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  1. When I was a teenager, they used to have music stations where you could listen to goth or industrial CDs before you purchased them (maybe they still do). I was interesting in listening to a single they had – Rasputina’s Transylvanian Concubine – because I saw it was remixed by Marilyn Manson, whose music I really liked at the time. However, when I listened to it, I was not a fan. I thought it was some of the weirdest music I’d ever heard, was creepy, and nearly unlistenable.

    Cut to a few years later. I saw Rasputina in the Bronze on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (by now it might be apparent that I was a goth kid) playing Brand New Key, which I really liked, and it completely turned =around my opinion of the band. They’re still one of my favorite bands, and I even like Transylvanian Concubine (although I’m still not crazy about the Manson remix).

    Only, in this reality, Rasputina never played in the Bronze on Buffy. They never actually appeared at all. They ARE still on the Buffy soundtrack (which I never owned or listened to, incidentally), but the song on the soundtrack is Transylvanian Concubine, not Brand New Key.

    1. That should say music stations in HOT TOPIC. I’m quite aware that radio stations still exist, lol.

  2. There’s a youtube video about the BerenSTEIN bears in which the narrator of the video supposedly combed thru a database of old newspapers dating back to the 1970’s. The most interesting aspect of her research was the fact that she found hundreds of newspaper articles with the spelling “berenstein”(the images are included in the video). Everything from tv listings to book reviews to appearances by the “berenstein” bears – all spelled stein. The other noteworthy item from her research was that AFTER 2001, the spelling changed to STAIN in all the newspaper articles but one. This points directly to a change occurring around 2001, which is something I’ve read in other comments on this site.
    Another question – are any of you familiar with the work of Phillip K. Dick? He was also referenced in this youtube video I watched. He was a sci fi author (famous for books that eventually became movies such as Total Recall). In 1977 Dick admitted in a speech at a sci fi conference in France that he was living in an alternate present reality. He compared this to a matrix type scenario, in which some small change was initiated that led to a re-programming of current reality. Very interesting in regards to what some of us are experiencing.

    1. Skepticalbeliever i saw that and there was a very interesting part it was around christmas the main headline was berenSTEIN, but under it it was BerenStain.. that was super interesting for me.. two spellings in the same advert.. you would have thought it would have been one or the other but not both

    2. I seen that video he did. It is amazing how they keep yanking that specific vid offline. I am happy that it still exists.


    It just dawned on me that Mr. Rodgers was NOT the only person to sing that song. Eddie Murphy sang it (many times) at the beginning of his Mr. Robinson’s Neighbood parodies. I just checked on YouTube to see how the song is worded when HE sings it (I swear to all that’s holy, if HE says THIS neighborhood….well, I just don’t know what I’ll do) but I can’t seem to find a clip of him singing the song. Is it possible that HIS version of the song is what people are remembering? I know “THIS neighborhood” sounds so…..alien….at least when I say it in my head….but actually, when I watched the YouTube clip of him singing “THIS neighborhood”, it really didn’t sound as wrong as I thought it would. Another thought… is it possible that he sang it differently sometimes….maybe he said THE neighborhood sometimes and THIS neighborhood other times?

    Another question (open to anyone but probably best answered by Fiona): what is the earliest suspected case of the ME? It dawned on me last night that for YEARS, whenever I heard anyone doing their best (or worst) Humphrey Bogart impression, they said “Play it again, Sam”. Then one day, someone pointed out that, in spite of all the misquotes, the line is ACTUALLY “Play it, Sam”. At the time, I had never seen the movie (since then I have) so I really couldn’t have cared less….but now I’m wondering if that was a very early instance of this phenomenon? In any case….it definitely seems to be increasing in occurrence just since I’ve been paying attention………..

    1. We have the folklore of a Man In The Moon. Some people in this comment section stated that they once saw a man in the moon and complained they can’t see the man in the moon anymore, due to ME, and the moon looks upside down. I suggest that for centuries and millennia we have had people shifting here from an alternate reality where there is a man in the moon, and they gave us the folklore.
      Anthonio van Diemens sent an expedition to Australia to map the continent better. The captain was Abel Tasman. That expedition reported, what we now call Tasmania, as a peninsula. But it turned out to be an isle. How can you mistake an isle for a peninsula if you sail along a coast, with that big gap between Tasmania and Victoria. There must have been a reality shift for the crew of the exploring ship.

  4. Oh my goodness people it was ChiK-fil-A with a K not C. Just joking with the “oh my goodness people” comment but…It was a K for me. Not sure if it is a bandwagon effect or people really remember it spelled “Chic” with a C on the end. Of course it could be a little of both. This wouldn’t be the first. Just thought I would put it out there. Seeing it referred to as Chic-fil-A v.s. Chik-fil-A just feel annoying as I am sure others share the same feeling regarding the other MEs. A “C” though? I think I understand “Chick”-fil-A being used now, seems specific to me (myself). Almost sounds like a psychological disorder that they would stamp on people….but its not.

    Nonetheless,if it were “Chick” I think the mental imagery of most would have been a baby chicken when thinking about this restaurant along with the cows. The “Chick” just doesn’t seem to fly for those who heavily rely on their sight for memory.

    1. Oh thank you for posting that! Chick fil a didn’t look right to me, but neither did Chic with a C. Chik fil a is what I remember too! Glad its not just me.

  5. I came back to this site yesterday after letting my brain rest for a while. There were a couple of new things on here: Snow White, Darth Vader, Forest Gump, etc.. But the one that really hit hard was Eli Whitney. I learned about him every single black history month from second grade on. He was a black man plain and simple. My friend tried to reason this with me and there is no reasoning.

    Also, I watched Field of Dreams last week and I believe what the voice says changes throughout the movie. At first it’s “they will come” then changes to he later.

    A couple of geography ones I’ve noticed are Madagascar is the right size just too far north, Japan and NO are off too. And Nunavut and the Southern Ocean are new to me. With the last two it may just be newer names but I don’t know.

    1. In my time Eli Whitney was white man and invented cotton gin. My husband says he was a black man. I said during the time period black man would not of been able to [patent] anything because of racism. My husband said thats what made the man so impressive because he was a black man that invented the cotton gin during that time period. Thats why my husband says he remembers it so clearly. [Edited] My Husband was born 1975 I was 1973. Out in internet land a lot of people say they were taught he was black in school. [Edited] My daughter is 16 she just said What??? I was taught he was black to in school. I am only 16 I am young my memory is not fuzzy. [Edited]

  6. Narwhal wow. Although its somewhat easy to dismiss it and figure out a way to rationalize it away that I just never came across them in school or on tv etc. But this cannot be logically applied in this case. In the same short span of time I have become aware of a lot of these common memories of other versions of this Earth reality the Narwhal is another one. Why is it strange that Ive never heard of them until now? Its very strange: Ive always loved studying science and animals were high on the list and many hours of television programming was watched. I enjoyed learning about it so I tended to pay attention in school and when watching these on tv. Learned polar regions, large animals that populated that environment and the different predator prey relationships. Loved watching the seals swim and practically fly in the water. I especially am fascinated by dolphins and whales and have been for as long as I can remember. On this information alone it seems odd that I never noticed a whale that lives in the polar regions and can be easily identified by a giant unicorn looking spiraling horn. I just stared at the pics on google images for a half a minute just not sure what to make if it except its fun and exciting to experience. Oh yeah the other reason is 2 out of 8 coworkers I asked had a similar reaction with one of them being completely shocked due to the fact that she was obsessed with unicorns as a child and collected anything related to unicorns. She said there is no possible way she would have missed knowing of them all these years (she is 43 and in an E).

    1. in my time line/reality i knew about narwhals.. it would be interesting to see if you remember a futurama episode/movie called benders big score. it debuted (<— odd that that word isnt on the dictionary as you type) in 2007 in america . it was a straight to dvd episode but it was also split up into 4 smalled chunks and that starred a narwhal called LeeLu.. it could track down a change for those who dont remember narwhals..
      that was the main media i know of even here in the UK.

      I am convinced we need to track down the times things changed.. that time is a key .. I truly believe you dont remember narwhals there are too many of us travellers to discount any memory even if they are different to my own..

        1. Interesting, thanks! I’ve been told I watched it, but I don’t remember. I would have been pretty young.

          I have seen lots of narwhal references in pop culture since 2003, none really before that, but all were silly and animated, no real pictures or real facts about the animals. I am not sure an animated movie where unicorns are driven into the sea and turned into horned whales would have led me to believe narwhals are real, either.

          If even once in my life I had seen a narwhal on a poster with other whales, or in a textbook or something, then I would have known they were real. I was always a serious student. Science was always my favorite subject. That’s why this is so weird. I didn’t see a real picture of a narwhal until someone told me they were real and I looked it up.

  7. The ones I remember are:
    (The capitals are the ones I remember personally. || means I remember it both ways, see bottom.)
    *Charles ShulTz|Charles Shulz
    *Magic Mirror|MIRROR Mirror
    *Life IS like a box of chocolates|Life was like a box of chocolates
    *It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood|It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood
    *Fruit Loops||Froot Loops
    *The Home Depo|| Home Depo
    *Looney Tunes||Looney Toons
    *Mars: NO moons|Mars: two moons
    *Sex IN the city|Sex and the city

    First off, the debunk: Looney TOONS | Looney TUNES. BOTH ARE CORRECT. Looney TOONS is the name of the show. Looney TUNES is a segment of the show, and it’s a musical number.
    Second, The Home Depo. I clearly remember this one. And then it changed. I paid no attention to it until I learned what the mandela effect was.
    Third, Fruit Loops. I remember both. FrOOt loops is what’s on there now, I ate some for breakfast. Like the last one, I just learned about this, and now I realise that some things changed.

    1. J. MacFarland, I’d need more references (documentation) to agree with the Looney Toons/Tunes “debunk” you’ve offered.

      The show is not called “Looney Toons” in the United States and it does not have a segment called “Looney Tunes.” If you’re trying to churn up arguments here, you picked the wrong website. Most of us are adept at research and we’ll double-check odd-sounding assertions, quickly.

      Since 1930, Looney Tunes has been owned by Warner Brothers. It’s licensed under that name.

      Licensing info: Serial Number 71647671 / First recorded filing date May 25, 1953 / Registration Number 0597341 / Registration Date October 26, 1954 / Owner (REGISTRANT) WARNER BROS. CARTOONS, INC. CORPORATION CALIFORNIA 1351 VAN NESS AVE. LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA

      The current registrant is Time Warner, owner of related properties.

      If you search the US Trademark system for “Looney Toons,” no one has registered it. It’s not the show name. In casual correspondence in Hollywood, the Looney Tunes characters are sometimes called Looney toons, but that’s the only record I’ve found for that phrase, in this reality. (Ref. )

      Several Looney Tunes shorts have lapsed into the public domain. I suppose it’s possible someone relabeled them as “Looney Toons,” hoping to avoid trademark issues. Other than that, I find nothing to indicate formal use of the Looney Toons name in this reality.

      There’s nothing to debunk. The Looney Toons name (which makes far more sense to me) is from another reality.

      Also, are you saying you recall Home Depo, not Home Depot, or is that a spelling error?

      1. Perhaps I mixed Looney Tunes with Merry Melodies? It was quite late if you’ll accept this as an excuse, though I do remember Looney Tunes in some way. The Home Depot was just a spelling error.

        1. No problem, J. MacFarland. Many people are reading this site late at night, and some have made far worse blunders. A Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies mix-up is fairly easy to make.

  8. I’ve been on this site for days and I find it extremely fascinating. I’d like to share some of my discondent memories.

    First of all, I was born in ’89 and grew up in the 90’s, so a few things mentioned on this site do not relate to me. Also, as far as I can tell, I’ve never experienced an NDE of any sort. However:

    *New Zealand used to be North East of Australia. I know this clearly because when I was younger I read the Alastair Maclean novels; The Guns of Navarone, Force 10 from Navarone and Storm Force from Navarone. The main character, Keith Mallory, was said to hail from New Zealand so I remember looking at a world map and noticing the location as North East of Australia.

    *Australia was in a more south west position than it is now.

    *Honduras was an island.

    *The Capitol of Turkey is Istanbul. I remember checking this as recently as a month ago, but now it says the Capitol is Ankara. I’ve never heard of Ankara before in my life.

    *It was always Berenstein Bears. I grew up on these books, as well as others.

    *The spelling was always Dilemna. I remember sounding it out when I heard the track by Nelly and Kelly.

    *There is a completely missing song from the movie Aladin, by Disney. I watched it last night and tweeted about it, but something felt off. Then I read a comment here about a missing song and I seem to remember Jafar singing about his plans for Jasmine and what not when I was younger.

    *There are songs I’ve listened to, repeatedly, but when I go online to find out information about the songs, there is no record of that song, the artist, the lyrics or ANYTHING. And no one I know has ever heard the songs before.

    *I was taught that Mars had no moons. Today, I discover that it has two. Okay.

    *It was Jiffy Peanut Butter. I remember my mom saying ‘Grab the Jiffy in a Jiffy.’

    *Looney Tunes used to be Looney Toons because I would always think ‘Looney carTOONS’ every time I saw it.

    *Mirror, mirror

    There are several more, but I’d rather not start to ramble.

    Something that keeps crossing my mind is that if you/I/we slipped from one reality or multivariate to another, then we don’t actually technically know the majority of the people we associate with. That is unless you /I/we slipped over with them.

    For all intents and purposes, they’re complete strangers. Like a clone stepping into someone’s life after they died and retaining all of their memories and mannerisms, but just… A complete stranger, in the actual sense.

    1. Australia in a more south west position would push it entirely into Indian Ocean and make it part of Asia,as it is it’s already been pushed westwards,so that its western flank touches indian ocean.Formerly it was entirely in Pacific Ocean.

    2. When I found the connection between empaths and that they were the ones to see the differences, one lady I made friends with said that in 2009 her husband changed completely – So that would work into your theory about being with people that are “clones” of the old person and not actually being the real person? 🙂 lol.

      I am going to grab that statement and share it with her to see her response.

      1. This is interesting because in early July 2009 I had my most profound and intense lucid dream experience — i feel like nothing was the same after it. I experienced it as an NDE — or rather Death experience. In my dream everything was exactly the same — there was no difference between reality and the dream (parallel timeline?) I was looking up toward the sky in my backyard with my roommates and suddenly a second sun appears in the sky — and it’s getting brighter, and closer. And I knew I was going die. And then I did. I experienced the pain of burning up and then the bliss of returning to light. Not to sound cliche but it was ACTUALLY like that. I was in a vortex — just flying at an incredible speed. and then felt the most pure feeling of love/bliss/completeness– I became the white light. It was indescribable — too intense for words.

        And then — everything just stops. Like a vacuum seal. I opened my eyes. I remember immediately feeling scared because I realize im in my bed But it wasn’t the same as waking up — I mean I legitimately thought I was in heaven for a good minute or so! I really had to pull myself together. I mean really — I was so shaken up I took work off that day.

        I have not stopped thinking about it since it happened. A part of me really questions if that was some kind of timeline intervention or time glitch or something. Or maybe I was really just experiencing a parallel universe in my dream — one that I died in. It just didn’t SEEM parallel — it seemed like the RIGHT universe — this one.

        Very very strange

        1. Hey there,
          Your comment reminded me of a dream I had in the last year that I wanted to share. So the majority of the dream was me and my family knowing that the world was going to end. And right as a big firey meteor or planet was about to destroy the other some higher being came out of the sky and said to me “you might die but you will be reborn. The world has gone bad and needs to restart. You and everyone else will live again once time restarts. Only one thing will be different” So pretty much was saying to me that the world was going to restart and everyone would be born again but only one thing would be different that would make the human race better. What’s crazy is that I never made the connection and read about the Mandela effect several months later. Very odd

        2. NS, I am really blown away because I had the EXACT SAME “DREAM” and have been telling people about it for years. Accept that it didn’t feel like a dream. I feel that it is completely impossible for a human brain to synthesize an experience like that. It felt so real and was so unlike anything I’d ever experienced that for awhile I wondered if it was an actual premonition of my own death, simply because what I experienced after I “died” was more “real” than anything I’ve ever experienced when I was awake. I wonder if anyone else has had this “dream”…

          1. Also, NS & Abbie (and anyone else), have you also made the connection between the heavenly body responsible for a cataclysm and the planet Nibiru?

            1. Brian S., Nibiru topics (and related themes) have been mentioned here, by name and as general references. That kind of topic take us down a path that may be valid in relation to the Mandela Effect, but I’d like not to devote a lot of time to it. Other sites do a far better job of delving into Sitchin’s research, Lieder’s theories, and so on.

              I’d be more inclined to describe work such as Sitchin’s as “overlooked” history (or historical analysis), rather than something actually alternate to this timestream.

              It’s a fine point, but I’m trying to maintain a narrow focus at this website, to keep it a unique and useful resource.

    3. I Remember New Zealand being north east of Australia and was dumbstruck to find it isn’t, I was also listening to the radio a few months back and was listening to an interview with Murray Walker of “formula one fame” and was amazed to learn it was live as I remember hi dying a few years ago

      The video talks of how the earths magnetic field holds the memories and actions of every human that ever walked the planet. Now add that to the internet wifi and the info floating around via tv signals and radio signals. We are bombarded with information non stop.
      Now it is my theory that if the memories of everything or every thought is in the air so to speak from the begining of time I wonder if we had not lived this same type of life in another time before a cataclysm happened and wiped us all out and we are picking up on something from that.
      Like reading a cd and it skips kind of thing almost.
      I realize that what is going on is real for sure. But when I saw the video it made me think of yet another theory on it.

  9. Hi Fiona! 10/3/15

    I figured while I’m in a dimension I may be unfamiliar with, I might as well do some research. Your call on the post of course, but I will say the research has me distraught.

    According to where WE/l AM now Robin Williams committed suicide. This was a big deal!!! As I searched I got two dates of death being 8/11 & 8/12/14 … a year ago? Not for me! For me it was May/June of 2015, maybe even July. Also for me Leonard Nimoy died in August of 2015 this year. Google says 2/27/15. I am a big star trek fan. That hit me, I remember. I remember clearly that Williams died before Nimoy! Also, I posted messages on Facebook for Nimoy unfortunately not Williams … I went to look and stated scrolling down. I would see a post and say “ok I posted that after Nimoy and move on. And then there were posts that I knew I posted after Nimoy. I find the 3 Nimoy posts and they are dated 2/27/15. This is all being done from my cell phone. So either cells are not good evidence or Facebook is not good evidence of shift.

    Other celebrities that are listed as deceased are below. Some I remember, most I don’t, but I’m not around news alot. Wondering what others remember.

    Moses Malone 9/14/15
    Wes Craven 8/31/15
    Frank Gifford 8/10/15 (years ago maybe, not sure)
    Rodey Piper 8/3/15 (how I remember it)
    Ken Stabler 7/10/15
    Dick Van Patten 6/23/25
    Christopher Lee 6/11/15
    B.B.King 5/5/15 (how I remember it)
    Joe Cocker 12/22/14 (how I remember it)
    Joan Rivers 9/4/14 (feels off)
    James Garner 7/21/14
    Tony Gwynn 6/16/14

    Every morning I will be googling the Lindbergh baby (boy/girl/found alive/dead/never found, Is what I have seen on this site) for me it was a baby girl never found…and Tank man, which he never was run over from my perspective. If there is anything you can think of Fiona that you would like searched each day, let me know!

    1. I really need to apologize Fiona. I recommend deletion. I’m not sure what I meant by Williams dying before Nimoy, as I stated it. ME overload. Before I saw my post I’ve been thinking about those two deaths. I believe it would be more accurate for me to say they both ‘feel’ like they happened a lot sooner rather than later. And that is all I can be sure of on this topic.

      1. Anthony, if you really want me to delete your earlier comment in this thread, I will.

        As I see it, you’ve provided a great example of how elusive and confusing these memories can be. I believe that the reality/universe each of us is in at the moment, is the source of considerable (empathic?) impressions, some of which fit our memories while others conflict. Second-guessing is normal for us, as we struggle to work with what’s presented as logic.

        I’m reminded of my work with psychics. When asking someone what they perceive as the truth in a situation, we’ll often say, “Okay, what’s your immediate ‘hit’ about [topic]?” (Alternate phrases include “intuitive hit.”)

        The idea is that we sometimes “feel” the truth more accurately than if we reason it out or research what’s considered real in this universe, and so on.

        The fact is, we can’t be sure of anything related to the Mandela Effect, except what we feel… and even that can change from one moment to the next. The doubts and memory shifts are normal in these conversations.

        I think the vast majority of comments at this site reflect those initial ‘hits’ where people find out what’s considered true in this reality, and immediately do a double-take thinking, “Wait… that’s not what I remember.”

        The strength of this site may be in the commonalities among the “what I remember” memories, and how they differ from what we’re presented with in this reality’s apparent history. Instead of something being a single, unique memory that’s in direct conflict with this reality’s history, the memory has some support. It may be anecdotal and just plain weird, but even one other person recalling the same thing you do… that can tilt the scales ever so slightly.

        I’m in favor of people sharing details of their memories, but perhaps withholding the occasional bit of that memory. It’s when someone else posts his or her related details, and includes something previously, deliberately omitted, that we find the strongest confirmation that these alternate memories are real.

        The explanations for those memories could be media error, a contagion of confusion, textbook typos, or something else. Not all alternate memories are from an alternate reality or universe. That’s some of what I hope this site clarifies.

        In many cases, we have no documentation related to our alternate memories. They’re based in how they feel. So, I think your comment was valid as a “feeling” and I’d like to leave it in the conversation, if that’s okay with you.

        1. Fiona, if you believe it will benefit the site, by all means, leave the post. And thank for easing my mind. I was quite embarrassed after reading my post and honestly I vaguely remember writing it. Which of course I attributed to the ME and decided not to post that I thought that. I do remember my last post and a reply about ‘Paul’. Looking forward to any replies – as well as reading what I wrote. Peace!

    2. Tony Gwynn didn’t die this year???? I easily remember talking to my dad about right before this baseball season

    3. I also don’t believe Robin Williams died 1 year ago. It was only about half a year. His death was huge for me, as I loved What Dreams May Come which deals with how horrible suicide could be. Since he committed suicide, I was beside myself trying to believe he actually did after making that film. A couple of people on the reddit page agreed that it doesn’t feel that long since Robin Williams died, so that seems to be a ME>

      1. The “feels like” alternate memories are interesting, because they seem to be described very differently from the ME events with fairly specific dates. (For example, the people who are certain which year the Challenger disaster was, because they can recall what classroom they were in.)

        I’m not sure if the “feels like” alternate memories are about the pace and perception of time passing, or true ME events. I’ll keep watching these reports and see if I notice any patterns to them.

        For now, they’re interesting, but don’t give us much to work with.

        1. I racked my brain when I heard he died a year ago, the fact that it was this year that I felt he died, made me more sure of it because I wasn’t trying to remember when something happened 20 years ago since memories get blended easier over long periods of time. I couldn’t remember a Christmas or winter between when he died and when I heard it was a year ago. But that’s based on memories too.

      2. The date is right for me because I was on my way home from vacation when I found out and I couldn’t believe it, he was always my favorite actor. Also there is evidence that he was killed and set up to make it look like he committed suicide, search “Robin Williams killed”.

        1. There are many theories about Williams’ death. While I’m fine with discussions about a possible ME-related issue concerning the date, I think he’d prefer the focus to be on his life and his boundless creativity. Whether his death was the result of his own darkness or someone else’s, that darkness shouldn’t win… but I feel as if it does, if we give this horrid ending much attention.

    4. Lindberg baby was never found. They ran a documentary about it decades later, that the missing baby or son of the baby (can’t remember) eventually discovered he/she was the missing Lindberg baby/ or related. He/She approached the family and they ran genetic tests and proved through genetics. Had their own full family, so did not suddenly go back to that Lindberg family, but they all made peace. / That’s how I remember it. Don’t remember the details, because I remember thinking how boring this documentary about a missing baby family member coming home a lifetime later was. Please don’t tell me they found the baby, or I’ll freak out. The baby was never found, and it remained a lasting mystery which changed the way parents dealt with child safety, babysitters, and kidnapping concerns. / Just researched this. WTF!!!!! They found a dead baby with skull crushed and had a long trial and such? That’s not what happened! / Thanks to the Kev Baker show for bringing this to my attention. Luke, I am your father. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Fruit loops. Seperated. Still spell it that way, even though I spell check correct that word more than anything else. Sperated, for seperable. Sun does feel different, and I had looked into that many times, in relation to harp and chemtrails, etc, etc. Remarkable. Will have to rewatch some old movies and see if I can’t find anything here. CERN could be responsible? CERN is dangerous technology, and disclosure projects claim that top secrete mini colliders could be quite plentiful. Tank boy did die, and it was the turning point which transformed totalitarian china. Life is like a box of chocolates.

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