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    1. Seems like nobody can agree on how big China is. Wikipedia puts it at #3 with 9,572,900 They do exclude Taiwan, a bunch of islands, and “disputed territories with India”; if included, they would add an additional 137,296 km2, for a grand total of 9,710,196

      Maps of the World has it at #4 with 9,596,961 sq. km.–slightly bigger than Wiki’s numbers, but not big enough to account for the addition of those other areas, so I’m guessing they didn’t include them.

      Science Kidz also lists it at #3, with 9,706,961. This is close to what Wiki says it would be if the outlying areas were included, but since the Science Kids site doesn’t say they included those areas, I have to assume they didn’t.

      World puts China in 4th place, rounding it off to 9.6 million–only slightly bigger than the U.S.A., which is 9.63 million I thought China always quite a lot larger than the U.S.–like, 2nd only to Russia, if I recall correctly…or maybe 3rd, after Russia and Canada? Things are gettin’ weird around here!

  1. Okay First Hi ! My name is Adam ( The Teller ) ( We know it’s not the kind of meeting )

    We being a song/writer/musician ( muse ) our study of how We think music is the most powerful misused and under used tool we don’t understand. That led us to Dale Pond ( look him up genius ) led us to quantum and so on, and so on, and here. That was like 6 years in two sentences.

    We find this subject fascinating on many levels. We will say language will get in the way of most of what We have to say but We will try our best like everyday.

    We are stein sure of what We know and believe, but still let us play angels advocate anyway.

    It is very possible or was it possable We don’t remember, that we all are in the percent of people who have bad memory and spelling issues, or just prefer plant medicine? Yeah. What about the good chunk of us who have NDE uh sure maybe. Let us tell you We live on logic and this is full of logic on the parallel to us.

    But Angels Advocate tells us that WE need to find some volunteers who are experts in various fields and do some checking on other things. Like maybe bugs We have seen a growing number of different bugs maybe we can find a glitch in something someone is an expert in instead of movies memory and spelling issues to prove the theory.

    For We do not need this proof.

    We believe in everything that is unbelievable and all that is unthinkable it is the only way to the unimaginable.

    The goal is to kinda wake up reality with something that can not be debated.

    We will always try to keep finding the frequency that makes that vibration that hits the switch that turns on the shift that makes anger and greed quit.

    Sorry We are poets and find it is also the best way to describe things indescribable.

    We changed after writing ” I ” to ” We ” and ” Me ” to ” Us ” and ” My ” to ” Our ” because well because.

    We are never alone where ever we go we are always here and there or some where else out in the air.

    We look forward to any feedback or discussions, just a normal man. Picks up guitar finds keys to flight.

    1. Adam (The Teller) ,
      Showing you have hit on a couple of things that I am just now getting into. Naming says a lot. A few points that hit home:
      1. MetelU v.s. Us Tell U? (sounds familiar to an individual in “Japan”)
      2. Reference to music (words are sounds/ quantum can be understood and explained by what we do not currently understand of music)
      3.Here, being the concentration on anomalies(MEs) which can be explained by music/frequencies which has taken us/me(you) from 2009 just to get here. ? (I think I know who you are now – -wow. After thinking a few minutes. )
      4. Language is a hinderance (telepathy works better)
      5. Frequencies were intentionally changed in order to steady the planet from negative forces (you plays a part. “We” meaning “I” in statement “We will always try to keep finding the frequency that makes that vibration that hits the switch that turns on the shift that makes anger and greed quit.”)
      6. Bugs/viruses can be seen as proof for which we really do not need anyways
      7. We are never alone- always a presence there observing
      8. Guitar often played with a pick. The frequency of sound is magnified by copper. Hence “They are hiding gold in pennies”

      Adam (The Teller), was this the message?

      1. –Partial correction– Music as a natural language along with telepathy.

        Sound like Dale Pond does hit on many things regarding MandelaEffect. Sympathetic nervous system, the “fight or flight” response, is powerful enough to cause shifts via mental thought. Supports idea of changes due to major stressor…now multiply that by the 1000’s . Interesting, thank you for sharing.

  2. Is anyone remembering an alternate Baby snatch seen from Ghostbusters 2? I don’t remember it as Yanosh getting the baby in a baby cart in nanny costume, I remember it as him climbing out of the museum like a giant that stretches his arm like a fantastic 4 character and grabs the baby from a far.

  3. Does anyone else remember Yellowstone being in Colorado and Wyoming not Wyoming and Montana? I have a hard time believing it as being that far north and it just seems plain wrong because I have always thought of it as being in Colorado and I remember finding out it was only partly in Colorado but now it’s nowhere near there. I also remember seeing a Nat Geo show about the Yellowstone super volcano and what its effect would be if it erupted and it was in Colorado, but then I saw the same program recently and they said Wyoming and I didn’t think anything of it at first because I knew at least part of it was in Wyoming but I looked it up out of curiosity and found that it’s in northern Wyoming, and it’s really been bothering me.

    1. Great, now you have me wondering where, exactly, Yellowstone is supposed to be. I would have said Colorado, for sure.

    2. WOW……by NO means do I claim to be a geography wizard (which is why I don’t voice my opinions regarding the Australia/New Zealand/Sri Lanka aspects of the ME conversations) but…yeah…..was of the belief that Yellowstone was somehow affiliated with Colorado.

      1. Interesting. While I’ve seen Yellowstone and Yosemite mixed up (in normal conversations, not here), it’s not quite so easy to mix up Yellowstone’s actual location. It’s in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming [see map], and a considerable distance from any point in Colorado.

  4. Thought transfers faster than the speed of light ,possibly ,giving the ability for time travel. Einstein’s theory debunked

  5. Chris Pratt or Chris Patt? I remember the former (Pratt) but I just saw a comment on Facebook that had nearly 200 likes of people who are positive that his last name was Patt. Could this be an ME?

    1. Kaleb: It’s very definitely always been Chris Pratt for me because ‘prat’ is British for ‘silly person’ and so his name has always made me giggle.

  6. Fiona, if I missed this I apologize. But I was taught no one, was one word . I have seen noone , no-one, and no one. How does everyone here spell it?

    And for the record, my ultimate ( stealth test, lol) test is too ask people to spell dilemna or dilemma. It is , has been , and always will be dilemna too me. And I have stated this many times on the site. It’s probably the most difficult for anyone to just explain away. SO, I have asked my wife 4 times over the last 7-8 months how to spell it. She never remembers me asking her, she has spelled it twice with mna, and twice with mma. And swears that it’s correct each time. She is not joking with me( I know her pretty well, been together for 23 years). She has absolutely no recollection each time of the previous time. It’s all very odd. And I have done the same with other friends and relatives. Many of them actually say the opposite of the previous time. I never tell them if they are right or wrong either. Not scientific, but interesting. Maybe a marker???? Like Mr. Stain alluded too? We are flipping back and forth??

    The ramblings of a completely sane man, Mike H.

    1. Mike H., sometimes your comments make me laugh out loud. Really. This is one of them.

      On a serious note, this is a great study you’re doing. (Sometimes, stealth is sheer brilliance! LOL)

      I’m beginning to think I need to take the Mr. Stain references and create an article for them. At the time, I thought his comments were odd. Now, I’m wondering if he didn’t leave us some intriguing hints. (One could ask “To what purpose?” and that’s another issue, but — even if this is just for fun — I think it might be an interesting conversation.)

      1. Fiona, I’m glad I can make you laugh, I beleive its the Irish in me , humor goes a long way sometimes in our discussions here. Actually, I think it’s a defense mechanism , for me anyway lol.

        As for Mr. Stain, I agree , reading his post I wasn’t sure if one should take him serious or not. But his writing felt sincere to me, that’s why I ( tried) to engage him. If nothing else like you said, it is interesting and entertaining. Mike H.

        1. Hi Mike H

          I wanted to entertain the ‘Back and Forth’ idea. I dont like the idea of going back. I try to take it in stride and say I’m learning, when I feel it happens. I have experienced what I think could be sliding back and forth on several occasions. One in particular, the Ford Truck commercial. I saw this curly gaudy emblem on the TOP not middle of the F … never before and never again. But regardless, I’m under the impression it is staying in light rather than dark. Keeping a happy & high vibration. That last part could be hard to keep up, though it just effortlessly glided from my vocal cords.

    2. I have done that with my spouse as well on other topics. Usually its a back to back question and they flip from one side to the other without noticing. Like having 2 in 1. At times I know the wish I would stop with the questions when I get on a roll…but its sooo amusing. I can’t help myself.

    3. People are changing. I told one friend in May about this- brought it back up in September but wasn’t gentle just jumped in with both feet and knocked her for a loop – she was on this site all night – she swore that I had NEVER talked with her about this.

    4. has this to say: “While phrases like no body, some body, and some one have evolved into the compound words nobody, somebody, and someone, the similar phrase no one has never gone this route. A quick internet search reveals that noone is surprisingly common, but the two-word form and the hyphenated form (no-one) remain far more common in books and in edited publications.

      The hyphenated form, no-one, is especially common outside North America—it is almost completely absent from 21st -century U.S. and Canadian writing—but the unhyphenated form prevails everywhere by a significant margin. This is the case despite the fact that many English reference sources list the hyphenated form as the standard spelling or recommend it above the alternatives.”

      I have seen it all three ways, as well. “Noone” just never looked right to me–it’s like “noon” with an extra letter. In fact, none of the three versions look right, so I end up using “nobody,” instead! Oh, well, at least eye can reed and rite reel good. :o]

    5. _switch_N_
      _N_1 __click_


    Expertise – recorded and re-taped all 5 Star Trek Series taking the commercials out. Personal labeling every VCR tape, starting in the ’90s with reruns of The Original Series and The Next Generation, and capturing original broadcastings from that point on.

    Gene Roddenberry I clearly recall as Gene Rodenberry

    STAR TREK – (all 3 seasons)
    I recall 63 and 69 total episodes. There are now 79.
    Many titles are slightly different. ‘THE’ & ‘A’ are either added or subtracted in many titles.
    Some Episodes I only recall plot or actors not both.
    What Are Little Girls Made Of & Whom Gods Destroy
    I recall as

    What Little Girls Are Made Of & For Whom Gods Destroy
    … and there are others….I also found other things with The Original Series, but they may not be directly related to the Mandela Effect.

    The order of the Episodes are not in the order I remember. I recall Tasha Yar dying much earlier than Episode 22. Some dialog is different. Conspiracy Episode 24 I recall as being Episode 22 in SEASON TWO.

    The first 7+ Episodes seem to carry a theme as far as what is happening in regards to the Mandela Effect and it blossoming. I AM reading in between the lines. I dont know why I see this. Here are just the basic ideas for each Episode given.

    2-1 The Child – Birth pains; rebirth;
    2-2 Where Silence Has Lease – Is No Dimension a Dimension? Flat Earth; Quote “Did we move into another Dimension?”
    2-3 Elementary, (my) Dear Data – Human Nature; A holodeck character becomes AWARE & AWAKE.
    2-4 The Outrageous Okana (Okona) – Dispute over TWO WORLDS.
    2-5 Loud As A Whisper – The Destruction of Communication.
    2-6 The S(c)hizoid Man – Controlling oneself in a New Reality.
    2-7 Unnatural Selection – Battle with Time; Telepathy; ‘DARWIN’ station under QUARANTINE.
    2-12 The Royal – I interpreted in 51-52 States thread.
    2-15 Pen Pals – Geographic Changes
    There are more but I think it gets into areas that need not be here. You get the idea.

    Enterprise … one to beam up!

      1. Fiona, you’re very welcome!

        My original idea was to take a brick, I mean break. Apparently there is no leaving this. It’s just that I get a bit compulsive and I’m waiting around to move for a job. So, re-watching those episodes was fun. There is life after ME. And it is something else! From what I gather this is only the beginning.

        I am ‘comfortable/content’ where I live now. But I feel the move, in another month, is part of my ‘growth’.

        If you would like any programs dissected or decoded, I’d be thrilled to contribute! (Netflix). Apparently all that work on the Beatle project had a purpose.

    1. My SO says he remembers the Star Trek episode, “The Doomsday Machine” as “The Doomsday Device” originally.

    2. I just found out today (which led me to frantically search for this site) that JAMES CROMWELL is alive and well, when I have a distinct memory of him dying last year or so. You’ll recall he was in star trek first contact and I, robot. The memory is crystal clear and I am not confused about him, nor was it a false death hoax (already searched).

  8. Sorry about the closed comments. Every time I start a new Comments page, I need to remember to go back to the site a few hours later, and check to be sure the latest comments page kept comments open. I’m not sure why it happens, and only on some pages. (Yes, I already know to select “Allow Comments” on pages.)

    This seems to be the only major, remaining glitch since I cleaned out some potentially conflicting WP plugins. So, if this goes back to being closed — or any other key page does, ever — it’s okay to use the Contact form to let me know.

    Again, this was a slip-up on my part, and I apologize. Let the new comments resume!

  9. I’m not really sure where to post this comment or what this means other than some type of subliminal or visual messaging. Anyway, last night I was returning a book my son’s bookshelf (he’s 8), and in a matter of what seemed like one second – I glanced at 3 different books. The first was of course a Berenstein bears book (which made sense because I had just pulled the book out to check the spelling when I first discovered this site a few weeks ago). Immediately afterward my eyes turned to a Snoopy book by Charles Schultz. I quickly looked away as I was a little creeped out, and my eyes instantly fell on a book my son got with a kid’s meal from Chik-fil-A of all places. Of course all 3 spellings were wrong – STAIN, Schulz, and Chick. Very weird occurrence for me as I know I would have never experienced this before I knew of ME

  10. Hi Fiona,

    I posted a comment a few days ago about the 5 largest countries in the world. (China and the US seemed to have switched spots, and I included links.) Did you see it?

      1. Yep, thanks. I didn’t see comment list 12 at first. Thanks for replying! You don’t need to post this unless you want to…

        1. Stephanie you are sounding really glitchy. Can you possibly pinpoint what hz frequency your on. Can try Does your tinnitus change tunes?

          (Wonder if listening to Gaga’s songs could be changing your frequencies. I ran into information concerning tuning at 432hz although the actual chord for A is 440hz . Great pyramid in Egypt said to have a frequency of 440hz. 432Hz seems to have an additional grounding effect with a difference of 8. Like the mandated changed of analog to digital, there is a push to tune at 432hz versus 440)

          1. First time I have ever saw anything like this and I could hear everything from 20-13,500 that normal?

            I know it sounds crazy but my friend in England listened to it and my friend in New Jersey who despises Gaga listened to it for me – and he agreed that on Friday it sounded different than Saturday. She agreed all three times it changed.

          2. I just listened to this aND the ringing changed with sound change. Some of it was intense. What does it mean?

            1. just listening to that and the whistle hum i hear well the whistle is at 11,000, that is very close to what i hear, but at 6000, theres a hum noise behind the tone .. i do have a little cold and am now 42 and male if that changes certain things, heard from the lowest to just about 12,000

              1. Are any of you familiar with the New Earth theory of Dolores Cannon? I realize this is somewhat of a new age idea, but one thing she mentions in an article I read ties in to the discussion on ringing in the ears, etc.
                She says that the “symptoms of ascension” to a higher dimension are – high blood pressure, ringing in the ears, headaches, joint aches and pains, and irregular heartbeat.
                Interestingly enough, I just recently within the last month was diagnosed with high blood pressure for the first time in my life. I’ve also just recently within the last week noticed a ringing in my ears, but it is not constant, and I can tune it out if I try.

                1. Skepticalbeliever,
                  Im not sure how it may fit it right now but the “normal” blood pressure reading scale is going to be dropped. It is currently 120/80. The new standard will be something like 110/70.

                  I am wondering why the medical community is looking to put this in effect. At first I thought …so this just means more people will be classified as hypertensive. So quick thought more drugs for hypertension yields more money encouraged by more visits, etc etc. But that is too simple!

                  If medication can change perception and more people are on them would that make them easier subjects to go along with the program. Could it be a way to distinguish those who know versus those who do not

                  Just thought the blood pressure part was kind of weird

                  1. Daniel,
                    Just a personal theory of mine, but I have a feeling that medication may be related to all of this. I have wondered if those of us experiencing the false hot air balloon memory had that memory implanted through some type of medication we all took at some point.
                    In contrast, and somewhat coinciding with what you are saying – I also wonder if those of us who experience ME were also NOT part of some massive experiment through meds that causes everyone else to not notice these “changes”. Maybe we are the ones who did not take some form of medication that masks these changes or makes people unaware. Hope that makes sense

                2. I never herd the name Dolores Cannon before yesterday. I was talking to a friend of mine (who originally introduced me to all of this) about a new ME that is specific to me and my family….I will post about it when I am caught up reading all comments that I’ve missed over the last couple weeks. Anyway, she threw that name at me just yesterday…kinda weird to hear it again less than 24 hours later…

            2. Stephanie you said the ringing changed with sound change. At what point/ hertz did it create a change if you do not mind. I listened to the 10,000 as recommended by a redditor and it silenced mine…but then I heard it come in an out like morse code. The 10,000 hz is showing equivalent to a higher end E note.

  11. I have a weird one from today that has left me shaken – I dropped my daughter off at school and drove back home – on the radio was paparazzi by Lady Gaga – but it was not her singing – it was more of a ballad? type of song – got on fb asked if anyone ever heard of another version by a female then went googling – there appears to have only been one version of that song – so went to youtube put in the song and got the same ballad- my friend in England saw this in between and I sent her link – she heard a ballad type of song again. While driving I listened to it on spotify – ballad again. I got to work pulled in the parking lot got to talking with another friend went back to youtube the very same video that I had just listened to a hour ago – was now sounding like the real song – I messaged my friend in England – and she could tell the difference. I don’t know if you all will think I’m nuts but I know something was off with that. And I’ve seen a lot and read a lot- I have to say this has shaken me more than most of the shifts. Since it happened within a 2 hour period.

    1. OK I know for sure its Life is like a box of chocolates… You know every kid growing up watching that movie has said it so many times it’s ingrained in our minds

    2. How does this ballad sound like and what does it say?
      I’ve listened to this song many times, but never noticed anything weird about it.

  12. Wow, this website is so engrossing. So many things I remember that suddenly changed and felt like a punch in the face. So many things that just don’t make sense.

    BerenstEIn Bears (pronounced Beren-STEEN by me and everyone I know, and on TV, books on tape, and computer games; I might post more about this on the specific page for this one)
    Charles SchulTz
    Life IS like a box of chocolates
    A beautiful day in THE neighborhood
    Interview With A Vampire
    Sex IN The City
    Rod STerling
    Mirror Mirror on the wall (I had a VHS tape of Snow White and that’s what the Queen said. I don’t remember what I did with the tape, if I gave it away or it’s still with my family… I hope it’s the latter because I need to check it now.)

    However, FrOOT Loops I am sure of because of a parody commercial in Tiny Toon Adventures called “Foot Loops”. Unless that episode didn’t exist in the Fruit Loops timeline (can’t say it’s a great loss, I didn’t really like that episode and that parody was disgusting :P).
    Incidentally, I think Tiny Toon Adventures could be responsible for the whole Looney Toons/Tunes confusion… but then, I remember Looney Toons too. OTOH, prototype art for TTA did call it Tiny Tunes: (Not trying to step on anyone’s memories here. Remember, I’m stepping on mine too.)

    I was too young to have seen the Tiananmen Square Massacre live on the news, but I had seen photos of the Tank Man and I asked my mom if he got run over and she said “What do you think?” in a very definitive tone. That was all I needed to know. (But as others have said, the “current reality” of this one most likely has nothing to do with the Mandela Effect and everything to do with the Chinese government…)

    Now for some stuff not mentioned here:

    Back in 2003 I watched DVDs of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, and my mom told me Judy Carne died of a drug overdose back in the 1980s. I looked online for verification and every source said it was true. But she died on September 3rd of this year from pneumonia.

    I went to go see Mrs. Doubtfire in the theater when it first came out, I was very young at the time, but every scene was immediately burned into my mind. Including ones that are different from the ones on the home media releases I have been watching ever since:
    – During the party scene, Daniel and some kids are literally jumping on the table, and Daniel is wearing a party hat. Now in this reality, he and the kids are doing hip-hop moves on the table, and he is wearing a baseball cap.
    – In the scene where the first Mrs. Doubtfire mask gets run over, Daniel says “SHOOT!” rather than “Oh, sh**!”. Now I know you could be thinking “You’re probably remembering the TV edit.”. No, I am remembering what I heard in the theater. The movie first aired on TV in 1996, and by then I had owned the VHS tape (with the profanity) for two years.
    Neither of these can be attributed to my young age at the time, because every other scene I’ve watched on VHS and DVD have lined up with what I saw in the theater. (Also, this may in fact have been the quickest ever Mandela Effect in history – within only a few months from 1993-1994!)

    And finally, you may have heard of a book called Bunnicula, about a “vampire” rabbit. I read it again recently and I suddenly remembered there being a live action adaptation that aired on ABC back in the early-mid 1990s. It had both real and animatronic animals. But I’ve searched around online and there is no record of it AT ALL, not even someone else asking if anyone else knows about it. It is nonexistant. But I have a very vivid memory of a scene of Bunnicula opening the fridge door and Harold seeing him, all in live action with a little live rabbit and a cheesy (by modern standards) animatronic dog reacting. I also remember promos for it and being excited about it. But in the world I live in now, there was only an animated adaptation that aired in 1982, which was not faithful to the book (so it couldn’t be that I caught a repeat and got confused). Unless someone else out there knows what I’m talking about.

  13. Couple things…
    First, let say for the sake of discussion that if we have shifted realities to this place from the old place where Stain is Stein and Jim Nabors et al are still dead etc…, then what happened to the “us” who was there if only our consciousness made the jump? Did we die? did we disappear? Did we leave behind family and loved ones?

    And what is more puzzling is that if we jumped into another version of ourselves in this present “Stain” reality, the what happened to the “us’ who was already living in this reality? Where did they go when we (our consciousness) evidently displaced them?

    I wanted to ask if anyone has noticed any physcial changes to their person. For example, I always wore a mens trouser with a 34 inseam measurement. Now a 34 is way too long for me and I wear a 32! My height is still the same however. Anyone missing birthmarks or scars etc or now have ones that they do not remember.

    Last item – Upon hearing about the whole “Mister Rogers” theme song having change from “the” to “this”, I phone my friend and asked him what he recalled to be true and we began a brief discussion of the ME. He asked me what was going one and i started to dicuss CERN and the possibility that the various alternate realties were somehow converging onto one another or CERN had possibly opened a “Black hole” etc… and the other various possibilities brought about by CERN.

    At which point our conversation was cut off. Disconnected. I kept speaking for a minute or so and then relaized the call was not connected. I waited for him to phone back thinking maybe he accidently disconnected the call. He did call back and said “that was wierd” as he had not disconnected on his end and I did not on my end. As soon as the discussion came up about CERN having possible implications related to the ME, the call was cut off.

    So, I find it strange and wonder if anyone else has ever had their phone conversations disconnected when speaking either about the ME, CERN or other topics such as these?

    1. David B., those are good questions and observations. I have no idea how many of “us” (alternates of us, individually) exist and whether some of them are cycling through this reality and commenting here, too… or do so in their alternate reality at an alternate The concept makes my brain whirl!

      Some people have commented about physical changes, especially scars swapping sides.

      The interference with these discussions — here and elsewhere — is something we muse about now & then, but avoid taking things in too much of a conspiracy direction. Nevertheless, yes, many of us have noticed some odd coincidences like you describe.

      1. I like to think we merge into one memory, then split, am sure some of us (me — us) did die. but i see it more of a merging of realities.. Like a chess board. each black square is the E universe, each white square is the A universe. but in another universe its reversed.. So in my idea there is another ME, with the memories that are opposite to the ones I have. so in their universe each white square is an E, if you understand. so sometimes the worlds merge into one but sometimes the memories doesnt cross over sometimes does. that would explain some of the double memories i have. We still exist in that other universe just with the memories we should have here..

        So for example in the E universe theres me thats saying it was never E, it was always A. So theres a fiona broome in the other universe doing a website about mandela effect saying mandela died in 1983 or whenever but some people have a memory of him dying in 2013 instead.. (if you add multi universes it gets so complicated as to give me a headache).

      2. Fiona Broome,
        I have a personal experience about this particular website I’d like to share with you.
        It hit me when you said “an alternate

        When I first started visiting this website, I would always type ‘mandala effect’ on google and this website would be the first on the list. (Note how I said ‘mandAla’)

        Just yesterday I noticed Google correcting me!
        Google asked, “Did you mean: mandela effect”

        It was so weird because I could have sworn I always typed ‘mandala effect’ with no problem.
        I’m still not 100% sure if Google was always correcting me and I subconsciously clicked on the website, but I’m certain it was MandAla. Strange.

        1. Carlos, how very interesting! It looks like has been registered, but it’s not directing to anything right now. It makes sense that — with no website there — Google would “correct” to this site.

    2. Hi all – I haven’t left a reply for awhile, but I’ve recently noticed a number of comments about personal physical changes and thought I might share mine.

      Up until the end of 2012, I was shortsighted (had been for about 45 years) and my eye prescription was -210 in my left eye and -270 in my right eye. I wore contact lenses during most days and wore glasses in the evening. I needed corrective lenses to see distances and to watch tv. I didn’t need them to read.

      One day in early 2013, I went for a walk. It was a bright sunny winter’s day. I felt I was seeing things so clearly and marveled at how beautiful my surroundings were. It was then that I realized I had forgotten to put my contacts on and couldn’t believe how I was seeing things in the distance so clearly. When I came home, I found I could see the tv just as clearly.

      I then made an appointment with my optician. After his test, he told me that I no longer required corrective lenses. My prescription was now -1.00 in both eyes. He admitted to being at a loss to explain this change. I then made an appointment with an opthamologist. He tested me and ruled out disease, etc. He, too, was flabbergasted and told me that in nearly 40 years of practice, he had never seen anything like it. He then booked an appointment for me to have an MRI done on my eyes. This doctor agreed with his colleagues; he had never seen anything like this in his experience.

      I’ve researched this as much as I can, and continue to so, but I have found nothing to explain this condition, especially to have a similar change in both eyes. In fact, I was quite surprised by the reactions of the three doctors; though they were surprised (though I wouldn’t say perplexed), not one of them wanted to do a follow-up, or gave me the impression that they would do some research. The first two have since retired, so it might have had something to do with the stage in their careers?

      Presently, I continue to enjoy near to perfect vision. BTW, I became aware of tintnitus about two years ago; it might have begun around the same time, but I can’t be sure. The symptoms are very similar to those posted on this site.

      Finally, I’m …
      In the neighborhood
      Mirror mirror
      Chic fil a
      Sex in the city
      Interview with a vampire
      Life is a box of chocolates
      If you build it, they will come
      Fruit Loops

      Thanks for reading my rather lengthy reply!

    3. I was asking my husband just that if the other, us, were here, and we came here, what happened to them? I haven’t noticed anything physically off about us, I have noticed people are changing towards me. I have app on phone, zello, that makes it into a cb radio that records conversations. I was talking to my friend tim when a woman comes on, but it turns out it was me, aND I said I need to call my mom I’m going to die. I’ve told my husband to not even call her when I’m dead so I know is not me

      1. Stephanie white, that sounds like a truly ugly prank more than Mandela Effect, but you’re the one to make the best evaluation. It’s not the first time I’ve heard about that kind of prank being played… that exact same kind of prank, talking about death and the supposed caller.

        1. Fiona beyond a doubt it was ME – myself and I – my voice – everyone that has listened to it – all agree on that fact that there is no doubt who said it – other than I didn’t say it. 🙂 I agree with them – it is my voice. I’ll keep the other weird things to myself – because I tend to freak people out on my observations 🙂

      2. I can not find the prior post regarding the following:
        “I was talking to my friend tim when a woman comes on, but it turns out it was me, aND I said I need to call my mom I’m going to die. I’ve told my husband to not even call her when I’m dead so I know is not me”

        Should be around comment section 11 which lists more detail

        1. Thanks, Daniel. The comments threads are glitchy at times. At other times, it’s just the way WP sequences them. Either way, I can’t manually change where individual comments appear within a thread.

    4. Hi, David B.,

      Changes to self: I had always been told that my blood type was O+, and that that was the universal donor type. In a test in chemistry class in ’85, I had confirmed my blood type to be O+. In 1995, I was marked as O- and have been ever since (and the universal donor type is now O-).

      Phone issues: I was talking on my cell with my (2nd) ex-wife on her cell a few days ago. The topic was the Mandela Effect, though I’m fairly certain that neither of us had mentioned CERN (I could be wrong, of course). The call disconnected. I don’t recall which of us called the other back, but she said that it wasn’t that we’d been disconnected, but instead that her phone had simply restarted (which I inferred to mean that it had done so for no apparent reason) — this not being something that either of our phones has shown any prior trend of doing.

      I don’t know if these data help much, but I figured that I’d throw in my two cents.

  14. In the early hours of the 15th October I decided to have a quick look at the comments before I went to bed. I saw that a new list had been started, number 12, so I read that first, then went to number 11 and found lots of new comments there. There were too many to really go through them properly at that time in the morning, so I read through them quickly thinking I am so tired I’ll have to read them again when I get up so that I can give them my full attention. As it turned out I didn’t get back to the site until today and I can’t find any of the comments. I thought maybe I had clicked on an older list by mistake so I scrolled through every list and I still couldn’t find those comments . Someone suggested that you produce T shirts with Mandela Effect related slogans, and many of the ensuing comments were about the T shirts, and now I can’t find them anywhere. Have you moved those comments somewhere else?

    1. The T shirt comments were most on 11, or that’s how I recall it. I’ll be going through all of them later today and over the weekend, and post links. I’m planning to have some generic shirts ready by Tuesday, and an “old school” poll of the suggested ideas, before then.

      (Update: I found more recommendations than I expected, and some are in the middle of lengthy comments. So, I’m not bothering with links.)

  15. Somehing is freakin’ coming. The quickening approaches. I’ve been exhausted, seen bright flashes of light, felt my body vibrate, et cetera. I had to give up my medicinal herb because those feeling got way too intense. While these may seem to be the ramblings of an insane person, please note that it’s cogent and succinct. You’re all here because you understand something is not right. I’m not certain, but *I* believe the world or this earth is about to become a four dimensional reality. For people asleep, the vibrations might kill them. Even for the awakening, the shock will be palpable. These are my thoughts guided by a voice, perhaps a spirit guide? I can’t say. It compels me to write. My last thought is that it’s always darkest before the light. This isn’t going to be easy. Brace yourselves. Warmest regards, Jason

    1. My friend, I am not worthy of this suggestion. When I stumbled upon the ME, I was consumed with this site. Now, I’m looking into HAARP, TPTB, the Philadelphia expirement, et cetera. I come and read posts, but I only write when that voice compels me. I can’t speak to its accuracy. I only know the words have to come out. I’ve gone through a painstaking process of relinquishing of ego, self importance, and intellect. I’m leaning entirely on my gut, or inner voice. What I wrote feels true. In my experience in these lives, my gut is far more accurate then my intellect. That being said, everyone here and engaged should be alright for whatever transition awaits. What I think we can all agree on is that the world we thought we knew is mutable, changeable. That’s half the battle in my opinion. I don’t mean to frighten or startle people. My instinct suggests that the true nature of reality is much richer then we can even now imagine. It sounds new age and frankly silly, but *I*’believe it’s all about vibrations and frequency. The geo political global events are indicative TO ME that the small people in power are in sheer panic. All these events are coordinated and planned. They don’t want us to wake up. I think it’s too late. My only regret is that the awakening folks, and the awake are still too separated and divided. Again, I believe this is not a coincidence. Time will tell. If you’ve listened to all my comments or seen any…I’m uniquely qualified to engage in activities others are not. In fact, I’ve gone to numerous websites taunting TPTB, ostensibly calling down the thunder. They’ve seen my jacket. Whatever happens, please know I’ve always wanted to stand for others. I took an oath. I honor bound to uphold. That’s what I plan to do. Daniel, you and many others here are super sharp. I look forward to seeing your thoughts. Many of you are so much more intuitive then I. I appreciate the hard work of everyone here, and again, I believe you’re right there. You folks are all over it. Warmest regards, Jason

    2. Jason – this vibration was it like energy coursing through your body? I’ve felt it three times – I know that empaths can sense leylines – and I am perfectly aware what they are – well at least I know Atlanta is on one – and it happened twice in Atlanta – one at work – I turned a lamp on my desk on and had energy coursing through my arm and once parking my car – it was coursing up my foot to my knee. What was freaky – I woke up Friday three weeks ago – picked up my phone and felt energy in my hands – put down the phone still energy – i did this like three times – and it even made me go “hm how does those super heroes who shoot energy out of their hands, feel?” – 🙂 Believe me I don’t think your crazy 😉 If your on facebook – and its okay Fiona to post this – this is my real name – add a marie – send me a friend request 🙂 Currently my avatar is about Lost.

      1. Sorry, Stephanie. Just rediscovering these comments. I couldn’t find them two days ago, and I don’t check every day like I did in the beginning. Um…it’s hard to explain. My body literally trembles all over, but it’s not related to fear, being cold, et cetera…it’s like being really cold, like shivering. It’s completely uncontrollable and it used to really freak me out. Ive only recently discovered that I am an empath, and that fact alone explains a lot of my lifetime struggles. Sometimes it’s powerful and others it’s low. I’ve lost most of my friends and that’s okay. I’m very particular about folks, and I am consumed with figuring out what the heck is happening here on “Earth 2015”. The trembling can lead to heart pounding. It can precede it or comes after. Today, I had 10-15 minutes of heart pounding and then it subsided. I’m in very good health. In fact, my psoriatic arthritis is in remission! Yay.
        So, I’m not on Facebook, but I am interested in discussing this with like minded folks. The wife doesn’t believe any of this. It’s very frustrating. Warm regards all, Jason

  16. I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past month and more reading all the comments on this site, looking through the Major Memories list, doing my own research (Both internal and external) and speaking to others.

    In advance, I apologize for the length of this post.

    Some things here strike me as more of a “common” type incorrect or confused memory thing. For example the mention of Professor X in the X-Men comics where there have been numerous reboots and rewrites where powers and abilities and the like shift around in comics. The point I’m going for here is that some of this can be attributed simply to the complexity of the material involved or the lack of verifiable sources.

    All that said, I’d wager a good 90% or more of the issues listed are valid and lack any quick and convenient explanation. However I can tell you from my personal experiences with both reality “glitches” (For lack of a better term) and my life experiences that some of the things listed here are beyond spot on. I spent quite some time in the Army and was stationed at the Pentagon for a bit of it. I can say, without violating anything, that there are many workings and goings on in our government that would astonish the average person. Some things are so clearly propaganda it is insane. A perfect example is Hitler and his eye color. The governments involved on the Allied side pushed the story of the “Master Race” idea hard to sell it to the masses for support of the war. What better way to increase anger at Hitler if you show or imply that he himself doesn’t fit the mold? Claim Hitler wants blue-eyed and blonde people only, then show him with brown eyes, dark hair and darken the photos just a little so he looks more Jewish than “traditional” German. Prior to social media and email and the total internet revolution, it was far easier for governments of any size to control what the population was aware of outside of their own borders. As for the Hitler example, if you go to DC and dig and dig and dig and dig some more in the National Archives you’ll find all the verification you need. But you won’t find it online anywhere – the USA and almost all governments in general have no desire to embarrass themselves.

    Some of the ideas posited here area a little off – for example the idea of multiple time lines constantly changing and merging and moving around. From a sheer mathematical standpoint (I love Math, got my degrees in it and specialized in Chaos Theory. Quite a lot of fun!) multiple interacting timelines would collapse on themselves and eliminate all of the timelines. Certainly we can have our math wrong and it would work fine! But as it stands, I personally think that the idea of “parallel” universes (And hence the appearance that they are timelines) is far more plausible as is, even though it may seem crazy, the idea of time travel. From a pure standpoint, time is an illusion as it exists only as perceived by people. With that in mind, moving through time wouldn’t be as large of an issue as you may think provided you can generate enough energy to move yourself or an object through time. Hence the ripples or “glitches” as I like to call them.

    Since it was mentioned recently, take some of the celebrity deaths you’ve discussed such as a potential relating to Ernest Borgnine and Jan-Michael Vincent. Lets think of it this way – assume that someone, most likely a government agency since they have the money and means to do this, is able to time travel and alter events in the past. Now it’s not tough to see that certain events shouldn’t be tampered with such as say going back and killing Hitler as a baby. Right or wrong, the rise of Nazi Germany was bound to happen and while there was a tremendous loss in life, we don’t have any remote idea what the result would have been if a different person was in charge. Imagine the result in Nazi Germany ended up being led by a more stable and tactical minded person. Frankly, we could all be speaking German right now if that were the case and the idea of worrying about Israel as a country would never have happened! But to the point, if you were to do something in the past to change a minor detail there would still be ripples. Just by shifting yourself to a different time you will have impacted the timeline. Sure, going back might sound great but the further you go the greater the risk and impact. Say said agency did something simple and positive in appearance such as ensuring that people were properly warned of a volcanic eruption but, and this is the key, quietly. Instead of a massive loss of life, someone were to warn the local villages by way of what appeared to be portents or omens of an impending eruption so when the volcano started to rumble people were ready to move. The result? Ripples. Say the esteemed actors of Airwolf were filming in a location near one of these events resulting in some extra on set that wouldn’t have been there originally if the villagers weren’t warned of the volcano. Well this extra happened to bump into a producer and apologize, and then said producer because of the 10 second delay failed to answer the phone ringing in his office which in turn lead to a delay in the flights of Mr. Borgnine and Mr. Vincent going to their next location. On the new flight Mr. Borgnine overhears a different conversation that resonates with him and he talks to Mr. Vincent about getting out of his recreational habit, so in turn Mr. Vincent figures maybe he should stop and he is open to quitting drugs just a tiniest bit more and thus he decides when his girlfriend catches him with coke again 4 months later that maybe getting clean is a good idea and actually follows through especially since his friend Mr. Borgnine really was looking out for him. At the same time Mr. Borgnine runs late at an appointment later on, takes a different taxi to his next spot and after speaking to the cabbie en route the cabbie barely recognizes Mr. Borgnine and nothing special happens whereas the cabbie the just left knew and practically worshiped Mr. Borgnine which would’ve caused him to focus less on the road leading to a near miss that sends Mr. Borgnine into cardiac arrest from the fear. Ripples. That’s all this was and it was due to trying to save lives.

    So what’s the full extent of the damage? There’s almost no way to know. Why don’t more people speak out? Fear of ridicule and, more importantly, lack of knowledge or desire. All because some group of people wanted to see if they COULD travel in time and if they could, then use it to save people.

    Now of course this is again assuming that said agency existed and was actively working on the issue. Now toss in the things being researched that we know about at places like CERN. There comes a point when you need to stop pushing the boundaries because something is likely going to push back.

    What I’ve found historically is that there are people in society who always seem to notice these shifts, either consciously or unconsciously. Not that long ago, these people were your soothsayers and oracles and more. What we are finding now is that more and more people are aware of what is going on thanks to this wonderful phenomenon of the internet. Yes there were always nutjobs, for example the Oracle of Delphi being nothing more than someone stoned on natural gases and fumes. But there are also plenty examples of the opposite, just look at Da Vinci and some of his inventions that were so far ahead of his time or Jules Verne literally writing a book that now reflects common science in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Could it be that Da Vinci slipped into an alternate dimension where he say flying machines with people hang gliding but he simply didn’t have the materials to make an exact duplicate? Or could it be that Jules Verne saw an actual modern submarine that shifted back to his time frame, traveling there to find some exotic undersea creature or mineral that was needed in the modern times?

    I think you’ll find the idea of a “marker” not that far off, but no where near as insidious as you may think. The reality seems to be that not everyone has the will or ability to notice these glitches and experience them. What the exact determining factor is, I have no idea. I could guess but it would be simply a guess. But people who notice the shifts are in the minority and we, as those that notice, are marked as special. Not as some superior race or more formed person. Simply marked because we notice and know.

    I would wager, and it would be beyond time consuming to figure out, that if you took the exact day of each major glitch and then counted the number of days between glitches, you’d find a sequence. Not something easily recognizable like 2, 4, 1, 6, 2, 4, 1, 6, etc but something more like a Fibonnaci sequence or the like.

    From what I know, 2015 and 2016 should be fairly low key with odd happenings and occurrences. However from 2017-2019 there will be quite a bit of noticeable glitches. It should again be fairly quiet in 2020. Beyond that my sources are a bit….strained I guess would be the right word. Predicting the occurrence of major glitches and such isn’t too difficult in the grand scheme of things, however long term predictions gets vague and fuzzy fairly quickly.

    I can say this quite honestly, follow the trail of glitches and you’ll eventually find a “source”. All the major ones seem to link to others, however the difficulty is in finding the more local or unpublished events that also coincide.

    The one large issue that bothers me personally the most is the “shift” in location of New Zealand, and to a lesser extent I thought Australia was a bit more isolated. To affect a shift of the location of such a large land mass in such a dramatic fashion…..I simply can’t wrap my head around it nor find even a remotely plausible idea as to how it happened or, more importantly, why it would happen.

    One parting thought – from what I’ve seen and heard, once you “know” of these glitches, it appears to make you personally near immune to them. And by “know” I mean you truly see the glitch and understand it’s meaning and believe that there is a problem. Why this happens? Again, no idea. BUT all of this taken together hints that these glitches are far more natural in origin and not quite so much of a sinister conspiracy theory of government domination. Again I could be completely wrong.

    Just the ramblings of a tired, old man who has seen more than he should have in life.

      1. In my opinion, Fiona, John D’s comment, if nothing else, is a testament to the value of your……it isn’t merely interesting or fun to come on here and post our thoughts and read the ideas of other like-minded individuals. For one thing, there is a therapeutic value for those of us who have felt like we’re going insane… we have a place to discuss and learn that it is not necessarily US but our surroundings in question. And now, if there is any validity to John D’s comment or claims, then it is of high importance that we monitor, catalog, inform, and educate all of our ME findings, no matter what degree of relevance we may attach to them ourselves. What may be vaguely important to one could be the key to another’s occurrence. Again, I would like to thank you (and I’m sure I can speak for the rest of our little community) for the service you are providing.

    1. John D.,
      I hesitated a few times on replying. I wondered if maybe you could answer a few questions, please don’t take these the wrong way , I am just extremely curious is all. Your post seems to answer several questions of mine , and raise a few others.

      You seem to “know” without hesitation how/why a lot of this happening. Is this from your military time? Or something else?

      When did you first notice the changes? An approximate year maybe. And who/or what was it that first caught your attention.

      I hope this does not sound like an interrogation——I can assure you it’s not. I just have a genuine interest , I have been observing this for so long, I just want to know why. And in a lot my observations, I do agree with most of your opinion/assessment’s, but not all. Mike H.

      1. Mike H. — and John D., of course — after editing a lot of military-type reports (nothing secret, just MIT papers on some DoD topics), I was seeing a fair amount of phrasing I recognized. So, I feel that John D’s information has credibility. I’m also aware that the way things are set up in some gov’t offices, misinformation is deliberately dispensed to keep any one person from knowing all the details and ramifications (or even most of them)… unless that person is fairly central to operations.

        I’ve also seen some of these insights in private communications over the past couple of years. Those are things I’ve kept to myself.

        So, I’m not sure how much more John D can share (or if he’s already gone far out on a limb), but this information is interesting to consider.

        I’d like to say “time will tell,” but that doesn’t necessarily apply to this topic, does it.

        1. I can’t figure out how to post an enigma of my own, so I just chose a random post to comment on. Apparently Yogi Berra died recently. My husband and I both remember him dying in the 90’s. I love and follow baseball. He died a long time ago.

    2. Hi John D.,
      Thanks for sharing!
      Can you tell more about the source? Or which differences/changes you consider the major ones we should be looking to link?

    3. Thanks John D – very interesting. I live on the east coast of Australia and have seen the weather map on tv every day for over 40 years. The major changes I’ve noticed are the chunk out of the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Italy boot hanging off Adelaide. Byron Bay is famous as the most eastern point but it doesn’t look as pronounced anymore. I miss New Zealand but at least I can walk to Papua New Guinea. We live in fascinating times!

      1. The Gulf of Carpentaria (and Australia’s “new” proximity to PNG) , and the size of Cuba were the first two geographical changes I noticed in 2009. It’s what led me to the bears and eventually to the ME site. There were MANY others in the next few years up through about 2012. They still seem to be happening (getting noticed?), but at a slower rate. It has always struck me that the most telling aspect of the ME (as we have discussed on the site MANY times), is that for the most part none of us knew each other , we are from all different races, the four corners of the globe, different religions, ages, ect.ect. But we all noticed.

        I REALLY hope John D. can/will keep contributing what he can. It was a VERY well thought out, and informative post. Mike H.

        1. Mike, I just sent Fiona a personal comment regarding my memory of the gulf of carpenteria area of Australia after reading Naomi’s comment, which struck me especially since she lives in Australia. Then I came back to this page and saw your comment (which was posted in the interim).

          What change do you (and Naomi) notice about this area? I’m wondering if it matches the memory I shared with Fiona. I’m very curious. I left it to Fiona’s discretion whether she makes my comment public or not.

          1. Fj, The most glaring thing to me initially was the size of the “Gulf”, what was there was more of a bay, not anywhere near that deep. And the length of the pennisula, nothing like that at all. More of a bump. It grew like pinochhios nose. Hard to explain. And the proximity to PNG , would have been 5-10 times its current distance. That’s how I remember it before 2009. Mike H.

          2. Hi FJ and Mike – The Gulf of Carpentaria is WAY too big. There was barely a “gulf” at all – just a skinny body of water in a deep “v” shape. The east coast side of the gulf looks okay but the land should rise in a subtle north-west angle from Burketown cutting through the Wellesley Islands and connecting with Nhulunbuy (which is now too far west). All of the water from Burketown to Numbulwar looks wrong. Princess Charlotte Bay (on the east coast) looks like a bum cheek and sounds like a sick joke – it makes the spike look more spikey. The body of water between Darwin and Kalumburu also looks wrong – the water needs to be filled in with land. The most northern tip of Australia is parallel with the southern tip of Papua New Guinea – that is just crazy! Very difficult to explain, but the top end of Australia is monumentally different and the change is obvious. Hope that helps.

            1. Thank you Mike H. and Naomi. I have shared my Australia alternate memories here before, but the private comment I sent to Fiona was a specific, recent (last 6 months) memory of a nature program about Australia.

              There was no gulf of Carpenteria. The show said that that area was PREVIOUSLY under water. There were marine fossils found in the desert. I believe there was still a small body of water on the map, I think it was a lake.
              There was a computer animated clip of what the area looked like millennia ago- which matches the gulf of carpenteria on our current maps. I too think the shape of Australia is changed.

              My strongest memory of Australia is that it was far more isolated. It’s crazy how close it is to PNG now. There is conflicting info on the web as to whether Australia is its own continent, or includes some of its island neighbors. I clearly remember that Australia was its own continent, and I learned that it was the only island that was a continent, because of its isolated location and size. Now when I search this question on the web, I’m seeing the Australian continent also being called: Sahul, Meganesian, and Australenia continents. According to some sites, the continent also includes New Guinea, Timor, and parts of Indonesia!? However, I am seeing some sites that say Australia is the only island continent, and it’s compromised of only Australia.

              Current info says that New Zealand is part of the submerged continent of Zealandia. I have never heard of Zealandia, or any of those names for the Australian continent either.

              1. Thanks FJ. I agree with your comments. I’ve never heard of Sahul, Meganesian, Australenia or Zealandia, only Oceania and Australasia.

                1. Thanks Naomi. That makes me feel better about the validity of my memories. I really was paying attention in geography.

    4. John D.,
      “the major ones seem to link to others, however the difficulty is in finding the more local or unpublished events that also coincide.”

      These are the ones that I think about, certain things nobody may ever notice or so far down the road, as to not give it a second thought.

      “To affect a shift of the location of such a large land mass in such a dramatic fashion…..I simply can’t wrap my head around it nor find even a remotely plausible idea as to how it happened or, more importantly, why it would happen.”

      These are the ones that bother people the most I believe. The geography, for the very reasons you state. The how, and why of it. Strangely I always noticed the celebrities (dead, alive, dead again ect.) before the internet ,I still do now also, but these were the first “what is going on” moments. Then it was the words, with the advent of a “PC in every house”, meaning spell check. I will go to my grave spelling dilemna the “incorrect way”. Then came the geography (along with , am going insane??? ). This is just how I noticed. Which led me to search out answers, and eventually (took me long enough, to find the ME site), have the courage to post them anywhere. The last sentence is a common theme here, people feel “safe” on this site.

      I do want to say your years are interesting , I believe the poster called Daniel(and a few others) may find them interesting also. If you read this, you may want to check the discussions we had on the “September 22/23” article.

      “One parting thought – from what I’ve seen and heard, once you “know” of these glitches, it appears to make you personally near immune to them. And by “know” I mean you truly see the glitch and understand it’s meaning and believe that there is a problem”.

      This I completely agree with, I have been noticing this stuff for so long, that sometimes I have to restrain myself from not shaking people and yelling how do you not see this??? But I know from observing ,that some will see in their own time, some never will see, some will see some things (and write them off, or change their own beliefs), and then their are those, that see everything.

      The number sequence(pattern) is something a few of us have been looking at also. I really think you are right on this, their is a sequence, but what it is, is anyone’s guess.

      I want to thank you for a pretty thought provoking post. Mike H.

    5. Im not sure if I view the glitches as “a problem”. I can see them possibly being a problem for someone or something else. Nonetheless, the glitches seem specific. Like a code of sorts or level. Once you reach one level the next clue is given which guides you into the next. Perhaps like the unlocking of DNA which brings you to another level of consciousness, ie. that junk DNA that scientist refer to could be revealing its intrinsic value( think of what some have termed “The Akashic Records” which are thought to be locked away).

    6. Fiona, and hopefully John D. ,

      I am starting to think John D. might be right. Parallel universes, not multiverse’s. Again the duality concept. What if the ones that “notice” (us) , ARE the markers. In other words everyone else exists in both parallel universes, but perhaps we don’t for whatever reason. The reason we see the differences, we only have the OUR memories to compare the new ones too. Where as the people in both universes have both versions, and one just overwrites the other when needed, like a fail safe. To protect the individual. Hopefully I am making some sense. Just thinking out loud, can’t get this post out of my head. I feel it has truth to it. Mike H.

      1. Wanted to add a bit. Maybe this is why the focus on non related twins keeps showing up also. Peoples parallel selves are bleeding through to this reality or vise versa ? Mike H.

        1. Mike H., that’s been my increasing suspicion as more “twins” stories turn up in the media and pop culture. I’m not sure if more duplicates/alternates are showing up, or if people are noticing them (and talking about them) more, or what. The timing seems odd.

          1. I agree Fiona , the timing to me is odd also. I actually had not paid much attention to the phenomena , until Martin ( I beleive) , first talked about it. So I did some ” pattern searching “, using many search engines. There seem to be quite a bit of a spike around August -September. Still showing up quite frequently too. Not sure if that was the slow season for the media , and they needed filler stories , or more people really started noticing. But I have to say some of the ones I have seen pictures of have been really unbelievable. Just identical, really strange, creepy, and fascinating. Mike H.

  17. Don’t be a Menace in South Central while drinking your juice in the Hood


    Don’t be a Menace to South Central while drinking your juice in the Hood

    -I always remembered it as the first one, recently saw the movie again and noticed it was the latter. Anyone else remember the first one and not the second?

    1. Hi, Izer Red,

      Although I remember the title “Don’t be a menace…” with a “to”, rather than an “in”, I have to say that my memory is an alternative-alternative.

      I don’t remember it having “your” in the title at all: “Don’t be a menace to South Central while drinking juice in the hood”.

      1. Me, too: “to” but no “your” in the title. Then again, it’s not really my genre, so I can’t swear it’s a valid memory in this or any other reality.

  18. I learned of this phenomena yesterday and I am beside myself.
    In2006 my band was on tour leaving Spokane and having fast food breakfast when I nearly choked. “Since when is MacDonald’s spelled McDonald’s?” I ask. After a second of bewilderment they begin ridiculing me for a drooling idiot. I specifically remember as a kid thinking it was weird that menu items were Mc and not Mac (McNugget, McMuffin) when the logo clearly said MacDonald’s. I remember gloating on the Big Mac exception. I rarely bring this up because no one ever concurred with me and I believe some friends question my sanity on the basis of this. Some still call me Mac.
    This one is way worse. Ready…..?
    This was a point of hilarity and ridicule for weeks among my cynical punk rock friends. My buddies, Armed and Hammered, covered “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”; in a slow, dirgy Tom Waits Mark Lanegan style. A friend showed me about a year ago that this was not true. Contacted old friends who were equally floored.
    I need a drink

    1. Yes, I remember Bobby McFerrin committing suicide too. I think I saw it on Pop Up Video, and I figured that’s why you never heard from him in the media. It wasn’t until I read this site that I realized he was back alive. Funny coincidence is that Robin Williams is in the “Don’t Worry Be Happy” video and he did commit suicide….

      About the McDonald’s memory, my Great Grandpa would always call McDonald’s “Mac’s” for short, and I always thought it was funny. I think it’s common for people with a “Mc” in their name get the nickname “Mac”, like the baseball player Mark McGwire was nicknamed “Big Mac”.

          1. The music video for Don’t Worry, Be Happy, that has Robin Williams in it. Ironically, it just gives me bad vibes. They are saying Be Happy, like a command, but that is fake happy.

      1. Yes, Robbin Williams committed suicide, but only in 2014. On Reddit somebody reported, he remembered Robin Williams dying in the early nineties. He was awed when he learned in 2015, he had lived until 2014. He researched and found out, it’s called the Williams Effect. A few weeks later, it was called the Mandela Effect. He also remembers Mandela dying in the eighties.

        1. Rainer, the Mandela Effect was never called the Williams Effect. The Mandela Effect site existed online for years prior to 2015 when the Reddit person supposedly researched Robin Williams’ tragic death.

          In fact, the Williams Effect has a wide variety of meanings in pop culture. Most refer to a decrease in cognitive thinking. Some suggest a deliberate effort to distract or confuse people.

          This is one of several recent comments you’ve made that I very nearly deleted. In the future, please fact-check before posting.

          1. Hi, Fiona,

            Given the nature of the Mandela Effect, can one truly rule out it having been a different name (one of a large phase space of possible alternative names) at some point?

            Regardless of how these changes are made manifest (time travel, tangential realities, mass memory alterations, etc.), the underlying result is invariably that people recall things being counter to current fact.

            The editing capacity necessarily implies a possible self-referential capability, leading to just such a logical strange loop as is presented by this definition of “The Williams Effect” (by which I mean only to refer to Rainer’s usage in contrast to other definitions of this term, rather than to assert any prior familiarity of my own with it).

            Within the frame of reference that Rainer’s Reddit event comprises, has existed for us for years, but those years of existence under that name wouldn’t have been true until having been made to be so retroactively upon the effect of such an event (prior to which it would presumably have always been some other name, or non-extant).

            1. Closeted team-E … Great reply. I totally get that. And why not? If this had been going on since the beginning of time, which I suspect, just not so obvious, then there are dimensions with infinite contrasts. There could have been someone in the 1800s who discovered this and had no way to communicate it to others and so on. If ONE person Slips (large shift from strange circumstances) there would be some major changes but just for them. I like the idea, but I also see a problem with finding others with those same memories, since relatively speaking, there’s probably not alot of them, if any.

              I originally came to post about John Goodman. I’ve read about him here and blew it off because I couldn’t put a face to the name and figured I get back to it. (need to stop doing that).
              Well, I just saw a preview of him on an up coming movie. And yeah, I recall him dying while the Roseanne show was on (that is the same guy on that who to my recollection) and I thought they ended it as a tribute to him. I’m quite sure actually as I felt at the time it was being thrown in my face by all the press I was seeing on it and walked by a tv when the tribute last episode was on. I wasn’t a fan of the show but I was familiar with it. I suppose my guides wanted me to remember that.

    2. When I red this, I at first didn’t know who Bobby McFerry is. I paused reading when the name came up and looked at wikipedia for it. It said “Don’t worry be happy” and I knew who he was. Then I wondered.
      There’s something wrong about the life of Bobby McFerrin and the famous song.
      I remembre that song was produced by a band of four, a band of four vocalists, not by a solo artist. But more importantly, it was in Jamaica. The hit was produced in Jamaica by four Jamaicans, and not by the US music industry. It was a global hit, they toured the world including the USA. But except for that, they never set foot in the USA. Similar to Rihanna who started her carrier from her native Barbados, but she moved on to emigrate into the USA, the singers of “Don’t worry be happy” did not.
      But the bio of Bobby McFerrin says, he was born in Manhattan, son of a Met opera singer. Not even a descendant of immigrants from the Carribean.

      1. I think this is the most hillarious reality shift I’ve known so far.

        The Jamaican musicians were too poor, they couldn’t afford musical instruments. They bought some used instruments at first, but they went broke and they couldn’t find anyone to fix them. They couldn’t ensure they would have working instruments each time at stage. So they decided to replace them with their voices mimicking instruments with their voices in the song.
        But in this reality, it’s the result of an eccentric musician on a self-finding trip who developped his onw style.
        Their accent was Jamaican. But in this reality this Jamaican-like accent is the result of an American try to imitate the Indian accent of an Indian TV guru.
        In the reality I was, “Don’t worry, be happy” was a Jamaican philosophy of how to live. In this reality, it’s an Indian philosophy of how to live, broadcast in LA by an Indian TV guru, whom a musician watched who was an a self-finding trip.

        How these two originating stories can produce the exact same song is just hilarious. But probably the two universes touched because they had the exact same song.

          1. This link explains why people thought that Bobby McFerrin committed suicide. He is very much alive, much to my surprise. But I can easily see how this is not a Mandela Effect (for myself), as I did not have any specific memories of watching any news reports of his death. I simply thought he was dead, because he committed suicide, but was unaware of why I thought this. Because of the lack of internet in the mid 90’s and the rumour that had started (of his alleged suicide) I can understand why I thought he had died.


              1. You’re welcome. While in this instance, an explanation has been found, the same cannot be said for the vast amount of people who actually have visulaized memories of watching Mandela’s televised funeral service in the mid-80’s (and Billy Graham’s funeral service, and Tank boy, the alternate ending to “Big” etc etc). It’s these mass experiences and not-so-much the mis-spelling of names/brands etc that has me convinced that something is wrong.

                Again, thank you for putting this site together.

    3. I should add that I also remember the Bobby McFarren suicide. It was quite depressing that the don’t worry be happy guy did that. People would remark that, “the song wasn’t enough for him.” How the heck is he still alive?

    4. Now you mention it, the Mac spelling does look more proper. I rarely eat there and so didn’t even notice the change, and probably would have attributed it to some corporate decision…but then, wouldn’t they have made a huge publicity stunt of it? And if Mac was never the original spelling, why is it a Big Mac and not a Big Mc? or a McBig? Seems like the Big Mac didn’t get affected by the changeover. Do you have any memory of when you last saw the name spelled MacDonald’s?

    5. I remember when the “don’t worry be happy” dude committed suicide. People thought it was ironic like when a health guru has a heart attack at the age of 35. [Edited.]

  19. Sorry I’ve been posting a lot I’ve just been really interested in this topic lately. I just wanted to share something that just happened. I was going through the guide on my tv and I saw that Snow White and the Huntsman was on (the recent live action version of snow white) and I went past it but something told me to put it on and to hurry because it might be at the part with the queen and the mirror right now. So I went back and put it on and sure enough it was at that exact part. The queen’s servants hung the mirror up, she yelled at them to leave then said “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” I don’t know if this is evidence that the original had that phrase at some point (which I think most people believe it did) or it’s just because that’s what most people know it as so the writers went with that, but I just wanted to point it out.

  20. Recently I happened to notice that the Batman symbol in the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie is different than I remember it. I am a very big Batman fan and have watched it regularly through out the years. I remember it as a yellow oval with the black bat in the center with 5 points on the bottom of the bat. This symbol that I see when I look for it now has 7 points on the bottom of the bat with the sides being rather thin. The box art and posters still use the normal symbol. Apparently Warner Brothers hadn’t given the film studio the rights to use the symbol in time for filming.

    1. Hi Wesley. There have been many iterations of the Batman logo, but as far as I can tell the Batman ’89 logo still has five points on the bottom of the bat. It’s now considered iconic:

      However! According to this set of posters:

      The Batman 1989 *suit* itself had a different logo with seven points which didn’t match the official movie’s logo!

      So perhaps not an ME, just a production inconsistency?

      Regards, Nate

      1. By the way, I’m sure I remember noticing the suit/logo difference back when I first saw Batman ’89. Which wasn’t until the early 90s, though – I didn’t see it first run in theatres.

        1. Nate
          As a big Batman fan I know Batman has had many symbols. This is a point of the 1989 Bat-Suit not having the same symbol as the main logo, yet I remember it being the same symbol. I saw it in theaters when it came out in 1989. I had it on VHS and DVD and have watched it more times than you’d believe. Yet now all of a sudden the symbol on the 1989 Bat-suit looks different to me.

  21. Rita Ora is now Rita Orr. Saw her name today as Rita Ora (thread on from one month ago noticing the same). Her name was pronounced Ora (still is) but spelt Orr – that is why I noticed – because it was so different and I liked the spelling of Orr. She is always in the press – used to date Calvin Harris who is now dating Taylor Swift (please universe, change it to Taylor Shift). I read about Rita Orr dating Travis Barker from Blink 182 in the Daily Mail on 1 October and didn’t notice a spelling change. Interestingly, her real name is Rita Sahatçiu Ora – GQ magazine says about her father “If Rita became a star, he wanted people to be able to pronounce her name. Sahatçiu means “watchmaker” and so Besnik (her father) added “Ora” to the family surname. It means “hour”.”

    1. I tend to notice interesting numbers. Your post ends with a statement that includes “watchmaker” and “hour,” and the time stamp on your post is 3:33 AM. One numerology site, called, says this of the number 3: “Seeing any repeating number is a sign that there is a current issue in your life and the numbers are a sign to get you to pay attention. It is a persons subconscious trying to make them aware of something consciously.”

      Interesting, I thought. Is the universe/powers-that-be trying to get our attention, to make us aware of some big change that is about to happen?

      1. Interesting indeed, Vivienne! I’ve never bought into the idea that the repeating numbers are always from our own subconscious minds. Of course, coincidence is an easy explanation. However, there have been many times (no pun intended) in recent years when some of us have noticed several too-frequent-to-ignore series of repeating numbers.

        I’m aware of books like Doreen Virtue’s “Angels” book that lists numbers 1 – 999 and what they mean. Those messages are happy but very generic. I can see how they’re comforting, but I’m not convinced they’re accurate.

        My opinion: They can be external messages, but the number references may be personal to the individual. Keeping a journal of them might be helpful, to see if the numbers correlate to anything in the individual’s life.

      2. Very strange occurrence I thought id share., I’ve recently discovered the ME and have been reading this page and its comments pretty religiously, doing my own research and seeing things I personally remember as a kid being completely changed in this “timeline” (the one that hits closest to home is the alternated most famous line in Tom Hanks “Forrest Gump”) and it is truly throwing me into a loop. Anyways, as I was sitting here reading Naomi’s comments about “Rita Orr” I noticed Vivienne, about the strange time stamp on the comment. Well strangley enough just as I noticed this as both my computer clock and Television clock said 3:33. I swear on this is true. This cannot be a coincidence. – Lucas

        1. Lucas, whether or not something is a coincidence can be a fairly personal decision. I don’t want to discount that, if it’s helpful to see 3:33 as a coincidence in relation to Naomi’s and Vivienne’s comments thread.

          However, you may want to take a look at coincidence, synchronicity, seriality, probability, and apophenia. Wikipedia’s page about coincidence is a fair starting point:

          For example, at that page you’ll read:
          “A coincidence lacks a definite causal connection. A coincidence may be synchronicity, that being the experience of events which are causally unrelated, and yet their occurrence together has meaning for the person who observes them. To be counted as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance, but this is questioned because there is usually a chance, no matter how small.” [Emphasis added.]

          And, for those who want to calculate the likelihood of matching numbers on a clock, here’s one starting point:

          For those who’d like to take things in the opposite direction, here’s someone’s personal journal of recurring numbers: (Warning: If you read as far as the David Icke forum quote about electromagnetic radiation pulses, that particular concept could create anxieties.)

          Steve Pavlina’s insights are a little more philosophical and positive, as he talks about 11:11 –

          Before deciding what can and can’t be a coincidence, consider the birthday problem. It may give you a different outlook. (Ref. )

          And, if you’re interested in frequency illusion (sometimes called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon), stay far away from the Wikipedia page about cognitive biases. I landed there once and was lost in the “ooh, shiny!” for hours.

          As I said, if matching 3:33 times seem relevant to you, that’s fine. My aim is to retain independent credibility while remaining sympathetic to the things that seem meaningful (and may turn out to be important) to those who comment. It’s a tricky balance.

  22. Prior thought I had:
    Could standardized testing, such as the SAT, ACT, and military tests, be a means to measures a person’s acceptance of current standards and/or mental plasticity? Questions regarding spelling, geography, mental concepts and the like are presented which could possibly hone in on MEs in order to prevent certain thinkers from holding high ranks or advancing in the world.

    If these tests can be used to measure our mental malleability may they also be used as a form of control?
    (Thought about this after taking a major test the beginning of this year. While studying I found a list of commonly misspelled words which of course is mentioned on the ME list. When I was younger I was dinged for spelling delimMa . I was *forced* into remembering how to spelled it as delimna.

    If for some reason I got a question on this test referring to the spelling and used what I was forced to learn it is possible that another candidate would have been considered more suitable. Go figure!)

    1. Daniel,

      Wow. That is a very interesting concept regarding standardized testing. It reminds me of a standardized test I took back in the 6th grade. (Hate to admit to my age, but way back in the late 70s). One particular question stood out to me as having a very obvious correct answer and one particularly absurd obviously wrong answer. The question asked, what 2 sports comprised a biathalon (I’ll address the spelling bit in a moment). The incredibly obvious answer (to me) was running and cycling. But the obviously ridiculous answer (to me) of skiing and shooting turned out to be the correct answer. Still to this day seems like a very bizarre non-sequitur. A marathon is running, a triathalon (I will address spelling in a moment) is running, swimming, and cycling, so how is a biathalon skiing and shooting? Though I am sure that someone has a logical historic explanation from this timeline, it feels really out-of-place. Also to address the spelling, until just now when I did a little background research before posting, the spelling/pronunciation has always been biathalon and triathalon (extra A, 4 syllables). However, my investigation revealed that the spelling/pronunciation is currently biathlon/triathlon (no A, 3 syllables).

      Sigh. Spelling discrepancies are always particularly confounding to me. From childhood on, I’ve always been a voracious reader, thanks to my father, an English teacher. Was always the best speller in my class. Won the school spelling bee two years in a row. A large part of my current job involves proofreading/copy editing/researching technical, scientific documents. So, this is an area that is pretty solid for me. Not as iffy as some of the other reported MEs on this website.

      In any case, I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this issue.

  23. Lind”SEY” Lohan or Lind”SAY” Lohan???

    I am recalling lindsey. I pronounce it as SEY, but it’s spelled as SAY. Do people pronounce it as SAY?

    1. Woahhhh. I JUST saw a news story regarding her and I know for a fact it was (and always has been) Lindsey. I’m rather freaked out now.

  24. HI Fiona, thank you for this website!

    I was lead to your site by those famous BerenstEin Bears. I’ve been traveling thru a similar rabbit hole for the last month because I’ve been very skeptical of many current news events. I believe we are being propagandized (legal since 2010?) by who knows who & for what reasons, with the help of false events, handlers & crisis actors. My family/friends think I’m nuts so I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one.

    Out of your current list of Major Memories, I counted 59 of mine that don’t match our/this/my current reality. There were so many, I had to start writing them down!. A few others I haven’t seen mentioned is (at least for me):
    As a kid, I received a smallpox vaccine scar on my right shoulder. It sometimes disappears when I try to show it to people who don’t have the same.
    I notice that time feels very sped up to me; ever since my daughter was born in ’96 & son in ’98. I feel like I lost a decade of time.
    While driving, speeds don’t feel right, I think I’m speeding but I’m not or vise versa. Temperatures don’t feel right anymore. It was a windy/ sunny 50F the other day, but felt like below freezing. On a 70F day, I was cold wearing jeans & a heavy hooded sweatshirt. Our weather used to ride from west to east; what Scranton, PA has now, we’d have the same in roughly 4-6 hours. No more, I can’t even follow weather patterns anymore.
    The night sky is off to me, the sun is white, the sky an odd blue & the clouds look fake.
    When watching the local weather or traffic, the maps show new towns I’ve never heard of & I’ve lived in the same area of NY all my life.
    Some days I really feel like we’re living in the Truman Show under a controlled dome. Sometimes I feel like the future generations will consist of the people riding the ship in Wall-E living in a world much like the one in the movie Idiocracy.

    I’m an Aquarius (2/4/67), female, empathic, animal loving, nonjudgmental, spiritual, non-religious creative but unemployed artist. I’ve been so distracted from this that I forget to draw or paint. I don’t watch much tv, but read a lot of books borrowed from my local library. I have symptomless rheumatoid arthritis & am sometimes anemic. Used to have blinding migraines as a teen, lucky they’re gone. (Knocks wood). I used to be great at spelling & vocabulary but now I’m making mistakes. My handwriting is awful, but I think that more to nonuse. I used to love blasting music, now I just want quiet. When the radio or tv are playing, I hear a background hiss that drives me batty. I get tinnitus (that word doesn’t look right to me- 2 n’s?) occasionally, but worse is the weird pressure in my head that comes & goes along with a buzzing sound. I get body vibrations & goose bumps a lot. When I remember my dreams, they are vivid & once I recall them, they disappear. I get visitation dreams with people dead & alive. The alive people never mention them to me, so maybe it’s not real. I have few memories from my childhood up till my teens, due to a couple of concussions I had as a teen. I spend a lot of time outside during nice weather & hear distant booms at least once a day. I get dismayed when I wake up early to see a dark sky with many bright stars, to come out an hour later & see the spraying planes have been by so now it’s a cloudy mess. I try to eat organic, non-gmo healthy food as much as possible. I rarely take any medicine but take daily vitamins & I stopped dying my hair years ago. I avoid fluoride & soda but realize I can’t do anything about the air & what might be dumped on us. People in my life don’t want to hear about anything I’ve written here about, so I’m always searching for more info on everything so I’ll be informed & aware- for what, I don’t know. I find the whole thing fascinating!

    Thanks again, Jelz.

    1. What you wrote felt so similar I could have written it myself except for I live in California. Glad to know I’m not alone! Freaky stuff happening. I just discovered vampire deer this morning. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  25. Hi Fiona

    I made a post about Rita Orr – the first sentence is wrong – it should say:

    Rita Orr is now Rita Ora.

    Sorry Fiona, the rest of my comment then makes sense. Thanks for your wonderful work.


  26. First I want to check in with a few recent MEs that I’ve noticed, and then I want to bring up something I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere yet.
    Nichelle Nicole’s recent death – friends on Facebook were posting about what a pioneer she was, how inspirational. I’m friends with a lot of Trekkies, and all day long I was seeing posts about her, on the day of her “death”.
    Two new spellings –
    barbituates is now barbiturates.
    marshall is now marshal. Funny thing about that one is that when I found out about it last week, the dictionary said that both spellings were acceptable, but when I just looked again only the new spelling was included.
    Geography –
    South America and all of the Caribbean islands have shifted north east of their previous position. The Bahamas are directly east of Florida now? South America was previously more directly under North America, (only slightly east) and the Caribbean was more opened up as result.
    I don’t remember the two bays on the west coast of Alaska. I don’t remember Nunavut, but it only became a territory in 1999, so that could be why. Italy was angled more directly south, and Sicily underneath, rather than off the toe of the boot the way it is now. The islands of Corsica and Sardegna seem off, but I’m unsure where I think they would have been.
    I am now wishing I had paid more attention to geography (and anatomy) before this! I find myself wanting to study maps now, so if something changes again, I’ll know for sure what is different.
    Now on to my new ME. Btw, I’d like to thank everyone who has come forward to share their memories – it’s a very vulnerable position, even in this safe space.
    So, the position of the heart has been mentioned before, but I have a different memory of the placement of the rest of the human organs as well, and I would love to hear if anyone shares this memory. I wish I had previously studied the human body well enough to be certain, but I know that when I look at a diagram of the bodily organs, it just doesn’t seem familiar to me, and I have this alternate image that just won’t leave me.
    In the current images that I see, the large intestine is wrapped around the small. What I remember is the large intestine next to the small, going back and forth, underneath. The small intestine was also back and forth, in neat little rows, not in a messy clump in the middle. Above that was the stomach, with a flattish bottom. The heart was fully on the upper left (That’s where a stethoscope was placed to hear the heartbeat) . The lungs were not as pushed up to the top of the ribs, but were larger and more spread out. The rest of the organs I’m not sure about, other than the liver being shaped slightly differently.
    I find myself paying more attention to specifics lately, although it’s a balance to be aware enough to notice differences, but open enough to be okay about them and not freaked out.

    1. I think Corsica used to be more on the left for me, more underneath France on maps; now, it’s near the border. I noticed it a while back, but was unsure about it and wanted external confirmation. Thanks for sharing! Those islands’ scales may be off too…
      I remember seeing pictures describing what you said about the intestines and lungs, not sure if ME or update in text books, but it’s definitely weird.

    2. Oh, no… that is NOT how the intestines were whatsoever. I just graduated high school and am currently in college. In my senior year of high school (2014-2015) I took Anatomy and Physiology for my science course. Obviously I spent a ton of time looking at the body and organ systems. The small intestine has always been in even rows (like a snake wrapped around itself). But this is really upsetting.

      1. I just googled anatomy/organs diagrams from the 1970’s because I thought maybe the disordered mess of intestines was just a new way of picturing the reality, whereas maybe in previous decades they were drawing what “looked” orderly even though it was less realistic, but the older images also came up showing a messy cluster of small intestines, rather than the ordered rows both you, Kaleb, and Helene describe, and I clearly remember.
        :/ I wonder if this explains why so many friends & family members seem to have/talk about IBS *so much* in these last 10 years. Maybe these messy innards aren’t as… good at what they’re supposed to do, because of all the kinks and corners!

        Also, with the ‘new’ placement of the heart (more in the middle of the chest with a slight lean leftward), why would shooters in movies who are ‘aiming for the heart’ so often shoot through the left breast pocket, allowing so many movie-characters to survive thanks to watches, books, wallets, etc, that they keep in that inner left pocket?! If the main mass of the heart is pretty much in line with the spine, police, trained to aim for maximal effect, should be aiming dead-center!
        Can anyone recall movies where they shout “Aim for the heart!” before a villain is shot? If so, we could watch it again now to see if they’re still aiming left of center. 🙂

        1. This is perplexing. I’ve had many echocardiograms, and they always position me laying on my right side, so they can easily access the left. They image my heart going over the left side of my chest, under my left breast, and in my left armpit/rib area. I also wore a two week holter monitor last July to monitor my various heart arrhythmia, and it was placed about 1″ under my collar bone, on the left. If they do it different at my next echo, I’m gonna freak out.

        2. Interesting IBS connection, Alex. I had a serious case of pneumonia at the beginning of the summer. Now I wonder if the sickness was my body’s inability to adjust to these reality changes (or if the pneumonia caused the switch?)

          A google search turns up a couple of examples:
          A bus driver was shot, and survived because he carried a bible in his pocket. (2014)
          A soldier survived a shot to the heart because the bullet was stopped by his pocket camera. (1916)
          How would either of these examples make sense if the heart was in the center of the chest?

          1. As well as being located in the wrong position, the human heart also looks different. Although I haven’t looked at a medical textbook recently, I know for sure that Harry Styles’ anatomically correct (?) human heart tattoo now looks way more gross.

            1. Oh my gosh, I think you might be right. It has been many years now, so I’ve probably forgotten a LOT, but I did take many college biology courses, and spent a lot of time studying human anatomy and physiology. I didn’t go to medical school, so I am no expert. The human heart just looks a lot less….elegant than I remember. Specifically, the number of arteries and veins, and the weird way they are crossing over and around each other. The aorta just looks weird, and the placement of the pulmonary valve (very high), and the way the pulmonary artery crosses over and then behind the aorta, and there are four pulmonary veins attached to the left atrium, that is wrong. But there are also conflicting diagrams online; some show two holes in the left atrium for vein attachment, some show four, that’s pretty fishy. I don’t even know if this is even worth posting. I don’t think I can trust my memory. But gut reaction? Looks wrong.

          2. Hi, Jasmine,

            Ye gods, how I’d like to simply brush off all of this, the way I once had (until first hearing of the Berenstein change a month back)… that aside however, the various organs’ rearrangement that you’d noted I took note of in my growing checklist of items that do/don’t apply to me.

            Initially, all that I had done was note that the stomach, heart, and lungs were normal to me, and that the intestinal arrangement is different (the same difference as yours). When I read your entry about pneumonia though — that struck a note for me. I had pneumonia in 2012. It was unusual, since it was toward late summer, and I was only 40 years old at the time, but hardly impossible. Now you have me wondering…

  27. I’ve experienced this phenom like many of you. I’m an 80s child with impeccable memories, like things no one else remembers from yesteryear, I can. However, this seems to be not true with number sequences, colors, or particulars like a letter or word. But I can remember the feeling, the idea, the surrounding evidence of a memory.

    But in respect to M.E. I didn’t think too much about it until last month when it made it’s rounds on facebook due to el-p twitter reference. And also the same week I found this site, but haven’t posted.

    I was impressed by the amount of youtube videos since then. Im even more impressed now by the amount of people chiming in on these comments and facebook groups. I think this is an important indicator.

    Needless to say, I have always know it to be Berenstein bears. I grew up with a grandmother who gave me these and richard scary books (I no longer have). I remember calling them “steen” and debating with someone who said it was “stine” like Ben stein of clear eyes commercials or Frankenstein.

    I remember sex IN the city, I had someone who made me watch them with her on DVD.

    I remember hearing about Louie anderson dying, and being sad as I enjoyed his cartoon as a teen.

    Many of these listed effects I recall, some I don’t. And it’s weird that the new ones like jiffy, mr. Rogers (watched every morning before elementary), and fruit loops sounds so “off”.

    I rambled enough. But I can clearly confirm these things as a valid memory, and not a false memory.

    But I commented here, not about the m.e. But dreams…

    Has anyone here ever had the experience in a dream of someone grabbing or holding you…and praying for you…and the sensation of levitating as result. Or maybe even the room spinning around as you fell asleep? As a kid I used to try to provoke this, as it felt very much like a roller coaster or fun…but looking at these comments it was likely something else.

    Anyways…let me had many spiritual interventions in dreams..and this makes me wonder about the nature of them and how it relates to reality. Thanks.

    1. I trained for lucid dreaming a year past, and lucid dreaming can provoque sleep paralysis with stranges apparition, Out of Body Experiences and Astral Projection(?); so yeah, I personally experienced things like this. More than once, feeling someone holding me down, talking to me, once something with flapping wings. The latest experience I had, I was taken out of my ‘body’ and into a starry sky. The sky felt fake, though.

      1. Hi, Helene,

        What you described reminds me of my meditation years (ok: umm… decades) ago, and one experience in particular.

        I used to meditate almost daily, back in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s. I was taking tae kwon do, and combined it with self-study of a few other martial arts (particularly tai chi chuan and pranayama), so the meditation seemed to me to be a natural extension of the process, to balance the external forms with the internal forms. I had gotten fairly into it, to the point that New York winters and summers didn’t particularly bother me (though to be fair, I must admit that the extremely bitter portions of winter still did).

        At some point toward the end of that period, for perhaps the last year or two, when in deep meditation, I would usually quite soon find myself feeling a rapid buoyant sensation, followed by a general floating. Often, though not invariably, this would in turn be followed by a sort of feeling of rotation (perhaps 90° forward, such as would result in the top of my head then being oriented toward what had been my forward direction, if direction applies to an otherwise directionless “place”), usually to be followed by a distinct impression of high-speed motion (in the what-had-been-forward direction). None of this was at all unpleasant in any way, mind you.

        Before I explain further, I should point out that I don’t exactly put faith in spirituality, religion, new age beliefs, etc.. For me, meditation was just a bio-feedback thing. I’m reluctant to assert that reality has more to it than I can nail down with some degree of certainty. I’m willing to posit much more than that, but believing that there definitely is something is different from positing its possible existence.

        That being said… The last time (ever) that I meditated caused me to quit completely. The whole thing went as had then-usually gone — the buoyancy, the drifting, the rotation, the motion. I got the impression something like a tunnel (it’s been so long that I really don’t remember if that was normal or not, but I remember no surprise at this point, so I suppose that I had had the impression before). After a bit, it seemed as if a large, deep pit opened in the floor of the tunnel. The sensation of motion was still present, though the pit didn’t seem to be moving, nor did I seem to be coming closer to it. In any event, for whatever reason, that pit terrified me. I pulled out of meditation immediately, and never went back (almost never: I did perform a little light meditation a year or so back, in a mindfulness class).

        No, there were no drugs (prescription or “recreational”) involved. No, I had had no fever (recently before, during, or shortly thereafter). No, no external other reasons applied that I could think of then, or since.

          1. Sorry for the delayed reply — I’ve been tracking the time between submitting my posts and when they show up if/when approved; it seems to vary some (ignoring the given difference between weekdays and weekends) — they usually take a couple of days before they show up for me, but although this one showed up in the search function on 22 Nov, it hadn’t shown up on this page (for me, at any rate) until 25 Nov.

            Light from the pit:
            No, no light from the pit, though I could see(?) the presence of the far wall (at least the first 30° [from horizontal] of it) as it curved down from what would be the tunnel’s floor.

            Visual anomalies:
            The pit itself (visual, granted) was an anomaly. It didn’t look anomalous, as such, I know only that it _didn’t_ belong there — or at least that it felt very _wrong_ for it to be there. If I had to pick something visual, though not necessarily anomalous, then it would be that the tunnel tended to be a vaguely daffodil color with horizontal streaks (inline with the tunnel’s length, not radial arc segments) of saffron, and that the pit was burnt umber rapidly becoming blackish.

            Now that I think of it, no, I never noticed any audio-feeling in either any of the tunnel events, nor in the pit instance (this never occurred to me before, which I find rather oddly out of character).

            Unusual energy:
            Well, I felt a vertiginous swirling sensation, but was unaware of any apparent swirl occurring. There seemed to be a pull downward from the pit, and a sense of movement toward it, but without any visual indication of my actually moving toward it (this sounds like the Red Queen’s race, in Wonderland). I found the pit to be very clearly emotionally repulsive (no subtlety there, whatsoever), though for no reason that I knew of, but not energetically repulsive as a field (even subtly).

            I’ll go check Mike H’s sun-moon-stars comment now, for the reference context. I had left it alone ’til now so as to avoid possibly altering my answers…

            …interesting. Like someone opening and closing a door — something’s there, but then it isn’t anymore. (Slightly creeping spine feeling there, just now.) The “blurry” or “fuzzy” for me is more like a thickening-molasses cottony-feeling to my thoughts (like a build-up of inertia), accompanied by a strong physical sensation of rapidly increasing exhaustion. (I read the comment, but also the several up-thread and down-thread, for context.)

            One of your down-thread posts (about “erasure” / “deletion” / “memory wipe”) triggered a thought for me: I didn’t have a full-on nightmarish childhood, but it wasn’t exactly sunshine and roses either. Because of this, in my late ‘teens to early twenties, I specifically chose to repress (or dump?) a lot of no longer needed unpleasant memories. I wonder if this has any effect upon my noticing M.E. changes (regardless of the underlying mechanic).

            1. Closeted team-E, your comments are so valuable, I’m impressed and grateful. Thank you!

              The comment approval time can vary, but — most of the time, anyway — it’s within three hours, and based on whether I wake up at the time I normally get up in the UK & Ireland, or along America’s eastern seaboard. That’s when I review comments: before I start my workday.

              If I work especially late, or if I won’t be online the following day, I make a second pass through comments at the end of my workday. And, I’m trying to phase-out weekend comment moderation altogether. (However, the prospect of starting Monday morning with three to five hours of moderation… rather daunting.)

              Now and then, a comment (mostly yours or Vivek’s) lands in the spam folder. I haven’t a clue why, as some spam goes get through. So, I manually check the spam folder most days, but at least every two days.

              So, I hope that helps explain the comment approval variations, at least on my side of the keyboard.

              Meanwhile, thank you for supplying such rich details about your experience with the tunnel and pit. That’s tremendous, and may turn out to be very useful.

              I was particularly struck by your reference to the thickening-molasses cottony-feeling, as that’s almost exactly how I’ve described one experience (a repeating one, not just for me, but for others) during my early team research at a haunted location in New Hampshire. (I’m a little reluctant to link to it, because it’s from 1999 and more than a little dated in terms of how I talk about my research. However, here it is: ) That location — or, more correctly — an area about 15 feet by 30 feet, is where people consistently describe the energy as “like molasses.” (They usually talk about thickening molasses, but that may reflect lingering regional memories of an early 20th century disaster about 45 minutes from the NH cemetery.)

              This is very good data, and may be very useful as we narrow our focus to better understand what’s going on.

              1. I had the experience of feeling like I was moving through molasses when I visited the Iao needle in Hawaii. There was a feeling of the atmosphere being very dense. The most unnerving sensation though, was that of a force like gravity, pulling me diagonally towards the ground. I had to physically and mentally fight it. I felt so heavy and leaden. Walking around there was so draining and surreal.

                The Iao valley was the site of a horrendous battle- the battle site name translates to “damming of the waters” because the bodies of so many dead filled the river. Historically it was also a burial ground for Hawaiian rulers. Locals regard it as sacred ground. It’s a powerful location, whatever is going on there, but I wonder if it’s a place where the veil between worlds is thin.

              2. Hi, Fiona,

                I’ve never run into anyone else describing the thickening-molasses cottony-feeling. Interesting — partly so because it’s novel to do so, and partly because I now wonder why I haven’t before.

                Side-note: I know of the molasses flood, but in my memory, it had been in London, not Boston.

  28. The original MacDonald brothers who opened the very first McDonald’s did spell it MacDonald’s cause that was their name… as they grew out of California and sold franchises it turned into McDonald’s. I believe in the sixties but I wasn’t born until 74.

    Dreams and childhood as asked by another poster…. I was very sick as a child with debilitating migraines. These started at age 4??? I remember seeing geometrical shapes gliding across my bedroom wall in very pronounced sequences and colors. I would walk into walls because I just didn’t see them. Etc… I had very vivid dreams and was very “psychic” which scared my parents and I was put on anti seizure medication… I grew out of the migraines at around 7. I have not experienced one since.

    I still have dreams but will forget them immediately. I have to write them down upon waking. I have tinnitus but I don’t really call it that… it’s continuous these days and never turns off… it’s hard to describe… it’s not really ringing but a hmmmm vibration that comes and goes in volume. It rarely changes pitch but does on occasion. I’m psychic still but not to the degree I was in childhood. I still will see the geometric shapes sometimes when I close my eyes. Not to sleep… just close your eyes and look… like at the back of your lids… I know that it’s the brain still processing the light I just blocked out but I still see shapes and they start moving like when I was a child and if I concentrate for awhile on it I will see them in colors again sometimes that way.

    I see more and more ME everyday. Sometimes it scares me to think what is happening and other days I just laugh…. I did watch this very good pbs special last night called the brain with David eagleman… what is reality? I would encourage everyone to see it as well. I wouldn’t say reality was ever fixed but it didn’t seem as mutable as it is now…. maybe all those create the life you want with positive wishing knew more about what was really happening…. lol

    1. You know, what you describe about the colorful geometrical shape reminded me about when I was a child. I used to think of them as “tapestries” of some sort as they were gliding in the darkness of my room. I never bothered to describe them to anyone, because it’s kind of hard to explain and they were just colorful patterns. When I go to bed and concentrate, I can sometime recreate them, but it’s harder than when I was younger.

      1. I must be even though I never recognized it before now which is crazy because I’ve studied every religion known to man. I was very into esp as a kid and trying to decide what it was that made me different but I never looked into empaths before because I didn’t recognize that there were different kinds of empathy. I’m just now studying this and realizing that I do fall into this category.

    2. So in one universe it could be MAC, rather than Mc. its interesting that some mandela effects are based on two different time lines one where it says mac or mc, or e and i.. as if both versions could be equally valid just the chance that changed it. Pure chance I wonder if thats one type of mandela. that if an outcome has 2 chances to be something, both equally valid it could make a split in the universe . then at a later point collapse into a singular world.. As the Late Terry Pratchett says the Trousers of time.. and its also interesting that Alternate histories have been a staple since a long time ago..,Could they have known something we didnt.. I have a theory that some writers can access other universes..

      Livy’s Ab Urbe condita (book IX, sections 17–19). Livy contemplated an alternative 4th century BC in which Alexander the Great expanded his empire westward instead of eastward; he asked, “What would have been the results for Rome if she had been engaged in war with Alexander?

    1. Very Interesting, even a physicist is now questioning. perhaps he is too scared to really state what he has felt, and this is just a way of slowly making the idea more palatable

  29. On the topic of the Mandela Effect mixing it up with conspiracy theories. Very early on, I found that it was going to be hard to separate the ME from other topics. I have found great info and statements of ‘THE’ atomic bomb (singular) and many on the ‘Shift in Consciousness’ but there is no point posting those as they run off into other areas. (I’ve considered sending them Fiona’s way).

    I AM leaving Colorado. This is part of my Shift. Going with the flow and doing what I gotta do. Upon entering the state two years ago, I recall Denver being more Central than North. That’s just gonna make my ride longer. lol. Of course, if Colorado is an area where I’m more sensitive to these effects and what’s beyond ME, I’ll be back. But I don’t think its a physical destination.

    I have evolved and grown so much since I found this site. Fiona, thank you for moderating and thank you for your patients.

    … and a shout out to Leslie A.D.! Great read on your post. If nothing else it slowed me down to a balance. And thanks for the plug. I’m glad something I did here moved someone!

  30. I vividly remember the Berenstein Bears, there’s no way it was Berenstain.
    Australia appears to have moved north, definitely remember it being more isolated. Alaska looks different & larger.
    Mongolia was a region of China not a country.
    Looney Toons, as in Cartoons
    Jiffy Peanut Butter
    JC Penny’s
    It’s a beautiful day in The neighborhood, I sung that song every morning growing up.
    Sex in the city
    Interview with A vampire
    Mirror mirror
    Thanksgiving on third Thursday
    52 states
    Charles Schultz
    Nelson Mandela died way before 2013, I remember discussing it in history class.
    Fruit Loops
    Luke, I am your father
    Nobody does it like Sara Lee
    Life is like a box of chocolates
    Home Depot

  31. I’m just curious if anyone else thought that Walter Mondale was dead. I know his wife passed away sometime last year, so I’m not confusing the two of them. I thought he has been dead for at least 10 years.

  32. I guess I wasn’t in on the joke…..but I thought Back to the Future day already happened, for real. I am pretty sure I googled to verify. I’m not talking about a couple of fake tweets or Facebook posts, those are pretty easy to see through, but a long buildup to the day, and lots of discussion about what predictions have and have not come true. Disappointment, of course, that there were no hoverboards. But it was all a hoax, that apparently happened over and over. How did I miss it? At least this time, hoverboards are here? (if that lexus thing is real)

    1. I had this feeling as well. While I can’t be certain it wasn’t just hype leading up to the Oct 21 date, I could’ve swore whatever I was seeing online several weeks ago indicated ‘the day’ was presently occurring / had already occurred. Didn’t think much of it, other than that it was a little strange to be happening right in this moment when time-travel / ‘radical changes in collective understanding of reality and time’ seem to be so hot..

  33. Well, this is interesting: “The astoundingly complex LHC “atom smasher” at the CERN center in Geneva, Switzerland, will be fired up to its maximum energy levels ever in an attempt to spot – or even generate – tiny black holes. If successful a totally new universe will be exposed – modifying completely not only the physics books but the philosophy books too.”

    If this goes horribly bad, some scientist’s last words may end up being forever remembered as, “What could possibly go wrong?”


    Could, Phantom Vibration Syndrome be connected to ME, as well? It goes along the lines of things appearing and disappearing, in a sense. If your phone is not on you, it could be your nervous system. If it is on you and there is no indication of an incoming call, I suppose it could be a call you would have received or did receive on another dimension. Maybe you’re not tuned into that frequency yet?

    1. Great research Anthony! I have often wondered if anyone on here got these. I get them several times a day. They started in September 1998.

      Fiona, maybe something for a future poll? Mike H.

  35. I first discovered the Mandela Effect about a month ago after hearing about the Berenstein Bear’s change on a podcast. A few Google searches led me to this website, and I’ve since discovered many more ME’s that I have experienced. But the biggest shock for me was finding out that Shirley Temple only died in February of last year. I have memories of both my mother and grandmother talking bout Shirley Temple with me when I was younger, because my brother and I would sometimes order Shirley Temple drinks when we went out to dinner. It was always that she was a famous child star who died young. I also thought it was a bit odd that I had no recollection of her death, since I’ve kept up daily with online news for the past few years, although it’s not impossible that it could have slipped by me…. But of course, once I realized her ‘real’ death date, I asked my mother if she remembered when Shirley Temple died, and she knew that it was only a year and a half ago. Needless to say, I was very creeped out.

    But things got even weirder. This is where it gets crazy, and many of you may not believe me, and that’s fine. But the night when I first found out about Temple’s “real” death-date, I stared at the computer screen for hours. I saw her Wikipedia page, a CNN article, a New York Times obituary, and even a video newsreel that stated the date. February 11, 2014, I couldn’t believe it. So of course, I was still bothered by this the next morning, and immediately went on my phone to check the date….. February 10, 2014. How is that even possible? I went back and checked all the same sources, and now they all say that she died the night of Monday, February 10, 2014. It’s like something in the universe was just trying to mess with me…

    Anyways, I’ve since compiled a list of all the MEs that I remember to some extent. I separated them into 3 categories which are described below. Also, if it’s of anyone’s interest, I’m 21 years old and American. I know some people try to relate these changes to age and geographic location, so I’ll put that out there.

    Category 1: Changes that I remember especially clearly and cannot be convinced otherwise:
    – Shirley Temple died young
    – Berenstein
    – Jiffy peanut butter
    – Fruit Loops
    – dilemna
    – China was larger than the USA and shared a much longer border with Russia (this probably means that Mongolia was not a country like many have said, but I never thought of that until I discovered this site.)
    – Barbara Streisand
    – Interview with a Vampire
    – Beautiful day in THE neighborhood
    – Sketchers

    Category 2: Ones that I am “pretty sure” about, but the memory is not quite as strong as those in category 1, OR I can understand why I might remember them incorrectly despite my recollections.
    – New Zealand was Northwest of Australia
    – Australia was further south and not very close to Indonesia or Papua New Guinea
    – Alaska was smaller
    – Looney Toons
    – Luke…. (pause)… I am your father
    – rhythmn
    – definately
    – Flagstaff AZ, Knoxville TN, Augusta ME
    – Kellogg’s had a rooster logo on all it’s products, different from the green one on the Corn Pops box
    – Rita Orr
    – Home Depot
    – Payless Shoes
    – JC Penny
    – Chic-Fil-A
    – John Lennon’s Bed in for Peace with Yoko in New York City (I might be young, but I was obsessed with everything Beatles during my entire childhood)
    – Only one atomic bomb was dropped, only on Hiroshima (I am almost positive on this one. Nagasaki rings NO bells, but it’s been awhile since I studied this subject and as a current college student, I know very well that I haven’t retained everything from high school, so I decided to put it in Category 2.)
    – Patrick Swayze death years BEFORE 2009 (‘Ghost’ was one of the first PG-13 movies I watched with my parents while on vacation, and I could swear I remember my mom telling me all about Dirty Dancing, and also how he died a long time ago. I don’t remember the exact year, but it would have surely been before 2009, when I entered high school. However, I put this one in Category 2 because the memory isn’t quite as solid as my Shirley Temple memory, and I think it MIGHT be possible I’m confused because his character died in the movie Ghost, but I’m not so sure..)

    Character 3 – I have either vague memories, or no solid memory of these ones, but they just feel right.
    – Cousin Jeb Bush
    – Ron Paul was much shorter than 5’11”
    – The Lindbergh baby was never found
    – painting of Henry VIII
    – Yogi Berra died before last month
    – human heart was more to the left (this one is scary)
    – Bruce Springstein
    – License to Ill (Beastie Boys album, as opposed to “Licensed to Ill”. Someone pointed this out on Reddit recently, and while I clearly remember “License”, I can see why this one would be easy to confuse.)
    – Andrew Zimmerman
    – Charles Schultz
    – cold and hot water switched sides on faucets
    – Cuba was smaller and not so close to Florida
    – snap krackle pop rice crispies
    – Mirror, mirror (haven’t seen the movie since I was very little so I can’t say I remember for sure, but it feels so wrong)
    – Talladega, FL (I’ve always believed that Talladega and the racetrack were in Florida. Alabama seems SO wrong. BUT I think it’s possible that I am confused because another famous racetrack is at Daytona Beach, which is in Florida. Still, it doesn’t sit well with me…)

    1. We never make fun of the effects because we KNOW they are true, while i may not be from the same universe as you.. or some others we all share the memories being altered. The 3 categories are a very good idea.

  36. Hi Fiona,

    Have you ever done a survey to find out geographically where people who have experienced any of the MEs reside? I am curious if there is a higher percentage of us living in one particular part of the country/world. I am pretty new to this myself and realize that you are swamped. It might be interesting to look into one day.

    Thanks for all you do!

    1. Mary O, I have polled this kind of information in the past, but long before this site grew to its current audience size.

      I’m working on tabulating comment data for the book, which (with over 7k comments, so far) probably won’t be completed until late 2016.

      Every comment’s data includes an IP number. That tells me where the person’s Internet Service Provider appears to be. (Some IPs are registered in another state. Some visitors to this site are using proxies or “anonymizers” to conceal where they are. And some are leaving comments when they’re on the road and using public, hotel, library, or other wi-fi that doesn’t represent where they actually live.)

      So, that may be the most reliable survey I can use to understand who’s experiencing ME phenomena, and where they are.

      And thanks for the compliments! The site currently requires three to five hours/day, but — unless I’m overloaded with other work — I generally enjoy the conversations.

  37. Hi all,

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned, but I came across a really creepy news story from China and film of what looks like an almost translucent city floating in the sky, skyscrapers coming out of the clouds.

    It obviously could be fake, first off. Meteorologists and experts say that it’s just a spooky illusion called Fata Morgana. But, after looking at examples and instances of Fata Morgana effect on record, it looks nothing like those other examples. For one, the instances given as examples duplicate or mirror the shape or outline on the ground. Do you see any matching skyline on the ground to explain such an image as is seen above the clouds? The buildings and skyline don’t match up at ALL from ground to sky, not even a little. I’m happy to be proven wrong in this. If it’s not “fata morgana”, it brings up all sorts of conspiracy and whatnot. The most compelling of which, for this site, is that it could have been a glimpse into another parallel universe or dimension. It once again reminds me of Fringe when the two universes would bleed together in certain areas.


    1. I just read on this site (possible explanations page, I think) that CERN is going to be operating the hadron collider at the highest levels ever.

      This is copied from a web article dated 10-19-15:

      CERN’s LHC atom smasher in Geneva, Switzerland will be cranked up to the highest energy levels ever, as scientists hope to detect or create miniature black holes. If successful, scientists hope that the experiment might uncover extra dimensions hidden in our universe.

      The telegraph article you linked about the floating city image is dated 10-20-15, th day after that report. Coincidence? Or Was CERN successful in revealing another dimension? I wonder if the scientists over there are whooping with joy as we speak, believing the effect in China was a result of their work. It will be interesting to see if reports of “Fata Morgana” increase as the scientists at CERN try to produce the same results.

    2. CERN is currently trying to “make contact ” with a parallel universe. So maybe they succeeded??? Mike H.

  38. I am having dejavu about this type of site in general. I feel like I’ve looked this up in the past. I’m 29, Female and American if you need this for demographics.

    The above poster mentioned Shirley Temple… I too remember conversations with family members about her dying young then seeing her commercials several years ago finding out she was still alive was a bit strange. I still had a weird feeling that she had died before the actual date even “knowing” she was still alive at the time.

    I have a few memories that i would like to share.

    Q-Bert Arcade game- I remember playing specifically the arcade version of the game Q-bert on a home computer at my grandmothers house when I was about 6 or 7 years old (1991). We had no home computer! Not many did those days. Colecovision or Atari were the only platforms outside of the arcade available then and were different versions. I remember my grandfather being very upset over the “@$^%@#!” swearing and my grandmother basically telling him to lighten up. I’ve asked her a few times about it and she has absolutely no recollection of it happening.

    The Disney movie Aladdin- I remember seeing it in a theater and in this version, Jafar gets the Lamp by tricking Jasmine. He disguises himself as an old man and trades Jasmine a better looking lamp saying that one was old and beat up and a prince should have good looking things or something. The rest of the movie is the same, only this part.I remember being a bit confused when we got the VHS and watched it at home. It is not listed here:

    1. Hey Meaghan,
      I’m a pretty big video game fan so I just wanted to provide this information for clarification sake. By 1991 the video game industry had moved into 16 bit graphic systems such as The Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I’m not trying to discredit your memory, I just thought the information might be useful.

      1. I’m a gamer since 1979, i have played q bert on a Commodore C64 in 1983.
        In 1991 i bought a Commodore Amiga 500 and i have been playing many hours on my cousin’s Nintendo Superfamicom (the japanese version of the super NES) and i bought a Sega Megadrive (french version of the Genesis).
        So maybe it’s a ME from Meaghan’s perspective.
        The video games could be a really good topic to dig into imho.

    2. Now that you mention that part in Aladdin I believe I remember that too! Something weird is going on with that movie, as there seems to be a few ME effects associated with it, like songs in it that never were.

    1. Naomi,
      Stumbled upon that site 6 months ago, fascinating is an understatement. A lot of things that pertain to the ME on it. The CHANI project is quite a read. Lots of strange things about that site.

      Curious if anyone had any synchronicity today? I had my usual amount, which has been ridiculous the last 6 years.

      My prime example today was at work. A young guy who has been there a year or so asked me about a tattoo I have , it’s usually covered on my forearm. I have had it for a good 25 years. It’s a a snake (cobra) , he thought it looked like the medical symbol with staff and snake, and asked if I had been in the medical field. I said no, I had study at one point on my life to do that though. So we proceeded to have a conversation on the Dr. symbol origin, he talked about Moses, and the story behind the snake and staff. Later in the day I am on break ,on a website , that I am not registered on, nor do I ever post on. And there is a thread titled “the medical staff and snake” ( or something to that effect). It proceeds to go on and talk about the origin of the symbol and Moses. I looked at the time stamp, and it was before we talked, but from today. I can assure you this young guy does not go to this site , and has never heard of it. I even asked him later in the day. Again THIS type of stuff happens to me daily. These odds would have to be astronomical. Mike H.

  39. I have noticed something just today, i have been listening to several youtubes about old tv, old films and listening to the play lists. yes there are a few duplicated ones.. but i am sure i heard one of his videos differently yesterday to today.. Ok you could say its a re upload.. but this is from 2012 and dated 2012 and it was just a minor change, and the name of the film is fading within an hour or so and i cant remember it just KNOW there was a change..I think it was Steel but as i said its fading i should have written it down

      1. it was a new reply, I saw a old video actually change within a day of listening to it..i am 100% sure it said something else, then the next day it was different.. it was very odd

  40. Happy Back to the future day.. Yes one of the more well known films that could be about the mandela effect. when marty goes back in time from the 2nd film and Biff Tanner gets the book, so marty’s reality changed but his memory didnt.. Even the first movie when marty has the memory of the car crashing when in that world it didnt …

  41. Hello, I’m wondering if anyone can help out, it was due to this that I found this website (amazing site btw!).

    I live in the UK and in 1995 there was a big story about the tragic death of a young girl, Leah Betts, who died after taking Ecstasy. Not long after there was a lot of drug awareness promotion surrounding this death and her parents allowed posters and billboards using her image to warn against dangers.

    The most poignant were large billboards featuring a photo of Leah laying in her hospital bed, in a coma supported by wires, and the word “SORTED” (referring to drug culture lingo). The hospital pictures can be easily found by googling her name.

    However, it seems that apparently these billboard/posters never existed!!! There’s mention of them even on official drug awareness sites, but many are of the alternate view that the only posters were of a smiling Leah and the word “DISTORTED”. Wikipedia for example claims the “sorted” posters were never real, and there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of them having existed, I can’t find them anywhere! But I KNOW I saw them, as have others if the discussion on the Wiki is anything to go by.

    I was a teen myself during that time, and every week I would take the bus into town to do some shopping. There was a large Leah Betts “Sorted” (hospital bed) billboard directly opposite the bus station, I saw it frequently.

    Is there anyone from the UK during that time who remembers these?

    1. Jen, can you say exactly where you saw that? Just one place, or several? The location of the bus station could be very helpful, so others in the UK can tell you if they saw that particular billboard, a different one (with the same message), etc.

      1. It was it in and around the south east, specifically I rarely left Chatham during those years, anyone who lived there in the 90s would know exactly what bus terminal I’m talking about haha. There was also another large billboard on the road behind where we used to have a Blockbuster. On the Wiki discussion there is someone remembering seeing them in Scotland, but anyone who claims to have seen them is getting shouted down over there.

        Also, in my original “reality”, Holly Johnson died in 2009. John Goodman died in 1997 (I know I’m not confusing him with John Candy, Candy was one of my favourite actors). Muhammad Ali died. I seem to have two memories of Mandela, one that he died in prison during the 1980s, the other that he didn’t. Both seem equally valid and it’s a weird feeling. Also: Interview With A Vampire. Sex AND The City.

        Also when did “rhythmn” become “rhythm”? It has ALWAYS been rhythmn for me. In fact why would I add an extra “n” if it was needless? I could understand more if it was the other way around. Remember that old Gloria Estefan song, “Rhythmn Is Gonna Getcha”, I had that on 12″ single and it’s how I learned to spell rhythmn, from looking at that sleeve. Except now I google it and there’s no “n”. I know I still have the vinyl somewhere but I’m afraid to dig it out and find that there’s now no “n” on the end of the word hahaha!!

        Sorry, I’m rambling now. But this is such a fascinating topic! I’m slowing making my way through reading all the other comments on this site 🙂

        1. Oh, and this is a seriously weird thing I don’t know if I should add or not, for fear of sounding completely insane, so feel free to delete this on whether you think it contributes anything valid or not.

          I remember Hawaii being added as the 51st state. It was big news because of the adding of the star to the American flag, and in school we were asked to draw the updated flag with alternating rows of 9 and 8 stars. To me, this happened in 1988. I can still remember them hanging the new flags (drawings) around the classroom. There was a huge deal on the news about it as well, celebrations in America, etc.

          Obviously where it gets weird is that when I look it up, Hawaii was added way back in 1959 – LONG before I was born! And none have been added since. So there’s no way this could have happened. In fact it’s not even possible to be getting confused with some other state being added, because now I learn there’s only 50 anyway, there have been no additions in my lifetime. And even if Hawaii was added in my lifetime, what was the anomalous extra state that comprised the original 50? So as you see, absolutely none of it makes sense. It feels like a big chunk of my life is a lie, and I can’t trust my own memories.

    2. Jen, a poster on MetaFilter also has a different memory of Leah Betts:

      “I just remembered another, very widespread, “false memory,” one where I very strongly recall the “false” version of events. When the Essex teenager Leah Betts died in 1995, after taking Ecstasy and then drinking 15 pints of water, there were was a huge anti-drugs poster campaign about her. Many, many people remember the posters showing the famous photograph of Leah in a coma, with tubes and wires around her. I do too. I was eleven at the time, living fairly close to where Leah lived, and had a classmate with very nearly the same name, and with the huge media frenzy around her death, the whole thing hit me (and probably all my peers) very hard. I have one particularly clear memory of walking past the railway station and seeing that poster with the coma photograph. The posters were everywhere, though. When I wrote an essay about her a few years ago, though, I discovered that the posters actually had a school picture of Leah, smiling and looking healthy. I really can’t square this with anything I remember.”

      1. Thanks Naomi. I’m relieved other people remember them, although it’s so frustrating being unable to find physical proof of these posters and being told by self-appointed “experts” on the matter that they never existed. An explanation I would accept is that both variations of poster (smiling and hospital) were run at the same time, and different people saw only saw or remember one or the other. But that they’re claiming that the hospital poster NEVER existed – and I can’t actually find any as of this moment – is baffling.

        Just an observation is that those who have the “alternate” memories are not bullheaded. “I must have remembered wrong” is the default first go-to, then when the memory is too strong or obvious to dismiss they search for answers while being open to new ideas or explanations that may even disprove their alternate memory. Whereas those who have the “standard” (it was always this way) memory can be very defensive, aggressive and angry about anyone remembering differently.

        Unless all of really are somehow managing to remember incorrectly about such specific, detailed and in-common things it would be less worrying if we HAD slipped into a slightly different reality. Because the alternative – that there is a conscious co-ordinated effort to rewrite the past and erase the old history – would be absolutely nefarious. And to quote from 1984: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past”… (assuming it does still say that, haha!)

  42. I’ve read comments on here about this place (Earth) being a holodeck, or simulation. There could be something to that and being aware that it is or could be provides a feeling of enlightenment or at least acceptance. Here’s my experience “seeing” this type of thing:

    I was running the other day and it was a crystal clear blue sky day. We don’t get too many of those. I looked up at the sky and saw these white and colored dots and squares. Kind of like the black and white fuzz you used to get on TVs when they’re not tuned. I could then see brighter white dots dancing in the sky and in the air around me. It’s like they were all over the world. Streams of them were rising up out of people’s houses. They were easiest to see on the horizon and in the sky. Quite cool. While watching them and running I had a feeling of peice and happiness.

    1. I should have added that these dots and such represented to me either some over arching power monitoring and controlling the world, or representaton of the simulation we live in. It felt kind of like neo being able to see the matrix. Once he knew it was there he could use it to his advantage and transcend it. That’s what this was like. Perhaps all of these things are glitches in the simulation we live in. Sloppy code from our overlords 🙂

    2. To Dan,
      I believe the dots you saw floating around you were your blood cells travelling through thin capillaries in your eye. They are best seen against a clear blue sky.

  43. Hey, Fiona. Me again. I just want to preface this by saying I completely believe in ME and have had many myself. I’ve also commented numerous times on this site. Please try to hear me out until the end – I’m not looking to explain away anything, I actually have a question regarding something related to ME.

    First – Hot Air Balloon memory. Many people have reported having this memory and as soon as I read about it, my mind went straight to a study I read many years ago. I’ve always been majorly into psychology and how the human mind works, which is also why I’m so interested in ME. This report, which y’all can do more research on if you’re interested in it, was about the implementation of false memories. A study published in 2002 claims to have fed people false information to test the unreliability of memory. This memory that was implanted was that the participants were given details about a hot-air balloon ride they had gone on as a child. Over 50% eventually not only believed in this memory, but could recall specific details that never actually happened.

    Could this be related to the Mandela Effect in any way? Like, by bringing these memories up (that may have actually occurred in another timeline), they could have been brought back to the participants’ attention?

  44. I graduated High School in 1995. Later that year, the Paducah, KY shooting took place. I recall well how a couple friends and I sarcastically joked that “Of course they wait until AFTER we’ve graduated to start shooting teachers!” (Note: The initial reports were only of a teacher being shot, not a group of praying students. There is now no record of any teacher being shot.) Mind you, again, this is late 1995.
    In 1997, the Columbine shooting took place. I recall thinking to myself at the time, “What?! Are we going to have one of these every year or two, now?” Again, it was 1997.
    About a year ago, with the internet at my disposal, I had ventured to piece together a theory. The video for Pearl Jam’s single “Jeremy” was in rotation (ad nauseum) on MTV months before the Paducah incident. In the video, the ending is left somewhat ambiguous: it’s difficult to tell from the final image whether the titular “Jeremy” had shot himself or his classmates. With the news of Paducah came an eerie sense the video had played some role in the incident. When I attempted to gather dates for both Paducah and the “Jeremy” video, I ran into information which seriously conflicted with my memory!
    Paducah was recorded everywhere on the internet as having taken place in 1997.
    Columbine was recorded as having taken place in 1999.
    Two year time discrepancy.
    I told this to a friend of mine at the time, and he confirmed that the Columbine shooting was 1997, lining it up solidly with his memory of his college year. He’d never heard any information to the contrary.
    When I searched for dates on the video for “Jeremy”, the information was muddled and confounded! I watched MTV religiously in the 80’s and 90’s. There was no video for “Jeremy” before 1995. The information I found stated a video aired, in heavy rotation, in 1992 on MTV. I did not go one day without watching MTV in the early 90’s (especially Saturday night’s ‘Headbanger’s Ball’, where the video would have aired as well), and I did not encounter the video once. The first time I viewed a video for “Jeremy”, it was 1995. And it was not in June, as the information states. It was at least a month or two earlier, as it was the talk of the school the day after it aired. (“Did you see that new Pearl Jam video?” “Dude, did the kid blow away the other students who were bullying him?” One friend, and fan of the band, wondered aloud, “Why are they releasing a video for this song now? This is from their album ‘Ten’!” I clearly recall these statements.) However, the information I’ve found on the video places its release as being in July, well after the school year had given way to Summer break, and in 1992. There are two videos (both shot by different directors), one “official” and one “unreleased.” The “official” video is the one I remember from1995, but information states that was released in 1992 and won 4 MTV Music Video Awards in 1993. In an online article with the header “Mark Pellington Remembers Directing Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” Music Video”, the video is noted as having been a “1992 music video”. (Both videos can be viewed on youtube.)

    1. I just spent a while reminiscing about Pearl Jam and my time listening to them in high school during the grunge rock explosion of the early 90s. The Jeremy video definately 😉 came out in 92. Ten was released right when grunge was taking off. That was well before 95. I know because I was in high school and my brother was in college. He bought Ten (PJs first album) on cassette and brought it home from college saying, “This is the next big thing. You’ve got to listen to this.” He had a copy of it, “before it was cool.” 95 would have been way too late. They had already recorded Vs. and Vitology by then. 95 was well after grunge took off, at least it was in my universe. I was rocking the flannel shirt look, and jeans in high school while listening to Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Bad Religion, and all those guys. Thanks for the memories! Oh how I miss the days when you had to buy music, bands released albums, and rock and roll was here again. There’s nothing like that anymore… nothing!

      Oh and thanks for making me feel old. When I googled Pearl Jam I saw the 20th anniversary album of Ten on sale… argh!

      1. No problem, Dan! LOL! 😉
        In my memory, ‘Ten’ was released in ’92. However, I had no idea ‘Jeremy’ was on that album, because I was the resident Metalhead. I liked a couple Grunge tunes, and I always thought Vedder and Cornell had outstanding vocals!! However, I never owned a Grunge album.
        So, when a friend who was really into the band ranted bout how ‘Jeremy’ was a song on ‘Ten,’ I was really confused. So was she! As a matter of fact, she was kind of pissed, because she saw it as a “money grab” for the band, and they had always been kind of anti-commercial. I thought it was all really weird. When the shootings happened, my thoughts went directly to the imagery of the end of that video. Had it been released in ’92, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. And then the reports of who’d been shot changed … and changed again. One teacher; two teachers; two teachers and a few students. It wasn’t until recently I found out there were NO teachers shot, and the students were part of a xian youth group. There had been utterly no mention, whatsoever, of religion or faith.
        ‘Jeremy’: 92 vs 95
        Paducah: 95 vs 97
        Columbine: 97 vs 99
        Two year discrepancy in either direction! Whoa….
        Thanks for sharing, btw! And bust them flannels back out, ’cause it looks like they’re coming back! 😉 m/

      2. Yes! In MY universe, I was TOTALLY rockin’ out to PJ’s Ten by Christmas of 1991. It did take a long time for them to release the video for Jeremy but it was in 1992 at the latest. Kurt Cobain was dead by April of 1994 so grunge had been WELL established by then….let alone 1995.

  45. This is my first time posting here (in this reality, at least), and I’ve been reading comments and articles for a few days. I thought that I would introduce myself with the details that I remember.

    Like many others, I came for the BerenSTEIN (which I am positive of, btw) but have stayed because so many other things apply to me as well. The Berenstein Bears is by far the one I have the most vivid memories about (I had so many of their books and was a strong reader well before I started school, and I pronounced them BerenSTEEN and was shocked, along with a lot of other people that it’s always been Berenstain). I also just learned today that apparently it’s Chick-fil-a, which concerns me mainly because I worked there for three years when I was in college and could have sworn that it was Chik-fil-a. I feel very shaky about this because I’m wondering how I could be remembering the name of my employer of three years wrong, but Chick-fil-a does seem kind of right to me? It’s very unsettling.

    I’m also positive that American Thanksgiving (I’m from the US) has always been on the third Thursday of November. I even named a video game pet turkey “Third Thursday.” That one has really shaken me, as well.

    Other MEs that aren’t *quite* as strong (but are still pretty solid) include Nelson Mandela, Eli Whitney being black, Charles Schultz (I also remember him dying, along with Peanuts memorial stuff on sale for weeks and a very sad feeling that we wouldn’t get anymore Peanuts strips on Sunday mornings), in THE neighborhood, New Zealand vs. Australia, VIII’s ridiculous turkey leg, Jiffy peanut butter, and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, and the Challenger disaster, which happened when I was in kindergarten where I watched it happen live – it could not have been later than 1985, for me.

    I’m a big science (non) fiction fan, and highly empathic. Not religious, but I must keep a clean space and meditate or I fall down a very dark hole. I love science and am open to a lot of things being true that we don’t yet understand.

    One thing in my initial research that I haven’t heard anybody mention is the Space Shuttle Columbia and the possibility of it not happening in a previous reality. I was researching the Challenger disaster, which has always been something I’ve felt connected to for some reason (maybe because it was the first Big Thing that happened in real time and tiny little four-year-old me realized that she was seeing history happen for the first time in her life), but when I realized that I had the date wrong, I started researching, and… guess what I found. Another space shuttle disaster supposedly happened when I was 22 years old. I felt *so* connected to Challenger and yet another shuttle exploded, resulting in the deaths of the exact same number of crew members, and … I had never heard of it happening. How is that possible? I suppose I could have missed the news one day, but that doesn’t seem like the type of thing that would just never be mentioned again. I honestly did not know about the Space Shuttle Columbia until just a few days ago. Has this type of thing happened to anybody else or should we just chalk it up to being a clueless 22 year old?

    Anyway, hi. I’m glad that there’s a community like this.

    1. We must be from the same space… challenger 1985. Columbia I had never heard of until I read it here a couple months ago. I was really shocked. In my “timeline” it was chic-fil-a though. I too remember Charles Schulz dying like years ago and being sad about no more peanutz in the Sunday paper. Are you saying he’s still alive!!??!! I have to go look.

      I have many of the exact same as you do.

      1. Well, that *was* what I was saying about Charles Schultz, but now Wikipedia is telling me that he died in February 2000. (My memory is closer to 1989-ish.) I swear, I was just talking with a friend about how weird it was that he’s still alive when we both thought he was dead. Except that he *is* dead.


        1. It’s cool…these things happen. I too looked it up and knew 2000 didn’t look right but I can’t say specifically when I think he did die… I can say that I have a niece born Nov 21 and every 6/7 years her birthday would fall on thanksgiving but this is impossible now.. so I get where your coming from.. I’m 41 by the way.

    2. Hi Sarah – I posted on here somewhere in the multitude of comments, the exact same “non-memory” about the Columbia disaster, and I’m 40.

      I have extremely vivid, strong memories about the Challenger – I know right where I was, and the reaction of my 5th grade teacher, and later in the day, my parents, is burned in my brain – but *nothing* zero, zilch, zip for the Columbia where I would have been 27.

      It makes no sense, and you are definitely not alone on this one.

    3. Really glad to hear I’m not the only one who was shocked about Columbia. This is easing my mind quite a bit. That one really threw me.

      1. I remember when the Columbia disaster happened in my reality, and I remember at the time thinking it was odd that the media was not making that big of deal about. I mean it was a huge story, but nowhere near the story that the Challenger was. I remember talking to people at the time who didn’t watch the news and were clueless about it until I showed them news articles. It just wasn’t all over the place like the Challenger news was. So I can see how people may have missed the story. Looking back, it may have had to do with the times, the disaster happened almost a year and a half after 9/11, America was going to war, and the media may have tried to down play the tragedy to keep American morale high.

  46. Back to the “Deja-vu” thing, I have heard something like this before but I have added a bit of the mandela effect into it. Well we all know what the Mandela Effect is, certain, little things changing because we jumped from a parallel universe or reality changed. So since these things that we have noticed are different, like berenstein and berenstain, everything must be just a tiny but different. But in very rare occasions, something we do or say or just a situation happens exactly like it did in the alternate reality or universe, and thats why we feel like we have done it before, because we have. And thats why it happens so rarely, because it is a very slim chance for a situation to be precisely the same as the other from the alternate universe. I hope you get what I’m saying…

  47. I saw this comment on YOutube, which I find interesting:

    “an episode of ” Chuck” ( good show by the way !) and in season 2 episode 12, which aired 2-2-2009, a character was giving a speech and mentions Nelson Mandela and says:

    “” God rest his soul”

    I know it’s T.V but still, why would they say something like that ? It seems like the writers thought Nelson Mandela had passed away”

  48. For Vivienne;
    My specific memory of noticing Mc items/Mac logos is from ausust 1982. We were on vacation in San Diego and going to a padres game. Dad wanted to get us stuffed at MacDonald’s to avoid overpriced stadium fare. When I noticed in 2006, at that very moment in the van in Spokane, I tried but could not for the life of me remember a time when I looked at the signs or logos. Like, really read the signs. I really felt like it was MacDonald’s for me until that moment.

    For everyone else…
    I have, like apparently everyone who has come across this phenomena for the first time, not been able to think about anything else. Sooo many shared memories, sooo many not. Can’t wrap my head around the implications. Always subscribed to quantam theory, Einstein/Rosen, string theory multiverse etc. I consider myself bright, emotionally and mentally stable happy all that jazz BUT… The other night I’m up reading posts here and a guy is talking about changes in the opening sequence of magnum p.I. a black door instead of red (or vice versa) and a curvy camaro instead of boxy ferrari and I FREAK. I immediately Google magnum p.I. and as I’m doing so, I can’t describe how I feel. What I think. Anxiety and fear, mostly, but unlike anything I can compare as to the intensity of those emotions. I’m 44 years old and have lived a crazy rollercoaster ride already. I think I can handle anything but if magnum doesn’t have a Ferrari I’m going to take f’n hostages naked and on fire. Whew. Magnum has a Ferrari. Before I even go back to look at his post I think oh yeah.he said in the opening sequence, not “now magnum has a camaro not a Ferrari”. Again, I can’t describe how freaked out I was. I have never had that sensation. I have faced death and I was afraid. The overwhelming fear of your own death in the moment you think you are about to die. This sensation was WAY more intense, though not exactly just fear.
    My happy regular normal self is starting to think ” OK. All these intertwined timelines are real. We’re sliding in between them all the time and maybe always have been, in the infinite possibilities of this multiverse infinite numbers of timelines are yours and unique to you and some all none are correct or incorrect to everyone else and shouldn’t I say “oh well so the fk what!” And go about my business. Or eat some high velocity buckshot and see if I wake up in MacDonald’s.

    1. Hey Gabe,
      I just wanted to say, I had this same feeling when I stumbled across the Tienamen Square video accidentally. I have been through some seriously rough times as well, so I’m pretty familiar with how TRUE FEAR or dread feel. When I first watched that video, I felt a certain amount of fear, but what really hit me was my inability to reconcile this video with my existing memories. I immediately began to sweat, and I felt like I was getting motion sickness.
      Anyway, you’re not alone and I haven’t run across any other anomalies that have affected me that strongly. I wish you the best, and I hope you dont either!

    2. Gabe Jaramillo, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who knew it as MacDonald’s all my life!

    1. Hmm… interesting, and pretty to look at, but not terribly credible, at this point. The only two news sources (and I use that term loosely) reporting it, so far, are and They’re not exactly the most respected news sources.

      1. Fiona,

        There are multiple reports of this same story on other “respectable” news sources. Most are discounting it as a Fata Morgana (superior mirage), but if you look at other Fata Morganas, this one in China doesn’t share any of the same attributes.

        Steve M.

        1. The problem I have with the whole Fata Morgana theory is that NOBODY can show what these floating cities are mirages of. They look nothing like a modern day city. SO what are they images of??? They have to be reflection of something known, but nobody can say what THAT is. And they are not exactly on the ground like a mirage should be, not high up n the clouds. So we have a VERY rare phenomena happen 3x in a week. I don’t know what’s going on, but the official explanations don’t cut it with me. Mike H.

          1. Mike H., I agree. I’ve been looking at some of the photos that show the “illusion” more clearly and some are very odd. This may need to become an article, if I have time in the next day or so.

          2. I agree that these images or supposed mirages are completely fascinating. Coupled with the fact that these images are being seen on more than one occasion coinciding with the recent increased activity at CERN. They went public last week with their attempts to prove their are parallel universes. I also agree that the explanations that are being given are full of holes. It is getting mainstream news coverage, as I saw an article on CNN website. However all the mainstream coverage I’ve seen completely discredits the images as anything other than a hoax. Pretty soon I would imagine this will disappear from the mainstream news, but it will be interesting to see if the sightings continue. Truly creepy feeling I get when looking at those images.

            1. Thanks, Skepticalbeliever. And thanks, Fiona for taking this topic seriously.

              I am also not comfortable with the “official” explanation of these floating cities. The explanations discredit them in whole as a “mirage” or a hoax, but there is no explanation about why they are a hoax. All I can find is that they say the video of the one in China is proven to be a hoax, but then there is no further evidence to back up that assertion. Very fishy. Also, the mirage explanation doesn’t suffice either. Any other description or picture of a fata morgana doesn’t look anything like these floating cities. They are always low to the ground and very ethereal and shimmering, almost shifting, which would make sense given the known science behind a true fata morgana. However, these floating cities have none of those attributes. They are high in the sky, fully formed, non-shifting, and more opaque and solid than ethereal.

              Mike H.,
              I agree, no one can show the physical structures that these supposed fata morganas are reflecting. The explanation of a fata morgana is that it’s a mirage, or reflection, of some physical thing (boat, islands, mountains, etc), low to the horizon, and the image is inverted (upside down) and changes rapidly. NONE of the floating cities take on these attributes. They are not inverted, low to the horizon, and they aren’t rapidly changing shapes.

              Thank you,
              Steve M.

    2. This is truly strange why this “weather phenomenon” is occuring NOW. If this really is connected to nature/weather then why has nobody got any records/pics of this occurring in the past? Not even in the past 100 years have I come across any info about this phenomenon. Seems like it just “materialized” in the last 5 years or so.

  49. Hi Fiona,
    Nice work on this website & thank you for maintaining it!

    I also definitely remember Payless Shoes not Payless Shoesource.
    Chick-fil-A seems different, I thought it was chic-fil-A or chik-fil-a.
    Now that Macdonalds was mentioned, McDonald’s does look off but I’m not sure.

    Have you seen this video on the arguwment that reality is a computer simulation? Apperantly string theory equations were broken down into a computer binary code.

    Are we all part of a computer system of simulated parallel universes on advanced computers? Could this explain the Mandela effect?

  50. Ok, so all of this past weekend, I had a severe headache. The week leading up to it, I had a severe pain deep in my calf. Makes me wonder if I had a DVT that broke loose and traveled to my brain. If that’s the case, it makes me wonder how many of my alternate selves died over the weekend. Anyway, ever since the headache passed, I’ve had tinnitus off and on. Also everything seems more vivid, but my mood has been so much better too. Almost seems like my mind has made the final transition to this reality. I still remember the differences(ie A/THE, Berenstein, etc), but they don’t taste as bad as they used to so to speak.

    1. On Tuesday I believe, about 9:00 pm my right ear drum felt like it was going to explode – got on facebook on our mandela page we made – Fiona – we talk about you all the time 🙂 and on a closed CERN group – lots of people this weekend were complaining of headaches, dizziness, the ear ringing. If they ever kick that thing to full speed I’ll be dead – the pain was that bad – and I had just taken a hydrocodone. 🙂

      1. Ive been having vertigo / dizzy issues for about two weeks, though its somewhat better today finally. I find it interesting that people are mentioning that.

  51. Forgive me if this has been covered. I was thinking yesterday about the E and the A as it regards to the Bears. Then, I thought about Interview With A Vampire. Now, it’s The vampire. I’m not nearly as good at logic and mathematics as some others here, but Interview with E Vampire obviously makes no sense. I’m wondering aloud if there’s a pattern between the E and the A. One swap for another? If it works for you, run with it. Otherwise, it’s nothing. The only reason I post is because I don’t give these minute details much consideration. Recently, I get these thoughts that seem to form outside of my consciousness or contrary to what I’m “thinking” at the time. This one seems overly simplistic, but it hit me pretty hard…like it’s a clue. Warm regards, Jason

    1. I think if your following this theory then there must be an A,E and I “timeline” as I’ve not seen O or I’d messed up yet…. you know yet being the optimal word there lol

    2. Interesting indeed and worthy of more analysis. “A” does seem to pop up and disappear a bit. It works for Mc/Mac, is/Was (gump), A/the (vamp), in/and (city), Berenstein of course, I’m just going from memory. I know there’s more. Perhaps it’s a map to something. It does often seem to revolve around vowels (fruit/froot). I wonder if we put all of these anomalies together what anagrams we could make, or sentences we could come up with. Perhaps we are dealing with a cipher. There would be a key to unlocking it if so.

      1. Hadn’t even thought about the I, but it makes sense as well. Weird that they’re vowels and so forth. Personally, I’ve come to believe we live in a matrix, and I wonder aloud again if maybe during the “rewrite”…after some mass casualty we can’t remember…if somehow the letters got rearranged. Anyway, thanks for some more ideas Ayla and Dan. Warm regards, Jason

        1. Jason Thomas said:
          “‘Personally, I’ve come to believe we live in a matrix, and I wonder aloud again if maybe during the “rewrite”…'”.

          It is my understanding that within the English language the substitute of vowels is/was permissible and possibly intended. It is a form of malleability encouraging alterations in perception with just a change/substitute of or complete dropping of a vowel.

          The English language in itself is dynamic. So, in essence, if we use words to frame our ideas, help form our memories, and keep records it is quite possible for our perceptions to assimilate and/or accommodate with the current status quo. It is the reason why some things do not quite translate well in other languages/culture because there is a different thought process.

          Think about how the Jewish write the Kabbalah. If one letter is off the entire thing must be disposed of. The numbers do not add up (gematria) telling them something has been changed. There are no vowels.

          ( In August 2015, I noted the following:
          ProctEr & Gamble- words proctor and procter mean something entirely different. Proctor- look over, supervise, monitor. Procter – to make definite, distinct, clear.
          As of today, 10/26/2015, when searching for the word procter I could not find this as actually being a word although I found it 2 months ago. However, Procter is recognized as a name for boys which seems to hold the same meaning as “proctor”. The “e” perhaps, initially, was to expose and make things clear on what we are seeing going on. Have to be quick on the draw or the info will disappear…?)

          Procter /proc-ter/ [2 sylls.] as a boys’ name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Procter is “steward, official”.


          1.a person who looks after the passengers on a ship, aircraft, or train and brings them meals.
          (There goes that ship reference again– moor)

          1. Fascinating, Daniel. Thanks for your thoughts. Steward, ships…
            I watched Titanic…or a bit of it with my wife this weekend. While I think these shifts are happening more frequently. I wonder about the Titanic and what the crash meant for western civilization. It seems fishy to me, no pun intended.

            Also, the NY Times recently printed an article about what might happen if someone were to go back in time and kill baby Hitler. Also, I believe a television show was made with this theme, an episode. This is third hand as I didn’t read the article or see the show. I only know it was being discussed. What I find extremely interesting is that the concept was discussed in a NYT article. I’m not going to hide from my truth. I’m starting to read news articles and watch programming from a completely different perspective. I believe clues are embedded throughout all media publications, despite the prevalence of misinformation and disinformation. At any rate, I found your comments on vowels and assimilation extremely thought provoking. Warm regards, Jason

            1. Jason Thomas, the television show was a Dr. Who episode. (And, for the record, anything involving Hitler is such a volatile topic, I’d rather focus on the bigger idea — and possible practice — of changing history, in general.)

              1. I completely understand and apologize. I think the Times article is peculiar. Feel free to remove the post. Warm regards, Jason

                1. Jason, don’t worry. I didn’t approve the follow-up comment, since it could have led in an unfortunate direction, but I agree that this is a very odd topic to appear in mainstream media. I’m leaving your main comment as-is, because I think this is an intriguing concept — albeit not entirely new — that we’re being provided clues (or desensitization, as some claim) to a future reality that’s already here.

          2. Daniel,
            I believe it was you, didn’t you have an “Alice in Wonderland” reference , A, E, I, O, U. There are the vowels again. Mike H.

            1. It was the video of the caterpillar sitting on the mushroom(trippy) and reciting the vowels *almost front to back and back to front. It was not necessarily in the order he first sung them but still had rhythm like they belonged in those new positions.

              1. Daniel,

                Forward in time, and backward in time.

                A—seems to be the future-artificial -digital
                E— seems to be the past-emotional-analog
                I ???

                Mike H.

          3. For anyone following “procter” (definition -to make definite, distinct, clear ) see Anagram section with post from Dan. (Darn fascinating)
            procter =>Retro PC

              1. Mike H., I was going to edit your earlier comment to change the number, but then I thought, “Wait. What if there’s something significant about 8600 v. 5100?”

                Well, there might be… right? (Then again, I may have spent far too long sorting comments today… LOL)

                1. Fiona , at this point , who knows! Lol, the only thing after the fact I could think of was an old Atari gam system. Don’t know where that number came from. Maybe I will run it through the translators too. Subliminal message maybe lol! Mike H.

                2. I thought so as well about the numbers 8600 v.s. 5100. He typed 8600 but was thinking 5100 so perhaps the 5100 is the current 8600 and we need not have the original to decipher.

                  Guess I have to watch Steins Gate again…or just do what feels natural and just act on what guides me…

                  1. Daniel, strangely , I have been doing your last phrase for the last couple of years. I don’t what people call it , intuition , gut instinct ect. but it’s pretty cool how things “work out ” sometimes. Mike H.

                3. Fiona,
                  As strange as it sounds, I have a habit of writing/or saying something that has little or no meaning at the present, then magically the synchronicity usually kicks in and connects it with something so obscure, I am left sitting there speechless. Mike H.

                  1. Mike H., that is absolutely fascinating! I’m wondering how directly you might be connected to a reality that’s just a few seconds ahead of this one. (I know that sounds rather “out there,” but it came to mind immediately.)

                    Have you kept notes (on paper or with a voice recorder) to see if there are any patterns to what you write or say immediately ahead of its context? I’m very interested.

          4. Hi Daniel. Great research on the Anagrams and breaking codes!!
            You wrote (Have to be quick on the draw or the info will disappear…?)

            I have looked up info that has changed within minutes. But I’m not expecting it or I think I looked at it wrong.

            I can’t be 100% sure but the ‘Steal Your Face Pin’ that my friend purchased last year and is pictured in the RED/BLUE thread, was BLUE-RED/BLUE-RED with a WHITE lightning bolt in the middle pictured on the site. Its what he says he bought. He took out his pin and when he first put it down I could swear it was BLUE-BLUE/RED-RED. By the time I took the picture it changed and i just thought with all the RED/BLUE my eyes were playing tricks on me. It was RED-BLUE/RED-BLUE with a GOLD lightning bolt. It was still different, so I didn’t give it much thought.

            I find quick changes like that to be fascinating, but they are also the easiest to dismiss.

        2. Jason Thomas,
          I had a rather bizarre thought. What if CERN succeeded ,breaking through to a parallel universe (timeline), and the floating cities are actual alternate versions of our timelines. Where something catastrophic did happen. Those pictures , really give me a cold feeling, a sense of dread. I actually get kind of uneasy looking at them. They look like “dead” cities to me. Maybe THATS how we all ended up here together. Mike H.

          1. Mike H, I have no idea what to think, but that’s an interesting perspective. I’ll raise the pot! What if it’s an incoming reality, one we’ll have to merge with or graduate to…perhaps this fourth dimensional reality I’ve been feeling? Pretty trippy, my friend, and thanks for your comment!

            1. Jason Thomas ,
              I like your thinking, at this point nothing is going to surprise me. This may sound strange , but I feel like I have been ready for “it” my whole life. Sort of like I have been prepared, I have always been “looking” for “something”as long as I can remember. Kind of rambling, maybe it makes sense to someone? I consider it an honor to be able to talk to so many intelligent and open minded people. The fact that Fiona has created such a community is quite a testament to her. Mike H.

        3. Hi, Jason Thomas,

          “…if somehow the letters got rearranged.”? Hmm… that line just now struck me two paragraphs into Daniel’s reply to you. Is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of The Great Vowel Shift (c14c)?

          I’ve always had some interest in linguistics, but considered it from an information theory perspective, and studied it (glancingly) within a broadly evolutionary framework. Suddenly, I’m not so sure anymore of that being the most obvious choice.

        1. Hi, John O,

          Let’s not forget the “n”s. Not one that applies to me, as far as I’m aware, but it seems that quite a few people miss the “n” that used to be in their “n”-verse’s spelling. (I.e.: rhythmn & dilemna; I haven’t seen anyone list others of this sort, but I expect that I will soon enough.)

      2. Dan,
        Been working on this for awhile. Patterns do arise with the letters ect. As I see it though the “markers” are always evolving, so it’s never ending. I keep arranging, and re-arranging words, letters, colors, people, geography ect. Trying to find meaningful patterns. Believe me though, I for one, am trying.

        I just can’t help it ,I keep going back to dilemna. It’s very meaning can apply directly to the ME , do you pick this path, or that path. Do you pick this “timeline’, or that “timeline”, choices ,if unsure which direction to go , present a dilemna. This one is a very hard one for people to just “explain” away.

        Daniels example of procter/proctor is another one—-person (entity—CHANI??), that watches or looks over us. Or maybe it/they watch over this reality?? Just things I think about. Mike H.

  52. I agree. I didn’t notice that when I watched a clip recently to check the mirror mirror change. Not saying it’s a new change, I could have been too focused on the mirror/magic portion of the quote to notice that.

    1. FJ, we’re having some issues with comments showing up, replying to a previous comment, but I’m not sure which the previous comment was. It might be helpful to mention the username of the person you’re replying to, in case that helps readers (including me) figure out which conversation a comment is part of.

      1. Thanks Fiona, I will remember to include the name next time. I see my reply somehow ended up in the middle of the McDonald’s conversation, and I can’t find the original comment I was replying to. I can’t recall who posted it, but it was about Snow White, another changed noticed in the mirror mirror part. The queen now says “who’s the fairest one of all?” The original poster recalled “who’s the fairest of them all?” I am in agreement that it was the latter. So in my opinion, at least, the whole magic/mirror quote is now different.

        1. I understand, FJ, and I’m looking into a site redesign or plugins (or both) to make reading (and replying to) comments simpler for all of us. I’ve been trying to break out a new comments page every time the current one reaches around 250 comments, to minimize the confusion and scrolling. And, I’m hoping the next WordPress update addresses some of these commenting issues, as well.

  53. Hi all, I was just scrolling through FB and I see that Marty Ingallls died. He was an actor, costliest appearances on shows in the 60s and on game shows. He was married to Shirley Jones. Is it a false memory or didn’t he already die? Not sure when. Not as convinced he died as I am that Richard Chamberlain died so I thought I’d put it out there for anyone to out their 2 cents in. Thanks.

    1. Kathy , you are not alone. I actually thought he died about 5 years ago. I would have said 2010. Of course I swore Richard Chamberlain died in the early 90s . Thought that for well over a decade. Mike H.

      1. Mike H., we agree again. In the reality I was in at least a decade ago, I was sure that Chamberlain had died, and I thought it was due to AIDS. At the time, that took many people by surprise.

        When I found out he hadn’t died, I thought maybe I’d mixed him up with his brother, James Franciscus.

        Well, Franciscus did die in 1991, but it was of emphysema and I find absolutely no reference to him being Chamberlain’s brother.

        Very odd.

        1. Fiona , Richard chamberlain was one of the early ones for me. Pre-Internet. I thought he had passed away from AIDS also, and the James Franciscus reference , I had that stuck in my mind also. They were related. Very odd , Mike H.

          1. I had a feeling you might have similar memories, Mike H. It’s why I filled in the specifics I recall. I am a huge fan of both brothers’ work (yes, I still maintain that they were brothers), so I have no doubt about my memories regarding the two of them. (And now, I may have to see if Longstreet is on Netflix or Hulu or something… James Franciscus and Bruce Lee. What a combination! LOL )

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