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  1. When I was a teenager, they used to have music stations where you could listen to goth or industrial CDs before you purchased them (maybe they still do). I was interesting in listening to a single they had – Rasputina’s Transylvanian Concubine – because I saw it was remixed by Marilyn Manson, whose music I really liked at the time. However, when I listened to it, I was not a fan. I thought it was some of the weirdest music I’d ever heard, was creepy, and nearly unlistenable.

    Cut to a few years later. I saw Rasputina in the Bronze on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (by now it might be apparent that I was a goth kid) playing Brand New Key, which I really liked, and it completely turned =around my opinion of the band. They’re still one of my favorite bands, and I even like Transylvanian Concubine (although I’m still not crazy about the Manson remix).

    Only, in this reality, Rasputina never played in the Bronze on Buffy. They never actually appeared at all. They ARE still on the Buffy soundtrack (which I never owned or listened to, incidentally), but the song on the soundtrack is Transylvanian Concubine, not Brand New Key.

    1. That should say music stations in HOT TOPIC. I’m quite aware that radio stations still exist, lol.

  2. There’s a youtube video about the BerenSTEIN bears in which the narrator of the video supposedly combed thru a database of old newspapers dating back to the 1970’s. The most interesting aspect of her research was the fact that she found hundreds of newspaper articles with the spelling “berenstein”(the images are included in the video). Everything from tv listings to book reviews to appearances by the “berenstein” bears – all spelled stein. The other noteworthy item from her research was that AFTER 2001, the spelling changed to STAIN in all the newspaper articles but one. This points directly to a change occurring around 2001, which is something I’ve read in other comments on this site.
    Another question – are any of you familiar with the work of Phillip K. Dick? He was also referenced in this youtube video I watched. He was a sci fi author (famous for books that eventually became movies such as Total Recall). In 1977 Dick admitted in a speech at a sci fi conference in France that he was living in an alternate present reality. He compared this to a matrix type scenario, in which some small change was initiated that led to a re-programming of current reality. Very interesting in regards to what some of us are experiencing.

    1. Skepticalbeliever i saw that and there was a very interesting part it was around christmas the main headline was berenSTEIN, but under it it was BerenStain.. that was super interesting for me.. two spellings in the same advert.. you would have thought it would have been one or the other but not both

    2. I seen that video he did. It is amazing how they keep yanking that specific vid offline. I am happy that it still exists.


    It just dawned on me that Mr. Rodgers was NOT the only person to sing that song. Eddie Murphy sang it (many times) at the beginning of his Mr. Robinson’s Neighbood parodies. I just checked on YouTube to see how the song is worded when HE sings it (I swear to all that’s holy, if HE says THIS neighborhood….well, I just don’t know what I’ll do) but I can’t seem to find a clip of him singing the song. Is it possible that HIS version of the song is what people are remembering? I know “THIS neighborhood” sounds so…..alien….at least when I say it in my head….but actually, when I watched the YouTube clip of him singing “THIS neighborhood”, it really didn’t sound as wrong as I thought it would. Another thought… is it possible that he sang it differently sometimes….maybe he said THE neighborhood sometimes and THIS neighborhood other times?

    Another question (open to anyone but probably best answered by Fiona): what is the earliest suspected case of the ME? It dawned on me last night that for YEARS, whenever I heard anyone doing their best (or worst) Humphrey Bogart impression, they said “Play it again, Sam”. Then one day, someone pointed out that, in spite of all the misquotes, the line is ACTUALLY “Play it, Sam”. At the time, I had never seen the movie (since then I have) so I really couldn’t have cared less….but now I’m wondering if that was a very early instance of this phenomenon? In any case….it definitely seems to be increasing in occurrence just since I’ve been paying attention………..

    1. We have the folklore of a Man In The Moon. Some people in this comment section stated that they once saw a man in the moon and complained they can’t see the man in the moon anymore, due to ME, and the moon looks upside down. I suggest that for centuries and millennia we have had people shifting here from an alternate reality where there is a man in the moon, and they gave us the folklore.
      Anthonio van Diemens sent an expedition to Australia to map the continent better. The captain was Abel Tasman. That expedition reported, what we now call Tasmania, as a peninsula. But it turned out to be an isle. How can you mistake an isle for a peninsula if you sail along a coast, with that big gap between Tasmania and Victoria. There must have been a reality shift for the crew of the exploring ship.

  4. Oh my goodness people it was ChiK-fil-A with a K not C. Just joking with the “oh my goodness people” comment but…It was a K for me. Not sure if it is a bandwagon effect or people really remember it spelled “Chic” with a C on the end. Of course it could be a little of both. This wouldn’t be the first. Just thought I would put it out there. Seeing it referred to as Chic-fil-A v.s. Chik-fil-A just feel annoying as I am sure others share the same feeling regarding the other MEs. A “C” though? I think I understand “Chick”-fil-A being used now, seems specific to me (myself). Almost sounds like a psychological disorder that they would stamp on people….but its not.

    Nonetheless,if it were “Chick” I think the mental imagery of most would have been a baby chicken when thinking about this restaurant along with the cows. The “Chick” just doesn’t seem to fly for those who heavily rely on their sight for memory.

    1. Oh thank you for posting that! Chick fil a didn’t look right to me, but neither did Chic with a C. Chik fil a is what I remember too! Glad its not just me.

  5. I came back to this site yesterday after letting my brain rest for a while. There were a couple of new things on here: Snow White, Darth Vader, Forest Gump, etc.. But the one that really hit hard was Eli Whitney. I learned about him every single black history month from second grade on. He was a black man plain and simple. My friend tried to reason this with me and there is no reasoning.

    Also, I watched Field of Dreams last week and I believe what the voice says changes throughout the movie. At first it’s “they will come” then changes to he later.

    A couple of geography ones I’ve noticed are Madagascar is the right size just too far north, Japan and NO are off too. And Nunavut and the Southern Ocean are new to me. With the last two it may just be newer names but I don’t know.

    1. In my time Eli Whitney was white man and invented cotton gin. My husband says he was a black man. I said during the time period black man would not of been able to [patent] anything because of racism. My husband said thats what made the man so impressive because he was a black man that invented the cotton gin during that time period. Thats why my husband says he remembers it so clearly. [Edited] My Husband was born 1975 I was 1973. Out in internet land a lot of people say they were taught he was black in school. [Edited] My daughter is 16 she just said What??? I was taught he was black to in school. I am only 16 I am young my memory is not fuzzy. [Edited]

  6. Narwhal wow. Although its somewhat easy to dismiss it and figure out a way to rationalize it away that I just never came across them in school or on tv etc. But this cannot be logically applied in this case. In the same short span of time I have become aware of a lot of these common memories of other versions of this Earth reality the Narwhal is another one. Why is it strange that Ive never heard of them until now? Its very strange: Ive always loved studying science and animals were high on the list and many hours of television programming was watched. I enjoyed learning about it so I tended to pay attention in school and when watching these on tv. Learned polar regions, large animals that populated that environment and the different predator prey relationships. Loved watching the seals swim and practically fly in the water. I especially am fascinated by dolphins and whales and have been for as long as I can remember. On this information alone it seems odd that I never noticed a whale that lives in the polar regions and can be easily identified by a giant unicorn looking spiraling horn. I just stared at the pics on google images for a half a minute just not sure what to make if it except its fun and exciting to experience. Oh yeah the other reason is 2 out of 8 coworkers I asked had a similar reaction with one of them being completely shocked due to the fact that she was obsessed with unicorns as a child and collected anything related to unicorns. She said there is no possible way she would have missed knowing of them all these years (she is 43 and in an E).

    1. in my time line/reality i knew about narwhals.. it would be interesting to see if you remember a futurama episode/movie called benders big score. it debuted (<— odd that that word isnt on the dictionary as you type) in 2007 in america . it was a straight to dvd episode but it was also split up into 4 smalled chunks and that starred a narwhal called LeeLu.. it could track down a change for those who dont remember narwhals..
      that was the main media i know of even here in the UK.

      I am convinced we need to track down the times things changed.. that time is a key .. I truly believe you dont remember narwhals there are too many of us travellers to discount any memory even if they are different to my own..

        1. Interesting, thanks! I’ve been told I watched it, but I don’t remember. I would have been pretty young.

          I have seen lots of narwhal references in pop culture since 2003, none really before that, but all were silly and animated, no real pictures or real facts about the animals. I am not sure an animated movie where unicorns are driven into the sea and turned into horned whales would have led me to believe narwhals are real, either.

          If even once in my life I had seen a narwhal on a poster with other whales, or in a textbook or something, then I would have known they were real. I was always a serious student. Science was always my favorite subject. That’s why this is so weird. I didn’t see a real picture of a narwhal until someone told me they were real and I looked it up.

  7. The ones I remember are:
    (The capitals are the ones I remember personally. || means I remember it both ways, see bottom.)
    *Charles ShulTz|Charles Shulz
    *Magic Mirror|MIRROR Mirror
    *Life IS like a box of chocolates|Life was like a box of chocolates
    *It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood|It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood
    *Fruit Loops||Froot Loops
    *The Home Depo|| Home Depo
    *Looney Tunes||Looney Toons
    *Mars: NO moons|Mars: two moons
    *Sex IN the city|Sex and the city

    First off, the debunk: Looney TOONS | Looney TUNES. BOTH ARE CORRECT. Looney TOONS is the name of the show. Looney TUNES is a segment of the show, and it’s a musical number.
    Second, The Home Depo. I clearly remember this one. And then it changed. I paid no attention to it until I learned what the mandela effect was.
    Third, Fruit Loops. I remember both. FrOOt loops is what’s on there now, I ate some for breakfast. Like the last one, I just learned about this, and now I realise that some things changed.

    1. J. MacFarland, I’d need more references (documentation) to agree with the Looney Toons/Tunes “debunk” you’ve offered.

      The show is not called “Looney Toons” in the United States and it does not have a segment called “Looney Tunes.” If you’re trying to churn up arguments here, you picked the wrong website. Most of us are adept at research and we’ll double-check odd-sounding assertions, quickly.

      Since 1930, Looney Tunes has been owned by Warner Brothers. It’s licensed under that name.

      Licensing info: Serial Number 71647671 / First recorded filing date May 25, 1953 / Registration Number 0597341 / Registration Date October 26, 1954 / Owner (REGISTRANT) WARNER BROS. CARTOONS, INC. CORPORATION CALIFORNIA 1351 VAN NESS AVE. LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA

      The current registrant is Time Warner, owner of related properties.

      If you search the US Trademark system for “Looney Toons,” no one has registered it. It’s not the show name. In casual correspondence in Hollywood, the Looney Tunes characters are sometimes called Looney toons, but that’s the only record I’ve found for that phrase, in this reality. (Ref. )

      Several Looney Tunes shorts have lapsed into the public domain. I suppose it’s possible someone relabeled them as “Looney Toons,” hoping to avoid trademark issues. Other than that, I find nothing to indicate formal use of the Looney Toons name in this reality.

      There’s nothing to debunk. The Looney Toons name (which makes far more sense to me) is from another reality.

      Also, are you saying you recall Home Depo, not Home Depot, or is that a spelling error?

      1. Perhaps I mixed Looney Tunes with Merry Melodies? It was quite late if you’ll accept this as an excuse, though I do remember Looney Tunes in some way. The Home Depot was just a spelling error.

        1. No problem, J. MacFarland. Many people are reading this site late at night, and some have made far worse blunders. A Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies mix-up is fairly easy to make.

  8. I’ve been on this site for days and I find it extremely fascinating. I’d like to share some of my discondent memories.

    First of all, I was born in ’89 and grew up in the 90’s, so a few things mentioned on this site do not relate to me. Also, as far as I can tell, I’ve never experienced an NDE of any sort. However:

    *New Zealand used to be North East of Australia. I know this clearly because when I was younger I read the Alastair Maclean novels; The Guns of Navarone, Force 10 from Navarone and Storm Force from Navarone. The main character, Keith Mallory, was said to hail from New Zealand so I remember looking at a world map and noticing the location as North East of Australia.

    *Australia was in a more south west position than it is now.

    *Honduras was an island.

    *The Capitol of Turkey is Istanbul. I remember checking this as recently as a month ago, but now it says the Capitol is Ankara. I’ve never heard of Ankara before in my life.

    *It was always Berenstein Bears. I grew up on these books, as well as others.

    *The spelling was always Dilemna. I remember sounding it out when I heard the track by Nelly and Kelly.

    *There is a completely missing song from the movie Aladin, by Disney. I watched it last night and tweeted about it, but something felt off. Then I read a comment here about a missing song and I seem to remember Jafar singing about his plans for Jasmine and what not when I was younger.

    *There are songs I’ve listened to, repeatedly, but when I go online to find out information about the songs, there is no record of that song, the artist, the lyrics or ANYTHING. And no one I know has ever heard the songs before.

    *I was taught that Mars had no moons. Today, I discover that it has two. Okay.

    *It was Jiffy Peanut Butter. I remember my mom saying ‘Grab the Jiffy in a Jiffy.’

    *Looney Tunes used to be Looney Toons because I would always think ‘Looney carTOONS’ every time I saw it.

    *Mirror, mirror

    There are several more, but I’d rather not start to ramble.

    Something that keeps crossing my mind is that if you/I/we slipped from one reality or multivariate to another, then we don’t actually technically know the majority of the people we associate with. That is unless you /I/we slipped over with them.

    For all intents and purposes, they’re complete strangers. Like a clone stepping into someone’s life after they died and retaining all of their memories and mannerisms, but just… A complete stranger, in the actual sense.

    1. Australia in a more south west position would push it entirely into Indian Ocean and make it part of Asia,as it is it’s already been pushed westwards,so that its western flank touches indian ocean.Formerly it was entirely in Pacific Ocean.

    2. When I found the connection between empaths and that they were the ones to see the differences, one lady I made friends with said that in 2009 her husband changed completely – So that would work into your theory about being with people that are “clones” of the old person and not actually being the real person? 🙂 lol.

      I am going to grab that statement and share it with her to see her response.

      1. This is interesting because in early July 2009 I had my most profound and intense lucid dream experience — i feel like nothing was the same after it. I experienced it as an NDE — or rather Death experience. In my dream everything was exactly the same — there was no difference between reality and the dream (parallel timeline?) I was looking up toward the sky in my backyard with my roommates and suddenly a second sun appears in the sky — and it’s getting brighter, and closer. And I knew I was going die. And then I did. I experienced the pain of burning up and then the bliss of returning to light. Not to sound cliche but it was ACTUALLY like that. I was in a vortex — just flying at an incredible speed. and then felt the most pure feeling of love/bliss/completeness– I became the white light. It was indescribable — too intense for words.

        And then — everything just stops. Like a vacuum seal. I opened my eyes. I remember immediately feeling scared because I realize im in my bed But it wasn’t the same as waking up — I mean I legitimately thought I was in heaven for a good minute or so! I really had to pull myself together. I mean really — I was so shaken up I took work off that day.

        I have not stopped thinking about it since it happened. A part of me really questions if that was some kind of timeline intervention or time glitch or something. Or maybe I was really just experiencing a parallel universe in my dream — one that I died in. It just didn’t SEEM parallel — it seemed like the RIGHT universe — this one.

        Very very strange

        1. Hey there,
          Your comment reminded me of a dream I had in the last year that I wanted to share. So the majority of the dream was me and my family knowing that the world was going to end. And right as a big firey meteor or planet was about to destroy the other some higher being came out of the sky and said to me “you might die but you will be reborn. The world has gone bad and needs to restart. You and everyone else will live again once time restarts. Only one thing will be different” So pretty much was saying to me that the world was going to restart and everyone would be born again but only one thing would be different that would make the human race better. What’s crazy is that I never made the connection and read about the Mandela effect several months later. Very odd

        2. NS, I am really blown away because I had the EXACT SAME “DREAM” and have been telling people about it for years. Accept that it didn’t feel like a dream. I feel that it is completely impossible for a human brain to synthesize an experience like that. It felt so real and was so unlike anything I’d ever experienced that for awhile I wondered if it was an actual premonition of my own death, simply because what I experienced after I “died” was more “real” than anything I’ve ever experienced when I was awake. I wonder if anyone else has had this “dream”…

          1. Also, NS & Abbie (and anyone else), have you also made the connection between the heavenly body responsible for a cataclysm and the planet Nibiru?

            1. Brian S., Nibiru topics (and related themes) have been mentioned here, by name and as general references. That kind of topic take us down a path that may be valid in relation to the Mandela Effect, but I’d like not to devote a lot of time to it. Other sites do a far better job of delving into Sitchin’s research, Lieder’s theories, and so on.

              I’d be more inclined to describe work such as Sitchin’s as “overlooked” history (or historical analysis), rather than something actually alternate to this timestream.

              It’s a fine point, but I’m trying to maintain a narrow focus at this website, to keep it a unique and useful resource.

    3. I Remember New Zealand being north east of Australia and was dumbstruck to find it isn’t, I was also listening to the radio a few months back and was listening to an interview with Murray Walker of “formula one fame” and was amazed to learn it was live as I remember hi dying a few years ago

      The video talks of how the earths magnetic field holds the memories and actions of every human that ever walked the planet. Now add that to the internet wifi and the info floating around via tv signals and radio signals. We are bombarded with information non stop.
      Now it is my theory that if the memories of everything or every thought is in the air so to speak from the begining of time I wonder if we had not lived this same type of life in another time before a cataclysm happened and wiped us all out and we are picking up on something from that.
      Like reading a cd and it skips kind of thing almost.
      I realize that what is going on is real for sure. But when I saw the video it made me think of yet another theory on it.

  9. Hi Fiona! 10/3/15

    I figured while I’m in a dimension I may be unfamiliar with, I might as well do some research. Your call on the post of course, but I will say the research has me distraught.

    According to where WE/l AM now Robin Williams committed suicide. This was a big deal!!! As I searched I got two dates of death being 8/11 & 8/12/14 … a year ago? Not for me! For me it was May/June of 2015, maybe even July. Also for me Leonard Nimoy died in August of 2015 this year. Google says 2/27/15. I am a big star trek fan. That hit me, I remember. I remember clearly that Williams died before Nimoy! Also, I posted messages on Facebook for Nimoy unfortunately not Williams … I went to look and stated scrolling down. I would see a post and say “ok I posted that after Nimoy and move on. And then there were posts that I knew I posted after Nimoy. I find the 3 Nimoy posts and they are dated 2/27/15. This is all being done from my cell phone. So either cells are not good evidence or Facebook is not good evidence of shift.

    Other celebrities that are listed as deceased are below. Some I remember, most I don’t, but I’m not around news alot. Wondering what others remember.

    Moses Malone 9/14/15
    Wes Craven 8/31/15
    Frank Gifford 8/10/15 (years ago maybe, not sure)
    Rodey Piper 8/3/15 (how I remember it)
    Ken Stabler 7/10/15
    Dick Van Patten 6/23/25
    Christopher Lee 6/11/15
    B.B.King 5/5/15 (how I remember it)
    Joe Cocker 12/22/14 (how I remember it)
    Joan Rivers 9/4/14 (feels off)
    James Garner 7/21/14
    Tony Gwynn 6/16/14

    Every morning I will be googling the Lindbergh baby (boy/girl/found alive/dead/never found, Is what I have seen on this site) for me it was a baby girl never found…and Tank man, which he never was run over from my perspective. If there is anything you can think of Fiona that you would like searched each day, let me know!

    1. I really need to apologize Fiona. I recommend deletion. I’m not sure what I meant by Williams dying before Nimoy, as I stated it. ME overload. Before I saw my post I’ve been thinking about those two deaths. I believe it would be more accurate for me to say they both ‘feel’ like they happened a lot sooner rather than later. And that is all I can be sure of on this topic.

      1. Anthony, if you really want me to delete your earlier comment in this thread, I will.

        As I see it, you’ve provided a great example of how elusive and confusing these memories can be. I believe that the reality/universe each of us is in at the moment, is the source of considerable (empathic?) impressions, some of which fit our memories while others conflict. Second-guessing is normal for us, as we struggle to work with what’s presented as logic.

        I’m reminded of my work with psychics. When asking someone what they perceive as the truth in a situation, we’ll often say, “Okay, what’s your immediate ‘hit’ about [topic]?” (Alternate phrases include “intuitive hit.”)

        The idea is that we sometimes “feel” the truth more accurately than if we reason it out or research what’s considered real in this universe, and so on.

        The fact is, we can’t be sure of anything related to the Mandela Effect, except what we feel… and even that can change from one moment to the next. The doubts and memory shifts are normal in these conversations.

        I think the vast majority of comments at this site reflect those initial ‘hits’ where people find out what’s considered true in this reality, and immediately do a double-take thinking, “Wait… that’s not what I remember.”

        The strength of this site may be in the commonalities among the “what I remember” memories, and how they differ from what we’re presented with in this reality’s apparent history. Instead of something being a single, unique memory that’s in direct conflict with this reality’s history, the memory has some support. It may be anecdotal and just plain weird, but even one other person recalling the same thing you do… that can tilt the scales ever so slightly.

        I’m in favor of people sharing details of their memories, but perhaps withholding the occasional bit of that memory. It’s when someone else posts his or her related details, and includes something previously, deliberately omitted, that we find the strongest confirmation that these alternate memories are real.

        The explanations for those memories could be media error, a contagion of confusion, textbook typos, or something else. Not all alternate memories are from an alternate reality or universe. That’s some of what I hope this site clarifies.

        In many cases, we have no documentation related to our alternate memories. They’re based in how they feel. So, I think your comment was valid as a “feeling” and I’d like to leave it in the conversation, if that’s okay with you.

        1. Fiona, if you believe it will benefit the site, by all means, leave the post. And thank for easing my mind. I was quite embarrassed after reading my post and honestly I vaguely remember writing it. Which of course I attributed to the ME and decided not to post that I thought that. I do remember my last post and a reply about ‘Paul’. Looking forward to any replies – as well as reading what I wrote. Peace!

    2. Tony Gwynn didn’t die this year???? I easily remember talking to my dad about right before this baseball season

    3. I also don’t believe Robin Williams died 1 year ago. It was only about half a year. His death was huge for me, as I loved What Dreams May Come which deals with how horrible suicide could be. Since he committed suicide, I was beside myself trying to believe he actually did after making that film. A couple of people on the reddit page agreed that it doesn’t feel that long since Robin Williams died, so that seems to be a ME>

      1. The “feels like” alternate memories are interesting, because they seem to be described very differently from the ME events with fairly specific dates. (For example, the people who are certain which year the Challenger disaster was, because they can recall what classroom they were in.)

        I’m not sure if the “feels like” alternate memories are about the pace and perception of time passing, or true ME events. I’ll keep watching these reports and see if I notice any patterns to them.

        For now, they’re interesting, but don’t give us much to work with.

        1. I racked my brain when I heard he died a year ago, the fact that it was this year that I felt he died, made me more sure of it because I wasn’t trying to remember when something happened 20 years ago since memories get blended easier over long periods of time. I couldn’t remember a Christmas or winter between when he died and when I heard it was a year ago. But that’s based on memories too.

      2. The date is right for me because I was on my way home from vacation when I found out and I couldn’t believe it, he was always my favorite actor. Also there is evidence that he was killed and set up to make it look like he committed suicide, search “Robin Williams killed”.

        1. There are many theories about Williams’ death. While I’m fine with discussions about a possible ME-related issue concerning the date, I think he’d prefer the focus to be on his life and his boundless creativity. Whether his death was the result of his own darkness or someone else’s, that darkness shouldn’t win… but I feel as if it does, if we give this horrid ending much attention.

    4. Lindberg baby was never found. They ran a documentary about it decades later, that the missing baby or son of the baby (can’t remember) eventually discovered he/she was the missing Lindberg baby/ or related. He/She approached the family and they ran genetic tests and proved through genetics. Had their own full family, so did not suddenly go back to that Lindberg family, but they all made peace. / That’s how I remember it. Don’t remember the details, because I remember thinking how boring this documentary about a missing baby family member coming home a lifetime later was. Please don’t tell me they found the baby, or I’ll freak out. The baby was never found, and it remained a lasting mystery which changed the way parents dealt with child safety, babysitters, and kidnapping concerns. / Just researched this. WTF!!!!! They found a dead baby with skull crushed and had a long trial and such? That’s not what happened! / Thanks to the Kev Baker show for bringing this to my attention. Luke, I am your father. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Fruit loops. Seperated. Still spell it that way, even though I spell check correct that word more than anything else. Sperated, for seperable. Sun does feel different, and I had looked into that many times, in relation to harp and chemtrails, etc, etc. Remarkable. Will have to rewatch some old movies and see if I can’t find anything here. CERN could be responsible? CERN is dangerous technology, and disclosure projects claim that top secrete mini colliders could be quite plentiful. Tank boy did die, and it was the turning point which transformed totalitarian china. Life is like a box of chocolates.

  10. I wanted to make a few comments regarding Mandela Effects. First of all I am not sure New Zealand moved at all but Australia is definitely more north and west than I remember. It is a mere 100 miles from Papua New Guinea! So if Australia was moved south and east then it’s relationship with NZ would be more in line with what people remember – that NZ was northeast of Australia.

    Also, and this might be confusing because this is difficult to put into words but here goes. It appears that DIRECT references to whatever changed always changes to the new reality. Pictures of the Berenstein books say Berenstain now because they are direct references. It seems that most of the time INDIRECT references stay true to the original almost like the ripple that caused the change cannot identify all the indirect links to the change especially if the reference is a written article etc because that came from someone’s mind which seems unaffected by the changes. I hope I’m making sense I don’t know any other way to explain this.

    1. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood is a example – he sings this – Daniel Tigers Neighborhood which is a cartoon off the show – he sings THE.

      In the new Disney movie, Descendants, the daughter of the evil stepmother sings Mirror mirror – now my book that I recently found from Disney is written “magic mirror”.

      And another one was a episode of the Family Guy and they were trying to pay homage to Dirty Harry and they said the whole scene “do you feel lucky punk” – 🙂

  11. The opening segment of Magnum PI used to have a black door panel behind Tom Selleck now it is mostly red door panel. It was a boxy ferreri now it is a curvy camero.

    After WW1 the treaty of Versailles was signed in a railroad car that was placed in a park. It was a huge media event at the time. My timeline remembers that car being destroyed by an arson fire in 1944 or 1945 and it was not there anymore. Other people have a timeline where they remember that car still being in that park in Germany throughout 1946,1947, and it was bombed by airplanes in 1948 as for them the war had not ended yet.

    Are you the 1944-45 timeline or the 1948 timeline? I assume we can all correctly remember what our Grandfathers told us about “their” timeline from WWII. My teachers did repeat what my Grandfather told me… until very recently… it also has changed.

    We were told females outnumbered males on the planet for several decades (60,70,80,90s) in a row. Now males outnumber females in the global statistics (and they “always have”).

    1. Your comment on male/female ratios, that surprised me. I always thought there were more women than men too… is there a possibility you were remembering the statistics for one particular country?

    2. I heard there were 51% females and 49% males my whole life too. I remember saying it to someone and they said, I don’t think so. I never looked it up, but I definitely remember this as being true.

      1. I started to reply to this, then realized that I had gotten it wrong and decided to delete my comment. Then I realized that perhaps I should throw in my two cents in any event.

        When I saw the ratio of 51M:49F, I knew that it was right, but in the wrong direction. I began posting that it had indeed been the other way around (51F:49M), and that the mortality rates had been pointed to as balancing things out to an extent. That’s what triggered my reversal: if the mortality rates (IAW life expectancy & aggressive behaviors) affected the population ratio, then they would act only to further imbalance the ratio, not balance it, if the initial ratio were skewed in favor of women.

        My deciding to post this in any event is based upon the fact that this might provide insight into a either psychological effect (perception of something that isn’t there for me), or an occurrence of M.E. in action (wherein one’s immediate response is overwritten by the new norm., even while actively engaged in the subject matter).

  12. I believe I can solve Fruit/Froot Loops. I remember reading a while ago that it was originally Fruit Loops, but the makers were forced to change it due to there being no fruit in them. It’s a legal thing.

      1. The only reference to this I could find are two sketchy websites that offer no citation for a lawsuit when fruit loops came out in 1959 where a woman sued Kellogg’s 6 months after its release saying they can’t call them that as they contain now fruit. Note, THERE IS NO CITATION for the lawsuit, and neither my wife nor I were even born in 1959, so this wouldn’t explain our memory of FRUIT LOOPS in our childhood of the 80s and 90s where we distinctly remember them as Fruit loops. Here’s one of the websites with a box from 1959 showing it spelt Froot Loops:

        Even if the lawsuit ever happened in 1959 it would only indicate why this timeline always had them as Froot loops: because in this timeline they got sued in 1959 to change it. As I mentioned though, there’s no citation for the aforementioned lawsuit.

      2. Being the research maniac i am As at least two federal judges have previously held, use of the word “Froot” cannot reasonably be interpreted as suggesting the presence of real “fruit,” not least because “froot” is not real, and real fruit does not come in “loops.” See, e.g., Videtto v. Kellogg USA, 2009 WL 1439086 (E.D. Cal. 2009) (noting that the ring-shaped cereal “does not resemble any known fruit”); McKinnis v. Kellogg USA, 2007 WL 4766060 (C.D. Cal. 2007) (making a similar observation). doesnt mean froot/fruit loops isnt a mandela effect but could be a reason why this world has one and the other hasnt depending on their law..

  13. So, I came across this Bugs Bunny cartoon: At about 1:11, Witch Hazel says “Magic mirror on the wall.” I have a sneaking suspicion it was originally “Mirror, mirror,” but can’t confirm it. Does anyone have a memory of this line being different than what is currently in the cartoon?

  14. I had a cassette tape as a kid that was produced by Nickelodeon and had various children’s songs on it. The cover of the tape was a white background with a very sloppy PB&J sandwich. The only two of which I remember are Peanut Butter (and Jelly) and Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah. On the tape, the songs were performed by younger artists and had a more modern sound. The tape is the only way I know these songs at all, and I can’t find any evidence of it ever existing. Did anyone else have a tape like that?

    1. Bryan, are you asking about those songs or about others who recall that specific Nickelodeon tape? (The latter song was written by Spike Jones and has been recorded many times.)

      1. Hmmm that’s interesting i am somewhat a fan of spike Jones, never heard him do any of those songs(doesn’t mean he didnt just never heard of them).. i do know Allan Sherman and Lou Busch did Hello Muddah and Hello faddah(63 and 64) its on my fav list as well.

        1. Martin Williams, I’ve been a fan of Spike Jones since childhood (my father had a re-recording of one of Jones’ albums) and I, too, was surprised to read that Jones had written what I thought was Allan Sherman’s original recording.

          Trying to verify that this morning, Wikipedia tells me it was Sherman’s song written with Lou Busch. Now I’m trying to recall where I saw that it was Jones’ writing. I don’t trust Wikipedia. A Google search for “hello muddah” plus “spike jones” returns lots of listings at lyrics sites, but — looking for a reliable discography — I’m not finding anything as credible as Wikipedia’s explanation.

          Digging further, I think Spike Jones also wrote and performed a parody-style song based on the classical piece, Dance of the Hours (from La Gioconda, by Amilcare Ponchielli), and that’s where the confusion came from. Without spending the next hour trying to find where I read that Spike Jones was the songwriter, I’m guessing that the concept of using that music was Jones’ while the lyrics were original to Sherman & Busch.

          1. maybe in one world spike did do it.. 😉 that would be great.. just think of all the fun he would have had..;) I even went to spike jones official estate site and i emailed them.. just in case. If there is no song calld hello muddah.. could that be a mandela effect. I could seriously see spike doing a version. It would have been his humour to a T

  15. I’m not sure if this is just bad/American teaching or what, but I recently started tutoring a 6th grader in history and in both his study guide and textbook, there was the “Independent Country of Scott” located in Tennessee during the civil war. I asked other students my age about this and they had never learned about it either.

    Another thing with the civil war was the question of “what as the cause?” Last year my US History teacher informed me that if you ask anyone in the North they will say it was slavery and if you ask anyone in the South it was state’s rights. The textbook confirmed this. Growing up in the South, I was taught in middle school that the cause was slavery. I have asked my family and they have responded slavery.

    This last one I believe is just American teaching, but I grew up being taught that our form of measurement was called the “common system.” Many students my age recall this as well. After knowing people from other countries, I have learned it is know as either the “Imperical System” or the “Emperial System.” It also begs the question “why call it the ‘common system of measurement’ if America is the only country to use it?”

    1. Update on the measuring system thing. The one who referred to it ad the “Imperial system” is late teens and the one who called it the “empirical system” is late 20s early 30s.
      Ps. sorry about the derp spelling of “imperial” and “empirical” in the first comment. I can’t spell

    2. Belle Lewis, I’m not seeing any Mandela Effect in this.

      The country of Scott (ref. ) is one of many that have appeared from time to time. (For more, try searching on “independent countries that were once in the USA” or something similar. Here’s one article, and it’s the tip of the iceberg: You’ll find many other attempts to create independent states, as well: As far as I know, Texas is the only American state that had an understanding, within the terms of its joining the USA, the right to become independent at any time thereafter.)

      As regards the politics behind the Civil War (or War Between the States, etc. ref: ), Winston Churchill was attributed with saying, “History is written by the victors.” Many other sayings apply equally well. What you’ve described is a regional difference, and I’m deliberately avoiding sharing my opinions of this, as it’s far off-topic.

      And the “common system” may have evolved from the term “customary system.” You’d need to research that, yourself. However, it’s not uncommon (pun intended) for a large group to consider their way of doing things the best and most popular, and refer to it accordingly.

      So, it’s smart to research confusing history and popular misconceptions before considering that something might be a Mandela Effect. The roots may be in rhetoric, or even obscure (but not disputed) past events.

      1. I like the idea we are whittling the true mandela effects from other general things.. theres so many things out there. Sometimes i feel relieved that i am actually wrong.. that is isnt a Mandela effect at least then i KNOW i can focus on other things.. and find the truth..

        1. Hi Martin,
          Interesting … I’ve only been at this since 9/30 (almost half way done {seriously 10 a day}) … and I was disappointed finding there was Goodrich tires and Good Wrench Tires. Maybe that’s because I’ve only been at this for a short time or that I have little or no physical distractions or responsibilities presently. And it would be just like me to have nothing going on as major changes take place.

          As far as being exited/disappointed and why, I’ll save for the Possible Explanation section.

  16. I have two small things to share with the “group”.

    1. Today while watching the news (FOX), at 653am in the right hand corner a large icon with leaves swirling around it popped up and said , daylight savings time ends——don’t forget to turn you clocks AHEAD 1 hour. First off, I looked everywhere I could think of, DST has never ended on the first weekend in October. And secondly, DST ends in the fall—–so we set our clocks BACK one hour. I thought it was rather strange, technical issue maybe. But the icon with the leaves swirling around it was obviously for Autumn. Strange never the less.

    2. My wife. She has NO IDEA what we talk about on here. I am not saying she doesn’t notice, because every now and then she will say “I thought they died”. And then go about her business. And honestly , I love that about her, she is in her own “world”, safe, so to speak. Doing what 90% of most people do ,or whatever the number of people is that don’t question these things. I just don’t think all personalities would be able to “handle” some of this. Every person has strength and weaknesses, maybe they are the lucky ones??For NOT noticing. And again, I wouldn’t change her for anything! SO to the point, out of the blue, she JUST text me from the store ,and asked “have we seen the Adjustment Bureau”, well yes we did, and she has no recollection of it at all. We saw it on DVD in the summer of 2013. Of all the movies?? Really? Coincidence? I don’t know but these things happen to me ALL the time. Mike H.

    1. Now I might have a theory here Mike – in all of the people that I have talked to – they are all empaths that notice the changes – would you consider yourself one? Also are you suffering from any of these symptoms, ringing in your ear, sick stomach, joint pain, tired? It seems that we all have the same symptoms also.

      it is entirely possible that your wife doesn’t remember it either – because she might not be a empath.

      1. Yes! The ringing! Everytime I hear it I think about how bizarre it is — it doesn’t seem natural or normal. Also the 11:11 effect I get all the time.

        1. It’s weird to right, that I know you a complete stranger, that if you remember it, you have those symptoms.

        2. Occasionally, I’ll hear the ringing. But mostly I’ll hear a symphony or a carousel that sounds like its just around the corner but mainly off in the distance. Sometimes I’d try to listen real intently. And it would stop. I found that if I wanted hear it, the best way was to surrender to it.

      2. Stephanie,
        That’s is an interesting theory. You could be right. I have always had quite a bit of empathy for people, if they are sincere. I seem to be able to read people pretty well, if they are “faking it” , I have no time for them. I can’t stand how everyone on every type of TV show cries, for any reason anymore. Just drives me insane. To the point of not watching much anymore. It’s just so fake. I swear , I know right away if they are real tears, or not. Even just written words, I can tell a lot about someone .I have always been like that.
        But honestly , I have MUCH more empathy for animals. Relatives and friends could tell you dozens of stories from the time I was born about animals ” gravitating” towards me (babies also, not sure why). I believe animals are completely pure in their feelings, maybe that’s why I read ( feel) them so well? I even worked as a veterinary technician for a few years, the other techs. gave me a lot of the “problem” animals, because they seemed to like me. I could go on , but don’t want to get off topic.

        The “symptoms” , yes I have always had the high pitched noise that comes on , and disappears after a couple of minutes. I’ve had that since I was a kid, most of the time one ear at a time. The rest , I can’t say I have really had. But the last couple of years I have had some very strange “illnesses”. One of them I posted about in the when did this start for you thread. Won’t ever forget that day. Mike H.

        1. Mike H I too hear a “whistle hum”..but my hearing has always been abnormally good, its not all the time, just occasionally..

          1. Martin and Mike, I hear a “whistle hum” as well, and it’s most of the time. (I tend to have very good hearing — something I often call “hyper-hearing,” too.) Recently, the tinnitus stopped for 24 hours when I tried a nutritional product called GABA Calm (I think the manufacturer is Source Naturals), but the product led to a few side effects I wasn’t happy about, so I didn’t continue it. So, there may be something physical (brain chemistry?) involved in the sound (and perhaps other effects)… but it might have been pure coincidence, and unrelated to the vits.

            1. Martin, and Fiona, the “whistle hum” is a great description! Exactly what it sounds like. Fiona, I have always been a bit of a health nut. GABA can have some side effects, I never had much luck with it. Source Naturals is a good brand though (I don’t work for them or anything, LOL, that’s my disclaimer). The one supplement I have used for about 20 years now is Melatonin. I sleep much deeper and better with it. And I know it effects dreams, much more vivid and real. I wont lie ,that’s the main reason I take it. It’s made in the pineal gland. It’s what many cultures consider/considered the “third eye”. I am starting to wonder if this gland doesn’t come into play also with ME. Mike H.

              1. Mike H., thanks for your information. (And, like you, I’m adding this disclaimer: I’m not a medical doctor and the following isn’t medical advice. People with health issues should consult trained professionals.)

                I didn’t realize there’s a possible GABA/pineal connection. I’d just tried GABA Calm because it sort of “lit up” for me at the grocery store, when I was looking at some homeopathic remedies on the shelf below it.

                I’m looking into GABA side effects, but suspect that my issues were with the other ingredients in the Source Naturals product… lysine, and I don’t recall what else. (My husband also tried it and was very unhappy with the side effect he experienced, almost immediately.)

                And, like you, I’ve been taking melatonin — off and on — for some years now. At this point, it seems to stop affecting my dreams within a couple of nights, if it has any effect on them at all. But, on sleepless nights or when I travel across time zones, I’m a major fan of Trader Joe’s peppermint-flavored melatonin, as it’s a low dose and I can use just as much as I need.

                The pineal gland might be relevant to the Mandela Effect. I know that David Wilcock has a lot to say about the gland and how it relates to his cosmic consciousness theories. I’m trying to catch up on his views right now, via his Gaiam TV series, and I may read at least one of his books to get the footnotes I’m looking for.

                If there really is a pineal-tinnitus connection (ref., etc. ), that could be very interesting. In the current survey, I’ve been astonished by the correlation between Berenstein Bears memories and tinnitus.

                I guess I’m hoping that, as we wander from topic to topic here, within the Mandela Effect context, we’ll stumble onto something (or, more likely, a combination of factors) that are important to this study.

                So far, so good!


                1. For me the whistle hum, its not all the time, havent had one in months, its like someone blowing a high pitched ultrasonic whistle but it is also a low hum behind it but the whistle over powers the hum a bit. but it rises in tone just a little, but it tends to be more “mechanical” in nature rather than “natural” if you understand what i mean.. Every so often i hear it but no one else does. It does make me wonder if we are not somehow hearing the worlds slide past each other..

                  1. Martin , I have never said anything about the “whistle hum”, just shrugged it off my whole life. It’s always been there off and on. Might be several times a day for a week, then nothing for a month. Buts it’s always been there off/on for me. That description you just posted is exactly how I would describe it to someone. So much so, I was a bit taken aback at your post , very eerie. Mike H.

                    1. I also agree with that definition of the high pitched hum. I’ve found if I try to ignore it it passes quickly, if not it lingers much longer.

                  2. I’ve heard it for as long as I can remember, I never felt that it was coming from an outside source though, it seems like it’s directly in my ears. Mechanical is a good way to describe it. This is probably unrelated but I have a wired “tag” in my right earlobe that feels like scar tissue from a peircing or something, it’s exactly where a peircing would be but I’ve never had one. I’ve heard of something called tags which come from supernatural sources and transmit frequencies, I wonder if that’s what’s going on here.

                  3. Yeah, I hear that all the time. Have super sensitive hearing to some pitches. Others cannot hear it. I’m personally convinced it’s some sort of wave or scan wave running through the air. Might be dish network for all I know, or might be from the smart meter. Probably some high tech high energy wave. Definitely something technological based and not from natural organics. Electrical hypersensitivity is real. Check out the website; take your power back.

                2. I just started reading this forum and I just want to turn you on to a couple of areas of thought. The pineal gland is a step in a very interesting direction and I have some biased views on that subject based on personal experiences.

                  Through researching a group of odd side effects I’ve been experienced off and on for several years I discovered a disorder known as temporal lobe epilepsy in which people experience a deja vu accompanied by intense joy or fear and some physical discomfort. Sometimes it’s accompanied by a smell.

                  My particular experiences are terrifying dress accompanied by deja vu of dreams I don’t remember and can’t remember immediately afterwards. The physical discomfort is like a pulsing wave of warm vibration, radiating upwards from my lower back, which sounds pleasant but reminds me of the feeling of drowning. The amnesia after the event is leaving me in a confused state. I often wonder if the visions are actually my dreams. They are wildly outrageous and nonsensical, they are like Alice in wonderlandesque and beyond my rational understanding.

                  1. I have also had a couple of these, that Dr Google told me could be a kind of seizure. (Simple partial, if I remember correctly, which, yes, I think is temporal lobe epilepsy.) I was pretty concerned, but I only had 2, so it seemed pointless at the time to go to the dr and throw money away to have the dr say it’s nothing.

                    I would describe them the same as you, like they are deja vu of dreams I’ve had before. It feels like a static buildup in my body but mostly around my head, that stops me in my tracks, then I get a rush of a series of short clips that feel like are from dreams I’ve had, but I wouldn’t be able to recall anything specific. It probably lasts between 5-10 seconds, but leaves me shaken up for quite a while after.

            2. I’m an empath, hear the whistle hum, and have experienced unexplained exhaustion. Interestingly enough, these symptoms (when experienced together) have been attributed to everything from kundalini awakening to alien abduction. Interesting.

        2. I have now had constant high pitched humming in both ears for 3 years now. I’ve seen a specialist about this, who says my ears are perfectly normal and can’t understand why I’m experiencing this. The humming coincidentally appeared around the same time I started noticing something else happening to me. At random moments, my mind seemed to “blank out”. The best way I can describe this would be to say it felt like I was in a vacuum, temporarily unable to “connect” to the reality around me. It would only last moments, and of course, I sought medical attention. Three specialists could not find anything wrong with me at all. Also coincidentally, I developed heart palpitations at the same time, which I’ve been on medication for since. All of these health issues began at the same time I started noticing major “glitches” in my reality. There are movies that my son said I watched with him, but have no knowledge of it. I have gone to work and things have been changed…. not JUST changed, but had ALWAYS been a different way than what I remembered. There are so many more “glitches” I’ve experienced. I felt I was going a bit crazy, until I started reading these posts. I had no idea so many other people are experiencing the same things. Thank you for this site Fiona, and allowing us all to connect and share and feel safe.

      3. I have many many symptoms, BUT I’ve also been diagnosed with a whole slew of things in recent years that explain why I have them: a serious genetic illness, a neurological disorder, and more. I had some symptoms as a child and into early adulthood, but in 2011/2012 (around 30 years old) I became extremely ill and only then received my diagnoses, many of which are conditions that I’m told I was born with. My doctors believe a car accident I was in in 2011 tipped the scales for me so to speak, and triggered my illnesses to all manifest in a severe way. I’m now disabled (still walking, but with difficulty, but unable to work in my profession or even do simple physical tasks like grocery shopping).

        1. Somehow makes me think back to Brooke Megan Greenberg. There were reports of her having an illness and miraculously overcoming it only to be met with another, such as a tumor that would disappear.

          Copy of excerpt from my journal on this written 05/09/2015:
          Fox news reports of another person, Layla Qualls, who has “Syndrome X” (One would think the polar opposite of this would be progeria but the brain matures normally). Layla on our time scale is 3 years old (birthday May 3,2012)but looks and has capacity of a 9-10 month old. Looked at reporting of Brooke Megan Greenberg who is said to have died at 20 due to “normal” conditions. It seems that both of this “little” girls may have come into the world have synced in an unknown way at a time when perhaps a “shift” occurred. It would be interesting to know exactly when the parents or doctors noticed that they were not aging. The obviously were aging in the womb and up to the month which they got stuck. (As I was trying to write my next sentence my curser got stuck in between the letters “u” and “c” in the word “stuck” for the prior sentence. So, yes this is funny and makes me wonder what is guiding this, is it me , like one does on a ouiji board, or is it something outside of myself? “u” , “c”, can be confirmation that “I see” and am understanding something intentionally meant to be portrayed.

          1. Thanks Daniel, I’ll have to look into those cases. Very interesting. I believe the topic of slower aging has been brought up here before. In my case my body looks really good (even young) for 33 years of age, but internally I have conditions that normally much older people get (osteoarthritis and glaucoma, for example). Almost like I’m aging at different rates internally and externally. The period of my life when my illnesses became apparent is filled with many other big changes too..,not sure what to make of it all.

          2. Also I’m surprised but bit surprised by your keyboard sticking on C and U while you typed “see you.” I notice things like that more and more these days.

          3. Looking over write-ups for dates when something caught my eye. According to Wikipedia on information for Brooke:

            In her first six years, she went through a series of unexplained medical emergencies from which she recovered. She had seven perforated stomach ulcers. She also suffered a seizure. This was followed by what was later diagnosed as a stroke; weeks later, no damage was detected. At age five, Brooke had a mass in her brain that caused her to go into a deep sleep (after confirmation that it was not acoma) for 14 days. The doctors diagnosed the mass as a brain tumor. She later awoke, and physicians found no tumor present.

            1.Syndrome X- indicates a crossing over
            2.The number 7 significance (7 stars/sisters/menorah, days in week, etc) 3. Seven perforated ulcers in her stomach (mind gut, intuition, place possibly telling you that things have changed such as shifts)
            4. Not sure about number 5 (?)
            5. Deep sleep for 14 days but not in a coma- dream world, after 13 days/year/etc multiple references such as bible, currency, cosmology, etc. of new beginnings. It was after the 13th day that she awoke and doctors did not find a tumor present.

            Death 10/24/2013
            Entire case seems coded intentionally. Is this a trick knowing that we have the capability of creating our own reality/cynical thinking / over analyzing and pulling at strings/ coincidental/ absurd?…or just a little bit of all of these

            1. Daniel, all of those numbers have personal significance for me. They include my birth date, birth order, and number of siblings. Probably a coincidence but it struck me as odd.

      4. Hey,
        Talking about symptoms I have all of these. The ringing in my ears happens quite frequently and I can remember it happening as far back as middle school (2006-2008 ish). In terms of stomach pain I’ve had severe stomach issues my whole life that are UNEXPLAINED. I will randomly get severe stomach pain to the point where I have to curl up in a ball and hug a pillow for hours until it stops. No doctor can explain it but calls it “nervous stomach.” Not to mention I’m always tired no matter the amount of sleep I get (but maybe I should mention I’m a college student hehe)

      5. This is related to Stephanie White comment about being a empath person. I graduated High school in 1992. I went through a rough patch in 7th grade. It was because I am empath. [Edited]

        … I was sent to a school made up of only 15 to 17 kids. We all ran from ages of 11 to seniors all of us in one class room with a teacher and 1 helper. We were given our school work daily on a individual basis. We worked alone and asked if we needed help. There was not really anytime limit we worked at our own pass. Each one of us. We had group and individual therapy daily. Each one of us seemed to start out the same with strong empath feelings. We were taught and given the tools to cope with this. Our parents were told that we would all receive diplomas with the name our home schools on them from were we lived and there would be no record of this place any where. It would be has if this place would never have existed. When and if we applied for college or a job there would be no record this place ever existed. There was three counselors employed there as well as one main teacher and teachers helper. When I got married I began to tell my husband about this place. We grew up in the same town he was confused why I did not attend his high school. He said you do know that is weird honey. It sounds like that place was a behavioral study on all you kids. [Edited]

        …I have stayed up another night reading this site. I better stop writing get some rest. If anyone is interested in hearing about this school in more detail or has any specific questions. Please ask and I will answer. I really think being a empath might have a connection to those of us that have a great many Mandela effect memories.

        1. tanny and Stephanie White, this sounds increasingly as if you were involved in something experimental. I have no idea what its purpose may have been, and I’m not sure how it might have affected your memories.

          I think it’s important to find out what was going on, during your schooling. That’s definitely outside the scope of this site, and I’m not sure how it may eventually relate to the Mandela Effect (if it does), but these are extraordinary memories.

  17. Ok I have one. I remember Hunter S. Thompson death being announced in summer of 2005. Place of death named as a home in Carmel Ca where another celebrity met their demise quite a number of years prior. The news reported cause as drug overdose. I recall this distinctly because I had been working close by there and remember conversations that freaked me out about him knowing too much and things of this nature. I was shocked when many years later I came across the story about suicide in Colorado.
    Also I remember being taught in school that they’re as a contraction isn’t proper and it should instead be their. I was watching smarter than a 5th grader and the question came up about how you shorten they are, both me and the guy playing said well it’s definitely not they’re and it’s not there so very confidently our choice was their. To my shock they said oh no it’s they’re.
    I Also remember having a specific easy bake oven as a kid. I can describe it to the last detail, even the box and as much as I insist it’s so my parents insist I never had a toy like that and they have no clue what I’m talking about because they say the toy has never looked anything like I’ve described.
    Pretty odd little deviances, not sure what to make of any of it.

  18. Did anyone else feel that right now? If there was a shift again I think it was right before 5pm eastern on 10/4. We should be watchful and see if anything obvious changes today. I just had the most overwhelming feeling of déjà vu. Like I had a memory of what was already happening in the present moment. A memory from the past of the future right now. That’s the best way to describe it.

    1. Actually for me it was 9/30 about 6 – I was okay all day but then about that time the ringing was off the hook – and it hasn’t gone away.

      Does anyone have and don’t laugh – weird feelings of energy flowing through them? 🙂 or thru whatever I never claimed to be the grammar police.

      1. Hey in you universe your grammar is fine ;).. who am i to argue LOL.. lightning storms charge me up.. as if i could do anything..

      2. I have what is usually called Restless Leg Syndrome. My legs feel like there’s electricity flowing through them, and sometimes I’ll get a jolt. This is usually at night. Hopefully that’s what you meant.

  19. I just got done watching a football game. There was a commercial for FORD. Exploring here has me very alert so I immediately noticed the emblem change. I always remember a little curly cue at the end of the middle line on the F. This commercial had the curl on the top line on the F and it just looked gaudy/wrong. So I get home to look it up and the curl on the top line on the F is nowhere. Maybe they didn’t announce the new emblem yet or maybe it was a special vehicle are the only explanations I can come up with other than an ME anomaly.

    1. I dont want this to sound too esoteric but reflecting back, i want to note. I was in a place I seldomly (<<apparently not a word) visit and never hangout in. I was with people I never met but in passing.
      And I remember now but not then that it was very surreal (thick). I also checked the football score and it was the same.

      1. It’s interesting that you checked the football score. I think it may be useful to check those kinds of references — seeing what else is the same and different — in sorting what’s going on. (That’s a “do what I say, not what I do” kind of thing. When I encounter something that conflicts with my own memories, it can be hours or days until I pause and say to myself, “Wait a minute… that’s not right.” LOL)

  20. I found a curious anomaly in the animaniacs cartoon where they sing all the countries.
    When it’s zoomed out to the whole world Australia looks like I remember way down south. What’s bizarre is only when they focus in on that region does Australia pop back up north to its current proper location.

    1. Hi, Trev,

      I always liked that episode… but does anyone know WTF that landmass is beneath South America? It’s certainly not Antarctica, nor (being an island) is it that swirly Antarctic peninsula that would normally be in that region (for that matter, I wonder why they didn’t include Antarctica — they _did_ include some non-countries, such as Asia).

  21. Look, I’m as Team Berenstein as anyone, but am I a Debbie Downer if I point out the very obvious points that our brain doesn’t work the way we think it does and that you seem to have a slight misunderstanding of Occam’s Razor?

    Part of me wants to argue forever that it was always Berenstein Bears, because I remember being shocked by the Berenstain when my kids would get the newer books, assumed it had changed or was a typo then forgetting about it until Wil Wheaton mentioned the thing on tumblr. But I also know that memories are very, very subjective, easily influenced and changed, and your certainty about them is based on the importance you attach to the memory (or maybe the importance that you prove yourself right, ha ha) and not the accuracy of the memory. It is a known psychological phenomenon. I, too, have specific memories about why it must have been spelled that way because I was an early reader and excellent speller, but logically I know that it is my memory that is suspect, not the entire world. Occam’s Razor. It is, in fact, the simplest explanation, not that somehow, by some unknown means, for some unknown reason, at some unknown time, the vast majority of us, without any memory of the event, swapped to a universe identical to the one we originated in, with the only difference being the spelling of the surname of the authors of a children’s book series. Confirmation bias also comes into play here. (Also, my boyfriend is Team Berenstain, and had a similar but opposite memory, which makes my own all the more suspect.)

    These things are fun to think about, and it isn’t hurting anybody if you need to keep insisting to yourself that it’s supernatural, but for those who are true skeptics, I suggest you read up on psychology and the human brain. We hate to think that our memories are so very faulty, but by all accounts they really are. It may seem boring to some that such a rational explanation is the truth, but I frankly find it fascinating that our brains work in such incomprehensible ways, and that we are so easily able to fool ourselves into believing something is true that isn’t.

    But you’re probably going to delete this comment, claiming that it is somehow inflammatory. Even though I must clarify that I don’t think people are stubbornly refusing to admit that they are wrong in a way akin to lying; it’s just very, very difficult to admit that your memories are so mutable.

    1. Wow. Now and then, someone posts a comment that amazes me because the person so thoroughly misunderstands this website, but then he or she wants to say that we’re the confused people.

      Beth, yours is one of those comments.

      If anyone has claimed this effect is supernatural, aside from the occasional (and, to me, obvious) wry joke, I’ve missed it. Personally, I think this is something very natural, just weird because we haven’t had many open conversations about it.

      Also, what’s “simple” (and therefore Occam’s Razor) to one person may not seem so simple to someone else. When I read an alternate memory that many people agree with (on most points), my simplest answer is: They remember it that way because that’s how it happened in their reality.

      How they happened to be in that reality — and perhaps when and why — are among the topics we discuss here.

      In terms of the mechanics (and perhaps physics) of this, we’re in unfamiliar territory. In general, we’re enjoying the “what if?” questions these issues raise.

      Most of us are having fun with these discussions. We’re comfortable with our alternate memories, intrigued by what other memories might be different from this reality, and happy to meet others who don’t have to make this a right/wrong issue. It’s weird. It’s fascinating. It’s kind of liberating, as well. My memories can be different from yours, and we can both be equally right.

      If you think we’re losing sleep, worrying that by “some unknown means, for some unknown reason, at some unknown time, the vast majority of us, without any memory of the event, swapped to a universe identical to the one we originated in, with the only difference being the spelling of the surname of the authors of a children’s book series,” all I can say is: Once again, wow. You’ve really misunderstood the conversations here.

      And if the concept of sliding between realities seems complicated or convoluted, you should probably read what Dr. Fred Alan Wolf says about parallel universes. Start with my Flatland article that includes one of his introductory videos. He explains this so simply and clearly, and with such humor, any explanation I could provide would pale by comparison.

      Meanwhile, if your simplest answer — the one with the fewest assumptions — is that your memory is faulty or merely suspect, that’s your Occam’s Razor. Perhaps you’re as confused about the Berenstein Bears’ books as you are about this website. That’s fine with me, and — from the sound of it — that answer will probably bring you the greatest comfort.

      Your comment wasn’t inflammatory. It was ridiculous. I’m not likely to continue this particular conversation, but your comment was so absurd (and I’m in a flippant mood at the moment), I figured I’d approve it and reply, too.


      1. How utterly unreasonable reason can be,irrationality of being rational,vulnerability and defencelessness of man.William Blake called it being realistic,to expect miracles.

        1. I like that, Vivek. I need to read William Blake again – I haven’t done so since college.

    2. Beth Occams razor is one of those phrases that people dont understand “Occam’s razor is not considered an irrefutable principle of logic or a scientific result; the preference for simplicity in the scientific method is based on the falsifiability criterion. For each accepted explanation of a phenomenon, there is always an infinite number of possible and more complex alternatives, because one can always burden failing explanations with ad hoc hypothesis to prevent them from being falsified; therefore, simpler theories are preferable to more complex ones because they are more testable” thats ALL that occams razor says..

      As fiona says its not supernatural.. if you read quantum physics, q branes and m branes, you will see very similar ideas as what we are saying but we have taken it a step further. I know memory is mutable, but when 1000 people have the same altered memory, then you have to say something odd is happening. I love the idea of switching universes, putting right what went wrong to paraphrase quantum leap series..

      I check my memory every day, i ask others i do the research, as i said i am aware more about my memory than ever before. We test and examine our memories from every angle and if we are wrong its partly a relief, but there are so many commonalities between people who have never had a contact before. I remember the berenstein i live in the UK where the books were not as common.. Being a guy who loves puns and jokes, i wouldhave made a joke, but i didnt..

  22. Fiona, I would like to send you a few pictures regarding the story of Snow White and “mirror mirror on the wall.” I have picture proof from a Walt Disney childhood book that it is and always has been “MIRROR MIRROR” on the wall and the one and only time the mirror is referred to as “magic mirror” is the final time the Evil Queen questions the mirror and realizes the huntsman has tricked her and she then decides to consults her book of spells to conjure the poison apple.

    1. Shannon, it’s ideal if you post the photos at any photo-sharing site such as Flickr, or in a public Google Drive file, or something everyone can access on another server. I’m not equipped to host others’ images here, and prefer to view pictures on public sites. Just post the URL/s for us to see. Thanks!

  23. Does anybody else remember Kay Panabaker as the actress who played Nancy Drew, not Emma Roberts? Looking at pictures, she just doesn’t look right.

    1. I had to look her up because I forgot who she was even though her name sounded familiar, but I’m still not sure which one played Nancy Drew, mostly because i can’t remember whether I saw it. I do find it interesting that her sister was in a movie called “Time Lapse” which is about affecting the future because of knowledge received from the future and she’s also in The Flash which deals with multiple timelines, alternate memories, and multiple universes.

  24. Picture proof the story of Snow White has always been “Mirror, mirror on the wall.”

  25. I have just recalled Ozzy Osbourne dying at least once maybe twice, but I think the second time he recovered, as I remember thinking, “Didn’t he die already?”. I was also into other esoteric information ay the time, and I also remember shrugging it off figuring he died and they cloned him.

    1. I am recalling now that Ozzy Osbourne was reported as critical after a snowmobile accident. In the morning they announced he would recover. That was after I thought he already died. I still believed he was cloned. lol

  26. I found this site today and I am flabbergasted. I had no idea. So many things I remember the alternate way.

    When I was younger, around 10 years old, I thought my birthday was on July 24th. From my perspective it had always been July 24th. My dad told me no it has always been the 25th. I even remember asking did we celebrate it on the 24th last year and he said no. the year before? again his reply was no. It was a major event in my young child hood and the memory has really stuck with me. Could this be a ME or was I just a confused child?

    I also remember seeing trailers for movies that come out like 10 years later. I am trying to recall some specifics but at this point my mind is just blown.

    1. Yes Ronnie G, i only came for the berenstein.. but i found a lot of other changes.. and i am still here

    2. I believe I saw Spies Like Us with Chevy Chase and Dan Akryod way before it ever got to the movie theatres – and this is more like a memory – but when I went to see it when it was at the movies – it was a new release? That always seemed weird to me. 🙂

  27. Hi Fiona – absolutely loving this site!
    I am brainstorming!
    Have Tee-shirts made with Mandela slogans and DON’T explain them!
    “Do you remember your first ME?”
    “ME changes alot and a lot”
    “I experience ME all the time”
    “ME with Gene Wilder”
    “ME with Zsa Zsa Gabor twice”
    “Team Berenstien”
    “Fiona coined ME”
    “Got ME?”
    “Keep Calm it’s ME”
    I dont want to stop!
    I am looking for a job and willing to relocate!

    I suspect these shirts may travel as well……

      1. For some days i have been getting confused when ATSers mention ME,only after some deliberation,i realise that they mean middle east.But i suppose if you get only the initials printed on tee shirts,it will definitely imply middle east,so make it full form,an image of bears titled berenstein on the front and a bottle of red chartreuse liquer on the rear,will get the message across.

        1. Good point, Vivek, thanks! The image of bears could be a problem, since — at least in the USA — copyright laws prevent use of “derivative” copyrighted works. The Berenstain Bears are in that category. So, I’m planning text-based graphics on the shirts, and — even then — I won’t use the full “Berenstain Bears” name. (Last time I checked, the -stein version hadn’t been trademarked by any company in a competing niche.)

          I’m planning to create a poll to see what people want on the shirts, and then create them in that order. I’m likely to offer each one for a week or two, and cycle through all the ideas that seem to interest visitors to this site… and this reality (LOL). I’m still in “thinking cap” mode at the moment, but I should be ready to launch the poll early next week, with a plan of having the first shirts available by the end of the month or sooner.

      2. And you did! Lol And what about one that says “chartreuse” and the shirt itself is the reddish color? How about one that displays a flesh-colored crayon (with no explanation)? Or even one that displays Snow White, Darth Vader, Forest Gump, and Brad Pitt as the vampire Louis all scratching their heads? Or one with Mandela foods (Jiffy, Chik-fil-a, Fruit Loops, Pepsi, etc.) with no explanation? On another note, I wonder if consuming 100% Mandela foods and entertainment media could return me to my reality :p

        1. Brian S., thanks! We have had a pinkish-reddish t-shirt that says “chartreuse.” It’s offered via Teespring, but that’s a limited design, currently available until 25 Nov 2015. [Link] (If offer pinkish-reddish t-shirts in the future, I’ll happily add one to our collection, there.)

          Most of your other ideas are fun, but could result in unattractive “cease and desist” orders for using unauthorized images or trademarks. I could respond that the designs are parodies, and therefore “fair use,” but that’s the kind of legal conversation I’d like to avoid.

    1. How about this one, “we may have lost our home universe but we gained the multiverse.. “

    2. I love the T-shirt idea.

      “I’m with the Stein camp….”
      “When were you when Mandela died?” (notice it doesn’t say where)
      “Chartreuse?”(on a purplish/pink shirt)
      First line on the shirt: “Are you A vampire?” Second line in response to the first: “No, I’m THE vampire.” (maybe have stick figures or caricatures on the shirt saying the lines)

      Just a few ideas……

    3. Loving the tee shirt ideas. I have a few suggestions:

      Australia: the land down over
      Do you recognize M.E.?
      E to the A
      From A to THE
      The Berenst#in dilemna
      Definately? Definitely!

  28. A few more shirt ideas!

    • I’m from Universe E
    • Universe E
    • Berest#in
    • Team Multiverse

    1. Thanks, Kaleb! I’m really enjoying this idea and plan to create a poll to see which shirt/s to create, first.

      If anyone wants to weigh in on colors and font styles, let me know. Also, I’m leaning towards keeping this a little cryptic, with no URL or anything to explain the reference, on the tee shirts. Usually just the line and — in a few cases — a simple graphic (as suggested for the A/THE vampire shirt).

      1. I got some very good quality tshirts and hoodies from Just design a shirt in our easy designer, set a price, add a goal and start selling! Collect enough pre-orders and we’ll print & ship directly to buyers, you keep the profit! it costs you nothing.

        1. Thank you, Martin Williams! That’s exactly the company I was planning to use. I just needed to hear from someone who’d actually purchased from them. Okay, that’s one item crossed of the to-do list, and that was a very big one. I’m delighted!

          1. i got a very good hoodie from there, it was their basic hoodie and because of my size i had to get the 5XL but am more than happy with the price and the postage and packaging.. made it comparable to going to a normal shop but they dont have my size in “normal” shops. it did take a few weeks to get here once it was shipped they/i didnt use the fastest postage option.

        1. This is great Martin!
          Although I wouldn’t mind my tee’s last two words to mean
          Extra Special
          Ever Sliding
          but I suppose the definition wouldn’t be on the shirt anyway……that wouldn’t be very stealthy.

      2. Hi, Fiona,

        Possibly-mixed news (that you might already know if, in any event). I know that you have some clothing available through this site and Teespring, and so you might well have made some available elsewhere. If not, then heads up: there’s some merchandising going on by others, capitalizing on the whole shebang (see item #3, in particular “Mandela Effect”). I ran a few different searches, nothing exhaustive; didn’t find anything further, but it’s hardly out of the question.

        1. Thanks, Closeted team-E, I hadn’t seen the CafePress t-shirts. The shirts are clipart, and I doubt they’ll sell many. The briefs… well, there’s not much I can do about that except sigh and shake my head. Again, I’ll be amazed if they sell any.

          The Team Berenstein page at Amazon is mine. Most of those shirts will be replaced with new (“new and improved!” LOL) designs in the next few weeks. Ditto the ones at my Mandela Effect t-shirts page at Amazon.

          The Zazzle shirt is just plain ridiculous, and trying to capitalize on the Mandela Effect without having much of a clue.

          The phrase “Mandela Effect” is in the wild, and it’s a little late for anyone (even me) to try to claim ownership. But, I also think the topic has surged and will simmer down in 2016, so the let’s-get-rich-off-a-trend folks will find other things to exploit.

      1. I’m glad you like it, but “Team Multiverse” isn’t an option. A company is already using that phrase for their business, and I try to avoid being confused with a corporate promoter. Well, that and avoiding Cease & Desist letters. LOL

  29. I remember the movie/book Julie & Julia being called Julia & Julia. The plot made more sense because they shared a name and so she had this connection and wanted to start the cooking project.

    1. It might have been Julia and Julia somewhere, but it was always Julie and Julia for me. My birth certificate name is Julia but half the people I know, including all of my family call me by my nickname, Julie. So I had to see the movie since it had BOTH of my names in it – lol. (Plus I love Amy Adams and Meryl Streep.) But it will be interesting to see if others remember it the way you do, Quantum Immortality.

    2. I agree about Julia & Julia. Ocean’s 12 was on tv in Sydney last night. Julia Roberts’ character Tess pretends to be her lookalike Julia Roberts to enter a museum for a heist. Tess runs into Bruce Willis (who has been fooled by the lookalike). Bruce Willis tells Tess he has left something at her (Julia Roberts’) house. He gets Tess to phone her housekeeper (Julia Roberts’ housekeeper) and Julia Roberts answers the phone – something like this: Julia Roberts: “Hi this is Julia. Who’s this?” Tess: ” Julia”.

      Hope that makes sense. It’s a really funny scene but I got tingles watching it last night after researching Julia & Julia. Ok, back to staring at the Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box.

      On a positive note, I phoned my first newspaper journalist. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. – I explained as much as I could with a few choice examples including dilemna, Interview with a Vampire and some obvious geographical changes, stressed the number of people “misremembering” and asked that the newspaper please have a look.

    3. I have no doubt in my mind the movie was called “Julia and Julia”. I really enjoyed it, went out and bought the DVD and have watched it 4 or 5 times since. After reading your comment, I had to go check my DVD…. and yes, it’s now Julie and Julia. This is one more to add to the “well that just rocked my reality” list. Good catch!

  30. Ok this one maybe a little weird/ random.
    I love the show Bob’s Burgers and watch/ listen to it every night while feeling asleep. Season 4 Episode 3 is called “Seaplane”. I’ve watched it probably 15-20 or more times, (‘ve watched all the of the episodes many times, but this is one of my favorites.) Early in the episode Louise says to the landlord Mr. Fishodor “Wow, you should teach at my school” his response was always “And you should work in my FACTORY”, until the other night when he says “and you should work in my COAL MINE”. I know I hadn’t misheard it the first 15-20 times and “coal mine” sounded so weird and out of place to my ears.
    Like I said weird & random, but thought I’d share. 🙂

  31. I as well came for berenstein but stayed for all the fascination!

    Here’s the few I have a specific memory of:
    Mirror Mirror
    I also recall cinderellas castle being at the end of main st.
    I def remember the “turkey” leg in the photo of Henry VIII

    Other odd things:

    When I was about 2 or 3 in 1992 ish, my babysitter would always buy these very specific pudding pops. They were amazing and I have literally been in search of them my whole life! They were NOT jello pudding pops. These came in a green box and had cow designs on the wrappers. Maybe they really did exist back in the day, but my relentless searches yeilded no results.

    My sister and I often disagree about childhood events. And by often, I mean on pretty much our whole childhood. I don’t have any good specific examples that I remember off the top of my mind, but I can say that she changed pretty significantly about 10 years ago. Maybe we are from different universes?

    Also, i am certainly an empath. I also have been suffering from unexplainable joint and muscle pains for the last 2-3years now. I’ve had a ton of tests with no clear results.

  32. I feel like there should be a tee shirt with the words “definately a dilemna” on it, though I’m not sure how to work it in, given the definition of dilemma.

  33. I have had alot of thoughts recently. Here are just a few.

    I remember the word ACTOR was meant for both males and females. I remember thinking that their should be a word for a female actor. I have no idea when it appeared.

    apeared or appeared
    disappear or disapear
    grammer or grammar
    repelent or repellent
    approved or aproved
    scenerio or senario
    oversite or over site

    My fingers know these words better than spell check. I almost feel stupid writing some of these and I’m positive at 1st glance it’s what I’m used to and I laugh but after awhile they both look ok and then I give in.

    Succinct – I like the word. I use it when I can. And I suppose it could be my memory or an over site. But I’ve never heard a word about the word until 2004 on the Stargate Atlantis premier. That this happened for me on STARGATE makes me wonder.

    Batman Begins – near the end of the movie Rachel Dawes and a boy are surrounded by a gang she tells the boy “don’t look” at this point in the movie I recall her putting both her hands on the boy to protect him. It was exciting as they had no way out. The scene I saw recently she says “don’t look” and pulls out a gun.

    There has got to be more to this ME than us just finding anomalies. We found it. Were exploring it. Now the next thing is to find out the triggers and if they can be used.

    People around after they died, big news.
    Continents moving, growing, shrinking, disappearing appearing – big news. Someone should be watching the globe or whatever shape it is.

    Something I remember Nostradamus saying. “England will disappear in the blink of an eye. I never understood how that would be possible. Until now.
    He also said “The difference between language will disappear.” Except in the dimension I heard it in he said ‘disapear’. Which makes me think the new grammar (oh man) could have something to do with that.

    I’ve notice a pattern of 7’s
    For me its every seven years give or take about a year from 1965 birth to present.
    Pattern of the A missing here added there.
    I’m suspicious of Ts as well

    This is a unique site as in if your not in, your not staying. If your here, your shifting. And although I believe there is more to do and so much mote than we know, when others start noticing and look for somewhere to turn, they may come here. If things shift at a more noticeable rate. They may need our help.

    I never heard of ‘pee repellent paint’

    I do have a memory of walking to HOME DEPOT with a friend and thinking, When did they add the T. I haven’t thought about that until noticing the Depot anomaly here on the site. I remember because I kept thinking why would a company put out 100,000 dollars or so to have Ts made and then hire people to put the T up all over the country. Boy, I thought. They are doing well. Then years later they add the THE in front of Home Depot. I should have bought stock in that company. They are doing so well.

    Last but not least a couple more tee shirt candidates.

    New Zealand Down Under
    Mohammed Ali just won’t go down!
    With or without Turkey
    Teflon – invented by NASA in the 1930’s
    U-Haul or Ryder
    Will that be one bomb or three?
    Cool Ranch Fritos
    No Luke, No No No
    What do Shirley Temple, Kirk Douglas
    and Owen Wilson all have in common?


    1. I would also like to add that there is a movie called “You’ve got Mail” I remember the title being Sleepless in Seattle. The movie Sleepless in Seattle’s synopsis is alien to me.

      My phone does stuff on its own. Apps added. Lots of music missing. Etc…

      Tee shirts
      Will the real Down Under please rise up
      The ME
      The Japanese Islands
      50 or 52?

      Thank you again Fiona for running this site!

      1. The [edited] tee might not be appropriate
        I realized how callus that sounded after the post.

        1. Anthony, after giving that a second glance, I agree. (My humor isn’t always as correct as it might be, and I am appalled that Loftus, et al, thought it was okay to implant false memories, especially in children.) I’m about to delete the references from your comments (this and the previous one), so it doesn’t act as a trigger.

        1. Your very welcome Fiona! I’m glad I can contribute.
          I was also going to suggest to do something specifically different with the tee-shirts each year. Something subtle. Like all the shirts made this year use a period. Next year no punctuation. The following year use apostrophes… year use quote marks ….now that’s cryptic. Or the one I like alot, maybe not as cryptic – put a small 15 on the sleeve for 2015. I dont know if it will mean anything or do anything, but come on, there are people smashing atoms together to see what happens. I’d be really surprised if experimenting with the tees opens any portals.

    2. U-Haul and Ryder are two different companies that are still around….

      What do they have to do with the ME?

    3. Hi, Anthony,

      I know about “pee repellent paint” being around, but then I Googled it anyway (at this point, practically an ingrained reaction to any supposed-fact: better check which universe I’m in at the moment…). Interestingly (to me), I found 12 pages of hits — all from this year (all but 1 from Jul 2015 onward, and that one was Mar 2015). Maybe it’s brand new _here/now_, but I’ve known about it for a few years (since approx. 2011-2013).

      Maybe it’s not new at all, and I ran into it in a chemistry site, or something similar, but if that were the case, then you’d think that that page (or pages) would come up with the rest of them (with all of these 2015 pages, that is).

      1. Okay, this may be one of the more absurd topics to be discussed here. (Yes, I’m laughing.) And, Closeted team-E, I agree that — if it existed in this reality, even as a chemistry project — one would think it would be part of a massive number of Internet memes and ridiculous YouTube videos. I mean, the MIT snow hoax (of 1968) is well-represented online… pee-repellent paint should be easy to find, if it existed.

        For me, this rings a very distant bell, but I couldn’t swear I’d heard of it before.

        Weird. Very weird. On many levels.

        1. Yay, me! 😀

          I finally won something _way_ cool: a possibly-most-absurd-topic-discussed award! (OK, so I might have to share credit with Anthony… umm, would it suffice if I simply mention him in a footnote at my speech? [Shh! Don’t let him know that I said that!])

    1. Love it! Keep sending ideas; I’ll create a poll with all of them at the start of next week, so we can make shirts available by the end of the month.

  34. These t-shirt ideas are absolutely awesome!! You guys are really cracking me up, very clever all the way around. It would be cool to be wearing one somewhere and out of the blue, somebody KNEW what we meant. A sort of secret calling card for us. Mike H.

    1. Mike H.,

      It would be awesoem if two of us bumped into each other in real life, and only realized it because of one of the T-shirts.

      “Where did you get that shirt?”
      “A website about the Mandela Effect.”
      “What username do you post under?”
      “Mike H.”
      “Hi Mike, I’m Mathew(akaMat).”……LOL
      It would be almost like a calling card for people who visit this site.

      A couple more ideas:

      “I have a dilemna dilemma.”
      “It was definitely definately.”
      “It was 1980 something.”(In reference to both Mandela’s death in prison and the Challenger disaster)
      “Well if he were a cat, he would still have 6 lives left…..”(In reference to Billy Graham and other celebrities dying multiple times)


      1. Mathew, that would be pretty cool! I can see it now , in several years, there will be “MandelaCon”. Booths everywhere , people trying to figure out which timeline they are from ect. Fiona presiding over it of course ! Ok , who knows it could happen, right? Lol! Or I guess it will/and did at one point. That’s a bit of humor!

        I am amazed at how creative some of these slogans are! Mike H.

  35. Thank you, Jason Thomas! Years ago, with some misgivings, I placed a virtual tip jar on this site. People were not happy about that, and I completely understood.

    I have been considering something through Patreon, but haven’t yet thought of something that seems worthwhile and fair. (Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m an old-school Internet person, and still believe “information wants to be free.” LOL)

    I was leaning towards darker shirts with lighter letters that pop, so I’m glad you confirmed that idea. But — from an aesthetic (and slightly mischievous) angle — I can also see the value of “cute” tee shirts in light colors and happy fonts… and rather subversive messages. Not sure if the latter would convey well, though. It can be a tricky balance.

    I’m glad you agree with the cryptic idea. It’s partly for the mystery, but also because, at my core, I’m so anti-commercialism.

    This is still in “brainstorm mode” for me, but I’ll launch the poll early next week so we get this started.

    1. -DA B#ARS (in the same colors as a BEARS uniform)

      -Remember Remember Australia’s Off Center… (could have separate variations for New Zealand and Sri Lanka since the phrase technically applies to all three in a relative way)

      – It’s a Univ#rsal Problem


      -TIMES ARE CHANGING (with a textblock of significant alternate dates behind it)

      -Mirror Mirror, Magic Mirror,
      Magic Kingdom, Castle Nearer,
      I Remember, I See Clearer
      Mirror Mirror, ME

      -The a is; this the was.

      -Gotta Slide, Be Back in a Jiffy…

    2. Jason and Fiona – It’s funny – when thinking about colors for teet-shirts, I immediately thought of black or charcoal grey (even better) with white lettering – an easy to read font – but not too large. Then I also thought of pink, but that’s just cause I like girly stuff. If I only bought one, it would be a dark, moody color.

  36. A mandela effect sort of joke how many bears does it take to change a universe? 4 A mama bear, papa bear, brother and sister bear

    1. Martin Williams said “A mandela effect sort of joke how many bears does it take to change a universe? 4 A mama bear, papa bear, brother and sister bear”

      Kind of funny you would say that. I have heard of an idea, can not remember from who/where, that really there was only Mama Bear and Papa Bear, ie two entities. Sister bear an Brother bear are actually Mama and Papa holding up the same time/space at different stages in life.

  37. I found these words from Green Day … pre Magic Mirror… “Wake me up when September ends” I always believed they knew something was afoot. Before September I didn’t realize the rest of the song had meaning as well.
    ‘The innocent can never last’

    ‘my memory rests but never forget what I lost’
    ‘Seven years has gone so fast’
    ‘Ring out the bells again
    Like we did when spring began
    Wake me up when September ends’

    Tee Shirts:
    Stain my ass
    ME definatley
    Definitely my ass
    The ME is good
    The Candidate Campaign

  38. I came across this site when I was googling evedence of time travel which led me to the berenstein bear problem then here. It’s all increadably fascinating and a bit disturbing, idk what the explanations are for the berenstein bears changing or how today I find out that eli Whitney was white when I learned about him every black history month. I try and tell others about what I’ve found here and most of the time they shrug and say that’s funny and go about they’re business or change the subject. Last thing I was at my county fair this past Summer and I swear I saw a shirt that read the mandela effect I pointed and said some thing to my wife who didn’t know what I was talking about, this is all so very weird and I have a head ache now and yes I have tinnitus my joints ache and I sleep a lot which has only been this past year.

    1. I have found a solution for the ear ringing – pressure points in your hand – I have the photo on my flickr account – but how do you add people there? mine is [edited] – I have to say it has kept it at bay so far this morning and i was on the floor in tears last night from the pain.

  39. Greetings from Universe “E”.

    I have always known the name Pete Townsend of The Who not Pete Townshend of The Who. I remember his name in relation to The Who, child pornography offences, his performance at the London Olympics etc.

    Please check out Pete TownsHend’s Facebook page:

    Sept 2 – video post – “I Put A Spell On You”.

    Sept 3 – comment by Rob J – “When did you add an H to your last name?” – reply by Pete’s Facebook – “It’s always been there.”

    Sept 18 – “The Who have confirmed the postponement of all remaining dates on the North American tour due to Roger’s illness.”

    Sept 20 – video post spells “Townsend” with note – “A few words from Pete on iHeart Radio. (Yes, we know they spelled his name wrong!)”

    Sept 24 – video post -“Eric Clapton w/- Pete Townshend” from 1989 program on BBC called “Satturday Matters” (spelt incorrectly with double “t”). First comment by Shannon Bradac “is that really how it is spelled? Satturday?” and reply by Pete’s Facebook “No. It was a typo by whoever loaded the footage.”

    As an avid follower of the alternative media with a dash of David Icke, I am conscious of words having more than one meaning. However, it wasn’t until I saw “I Put A Spell On You” on this Facebook page today that I connected spell (magic) with spell (words) – hidden in plain sight.

    1. Should the Pete Townsend/Townshend item be added to the Major Memories page?

      I’m not sure if it is the way I have this site bookmarked on my computer, but I am having a hard time getting new comments to load. I look for new comments every day and rarely see them, then all of a sudden a lot of new comments show up and it looks like they have been posted over a series of days. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

      1. Mary O, there is no way I can keep up with all the alternate memories. If one keeps returning to conversation, I try to make time to add it to the Major Memories page. At the moment, I’m doing all that I can to keep up with comments.

        The site issues affect me, too. I’m testing different ways to speed up the site, and seem to have stumbled onto something that’s helping, today. (Or, maybe site traffic is down because I really did take most of the weekend off, and that’s why the site isn’t lagging as badly.)

        You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s the heavy traffic this site receives.

    2. WHAT? TownsHend? OK….when was the first time anyone noticed this? This is the first time I’M hearing about this one. Is anyone else noticing an increasing frequency in these events?

  40. Fiona, I am so glad I found this page. Iwas sure I was losing my mind for about 24 hours. I’m not sure where I should actually be posting this although I have been glued to this page reading thread after thread for the last 72 hours with only 4 hours of sleep. This spot here feels right because the last comment in the thread mentions being an empath. I won’t go into detail yet . I’ve really only begun to notice the word recently but was told by a dear friend that he has known I am one for years? I took an online quiz and fit 90% or so of the “qualifications” to be one? I am team Berenstein, 100%. On September 30th I had a Deja Vu that took my breath away and brought me to tears, I thought I would faint! I told the afomentioned friend about it and also mentioned a ringing in my ears that I can’t pinpoint starting and has been increasingly worse in the last few months. I have been distracted and feel out of place and out of sorts (like I’m lost/have lost something or am forgetting something.) I was in a thread on Facebook and saw a BerenstAIn meme on the 3rd ( a Political/Conspiracy page is an odd place for a cartoon Meme about the bear family I thought) and said to myself “OMG! That’s not right at all!” When I Googled “Ei” the results kept directing me back to “AI” I also felt sick when I saw the name change! WHAT? When I learned about the phenomenon and heard about the ME, it began to feel like I needed answers to a question I didn’t know I had. I remember both times Mandela died. I first noticed something odd about the ME several years ago because of an episode of America’s next Top Model and their visit to South Africa and the prison he died in “the 1st time he died.” Now of course I NEVER heard of any of this until the Saturday the 3rd. I share so many of the same memories with other members of the page. I will add my list at a later date. That being said, I saw where someone posted about a book Canterbury Lens, the book sounds familiar but I don’t remember reading it but it immediately made me wonder why noone had mentioned the book “The Talisman” by Stephen King and Dean Koontz written in the late 80’s about Traveling Jack (the little boy who is a multidimensional traveler?) I remember reading this book cover to cover in one weekend, crying uncontrollably and re-reading it again. I have no idea when I first flipped, but I have been noticing jumps/glitches several times a day now. I am also acutely aware of someone “watching me, listening to me, reading my thoughts” for 3 days now. It’s not at all a healthy, feel good sensation. It feels ominous , dark and foreboding, although I get great comfort in knowing that you all are here and I AM NOT losing my mind. Thank you for this page again. I do wonder how many of “us” are in mental hospitals? As I was questioning my own sanity for that 1st 24 hours and even considered checking myself in.

    1. Carla, Dont worry, am sure most of us question our sanity every time we hear something new about the mandela effect.. I think because i was always interested in Sci fi and fantasy my mind is a little more open to the idea of alternate universes. A sort of Immunisation so to speak..

      there are many of us out there, we are the pioneers the adventurers in the multiverse. Just think of it like the 5 stages of grief. thats the best way i can explain the way i coped.. If you feel alone know we are here..

      1. Thanks to everyone for their comments. Martin, I found your comment very helpful.

        I have no desire to share this information with my family and friends. Apart from my boyfriend, the only people I have discussed this with are some friends who are already “down the rabbit hole”, two map experts and two mainstream journalists. One of the journalists said to me “to be honest, this is freaking me out”. Although I sympathised, I had to remind the journalist that she is an adult and it is her newspaper’s job to investigate.

        Things I discovered today: There is only one space between sentences not two spaces – as a legal secretary for over 25 years this is news to me. Tammy Faye Baker is now and has always been Tammy Faye Bakker. Jennifer Aniston’s eyes are now blue and have always been blue. I have known all my life that there were more women on the planet than men – I have clear memories of this fact – not true apparently.

        Science fiction (science non-fiction) fans are at a distinct advantage. I now wish I had watched just one episode of Doctor Who.

        I agree about the stages of grief. After 9 days of researching, I feel close to the acceptance stage and take great comfort in the fact that I am certainly not alone. Trying very hard to be excited that we live in such interesting times.

        1. Naomi, if it’s of any comfort, the spacing between sentences really did change in this reality, around 1980. Here’s one explanation: With the changes in typesetting in that era, it was no longer necessary to keep a wide space between the period and the upper case letter that followed. So, I think you can cross that off the “what is going on here?” list, unless you’re sure it’s an alternate memory from another reality. (I still like two spaces between sentences, so I usually write that way.)

          1. I can’t tell you how odd it was for me to have to switch from two spaces to one space in the mid 2000’s. I thought it was horrible and I ended up worrying that if I became a successful writer that my “street cred” would suffer. But to this day, it is still one space. And looks very weird still.

            1. I agree. And I can’t say that I’ve paid much attention to the spacing (two or one) when reading a book that holds my interest. So, I wouldn’t worry about the writing issues. (My advice to writers: Head on into NaNoWriMo and put the spaces where you like!)

      2. Martin, Thanks for your reply, after a week I have come to relax quite a bit and have realized that whatever it is that has happened/is happening is beyond my control. I don’t have to know all of the answers and most likely it is MUCH bigger than I am and I can’t fix or change it. I have to just slow down and not end up with information overload. I have talked to a couple of open minded friends about my experiences and both have heard of ME. One suggests a Matrix type world we might be living in, the other suggests something more akin to a Petri dish. Either way I am determined not to be frightened by it, as overwhelming as it might seem at times.The tinnitus is pretty much the same, I think I’m just more acutely aware of it now. Words are driving me insane and maybe it’s a regional thing, I am questioning nearly every word I type now even after has been spell checked or maybe especially after it has been spell checked! Like the word you used (immunisation or immunization)? (Realisation or realization)? They both seem (familar/familiar)? to me. I have found myself thinking and even saying out loud, “This is one of those isn’t it?” Outloud? Out-loud? Out loud? See, I could go on for days just about the differences/changes in words that I thought I was certain about and spelling was always a subject I excelled in. Again, I am very happy that I have this page to come to now. Fiona thank you for publishing my comment. I suppose I’ve read every comment on your page by now and look forward to getting updates in my email.

    2. Hi Carla,

      I’ve been waiting to post my full ME awakening in detail but I have to post something here. Yes, something, entity, being, energy, watching me read! It was like more than one ‘energy’ hovering over my shoulder another walking around the room. Id turn and see a spark out of the corner of my eye often. For me it was creepy at night. I would lie down and shake. Very little sleep, one meal every 24. I dreaded the night, long for the morning only to find a weeks worth of clouds. The days were delightful. It was cloudy yes, but light. It was very exciting! During the journey with all the clouds I felt like I was in an earth waiting area, like I expected to see a sign reading, –“Please excuse our appearance while we make changes to your reality. Sorry for any inconvenience. Feel free to take sometime off and collect unemployment for as long as you feel necessary”– after all of the ominousness subsided, I came to many ideas. I wanted to use the word “truths” instead of “ideas”, but it doesn’t fit. After going through this ME and having my own experiences (WOW!!!) I realize beliefs and truth change. After posting about “there must be more to ME than finding discrepancies” I believe I hit the next level as it were. Folks, make sure you know what your asking for. Sort a like ‘watch out for what you wish for’ but with a less negative tone. I have very little desire to share my recent experience. Its way too SCI-FI! Me? I’m laughing like crazy. I believe im actually being shown the way things really are. And the ME is just the start.

      Physically speaking out of all of my friends and family, I have only been able to talk with my sister (and that’s not gonna last) and an ex-girlfriend that I haven’t spoken to since from ’00. Weird!

      1. Anthony, thank you for your reply. I’m relaxing a bit. I’ve gotten back to a semi-normal sleep pattern which is still a crazy sleep pattern for most. I responded to Martin in an above comment and said that I had come to realize/realise that this whole thing is bigger than I am and that most likely there is nothing I can do to change it, but there was a part of me that said “Wait a minute, maybe that’s what (they) want me to think!” Now don’t ask me who “THEY” are, I have no earthly or heavenly idea! LOL 😉 What has helped me is acknowledging (outloud/outloud/out-loud) when I feel watched, or spied on by saying. “I’m aware of you but I’m not afraid of you, whoever/whatever you are.” I am still very aware and I am not at all minimizing it, sometimes I feel like I am under a microscope and sometimes I feel as if “THEY” are right next to me. I have also noticed the clouds, although today and the past couple of days have been beautiful blue sky days… my attention has been drawn upwards as if the answer to my questions is hidden in those clouds that were everywhere for days, like they were cloaking something and if I looked hard and long enough the answer will be revealed. Since something significant/signifigant happened in my life I have been drawn to the number 3 and multiples of 3, when decorating my home I only group things in 3’s,I doodle the number 3, I am entranced by triangles and pyramids, although I know pyramids have 4 sides…go figure? Anyway, I have seen the number 3 in the clouds with a regularity in the last week (along with perfect geometric shapes.90 and 45 degree angles… perfect squares, triangles, rectangles) STRANGE! I know clouds have fuzzy bumpy edges and when children draw them they make a series of 3’s eventually connecting them but these are bold and alone in the sky or sometimes much darker and in the middle of a cloud, a perfectly shaped number 3. I also notice the time 3:33 nearly once and sometimes twice a day and have for this last 17 years. Anyway the feeling of oppression and obsession has subsided some. Reading the comments from the other good people here has put me at some peace with it. I’m still excited but I won’t let it control my every waking thought. Before I begin to sound maniacal, I’ll just say (Thanks for being here Fiona and friends on those nights I feel completely lost and confused with all of these thoughts I don’t know how to make sense of.)

        1. Hi Carla, yeah this thing is something else!
          Semi-normal sleep … Once a week i sleep 6-7 hrs. Every other day its 4-5.
          And the clouds. I’ve notice many rectangular clouds, weird patterns…
          I’ve been noticing three digit numbers everyday since the beginning of the year, at least.

          I’m speculating that our vibrations have raised. It’s fuller…I want to say heavier but not quite. I want to say fever but no aches … different … if true, that’s our new reality for now and we should merge with it rather than fight it.

          1. Hi Anthony. In the past few days since I was last here the ringing in my ears has grown increasingly louder. More like a thousand cicadas in summer but inside my head. My sleep patterns are also off 2-5 hours at a time. Dreaming is more lucid and I’m remembering my dreams more vividly. I’m beginning to feel like eventually these “dreams” will be Deja vu. I have also had some pretty interesting cases of “coincidences” that are too much to be “coincidence.” Feel like something huge is looming, a celebrity died last week in this timeline. I was sure he was already dead and died 5 or more years ago. Before I could post about it here I had already g or gotten WHO IT WAS. Can someone help me out? I even fact checked it on Snopes and it was confirmed true. I know it was a he, but it’s like the entire name and circumstances were erased from my mental chalkboard.

    3. God Pound It!
      🙂 most excellent book. I read it as well. Shadowland by peter straub is a awesome book but deals with more magical powers than jumping.

      I had forgot on that book until now. And what strikes me as odd is that is the one book he cannot get anyone to make into a movie. It is full of problems down the line. They did make a trailer and that was as far as it got.
      Or maybe it is because it is not meant to get out there from fear others will notice more and more and realize this is happening?
      Wanting to keep most in the dark?

    4. Carla……I don’t mean to add to your problems but, in MY reality at least, The Talisman was written by Stephen King and Peter Straub, not Dean Koontz. Was that a mistake on your part or is Koontz who you actually meant?

      1. Jordan, my mistake completely, Thanks for posting your reply, I looked for this thread to correct it in the next reply but couldn’t find it. I’m glad to know someone aside from myself knows and remembers the story. After I submitted my reply I was pretty frustrated that I didn’t google it and edit it, for some reason Koontz came to mind. Regardless, it was an amazing book and I read it years before any info about ME was available but felt so connected to Travellin’ Jack. What a wonderful “Fantasy.” 🙂
        Thanks again 🙂

  41. My apologies. Something I forgot to mention. I will be 50 in January. I read The BerenstEIn Bears to my 2 oldest children in the late 80’s we also had several of the VHS tapes which seemed to be playing non-stop when they were young they are 32 and 27 now. I won’t ask my daughter, (not yet) …but have spoken to my son and he is 100% positive BerenstEIn.

  42. I just got done reading a story where a woman woke up recently, really missing someone alot. She also knew she never met the person. It seemed to really be bothering her. So I messaged her, told her a little of the experience here and suggested she check out the site that it may be a possible answer. If things like this prove to be an ME, it’s a whole new avenue as I have not heard of this scenario until now.

    1. Thinking on this, I’ve had experiences similar but they wouldn’t last, they were more fleeting ….. I wonder if this is where loneliness comes from.

  43. Some thoughts…

    I’ve had many insights about ME. Most of which disappear before the pen can hit the paper.

    I’ve noticed my penmanship changes. Occasionally it doesn’t always look like my hand writing.

    There is a store down the street from me. For the two years I’ve been here, their paint chipped old sign was in cursive (written). Yesterday it struck me. The sign is still old with chipped paint, but it’s in PRINT form. Last week I would have said that it is seriously strange. Today, not so much. Today I feel it has something to do with them taking cursive out of the schools. Ya can’t read historical documents that way.

    You can’t turn people on to the Mandela Effect. They will find it when they are meant to. That being said, if someone is distraught in some way that it could be a ME situation or they ASK, it is completely acceptable to introduce ME to them.

    ME is a trigger to something more grand! Trying to prove the ME and staying there is a trap. Trying to prove anything to anyone is a trap. Notice the Mandela Effects and take note. Take what you can from the ME. Experience without judgment. Be compassionate to everything around you without getting involved.

    Belief systems change – Forget them!

    ME, at some point, must become a personal experience.
    The group experience is wonderful and a great introduction and welcoming safe place and just as important and needed …… just don’t forget that it is also very personal.

    The other day I was pulling into a parking spot. A man was walking right where I was parking. I jammed on my breaks. We both started laughing like we were best friends. I was getting out of my car he was getting in his and we couldn’t stop laughing and telling each other to have a safe and great day. Yes, this happened on Earth. No, it was not a dream.

    The tee shirts will have people asking what they mean, if the Universe sees that they are ready. In this way, nothing is being forced upon anyone.

    Tee ideas

    ME is not Bad
    The ME in me is exciting

    1. Anthony, I edited out the first suggestion. I liked the concept, but your witty revised version included something that’s a rude expression in the UK and Ireland, and I’m not prepared to deal with the comments that might follow. LOL

  44. Definatley need a t-shirt:
    fix my timeline

    That’s how I feel!

    Julia and Julia is the movie I remember too. I saw that and thought it was cute. Always remember you got mail and sleepless in Seattle.

  45. Team Berenstein here, also grew up assuming (but not having seen because I was too young) that Mandela was dead because people spoke as though he were. When he actually died my first thought was “I thought he was dead before I was born”. Sri Lanka moved, can’t tell about Australia. The rest of my major memories align with this universe (except “IS like a box of chocolate”, and “THE neighborhood”, but I think that’s just our minds editing information down to it’s simplest form in language, meaning over memorization) I vaguely remember other instances of my memories becoming at odds with reality, the usual fare, movies or songs being released for the first time, TWICE etc. Can’t really remember at the moment. Although the film The Land Before Time was altered between my first and second viewings of it, but since I was only 4 for both of those viewings, and now can’t remember what was different, it’s kind of a moot point.

    One I would however like to throw out there is that when I was a kid in the early 90’s Jim Varney died of cancer. Then a few years later someone pointed out that Slinky in Toy Story was played by Varney, and my reaction was “Who the hell brought Ernest back from the dead????” then he played Slinky again in 1999, and then “actually” died of cancer in 2000. Am I the only one from THAT universe? Oh well.

    Anyway I’m really here because I’d like to take a crack at the Parallel Universe explanation from a scientific perspective.

    First, we can agree that it is likely we are a part of a multiverse.

    In such a multiverse, there would be billions of parallel universes, covering the full spectrum from “exactly like us with one atom slightly misplaced”, all the way down to “our true opposite”

    As such there will be millions of universes very similar to each other. This could explain why not everyone who has one alternate memory also has every other alternate memory. It is possible to be from a parallel in which it is Berenstein, and Dom Deluise died in the 90’s, but Challenger exploded in 1986. While equally possible to be from a parallel in which it is Berenstein, Dom died in 2009, Australia was further southeast, and Challenger happened in summer 1984.

    I disagree with the Sliding hypothesis because it goes against what makes sense concerning matter in our universe, I suggest an alternative explanation I call overwriting. The parallel universes are intertwined, and the easiest way for them to react with each other would be through energy output, radiation, radiowaves, electric current, gravity etc. If two universes were to “touch” in some reaction with each other, this energy might transfer from one directly to the other like a current. This would typically go unnoticed, unless the reaction occurred where a conscious person happened to be. Thoughts and memories are electrical signals activating and altering our brain, and creating storage and upholding mental and bodily functions. Were two Parallels to touch where a human brain is, the transfer of electrical signal could essentially overwrite the entire brain with the saved information of the same person from the other parallel.

    You didn’t die, you didn’t physically move to another world, but your brain got overwritten with a copy of a parallel version of you from a Universe with a long dead Mandela. Or you’re lucky, and the surge wasn’t that powerful, and the information was just saved along with the original stored memories, and now you have dual memories. For those with NDEs that mark the change, that makes sense because a surge of fears, and deaths across millions of universes at one instant would certainly have an electrical impact SOMEWHERE. for those who changed without an NDE, that’s just ebb and flow of the tide of universes wavering through each other.

    This is just my hypothesis, but I feel it makes few non provable assumptions, and doesn’t require matter to be lost or gained in any universe.

    1. Justin B., I am impressed —-very nice theories! I do think radiowaves and frequencies play a part in the ME. Not the only part, but a part. Again nice well written post, Mike H.

    2. Justin B (and I HOPE and PRAY the B is not for Bieber or I HAVE to hate you),

      You just provided a reasonable explanation for one of the points I mentioned in a much earlier post on this site. It is amazing to me how almost 100% of the people meeting here are aware of the BerenstEin issue, but the percentage thinking the shuttle blew up, or Mandela died in prison, or what-have-you is much lower. I had a theory that I had suggested but, with your mention of the effect ‘sliding’ would have on matter makes more sense….I felt there were multiple openings….like our reality has somehow become Swiss-cheesed (CERN?) and some of us walk from one reality to another and then go our separate ways and some walk into other realities that their earlier traveling partners never walk through.
      I tip my hat to you with your Theory of Overwriting!
      UH-OH….new T-shirt idea for Fiona:


  46. Definitely all fascinating conversations. love the t-shirt ideas!

    I was thinking more about other ME experiences, and I had the opposite type of ME experience that some others have reported with songs on the radio. I know a lot of people have reported hearing songs or seeing movies long before they were actually released?

    I just remembered back when Gavin DeGraw was first starting to hit it big as an artist. I remember “I Don’t Want To Be” coming out as his first single and being the theme song to One Tree Hill. I remember “Chariot” coming out as his next single.

    Then I remember a second release of “I Don’t Want To Be” as the new single AFTER “Chariot” came out and wondering why he was re-releasing it or if he could even do that because it was already a single. I remember my friend telling me that no, it wasn’t already a single, it was just the One Tree Hill theme song.

    Now, though, I just spent some time researching it? And it’s back to being his first single, out before “Chariot,” and I could find no evidence of him re-releasing it as a single (which I don’t even really think is possible to do on the radio). I’m thinking maybe I crossed over somewhere and then crossed back.

  47. I really enjoy the more ambiguous comments for the t shirts…. I don’t like the ME references because ppl will just read it as the word me… capitalised and I’d rather not explain to those not awake enough to see…. as far as empathic symptoms go… I have all of those… I have not been to a doctor because I really can’t pin point a diagnoses and I’m a nurse so I don’t see a doctor without cause. But I started getting nauseated about 7 years ago and it happens at least 4-5 times a week. Joint pain check… tinnitus… I’ve had all my life but they say you can’t hear that tone after a while yet a hear the tones all the time now they never really go away and I have no hearing loss. This is the first time I’ve heard that empaths have physical symptoms… on a down note.. in this reality I was fired on the phone today… like It was really surreal because I wasn’t scheduled to work today and I said I wasn’t going in today and they called me on the phone and fired me for gross insubordination but I didn’t do anything but say I’m not working on my day off… so I need some good juju thrown my way or need to swing to a different wave length because I am single with kids and can’t afford any time off… I’m kinda still at a loss as to what happened.

    1. Hubby and I both suffer from the same symptoms – hubby says his ears have always rung that his dad’s ears rung – that he remembers one time his father looked at him and said “you hear it also” – I don’t know when mine started – I wish I could tell you. But hubby and I are both children I believe are empaths – he is the people person one – I’m the sense dead people kind of one 🙂 but we have the same symptoms all the time- that is why I first brought it up here – then I started people in the empaths groups on facebook all have the same symptom – so I kind of added two and two together. And most empaths have alternate memories. Yesterday I met my first empath that only remembered one – the field of dreams one – everything else she has this “dimensions” realities. 🙂

      And I will DEFINTELY say prayers for you! Watch it – people change – I know you don’t want to hear it – but it has been over 17 years now – I was sitting eating lunch with a coworker and took a nap – we were in the same room – and when I woke up, before I napped we never had any problems, after I woke up she told me if I ever talked to her again she would call the police. It’s called the Stephanie Zone now.

      1. Thank you for the nice warning… my world keeps changing faster than I can keep up I think…. I notice so much more… and my reality is shifting daily. It’s becoming a little unnerving. I’m very careful these days and treat everyone with my usual professional nurse self… friendly but not emotionally involved.

  48. I stumbled across a youtube video a few days ago that mentioned this Mandela Effect. (Strange occurence, the same morning I talked to my wife about it before she went to work someone was at her office later that day and asked her if she had ever heard of it, claiming they could not trust their own memory.) I didn’t think much of it until I found one with questions. I will simply put my answers and let people sort out the ones they know.

    Luke, (breath) I am your father. I thought it was even in a scene in Reign of Fire, but it seems to simply be “I am your father”
    Berenstein Bears
    Nobody does it like Sara Lee.
    It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
    Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest one of all.
    The Home Depot
    Sex in the city
    I knew Jim Nabors to be dead.
    I remember Ollie North being on TV for the Iran Contra deal, but not Reagen.
    I remember vaguely watching the challenger explode, in school. I thought is was around autumn the year alludes me. It has been so long since i tried to think about it I cannot remember if that was the one with the teacher on board.

    I have had tinnitus all of my life. I seem to be sensitive to vibrations. Some people call it energy. The night sky never looks right any more. The only part that seems right is the constellation of Orion. I rarely Facebook, but, people have found me on there that say they know me from school… I don’t remember them. And so far, three people I knew I cannot seem to find. One of the biggest school related deals that stands out is persons talking about the graduation ceremony, wanting me to remember just stuff. I was not there, I know I was not there. Anyone needs a rough timeline for my life, born Feb. 1974.

    Odd thought: Anyone remember Neil Armstrong admitting he had not gone to the moon?

    Dazed and Confused LoL

    1. The “Snow White” scenario:

      This is a book from 1998. I found a copy of it in my home. “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…” is listed in print for the book. The stories in the book are shortened, as this is possibly intended to be a bed time book. But, in my honest opinion, even in a condensed version of anything; would the words be changed.

  49. The flip side is also rather interesting…

    “Magic, mirror” in Jewish Gematria means “Holographic Mind” and “Chemical Trails.” In Hebrew Gematria it means “Deceiver of Men”. In Simple Gematria it means “The Game is Up” and “Future.”

    1. FWIW, if you look up the “berenstein” name in English gematria, it equals 666. It equals 111 in simple gematria

  50. I have another friend that is a empathy and she says she remembers nothing of her teen years up to her 20’s – does your wife remember the alternate realities?

    1. My wife remembers almost none of her childhood/teens. She was remarking on it tonight. She has alternate memories that don’t line up with this timeline.

  51. Does anybody have trouble spelling the word exercise? I’ve only had difficulty spelling it in the last few years. I always want to spell it excersize. I find a lot of web references the way I spell it- including a huffington post article and a Twitter hashtag,, but it’s apparently not correct. Is this an American vs British spelling issue?

        1. Thanks Fiona. You are definitely not the only one who remembers it as an American/British difference. Interesting.
          The second link you posted: I see some commenters referencing an American spelling with the suffix – ize, and some Americans saying they’ve only seen it with -ise. One commenter who insists they will continue to use the spelling exersize, Steve, seems to be from my universe 🙂

          What confuses me most isn’t the suffix, but remembering one extra letter in the word (exCersize). I know it’s wrong, but my brain is screaming it’s right. I use visuals and pneumonic-like aides to remember spelling. I always have, mostly with success. Until recent years, that is. I’m in the definately and dillemna camp, and have most of the other spelling changes I’ve seen mentioned here.

          1. How funny! Until recently — a few months ago — I had to keep checking the spelling of exercise. I was almost certain the American was excercize. With two Cs. Not certain enough to use that spelling when I knew Americans would be the predominant audience, but uncertain enough to look it up so often, I actually put that on a post-it note near my computer. (In my teens, I had the same issue with the word “awkward.” It simply looked wrong.)

            I’m so-so about definately, but until a few years ago, I was sure dilemma was really spelled dilemna. (One L and MNA at the end.) I also thought the two-L version was regional, so I always looked it up… and then, apparently, became uncertain again. I’d put that in my “dual memories” category.

            (I’ve been proofreading since my teens, when I worked at the local library and proofed their newsletters. In school I generally won — or came close to winning — spelling bees. So, being rather proud of my spelling skills, some of these issues perplex me.)

            1. I’m perplexed also. Most of us who remember different spellings seem reasonably smart, well read, educated people. Perhaps that’s why we notice the changes. I think one L in dilemna looks right too. Sigh.

            2. I remember it being spelt excercise. It changed for me some years ago, certainly more than 2 years.

              I’ve always been excellent at spelling. Like you, Fiona, I won spelling contests in school. Yet I discovered I was “mis-spelling” certain words around the same time that I noticed the excercise spelling issue.

              Now of course, logically, when one exercises one exerts oneself. So the spelling of exercise and exert perhaps should match and I don’t recall “excert”. That being said there are other Latin-derivative words in English with variant spellings.

              Now here’s where it gets interesting. Exert is from exsertus (exsero). So in the Latin form there is an ‘s’ (which one could imagine as changing to a soft-c). Current etymology suggests exercise is derived from exerceo but that seems wrong to me. Exerceo has meanings of enclosing, protecting, warding whereas exsero means (roughly) using. practising, striving.

              So excercise is dismissed as a mis-spelling but you could easily imagine a Victorian etymologist deciding between exerceo and exsero for the accepted derivation and the accepted English spelling forking from that decision.

              1. Alex (in the UK), Your research makes sense- it’s totally plausible to me that the spelling could, in another reality, have been derived from exsero.

  52. This all fascinates so much (and freaks me out a little). I don’t come to this site often, because whenever I do I end up reading for hours and hours (until I end up completely freaked out). But I popped on and some people have been mentioning a hot air balloon RIDE memory that can’t be explained. I don’t know, but perhaps that should be expanded to a hot air balloon EXPERIENCE that can’t be explained… the reason I say this is because I have a memory from my childhood where a hot air balloon landed in the apartment complex we lived in, I have mentioned this to my parents & my older sister a few years ago and they all told me I was crazy and it never happened, it was a large apartment complex but not with adequate room to land a balloon (they say) along with other reasons, so I chalked it up to wild childhood imagination, but now… (yeah maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it’s a strange coincidence). I can’t vividly remember any details (such as the time of year, color of balloon, etc) but I remember the location it landed and I remember seeing the balloon all deflated and laying on the ground around the balloon.
    Does anyone else have a hot air balloon memory not involving a ride in a balloon?

    1. Stephanie: A very interesting question indeed, and I’m glad you asked it!

      I don’t have any strong memory of a hot air balloon RIDE. But I do have a strong early-childhood memory of a hot air balloon RACE, one day, flying over our house! I think I was maybe around six? So late 70s?

      I distinctly remember my parents calling me outside to see a whole flight of the brightly-coloured balloons as they flew low over us, so low I could actually hear the WHOOSH of the gas burners of one of them. It was kind of scary actually. A distinct sense of power that wasn’t under my control. But so beautiful and majestic. That image and sound is one of the key memories of my pre-school years!

      I’ve never had any cause to think that it didn’t happen. As far as I’ve believed all my life, that was just one of those random interesting things that happened as a kid. Like seeing the lights of the fair, or a flood that happened the year our cat found us.

      But I do know I’ve never in my adult life experienced anything remotely similar, and it’s slightly confusing how multiple balloons could actually be so low over a city you could hear the gas burners. Maybe it was just a trick of the wind carrying the sound, or these days the air traffic regulations are tighter?

      Regards, Nate

    2. I had a similar experience when I was in elementary school. I had just left soccer practice and my mom and I drove past this house down the road from my school and there was a hot air balloon (deflated and beginning to be packed up) in the front yard of this house (it was a big front yard) so we pulled over and there were a few other people from my soccer team there and the balloon operator let us take turns standing in the basket. It’s one of those memories that’s kind of dream like but I’ve always been pretty sure it was real.

  53. Okay I get the fact that I may have just never ever came across this fact. Perhaps it is just as simple as that but when I saw this today I felt that funny feeling like (Hmm this looks highly unfamiliar, almost unreal, like seeing anything remotely resembling a narwhal for the first time in my life last week….. it could be a ME. Since I have become aware that the ME is quite real, possibly changing things on a regular or periodic basis, and seems to have really been ramping up its overall effect recently. Some aspect(s) of the ME is currently increasing in its potency with the fact that large numbers of people are experiencing this for the first time. Anyways, here is something that I am sure I would have seen in a picture or on the news or National Geographic magazine……..or something…..It’s a 50 lane highway. Easily the most ridiculous road idea I have ever seen. Just google image 50 lane highway and you too may have never seen anything like it. Until now at least!

    1. Wow. I thought this was a prank and then I checked Google. You’re right. I don’t think this has anything to do with ME, but it’s certainly an example of something truly strange that exists, but I’d never heard of it until now. (One would think a 50-lane highway would have been prominently in the news when it was built, at the very least… right?)

    2. This has been recently built. It’s not a ME if I remembre that not so long ago (10 to 20 years), Atlanta was in the Guinness book of world records with a 12-lane highway.

      1. Rainer, I agree that it’s not an ME without more information. I’d want to see how much press the highway received when it was being built or first opened, in this reality. Maybe some of us were in another reality when it was built and made the headlines.

    3. Stephanie: I saw this image today! It boggled me too, but then I think of China as ‘the place where really big things are built’ and it didn’t particularly surprise me. But it is odd, yes.

    4. When media blasts the public with such post there always seems to be a deeper meaning which seems to play on current or upcoming events which can be related to cosmic events, prophesy, biblical “historical” references, and financial markets.

      When a story looks a bit ridiculous or over the top, such as “scientists have come to find that many years ago due to x, y, and z animals such as snakes could have easily been the size of houses”. Because I was into trading at the time, my immediate thought was that there were going to be huge swings in the market coming up. Sure enough, within the next 24 hours currency markets displayed huge swings which went back to prior numbers before the swing resembling the ridiculous caption for that article.

      For this one, 50 lane highway traffic, the significance is on the number, the date, references to biblical occurrences, and cosmology. This same thing happens every time Golden Week comes around but the image of the highway traffic and emphasis on the number of lanes had not been presented in prior years.

      A bit much to go into the significance of this article. Some quick links I just pulled to give those interested an idea (but there is tons of stuff out there, could also be saying that this Jubilee will be 50 years not 49):

  54. I just wanted to say that I’m overwhelmed by the amount of comments here, I remember when this place was fairly quiet. lol

    1. About two months ago, I was driving from work, listening to Coast to Coast. I recall Art Bell being mentioned on the show, about a specific topic he did and then they moved on with condolences, rest in peace and such. Even before this, I always assumed George Noory took over because Bell died. The internet states Bell retired in ’03 and Bell’s wife died in ’06.

      1. I also remember Art Bell passing, I was a huge fan back when he had The AOL page “The Grassy Knoll” so I remember being shocked and saddened. I cant place the year but I want to say 2009?

  55. Does anybody else remember Jane Fonda passing away within the past 2-3 years? Apparently she’s still alive. I remember her death being a very big deal.

  56. Hi, Mike H.
    I kinda find the idea that all we have are our memories kinda disturbing and interesting at the same time. If all we have are our memories, seems we have nothing. Or is that everything? I feel me getting deep, ill try to tone it down.

    We have NOTHING, because our memories don’t match our reality. They are ever changing. Or, more accurately, we shift into that objects reality, so we dont remember it that way.
    And we have EVERYTHING because we keep picking up these other frequencies and like you said, remember. Eventually, we may have three and four memories of the same event.

    I feel that presently embodiment is as important as memory.

    1. Anthony, in a round about way , that’s what I was trying to say.
      Everything is nothing.
      Nothing is everything.

      Opposites are the same in reverse . Believe me it’s hard for me to explain it. Jason H. , Jason Thomas, Daniel, and I try to touch on this in the “September22/23 thread”. The infinity loop , figure 8 were topics that come up often. You do a much better job at communicating than I do—– not my strong point, LOL! I really like some of the ideas/theories you are bringing up. Mike H.

      1. OH! QUOTE OF THE DAY! “Opposites are the same in reverse”….I LOVE IT!
        Another T-Shirt idea too…..

  57. I’ve been keeping an eye on my globe (partly because I’m curious to see if it will turn into a disk) … I’ll be the first to admit I could have missed a lot. But I do not recall Alaska creeping down the west coast of Canada.

    1. If it turns to the great a’tuin with 4 elephants on its back (nod to the disk world by pratchett).. TBH at this stage i wouldnt be too surprised, the world is wobbling so much that i am getting dizzy LOL..

      But seriously I avoid atlases, and maps because thats one of the few things that disturbs me more than anything. the fact the earth is supposed to be eternal (in our life times that is).

      1. Around the date you posted this, I kept getting over and over, ‘It’s turtles all the way down.”

  58. Movie Life with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence changed. Character “Can’t get right” had a red ball not a blue ball previously. This blue color ball stands out with the blue colored car that the recruiter comes to get him in. The car was also red.

    The color, now, is much similar to that awkard dark blue-greyish color of Dr Who’s time machine. It is very strange color for the car as well, especially for that time period the movie was suppose to portray. This new blue is very unpleasing to the eye and just doesn’t feel right.

      1. Can you do a post about the red/blue issue? I don’t remember encountering it elsewhere on the site and it sounds interesting. I do remember reading that the 2000 presidential election was the first in which the news broadcasts listed “red” states as conservative and “blue” as liberal. Previously it was the opposite. I don’t remember the reasoning given, only that it abruptly switched, and it’s been that way ever since.

        1. Hi, Jade,

          I just now finished reading the Wikipedia [1] write-up on the red/blue state politics mapping, and although they referred to 2000 as “…the first time a standard color scheme took hold; the colors were often reversed or different colors used before the 2000 election.“, that’s close enough to your description to knit my eyebrows (at this point, I’m really becoming rather blasé toward these surprises).

          In my memory/timeline/etc., the red/blue political mapping has been stably red-conservative & blue-liberal for at least the past 40 years (before that, I wouldn’t know about, and it might be only the 36-38 years that I can really account for).


  59. Hi, apologies in advance if this is a misplaced
    comment.. I just wanted to express my gratitude towards you, Fiona, for creating this site. Reading many of the comments have helped me in knowing I’m not alone with these strange experiences! The newer comments regarding empaths and their traits (unbeknownest to me until reading here) have inspired me to further investigate myself and I am learning that feelings/senses I’ve always felt quite awkward about having are truly valid and deserve recognition. It puts a smile on my face now knowing that great minds truly do think both alike, and for themselves! Many thanks for providing this exciting cyber space for us to share, keep up your great work!

  60. Orion hits a cord with me too… I’ve been paying attention to it since 2004 when I lived in Alaska and Orion was no where to be seen. I figured I was too far north. Since moving back to the lower 48. Orion is predominate in the sky. I used to be able to identify lots of constellations , now I have to search for the big dipper and the pleiades because Orion seems to be hogging the sky.

    1. English Wikipedia says that Orion constellation is visible at latitudes between +85° and −75° (and thus in Alaska you really were much closer to the edge of its visibility). In other words, it looks like you have experienced an effect of recent changes in your latitude — but not a Mandela Effect.

      1. Thank you for that lovely insight but my latitude was 56.812 so it definitely should have been visible from that location.

  61. I am positive berenstein bears have always been, NOT berenstain, it’s the reason I’m here and the reason I think many are here. I’m pretty sure Australia is farther west and more southern and New Zealand is to the north, but I may have confuesed papa New guinea with new Zealand. I do remember seeing old maps and seeing a blank area much more south and that’s were Australia was but then I can’t be sure that maybe it’s just conflicting info from unreliable scorces. When I heard Nelson Mandela died I Said to a friend ” I thought he died along time ago?” And I’m sure the challenger exploded in 1986 because I was in second grade watching it live from the first row and it blew up in my face.
    So that’s the time line I’m from, and I tend to believe it’s a time problem, can I be sure? Of course not, as an observer i can’t be sure that my observations haven’t been influenced by some preconceived notion or that by simply observing that the very a action didn’t change the conclusion or something like that. I’m not and do not pretend to be the smartest person in the room. The one thing I’m sure of is berenstein. And if that is the only truth than we have a really strange thing going on.
    I remember as a child my brother and sister and my father telling me that my dad owned a laser disk player, but I have no recollection of it, and I even argued that the v c r was long before that invention, aparently I was wrong, I also had an experience when I was in middle school, every day I walked the same way, one day I saw a house that I had never seen before, like it had just appeard over night and it wasn’t a house that looked the same as the others in fact it was a southwestern style painted white and back farther from the road than the rest. till this day when drive by I think to myself “that’s the house that wasn’t there”
    My theory is that we as a species from our far future are influencing us in this time line, I’m thinkin that maybe thousands or even a million years from now we have perfected time travel. Not only time travel but everything as a species and have perfected humanity and all that goes along with it. That these future people are now going back to change things that can’t be changed threw DNA or science but trying to change things that have been learned, a nature vs nurture kind of argument, they have it all figured out and humanity is almost perfected but the only way to change what we learned is to go back and change it and for whatever reason the berenstein bears changed and all of us here at this site are at the right point in history to observe the change and acknowledge it. It’s really quite beautiful, that the human race is still around that far in the future and managed not to destroy ourselves or our living space and now want to make ourselves more perfect and as they change us it’s instantaneous to them. It’s like an artist putting the last final brush strokes on a masterpiece or a conductor finding the right notes to bring the entire symphony togather. THANK YOU Fiona….I so want a hoodie with a mandella effect logo… a logo! Just thought of it, that’s what we need a symbol that conveys the idea!!

  62. Well I think I found a new one because I started watching the movie Ghost Ship and noticed that the beginning of the move wasnt the same. When I was a kid my mom and her boyfriend would always watch horror movies on the couch and some I could watch. Well the put Ghost ship in the VCR and I know it is the beginning because all the previews, but anyways the movie was starting and I remember the ship was covered in fog and had the skill just like the cover of the movie except the skull faded into the fog as the camera panned up and over the deck of the ship and all you saw was blood running in a stream. But thats when my parents told me to leave….. But now the movie begins with a lady in a red dress singing then a bunch of people get cut in half…

    Thanks for reading and tell me if you remember that.

    1. Ah, the irony, if that movie has changed in this timestream! LOL (It’s a surreal film, and it’s almost fitting if it’s been affected by ME.)

  63. At first, I wrote off the “The Home Depot” vs. “Home Depot” as false memory, but then I remembered the old 90’s jingle. I remember the jingle as “When you’re with us at Home Depot, you’ll feel right at home.” This is one of those jingles that got stuck in my head for decades. I’m positive this is how it went.

    I’ve been scouring the internet all day and could not find one youtube clip of the jingle I remember. The only 90’s jingle I could find was, “Low prices are just the beginning.” The thing is, I’ve NEVER heard this one, yet it apparently played all through the nineties. When I mentioned this to my wife, I sang her the jingle I remember, “when you’re with us at Home Depot, etc.”. She had never heard it, but when I played her the “low prices are just the beginning” clip, she sang along verbatim.

    So then I went to Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, their slogan was “When you’re at The Home Depot, you’ll feel right at home”, in the late 1990s. Of course, I remember it as, “When you’re with us at Home Depot, you’ll feel right at home”. I was able to find clips from 1996, 1998 and 1999 and none of them used either jingle. It was always, “low prices are just the beginning”. The closest I could find was a commercial from 1996, where someone named Lynette Jennings make reference to their “right at home” campaign. However, they do not sing the jingle I remember and still make reference to “low prices are just the beginning.”

    For me, this was one of those jingles that got stuck in my head, permanently. I’m sure most can relate. We’ve all been brain washed so well by clever marketing. I was an eighties kid. Others I can’t get out of my head are the Push Pop Commercial and “Jermack, bounce back, beautiful hair.” I’m so sure it was “When you’re with us at Home Depot, you’ll feel right at home”. Maybe somebody else remembers the jingle I’m referring to and can find a youtube clip.

    Lastly, there was one other clip I was able to find from 1991. It was a Home Depot commercial featuring Homer, the animated spokesperson. In this clip they play the tune I remember in the background but they still say, “low prices are just the beginning.”

  64. Fiona

    I have sent before a comment about dubbed versions of english movies. I just remembered this because I have noticed another change in the spanish dubbed version of one of the HP movies.

    Does any of you know by any chance how this works? I mean , I’m wondering if there is more than one dubbed transcript from a movie (unlikely to me , as I explained before I have never been able to see again the “dubbed version” that I recall) or this is indeed a ME.

    I don’t want to spoil yet which Harry Potter movie has the “new” dialogue in Spanish. I know there are some people from southamerica that also reads this site and maybe there’s a chance one of them may have noticed the change.


    1. David, as far as I know, different studios can be involved in dubbing for different target audiences. (For example, dubbing for American audiences isn’t always the same as dubbing for English audiences.) So, there may be more than one version of a Spanish-language Harry Potter film.

      1. Fiona:

        That is a relieve ! So maybe there are more than one studio involved in this, right? I have to check if I catch again the version with the script that I recall.

        There’s only one more thing. I have yet to catch again the Independece Day with the dubbed script I recall (as I said before I have never been able to catch again the dubbed version that I watched at the cinema. This have been bugging me for 10 years).

        On another topic, I read a comment about searching if the ME is just USA related or no. I believe that is a global thing, but anyway I think it would be interesting to check things like local celebrities who were dead and now they’re alive again or maybe any other event that is ME related.

        Ps: I read that another David wrote a comment below. just to be sure, it wasn’t me, right? Haha.

        1. David, you may want to choose a distinguishing username for your comments, so we know when it’s you. Perhaps add an initial to your given name?

  65. Fiona,
    Keep up the good work,
    Here are some suggestions for further areas to examine (to see if there is any correlation to ME) are:
    1) SLIders – as in “Street Light Interference” or people who can make street lights go out (or turn on) as they pass under them. As a SLIder myself, I have experienced a great deal of ME in my life.
    2) Any severe accident/medical procedure (or NDE) that they should not have lived through but yet somehow did?
    3) Continued appearances of repeating numbers (i.e. 11:11, 444, etc..) in their lives on frequent and unprovoked basis.
    4) Spirituality . A poll to rate a person’s level of belief in God etc,,, from 1-10 etc… to determine any connection to prayer life or spiritual beliefs. Possibly further segregate by various religious groups (i.e. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic etc…)
    5) Astrological sign. Break out/graph manifestations by sign. Similar to what you have already deduced with empaths (I am one BTW). Some signs tend to exhibit more empathy tendencies than others (i.e. Pisces)
    6) Occurrence of other phenomena such as Deja Vu or Synchronicity on a regular basis by people with ME.
    7) Conduct outreach to other nationalities to see if famous people in other countries have died and now are alive or other examples of ME on a global scale etc… See if it is global phenomena or confined to USA etc…
    Hope this helps .

    1. David, I really appreciate you sorting these issues and listing them. (I’m very Virgo, btw. I love lists like this. LOL)

      I’d love to create polls/studies for all of these points. Part of that will depend on resolving the software issues — on-site or with external polls — and if the tee shirts do well enough for me to hire an assistant to help with some of the moderation, etc. (Fingers crossed, that will resolve a lot.)

      Thanks again, and I hope to put this list to use, soon.

    2. I have odd effects on radios, i cannot tune them, i get the sound perfect then as soon as i move away its detuned lots of static, so i have to tune it wrong to get it right for when i am not there.. and for the last week whenever i open the back door the street light goes out.. . and its a good 30 feet away from my house. Even had machines/radios detune as i get near and people know its me, because only i make their radios act weird..

      I have had several “fits” complete no but was concious and even asked and answered questions. whether they are NDE’s i dont know..3 of them to my direct recognition.

      Numbers not really, I am a Slider between atheist and agnostic, i am a sceptic in everything i try to find a explanation for everything, but I know there are more things in heaven and earth than is ever dreamed of.. I question even the standard “answers”, I want to learn the WHY? the why anything is/was/will be

      I am a taurus 5th of may, born in 1973 the year of the ox.. i am doubly stubborn LOL..

      I suffer from deja vu.. at least two or 3 times a week, but i always “Break” them by doing something totally out of character, I used to be an empath, but i would feel too much what other people felt.. so i shut down that part of me, still can sense stuff but i dont like using that part.

      I live in the UK near manchester my family has been here in the surrounding area (60 miles away) since records began in the churches 1232, so thats me.

      1. Funny you should mention the radio tuning and street lamps Martin. I have those same issues, and problems with electronics in general. I hear high pitch noises from lights and electronics that others around me can’t hear. If the DVD player in my living room is on (just the power on, not actually playing a movie) I can hear it from anywhere in the house. Drives me nuts. Also I ‘break’ credit card machines and ATMs when I use them. I had finger prints taken on a digital machine yesterday (for a job), and the lady had a hell of a time getting my prints. They kept getting rejected by the computer. The whole line of people in front of me, no problems, each one took about two minutes. It took 20 minutes to get my prints.
        LED lights that are supposed to last for years burn out after a few months in my house. The house is less than 10 years old so I know it’s not old wiring. It’s always me that theh go out on- I flip the light switch, there’s a flash and audible pop, and the light is dead.

        1. At one point, i would “throw” lightning through paper, i would run my hands on the old computer monitors, then hold a piece of paper to the metal desk and my my hand closer and zap i would burn a hole into the paper.. i sort of build up a charge as well.. if thats a side effect or a cause i dont know.. but i have even set off a metal detector in an airport going to america, i set it off and they pulled me to one side and used a hand held scanner on me twice once it said i had metal in my groin, then they did it again and no metal.. and this was airport metal detectors.. talk about scary and embarrassing

  66. Here are my own in-congruent memories (prior to discovering more, thanks to this site):

    Jack Palance: Originally: Died shortly after the filming of City Slickers 2 (1994). I remember the dedication at the beginning of the movie.
    Now: Died in 2006, 12 full movies later.

    Jane Goodall: Originally: Died in the late 80s, while living with monkeys. She was brutally murdered by poachers, and had her hands and feet cut off as if she were actually poached.
    Now: Alive, and has written numerous books, several movies, and continues to be a renown activist.
    Note: I vividly remember the TV news of the event as well as later reading the National Geographic feature. I remember the photographs of Jane’s body being carried out of the jungle on a stretcher. Nothing ever seemed odd to me until I began to see Jane alive and well on billboards and television sometime around 2007/8. Prior to researching the in-congruity I had never heard of Dian Fossey. Additionally, I asked my wife what she remembered about Jane, as she had been a huge childhood fan. Her memories matched mine. I then asked my parents, whom I was living with when Jane died, but they remember Fossey.

    Walter Cronkite: Originally: Died in mid-2008. I actually had a long discussion via email with another person on whether Walter had already died once before. I clearly remember watching a special on his life that included several memorable reports that he produced. All of this happened during a defined period in my life when I was away from home in 2008.
    Now: Died in July 2009.

    Australia: Originally: Was completely surrounded by a great deal of water on all sides. Quite a bit South of Asia.
    Now: Directly below Papua New Guinea. Far too close to Asia, and the Southern island chain.

    New Zealand: Originally: North-West of Australia. I remember specifically looking for it on a map just after the release of one of the LoTR movies.
    Now: South-East of Australia.

    WWII: Originally: Only one atomic bomb was dropped to end the war. It was dropped on Hiroshima.
    Now: A second a-bomb was dropped on Nagasaki as well.
    Note: I have watched several programs recently which have reinforced the fact that two cities were destroyed. This has clouded my memory to the point that I cannot rely on this in-congruence any longer.

    Falkland Islands: Originally: A single large island with many small islands around the coast.
    Now: Two (nearly three) large land masses.
    Note: This ME is unique to me, as it was shared by two friends at the same moment. Sometime in 2007/8 three of us were researching places to bug out to during emergencies. The Falkland Islands seemed an ideal place and we spend the large part of one day viewing satellite maps of the islands, looking for the best landing spots, places to approach unseen, etc. The following day, one of my friends approached me and the other in shock and asked us to look at the satellite image again. All three of us could confirm that it was not the same islands we spend hours viewing the day prior.

    Here are some of my theories. Of these, I personally lean toward the death, intention manifestation or reentry theories, due to personal experiences.

    Prime Consciousness
    Assumptions: The multiverse consists of near infinite timelines. Each additional timeline splits off of timeline 1 (the timeline shooting straight out of the first moment in time) every time there is more than a single possible choice or outcome. You can imagine how massive this mess of timelines would be after just a single moment. Each individual exists in as many timelines as their existence is possible at once. While all iterations of an individual appear to be conscious, only one is inhabited by his/her “prime” consciousness.
    If upon death the body in question houses the “prime” consciousness, this consciousness will slip into the nearest timeline in which the individual is still living. The individual will likely be unaware of the move, as it will be instantaneous, and will go about their life unaware that in a few possible realities away he/she was just killed by, say, that red car that nearly blew through a stop light, but managed to notice and break just in time. Anything else that was different in the losing timeline will quickly be blurred in memory as new history and information presses in. The entire shift is likely to go unnoticed, unless there is a very large, or marked difference in the new reality.
    -Intention Manifestation
    Assume that intention manifestation does indeed work, but not in the way we think. We do not in fact bend reality to our will in any fashion, but instead shift timelines at will until our “prime” consciousness resides in a timeline similar to our desired outcome. We must assume that similar timelines are grouped closer to each other, as they branched from a common thread. This would explain why it is difficult to affect any huge change through intention manifestation, such as regrowing a limb, as both a reality in which technology is advanced to this point and a reality in which a limb was never lost are much further from the current timeline.
    Perhaps consciousness shifts are completely natural, or completely random, but go largely unnoticed. On that note, any theory like this would really not be necessary until now, as not too long ago humans did not possess such elaborate social networks, and could not exchange information so quickly and with such a large audience. The likelihood of stumbling upon someone with similar experiences without the help of a search tool or a forum would be very small. Even should it have happened, it would likely be brushed aside as coincidence and false memory. Without the flow of information that we have from radio, television and the internet, people would also have a much smaller world-view, and world-changing events would not be as visible to everyone at once, leading to significantly fewer conflicts of memory.

    Collective Consciousness
    Assumptions: Reality is the same as in Prime Consciousness, but no single consciousness is any different from the next.
    As each individual dies, his/her consciousness is assimilated into the consciousness of the same individual on the nearest timeline in which he/she is still alive. Memories would likely match to a large degree, but there would be minute differences that could go unnoticed.

    Timeline Collapse
    Timelines naturally or randomly collapse back into the nearest timeline, taking on the characteristics of the remaining reality. Some individuals do not assimilate properly, and have remnants of the collapsed reality appear in memory.
    The end of a timeline is caused by some catastrophe of universal proportions. The timeline ends abruptly and melds back into the nearest surviving reality. The unnatural conditions of this theory leave some people confused with mixed memories.

    Butterfly Effect
    -Time Travel
    Multiple timelines are irrelevant to this theory. Assume that time travel has recently been realized (known to the public or not), and through irresponsible travel someone has managed to change the course of history. The change would be instantaneous in the present, and would seem as though it were always that way to most. We must also assume that human memory is not completely stored in the body. Some may retain the memory of how it once was until it fades. There would of course be no physical evidence that anything was ever different. How one would go about changing something as fundamental as plate tectonics, however, is beyond me…

    Pushing Thoughts
    -Thought Control
    It has been theorized lately that some agencies have developed technology that is able to push thoughts into people’s minds without them knowing. If this technology is able to engrain false memories, as well as influence present thought, those of us with false memories may just be the unwilling victims of thought control experiments.

    Those of us who have left our bodies at any point, be it OBE, Astral Projection, or maybe even Lucid Dreaming, unknowingly reenter through a slightly different timeline or reality. Perhaps each and every time. Who are we to know for certain, when we don’t fully understand the mechanics leaving the body, and all we have to go on is our memories of the previous timeline.

    Shared Mind Slip
    Imagine again that we exist on many, many timelines all at once. Imagine that our mind is actually external from our bodies, not wholly located or depending upon our brain. Imagine that there is a veil in place, as some would surmise, that keeps us from knowing many things while we are alive on Earth. Imagine that were this veil to be lifted, we would find that all versions of ourself actually share a common mind. What if information from one of our incarnations slipped through this veil to another, and this is the out of place memories that we have.

    1. I only got as far as the Jack Palance one, when my brain did a somersault. I actually went to his IMDb page ( to see if I was mixing up two of his movies, or if you got the City Slickers 2 year wrong.

      I loved City Slickers, and I was so glad he’d at least finished City Slickers 2. Though the opening dedication was a sad reminder, I was glad they’d put it at that point in the film, so viewers could acknowledge his passing and go on to enjoy the film and celebrate one of Palance’s final projects.

      (I’m never pleased when a similar dedication is at the end of a film or TV episode. I mean, it’s a nice gesture, but I’d rather conclude with a happier frame of mind related to the person’s life.)

    2. Thanks for this great post, Zach!
      I think your comments acknowledging the ill-fitting ME’s related to geographical changes in most proposed explanations might be a strong clue for how to winnow down to the best explanations for this phenomenon.
      Also, I wonder, when you suggest those of us with these “false” memories might be subjects of an experiment, if it’s not the opposite; if it might not be that those without “false” memories are accepting the program, experiencing the test, while those of us here are noticing the discrepancies are the control-group.

    3. As far as countries and continents go it has to be taken into account that different maps do exist. The map that most people grew up with in school is just one version. The earth is round and maps are flat. It is impossible to give a correct rendition of the earth on a flat surface. For this reason several maps using different ways to represent the earth are published. Depending on the map, countries can vastly differ in size and position.

      1. Christo, your point was already made in my article, Does History Explain Alternate Geography?

        It’s more helpful if these kinds of comments are at related articles, so we reduce repetition (and excessively long threads) at this site. If you’re interested in this kind of conversation — not just here to explain how and why we’re wrong — please continue it at the related article.

      2. We were not studying a map. Rather, it was satellite imagery — and the same imagery every time 😉

  67. I didn’t see this one listed, but people are talking about it:

    Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come” has changed to “If you build it, HE will come”.

    The clip of the movie says “HE”, yet everyone I ask remember it as I do as…”they”.

    1. It has been discussed, probably a page or two earlier in the comments. You’ll see plenty of people remembering it as “they,” with supporting secondary evidence.

  68. Ok I am a big blues brothers fan, love it, however the sequel should be consigned to the lowest level of hell IMO.. i am watching a criticism about it, and It sort of stunned me a little. I was 100% sure because it was so bad that Macauley Culkin was in it as the kid(buster)… because the film is SO bad IMO i remember it so well.. and apparently it was planned for Culkin but he outgrew it.. but i am still 100% convinced i saw him in that film.. (but it couldnt have been as the dates meant he was 18-20)

    the only thing i can think is if it was made a few years earlier in my timeline, so it would have fitted.. but i dont know.. As always it could have been me misremembering. Every so often something comes along and throws me even though i KNOW about the Mandela Effect. it blows my mind..

  69. Does anyone else remember Jan-Michael Vincent passing away in the late 70’s or early 80’s? I would have sworn that he had, but no, he is alive as of 10/12/2015.

    1. purplepoints,

      I had to look that up, to be sure you were right. I was certain he’d died in the 80s. As I recall, it was some sort of accident, and tragic, of course, but not extraordinary for that era.

      Then, I thought I must have mixed up the names. I knew that the young man was blond-ish and handsome and was a co-star on a helicopter show co-starring Ernest Borgnine.

      No, I wasn’t mistaken. The star was Jan-Michael Vincent, but he’s still alive now.

      I’m utterly amazed.

      Sincerely, Fiona

      I’m absolutely baffled by this one.

      1. Fiona,
        Jan Michael -Vincent , was one of the first actors I noticed alive again ( not sure what we call it). This was well before the Internet was mainstream. He was in one of my favorite movies as a kid. “Damnation Alley”. I was devasted , I would have sworn he died of a drug overdose in 1985. I remember seeing it on ET. Fast forward to 1993 , and their he was on TV doing an interview. It was one of the strangest feelings, which I would have many more times. It was hard to forget that rough actor with rock star looks. Both those years are on my “list”. Mike H.

        1. Mike H., thank you! I had no idea he was still alive until I checked online after reading purplepoints’ comment. The weird thing is, I recognized Vincent’s current pictures (for all I know, I saw him IRL at Dragon Con or something), but I didn’t realize it was Jan-Michael Vincent. I was that certain he’d died years ago, and yes, I didn’t want to mention that the “accident” involved drugs, since he’s still alive. (But, I also wanted to see if anyone else mentioned that in a similar memory about his death.) It’s why I said “not extraordinary for that era.”

          And, like you, I saw mention of his death on some TV show like ET. I was absolutely stunned when the news broke. I was so certain he’d died, that when I was moderating purplepoints’ comment, I paused to check the facts of this reality.

          On my personal scale of “makes sense” to “not a chance in Hades,” the idea of Jan-Michael Vincent not dying long ago seemed completely impossible.

          Very odd.

          1. Fiona,
            Jan-Michael Vincent was one of those like my Ringo memories. I’ve got several I never mention to see if they come up. Like Martin and yourself , I have always wondered if there was some connection, since Ernest Borgnine is an often mentioned ME ( he is one of mine also). This might sound a bit silly, but I wonder if for example we checked Air Wolf episodes for guest stars , if any are on our lists.

            I have mentioned before that I seem to notice patterns. And for whatever reason a lot of these celebrities seem to cluster around certain years , for me anyway. They pretty much line up with my year list. 85-86, 89, 93,98,99,01 and 05 to the present. With 09,11,12 being especially busy for celebrities. Mike H.

          2. First of all, let me say I am glad Jan-Michael Vincent did not pass away as I remember and is still alive.

            I also did not mention in my original post how I remember Jan-Michael Vincent passing in order to see if anyone else shared the same memory about his death.

            I remember clearly when I was around 12 or so, hearing he had passed on TV and asking my Mom what had happened to him. She did not want to get into the details because it was drug or alcohol related. Could have been an overdose or a car accident, I can’t recall exactly. I do remember where I was at, and we moved from that house in 1982, so it had to have been some time before that.

            I was astonished when I saw an article about him having his leg amputated recently. I thought, “how can he have his leg amputated when he has been dead for over 30 years?”

            Went and looked it up and he is still alive. It is unbelievable, but I am happy for him!

            (My daughter said she sure hopes Heath Ledger miraculously comes back in a few years.)

            1. purplepoints, I have the vaguest memory of an accident being part of his death. I was thinking it was a car accident, but the headlines were about the massive amount of drugs in his system, and — as I recall — they were what actually killed him. I’m not sure it was technically an overdose, but it was more than his body could handle. I don’t recall any other fatalities or significant injuries, just him. (I want to say that he accidentally drove off a cliff near Malibu, but that’s too blurry to be reliable.)

              The verdict I recall: he died from the drugs. It was a stupid way to go, but not unusual back then. (And not entirely unheard of, now.)

              I’m hoping Heath Ledger returns, as well. And a few other talented people who left us too soon.

              1. I was trying to recall a similar death, to explain the way the headlines were selectively written when Jan-Michael Vincent died in the other reality.

                I found it. It was musician Harry Chapin (“Cat’s in the Cradle”) who had a heart attack and died when his VW Rabbit was hit from the back by a truck.

                Well, that’s what the news stories said on the radio. (There’s nothing Mandela-ish about this, as far as I know.) First, Chapin had a heart attack, then — aware that he was in trouble — he signaled with the flashing hazard lights on his car, and headed to the shoulder of the highway. Then, as he was crossing lanes, his car was hit by an oncoming truck that couldn’t slow down to avoid him.

                Weirdly, since the accident was in NY and the press had plenty of access to the facts, the NY Times obit only mentioned the car crash. (Ref. ) Fans tell a slightly different story. (Ref. )

                Either way, a heart issue caused Chapin’s death, but the headlines were about the car accident.

                Similarly, I recall Vincent’s obituary leading with the more sensational aspects: In his case, the headlines were about the drugs — the main cause of his alternate death — but if anyone read all the way to the end of the obit, the article mentioned the car accident.

                I’m pretty sure fans would prefer to remember Vincent’s alternate death as a tragic car accident, rather than anything drug related.

                I prefer not to think about either of them, and celebrate the fact that — in this reality — he’s still with us.

                As I was looking for similar obituary editing in this reality, I realized this is a good example of why it’s important to conduct research before deciding one’s memories don’t match this timestream. Media bias can result in a story being told in very different ways.

                1. Fiona when you referenced Harry Chapin singing Cat’s in the cradle, I immediately had to look it up. I have always known that song to be by Cat Stevens. I love cat Stevens and own several albums on vinyl, including a greatest hits album, which used to have Cat’s in the cradle on it. Of course I just checked it, and it’s not there.

                  Apparently I’m not the only one with this memory; a quick google search will show you that many people swear Cat Stevens wrote that song. Here’s a link where people were CERTAIN it was Cat Stevens, until they were corrected. The language people use smacks of a ME to me. People swear by it.


                  Skeptics may say that people with this memory are relating the song to Cat Stevens just because of Cat in the song title. But that was the whole point! To me, the song is so poignant BECAUSE it was autobiographical, about Cat Stevens and his father.
                  I’m freaking out right now.
                  Complete shock on this one.

                  1. PS- I’ve never in my life heard of Harry Chapin, until just now reading your comment.
                    I went to YouTube and watched some videos of him. Nothing. I know NONE of his songs (except for cats in the cradle which I will always think was Cat Stevens).

                    I’m a huge fan of music from the 60s and 70s. I have a large album collection and I’ve listened to the radio, a lot, my whole life. How have I never heard these songs???

                  2. FJ, that’s fascinating. As I was researching Chapin’s death, I was wondering why I thought that was so important to post at this site… and now it looks like it leads to another Mandela Effect event. (What’s especially odd is that I can “hear” Cat Stevens singing it. I’ll have to see if he did a cover of the song, because his voice is so clear in my memory… but I’m pretty certain I’ve never heard him sing it, only Chapin.)

                    1. I’ve been reading more about this issue, and it’s even weirder the more I delve into it. I’ve seen comments from people claiming, like me, that they remember the song being on Cat Steven’s greatest hits album. Many people also remember the original album with the song being titled Cat’s Cradle, but it never existed in this reality.
                      I have searched to see if Cat Stevens did a remake of this song but I can’t find ANY evidence of that happening. When I listen to the song now, I can tell the difference in the voice too. Harry Chapin’s voice is deeper, it just sounds different to me.

                    2. I also thought it was Cat Stevens, and I don’t think I’ve never heard of any of Harry Chapin’s other songs. But just take a look at the lyrics to some of the top songs in his discography, I’d say they are pretty meaningful. It’s pretty easy to tell which ones by the titles.

                    3. AH! This is one is VERY interesting for me because, if an example of ME, it would be the earliest example yet! I too, once upon a time, believed Cat Stevens had sung that tune…but my discovery that it was NOT was made around 15-20 years ago! I was as dumfounded then as you al are now! Just chalked it up to a mistake on my part and moved on.

                    4. Hey FJ, Anne, Fiona,
                      So, just for clarification sake, are you three saying Cat Stevens NEVER recorded “Cats in the Cradle”? If so, that has now changed!
                      I had NO PROBLEM finding Cat Stevens version on YouTube.

                      (PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EDIT THIS OUT. I don’t want to start any speculation or fear.) Ever since Ben mentioned “feeling a change” on Nov. 13th, I’ve run across a few situations where evidence has either appeared or disappeared. It startled me when it first occurred, but one instance isn’t evidence. So, I’ve decided to go back and check MY OWN posts first. Seems like a logical place to start. I’m still searching for a couple “rogue” posts, and if I can’t track them down, I may request your help. For now, I want to do the “legwork” myself for documentation sake.
                      Thanks again, Fiona, for all your dedication and support! The situation seems crazy! So, I don’t want to overreact and get everybody’s hopes up. If anything solid (besides this and the Sinbad/genie thing!) comes from it, I will DEFINATELY (pun intended!) share it with everyone however you see fit!

                    5. DbD, please share the link at YouTube. I’ve found one that has a photo of Cat Stevens (and plenty of angry comments at the video, asking why his photo is on it) but the voice is Harry Chapin. I’ve found a couple of others that list Cat Stevens in the name of the video, but in the (fine print) music credits for the video, they list Harry Chapin as the singer/songwriter. (Actually, I think his wife wrote the song or was co-writer, but I’d have to look that up to be certain.)

                      In addition, I found a few erroneous sites crediting Cat Stevens with the recording, but — so far — all of them seem to feature Harry Chapin’s recordings.

                      Cat Stevens recorded “Cat’s Cradle,” but — unless I’m overlooking something — not “…in the Cradle.”

                      So, a link with the Cat Stevens version of Chapin’s song would help. Thanks!

                    6. Hey Fiona,
                      Unfortunately, I can no longer find the video. All I can say is When I found it, I looked up Harry Chapin’s version as well, in order to compare the two. This one may be “lost”! I guess I’m going to need to start saving links. Sorry for the confusion!

                    7. No problem, DbD. I’ve felt the same frustration, myself. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if the recording labels associated with Harry Chapin and Cat Stevens — seeing increased activity at related YouTube videos — are having those videos removed for copyright violations. Or something.

                  3. I recall Cat Stevens always to be the once who recorded Cats in the Cradle. Never heard Harry Chapin. I tripped when I looked it up.

                    Another one is Peter Frampton. ( Do…feel like ( I ) do…

                    Is now: Do you…you…Feel like ( WE ) do…

                    Without a doubt we are not where we once were.

                    The real question is, where are we really at?

                    1. Slider, can you share a reliable link where you found the alternate Peter Frampton lyrics? (See Terms: Comments, as the comment policy changed here, in the past couple of weeks. Except that you’ve commented here regularly in the past, I wouldn’t ordinarily approve this without a good link.)

                      In my own hasty search (since I recall the chorus as first-person singular), it looks like the chorus is what we recall, but the song lyrics change (to “… like we do”) after the first keyboard solo. (Ref. )

                    2. This is the part I am talking about.

                      I was a total Frampton Comes Alive Album Fanatic as a kid. What I find interesting is the -we- to me was never there so I am seeing probably my first -partial- change and seems that is all that happened here.


                      There is also no reference to who ( we ) is/are. Just weird.

                      Do you feel like we do?
                      Do you feel like we do?
                      Oh, that’s true.
                      Do you feel like we do?
                      Get back.
                      Do you you feel like we do?

                      [2nd guitar solo]

                      Oh baby do you feel?
                      Oh baby do you feel, feel like we do?
                      Do you feel…do you feel…like we do?
                      I want to thank you.
                      Do you feel like we do?
                      That’s alright, that’s alright to feel you’d like,
                      Feel you’d like, a good time.
                      We’ll goto bed and good night.
                      Good night, good night, good night, good night, good night

      2. I find it curious that Jan-Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine are linked to two mandela effects.. could this just be a coincidence. or Something odd about that show.. would be interesting to search out if there was anything else connected

        1. Thanks, Martin! I had the exact same thought when I went looking for that TV show, and found myself typing in Ernest Borgnine’s name (since I was certain he was in the show). I’ll be looking for Airwolf on Netflix or some other streaming service, to see if anything else catches my attention. It might be pure coincidence, but it certainly is an odd one. It’s not as if either actor had been in a massive number of TV series. (I’m also thinking about tapping into one of those “six degrees of…” sites to see the names each of them connect to.)

          1. Hey everyone,
            I know I’m a little late to this one, but I think the Jan Michael Vincent ME may yeild some interesting results. Or, at the very least, solid history of his existence in this reality.
            I have clear memories of pictures of him showing up every time a story came out regarding celebrities and drugs or alcohol use in the 80’s and 90’s. It was almost like he was the involuntary Posterboy for overindulgence in Hollywood. I know, in my reality, Jan Michael Vincent had an EXTREMELY hard life (self inflicted, or otherwise), and was even homeless at one point.
            As for Ernest Borgnine, I was sure he had passed away until I heard his voice in “Spongebob”. At that time I assumed I was just mistaken. I just went to check his filmography and I am AMAZED by the amount of work he had done up to his death and I’m not sure how I could’ve missed it for SO LONG.

    2. I am a fan of both surfing and hot men. I am stunned to discover Jan Michael Vincent is alive (although thrilled for him!).

      Are Heath Ledger and Michael Hutchence coming back? Pretty please universe.

      That was a joke – until spell check questioned “Hutchence” – thought I would check google – still correct spelling BUT top story for Michael Hutchence on “google news” from the Sydney Morning Herald calls him Hutchen’s in the headline – interesting that a prominent Sydney newspaper would get this incorrect – he is an idol in Australia.

    3. This completely blew my mind. Until 5 minutes ago I thought he died in the 1980s while making some movie or TV show. Wow. Like Fiona, I’m a truly baffled. This one is very, very strong for me.

  70. I am hoping that the person that wanted to share flickr accounts of photos – primarily of snow white sees this – i’ve scrolled through the website but can’t find you so far – I finally got there – [email address deleted] – if that is how you add people. 🙂

    [Fiona’s note: Stephanie, I’m not sure it’s a great idea to put your email where every spammer (and we have many of them) and troll (we have a few of those) can access it. So, I deleted it. You can re-post if you want to, but please think carefully before doing so. It’s not something you can reverse, once your email address is in the wild.]

  71. I want to put some things out there but not sure if I have enough time right now to put it all in words. Nonetheless, here are some thoughts and perhaps others can identify with the brief description and expound with insight:

    1.Back to the Future date of 10/21/2015 coming up. What is scheduled for this date? Significance
    2. Pepsi was a major advertiser in Back to the Future. Pepsinogen in the body breaks down protein. It is a a proteolytic, and is derived from the chief cells in the stomach. It splits peptides and the amino acids in proteins. Amino acids are said to be the building blocks of DNA. So if Pepsi contains its own pepsinogen like enzyme could it possibly be breaking down the DNA strands of the body? pepsin is a member of the aspartate protease family.

    As we look at the new list of ingredients on a lot of our foods now we see “asparatame” listed for which I have an adverse reaction to. The taste is nothing like sugar to me, is descernable even in gum, and can create sores in the mouth and cause the gums to become raw-like.

    Is it possible that a disconnect, from a matrix like environment, could occur due to a break in the genetic sequence where the proper codes do not update accordingly because the link is missing? ( may sound absurd. Matrix could be a community entangled in a web of codependence)

    3. Could people who experience unceasing tinnitus be a part of an experiment or “foreign” nation? Take the “Cherokee ” Nation for instance who have stated they are from the Pleiades star system.

    4. If water, (body is 75% H2O) responds to frequencies, could the tinnitus be a phone call of sorts to reach a higher level of consciousness or being?

      1. Orion I think will play a role in the end of everything – that was the constellation that was prominent during Jesus’s birth -they built the pyramids based on Orion. We haven’t seen the last of it.

    1. Yesterday, one of my open minded friends raised some points about the hidden agenda of Back to the Future. I mentioned that hoverboards have been in in the news recently and his brain just about exploded.

      1. I’ve never actually watched Back to the Future. I’m going to watch it now.

        I knew hoverboards were in the film and that it was set in 2015. I also noticed the fact that there are things coming out that could be described as hoverboards, Swegways and more interesting still the Lexus Slide (

    2. Daniel, in my opposite-twin( mirror) system of calenders-time that I have in my mind. 10-21 opposite is 3-10, it’s mirror/twin is 3-21. Don’t know if those numbers help or not. 2015 is super-dark blue to me ( midnight blue?). Orion’s Belt is a focal point I believe. Don’t if this helps you or not. Mike H.

  72. Has anyone recently seen on T.V. a movie trailer that was scheduled to released very soon (this year 2015) titled The Candidate starring James Franco (Harry Osborn in the Spider Man trilogy) ?

    My wife and I clearly remember seeing the ad on TV multiple times and when you search for it online, nothing appears.

  73. Now this one may just be me but…who knows. Back in the 70s, I remember thinking it was Haight Ashbury but then found out it was actually Haight Asbury. I even remember seeing a picture of the street sign on the corner in the newspaper, so I knew that I had made a mistake. But now, everything shows it to be Haight Ashbury. Does anyone else remember it the other way?

    1. Oh my gosh! It was most definitely Haight Asbury!! I was always confused about how to pronounce it, but there is no ambiguity about it now, is there? I can’t even believe this one.

    2. I also remember Haight-Asbury. Specifically, I remember it being pronounced Ashbury but spelled without the H, which I found odd but I assumed it was similar to things like Gloucester being pronounced Glosster. But then again, Asbury Park NJ is not pronounced Ashbury, so that really doesn’t make sense. I’m flummoxed.

    3. I remember it as Haight Ashbury as well. I was there in fact for the gay riots way back when. I was not part of it but I was there. So yes. I remember it well.

  74. All right, I never thought I’d be sending in one of these, but then I came across one of my own. (FTR, I always thought it was E as well, if that matters to anyone.) Anyways, today someone posted on Facebook that it was the anniversary of John Denver’s death on October 12, 1997. I could’ve sworn he died on August 30, 1997 (or around that date, but it would’ve been late that week). I remember this clearly because the next night was my first overnight shift at my job and that day/night was the same date Princess Diana died. I was hanging out with some friends before I went to work, and remember distinctly making a joke about Denver’s death not long before seeing something about Diana’s death. That night at work, I remember the coverage on CNN going all night, with Denver’s death (which had been a top story up until then) getting forgotten completely. Needless to say, I was very confused when I saw someone post it today, so I went to Wikipedia and sure enough, it said October 12th.

    1. I remember Princess Diana’s death pretty well because of a flippant comment I made. It was something along the lines of people getting in accidents all the time. This wasn’t “news”. Only I learned later that she DID die and I felt like a complete jerk. I had such guilt for weeks.

      Denver though, we had moved to another town by then, had our place set up, and were established with our well. We moved to that town in 1999. In August of 1999, we didn’t have running water and our electric wasn’t hooked up yet. But October, we had water, electric and water. I remember standing outside thinking about John Denver’s crash while staring at the leaves changing.

      After his death, I went through a phase where I HAD to play Annie’s Song for both my children. My youngest was born in 1998. So it couldn’t have been 1997 for my timestream. Annie’s Song was the song my Grandpa played to me when I was little, so it was very sentimental for me. But October 12, 1999 would match my memories because on my son’s birthday (Oct 31) I sang that song to him. The year before we didn’t live there and the next year we had a different party.

  75. Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) has changed since we first discussed it here. I listened to it on Spotify myself to confirm the lyrics at that time, on the album The Wall (2011 remaster). I listened to it again today, on Spotify, same remaster edition. Also confirmed lyrics then and now, on various lyric websites.

    The line “Leave # Kids Alone” is sung 4 times total, twice by the band and twice by a children’s choir.

    First time I checked, it was “Leave them kids alone” 3x, and “Leave those kids alone” 1x. It has changed. Now it is “Leave them kids alone” 3x, and “Leave us kids alone” 1x.

  76. The movie the interview with James Franco was directly released to Netflix without a showing in theaters due to the north korean/sony email fiasco of last summer… they were scared that there would be some kind of terrorist activity if released in theaters….. it was kinda a big deal.

  77. Well, I don’t actually know what is going on with the Pink Floyd thing anymore. Maybe somebody who knows Pink Floyd better can say, cause it’s too confusing for me.

    There is a music video I’ve never seen before, didn’t find it when I was looking before, just titled Another Brick in the Wall. (No part 1, 2, 3). It has a lot more classroom acting scenes in it, and period costumes. In it, they say them 2x and those 2x. I did not see this version of the song on the album though, so I don’t know where it comes from? Maybe the 1982 movie The Wall, but it also apparently got played on MTV.

    Then there is the music video I found before, Another Brick in the Wall (part 2), exact same way I remember it. Part modern dressed kids, and part animation. They still say them 3x and those 2x.

    And then there is Another Brick in the Wall (part 2) on The Wall (2011 remastered). They say them 3x and us 1x. Lyric websites also now say Them 3x and us 1x. It doesn’t match the music video anymore. This still seems to have changed from the way I remember it, not that long ago. I just know they never said us.

    I don’t have access to an original album, so I don’t know what that says. It’s not clear to me anymore which version they would have played on the radio, either.

    1. Another Brick in the WALL – all versions say in the lyrics BRICK. And that’s what I recall being sung. Now, the word BRICK is sung as BREAK everytime. Except when the boys choir sings. (unless im hearing an English accent, but I really dont think that is the case).

      1. Do you have a YouTube link to the lyrics sounding like that? (“Brick” should sound the same, regardless of the accent. If anything, an American accent from the Deep South can have a “braak” sound to it. In England, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything close to “break” as a pronunciation, but I’ll admit I’m not 100% sure of accents from all areas.)

        1. Apologies Fiona, no matter what video I bring up I don’t hear ‘Break’ at all, as I did several times on a burned CD in my car. Now, I only hear it once in my car (pt.3). And its not as clear as i remember. I can’t explain it.

        1. Okay, I was more comfortable thinking the issue was your burn software. I listened to that YouTube recording closely and it does sound like “break” and then “breaks,” respectively. And that is very, very unsettling. (And exactly the kind of thing we sometimes need, to avoid complacency.)

          1. Ok Fiona I was going to omit this but …

            The day I first heard BREAK in the Pink Floyd songs, I decided to rummaging through YouTube that night. Very late, a video came up that I vaguely remember hitting. I was doing something else so I wasn’t paying great attention, and the video was a pic of something and sound was distorted and would phase in and out. I was hearing words like ‘dimension’ and ‘shift’ but nothing put together. My head jumped up when I heard ” … this is what we call the wall … ” it was choppy but that’s what I heard. I immediately paused it to listen fully. I have no recollection of what happened after that. I can’t find this video anywhere. I went through my entire History on Youtube and couldn’t find it. I’ve continued looking periodically to no avail.

            1. … and it is now back to BREAK(S) except once. I believe I have ideas about why I hear different words at different times……. but until then grab a frequency you like and stay there til the next shift…..

              1. More on music …

                … I recall Pink Floyd’s ‘Brain Damage’ being on the second disc. There are differences that I’m surprised I didn’t see sooner.
                … another point I was avoiding hoping I get a clearing memory. I recall speaking with a friend about Pink Floyd. I wasn’t into them except for their hits in the 80s and 90s. I asked him who was in the band was. He told me and mentioned someone died. I recall me asking who died in the band, he said Gilmore, guitarist. At the time I didn’t know the difference. I forgot all about it until 1999 when he preformed on McCartney’s Run Devil Run CD, and I figured I was mistaken.

                … Michael Jackson lyrics … Off The Wall ? ? ?
                “life ain’t so bad at all, if you live it off the wall”

                … Steve Millers song The Joker – The vocal melodies have changed very slightly. If you know the song and sing it the way you remember, you will see what I mean.

                1. After further reflection, I am mistaking ‘Brain Damage’ with another song. Suffice it to say that the second half of Pink Floyds The Wall is off to me as far as songs and order but this could be due to singles and the movie.

  78. Woah I just realized that there have been a bunch of instances where my friends ask me if I remember that time that this or that happened and they’re like “you were definately there” but I don’t remember it at all and I always thought it was just because I had a bad memory (I don’t drink or do drugs so it’s not that either) but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they suddenly felt like strangers to me a couple of years ago when they seemed to change literally overnight. They weren’t just different, it felt like I didn’t know these people at all. Now that I’ve been around them a lot I feel like I’ve gotten to know the people that they are now, but they still don’t feel like the same people I grew up with. I had never thought much of this before, I always figured it was just because people change over time as they grow up, but this was so sudden, like one day I knew them then the next I had no idea who these people were anymore and wondered what had happened to my friends. I’ve known about the Mandela Effect for a couple months now but this just hit me right now while I was scrolling through this page for some reason.

    1. Naomi, this deck has been mentioned in the past. I should probably create a page about it. It’s rather fascinating. (I’m adding a related article to my to-do list.)

  79. Here in Lucknow,sun has been unusually hot and penetrating for the month of October,the nights are chillier,got me down with fever for a week.

  80. Okay so this might be random but the Snow White one where the evil queen APPARENTLY says “Magic Mirror, on the wall” and of course everyone remembers it to be “Mirror Mirror.” Okay well I was watching the scene and I found something else rather small but still very odd, in the same quote the evil queen says “Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest ONE of all?” I ALWAYS remembered it to be “Fairest OF THEM all” anyone else feel the same?

    1. Mark, I replied to your comment yesterday, but it ended up in a random thread. Anyway, I agree with you that it used to be “who’s the fairest of them all?”
      Another weird thing just happened with this comment. I finally found it again, and started composing a reply to Anthony. When I checked the comment again before hitting post, the comment was by Mark. I had to edit my comment as I had written Anthony. Maybe I’m losing my marbles.

  81. Having read most of the articles and comments here, I’ve noticed no mention of psychedelics and their use/misuse as possible affects. I’m a strong supporter of the educational usage of psychedelics having done many myself. As some of you know, DMT (N-Dimethyltryptamine) floods the pineal gland, which occurs at birth, dreams, death and near-death experiences. I think it’s no coincidence that a natural occurring psycho-tropic drug is in our bodies and in the natural world (ie. the ayahuasca vine). Perhaps those of use with “alternate memories” are experiencing a small but potent effect of such occurrences?

    I’ve been interested in shamanism, psychedelics and their indigenous uses for years now (I’m in my late 20s) and through my own experiences, they can have powerful effects both during and after use. One effect for me is I can acutely and accurately effect most technology either through glitches or complete malfunction. Rarely do computers, iPods, TVs, or the internet work well for me as it does for most other people. I’m constantly having problems with them freezing, glitching, or having what my family, friends and I have dubbed (add my name here)-problems. It’s a long running joke amongst us. In addition, I can turn on and off street lights mostly on command. This was something I noticed starting around 2009 right when I started experimenting with psychedelics.

    I think most of us can agree that the ancients, their societies included, used such medicines as tools to communicate with the spirit and natural worlds, as well as access the “ancient, myth based” mindset we have strayed very far from in modern society. My theory, from what I’ve noticed as a long running motif amongst us feeling these changes and mis-memories (anti-memories?) is an appreciation of nature, an empathic love for one another, and the foresight to notice changes others are ignorant to or unable to see. The Mandela Effect is complete affirmation of this.

    With all that being said, the recent interest in shamanism, western use of ayahuasca, and others in Western society shows me a purposed attempt to seek meaning beyond what is prescribed through distractions and separation amongst ourselves emotionally and psychically. It might be far fetched but this might be a recruitment process that occurs organically, through the subtleties of memory placement, towards a greater society. I personally have felt a strong detachment from most people with the exception of a few (my fiancé and I both love this site and luckily are from each other’s timeline) and this site really allowed us refuge from what seemed like a dismal path towards nothing really. The current state of affairs worldwide, the abuse of the planet’s resources, and the lack of love towards one another, these are lost on me (and I imagine all of us experiencing the ME) for I think the issue is much deeper and more profound than just a few misremembered things.

    Sorry for the ramble haha

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