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    1. Seems like nobody can agree on how big China is. Wikipedia puts it at #3 with 9,572,900 They do exclude Taiwan, a bunch of islands, and “disputed territories with India”; if included, they would add an additional 137,296 km2, for a grand total of 9,710,196

      Maps of the World has it at #4 with 9,596,961 sq. km.–slightly bigger than Wiki’s numbers, but not big enough to account for the addition of those other areas, so I’m guessing they didn’t include them.

      Science Kidz also lists it at #3, with 9,706,961. This is close to what Wiki says it would be if the outlying areas were included, but since the Science Kids site doesn’t say they included those areas, I have to assume they didn’t.

      World puts China in 4th place, rounding it off to 9.6 million–only slightly bigger than the U.S.A., which is 9.63 million I thought China always quite a lot larger than the U.S.–like, 2nd only to Russia, if I recall correctly…or maybe 3rd, after Russia and Canada? Things are gettin’ weird around here!

  1. Okay First Hi ! My name is Adam ( The Teller ) ( We know it’s not the kind of meeting )

    We being a song/writer/musician ( muse ) our study of how We think music is the most powerful misused and under used tool we don’t understand. That led us to Dale Pond ( look him up genius ) led us to quantum and so on, and so on, and here. That was like 6 years in two sentences.

    We find this subject fascinating on many levels. We will say language will get in the way of most of what We have to say but We will try our best like everyday.

    We are stein sure of what We know and believe, but still let us play angels advocate anyway.

    It is very possible or was it possable We don’t remember, that we all are in the percent of people who have bad memory and spelling issues, or just prefer plant medicine? Yeah. What about the good chunk of us who have NDE uh sure maybe. Let us tell you We live on logic and this is full of logic on the parallel to us.

    But Angels Advocate tells us that WE need to find some volunteers who are experts in various fields and do some checking on other things. Like maybe bugs We have seen a growing number of different bugs maybe we can find a glitch in something someone is an expert in instead of movies memory and spelling issues to prove the theory.

    For We do not need this proof.

    We believe in everything that is unbelievable and all that is unthinkable it is the only way to the unimaginable.

    The goal is to kinda wake up reality with something that can not be debated.

    We will always try to keep finding the frequency that makes that vibration that hits the switch that turns on the shift that makes anger and greed quit.

    Sorry We are poets and find it is also the best way to describe things indescribable.

    We changed after writing ” I ” to ” We ” and ” Me ” to ” Us ” and ” My ” to ” Our ” because well because.

    We are never alone where ever we go we are always here and there or some where else out in the air.

    We look forward to any feedback or discussions, just a normal man. Picks up guitar finds keys to flight.

    1. Adam (The Teller) ,
      Showing you have hit on a couple of things that I am just now getting into. Naming says a lot. A few points that hit home:
      1. MetelU v.s. Us Tell U? (sounds familiar to an individual in “Japan”)
      2. Reference to music (words are sounds/ quantum can be understood and explained by what we do not currently understand of music)
      3.Here, being the concentration on anomalies(MEs) which can be explained by music/frequencies which has taken us/me(you) from 2009 just to get here. ? (I think I know who you are now – -wow. After thinking a few minutes. )
      4. Language is a hinderance (telepathy works better)
      5. Frequencies were intentionally changed in order to steady the planet from negative forces (you plays a part. “We” meaning “I” in statement “We will always try to keep finding the frequency that makes that vibration that hits the switch that turns on the shift that makes anger and greed quit.”)
      6. Bugs/viruses can be seen as proof for which we really do not need anyways
      7. We are never alone- always a presence there observing
      8. Guitar often played with a pick. The frequency of sound is magnified by copper. Hence “They are hiding gold in pennies”

      Adam (The Teller), was this the message?

      1. –Partial correction– Music as a natural language along with telepathy.

        Sound like Dale Pond does hit on many things regarding MandelaEffect. Sympathetic nervous system, the “fight or flight” response, is powerful enough to cause shifts via mental thought. Supports idea of changes due to major stressor…now multiply that by the 1000’s . Interesting, thank you for sharing.

  2. Is anyone remembering an alternate Baby snatch seen from Ghostbusters 2? I don’t remember it as Yanosh getting the baby in a baby cart in nanny costume, I remember it as him climbing out of the museum like a giant that stretches his arm like a fantastic 4 character and grabs the baby from a far.

  3. Does anyone else remember Yellowstone being in Colorado and Wyoming not Wyoming and Montana? I have a hard time believing it as being that far north and it just seems plain wrong because I have always thought of it as being in Colorado and I remember finding out it was only partly in Colorado but now it’s nowhere near there. I also remember seeing a Nat Geo show about the Yellowstone super volcano and what its effect would be if it erupted and it was in Colorado, but then I saw the same program recently and they said Wyoming and I didn’t think anything of it at first because I knew at least part of it was in Wyoming but I looked it up out of curiosity and found that it’s in northern Wyoming, and it’s really been bothering me.

    1. Great, now you have me wondering where, exactly, Yellowstone is supposed to be. I would have said Colorado, for sure.

    2. WOW……by NO means do I claim to be a geography wizard (which is why I don’t voice my opinions regarding the Australia/New Zealand/Sri Lanka aspects of the ME conversations) but…yeah…..was of the belief that Yellowstone was somehow affiliated with Colorado.

      1. Interesting. While I’ve seen Yellowstone and Yosemite mixed up (in normal conversations, not here), it’s not quite so easy to mix up Yellowstone’s actual location. It’s in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming [see map], and a considerable distance from any point in Colorado.

  4. Thought transfers faster than the speed of light ,possibly ,giving the ability for time travel. Einstein’s theory debunked

  5. Chris Pratt or Chris Patt? I remember the former (Pratt) but I just saw a comment on Facebook that had nearly 200 likes of people who are positive that his last name was Patt. Could this be an ME?

    1. Kaleb: It’s very definitely always been Chris Pratt for me because ‘prat’ is British for ‘silly person’ and so his name has always made me giggle.

  6. Fiona, if I missed this I apologize. But I was taught no one, was one word . I have seen noone , no-one, and no one. How does everyone here spell it?

    And for the record, my ultimate ( stealth test, lol) test is too ask people to spell dilemna or dilemma. It is , has been , and always will be dilemna too me. And I have stated this many times on the site. It’s probably the most difficult for anyone to just explain away. SO, I have asked my wife 4 times over the last 7-8 months how to spell it. She never remembers me asking her, she has spelled it twice with mna, and twice with mma. And swears that it’s correct each time. She is not joking with me( I know her pretty well, been together for 23 years). She has absolutely no recollection each time of the previous time. It’s all very odd. And I have done the same with other friends and relatives. Many of them actually say the opposite of the previous time. I never tell them if they are right or wrong either. Not scientific, but interesting. Maybe a marker???? Like Mr. Stain alluded too? We are flipping back and forth??

    The ramblings of a completely sane man, Mike H.

    1. Mike H., sometimes your comments make me laugh out loud. Really. This is one of them.

      On a serious note, this is a great study you’re doing. (Sometimes, stealth is sheer brilliance! LOL)

      I’m beginning to think I need to take the Mr. Stain references and create an article for them. At the time, I thought his comments were odd. Now, I’m wondering if he didn’t leave us some intriguing hints. (One could ask “To what purpose?” and that’s another issue, but — even if this is just for fun — I think it might be an interesting conversation.)

      1. Fiona, I’m glad I can make you laugh, I beleive its the Irish in me , humor goes a long way sometimes in our discussions here. Actually, I think it’s a defense mechanism , for me anyway lol.

        As for Mr. Stain, I agree , reading his post I wasn’t sure if one should take him serious or not. But his writing felt sincere to me, that’s why I ( tried) to engage him. If nothing else like you said, it is interesting and entertaining. Mike H.

        1. Hi Mike H

          I wanted to entertain the ‘Back and Forth’ idea. I dont like the idea of going back. I try to take it in stride and say I’m learning, when I feel it happens. I have experienced what I think could be sliding back and forth on several occasions. One in particular, the Ford Truck commercial. I saw this curly gaudy emblem on the TOP not middle of the F … never before and never again. But regardless, I’m under the impression it is staying in light rather than dark. Keeping a happy & high vibration. That last part could be hard to keep up, though it just effortlessly glided from my vocal cords.

    2. I have done that with my spouse as well on other topics. Usually its a back to back question and they flip from one side to the other without noticing. Like having 2 in 1. At times I know the wish I would stop with the questions when I get on a roll…but its sooo amusing. I can’t help myself.

    3. People are changing. I told one friend in May about this- brought it back up in September but wasn’t gentle just jumped in with both feet and knocked her for a loop – she was on this site all night – she swore that I had NEVER talked with her about this.

    4. has this to say: “While phrases like no body, some body, and some one have evolved into the compound words nobody, somebody, and someone, the similar phrase no one has never gone this route. A quick internet search reveals that noone is surprisingly common, but the two-word form and the hyphenated form (no-one) remain far more common in books and in edited publications.

      The hyphenated form, no-one, is especially common outside North America—it is almost completely absent from 21st -century U.S. and Canadian writing—but the unhyphenated form prevails everywhere by a significant margin. This is the case despite the fact that many English reference sources list the hyphenated form as the standard spelling or recommend it above the alternatives.”

      I have seen it all three ways, as well. “Noone” just never looked right to me–it’s like “noon” with an extra letter. In fact, none of the three versions look right, so I end up using “nobody,” instead! Oh, well, at least eye can reed and rite reel good. :o]

    5. _switch_N_
      _N_1 __click_


    Expertise – recorded and re-taped all 5 Star Trek Series taking the commercials out. Personal labeling every VCR tape, starting in the ’90s with reruns of The Original Series and The Next Generation, and capturing original broadcastings from that point on.

    Gene Roddenberry I clearly recall as Gene Rodenberry

    STAR TREK – (all 3 seasons)
    I recall 63 and 69 total episodes. There are now 79.
    Many titles are slightly different. ‘THE’ & ‘A’ are either added or subtracted in many titles.
    Some Episodes I only recall plot or actors not both.
    What Are Little Girls Made Of & Whom Gods Destroy
    I recall as

    What Little Girls Are Made Of & For Whom Gods Destroy
    … and there are others….I also found other things with The Original Series, but they may not be directly related to the Mandela Effect.

    The order of the Episodes are not in the order I remember. I recall Tasha Yar dying much earlier than Episode 22. Some dialog is different. Conspiracy Episode 24 I recall as being Episode 22 in SEASON TWO.

    The first 7+ Episodes seem to carry a theme as far as what is happening in regards to the Mandela Effect and it blossoming. I AM reading in between the lines. I dont know why I see this. Here are just the basic ideas for each Episode given.

    2-1 The Child – Birth pains; rebirth;
    2-2 Where Silence Has Lease – Is No Dimension a Dimension? Flat Earth; Quote “Did we move into another Dimension?”
    2-3 Elementary, (my) Dear Data – Human Nature; A holodeck character becomes AWARE & AWAKE.
    2-4 The Outrageous Okana (Okona) – Dispute over TWO WORLDS.
    2-5 Loud As A Whisper – The Destruction of Communication.
    2-6 The S(c)hizoid Man – Controlling oneself in a New Reality.
    2-7 Unnatural Selection – Battle with Time; Telepathy; ‘DARWIN’ station under QUARANTINE.
    2-12 The Royal – I interpreted in 51-52 States thread.
    2-15 Pen Pals – Geographic Changes
    There are more but I think it gets into areas that need not be here. You get the idea.

    Enterprise … one to beam up!

      1. Fiona, you’re very welcome!

        My original idea was to take a brick, I mean break. Apparently there is no leaving this. It’s just that I get a bit compulsive and I’m waiting around to move for a job. So, re-watching those episodes was fun. There is life after ME. And it is something else! From what I gather this is only the beginning.

        I am ‘comfortable/content’ where I live now. But I feel the move, in another month, is part of my ‘growth’.

        If you would like any programs dissected or decoded, I’d be thrilled to contribute! (Netflix). Apparently all that work on the Beatle project had a purpose.

    1. My SO says he remembers the Star Trek episode, “The Doomsday Machine” as “The Doomsday Device” originally.

    2. I just found out today (which led me to frantically search for this site) that JAMES CROMWELL is alive and well, when I have a distinct memory of him dying last year or so. You’ll recall he was in star trek first contact and I, robot. The memory is crystal clear and I am not confused about him, nor was it a false death hoax (already searched).

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