is saying about this, outside of the media.

        4. To add some cosmic balance to your scientific conclusions the channel Bashar had been talking about the splitting of worlds since the 80’s as well as other channels. Thier basic premise is that the years from the 80’s up until now represent the Nano Second, a window of time where you will be able to shift earth’s, after 2019 this window closes and your pretty much stuck on the earth you vibrate with. And the are literally an infinite amount of other parallel earth’s. By Bashars message is that its not CERN or the government it is you through titt conscious

          1. I’m not quite sure what you meant by “titt conscious”, but having a look at Bashar it seems to be related to a “mind over matter” situation.

            I’m not ever going to dismiss anything like that, as there often isn’t a way to disprove it, but I tend to stick within scientific means because it’s a way to “ground” observations to evidence that can be studied.

            The really interesting thing about the scientific method for me is that anything unfalsifiable cannot be tested by the scientific method, and therefore cannot be said to be true or not, at least by this method, such as “Is there a God?” I think as we approach more barriers in science we may well find more and more things which are untestable by science. Then things will get really interesting 🙂

    2. This is a great post. It’s interesting that you mentioned a universe where Hitler won since there’s a show coming out about that, I don’t know if that was intentional but if you don’t know about it the show is called The Man in the High Castle. It’s quite a coincidence that a show about an alternate reality is coming out right when large numbers of people are starting to notice changes (I know it was a book before, but I still think it’s significant that it’s coming out as a show right now). Another coincidence on tv is the show The Flash, which began with the explosion of a LHC type facility, featuring time travel and portals to other universes as the main topics of pretty much all of its episodes this year. Oh, and the time travel created an alternate reality. I’m not sure, but I think TV shows can be an indicator of what’s going on in reality, there are just way too many coincidences.

      1. I have heard of “The Man in the High Castle” but I haven’t read the book, sounded interesting though 🙂 I tend to play a lot of war-games based on alternate histories “Axis&Allies” for example, and also WW2 is close to my heart, which is most likely why I picked it, just to show the potential major consequences, assuming of course this is what’s happening.

        When you talk about alternate timelines “Back to the Future” comes to mind. I would be careful though, people have been writing about time travel way before even the first plane was made.
        An example from 1895:

        There are lots of things we can attribute to literature, because generally most things have already been imagined. Nothing is wrong with that but it’s good to keep science and science fiction within defined boundaries! Coincidences seem to occur often because of the huge number of random variables available, and unfortunatly picking out only a certain few is what’s referred to as the “cherry picking fallacy” and is something we always have to watch out for.

        I’m not trying to be rude here by the way, I’m just assuming you’re genuinely interested, if so I would highly recommend this 15min video, he explains it very well from a scientific viewpoint! 🙂

          1. I would say this was a mixture of coincidence and “Hindsight bias.” A lot of things like this are made for their entertainment value, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I would be careful not to read too much into them 🙂

            1. Science is supposed to be based on testing, but unfortunately it’s actually based on theories, you talked about gravity earlier. The whole heliocentric model is based on gravity. Nobody can tell what gravity is because it’s not real. Trying to prove a model of the universe based on something that doesn’t exist sounds to me a waste of time and efforts.
              You seem to be a nice person, but as a scientist you are just unable to prove gravity like anybody else. Unless you are open minded enough to try to explain the universe in a complete different model. I don’t know if you have ever heard about the concave earth model, but i recommend anybody to research it.
              To me the mandela effect is a manifestation of our consciousness shifting, by quantum leaps, through an infinite planes of existence. Our consciouness being our experience in a single plane. All the datas from everybody’s consciousness in all the planes being stored in the akashic records. For some reason some people’s memories are out of sync with the akashic records in their current plane of existence. Like anybody here i’d like to know the how and why.
              Sorry about my terrible english, my native langage is french.

              1. marc, your English is good enough to convey key concepts, and I appreciate your insights about concave Earth, and so on.

                The gravity-related portion of your reply to Fleecemaster is a little problematic, and — to me — seemed a little insulting, but I’m approving this (and asking Fleecemaster to understand) because I think it’s a language issue, rather than your intention.

                1. I never meant to insult anybody. I do respect any individual’s beliefs. But we are talking about ME and to me it’s a major step, to realize we are in a created world.
                  The elite is doing anything to brainwash us because they know the truth about our universe.
                  The mainstream science is trying for 500+ years to make humanity believe we are living on a spinning sphere (pear shape recently) revolving at 1000Mph at the equator and at 66600Mph around the sun. Because many people are starting to realize, thanks to the glitches, the so called Mandela effect, that we are living in a simulation. A simulation obviously generated by a creator, then instead of thinking we are insignificant beings on an unsignificant Earth in an infinite universe, people will understand the purpose of our life.
                  I guess scientists would think i’m insulting them, but i am really not. Their knowledge is based on a wrong model of our universe. If they can’t fight their ego to know the truth, i can’t help them. Most of the people here are obviously open minded, so i really hope they understand how important is the Mandela effect. It’s about awakening, the elite is gonna have a hard time to prevent humanity to be free now. They have enslaved us for too long, they got 99% of all ressources while they represent less than 1% of humanity. This is a fact not a theory. I don’t want people to believe me, i want them to research and find out by themselves. The more you research any topic, the more you understand how wrong is the mainstream.
                  The Mandela effect is a very good example, the mainstream will call us crazy. They will mock us, discredit us. Here we can discuss freely about this phenomenon, with no fear to be ridiculed.
                  If what i’m saying helps even a single person, i’ll feel proud. I thank everybody here for sharing their own experience because it helps me to be a better person.
                  And a special big thank you to Fiona, for this site.

  51. Mystery Science Theater 3000 used to be Mystery Science Theater 2000.

    I don’t know if this subject has been discussed here or not but I just found this being discussed on another ME forum… I know for a fact, as do several of my friends, that when this show first aired it was called MST 2000, not MST 3000… Now there is no record of it ever being MST 2000… The WIKI article about it claims that the show started as just Mystery Science Theater and then became MST 3000 shortly after that, but there is no mention of it ever being MST 2000.

    Does anyone else remember it as being Mystery Science Theater 2000?

      1. Thanks Fiona .. I didn’t know if that subject had been discussed here already.. I find it very strange that there is no record of it ever being MST 2000… Just one more thing that’s strange on a very long list of strangeness.

        As for slipping in and out of this reality, there are people who believe that Fruit Loops changed to Froot Loops recently, then went back to Fruit Loops for awhile and now has changed back to Froot Loops again.

        Wouldn’t it be awesome if the reality so many of us remember came back again? … I doubt that will happen though.

        A lot of changes in our geography has been discussed here but the strangest one for me is Cuba being twice the size it used to be… Same for Alaska … Not only did the shape of the West coast of Alaska change but it’s much larger than it used to be.

        1. Kathy – It was absolutely MST2000. I’m in Minneapolis and was a big Joel Hodgson fan back in the day. Before MST2000 we used to go see his comedy (with props) show regularly. I was pretty disappointed when he stopped doing stand-up, but MST2000 was a fun way to still see him. I don’t really remember when it switched to 3000, but I have a vague recollection it was when Joel left the show.

        2. What, specifically, changed with Alaska? My family is from Kotzebue & I’ve spent a significant portion of my life here; to me, the norther portion, around Point Hope & the area north of Nome look odd.

    1. Yes! The theme song says “In the not too distant future” which made sense, watching it in the 90s. When it switched to 3000, it didn’t make sense anymore. The year 3000 is really distant!

  52. In Disney’s 101 Dalmatians and the books, I remember Cruella’s name spelled as either “Deville” or “DeVille.” When you start a Google search, autocomplete comes up with “Deville” but Disney websites and Wikipedia show the name spelled as “De Vil,” which simply looks wrong to me.

    Amazon and EBay have numerous items spelled as “Deville,” or “DeVille,” and there are large sections in Pinterest, Photobucket and Tumblr under “Cruella DeVille”:

    There is a “Cruella DeVille” fanclub (whose members one would assume would know how to spell the name):

    The following are Google Trends search results for both “Cruella Deville” and “Cruella De Vil”, both of which are spiking in mid to late 2015:

    So this may be another example of either a mass misunderstanding of how the name is propoerly spelled or perhaps something else.

  53. I was told once by a close friend and read elsewhere several years back that time was “reset” in 1966 to avoid a planetary catastrophe and then again in the early 1970’s. I can believe it, but for me personally, I feel like what we are experiencing is what has been happening all along. Due to what is considered the Ascension of pretty much all in existence, many of us are noticing things that we missed before because of being in a lower frequency(if the term resonates). In other words, what was known by Shaman, Oracles, etc for thousands of years before the onset of organized religion(not trying to offend anyone); and that is that existence is NOT linear but multidimensional, is now re emerging and being realized once again. This is why some are now saying that they have been noticing these changes long before 9/11.

    For me personally, I feel like 9/11 was a “marker” event so to speak, to get our attention and wake many of us back up. Most people paid attention to very little attention to anything outside the realm of accepted thought prior to that time. In fact the years following 9/11 is when many more people began to do investigative research and come into spiritual consciousness. And now we have science beginning to validate some of the “mythologies” of Indigenous Peoples through findings in archaeology and anthropology, etc. and on top of that we have so much more being revealed about our Solar System, Earth, and The Cosmos in general at a much more accelerated rate.

    A note about Australia and SE Asia
    It seems like to me the changes in SE Asia weren’t noticed until AFTER the Tsunami and EQ in 2004. So many events of the natural disaster proportion have taken place in that area over the past 11-12 years or so. Including the Japan 2011 Tsunami, and the 2011 Chile EQ can be included as well, since Chile is on the Pacific side and South America has changed position since then. I feel like these natural disasters, planetary shifts, TL changes are all one and part of the same thing and they all coincide. The changes in the Caribbean for me did not occur or begin to occur until after the 2010 Haiti EQ. And The Verrazano Bridge did not pop up until after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. A close friend of mine and I both have been saying for sometime that major natural disasters are causing or are part of the planetary shifts. Perhaps they act as initiators/doorway openers, aside from what CERN is doing.

    Interesting enough the TV show LOST took place in Australia and on an island in the Pacific that shifted in and out of this dimension/TL. It also began it’s run in September 2004, 3 months prior to the EQ and Tsunami in SE Asia, and now in real life the bulk of geographical changes are in this same area. Totally not a coincidence. I have always been told major portals are in that area, and it has been the setting for many “unexplained” phenomena over the years. Maybe a thread could be started about pinpointing the time between natural disasters(especially major ones) and when geographical changes are noticed. It seems so far like said natural disaster will occur in a specific area and the geographical changes(and other changes) are gradually noticed in the years following. I believe that “natural disasters” are quantum events that are shifting the planet and us.

    Also note that 2011 was a gateway year

    More changes I’ve noticed:
    There is now a territory in NW Africa called Western Sahara, that I remember as all being Mauritania. Apparently there has been a dispute about the territory between Morocco and the Ethnic Sahwari population. There has even been a war. I had never heard any of this prior to yesterday and apparently Western Sahara was designated in 1975 and the conflict ongoing.

    The country in West Africa that was Gambia is now called The Gambia.
    Angola was in Central Africa, but is now on the West African Coast.
    The Laccadive Sea just came into existence.
    Carmen San Diego had a yellow hat and trench coat.

    We are truly in a time of infinite possibilities. Keep up the great work Fiona.

    1. Tee ,
      Very good post! I had a question , the 1966 reset , was there a month or date associated with that? I’m just curious , I’m always looking for more numbers to crunch. Patterns. Mike H.

      1. Greetings Mike H:

        Thanks. I cannot give an exact date during 1966, However I’m vaguely recalling October for the the time frame. I read this on a forum that I used to frequent several years back.

    2. That LOST tv show… I almost forgot about it. Didn’t it talk about portals and time travels and such? I remember something about a number sequence that was proeminent in season one before they changed the script to make the serie last longer.
      A number sequence… marking in time… a universe code?
      Maybe rewatching the series is worth a shot…

      1. Greetings Helene:

        Yes there was a number sequence throughout the series and many concepts contained in Eastern Spirituality were written into the show as well. There were so many what I call ‘jewels’ in Lost. It is definately worth the watch. One of the most potent observations for me is how the Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370 when missing pretty much close to the same area as the plane in Lost and 10 years after the show began. Some folks may just write it off as coincidence. I personally do not believe in coincidences. A lot of what we call ‘fiction’ is actually a reflection of ‘reality’ or another example of microcosm/ macrocosm.

    3. Hubby said that Carmen Sandiego originally started as a computer game- and one of them had a yellow and a red coat.

    4. Hi, Tee,

      I’d missed this new Western Sahara thing, but you’re right: that’s new to me, as well — as is this definite article “The” now being attached to Gambia, and Angola’s old location. The Laccadive Sea looked new to me when I was researching Sri Lanka, but I’m not 100% on the area; it’s interesting to see someone else mention it at all (makes me think that I might not have been wrong in wondering about it).

      I just commented on Carmen Sandiego (yellow trench) about six hours ago, so seeing it here just now was a moment of pleasantly surprising coincidence (at least, I’ll assume that that’s all that this was…).

  54. So I’ve kind of found a local “marker” (or two) for me to tell whether I’ve experienced a slip. I’ve noticed that the advertisements on the bus stop near my house change randomly. I know that advertisements do get changed, but these changes happen very irregularly. One of the changes happened in the middle of a rainstorm at night. It didn’t change after that for about a month, and then it changed about a week ago. I know this probably doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary, but I found it really strange that the first change happened during a rainstorm at night. The second one seemed pretty normal to me since it had been a clear week, but then two days ago I saw it had changed again, less than a week after that second change. I found it weird that it had been a month between the first two changes, then not even a week between the next ones. The second thing that has become kind of a marker for me is the carpet in the hallway of my building. It’s made up of carpet tiles which keep switching from laying flat to looking like they’re peeling up. I’m sure this could have something to do with humidity but I also noticed that there are stains (how ironic) on the carpet that move around in the hallway. There are usually two big ones and they’ll change from one being right in front of my door to being closer to the next door over or the one across the hall, and the other one moving closer to or farther from the end of the hall. To top it off I came on here today and found that Oscar Meyer had changed from what I remembered. Sorry if this post is dragging on, I just wanted to share my experience and say that it could be helpful for people to find something close to home to help tell if they’ve experienced a slip.

  55. Hey, Fiona! This isn’t a memory at all, but rather a question. What does everybody on here think about what could be happening in the ‘other’ universe? If this theory is correct and there at least two universes (A and E) [although I personally believe in the multiverse theory], what do you guys think is happening in the other universe(s)? Are we just gone from that universe, or are we there but somehow changed?

    Just some food for thought!

    1. Kaleb, I’d be fascinated to know what’s going on with the “other me” in other universes. In fact, if markers were more obvious, I might pause when I see one, and ask about my brother’s career, where I spent my 20s, and so on.

      My leading (but changeable) guess is that each of us is simultaneously in all realities, that time is just a filing system (not a reality), and we’re just now gaining a peek at the filing cabinet.

      However, I hope others will weigh with their opinions, guesses, and theories (supported and from the realm of “what if…?”).

      1. For me there are Many many other variations, like the Bernstein, Bernstain, BerenStein, BeremnStain and ever other version, even universes where there are no Berenstain bears.

        Its like going down a road, and you have a cross roads ahead of you, you can go on, turn left, turn right, turn backwards, or just stand there.. now all these choices creates different possibilities, but the possibilities can collapse and merge into a single reality. So at some future point if the commonalities of the universes become more of the same then they collapse into one. So if you turn leftin one world, turn right in another and it ends up in the same place. then there is a chance that the two universes you are in merge into a singular one.. and its just chance that lets you remember which universe A or E, are in.. Both universes are real, both universes are equally valid, it would explain the rare dual memories that some have.

        So if all your choices lead to 16 Yes, and 14 no.. then you are more likely to remember the Yes universe when they merge, that becomes a dominant reality If the choices lead to 15/15 then you can have a dual memory. So there is one world where i didnt visit this site, one i did, one i was skeptical, so eventually when the future universes collapse i could be in in where i never visited this site,i could have the memories of me visiting.

        I believe that some people/places are more of a pressure point. where realities can spread out more, or even people who merge realities more. just another 3 am set of thoughts.

      2. Another way to look at it is the universe started with a singular nature, then over time it started to split into the options, now as space, time goes on the possibilities spread out, like a millions threads, but as the universe gets older the threads start to merge into Skeins then strings, then into ropes all the way to the end singularity, until at the end of time and space there is a single reality, with a single memory, but some of us can sense the other strings.

      3. Fiona To me Solomon’s wisdom will always be the guiding light,a joyous pessimism,and i can’t imagine any universe where it doesn’t prevail.

        1. Vivek,

          Thank you for that. I share your sentiment. And what a beautiful way to put it, “a joyous pessimism”; it would seem that this is the balanced perspective of all enlightened beings.

      4. Kaleb,
        Very interesting topic for discussion! I personally think that there are multiple or even infinite alternate universes. It is compelling to think about what might be going on in these other universes or what the “other me” in another universe might be doing. My theory on this is that our consciousness only inhibits one of our bodies in these alternate universes at a time, and that when we “jump” universes, our consciousness shifts to the physical body in that particular universe. This of course raises even more questions, as to what does a body with a vacated consciousness resemble, it is obviously not an outwardly noticeable change. Kinda makes me wonder how many people we interact with daily are walking around here in this universe while their consciousness is occupying another body in another universe.

    1. Are you saying this article is false? I can’t see anything incorrect in it, it’s just talking about anti-matter.

      1. Fleecemaster, I probably should have deleted that comment rather than editing & approving it. I could be wrong — and if I am, Jason Thomas: correct my errors — but I think Jason Thomas is talking about peripheral issues.

        Generally, comments like these are about the context in which the news is reported, such as when whatever-it-is happened, how advance the research is (or isn’t) at this point, and the implied “what this should mean to you” suggestions.

        Jason Thomas, if you were saying the actual report is false, I’d like some references/footnotes that counter it.

        1. Fiona,

          Feel free to delete the comment. My intent is to help people understand that our mainstream media is bought and paid for. While the article may be accurate according to physics (I have no idea), all the information provided is on a need to know basis. The profligacy of these multiverse, mirror universe, and parallel universe articles is simply not a mistake or coincidence. After all, these theories are not new. My point is simply that by releasing this information, we are being desensitized to what will inevitable be a bent disclosure. However, I gather that Fiona is not interested in these types of discussions and that’s fine. I’m not sure what the Mandela is a product of, only that any disclosure of the multiverse will be jaded by an agenda.

          1. Jason Thomas,

            “Not interested” isn’t the same thing as “don’t have time or patience to deal with comments that are off-topic and/or better discussed at other websites.”

            Reporters and journalists are biased. Their editors are, as well, and have the pressures of commercial interests and other powerful influences. Those in power have their own biases and agendas… and so on, up the food chain. News is selectively reported, spun, and edited. At times, psychological tactics are involved; that’s part of marketing and PR. I supposed “bought and paid for” is one way of saying it.

            None of that should be surprising to anyone over age 12, and perhaps younger.

            This site is about the Mandela Effect: alternate history that appears to be real, but not in the current reality/universe. A peripheral topic is where our alternate memories come from. That might include aspects of science not widely known (or of interest) to the general public.

            Whether some individuals or groups are actively hiding that data, who they are, and what their motives are… other websites have more resources for those kinds of discussions.

            At, I’m focusing on the science of this, and the personal anecdotes (and resulting patterns we observe) that might point to scientific answers.

            Several Reddit subgroups and at least seven pages of YouTube videos (and comments) — none of which are related to me or this website — may be better suited to the topics you’d like to explore. Sites like AboveTopSecret also cover a broader context than this site does.

            It’s not that I’m wholly uninterested. At times, I’m very intrigued by fringe topics.

            However, I’m trying to maintain this site while keeping my own career on track, and claiming the occasional moment to relax with family and friends. So far, I’ve not been entirely successful; as 2016 approaches, I’m having to make difficult decisions and reprioritize.

            I hope that explains my increasing determination to avoid anything that’s going to take comments off-topic, lead to bickering, present us as a self-help group for people with dissociative disorders, or give skeptical critics more ammunition to label us as “just confused” or even “paranoid.”

            1. Dear Fiona,

              Concerning the comment of Jason Thomas:

              My intention is not to fan the flames, so to speak, but I can’t help but to point out a fallacy when I see one:

              “None of that should be surprising to anyone over age 12, and perhaps younger.”

              Really? With all due respect, perhaps you’ve been fortunate enough to be in the company of “awakened” individuals long enough to have lost touch with UNreality: all children — and most adults — believe that “news reports” are unbiased and objectively factual reports of reality, the products of a (non-existent) “free press”. Unless my reality has dramtically shifted in the last ten minutes, I’m certain that the way the world actually works is unbeknownst to most and certainly cannot be concieved of as common knowledge.

              Warmest regards,
              Brian S.

              1. Brian S.,

                You may be right, and I may be right. Chances are — and as with most contrasted opinions — the “truth” (in this reality) may be somewhere in the middle.

                Growing up, I believed all news reports — the ones my parents let me watch, anyway — until I was around 15 years old. It was a different era.

                I believe that most of today’s children — at least those watching TV — have become jaded and cynical by around age 10. Personally, I’d like to believe they will be “the Founders.”

                I might be wrong. Very wrong. (It won’t be the first time. LOL) Though I travel often, the locations I land in — usually 1k+ miles apart but consistent in the types of people I socialize with — may have skewed my views.

                However, the issue you’ve raised is a very good one, and I apologize to anyone and everyone I’ve offended by this comment and others like them.

                Every journalist, reporter, and creative voice has a bias, whether — depending on the attitudes of the audience — it’s called “viewpoint” or “propaganda.” That bias shows up in style and content.

                And, until I began writing for magazines, I hadn’t a clue that many (most?) editors and publishers had deliberate biases, largely geared to attract the largest reader base and acquire the most lucrative advertisers.

                When I mentioned my surprise to others, the response was the consistent, one-for-one: People laughed. They said I must have lived a very sheltered life. And, of course, I had.

                Add a couple of decades of working with editors and publishers, and reporting bias seemed commonplace to me now.

                It may not be that way for others. You are right.

                Again, I apologize for being harsh. I bristle when people seem to paint me with a wide brush that suggests an attitude that’s the polar opposite of what I’ve tried to convey here; that comment was a response to it. (There are days when I’m knee-deep in unpleasant critics making personal jabs, and — though the public don’t see those comments — the snarkiest do take a toll on my sense of humor.)

                Mostly, I want to thank you for helping me reach a decision about where this site is going. Looking at the avalanche of comments claiming that David Bowie’s death was a hoax — and somehow trying to make that a Mandela Effect issue — I was going to close all comments for a few days, anyway.

                But — even before the Bowie issue — I’d been considering a few options. Your comment makes the simplest (and most sensible) direction clearer. Again, thank you.


        2. It’s the same old story of victors writing the history,the matter is called matter simply because it outweighed antimatter.And why call antimatter ‘anti’,why not give some respect to the vanquished and annihilated ? I think the time has come to rename antimatter,reverse-matter or some other easy sounding word.

  56. Subject: Columbia Crew Didn’t Die + Tinitus, DNA Frequency, and Hyperdimenisonal Physics


    Your site is FANTASTIC, I’ve been telling people about Mandela since 1992 (and they’ve been calling me crazy), but I NEVER knew of any of the other examples (I first heard Mandela was alive in 1992, it blew me away because I knew he had died in the late 70s or early 80s). 

    I’ve been scraping my brains off the walls (you blew my mind) since I read the potential tinitus connection (my ears have been ringing non-stop for 50 years). 

    I used an audio tone generator to find the frequency of my “ringing” and I narrowed it down to 10280 or 10281 hertz. Then I divided it by the “sacred” hyperdimensional number of 19.47 (see Richard C Hoagland) and I came up with 527.99178. Then I reworked the math backwards using 528 (Hertz) instead of the 527.99xx (see human DNA Frequency) and arrived at 10280.16 (Hertz) and I readjusted my audio generator to this exact frequency and compared it to my [perceived] tinitus frequency using high quality headphones and viola!, an absolutely perfect match with NO heterodyne beat (10280.16 is the exact frequency between 10280 & 10281, which I didn’t find randomly by listening). 

    This almost certainly means that my tinitus is hyperdimensionally related to the human DNA frequency. I don’t feel that this is coincidental because 10280.15 & 10280.17 (and anything else but 10280.16) causes a heterodyning beat to manifest, the further off the number, the faster the beat. What exactly this means, I can’t even begin to understand. Is this also somehow related to me being a recaller of at least 15 of your alternate timeline examples? I don’t know, but my head sure “exploded” upon this realization! 

    Regarding Columbia STS-51, I know FOR SURE my memory of the explosion was winter of 1984 because I built the entire Manitowoc, WI, USA cable TV system in 1983-84 and I spent weeks ensuring that EVERY public and parochial school in town had adequate cable outlets and reception for ALL students to view “the first teacher in space”. By 1985 I had moved on to another cable system so it HAD to have happened in 1984. 

    BTW: Christa McAuliffe is alive and well today and teaching at a university 50 miles away from me in Madison, Wisconsin. Most or all of the the rest crew is alive and well too (explain that!). 
    See:  and 
    There was also a recent video of Christa giving a presentation (at UW Madison?) on YouTube that seems to have vaporized in the past few months, you may still be able to find a copy of it (I didn’t look very dilligently for it). 

    Please feel free to edit and post any of this except for my email address. Also, feel free to contact me for any reason you may have, I have put in at least 35,000 hours of research study on all things exopolitical, paranormal, and metaphysical since I had a profound near-death experience in 1986 (I was born in 1959). Your current work will likely cause me to expend another 500 to 1000 hours of research (Thanks for that!). 

    I think you and your followers may be onto something really big with this tinitus connection, especially given the uncanny [hyperdimensional] connection that I personally [seem] to have between tinitus and DNA. Please don’t be too quick to reject this theory that you have stumbled upon. I will continue to “flesh out” this additional hyperdimensional aspect and report any new findings back to you (you can have all of the credit). 

    Upon your request, I will provide you with a detailed explanation of the frequency determining apparatus that I used. Audio signal generators (for all platforms; Android, I-Phone, PC, etc.) are available as free downloads. I am really curious to know if anybody else would find  a similar correlation. After viewing examples of tinitus frequencies at the medical link YOU posted on your site, I noticed that my frequency is quite high. Harmonic multiples would yield the same mathematic outcome, in relationship to DNA (and/or other chakras?), so other may have different frequencies and still find a correlation. I know in my case the ringing is in my brain since I cannot “phase cancel” the sound (if the sound was real, and in my ears, this test would have canceled or attenuated the sound when the phase was shifted).

    Thank you so much for your time and effort, and keep up the GREAT work that you are doing,


     I was taught in school that the United States had 50 States + 2 possessions, Puerto Rico and Guam,  were referred to back then as “U.S. Possessions” 

    Exxon (Exxon/Mobile) and Esso was called Enco/Esso, their motto was “put a tiger in your tank” and they used to give away a free “Tiger Tail” with the purchase of a “fill up”. This was simply a tiger-striped stuffed animal toy “tail” that was about 15 inches long with a loop on one end so you could hang it from your mirror or a hook. 

    Regarding Fruit Loops, one of my favorite cerials, I believe there was a legal technicality that arose at some point in the 1970’s and the spelling was changed from Fruit to Froot because the product was not actually made with real fruit. They were forced to change the spelling of the word so as not to be charged with false advertising.  I’m pretty sure that both spellings were used at different points in time. Therefore, this may not be a candidate for the Mandela Effect.

    1. Mike Nelson, thanks for the comment. (The Contact form seems to work for some, not for others; I have no idea why. Comments are the best way to communicate with me. I’m not able to reply to Contact form/emails, due to the number I receive, daily.)

      I’ve moved your comment to the Major Memories / Comments page 13, where more people will see it. You’ve raised many good points, and you’ll probably be engaged in several related conversations.

      I’m not wholly rejecting the tinnitus-DNA-Mandela Effect connection. My concern was that the conversations were becoming too focused on tinnitus symptoms & cures, and I want to keep the focus on the Mandela Effect aspects of this. The survey suggested a correlation, but I think this topic needs to be addressed slightly differently, to see how the puzzle pieces fit together.

      I’ve searched for Fruit Loops > Froot Loops evidence, and can’t find it. For me, the most telling clue (or missing one) was that “Fruit Loops” wasn’t trademarked. If the name had ever been planned for commercial production, even if attorneys vetoed it early, I’m sure the company would have purchased the trademark to protect the name. So, my guess is urban legend or Mandela Effect. Or an urban legend that developed to explain Mandela Effect memories.

      That’s the tip of the iceberg, in things I’d like to say about your comment, but I was trying to turn off the computer nearly an hour ago. I’m sure I’ll get caught up in additional replies to your comment, and I’m interested in what others say about these topics, as well.

      1. Hi, Fiona,

        I’ll play devil’s advocate on this one and throw out a fun little thought-grenade: what if it’s a case of an urban legend that then drove a Mandela Effect? Whichever mechanic you prefer (mind over matter, morphic resonance fields, a rather extended version of RNG-manipulation), could it not have sprung from within, rather than without?

    2. Mike Nelson,

      I believe your comment about Fruit Loops being changed in the 1970’s to Froot Loops is incorrect.. If you Google images of the cereal boxes through the years, even dating back to the early 60’s, there is no evidence of the Fruit Loop spelling …Yet there are many people, including myself , who remember it being spelled that way.. So I do believe this one would qualify as a Mandela Effect.

      Thanks for your link about the Challenger astronauts.. The most interesting one to me is Judith Resnik since we can not only compare what she looks like now and then, but actually compare her mannerisms and voice, which appear to be the same.

      Also the pictures of Michael J. Smith, then and now, seem to be a match.

      There are a few Mandela Effect scenarios that could be connected to this, like a different reality where they weren’t killed, or a possible time traveler altering the past?.. I know that sounds pretty far out there, but in today’s changing reality anything seems possible.

      1. I don’t know what happened to the link I posted about Judith Resnik but when I clicked on it, the video was gone… I found it again and am reposting it for anyone who might be interested in this subject.

        Are the Crew Members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Still Alive?

        If this turns out to be true it will be bigger news than just the spelling change of a cereal or celebrities apparently dying twice, or coming back from the dead.

        1. Kathy, the two look alike in many ways, but I’m not sure what your point is.

          The video is classic conspiracy material. If you want to go down that road, another YouTube video takes the topic a step further:

          (For me, the red flags start waving if a religious reference is among the leading descriptors used, and one of the most obvious, popular conclusions is that the media lied about the person’s death. Anyone interested in that kind of conspiracy should search for “crisis actors.” The topic is massive. For example, a Google search for “crisis actors” + “Boston Marathon” turns up more than 10 pages of links. Other sites delve into this topic with far more zeal — and more website resources — than I have.)

          I can find at least a dozen photos in which the two Judith Resniks look completely different. Even in the video, the law professor’s eyes-to-nose proportions aren’t a match for the most likely ways the astronaut would have aged. (And, I’d argue that, if plastic surgery were used, they’d have changed her name, as well.)

          This would be Mandela Effect if astronaut Judith Resnick suddenly turned up, alive, as if no Challenger disaster had happened, or if — as one of the three likely to have been alive after the cockpit separated from the vehicle — she’d survived the tragedy in this reality (as opposed to dying).

    3. Nikola Tesla:

      “Alpha waves in the human brain are between 6 and 8 hertz. The wave frequency of the human cavity resonates between 6 and 8 hertz. All biological systems operate in the same frequency range. The human brain’s alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the earth is between 6 and 8 hertz. Thus, our entire biological system – the brain and the earth itself – work on the same frequencies. If we can control that resonate system electronically, we can directly control the entire mental system of humankind. ”

      (I hate to censor, but perhaps the comments on tinnitus page that focused on symptoms could be deleted to continue discussion. Still very interested. Possible DNA link would be interesting. Upon research, found background of members hinting at Scotland)

      1. Daniel, I agree that this is still an interesting topic. I’m considering different ways to phrase a fresh article, to reboot the conversation without editing what was said before. It’s difficult for me to draw a line; anything could be useful to the discussion. However, frequencies, DNA, and markers are among the topics I’d consider relevant, or at least good starting points to see where the conversation could lead.

  57. I receive an email update of comments made and keep seeing that comments have been moved to various areas, but when I go to that area to look for the comment, they aren’t there. This time was to see Mike Nelson’s original comment which Fiona had replied to. She said it would be in this section but I can’t find it.

  58. If i check up on the search terms: “Mandela effect”, “Berenstein” and “Berenstain” in Google Trends, there is a very big spike for the month of August 2015. Then it was downhill again towards September, but the search activity is still higher than in July. What happened in August? No headlines from news are featured in this period according to Google, which makes small milestone icons when a popular news article in the media mentions the search term.

    1. Two things happened around that time: First, George Takei discovered — to his amazement — that the Berenstein Bears were the Berenstain Bears… and said so at Facebook. Then, a few weeks (I think) later, Wil Wheaton made a similar comment, I think at G+. Both of them have huge followings, and their comments led people here.

      1. Hi, Mikkel S. & Fiona,

        George Takei’s post was 05 Aug 2015, & Wil Wheaton’s was 04 Oct 2015.

          1. Hi, Fiona,

            Maybe they _hadn’t_ been that far apart at the time that you’d found out about them, I don’t know — I know only that they were that far apart recently.

            As a side thought, regarding just how many people are aware of the M.E.: George Takei’s FB post [1] has so far reached 11,659 “Likes”, 2,853 comments, & 932 shares; Wil Wheaton’s Tumblr [2] has now reached 154,051 notes (2 more than a few hours ago), and his Facebook post [3] has now reached 258 “Likes”, 52 comments, & 0 (none) shares.

            I’ve seen some FB-posts, tweets, tumbls (right word?) from other famous people (and some apparently-famous people, I suppose — I don’t know them, but they seem to be famous). It makes me wonder just how many people are currently aware of all of this (ignoring repeats who know of it via multiple channels, of course).

            Of the comments, I haven’t bothered trying to get a statistical sampling (yeesh…), but a good number of them seem to agree about team-E, at any rate. I think that it’s safe to say that there are at least thousands of people with this issue at hand (whatever the issue itself might entail).


            1. Closeted team-E, I’m laughing about the idea that the comments really weren’t that far apart, when I found out about them. It’s more likely that George’s comment triggered a massive wave of interest in this website, and I was so busy trying to keep up with comments, I lost track of time. For months. (Well, when his post first broke, comment reviews suddenly took ~5 hours/day, instead of a cumulative one hour/week.)

              Still, I’m grateful for the short-term traffic spike, as resultant comments helped confirm that this is a fairly widespread issue. Of course, the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears topic was huge. However, many people who came to this site — looking for the Bears’ info — stayed to read more. In the process, they discovered more of their own alternate memories, and left comments that may turn out to be very useful as we sort what’s behind Mandela Effect memories.

  59. Hi Fiona,

    New post here and not replying to anyone. I’m fairly certain that this fascinating phenomena Mandela Effect is a real deal. Nobody know the real cause(s) of it. Whatever the theories (parallel universe, multiverse, CERN, etc), I can confidently dismiss the ‘Time Travel’ theory as one of the cause. Reason being the changes in the world map. I’m not a geography freak, but if that is what’s been claim by many, so be it. I don’t see how time travelers have the abilities to moves countries to new locations. All the other theories are plausible, but not time travelling.

    ( *I typed ‘Traveller’ but there’s red underscore on the word and corrected me to traveler. English is not my native language, so I hope someone can enlighten me the actual spelling of this word. I remember Traveller. Double ‘L’ )

    1. Ben, thanks for your comment.

      “Traveller” is correct and so is the more modern spelling, “traveler.” In some areas, “Traveller” (upper case T, and two Ls) suggests people who’ve chosen a migratory lifestyle, including (but not exclusive to) those sometimes called “Gypsies.” However, the double-L spelling is phonetically correct and used by some traditional spellers. The “travellers” spelling tends to be more in use in England — and Britain in general — than in the U.S. (Generally, I favor traditional spellings, but when I write for an audience, I’m usually mindful of the way the majority of my audience spell words… although I make no claims for consistency.)

      Also, I’d be surprised if all “Mandela Effect” phenomena can be traced to a single explanation. That would be odd, to say the least.

      You’re right that time travelers probably can’t move land masses or shift countries to new locations. Not easily, anyway. What they might do — for a purpose or for fun — is change maps and schoolbooks for five years or so, just to watch people’s reactions when they find out where countries and land masses really are. In the lead-up to space travel and related photography, I can see that happening… if that somewhat disturbing idea is true. (I think it’s preposterous, but I can’t 100% rule it out.)

      So, going far out on that limb, time travel could affect geography as we perceive it, and be a factor in the general phenomenon that I’ve described as the Mandela Effect… a phrase that seems to be in the wild and used for all kinds of things, far beyond my original intent.

      1. Hi Fiona,

        Thanks for your thorough explanation of the word (traveler/traveller). I really appreciate that. 🙂 Talking about time travelers(if they exist) altering the maps, I still find it impossible. Peoples in the logistics, aviation, and maritime industries relied greatly on maps and coordinates. They need to arrived on the physical locations base the map that they have. For example traveling between NZ and Australia. The route has always been the same base on the map. If time travelers did altered the map and peoples in the industries followed the altered map, they could never reach the physical destination between the 2 countries and all hell will break lose. I’m sorry I’m not very good in explaining, but I do hope you get what I mean.


        1. Ben, I understand your point, but this is leading off-topic.

          Industry maps might not have been involved.

          For personal amusement (or a bet), a time traveler need only alter one map, globe, or textbook to create confusion. It could take years to track back to the cause, and — by then — the publisher (or time traveler) may have changed things back again. All evidence may have vanished.

          Time travel is a valid topic as an adjunct to the Mandela Effect, and I personally believe the two may have some connections.

          However, most conversations like this rely so heavily on speculation, it’s easy to lose sight of the issues we can study with greater confidence, substance, and scientific support.

          Before casually dismissing the concept of time travel, consider a world in which time travel is normal, for research or recreation. The problem is: When talking about the Mandela Effect and time travel, the ramifications are massive, and can become a tangled topic rather quickly.

          1. I don’t want to send this FURTHER off topic than it already is, but I do feel it’s important to remain open to ALL possibilities regarding The Mandela Effect.
            I understand that moving entire continents seems to be out of the realm of possibility for a “Time Traveler”, but the TRUTH is we just don’t have enough information to say that.
            If anyone is reading this and thinking “Its RIGHT THERE in front of me on a map! How much more information do I need?” they are missing a whole history of information that could span SEVERAL industries! I don’t want to go into a lenghty expanation about how a “time traveler” could cause this, with SO LITTLE information that we have anything could be the cause.

            1. (Reply to DbD on 11/12/15)
              I’ve often thought and heard that if Time and Space are actually one thing, a fabric of time/space rather than two separate things. If that’s so then any movement in one dimension (time and/or space) is therefore movement in the other.

              For example, teleportation would not just be movement across space, but also across time and vice versa. In order to travel on just one side of the equation, move a variable along the axis of time OR space, wouldn’t we have to hold the other side/axis constant?
              (Science types feel free to comment. I am in no way completely educated on these subjects.)

              So, I agree. We shouldn’t necessarily limit the possible explanations of the Mandela Effect.

              1. Hey Jennifer,
                Thanks for the reply and the support. I’m definitely of the same mind as Fiona in regards to the physics of “Special Relativity”, in the fact that I have just enough knowledge to make me dangerous. But, I think the majority would agree with us, in the fact that we just don’t have enough info to start ruling possibilities out.

      2. Hi Fiona,
        Ben, Wow! This subject immediately brought to mind the Piri Reis map and other ancient maps that are “mysteriously” accurate which kind of made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

        I did a web search and noticed that most of the skeptic’s arguments about the accuracy of the maps were : differences in the sizes of the continents or certain degrees of distance continents were from the equator, coastlines that were distorted and peninsulas and islands that existed or didn’t exist in the maps. (A lot similarities to the shared memories.)

        I share SO many of the Major Memories but I was never much of a geography student so my memory of coastlines is pretty limited in any of my timelines. That turns out to be a real blessing , if it weren’t the case I would be obsessing over satellite images of the Earth right now. 😉

        I would like to think that a lot could be explained if there were a parallel between ME and Time Travel, especially looking at advanced civilizations like ancient Egypt, Greece or China or at men like Galileo or DiVinci or Tesla.

  60. I remember years ago my friends and I were talking about different pizza chain gimmicks from the past, and I mentioned that I remembered the “Big Foot Pizza” from Little Ceasers, but my friends all laughed at me and said that Pizza Hut had the Big Foot Pizza. I had clear memories of getting the Big Foot Pizza from Little Ceasers, so I bet my friend $20 that is was Little Ceasers and I lost. Does anyone remember Little Ceasers with the Big Foot and not Pizza Hut?

    1. John O, my very casual memory (not to be relied upon) is that it was Little Caesar’s. I’d associated it with the cartoon-ish Roman figure in their advertising, and his big feet. At the time, it sounded wonderful (and I’ve always liked Little Caesar’s pizzas), but a Little Caesar’s wasn’t anywhere near us and trying a Big Foot Pizza wasn’t an option. So, I’d probably seen the Big Foot Pizza ad on TV.

      Again, it’s not a reliable memory… just adding my two cents.

    2. John O.-

      Re: the Bigfoot pizza. Yes! I just had this realization recently as well. My town just got a Little Caesar’s pizza and I asked my husband if he remembered the Big Foot pizza they used to sell in the 90’s (it seemed like it was served at every birthday party I attended for years!). I was shocked to find the commercial on YouTube showing the Big Foot pizza was from Pizza Hut, NOT Little Caesar’s.

      I even have a vague memory of going with a friend and their parent/s to pick one of these up from Little Caesar’s.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers it this way!

      1. Thanks for confirming this Jessica P! My friends all had a good time razzing me about it. I wish I would have stayed in that timeline, then I would be $20 richer! lol

  61. There is a movie I clearly remember watching in the late ’90s.
    The Man From Earth.
    (Fantastic, intellectual, science fiction, btw!)
    I know it was the ’90s, because we were in an apartment when we watched it, and we bought our house in 2000.
    However, in the current timeline, it wasn’t produced until 2006.

    1. Hi,
      its the same feeling for me, for the man from earth…
      i know for sure that i watched that movie on my laptot in our old appartment, that was between 2006-2008, and at that time i was thinking why i never heard of this 90s movie before…before i watch a movie i go always check for information on imdb…so for me this was a 90 movies..btw im a movie fanatic…
      i had the same thing with the masters of the universe…on imdb and wiki they say that the movie came out in 1987…i went watch this movie with my mom in theater…but i was born in 1985…i asked my mom how old i was when we went watch the movie…she told me ive must been 5 or 6…impossible that my mom took me with 2 years in theater to watch that movie…
      first change i noticed was the looney toons change…knew nothing about the mandela effect yet…
      i was at a trip and bought a cap for my son…at a hip hop store…there was a looney tunes cap and i thought that this was an allusion for tunes because it was kind of a music store…
      later i read beneath the cap that’s all folks…then i realised that this must bee a original looney toons cap…but why does it say looney tunes?
      then i went google for looney toons…an when i saw the first official pics with looney tunes thats the first time i got this strange feeling…this was 6 months ago…
      second thing was interview with a vampire…100% sure it always was interview with a vampire…got the same strange feeling as the looney toons change when i went check for it…thats the time i found out that there were other people with the same feeling…learned about mandela effect
      another thing for me is the ford logo…i shared a fiesta for 2 years with my younger sister…the ford logo was imprinted on the steering wheel…the font changed…my sister noticed too…never told her about the mandela effect..we sold the car 1 year ago…so i went check i they changed the font of the it’s the same since 1976…impossible for me i’ve never saw the logo like this before..

    2. I remember watching an episode of the twilight zone in the early 90s with the same story (even the same title), i noticed that when i watched the movie The man from earth around 2007. I guess i have to be wrong since nobody here mentioned it but … Tbh it’s a not a strong memory but i had to share it anyway.

  62. Uh … do we have any MUSIC AFICIONADOS here?
    For that matter, does anyone here recall “aficionado” being spelled with two “f’s”?! That is a word I’m well acquainted with, and spellcheck just corrected me on a spelling I’ve known quite well. Apparently, the etymology has switched to the Spanish root, or just the entire word: “aficionado”, which translates to “amateur”. The Latin “affectio” — which is the root of the English “affection –, reflects a “favorable disposition towards” — or, thus, “affection”. That’s how I memorized the spelling of the word. A “music aFFicionado”, in its original form, means a “lover of music”. The Spanish word “aficionado” would literally mean to be a “music amateur”. That’s completely the opposite definition. I didn’t come here to ask about this word, but that was a total shock! Anyway …

    What I was originally going to as is: Is anyone familiar with BASSIST “Brian Behler”? I recall, very well, the “h” being in his name. It always drove me nuts, because it made me want to pronounce it with the “h” sound in it. I even remember a discussion where someone else even admitted not knowing how to pronounce his name. He stopped and asked, “Is that how you pronounce his name? I never know whether that “h” makes it more like “beller” or “bayler?” I tried to pronounce his name properly, just as I tried to pronounce Ace Frehley’s name properly (FRAY-lee vs FREE-ly; though I think I’ve given up, because Freely sounds cooler).
    So I went to look up the musicians behind Dethklok, because the only member whose name I remembered was Brian Behler. When I pulled up the info, I discovered his name is now spelled BELLER.
    It was never BELLER; it was BEHLER.

    Oh, well. I don’t have to fight with pronunciation now!

    1. Hi, Duren Black,

      I don’t know if this is M.E. or minor (normal) memory (or perhaps 2 typos, I suppose), but there might be a second change to his name (I’m not familiar with him, so I can’t say either way): I ran a Google just now, and the results indicate that his first name (“Brian”) is actually “Bryan”. Welcome to your latest timeline/reality,memory/something.

      Side-note: as of 27 Nov (2015), there’s now also a music page at

      1. Hey, Closeted Team-E!
        Just now saw this message! Haha! I came to this section because I noticed there was an entire section devoted to music, and I was getting ready to copy & paste the Beller/Behler thing over there (along with the one about Robot Unicorn Attack). *thumbs up*

        Yep! 48 hours later, I noticed the change to the first name, too. Not a typo; his name was spelled BrIan on another timeline. 😉 When I saw the “y”, I was like, “His FIRST name now?!” lol

        Thanks for the reply. 🙂

  63. When I was younger, I remember that the ‘redo’ shortcut was quite complicated for me at the time.
    I’m sure I always got annoyed when I had to use it.
    It was something like ctrl+shift+(some other key) on Word and it differed from software to software.
    After some time, I gave up trying to learn it and began using only the arrow button instead.
    I always wondered why it wasn’t something as easy as ctrl+z or ctrl+c.
    So imagine my surprise when I found out that now you can redo something with simply ctrl+y in almost any software lol

  64. Any Roald Dahl fans out there?

    I found two things that appear to have changed for me:
    The space creatures that are a main part of the story in Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator are now called Vermicious Knids. I remember them being called Vernicious Knids (when I learned about pernicious anemia, the word “clicked” as being the word that Vernicious was modeled after). What looks right: VerMicious or VerNicious?

    The other one is a (seemingly) new chapter in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s a very short chapter (2 pages) called “Square sweets that look round.” The chapter is delightfully hilarious; my 7 year old didn’t remember it either (this is my third time reading it to her) but she loved the “new” chapter so much that she had me read it about five times.

    I’ve read most of his books multiple times, in my own childhood and to both of my children. I own a box set of Roald Dahl books, so they’re the same ones I’ve read again and again.

    1. Google just changed between two searches. Vernicious Knids self populated the first time I searched, and there were multiple searches that came up with that spelling. Then the next time, only a minute later, it was “corrected” to Vermicious. There is also a band called the Vernicious Knids. Maybe they were avoiding copyright issues, or maybe they remember the word as I do.

      1. FJ, I remember VerMicious Knids, having read the book as a child and I remember repeating the words over and over in my head because I loved how it sounded. I remember VerMicious because it was similar to Vermin, which I had recently learned. Of course, it’s entirely possible that in your reality it was VerNicious.

        1. Thanks for the reply Christine. I don’t doubt your memory either, that it was always with an M for you. Either way the books are still great!
          . Vermicious is really hard for me to say- I have to really think about it. For now, I’ll take comfort in Google search evidence that others remember Vernicious also 🙂

    2. Hi, FJ,

      Although I remember it with an “M”, there are 22 Google pages of hits for the “N” version. Some of them might well be avoiding copyright issues, as you had suggested, but some of them clearly use specific content (such as “Snozwankers”, “Oompa-Loompas”, “Ewoks” (no idea what that’s about…), a quotations page [1], and one is even an official Penguin Books page [2].

      Hmm, yet another dilemNa/dilemMa?


      1. Great finds Closeted Team E! Thank you. When I first searched it, plenty of hits showed up with Vernicious, however, on subsequent searches many of them were gone, and Google corrected it “did you mean Vermicious?”.

  65. I try not to let extraneous, things enter my typing. sometimes i include somethings if i feel they have a connection to the main subject. I offer interesting links to effects that could be linked to the mandela effect. but most of my comments are on subject. I used to moderate several forums and websites, I know how hard it is.. so i try to stay on subject.. mostly.. What you do here is fantastic, trying to keep the personalities from clashing, I know thats hard, and if i dont see my comments on here I know how it is i am not going to get upset or angry. for me certain commonalities exist between us on this site, but there are also radical differences as well.. There are as many answers out there as questions sometimes theres the wrong question or a wrong answer.. All i can do is say and maybe give a little sense that we are sane, we just see a little deeper of a reality that the mainstream doesnt necessarily wish to see.

    That no matter what, and how someone experiences the mandela effect that they are not alone, even if , especially if their experience is different to mine, my memory may be from a 3rd universe, which is a combination of the 2 others.. With the Gotcha i do say that but i tend to expand a little more on it as its a trigger for more knowledge i have. especially as i live so far away from many people.. I can see how questioning the “standard” answer of reality can be disturbing to others, whether personally, or organisationally.. People and groups are afraid of things that are not “normal”, case in point i was taught the “offical” history of certain events, but i had a family member who experienced the truth the reality of that time.. but it was only the real truth rather than the Official truth,

    I try to be entertaining, or bring something new or even as i said a cultural difference being from the UK, a different view. So i am grateful to this site and to you Fiona, and all the others here, even if especially if people are here to help me question whats going on.

  66. Does anyone remember when Diana died, a news report came on at around 3am reporting that she had been in a car crash. The reporter went on to say she was unhurt with minor lacerations to her thigh and was seen pacing up and down in an agitated state. By daylight, it was reported she was dead and no mention of the news report again. Myself and my mother witnessed that news report and to this day cannot explain it.

    1. I do remember the first news reports because I was up nursing my newborn… and was in total shock. But I don’t share this memory… it was 3 am and the news report was she was still alive but it critical condition along with one other while 2 were DO A… she was being rushed to a Paris hospital.

  67. Anyone les experience that shift? 1:33 11/13/15?
    Just witnessed a repeat in a movie I was watching ? I dont want to be specific , but anyone led catch that?

    1. BEN, were you watching via a streaming service, via cable, antenna, from a DVD? I’m not sure if readers should focus on the time it happened, or something else.

      And, if this is time-related, can you tell us the time zone you’re in, or relate it to GMT?

      (I use Roku to watch TV and streaming services, so I’m accustomed to some very weird repeats in all kinds of programming. Something odd happened with what I was watching, yesterday, and I’m not sure if it’s relevant or not. With streaming services, I usually ignore the glitches, but this one was annoying enough that I was going to contact Amazon about it.)

  68. Fiona,

    I haven’t seen these few below listed anywhere so far (whether here, Wood Between the Worlds, numerous YouTube videos, Reddit, etc.–but I’m still trying to read through the Major Memories comments), so I figured that I should mention them in case they help anyone else. I’ve noted these in the past 2 weeks, but only due to having stumbled upon everyone else’s noting the Mandela Effect, or else might well have not glanced over maps and globes as carefully for some time to come. (Note: a rather large single corpus of material can be found at .)

    * Madagascar: “should be” rather smaller, much more north, and maybe(?) a bit more east;
    * Sicily: “should be” farther from Italy;
    * Corsica: “should be” smaller;
    * Sardinia: “should be” smaller;
    * Costa Rica: “should be” a separate island;
    * Central America too long: “should be” that (a little under the Yucatán peninsula) it would connect directly to Panama, then Colombia.
    * Honolulu should be south-facing crescent, but is instead roughly SE-facing, missing 1/3 eastern land [balance of Western lump]
    * HonOlulu used to be spelled HonAlulu

    For those who remember Baja California being somewhat smaller (than Florida, for example), perhaps this map will ease your nerves (at least somewhat, I hope; this one “feels” [synaesthesia?] about right, to me): .

    On a related tangent, for those who have concerns about New Zealand (practically all of us, methinks): (it shifts to northeast in ’08, and disappears in 2010–odd “glitch”, to say the least, but happily one that matches my NZ memory).

    Please note that I’m more of a math and physics geek (and a little linguistics) than geography. I say that in order to clarify that although I’m rather certain of the above data, they’re not in my particular niche.

    I’ve taken recently to breaking down which effects affect me (or don’t) and to what broad extent (I now see that there are far more items than I would wish to tackle as a multivariate study, though). I’d love to go on about a number of them (catch the pigeon certainly comes to mind), but misdoubt the value of an exhaustive listing being of great value within a forum (though if you’d like, I’d be happy to give you my data, whether publicly or privately [and no, that’s not a hopeful hint, merely an honest offer/statement]). One thing that does strike me though, is that some of those I had noted in the ’80s, some in the ’90s, and quite a few in the early ’00s (and, naturally, some I can’t nail down when, or hadn’t noted until they were brought to my attention in the past week or two).

    If it’s of any help, although I haven’t done a hard-core breakdown of categorizing the observations that I’ve read, I have been noting them somewhat offhandedly and just now plugged them into a spreadsheet. Of the approximately 464 items (edit on-the-fly: “Berke” Breathed, Greenland’s size, & a peninsula? 467, and counting…): 8 I have no clue what they’re even about, 210 I don’t know enough to weigh in on, 148 (59.68% of known) don’t apply to me, 18 (7.26% of known) are “maybes”, and 82 (33.06% of known) do apply to me. Please note that these numbers are within a small margin of error, since some are multi-part category overlaps (though no duplicates). I think that I’ll have to forgo digging deeply into (much less Google trends & Ngram view). With this reasonably large sample size, I expect that my percentages will remain roughly as is, but since I have yet to read most of your site (another 10 or so Major Memory comment pages, plus all but 12 of the category-specific pages), I expect that my raw numbers will climb accordingly.

    For possibly-relevant reference: I was born in late 1971 (just shy of 44 y/o), no known NDEs (with one possible exception in early 2005: car crash [head trauma / TBI, which makes my observations possibly suspect]), no blood transfusions, a “touch” of scarlet fever @ age 9, a hallucinating fever just after 17th b’day (unk. illness, but flu-like). For the elucidation of any potential “trolls” who might read this: yes, I’m American; no, I’ve studied widely (both within the USA and abroad: I lived for 11 years in Europe and Japan, and spent several months in the Middle East), and my test scores are invariably excellent (specifically: I set the curve, when grading is performed in this fashion).

    Before I forget: thank you, Fiona, so very, _very_ much for the work that you’ve put into keeping this site beautifully troll-free. In reading elsewhere, I’m reminded of why I so long ago stopped bothering reading online (beyond the occasional bit of Wikipedia, or some such).

    1. Edit:

      I posted originally “Honolulu should be south-facing crescent, but is instead roughly SE-facing, missing 1/3 eastern land [balance of Western lump]”

      My apologies, but I when I posted it, I had been trying to get around the surprise there (and not proofreading sufficiently, though that’s no excuse), and had meant “Honolulu should be a south-facing crescent, but is instead roughly SW-facing, missing 1/3 western land [balance of eastern lump]”.

  69. Poland is now bigger than Germany!!! WHAT is going on!? I am switching several times a day now! Fiona, is it alarming that I am noticing changes every couple hours that are big all throughout each day for the past week? Am I doing this to myself somehow? Why is it speeding up so much? Does anyone have any ideas? Is this happening to anyone else?

    1. Katherine, it’s always important to rule out all normal explanations before leaping to conclusions. I’m not sure what those might be, aside from graphics glitches at the server, ISP, or even browser levels.

    2. I used to have dreams that I would record only to see them play out years later. The time for these things however have continued to decrease moving to months, weeks, days and now almost real-time or instantaneously. It wasn’t until 2014 that I noticed the increase of dreams, visions, thoughts playing out. 2014 was year I found out about BerenstAin after researching my bloodline.

      According to my teenager, who has felt a sudden sense to illustrate their time-continuum theories “it has ALL to do with frequencies”. That there is a possibility for the mind to increase frequencies by which it operates while also picking up bits from lower frequencies when they touch. Imagine the higher frequency experiencing a total of 10 waves within X amount of time and a lower frequency with 7 waves for that same time period. The higher frequency’s trough touches the lower frequency’s peak possibly 4-5 times.

      My portion of theory- then imagine that both of these frequencies rotating on a spiral like plane where the number of touches begin to increase exponentially until meeting in the middle of what appears to be a circle. Eventually the different frequencies diverge and touches do not happen as often again.

      In 2007 I had a dream about there being another plane of existence where those on the other plane (almost twin) could be seen and communication was telepathic. Early this year however I had a dream that another planet collided into Earth and I was experiencing two realities were I was both on the Earth experiencing this happen with my youngest while also being on a plane during the time of collision. What really shook me is the fact that the other planet or whatever it was has always been something I have experienced in prior dreams with my youngest even prior to their birth. The other reality where I was experiencing the same type of collision but in a plane with them is VERY new.

      It has always been a red sky and plane and always with my youngest even before they were conceived. She is the only girl

      1. Oh yeah- think I understand the “Brick/Break in the wall” lyric. I have been trying to find out more about HAM radio. I looked at someone’s explanation of frequency waves and because of their thick accent it sounded like every time they mentioned “volt” it sounded like “vwall”. If you look at waves though it does appear to be a wall of sorts. Maybe…

  70. I moved this month so it’s no surprise that I needed a laundrymat. I found quite a few in the area. My new roommate asked where they were. I pulled out my phone to search them again and would you believe I can’t seem to spell laundrymat anymore. I think the strangest part is how weird the correct spelling looked last night … (I have not corrected the spelling so you can spell it before you look it up.) – and be quick the new spelling for me is starting to look right.

  71. I was surfing the net and remembered a movie I saw with my daughter. The Polar Bear Express. I recall seeing the movie years later and noticed a major change. I amuse myself thinking back to how it really bothered me, so I questioned it, thought I’d look into deeper but apparently I just blew it off. I remember being very uptight about it. I never did figure out the difference that bothered me. I think I even consciously ignored the idea if I ever came across it in the future. So, while surfing I thought I’d look it up and maybe something would click.
    Well … Its now called The Polar Express … and a boy taking an adventure to the North Pole, I found interesting … since there is no North Pole as in a land mass why bother with this fiction?

    I also remember Admiral Byrd taking an expedition to the North Pole before his South Pole expedition. Come to think of it, I was always familiar (which changed for me years ago from firmiliar) with the North Pole expedition and only heard of the South Pole expedition early this year.

    I’ve learned or have come to realize there are things that move you in and out of the ‘Matrix’ … I’m in the process of testing my theories

    I’d also like to bring up a thought: Actually this was kinda like thinking out loud…
    If there are ‘glitches’ or as I’ve seen them called ‘residue’ from another dimension…meaning BerenstEin is found in an old newspaper article …. I’m guessing we merged rather than jumped dimensions as one would think BerenstEin would never have been heard of in the NEW (NEXT) dimension. Unless … We dragged those CLUES with us …. on purpose …. back to the drawing board …

  72. I am not sure if this was mentioned here or maybe picked up elsewhere or what but the “Where’s the beef” slogan originated with the fast food chain Whataburger. I remember seeing it on the commercials when I lived in Houston, TX. Hence the yellow color scheme with red lining. I do not think I was exposed to Wendy’s until moving further north in the early 90’s. They do not look affiliated.

    Does anyone else remember these Whataburger commercials with the slogan “Where’s the beef”? There was one in particular I remembered which marketed off of the Moving Violations movie when the actors where on the tarmac. (The commercials were hilarious back then, 1980’s)

  73. Fiona, Why don’t you go into writing fiction based on ME,creating an alternate world like wonderland and everworld but this time with identical settings albeit different destinies.Follow the logic of making it children’s books,a new generation of stories for young in the legacy of Carroll and Berenstains and K.A.Applegate.You have got a command over grammar,only thing will be to hone your skills of flair,if successful it might be a legitimate and gainful way to probe the concept of ME.

    1. Vivek, thank you, and we’re thinking in similar terms. I’ll take a look at that kind of project early in 2016, when I usually take a break to consider the calendar year ahead.

    1. Wow. I never read the book, and I haven’t seen the movie in a long time, so I don’t know if my opinion means much. But Stuart does NOT seem right to me, at all.

    2. I recall the name as Stuart. Do you remember differently? How long ago, and when did it change for you?

  74. Fiona, I don’t know how often you update/add topics to the major memories page, but for me I’ve been seeing new BIG things every day I’ve checked. New celebrities I find out are still alive or new geographical changes to the map. This makes me think I’ve been jumping even more than I realize as comments regarding these topics go back weeks or even months.

    1. Katherine, I update it about once every two weeks, on average. Rarely, I update once a week. Sometimes, I’m so busy, I don’t update it for a month. Generally, I wait to be sure the topic is really trending, doesn’t have a “too easy” explanation, and that it’s likely to resonate with many readers.

  75. Yet another 3am thought. Not sure where to put this but it covers a lot of ground. We all know or at least feel that realities are changing, I wonder what would happen if we changed to another universe where it was berenstEIn and has always been.. would we still have this site, would the Stainers be the ones who are in the minority, be coming to ths site saying its stain.. Would we Steiners be the ones saying its always has been stein.. Hypothetically could we switch back to our original universes, taking the stainers to our world. If the realities changed again would I even still be here posting on this site, or would i post “memories” of posting on this site that arent here..

    I have noticed that it does seem that a few of us seem to have memories of things changing in a small incremental phase. Like australia and new zealand, my memories of the position of new zealand is about a quarter of someone elses, same with the “ear” of australia, it was never that sharp to me, but others have its duller, others remember the sharp. could it be that there are many slightly different worlds, like an animation scene, where one part is one, then the next is a fractionally different..So if we could get people to put a series of images of australia together from our memories would we see a logical progression of change. This could affect so many other things..

    I have been listening to some people on youtubes who now are dismissing the Luke i am your father, is “just” a misremembering as is Magic Mirror/Mirror mirror, and many other lines not just famous lines . I dont think they understand the many millions that have been created by using those lines. you would think that marketing, would have the “correct” line. Yes they can be playing devils advocate for ratings but i think theres something more there. A fear that their realities are wobbling, so they sink back into nothing to see here.. it never happened.. it must be X and Y.. You would have thought someone would have said something before, about being wrong before now.. I know the ine play it again sam, was never in our version of casablanca, and it has been known for years. but When did it change in society, that we remember being told its wrong.. Was it ever in the script as being that way but it was changed.. or it was mis said in the film and they kept it in rather than reshoot. Mirror Mirror/Magic Mirror is recent, even parodies of it tip their hat to it and other lines.

    Theres even a few videos of the stars of Sex and the city calling it sex IN the city, you would think that they would get it right.

  76. There is an app called Yerdle in which you take a photograph of something and you can sell it on the app for Yerdle (the app’s currency). You can then purchase what other users are selling by using the Yerdle that other users pay you for your items. I got curious and searched “Berenstein” to see if anybody had spelled it like that. There were four separate users who took photographs of their book, uploaded them to the app, and still “misspelled” the word as Berenstein instead of Berenstain. Thought that was interesting.

  77. Hi, Fiona.

    I’m posting this comment for my friend, who doesn’t come to the site but instead awaits my reports on what’s new here. This is about Gloria Steinem. My friend is utterly convinced that she was dead. She doesn’t remember details of when or how, only that it was “quite some time ago”, meaning pre-2000. She watched a documentary on Ms. Steinem recently, that did nothing to dispel that idea. So she was terribly shocked when the lady in question was a guest on Trevor Noah’s show several days ago (Nov. 3). Since then, it seems like she’s been popping up everywhere. According to my friend. I haven’t noticed.

    I had nothing to add to the conversation, because I have no idea if Gloria Steinem was supposed to be dead or alive. Does anyone else remember her being deceased?

    1. Hi, Dee Hali! I was surprised (and pleased) that Ms. Steinem is still around, but I can’t claim any memory of her death. Mostly, I’ve been amazed that we heard very little about or from her, and suddenly — bingo — she’s back. (Then again, that could be a case of media bias, or that she just needed a good, long break from being in the headlines.)

  78. Ok here’s something crazy (if anything can even be considered crazy anymore), I don’t know if anyone else remember’s this but about a month or two ago there was a discussion on here about George Zimmerman – his name had been changed to George Zimern and people were saying how they always remembered the name because of Andrew Zimmerman who does the Bizarre Foods show. Now it’s reversed, George’s last name is once again Zimmerman, but Andrew’s last name is now Zimmern…
    This one really bothers me because I always remembered them as having the same last name, I always remembered Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman, and I even wrote down when George’s last name changed before. This personally is the most solid proof I’ve encountered. It’s also the first thing I’ve seen switch back and forth like that.
    p.s. Zimmerman doesn’t have a red underline, Zimmern does

    1. JP, the Zimmerman topic was raised by Kaleb in his comment:, with just one reference to George Zimmerman.

      That’s odd, because I was sure there was more discussion about George Zimmerman’s surname, separate from the Andrew topic and related thread.

      Now, searching comments via my dashboard, I can’t find any, even in private/confidential memories. (Then again, this could be a software issue… but I don’t think it is. When I search on just “George,” the results include every reference to George Bush, all the way back to the start of this website.)

      1. This is one thats been floating around my house for a few months now. My wife and I both discovered this accidentally about 6 months ago. I felt it could be my memory, but she is sure it has changed.
        For the record, since this one is personal to us, I try to keep track of when I hear or see it mentioned, and I ran across Caleb’s comment a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t run across any others discussing it, but I’ve only read back to page 8 of the “Major Memories” so far.

      2. I know I made a comment about Andrew Zimmerman because I watch his show religiously and the over week name change really tweaked me.

        1. You probably did, Ayla. The missing comments are more about George Zimmerman’s surname spelling. However, after someone else found the New York City reference my dashboard search didn’t reveal, I’m pretty sure my software can’t fully/accurately search all 8k+ comments.

    2. That is weird. I only remember Andrew Zimmern being discussed here as changing. I remember George Zimmerman being brought up because people remembered them having the same last name. George’s name was definitely used in more than one comment because at least 2 other people were sharing in that memory.

  79. I, as well, find this all very fascinating, and also have been shocked at the differences of what I knew, and now know to be true.
    I have a question: Does anyone remember the Brazil Flag as green, with a half sun on it and rays spreading out to the top and edges. almost like a sunset on a beach ? I just saw the current flag, and had to look it up, because I wondered when they changed it. It was adopted in 1889. I was relieved because I read it as 1989, then ran cold as I realized it was 1889.

    The reason I remember it that way, is when I was younger I watched an Olympics and saw the flag, and made on going jokes that I was going to emigrate to Brazil, because I loved the flag. (always a joke in Canada to move to a warmer country)

    I used to quit like flags of the world, and I was really put off when I saw a few that didn’t match my memory, but Brazil is definitely way off. Curious to see if anyone else remembers that?

    and Extra Thanks to Fiona for all your work and insights into this phenomena!

    1. Penny, I remember that flag! I remember how much I liked it because most flags are so boring and that one was so colorful, with its orange and yellow and red. I also remember how the uniforms the athletes wore in the parade of nations matched the colors of the flag. I thought the other countries should be more like that – having more fun expressing themselves. It was certainly a surprise to notice the new flag!

  80. Hi everyone,

    My (2nd) ex-wife texted me last night about a disturbing shift, though I hadn’t caught the text ’til this morning. Has anyone else noticed the “new” (to me, at any rate) Lamb Chop song? (Puppet show, Shari Lewis.)

    Please wait a moment before you Google, YouTube [1], or Wiki [2] it (Wikipedia does list some variants of it, though none are quite “my” version): try to recall the words as _you_ remember them before you look for its “current” version.

    This is a song that I knew because of the show, not from other people singing it — source, not second-hand.

    /// Warning — possible-suggestion alert; _my_ memory of the lyrics, below:
    “This is the song that never ends /
    it just goes on and on my friends /
    some people started singing a long, long time ago /
    [something-something-something- – -something “do not know”(?) / “may never know”(?)] /
    because this is the song that never ends /
    [ad infinitum]…”
    The “current” version is as follows:
    “This is the song that doesn’t end /
    yes it goes on and on, my friend /
    some people started singing it, not knowing what it was /
    and they’ll continue singing it forever just because /
    [ad infinitum]…”
    end of lyrics’ transcriptions’ possible-suggestion alert ///

    My ex- quoted to me the same 1st line as I remember it being (and specifically refuted the “current” version’s 1st line), but said that she’s “Not sure about the ‘started singing a long long time ago part'” (3rd line); she didn’t comment on the 2nd or 4th lines.

    [1] (YouTube of the “current” version)
    [2] (Wiki’s variants)

  81. ok I have a surreal one. I was reading a blog discussing the lords prayer ( this is not a religious post fyi) and how it now said IN earth as it is heaven…. I thought no that isn’t right… it’s ON earth as it is in heaven.. so I looked up several versions online including the old king james.. all of them now say IN EARTH… wha???? so I have these old family bibles that are hundreds of years old ( my family are genealogist) the one dated 1809 copywrite said IN EARTH…. I can’t tell you how my stomach dropped out I never get used to the idea that reality isn’t constant. The others said IN EARTH… all 18th century copywrites. except for ne which was 1790 and that just so happened to be missing the 3 pages of matthew that its on.

    Now I was thinking what is IN EARTH… as if it too is like IN HEAVEN. Are we IN EARTH? and what does that mean?

    1. ayla, it’s a translation issue, and depends on which you’re looking at. See's_Prayer for some of the differences, where most are “on earth.”

      The original Greek: ὡς ἐν οὐρανῷ καὶ ἐπὶ γῆς // The Latin liturgical version: sicut in caelo, et in terra. (Emphasis added.)

      Per Google Translate (Latin to English): “Et in terra” means “and on the ground.”

      Many Christian prayers refer to the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. However, that translation was influenced by King James’ sometimes polarized opinions about religion. Always check the original phrasing — Greek, Latin, or Hebrew — whatever is the earliest you can find, before accepting any translation.

        1. Naomi,

          Over the past few years, I’ve received several comments like this every week, and sometimes more often. I’m not sure what the point is.

          If you’d like to discuss this topic at a Fiona-free site, Reddit has several related sub-groups.

          AboveTopSecret is another site with speculative discussions that cover a broader base and aren’t as closely moderated as this one, and I’m sure there are other great websites, message boards, and forums.

 just happens to be my website. (More or less. I like to think this is a collaborative project with lots of interesting people sharing many viewpoints and insights.)

          At this site, my focus is fairly narrow and I think my biases are clear. However, I try to include alternate, intelligent opinions and arguments.

          The simple fact is, as far as I know, I’m the one who (with “Shadow,” many years ago at Dragon Con) came up with the phrase “Mandela Effect.” I started this website over five years ago, to find out how many others had an alternate memory related to Nelson Mandela’s death. At the time, one of my publishers and I thought this might be a good topic for a book. (It will be… but not the way we’d originally envisioned it.)

          So, this is where the online “Mandela Effect” discussions started.

          Over the years, more alternate memories have been suggested via comments and emails. As a result, this website, its popularity, and the topic have all grown at an unexpected pace to a completely astonishing size. (Really: Reddit subgroups discussing my website and research, and these conversations…? To me, that borders on the surreal.)

          However, you seem to be replying to some of my research notes: Specifically, when I was responding to ayla’s interesting question about the Lord’s Prayer. I’m not being “judge and jury” about that; it’s simple history. Go ahead and fact-check it. It’s not as if I’m asking anyone to believe that — or anything else at my websites — on faith. (No pun intended.)

          I hope I’ve made my point: Any time you don’t enjoy a particular website, the intelligent decision is to leave it and find a site you will enjoy.

          It seems as if you liked this site around October 7th, when you first commented here. You’ve participated in several conversations, some more happily than others. About a month and a half later, your latest comment suggests this website isn’t a good match for your interests. You’re not happy here, and you’re upset with me. I don’t know what to say, except… well, perhaps you’ll find what you’re looking for at Reddit, etc.

          Fiona Broome

          1. Just to give the other side of the coin, I come here to find out the lastest talk regarding ME, but also use it to fact check. I am a big proponent of being open minded, but facts are facts and have to be weighed whether they support or refute a particular ME. Nobody likes feeling like they are wrong, but Fiona does her best to keep this place SAFE so that we can DARE TO BE WRONG !

            “With great power, comes great responsibility.” and when a person is in a position like Fiona is, sometimes there is NO RIGHT ANSWER! Only whats best for the community. I don’t want to see anyone leave. We need diversity for perspective. I hope you hang in with us Naomi.

        2. I,the jury,Mike Hammer, was the alter ego of Mickey Spillane,an Irish,but not without reason he simply disliked being double crossed.Birdy Edwards another Irish created by the revered Irish, A.C.Doyle never lost sight of his mission in life,Sir Denis Nayland Smith the alter ego of Sax Rohmer(also an Arthur and Irish) was always nonchalant of his fate in face of adversity, carrying out his deemed duty.So were JFK and Aimee Semple and Lennon and Jack London,all irish.Perhaps it’s in the blood.

      1. I may be wrong, but I think what ayla is trying to say is that it’s not a translation thing for her. That at some previous point in her life the same versions of the bible said “on earth” and now those same bibles says “in earth.”

        1. Steve M., I agree: It might be a Mandela Effect issue for ayla.

          When I looked into the prayer, I was astonished to see the conflicting translations. Skimming the text of that familiar prayer, I’m not sure I’d previously paid much attention to whether it was in or on. But, like ayla, I assumed all versions said “…on earth.” So, seeing the KJV was a surprise to me.

          Surveying the Lord’s Prayer, online, whether the prayer is said “…on earth” or “…in earth” seems to be a coin flip. In terms of Bible translations, the “on earth” translations seems to be slightly more popular. (Ref. )

          But, regarding ayla’s comment, she said this: “so I looked up several versions online including the old king james.. all of them now say IN EARTH… wha????”

          It wasn’t clear to me that she’d previously read the KJV, or had looked it up before (online or IRL), just that she was familiar with the Lord’s Prayer. Then, she checked her family’s Bibles, and they were KJV, repeating the “…in earth” translation. That’s all I saw in her comment.

          If someone says to me, “I’ve read this passage at least once a week, all of my life, and suddenly it’s changed in the same book I’ve been reading for years,” that sounds like Mandela Effect. However, if someone says, “Wait, I always thought the famous passage was such-and-such, but when I researched it, that’s not always the case,” that’s something I’ll study to find a possible explanation.

          To me, ayla’s comment sounded like the latter. I researched it, and found a translation issue that could explain some differences in phrasing. ayla is the only one who can decide if that’s a reasonable explanation for what she experienced.

          In the future, I could limit comments to those that give a clear context to each reported, apparent discrepancy. Had I not approved ayla’s comment and looked into the issue, we wouldn’t be sidetracked like this, over a topic that may or may not be related to the Mandela Effect.

          To me, there’s a wide gap between “I always thought…” and “I know it used to be different because [specific, credible-sounding historical context], but now it’s not.”

          However, if I limited comments to the latter, I’d be dismissing many alternate memories that have no evidentiary support in this reality.

          This website was supposed to explore, research, and highlight alternate memories. I wanted to discuss the most credible and popular alternate memories as something beyond simple flukes, “false memories,” or confusions.

          Also, I think it’s been helpful to connect people that hold firm to those same, alternate memories, even in the face of minimal social, scientific, or historical proof.

          As a side benefit, I believe we’ve shared theories and insights that — combined — point to some interesting possible explanations.

          This website has provided five years of fascinating conversations, but maybe the point has been made: Many people have alternate memories that corroborate each other, beyond anything “me, too” can explain.

          It’s something I’ve been thinking about for the past few weeks, and an increasing number of angry comments — Naomi’s being typical in sentiment, but one of the few PG-rated in the bunch — are giving me more reason to consider broad website/policy changes for 2016.

          That’s not about ayla, or you, or anyone else. Not even Naomi. It might be about the life cycle of websites, or of topics of discussion. I’m not sure, but things changed at this site. (I’m sure some will point to the shift when the Sept 22/23 article appeared, and I can’t dismiss that as a possible trigger for deliberate discord.)

          But, these are things I’m thinking about, and this was as good a place as any, to mention it.

          1. Fiona,

            Thank you for the reply to my comment. First, I’m sorry that I got sidetracked, or side tracked the web site. That was certainly never my intention. I probably responded to ayla’s post too soon, but it was just an observation, not an indictment of anyone’s ideas and certainly not of this web site.

            I’m sorry to hear the the web site has gotten off track and muddled. That makes me sad. I’ve always enjoyed this web site and the lively discussions that are had here. I thought I was going read that you were considering shutting down the site, so I was very happy to read that you’re only considering material changes.

            I also apologize to you and everyone else who reads my comments, it sounds like perhaps my comments are being misinterpreted. I think it’s difficult for me to articulate myself well in writing. I cannot convey tone or intonation and I think that makes a big difference.

            I’ll end with saying that I have much respect for you and what you’re doing here. Thank you.

            Steve M.

            1. Steve M.,

              Don’t worry. I value all of your comments. You simply gave me a chance to respond to several comments (less tactfully said, and unpublishable) that were related to ayla’s comment, Naomi’s comment, and my replies to both of them.

              I apologize. It probably seemed like I was bristling in response to your comment. I wasn’t. I’d actually been bristling since around 05:30 (GMT) this morning, when I started my day by reading the latest comments at this site.

              If anything, it was a relief to see your comment. It’s something I could approve… and reply to.

              Also, about the sidetrack problem: It’s been a slow trend, and it’s one that I should have done something about, far sooner. Starting immediately, I’m going to be much more selective about which “me, too” comments I approve, as well as how far off-topic we can stray. (I’ll also babble less, myself. Today was one of those days when I needed to articulate what’s going on, clearly, so there are few misunderstandings.)

              You express yourself well. Please, don’t go silent on us! It can be difficult to convey intent through plain text. I know that. Often, it seems as if people believe I’m serious when I think my words are dripping sarcastic humor. And, sometimes when I’m very serious (and hoping people read even more between the lines), they think I’m joking.

              It’s a dilemma. Or a dilemna. Or both. LOL

              I’m not considering shutting down the site, but I may do something about the (sometimes) wild rampage of comments. I think people come here from Reddit and expect the same comment policy. There, inflammatory and irresponsible comments are deleted when the mods see them… after the comments have gone live on the site. (Here, I screen every comment before the public sees it, and I try to be very selective about what appears on this site.)

              At Reddit, I think people feel as if they’ve been heard, if only for an hour or so. They may never even realize when their comments are removed.

              Here, some see me as a horrid censor who never lets them speak their minds.

              I am considering several options for this website and how I handle comments. That’s partly about this site’s focus. It’s also about the time I spend here. Things seem to be simmering down; just a few weeks ago, moderating comments took me three to five hours on an average day.

              One hour is all I consider reasonable, especially if I expect to analyze all 8k+ comments and (finally) write my book about the Mandela Effect.

              So, one of my immediate goals is to find a way to continue our most fascinating discussions into 2016, without getting lost along the (often interesting) sidetracks.

              That may mean some radical changes, but shutting down this site isn’t something I’d consider.

              Cheerfully (really),

              1. ok.. I didn’t realize I set off a bmb here. I was raised fundamentalist Christian. I was forced to read the bible through every year from page one. I didn’t go into my background because I was trying to avoid going off topic. After reading Fionas brush off I was disappointed and didn’t come back to look because I had mixed feelings and didn’t want again to go off topic. That being said, it did change for ME. I KNOW my bibles version has always been ON earth. We said the lords prayer every sunday dinner ( we had a different prayer every day of the week) I did check my personal bibles. I just stated the change to the older bibles because I felt that was more relevant and I didn’t realize that I had to justify my religious upbringing to be believed. Not that its a big deal it is just one word.. I am aware of serious new translation changes… like psalms… the valley of death has now become just through darkness. but the ON earth thing hit me in the gut as my original post said,,, because IN earth takes it a different way… I’m not on earth i’m IN earth and that is NOT what I have read and said my entire life… and if that dsnt mean anything to anyone else then that’s fine.. I only come here to share my experiences and to see of others do too. ( or if its just me which it could be) I enjoy this site for that reason. Im sorry everyone was outta sorts over this.

                1. ayla, you have no reason to apologize. A lot more was going on behind the scenes than you (or anyone besides me, and the people who’ve left unattractive comments) could see.

                  I’d put off important changes at this website for far too long. Yesterday’s comments got me to quit procrastinating, so I’m actually grateful.

                  I’m also glad you put your comment in a more complete context. For me, that makes all the difference in the world.

                  You didn’t have to explain your upbringing. What I needed was a clear statement that you’d read those Bibles in the past, and you were sure that they’d said something different.

                  It’s not that I didn’t believe your first comment. I did. To me, it sounded as if you’d always thought the Lord’s Prayer said “on earth,” but — in the past few days — when you looked it up online and in Bibles around your home, they contradicted your previous impression of the prayer.

                  I hope you see the difference, and I’m sorry that your feelings were hurt.

                  In the future, I’m going to be more firm about asking for the specific context of alternate memories… exactly why people are sure that reality changed.

                  That’s not a matter of being believed. It’s about having a context — some points of reference — that give us something more solid to work with.

                2. We have been seeing a lot of vowel changes lately in names and words. (Berenstein to Berenstain, Reba McIntyre to McEntire, etc.) This one would represent a change from O to I. There are, of course, also a lot of consonant changes, and entire words, as well. What do you remember about Isaiah 11:6? It seems that different people have very different recollections about what this one says.

                  1. Vivienne, ayla is no longer commenting here. She posted a private comment to that effect.

                    And, in general, I try to steer clear of religious discussions. From past experience, they lead to translation issues, dogma, and heated arguments.

      2. Hi, Fiona,

        My Greek is practically non-existent, so I can’t comment on that, but I can understand the different translations of Latin having occurred.

        That being said though, if The Berenstein Bears can have been changed, yet still be recalled with an “E”, then much like Ayla’s English translations, couldn’t the original Koiné, Latin, Aramaic, etc., have also become worded differently retroactively (such that although someone might recall the wording of a given language, even ancient, it suddenly becomes something else, and suddenly always had been that new version — the corollary being that necessarily the ancients would have known the original version, and then the “new” original version overwrote it, even back then, presumably changing most of their memories, though perhaps not all).

        Rather like the strange loop [1] reference that I had made to the Mandela Effect being self referential, once the question arises of past events being affected, one can no longer use a past reference to verify/refute another past reference’s veracity.


  82. I did some research, in the mid 90s, about the Tchernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.
    Now there are different ways to spell it, Chornobyl, Chernobyl at least…
    In my memory it was always Tchernobyl. Anything related to this disaster IN FRENCH
    was and still using the same spelling. Weird thing is that i remember reading articles
    ( mid 90s ) in english with no different spelling… And now i can’t find any !

  83. There is a creepy story written in 1999 by a person that retells his (real, not fictional) experience returning to Moscow in a summer and suddenly stumbling in several previously unknown metro (subway, underground) stations, devoid of people and adverisement. He rides an empty train through all of these stations, unable to remember any of them in his past life in Moscow, and he gradually freaks out. At the end of that story the author (the protagonist) finds out that a new metro line has been opened on the previous day and that explains his experience.

    That story can be found by Google:

    There’s, however, some Mandela Effect in that story.

    That person clearly remembers that he just returned to Moscow after he took some rest out of town in that summer.

    That person clearly remembers that the subway stations were devoid of people and they were opened very recently.

    However, Wikipedia contradicts that and lists those stations as opened on 28 December 1995:

    December in Moscow is not, by all means, summer-like.

  84. Does anyone else recall Bob Marley being shot and killed in Jamaica? Apparently now he died of cancer in Miami.

    1. I have already posted about Sicily’s location in my memory. I remember clearly Sicily being way far from the “boot” and speaking of this particular shape, i also mentioned, Italy was the only country looking like a “boot”. New Zealand is now shaped like Italy. Digging into this further, i found a project called “Strait of Messina Bridge”, i never heard of it before. For an obvious reason: the distance is NOW so tiny that a bridge should have been built for decades. In my memory, the distance was big enough to explain the absence of any bridge between Sicily and Italy’s main land.

  85. I have just spent the better part of 2 hours looking for the posts on Cat Stevens and Harry Chapin … Very frustrating as I read at least four posts this morning the 21st of November…..What? Its the 20th? Well maybe ill see them tomorrow.

    My recollection of this morning:
    I saw a post two days ago stating Cat Stevens didn’t record Cats in the Cradle (now spelled with one D), that someone named Harry ChapMAN recorded it. I did no research on it … thinking of get back to it. I forgot about it. Saw the post again tho morning and saw replies. One person never heard of Harry Chapman (me either). Listen to his greatest hits this morning (the only one I recognized was Cats Cradle (title change also?) Now I go to listen to Cat Stevens and o can’t seem to differentiate their voices depending on the song.
    So I text a friend of mine who is more knowledgeable with 60s/70s music. He only text back > Harry ChaPIN <

    Hence, my frustration of not finding the posts cause I recall seeing Chapman and I want to confirm. But I realized it could have changed in the blink of an eye.

    One other poster I think DbD mentioned that the songs may have some messages in them based on ME and it was as obvious as the titles (not verbatim < spelled differently than I recall)

  86. Hi Fiona
    It may be time to start a general music thread…

    I have come across what son might say are Minor Memory changes because of the popularity …
    Nickel Creek, Fiona Apple, Fiction Family all have differences in my recollection. Some disturb me! Fiona’s inflections with her voice and piano playing were more pronounced!

    According to internet Don McLean recorded ‘American Pie’ in 1971 … that was always my memory until I was doing research on my McCartney book and found it was recorded in 1980 which made me feel it may have been written about John Lennon and other people said the same (no clue where I got that info from). After my upset stomach went away (after listening to Harry Chapin and talking with some older friends who remember him) I noticed American Pie, thought id give it a listen as I knew the song very well and sang it all the time with being very proud of myself for getting the verses right. Well now … parts of verses have changed position. Some at the beginning should be at the end and vice versa. And it was recorded in ’71 again. After that I noticed one of my favorite if not favorite Bob Dylan song…

    I am a fan of Bob Dylan’s more popular tunes. I am/was sure ‘Stuck in the middle with you” was Bob Dylan. Now its from a band that I never heard of. The voice is similar but not what I recall … The disturbing part for me is the clip below … everyone, for years, told me to watch Pulp Fiction and still I never have … this clip mentions in the movie that its a Bob Dylan style song… I can still here Bob Dylan singing it (as with you mentioned with Cat Stevens) but Dylan singing it is nowhere to be found…

    1. That probably wasn’t the best video I could have posted for the Stuck in the Middle with you song. I didn’t watch the whole thing (now I know why I haven’t watched that movie) before posting. But the beginning does make my point. The following is by Stealers Wheels listed as Bob Dylan …

    2. Anthony, I think you’re right. A general music thread may be part of the upcoming design changes at this site. I’m looking at ways to group pop culture topics so they’re easy to find, and we don’t have new visitors leaving comments without realizing they’re actually saying “me, too.”

      But about that song: I never heard of that band, either, but I can sing most of the “Stuck in the Middle with You” song, without hesitation. That’s odd. I’m usually a stickler for knowing which singer or band recorded which popular song.

      Also, Wikipedia says it was recorded as a parody of Bob Dylan’s music.

      It would have been like Dylan to record a cover of it, himself, just to show how much better he’d have handled it. LOL

      1. Fiona, I recently and coincidentally accidently bumped into a book of all Bon Dylan’s recordings. The song in question ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ was not listed.

      1. John O,
        Never seen either movie. What’s strange to me is why I thought it was from Pulp Fiction. I assumed that’s what it said on the video. Not now of course. I tried to reverse engineer where I got the info, to no avail. I did listen again to the Steelers Wheel version and that is NOT the voice I remember singing the song. Disturbing, I liked Bob’s version.

    3. Hi, Anthony,

      I hate to go with a simple “me too” posting, but I’m with Fiona on this one. I’ve never heard of “Stealers Wheel”, either, though I too can certainly sing the song (with musical accompaniment, for prompts) reasonably correctly. In my case, I believe that I had simply assumed that it had been Dylan (though any other possible M.E. reason would explain it, too), since I don’t actually have a solid memory of who had sung it, or why I think that it was one person/group vs. another.

    4. Anthony, I never heard of stealers wheel either, until mentioned here. I do know Gerry rafferty though, one of the band’s original members, and am familiar with his solo work. I just listened to some other stealers wheels radio hits, and none of them sound familiar other than stuck in the middle with you. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge music fan, especially classic rock, have a large collection of vinyl, and have spent a lot of time perusing used vinyl records. So along with Harry Chapin, I can count stealers wheel in bands I’ve never heard of until now.

  87. Hi all,

    Anthony’s entry about “The Polar Express” reminded me of something.

    He’d mentioned Adm. Byrd and a North Pole expedition. He’d also mentioned having only this year heard of Adm. Byrd’s South Pole expedition, which is the same for me: also only this year.

    In any event: I can’t qualify this as a solid M.E., since I’m relating a story that my (maternal) grandmother had told me in my childhood (age 4, placing her then at age 66). My memory of it is clear, and her grasp of minutiae was always incredibly sharp, but it’s not something that I had experienced directly.

    The story that she had related was of an expedition to the North Pole. I think that it related to Adm. Peary, though I could be wrong on that point. It seems that the protagonist had known that the expedition was doomed to fail — starve to death, to be precise — and he had told the rest of the crew that “[He was] going to take a walk” and “[would] probably be a while”. His act (assuming that he had in fact done this, rather than that it had been something less noble by the others) ultimately saved the others’ lives.

    Wikipedia (and others) currently indicates that this had actually been during a subsequent South Polar expedition, and that it had been by Lawrence Oates (of whom I’ve never heard), with his last words having been in line with my rough memory of her version: “I am just going outside and may be some time.”. In this reality, he succeeded in freezing himself to death, for the others, but for nought: they, too, died in any event, soon thereafter.

    It had very definitely been the North Pole, though, and she was an absolute history buff. She also didn’t pull punches; if people died, she said so.

    1. CTE, how extraordinary! I’d heard that story before, only about Peary (though that could have been Byrd, definitely not Oates) but it was definitely near the North Pole. Terrible tale, either way, but someone besides your grandmother must have had that memory, or I wouldn’t have heard it, as well. (Well, not unless I knew your grandmother, or an associate of hers who shared the anecdote, or something similar.)

  88. I was fascinated to find this site and subject today. I’ve noticed anomalies most all my life and I would call it just paying attention to detail to the micro level. The one thing that really grabbed my attention was new years eve of 2011.

    I made a wish that night because I was so burned out on my software business I wished that everybody would just go away leave me alone and not come back. On New Years Day 2012 I went out to breakfast to my favorite Mexican food place. I called the night before to make sure they’re going to be open because it takes about a half hour to get there.

    When I got to the restaurant the plaza it is in was like a ghost town and nobody was at the Mexican restaurant. I was very puzzled. So after about 10 minutes I decided to go to a different breakfast restaurant about 10 minutes away.

    As I got onto the frontage road to get back on the highway out of the blue it looked as if the entire earth was shifting from the 12 o’clock to the quarter til as you would see on a clock. I hit the brakes for balance and then pulled over into the median. After a few minutes of waiting I turned on my hazard lights and drove very slowly up the highway on the median. I finally made my way to a Cracker Barrel restaurant I was seated right away and I sat down wondering what the hell had just happened to me.

    After breakfast I got back in my car and slowly made my way home I had to pull over 3 times what normally would have taken about 10 minutes to get back home to over 45 minutes.

    I noticed for the rest of the week / my wish that my entire base of over 30,000 registered users had completely disappeared. Call stopped coming in. Emails stop coming in. And no one was using the website shopping cart anymore. I went from doing very well financially to barely hanging on in just a matter of a couple of months. My entire world had shifted and went the opposite way it was heading nothing was the same anymore.

    I had to move from my beautiful home in a prestigious neighborhood into a tiny little house in the one area in town I swore I would never ever move into and that became my safe haven house.

    I’ve been in this timeline for 4 years now barely hanging on week to week to month to month. It’s like living in a dark bad movie.

    As of this week my timeline changed again and it went into one of prosperity out of the blue overnight here it is. Even my daughter noticed the other day as I did the outside looks completely different a hundred times more beautiful than what it had look like. Everything feels different everything looks different. I went from negative $83 in the bank $2,000 in the positive overnight and then a phone call came in for a $2,000 deal just last Friday and my site traffic is up and Cell are better than I’ve ever seen in the last 4 years.

    I learned how to slide into this dimension and it took those years to find that path. It was an excruciating trail that I would wish upon no one. But the things I have learned through that strange time anomaly that I went through gave me such a broad real knowledge base that I to have learn how to manifest practically on the fly and it proves to me none of us are living in what we think we are.

    1. That’s a scary story, Steve, and I’m glad it has a happy ending. I guess I’d better be careful what I wish for, especially now that I’m becoming more aware of Mandela Effect events. I wonder if it’s true that we really do have the power to change our lives–and the world– with a thought, if only we could connect to whatever part of the brain is responsible for that. Maybe some people already do, and that’s why ME happens in the first place.

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